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abate - reduce/decrease (verb)

ace - tacada no alcanada pelo oponente (tnis)/expert/well skilled (noun); make it easily/sweep through (verb); of highest quality (adj)

accessary - cmplice(crime)/abettor/ajudante ou conivente em ato de transgresso (noun)

ache - a persistant pain/yearn/saudade/ (noun), misses/lack of (verb)

acquainted - Familiarizado

admiral - almirante/the supreme commander of a fleet/a naval officer of the highest rank

adrift - deriva/sem direo/aimlessly drifting/undirected/afloat (adj.) afford - spent/give it/have financial means to do or buy something (verb) ain't - (am not)/no sou/ or "is not" (contraction)

albeit - although/apesar de/embora (conj.) amiss - not function properly/fora de ordem/awry (torto)/haywire (desordenado/confuso)/wrong (adj); away from the expected course/in a mistaken/unfortunate manner/imperfectly (adv.) appease - cause to be more favorably inclined/gain the good will of/make peace with (verb) assay - an appraisal of the state/avaliao/anlise de uma substancia (noun)... make a effort or attempt/try/seek (verb.)

assemblage - montagem/juno/reunio/a system of components assembled together (noun)

assurance - seguro/garantia/pledge/guarantee/warrant (noun) astound - affect with wonder (amaze/astonish) at will - de acordo com sua vontade, conforme sua vontade (adv)

attorney - advogado/procurador (noun only)

awful - terrvel/horrvel (adj.)

awe - causar medo/intimidar/wonder/frighten (verb.)

backbone - a central cohesive source of support and stability/anchor/determination (coloquialism)/espinha vertebral (noun)

barge in - interomper/atrapalhar/crash/enter uninvited (verb) barren - an uninhabitatedwilderness that is worthless for cultivation (noun); desolate/inhabitable/sterile (unfertile)/incapable of sustaining life (adj.) behest - pedido/comando/an authoritative command or request (noun)

benchmarks - ponto de referncia

beverage - drinks bewitch - [bewitched] eunder enchatement (adj.);attract (captive/fascinate/appeal/enchant) /attract strongly (magnetize/mesmerise (hipnotizar)) (verb) brat - fedelho, pirralho brink - region marking a boundary/limit beyond which something happens or changes(noun)

binder - something used to put together separate particles/tie/bond (noun)

boatswain - contramestre/a officer who is in charge of the mans, sails, rigging, etc.

boredom - tdio/aborrecimento/ennui/tedium

brisk - rpido/veloz/snappy (gil)/fresh/refreshing (adj.)

braid - trana/tress/twist (noun) budge - a slightly move (verb) butcher - assassinar, aogueiro

cage - gaiola/restraint/something that restrains the freedom (noun)

cameo - art of carving images on gems or other stones/a carving in relief (relevo), used as a jewel (noun)

ceiling - teto/cap (business for example)

clay - barro/argila ... cadver/corpse (noun)

clever - smart cloister - Residence that is a place of religion seclusion (such as a monastery)/convent (convento) (noun); surround with a cloister/isolate/encircle/round (verb) char - a charred (corbonizado) substance/domstica/coal (noun) ... burn (verb)

chunk/lump - put together indiscriminately (verb); agglomeration (noun)

coach - someone in charge of training an athlete or a team

cocky - arrogante/smug

concealment - segredo

conceive - understand/judge/design

contempt - desprezo

cough - tossir/spit up/suddenly exhalation of air (noun/verb)

cramp - constricted in size (adj.) ... a painful and involuntary muscular contraction/cimbras/spasm/grampo de metal (noun) ... parar/limitar/grampear/unir/restrain (verb)

crass - umpolite, grosso

cursory - apresado/rpido/with haste (adj.)

curtain - cortina/tela (noun)

daredevil - valente/audacioso/madcap/hothead/a reckless impetous irresponsible person (adj.)

