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D.D, F.R.S.C.

a principle which is a bar against all informaproof against all argument, and which cannot This principle fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance. " is contempt prior to examination. DR. PALEY.
TJiere is



greater than Palev has said: matter before he heareth it, it is a



" ffe that ansivereth a and a shame unto
















JJHE history of God's chosen people Israel can never be a subject of indifference to the Christian mind. The

indebtedness of Christendom to this race can never be

computed nor





Through it came chiefly the oracles of Through it came the institutions, the jurispru-

dence, the philosophy which largely

Christian nations to-day.

mould the thought of all Yet no race was ever repaid with

blacker ingratitude for the benefits which
tale of its persecution



by fire and faggot, by rack and dungeon, one of the darkest pages in European history. Pillaged and plundered, scattered and peeled, branded and mutilated, smitten

by every hand and execrated by every
bear in
all its



Jews seemed


bitterness of woe, the terrible curse invoked


their fathers,

His blood

the blood of the Innocent


Trampled and beaten to the earth, -decimated and slaughtered, they have yet, like the trodden grass

upon us and our children."

that ranker grows, increased and multiplied in spite of their



from the home of

their fathers,

Ishmaels and Hagars of mankind," exiled and harried from land to land,

have verily eaten the unleavened bread and bitter herbs of



bondage, and drunken the waters of Marah.



lands they have sat beside strange streams and wept as they

remembered Zion.


lived in narrow streets and lanes obscure, Ghetto and J udenstrass, in mirk and mire ;
in the school of patience to endure of anguish and the death of fire.




All their lives long, with the unleavened bread

And And

bitter herbs of exile


its fear.3,

The wasting famine

of the heart they fed, slaked its thirst with Marah of their tears.

Anathema maranatha

was the cry That rang from town to town, from street to street At every gate the accursed Mordecai Was mocked and jeered, and spurned by Christian



Pride and humiliation hand in hand Walked with them through the world where'er they went Trampled and beaten were they as the sand,



yet unshaken as the continent.

Far in the background figures vague and vast Of patriarchs and prophets rose sublime,



They saw

the great traditions of the past reflected in the coming time.


thus forever with reverted look

of the world they read, Spelling it backward, like a Hebrew book, Till life became a legend of the Dead."

The mystic volume


in return for such persecution, the

Jews conferred un-

speakable benefits upon mankind. Great numbers of them came to Spain with the Saracens. They became the first
and, for a long time, the only

physicians of Europe. They enriched the -materia medico, with discoveries of chemistry,

which they were expert. The healing art was previously obscured and debased by magic, sorcery, and empiricism. The system of supernaturalisrn, which universally obtained,


first assailed

by the

practical science of the Jews.











and sapped the foundation of superstition in Europe, as Christian science is at present doing in India. This, and
their great wealth,

made them the frequent victims of the Notwithstanding, some of them became the pri-

vate physicians even to the Popes


persecuted their race.

They taught

in the Rabbinical schools 'of Italy, Sicily,


France, as well as in Spain.

Persecution and travel sharpened

their naturally acute intellects, so that they early got control

of the greater part of the

commerce of Europe.


has been

truly said, They were our factors and bankers before we knew how to read." The Spanish religious wars drove many

from that country and dispersed them through Europe, to which they gave an intellectual impulse, which it feels to this

Jewish influence also contributed to mediaeval thought a The turbid stream of cabalistic tinge of Oriental mysticism.
philosophy intoxicated some of the noblest minds of Europe. The wild and fantastic theories of Paracelsus and the Rosicrucians,

Cornelius Agrippa and Jacob Behmen, concerning the various orders of elementary spirits, emanations from the

and imposture were also founded upon the reveries of the cabala. That theophanic system, in its turn, was linked with the venerable Oriental

a mixture of



of ancient sages

on the banks of the Ganges and the
of the Eastern imagery



influence of

Hebrew thought and

and language of the Sacred Scriptures upon the Christian system of theology opens up a vast and varied field of investigation.
might be found that many of our common and controlling thoughts have their roots far back in remote Oriental antiIt


Assuredly it would appear that that Syrian faith, which began first to be preached at Jerusalem, has been more potent in its influence on the heart and mind of Christendom than all
the lore of Greece or Rome, or than

the combined


of the Orient

and Occident

has been the great

seminal principal from which has sprung
the literatures and philosophies, in



best in


the systems of ethics and

jurisprudence, in all the political


economies of the

world since



It has ennobled, dignified,




It is the hope,

and the only hope, for the
with reference to the Jews,
will be to

regeneration of the race.
If such

profound interest

is felt

whose history we know,

more absorbing


the identification with the dominant race of Christendom

English-speaking race that

is filling

the world with





of those Lost Tribes of Israel,

whose mysteri-

ous fate has been the cause of so much speculation and learned Of the many books written upon this subject, we research.


more comprehensively, more ably, more eloquently, than the present volume. Personally we do not feel competent to discuss this vast and various theme, nor to

none which treat


judge, without ampler study than

we have been

able to give, of

the validity of the arguments with which the fascinating theory
of this




vigor and vivacity of style,

But we can certainly commend the the wealth of illustration, and the

breadth of learning with which Dr. Poole maintains his thesis,

whether one
fail to

fully accepts it or not.


English-speaking reader

have his patriotic pulses stirred with a grander pride than that of the great apostle of the Gentiles as he asserted his



For we are the subjects of an

empire which dwarfs into insignificance that of Rome in its palmiest days an empire upon which the seal of divine
approval has been signally placed an empire with which the highest destinies of the ages are fraught an empire into whose

keeping God has committed the




of the earth.




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and Syria

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THE JEWS. upon the surface flow. AND PROMISED RETURN TO THEIR OWN LAND. FREDERICK THE GREAT called SAID. PRESENT POSITION. "Meddle not with those people Jews . for no man ever touched them and prospered? " He who would Errors^ like straws. THEIR PAST HISTORY. search for pearls must dive below? .FIRST LECTURE.


from the Hebrew lehuda and the Greek loudaios. " House of " " Israel. This became all the more necesKingdom when the ten tribes were carried away into capsary The two tivity. because Abraham. THE JEWS. : HE .C. Kingdom of Israel. of Israel. were never called Jews until after the death of Solomon. came from beyond the river Euphrates. a Hebrew word.. from Ebri. or children of Abraham. those terms having been contracted to the word Jews. and the division of the tribes. known as the Hebrew people. remaining tribes were called Jews. In after years the Lord promised a new name to the Israelites. B.FIRST LECTURE. when he wrestled with God and prevailed " Thy name shall be called no more Jacob. xxxii. this people were first called Israelites." was given specially unto them after the division of the The ten tribes revolted and formed tribes. As a nation. from the name given to the patriarch Jacob. It then became necessary to distinguish the ten-tribed kingdom from the two-tribed Hence the Kingdom of Judah and th& kingdom. but Israel for as a prince hast thou power with God (Gen. 28). as we shall show in due time. which means over or beyond. a new kingdom. The people of God. when called of God." Children of Israel. 975. . chosen people of God were first called Hebrews. The name Israel.

