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Humanities (Uloom e Insaani)

Main article: Humanities

History (Tareekh)
Main articles: History and Branches of history African history American history Ancient history History of Asia European History Argentine history Chinese history Cultural history Diplomatic history Economic history Ethnohistory

European history Greek History History of science and technology Iranian History Indian History Indonesian History Intellectual history Military history Modern history World history

Linguistics (Lisaaniaat)
Main articles: Linguistics and Outline of linguistics Languages o Classical language o Standard English o Business English o World Englishes o Modern language Applied Linguistics Computational linguistics / Natural language processing Discourse analysis Etymology Historical linguistics History of linguistics Interlinguistics Morphology (Ilm e Sarf) Philology Phonetics (Ilm e Tajweed) Phonology Pragmatics Semantics Semiotics Sociolinguistics Syntax (Ilm e Nahav) Composition studies Rhetoric

Literature (Adabiaat)
Main articles: Literature and Outline of literature World literatures o Arabic literature o Argentine literature o Bengali literature
o o o

Hebrew literature Hindi literature Italian literature

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Bulgarian literature Bosnian literature Classics Comparative literature Chinese literature English literature American literature African American literature Asian American literature Jewish American literature Southern literature Australian literature British literature Scottish literature Welsh literature Canadian literature Indian literature Irish literature New Zealand literature Medieval literature Post-colonial literature Post-modern literature West Indian literature French literature Gaelic literature German literature and Austrian literature

Japanese literature Korean literature Latin American literature o Nigerian literature o Oriya literature o Persian literature o Polish literature o Philippine literature o Portuguese and Brazilian literature o Russian literature o Serbian literature o Spanish literature o Yiddish literature o Tamil literature o Welsh Literature Literary theory o Critical theory o Literary criticism o Poetics o Rhetoric Creative writing o Creative nonfiction o Fiction writing o Non-fiction writing o Literary journalism o Poetry composition o Screenwriting o Playwrighting

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Performing Arts (Funoon e Amal o Harkat)

Main articles: Performing arts and Outline of performing arts Arts administration Dance Music o Choreography o Accompanying o Dance notation o Chamber music o Ethnochoreology o Church music o History of dance o Musical composition Theatre o Conducting o History Choral conducting o Acting Orchestral conducting o Directing Wind ensemble conducting o Stage design o Early music o Dramaturgy

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Jazz studies Music education Music history Music theory Musicology Historical musicology Systematic musicology Ethnomusicology Performance and literature Organ and historical keyboards Piano Strings, harp, and guitar Singing Woodwinds, brass, and percussion Recording Orchestral studies

o o o

Playwrighting Scenography Musical theatre

Film Animation Live-action Filmmaking Film criticism Film theory Oral literature o Public speaking o Performance poetry o Storytelling
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Philosophy (Falsafa)
Main articles: Philosophy and Outline of philosophy Meta-philosophy Metaphysics o Ontology o Teleology o Philosophy of mind Philosophy of artificial intelligence Philosophy of perception Philosophy of pain o Philosophy of space and time o Philosophy of Action Epistemology Ethics o Normative ethics o Meta-ethics o Value theory o Moral psychology o Applied ethics Animal rights Bioethics Environmental ethics Aesthetics/Philosophy of Art Social philosophy and political philosophy
o o o

Continental philosophy Eastern philosophy Feminist philosophy History of philosophy o Ancient philosophy o Medieval philosophy Scholasticism Humanism o Modern philosophy o Contemporary philosophy Logic o Philosophical logic o Mathematical logic Applied philosophy o Philosophy of education o Philosophy of history o Philosophy of religion o Philosophy of language o Philosophy of law o Philosophy of mathematics o Philosophy of music o Philosophy of science Philosophy of social

Feminist philosophy Anarchism Marxism Philosophical traditions and schools o African philosophy o Platonism o Aristotelianism o Analytic philosophy