Daunt - assustar/amedrontar/discouraging through fear/dash/scare

dazzling - deslumbrante/ofuscante/amazingly impressive (adj.) ... [dazle] brightness enough to blind partially and temporaly (noun)

deafness - partial or complete loss of hearing/surdez (noun)

deem - julgar, avaliar demeanor - comportamento/behavioral attributes detached - relachado, lack of emotional involvement, unconcerned (noun); separed, disconnected (verb)

devoid - desprovido de/absent/empty of (adj.)

disclosure - descoberta/revelao (noun or adj.) disgruntled - decepcionado (adj.) dish - defeat (slang), a very attractive or seductive looking woman (stunning)

dishevel - disarrange/rumple (amassar/amarrotar)/let it fall in desorder (verb)

disguise - disfarar/conceal/hide (verb) disregard - ser indiferente/negligenciar/refuse to acknowledge/dismiss/reject/give little attention (verb); lack (willful) of attention/omission (noun); esquecido/forgotten (adj.) down to earth - sensible and pratical/realistic (adj.) dread - fearfull expectation or anticipation/apprehension/fear (noun); be scared or afraid of/medo (verb); amendrontador/frightening/fearfull/dreaded/awful (adj.)

drought - secura/aridez/seca/dryness (noun) dudgeon - felling of intense indignation dull - Nublado, lack o living or animation, boring (adj); make numb or insensitive, blunt (verb).

ebb - declinar/a gradual decline(ebb away/ebb down/ebb off) (v) ecstatic - exttico/feeling of great rupture or delight/ecstasy or excessive emotion eigenfrequency - autofrequencia/uma das sequencias oscilatorias na qual um sistema oscilatrio pode vibrar (noun)

enact - ordenar/ordain/decree/promulgar (v)

embezzle - steal/usurpar/misappropriate/fraudar (verb)

epiphany - apario divina (epifania)

essay - ensaiar

etch - gravar/entalhar/print (v);

eventually - finalmente/no final das contas/in time (adv.)

farewell - de despedida/expression of goodwill at parting (adj.) adeus v em paz/bye/so long

fall back - retroceder/voltar atrs/withdraw/retreat (verb.)

fall short - no chegar at/fail to meet (expectations or standards)/disappoint/let down (verb)

feasible - provvel/viable/possible (adj)

felony - law-breaking/crime/a serious crime such murder or robbering (noun)

flair - a natural talent (genius)/distinctive and stylish elegance (style) (noun)

flawless - sem falhas

flee - run away quickly/escape/fugir (verb) flimsy - thin strong light-weight translucent paper used for making carbon copies (noun); lacking solidity or strength (fragile)/having a little substance or significance (adj.) for - pois/because/porque/j que (conj.); para/com o intuito de/in order to (prep.)

foreseeable - previsvel/anticipated (adj.) foregone - decidido de antemo/well in the past (adj.); forego (prever)/anteceder a algo/precede (predate) (verb) foster - encorajar/estimular/promote the growth of/raise/[adopt](foster care/adoo) (verb)

froth - espuma sobre um lquido/foam (noun); espumar/suds (verb)

furniture - mveis/mobilia, baby's bed go for broke - risk everything in one big one effort gred - ambio/ganncia/avareza/avarice insatiable desire for wealth (noun)

grief - deep sadness by the loss of someone loved, sorrow (luto)

grievance - descontentamento/grudge/ressentment (noun)

grizzled -grisalho/cinzento/having a dark hair mixed with grey or white (adj.) haggle - an instance of intense argument (as is bargain) (noun) half assed - unskilled (inabilidoso)

harsh - duro/spero/rude/rough/brutal/cruel (adj.)

hastily - com pressa/apressadamente/hurriedly (adv.)

heck - eufenismo pra "Inferno"

hedonism - hedonismo (amor aos prazeres)/pursuit of pleasures as way of life

heel - calcanhar (noun) ... follow (verb)

helmsman - timoneiro/steersman/coxswain/the one who steers a ship (noun)

hiss - vaia/noise (noun)

hollow - oco/furado/vazio/cncavo hommage (french) - elogio/tributo/respeito/admirao (noun) hunch - an impression that something might be the case/intuition/impression (feeling/belief)/the act of bending yourself up together (noun); arch one's back in a convex manner/crouch/hump/change posture (verb) hustle - empurrar/move hurriedly/sell something by underhanded (ilcito) way/steal (verb); confuso/tumulto/bustle (noun) idle - ocioso/available/trivial (adj), perder tempo/laze/"em neutro"(tick over) (verb) ill-will - m vontade/m inteno/the feeling of a hostile person (hate)/hostility disposition

