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2013 C A T A L O G
Laws were always made for the protection of one class against another... We must once and for all realise that the workers must find means independent of those in accordance with the existing laws, knowing the laws always have worked against them. Philip Josephs in Sewing Freedom


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The cover illustrations (front & back) and quote come from the new AK Press title Sewing Freedom: Philip Josephs, Transnationalism & Early New Zealand Anarchism by Jared Davidson. Check out p. 5 of this catalog for more on the book. The illustrations are used here with the permission of the artist, Alec Dunn. See more of his work at

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AK Press 2013 CATALOG


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AK Press 2013 CATALOG


About AK Press
AK Press is a worker-run collective that publishes and
distributes radical books, visual and audio media, and other mindaltering material. Were small: a half-dozen people who work long hours for short money, because we believe in what we do. Were anarchists, which is reflected both in the books we provide and in the way we organize our business. Decisions at AK Press are made collectively, from what we publish, to what we distribute and how we structure our labor. All the work, from sweeping floors to answering phones, is shared. When the telemarketers call and ask whos in charge? the answer is: everyone. Our goal isnt profit (although we do have to pay the rent). Our goal is supplying radical words and images to as many people as possible. The books and other media we distribute are published by independent presses, not the corporate giants. We make them widely available to help you make positive (or, hell, revolutionary) changes in the world. The titles we carry are hand-selected by the AK Press collective, and most of them arent things youre likely to stumble upon in a corporate chain store. The items in this catalog are available to bookstores, infoshops, rogue tablers, and individuals. While we try to keep all the items listed in stock, occasionally things go in and out of print or are temporarily unavailablewe apologize in advance for any inconvenience. All prices were correct when we went to print, but are subject to change. For the most current product info and to see the newest items (we update the website with new products weekly), check us out at While youre there, check out the Bookmobile to see if AK Press will be in your neck of the woods soon, to sign up for our mailing lists for updates on new products and events, or to learn about Friends of AK Press. No government, revolutionary or otherwise, has ever liberated its citizens from gender, racial, or class oppression. No government has ever developed a model for an environmentally sustainable society. With a record like that, its strange that anyone still backs that particular horse. Back in the day, as socialist ideas were developing and confronting the emerging capitalist system, revolutionaries claimed that the emancipation of the working class is the task of the workers themselves. Anarchists still make that claim. We dont advocate no control, but insist on asking control by whom? We work to destroy arbitrary power (political, economic, and social), to take decision-making power away from officials, while developing our ability to fill that void and provide for ourselves. Peoples governments invariably become calcified and abandon the struggle for human freedom. This is why we identify with the liberatory strains within the history of socialismthe unbroken thread of impassioned resistance against both the terrors of capitalism and the tyranny of government. Anarchism doesnt tell people what to do. It tells them that they have the ability to make decisions about the issues that affect them. Anarchism, and the anarchist movement, is about emancipation, empowerment, and agency. Ask yourself this: what would your ideal transportation system, agricultural system, neighborhood, school, or workplace look like? Now ask yourself how much influence you and the people around you have over these issues? Can we afford to leave these decisions to the same people who have been screwing up our lives thus far? Evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould once wrote, I am somehow less interested in the weight and convolutions of Einsteins brain than in the near certainty that people of equal talent have lived and died in cotton fields and sweatshops. The repressive hierarchies of capitalism and the state create human beings who are mere shells of what we could be, stunting us mentally, physically, and emotionally. Adding insult to injury, were then taught to blame ourselves for this situation, instead of looking for the institutional roots of our problems. Because destroying one form of oppression only leaves the others to fester, anarchism tries to focus on all unequal power relations simultaneously. Capitalism and the state didnt invent racism, patriarchy, or gender oppression, but they use a variety of divisive tactics to bolster our dependence on them. Understanding how oppressions are interlinked is an important step in overcoming them, as well as a way to practice freedom here and now, rather than relegating it to some distant future. For us, anarchism is a practical framework for working out these issues. Its a revolutionary analysis that helps us understand the roots of domination, both as individuals and as members of exploited social groups. It offers a useful and instructive history of theoretical and practical experimentation by people who have worked to expand the definition of freedom itself by fighting those who violently constrain and deny it.

What Do You Mean By Anarchism?

Like all really good ideas, writes Clifford Harper, Anarchy is pretty simple when you get down to ithuman beings are at their best when they are living free of authority, deciding things among themselves rather than being ordered about. Anarchism means abolishing the state and all coercive social relations. It means a society in which individuals create and control their own collective organizations to meet their social and economic needs. These organizations would federate and democratically coordinate (rather than compete) among themselves without any government oversight. Some say that this is impossible, that without governmental authority wed descend into violence, lawlessness, and corruption. But, look around: isnt that pretty much what we have now? Government is a centralized force that imposes rules from above, suppressing individual initiative in the interests of a small minority. Capitalism is an economic system based on exploitation, private ownership (theft) of societys resources, and a logic of ruthless competition. Rather than accept these human constructions as natural, AK Press draws on a rich history of folks from all over the planet and from all walks of life who have imagined, fought for, and actually achieved something better.


AK PRESS 2013 catalog

What is a collective?
A collective is a group of individuals who work together on a common project without relying on internal hierarchies. Collectives can be large or small. They might exist temporarily or over long periods, and membership in them is voluntary. Any group whether its a social club, NGO, or political organizationthat has a board of directors, boss, manager, guru, or president is not a collective. In our current society, most formal organizations use a system of ranking that concentrates decision-making power in the hands of a minority that then uses this power to serve their own interests. This is exactly what collectives are designed to prevent. In collectives, leadership happens naturally and fluidly. All skills and knowledge are shared, not hoarded by an elite. This means that duties and responsibilities can be rotated among a collectives members and that they can be revoked if anyone starts abusing their power. This horizontal structure is a dynamic and vital way to constantly increase worker-empowerment. The AK Press collective functions with a high level of organization and accountability. We work a minimum of forty hours per week, plus additional nights and weekends. We have regularly scheduled meetings to share information about the different aspects of our business so we can make collective decisions on a wide range of issues: the items we publish and distribute, our overall financial health, our political direction, the events we host and attend, the mutual aid we offer to other groups, and whatever else comes across our desks. However, were not a singularly focused or homogenous group. Right now, were very different individuals working together on a common project. That project thrives as much on our differences as on our similarities, as well as on the spirit of constant reflection and engagement with which we face each new challenge.

So what makes AK Press anarchist?

We operate without a corporate structure. No boss, no managers, no bullshit. Weve replaced hierarchy with cooperation, accountability, and responsibility of our individual members. New ideas arent generated by specialists in air-conditioned offices, but in open meetingswhere ideas are discussed freely and a course of action is decided democratically by everyone directly affected by the decision. How many sick days can we take? Should we carry the new South End Press book? What out-of-print anarchist classic should we make available again? Who will table at the New Orleans Bookfair? How can we increase the diversity of our collective and publishing list? We answer questions like this every daydozens a week, hundreds a month. Sound tedious? Sound empowering? Sound exciting? Its all thatand more. Its our way of developing the skills necessary to administer our own work lives. Its our way of creating the better world we carry in our hearts, and trying to live it in some small way while carrying on the legacy of those revolutionaries who came before us. Yes, we are continually battling the constraints of a market economy, but were also learning the pathway to autonomy, while challenging some of the most basic structures of capitalism. Freedom is a constant struggle. While each of us has our own definition of anarchism, they overlap in enough ways to maintain our common project. At the same time, we understand that the anarchist movement is made up of many historical and contemporary strands, whether they call themselves anarchist, or socialist, or refuse labels altogether. We dont have a problem spreading the ideas of people with whom we dont always see eye-to-eye. No idea is so infallible that it cant be examined, questioned, and debated. Humans have self-organized since the dawn of recorded time, in varying ways, with varied results. We strive to abolish the systems that control and separate us, and try to draw important lessons from these struggles so that we can all move forward together. A key component of our struggle is the sharing of knowledge, history, and information. Through our publishing and distribution efforts, we see ourselves as part of a long tradition of getting the word out by any means necessary. In many historical periods, books, pamphlets, and other forms of written communication were clandestine, relying on networks of individuals keeping revolutionary ideas alive with secret printing presses, tattered facsimiles, and underground distribution systems. Our mission is to keep circulating these important texts, while producing new analyses and documenting the history of our struggle as it unfolds. Were proud to call ourselves propagandists and hope that the materials we provide both agitate and provoke. The AK Press Collective

Isnt an anarchist business an oxymoron?

Theres definitely something strange and contradictory about the concept of an anarchist business. AK Press works hard to destroy and move beyond capitalism, toward a non-exploitative, sustainable, and just economy. However, like it or not, capitalism is the only game in town at the moment. The paper that books are printed on, the building we work in, the packages we send and receive, the computers we useall are the result of the exploited labor of the working class. Until we take power away from private economic tyrannies like corporations and investment groups, until were in control of our creative energies, almost every good or service we use or provide is administered by capitalism. AK Press doesnt exist to enrich its members at the expense of consumers. Were here to provide much needed tools for intellectual selfdefense. When we call ourselves an anarchist business its with the full knowledge that the economy is not in our hands. Yet.

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AK PRESS 2013 catalog


ak pRESS new titles

Stay Solid!

A Radical Handbook for Youth

Edited by Matt Hern
I wish this book had been written when I was in high school, and that Id somehow gotten my hands on it. The world needs so much from us right now, but more than anything, it needs the recognition that we, each of us, all of us, have the power to change our surroundings for the better. Stay Solid! is a celebration of the limitless possibilities in our everyday world. Dave Oswald Mitchell, co-editor of Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution This collection of essays, excerpts, explanations, and images pushes back against a culture that relentlessly demands that kids give up their ideals, abandon their hopes, soothe their rage, and accept their fates. From dealing with the cops to dealing with your peers, from school and community to drugs and sex, from race and class to money and mental health, Stay Solid! provides essential support for radically inclined teens who believe that its possible for all of us to hang on to our values and build a life we believe in. Compiled and edited by radical urbanist and educator Matt Hern, with the assistance of the youth community at Vancouvers Purple Thistle Centre, Stay Solid! is for kids everywhere, and for anyone who considers themselves an allyparents, teachers, neighbors, friends, relatives, and beyond.
Contributors include Shira Tarrant, Dawn Paley, Michelle Alexander, Mike Davis, the Guerrilla Girls, Ward Churchill, Harsha Walia, Sunaura Taylor, Gustavo Esteva, Gord Hill, Geoff Mann, Alexis Pauline Gumbs, CrimethInc, and many, many more.

ISBN: 9781849350990 Paperback Original 278 pp. $20.00

Disassembly Required
Geoff Mann

A Field Guide to Actually Existing Capitalism

An essential handbook for understanding actually existing capitalism, and thus the world as it really israther than as it is theorized and justified by the dissembling high priests of mainstream academia, policy, and politics.Christian Parenti, author of Tropic of Chaos Capitalism is a complex, dynamic, and extraordinarily robust way of organizing human life; it is also a system that promises prosperity for all, while depleting the commons in the interests of a few. We know that capitalism is a broken system, in desperate need of change. To imagine how we might change it, we need to understand it, and to succeed in changing it, we need to be able to explain to others how it works and why we need change. Disassembly Required is an attempt to meet these challenges. It offers an anti-capitalist analysis of capitalism, and, even more importantly, it explains why it is anti-capitalist. From money and markets to the subprime crisis, this book explains the fundamental features of contemporary capitalism and how they contribute, sometimes in surprising ways, to overall capitalist dynamics.
Geoff Mann teaches political economy and economic geography at Simon Fraser University, where he directs the Centre for Global Political Economy.

ISBN: 9781849351263 Paperback Original 272 pp. $14.95



ak pRESS new titles

Sewing Freedom
Jared Davidson

Philip Josephs, Transnationalism & Early New Zealand Anarchism

A ground breaking tale of a rebel life, skillfully unearthed by Jared Davidson. A must read.Lucien van der Walt, co-author of Black Flame Sewing Freedom is the first in-depth study of anarchism in New Zealand during the turbulent years of the early-20th centurya time of wildcat strikes, industrial warfare, and a radical working class counter-culture. Interweaving biography, cultural history, and an array of archival sources, this engaging account unravels the anarchist-cum-bomber stereotype by piecing together the life of Philip Josephsa Latvian-born Jewish tailor, antimilitarist, and founder of the Wellington Freedom Group. Anarchists like Josephs not only existed in the Workingmans Paradise that was New Zealand, but were a lively part of its labor movement and the class struggle that swept through the country, imparting uncredited influence and ideas. Sewing Freedom places this neglected movement within the global anarchist upsurge, and unearths the colourful activities of New Zealands most radical advocates for social and economic change. Includes illustrations by Icky from Justseeds and a foreword by Barry Pateman.
Jared Davidson is an independent historian, a member of the Labour History Project and Kapito Books Workers Co-operative. His first book, Remains to be Seen: Tracing Joe Hills Ashes in New Zealand, was published in 2011.

ISBN: 9781849351324 Paperback Original 176 pp. $12.95

Anarchism and Workers Self-Management in Revolutionary Spain

Frank Mintz
This is the first English translation of Frank Mintzs seminal study of the economic experiments put into place during the Spanish Revolution to both sustain civil society during the war and, more importantly, act as the material basis for a new society. These plans werent developed by professional economists but grew out of a political movement that put working people at the fore and believed that the collectivized workplace would be the cornerstone of economic life. Includes a prologue by Chris Ealham, author of Anarchism and the City.
A retired professor of Spanish, Frank Mintz lives in Paris, France, and is active with the CNT labor union.

First English-Language Edition 250 pp. $17.00

ISBN: 9781849350785



ak pRESS new titles

The Value of Radical Theory
Wayne Price

An Anarchist Introduction to Marxs Critique of Political Economy

The Value of Radical Theory achieves two main goals: It explains Marxs economic theory and provides readers with a solid foundation in his critique of capitalism. Wayne Prices political insights also offer a framework through which anarchists can understand and use Marx, while remaining anarchists. The result is an insightful primer that sidesteps the typical anarchist vs. Marxist debates. Price presents Marxs theory as an as-yet-unsurpassed explanation of contemporary capitalism, one that will aid in the task of overcoming the market and ushering in an era of collective, participatory control of the economy, inspired by anarchist political and ethical traditions.
Wayne Price is a long-time writer, theorist, and activist on the Left. He has been involved in a series of revolutionary libertarian-socialist organizations and has been active in dissident caucuses in teacher unions, human rights organizing, and the antiwar movement, from the Vietnam war to today. Prices adherence to class-struggle anarchism has been complimented by a deep appreciation for Marxs critique of capitalism. He is the author of The Abolition of the State: Anarchist & Marxist Perspectives (2007) and Anarchism & Socialism: Reformism or Revolution? (2010).

ISBN: 9781939202017 Paperback Original $12.95 200 pp.

Take Back the Land

Max Rameau

Land, Gentrification & the Umoja Village Shantytown

For people seeking sharp analysis of our current political era, Take Back the Land is the most important book you could read. It lays out in detail the successes and challenges, the victories and betrayals, of an absolutely critical campaign for housing justice. Max Rameau is a visionary, and his words and actions have inspired a movement. His work has created a new framework for struggle. If you want to know a way forward in the current economic and political crisis we are in, read this book. Jordan Flaherty, author of Floodlines In October 2006, a group of housing activists called Take Back the Land seized control of a plot of public land in Miami, Florida and built an encampment that would become known as the Umoja Village Shantytown, a public protest against gentrification. Though the Umoja Village encampment lasted only a few short months, it inspired activists and observers around the country, shifting the conversation, re-politicizing the act of squatting, and helping to catalyze a new movement against the foreclosure crisis. Addressing the issues of land, selfdetermination, and homelessness in the Black community, Max Rameau explains the birth and development of Umoja Village day by day, and outlines the larger strategy behind Take Back the Land.
Max Rameau is a Haitian-born Pan-African theorist, campaign strategist, organizer, and author currently based in Washington, DC. In 2006, he founded Miamis Take Back the Land, which has since grown into a vital international poor peoples movement with strong links to economic justice struggles in the United States and around the globe.

Revised Second Edition 140 pp. $14.95

ISBN: 9780983059752

ak pRESS new titles


ak pRESS new titles

Queering Anarchism

Addressing and Undressing Power and Desire

Edited by C.B. Daring, J. Rogue, Deric Shannon & Abbey Volcano

The divide is growing between the pro-military, pro-police, marriage-seeking gay and lesbian rights politics we see in the headlines every day and the grassroots racial and economic-justice-centered queer and trans resistance that fights to end prisons, borders, war, and poverty. Queering Anarchism a vital contribution in this moment, providing analysis and strategies for building the queer and trans politics we want and need. Dean Spade, author of Normal Life What does it mean to queer the world around us? How does the radical refusal of the mainstream codification of GLBT identity as a new gender norm come into focus in the context of anarchist theory and practice? How do our notions of orientation inform our politicsand vice versa? Queering Anarchism brings together a diverse set of writings, ranging from the deeply theoretical to the playfully personal, that explores the possibilities of the concept of queering, turning the dominant, and largely heteronormative, structures of belief and identity entirely inside out. Ranging in topic from the economy to disability, politics, social structures, sexual practice, interpersonal relationships, and beyond, the authors here suggest that queering might be more than a set of personal preferencespointing toward the possibility of an entirely new way of viewing the world. With a foreword by Martha Ackelsberg.

ISBN: 9781849351201 Paperback Original 240 pp. $19.95

Quiet Rumours

An Anarcha-Feminist Reader

Edited by the Dark Star Collective

This is a fascinating window into the development of the womens movement in the words of those who moved it. Compiled and introduced by the UK-based anarchist collective Dark Star, Quiet Rumours features articles and essays from four generations of anarchist-inspired feminists, including Emma Goldman, Voltairine de Cleyre, Jo Freeman, Peggy Kornegger, Cathy Levine, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Mujeres Creando, Rote Zora, and beyond. All the pieces from the first two editions are included here, as well as new material bringing third and so-called fourth-wave feminism into conversation with 21st century politics. An ideal overview for budding feminists and an exciting reconsideration for seasoned radicals.
The Dark Star Collective was a UK-based anarchist group dedicated to keeping small anarchist-oriented pamphlets and publications available from your local bookshop. They are perhaps most well known for their two anthologies, Quiet Rumours and Beneath the Paving Stones: Situationists and the Beach (also published by AK Press).

Expanded Third Edition 160 pp. $17.00

ISBN: 9781849351034

AK Press 2013 Catalog


ak pRESS new titles

Nine-Tenths of the Law
Hannah Dobbz

Property and Resistance in the United States

A brilliant history of squatting in the USA.Mike Davis, author of Planet of Slums How does property fit into designs for an equitable society? Nine-Tenths of the Law examines the history of squatting and property struggles in the US, from colonialism to 20th-century urban squatting and the foreclosure crisis of the late 2000s, and how such resistance movements shape the law. Squatting is defined by Dobbz as occupying an otherwise abandoned structure without exchanging money or engaging in a formal permissive agreement. Stories from our most hard-hit cities show that property is truly in crisis. One in five homes in Buffalo, NY are abandoned. Our national housing vacancy rate is 14 percent. If we gave a house to every homeless person in the United States, two-thirds of that stock would remain empty. In May 2011, 1 in every 103 homes in Nevada was in foreclosure. Nine-Tenths of the Law expands our understanding of property law and highlights recent tactics like squatting and the use of adverse possession to claim title to vacant homes. Hannah Dobbz unveils the tangled relationship Americans have always had in creating and sustaining healthy communities.
Hannah Dobbz is a writer, editor, filmmaker, and former squatter. In 2007, she produced Shelter, a film about squatters in the Bay Area. Nine-Tenths of the Law is her first book.

ISBN: 9781849351188 Paperback Original 300 pp. $21.00

An Anarchist FAQ: Volume Two

Iain McKay
Aimed at the curious and, as yet, unconverted, and covering topics from Why do anarchists oppose State Socialism? to What would an anarchist society look like? the two-volume An Anarchist FAQ stands as the go-to reference for what anarchists believe, what they want, and how they intend to go about it. Find out what all the fuss is about.
Iain McKay is the editor of Property is Theft! A Pierre Joseph Proudhon Anthology. He lives in London, England.

Also Available:
ISBN: 9781849351225 Paperback Original 550 pp. $25.00 An Anarchist FAQ: Volume One
$25.00 pb 748 pp. 9781902593906

An Anarchist FAQ: Complete Set

$40.00 2x pb Buy together and save $10!

ak pRESS New Titles ak Press 2013 Catalog

ak pRESS new titles

We Are Many

Reflections on Movement Strategy from Occupation to Liberation

Edited by Kate Khatib, Margaret Killjoy & Mike McGuire
We Are Many has helped me to understand [Occupys] value as a manifestation of this radical vision: community microcosms with not one vision but many, impossible to achieve through simple government action, grounded in the need for tough conversations and revolutionary paradigm shifts. Avory Faucette, Radically Queer We have all been swept up by the momentum of the Occupy movement. We have seen the results of years of organizing in different communities come together in ways that few could have imagined, bolstered by the scores of people who have left the comfort of their daily routine behind and taken to the streets. Yet as a movement so overflowing with new social and political actors, we lack the framework we need to help us all to understand what a social movement is, to understand how change has happened in the past, to understand what this moment means and what this movement makes possible. We Are Many is a reflection on Occupy from within the heart of the movement itself. Examining key questionswhat worked? what didnt? why? how? is it reproducible?the authors and activists in this collection point toward a movement-based framework for future organizing. Heavily illustrated and annotated, We Are Many is a celebration of what worked, and a thoughtful analysis of what didnt.

ISBN: 9781849351164 Paperback Original 355 pp. $21.00

Territories in Resistance
Ral Zibechi

A Cartography of Latin American Social Movements

Zibechi shows us not only that new worlds are possible but they exist and are constantly being invented in daily struggles throughout Latin America. A brilliantly original reformulation of the practices of popular action by a sophisticated, realistic, experienced, and daring observer of autonomous non-state spaces. More valuable than a six-foot shelf of tomes on social movement theory. Its an education in itself.James C. Scott, author of The Art of Not Being Governed and Seeing Like a State Emancipation, argues Ral Zibechi, is not an objective but a way of life. For the last half century, new and emancipatory social formations have worked to carve out their own territories in Latin America, experimenting in rural and urban settings with new forms of liberatory politics that challenge neocolonialism, neoliberalism, and the very basis of the state itself. Not limited to a single path, these societies in movement have adopted forms of communitarian relations that allow experimentation and innovation to flourish at a riveting pace. Blending case studies and history with social theory and analysis, Zibechi opens our eyes to the new world being born just outside our gaze. With a foreword by Dawn Paley, and an epilogue that brings Zibechi into conversation with Michael Hardt and Alvaro Reyes on the continuing revolution of everyday life in Latin America.
Ral Zibechi is one of Latin Americas leading political theorists, and is an international analyst for Brecha (Montevideo, Uruguay), professor at the Multiversidad Franciscana de Amrica Latina, and author of Dispersing Power: Social Movements as Anti-State Forces.

First English-Language Edition 304 pp. $19.95

ISBN: 9781849351072

AK Press 2013 Catalog

AK PRESS New Titles

ak pRESS publishing new titles new titles

Truth and Revolution
Michael Staudenmaier

A History of the Sojourner Truth Organization, 19691986

The author presents the group with all its foibles, it many frustrations and its ultimate failures, without ever letting us forget that what he admires about this group was its attempt to develop socialist theory while also being deeply committed to organizing and struggle.Dan La Botz, author of Cesar Chavaz and La Causa In the 1970s and 1980s, as the movements of the sixties receded from view, the revolutionary left in the United States went through a series of profound political, demographic, and cultural transformations as it struggled to find its footing in a rapidly changing world. The unorthodox political agenda of the Sojourner Truth Organization represents a small but powerfully resonant thread running through this arc of history. Drawing on detailed archival research and oral interviews, Truth and Revolution skillfully combines social and intellectual history approaches to shed light on both the theory and the practice of STO. In all the major arenas of its workfactory organizing, anti-imperialist solidarity, anti-nuclear and anti-fascist struggles, among many othersSTO combined a strategic assessment of the urgent tasks facing an activist left with a theoretical sophistication that merits sustained attention. Historian Michael Staudenmaier also includes a final chapter linking the legacy of STO directly to the challenges facing 21st-century radicals.
Michael Staudenmaier is a veteran of anarchist, anti-imperialist, and anti-fascist movements, and is now a doctoral candidate in history at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

ISBN: 9781849350976 Paperback Original 304 pp. $19.95

The Peoples Pension

Eric Laursen

The Struggle to Defend Social Security Since Reagan

There is great deal in The Peoples Pension to interest both the general reader and the social security expert. the chapters on Scary Numbers, Propaganda and Politicization, and The Retirement Crisis should be required reading for every American. Ken Buffin, Buffin Partners A powerful, well-funded movement to phase out Social Security or even privatize it has been gathering strength since the election of Ronald Reagan. Each time it comes close to succeeding, its beaten back by a coalition of labor, grassroots organizers, and the elderly. Meanwhile, Social Security has only become more vital to retirees and their families as the federal and state governments slash other benefits and servicesa trend thats grown ever more troubling in recent years. The Peoples Pension is both groundbreaking history and an eye-opening guide for anyone concerned about one of the biggest issues of our times. With 95 percent of Americans participating in the program either as beneficiaries or through their payroll tax contributions, Social Security is quite literally the glue that binds Americans together as a community. In a provocative epilogue, Laursen argues to democratize, not disable, the program, suggesting that the only solution for Social Security may be to de-link it from government altogether.
Eric Laursen is an independent financial and political journalist, activist, and commentator. He is co-author, with Seth Tobocman, of Understanding the Crash. His work has appeared in a wide variety of publications. He lives in Buckland, Massachusetts.

ISBN: 9781849351010 Paperback Original 750 pp. $27.00


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Arab Spring, Libyan Winter
Vijay Prashad
Despite the (probably) millions of words written about the Libyan uprising and the NATO intervention, nothing written in English has come near the truth. After reading Arab Spring, Libyan Winter, it seems that when all is said and done, Prashads work will come the closest.Ron Jacobs, CounterPunch The Arab Spring captivated the planet. Mass action overthrew Tunisias Ben Ali and Egypts Hosni Mubarak. The revolutionary wave spread to the far corners of the Arab world, from Morocco to Bahrain. It seemed as if all the authoritarian states would finally be freed, even those of the Arabian Peninsula. Peoples power had produced this wave, and continued to ride it out. In Libya, though, the new world order had different ideas. Social forces opposed to Muammar Qaddafi had begun to rebel, but they were weak. In came France and the United States, with promises of glory. A deal followed with the Saudis, who then sent in their own forces to cut down the Bahraini revolution, and NATO began its assault, ushering in a Libyan Winter that cast its shadow over the Arab Spring. This brief, timely analysis situates the assault on Libya in the context of the winds of revolt that swept through the Middle East in the Spring of 2011.
Vijay Prashad is the George and Martha Kellner Chair of South Asian History, and professor and director of international studies at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. He is the author or editor of over a dozen books, including The Darker Nations: A Peoples History of the Third World.

ISBN: 9781849351126 Paperback Original 168 pp. $14.95


Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion

Edited by Jeffrey St. Clair & Joshua Frank
Those who feel that like lemmings they are being led over a cliff would be well-advised not to read this book. They may discover that they are right.Noam Chomsky The election of Barack Obama sparked long-dormant tingles of optimism in even the most entrenched political cynics. But the promise of an Obama revolution fizzled out even before his inauguration, as the president-in-waiting stocked his cabinet with corporate hacks, cut secret deals with Wall Street titans and plotted a bloody escalation of the senseless war in Afghanistan. Here is a scathing indictment of the Obama presidency from the best writers on the American Left. Hopeless is a view of Obamas policies from the trenches: the compromises, the backstabbing, the same old imperial ambitions. From Obamas sell-outs to big oil and the nuclear industry to his continuation of savage Bush-era policies in the CIAs global network of secret prisons, this fast-paced chronicle will outrage the politically naive, delight the critical and inspire those looking for an alternative to the dismal politics of lesser evilism. As Emma Goldman famously quipped, If voting changed anything, theyd make it illegal. Let this book stand as a painful reminder to those who think anything less than social struggle will net tangible gain.
Contributors include: Kevin Alexander Gray, Jeremy Scahill, Joe Bageant, Marjorie Cohn, Brian Tokar, Linn Washington, Jr., Ronnie Cummins, Kathy Kelly, Tariq Ali, Ralph Nader, and more.