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science Philosophy of physics Philosophy of biology Philosophy of Chemistry Philosophy of economics Philosophy of Psychology Philosophy of engineering Systems philosophy

Religion (Mazhab)
Main article: Religious studies See also: List of religions and spiritual traditions Abrahamic religions o Baha'i Faith o Christianity Christian Theology Bibliology Hermeneutics Theology Proper Christology Pneumatology Demonology Theological anthropology Soteriology Nomology Ecclesiology Eschatology Christian ethics o Islam / Islamic studies o Judaism / Jewish studies Indian religions o Buddhism / Buddhist Studies o Hinduism o Jainism o Sikhism

East Asian religions o Chinese folk religion o Confucianism o Shinto o Daoism o I-Kuan Tao o Caodaism o Chondogyo o Tenrikyo o Oomoto Other religions o African religions o Ancient Egyptian religion o Native American religions o Gnosticism o Esotericism o New religious movements o Sumerian religion o Zoroastrianism Comparative religion Mythology and Folklore Irreligion

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Agnosticism Atheism and religious humanism

Visual Arts (Marai Funoon)

Main articles: Visual arts and Outline of visual arts Art history Calligraphy Connoisseurship Creative arts Drawing Fine arts Painting Filmmaking Photography Mixed Media Printmaking Studio art Sculpture Art conservation

Social Sciences (Muashrati Uloom)

Main articles: Social sciences and Outline of social science

Anthropology (Bashriaat)
Main articles: Anthropology and Outline of anthropology Biological anthropology Cultural anthropology o Forensic anthropology o Anthropology of religion o Gene-culture coevolution o Economic anthropology o Human behavioral ecology o Ethnography o Human evolution o Ethnohistory o Medical anthropology o Ethnology o Paleoanthropology o Ethnomusicology o Population genetics o Folklore o Primatology o Mythology Anthropological linguistics o Missiology o Synchronic linguistics (or o Political anthropology Descriptive linguistics) o Psychological anthropology o Diachronic linguistics (or Historical linguistics) o Ethnolinguistics o Sociolinguistics

Archaeology (Uloom e Asaar e Qadeema)

Main articles: Archaeology and Outline of archaeology See also: Branches of archaeology Classical archaeology Near Eastern archaeology Egyptology Paleoanthropology Experimental archaeology Prehistoric archaeology Maritime archaeology

Area Studies (Mutallae Ilaqajaat)

Main article: Area studies African studies American studies o Appalachian studies o Canadian studies o Latin American studies Asian studies Celtic studies European studies

German studies Indology (Indian studies) Iranian studies Japanology (Japanese studies) Korean studies Sinology (Chinese studies) Scandinavian studies Slavic studies

Cultural and Ethnic Studies (Mutallae Tehzeeb o Nasliyaat)

Main articles: Cultural studies and Ethnic studies Asian studies Asian American studies Black studies or African American studies Chicano studies Childhood studies Latino studies Native American studies

Economics (Muashiaat)
Main articles: Economics and Outline of economics Agricultural economics Behavioral economics Bioeconomics Complexity economics Computational economics Consumer economics Development economics Ecological economics Econometrics Economic geography Economic history Economic sociology Industrial organization Information economics Institutional economics International economics Islamic economics Labor economics Law and economics Macroeconomics Managerial economics Mathematical economics Microeconomics Monetary economics

Economic systems Energy economics Entrepreneurial economics Environmental economics Evolutionary economics Experimental economics Feminist economics Financial economics Financial econometrics Game theory Green economics Growth economics Human development theory

Neuroeconomics Political economy Public finance Public economics Real estate economics Resource economics Social choice theory Socialist economics Socioeconomics Transport economics Welfare economics

Gender and Sexuality Studies (Ginsiaat)

Main article: Gender and sexuality studies Feminine psychology Gender studies/Gender theory Heterosexism Human sexual behavior Human sexuality Masculine psychology