was a general term Hebrew people. The principal tribe that remained with Rehoboam was Judah. In their antiquity. extending in their influence throughout all time. and died. Every Jew is. and to whom and to whose heirs are exceeding great and manifold promises recorded. and labored. . we inquire of this people in the light of prophecy. That name soon found its way into the early classic authors. With them. with certainty. All Scotchmen are Britons. through a period of iivo thousand years. tniro their genealogy and lineage through a glorious anco . we find Jews can point us to the first written Ian- . In this people. The name Israel. we that the inquire into the literature of the past. and to all the other nations. and to all worlds and by whom have been written the future destinies of the whole world. indeed. extending through a period of four thousand years seers. we have a people to whom alone JESUS CHRIST appeared in person. or Israelite. an Israelite.try back to a single family. before whose vision were pre- sented great truths relating to themselves.14 AKGLO-ISRAEL. also. and to whom that promise and that prophecy distinctly referred. and into the history of those times. and they do. They can. and they can produce the most satisfactory annals of their race. The present condition and future prospects of the Jews cannot be contemplated without deep interest. as can be found in no other country in the world. them a people about whom and whose interests the first promise and the first prophecy in Eden was If we see uttered. and from among them. and securely registered promises that are yet to be If fulfilled. the Jews. but every Israelite is not a Jew. and afterwards into the New Testament. and the descendants of that tribe have been known ever since as Jews. and lodged. such annals. including the whole of course. they present an unbroken line of descent from Abraham. but all Britons are not Scotchmen. with whom he lived. we find a long line of seers.

whose poetry has never been equalled by the blind man of whose biographies a Chios. at look them in the light of Religion.. are a mystery to us. 15 guage. or interest or caprice may dictate all this attention paid to them. and of Revelation. to a long line of poets. musicians. as occasion may . There we find them with a grand theocracy a theocracy all their own and all divine. with and yet. and to odes. and receiving from Him a direct communication of His will. or customs do not form a part. philosophers and prophets.nursling. therefore. compliment them or ridicule them. orators. and so much misunderstood. for in all the expositions of Bible truth. They are a people whose histories have never been excelled by Herodotus. living in all lands. They . writings on law and ethics are a standing model for all But it is our duty here more particularly to time. his history. of priesthood. and of worship designed to prepare the way for the one great atoning sacrifice of our universal Lord and Saviour. historians. no class of persons is so little known.THE JEWS. yet simple. yet peculiar in . or Livy. View the Jews. inspire our thoughts and command our admiration. shrewd. laws and letters long before Cadmus introduced his alphabet into Greece. and the first written history. Komulus. yet generous. possessing a knowledge of the living and true God. require. and whose . . and fully six hundred years before the wolf. covetous. his manners. and scarcely a religious service is held in which his person. they at once arrest our attention. and a system of sacrifice. in any aspect you please. or the Mantuan bard Plutarch and a Tacitus have never approached whose moralists far outstrip Plato and Seneca. the Jew is always referred to. Even those persons who do not pay deference to religion are not by any means indifferent to the interests of the Jewish people they praise them or blame them. There is no people so much talked about as the Jews. They are at once yielding and obstinate. submissive and unbending. indeed they are a mystery to themselves. founded Rome.

The prophet said (Isa. . when they were to be brought under the punishment spoken of by the prophet. .16 all. Israel was to be unknown and lost. and to become a taunt. distinguishable as separate and distinct from all others and this. Judah was not to be lost. and customs of all nations. No other people have ever been dispersed among other nations without losing their national traits of character.) known by the show of their countenance. because unknown. for they cannot help it. The Israelites have never borne the same distinguishing features shown by the Jews. but to be known everywhere. iii. This remarkable ethnic phenomenon is a strong point in their identity for. It seems very clear that the physiognomy of Israel was destined to be known throughout all nations. Thougli ^Key mingle with every other nation. and were to differ materially from Judah because the Jews through all the centuries. by their expression. assuming the manners. JEWISH FEATURES. cast of countenance is indelible and unalterable. it would be impossible that Israel could be found anywhere having the physiognomy of the Jews. had He done so. their features. anthropologically. xxi. and a byword This was secured to them as they were (Jer. habits. still retain their ethj nic identity and other national peculiarities. When God willed the people to be " lost for a period of time called many days. in the whole history of our globe. . no such fact exists among other people. They were to be known in all lands by " the show of their countenance. but the Jews. ANGLO-ISRAEL. at first sight. . and yet. and on all occasions. it might . and a reproach. 9). languages." that That peculiar is." He did not set a mark upon them. not from any choice of theirs. they blend with none. and therefore. In looking after the lost ones. or distinguish them specifrom others because. though scattered throughout the habitable globe for eighteen hundred years. we need not expect to find them having the same cast of countenance as the Jews. You can easily see the reason of this.

type. as 0. and the change of features. Esther (afterwards Queen Esther). It was not the terrible siege by Titus. was not heard of until after the infliction of the punishment alluded to by the prophet. There is not anywhere a fragment of history to show that the features of the ten tribes of Israel had ever undergone any such change of feature. He willed the Jew to be known. that so they might be lost. They were known as Jews by " " divers laws and form of worship or creed. or her Jewish descent. they ' had no such mark of distinction. It is of in note that when the Jews were the here. The physical type of the Jews received no change whatever until after the rejection of their Messiah. worthy of Ahasuerus in a Gentile province King country. whom Titus permitted to escape. although these were enough to fasten deep traces of sorrow upon their countenances. and the fall of their temple and city. 17 have rendered it impossible that His will should be carried out. or type known so well. as He had said. but it was suffering long drawn out prolonged suffering. or type of countenance.J tribe of Benjamin. as the prophet said. He willed the ten tribes to be lost for a time. had gone from the terrible calamity. and He did not mark them. and they lost. and " Esther had not shewed her people nor her kindred. when their real troubles commenced. The r J-. or expression of countenance. which has since rested The change of countenance. The peculiar form of expression. or of physical by which they might be distinguished. and marked him that His will might be fully carried out in reference to them. and escaped the suffering." and even Mordecai himself was not known by any peculiar external mark. or her people. and nation only. Mordecai charged that orphan girl. From that time they became . endurance of suffering for long-continued centuries after their dispersion sufferings from generation to generation without intermission or amelioration. not to show her kindred. no racial or physical type by which to be known.THE JEWS. no peculiar expression. indelibly upon the Jew. is entirely with the Jew.vOv was foretold.

