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Bill Number: S-13-03-08 Authors: Christopher Cornell, et al. Dean of Student Life: Dr. Lisa S. Webb Final Vote: . Senate Secretary: Katherine Ladner Student Senate Chair: Monica Finnegan

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A RESOLUTION TO AMEND THE SOUTHERN METHODIST UNIVERSITY STUDENT SENATE BY-LAWS AND URGING THE OPENING OF A DIALOGUE WITH THE ADMINISTRATION ON THE PORTION OF STUDENT FEES GRANTED TO THE STUDENT SENATE WHEREAS The current 65%/35% allocation of the portion of student activity fees granted to the Student Senate between the Student Senate and the governing councils of the graduate schools has left the graduate councils, especially the Student Bar Association and the Perkins Student Association, unable to fund the type of student activities they have traditionally funded, and that all of the graduate councils were contacted by the authors of this resolution so that they could play an active part both weighing in and consulting on the drafting of this legislation, and that the above referenced allocation was implemented at time when many of the graduate councils, particularly the Student Bar Association, had significant financial reserves upon which to draw, and both, 1) that this has not been the case for many years, and 2) that as the amount of money allocated through the fee has not increased while at the same time inflation has made the value of that unchanging amount of money decrease, every year the graduate councils and the Student Senate have effectively taken a cut in funding from the university, and these shortfalls cause a great amount of frustration with the Senate amongst the graduate student population who already experience unease over the fact that the Senate as a chamber does not usually reflect the fact that SMU is almost evenly split between Graduate and Undergraduate students, and





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that Policy Number 3.5.3 of the Southern Methodist University Policies and Procedures, which has been in place in some form for over forty years, delegates to the students the right to designate the amount of student activity fees to be used by the various student activities groups which are approved by the students, and that the students collectively exercise this authority through the supreme legislative body to which their schools belong, which as of the time of this legislation is the Student Senate. That in order to both provide relief to the graduate councils and a more equitable distribution of funds between the graduate councils and the Student Senate that Article 8 Section 6 of the Southern Methodist University Student Senate By-laws be amended so that the number referenced in both occurrences of the text 65% in the above referenced section replaced by the text 75%, and That the Student Senate and the Students Association ask the University Administration to enter into negotiations with the Student Senate about the possibility of both increasing the portion of the existing General Student Fee granted to the Senate to allocate and about the possibility of increasing the General Student Fee itself by a modest amount and having the entirety of that increase added to the existing amount of money granted to the Student Senate, with an ultimate goal that more funds be available for both the Student Senate and the graduate councils to allocate.



Respectfully Submitted, Christopher Cornell Law Senator Chase Harker Lyle Senator Jaywin Malhi Cox Senator