Men's studies Queer studies/Queer theory Sex education Sexology Women's studies

Geography (Geograpia)
Main articles: Geography and Outline of geography Cartography Human geography o Cultural geography Feminist geography o Economic geography Development geography o Historical geography o Time geography o Political geography & geopolitics Military geography Strategic geography o Population geography o Social geography Behavioral geography Children's geographies Environmental geography Physical geography o Biogeography o Climatology Palaeoclimatology o Coastal geography o Geomorphology o Geodesy o Hydrology/Hydrography Glaciology Limnology Oceanography o Landscape ecology o Palaeogeography Regional geography Remote Sensing

Health geography Tourism geography Urban geography

Political Science (Siasiaat)

Main articles: Political science and Outline of politics American politics Political behavior Canadian politics Political culture Civics Political economy Comparative politics Political history Geopolitics (Political geography) Political philosophy International relations Psephology International organizations Public administration Nationalism studies o Nonprofit administration Peace and conflict studies o Non-governmental Policy studies organization (NGO) administration Public policy Social choice theory

Psychology (Nafsiaat)
Main article: Psychology See also: Branches of psychology, Cognitive science, Affective science, and Behavioural sciences Abnormal psychology Health psychology Applied psychology Legal psychology Biological psychology Media psychology Clinical psychology Medical psychology Cognitive psychology Military psychology Community psychology Neuropsychology Comparative psychology Occupational health psychology Conservation Psychology Organizational psychology Consumer psychology Parapsychology Counseling psychology Personality psychology Cultural psychology Political psychology Differential psychology Positive psychology Developmental psychology Psychometrics Educational psychology Psychology of religion Environmental psychology Psychophysics Evolutionary psychology Quantitative psychology Experimental psychology School psychology Social psychology

Forensic psychology

Sport psychology

Sociology (Imraniaat)
Main articles: Sociology and Outline of sociology Applied sociology o Political sociology o Public sociology o Social engineering o Leisure studies Collective behavior o Social movements Community informatics o Social network analysis Comparative sociology Conflict theory Cultural studies Criminology/Criminal justice Demography/Population Environmental sociology Feminist sociology Future studies Human ecology Interactionism o Phenomenology o Ethnomethodology o Symbolic interactionism o Social constructionism Medical sociology Military sociology Organizational studies Science studies/Science and technology studies Sexology Social capital

Social control o Pure sociology Social economy Social philosophy Social psychology Social policy Social research o Computational sociology o Economic sociology/Socioeconomics Economic development Social development Sociology of culture Sociology of deviance Sociology of education Sociology of gender Sociology of the family Sociology of knowledge Sociology of law Sociology of religion Sociology of sport Sociology of work Social theory Social stratification Sociological theory Sociobiology Sociocybernetics Sociolinguistics Urban studies or Urban sociology/Rural sociology Visual sociology

Natural Sciences (Fitri Uloom)

Main articles: Natural science and Outline of natural science

Space Sciences (Khalai Uloom)

See also: Outline of astronomy

Astrobiology Astronomy o Observational astronomy Radio astronomy Microwave astronomy Infrared astronomy Optical astronomy UV astronomy X-ray astronomy Gamma ray astronomy Astrophysics o Gravitational astronomy Black holes

Interstellar medium Numerical simulations in Astrophysical plasma Galaxy formation and evolution High-energy astrophysics Hydrodynamics Magnetohydrodynamics Star formation o Physical cosmology o Stellar astrophysics Helioseismology Stellar evolution Stellar nucleosynthesis Planetary science (alternatively, a part of earth science)

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Earth Sciences (Arzi Uloom)

Main articles: Earth science and Outline of earth science See also Branches of earth sciences Edaphology Meteorology Environmental science Mineralogy Environmental chemistry Oceanography Gemology Pedology Geodesy Paleontology Geography o Paleobiology Geology Planetary science (alternatively, a part Geochemistry of space science) Geomorphology Sedimentology Geophysics Soil science Glaciology Speleology Hydrogeology Tectonics Hydrology Volcanology