have in nature a fine illustration of their separate condition in and among other nations. refuses the mixture. . volume. like like some men too. on the other a From the heights above. One hardly knows how the Rhone is able to conquer. and for miles the two rivers move on in the same channel without commingling their waters. THE RHONE AND THE ARVE.18 ANGLO-ISRAEL. in order that they might be recogThat mark or token was to distinguish them in all lands. and throughout all time. them. it I is know. The Rhone issues from the city and the lake. the largest river. as noisy as it is shallow. clear and transis muddy as the Tiber. you can see crystal stream. very pre- The Rhone parent . and a public cause With a religion none can now obey. 7 . With a reproach that none can take away. Geneva. The Arve rushes into the Rhone almost at right angles. and yet not In Europe. and seeks to mingle its muddy. whose common ties are gone. "Amazing deprived of land and laws. mixed with every race. the Arve from the grinding glaciers. A people still. but it does. and rolls on by itself. and compelling the mortified intruder to keep its own side of the channel too." race ! A general . is shallow. nor mingled with them. is We The Rhone The Arve tentious. as death. muddy waters. there is a junction of two rivers the Rhone and the Arve. where the noisy. are lost in none. a marked people. near of them. nized. turbulent current with the crystal waters of the Rhone but the Rhone resents the proposal. Who. language. and the two rivers now on and on for miles without mingling their waters. but the Arve is very The Rhone is majestic in depth and pertinacious. furious. and swift and graceful as an arrow in its flight. muddy Arve rushes into its channel. and cold The Rhone comes from the crystal lake. On the one hand you have the cold. is of but the Arve a beautiful azure. and. keeping its own side up the channel.

and then became a Turk. amid the hum of industry to the song of the mountain breeze. while he is left. who for. and among all nations. and habits of the Turk. and by frowns. I think. and loans him . and religion treated as the Ehone treats the Arve. many years was a Tartar. we have a beautiful illustration of the Jewish people in all lands. and speaks the Eussian language. to compel the lovely Hebrew maiden to become one with him in but the Turk was blood. or as the young and beautiful lady treats the musty. The Ehone is the daughter of the day and of sunshine. he remains a Jew still. like a dark-browed villain meditating wrong. Here. . for his offers are promptly spurned. crusty old bachelor and though the Jew learns the language. fusty. but. and all that we can do is in vain. while the Jew lives.THE JEWS. yet they never commingle with the Gentile. and language. You feel that the river Rhone is in the right. The licentious Turk. and trades. or The Muscovite the heathen nations around them. the conflict of the waters the utter hatred of amalgamation and annexation on the one side. The Arve is the child of night and of frost. by smiles. during long centuries. to pass on his way in cold and single blessedness. tried to woo. the coquetry. The Arve roars discolored and angry from its icy caverns to the music of the thundering avalanche. and grows rich on Eussian soil. and wed the fair daughters of Judah . and win. The strides sullenly on his way. and by swords. The Ehone dances Arve like a mountain maiden. has. while the Arve is at best an impudent intruder. the sport. rusty. and the earnest desire for it on the other. 19 with the utmost clearness the play. and of together labor. and customs. tried by flattery. and adopts his habits and customs. old bachelor like. The Ehone sweeps like a river of light from the quiet bosom of the lake. . of toil. Nature has most decidedly forbidden the banns between the two rivers. They flow on in all the channels of industry. and his proposals scornfully rejected.

Italian Jews. national and ethnological. and all the frowns. There have been in those countries. and the Greek . and among those many peoples the most wonderful changes. moral and religious. Latin Church. He still adheres to the worship of the God of Abraham. German Jews. according to the ritual Moses gave unto their forefathers and. they cling to their ancient customs. Polish Jews. who are. When an aristocratic tourist. also. I may be pardoned if I hesitate a little on a question of so much importance. with an honorable and worthy tenacity. of great pretensions to learning and religion. and all the growling. Isaac and Jacob. and have become wanderers in every There is the Abyssinian Church. English and American Jews. "the Church of the Good Bishop. all the cooing. Turk and a couple of hundred Mrs. he suggested to her that the Christian religion of his Church and nation would be her best guide. to a people like ourselves. despite all the flattery. all the wars and bloodshed of eighteen hundred years. Turks out of the harem yet the Jew is as pure So we a Jew as if the Tartar never feasted on Turkey.20 ANGLO-ISRAEL. the a Hebrew of the English Church. and yet the Jew is comparatively unchanged. the million. who presented me this volume of the New Testament. and may any day forclose the mortgage. met an accomplished young Jewess in the garden on the Mount of Olives. The beautiful Jewess said (I quote from memory)." said she. civil and ecclesiastical. who have lost their own country. Austrian Jews. There is first. ably maintain their tribal distinction. which belongs to these Eastern lands. and honor. Hungarian Jews. us and our people in great honor. and from the true inwardness of his nature. Jews still. as given by Lothair. physical and intellectual. which was founded by a Hebrew. money by . have Eussian Jews. "There are so many Churches now in Jerusalem. and turn Mr. He is himself There is. and the Armenian Church. who hold clime. the young lady gave him a reply that he was not at all prepared fairly to answer.

and designate them the aristocracy of the world. Eev. lived a Jew. as well as their national return to their own land. In this perplexity of Cnurches it may be wise in me to remain within the pale of a Church older than them all the Church in which Christ was born. 21 Church. who hate us and curse us. the Maronite Church. and ground. and if what I affirm of Him could not be clearly established. but He who will gather the dust of His sleeping saints shall For surely bring them back to their promised land. may yet see the great things God has in the near future for the people called the Jews. and Jesus. H. but these remain an indestructible race they are dealt . and died a Jew. firmly adhere to the Church of Moses. your own sacred genealogies prove what I say of Him. Empires have become extinct. tribes. We We . with by an unparalleled discipline. and an unparalleled result will hereafter redound to the glory of God. as yet the Hebrew walks on in his own self-conceited stubbornness. the Coptic Church. " This miraculous people still command the attention of the world." There is no doubt that God has a grand design in the wonderful preservation of these people in the midst of a Gentile world. with all the gigantic march of events. and Isaiah. or the . more friendly Christian looks for their spiritual regeneration. does not preclude the certainty of God's express arrangement for them.THE JEWS. says " The Jews are scattered now to the ends of the earth. and David. While the infidel sneers at them as the pariahs of the globe. even in their fallen state and the intellectual and moral advancement of mankind. and a hundred other Churches. as became a Prince of the House of David. Moreover. and the Komish Church." Of this people. and which He never quitted for he was born a Jew. this purpose they have been so miraculously preserved . Of them the Evangelical Review says. J. Brooks. through all the ages. nations and languages have become amalgamated. the whole fabric of your faith falls to the Hebrews preserve our identity.

that were in Babylon. only . with not and mingling any. ." " Thus did these men Again. as the Take the prospect at home was not very inviting. xi." FIRST NAMED. though the call was most urgent. and add up the total of those who are said to have returned. xvi. as not willing to leave their possessions. who says " The rulers of the two tribes of (Antiq. and flourished. After this the term drove the Jews from Elath. with the Levites and priests. " may be applied the fine language qf Macaulay. own country again. the King of Syria. with more truth than to the Puritan. through the bondage and dreadful persecutions of two Found among all thousand five hundred years. possible motives. and reserved for a sublimer destiny than the genius of the most ambitious statesman has sought to attain for his country. went in haste to Jerusalem. As a proof of this we quote Josephus. a certain and determined number of them out of every family by this means a certain part of the people of the Jews. came and dwelt in Jerusalem but the rest of the multitude returned every one to their ple . until the decree by Cyrus gave them permission to return to their own land. seventh chapter. Judah and Benjamin. The Jews were carried away captive to Babylon. For his sake empires had risen. where they remained for seventy years.22 ANGLO-ISRAEL. are first named in the Bible in 2 Kings where it is said. " The ten tribes did not return to Palestine. and decayed. official record of Nehemiah. " Eezin. go." To the Jew." becomes of frequent occurrence. and you have only twenty-nine thousand eight hundred and eighteen that responded to the call. and pressed upon them by all The Jews 6. yet did many of the peostay at Babylon. yet a distinct and peculiar people. 1-3). they are still nations. Large numbers of them preferred to remain in the East. surviving the sweeping revolutions of the past.

