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Each player starts with: 5 Prayer Points ( ), 12 units (10 in city, 2 in reserve), 6 battle cards, 1 DI card.

Pyramids: Each player chooses either 1/1/1 or 2/1/0 at the start NIGHT 1. 2. Distribute 2 to each player Take one random DI card (no hand limit) a. DI cards are played as a free action b. Some cost points c. Effects of multiple cards can be cumulative Resolve Night Power Tiles Determine Turn Order a. Random at start b. Player with fewest VP determines the Turn Order (tie won based on previous turn order).

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DAY 1.

Each player takes one action at a time a. 5 actions per turn (can increase due to Power Tiles) b. Each action token must be placed on an empty spot c. At end of 5 actions each player must have at least one token on each action level. Pray: Gain 2 points Raise a Pyramid Level a. Cost in points = New Level points. b. You can raise multiple levels in one action. So the cost to go from Level 1 to Level 3 is 5 c. If you raise to Level 4 gain a Temporary VP Buy Power Tiles One Tile per Color per Turn. a. Must have a pyramid of the same color b. Level of pyramid must be equal or greater than Power tile c. Cant buy duplicate tiles

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d. Cost in points equal Level of tile. Some Tiles give Permanent VPs. e. Creatures immediately put into 1 of three city districts if owner has a unit there OR place in reserve. Recruit new units a. Number of new units = points spent b. New units place in city (limit 5 units per board location) c. If your city is captured you can still recruit to it. Battle begins immediately. d. Creature in reserve can be put on board with recruit action. Movement: a. Each Troop (group of up to 5 units) can move 1 space. Creatures do not count as units and do not count towards the 5 limit. Limit 1 creature per location. b. Movement can be increased due to Power Tiles, Creatures, and DI cards c. Harbor Crossing between two points on Nile (counts as 1 movement) d. e. f. Battles: a. b. c. d. e. f. Teleport from Pyramid to Obelisk for 2 points Walls around Outside of City restrict movement. Can only enter an opponents city if you begin your turn adjacent to city wa ll. When you move into space occupied by opponents troops a battle happens and movement ends. Battle Value = # of units + Strength of Battle Card + Power Tile Bonus + Creature Bonus + DI card bonus Defender wins ties Calculate damage. Attacker can win a battle and then lose all troops, still counts as a victory If you win a battle as an Attacker then take 1 Permanent VP (NEED TO HAVE ONE SURVIVING UNIT) Retreat Defeated player must either retreat to adjacent space or recall troops (Winner determines where defeated player retreats) point. You must



Recall Troops both winner and loser may recall troops to reserve. Each unit recalled earns the player 1 recall all units if you choose to do this action. Creature returns to City District if you have a unit there. g. If at end of Battle or Movement you control a Temple take 1 Temporary VP. End of Action Phase: 1. 2. 3. 4. Player controlling Delta Temple may withdraw a unit and receive 5 points Player controlling other Temples receive 2 or 3 . Player controlling Sanctuary of All Gods may withdraw 2 units to reserve and gain 1 Permanent VP. All Players who control 2 Temples receive a Permanent VP.