ISBN: 9781849351102 Paperback Original 320 pp. $16.95

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aNARCHIST About ak publishing AKINTERVENTIONS Press new titles SERIES

ISBN: 9781849351058 Paperback Original $12.00 150 pp. Available Now!



Imperiled Life: Revolution Against Climate Catastrophe

Javier Sethness-Castro
Imperiled Life theorizes an exit from the potentially terminal consequences of capital-induced climate change. It is a collection of reflections on the phenomenon of catastropheclimatological, political, socialas well as on the possibilities of overcoming disaster. Javier Sethness-Castro presents the grim news from contemporary climatologists while providing a reconstructive vision inspired by anarchist intellectual traditions and promoting critical thought as a means of changing our historical trajectory.

ISBN: 9781849351140 Paperback Original $12.00 160 pp. Spring 2013

Anarchists Against the Wall: Resisting Occupation and Apartheid in Palestine/Israel

Edited by Uri Gordon & Ohal Grietzer
This collection serves as an introduction to Anarchists Against the Wall, an Israeli initiative maintaining active solidarity with the Palestinian popular struggle in the West Bank, as well as other solidarity activities inside Israel. The book investigates the nature of the solidarity principle in the dichotomized anarchist/state paradigm, and offers reflections on close to a decade of direct actions and demonstrations against the construction of the Segregation Barrier and the daily violence and dispossession in occupied Palestine.

Undoing Border Imperialism

ISBN: 9781849351348 Paperback Original $12.00 175 pp. Spring 2013

Harsha Walia

Undoing Border Imperialism combines academic discourse, lived experiences of displacement, and movement-based practices into an exciting new book. By reframing immigrant rights movements within a transnational analysis of capitalism, labor exploitation, settler colonialism, state building, and racialized empire, Undoing Border Imperialism offers relevant insights for effective strategies to cultivate sustainable communities striving toward liberation. Contains short contributions from over twenty organizers and writers from across North America.

Self and Determination: An Inward Look at Collective Liberation

ISBN: 9781849351768 Paperback Original $12.00 160 pp. Fall 2013

Joshua Stephens

Self and Determination examines the way selves are constructed through physical experiences, social forces, and cultural meanings. This process determines the conditions and limitations of social transformation. Utilizing cognitive science, political philosophy, Buddhism, and practices of existing social movements, Stephens tackles the self as a site of intervention and decolonization, in the service of building stronger social movements.

Also Available:

Cindy Milstein

Anarchism and its Aspirations

$12.00 pb 9781849350013

Andrew Cornell

Oppose and Propose: Lessons from Movement for a New Society

$12.00 pb 9781849350662

Maia Ramnath

Decolonizing Anarchism: An Antiauthoritarian History of Indias Liberation Struggle

$16.00 pb 9781849350822

12 14


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Cartography of Revolutionary Anarchism
From the co-author of Black Flame, this pocket-sized overview of revolutionary anarchism traces the movements influence beyond the borders of Western Europe and North America, to Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Asia, Oceania, and Africa. Journalist Michael Schmidt identifies five waves of labor militancy that define anarchist organizing over the past 150 years, explaining the central features of each. A concise history of a revolutionary movement thats been proclaimed dead all too many times, only to return again and again!

Michael Schmidt

ISBN: 9781849351386 Paperback Original $12.00 192 pp. Spring 2013

In the Shadow of the Sabertooth: A Renegade Naturalist Considers Global Warming, the First Americans and the Terrible Beasts of the Pleistocene
Doug Peacock
Our climate is changing fast. The future is uncertain, probably fiery, and likely terrifying. Yet shifting weather patterns have threatened humans before, right here in North America, when people first colonized this continent. In this brand new landscape, humans managed to adapt to unfamiliar habitats and dangerous creatures in the midst of a wildly fluctuating climate. What was it like to live with huge pack-hunting lions, saber-toothed cats, dire wolves, and gigantic short-faced bears, to hunt now extinct horses, camels, and mammoth? Are there lessons for modern people lingering along this ancient trail? Doug Peacocks latest narrative explores the full circle of climate change, from the death of the megafauna to the depletion of the ozone.
ISBN: 9781849351409 Paperback Original $15.00 200 pp. Spring 2013 Co-published with CounterPunch

Life During Wartime: Resisting Counterinsurgency

Edited by Kristian Williams, William Munger & Lara Messersmith-Glavin

What happens when the techniques of counterinsurgency, developed to squash small skirmishes and guerrilla wars on the border of Empire, blend into the states apparatus for domestic policing? In Life During Wartime, fifteen authors and activists reflect on the American domestic security apparatus. They detail the increasing militarization of the police force and the re-emergence of infiltration and counter-intelligence as surveillance strategies, highlight the ways that the techniques and the technologies of counterinsurgency have been applied on the home front, and offer strategies for resistance.
ISBN: 9781849351300 Paperback Original $21.00 350 pp. Summer 2013

One Game at a Time: Why Sports Matter

Matt Hern
What do we gain by handing over the persuasive power of sports to the worst elements of our culture, by allowing sports to become plagued by hyper-consumption, militarism, violence, sexism, and homophobia? According to Matt Hern, not a whole lot. In a series of interconnected narratives from his forty-plus years of sports fanaticism, Hern makes an impassioned and entertaining plea for a more active engagement with sports, physically and intellectually. Herns eye is critical and his analysis sharp, but this book is more than a critiqueits a celebration of what sports have taught us, and a suggestion of how much more we still have to learn.
ISBN: 9781849351362 Paperback Original $12.95 176 pp. Summer 2013

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About ak aK publishing PRESS AK FORTHCOMING Press new titles TITLES

SCUM Manifesto
ISBN: 9781849351805 Paperback Original $10.00 80 pp. Fall 2013

Valerie Solanas

First circulated on the streets of Greenwich Village in 1967, the SCUM Manifesto is a searing indictment of patriarchal culture in all its forms. For over forty years, Valerie Solanass biting polemic has delighted and terrified readers. Shifting fluidly between the worlds of satire and straightforward critique, this no-holds-barred classic is a call to actiona radical feminist vision for a different world. This is an update of the essential AK Press edition, with a new foreword.

ISBN: 9781849351782 Paperback Original $15.00 200 pp. Fall 2013 Co-published with CounterPunch

Blood and Betrayal: Inside Mexicos Drug Wars

Paul Imison
Paul Imisons Blood and Betrayal is a vivid and chilling AZ of the Mexican drug war. Its the story of how drug gangs, politicians, and the bankers of Mexico have capitalized on American prohibitionism, unleashing a wave of unprecedented and horrific violence. It also tells a modern history of Mexico, focusing on the broader factors behind the violencethe global drug market, US policy in Latin America, and corruption and impunity in Mexico.

The Method of Freedom: An Errico Malatesta Anthology

ISBN: 9781849351447 Paperback Original $21.95 330 pp. Fall 2013

Errico Malatesta; Edited by Davide Turcato

An expansive collection of the writings of Italys most charismatic anarchist, Errico Malatesta, including new translations of existing works and a wealth of shorter essays translated here for the first time. Off ering readers a thorough overview of the evolution of Malatestas revolutionary thought during his half century as an anarchist propagandist, The Method of Freedom explores revolutionary violence and workplace democracy, the general strike and the limitations of trade unionism, propaganda by the deed, and the revolution in practice.

ISBN: 9781849351829 Paperback Original $15.00 250 pp. Fall 2013 Co-published with CounterPunch

Eichmann on the Potomac: The Psychopathology of Drone Warfare

Norman Pollack
A searing indictment of the Obama administration and the unchecked growth of executive power, Eichmann on the Potomac is a political and psychological profile of the contemporary imperial mindset. Norman Pollacks book places Barack Obamas drone warfare program and targeted assassination plan into historical and legal context, showing how the routinization of assassination, aerial surveillance, and undeclared warfare shreds the constitutional limitations on unrestrained executive power.

16 14

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Dear Sister: Letters and Essays for Survivors of Sexual Violence
Edited by Lisa Factora-Borchers
Dear Sister highlights the lessons, memories, and vision of over forty artists, activists, mothers, writers, and students who share a common bond: they are survivors of sexual violence. Written in an epistolary format, this multigenerational, multi-ethnic collection of letters and essays is a moving journey into the hearts and minds of the survivors of rape, incest, and other forms of sexual violence, written directly to and for other survivors.
ISBN: 9781849351720 Paperback Original $16.00 178 pp. Winter 2013/14

Ready for Revolution: The CNT Defense Committees in Barcelona, 19331938

Agustn Guillamn
A fascinating new history and a lively narrative of ordinary men and women making history. In Spain, the anarcho-syndicalist union evolved from overseeing workers defense to organizing armed resistance to the Fascist coup. From there it administered entire militias and finally coordinated industrial self-management and food distribution, leading a revolution within the Spanish Civil War.

ISBN: 9781849351423 First English Laguage Edition $14.95 170 pp. Winter 2013/14

Direct Struggle Against Capital: A Peter Kropotkin Anthology

Peter Kropotkin; Edited by Iain McKay
The most extensive collection of Peter Kropotkins writings available in English. Over half the selections have been translated for the first time or salvaged from long-outof-print pamphlets and newspapers. Both an introduction to classic texts and a recontextualization of Kropotkin, from saintly philosopher to dangerous revolutionary, Direct Struggle Against Capital includes a contextualizing introduction, biographical sketch, glossary, bibliography, and index.
ISBN: 9781849351706 Paperback Original $24.95 680 pp. Spring 2014

Presente! Latino Immigrant Voices in the Struggle for Racial Justice/ Voces inmigrantes latin@s en la lucha por la justicia racial
Edited by Cristina Tzintzn, Carlos Prez de Alejo & Arnulfo Manriquez
Presente! offers a rare perspective on the immigrant rights movement, written by immigrant workers themselves. This anthology includes a range of essays exploring the intersection of race, class, and immigration in the United States. It challenges readers to move beyond a legalization-only framework and embrace a broader vision for socialjustice organizing that isembodied in the work of grassroots organization across the country that are resisting state repression, cultivating solidarity, and building alternative models for progressive social change. In English and Spanish!

ISBN: 9781849351669 Paperback Original $17.95 270 pp. Spring 2014

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About ak publishing pRESS AK recent Press new & recommended titles

ISBN: 9781849350884 Paperback $17.95 232 pp.

Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots? Flaming Challenges to Masculinity, Objectification, and the Desire to Conform
Edited by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore
As backrooms are shut down to make way for wedding vows, and gay sexual culture morphs into straight-acting dudes hangin out, what are the possibilities for a defiant faggotry that challenges the assimilationist norms of a corporate-cozy lifestyle? A sassy and splintering emergency intervention!

ISBN: 9781849350242 Paperback $26.95 823 pp.

Property Is Theft: A Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Reader

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon; Edited by Iain McKay
More influential than Karl Marx during his lifetime, Pierre-Joseph Proudons work has long been out of print or unavailable in English. Weighing in at over 800 pages, Iain McKays comprehensive collection is a much-needed and timely historical corrective, and includes a number of new translations of Proudhons work for an English-speaking audience, as well as an exhaustive historical introduction to Proudhons life and works.

ISBN: 9781849350594 Paperback $16.95 192 pp.

After the Future

Franco Bifo Berardi

The century-long obsession with the concept of the future has, at last, come to an end. Italian media activist Franco Bifo Berardi traces the genesis of future-oriented thought through the punk movement of the early 70s and into the media revolution of the 90s and beyond. The future, Bifo argues, has failed us. Our responsibility now is to decide what comes next.

ISBN: 9781849350709 Paperback $21.95 300 pp.

Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex

Edited by Nat Smith & Eric A. Stanley
Pathologized, terrorized, and confined, trans/gender non-conforming and queer folks have always struggled against the enormity of the prison industrial complex. Through a politic of gender self-determination, this collection argues that trans/queer liberation and prison abolition must be grown together.

ISBN: 9781849350204 Paperback $21.95 368 pp.

Autonomy, Solidarity, Possibility: The Colin Ward Reader

Colin Ward; Edited by Chris Wilbert & Damian White
Colin Wards work ranges in scope from urban planning to deschooling, from mutualism to geography, from Kropotkin to Buber, to cotters, squatters, and beyond. Drawing inspiration from the everyday creativity of ordinary people, he championed a unique social and environmental politic premised on the possibilities of democratic self-organization and self-management from below. This reader provides a wide-ranging overview.

ISBN: 9781849350273 Paperback $28.95 178 pp.

Signs of Change

Edited by Dara Greenwald & Josh MacPhee

A visual archive of more than 350 posters, prints, photographs, films, videos, music, and ephemera from more than 25 nations! Surveying the creative work of dozens of international social movements, this groundbreaking work illustrates the extraordinary aesthetic range of radical movements during the past fifty years, and explores the rise of powerful countercultures. 178 pages of full-color illustrations!

18 16

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The Accumulation of Freedom: Writings on Anarchist Economics
Edited by Deric Shannon, Anthony J. Nocella II & John Asimakopoulos
The only crisis of capitalism is capitalism itself. Lets toss credit default swaps, bailouts, environmental externalities and, while were at it, private ownership of production in the dustbin of history. The Accumulation of Freedom brings together economists, historians, theorists, and activists for a first-of-its-kind study of anarchist economics.
ISBN: 9781849350945 Paperback $21.00 320 pp.

Haymarket Scrapbook: 25th Anniversary Edition

Edited by Franklin Rosemont & David Roediger
Marking the 125th anniversary of the 1886 bombing at Chicagos Haymarket Square, in a revised and expanded edition, this profusely illustrated anthology reproduces hundreds of original documents, speeches, posters, and handbills. As well, it contains contributions by many of todays finest labor and radical historians focusing on Haymarkets enduring influence around the worldincluding the eight-hour workday.

ISBN: 9781849350808 Paperback $23.00 272 pp. Co-published with Charles H. Kerr Company

Direct Action: An Ethnography

David Graeber
In the best tradition of participant-observation, anthropologist David Graeber undertakes the first detailed ethnographic study of the global justice movement. Written in a clear, accessible style, this study brings readers behind the scenes of a movement that has changed the terms of debate about world power relations.

ISBN: 9781904859796 Paperback $29.95 568 pp.

Black Flame: The Revolutionary Class Politics of Anarchism and Syndicalism

Michael Schmidt & Lucien van der Walt
From anarchisms first glimmers in the 19th century to todays anticapitalist struggles, Black Flame traces anarchisms lineage and contemporary relevance, outlining the movements insights into questions of race, gender, class, and imperialism. An indispensable roadmap to the history and continuing relevance of anarchist praxis.

ISBN: 9781904859161 Paperback $22.95 395 pp.

No Gods No Masters: An Anthology of Anarchism

Daniel Gurin
Gurins monumental anthology of anarchism lays out the history, organization, and practice of the movementits theorists, advocates and activists; the great names and the obscure, towering legends and unsung heroes. These texts re-establish anarchism as both an intellectual and practical force to be reckoned with. Includes writings by Goldman, Kropotkin, Berkman, Bakunin, Proudhon, and Malatesta.

ISBN: 9781904859253 Paperback $24.95 555 pp.

Come Hell or High Water: A Handbook on Collective Process Gone Awry

Delfina Vannucci & Richard Singer
Come Hell or High Water helps individuals navigate the world of egalitarian, directly democratic groups. Whether playing a role in an anarchist organization, horizontal social or political group, worker co-op, or trying to incorporate egalitarian processes where they dont already exist, this book will help keep you focused on the positives and help in avoiding the pitfalls.

ISBN: 9781849350181 Paperback $10.00 120 pp.

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ak press backlist
Kolya Abramsky

Sparking a Worldwide Energy Revolution: Social Struggles in the Transition to a PostPetrol World
$24.00 pb 9781849350051

Joel Andreas

Adicto a la Guerra: Por qu EEUU no puede librarse del militarismo

$10.00 pb 9781904859024

Alexander Berkman

The Blast: Complete Collection of the Incendiary San Francisco Bi-Monthly Anarchist Newspaper
$21.95 pb 9781904859086

Murray Bookchin

The Ecology of Freedom: The Emergence and Dissolution of Hierarchy

$22.95 pb 9781904859260

Martha Ackelsberg

Free Women of Spain: Anarchism and the Struggle for the Emancipation of Women
$20.00 pb 9781902593968


Test Card F: Television, Mythinformation and Social Control

$6.00 pb 9781873176917

David Berry

A History of the French Anarchist Movement, 19171945

$21.95 pb 9781904859826

Murray Bookchin

Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism: An Unbridgeable Chasm

$11.95 pb 9781873176832

Kathy Acker
$10.95 pb 9781873176634

Paul Avrich

Pussycat Fever

Anarchist Voices: An Oral History of Anarchism in America (Unabridged)

$28.00 pb 9781904859277

Steve Best, Peter McLaren & Anthony J. Nocella, II

Murray Bookchin

Academic Repression: Reflections from the Academic-Industrial Complex

$24.95 pb 9781904859987

Social Ecology and Communalism

$12.95 pb 9781904859499

Louis Adamic

Dynamite: The Story of Class Violence in America

$19.95 pb 9781904859741

Paul Avrich

The Russian Anarchists

$19.95 pb 9781904859482

Steve Best & Anthony J. Nocella, II

Murray Bookchin

Igniting a Revolution: Voices in Defense of the Earth

$21.95 pb 9781904859567

The Spanish Anarchists: The Heroic Years 18681936

$22.95 pb 9781873176047

Agent Apple (ed)

Brian Awehali (ed)

Pie Any Means Necessary: The Biotic Baking Brigade Cookbook

$12.00 pb 9781902593883

Tipping the Sacred Cow: The Best of LiP, Informed Revolt 19962007
$18.00 pb 9781904859734

Hakim Bey
$10.00 pb 9781873176429


Murray Bookchin

To Remember Spain: The Anarchist and Syndicalist Revolution of 1936

$6.00 pb 9781873176870

Michael Albert

Moving Forward: Program for a Participatory Economy

$11.95 pb 9781902593418

Jared Ball

IMix What I Like! A Mixtape Manifesto

$14.95 pb 9781849350570

Diana Block

Arm the Spirit: A Woman's Journey Underground & Back

$19.95 pb 9781904859871

Murray Bookchin

Which Way for the Ecology Movement

$10.00 pb 9781873176269

Joel Andreas

Addicted to War: Why the U.S. Cant Kick Militarism

$10.00 pb 9781904859017

Dan Berger

Outlaws of America: The Weather Underground and the Politics of Solidarity

$20.00 pb 9781904859413

Murray Bookchin

Anarchism, Marxism and the Future of the Left

$19.95 pb 9781873176351

Jules Boykoff

Beyond Bullets: The Suppression of Dissent in the United States

$21.95 pb 9781904859598


ak press backlist

AK Press 2013 Catalog

ak press backlist
Maurice Brinton
$21.95 pb 9781904859079

For Workers Power

Noam Chomsky

At War With Asia: Essays on Indochina

$18.95 pb 9781902593890

Ward Churchill

On the Justice of Roosting Chickens: Reflections on the Consequences of U.S. Imperial Arrogance and Criminality
$15.95 pb 9781902593791

Alexander Cockburn & Jeffrey St. Clair (eds)

The Politics of AntiSemitism

$12.95 pb 9781902593777

Harry Browne

Hammered By the Irish: How the Pitstop Ploughshares Disabled a US Warplane (and got away with it)
$15.95 pb 9781904859901

Noam Chomsky
$16.95 pb 9781904859208

Chomsky on Anarchism

Ward Churchill

Since Predator Came: Notes from the Struggle for American Indian Liberation
$21.95 pb 9781904859444

Alexander Cockburn & Jeffrey St. Clair (eds)

Serpents in the Garden: Liaisons with Culture & Sex

$15.95 pb 9781902593944

Danny Burns
$10.00 pb 9781873176504

Noam Chomsky
$28.00 pb 9781902593821

Poll Tax Rebellion

Language and Politics

Ward Churchill & Mike Ryan

Daniel Cohn-Bendit & Gabriel Cohn-Bendit

Pacifism as Pathology: Reflections on the Role of Armed Struggle in North America

$12.95 pb 9781904859185

Obsolete Communism: The Left-Wing Alternative

$17.95 pb 9781902593258

Mat Callahan

The Trouble With Music

$18.95 pb 9781904859147

Noam Chomsky

Radical Priorities: Third Edition, Revised and Expanded

$18.95 pb 9781902593692

Class War Federation

Unfinished Business: The Politics of Class War

$13.95 pb 9781873176450

Jeff Conant

A Poetics of Resistance: The Revolutionary Public Relations of the Zapatista Insurgency

$20.00 pb 9781849350006

Chris Carlsson (ed)

Noam Chomsky
$16.95 pb 9781904859956

Critical Mass: Bicyclings Defiant Celebration

$18.95 pb 9781902593593

Sobre el Anarquismo

Harry Cleaver

Reading Capital Politically

$15.00 pb 9781902593296

Marshall Eddie Conway

Marshall Law: The Life and Times of a Baltimore Black Panther

$15.95 pb 9781849350228

Chris Carlsson

Nowtopia: How Pirate Programmers, Outlaw Bicyclists, and Vacantlot Gardeners are Inventing the Future Today
$18.95 pb 9781904859772

Stuart Christie

Granny Made Me an Anarchist: General Franco, The Angry Brigade and Me

$19.95 pb 9781904859659

Alexander Cockburn & Jeffrey St. Clair (eds)

Critical Resistance (ed)

Dimes Worth Of Difference: Beyond The Lesser Of Two Evils

$15.95 pb 9781904859031

Abolition Now! Ten Years of Strategy and Struggle Against the Prison Industrial Complex
$15.95 pb 9781904859963

Daniel Cassidy

How the Irish Invented Slang: The Secret Language of the Crossroads
$18.95 pb 9781904859604

Stuart Christie

We The Anarchists!: A Study Of The Iberian Anarchist Federation (FAI) 19271937

$17.95 pb 9781904859758

Alexander Cockburn & Jeffrey St. Clair (eds)

End Times: The Death of the Fourth Estate

$15.95 pb 9781904859376

Hunter Cutting & Makani ThembaNixon

Talking the Walk: A Communications Guide for Racial Justice

$15.00 pb 9781904859529

AK Press 2013 Catalog ak press backlist


ak press backlist
Benjamin Dangl

Dancing with Dynamite: Social Movements and States in Latin America

$15.95 pb 9781849350150

Howard J. Erlich (ed)

Reinventing Anarchy, Again

$24.95 pb 9781873176887

David Graeber, Stevphen Shukaitis, & Erika Biddle

Fred Ho (ed)

Constituent Imagination: Militant Investigations, Collective Theorization

$21.95 pb 9781904859352

Legacy to Liberation: Politics and Culture of Revolutionary Asian/ Pacific America

$22.95 pb 9781902593241

Benjamin Dangl

Simon Ford

The Price of Fire: Resource Wars and Social Movements in Bolivia

$15.95 pb 9781904859338

The Realization And Suppression Of The Situationist International: An Annotated Bibliography 19721992
$11.95 pb 9781873176825

Kevin Alexander Gray

Waiting for Lightning to Strike: The Fundamentals of Black Politics

$15.95 pb 9781904859918

John Holt

Yellowstone Drift: Floating the Past in Real Time

$18.95 pb 9781904859895

Dark Star Collective (ed)

Beneath the Paving Stones: Situationists and the Beach, May '68
$15.00 pb 9781902593388

Joshua Frank & Jeffrey St. Clair (eds)

Agustin Guillamon

Red State Rebels: Tales of Grassroots Resistance in the Heartland

$16.95 pb 9781904859840

The Friends Of Durruti Group: 19371939

$9.95 pb 9781873176542

Stewart Home

Neoism, Plagiarism, & Praxis

$18.95 pb 9781873176337

Guy Debord

Complete Cinematic Works: Scripts, Stills, Documents

$19.00 pb 9781902593739

Benjamin Franks

Ann Hansen

Rebel Alliances: The Means and Ends of British Anarchisms

$19.95 pb 9781904859406

Direct Action: Memoirs of an Urban Guerilla

$19.95 pb 9781902593487

James Horrox

A Living Revolution: Anarchism in the Kibbutz Movement

$17.95 pb 9781904859925

Chris Duncan (ed)

My First Time: A Collection of First Punk Show Stories

$15.95 pb 9781904859178

Yves Fremion & VOLNY

Orgasms of History: 3000 Years of Spontaneous Insurrection

$18.95 pb 9781902593340

Matt Hern

Common Ground in a Liquid City: Essays in Defense of an Urban Future

$17.95 pb 9781849350105

Jason Hribal

Fear of the Animal Planet: The Hidden History of Animal Resistance

$15.95 pb 9781894350266

E.G. Smith Collective

Animal Ingredients A to Z, Third Edition

$11.95 pb 9781902593814

Emma Goldman

Vision on Fire: Emma Goldman on the Spanish Revolution

$18.95 pb 9781904859574

Matt Hern (ed)

Isy & Mike

Everywhere All the Tme: A New Deschooling Reader

$16.95 pb 9781904859833

Another Dinner Is Possible: Recipes and Food for Thought

$24.95 pb 9781904859994

Chris Ealham

Anarchism and the City: Revolution and Counter-revolution in Barcelona, 18981937

$20.00 pb 9781849350129

David Graeber

William Herrick

Possibilities: Essays on Hierarchy, Rebellion, and Desire

$22.95 pb 9781904859666

Jumping the Line: The Adventures and Misadventures of an American Radical

$14.95 pb 9781902593425

C.L.R. James

You Don't Play with Revolution: The Montreal Lectures of CLR James
$18.95 pb 9781904859932


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AK Press 2013 Catalog

ak press backlist
D.D. Johnston

Peace, Love & Petrol Bombs: A Novel

$14.95 pb 9781849350617

Saul Landau
$15.00 pb 9781904859611

A Bush & Botox World

Shon Meckfessel

Suffled How It Gush: A North American Anarchist in the Balkans

$16.95 pb 9781904859857

Michael Neumann
$15.00 pb 9781904859468

The Case against Israel

George Katsiaficas

The Subversion of Politics: European Autonomous Social Movements and the Decolonization of Everyday Life
$17.95 pb 9781904859536

Josh MacPhee & Erik Reuland (eds)

Albert Meltzer

Realizing the Impossible: Art Against Authority

$23.95 pb 9781904859321

Anarchism: Arguments For and Against

$5.95 pb 9781873176573

Ngo Van

In the Crossfire: Adventures of a Vietnamese Revolutionary

$19.95 pb 9781849350136

Kathy Kelly

Other Lands Have Dreams: From Baghdad to Pekin Prison

$14.95 pb 9781904859284

Ricardo Flores Magn

Dreams of Freedom: A Ricardo Flores Magn Reader

$19.95 pb 9781904859246

Albert Meltzer

I Couldnt Paint Golden Angels: Sixty Years of Commonplace Life and Anarchist Agitation
$19.95 pb 9781873176931

Craig OHara

The Philosophy of Punk: More Than Noise

$12.00 pb 9781873176160

James Kelman

Some Recent Attacks: Essays Cultural and Political

$9.95 pb 9781873176801

Nestor Makhno

The Struggle against the State and Other Essays

$12.00 pb 9781873176788

Jim Miller

Flash: A Novel
$13.95 pb 9781849350259

Joel Olsen

Soy Not Oi!