three Syrian conquerors. Roman and sent a lon to those Jews who were there his to all those of own nation that were in of it copy of them their and took eifects Media.five thousand was the number of Jews who had the national spirit and patriotism to leave their comfortable homes in Chaldea." Milman. and several times succeeded in removing the foreign yoke." Can any one suppose for a moment that the above number would be even a majority of the two tribes. says. ." Jerome says. while the ten tribes are beyond the Euphrates till now. province when speaking of Ezra and his doings. and of the few people who went with them. " Twenty. p. they were under the dominion of Cambyses. must be badly mixed. The Asrnoneans. On . and twenty. wherefore there were but two tribes in Asia and Europe subject to the Romans. 2). After the death of Cyrus. for ten of them never returned. and duly enforced temple. 418. and go back to ^their burned city and desolated country. xi. . own land. they rebuilt their restored the worship of God. " The ten tribes inhabit to this day the cities and mountains of the Medes. . nine of whom claimed the sceptre. in the . in his History. 10 and v. two a 23 tribes served the Romans after Palestine became " (Antiq. All those years the Jews were without the sceptre. "After the captivity we hear very little of the territories of the tribes. . the law of Moses. many but then the with them. and are an immense multitude." Kitto states. only to have it riveted more firmly on the next defeat. and came to Jerusalem entire body of the people of Israel remained in that country. Vol.. they . Darius and ten other Persian kings. I.persons of the Maccabean family. 3. much less of the ten tribes mixed up with the two ? If so. and fourteen Egyptian kings each in turn claimed the right of tribute and service from the Jews. . Josephus. Srnerdis. though their arrival at their . .THE JEWS. " So Ezra read the Epistles of Xerxes at Babysays".

but a Syrians. she received as a marriage portion the land of Canaan. Thus we see how it was. When Titus saw the strength of the wall and fortified have certainly had God for our places.parties so quoting it entirely misunderstood the Word of the . and finally put Him to death. never without the sword. Vespasian and Titus came up against Jerusalem.} The Jews. Their glory had long since departed. and gave it an interpretation that is most plainly contradicted by all history. and when the Jews could no longer endure the galling yoke. once often have I heard that possess the sceptre. Idumeans Jew did not. during those six hundred years. of course. they filled up the cup of their iniquity to its very brim. Thus. (See lecture on Prophecy and its Key. How Lord. they revolted. and they appointed an Idurnean to be the governor and tax-collector. Pompey soon after claimed the sceptre of the Jews for his country's imperial eagles. -that the Jews. Grecians. The proud eagles of Imperial Rome fed upon the very vitals of that country. as I prove more at length. and scattered to all parts of the earth the last fragments of a nation at one time the most powerful and most prosperous upon the face of the earth. through the scribes and Pharisees. Asmoneans. instead of swaying the sceptre until Christ came. These were in turn Persians. Judah until Shiloh come. they never once had the sceptre since their captivity by Nebuchadnezzar. and. From that day until the birth of Christ. Romans. and completely destroyed the city and the temple." While the . "We . took a determined stand against Jesus. as some of our commentators affirm. which was then a Roman province.24 ANGLO-ISRAEL. its Jewish inhabitants. and brought upon themselves the terrible judgment that had been threatened. Egyptians. they were under the control of creatures of foreign birth and of Gentile blood. as a nation. whom they persecuted in every possible form. he said. When Cleopatra came to the sensible conclusion that she would marry. " The sceptre shall not depart from passage quoted.

off to the Roman provinces. 25. 25 It was no other than God who of these fortifications. "A hardening (Rom." What "I would Gentiles be come. and the hoof of every unclean beast. in various forms. brethren. shall fall by the edge of the sword. same not." History says.''' ("Trodden down" denotes violence and The once Sacred City has been polluted oppression. fell at " Two and a half millions of says.) ever since by the sooty wing of every foul bird. John and Daniel were inspired by the and speak of the same limited time. xi. that blindness in part is happened unto Israel until the fulness of the " TIMES OF THE GENTILES does this mean? Paul says. have you ignorant of this mystery. spirit. 97. Jesus said. " Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles. and others sold them sent as slaves. and the 1260 days (prophetic) of Daniel shall have been accomplished.000 Jews were made prisoners of war. may here only notice in brief the words of our Lord Jesus in reference to it. One emperor erected upon Mount Zion a statue of Jupiter. Another ordered a marble statue of a hog (to a Jew the most unclean of beasts) to be placed over the gate facing Bethlehem. 2. assistant in this war. and note in passing how " They fully those prophetic words have been fulfilled. FULFILLED. Thus. xi. and sent Others to the mines in Africa. thought Jesus limited the period of the awful humiliation " UNTIL " the forty-two months of Rev. many of to Rome." We Josephus says. " They killing. Jews " that siege.THE JEWS. BE." shall be led aivay captive into all nations. every indignity that could be of has been thrown upon that city." Another historian The soldiers grew weary in Jesus said." reads. for what out Jews the ejected could the hands of man do toward overthrowing these " walls and towers ? Eloquent pens have given.) The New Version in part hath befallen Israel until . descriptions of the terrible fall of the doomed city. and taken away by Titus.

and overflowing. Newman. and the Jew must again come into power and honor. Primarily they signify number. Newman. elaborate in its details and stringent in its Its passage penalties. and their loss the riches of the Gentiles. " said : A bill has been reported to the House of Repre- sentatives.' Let us throw the focal ' light of facts true patriot . The Rev. the fulness of the Gentiles be fulness come in. 12) in reference to the Jews in contrast with diminution. . Rev. or amount diminishing in numbers is opposed to fulness of numbers. against Chinese immigration. "Audit cannot but seem probable to every reflecting mind that the Jewish race is preserved for some great and ." The same word is used (ver. P. When the Gentile nations are filled up with people. come one hundred or their comthey fifty years ago. on the Chinese question.. would be a national disgrace. Dr.can be indifferent to the present enormous Asiatic exodus to our shores. The voice is Jacob's voice. and each ness term serves to explain the other. or fulness. J. It savors of ignorance. One hundred and fifty thousand Chinese are now on our Pacific Had slope. is manifest.26 ANGLO-ISRAEL. This period of misrule and oppression has a fixed limit. Whedon says. prejudice. Till then Jerusalem shall be under Gentile misrule. how much more their fulness. and selfishness under the guise of national But let not the peoprotection and lofty patriotism. providential reason. " If their fall be the riches of the world. but the ple hands are the hands of Esau. be deceived. in an address of 1880. and the number will annually increase. the time for the return of the Jews is near at hand. "No upon this proposed legislative iniquity." "Ful" is here in contrast to diminution." The word (pleroma) means "filling up" "repletion. Gentile dominion^ must cease. now Bishop Newman. D. ing would have been a political calamity but now we .D.. that Gentile nation is overflowing." That the Gentile nations are giving evidence of Hear from that pleroma.

