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The procedure for attaching documents to a SAD has been updated and is described as follows:1. Create the Attached Document Page
Access the Attachments module by selecting the following path in the document library: ASYCUDA

Goods Clearance Declaration Attachments as shown below

To open a new attachment, right-click on Attachments and select New Attachments

This will bring up the Attachments page where the user will input all mandatory data in the necessary fields. The mandatory fields (highlighted by red box) to be completed are: 1. Office 2. Importer 3. Declarant 4. Declarant Reference 5. Declaration Year

To upload the file to be attached, click on the

icon. A pop-up menu appears where the user will select the option Upload

PDF file. To add the document and any other subsequent documents to the page click the Add Document icon. Doing so clears the previous entry in the Attachment Details section of the page and creates a new entry in the table, as shown below.

If an error was made during input, the user can delete the entry by right-clicking on it and selecting the Remove option from the dropdown menu. A confirmation box will appear asking the user to confirm the delete. This process is illustrated in the following screenshots.

Similarly, right-clicking on the entry and selecting the option View PDF allows the user to view the attached document. The Retrieve option allows a user to edit a previously entered attachment.

2. Storing an Attached Document

The attached documents page can be stored for later use during the preparation of the SAD. To store attachments, click on the Store icon on the menu bar of the Attachments page.

3. Retrieving Stored Attachments

To retrieve a stored attachment, right click on Attachments and select from any of the Find options in the drop-down menu. This will bring up the finder from where the user can enter search criteria.

Modifications can be made to a previously stored attachment by right-clicking it and selecting the Update option from the drop-down list.

4. Linking Attached Documents to a SAD

To link an attached documents page to a SAD, the following mandatory fields are required to be filled in: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Office Code Importer/Consignee Code Declarant Code Declarant reference (this must be the same as that on the attachments page) Model of declaration

On completion of these fields click on the View Attachment icon on the menu bar or alternatively go to the File menu and select View Attachment from the drop-down list as illustrated by the red arrows on the SAD in the following

screenshot. Doing so brings the attachments page into view. To view the actual scanned copy of the document, right-click on an entry in the table and select View PDF.