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UV LED systems for chemical-free disinfection and material curing

Charlotte Venture Challenge

Semi-Final Competition : March 20, 2013

Rosanna Stokes

Problem to be Solved
n Emerging UV LED lamps are changing the disinfection and curing landscape. Robust UV LED systems are not yet available

Requires robust UV LED systems development

Dot Metrics Technologies brings devices and optimized systems that integrate emerging UV LED technologies.

Opportunity & Value Proposition

n The customer adoption of the Dot Metrics UV LED systems will be driven by the ability to have Plug and Play UV systems. n Current UV lamp systems are bulky, require warm-up time and high voltage. n Whether disinfecting fluids (water/air/other) or curing polymers (for e.g. a drug patch) our UV LED systems are programmable, instant-on, fit on the counter and require a simple wall plug. > $20 MM Product Sales by 2016

Market Opportunity & Size

Point-of-use Drinking Water

Wastewater / Reuse

- Municipal Non-Validated - Ships

Drinking Water

Air Treatment

Materials Curing
- Drug Patches - 3D Printing

UV Disinfection Equipment Market $885MM > 12% growth UV LEDs Systems posed to capture 28% of market by 2016 *

Industrial Oxidation - Semiconductors - Pharma, NDMA Industrial Disinfection

- Food & Beverage

Surface Disinfection
- Food & Beverage - Medical Instruments

- Pharma, PetroChem

Advanced Oxidation
- Combination with H2O2/O3

UV LED Lamps for curing UV LED market will capture 35% of traditional UV Lamp market by 2017 ($270MM) CAGR 43% *

Small foot print and low power requirements will open markets currently not available to mercury based lamp technology
* March 2013 Yole Market Report

Business Model & Competitive Advantage

Creating breadth 10X our size Focus resources on Technology Optimize & Design

University Expertise

Develop Technology

Commercial Alliances

Immediate Market Access & Knowledge

$$$ UV Pearl, UV Tetra, UVinaire manufacture License when strategic > $20 MM by 2016

Management Team
The Dot Metrics leadership team brings business acumen and technical depth
o President: Rosanna Stokes MBA (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Rosanna provides over 20 years of experience from GE and Momentive leadership roles bringing new technologies to market. She is a business innovator with a record of leading global teams to enhanced profitability, new growth-oriented product portfolios, and radically improved business processes.

o Director of Research: Jennifer Pagan, Ph.D. EE (UNC-Charlotte)

An experienced small business technologist with extensive research performed in the areas of LEDs, optoelectronics, and wide bandgap semiconductors. With >12 years of microfabrication and product development expertise, Jennifer brings experienced project management and business acumen to the team.

o Research Leader: Paolo Batoni, Ph.D. EE (UNC-Charlotte)

Paolo is the first IEEE Charles LeGeyt Fortescue Scholar in the Carolinas, and a GE Global Research Center alumnus. He has an extensive experience in nitride and carbide semiconductors, and performed research in the areas of UV emitters and detectors. Paolo is Dot Metrics creative problem solver, and he integrates UV sources and detectors in systems.

Call to Action

n VC Untapped small company seeking $1.2MM investment to grow product sales and maintain technological competitive edge n Marketing and Sales expertise to drive sales and expand market offering

UV Lamp market by 2017 ($270MM) CAGR 43% * UV Pieces LEDs of will thehave follow UV LED Visible Puzzle LED Manufacturing Global demand for limited water resources Applications unique drivers Cost Trends demands new methods of water disinfection staged introduction

Relative Manufacturing Cost


Thermal Control



Assembly Power Supplies

Speed of introduction dependent on UV-C LED: Cost Supply Efficiency Channel

Material Epitaxy

Thank You
Chip Processing Electronics

Thermal & Metal Sales Microbiological Bending


LED Devices First applications ready now



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UV Sensing

Process Market DOE manufacturing Integration Management Workshop Consensus


April 2, 2013

* March 2013 Yole Market Report

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