and would not. they are still a distinct people." That burning bush was. are strong 27 enough to civilize all who come. and though scattered among the nations." By their "coming in. they are selfish. They have now no country in possession. comes. like all colonists. here (Rom. The exact fulfilment of the words of Jesus are chronicled in history.THE JEWS. or hardness. Other nations have been crushed by the hailstorms of adversity. They come with social. The Gentile nations may despise them as they may. intelligent. and in all nations. The first century . . . What shall we do ? " Eev. and are known "by the show of their countenance. and political ideas incon- sistent with our civilization. " By fulness. Though without a nationality. or they will change us. to Moses. after which." beloved for Abrapeople they are ham's sake. in his Annotations. says. who are to-day the greatest colonizers of the world and. " Gentile rule is sure to fail. and have perished out of sight. come . as a " a chosen race." The blindness. and we must change them. and yet they are gaining wealth and honor and position in all lands." "we understand. Matthew Poole. and the people called Jews still exist in all lands." is to remain on Israel until that time trious. Behind those who are 400. as in verse 12) understand a great multitude of Gentiles. " Like Moses' bush they mounted higher. religious. found the Jews with their temple and city in ashes. but the Jews could not. the full time of their reign and continuance. indusand arrogant. they are found in all lands." as if specially preserved to the grand gathering so clearly promised them. xi.' their country laid waste and Hebrew race. 25. And flourished unconsumed in fire.000.000 Celestials. as it drew toward its close. be exterminated. a grand symbol the of of the Christian era.

Under the reign of one emperor half a million of them were slain. and a proverb. Have not all these prophetic utterances been fulfilled in their case. desolate. and their persons branded as vagabonds. and a curse. occupied by strangers. . . to be a target for the marksmen of the nations. ." this people with wormwood. reproach. they were expelled from Alex- and throughout with terrible cruelty. . ." "I will make than life." They shall find no ease among " Ye shall be left few in number. undergoing the chastisement here spoken of? And yet they are preserved. andria.28 ANGLO-ISRAEL. In the second century the Eoman emperors enacted most oppressive and unjust laws against them." a "desolation. and persecuted . . . and are they not now. The weep- ing prophet had said. because of the severity and cruelty he used in shedding Jewish blood. ." rather chosen be shall "I will feed the cities of Judah desolate. In the third century nearly all the existing nations Emperor Severus was so called persecuted them. all Persia." a " hissing. ." "meeted." They were to drink the cup of sorrow to its dregs. a living proof to all people of the truth of God's holy Word. and recorded it." " " curse." "I enemies. and their people driven into all lands or sold into slavery." "trodden down. ." thine will cause thee to serve " Thou shalt be only opposed and crushed alway. In the fourth century. . He caused their ears to be cut off." the nations." ." They were to be a people known as "an astonishment." and a They were to be scattered. . In the fifth century. and a taunt." a "reproach." a "byword. and give them water of "I will deliver them to be a gall to drink. . . . in some countries." " I will not show "Death you favor. ." and "peeled. . Constantine scattered them as fugitives over all the empire. "I will cause them of Judah to be removed into all the kingdoms of " the earth." " I will bereave them of children.

.200 of them perIn all the towns of England they were banished. and in Spain six hundred thousand of them were slain. Mariana banished 170. At Ulm all the Jewish familes were slain.. in one persecution 1. " perished in York in one year. by 29 In the sixth century they were allured and deceived false messiahs.Bavaria. but his successor banished them. At Frankfort 180 of them perished in the flames. . " They have trod the snows of Siberia. drove them from France. and were not allowed to return until Oliver Cromwell's day. 1. Multitudes of them where they were prohibited from fled to Africa. but were fearfully slaughtered.000 of them from Spain. In . including women and children. Keith says. most of whom fled to Portugal and at a great price bought a refuge from John II.500 Jews. In the ninth and tenth centuries Mohammedan conquest extended from Spain to India. In France they were several times prohibited from appearing on the soil. They shall die of grievous deaths." The venerable Dr. In the eighth century their property was taken from them. At the close of the thirteenth century they were driven from England by Edward L. rebelled against the government. slain and branded with reproach. and everywhere the Jews were robbed. worship In the seventh century they were expelled from Jerusalem and Antioch. in even caves. and shall not be lamented. Towards the close of the fourteenth century Charles YI.THE JEWS. Jeremiah said. In the fifteenth century Ferdinand and Isabella drove them from Spain. their children made to renounce the religion of their fathers and sold into slavery. and were massacred from one end of the country to another. and the sands of the burning desert and the European traveller hears of their ished.

H. in Bulgaria.e. the inhabitants of Odessa gave testimony that the Bible prophecies concerning the Jews were still being verified. and persecutions. existence in regions which he cannot reach. general and relentless persecution as the Jew had fire. " The preservation of the Jews as a distinct people. is a contraction of u Hierosolyma est " Jerusalem is destroyed as if the destrucperdita tion of his once sacred city was sufficient ground for butchering him and his family. and even in Germany." " Till within the last fifty years the Southey says. and of the most literal fulfilment Whilst they have been and now of those prophecies. before his life was forfeited^ or his house set H." Bishop Newton says. From one end of the earth to the other. massacres." Dr. through such rebellions. When the Jews were driven from Lisbon their children were given to another people. "The Jewish nation has been always in the fire of persecution but is never consumed. "Except. perhaps the flyingfish. E. P. They have from age to age run through misery and persecution. of a Jew formed the highest delight of the burning Portuguese.30 ANGLO-ISRAEL. . for numbers of the Jews in the town were slain. and through torrents of their own blood. in Turkey. have been scattered among the nations. in the air. H. Even as recently as Easter. there was no race existing on the earth. 1871. Patton says. on Jews. or in the water." " Basuage says. and every one must know that even in this year 1881 they are persecuted and their property destroyed in Russia. through so many wars and fires. E. The late Emperor of Russia forbade a Jew to pray in his own language. . is the most striking and illustrious exhibition of Divine Providence. and the Jews alone.' has long been the almost universal w atchword for insult and massacre it was the only note of warning many an inoffensive ' r . who were the object of such unremitting." Sir Walter Scott said.p. P. the Jews.

