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Rigor Tactay 11228520

Portfolio In SCIENVB

Rigor C. Tactay 11228520

Our fieldtrip to Quezon was worth remembering and life changing. I got to see the beauty of nature

the different kinds of ecosystems. There were three kinds of ecosystems that we saw and studied when w

were there, the marine ecosystem, rainforest, and the forest ecosystem. The first ecosystem that we check

out was the rainforest. There were a lot of mangrove trees there so that it will help the forest to drain the w

to prevent floods. We had an activity there and we planted mangrove trees. It was fun and it is a good dee

because we get to help the environment. After that we went to the forest, where there was a waterfall on t

end. We experienced walking in a forest. It was difficult but it was worth it because we will see the falls i

walked through the forest. When we got there, we tried cliff jumping and it was so fun. It was our first tim reefs. It was beautiful to see that the fish are free roaming around the fish sanctuary because they are importance and habitats. It was also a life changing trip, for it was an educational trip. This experience is worth remembering for the rest of my life.

doing that and we wanted to try it over and over again. We tried snorkeling afterwards and we saw the co

protected and not harmed. Although it was a tiring day, we learned so much about the environment and it

Rigor C. Tactay


How did your perspective changed about the environment about the course?

I am now much aware of the changing environment. I am now also a more concerned citizen and

about our dying environment. Due to our learning that our mother earth is now dying and degrading, I n

know the importance of our environment to us. During our fieldtrip on SCIENVB, the tourist said that t

certain place in the Quezon province is flood prone. We people, need to plant more trees to lessen the fl

and make a rainforest out of it. Recent studies say that an average adult mangrove tree can store up to 6

gallons of water a day. Imagine how the floods will go down if there were thousands of trees planted in

ecosystem, especially in NCR, where the floods are always high during the rainy season. I am now plan

help the community to restore and maintain our environment for the rest of our lives. I will start from th

simple thing, like throwing my garbage to its proper place, not throwing plastics in the streets so that wh

rain comes, the drainage wont get clogged and it will lessen the chances of flooding. I will start to recy

instead of throwing the plastic bottles that I have used. The other issue that has my concerns is the Kain makes it an agricultural land. People dont know that in time, the nitrogen in the soil that is used for

system or the slash and burn method used and done by the loggers. They slash the forest, burn the soil w

agriculture, decay over a period of time which makes the soil useless and then causes the inhabitants lik

farmers to search for another forest to burn and use the soil for agriculture. If we keep on doing this, the

Philippines will have no forest left to preserve and protect. People must now be aware of the consequen

when they do this kind of method, the information must be spread all throughout the country so that eve

will be aware of the dying environment. Another thing is the coral reefs. Many of the coral reefs nowad

now being destroyed by the fishermen through the method of dynamite fishing. They get a lot of fish by

this method but they dont have the idea that they are slowly destroying the homes of the fishes which i doing this method for a living.

the coral reefs. Some fishermen know this but they still even dont care about their environment and the

During the seminar, I saw the different change of the Philippines from 1990 to present. Almost 96

the Philippines were forests. Things got different in 1999 onwards. When the country got industrialized

modernized and urbanized, well most of the country, it was necessarily needed that the trees to be cut d