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Easter 2013 Number Three

A monthly newsletter on Public Health for EHPs in Hertfordshire and beyond from Jigsaw PSPH

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Welcome to the Easter edition of Jigsaw our monthly Budget Sounds Warning
Chancellor George Osbornes Budget brought little comfort to Local Government with a further 2% cut announced across Whitehall Departments. Whilst the Public Health budget is ring fenced the rest of Local Authority services are likely to be subject to even more reductions in staff.

The last month In Public Health

Hertfordshire Partnership Day a great success

newsletter that aims to keep you up to date and involved in the world of Public Health. The biggest change in Public Health services in 40 years is upon us and there is still a lot to do. April 1st was never going to produce the finished item its more a case of getting out of the starting blocks. How fast we can run depends on a number of things. Our trainers will be vital as will the equipment and resources available to us not to mention the support network behind us. We are aiming at personal bests the focus should be on shared goals and a team approach. Hopefully Jigsaw will be there every step of the way and the information we provide will help you stay on track. Hope you had a great Easter and made sure you ate dark chocolate eggs! Pete & Sarah

On one hand money has been put aside to try to reduce health inequalities which show at least a 7 year life expectancy gap in most areas but on the other the staff who will play a major part in addressing the wider determinants of health are facing more cuts. Of course its up to Local Authorities which services they cut but surely its time for Public Health colleagues to point out the disparity in policy which could make their job an almost impossible task.

PHE Outline new Structure ahead of April launch Budget threatens more Local Government Cuts

NHS told to reduce Health Inequalities

bound to trip along the way but that may be necessary to learn and develop a better way forward. Whilst we may be

Local Authorities get ready for April 1st

New Legislation Causes Headaches

Regulations set to come into force on 1st April will allow Local Authorities to charge for certain Public Health services. The Local Authorities (Public Health Functions and Entry to Premises by Local Healthwatch Representatives) Regulations 2013 cover advice provided to companies under a number of headings which include providing information, services or facilities designed to promote healthy living. Training also falls within the remit of the regulations as does making available resources for Public Health research. Services must be requested and cannot include those that have traditionally been free through the NHS such as weighing and measuring children and smoking cessation services. Charges made can only cover costs and are not relevant to District Councils who do not fall within the scope of the regulations. It is unclear how this will work in two tier setups where District Council staff will play a vital part in delivering Public Health functions. There could currently be a case where two authorities are asked for the same service but only one will be able to charge. Hopefully some clarification will follow.
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Statutory Guidance on JSNA & JHWSs issued

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News On Public Health In Hertfordshire

The Nine Priorities of the Draft Health & Wellbeing Strategy

Partnership Day a Great Success

Thanks to everybody who made our first Partnership Day such a great occasion particularly our excellent line-up of speakers and the CIEH Herts & Beds Branch for their support. The Jigsaw Team

Reducing the harm caused by alcohol Reducing the harm from tobacco Increasing physical activity and promoting a healthy weight Fulfilling lives for people with learning disabilities Living well with dementia Enhancing quality of life for people with long term conditions Over 80 people attended the first Environmental Health/Public Health Partnership Event in Welwyn Garden City on 8th March. Speakers included Health & Wellbeing Board Chair Cllr Richard Roberts, Deputy Director of Public Health Dr Louise Smith, Environmental Health Practitioner Guy Quint and Dr Alan Page from Middlesex University. CIEH Principal Policy Officer Ian Gray told the audience that Environmental Health has a major role to play in Public Health. Regulatory services have a special part in their work." The JSNA is a vital resource for health commissioners and Mark Jordan Herts CCs JSNA Manager emphasised the role Environmental Health can play, We want Environmental Health on the JSNA. An opportunity to spread the message to other partners. Proceedings were broadcast on Twitter using #Hertspheh throughout the day and Mark confirmed the importance of Social Media in the process saying, "If you're not on Twitter you won't be able to play a full part in the JSNA." Dr Alan Page provided an insight into the need for robust research with EHPs in the driving seat rather than academics, "There are rooms of people at Universities researching Environmental Health Would be nice if we could inform them. Feedback from the afternoon workshops confirmed the opinion that there is still a lot of work to be done. Here are some of the points raised. We attended a great Athens training session at Watford General Hospital. Thanks to Janet whos the West Herts administrator. If you are interested in opening an account contact your local NHS Athens administrator. Excellent! Let this be the first of many.Jim McManus DPH So excited about all

