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Proposal to Merge Calvary BFC and Bethany BFC

to the Congregations of

Calvary Bible Fellowship Church of the Northern Lehigh Valley


Bethany Bible Fellowship Church of Whitehall

from the Elders of

Bethany Bible Fellowship Church of Whitehall

Introduction2 Our Proposal2 Public Face2 Resources2 Leadership3 Gatherings4 Sample Preaching Schedule5 Congregational Meetings6 Enacting this Proposal7 Proposal to the Congregations8 Special Congregational Meeting Agenda.9 Financial Statements of the Two Churches10 Merger Budget12 Appendix One: Rationale14 Bibliography15

We believe that the Gospel of forgiveness in Jesus' name is needed in every local community across the world. Calvary BFC in Walnutport has been a stalwart evangelical and Bible-teaching witness to the Walnutport/Slatington community, a community of 22,000 people with little evangelical witness. By pooling resources together, Whitehall and Walnutport congregations will better impact both communities with more efficiency. This proposal is to merge both Whitehall and Walnutport congregations (each currently with autonomous polities) into one congregation meeting at multiple campuses. With a shared pastoral staff, shared elder board, shared financial system, shared support staff, shared vision and outreach strategy, and shared public face, we become one church with multiple meeting places.

Our Proposal
Public Face
The Walnutport church is currently known to the public as "Calvary Bible Fellowship Church of the Northern Lehigh Valley." There is much that a name carries with it. Since we are merging the congregations, we propose that both churches change the public face of the church to "Lehigh Valley Bible Fellowship Church. Calvary BFC would be called Lehigh Valley Bible Fellowship Church, Walnutport Campus." Similarly, Bethany BFC would be called "Lehigh Valley Bible Fellowship Church, Whitehall Campus." The literature that each campus puts out and the signage they use would utilize new logos. We are one church, with one brand and one culture.

The church corporation in Walnutport transfers all deeds and bank funds to the Whitehall corporation. Together, we have one purse which is used to support the ministries of both campuses. One of the factors limiting the growth of the Walnutport congregation is its landlocked facility. Together, we will immediately find a new home for this campus. Elements to consider in this move will include: ease of parking, sufficient seating for 100+ worshippers, educational space for students, simple driving directions for worshippers to invite friends. All reserve funds of the Walnutport church will be held in a designated fund for the purpose of future relocation of the Walnutport campus. 2

One board of elders will oversee both campuses. One team of pastoral staff will minister the Word.

One elder board will oversee the ministry at both campuses. It will propose a single budget with generous allocations for ministries at both campuses. It will identify, train, deploy, and oversee ministry staff (both paid and volunteer) for the work at both campuses. The first board of elders of the new multisite would be comprised of the current elder board of the Whitehall church. We value the incarnational ministry of elders in local churches and will immediately begin identifying candidates from both campuses that can shepherd the people of God. In preparation for annual congregational meetings, the Elders will nominate qualified, gifted men from both campuses to serve on the elder board of the church.

Like the circuit riding pastors of old, the pastoral staff of this multisite church will minister God's Word at both campuses. As future staffing needs arise, the congregation will meet as one body to either call future pastors or endorse calls made by the elders. More about pastoral staff in the Gatherings section. Pastor Tim Schmoyer will be responsible to teach groups, preach weekly, oversee the organization of the campuses, and cast vision for Whitehall campus. (40-50 hours/ week) Pastor Aaron Smith will continue pastoring the youth and young adults as he is now, he will also preach weekly, and cast vision for the Walnutport campus. (40-50 hours/ week) Pastor Al Dommel will teach groups, preach every 5-6 weeks, and organize small groups at both campuses both for evangelism and discipleship. He will additionally develop and deploy outreach initiatives to the Walnutport/Slatington area. (30 hours/week)

Upon initiating this proposal, members of Walnutport will have their membership transferred to the Whitehall church. They are entitled to all rights and responsible for all requirements of membership in the Whitehall church. For the BFC Conference purposes, all statistics will be logged under "Lehigh Valley." 3

We will provide for the gatherings at the Walnutport campus with the following:

live music at both campuses

It is our understanding that Walnutport has sufficient gifted musicians to accompany the worship of God. This proposal will need to change and can easily change if this assumption is not the case. Both campuses will have the same set list and order of worship, as this builds the common experience in both campuses.