and ancient Romans where are they and their descendants ? Wonderful The They are gone. and all their flatterers and sycophants ? What came of Flaccus." The long era of dispersion and of suffering. lasting for eighteen centuries. But the Jew does not commingle. great and mighty nations who persecuted them are no ! They have gone into darkness. Where is Pharaoh and all his glory. Babylonians. they with the nations as not to be distinguished. Assyrians. Europe poured forth their swarms upon the more soon became so mingled and incorgenial south.THE JEWS. Edomites. It was indeed an uninterrupted martyrdom. and of unheard-of cruelties." This wonderful preservation able is the more remark- when we inquire after their ancient persecutors. and Epiphanes. Though they have mixed with a separate people. are dispersed 31 among all nations. who slew so many Jews because they would not worship his statue in the temple ? Wliere are the nations who oppressed them ? the Egyptians. an . and through many generations he preserves his lineage. though scattered and peeled. who plundered the Jews at Alexandria. and down-trodden and persecuted are found in all lands. all nations. and Caligula. is marked by unprecedented sufferings. and priests ? What came of Hainan and Nebuchadnezzar ? Where is Antiochus. in both hemispheres. porated In most civilized countries the distinctive marks of foreign nationalities are soon lost by intermarriages and commingling. and gods. still they remain Though worldly inducements strongly urged them to abandon their religion. as in the " terrible from the past. yet they are not confounded with any. they are not. still they have hung on to When the northern tribes of their law and worship. yet it has passed away. a constantly aggravated degradation. Persians. a people beginning hitherto. and all his people. though more. Truly. and is easily known anywhere as a son of Abraham. the covetous governor of Egypt. and Herod. Macedonians. whilst the oppressed. they are to-day.

Indeed. Prof. and an influential Jewish journal lately declared that the . in these later times. an intellectual province. Joseph. unremitting intellectual and indefatigable research. who took the place of the famous Andrassy as Premier of Austria. and now. Beaconsfield is by no means alone in his Fould. and in a few years afterward he entered the civil service. Haymerle. learning and suffering. Prime Minister of Pharaoh. And now. present Austro-Hungarian is of Jewish origin. and were instrumental in extending the horizon of Jewish thinkers. thinking and enduring. there is scarcely a science or an art. is a Jew. The present Minister of Justice in Prussia is a Jew. Sylvester. physical endurance. It is well known that the ablest man to-day on the English bench. fill up this long era. He 'was pardoned by the father of the present life. or field of culture in any department of public or professional life. Two Austrian Ministers who have are Jews. in which the Jews have not shown an ability to take a first-class rank with any and all others. is the leader of a long line of Jewish Councillors of State. the of Minister Foreign Affairs. those accumulated sufferings were of themselves a source of discipline. and has now reached the highest dignity The Jews. Emperor. The greatest mathematician in Europe today. Studying and wandering. It was an age. oppressed. is a Jew. efforts. was glory. of pure Jewish blood.. To think was as much a characteristic feature of a Jew as to suffer.32 . and the gap is filled by a very just resigned influential Jew. Sir George Jessel. and thanks an influential friend at court for his son. and Austria is likely to be overrun with them. The growing influence of Jewish statesmen abroad is quite wonderful. marked by great mental activity. But it was disciplinary. or period. are naturally rejoicing at these things. to us and to them. so long possible to an Austrian subject. unparalleled humiliation. most instructive and salutary. and began his course as a revoluIn 1849 he was condemned to death for treationist. Finance Minister of Napoleon III. ANGLO-ISRAEL.

when the Northern Bear was pouring her squadrons upon Europe. put a hook in their jaw and sent them home. Who was it that. bishops and over 300 of the clergy of the Church of England are either Jews or of Jewish descent. and a Jew has been called in to solve them. determined to occupy not only Constantinople. the courts and The continental press of Europe. Ixii. Asia and Syria. that they do now so fully control the finances of Europe. to its rights 33 "day is hastening when Jewish genius will again come and by the help of God will win back all . do control. and again become the illumination of the people. controlling power in all those grand complications. writing on the Eastern ques" It is a fact that. through. That by their splendid intellectual endowments they. guiding. Bonar. in the providence of God. . (He The questions are refers to the Berlin Conference. are in the hands and under the control of Jews. Lord Beaconsfield." from a Jew.THE JEWS. was the moving. the of stately journals of science and philosophy. that war in the future is that it . cabinets of Europe. He was.) indeed Jewish ones. but of the whole four monarchies of Daniel. has lost in its conflict with the world. That Jew is now the Premier of England. under Divine Providence. without the loss of a single man ? It was a telegram to a portion of the British " Go fleet (Isa." It is a Jew that commands the mightiest monarchy that has ever existed in this world. been at the helm of affairs in Great have should a Jew Britain when those difficult questions came up and that he should have been made use of to settle them. but Jerusalem too. He. go through the It is also known that five of the gates. the ablest man in that conference. to a large extent. It is a Jew that is at the head not only of the ten kingdoms of the Roman earth. Dr. by persons who are in a position to know. the Jews. and to solve them as only a Jew could do. says." The Eev. 10). without doubt. The fact has often been stated. tion. many as well as the leading professional chairs of the great universities.

and controls the market that he is pushing. of the Jews. Oh. To which the Jews reply. nor pickaxe nor spade that he escapes military service by being flat. hump-backed. and lives in the gets country as if it were a tavern. They speak for themselves. Jew lends the money. that for ages they were shut out from all employments. with which the Christians cannot compete. " he is a Jew. . Moses and Jesus Christ. The London Spectator has some very thoughtful remarks on the Jew " The dread which the Jews are awakening in Eastern Europe almost equals the dread felt for them in Western Europe 600 years ago. nor trowel. . and. bow-legged. " or financier. The Nation puts the issue in brief terms The anti. monopolizes commerce." that their . you are informed. unless the impossible among the European powers. and the world Spinoza. and is based on the same grounds. JEWS AND GENTILES. Meyerbeer and Heine. and they use it for as noble purposes as the Christians that they are as that the race has given public-spirited and patriotic Germany Mendelssohn. you are told at once. In travelling in Europe we see at once the position If you hear of a powerful statesman. and weak-backed. physical defects are the result of the "wretched existence long led by the race under Christhat they make no money by any tian oppression means not open to everybody. .34 ANGLO-ISRAEL. " the A heated race controversy is in progress between Germans and the Jews : in Prussia the pam- phleteers engaging sharply on each side. intrusive. nor hammer. restless. money all the best places for himself.Jews say that the great enemy of the German nation works neither with plow. They display talent for accumulation. ! of a Jew." I produce here two or three extracts from the press. if you notice a mansion more costly " It is the property than any other. that he . but that of money-changer or trader footed. and which tends to make them an ascendant : . yes journalist.