Supporting carers to care Helping all families to thrive Improving mental health and emotional wellbeing

It was a very well organised event, the attendance was impressive and the organisers did really well in getting so many key people to attend and present - Ian Gray CIEH

that I've heard on conference today. New opportunities ahead Thanks for organising

Well done. Have followed you all day. Sounds like a great partnership sharing #health day.Twitter Follower
From April 1st the Eastern Region Public Health Observatory (Erpho) will become part of Public Health England. As the Knowledge & Intelligence Team (KIT) for the Eastern Region they will cover the additional Local Authority areas of Milton Keynes & Northamptonshire as well as the existing LAs in Norfolk Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, Essex, Thurrock, Southend, Beds & Herts.

A big disconnect between policy and front line staff. Whole Council approach to data management needed. Need to build on existing partnerships. Opportunities to be creative & enhance roles.


News On Pub lic H ea lth A r ound The C ountr y Cab & a Coke Anyone

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Public Health England Structure Announced

Public Health England will go live on the 1st of April and the new structure was announced at a recent launch event at The Oval Cricket Ground. Whilst absorbing the previous functions of the Health Protection Agency PHE will have a much wider remit in terms of Health & Wellbeing and Health Improvement. Split into 4 regions, North of England, Midlands & eastern England, London and South England and 15 centres. The centres will develop and maintain key relationships with local authorities, local resilience forums, the NHS, and other partners to support and influence the delivery of improved outcomes for the publics health. They will provide a single point of access to the full range of PHEs specialist skills and knowledge including, microbiological services and radiation protection. All PHE staff can be contacted at the following e-mail from 1st April there will also be a website\phe and a Twitter feed @publichealtheng The NHS Health Apps Library was launched last month. It gives access to a wide variety of apps that are clinically safe and suitable for people living in the UK. Most of the apps are free to use and cover areas including smoking, alcohol, mental health, nutrition and fitness. The number of frontline local authority food hygiene staff has fallen 5.5 per cent since 2010, according to a survey conducted by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). Presented at a recent FSA board meeting the report also noted that Forty-four per cent of councils said they had seen a significant change in their food services budget since 2009/10. While a worrying 32% of authorities said that Food Standards were not a high strategic priority. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has backed a report calling on health professionals to tackle the social and economic causes of ill health - not just the medical. The report which was produced by the Institute of Health Equality says more work needs to be done to address the health divide between rich & poor.

US Public Health Officials are rightly upset by the latest development in the taxi trade across the Atlantic. With a click of a button and swipe of a credit or debit card, New Orleans Carriage Cab and Yellow-Checker Cab passengers can pick from a selection of non-alcoholic beverages for $0.99. About 200 taxis have been outfitted with custom soft drink-vending machines, which hold up to 36 cans of Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, iced tea and orange Fanta. Currently 35.7% of American citizens are classed as obese!
Research Roundup: A look at conclusions from recent research papers on Public Health issues: Providing residents in disadvantaged areas with better housing may prompt them to consider quitting smoking. Children with access to Parks and Facilities had decreased prevalence of obesity as compared to children without access. The risk of sustaining a work injury is higher among those whose education exceeds that of job requirements.

In The News

Statutory Guidance on JSNAs and JHWSs Published

Following a consultation exercise the Department of Health has published its Statutory Guidance on Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies. This explains the duties powers relating to both documents. Local authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups have equal duties to prepare the documents through their Health and Wellbeing Boards. The guidance allows HWBs to request information from fellow board members to support their JSNAs. This will include Local Authorities who hold a wealth of both quantitative and qualitative evidence and have good specialist knowledge of the community. Copies of the guidance can be obtained from

Latest council outsourcing plans 'risk public health', says Barnet Alliance for Public Services

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Its an amazing opportunity to look at the wider determinants of health. Local Government is in a unique position to make a difference.

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