$7.00 pb 9781904859192

Margaret Killjoy

Mythmakers & Lawbreakers: Anarchist Writers on Fiction

$12.00 pb 9780849350020

Subcomandante Marcos

Jessica Mills

YA BASTA! The Writings of Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos

$26.95 pb 9781904859130

My Mother Wears Combat Boots: A Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us

$16.95 pb 9781904859727

Anton Pannekoek
$15.00 pb 9781902593562

Workers Councils

Terrence Kissack

Free Comrades: Anarchism and Homosexuality in the United States

$17.95 pb 9781904859116

G.A. Matiasz

End Time: Notes on the Apocalypse

$10.00 pb 9781873176245

Ray Murphy
$10.00 pb 9781873176054

The Siege of Gresham

Abel Paz

Durruti in the Spanish Revolution

$27.95 pb 9781904859505

Paul Lafargue

The Right To Be Lazy: Essays by Paul Lafargue

$16.00 pb 9781849350860

MATRIX, Cherie (ed)

Tales from the Clit

$13.95 pb AK Press 9781873176092

Norman Nawrocki

Rebel Moon: Anarchist Rants and Poems

$9.95 pb 9781873176085

Abel Paz

The Story of the Iron Column: Militant Anarchism in the Spanish Civil War
$18.95 pb 9781849350648

AK Press 2013 Catalog ak press backlist


ak press backlist
Andrea Peacock

Wasting Libby: The True Story of How the WR Grace Corporation Left a Montana Town to Die
$15.95 pb 9781849350174

Paul Craig Roberts

How the Economy Was Lost: The War of the Worlds

$15.95 pb 9781849350075

A.G. Schwarz, Tasos Sagris & VOID Network

Jeffrey St. Clair

We Are an Image From the Future: The Greek Revolt of December 2008
$17.00 pb 9781849350198

Born Under a Bad Sky: Notes from the Dark Side of the Earth
$19.95 pb 9781904859703

Nunzio Pernicone

Carlo Tresca: Portrait of a Rebel

$19.95 pb 9781849350037

Rudolf Rocker
$21.95 pb 9781904859222

The London Years

Tricia Shapiro

C.J. Stone

Mountain Justice: Homegrown Resistance to Mountaintop Removal, For the Future of Us All
$17.95 pb 9781849350235

Housing Benefit Hill and Other Places: Collected Columns 19931998

$14.95 pb 9781902593432

Nunzio Pernicone

Italian Anarchism, 18641892

$21.95 pb 9781904859970

Ramor Ryan

Clandestines: The Pirate Journals of an Irish Exile

$15.95 pb 9781904859550

Marina Sitrin

Horizontalism: Voices of Popular Power in Argentina

$18.95 pb 9781904859581

Ingrid Strobl

Partisanas: Women in the Armed Resistance to Fascism and German Occupation (19361945)
$21.95 pb 9781904859697

David Porter

Eyes to the South: French Anarchists & Algeria

$25.00 pb 9781849350761

Ramor Ryan

Zapatista Spring: Anatomy of a Rebel Water Project & the Lessons of International Solidarity
$16.00 pb 9781849350723

Alexandre Skirda

Facing the Enemy: A History of Anarchist Organization from Proudhon to May 1968
$17.95 pb 9781902593197

Juan Suriano

Paradoxes of Utopia: Anarchist Culture and Politics in Buenos Aires 18901910

$18.95 pb 9781849350068

David Price

Weaponizing Anthropology
$15.95 pb 9781849350631

Ron Sakolsky & Stephen Dunifer

Alexandre Skirda

A.K. Thompson

Seizing the Airwaves: A Free Radio Handbook

$12.95 pb 9781873176993

Nestor Makhno Anarchys Cossack: The Struggle for Free Soviets in the Ukraine 19171921
$21.95 pb 9781902593685

Black Bloc, White Riot: Anti-Globalization and the Genealogy of Dissent

$17.95 pb 9781849350143

Tennessee Reed

Spell Albuquerque: Memoir of a "Difficult" Student

$18.95 pb 9781904859888

Roy San Filippo (ed)

A New World In Our Hearts: 8 Years of Writings from the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation
$11.95 pb 9781902593616

David Solnit & Rebecca Solnit

Team Colors Collective

The Battle of the Story of the "Battle of Seattle"

$12.00 pb 9781904859635

Uses of a Whirlwind: Movement, Movements and Contemporary Radical Currents in the United States
$19.95 pb 9781849350167

Penny Rimbaud

Barry Sanders

The Diamond Signature: A Novel In Four Books & The Death Of The Imagination: A Drama For Four Readers
$10.95 pb 9781873176559

The Green Zone: The Environmental Costs of Militarism

$14.95 pb 9781904859949

Chris Spannos (ed)

Real Utopia: Participatory Society for the 21st Century

$21.95 pb 9781904859789

Michael Tobias
$10.00 pb 9781873176566

Rage and Reason


ak press backlist

AK Press 2013 Catalog

ak press backlist
Seth Tobocman

Disaster and Resistance: Comics and Landscapes for the 21st Century
$20.00 pb 9781904859765

Mark J. White

An Idol Killing
$12.95 pb 9781873176894


Seth Tobocman

You Dont Have To Fuck People Over To Survive

$20.00 pb 9781849350044

John Yates

Controlled Flight Into Terrain: Stealworks Anthology 3.0

$10.95 pb 9781902593678

Alexander Berkman

What Is Anarchism?
Bob Torres

Peter Kropotkin
$14.95 pb 9781904859109

The Conquest of Bread

Making A Killing: The Political Economy of Animal Rights

$17.95 pb 9781904859673

John Yates
$15.00 pb 9781873176528

$13.95 pb 9781902593708

September Commando

Murray Bookchin
$18.95 pb 9781904859062

Post-Scarcity Anarchism

Rudolf Rocker

Anarcho-Syndicalism: Theory and Practice

$12.95 pb 9781902593920

Tom Vague

Televisionaries: The Red Army Faction Story, 19631993

$10.95 pb 9781873176474

Benjamin Zephaniah

The Little Book of Vegan Poems

$6.95 pb 9781902593333


Raoul Vaneigem

A Cavalier History of Surrealism

$9.95 pb 9781873176948

Ral Zibechi

Dispersing Power: Social Movements as Anti-State Forces

$15.95 pb 9781849350112

Jack Black
$16.00 pb 9781902593029

You Cant Win

Jim Tully

Beggars of Life: A Hobo Autobiography

$15.00 pb 9781902593784

James Carr

BAD: The Autobiography of James Carr

$16.00 pb 9781902593647

Jan Valtin


2/15: The Day the World Said NO to War

$24.95 hb 9781902593852

Bernard Goldstein

Out Of The Night: The Memoir of Richard Julius Herman Krebs, Alias Jan Valtin
$24.95 pb 9781902593869

Five Years in the Warsaw Ghetto

$19.00 pb 9781904859055

Francois Eugene Vidocq

Ben Reitman Antonis Vradis & Dimitris Dalakoglou (eds)

Memoirs of Vidocq: Master of Crime

$18.00 pb 9781902593715

Sister of the Road: The Autobiography of Boxcar Bertha

$15.00 pb 9781902593036

J.R. Weil & W.T. Brannon

Revolt and Crisis in Greece: Between a Present Yet To Pass and a Future Still To Come
$18.00 pb 9780983059714

Yellow Kid Weil: The Autobiography of Americas Master Swindler

$18.00 pb 9781849350211

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Noam Chomsky

The Emerging Framework of World Power

$14.98 CD 9781902593753

Norman Finkelstein

Beca Lafore (dir)

An Issue of Justice: Origins of the Israel/ Palestine Conflict

$14.98 CD 9781904859239

Shutdown: The Rise and Fall of Direct Action to Stop the War
$14.95 DVD

Joel Sucher & Steven Fischler (dirs)

$19.95 DVD 9781904859512

Anarchism in America:

Ward Churchill

Robert Fisk

In a Pigs Eye: Reflections on the Police State, Repression, and Native America
$19.98 2xCD 9781902593500

War, Journalism and the Middle East

$13.98 CD 9781904859383

Roz Payne

What We Want, What We Believe: A Black Panther Party Library

$37.95 4xDVD

Robert F. Williams

Robert F. Williams: Self Respect, Self Defense, & Self Determination

$14.98 CD 9781904859314

Angela Davis

Freedom Archives

The Prison Industrial Complex

$14.98 CD 9781902593227

Prisons on Fire: George Jackson, Attica & Black Liberation

$14.98 CD 9781902593524

Arundhati Roy

Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy

$19.95 DVD 9781902593937

Howard Zinn

The Peoples History Project, Volume One

$45.00 6xCD Box Set 9781902593951

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Alexander Berkman

Reformers, Socialists and Communists Berkman points out the laws of so-called reformists, the danger of relying on progressive politicians, the weakening of the labor movement, the corruption of socialist groups by a biased political system, and the moral decay and slide toward totalitarianism of the Bolshevik movement in Russiaand all this in 1929! Backing up his statements with sound reasoning, Berkman offers the reader a rational, sober, but uncompromising view of the politics and economics of our daily struggles.
Alexander Berkman
$9.95 pb Thoughtcrime Ink No ISBN

his home country, and throughout Europe. But this mild-mannered anarchist is all too often remembered only for some of the curious episodes in his life (his participation in the Benevento uprising, his gift of La Baronata to Bakunin and anarchist revolutionaries), rather than for his ideas and the enormous influence he had on the early socialist movement in Italy.
Stew Charlatan

Curious George Brigade

Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs

News of the Spanish Revolution Members of the IWW have always followed international struggles with great interest. In 1936, when the Spanish Revolution began, they were inspired by the part played by the anarchist-led Spanish labor union confederation, the CNT, and the endeavor to create a selfgoverning egalitarian society. In the IWW press people like Joseph Wagner wrote and translated articles about the Spanish situation, offering alternative perspectives not available in either the Communist or liberal press.
Mark Corske
$5.00 pam Kate Sharpley Library 9781873605165

Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs lays out a new understanding of political anarchy, one that aims to replace the mass movement with a scrappy multitude of mutineers, mad scientists, sprawling shanties, and thieves in the night. The first edition went out of print in 2009 when the US government stole every remaining copy and all the digital backups with a sealed warrant. Authorship of the book was used in the governments statements to the media about why the mysterious raid was performed. But look, now its back!

$10.00 pb Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness 9781938660016

The Wage System & Law and Government Alexander Berkman knew his audience. His easy-tounderstand style was aimed directly at the working people who would benefit most from a world without hierarchy. In just two chapters (also available in our What is Anarchism?), Berkman is able to fully explore the systemic problems between wage earner and boss, as well as explain the relationship between law, government, and the exploitation of the working class.
Alexander Berkman, Henry Bauer & Carl Nold
$4.00 pam Thoughtcrime Ink No ISBN

The Intersections of Anarchism and Community Organising Historically, says Dave, revolutionary movements have been guided by revolutionary strategy and tactics. A successful dualpower movement does not spontaneously arise; it needs consistent organising within an anarchistcommunity framework. After being an activist for years I decided to become a community organizer and with that experience I gained new insights in revolutionary strategy: Anarchists can learn a lot from community organising models in radicalising neighbourhoods and families.
Andrew Flood
$4.00 pam Black Cat Press No ISBN

Engines of Domination: Political Power and the Human Emergency Political powerarmed central authority, with states and war is it really necessary for human society? Or is it a tool that ruling elites use to live at the expense of society? Applying his theory of political power to Western history, Corske makes a passionate argument that there is only one way to save the future . Armed central authority must be abolished, giving way to a world of peaceful voluntary communitiesin other words, an argument for anarchism.
CrimethInc Workers Collective
$15.00 pb M. Corske 9780615580395

Prison Blossoms: Anarchist Voices from the American Past

$26.95 hb Belknap/Harvard University Press 9780674050563

Beyond the Affinity Group This collection of three articles examines the hows and whys of anarchist organization. The first is a look at the success and limits of the network form of organization and why it came to the fore in the current period. The second article looks at the organizational practice of the first anarchists, and in particular Bakunin. The final article asks why anarchist organizations mostly failed to grow following the collapse of the left, and identifies why large-scale anarchist organizations are essential if we are to ever overthrow capitalism.
Joo Freire
$4.50 pam Black Cat Press No ISBN

In 1892, unrepentant anarchists Alexander Berkman, Henry Bauer, and Carl Nold were sent to the Western Pennsylvania State Penitentiary for the attempted assassination of steel tycoon Henry Clay Frick. Searching for a way to continue their radical politics and to proselytize among their fellow inmates, these men circulated messages of hope and engagement via primitive means and sympathetic prisoners. On odd bits of paper, in German and in English, they shared their thoughts and feelings in a handwritten clandestine magazine called Prison Blossoms.
Carlo Cafiero

Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook

$18.95 pb Crimethinc 9780970910189


$12.95 pb Black Cat Press 9781926878119

Carlo Cafiero (1846 1892) is undoubtedly one of the most important figures of the First International both in Italy,

Beautifully designed AZ of the totality of revolutionary politics. From affinity groups to wheatpasting, coalition building, hijacking events, mental health, pie-throwing, shoplifting, stenciling, supporting survivors of domestic violence, surviving a felony trial, torches, and whole bunch more. This new edition adds twenty-one new photos and a new introduction as well as an entirely redesigned 7 x 10 format with photos and illustrations 80% and 180% larger, respectively, than the original edition. 400 pages at the same ol price!

Freedom Fighters: Anarchist Intellectuals, Workers, and Soldiers in Portugals History

$24.99 pb Black Rose 9781551641386

This fascinating history is traced from the beginning of the 20th century through the Spanish Civil War and the Second



AK PRESS 2013 catalog

World War. Of particular interest is the history of the anarchists during the 1974 Carnation Revolution, and during Portugals emergence as a contemporary liberal democracy.
Peter Glassgold (ed)

anti-capitalist, and occupy movements all over the world.

James Herod

Anarchy!: An Anthology of Emma Goldmans Mother Earth Glassgold brings to the page Emma Goldmans Mother Earth, a monthly journal about social science and literature. Compiled here are Mother Earths most provocative articles, with thematic categories ranging from The Woman Question to The Social War. It also features a diverse selection of writers, such as Tolstoy, Sanger, Kropotkin, and Berkman. Various issues of Mother Earth also available in pamphlet form (see our website)!
Emma Goldman
$22.95 pb Counterpoint 9781619020214

Anarchy: An Introductory Bibliography in English A great pamphlet from James Herod! The bulk of this bibliography consists of references to this movement, both historical and contemporary. However, given the extraordinary nature of our timesI thought it useful and important to cast a wider net in order to provide readers with leads to the broader knowledge that they will need for todays anarchist struggles. Very useful!
James Herod
$2.00 pam James Herod No ISBN

that anarchists need to be addressing. While they are by no means the only relevant issues, the fact that some anarchists spend so much time on intellectual masturbation instead of tackling these concrete problems of liberation is symptomatic of their distance from real grassroots struggle.
Ian Martin

From Reform to Revolution This work by Ian Martin takes on the dichotomy between reform and revolution, and makes a case for certain contexts of anarchists working within so-called reform movements: when one can be a conduit to revolutionary change.
Cindy Milstein & Erik Ruin
$4.00 pam Thoughtcrime Ink No ISBN

Syndicalism: Its Theory and Practice As Emma Goldman said: syndicalism was not invented by the writings of intellectuals, it was born from the actual struggle and experience of the workers themselves. Likewise, a resurrection of revolutionary syndicalism will not come about by preaching to the workers the theses and theories of the past, the new syndicalism will arise out of the need to repel the increasing attacks of neoliberal capitalism.
David Goodway
$3.00 pam Workers Solidarity Alliance No ISBN

Getting Free: Creating an Association of Democratic Autonomous Neighborhoods Getting Free is a study of anarchist revolutionary strategy. The main purpose of this book is to try to persuade revolutionaries to shift the sites of the anticapitalist struggle and to select new battlefields. I identify three strategic sites for fightingneighborhoods, workplaces, and householdsthat I believe will not only enable us to defeat capitalists but also to build a new society in the process. Strategies like strikes, civil disobedience, or insurrections are not wrong in themselves, but they are not enough, and by themselves cannot defeat capitalists. To win we must add another whole dimension.
Peter Kropotkin
$10.00 pb James Herod 9780979426407

Paths toward Utopia: Graphic Explorations of Everyday Anarchism Consisting of ten collaborative picture-essays that weave Cindy Milsteins text within Erik Ruins intricate yet bold papercut and scratch-board images, Paths toward Utopia suggests some of the here-and-now practices that prefigure, however imperfectly, the self-organization that would be commonplace in an egalitarian society.
Igor Padshivalov
$14.95 pb PM Press 9781604865028

Siberian Makhnovshchina The Russian Civil War in Asiatic Russia was like the American Wild West, as one regime after another tried to establish its rule over the freedom-loving peasants and miners of the West Siberian plains and mountains. A key role in this struggle was played by the partisan armies put together by anarchists, which fought first against the Whites, then against the Reds. The Siberian anarchists aimed to establish free federations of rural communes and worker-managed industrial enterprises. Long ignored or stigmatized as bandits by Soviet historians and their nationalist successors, the Siberian anarchist-partisans are rescued from oblivion in this pioneering study.
Wayne Price
$10.00 pam Black Cat Press 9781926878089

Anarchist Seeds Beneath the Snow: Left-Libertarian Thought and British Writers from William Morris to Colin Ward From William Morris to Oscar Wilde and George Orwell, leftlibertarian thought has long been an important but neglected part of British cultural and political history. In this detailed study, David Goodway seeks to recover and revitalize that indigenous anarchist tradition. Both a cultural history of left-libertarian thought in Britain and an application of that history to current politics.
Robert Graham (ed)
$24.95 pb PM Press 9781604862218

Fields, Factories and Workshops While Kropotkins view of our future might have once been regarded as a utopian dream, today, as a result of the growing realization that the worlds resources of energy and raw materials are finite, that food is our most precious commodity, and that most peoples working lives are futile and stultifying, the lessons of this book, for both the rich world and the poor, are topical and hopeful. It would not be an exaggeration to describe this book as the central work of Kropotkins writing career!!
Ian Martin
$19.95 pb Black Rose 9781895431384

Anarchism: A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas, Volume 3: The New Anarchism 1974 2012 Yay!! The third volume of Robert Grahams acclaimed anthology of anarchist writings from ancient China to the present day. Volume 3 documents the new directions and developments in anarchist ideas and practice from the late-20th century into the new millennium, as anarchism has come to inspire people involved in global justice,
$28.99 pb Black Rose 9781551643366

Back to the Roots: Anarchists as Revolutionary Organizers What needs to be done to create a successful, truly liberatory, revolutionary movement? What should an anarchist be doing to help in the creation and construction of such a movement? These are, or at least should be, central questions
$4.00 pam Thoughtcrime Ink No ISBN

Revolutionary Class-Struggle Anarchism We are constantly being told that the only economy that works is the capitalist market economy. However, events over the last few months have shown this to be a lie. Capitalism is a crazy way to run a society. But are there any alternatives? And if so, what are they and how would they work? This pamphlet presents Wayne Prices interpretation of
$4.00 pam Thoughtcrime Ink No ISBN

AK PRESS 2013 catalog



revolutionary class-struggle anarchism put forth as basis for an online debate/exploration with Michael Albert, an advocate of ParEcon.
Wayne Price

Paul Sharkey (trans.)

Anarchism in Galicia: Organisation, Resistance and Women in the Underground The Anarchist movement in Galicia is unknown to English-language readers. This pamphlet will fill the gap! These essays tell the stories of the men and women who built it, fought for it, and how they kept it alive in the face of incredible odds. Essays by Eliseo Fernndez, Antn Briallos, and Carmen Blanco.
$4.00 pam Kate Sharpley Library 9781873605127

Salvador Cano Carrillo

Valeriano Orobn Fernndez: Towards the Barricades Valeriano Orobn Fernndez was a Spanish anarchosyndicalist activist, speaker, and author. In Spain, and in exile in France and Germany, he labored to prepare the CNT (National Confederation of Labour) for the revolutionary battles to come. While advocating this workers alliance, he fought to keep the CNT free of Communist control. He was the author of the anarcho-syndicalist anthem A las barricadas! (To the Barricades!) and died of tuberculosis just weeks before the Spanish Revolution erupted on the 19th of July 1936.
Claremont Chung
$4.00 pam Kate Sharpley Library 9781873605394

What is Class Struggle Anarchism? & The Relation Between Class and Non-Class Oppressions This short pamphlet collects the two halves of one of Prices most widely circulated essays, which argues persuasively for the inclusion of class within anarchists analysis and organizing.
Graham Purchase
$4.00 pam Thoughtcrime Ink No ISBN

Carolyn Ashbaugh

Anarchism & Environmental Survival In this wide-ranging book, Graham Purchase graphically demonstrates the relation of classical libertarian thought to the most pressing issues on the Green agenda: bioregionalism, overpopulation, sustainable agriculture, animal rights, wilderness preservation, technology, social ecology, and ecodefense. Purchases uncompromising approach and acerbic comments ensure that this will remain a controversial book on the environment.
J. Rogue & Deric Shannon
$23.95 pb Black Cat Press 9781926878072

Lucy Parsons: An American Revolutionary A woman ahead of her time, Lucy Parsons was an early American radical who defied all conventions of her turbulent era. An outspoken woman of color, radical writer, and labor organizer, Parsons led the defense campaign for the Haymarket martyrs, including her husband Albert Parsons, and remained active in struggles of the oppressed throughout her life. This is her story.
Karen Avrich & Paul Avrich
$16.00 pb Haymarket 9781608462131

Walter A. Rodney: A Promise of Revolution The life of the great Guyanese scholar and revolutionary Walter Rodney burned with a rare intensity. The son of working class parents, Rodney showed great academic promise and was awarded scholarships to the University of the West Indies in Jamaica and the School of African and Oriental Studies in London. At twenty-four, he published A History of the Upper Guinea Coast, now a classic of African history. His most famous work, How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, is a mainstay of radical literature and anticipated the influential world-systems theory of Immanuel Wallerstein.
Robert Clarke
$17.95 pb Monthly Review 9781583673287

Refusing to Wait: Anarchism & Intersectionality Anarchism can learn a lot from the feminist movement. In many respects, it already has. Anarcha-feminists have developed analyses of patriarchy that link it to the state form. We have learned that the personal is political. We have learned that no revolutionary project can be complete while men systematically dominate and exploit women; that socialism is a rather empty goal even if it is statelessif mens domination of women is left intact.
James C. Scott
$3.00 pam Black Cat Press No ISBN

Sasha and Emma: The Anarchist Odyssey of Alexander Berkman and Emma Goldman In 1889, two Russian immigrants, Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman (perhaps youve heard of them?!), met in a coffee shop on the Lower East Side. Over the next fifty years Emma and Sasha would be fast friends, fleeting lovers, and loyal comrades. This dual biography offers an unprecedented glimpse into their intertwined lives, the lasting influence of the anarchist movement they shaped, and their unyielding commitment to equality and justice.
Alice Bag
$35.00 hb Harvard University Press 9780674065987

Seven Years with Banksy An illuminating memoir of the worlds most celebrated graffiti artist, this book offers insight into Banksys life and work through the experiences that he and the author, his friend, Robert Clarke shared during Banksys formative years.
scott crow
$14.95 pb Michael OMara Books 9781843178651

Two Cheers for Anarchism: Six Easy Pieces on Autonomy, Dignity, and Meaningful Work and Play In his most accessible and personal book to date, James C. Scott (author also of The Art of Not Being Governed) makes the case for seeing like an anarchist. Inspired by the core anarchist faith in the possibilities of voluntary cooperation without hierarchy, Two Cheers for Anarchism is an engaging, high-spirited, and often very funny defense of an anarchist way of seeing one that provides a unique and powerful perspective on everything from everyday social and political interactions to mass protests and revolutions.
$24.95 hb Princeton 9780691155296

Violence Girl: East LA Rage to Hollywood Stage, A Chicana Punk Story Born to Mexican-born and American-naturalized parents, Alicia Armendariz migrated to Hollywood to participate in the free-range birth of the 1970s punk movement. Alicia adopted the punk name Alice Bag, and became lead singer for The Bags, early punk visionaries who starred in The Decline of Western Civilization. Violence Girl takes us from a violent upbringing to an aggressive punk sensibility. This time a difficult coming-of-age memoir culminates with a satisfying conclusion, complete with a happy ending!
$17.95 pb Feral House 9781936239122

Black Flags and Windmills: Hope, Anarchy, and the Common Ground Collective This chronicle describes scott crows headlong rush into the political storm surrounding the catastrophic failure of the levees in New Orleans in 2005 and the subsequent failure of state and local government agencies in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. It recounts crows efforts with others in the community to found Common Ground Collective, a grassroots relief organization that built medical clinics, set up food and water distribution, and created community gardens when local government agencies, FEMA, and the Red Cross were absent or ineffective.
$20.00 pb PM Press 9781604860771



AK PRESS 2013 catalog

Aaron Dixon

My People Are Rising: Memoir of a Black Panther Party Captain In an era of stark racial injustice and decisive action, Aaron Dixon dedicated his life to the struggle for change, founding the Seattle chapter of the Black Panther Party in 1968. Here, he traces the course of his own radicalization and that of a generation. Through his eyes, we see the courage and commitment of the young men and women who rose up in rebellion, risking their lives in the name of freedom. This is an unforgettable tale of their triumphs and tragedies, and the enduring legacy of Black Power.
Werner Droescher
$17.95 pb Haymarket 9781608461783

David Gilbert

Love and Struggle: My Life in SDS, The Weather Underground, and Beyond From the early anti-Vietnam War protests to the founding of SDS, from the Columbia Strike to the tragedy of the Townhouse, Gilbert was on the scene. He was among the first militants who went underground to build the clandestine resistance to war and racism known as Weatherman. And he was among the last to emerge, in captivity, after the disaster of the 1981 Brinks robbery. In this extraordinary memoir, Gilbert tells the story of his own Long March from liberal to radical to revolutionary.
Jamal Joseph
$22.00 pb PM Press 9781604863192

Farquhar McHarg & Stuart Christie

Pistoleros!: The Chronicles of Farquhar McHarg, Volume 1: 1918 A young boy from Glasgow finds himself in the middle of Barcelonas revolutionary underworld at the tail end of WWI. Volume One of this memoir chronicles McHargs liaisons between the British Secret Service Bureau and the Spanish anarchists. He tells of a corrupt Spanish regime bent on crushing a rebellious working class and the generous and recklessly idealistic men and women who struggled to transform it after rejecting traditional party politics.
Brian Morris
$18.95 pb PM Press 9781604864014

Free Society: A German Exile in Revolutionary Spain Werner Droescher was an exile from Nazi Germany who in 1936 found himself pitched into the dramatic social reconstruction of the Spanish Revolution. Droescher, with his companion Greville Teixidor, joined the revolutionary militias on the Aragon front. Later they carried out solidarity work for the Spanish anarchists from London, before returning to Spain to work with refugee children. This extract from his autobiography gives a first-hand account of the anarchist attempt to build a free society.
Guy Ducornet
$4.00 pam Kate Sharpley Library 9781873605066

Panther Baby: A Life of Rebellion & Reinvention Jamal Josephs personal odysseyfrom the streets of Harlem to Rikers Island and Leavenworth to the halls of Columbiais as gripping as it is inspiring. In raw, powerful prose, Jamal Joseph helps us understand what it meant to be a soldier inside the militant Black Panther movement. He recounts a harrowing, sometimes deadly imprisonment as he charts his path to manhood in a book filled with equal parts rage, despair, and hope. The Saga of Nestor Makhno Makhno was a Ukrainian anarcho-communist guerrilla leader turned army commander who led an independent anarchist army in Ukraine during the Russian Civil War. He supported the Bolsheviks, the Ukrainian Directory, the Bolsheviks again, and then turned to organizing the Free Territory of Ukraine, an anarchist society. This project was cut short by the consolidation of Bolshevik power. A nice little illustrated bio from our friends at ThoughtCrime Ink to get you in the mood for the various books available!
Nestor Makhno
$4.00 pam Thoughtcrime Ink No ISBN $14.95 pb Algonquin Books 9781616201296

Bakunin: The Philosophy of Freedom Bakunins anarchism was dominated by a desire to achieve a unity of theory and practice, of fact and value, of thought and action, within the reality of a given historical social order. He opposed all the dualism that Western culture had bequeathed from mechanistic philosophy and bourgeois political theory, particularly the opposition between individual and society, philosophy and empirical knowledge, nature and humans.
Margaret Sanger
$19.99 pb Black Rose 9781895431667

Annandale Blues: A Journey in Ralph Ellisons America Ducornets adventures in America offer a unique perspective on American life; his exotic role as Frenchman in the US allowed him to become an invisible man of another sort. While he was treated as a special case, his confrontations with the diverse aspects of American culture were constantly inflamed by his innocent insistence on civil rights and equality for people of all races.
Clement Duval
$16.00 pb Charles H. Kerr 9780882863658

The Autobiography of Margaret Sanger A pioneer in the battle to establish birth control as a basic human right and a founder of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, Sangera nurse who witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of unwanted pregnancy triumphed over arrest, indictment, and exile. Her autobiography is a classic of womens studies.
Edith Thomas
$12.95 pb Dover 9780486434926

Louise Michel

Outrage: An Anarchist Memoir of the Penal Colony In 1887, Clement Duval joined the tens of thousands of convicts sent to the dry guillotine of the French penal colonies. Few survived and fewer were able to tell the stories of their lives in that hell. Duval spent fourteen years doing hard labor espousing the values of anarchism and demonstrating the ideals by being a living examplebefore making his daring escape and arriving in New York City, welcomed by the Italian and French anarchists there. A remarkable story of survival by one mans self-determination, energy, courage, loyalty, and hope.
$20.00 pb PM Press 9781604865004

The Ukrainian Revolution Nestor Makhno (1888 1934) was a key figure of the Russian Civil War. Driven into exile at the end of the war, he produced several volumes of memoirs. Each of these works is selfcontained as each deals with a separate phase of his life story. The Ukrainian Revolution is the third volume of his memoirs, first published in 1937; this is the first appearance of the work in English.
$26.95 pb Black Cat Press 9781926878058

Revolutionary on the barricades of the Paris Commune, tried before the War Council of France, deported to a penal colony, received by enthusiastic crowds upon her return, brilliant lecturer throughout Europe, continuously followed by the police, participant in spectacular trials and demonstrations, threatened by assassins, imprisoned time and again, Louise Michel, writer, teacher, poet, feminist, is one of the most extraordinary legends in the literature of freedom.