morning worship
Morning worship gatherings will immediately adopt a short-term strategy to address the continuation of worship after consolidation. The long-term strategy seeks a more permanent solution. Live preaching will be conducted in the morning worship gatherings at both campuses. The Elder Board will maintain the speaker schedule at both campuses. The pastoral staff will study together on the same text and topic and deliver virtually identical messages at the two campuses. Our long-term goal is to hire additional staff. The qualities sought in a pastoral staff member are evangelism, outreach, marketing, preaching and teaching. They will spend one day per week at the Whitehall campus preparing for the Sunday gathering alongside Pastor Tim.

evening worship
If there is interest, Pastor Tim would love to lead an evening worship gathering at the Walnutport campus each Sunday. It will feature hymns and praises, conversational Bible study, prayer, and testimonies.

weeknite gatherings for children and youth

Youth Group: Walnutport and Whitehall teens will gather together at the Whitehall campus. The Sinking Spring church is multisite and holds all weeknite gatherings at the Sinking Spring campus. Children's Ministry: In the near future, the elders will assess options for midweek children's gatherings.

Sample Preaching Schedule

N = North = Walnutport S = South = Whitehall













7 GettoKnowYou Sundayat Walnutport 5 N:Aaron S:Tim 2 N:Tim S:Aaron 7 N:Aaron S:Tim 4 N:Aaron S:Tim 1LaborDay N:Aaron S:Tim 6 N:Tim S:Aaron 3 N:Aaron S:Al 1 N:Aaron S:Tim

14 Congrega onal VotesatBoth Churches 12 N:Aaron S:Tim 9 N:Al S:Tim 14 N:Tim S:Aaron 11 N:Aaron S:Tim 8BacktoSchool N:Aaron S:Tim 13 N:Aaron S:Tim 10 N:Tim S:Aaron 8 N:Aaron S:Tim


24Palm Sunday Proposal Distributed 28


19Pentecost N:Aaron S:Tim 16 N:Aaron S:Tim 21 N:Aaron S:Tim 18 N:Tim S:Aaron 15 N:Al S:Tim 20 N:Aaron S:Tim 17 N:Aaron S:Tim 15 N:Tim S:Aaron

26MemorialDay N:Aaron S:Tim 23 N:Aaron S:Tim 28 N:Aaron S:Al 25 N:Aaron S:Tim 22 N:Aaron S:Tim 27ReformDay N:Aaron S:Tim 24 N:Aaron S:Tim 22Christmas N:Aaron S:Tim

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29 N:Al S:Tim

Congregational Meetings
Annually, the Elders will publish one document which reports to the congregation on the status of the work at both campuses. Additionally, this document will issue the proposed budget for the new year. The proposed budget will in one document outline the anticipated expenses for both campuses. Also, the document will introduce the candidates that the Elder Board is proposing for offices within the church. The new church will not receive nominations for office from the floor of its Congregational Meetings. The Report Book will be distributed one month before the annual congregational meeting. The members and interested non-members of both campuses will meet together once a year for a Church Congregational Meeting. Regardless of campus, the members present at this business meeting make up the quorum along with the chairman and secretary. The members present vote on proposals which affect both campuses.

Enacting this Proposal

Amendment period by Leadership
The Whitehall Elders and Walnutport Trustees will offer amendment to this proposal until both boards either agree or reject the proposal. If both boards agree, they will all sign the proposal and distribute the proposal to the congregations (see page 8). At the meeting in which the document is distributed, a Special Congregational Meeting will be called for one month from the date of distribution. (NOTE: This has taken place already. This proposal is the product of the Amendment Period.)

Get-To-Know-You period
Walnutport congregation will have a chance to get to know Pastor Aaron and Pastor Tim and their families on Sunday, April 7. Pastor Aaron will preach the Word. We will share a meal together after the worship gathering.

Congregational Meeting at Both Churches

Special Congregational Meetings will be held at both churches after morning worship on Sunday, April 14. The churches vote on the proposal with three possible outcomes: 1.If both congregations approve the proposal by 2/3 majority, the elders and trustees will enact the proposal's terms. 2. If the motion fails to receive 2/3 majority at a meeting, both elders and trustees will meet with the members of that church the following week to ascertain if amendment can appease 2/3 majority and the new motion will be voted on. If both congregations agree to the amended proposal by 2/3 majority, the elders and trustees will enact the proposal's terms. 3. If we cannot achieve 2/3 majority in both congregations, the churches will continue ministering as distinct groups. In the future, if the congregation in which the motion failed desires cooperation, they may initiate resumed negotiations.