indent - cortar de forma memorizada (irregular cut)/make a depression into (dent) (verb); an order for good to be exported or imported/the space left between the margin and the start of an indent line/an impression made by a tooth (indentation) (noun) impair - make worse or less effective (damage) (v) instill - infundir/incutir/enter gradually/produce (or try to) a vivid impression/infuse (impregnate) (verb) intertwine - spin or twist together so as to form a cord (string)/entrelaar-se (verb) impression/inculcate/infuse (verb) grasp - agarrar/segurar/understanding something/the limit of a capability (noun) grief - tristeza

jeopardy - put in risk/threat (verb); danger/risk (noun)

jests - brincadeira, joke

junkie - viciado

lame - simplrio/ignorante/someone who doens't understand what is going on (noun); deprive of the use of a leg cripple (paraltico) (verb); pathetically lacking in force or effectiveness (ex. lame argument)/crippled (aleijado) (adj.)

launder - lavar [dinheiro]/convert illegally obtained funds into legal ones/cleanse with a cleaning agent, such soap or water (verb) leisure - time available for ease and relaxation (noun) leisurely - not hurried or forced/easy (adj.); In a unhurried way (adv.) lewd - perverso (dirty)

likelihood - probabilidade, chance

linning - revestimento interno/ forro

loiter - waste time/hang around/mess around (verb. slang)

loophole - ambiguity

loquacious - loquaz/tagarela/falante/full of trivial conversation/talky (adj.)

lurk - espreitar/emboscar/skulk (verb)

madcap - louco/impulsivo (adj. (arcaico)) mangle - roupa passada (verb or noun); injure badly by beating (disfigure)/deformar/destroy or injure severaly (verb) meddle/tamper - intrometer/fuar

mellow - suave/melodioso/soft/unhurried (relaxed)/mellowed (maduro - fruta)/drunk (slightly) (adj.); soften/mellow (madurar) (verb)

mocking - zombador, expressing contempt (adj); treat with contempt

mood - humor, comportamento (noun only)

mortgage - financiamento para a compra da casa prpria/hipoteca motto - a favorite saying of a sect or lolitical group/slogan/catchword (noun) mischief - dano/injria/reckless or malicious behaviour that causes annoyance in others(noun)

nostril - narina

nearly - almost/quase (adv) neat - clean or ordely/showing care in performing/elegant/precisely or deftly executed (clean) (adj.) nexus - nexo/ligao/vnculo/linkage (noun)

obstreperous - indiciplinado/defiant/noncompliant (adj)

on and on - without a break/without stop (expression)

out - de fora (outward from a reference point)/at o final/completamente (adv)

outsmart - ser mais inteligente que/enganar algum/beat through cleverness and wit/be smarter than (verb)

outspoken - sincero/honesto/tratado abertamente/without evasion or subtlety (adj.) pour - derramar/emitir/emanar/move (displace)/stream/flow (verb) prick - insulting for people who are stupid or ridiculous (asshole/bastard/motherfuck)/a depression scratched or carved into a surface (dent/scratch/incision)/picada (de insetos)(noun); make a small hole into (com um espinho (thorn) p.e.)/furar punch line - auge da histria/the laugh point of a joke (expression) rapport - relation of mutual understanding or trust and agreement between people/sympathetic compatibility (noun) rash - a series of unexpected and unpleasant occurrences (a blizzard of problens) (noun); imprudently incurring risk (imprudence/reckless) (adj.) ratchet - making something increase or decrase in segment steps (degrees)

release - libertar, resolver, *in a music is the final tone, the climx.

relentless - cruel/rgido/not to be placated or appeased/grim/severe (adj.)

relief - alvio/ease/a pause for rest/a sculpture cosisting of shapes carved on a surface/auxlio/libertao (noun)

rid - make free

rogue - patife/vagabundo/a deceitful and urealiable villain (noun)

rouse - excitar/despertar

rubber - borracha

rub - esfregar, friction

rumble - fazer barulho/estrondar/lutar (brawl (gria))/ saddle - a seat for the rider of a horse or bicycle/ (noun); impose task upon, assign a responsability to (command/charge/burden)/put a saddle on (celar?) (verb) savvy - the cognitive condition of someone who understands/comprehension (verb and noun) scampers - corrida/fuga/rushing about hastily in an undignified way (fugitivos, refugiados) (noun)

scum - slag/escria/lixo/a film of impurities that can form on a surface of a liquid (noun)

seared - Secado/queimado (verb), dried-up/endurecido (adj)

seemingly - aparentemente (adv)

seize - agarrar/grab/take by force (verb) taken/appropriated (adj.)