$19.99 pb Black Rose 9780614038880

AK PRESS 2013 catalog biography


Jennifer Beer & Caroline Packard,

Margaret Killjoy & Colin Foran

A Steampunks Guide to the Apocalypse

$10.00 pb Combustion Books 9781938660023

Keith McHenry

Hungry for Peace: How You Can Help End Poverty and War with Food Not Bombs Food Not Bombs has proven to be an effective project for social change. Hungry For Peace passionately makes the case that we should take action to end hunger, poverty, and war and provides evidence that our future is in peril if we do nothing. This new FNB handbook has 120 photos and illustrations, vegan recipes to provide meals for groups of 100 and families of 6, with metric and US measurements; the 30-year history of the movement and logistics on how to start a local Food Not Bombs group; how to organize meetings, tours, gatherings, and successful campaigns of nonviolent direct action.
Penny Rimbaud
$18.95 pb See Sharp 9781937276065

The Mediators Handbook: Revised and Expanded Fourth Edition The Mediators Handbook presents a time-tested, adaptable model for helping people work through conflict. Extensively revised to incorporate recent practice and thinking, the accessible manual format lays out a clear structure for new and occasional mediators while offering a detailed, nuanced resource for professionals.
Elly Blue
$29.95 pb New Society Press 9780865717220

Consider this book your boon companion during the trying times that lie ahead. No single tomeno matter how voluminous could be complete, of course, but this little handbook should aid in keeping you fed, watered, clothed, and protected from the myriad hazards of weather, human, and beast.
Adam Krause

Art As Politics: The Future of Art and Community The arts originated in the dayto-day activities of human communities. But through the confluence of the culture industry and status-driven high art, the products of artistic activities have become mere commodities and specimens of culture rather than integral elements in the fabric of our everyday life. Art has become disconnected from life. How can we reverse this process? How can we make the arts a powerful force in healthy and vibrant communities?
Chris Lehmann
$14.95 pb New Compass 9788293064145

Everyday Bicycling: How to Ride a Bike for Transportation (Whatever Your Lifestyle) Containing everything required to get started riding a bicycle for everyday transportation, Elly Blue introduces readers to the basics, including shopping for a bike, honing street smarts, dressing properly for conditions, carrying everything from groceries to children to furniture, and riding in all weather. Although the daily commute to and from work is included, the focus for this manual is to make a lifestyle change to a transportation bicyclist.
Chris Carlsson, LisaRuth Elliott & Adriana Camarena (eds)
$9.95 pb Microcosm Publishing 9781621067252

The Last of the Hippies: An Hysterical Romance Penny Rimbaud is a drummer, writer, poet, former member of performance art groups and co-founder of the anarchist punk band Crass, with Steve Ignorant. First published in 1982 as part of Crasss album Christ The Album, Rimbauds The Last of the Hippies fast became the seminal text of what was then known as anarcho-punk and what later became known as the anti-globalization movement. Twenty-five years later, and despite many of its prophesies having been realized, the script remains as pertinent as ever.
$6.00 pb Active Distribution No ISBN

Rich People Things: Real Life Secrets of the Predator Class A concise and easy-to-use guide, Rich People Things catalogs the fortifications that shelter the opulent from the resentments of the hoi polloi. From ideological stanchions such as the Free Market through the castellation of media including The New York Times and Wired magazine, to gatekeepers such as David Brooks, Steve Forbes, and Alan Greenspan, Lehmann covers the vast array of comforting and comprehensive protections that allow the uber-privileged to maintain their iron grip on almost half of Americas wealth.
Yosef Leib
$16.95 pb Haymarket 9781608461523

Shift Happens!: Critical Mass at 20 A new anthology celebrating the accomplishments of the Critical Mass movement over the past twenty years. From both theoretical and practical perspectives, the book explores how Critical Mass has gone around the world, how it has evolved along the way, and the impacts it has had on local politics, transportation, and cultures.
James Generic
$20.00 pb Full Enjoyment Books 9780926664081


Mumia Abu-Jamal

Message to the Movement Reflecting on the meaning of struggle, education, imperialism, and his own involvement in radical social movements, revolutionary journalist and former Black Panther, Mumia AbuJamal directly addresses the diverse community of organizers and activists who support and participate in the Occupy movement.
Tom Barry
$7.00 pam Zuccotti Park Press 9781884519079

Oregon Ave Octopi Softball: The First Two Years

$3.00 pam Octopi Softball Press

The Octopi are a democratically run pick-up softball team of radicals, punks, nerds, and neighbors in Philadelphia. Read about this experiment in building social spaces through bottom-up organizing with sports! This is the first two years chronicles, of trials and tribulations, stories of building a team of comrades of anarchists, socialists, punks, neighbors, and friendsinto a transformative experience. Find out why a little bit of sun,exercise and good people can go a long way. And lastly, find out how you can build a radical softball team in your community!


Cannabis Chassidis: The Ancient and Emerging Torah of Drugs Join Yosef Leib on his travels and studies throughout Jerusalem, New York, and Rainbow Country, USA, in search of guidance about how cannabis and psychedelics have and have not been used in both ancient and emerging Hassidic traditions, and what the way we have related to our desires for medicines, gods, and intoxicants can teach us about how we relate to ourselves, our community, and our G_d.
$17.95 pb Autonomedia 9781570272622

Border Wars The Tea Party and its allies celebrate the rogue states of the southwest as a model for the nation in their go-it-alone posturing and tough immigrationenforcement talk. In Border Wars, journalist Tom Barry documents the costs of that model: lives lost; families torn apart; billions of wasted tax dollars; vigilantes prowling the desert; and fiscal crises in cities, counties, and states. Even worse, he warns, the entire nation risks following their lead.
$14.95 hb Boston Review 9780262016674


culture/current events

AK PRESS 2013 catalog

Noam Chomsky

Making the Future: Occupations, Interventions, Empire and Resistance More than fifty concise and persuasively argued commentaries on US politics and policies, written between 2007 and 2011. Progressive legislation and social welfare have been won by popular struggles, not gifts from above. Those struggles follow a cycle of success and setback. They must be waged every day, not just once every four years, always with the goal of creating a genuinely responsive democratic society, from the voting booth to the workplace.
Noam Chomsky
$16.95 pb City Lights 9780872865372

Mike Davis

Be Realistic: Demand the Impossible With wit, humor, and a remarkable grasp of the political marginalization of the poor and working class by the 1%, Mike Davis crafts a striking defense of Occupy Wall Street and lays out well considered next steps to advance the movement.
T. Derbent
$4.95 pam Haymarket 9781608462179

justice and human rights movements, Tim Gee demonstrates what works and what doesnt. In showing how counterpower can be strategically applied, Gee has created an inspiration for activists and an invaluable resource for teachers and students of social change.
Amy Goodman & Denis Moynihan

Silenced Majority: Stories of Uprisings, Occupations, Resistance and Hope In their book, The Silenced Majority, Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan provide a vivid record of the events, conflicts, and social movements shaping our society today. They give voice to ordinary people standing up to corporate and government power across the country and around the world.
David Grusky, Doug McAdam, Rob Reich & Debra Satz
$16.00 pb Haymarket 9781608462315

Categories of Revolutionary Military Policy Organizations that claim to be revolutionary but refuse to develop a military policy before the question of confrontation becomes a practical reality, disqualify themselves as revolutionary forces. This is an educational exploration of the concepts of military doctrine, strategy, tactics, operational art, bases of support, guerilla zones, liberated territories, and more. A study of what has been tried in the past, where different strategies worked, and where they failed.
Eirik Eiglad
$5.00 pam Kersplebedeb 9781894946438


Since its first appearance in Zuccotti Park, the Occupy movement has spread to hundreds of towns, cities, and college campuses across the United States. No longer occupying small tent camps, the movement now occupies the national conscience. From the movements onset, Chomsky has supported its critique of corporate corruption and encouraged its efforts to increase civic participation, economic equality, democracy and freedom for the 99%.
Susan Clark & Woden Teachout

$9.95 pb Zuccotti Park Press 9781884519017

Occupy the Future

A Question of Power No question more immediately confronts radical activists than the question of power. What is it? What are its institutional, cultural, and psychological bases? What is the relationship between power, oppression, and hierarchies? Can power be used for emancipatory ends? This book is an activist attempt to answer the question from the perspective of social ecology.
John Feffer
$14.95 pb New Compass 9788293064183

Slow Democracy: Rediscovering Community, Bringing Decision Making Back Home The authors of Slow Democracy document the range of ways that citizens around the country are breathing new life into participatory democracy in their communities. Here, youll learn the stories of residents who gain community control of water systems and local forests, parents who find creative solutions to divisive and seemingly irreconcilable schoolredistricting issues, and a host of other citizen-led actions that are reinvigorating local democracy, and decision making.
Stephen Collis
$19.95 pb Chelsea Green 9781603584135

The Occupy Wall Street movement has ignited new questions about the relationship between democracy and equality in the United States. Are we also entering a moment in history in which the disjuncture between our principles and our institutions is cast into especially sharp relief? Do new developmentsmost notably the rise of extreme inequality offer new threats to the realization of our most cherished principles? Can we build an open, democratic, and successful movement to realize our ideals? Read this and find out!
David Harvey

$14.95 hb Boston Review 9780262018401

Crusade 2.0: The Wests Resurgent War on Islam Crusade 2.0 examines the resurgence of anti-Islamic sentiment in the West and its global implications. John Feffer discusses the influence of three unfinished warsthe Crusades, the Cold War, and the current war on terrorthat continue to perpetuate hatred and violence. With rich historical detail, Feffer presents a fascinating, concise, and provocative look at current events and goes beyond a clash of civilizations critique to offer concrete ways to defuse the ticking bomb of Islamophobia.
Tim Gee
$15.95 pb City Lights 9780872865457

Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution Rebel Cities places the city at the heart of both capital and class struggles, looking at locations ranging from Johannesburg to Mumbai, and from New York City to Sao Paulo. Drawing on the Paris Commune as well as Occupy Wall Street and the London Riots, Harvey asks how cities might be reorganized in more socially just and ecologically sane waysand how they can become the focus for anti-capitalist resistance.
Interference Archive
$19.95 hb Verso 9781844678822

Dispatches from the Occupation: A History of Change In this collection of essays, award-winning poet Stephen Collis investigates how the Occupy movement grapples with questions such as why and how things change, and how we negotiate these transformations, as it once again takes up the cause of social, economic, and political change.
$16.95 pb Talonbooks 9780889226951

RadioActivity!: Antinuclear Movements from Three Mile Island to Fukushima

$5.00 booklet /map Interference Archive No ISBN

Counterpower: Making Change Happen

$16.95 pb World Changing 9781780260327

Investigating the history and tactics of major movements of the past and todays global

In October 2012 the Interference Archive collaborated with the activist and research group Todos Somos Japon to produce an exhibit, which featured over 100

AK PRESS 2013 catalog

current events/politics


pieces of antinuclear movement culture from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, as well as the contemporary culture developing in Japan post-Fukushima. This booklet contains information about the exhibit, texts about the history of nuclear power and the movements against it, and images of antinuclear posters and publications featured in the show. It folds out into a large-scale map of the nuclear facilities in the US and Canada.
Owen Jones

Amy Schrager Lang & Daniel Lang/Levitsky

Pussy Riot!

Dreaming in Public: Building the Occupy Movement Dreaming in Public gathers together dispatches, essays, blog posts, and images from within the Occupy movement aimed at influencing its development and addressing those not yet involved. Produced by participant journalists, political analysts, writers, polemicists, photographers, organizers, and activists, these documents capture the vibrant, contentious, illuminating, and inventive exchange of Occupy.
Alessio Lunghi & Seth Wheeler
$19.95 pb New Internationalist 9781780260846

Pussy Riot!: A Punk Prayer for Freedom On February 21, 2012, five members of a Russian feminist punk collective Pussy Riot staged a performance in Moscows Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Dressed in brightly colored tights and balaclavas, they performed their punk prayer, asking the Virgin Mary to drive Russian president Vladimir Putin from the church. After just forty seconds, they were chased out by security. Three were later arrested and charged with felony hooliganism motivated by religious hatred. As their trial unfolded, these young women became global feminist icons.
Max Schoening, Sibylla Brodzinsky & Ingrid Betancourt
$12.95 pb Feminist Press 9781558618343

Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class In modern Britain, the working class has become an object of fear and ridicule. In this acclaimed investigation, Owen Jones explores how the working class has gone from salt of the earth to scum of the earth. Exposing the ignorance and prejudice at the heart of the chav caricature, he portrays a far more complex reality. The stereotype, he argues, is used by governments as a convenient figleaf to avoid genuine engagement with social and economic problems and to justify widening inequality.
Samir Khalaf & Roseanne Saad Khalaf
$19.95 pb Verso 9781844678648

Occupy Everything: Reflections on Why Its Kicking Off Everywhere

$18.00 pb Minor Compositions 9781570272516

Arab Youth: Social Mobilisation in Times of Risk In 2011, Arab youth took to the streets in their thousands to demand freedom. One auspicious feature of their uprising stands out: they reveal the genesis of a new generation sparked by the desire for civil liberties, advocacy for human rights, and participatory democracy. This unique volume explores some of the antecedents of the upheavals and anticipates alternative venues of resistance that marginalized youthfrom Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine to Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Iran can mobilize to realize their emancipatory expectations.
Peter Kulchyski
$24.95 pb Saqi 9780863564574

Penned after the 2010 European student unrest and before what is now commonly referred to as the Arab spring began to escalate, BBC Newsnight economist Paul Masons 20 Reasons Why Its Kicking Off Everywhere sought to establish an understanding of the motivations behind these globally disparate, yet somehow connected struggles. This collection of essays seeks to further explore Paul Masons original twenty reasons in an attempt to better understand our turbulent present.
Paul Mason

Throwing Stones at the Moon: Narratives from Colombians Displaced by Violence For nearly five decades, Colombia has been embroiled in internal armed conflict among guerrilla groups, paramilitary militias, and the countrys own military. Civilians in Colombia have to make their lives despite the threat of torture, kidnapping, and largescale massacresand more than four million have had to flee their homes. The oral histories in Throwing Stones at the Moon describe the most widespread of Colombias human rights crises.
Marina Sitrin & Dario Azzellini
$16.00 pb Voice of Witness 9781936365913

Why Its Kicking Off Everywhere: The New Global Revolutions From Cairo to Athens, Wall Street and Westminster to Manila, Mason goes in search of the changes in society, technology, and human behavior that have propelled a generation onto the streets in search of social justice. In a narrative that blends historical insight with first-person reportage, Mason shines a light on these new forms of activism, from the vast, agile networks of cyberprotest to the culture wars and tent camps of the #occupy movement.
Robert Ogman
$19.95 pb Verso 9781844678518

Occupying Language: The Secret Rendezvous with History and the Present Occupying Language is an open conversation. Through it, Marina Sitrin and Dario Azzellini invite readers to listen to insurgent movements that have been organizing in Latin America over the past twenty years, and to connect key concepts and language from those struggles with movements in the United States today.
Writers for the 99%
$9.95 pb Zuccotti Park Press 9781884519093

Aboriginal Rights Are Not Human Rights: Essays on Law, Politics, and Culture Aboriginal rights are often assumed to belong to the broader category of human rights; Kulchyski makes a powerful argument against this. On the contrary, indigenous people across the world need specific rights in part to balance against the universalist core of human rights. This book provides conceptual and historical analyses distinguishing aboriginal rights from human rights, and shows how aboriginal rights result from the struggles of native peoples.
$19.95 pb Arbeiter Ring 9781894037761

Against the Nation: AntiNational Politics in Germany Following the reunification process in the 1990s, a new antinational movement appeared in Germany that rejected all forms of nationalism, including the desirability of national communities and the existence of the nation-state itself. In Against the Nation, Robert Ogman covers the background of this movementthe rising Neo-Nazism, racist mob violence, restriction in immigration policies and citizenship requirementsand its urge to organize society around other principles than nationality and borders.
$14.95 pb New Compass 9788293064206

Occupying Wall Street: The Inside Story of an Action that Changed America Occupying Wall Street draws on extensive interviews with those who took part in the action (you know, OWS) to bring an authentic, inside-the-square history to life. In a vivid, fast-paced narrative, the key events of the occupation are described, and woven throughout are stories of daily life in the square, focusing on how the kitchen, library, media center, cleanup, hospital, and decision-making at the General Assembly functioned, all in the words of the people who were there.
$15.00 pb Haymarket 9781608462513


current events/politics

AK PRESS 2013 catalog

Sharon Astyk

Matteo Cossu

Making Home: Adapting Our Homes and Our Lives to Settle in Place Other books tell us how to live the good lifebut you might have to win the lottery to do it (its still worth a try!). Making Home is about improving life with the real people around us and the resources we already have. While encouraging us to be more resilient in the face of hard times, author Sharon Astyk also points out the beauty, grace, and elegance that result, because getting the most out of everything we use is a way of transforming our lives into something much more fulfilling.
Kristy Athens
$19.95 pb New Society Press 9780865716711

One Gear: Converting and Maintaining Single Speed & Fixed Gear Bicycles One Gear is a unique, much needed contribution to the culture that explains in simple, easy to understand language the steps required for a beginner or intermediate bike mechanic to learn how to rebuild and convert a geared bicycle into a slick, personalized fixie or single-speed.
Matteo Cossu & Claire Dalquie
$29.95 hb Gingko 9781584234180

Robyn Jasko & Jennifer Biggs

Homesweet, Homegrown: How to Grow, Make and Store Food, No Matter Where You Live This succinct handbook is packed with practical information that will inspire and enable those who want to grow their own food and venture down the path of food independence. From choosing and starting seeds to preserving the harvest, cost effective and time-saving projects are set forth in detail. Instructions for making planters and irrigation systems, recipes for homemade organic plant sprays, and growing guides for fruits or vegetables are just a few of the projects that will inspire neophyte and experienced gardeners to dig deep into sustainable living.
Sandor Ellix Katz
$9.95 pb Microcosm Publishing 9781934620106

Silkscreen Basics: A Complete How-To Handbook

$24.95 pb Gingko 9781584234197

Get Your Pitchfork On!: The Real Dirt on Country Living Get Your Pitchfork On! provides the hard-learned nuts-and-bolts of rural living from city folk who were initially out of their depth. It gives urbanites the practical tools they need to realize their dream, with basics of home, farm, and hearth. It also enters territory that other books avoidstraightforward advice about the social aspects of country living, from health care to schools to small-town politics.
Raleigh Biggs
$19.95 pb Process Media 9781934170342

Pairing instruction with inspiration, Silkscreen Basics provides a multifaceted view of screen printing, from its roots in ancient China to its place in a digital era, and is the perfect primer for anyone intrigued by this popular printing method. This book gives stepby-step instructions on how to create budgetfriendly, successful screen prints at home and is dotted with friendly tips and quips accompanied by hundreds of photos, drawings, and prints.
Rosemary Gladstar

The Art of Fermentation: An InDepth Exploration of Essential Concepts and Processes from Around the World The Art of Fermentation is the most comprehensive guide to do-it-yourself home fermentation ever published. Sandor Katz presents the concepts and processes behind fermentation in ways that are simple enough to guide a reader through their first experience making sauerkraut or yogurt, and indepth enough to provide greater understanding and insight for experienced practitioners.
Tim Pullen
$39.95 hb Chelsea Green 9781603582865

Rosemary Gladstars Medicinal Herbs: A Beginners Guide With Rosemary Gladstars expert advice, anyone can make their own herbal remedies for common ailments, such as aloe lotion for poison ivy, dandelion-burdock tincture for sluggish digestion, and lavender-lemon balm tea for stress relief. Gladstar profiles thirty-three of the most common and versatile healing plants and then shows you exactly how to grow, harvest, prepare, and use them. Stock your home medicine chest with safe, all-natural, low-cost herbal preparations, and enjoy better health!
Dave Hamilton
$14.95 pb Storey 9781612120058

Make It Last: Prolonging and Preserving the Things We Love A spiritual sequel to the doit-yourself handbook Make Your Place, this is a practical guide to prolonging the lives of cherished items in the home. Tips for mending clothing, preserving the harvest from a home garden, and other money-saving ideas are accompanied by humorous handwritten anecdotes and illustrations.
Andrea Chesman
$9.95 pb Microcosm Publishing 9781934620984

The Sustainable Building Bible: An Insides Guide to EcoRenovation and Newbuilding Aimed at both people interested in green solutions for their homes and professionals, such as architects and consultants, as well as builders, looking for a clear and authoritative explanation of sustainable building, this book delivers in an easy-to-follow style that is comprehensive and jargon-free (how refreshing!). The Sustainable Building Bible gives readers all of the vital facts and figures together with the pros and cons of each approach to assist them in making a fully-informed decision.
Steve Solomon & Erica Reinheimer
$22.95 pb Ovolo 9781905959143

Grow Your Food for Free (Well, Almost): Great Money-Saving Ideas for Your Garden This practical guide shows how to go through the gardening year on a shoestring, from making your own raised beds to fixing broken tools and taking cuttings; gives moneysaving tips for every season plus occasional tips on the actual gardening; is crammed full of projects from seed-saving and making your own plant feed to building a fence or garden shed; and gives step-by-step instructions, with easy-tofollow diagrams.
$24.95 pb Chelsea Green 9781900322898

The Pickled Pantry: From Apples to Zucchini, 150 Recipes for Pickles, Relishes, Chutneys & More Half-sour dill pickles, salt-cured dilly beans, sauerkraut, kimchi, classic hot sauce, cortido with cilantro, Korean-style pickled garlic. With Andrea Chesmans expert guidance, youll love making these and dozens of other fresh, contemporary recipes for pickling everything from apples to zucchini. Beginners will welcome the simple, low-fuss methods and thorough coverage of pickling basics, including fermenting, and dedicated home canners will love the large-batch recipes and the stunning variety of flavors.
$19.95 pb Storey 9781603425629

The Intelligent Gardener: Growing Nutrient-Dense Food To grow produce of the highest nutritional quality the essential minerals lacking in our soil must be replaced, but this remineralization calls for far more attention to detail than the simple addition of composted manure or NPK fertilizers. This practical, step-by-step guide and the accompanying customizable webbased spreadsheets go beyond organic and are essential tools for any serious gardener who cares
$19.95 pb New Society Press 9780865717183

AK PRESS 2013 catalog



about the quality of the produce they grow. Dont be scared of the spreadsheets!
Sam Tracy

Peter Bane & David Holmgren

Bicycle!: A Repair & Maintenance Manifesto, 2nd Edition Bicycle!, written by a longtime bicycle mechanic, covers everything you need to know to feed and care for your ride. This book cuts through the obtuse techno-speak and delivers maintenance clearly and with a touch of humor and radicalism, while categorically denying mechanistrys supposed dreariness.
$20.00 pb PM Press 9781604866407

The Permaculture Handbook: Garden Farming for Town and Country

$44.95 pb New Society Press 9780865716667

long-time Gulf residents, acclaimed author and environmental advocate David Gessner offers a lively, arresting account of the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. With The Tarball Chronicles Gessner tells a story that extends beyond the archetypal oil-soaked pelican, beyond politics, beyond BP, and beyond other oil spill books on the market.
David Hanson, Edwin Marty & Michael Hanson

Hannah Dobbz

Shelter: A Squatumentary In economically turbulent times, rent and home-ownership are unaffordable at best. Thus, people all over the world continue a long tradition of reclaiming this basic human right by squatting. Shelter: A Squatumentary is a documentary film that explores the squatting movement in the East Bay from 2004 to 2007. We follow three examples of the struggle for housing in an unaffordable market such as that of the San Francisco Bay Area.
Lynn Hershman Leeson
$29.99 DVD Zeitgeist No ISBN $18.00 DVD Kill Normal No ISBN

The Permaculture Handbook is a step-by-step, beautifully illustrated guide to creating resilient and prosperous households and neighborhoods, complemented by extensive case studies of three successful farmsteads and market gardens. This comprehensive manual casts garden farming as both an economic opportunity and a strategy for living well with less money. It shows how permaculture can create an abundance of fresh, nourishing local produce; reduce dependence on expensive, polluting fossil fuels; drought-proof our cities and countryside; and convert waste into wealth.
Eleanor Boyle

Breaking Through Concrete: Building An Urban Farm Revival

$29.95 hb University of California Press 9780520270541

High Steaks: Why and How to Eat Less Meat Each year the average North American ingests well over 200 pounds of animal protein. Meanwhile the global appetite for meat has increased dramatically. But feeding your meat addiction comes at tremendous cost. Maintaining our current level of consumption is ecologically impossible in the long term and undermines our personal health and community well-being. High Steaks documents the disastrous consequences of modern large-scale industrial meat production and excessive consumption.
Kirstin Dow & Thomas E. Downing
$17.95 pb New Society Press 9780865717138

People have always grown food in urban spaces on windowsills and sidewalks, and in backyards and neighborhood parksbut today, urban farmers are leading an environmental and social movement that transforms our national food system. To explore this agricultural renaissance, brothers David and Michael Hanson and urban farmer Edwin Marty document (and beautifully illustrate) twelve successful urban farm programs, from an alternative school for girls in Detroit, to a backyard food swap in New Orleans, to a restaurant supply garden on a rooftop in Brooklyn.
Malcolm Harris, Neal Gorenflo & Cory Doctorow

Share or Die: Voices of the Get Lost Generation in the Age of Crisis
$14.95 pb New Society Press 9780865717107

WAR: Women Art Revolution An entertaining and revelatory secret history of Feminist Art, WAR illuminates this underexplored movement through conversations, archival footage, and works of visionary artists, historians, curators, and critics. Starting from its roots in 1960s antiwar and civil rights protests, the film details developments in womens art through the 1970s and explores how the tenacity and courage of these pioneering artists resulted in what is now widely regarded as the most significant art movement of the late-20th century.
Michael Winterbottom, Mat Whitecross & Naomi Klein

The Atlas of Climate Change: Mapping the Worlds Greatest Challenge, 3rd Edition
$21.95 pb University of California Press 9780520268234

As a call-to-action, share or die doesnt only refer to resource depletion, disappearing jobs, or stagnating wages. It refers to social death too, and to finding the common sense ideas and practices needed to not merely survive, but to build a place where its worth living. A series of forays into uncharted territory, this graphically rich collection of essays, narratives, and how-tos is an intimate guide to the new economic order and a must-read for anyone attempting to understand what it means to live within the challenges of our time.
Stephen Hren