Life sciences (Hayati Uloom)

Main article: Life sciences See also Branches of life sciences Biochemistry Bioinformatics Biology (outline) o Aerobiology

o o

Paleobiology Paleontology Systems biology

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o o o o o o o o o

Anatomy Comparative anatomy Human anatomy (outline) Botany Ethnobotany Phycology Cell biology Chronobiology Computational biology Cryobiology Developmental biology Embryology Teratology Ecology (outline) Agroecology Human ecology Landscape ecology Genetics (outline) Behavioural genetics Molecular genetics Population genetics Endocrinology Evolutionary biology Human biology Marine biology Mathematical biology Microbiology Molecular biology Nutrition (outline) Neuroscience Behavioral neuroscience

Virology Molecular virology o Xenobiology o Zoology (outline) Animal communications Arachnology Carcinology Entomology Ethology Herpetology Ichthyology Oology Ornithology Primatology Zootomy Biophysics Limnology Linnaean taxonomy Mycology Parasitology Pathology Physiology o Human physiology Exercise physiology Systematics (Taxonomy)

Chemistry (Chemiya)
Main articles: Chemistry and Outline of chemistry See also Branches of chemistry Analytical chemistry Biochemistry (outline) Cheminformatics Computational chemistry Materials science Mathematical chemistry

Quantum chemistry Inorganic chemistry Organic chemistry (outline) Physical chemistry Theoretical chemistry Interface and colloid science

Physics (Tabiaat)

Main articles: Physics and Outline of physics See also Branches of physics Acoustics Applied Physics Astrophysics Atomic, molecular, and optical physics Biophysics Computational physics Condensed matter physics Cryogenics Electromagnetism Elementary particle physics Fluid dynamics Geophysics Materials science Mathematical physics

Medical physics Mechanics Molecular physics Newtonian dynamics Nuclear physics Optics Plasma physics Quantum physics Solid mechanics Solid state physics Statistical mechanics Theoretical physics Thermodynamics Vehicle dynamics

Formal Sciences [ Dastoori Uloom{Qaida & Tarika} ]

Main article: Formal sciences

Computer Sciences (Uloom e Computer)

Main articles: Computer sciences and Outline of computer science See also Branches of computer science and ACM Computing Classification System Theory of computation Information science o Automata theory (Formal o Data management languages) o Data mining o Computability theory o Database o Computational complexity Relational database theory Distributed database o Concurrency theory Object database Algorithms o Information retrieval o Randomized algorithms o Information management o Distributed algorithms o Knowledge management o Parallel algorithms o Multimedia, hypermedia o Computational geometry Sound and music computing Data structures Artificial intelligence (outline) Computer architecture o Cognitive science o VLSI design Automated reasoning Operating systems Machine learning Computer communications Artificial neural (networks) network o Information theory Support vector machine

Internet, World wide web Wireless computing (Mobile computing) o Ubiquitous computing o Cloud computing Computer security and reliability o Cryptography o Fault-tolerant computing Distributed computing o Grid computing Parallel computing o High-performance computing Quantum computing Computer graphics o Image processing o Scientific visualization Software engineering o Formal methods (Formal verification) Programming languages o Programming paradigms Imperative programming Object-oriented programming Functional programming Concurrent programming o Program semantics o Type theory o Compilers Information systems (Business informatics) o Information technology (outline) o Management information systems o Health informatics Human-computer interaction

o o

Natural language processing (Computational linguistics) Computer vision o Expert systems o Robotics (outline) Computing in Mathematics, Natural sciences, Engineering and Medicine o Numerical analysis o Algebraic (symbolic) computation o Computational number theory o Computational mathematics o Scientific computing (Computational science) o Computational biology (bioinformatics) o Computational physics o Computational chemistry o Computational neuroscience o Computer-aided engineering Finite element analysis Computational fluid dynamics Computing in Social sciences, Arts and Humanities, Professions o Computational economics o Computational sociology o Computational finance o The Digital Humanities (Humanities computing) Computer and society o History of computer hardware o History of computer science (outline) o Humanistic informatics o Community informatics

