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Walid Sonji Luxemburger Strae 33 78052 Villingen Germany Festnetz 0049/77219168345 mews03@hotmail.


Walid Sonji
Walid Sonji , Email:

Job Target Education:

: Mechanical Engineer for Renewable Energy - Bachelor in Mechanical engineering from Beirut Arab University. (2001) Lebanon. - Master of Science from Stuttgart University (2008) Germany. Solid Waste management, Waste Water management & Air Quality Control.

Work Experience: Jubali

Bross in Lebanon, Electrical Diesel Generators sales & maintenance (3 years). 2002-2005

Renewable Energy Knowledge

Photovoltaics knowledge: Structure and Function, Electrons, Holes and Space-Charge Regions, Efficiency, Characteristics and MPP ,Production of Solar Cells from Sand to Cell ,Silicon Solar Cells Electricity from Sand ,From Cell to Module ,Thin Film Solar Cells, Photovoltaic Systems Networks and Islands, Sun Islands, Sun in the Grid, Planning and Design, Planned on the Grid ,Planned Islands. Solar Thermal Systems knowledge : Structure and Functionality, Solar Collectors Collecting the Sun, Swimming Pool Absorbers, Flat-Plate Collectors, Air-Based Collectors, Vacuum-Tube Collectors, Solar Thermal Systems, Hot Water from the Sun, Heating with the Sun, Solar Communities, Cooling with the Sun, Swimming with the Sun, Cooking with the Sun, Planning and Design, Solar Thermal Heating of Domestic Hot Water, Solar Thermal Heating as Support Heating. Solar Power Plants knowledge : Concentration on the Sun, Solar Power Plants, Parabolic Trough Power Plants, Solar Tower Power Plants, Dish-Stirling Power Plants, Solar Chimney Power Plants, Concentrating Photovoltaic Power Plants, Solar Chemistry, Planning and Design ,Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Plants ,Solar Chimney Power Plants ,Concentrating Photovoltaic Power Plants. Wind Power Systems Electricity from Thin Air knowledge : Gone with the Wind Where the Wind Comes From, Utilizing Wind, Installations and Parks, Wind Chargers, Grid-Connected Wind Turbines, Wind Farms, Offshore Wind Farms.

Biomass Energy from Nature knowledge : Origins and Use of Biomass,Biomass Heating, Wood as a Fuel ,Fireplaces and Closed Wood burning Stoves ,Firewood Boilers ,Wood Pellet Heating ,Biomass Heat and Power Plants, Biofuels, Bio-oil, Biodiesel, Bioethanol,BtL Fuels, Biogas, Firewood Boilers, Wood Pellet Heating, Solid Fuels,Biofuels, Mechanical Maintenance Knowledge: Theory & practice of maintenance, effective maintenance organization, predictive maintenance, computerized planning & scheduling, computer based maintenance management system, rating & evaluating maintenance workers, estimating repaired cost maintenance , maintenance of mechanical equipment(plain bearing, rolling element bearing, flexible couple for power transmission, cranes (overhead &gantry) , chain hoists, belt drives ,mechanical variable speed drive, gear drives_& speed reducers, reciprocating air compressors,valves,pump (centrifugal & positive displacement),electric motors, motor control components, lubricating devices & systems, planning & implementation good lubrication program, corrosion control, industrial chemical cleaning methods. Management skills: Supervise, co-ordinate and schedule the activities of workers, Train staff in job duties, safety procedures and company policies. Computer skills: Microsoft Office (word, Excel, PowerPoint) Languages: fluent English. Arabic (native language). Very good German language.