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Sellers Register now! Everyone else Save the date!


Dozens of sellers and loads of shoppers on an acre of green park space You pay a small registration fee, we do the advertising and promotion Bring your wares and a table, set up, and sell its that easy!


When: Saturday May 18th, 8am-2pm



Theprivatecommunityparkinsidethealleycourtyard betweenU&VandNorthCapitol&FirstStreetsNW

TO SELL AT THE YARD SALE:,oruseformonreverse. Questions?


IfyoudontsellattheYardsale,considerdonatingitemstothe CADCTable.100%oftheproceedsfromthesesaleswillgotopark maintenanceandimprovement.ContactJohnat2025502631or jcorea@crispusattuckspark.orgtoarrangedropoff.
Sponsored by the Crispus Attucks Development Corp. (CADC), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing and maintaining Crispus Attucks Park for the entire community




Todays Date: ________________ Name: ______________________ Address: ________________________________ Phone: ______________________ e-mail: _________________________________
Please check the types of items you intend to sell (check all that apply):* ___ books ___ clothing ___ electronics ___ furniture ___ hardware, tools ___ home furnishings ___ jewelry ___ music (CDs, tapes, vinyl) ___ small appliances ___ sporting goods, games, toys ___ original crafts/art ___ other (specify): ________________

*Sale of food by Yard Sale participants is prohibited. This is the parks largest annual fundraiser, and we rely heavily on revenues from Taste of Bloomingdale participating restaurants and from our own Snack Stand. Thanks for understanding.

Calculate registration fee amount: $35 per space (each space is about 10x10) if paid after May 4th Early bird discount! Only $25 per space if paid on or before May 4th
___________________ Number of Spaces Please Note: We cannot supply tables. If you are not using a table and will be displaying your wares on the ground, we recommend you bring a blanket, tarp, or other covering in case the grass is damp. CADC is not responsible for unsold items at the end of the yard sale. We expect that you will leave your rented space free of your wares and debris. If you have clothing items (clothing only) that you would like to donate to Goodwill, please see a yard sale attendant for the drop off location. X ________________________ Registration Fee per Space = ______________________ Total Amount Due

Complete this form and return it with your payment (payable to CADC) to:

CADC Yard Sale 69 U Street, NW Washington, DC 20001 QUESTIONS? CONTACT TYNESIA AT (703) 973-5733 OR TYNESIA27@AOL.COM
All proceeds from the Bloomingdale Community Day and Yard Sale will support the park improvement projects of the Crispus Attucks Development Corporation (CADC).