The Shock Doctrine: Disaster Capitalism in Action From filmmakers Michael Winterbottom (The Killer Inside Me) and Mat Whitecross (The Road to Guantanamo), and based on Naomi Kleins provocative book, The Shock Doctrine is a gripping and incisive deconstruction of how radical free market policies have come to dominate the world. This is different from the PM DVD of nearly the same name, in that there she gives a lecture, and this seems filmy!
$29.99 DVD Kimstrim No ISBN

This highly acclaimed atlas (winner of Planeta Environment Paperback of the Year, it says!) distills the vast science of climate change, providing a reliable and insightful guide to this rapidly growing field. This new edition reflects the latest developments in climate change research and the impact of climate change, and in current efforts to mitigate and adapt to changes in the worlds weather.
David Gessner

Tales From the Sustainable Underground: A Wild Journey With People Who Care More About the Planet Than the Law Activists striving for any type of social change often find themselves operating on the fringes of legal and social norms. Many experience difficulties when their innovative ideas run afoul of antiquated laws and regulations that favor a big business energy- and materialintensive approach. Tales From the Sustainable Underground is packed with the stories of just some of these pioneerswho care more for the planet than the ruleswhether theyre engaged in natural building, permaculture, community development, or ecologically based art.
$17.95 pb New Society Press 9780865716872

Tarball Chronicles: A Journey Beyond the Oiled Pelican and Into the Heart of the Gulf Oil Spill Traveling the shores of the Gulf from east to west with oceanographers, subsistence seafood distributors, and other
$16.00 pb Milkweed Editions 9781571313379




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Steve Lerner & Phil Brown

Sacrifice Zones: The Front Lines of Toxic Chemical Exposure Across the US, thousands of people, most of them in lowincome or minority communities, live next to heavily polluting industrial sites. After living for years with poisoned air and water, contaminated soil, and pollution-related health problems, they start to take action organizing, speaking up, documenting the effects of pollution on their neighborhoods. Sacrifice Zones tells the stories of twelve communities that rose up to fight the industries and military bases causing these levels of chemical pollution.
Michael Lewis & Pat Conaty
$19.95 pb MIT Press 9780262518178

Miles Olson

Unlearn, Rewild: Earth Skills, Ideas and Inspiration For the Future Primitive Picture a world where humans exist, like all other living things, in balance. Where there is no separation between human and wild. Unlearn, Rewild envisions such a world, probing deeply into the cultural constraints on our ability to lead truly sustainable lives, and offering tangible tools to move toward another way of living, seeing, and thinking. Part philosophical treatise, part hard-core survival guide, this unique manual blends philosophy with an introduction to a rich assortment of traditional living skills.
Kendra Pierre-Louis
$15.95 pb New Society Press 9780865717213

Paraguay to Indonesia, via the Hudson Valley, Detroit, and Germanys Black Forest, to investigate green capitalism, and argues for solutions that are not mere palliatives or distractions.
Diana Schumacher

Small Is Beautiful in the 21st Century: The Legacy of E. F. Schumacher An influential economist and profound thinker, E. F. Schumacher is widely known for his bestselling book Small Is Beautiful. In the thirty-five years since he died, many other organizations have been established that trace their primary inspiration back to Schumacher. This book traces this legacy through the activities and outreach of those pioneering organizations that, over the years, have been working on practical solutions to our interrelated global crises.
Matthew Sinclair
$14.95 pb Chelsea Green 9781900322751

The Resilience Imperative: Cooperative Transitions to a Steady-State Economy

$26.95 pb New Society Press 9780865717077

Green Washed: Why We Cant Buy Our Way to A Green Planet The message that our environment is in peril has filtered from environmental groups to the American consciousness to our shopping carts. Every day, millions of Americans dutifully replace conventional produce with organic and swap Mr. Clean for Seventh Generation. Many of us have come to believe that the path to sustainability is paved by shopping green. Although this green consumer movement certainly has many Americans consuming differently, it raises an important and rarely asked questionis this consumption really any better for the planet?
John Robbins
$15.95 pb IG Publishing 9781935439431

We find ourselves between a rock and a hot place compelled by the intertwined forces of peak oil and climate change to reinvent our economic life at a much more local and regional scale. The Resilience Imperative argues for a major social, ecological, and economic change as a prerequisite for replacing the paradigm of limitless economic growth with a more decentralized, cooperative, steady-state economy.
Eduardo Molinari

Let Them Eat Carbon: The Price of Failing Climate Change Policies, and How Governments and Big Business Profit From Them Around the world companies are making billions out of the green policy schemes governments have put in place saying they will curb global warming and protect us from the threat of climate change. Matthew Sinclair looks at the myths perpetuated by the burgeoning climate change industry, examines the individual policies, and the potentially disastrous targets being put into place by ambitious politicians, and proposes a more realistic alternative.
Gar Smith
$15.95 pb Biteback Publishing 9781849541169

Walking Archives: The Soy Children Who are children of genetically modified soy production? What disowned bastards are produced by the hybridization of agri-business, biotech, capital, and culture? To answer these questions the Archivo Caminante (Walking Archive) embarks on a trip through the opaque and strange world of GM soya plants in Argentina in search of the forces that swirl around the soya rhizome. In the style of Gullivers Travels it makes visible some of the routes in the soya chain giving shape to a new international division of labor food policy in global semiocapitalism.
Andrew Nikiforuk
$15.00 pb Autonomedia 9781570272448

Diet for a New America: How Your Food Choices Affect Your Health, Happiness and the Future of Life on Earth (25th Anniversary Edition)
$18.95 pb HJ Kramer/New World Library 9781932073546

Since the 1987 publication of Diet for a New America, beef consumption in the United States has fallen a remarkable 19%. While many forces are contributing to this dramatic shift in our habits, Diet for a New America is considered, by some, to be one of the most important. This is a startling examination of the food we currently buy and eat in the United States, and the astounding moral, economic, and emotional price we pay for it.
Heather Rogers

Nuclear Roulette: The Truth about the Most Dangerous Energy Source on Earth Nuclear Roulette dismantles the core arguments behind the nuclear-industrial complexs Nuclear Renaissance. While some critiques are familiarnuclear power is too costly, too dangerous, and too unstable others are surprising. Nuclear Roulette exposes historic links to nuclear weapons, impacts on Indigenous lands and lives, and the ways in which the Nuclear Regulatory Commission too often takes its lead from industry.
Matt Soltys
$19.95 pb Chelsea Green 9781603584340

Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent Tar Sands critically examines the frenzied development in the Canadian tar sands and the far-reaching implications for all of North America. This award-winning book exposes the disastrous environmental, social, and political costs of the tar sands, arguing forcefully for change.
$17.95 pb Greystone Books 9781553655558

Green Gone Wrong: Dispatches from the Front Lines of EcoCapitalism Faced with climate change, many advise going green, encouraging us to buy organic food or a clean car, for example. But can we rely on consumerism to provide a solution to the very problems it has helped cause? Heather Rogers travels from
$16.95 pb Verso 9781844679010

Tangled Roots: Dialogues Exploring Ecological Justice, Healing and Decolonization

$16.00 pb Healing the Earth Press 9780987958709

Tangled Roots examines oftneglected intersections of social and ecological issues.

AK PRESS 2013 catalog eco/green


Some of the interviews within take a critical look at our world today examining the ongoing legacy of colonialism in North America, the destructiveness of industrial civilization, the ecological impacts of agriculture and the telecommunications industry others deal with healing emotional trauma, deconstructing conventional scientific paradigms, and repairing the earth.
Severine von Tscharner Fleming (ed)

raiser whose first book, An Unreasonable Woman (which we used to have but alas, no longer), told of her battle to save her bay in Seadrift, Texas. Back then, she was an accidental activist who worked with whistleblowers, organized protests, and eventually sunk her own boat to stop the plasticmanufacturing giant Formosa from releasing dangerous chemicals into water she shrimped in, grew up on, and loved. But, it turns out, the fight against Formosa was just the beginning
John Zerzan

as outmoded and flawed, some are begrudgingly acknowledging an analysis that sees capitalism as inherently unstable. And of course, there are those, like Michael Heinrich, who have seen the value of Marx all along, and are in a unique position to explain the intricacies of Marxs thought.
Maurizio Lazzarato

The 2013 New Farmers Almanac: An Entertaining Collection of Practical Advice for Farmers and Other Patriots This is a book with its eye fixed sharply on the future of AmericaHow will we reclaim a landscape dominated by monoculture? How will we accommodate the upcoming climate megaflux? How will our nation change, and who will be changing it? This Almanac is 352 pages, brimming with the ideas of its 120 contributors, with essays and illustrations of agrarian advice, technical and philosophical, contemporary and historical. For farmers and nonfarmers!
Anthony Weston
$20.00 pb Greenhorns 9780615742458

The Making of the Indebted Man: An Essay on the Neoliberal Condition Debt has become a major concern of economic and political leaders. In this book, Lazzarato shows that, far from being a threat to the capitalist economy, debt lies at the very core of the neoliberal project. Through a reading of Marxs lesser-known youthful writings on John Mill, and a rereading of writings by Nietzsche, Deleuze, Guattari, and Foucault, the author demonstrates that debt is above all a political construction, and that the creditor/debtor relation is the fundamental social relation of Western societies.
Rosa Luxemburg
$13.95 pb Semiotext(e) 9781584351153

Future Primitive Revisited Future Primitive, the core innovative essay of Future Primitive Revisited, has been out of print for years. This new edition is updated with never-beforeprinted essays that speak to a youthful political movement and influential writers such as Derrick Jensen.
$15.00 pb Feral House 9781936239290

David Graeber

Debt: The First 5,000 Years Now in paperback! Here anthropologist David Graeber presents a stunning reversal of conventional wisdom. He shows that for more than 5,000 years, since the beginnings of the first agrarian empires, humans have used elaborate credit systems to buy and sell goodsthat is, long before the invention of coins or cash. It is in this era, Graeber argues, that we also first encounter a society divided into debtors and creditors.
Robin Hahnel
$22.00 pb Melville House 9781612191294

Mobilizing the Green Imagination: An Exuberant Manifesto Dysfunctional cities, catastrophic climate change, ever-deepening distance from naturetoday we see environmental disaster everywhere we look. In Mobilizing the Green Imagination, philosophical provocateur Anthony Weston urges us to move beyond ever-more desperate attempts to green the status quo toward entirely different and far more inviting ecological visions.
Chris Williams
$14.95 pb New Society Press 9780865717091

Reform or Revolution: And Other Writings A polemic writing by the famous Red Rosa Luxemburg, Reform or Revolution (published in 1899) explains why capitalism can never overcome its internal contradictions. An effective refutation of revisionist interpretations of Marxist doctrine, it defines the position of scientific socialism on the issues of social reforms, the state, democracy, and the character of the proletarian revolution.
Karl Marx
$10.95 pb Dover 9780486447766

Ecology and Socialism: Solutions to Capitalist Ecological Crisis Around the world, awareness of the threat to our environment is growing. The majority of solutions on offer, from using efficient light bulbs to biking to work, focus on individual lifestyle changes, yet the scale of the crisis requires far deeper adjustments. Ecology and Socialism argues that time still remains to save humanity and the planet, but only by building social movements for environmental justice that can demand changes in our economy, workplaces, and infrastructure.
Diane Wilson
$12.00 pb Haymarket 9781608460915

Of the People, By the People: The Case for a Participatory Economy Unless the economy is of the people and by the people it will never be for the people. This book is for people who want to know what a desirable alternative to capitalism might look like. It is for people who want more than rosy rhetoric and Pollyanna-ish descriptions of people working in harmony. It is for people who want to dig into what economic justice and economic democracy mean.
Michael Heinrich
$14.99 pb Soapbox 9780983059769

Capital: Volume 1 Hailed by Friedrich Engels as the bible of the working class (he would say that!), this 1867 classic of political economics changed the course of history. Thirty years in the making, Capital, Volume I was the first installment of Karl Marxs three-part Das Kapital and the only volume published during his lifetime.
Robert Pollin
$14.95 pb Dover 9780486477480

Back to Full Employment Full employment used to be an explicit goal of economic policy in most of the industrialized world. Some countries even achieved it. In Back to Full Employment, economist Robert Pollin argues that the United Statestoday faced with its highest level of unemployment since the Great Depressionshould put full employment back on the agenda.
$14.95 hb Boston Review 97802620175272

An Introduction to the Three Volumes of Karl Marxs Capital The global economic crisis and recession that began in 2008 had at least one unexpected outcome: a surge in sales of Karl Marxs Capital. Although mainstream economists and commentators once dismissed Marxs work
$15.95 pb Monthly Review 9781583672884

Diary of an Eco-Outlaw: An Unreasonable Woman Breaks the Law for Mother Earth
$17.95 pb Chelsea Green 9781603582155

Diane Wilson is an activist, shrimper, and all around hell-



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Saral Sarkar

The Crises of Capitalism: A Different Study of Political Economy For nearly 300 years, capitalism propelled the worlds most successful economies to new heights of development. But a spate of global environmental disasters and severe economic crises compels thinkers to question whether the system continues to function. Leveraging historical perspective, extensive research, and case studies, The Crises of Capitalism builds a compelling argument that challenges the most fundamental assumptions of prevailing economic theory.
Philip B. Smith & Manfred Max-Neef
$27.00 hb Counterpoint 9781619020061

Richard Wolff & David Barsamian

Occupy the Economy: Challenging Capitalism In eye-opening interviews with prominent economist Richard Wolff, David Barsamian probes the root causes of the current economic crisis, its unjust social consequences, and what can and should be done to turn things around. While others blame corrupt bankers and unregulated speculators, the government, or even the poor who borrowed, the authors show that the causes of the crisis run much deeper.
$14.95 pb City Lights 9780872865679

between educational theories and collective actions.

Sherman Alexie

Blasphemy: New and Selected Stories A bold and irreverent observer of life among Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest, the daring, versatile, funny, and outrageous Sherman Alexie show cases his many talents in Blasphemy, where he unites fifteen beloved classics with fifteen new stories in one sweeping anthology for devoted fans and first-time readers.
J. Douglas Allen-Taylor
$24.95 pb Freedom Voices 9780915117215 $27.00 hb Grove/Atlantic 9780802120397

Jeff Bale & Sarah Knopp

Economics Unmasked: From Power and Greed to Compassion and the Common Good Economics Unmasked presents a cogent critique of the dominant economic system in order to help transform our society into one in which all forms of life will be protected. The first part of this book is devoted to showing that the theoretical constructions that have been selected, work mainly to bring about injustice. The second part is concerned with what should be the foundations of a new economics where justice, human dignity, compassion, and reverence for life must be the guiding values.
Eric Toussaint
$21.95 pb Green Books 9781900322706

Education and Capitalism: Struggles for Learning and Liberation In the first decade of the 21st century, a conservative, bipartisan consensus dominates the discussion about whats wrong with our schools and how to fix them. Informed by a revolutionary vision of pedagogy, schools, and education, this book paints a radical critique of education in Corporate America, past and present, and contributes to a vision of alternatives for education and liberation.
Zack Furness (ed)
$17.00 pb Haymarket 9781608461479

Sugaree Rising: A Novel Set in the South Carolina coastal area Lowcountry in the late Depression years, Sugaree Rising is the story of community resistance to a massive community relocation forced by a Tennessee Valley Authority dam building and rural electrification project. The novel also details the struggles of a unique group of Lowcountry African-American people commonly known as the Gullahto maintain a religion and culture largely based in their ancestral African homeland.
Anarchist Writers Bloc

Punkademics: The Basement Show in the Ivory Tower Punkademics gives voice to some of the people who arguably best understand the odd bedfellows of punk and academia. In addition to being one of the first edited collections of scholarly work on punk, it is a timely book that features original essays, interviews, and select reprints from notable writers, musicians, visual artists, and emerging talents who actively cut and paste the boundaries between punk culture, politics, and higher education.
Robert H. Haworth (ed)
$20.00 pb Minor Compositions 9781570272295

A Glance in the Rearview Mirror: Neoliberal Ideology From its Origins to its Present As the financial crisis continues to shake the global economy it has begun to expose cracks in the ideological edifice long used to justify neo-liberal policies of privatization and austerity. This informed and accessible primer drives a wedge into these cracks, allowing the non-experts among the 99% to understand the flaws in the economic philosophy of the 1%.
Richard Wolff
$4.95 pam Haymarket 9781608462544

Subversions : Volume 2, Anarchist Short Stories/ Nouvelles Anarchistes/ Novelle Anarchiche The second volume of Subversions brings together twenty-eight original, previously unpublished short stories with an anarchist flair in English, French, and Italian. Includes contributions from Norman Nawrocki, Jamie Heckert, Jim Miller (author of Flash!), Peter Gelderloos, Sandra Jeppesen, and many more
Catastrophone Orchestra
$16.00 pb Les Pages Noires 9782980576331

Democracy At Work: A Cure for Capitalism Capitalismthe systemhas spawned deepening economic crisis alongside its bought-andpaid-for political establishment. Neither serves the needs of our society. One key cause for this intolerable state of affairs is the lack of genuine democracy in our economy as well as in our politics. The solution requires the institution of genuine economic democracy, starting with workers directing their own workplaces.
$15.00 pb Haymarket 9781608462476

Anarchist Pedagogies: Collective Actions, Theories, and Critical Reflections on Education Important and challenging issues in the area of anarchism and education are presented in this history of egalitarian and free-school practices. From Francisco Ferrers modern schools in Spain and the Work Peoples College in the United States, to contemporary actions in developing free skools in the United Kingdom and Canada, the contributors illustrate the importance of developing complex connections
$24.95 pb PM Press 9781604864847

Catastrophone Orchestra: A Collection of Works The underside of the city is laid bare in this collection. The Orchestra itself provides only the bookends for five seasonals, a distinctly Victorian genre of short fiction that has been given new life in these pages. Street brawls and gangs, mechanical mothers, slaughterhouses and circuses, magicians and orphanages, laborers and strikes, the Catastrophone Orchestra has seen it all. Five seasonals, a backstory, and two groundbreaking steampunk essays are herein collected.
$8.00 pb Combustion Books 9780983497141

AK PRESS 2013 catalog econ/education/fiction


Shawna Dempsey & Lorri Millan

Ursula K. Le Guin

Bedtime Stories for the Edge of the World Into their re-imaginings of colonial North American myths, artists Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan have inserted women who question puritanical values of good and evil, right and wrong, and the sense of promise, space, resource, and opportunity that the so-called New World has traditionally implied. The eight short stories of this volume span the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, exploring the distinctly North American fictions that justice and equality exist, that infinite growth is feasible and desirable, and that anything is possible.
Zora Neale Hurston
$21.95 hb Arbeiter Ring 9781894037822

The Unreal and the Real, Selected Stories of Ursula K. Le Guin, Volume One: Where on Earth In this two-volume selection of Ursula K. Le Guins best short stories (each sold separately!)as selected by the author herself the reader will be delighted, provoked, amused, and faced with the sharp, satirical voice of one of the best short story writers of the present day. Where on Earth explores Le Guins earthbound stories, which range around the world from small town Oregon to middle Europe in the middle of revolution to summer camp.
Ursula K. Le Guin
$24.00 hb Small Beer Press 9781618730343

Marge Piercy


At the center of this novel stands Vida Asch. She has lived underground for almost a decade. Back in the 60s she was a political star of the exuberant antiwar movementa redhaired beauty photographed for the pages of Life magazine charismatic, passionate, and totally sure she would prevail. Now, a decade later, Vida is on the run, her star-quality replaced by stubborn courage.
Benjamin Alire Senz

$20.00 pb PM Press 9781604864878

Everything Begins and Ends at the Kentucky Club Sometimes the border is a mirror, sometimes an escape, and sometimes its just the bridge you cross to go home... These stories reveal how all bordersreal, imagined, sexual, human, the line between dark and light, addict and straight entangle those who live on either side. Take, for instance, the Kentucky Club on Avenida Jurez two blocks south of the Rio Grande.
$16.95 hb Cinco Puntos 9781935955320

I Love Myself When I Am Laughing: A Zora Neale Hurston Reader The most prolific AfricanAmerican woman author from 1920 to 1950, Zora Neale Hurston was praised for her writing and condemned for her independence, arrogance, and audaciousness. This unique anthology, with fourteen superb examples of her fiction, journalism, folklore, and autobiography, rightfully establishes her as the intellectual and spiritual leader of the next generation of black writers. Zora Neale Hurston is great. This is highly recommended!
Margaret Killjoy, Thursday Czolgosz & The Catastrophone Orchestra
$15.95 pb Feminist Press 9780912670669

The Unreal and the Real, Selected Stories of Ursula K. Le Guin, Volume Two: Outer Space, Inner Lands Part two! Outer Space, Inner Lands includes many of the best known Ursula K. Le Guin nonrealistic stories (such as The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas, Semleys Necklace, and She Unnames Them), which have shaped the way many readers see the world.
Shahrnush Parsipur
$24.00 hb Small Beer Press 9781618730350

Women Without Men: A Novel of Modern Iran A modern literary masterpiece, Women Without Men creates an evocative and powerfully drawn allegory of life in contemporary Iran. Internationally acclaimed writer Shahrnush Parsipur follows the interwoven destinies of five womenincluding a prostitute, a wealthy middle-aged housewife, and a schoolteacheras they arrive by different paths to live together in a garden in Tehran.
Marge Piercy
$15.95 pb Feminist Press 9781558617537

Still Waters Run Deep: Young Womens Writing from Russia These frank, unsparing, and varied stories by women in their twenties and thirties reveal the evolution of womens consciousness in Russia through two decades of violent social upheaval.
Chavisa Woods
$15.00 pb GLAS Publishers 9785717200950

White is the Color of Death

$8.00 pb Combustion Books 9781938660047

The world has been remade in winter and twilight, and life in Victorian England will never be the same again. These three stories show us a frozen apocalypse and two very different paths to salvation. While communities grow embittered with each year, struggling to keep themselves alive, the enigmatic Afflicted hunt down what survivors are left for purposes unknown. From the radical steampunk pioneers The Catastrophone Orchestra and Margaret Killjoy comes a foray into and out of madness.
Chris Kraus

Love Does Not Make Me Gentle or Kind Love Does Not Make Me Gentle or Kind is a collection of short stories that fit together as chapters of a novel, focusing on the formative and tumultuous moments in the lives of two women as children and adults, whose characters are abstracted within the context of each story. Primarily set in rural America and other transient realms, this book combines realism with elements of metafiction, magnifying the extraordinary interpersonal worlds created by the circumstances of their outer reality.
$15.95 pb Autonomedia 9781570272530

Dance the Eagle to Sleep: A Novel Originally published in 1970, Marge Piercys second novel follows the lives of four teenagers in a near-future society as they rebel against a military draft and the system. As driving, violent, and nuanced today as it was forty years ago, this anniversary edition includes a new introduction by the author reflecting unapologetically on the novel and the times from which it emerged.
$17.95 pb PM Press 9781604864564

Summer of Hate Fiction from the author of Semiotext(e)s Where Art Belongs. Summer of Hate is a novel about flawed reciprocity and American justice, recording recent events through the prism of a beleaguered romance. As lucid and trenchant as ever, Kraus in her newest novel reminds us that the writer can be a first responder of sorts when power becomes invisible, or merely banal.
$17.95 pb Semiotext(e) 9781584351139



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of capitalism, these writings continue the investigation of the economic roots of violence against women.
Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Exodus And Reconstruction: Working-Class Women at the Heart of Globalization Traditional rural patriarchy based on family farming is finally, steadily, decisively, being crushed by global capital. New capitalism is here, bringing with it new politics. At the most fundamental level, this politics is not about oil. Its not about religion. Its not about imperialist men versus anti-imperialist men. Its about women and womens labor: women at the heart of a transformed global proletariat.
Professor Calamity et al.
$10.00 pb Combustion Books 9781938660030 $4.50 pam Kersplebedeb 9781894946421

sex guide contains detailed instructions to most every sex act you might be curious about, plus related discussions about topics like gender and orientation, the Internet, health, pregnancy, kink, and sex in history and culture, to name a few.

Women and Economics

$9.95 pb Dover 9780486299747

This masterpiece of social science, first published in 1898, explores the evolution of womens economic reliance on men. Gilman (author of The Yellow Wallpaper, a feminist classic) discusses the limitations in intellectual and emotional development inherent in this convention and its injurious effects on both sexes. A classic of feminist theory, this work still resonates a century after its initial publication.
Lillian Harman

Queer Liberation is Class Struggle That the issue of gay marriage has dominated and overshadowed other important discussions that should be had among queer radicals shows that there has been a lack of strategy and vision of queer liberation that integrates anti-racist, anti-patriarchy, class struggle, and anti-ableist perspectives. While academics have churned out thousands of books on queer theory, spinning our heads dizzy with abstract lingo, those of us on the ground have not similarly churned out our own theory and practice of queer struggles.
Lesley Kinzel
$4.00 pam Thoughtcrime Ink No ISBN

A Steampunks Guide to Sex From the great minds who brought you A Steampunks Guide to the Apocalypse now comes A Steampunks Guide to Sex. Your guide to the sexy side of steampunk! Covers such hot topics as erotica, sex work, burlesque, BDSM, alternative sexualities, consent, sexual health, sex devices, and historical attitudes on sex; plus how-to guides on DIY floggers, steam-powered vibrators, Victorian aphrodisiacs, and more! Profusely illustrated with steampunk erotic diagrams, illustrations, and tintypes!
Barbara Ehrenreich & Deirdre English

Some Problems of Social Freedom and Other Writings from The Adult Lillian Harman was born in 1869, the daughter of freethinker, sex radical, and anarchist Moses Harman, the publisher of a number of newspapers, including the anarchist and free love paper Lucifer, the Lightbearer. Lillian Harman helped her father with the editing, typesetting, and publishing of his paper. As Harman came of age she also began contributing her own writing to Lucifer and other papers, and became in her own right a prominent anarchist feminist and proponent of anarchism, sex radicalism, and free love. This pamphlet has her contributions to The Adult and others.
Selma James
$3.00 pam Kate Sharpley Library 9781873605219

Two Whole Cakes: How to Stop Dieting and Learn to Love Your Body In the age of The Biggest Loser and the war on obesity, were pressured to conform to certain body standards at any cost. In Two Whole Cakes, Fatshionista extraordinaire Lesley Kinzel tells stories, gives advice, and challenges stereotypes about being and feeling fat. Kinzel says no to diet fads and pills, shows by example how to stop hating your body, celebrates self-acceptance at any size, and urges you to finally accept the truth: your body is not a tragedy!
Sergio Gonzalez Rodriguez
$14.95 pb Feminist Press 9781558617933

Complaints and Disorders: The Sexual Politics of Sickness

$9.95 pb Feminist Press 9781558616950

Citing vivid examples, including numerous treatments and rest cures perpetrated on women through the decades, the authors analyze the biomedical rationale used to justify the wholesale sex discrimination throughout our culture. Ever since Hippocrates, male medics have treated women as the weaker sex. Complaints and Disorders reveals this history and asserts the need for a new substance and style of medical practice as it relates to women.
Silvia Federici

Sex, Race, and Class: The Perspective of Winning, A Selection of Writings 1952 2011 In 1972 Selma James set out a new political perspective. Her starting point was the millions of unwaged women who, working in the home and on the land, were not seen as workers and their struggles viewed as outside of the class struggle. For James, the class struggle presents itself as the conflict between the reproduction and survival of the human race, and the domination of the market with its exploitation, wars, and ecological devastation.
Paul Joannides
$20.00 pb PM Press 9781604864540

The Femicide Machine

$12.95 pb Semiotext(e) 9781584351108

Revolution at Point Zero: Housework, Reproduction, and Feminist Struggle Originally inspired by Federicis organizational work in the Wages for Housework movement, the topics discussed include the international restructuring of reproductive work and its effects on the sexual division of labor, the globalization of care work and sex work, the crisis of elder care, and the development of affective labor. Both a brief history of the international feminist movement and a contemporary critique
$15.95 pb PM Press 9781604863338

The Guide To Getting It On!: Americas Coolest And Most Informative Book About Sex, 7th Edition Have you, too, just run out of ways to get it on? Never fearthe seventh, updated edition is in! This bestselling, massive (and excellent, they say)
$28.95 pb Goofy Foot Press 9781885535757

Written especially for Semiotext(e)s Intervention series, The Femicide Machine synthesizes Rodriguezs documentation of the murders of women and girls in Juarez, his analysis of the unique urban conditions in which they take place, and a discussion of the terror techniques of narco-warfare that have spread to both sides of the border. The result is a gripping polemic. The Femicide Machine probes the anarchic confluence of global capital with corrupt national politics and displaced, transient labor, and introduces the work of one of Mexicos most eminent writers to American readers.