began with the of the setting September 27. and the day is called sun on Friday last. feast" Rosb Hasing and rejoicing. the Jews have bought up all the land they could in the ancient city. in is said that the value of the land at the gates of the city has increased more than ten-fold.THE JEWS. entire streets of houses. who to a large extent are from Russia. 5639. In Hungary it is asserted. In giouses. and the German Jews have no fewer than sixteen charity " associations." newspapers the Rothschild and other hospitals. that they have purchased so many estates as to make an alteration in the Constitution needful.000 francs to the Turkish Government. which was secured by the Treaty of Berlin. The event was celebrated by the Jews with prayers." The importance of the feast of Rosh Hashana . It side the walls. 1881. Baron Rothschild holds a mortgage on the whole of Palestine as security for his loan of 200." THE JEWS IN PALESTINE. and have built' out- some cases. caste.000 patients are cared for annually. and Jewish Synagogues hospitals have multiplied. It is further reported that the emigrants. hana. while building and construction work of all kinds is carried on night and day. " are animated by a religious enthusiasm of a very pronounced type. and twenty-eight congregations reliTwo have been started. 35 asserted in the Eoumanian It is gravely Parliament that the true difficulty in the way of allowing them the equal rights. THE JEWISH NEW YEAR. Since the Turkish authorities removed ten years ago the restrictions which limited the Jewish population in Jerusalem. The Jewish New Year. and in Germany literature is full of the success of the Jews in ousting the ancient families." New York Champion. eyen in Eeuter's telegrams. 6. is the certainty entertained by Rou- manians and Servians that they would gradually oust the peasantry till they possessed the whole land.

raised in the Temple Ahabath Chesed on Lexington Avenue. During these ten days no Jewish marriage may take place. In the Nineteenth Street (Portuguese) Synagogue this year it has been found necessary to open a temporary branch for the convenience of wouldbe worshippers. Every morning the pious Jew goes to his synagogue. If the Lord is not with them.000. or. The Jewish population of New York is steadily increasing. no festivity of any kind is permitted in Jewish homes.' says Josephus. for whom there is no room in the synagogue. and "for a sign between the eyes. and if they do not yet contribute a tremendous factorate in the history of the world we are no prophets. The following article from the Central Presbyterian reprinting: "The race who are now so in the East are more wonderful in in trouble deeply their race peculiarities than any people on the face of the globe. and the synagogue accommodations on the great holidays are sadly deficient.000 has been fever sufferers.36 is ANGLO-ISRAEL. Dr. ran with blood. and as much more in the others. In the Forty-fourth Street Synagogue last Saturday Eev." The fast of in . binds his tephilin around his arm. increased by the fact that it ushers in what is known the Jewish calendar as " The Ten Penitential " that is. which comes on next Sunday. are all familiar with the history of the siege The whole and destruction of Jerusalem by Titus. some indestructible force is. the ten days intervening between Days New Year and the Day of Atonement. it being decided in several cases to devote part of the proceeds for the relief of the yellowIn this way over $12. DeSola Mendes reviewed the past year (5638) from a. will Yom bear "We ' * city. Jewish standpoint. as it is called. Kippur is kept by all Jews everywhere. In several of the temples the competition for seats has been so great this year that they have been sold by auction.' There is no . and is estimated at present at about 90. Yom Kippur." and prepares himself for the coming great fast day of Atone" ment.

but after a terrible slaughter it was again taken. and that the corpses of the slain extended for more than thirteen miles. Of destroyed. and he reckons 250.THE JEWS. city Jegionaries occupied . mum urbium only. .000 to have been slain in the adjacent provinces. and another after another. There was a desperate defence of Jerusalem again. he says. to crosses. and owing to an attempt of that emperor to populate it with a colony of soldiers. in his Natural History calls it ' longe ' clarissi- most renewed " orientis. and some to grace the triumph of the . in the reign of Hadrian. Jerusalem again from emerges obscurity. there was a new rebellion under Bar Cocheba.000 Jews perished. but the same historian. again the new which was created. Many hundreds. Julius Severus. by way of jest.' Pliny. and crosses for the bodies.100. some to the provincial amphitheatres. one after one way. 37 doubt very considerable exaggeration in the numbers. while those who perished by disease were probably as numerous. not of Juda3a non Juda3a modo ' the city was taken by Titus. were crucified. some to Egyptian mines. until at length the multitude ' became so great that room was wanting for crosses. When conqueror.' "At this time Jerusalem was a splendid city. the inhabitants who had survived the siege. who was an eye-witness of these scenes. The Rabbinical chroniclers say that the Romans waded to their horse-bridles in blood. it was entirely and the ploughshare run over its site. states that in the city alone 1. and the greatest of Hadrian's generals. Five hundred and eighty thousand are said to have "But perished by the sword. the aged and infirm were killed the children under seventeen were sold as slaves the rest were sent. Jerusalem was razed to the and a column of Roman ground. by far the of the cities of the East. was summoned from Britain to bring them to order. The Jews all flocked to his standard. the Roman soldiers nailing them.

' says and had carried hosts of Jewish famine. Even under Richard the Lion-hearted there was a general pillage of the Jews before that devout crusader embarked for the Holy Land. and even in modern Europe. At Tiberias a theological school was established. Gyrene. Roman conquests and persecutions completed the disThus scattered over the face of the earth. A temple of the to Jupiter Capitolinus was reared on the site sacred edifice of the Jews. ' ' The Arabia. writer. persecutions into the remotest captives provinces of the MedoPersian empire. Many were reduced to slavery. who drove the entire race out of the .' the Jews were deprived of the bond of connection which is ordinarily only afforded by the possession of a common country. . the treatment they received was still And finally the persecutions culminated worse. . and they even had three halls at Oxford. which about the beginning of the third century gave to 'the world that great digest of their oral law the Mishna and the Gemara.. persion. Cyprus. Italy. Egypt. Greece and Italy. better known as the Babylonian Talmud. where both Christians and Jews went to learn Hebrew. conquests.38 ANGLO-ISRAEL. into Armenia. In Germany. France and Spain they . they organized a synagogue. kingdom. under Edward I. " What did they do ? They reorganized the Sanhedrim and wherever a half-dozen Jews could be This was their found. 11 All are familiar with the oppression and cruelties practised on the Jews during the Middle Ages. Under Henry III. bond of union throughout the world. and such as could not thus be disposed of were carried to Egypt. They were treated under the reign of King John hardly as human beings. all over Asia Minor. The previous invasions and a civil strifes and oppression.. In England they enjoyed some privileges under William the Conqueror. The whole of Judaea was turned into a desert about 985 towns and the Jews were forbidden villages were laid in ashes to approach ^lia Capitolina (this was the new name for Jerusalem) on pain of death.