Proposal to the Congregations

We the undersigned do recommend to the congregations of Calvary Bible Fellowship Church of the Northern Lehigh Valley and Bethany Bible Fellowship Church of Whitehall the above proposal to unite the churches as one church which meets in multiple locations. We have prayerfully considered all the aspects of this proposal and invite you to also pray to Almighty God for His will in this matter. Both churches will hold their own Special Congregational Meeting on Sunday April 14, 2013 immediately following Morning Worship to vote on the following motion: "Resolved that we adopt the document entitled 'Proposal to Merge Calvary BFC and Bethany BFC' and request our Elders and Trustees to enact the directives in the proposal." Calvary BFC Trustees Bethany BFC Elders

George Paduch

David Shaffer

Special Congregational Meeting Agenda

April 14, 2013 Opening Prayer: Roll Call of Officers Statement of Purpose: The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the proposal made to us by the Elders of Bethany BFC of Whitehall and Trustees of Calvary BFC of Walnutport. After discussion, the membership of the church will vote yes or no on the following resolution: Whereas, we see the benefits of collaborating as one church meeting in multiple places, be it therefore Resolved that we adopt the document entitled 'Proposal to Merge Calvary BFC and Bethany BFC' and request our Elders and Trustees to enact the directives in the proposal. {{ From BFC Faith & Order -- The purpose of the special meeting must be stated at the beginning of the minutes of the meeting, and business shall be limited to the stated purpose of the meeting. Any action must be properly recorded. }} Action:

Adjournment with prayer Minutes signed by Secretary of the Congregation




EmbassyBank TeamCapitalBank GeneralOpera on AWANA ElderBenevolent Missions SeniorFellowship WMS Youth

240.39 26,275.29 860.03 271.25 16,967.97 989.44 165.26 359.72 46,129.35 BuildingFundincluded

TeamCapitalBank VehicleFund ChurchPlan ngFund Vanguard(12/31/2012)

4,036.00 270.00 2,785.70 7,091.71 256.14 256.14 53,477.20 66.77 189.37 4,306.01

OnlineAccounts GeneralIncome TanzaniaMedicalTrip


TeamCapitalBank Mortgage1 Mortgage2

566,486.57 139,661.49 706,148.06 11


248,862.00 46,067.00 294,929.00 29,568.00 324,497.00 WhACTUAL 2012 EXPENSE 3,060.49 50.60 1,190.00 810.67 46.68 1,000.00 18,747.31 584.85 122.38 27.54 0.00 1,153.27 3,196.69 1,412.99 1,445.54 32,849.01 216.00 914.94 2,316.47 658.55 813.63 224.00 156.19 111.34 4,393.69 9,804.81 0.00 3,938.65 WaACTUAL CombACTUAL 2012 EXPENSE 1,400.01 399.69 959.40 1,010.29 169.26 2012 EXPENSE 3,060.49 1,400.01 450.29 1,190.00 810.67 46.68 1,959.40 18,747.31 584.85 122.38 1,037.83 0.00 1,322.53 3,196.69 1,412.99 1,445.54 36,787.66 216.00 0.00 914.94 2,316.47 658.55 813.63 224.00 0.00 156.19 111.34 4,393.69 9,804.81 250,000.00

WhitehallIncome 2012UndesignatedIncome 2012DesignatedIncome 2012TotalIncome WalnutportIncome 2012UndesignatedIncome Opera ngSavings 2013An cipatedRentalIncome

30,000.00 45,000.00 10,000.00 335,000.00 MERGER 2013 BUDGET 3,000.00 600.00 200.00 500.00 300.00 600.00 21,350.00 200.00 300.00 2,000.00 300.00 1,000.00 250.00 3,500.00 1,500.00 2,000.00 37,600.00

MINISTRIES AWANA Benevolence Choir Chris anEduca onTraining ChristmasProgram ChurchPicnic GuestSpeakers GlobalOutreach(Missions) JuniorChurch Men'sBreakfastFellowship Outreach SeniorFellowship Socials So ball SundaySchool&Nursery Vaca onBibleSchool YouthGroup TotalforMINISTRY OFFICE Bulle nInserts PrayerCalendar/DailyBread Paper CopierServiceandInk Adver sement Website Postage Mailings OeringEnvelopes CheckingServices MiscellaneousSupplies TotalforOFFICE