AK PRESS 2013 catalog

gender & sexuality


Tristan Taormino, Constance Penley, Celine Parrenas Shimizu, Mireille MillerYoung (eds)

Paul Buhle, Christopher Hutchinson, Gary Dumm & Sharon Rudahl

Alec Icky Dunn & Josh MacPhee

The Feminist Porn Book: The Politics of Producing Pleasure The Feminist Porn Book brings together for the first time writings by feminists in the adult industry and research by feminist porn scholars. This book investigates not only how feminists understand pornography, but also how feminists do porn that is, direct, act in, produce, and consume one of the worlds most lucrative and growing industries.
Michelle Tea, Cristy Road, Ali Liebegott, et al.
$22.95 pb Feminist Press 9781558618183

Robin Hood: Peoples Outlaw and Forest Hero, A Graphic Guide Through a study of literature and film, this book explores the mysteries, the historical evidence, and the trajectory that led to centuries of village festivals around Mayday and the green space of nature unconquered by the forces in power. Great revolutionaries adopted Robin Hood as hero, childrens books offered many versions, and Robin entered modern popular culture with cheap novels, silent films, and comics.
David Cogswell
$15.00 pb PM Press 9781604863185

Signal: 02: A Journal of International Political Graphics and Culture Dedicated to documenting the compelling graphics, art projects, and cultural movements of international resistance and liberation struggles, this unique resource serves as an active discussion of the role of art in revolution. Introducing the artists and cultural workers who have been at the center of upheavals and revolts, this work includes political posters, comics, murals, zines, and features works from both present and past.
Art Hazelwood
$14.95 pb/journal PM Press 9781604860917

Sister Spit: Writing, Rants and Reminiscence from the Road A collection of writing and artwork from the irreverent, flagrantly queer, hilariously feminist, tough-talking, genre-busting ruffians who have toured with the legendary Sister Spit. Cofounded in 1997 by award-winning writer Michelle Tea, Sister Spit is an underground cultural institution, a gender-bending writers cabaret that brings a changing roster of both emerging writers and some of the most important queer and counterculture artists of the day to universities, art galleries, community spaces, and other venues across the country and worldwide.
Kate Zambreno
$16.95 pb City Lights 9780872865662

Zinn for Beginners Zinn For Beginners describes the life and work of the most vital historian of our time. Howard Zinn led a revolution in the writing of history by telling the story not from the standpoint of conquerors and rulers, but from the side of the ordinary people who always bear the brunt of the ambitions of tyrants.
Ricardo Corts
$14.99 pb For Beginners 9781934389409

Hobos to Street People: Artists Responses to Homelessness From the New Deal to the Present Hobos to Street People offers a comparison of the culture and politics of homelessness as seen through artwork since the Great Depression. Based on the touring exhibition of the same name that first opened in early 2009 the time of the greatest economic downturn since the 1929 Stock Market Crash. As the numbers of people living in poverty continues to swell, this book looks to the past for lessons for today. Includes Rockwell Kent, Fritz Eichenberg, Jacob Burck, Dorothea Lange and contemporary artists Kiki Smith, Sandow Birk, Eric Drooker, and many more.
Gord Hill
$25.95 pb Freedom Voices 9780915117208

A Secret History of Coffee, Coca and Cola This book is an incredible work of artistic journalism. Armed with color pencils and an eye for detail, Corts has produced a beautiful and subversive history of how that bottle of Coke ended up in your fridge. Corts weaves his peoples history with meticulously and gorgeously crafted drawingsmany of them recreations of the primary documents he uses to tell his story. The end product is a damning, epic tale of hypocrisy.
Bill Daniel
$17.95 hb Akashic 9781617751349


In Heroines, Kate Zambreno extends the polemic begun on her blog, Frances Farmer is My Sister, into a dazzling, original work of literary scholarship. Combining theories that have dictated what literature should be and who is allowed to write it, she traces the genesis of a cultural template that consistently exiles female experience to the realm of the minor, and diagnoses women for transgressing social bounds.

$17.95 pb Semiotext(e) 9781584351146

The Anti-Capitalist Resistance Comic Book In this startling, politically astute graphic novel, Gord Hill documents the history of capitalism as well as anticapitalist and anti-globalization movements around the world, from the 1999 Battle of Seattle against the WTO to the Toronto G20 summit in 2010. The dramatic accounts trace the global origins of public protests against those in power, then depict recent events based on eyewitness testimony; they paint a vivid and historically accurate picture of activists who bring the crimes of governments and multinationals to the worlds attention.
Margaret Killjoy
$12.95 pb Arsenal Pulp Press 9781551524443

Mostly True: The Story of Bozo Texino Now in a new second edition! From the maker of the documentary Who Is Bozo Texino?, this collection of railroad boxcar graffiti gives fascinating insight into vagabond culture. Filled with railroad nostalgia, freight-riding stories, historical oddities, and interviews with the graffiti artists themselves, this unique zine-turned-book seeks to acquaint the curious with the boxcar riders and taggers.
$9.95 pb Microcosm Publishing 9781621064435

Banksy, Gary Shove & Patrick Potter

Banksy: You An Acceptable Level of Threat

Being the Explorations #6

$18.00 pb Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness 9781938660061

The single best collection of photographs of Banksys street work. Period. (Says the back cover, but why not?!) You Are An Acceptable Level of Threat concentrates on this singular artists iconic imagery, spanning the late 90s up until now. The locations are from around the world (predominantly the UK, US, and Europe), and many images have never been seen before.

$35.00 hb Carpet Bombing Culture 9781908211088

The photographic explorations of the life of a wanderer. This issue fills in the gaps of previous books, including wandering in a post-apocalyptic desert, squats and demonstrations across Europe, and hopping freight trains across the US.



AK PRESS 2013 catalog

Jay Kinney (ed)

Anarchy Comics: The Complete Collection Reviving an iconic comic series originally published from 1978 to 1986 (one of them still available through us, actually), this exclusive collection brings together the four issues of Anarchy Comics, the underground comic that melded anarchist politics with a punk sensibility, producing a riveting mix of satire, revolt, and artistic experimentation.
Christopher Kul-Want
$20.00 pb PM Press 9781604865318

out of the days of subway train graffiti, spray painting, and tagging, and how the new movement of street artists are doing things differently. Filmed in New York, London, Paris, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo, the accompanying documentary shows the artists at work.

Sean Stewart

On the Ground: An Illustrated Anecdotal History of the Sixties Underground Press in the US This account of the rise of the sixties underground press in the United States unfolds through the anecdotes and stories told by veterans of the movement. Over 100 images (color and b&w) taken from the pages of newspapers such as The Black Panther, It Aint Me Babe, The Realist, Los Angeles Free Press, Rat Subterranean News, and many more.
Sublevarte Colectivo
$20.00 pb PM Press 9781604864557

The Co-operative Revolution: A Graphic Novel As the dominant economic system is increasingly called into question, the time of the co-operative has well and truly come. Illustrating the history of the co-operative movement from its humble beginnings in the north of England to a worldwide network, this graphic novel presents a robust foundation for future well-being.
Cristy C. Road
$9.95 pb New Internationalist 9781780260822

Introducing Slavoj Zizek: A Graphic Guide Zizek is both a serious revolutionary and an absurdist prankster, published in academic journals and Abercrombie & Fitch catalogs. Besides his work on popular culture, he is concerned with politics and ideology. Introducing Slavoj Zizek reveals a provocateur whose work on Lacanian psychoanalysis collides with Marxist philosophy
John Maher
$9.95 pb Totem Books 9781848312937

La Persistencia de los Sueos/ The Persistence of Dreams La Persistencia de los Sueos/ The Persistence of Dreams is a bilingual retrospective of the work of the Mexico City graphics collective Sublevarte. Sublevarte Colectivo, a group born of the 1999 student strikes in Mexico City, worked with Interference Archive to produce this retrospective collection of their thirteen years of graphic production. This booklet was produced to accompany their exhibition at Interference Archive, but stands alone as a document of their work.
Michael Wayne
$6.00 pam Interference Archive No ISBN

Spit and Passion At twelve years old, Cristy Road is trying to balance the values of a Cuban Catholic family with her new-found queer identity, and begins a chronic obsession with the punk band Green Day. In this stunning graphic memoir, Road renders the clash between her rich inner world of fantasy and the numbing suburban conformity she is surrounded by.
Ryo Sanada & Suridh Hassan
$15.95 pb Feminist Press 9781558618077

Introducing Chomsky: A Graphic Guide Focusing on his contributions to linguistics, Introducing Chomsky traces Noam Chomskys understanding of cognitive realities in the use of language and the technical apparatus needed to represent it. The book also describes Chomskys radical critique of power institutions and the pathways of oppression and his commitment to freedom and justice.
J.R. Mathews
$9.95 pb Totem Books 9781848312067

Graffiti Asia

Graffiti Underworld: Villains, Vandals and Visionaries Weve seen the folk art form of graffiti derided by police and civic leaders as pure vandalism. In the 90s some of it was upgraded to art museums, and today the political street art of Banksy and Shepard Fairey recontextualize graffiti art yet again. Here, J.R. Mathews bypasses the art galleries and travels across the United States to rediscover the original outlaw vandals for no-bullshit interviews about their risky and exciting outlaw creations.
Sebastian Peiter
$29.95 hb Feral House 9781936239160

This book is the first to examine the spread of graffiti in Asia, concentrating mainly on Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan, as well as the Philippines, China, and Hong Kong. Interviews with local artists provide an insight into the life of the graffiti artist in countries far removed from graffitis origins in the US.
Joey Alison Sayers

$21.95 hb Laurence King 9781856696494

Marxs Das Kapital For Beginners Marxs Das Kapital cannot be put into a box marked economics. It is a work of politics, history, economics, philosophy and even, in places, literature. Marxs Das Kapital For Beginners is an introduction to the Marxist critique of capitalist production and its consequences for a whole range of social activities such as politics, media, education and religion. Its a graphic guide! Youre welcome!
$16.99 pb For Beginners 9781934389591

Stupid Dreams: The Complete 5-Minute Comics Collection Joey Sayers is a hilarious genius. We at AK have been fans for a long time, and now the rest of the world is catching on! Her work has appeared in MAD magazine and various weeklies all over the country, and has been anthologized in The Best American Non-Required Reading. Heres a collection of five-minute comics (each one is actually drawn in under five minutes). They poke fun at everyday life situations and pretty much every taboo subject you can think of.
$12.00 pb 1984 Printing 9780982015926

Julie Guthman

Weighing In: Obesity, Food Justice, and the Limits of Capitalism

$26.95 pb University of California Press 9780520266254

Guerilla Art

$14.95 hb/dvd Laurence King 9781856695930

In this unique book + DVD package, graffiti-inspired street art pioneers discuss their own work, how street art was born

Julie Guthman examines fatness and its relationship to health outcomes to ask if our efforts to prevent obesity are sensible, efficacious, or ethical. She also focuses the lens of obesity on the broader food system to understand why we produce cheap, over-processed food, as well as why we eat it. Guthman takes issue with the currently touted remedy to obesitypromoting food that is local, organic, and farm fresh. This

AK PRESS 2013 catalog graphic/health


approach can reinforce class and race inequalities and neglect other possible explanations for the rise in obesity, including environmental toxins.
Will Hall

Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs

$8.00 pb Icarus Project /Freedom Center 9780980070927

streets with our friends, and other times we may find ourselves desperate and burnt out, feeling the entire world suffering under our solitary skin. Mindful Occupation aims to address the need for attention to mental health, healing, and emotional first aid within Occupy and other movement groups.

Janet Biehl & Peter Staudenmaier

member of the IWWpenned one final telegram from his Utah prison cell: Could you arrange to have my body hauled to the state line to be buried? I dont want to be found dead in Utah. Remains to be Seen traces the ashes of Joe Hill from their distribution in Chicago to wartime New Zealand. Drawing on previously unseen archival material, it examines the persecution of anarchists, socialists, and Wobblies in New Zealand during the First World War
Peter Day

Now in a second edition! The Icarus Project and Freedom Centers expanded fifty-two-page guide gathers the best information weve come across and the most valuable lessons weve learned about reducing and coming off psychiatric medication. Includes info on mood stabilizers, anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs, risks, benefits, wellness tools, withdrawal, a detailed resource section, information for people staying on their medications, and much more.
Icarus Project

Ecofascism Revisited: Lessons From the German Experience From the contested history of the Third Reich to the ongoing attempts by far-right currents to modernize their appeal through selective use of ecological themes, this book traces the surprising background and contemporary significance of reactionary varieties of ecology in Germany and elsewhere. This is a reprint of AK Presss Ecofascism, but the original chapters have been supplemented by an extensive epilogue exploring the historical and political implications of the ecofascist legacy.
Joshua Bloom & Waldo E. Martin Jr.
$19.95 pb New Compass 9788293064121

Francos Friends: How British Intelligence Helped Bring Franco to Power in Spain It is known that a British plane took Francisco Franco from the Canaries to Morocco at the start of the coup. What is not known is that the plane was chartered by an MI6 agent and that British secret services continued working behind the scenes in Spain through to World War II, to ensure British interests were maintained. Crucially, MI6 paid bribes to Spanish generals to keep Spain neutral, thus reaping the benefits for Britain from 1939 45. Francos Friends reveals how Britain made a dubious moral choice that would have repercussions on the outcome of the Second World War.
Sam Dolgoff
$29.95 hb Biteback Publishing 9781849540988

Navigating the Space Between Brilliance and Madness: A Reader & Roadmap of Bipolar Worlds (10th Anniversary Edition) This book emerged out of our websitewhich has been helping a brilliant and disparate group of folks find ways to talk about manic depression that make sense to us, the people living with it, and helps us to live better lives rather than backing us into corners. This book began as a way of bringing these conversations onto the written page and into the hands of people who might not spend time on the Internet. It has evolved into a set of alternative roadmaps for people like us who are trying to take care of ourselves and live out our dreams.
Marion Nestle
$10.00 pb Icarus Project 9780985820817

Black Against Empire: The History and Politics of the Black Panther Party

The Cuban Revolution This book sheds new light on the Cuban Revolution. It also adds new dimensions to the traditional way that fundamental social and political changes take place. Until the publication of this book (1976), the interpretation of the significance of the Cuban Revolution, and its development had been dominated by conservative, liberal, and marxist scholars or observers. Finally we have a book by an author committed to social revolution; a book that gives a radically new interpretation of the history of modern Cuba, by drawing on new research material.
Stuart Easterling
$17.95 pb Black Rose 9780919618350

Food Politics: How The Food Industry Influences Nutrition And Health, Updated Edition
$29.95 pb University of California Press 9780520254039

Black Against Empire is the first comprehensive overview and analysis of the history and politics of the Black Panther Party. The authors analyze key political questions, such as why so many young black people across the country risked their lives for the revolution, why the Party grew most rapidly during the height of repression, and why allies abandoned the Party at its peak of influence.
Maurice Brinton

$34.95 hb University of California Press 9780520271852

Like manufacturing cigarettes or building weapons, making food is very big business. So, of course, theyre lobbying governments, coopting experts, and marketing to kids, minorities, and developing nations. Here, in 450 pages, is a devastating analysis of how the naked selfinterest of Americas largest industry influences and compromises nutrition policy and government regulation of food safety.
Occupy Mental Health Project

The Bolsheviks and Workers Control This book seeks to contribute new factual materials to the current discussion of workers control, and it attempts a new kind of analysis of the fate of the Russian Revolution. The two, as you shall soon see, lucky reader, are inter-related! This cute little book is included in our For Workers Power. (No dustjacket on hard cover.)
Jared Davidson
$18.95 hb Black Rose 9780919618701

The Mexican Revolution: A Short History 1910 1920 Long after its outbreak, the Revolution remains the defining moment in Mexicos modern history. Yet elements of its history continue to be debated today. Who were the winners and losers? Why was there so much internal conflict? Did its heroes accomplish their goals? In a comprehensible style, aimed at students and general readers, The Mexican Revolution recounts the revolutions main events, sorts through its internal conflicts, and asks whether or not its leaders achieved their goals.
$14.00 pb Haymarket 9781608461820

Mindful Occupation: Rising Up Without Burning Out

$12.00 pb Icarus Project 9780985820800

Involvement in activism can make people especially prone to highs and lows. Sometimes we feel incredible, knowing we are part of shaping history in the

Remains to Be Seen: Tracing Joe Hills Ashes in New Zealand

$18.95 pb Rebel Press (NZ) 9780473189273

On the eve of his execution in 1915, Joe Hillradical songwriter, union organizer, and



AK PRESS 2013 catalog

J. Gerlach

The Simple History Series: Collection One Seeking to root out the truth of major historical events, this text guides readers through seven well-known but often misinterpreted historic accounts. From Hawaiis discovery to its statehood to the Cold War and the Spanish Civil War, the abridged histories in this volume seek to debunk inaccuracies commonly found in mainstream history textbooks. Collection of seven previously released zines, now in a cute little box!
Lindsey German & John Rees
$19.95 zine x 7 Microcosm Publishing 9780978866549

Richard Grabman

Gods, Gachupines and Gringos: A Peoples History of Mexico The first complete history of Mexico for general readers in many years, and maybe the very first intentionally non-academic history of Mexico, Gods, Gachupines and Gringos is a solidly researched introduction to a surprisingly multi-cultural, multifaceted nation. This book puts flesh and bones on the dusty figures of the past while shedding light on the common humanity of the uncommon humans who created this unique country and its unique culture.
Mark Holloway
$25.99 pb Editorial Mazatlan 9780981663708

in the world. Kowalik asks, how could this happen in a country that once had the largest and most militant labor movement in Europe?
Gabriel Kuhn (ed)

All Power to the Councils!: A Documentary History of the German Revolution of 1918 1919 The German Revolution erupted out of the ashes of World War I, triggered by mutinying sailors refusing to be sacrificed in the final carnage of the war. While the Social Democrats grabbed power, radicals across the country rallied to establish a communist society under the slogan All Power to the Councils! This definitive documentary history collects manifestos, speeches, articles, and letters from the German Revolution.
Holly Metz
$26.95 pb PM Press 978160486112

A Peoples History of London

$19.95 pb Verso 9781844678556

For nearly 2,000 years, London has been a breeding ground for radical ideas, home to thinkers, heretics, and rebels from John Wycliffe to Karl Marx. It has been the site of sometimes violent clashes that changed the course of history. A Peoples History of London journeys to a city of pamphleteers, agitators, exiles, and revolutionaries, where millions of people have struggled in obscurity to secure a better future.

Utopian Communities in America, 1680 1880 Fascinating accounts of the history of the most important and typical American utopian communities include surveys of Shaker, New Harmony, and Brook Farm; Fourieristic phalanxes; and Oneida settlements. Details of human interest and daily life, often quoted directly from the writings of residents and visitors, describe community constitutions, revelations, and beliefs.
George Katsiaficas
$14.95 pb Dover 9780486215938

Killing the Poormaster: A Saga of Poverty, Corruption, and Murder in the Great Depression On February 25, 1938, in the early days of the welfare system, the reviled poormaster Harry Barckwielding power over who would receive public aid died from a paper spike thrust into his heart. Barck was murdered, the prosecution would assert, by an unemployed mason named Joe Scutellaro. In denying Scutellaro money, Barck had suggested the mans wife prostitute herself on the streets rather than ask the city of Hoboken, New Jersey, for aid. Looks fascinating!
Barry Miles
$26.95 hb Lawrence Hill Books 9781613744185

Fire and Flames: A History of the German Autonomist Movement The history of the German autonomous anticapitalist movement is traced back to the 1970s in this firsthand account. Battling police in riot gear, the early members of the autonomous movement used military tactics that included barricading and hurling Molotov cocktails in protest. Dubbed the Black Bloc by the German media, those tactics were soon adopted by scores of anticapitalist groups across the globe. The dawn of the autonomous faction spawned a movement in which average citizens can reclaim their lives from governmental control.
Donny Gluckstein
$19.95 pb PM Press 9781604860979

Asias Unknown Uprisings, Volume 1: South Korean Social Movements in the 20th Century Using social movements as a prism to illuminate the ofthidden history of 20th-century Korea, this book provides detailed analysis of major uprisings that have patterned the countrys politics and society. From the 1894 Tonghak uprising through the March 1, 1919, independence movement and anti-Japanese resistance, a direct line is traced to the popular opposition to US division of Korea after World War II. The overthrow of Syngman Rhee in 1960, resistance to Park Chung-hee, the 1980 Gwangju Uprising, as well as student, labor, and feminist movements are all recounted with attention to their economic and political contexts.
Tadeusz Kowalik
$28.95 pb PM Press 9781604864571

In the Seventies: Adventures in the Counterculture In The Seventies tells the story of London and New York during the decade that is often written off as one long hangover after the exuberance of the sixties. Miles remembers a fascinating period in which many of the hippie dreams became realities, and others came back in shiny new clothes at the advent of the punk revolution. Writing for NME, Miles reported on both the CBGBs scene and was the first to review and interview The Clash, The Ramones, Talking Heads, and Patti Smith. Engaging and idealistic, In the Seventies challenges modern perceptions of the decade.
Natalie Y. Moore & Lance Williams
$19.95 pb Serpents Tail 9781846686900

The Paris Commune: A Revolution in Democracy For two months in 1871, the workers of Paris took control of Europes most celebrated capital city. When they established the worlds first workers democracythe Paris Communethey found no ready-made blueprints, and no precedents to study for how to run their city without princes, prison wardens, or professional politicians. By paying particular attention to the historic problems of the Commune, critical debates over its implications, and the glimpse of a better world the Commune provided, Gluckstein reveals its enduring lessons and inspiration for todays struggles.
$17.00 pb Haymarket 9781608461189

From Solidarity to Sellout: The Restoration of Capitalism in Poland In the 1980s and 90s, renowned Polish economist Tadeusz Kowalik played a leading role in the Solidarity movement, struggling alongside workers for an alternative to really-existing socialism that was cooperative and controlled by the workers themselves. In the ensuing two decades, really-existing socialism has collapsed, capitalism has been restored, and Poland is now among the most unequal countries
$17.95 pb Monthly Review 9781583672969

The Almighty Black P Stone Nation: The Rise, Fall, and Resurgence of an American Gang
$17.95 pb Lawrence Hill Books 9781613744918

This expos investigates the evolution of the Almighty Black

AK PRESS 2013 catalog history


P Stone Nation, a motley group of poverty-stricken teens transformed into a dominant gang accused of terroristic intentions. Details of how the Nation procured government funding for gang-related projects during the War on Poverty era and fueled bonuses and job security for law enforcement, and how leader Jeff Fort, in particular, masterminded a deal for $2.5 million to commit acts of terrorism in the United States on behalf of Libya are also revealed.
William Morris

religious and secular communities coalesced in NJA, building power and analysis that continue to illuminate our movements today.
Jos Peirats

Victor Serge

Witness to the German Revolution In 1923 the fledgling Comintern dispatched Victor Serge, with his peerless journalistic skills, to Berlin to expedite the German Revolution and write these moving reports from the battlefront. Originally a participant in the anarchist movement (yay!), Victor Serge became a committed bolshevik (doh!) upon arrival in Russia in 1919 and lent his considerable talents to the cause of spreading the revolution across Europe. An eloquent critic of tyranny no matter its form, Serge was a leading member of the Left Opposition in its struggle against Stalin, a cause that ultimately resulted in his exile from Russia.
Richard Seymour
$15.00 pb Haymarket 9781608460854

The CNT in the Spanish Revolution, Vol. 1 A careful chronicle of political change and hope in 1930s Spain, this work examines how the CNT rose up against the oppressive structures of Spanish society. Documenting a history of revolution that failed at the hands of its enemies on both the reformist left and reactionary right, this intelligent account covers all areas of the anarchist experiencefrom the spontaneous militias and the revolutionary collectives to the moral dilemmas occasioned by the clash of revolutionary ideals and the stark reality of the war effort. Passionately written, this edition a useful tool for historians and anarchists alike. Volumes two and three also available (each $22.95).
Paul Preston
$28.00 pb PM Press 9781604862072

The Revolt of Ghent William Morriss history of the revolt of Ghent is mainly a retelling of the story as originally recounted by the medieval historian Froissart. But the framework and the episodes selected are chosen to emphasize one of Morriss particular interests: the development of the conflict between the craft guilds on the one hand and the merchant guilds and aristocracy on the other. This little provides provides one with wonderful insight into class distinctions prevailing in the thirteenth century. It is a moving chapter in the terrible story of the class struggle through the ages.
Derry Nairn
$7.95 pam Black Cat Press 9781926878102

American Insurgents: A Brief History of American AntiImperialism All empires spin self-serving myths, and in the United States the most potent of these is that America is a force for democracy around the world. Yet there is a tradition of American anti-imperialism that gives the lie to this mythology. American Insurgents charts the movements against empire from the Indian Wars and the expansionism of the slave South to the Anti-Imperialist League of Mark Twain and Jane Addams.
Jeb Sprague
$17.00 pb Haymarket 9781608461417

Viva La Revolution!: The Story of People Power in 30 Revolutions Popular revolution has forged global superpowers, shaken empires, brought a halt to oppression, upended social and political divisions, established the first independent black nation, and given birth to legacies, ideologies, and revolutionary idols that have had a profound impact on the state of todays world. This book examines thirty of the most influential revolutions, and brings the story of revolution up to date with discussions of major popular uprisings including the American, Russian, and French revolutions, and a strong focus on contemporary events.
Ezra Berkley Nepon
$19.95 hb Elliot & Thompson 9781907642401

The Spanish Holocaust: Inquisition and Extermination in Twentieth-Century Spain The remains of Spains dictator Franco lie in an immense mausoleum near Madrid, built with the blood and sweat of 20,000 slave laborers. His enemies, however, met less-exalted fates. Besides those killed on the battlefield, tens of thousands were officially executed between 1936 and 1945, and as many again became non-persons. As Spain finally reclaims its historical memory, a full picture can now be given of the Spanish Holocaust-ranging from judicial murders to the abuse of women and children.
Franklin Rosemont
$35.00 hb WW Norton 9780393064766

Paramilitarism and the Assault on Democracy in Haiti In this path-breaking book, Jeb Sprague investigates the dangerous world of rightwing paramilitarism in Haiti and its role in undermining the democratic aspirations of the Haitian people. The product of years of original research, this book draws on over fifty interviews and more than 11,000 documents secured through Freedom of Information Act requests, and makes a substantial contribution to our understanding of Haiti today.
Edward Terrar
$23.95 pb Monthly Review 9781583673003

(The Rise & Fall of the) Dil Pickle Club: Chicagos Wild 20s! New edition! Founded in 1914 by former Wobbly Jack Jones, Irish revolutionist Jim Larkin, and a group of fantastic IWW-oriented Bughouse Square hobos and soapboxers, the Dil Pickle Club was widely recognized as the wildest, most playful, most creative, and most radical nightspot in the known universe especially after Dr. Ben Reitman joined the club in 1917. Here are forty-one reminiscences of the Dil Pickle by poets, artists, journalists, novelists, hobos, scholars, anarchists, wobblies, and other assorted radicals and oddballs.
$15.00 pb Charles H. Kerr 9780882862743

Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue: A History of the New Jewish Agenda
$13.00 pb Thread Makes Blanket Press 9780972707237

New Jewish Agenda was a national organization from 1980 to 1992 with the slogan a Jewish voice among progressives and a progressive voice among Jews. NJA organized a progressive Jewish voice for every political issue of their decade: working for Middle East Peace, Central America Solidarity, Worldwide Nuclear Disarmament, Economic and Social Justice in the US, and they had a powerful Jewish Feminist Taskforce that included work on LGBT issues and the emergence of the AIDS pandemic. A NJA took radical stances on the rights of Palestinians and Queer Jews. Activists from a wide range of