Logic (Uloom e Mantiq)

Main articles: Logic and Outline of logic

Mathematical logic o Set theory o Proof theory o Model theory o Recursion theory o Modal logic o Intuitionistic logic

Philosophical logic o Logical reasoning o Modal logic Deontic logic Doxastic logic

Logic in computer science o Programming language semantics o Formal methods (Formal verification) o Type theory o Logic programming o Multi-valued logic Fuzzy logic

Mathematics (Uloom e Riyazi)

Main articles: Mathematics and Outline of mathematics See also Branches of mathematics and AMS Mathematics Subject Classification Algebra Number theory o Group theory o Analytic number theory Group representation o Algebraic number theory o Ring theory o Geometric number theory Commutative algebra Logic and Foundations of mathematics Noncommutative o Set theory algebra o Proof theory o Field theory o Model theory o Linear algebra (Vector space) o Recursion theory o Multilinear algebra o Modal logic o Lie algebra o Intuitionistic logic o Associative algebra Applied mathematics o Non-associative algebra o Statistics o Universal algebra Mathematical statistics o Homological algebra Econometrics o Differential algebra Actuarial science o Lattice theory (Order theory) Demography o Representation theory o Approximation theory o K-theory o Numerical analysis o Category theory o Operations research Topos theory Mathematical optimization Analysis Linear programming o Real analysis Dynamic programming Calculus Assignment problem o Complex analysis Decision analysis o Functional analysis Inventory theory

Operator theory o Non-standard analysis o Harmonic analysis Fourier analysis o p-adic analysis o Ordinary differential equations o Partial differential equations Probability theory o Measure theory Integral geometry o Ergodic theory o Stochastic process Geometry and Topology o General topology o Algebraic topology o Geometric topology o Differential topology o Algebraic geometry o Differential geometry o Projective geometry o Affine geometry o Non-Euclidean geometry o Convex geometry o Discrete geometry o Integral geometry o Noncommutative geometry

o o o o o

Scheduling Real options analysis Systems analysis Stochastic processes Optimal maintenance Dynamical systems Chaos theory Fractal geometry Mathematical physics Quantum mechanics Quantum field theory Quantum gravity String theory Statistical mechanics Theory of computation Computational complexity theory Information theory Cryptography Combinatorics Coding theory Graph theory Game theory

Statistics (Shumariyyaat)
Main articles: Statistics and Outline of statistics Computational statistics o Data mining o Regression o Simulation Bootstrap (statistics) Design of experiments o Block design and Analysis of variance o Response surface methodology Sample Survey o Sampling theory

Statistical modelling o Biostatistics Epidemiology o Multivariate analysis Structural equation model Time series o Reliability theory o Quality control Statistical theory o Decision theory o Mathematical statistics Probability o Survey methodology

Systems Science (Nizaami Uloom)

Main article: Systems science Complex systems Cybernetics Control theory o Control engineering o Control systems o Dynamical systems Operations research

Systems dynamics Systems engineering o Systems analysis Systems theory o Developmental systems theory o General systems theory o Mathematical system theory

Professions and Applied Sciences (Amali Uloom)

Main articles: Profession and Applied science

Agriculture (Ilm e Zaraat)

Main articles: Agriculture and Outline of agriculture Agroecology Agronomy Animal husbandry (Animal science) o Beekeeping (Apiculture) Agrology Entomology Agricultural economics Agricultural engineering o Biological systems engineering o Food engineering Aquaculture Enology Food science Horticulture Hydrology Plant science o Pomology Viticulture

Architecture & Design (Meamaari)

Architecture and related design o Architecture (outline) o Urban planning (urban design) o Interior design (interior architecture) o Landscape architecture (landscape planning) Historic preservation Visual communication o Graphic design Type design