seldom - rarely/not often (adv)

self esteem - auto estima sequitur - conclusion of a speculation/concluso lgica shaking hands - apertar as mos

shelf - camada/plataforma/ledge (veio

mineral)/a flat layer of rock

shelter - abrigo/cobertura/cover/protection (noun) supply/provide/acolher/resguardar(verb)

shrill - penetrante/agudo (high pitch) (adj.)

shrink - psicnalista (s), encolher (v)

shrug - a gesture involving the shoulders/encolher os ombros (noun)

single - escolher[entre um e outro]/baseball (hit) (verb) solteiro/nico (adj.) skeptical - disbelieve/marked by doubt/questioning/ctico (adj.) sleazy - thin (franziono/fino/delgado)/very poor quality/morally degraded (seamy)/squalid (sujo/fedorento) (adj.) slippery - escorregadio/liso/slippy/not to be trusted (tricky) (adj.)

slouch - an incompetent person

smug - convencido/arrogante (adj) smother - sufocar (matar por asfixia)/oprimir/encobrir (counceal/hide)/ocultar/surround (envolver) (verb); a cloud of smoke/a confused thing (noun) sort of - levemente/de certa forma/kind of/somewhat/rather (adv.) (ex. the party was rather nice)

squelch - silenciar, esconder, reprimir, crush (verb);

starboard - estibordo/larboard/the right side of a ship

stack - empilhar/amontoar

stark - completo/extremo/desprovido de qualidades (comparao) ("a stark contrast")/sentido pejorativo (completo idiota)/ (adj.)

start off - a star given to competitors/kickoff

startle - susto/sudden involuntary movement (noun); move or jump suddenly (verb)

starve - privar de alimento/suffering for lack of food/famished/hungry (adj.)

stick -

fix/implant (verb) ... small branch of wood/graveto (noun)

stillness - silncio/imobilidade/calmnees without winds/state of no motion or movement (noun) sting - pain caused by the thrust of an insect's stinger (ferro) (noun); bite (deliver a sting to)/cause a emotional pain

straight - justo/honesto/correto/reto/successive (consecutivo)/aligned/ereto/heterossexual/reliable (adj.); without deviation/directly (adv.);

strand - cabo/corda/chain/string/line/a poetic term for a shore (area covered by the tides)/costa (the shore) (noun) ... naufragar/encalhar/leave isolated with little hope of rescue/maroon

stretch - esticar/adaptar/alongar/extend/pull/force (verb); a unbroken period of time/act of reach something/a large unbroken distance (noun)

stuck - preso/grudado/caught/fixed (adj.)

stuck up - arrogante/soberbo/snooty/proud (adj.)

stuter - gaguejar/stammer/speech disorder

subdue - supress, dominar, subjugar, overcome (verb);

sulky - irritado/sullen/moody/mal humorado (adj.)

swagger - arrogante/orgulhoso (noun) act in arrogant/bluster/ taken for granted - evident without truth or argumment (an axiomatic truth)/assumed/admitir como certo (adj.) tar - pichador/marinheiro/dark heavy viscid substancesobtained as residue (piche)

tarnished - carimbado/about reputation (damaged/manchada) (adj.) a discoloration of metal surface caused by oxidation (noun) (the silver was tarnished by the long expusure to the air.)

tease - importunar, irritar, (annoy/rib)

thaw - derreter/melt/unfreeze/liquify (verb)

thereafter - Desde ento/thenceforth/after that (adv.)