Liberation Theology Along The Potomac: Labors Golden Rule In Early American Catholicism There was a time when working people dominated the Potomac. This book is about their rule and about its relevance to the twenty-first century. It is about the liberation theology of the 17th-century Catholic working class in their personal lives, their families, and in their Basic Christian Communities along the Potomac River. This account combines theology with history, politics, economics, philosophy and
$20.00 pb Catholic Worker Press 9780976416845



AK PRESS 2013 catalog

ethics. It covers not only Europe and European North America, but 17th-century Asia, Africa, Latin America and native America..
Samar Yazbek & Rafik Schami

A Woman in the Crossfire: Diaries of the Syrian Revolution

$18.95 pb Haus Publishing 9781908323125

elegant world powered by steam, where odd flying machines rule the skies and submersibles from Captain Nemos wildest dreams explore the deep, where fashionable ladies and gents enjoy a cup of tea and delicate sweets, tend to their mechanical birds, and prepare to dance the night away, this future that never was is ready for some color. Fun and games for all ages, Victorian and up.
Steven James Petruccio

Dana Frank

The 1937 Woolworths Sit-Down: Women Strikers Occupy Chain Store, Win Big Woolworths department store was the Walmart of the early-20th century. The women who worked the counters, cash registers, and storerooms were overworked, underpaid, and sexually harassed. This is the inspiring story of how these courageous women fought back against corporate exploitation and oppression, by employing the first successful all female sit-down strike in American history.
Dan Georgakas & Marvin Surkin
$4.95 pam Haymarket 9781608462452

A well-known novelist and journalist from the coastal city of Jableh, Samar Yazbek witnessed in person and actively participated in the first four months of the Syrian intifada. Her outspoken views quickly attracted the attention and fury of the regime, as vicious rumors spread about her disloyalty to the homeland and the Alawite community from which she comes. This narrative weaves together her struggle to protect herself and her young daughter after she is forced to leave her home and live on the run.
Young Lords Party

History of the Civil Rights Movement: Coloring Book Thirty full-page illustrations chronicle key events of one of the 20th centurys most important social movements. Informative captions accompany the dramatic scenes, from Lincolns signing of the Emancipation Proclamation through the movements struggles and achievements of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s.
Benjamin Alire Senz & Geronimo Garcia
$3.95 pb Dover 9780486478463

Detroit: I Do Mind Dying: A Study in Urban Revolution Detroit: I Do Mind Dying tracks the extraordinary development of the Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement and the League of Revolutionary Black Workers as they became two of the landmark political organizations of the 1960s and 1970s. It is widely heralded as one the most important books on the black liberation movement. Back in print! Very nice!
Silvia Giagnoni
$18.00 pb Haymarket 9781608462216

Palante: Voices and Photographs of the Young Lords, 1969 1971 In 1969, a group of young, primarily Puerto Rican activists founded the Young Lords Party in NYC, taking inspiration from the Black Panther Party. Organizing directly in Latino/a communities the Young Lords took up slum housing conditions, garbage clean ups, serve the people programs, and health care. Dramatic takeovers of institutionssuch as The Peoples Church, where they ran a free breakfast programbrought media and public attention to the socio-economic and political situation of people of color in the United States.
$24.95 pb Haymarket 9781608461295

The Dog Who Loved Tortillas/La perrita que le encantaban las tortillas
$8.95 pb Cinco Puntos 9781933693668

Almost at the exact same minute, Little Diego and his big sister Gabriela think about getting a dog. Gabriela wants a girl dog and Little Diego wants a boy dog. Gabriela finds the cutest girl dog at the pound, but LD wants to pick her name. Sofie. And thats when the real arguments begin. She belongs to me, says Diego. No, shes mine, says Gabriela. Its only when Sofie gets really sick that they find out who their tortilla-loving pup really belongs to. In English and Spanish.
John Seven & Anna Christy

Fields of Resistance: The Struggle of Floridas Farmworkers for Justice In Immokalee, Florida, the tomato capital of the world which has earned the dubious distinction of being ground zero for modern slaveryfarm workers organized themselves into the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, and launched a nationwide boycott campaign that forced McDonalds, Burger King, and Taco Bell to recognize their demands for workers rights, including increased wages and just working conditions.
Martin Glaberman
$17.00 pb Haymarket 9781608460939

Brett Hartman

A Rule is to Break: A Childs Guide to Anarchy Simply celebrating childhood: the joy, the wonder of discovery, the spontaneity, and strong emotions Wild Child is free to do as she pleases. A Rule Is To Break follows Wild Child as she learns about just being herself and how that translates into kid autonomy. Mostly pictures (that are cute!) and a little text, and looks good, but dont expect much of a lesson in real anarchy! For ages four and up!
$14.95 hb Manic D Press 9781933149257

Cadillac Chronicles Sixteen year-old Alex Rileys top priorities in life are to find his long-absent father and a girl with a decent set of breasts. [Haha!] But his mother has a knack for sabotaging his plans. To advance her political career, she takes in an elderly black man named Lester Bray, who she kicks out after a week. That makes Alex angry. On the morning of his eviction, Lester and Alex set out on a road trip. They cross through un-navigated political, racial, and personal territory. Explores what it means tofinallyfind a real friend.
Phoebe Longhi
$16.95 hb Cinco Puntos 9781935955412

Punching Out

So Much Love in Just One Can: Coloring Book So Much Love in Just One Can is a contemporary graffiti and street art coloring book for kids and bombed out black book for adults. Featuring work by Pose2, Sew, Sye, PRVRT, Zimad and many more. Twenty-eight pages.
$8.00 pb Baby Wit No ISBN

The Steampunk Coloring & Activity Book

$11.95 pb Manic D 9781933149639

Get the kids some goggles, steampunk is not just for adults anymore! In a whimsical and

Martin Glabermans classic but hard-to-find pamphlet (CHK is doing a new edition of the book!) is an authoritative statement about the merits of direct action in workplace organizing. Writing in the context of the Detroit auto industry in the 1950s, Glaberman shows that the complaint that unions dont represent the interests of the rank-and-file is nothing new. He also explains why. Written in plain language and sprinkled with inspiring anecdotes, Punching Out is a significant text by an invaluable writer and organizer.

$4.50 pam Thoughtcrime Ink No ISBN

AK PRESS 2013 catalog history/kids/labor



How to Fire Your Boss: A Workers Guide to Direct Action The indignity of working-for-aliving is well-known to anyone who ever has. Democracy, the great principle on which American society is supposedly founded, is thrown out the window as soon as we punch the time clock at work. With no say over what we produce, or how that production is organized, and with only a small portion of that products value finding its way into our paychecks, we have every right to be pissed off at our bosses.
Michael A. Lebowitz
$3.00 pam Thoughtcrime Ink 9781608460939

Gregg Shotwell

Autoworkers Under the Gun: A Shop-Floor View of the End of the American Dream Gregg Shotwells Live Bait & Ammo newsletter chronicled the outrages and absurdities of corporate managers, exposed union leaders who acted in partnership with employers, and sounded the alarm about the devastating effects of auto industry job losses and union concessions. LB&A fliers grew legs of their own, distributed by rank-and-file workers in auto plants across the United States and cited by industry analysts. This collection spans a decade of autoworker resistanceand its a call to action for a new generation of workers coming of age in recession-wracked America.
Michael Yates
$17.00 pb Haymarket 9781608461424

Raff (Sweden), and other more or less informal theoretical groups in the US. SteamPunk Magazine: Lifestyle, Mad Science, Theory & Fiction
$8.00 perfect bound Combustion Books 9781938660078

The Contradictions of Real Socialism: The Conductor and the Conducted Beginning with the constant presence of shortages within real socialism, Lebowitz searches for the inner relations that generate these patterns. He finds these, in particular, in what he calls vanguard relations of production, a relation which takes the apparent form of a social contract where workers obtain benefits not available to their counterparts in capitalism but lack the power to decide within the workplace and society.
Staughton Lynd & Alice Lynd
$15.95 pb Monthly Review 9781583672563

Issue #9 features interviews with Cherie Priest, Cory Doctorow, BB Blackdog, Frenchy & the Punk, the Vagabonds, and TeslaCon; articles on the chatelaine, Edisons ghost machine, Victorian artificial intelligence, dieselpunk, the New Orleans general strike of 1892, punking the past, and 19thcentury cons and swindles; fiction; plus steampunk paper dolls, and instructions on how to make a tiny hydrogen blimp and sew a covered pouch! (Issue #8 also available, as well as SteamPunk Magazine: The First Years, Issues #17 .) We also carry all the freshest issues (as well as back issues) of these and other magazines and journals! See the website!

Wisconsin Uprising In early 2011, the nation was stunned to watch Wisconsins state capitol come under sudden and unexpected occupation by union members and their allies. The protests to defend collective bargaining rights were militant and practically unheard of in this era of declining union power. Under pressure from a union-busting governor and his supporters in the legislature, and inspired by the massive uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, workers in Wisconsin shook the nation with their colossal display of solidarity and outrage.
$18.95 pb Monthly Review 9781583672808

Rank and File: Personal Histories by Working-Class Organizers

$20.00 pb Haymarket 9781608461509

Anarcho-Syndicalist Review

Earth First

This long out-of-print classic chronicles the stories of more than two dozen working-class organizers who occupied factories, held sit-down strikes, walked out, picketed, and found other bold and innovative ways to fight for workers rights. Rank and File brings the militancy of these firebrand organizers to lifewhether it was in founding unions; challenging sexism and racism, safety violations, and management intimidation; or working for broader social changes.
Arthur Miller


Modern Slavery: The Libertarian Critique of Civilization This journal is a nicely puttogether, and clocks in at 200, 8.5 X 11 pages! Two issues now available. The new issue includes articles titled The other situationist: Raoul Vaneigem (by Jason McQuinn), A Surreal Interview with an Anarchist (interview with Ron Sakolsky), Oppositional Currents: Anarchy in the UK (by Karen Goaman), The Greatness of my Hostility (by Wolfi Landstreicher), among others, as well as book and periodical reviews and other editorial features! SIC: International Journal for Communisation This journal aims to explain the idea of communisation. It was born out of the meeting of individuals involved in various projects in different countries: among them, the journals Endnotes (UK and the US), Blaumachen in (Greece), Thorie Communiste (France), Riff$10.00 perfect bound SIC No ISBN $12.95 perfect bound CAL Press No ISBN

Fifth Estate

Hip Mama

Upon the Backs of Labour Arthur J. Millers essays, stories really, are firsthand accounts of a working persons life, in his own words, uncensored and unapologetic. For Arthur, expressing his thoughts in print is a form of direct action, an attempt to reclaim a piece of the history and culture of working people, so often presented by so-called authorities on labour. These stories will resonate with readers who will find currents of their own experiences.
$19.95 pb Black Cat Press 9781926878065

Perspectives on Anarchist Theory

Rolling Thunder

Upping the Anti

World War 3 Illustrated



AK PRESS 2013 catalog

Rory OConnor

Friends, Followers and the Future: How Social Media Are Changing Politics, Threatening Big Brands, and Killing Traditional Media In this insiders look at how social media are transforming our world, Rory OConnor explains the trends and explores what tech visionaries, media makers, political advisers, and businesspeople are saying about the meteoric rise of the various social networks of friends and followers, and what they bode for our future.
Ron Sakolsky, Andrea Langlois & Marian Van Der Zon (eds)
$15.95 pb City Lights 9780872865563

and debated by others as a worthless read full of conjecture, errors, and without any new factual content. In this collection of critical essays, editors Ball and Burroughs lead a group of established and emerging Black scholars and activists who take a clear stance in this controversy: Marables biography is at best flawed and at worst a major setback in American history, African American studies, and scholarship on the life of Malcolm X.
Iain Boal


Contradictionary: A Bestiary of Words in Revolt A glossary of capitalist cant and anarchist argot! Whence do Stockholm Syndrome and Broken Window Theory derive their names? How did voting kill Edgar Allen Poe? Why is a crater on the dark side of the moon named for one of the assassins of the Tsar? Contradictionary pulls back the curtain from the war within every word, revealing the antithesis within every thesis and the conflict behind the faade of the commonplace.
Angela Davis
$10.95 pb CrimethInc. 9780970910196

West of Eden: Communes and Utopia in Northern California In the aftermath of the Vietnam War, a large portion of the population had become disenchanted with the American way of life. While some openly revolted in the streets, others took to turning away from the mainstream and headed toward a new world. Utopian visions, manifesting themselves in the form of communes, were aimed at breaking the bonds of capitalism, big business, and the reigning oligarchy and were popping up throughout the country.
Alexander Cockburn
$24.95 pb PM Press 9781604864274

The Meaning of Freedom: And Other Difficult Dialogues Angela Daviss life and work have been dedicated to examining this fundamental question and to ending all forms of oppression that deny people their political, cultural, and sexual freedom. In this collection of twelve searing, previously unpublished speeches, Davis confronts the interconnected issues of power, race, gender, class, incarceration, conservatism, and the ongoing need for social change in the United States.
Eclectic Electric
$15.95 pb City Lights 9780872865808

Islands of Resistance: Pirate Radio in Canada

$21.00 pb New Star 9781554200504

Here is a collection of activist manifestos, artistic treatise of intent, essays on the development of radio and its regulatory bodies, examination of pirate radios application in new social movements, and personal anecdotes from behind the eye patch. Just as the new media ostensibly renders the old obsolete, Islands of Resistance unveils the existence of a thriving clandestine counterculture. This will appeal to the anarchist, anti-authoritarian impulses in all of us.

Guillotined: Being a Summary Broadside Against the Corruption of the English Language In Guillotined, Alexander Cockburn sets out to save the English language from abuse by journalists, politicians, and bloggers. Cockburn lines up a most wanted list of cliches, over-used phrases and tedious words and consigns them for execution. In his lethally sharp prose, the co-editor of the popular website and political newsletter CounterPunch inveighs against the corruption and debasement of common speech. He ridicules the use of hackneyed terms like national conversation, international community, and sustainable development.
Zak Cope
$10.00 pam CounterPunch 9780615689562

El Martillo Project In 2010 an inconspicuous looking suitcase was sent from Berlin to Mexico City containing a thirty-nine-foot tall inflatable silver hammer. Thus began El Martillos odyssey to protest the United Nations Climate Conference in Cancun. El Martillos short, but glorious life, climaxed when protesters from Marea Creciente (Rising Tide) stormed the conference complex fences, gigantic hammer above their heads. In full view of the press Mexican police tore the inflatable to pieces. Within an hour the global media corporations declared El Martillo a symbol of the climate changes protests as its image traveled across the world.
Melvin A. Goodman
$18.00 pb Autonomedia 9781570272509

Edith Fowke & Joe Glazer

Songs of Work and Protest: 100 Favorite Songs of American Workers Complete with Music and Historical Notes This collection includes a hundred songs from the history of the labor movement, together with the stories of the genuine situations from which they sprang. Includes songs by Joe Hill, Ralph Chaplin, Joe Glazer, Merle Travis, Woody Guthrie, the Almanac Singers, and others from around the globe. Union Maid, Joe Hill, We Shall Not Be Moved, and many more.
$19.95 pb Dover 9780486228990

Divided World Divided Class: Global Political Economy and the Stratification of Labour Under Capitalism Divided World Divided Class charts the history of the labour aristocracy in the capitalist world system, from its roots in colonialism to its birth and eventual maturation into a full-fledged middle class in the age of imperialism. It argues that pervasive national, racial, and cultural chauvinism in the core capitalist countries is not primarily attributable to false class consciousness, ideological indoctrination, or ignorance as much of left and liberal thinking assumes.
$20.00 pb Kersplebedeb 9781894946414

Jared A. Ball & Todd Steven Burroughs

National Insecurity: The Cost of Americas Militarism As more and more Americans fall into poverty and the global economy spirals downward, the US is spending more on the military than ever before. What are the consequences and what can be done? Goodman offers an insiders critique of the US military economy from Eisenhowers farewell warning to Obamas expansion of the militarys power. He outlines a much needed vision for how to alter our military policy, practices and spending
$19.95 pb City Lights 9780872865891

A Lie of Reinvention: Correcting Manning Marables Malcolm X A response to Manning Marables biography of Malcolm X, A Life of Reinvention. Marables book was acclaimed by some as his magna opus, though it was denounced
$18.95 pb Black Classic Press 9781574780499

AK PRESS 2013 catalog media/music/nonfiction


in order to better position the US globally and enhance prosperity and security at home.
Duncan Green & Sue Branford

Faces of Latin America, 4th Edition

$19.00 pb Monthly Review 9781583673249

crude caricature that portrayed him as a dogmatic sectarian who intended to dominate the radical left for his own personal motivations. In this book, Andy Price revisits the Bookchin caricature and critically discounts it as the product of a largely misguided literature that focused on Bookchin the individual and not his ideas.

he is best remembered as the organizer of the 1963 March on Washington. Despite this, he was silenced, threatened, arrested, beaten, imprisoned and fired from important leadership positions, largely because he was an openly gay man in a fiercely homophobic era. Here we have Rustin in his own words in a collection of over 150 of his letters.
Ron Sakolsky

Widely considered to be the best available introduction in English to the economies, politics, demography, social structures, environment, and cultures of Latin America. Duncan Green and Sue Branford take the reader beyond the conventional medias fixation on the drug trade, corrupt politicians and military leaders, death squads, and guerrilla movements to celebrate the vibrant history and culture of Latin Americas people.
Istvn Mszros

The Housing Monster The Housing Monster is a scathing illustrated essay that takes one seemingly simple, everyday thinga house and looks at the social relations that surround it. Moving from intensely personal thoughts and interactions to large-scale political and economic forces, it reads alternately like a workers diary, a short story, a psychology of everyday life, a historical account, an introduction to Marxist critique of political economy, and an angry flyer someone would pass you on the street.
Laura Pulido, Laura Barraclough & Wendy Cheng
$14.95 pb PM Press 9781604865301

Scratching the Tigers Belly Scratching the Tigers Belly is a new collection of writings by anarcho-surrealist author Ron Sakolsky: a radical mixtape of hidden histories, rebel poems, prickly rants, black humor, intoxicating adventures, razor sharp polemics, slyly subversive stories, provocative parables and ideas-in-action. Food for thought, ready to be washed down with the heady grog of mutiny!
Abner Smith
$9.95 pb Eberhardt Press No ISBN

The Work of Sartre: Search for Freedom and the Challenge of History This landmark book, first published in 1979, met acclaim as a doubly important work of radical philosophy. Its subject, Jean-Paul Sartre, was among the 20th centurys most controversial and influential philosophers; its author, Istvn Mszros, was himself establishing a reputation for profound contributions to the Marxian tradition, which would continue into the next century. This book is essential for its insights on Sartre and as a piece of Mszross developing politico-philosophical project.
Abdullah calan
$28.95 pb Monthly Review 9781583672921

The CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting A stirring work that offers a chilling glimpse into the negligence, greed, murder, and, at times, comical disorganization behind some of the CIAs most controversial secret operations, this book collects the first five issues of the popular zine by the same name.
Hans Weyandt
$9.95 pb Microcosm Publishing 9781621068297

A Peoples Guide to Los Angeles

The Road Map to Negotiations calan defines the necessary steps that have to be met for a serious peace process to start. At the same time he outlines a real solution of the Kurdish issue. Going beyond traditional solutions like statehood or territorial autonomy, he envisions a democratic nation and a common homeland for all countries where Kurds live, indeed for the whole Middle East. Refusing traditional arguments, he gives all parties concerned something to think about. Hardcover also available!
Andy Price
$12.00 pb International Initiative 9783941012431

A Peoples Guide to Los Angeles offers an assortment of eyeopening alternatives to LAs usual tourist destinations. It documents 115 littleknown sites in the City of Angels where struggles related to race, class, gender, and sexuality have occurred. The authors introduce us to people and events usually ignored by mainstream media and, in the process, create a fresh history of Los Angeles.
Penny Rosenwasser

$27.95 pb University of California Press 9780520270817

Read This!: Handpicked Favorites from Americas Indie Bookstores A reference for those who can never have enough to read, the collection of lists in Read This! offers book lovers an insiders guide to the treasured titles that have flown under the radar, but off of bookstore shelves.
Howard Zinn
$12.00 pb Coffeehouse Press 9781566893138

Hope Into Practice: Jewish Women Choosing Justice Despite Our Fears Anchored in Jewish ethical tradition, community building, and an activists call to repair the world and end racism, Hope into Practice asks Jewish women for the courage to love themselves enough to face their fears without acting on them. Rosenwasser offers compelling stories of women who are making the journey, using privilege to shift power and midwife a better world. Includes an action-oriented Readers Guide for groups and individuals.
Bayard Rustin
$21.95 pb P. Rosenwasser 9780988918719

The Historic Unfulfilled Promise The dozens of articles Howard Zinn penned for The Progressive magazine, offered together here in book form for the first time. Whether critiquing the Obama White House, the sorry state of US government and politics, the tragic futility of US military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq, or the plight of working people in an economy rigged to benefit the rich and powerful, Zinns historical clarity, unflappable optimism, and unshakable questions reverberate throughout.
$16.95 pb City Lights 9780872865556

Recovering Bookchin: Social Ecology and the Crises of Our Time Through an extensive body of political and philosophical ideas he called social ecology, Murray Bookchin (19212006) elucidated one of the first intellectual responses to the ecological crisis. However, over the last two decades of his life Bookchins ideas slipped from focus, obscured by the emergence of a
$29.95 pb New Compass 9788293064169

I Must Resist: Bayard Rustins Life in Letters

$19.95 pb City Lights 9780872865785

Bayard Rustin has been called the lost prophet of the civil rights movement. A master strategist and tireless activist,



AK PRESS 2013 catalog

Howard Zinn & Anthony Arnove (ed)

Marilyn Buck

Norman Nawrocki

Howard Zinn Speaks: Collected Speeches 1963 2009 Howard Zinn has illuminated our history like no other US historian. This collection of his speeches on protest movements, racism, war, and US history, many never before published, covers more than four decades of his active engagement with the audiences he inspired with his humor, insight, and clarity.
$18.95 pb Haymarket 97801608462599

Nightcap for Nihilists The fourth book in Norman Nawrockis exciting and everexpanding Brain Food: series of rad poetry and bad attitude! Includes original artwork by Philippe Caron, Mathieu Chartrand, Fly, David Lester, Keenan Poloncsak, Matta, and Emily Rose Michaud.
Kelly Rose Pflug-Back
$12.00 pb Les Pages Noires 9782980576348

Inside/Out: Selected Poems Marilyn Buck was a committed political radical, imprisoned for over thirty years for her revolutionary activities. She was also a prolific writer and poet, publishing her work in a prize-winning chapbook, an audio CD, and in various journals and anthologies. Buck was released from prison less than a month before her death at age sixty-two. This selection of her finest poetry is a living testament to the fierce intelligence and huge compassion that inspired and informed her life, and to the transcendence of her poetic vision.
William Everson & Clifton Ross
$15.95 pb City Lights 9780872865778

These Burning Streets

Barbara Almond

The Monster Within: The Hidden Side of Motherhood

$21.95 pb University of California Press 9780520271203

Mixed feelings about motherhood are not just hard to discuss, they are a powerful social taboo. Here, Barbara Almond brings this troubling issue to light. She uncovers the roots of ambivalence, tells how it manifests in lives of women and their children, and describes a spectrum of maternal behavior. In a society where perfection in parenting is the unattainable ideal, this compassionate book also shows how women can affect positive change in their lives.
Victoria Law & China Martens

William Everson: The Light the Shadow Casts In this collection of poems and interviews with one of the central poets of the San Francisco Literary Renaissance (which preceded the Beat movement) William Everson /Brother Antoninus ponders the mystical dimensions of poetry. The interviews span the final fifteen years of his life and contain his final thoughts on the prophetic, the shamanistic and the aesthetic dimensions of his craft, as well as his own life.
Emma Healey
$14.95 pb Freedom Voices 9780915117055

When the G-20 met in Toronto in 2010 behind armed thugs and fortress walls to discuss the fate of the world, Kelly was among those who took to the streets to counter it with the militancy that the situation demanded. The cops dragged her off and tormented her in jail for a month while the government attempted to frame her as the leader of the infamously leaderless Black Bloc. Many of her charges were dropped, but she was sentenced to fifteen months behind bars for daring to be free, for writing her poetry with action and words alike.
John K. Samson

$8.00 pb Combustion Books 9781938660009

Lyrics and Poems: 19972012 Lyrics and poems from our friend, Weakerthans and Arbeiter Ring fella, John Samson! Often cited as one of the finest contemporary lyricists, singer, songwriter and poet John K. Samson captures the essential images of contemporary life. Whether on the streets of his beloved and bewildering hometown of Winnipeg, an outpost in Antarctica, or a room in an Edward Hopper painting, he finds whimsy and elegance in the everyday, beauty and sorrow in the overlooked.
$14.95 pb Arbeiter Ring 9781894037587

Dont Leave Your Friends Behind: Concrete Ways to Support Families in Social Justice Movements and Communities
$17.95 pb PM Press 9781604863963

Begin With the End in Mind Residing on the border between poetry and prose, Emma Healey masterfully navigates the tension and balance between the two forms. Her writing examines the animate qualities of seemingly inanimate things and explores personal relationships, collective and individual human experiences, as they are distilled through our encounters with such things as the CBC, chain bookstores, the contents of a kitchen, or the expanse of a whole city.
Stuart Leonard
$12.95 pb Arbeiter Ring 9781894037624

Dont Leave Your Friends Behind is a collection of concrete tips, suggestions, and narratives on ways that non-parents can support parents, children, and caregivers in their communities, social movements, and collective processes. It focuses on issues affecting children and caregivers within the larger framework of social justice, mutual aid, and collective liberation.
Tomas Moniz (ed)

Trevor Aaronson

The Terror Factory: Inside the FBIs Manufactured War on Terrorism A ground-breaking work of investigative journalism, The Terror Factory exposesnow this is going to surprise you!! how the FBI has, under the guise of engaging in counterterrorism since 9/11, built a network of more than 15,000 informants whose primary purpose is to infiltrate Muslim communities to create and facilitate phony terrorist plots so that the Bureau can then claim it is winning the war on terror.
$24.95 pb ig publishing 9781935439615

Rad Dad: Zine Compilation: Issues 110 The Rad Dad zine has been around for quite a while now. Did you miss out on the early years? Or maybe youre a longtime reader wishing you could revisit those early issues that are long out of print? Well, weve got something exciting for you! Issues #1 10 have just been collected here and re-released by our friends (and neighbors) at 1984 Printing!
$15.00 pb 1984 Printing 9780982015933

Taking Brooklyn Bridge Taking Brooklyn Bridge is a poem about the struggle for liberty and the search for true democracy and redemption. Addressed to Walt Whitman and composed in the cadence and style of Crossing Brooklyn Ferry, the poem tells the story of the personal and political awakening experienced while participating in a march across the Brooklyn Bridge.
$5.00 pam Zuccotti Park Press 9781884519055

AK PRESS 2013 catalog parenting/poetry/prisons


Ryan Conrad (ed)

Against Equality: Prisons Will Not Protect You Prisons Will Not Protect You, the newest in the Against Equality series, takes a critical stance against the prison industrial complex and the systems of inequality and violence perpetuated by hate crime legislation. It introduces the history of this legislative solution and interrogates the gay communitys unquestioned loyalty to the prison industrial complex. It argues that hate-crime legislation does not address actual causes of harm and violence and only funnels massive numbers of people into the profit-driven prison system.
Greg Elmer & Alessandra Renzi
$10.00 pb AE Press 9780615678924

fellow prisoner, the women fought off guards and took over sections of the prison. While many have heard of the 1971 Attica prison uprising, the August Rebellion remains relatively unknown even in activist circles. Resistance Behind Bars is determined to challenge and change such oversights.
Tom Wicker

James Generic

Hidden Ballgames: Race And Major League Baseballs Other Histories

$3.00 pam Octopi Softball Press

A Time to Die: The Attica Prison Revolt In September 1971 the inmates of Attica prison revolted, took hostages, and forced the authorities into four days of desperate negotiation. At the outset the rebels demanded and were grantedthe presence of a group of observers to act as unofficial mediators. Tom Wicker was one of those summoned. In four crucial days, he learned more, saw more, and felt more than in most of the rest of his life. In the end, a police attack was launched, and as a result dozens of prisoners, as well as prison employees, were killed.
Kristian Williams
$18.00 pb Haymarket 9781608462155

