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"to declare, announce"

"to improve (intransitive)"

"to communicate, convey"

"to appoint"

"to guarantee"

"to exert effort"

"to interrogate, examine"

"to be cautious, wary of"

"to cause, provoke, give rise to"

"to suppress, repress"

"to reflect"

"to pave the way"

"to criticise"

"to vote"

"to continue"

"to go on to say"

"to lift sanctions"

"to topple the regime"

"to settle, decide"

"to deny"

"to moderate, diminish, ease"

"to be published"

"to tell s.o."

"to head for"

"to conclude a visit"

"to expand"

"to send"

"to orient(ate) Towards"

"to inquire, ask s.o. about"

"to fight, struggle"

"to scrutinize"

"to develop"

"to encourage s.o. to do"

"to confirm"

"to define"

"to consult"

"to befall, happen to s.o."

"to found, establish"

"to abstain from"

"to present one's [our] opinions"

"to entrench"

"to be published"

"to impose sanctions"

"to harass"

"to decide on, determine"

"to change (intransitive)"

"to hand over"

"to scrutinize"

"to discover"

"to get hold of, obtain"

"to fight, struggle"

"to put presssure on"

"to treat, deal with s.o."

"to mention, recall"

"to expose, reveal"

"to change, transform"

"to implement, carry out"

"to stipulate"

"to decide, resolve"

"to hint at, allude to"

"to present, offer"

"to supervise, oversee, watch over"

"to cooperate"

"to express"

"to demand, request"

"to emerge, appear, seem"

"to tell, inform s.o. about"

"to warn s.o. about"

"to be widespread"

"to show, demonstrate"

"to link, unite"

"to support"

"to warn s.o. about"

"to survey, review"

"to commit, perpetrate"

"to hand over power/authority"

"to treat, deal with"

"to improve"

"to take up the reins of government"

"to go back to, stem from"

"to encounter, face"

"to sign"

"to admit, confess"

"to ask"

"to change, transform"

"to advise s.o. to [+verbal noun]"

"to deem, consider"

"to secure an overwhelming majority"

"to concentrate, focus on"

"to resist"

"to be influenced"

"to stabilize, secure"

"to become a reality"

"to sow the seeds of conflict"

"to develop (intransitive)"

"to support s.o."

"to express"

"to observe, watch, censor"

"to accompany"

"to fulfill, realize"

"to be related to"

"to oppose"

"to comment on"

"to discuss"

"to reject, refute, refuse"

"to publish, express, issue"

"to prevent from"

"to transfer power/authority"

"to avoid"

"to accompany"

"to expand (intransitive)"

"to believe"

"to seek political asylum"

"to agree on"

"to assume, presume"

"to support"

"to win a landslide victory"

"to incorporate, take in, include"

"to contribute to"

"to exchange (e.g. views)"

"to be linked to"

"to send"

"to impose upon s.o."

"to propogate, spread, publicise, publish"

"to participate in"

"to state"

"to be impressed"

"to demonstrate (as during a strike)"

"to evaluate"

"to contend, compete for"

"to form, shape"

"to fight, struggle"

"to hint at, allude to"

"to snatch the limelight"

"to fight, struggle"

"to practice"

"to embrace (doctrine; person)"

"to appoint"

"to fluctuate between"

"to result in"

"to fight, struggle"

"to show, demonstrate"

"to rule out an option"

"to claim"

"to influence"

"to discuss"

"to rule out, regard as unlikely"

"to change (intransitive)"

"to allow, permit s.o."

"to fade, dwindle, diminish"

"to marginalize"

"to be cautious, wary of"

"to suspend"

"to strengthen"

"to occur, happen"

"to explore, investigate; to discuss"

"to impress"