Industrial design (product design) o Ergonomics (outline) o Game design o Toy and amusement design Fashion design Textile design

o o

User interface design Technical drawing

Business (Karobari Uloom)

Main articles: Business and Business education Accounting scholarship Business administration Business analysis Business ethics Business Law E-Business Entrepreneurship Finance (outline) Industrial and labor relations o Collective bargaining o Human resources o Organizational studies o Labor economics o Labor history

Information systems International Trade Marketing (outline) Purchasing Risk management and insurance Systems science

Divinity (Ilahiyaat)
Main article: Divinity (academic discipline) Canon law Church history Field ministry o Pastoral counseling o Pastoral theology o Religious education techniques o Homiletics o Liturgy o Sacred music o Missiology

Scriptural study and languages o Biblical Hebrew o Biblical studies/Sacred Scripture o New Testament Greek o Latin o Old Church Slavonic Theology o Dogmatic theology o Ecclesiology o Sacramental theology o Systematic theology o Christian Ethics

Education (Taleemi Uloom)

Main articles: Education and Outline of education Consumer education Critical pedagogy

Music education

Curriculum and instruction o Alternative Education o Elementary education o Secondary education o Higher education o Mastery learning o Cooperative learning o Agricultural education o Art education o Bilingual education o Chemistry education o Counselor education o Language education o Legal education o Mathematics education o Medical education o Military education and training

Nursing education Peace education Physical education/Sports coaching o Physics education o Reading education o Religious education o Science education o Special education o Sex education o Sociology of education o Technology education o Vocational education Educational leadership Educational philosophy Educational psychology Educational technology Distance Education

o o o

Engineering (Uloom e Muhandis)

Main articles: Engineering, Outline of engineering, and Engineering education See also Branches of engineering Aerospace engineering Materials engineering Agricultural engineering o Ceramic engineering o Food engineering o Metallurgical engineering Architectural engineering o Polymer engineering Bioengineering Mechanical engineering o Biomechanical engineering o Manufacturing engineering o Biomedical engineering Mining engineering Chemical engineering Nanoengineering Civil engineering Nuclear engineering o Geotechnical engineering Ocean engineering o Engineering Geology o Marine engineering o Earthquake engineering o Naval architecture o Highway engineering Optical engineering o Transportation engineering Quality assurance engineering Computer engineering Petroleum engineering Control systems engineering Safety engineering Ecological engineering Software engineering (outline) Electrical engineering Structural engineering Electronic engineering Systems engineering Instrumentation engineering Telecommunications engineering Engineering physics Vehicle engineering Environmental engineering

Industrial engineering

Automotive engineering

Environmental Studies and Forestry (Maholiyaati & Janglaati Uloom)

Main articles: Environmental studies and Forestry Environmental management o Coastal management o Fisheries management o Land management o Natural resource management o Wildlife management Environmental policy Recreation ecology Silviculture Sustainability studies o Sustainable development Toxicology

Family and Consumer Sciences (Khandani & Mushtari Uloom)

Main article: Family and consumer science Consumer education Housing* Interior design

Nutrition o Foodservice management* Textiles*

Health Sciences (Uloom e Sehat)

See also: Branches of medicine Clinical laboratory sciences/Clinical pathology/Laboratory medicine o Clinical biochemistry o Cytogenetics o Cytohematology o Cytology o Haemostasiology o Histology o Clinical immunology o Clinical microbiology o Molecular genetics o Parasitology Dentistry o Dental hygiene and epidemiology o Dental surgery o Endodontics o Orthodontics o Oral and maxillofacial surgery o Periodontics o Prosthodontics o Implantology Health informatics/Clinical informatics
o o o o

Obstetrics Oncology Ophthalmology Orthopedic surgery Hand surgery Foot and ankle surgery Sports medicine Joint replacement Shoulder surgery o Otolaryngology o Pathology o Pediatrics Pharmacy Pharmaceutical sciences Physical fitness o Group Fitness / aerobics o Personal fitness training o Kinesiology / Exercise Science / Human Performance Podiatry Primary care