Beneath the surface of nostalgia of Major League Baseball, the most powerful baseball organization in the world, lurks a different history. It is one of upholding Jim Crow racial segregation for nearly fifty years, and when the color barrier was finally broken, MLB destroyed one of the largest Black institutions in the United States, the Negro Leagues. In addition, MLB has held a colonial attitude to any foreign baseball institutions and has worked to subvert, control, and subordinate baseball leagues outside the United States and Canada for its own interests. Learn all about it here!
Dan P. Moore


Infrastructure Critical: Sacrifice at Torontos G8/G20 Summit Much public debate ensued after the violence and police brutality that gripped Toronto in June 2010 during the G8/ G20 Summit. It is now being revealed how the Conservative governments stimulus package was funneled into infrastructure projects aimed at policing Canadians who wished to protest the summit. Infrastructure Critical reveals more than the thin line between security and massive infringement on civil rights; it argues that progressive responses need to understand the logic of state governance in a global economic context.
Nancy Kurshan
$12.95 pb Arbeiter Ring 9781894037648

Mark Twain Was Right: The 2001 Cincinnati Riots In the format of a graphic novel and using journalism as a narrative, the story of the 2001 Cincinnati riotsthe largest urban unrest since the 1992 Los Angeles riotsis charted in this visual history. The book traces the riots genesis from the police killing of a nineteen-year-old African American man to his funeral six days later. What resulted from the killing was a tumultuous cocktail of nonviolent civil disobedience, frustration-fueled looting, and police violence.
Tim Wise
$8.95 pb Microcosm Publishing 9781934620212

Hurt: Notes on Torture in a Modern Democracy Kristian Williamss collection of articles and interviews on the history, psychology, and current state of torture in democratic societies. Williams, author of Our Enemies in Blue has pulled together a vast and comprehensive resource on this abominable act. This sober sixtyfour-page document is a heavy piece of work dark, informative, and oft times harrowing. But its also about working hard to enact change.
$6.95 pb Microcosm Publishing 9781934620649

Out of Control: A Fifteen-Year Battle Against Control Unit Prisons Founded in 1985 to organize against control unit prisons and related inhumane practices at the notorious federal prison in Marion, Illinois, the Committee to End the Marion Lockdowns work and influence spread nationwide. Written in a very accessible and eloquent style by Nancy Kurshan, a CEML cofounder and leading activist throughout its history, the book recounts how the committee led and organized hundreds of educational programs and demonstrations in many parts of the country and sought to build a national movement to expose and abolish end-of-the-line prisons.
Victoria Law
$20.00 pb Freedom Archives 9780979078927

Dear White America: Letter to a New Minority White Americans have long been comfortable in the assumption that they are the cultural norm. Now that notion is being challenged, as white people wrestle with what it means to be part of a fast-changing, truly multicultural nation. Facing chronic economic insecurity, a popular culture that reflects the nations diverse cultural reality, a future in which they will no longer constitute the majority of the population, and with a black president in the White House, whites are growing anxious. Tim Wise has penned his most pointed and provocative work to date.
$14.95 pb City Lights 9780872865211

Michelle Alexander

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness In this incisive critique, former litigator-turned-legalscholar Michelle Alexander provocatively argues that we have not ended racial caste in America: we have simply redesigned it. Alexander shows that, by targeting black men and decimating communities of color, the US criminal justice system functions as a contemporary system of racial control, even as it formally adheres to the principle of color blindness. The New Jim Crow challenges the civil rights communityand all of usto place mass incarceration at the forefront of a new movement for racial justice in America.
$19.95 pb New Press 9781595581037

Bill Brown

Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women In 1974, women imprisoned at New Yorks maximum-security prison at Bedford Hills staged what is known as the August Rebellion. Protesting the brutal beating of a
$20.00 pb PM Press 9781604865837

Not Bored!: Anthology 1983 2010 Bill Browns Situationist Fanzine NOT BORED! has been going strong since 1983. This almost 600-page anthology collects 17 years of his rants, book, film, and music reviews, coverage of local
$25.00 pb Colossal Books 9780578076546



AK PRESS 2013 catalog

interventions, thoughts and analysis on the situationist movement, and much more. Some of the authors and musicians covered include Raoul Vaneigem, Ken Knabb, Allan Antliff, Lester Bangs, David Bowie, The Cure, Thomas Pynchon, Guy Debord, Henri Lefebvre, and too many more to name.
Guy Debord & Ken Knabb (ed)

Jorell A. Melndez

Voces libertarias: Los orgenes del anarquismo en Puerto Rico Voces libertarias recorre la historia del ascendiente movimiento obrero puertorriqueo durante las primeras dos dcadas del siglo XX en aras de analizar los orgenes y la influencia de las ideas anarquistas en la isla. Fruto de una rgida investigacin histrica, el trabajo pretende abrir una brecha dentro de la historiografa puertorriquea para el estudio y anlisis del pasado de una perspectiva crtica.
Sonya Roy (ed)
$15.00 pb Secret Sailor Press 9781618872562

Max Cafard

Surregional Explorations Philosopher, activist, artist Max Cafard, has been steadily working his way through critiques of Anarchism, Surrealism, Situationism, Media, Cinema, and Regionalism, to arrive to his own fascinating and practicable practice of the Surregional. The still-standing techniques of all the -isms Cafard has not incinerated in his investigations have been patched to construct a mobile Surregional vehicle that is ecologically sound, civically festive, carnivalistically joyous, and socially just.
Joseph Jablonski
$16.00 pb Charles H. Kerr 9780882863634

Society of the Spectacle

The Situationist book that helped inspire the May 1968 revolt in France! Arguably the most influential book of radical theory in the last fifty years. This new translation by Ken Knabb is the only edition to include extensive annotations, clarifying the sources, references and allusions in this very pithy and complex work.
Jakob Jakobsen & Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen

$15.00 pb Bureau of Public Secrets 9780939682065

Manuel populaire de citoyennet: une rsponse au conservatism canadien En Franais! En 2009, le gouvernement conservateur de Stephen Harper a modifi le guide officiel de la citoyennet remis tous les nouveaux immigrants. La nouvelle version fait une plus grande place lhistoire militaire et prsente beaucoup d information sur la monarchie, mais fait trs peu tat de nos programmes publics importants et de lhistoire de nos mouvements pour la justice sociale. En un mot, le guide officiel du gouvernement prsente une vision trs troite et conservatrice de la politique et de la socit canadiennes.
Camila Vallejo
$15.95 pb Arbeiter Ring 9781894037785

Expect Anything, Fear Nothing: The Situationist Movement in Scandinavia and Elsewhere
$30.00 pb Autonomedia 9788799365128

Surrealist Tracts: A Myth in Search of a Movement: On the Mayan Millennium; Murderous Humanitarianism: Against Colonialism; Paradise Lost! the Gulf Oil Disaster, & Other Surrealist Texts A collection of recent surrealist tracts from The International Surrealist Movement, The Surrealist Movement in the United States, and associated individuals. Surrealist Tracts includes: A Myth in Search of a Movement: On the Mayan Millennium (2012); As Long as Tourists Replace Seers: Against Columbus (1992); Murderous Humanitarianism: In Protest of the Colonial Exposition, Paris(1932);Who Needs the WTO? Distributed at the World Trade Organization Protests in Seattle (1999); and many more.
Penelope Rosemont
$5.00 pam Charles H. Kerr 9780882862927

The first English publication to focus on Scandinavian Situationists and their role in the Situationist Internationals attempt to revolutionize the world through rejecting bourgeois art and critiquing the post-World War II capitalist consumer society. While the previous reception of the Situationist movement has almost exclusively focused on the contribution of the French section, this book aims to shed light on the activities of the Situationists active outside of Paris in places like Denmark, Sweden, and Holland.

Podemos cambiar el mundo Durante su perodo como presidenta de la Federacin de Estudiantes de la Universidad de Chile y representante de la Confederacin de Federaciones de Estudiantes de Chile, entre 2010 y 2011, el rostro, la voz y el pensamiento de Camila Vallejo se convirtieron en la carta de presentacin internacional del movimiento contra el aumento de la mercantilizacin de la educacin en Chile.
Ral Zibechi
$13.95 pb Ocean 9781921700477

John Holloway

Agrietar el capitalismo: el hacer contra el trabajo

$24.95 pb Herramienta ediciones/ Bajo Tierra 9786070051388

Lost Worlds, Forgotten Futures, Undreamed Ecstasies: Some Thoughts on the Relationship of Surrealism in the Mayan Millennium Antonin Artraud, Octavio Paz, Leonora Carrington, Andr Breton, Benjamin Pret, Franklin Rosemont, Paul Garon, Michael Lwy, and many other surrealists are discussed here, as well as how the surrealist ideas of Objective Chance, Revolution in Everyday Life, and surrealist cultural critique relate to the lost Mayan world.
$5.00 pam Charles H. Kerr 9780882862873

A casi 10 aos de la publicacin de Cambiar el mundo sin tomar el poder, el trabajo terico que impact a las ciencias sociales, al debate poltico intelectual y a numerosos movimientos sociales, John Holloway presenta Agrietar el capitalismo. Nutrido de varios trabajos durante estos diez aos, y en especial, de la reflexin e intercambio de una intensa dcada de luchas sociales que van desde los piqueteros argentinos, los Sin Tierra brasileos y los zapatistas mexicanos hasta micro-experiencias de colectivos en Amrica Latina y Europa, Holloway va mucho ms all de la crtica a la forma Estado, partido y poder que haba trabajado anteriormente para concentrarse en la urgencia de dejar de producir capitalismo.

Brasil potencia: entre la integracin regional y un nuevo imperialismo Zibechi vuelve a echar mano a la siempre bienvenida matriz valrica aprendida y reafirmada en el trabajo colectivo y cotidiano de quienes organizan el presente y el futuro en sus territorios, de quienes se han atrevido a reivindicar la autodeterminacin como un derecho humano irrenunciable y no como una consigna manipulable a conveniencia del poder central.
$27.95 pb Bajo Tierra No ISBN

Konrad Becker

Dictionary of Operations: Deep Politics and Cultural Intelligence

$14.95 pb Autonomedia 9781570272615

Through deep-cultural entries like Absolute Mammon, Compulsive Order, Fictional Rationalism, Fundamental Epiphenomena, Irrational Objectivity, Perpetual

AK PRESS 2013 catalog situ/spanish/surrealism


Emergency, Speculative Finance, and Truth Production, Becker unlocks a historical and ideological treasure trove of enslaving memes, and pioneer paths to liberation from them.
Franco Bifo Berardi

Marina Grzinic & Sefik Seki Tatlic

From Biopolitics to Necropolitics: The Metastasis of Democracy, Communications and the Mass Intellect This book explores the implications of neo-liberal capitalism for the fields of culture, art, and life throughout the planet, as well as in the Eastern European transitional states. These fields are presented not as autonomous cultural, artistic, and social practices, but as practices strongly implicated in contemporary capitalist neoliberal democracy. Examining the current mechanisms of performative politics, and further developing a line of recent social theory tracing from Foucault to Negri and others, the authors expose a number of totalitarian practices hidden behind global capital.
Angela Mitropoulos
$17.95 pb Autonomedia 9781570272226

concerted performance, she can only seduce by consuming. Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl diagnosesand makes visible a phenomenon that is so ubiquitous as to have become transparent.
Paul Virilio

The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance In his newest book, part of the Interventions series, Bifo argues that the notion of economic recovery is complete mythology. The coming years will inevitably see new surges of protest and violence, but the old models of resistance no longer apply. Society can either stick with the prescriptions and rescues that the economic and financial sectors have demanded at the expense of social happiness, culture, and the public good; or it can formulate an alternative.
Janet Biehl
$13.95 pb Semiotext(e) 9781584351122

The Administration of Fear In this new and lengthy interview, Paul Virilio shows us how the propaganda of progress, the illuminism of new technologies, provide unexpected vectors for fear in the way that they manufacture frenzy and stupor. For Virilio, the economic catastrophe of 2007 was not the death knell of capitalism, as some have claimed, but just further evidence that capitalism has accelerated into turbo-capitalism, and is accelerating still.
$12.95 pb Semiotext(e) 9781584351054

The Emergence of EcoDecentralism: Mumford Gutkind Bookchin Murray Bookchin was the originator and primary theorist of social ecology, a radical politics that insists on the social roots of environmental destruction. Over the course of his long life Bookchin constructed social ecology as a coherent framework encompassing ecological politics, nature philosophy, anthropology, revolutionary history, face-to-face democracy, and urban decentralism. In this pamphlet, Janet Biehl traces the evolution of Bookchins ecodecentralism from the work of two earlier thinkers, Lewis Mumford and E. A. Gutkind.
Murray Bookchin
$7.95 pb New Compass 9788293064107

Contract & Contagion: From Biopolitics to Oikonomia Contract & Contagion presents a theoretical approach for understanding the complex shifts of post-Fordism and neoliberalism by way of a critical reading of contracts, and through an exploration of the shifting politics of the household. It focuses on the salient question of capitalist futurity in order to highlight the simultaneously intimate, economic, and political limits to venturing beyond its horizon.
Thomas More & Stephen Duncombe
$24.00 pb Minor Compositions 9781570272561

Aaron Ash

Gorilla Food: Living and Eating Organic, Vegan, and Raw Gorilla Food is both an innovative cooking manual and a raw vegan bible; recipes include a raw lasagna made with zucchini noodles, kale, and a cheese made from walnuts, and a raw soup made from seasonal greens, tomatoes, and avocado. Theres also amazing raw pizzas, fruit pies, and chocolate desserts that will delight vegans and non-vegans alike. The book also contains recipes for dehydrated and cultured foods, important for a raw food diet but surprisingly simple to prepare.
Brian A. Dominick
$24.95 pb Arsenal Pulp Press 9781551524702

Open Utopia

The Philosophy of Social Ecology: Essays on Dialectical Naturalism Decades ago, when the concern over ecology centered around the problems of conventional environmentalism, when environmental issues were seen in practical and limited terms that could be resolved by legislative action, public education, and personal example, Murray Bookchin was already at work formulating his unique philosophy of social ecology. This philosophy, which would serve in the highest ethical sense as a guide for human conduct and would provide an awareness of humanitys place in nature, is offered here.
$14.95 pb Black Rose 9781551640181

Open Utopia is a complete English language edition of Thomas Mores Utopia that honors the primary precept of Utopia itself: that all property is common property. In this re-issue of Thomas Mores generative volume, scholar and activist Stephen Duncombe re-imagines Utopia as an open text, one designed by More as an imaginal machine freeing us from the tyranny of the present while undermining master plans for the future. In this volume Utopia is re-imagined and brought into the participatory digital age as a technology for undermining authority and facilitating new imagination.

$24.00 pb Minor Compositions 9781570272455

Animal Liberation and Social Revolution: A Vegan Perspective on Anarchism or An Anarchist Perspective on Veganism This text sets out to demonstrate that any approach to social change must be comprised of an understanding not only of social relationships, but also of the relationships between humans and non-human animals. However, it also shows that, in turn, animal liberation itself will never be a feasible approach without understanding and participating in the wider social revolutionary endeavor.
Carla Kelly
$4.00 pam Critical Mess Media No ISBN

Preliminary Materials For a Theory of the Young-Girl First published in France in 1999, Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the YoungGirl dissects the impossibility of love under Empire. The Young-Girl is consumer societys total product and model citizen: whatever type of YoungGirl she may embody, whether by whim or
$13.95 pb Semiotext(e) 9781584351085

Quick and Easy Vegan Slow Cooking: More Than 150 Tasty, Nourishing Recipes that Practically Make Themselves
$17.95 pb The Experiment 9781615190430

Ever wished you could have a healthy, delicious, home-



AK PRESS 2013 catalog

cooked dinner waiting for you when you get home? Well, stop dreaming and start cooking! In Quick and Easy Vegan Slow Cooking, Carla Kelly brings you over 150 recipes for nourishing, wholefoods-based meals, with easy-to-find, economical ingredients, simple cooking techniques, and minimal prep time. Whatever your skill level, Carlas got you covered for slow-cooked meals year round.
Taymer Mason

Ani Phyo

Anis Raw Food Essentials Want to go raw, but not sure how to start? Anis Raw Food Essentials, which clocks in at a pretty hefty 325 pages, offers easy transitional recipesusing the equipment you already have in your kitchen. Looking for innovative meals that are healthy and delicious? Ani offers everything from comfort classics like nachos and burgers to more gourmet dishes like risotto, angel hair pasta, and her you-wont-believe-theyre-raw desserts. Also available: Anis Raw Food Asia, Anis Raw Food Desserts, and Anis Raw Food Kitchen.
Terry Hope Romero
$19.00 pb Da Capo Press 9780738215600

barbecue or a night around the campfire can ignite your taste buds all year long.
Alicia C. Simpson

Quick and Easy Low-Cal Vegan Comfort Food: 150 Down-Home Recipes Packed with Flavor, Not Calories Alicia Simpson, the master of vegan comfort food, is back again with food thats crave-worthy: 150 satisfying, flavorful, all-new recipes to enjoy from breakfast to dinner and anytime in between. However you define comfort food, Alicias got you covered with down-home Southern standards, Tex-Mex fiesta favorites, backyard BBQ fare, ole-fashioned one-dish meals, riffs on classic takeoutand a few surprises destined to become new standbys.
Bryant Terry
$17.95 pb The Experiment 9781615190423

Caribbean Vegan The Caribbean islands are home to a rich cooking tradition that combines African, French, Spanish, British, Asian, and Indian influences, adds an unmistakable local flair and tastes like paradise. A real secret is in the herbs and spiceswith the right uncooked sauce, cooked sauce, or wet seasoning blend, you can transform everyday ingredients into Caribbean delights!
Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Terry Hope Romero
$18.95 pb The Experiment 9781615190256

Vegan Eats World: 300 International Recipes for Savoring the Planet More than 300 bold, delicious recipes based on international favorites. With chapters devoted to essential basics such as Spice Blends; The Three Protein Amigos; and Pickles, Chutneys, and Saucier Sauces, you can make everything from salads to curries, dumplings, and desserts. Vegan Eats World will help you map your way through a culinary world tour, whether you want to create a perogie party or Thai feast, easy Indian chaat lunch, or Your International House of Dinner Crepes.
Ashley Rowe
$35.00 hb Da Capo Press 9780738214863

Vegan Pie in the Sky: 75 Out of this World Recipes for Pies, Tarts, Cobblers, and More Here, youll find delicious and adorable pies, tarts, cobblers, cheesecakes and moreall made without dairy, eggs, or animal products. From fruity to chocolaty, nutty to creamy, Vegan Pie in the Sky has the classic flavors you crave. And the recipes are as easy as, well, you know. (Hint: the answer is pie.) Also available: Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar!
Kim ODonnel
$17.00 pb Da Capo Press 9780738212746

The Inspired Vegan: Seasonal Ingredients, Creative Recipes, Mouthwatering Menus Marking his ten-year anniversary working to create a healthy, just, and sustainable food system, Bryant Terry (author of Vegan Soul Kitchen, which we also have!) offers more than just a collection of recipes. The Inspired Vegan presents a collage of food, storytelling, music, and art. Bryant shares his favorite preparation /cooking techniques and simple recipesbasics to help strengthen your foundation for home cooking and equip you with tools for culinary improvisation and kitchen creativity. Also seasonal menus inspired by family memories, social movements, unsung radical heroes, and visions for the future.
Lukas Volger
$19.00 pb Da Capo Press 9780738213750

Barefoot and In the Kitchen: Vegan Recipes for You From former AK collective member Ashley!! This heavily illustrated vegan cookbook is packed with delicious recipes and entertaining essays. Not at all an exclusive affair, Barefoot and in the Kitchen works with ingredients available everywhere not just at fancy health food stores. Make a basic white sauce, your own seitan, mac n cheese, cornbread, and cookies. Folks who have been vegan for awhile (like yours truly!) will love variations like stuffed shells, dirty rice, and Cinnamon Buns of Doom.
John Schlimm
$8.95 pb Microcosm Publishing 9781934620557

The Meat Lovers Meatless Cookbook: Vegetarian Recipes Carnivores Will Devour Terrified of tempeh? Beleaguered by broccoli? Or know someone who is? Author Kim ODonnel was before she sat down to develop a weekly recipe with no meat. She offers here a selection of her you wont miss the meat recipes, which are hearty, satisfying, and delicious. Rather than a fake meat smorgasborg, which vegans among us might hope this book was, its more a selection of good recipes that 1) could convince people they can live without meat in every meal, 2) would fill anyones need for a good vegetarian cookbook.
$18.95 pb Da Capo Press 9780738214016

Veggie Burgers Every Which Way: Fresh, Flavorful and Healthy Vegan and Vegetarian Burgers Whether you already subsist on veggie burgers, enjoy them occasionally, or ardently wish there was an alternative to the rubbery, over-processed frozen burgers sold in cardboard boxes, Veggie Burgers Every Which Way is the book for you (and me, it looks like!). More than half the burger recipes are vegan and/ or gluten-free, as are many of the extras, which include buns, sides, toppings, and condiments. Everyday ingredient choices ensure that all the burgers and extras are a breeze to assemble.
$16.95 pb The Experiment 9781615190195

Grilling Vegan Style: 125 Fired-Up Recipes to Turn Every Bite Into a Backyard BBQ Running the gamut from appetizers, salads, sides, kabobs, and burgers to main dishes, desserts, and, of course, cocktails(!), John Schlimm demonstrates the art of grilling faux meats, with key info on everything you need for proper heat and the best taste. With color photographs throughout, this cookbook ensures that the magic of a summer
$20.00 pb Da Capo Press 9780738215723

AK PRESS 2013 catalog vegetarian/vegan


Cindy Crabb


In addition to the fantastic bounty of AK Press goods we havewonderfully displayed on page 25 we also have a variety of items without our logo on them. If you can believe it. For our full selection of odds & ends, bits & pieces, and assorted geegaws, see our website. Here are some highlights!

Iron-On Patches!
$4.00 approx 2 x 2 inches

Doris 29

Latest issue of Doris! In this issue, an essay called How I learned to stop worrying and love being queer, and articles on voting or not, girls rock camp, and great tales about grandparents and those mini horses Sassy and Peanut!
Katie Haegele

$2.00 pam Doris No ISBN


Anarcho-Syndicalist Flag!
$35.00 3 X 5 feet There goes the neighborhood!

Anarcho-Syndicalist with a twist

White Elephants Katie Haegele lives a few blocks from the house she grew up in, and every summer she and her mother scour the neighborhood tag sales, looking for treasure. In this unusual, touching memoir, she chronicles the places they go and the things they find there, describing every detail in her singular, charming voice. In the end she finds more than just ugly table lamps, ultimately discovering a real friendship with her mother, a deeper connection to her father, whose death left a hole in her lifeand even a bit of romance.
Tomas Moniz
$7.95 pb Microcosm Publishing 9781934620281

Circle-A on red star

Enamel Pins!
$4.00 pin sized! Perfect for that bare lapel!

Anarchist Black Cross

Shirts! (see our website for more!)

$20.00 s, m, l, xl, 2xl

Rad Dad #23

A fantastic zine edited by our friend Tomas Moniz, tackling the issues of the day from a radical parents perspective with an always-excellent cast of contributors. This issue is called Making Family. Always great, this one includes pre-dad thoughts, pieces on navigating the cultural continuum, parenting and radical engagement, sex positive parenting, Tomass Letter to Teenagers and his daughter Zoras Letter to Adults, and more. Always recommended.
Claire Urb

$4.00 pam 1984 Printing 9780920159576


Circle A

Animal Liberation A benefit for the SHAC 7

Autonomy by Josh MacPhee

Class War

Its Down to This: Reflections, Stories, Experiences, Critiques, and Ideas on Community and Collective Response to Sexual Violence, Abuse, and Accountability Says Doris zine: This huge zine (100 pages!) is a tremendous resource for people who are committed to ending sexual violence This zine collects a multitude of stories, reflections, and articlesfrom advice on finding a therapist, written by a perpetrator who is in an accountability process, to articles describing what different accountability groups look like, to raw stories of the failure of radical communities to step up and offer support to survivors. Intense and essential zine for people doing this work.
$5.00 pam Its Down to This No ISBN

Smash Fascism Circle A Hands by Josh MacPhee Class War

And this little beaut, the Anarcho-______ pin. available in: Black /Red=Anarcho-Syndicalist Black /Green=Eco-Anarchist Black /Purple=Anarcha-Feminist Black /Pink=Anarcho-Queer Solid Black=Anarchist You Dont Have to Fuck People Over to Survive by Seth Tobocman


zines/odds & ends

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All orders by mail must be accompanied with the appropriate payment. Payments can be made by check or money order (in US funds only), made out to AK PRESS, or by credit card. We take Visa and Mastercard by mail, fax, e-mail, phone (weekdays, 9:30 to 5:30), and on our web site. For those ordering by credit card, we require your credit card number, expiration date, name as it appears on the card, shipping address, as well as (and this is very important) your accurate billing address (if its different from your shipping). We will also accept payment in cash, but this is sent at your own risk. INTERNATIONAL ORDERINGPLEASE NOTE: Overseas customers are advised to pay by money order in US funds, or by credit card. For checks drawn in currencies other than US dollars, an additional charge will be added to cover our banks extortionate charges. If this is your only method of payment, get in touch and well tell you how much you must add to your check to cover these charges. PRISONERS PLEASE NOTE: Please be aware that different prisons have different regulations about what items you can order. You are responsible to know those regulations and order accordingly. If items you order are rejected by the prison and returned to us, we will issue a credit memo for your purchase. However, if the prison does not return the order, we cannot issue a credit. Unfortunately, you order at your own risk. While we cannot afford to send free books to prisoners, we do offer a 30% discount on all items shipped directly to prisoners (ordered by you or your people outside). For free books, contact the Prisoners Literature Project c/o Bound Together, 1369 Haight Street, San Francisco CA 94117.


USPS Bookpost: takes 14 weeks, $4.50 first item + $1.00 each additional USPS Priority Mail: generally takes 35 days, $7.00 first item + $1.50 each additional

UPS Ground (no PR, HI, AK, no PO Boxes or prisons): takes up to 5 days, $12.00 first item +$2.00 each additional

International Priority: takes 710 days, $20.00 first item +$4.00 each additional

Rest of the World:

International Priority: takes 710 days, $24.00 first item +$4.00 each additional Canada and World, note: If the size and weight of your order allow, we will ship First Class, which is cheaper.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON SHIPPING: The times listed above are estimates of the time a package will take to get to you after we ship it. Most orders are shipped out in 12 days.

Please call or email ( for prices on Next Day Air, Registered, and other forms of special delivery, as well as international UPS and other international shipping prices (like First Class!).

Desk copies of certain AK Press titles are available for consideration as course texts. Email for more info.



AK PRESS 2013 catalog


PURCHASER Name Address City Daytime Phone E-mail Date This is my o first order o most recent order (Ive ordered before) o new address AUTHOR State Zip SHIP TO (IF DIFFERENT FROM PURCHASER) Name Address City PAYMENT o Credit Card o Money Order o Cash (your risk) o Check o Cashiers Check o AK Credit Slip / Gift Certificate US Funds Onlysurcharge applies for payment in other currencies If paying by credit card: Card Number Expiration Date Signature QTY. PRICE o o State Zip


[Alternate] [Alternate]

Feel free to continue onto another sheet if you need to. Mail completed order form, along with payment, to: AK Press, 674-A 23rd Street, Oakland, CA 94612

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Sub-Total: $ Friends of AK Press discount (see page 1) $ Sales Tax: $

CA residents add 9% (Sub-Total x .09): MD residents add 6% (Sub-Total x .06): Shipping (see details on page 56): $ USA: o Media Mail o Priority o UPS Ground Canada: o Priority Mail Rest of the world: o Priority Mail Total amount enclosed: $

TRADE CUSTOMERS: Disregard sales tax (but include resale license number with order). Only list street address, as UPS does not ship to PO boxes. Shipping will be calculated by weight and not item count. Please note whether you will accept backorders or if you plan to reorder out-of-stock items. See p. 55 of this catalog for wholesale discounts and other important ordering information.

AK Press 2013 CATALOG


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