thig - coxa think out - consider extensvely/decide after having thought (expression) though - de qualquer forma/por outro lado (however) (adv); Apesar, although (despite the fact that) (prep);

tilt - a combat between two mounted knights(joust)/struggle/battle/controversy, inclination/pitching dangerously to one side (noun) ... move sideways or in a unsteady way (out of control)/to incline or bend from a vertical position (verb)

topple - derrubar/throw down/tumble/collapse (verb)

trickle - pingar/gotejar/the formation of falling drops of liquid/drip/dribble (verb) trite - repeated too often/sense of unoriginal (bannal/hackneyed/overfamiliar through overuse (adj.) tug - puxa/rebocar/pull (verb); a powerfull small boat designed to push larger ships/rebocador/tugboat (noun)

tune out - desligar/ficar indiferente/ignorar

turn around - turning in apposite direction or position, reversal (noun or verb) odds - probability/likelihood/difference in favor of one and against another (advantage) (noun) overcome - sujeitado/submetido/vencer/pass over (alcanado) (verb)

overhead (informatica) - The space required on disk for non data information

overwhelmed - sobrepujado/become powerless/flooded (by emotions) (adj.)

pace - rate of moving

pass out - desmaiar pat - the sound made by a gentle blow (tap)/light touch or stroke picky - meticuloso/exigente/minuncioso/extreme care (adj.) pipe - wind instrument/a hollow (oco) cylindrical shape/tube/long tube of metal used to carry water, oil, gas (noun)

pitch - altura de um som (frequencia)/arfagem (balano do navio)/resdous negros de carvo ou petrleo (noun) ... arremessar/move rapidly (shift)/set/hit (verb)

predicament - a dificcult situation/quandary (incerteza/dilema) (noun) preposterous - completely devoid of wisdom or good sense/absurd/ridiculous (adj.) prequel - introduo/captulo inicial de um filme ou serie

pry - bisbilhotar/ask/inquire, effort in open something, extorquir/poke (verb); p de cabra/jimmy (noun)

quandary - dilema/perplexidade/dificuldade (noun)

realm - esfera/domnio/kingdom/land/knowledge domain (ex. realm of fantasy)

screen - projetar/exibir/filtrar/peneirar/genetic testing to identify particular characteristics (verb.) shareholder - acionista so to speak (as it were/as we say) - aparentemente/supostamente spur stubborn - teimoso/refractory/difficult to treat or deal with/persisting on a reactionary stand (adj.) umbrage - ressentimento/ultraje/felling of anger caudes by being offended/ressentment underpinnings - roupas ntimas (mulheres)/that which strengthens from beneath (such as support for a wall)

underwent - experience/passar [por]/submit (verb)

unduly/undue - desnecessariamente (adv.)

unwittingly - inconscientemente, inadvertently (adv)

upscale - luxuoso/appropriate for people with good incomes/expensive (adj.)

upset - disturbed or worried mental state, angustiado (noun); disturb the balance or stability of (verb);

wage - salrio/wages/payoff (noun) ... engage (struggle)/battle (verb) wager - apostar/jogar/gamble (act of)/money risked on a gamble waiver - Concesso/abdicao

wallet - carteira (dinheiro)

walk over - beat easily/crush/trounce (derrotar)/vanquish (conquistar)

whenever - a qualquer hora/at whatever time/toda hora que (conj.)

whacked - tired (coloquialism)

what it takes - tudo o que for preciso/custe o que custar (coloquialismo) whence - de onde/de que lugar/wherefrom (adv.) whereas - conquanto que/apesar de/implying opposition to something that precedes (conj.)

whereby - segundo o qual/as result of which/by which (adv.)

whiz - assobiar/zumbir/sussurrar/whizz/whirr/birr/purr (verb)... someone who is dazlingly skiled in any field/expert/ (noun) whose - the possessive case of who or which/belonging to/which belongs to willfully - deliberadamente/premeditated intent/intentionally (adv)

wince - recuar/the facial expression of sudden pain/a reflex response of sudden pain/flinch (hesitao) (noun) make a face indicating disgust or dislike (verb)

wit - inteligencia/bom senso/talento/sharpness/cleverness/a person who make jokes (humorist) (noun) withholding - the act of deducting an employee's salary/income tax from employee's wages paid to the government/the act of holding or keeping (retention) (noun); hold back/refuse hand over or share/retain and refrein something (money for example) (verb) withstand - opor-se a/resistir a/defy/hold up/offer resistance (verb.)

wonderstruk - Admiration or surprise (perplexidade)

wrinkle - enrugar (noun or verb)

wrought - trabalhado/lavrado/shaped/fundido (adj.) work (verb)

wuss - a pearson who is weak/doormat (capacho)/ineffectual (ineficaz) (noun)

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