Nursing o Nursing theory o Midwifery Hepatology Nutrition and dietetics Optometry Orthoptics Physiotherapy Occupational therapy Speech and language pathology Medicine o Anesthesiology Regional anesthesia Pain medicine o Preventive medicine o Cardiology o Dermatology o Emergency medicine Medical toxicology o Endocrinology Diabetology o Epidemiology o Forensic science o Geriatrics o Gynaecology o Hematology o Infectious disease o Internal medicine (general medicine) o Nephrology o Neurology o Neurosurgery

General practice Psychiatry o Addiction medicine Psychology o Behavioral medicine o Clinical psychology o Health psychology o Medical psychology o Counseling psychology Public health Radiology Recreation therapy Rehabilitation medicine Respiratory medicine o Pulmonology o Sleep medicine Rheumatology Sports medicine Surgery o Bariatric surgery o Cardiothoracic surgery o Neurosurgery o Plastic surgery o Traumatology Urology o Andrology

Veterinary medicine

Human physical performance and recreation*

Biomechanics / Sports Biomechanics Sports coaching Dance Ergonomics Physical fitness o Group Fitness / aerobics o Personal trainer / Personal fitness training Game design* Exercise physiology

Leisure studies Physical education / Pedagogy Sociology of sport Sexology Sports journalism / sportscasting Sport management o Athletic director Sport psychology Sports medicine o Athletic training

Kinesiology / Exercise Science / Human Performance

Toy and amusement design*

Journalism, Media Studies and Communication (Shahafat & Uloom e Media & Muaslaat)
Main articles: Journalism, Media studies, and Communication studies Journalism Communication studies o Broadcast journalism o Advertising o Literary journalism o Animal communication o New media journalism o Communication design o Print journalism o Environmental o Sports journalism / sportscasting communication Media studies (Mass media) o Information theory o Newspaper o Intercultural o Magazine communication o Radio o Marketing o Television o Mass communication Television studies* o Nonverbal communication o Internet o Organizational communication o Propaganda o Public relations o Speech communication o Technical writing o Translation

Law (Uloom e Qanoon)

Canon law Comparative law Constitutional law Competition law Criminal law o Criminal procedure o Criminal justice Police science Forensics Islamic law Jewish law Jurisprudence (Philosophy of Law)

Civil law o Admiralty law o Animal law/Animal rights o Corporations o Civil procedure o Contract law o Environmental law o International law o Labor law o Paralegal studies o Property law o Tax law o Tort law

Library and Museum Studies (Uloom e Maktab & Museum)

Main articles: Library science and Museology Archival science Bibliometrics o Citation analysis Conservation science

Informatics Information architecture Museology o Museum administration

Military Sciences (Jangi Uloom)

Main article: Military science Amphibious warfare Artillery Campaigning Military engineering Doctrine Game theory Leadership Logistics Military history Military intelligence

Military law Military medicine Naval science o Naval engineering o Naval tactics o Naval architecture o Weapons systems Strategy Tactics o Naval tactics

Public Administration (Awami)

Main article: Public administration Corrections Conservation biology Criminal justice Emergency management Fire safety (Structural fire protection) Fire ecology (Wildland fire management) Governmental affairs International affairs Peace and conflict studies Police science Public administration o Nonprofit administration o Non-governmental organization (NGO) administration

Public policy o Agricultural policy o Defense policy o Drug policy o Education policy o Energy policy o Environmental policy o Fiscal policy o Health policy o Trade policy

Social Work (Uloom e Falahi Umoor)

Child welfare Community practice o Community organizing o Social policy

Corrections Gerontology Medical social work Mental health School social work

Transportation ()
Main article: Transportation theory Highway safety Infographics Intermodal transportation studies

Marine transportation o Port management Operations research Mass transit