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English Language Proficiency II is one of the compulsory subjects that we take in this semester. English Language Proficiency II is an extension of English Language Proficiency I (WAJ 3102) which taken by us last semester. WAJ 3103 is a subject that provide knowledge about parts of speech and the language skills. It aims to enable learners to explore and apply appropriate strucutres of the English language for different text types. This will enable learners including me to become proficient language users and be able to assess and reflect on our learning. Overally, subjects English Language Proficiency II contains six topics that we need to study in this semester. First topic is parts of speech or word classes. I have learned three things from the topic which is conjucntions, preopositions and interjections. I already studied about this topic during my secondary school but now i learned more than that time. One thing that still fresh in my mind is I learned the mnemonics which make me easy to remember the concept of conjunction. For example is FANBOYS. This are words that combine sentences or phrases. Im very thankful to my lecturer because introduce me about it. I will use it to my students at school later. This semester, the lecturer who thought my class is Madam Choong See Yoong from Jabatan Bahasa. In my view, she is the best lecturer and have a talent to be a educator. This is proved by her style and teaching method that focuses on learning outcomes and the skills of delivery are exciting and varied. She gave a

chances to us to teach our friends. For example, I have been choosen to handle our class and do some activities about listnening and speaking. Personally, this is not a simple task because i should find my own teaching materials and discuss with my lecturer whether the materials are acceptable or not. By the way, this is my experiences during her classes. This gave a positive effect to me and other classmates during a study session on the subject. After we studied about topic one and topic two, a few classes including my class are needed to take an exam to test our learning outcomes from that topics. This is our first task in our coursework. The listening task need us to listen carefully to a text and answer structured and multiple-choice questions. Because of the task should be doing individually, I have a big problem to answer the questions given because i have a little sound problem. I cannot hear clearly what is the speaker talking about. By the way, I used the skills to interpret the word by understand the meaning of the sentences. Im also thankful because I learned this skills from ELP classes. The third topics is reading skills. Madam Choong thought us about Barretts Taxonomy. This is a new knowledge for me and to my classmates. Four thing that we should know about that taxonomy, because from that, we can improve our reading skills. The four things are literal comprehension, reorganisation, inferential comprehension and appreciation. From that skills, we need to do the task two in our coursework. We are given the story about The Purse and we should write a personal response about the story. So, I implemented everything that i learned during reading skills classess in the task. There is no problem to me write my own personal response. After that, everyone in our class are need to do oral presentation about our response to the story. Eventhough we have the points but we do not have a talent to speak, we cannot deliver the message fluently and clearly. I felt it during my oral

presentation. I cannot remember the points that I already write down on paper. This experience thought me to be brave to give a speech in front of people. Topic four is writing for differents text types. There is a few types of writing that we focus on it which are report writing, summary writing and letter writing. Most of us knew that this should be a boring class because we not interested to learn about the writing. By the way, our lecturer is an intelligent educator, she knew that we will feel sleepy during the writing classess, so she planned some activities to make our mind still in the class. At topic five (writing academic papers) We are seperated to a few groups and we need to do our academic writing about the title given. After that, we present the outcomes of the activities. Im so glad because I not just learned about the writing skills but I also learned how to cooperate with my teammates. We also used that knowledge to our third task in our coursework. We are given newspaper article about Construction works in Bukit Kiara causing much damage to the hill and we need to write an article report on the article. I saw that, each of the topics that I learned in this subject have their own propose and related to the our coursework. The last topic is writing reflections. We are thought how to write a critical reflections. Im very shock because the type of reflection that I done last semester is totally different from what I learned now. The reflection is not just about our feeling, but it is also about the learning outcomes that we got during the study, what we will do to make the learning outcomes become a reality and many more. From that, im tried to write my own reflection about my lifestyle in this collage. I found that, this topic is related to our last task in our coursework which need us to write a critical reflection about our learning experience in relation to this course.

In my conclusion, this course has provided many benefits to me and made me love this noble profession and further increase my passion to become a best teacher as my lecturer for a balanced human capital and willingness to sacrifice for the religion and nation.