260.00 273.00 1,300.00 2,600.00 1,300.00 650.00 260.00 260.00 325.00 130.00 1,300.00 8,658.00


WhACTUAL COMPENSATION PastorTim PastorAaron AlDommel Visita onMinistry Administra veAssistant Sexton PayrollExpenses Workmen'sComp TotalforCOMPENSATION PROPERTY U li es Electric Gas/Oil Phone/Internet/Fire WalnutportParsonageU li es Water/Sewer Building MortgagePrincipal MortgageInterest WalnutportParsonageMaint. BuildingInsurance FutureConstruc on Deacons GeneralExpenses SnowRemoval VanInsurance VanMaintenance MusicandSound PianoandOrganTuning Audio/VideoEquipment CleaningSupplies,PaperGoods Flowers Decora on TotalforPROPERTY BFCCONFERENCE BFCChurchAssessment BFCPublishing/Prin ng Delega ontoConference TotalforBFCCONFERENCE TOTALEXPENSE

WaACTUAL 17,350.00 17,350.00

71,336.07 16,076.94 7,617.39 8,057.25 8,063.17 529.80 558.00 112,238.62 5,876.03 2,110.37 2,768.42 449.80 25,529.84 42,503.28 3,309.86 31,220.83 3,008.71 2,092.81 505.00 1,249.77 185.00 2,251.57

CmbACTUAL 71,336.07 16,076.94 17,350.00 7,617.39 8,057.25 8,063.17 529.80 558.00 129,588.62

13MERGE 65,000.00 59,000.00 20,000.00 7,500.00 9,000.00 7,500.00 100.00 650.00 168,750.00

1,219.98 1,923.00 1,296.17 1,550.67 720.00

1,000.00 2,055.50 1,995.90 33.67

7,096.01 4,033.37 4,064.59 1,550.67 1,169.80 25,529.84 42,503.28 1,000.00 5,365.36 31,220.83 5,004.61 2,092.81 505.00 1,249.77 185.00 0.00 2,285.24

7,000.00 3,000.00 2,000.00 1,000.00 20,500.00 42,500.00 1,000.00 5,400.00 10,000.00 5,000.00 2,000.00 600.00 2,500.00 400.00 1,500.00 3,500.00 200 1,500.00 109,600.00

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353.82 135,337.73

0.00 33,083.54

3,082.00 171.00 0.00 3,253.00 314,771.82

6,000.00 175.00 0.00 6,175.00 330,783.00 4,217.00


Appendix One: Rationale

Biblical Support
When the Church began, the first Christians met together for worship in the Temple and broke bread from house to house. This seems to indicate that the total number of Christians gathered as one, but also gathered in smaller gatherings throughout the region. Later, as the Church began to spread from one region to multiple regions, doctrinal questions were resolved as one body during the Council of Jerusalem in Acts 15. This demonstrates that while the Church met in multiple locations, it was still one congregation. Additionally, Romans 16 indicates that the Church of Rome gathered in various houses throughout the city.

Historical Support
The early American church grew because of the ministry of selfless men called circuit riders. They would preach in the church in one village and run off to the next village on horseback regardless of the weather. It is reported that the average life expectancy of a circuit rider was 35 due to the harsh lifestyle. Despite the short life of the man, the churches grew from their ministry. In fact, the early BFC had circuit preachers. In our mutual history, the same man had charge over Northampton (from which the Whitehall congregation originated) and Walnutport from 1894 to 1896, again from 1917 to 1933, and again in 1939 and 1940 (see Appendix Two). Additionally, Northampton shared a pastor with Nazareth for many years. We are not sure how the whole system worked in those years, but Doris Wire records in the Whitehall congregation's history book regarding the decade of 1923-1933 "the church was ... a circuit with Walnutport, with an arrangement of preaching every other Sunday in each place. Pastor Kratz drove an automobile back and forth. Quarterly conferences alternated between the sites. The Northampton class would travel to Walnutport in auto-caravan processions" (Wire 27). With one-quarter of our history sharing one pastor among our two churches, certainly it can be said that our churches share more in common than a surname!


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