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God's Warning to Birthright Israel & the Jews Since the 7th Era of God's Church has failed

to deliver God's Warning to the United States of America, the Commonwealth of Britain and the Jews: That job has now been assigned to God's Watchman; Revelation 3 v 14 - 22, Ezekiel 3 v 17 - 21. God's Church has already been warned (Revelation 2 v 4 - 5) , resulting in their departure from Edmond, Oklahoma on 29 April 2006 to the big Island of Hawaii; Revelation 12 v 14. God will visit upon them the evil of failing to warn all of you (Jonah 1 v 17 - Jonah 2 v 1 - 6) regarding what the European Union is planning to do beginning in the fall of 2006; Isaiah 10 v 3 - 7. Because of our unrepentant behavior, God is opening the door for Germany with a number of "so called" Natural disasters in the United States, which are already unfolding. Look at the 2006 long range weather forecast for the United States (, and what is already occurring in Oklahoma & Texas, beginning with the winter of 2005/2006. The Beast Power has already made ready their instrument of mass exodus with the introduction of the A380 Super Jumbo Jet / standing backboard restraint system combination. It's the modern version of a flying cattle railcar. God says; He will only protect my physical life if I Warn You, so here it is; Ezekiel 12 v 2 - 28, Habakkuk 2 v 2. Kenyon Donald Williams P.O. Box 1611; Grants Pass, Oregon 97528 / 14 May 2006 God's Final Warning to all of Laodicea Don't think that God gives a free pass to any person he calls into his Church; 1 Peter 2 v 5. If the ministry refuses to respect God, as the PCG's has done, then God demands that every lay member fulfill that responsibility; Micah 2 v 10 - 13; Ezekiel 3 v 17. This is no time to hide in Hawaii; Jonah 1 v 17 - Jonah 2 v 1 - 9. You better read what and have to say about what God is allowing Satan to do in the United States this year! God is turning over Manasseh, and ultimately all of Birthright Israel, to modern day Assyria in 2006. Don't take my word for it; the evidence is manifesting itself daily. Either do the work of warning Israel NOW in the daylight, or after you're in captivity this fall; Isaiah 10 v 5. God will only protect you if you do it before; Zephaniah 2 v 1 - 3. The European Union has delivered the first group of 10 AIRBUS A380's to Singapore. These Jets will be equipped with standing restraint backboards that will allow them to cram over 1000 of us in each jet. It's the most efficient slave transport system in the history of the world; Amos 9 v 4 - 5. This however is all good news, because it signals the imminent return of Jesus Christ; Mark 13 v 26 & Luke 6 v 22 - 23. This "is" the time of action; don't miss the greatest opportunity in the Universe. Don't believe me, believe your Bible! 14 May 2006 Kenyon Donald Williams; P.O. Box 1611; Grants Pass, Oregon 97528