Spinoza. For they must be grafted into their own olive tree. flow from the very foot of the pyramids through all the periods of "We We history. were Jews. 39 were treated no better. is a Jew. Neander. etc. The foremost man in France is a Jew. Auerbach. the great capitalists. " There is a perpoint the infidel to the Jew. the Mendelssohns. Oifenbach. on one occasion. . The bankers. Marshal Soult was a Jew. was on that very account at home everywhere. Metz. and even illuminated the badge of dis- In fact. Borne. They were the bankers of in the Europe palmy days of Venice. Heine. which breathed into his heart ideal aspirations. The whole of the "Liberal" press is conducted by Jews. The day. They have survived Strasburg. because as a nation they are nowhere. Ewald.THE JEWS. late President of the German Parliament (Simpson) was a Jew. whose waters. they were massacred by wholesale in Treves. Cologne. Meyerbeer. They largely The wealthiest control Europe at this moment. In Germany. They have the promise that was made to Abraham. as it were. cannot put the Jews down." the Jewish people have become a most cosmopolitan people. It has been imposexterminate the Jews by the sword or legislaThey are more wealthy and powerful to-day than ever before since their dispersion. of course. Judah P. are Jews. They were taxed in every conceivable way. the financiers. Spires. tion. the Jew carried along with him the Ark of the Covenant. ennial miracle. late Prime Minister over the haughty nobles of Britain was a Jew. " sible to Worms. Two-thirds of the lawyers in Berlin are Jews. when the fulness of the Gentiles is come in. who has achieved the most wonderful success in his profession of the The Mayor of Berlin is a Jew. In his journey through the desert of life. for eighteen centuries. which. Within a brief period Count Cancrin and Count Arnim were Ministers in Russia -and Prussia. Benjamin. it all. The family in the world the Rothschilds are Jews.

in being singled out to perpetuate and suffer for a religion which has in it the highest knowledge of a God. unless we study that history and those people in the light of God's prophetic word but all is plain and clear when we follow with unquestioning faith the testimony of the Holy Spirit concerning the . The consciousness of his glorious mission sustained the sufferer. living shall die. . The grace affixed to him with an apostolic glory. degeneracy and national suicide. Such a people. by famine. shall be unhurt that." It is indeed a dark enigma. unnumbered and glorious as . guarding them from despair. disdaining the present. and more." Well might Frederick the Great say. all his life long it tormented him as a dark enigma. shall sway the councils and cabinets of kings that. felt a sublime outlawed. it stamped the sufferer with a peculiar glory. is. persecuted proscribed. shall " the yet be imperishable. them and prospered. . without a name. . and educates the nations in the doctrines of immortality. a noble pride. and often gleaning his hope from among the elements of despair. " That he. shall be bound firmer than adamant that. and often changed his opinion. having often and long thought upon Hebrew history. " Meddle not with those people called Jews no man ever touched . . eternal. shall yet rise above all that. Emphatically they are the nation that. and a future state connected with rewards that are eternal. kingdoms city. shall wield the wealth of nations that. bleeding from a thousand wounds. fixing the eye on the future. That hope sustained . the dust. . on that very account like hope. trampled on by all. . perishing by the sword." future of this remarkable race. Of the celebrated Hegel his biographer says.40 t ANGLO-ISRAEL. living on hope. . beggared in all lands. by the chain. Jew. and dying shall live that. without a dwell in all shall scattered like that. joy. stars of heaven. and comforted them. .

days the house of Judah shall walk with (or to) . for the ten tribes did not return with the Jews. an essential element in the glorious picture of the Dr. who " The ten tribes never. iii. on Jer. we don't study the Old Teswe never did understand those tament any more " " of prophecies" and thus they are willingly ignorant the greatest truths God has revealed unto man. after the decree by Cyrus. Though some of those tribes did rejoin themselves to Judah. There are many careless readers of the Holy Scriptures. and the prophecies of the Old Testament that they never distinguished Judah from Israel. also. who have very indifferent and exceedingly indefinite ideas of the return of the Jews to their own " land. whose name is a tower of " In those strength. when the Jews shall be brought in with " the fulness of the Gentiles. Clarke " says. . even by ministers of the Gospel. when. at the termination of the seventy years' captivity." Jerome says. Oh. xxxvii. to the land that I have given for an inheritance unto your fathers. iii. the two tribes and ten tribes of Israel all came back. men who had so mixed up the promises of God. or the literal kingdom from the spiritual reign of Jesus " Christ. yet no whole tribe ever returned to that kingdom. 18." " This forms Lange. 41 THE RETURN. Clarke. when it was a Roman province.the house of Israel." This prophecy must refer to the latter times. It refers to the latter days. and that this is the last and only return promised. " The ten tribes did not return to Palestine only two tribes served the Romans in Palestine. quoted above. says (quoting Jer. Dr. They say the only return ever promised them was their return from the Babylonish captivity." I have heard this said. Adam . and they shall come together out of the land of the north. I have quoted Josephus where he says. They say. never returned. ." In his note on Ezek. and I have it written. 10. 18). they think.THE JEWS." I have also quoted Kitto.

which brought up the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt . even Lord We will go so thoroughly instructed in the and return restoration to their own land. and through them to all lands. after a long humiliation and. with you for we have heard that God is with you. If the prophecies given to the Jews. saith the viii. saying. Therefore. Note specially the word of the Lord on the return. The reply of Jesus. for wherever found in their dispersion and exile. That hope had animated all the nation at that day." Has the reader noticed the prophecy of Zechariah. and Israel shall dwell safely. and animates the Jews and Israelites still. which brought up and which led the seed of the house of Israel out of the north country.): " In his days Judah shall be saved. " . it seems difficult to know what is promised. they cling to the hope of a return to their own land. yet it implies a deliberate sanction given to the settled." 6. shall take hold out of all languages of the nations. (Jeremiah xxiii. that they shall no more say. when will this restoration take place ? Has the time come ? believe it is to be in the future." : of hosts. " But. do not warrant such a belief. which prophecy presents by the announcement of a glorious restoration of Israel to Canaan. Lord. The Lord liveth. though not the answer they looked for." great body of the IsraelZechariah's (in day). and they shall dwell in their own land. though a of them had the children of . dispersion.small portion joined from on their return Judah.42 ANGLO-ISRAEL. In those days it shall come to pass. and from all countries whither I had driven them . behold the days come. Babylon. came We long-cherished hope which had prompted the inquiry. relating to the Berlin Council. when they " to Jesus and asked Him. ites were still in exile " The Europe? " (Chap. saith the Lord. future. the Lord liveth. wilt thou at this " time restore the kingdom to Israel ? The inquiry all was. 23): Thus that ten men shall take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew. when a Jew presided over ten representatives from the principal nations of Henstenburg says. that promised the disciples looked upon the question as forever The Jews had been In their minds it evidently was.

" The envy also of Ephraim shall depart. and gather them from the countries. and shall assembly the outcasts of Israel. which is in the hand of Ephraim. them. Wilt thou not shew us what thou meatiest by these ? " Say unto them. I will say take the children of Israel from among the heathen. and from Hamath. and will gather them on every side. that the Lord shall hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his peowhich shall be left. and observe my statutes. and bring them into their own land " And I will make them one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel . and from Gush. and the tribes of Israel his fellows. For Joseph. and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth. take thee one stick. : . I will take the stick of Joseph. therein. 27). and they shall be one in mine hand. and kingdoms any more at all I will be their God. : 43 come to pass in that day. the stick of Ephraim. and will bring them to " (Jer. xxxi. and from the islands of the sea.THE JEWS. saying. and write upon and for the children of Israel hfs companions then it. and their children.) 11. and one king shall be king to them all and they shall be no more two nations. and do them. . and write npon it. and they shall become one in thine hand. . and from Shinar. and will put them with him. even they. : . " And unto . 15. " And David my servant shall be king over them and they all shall have one shepherd they shall also walk in my judgments. even with the stick of Judah. : Moreover. For Judah. and the adversaries of Judah shall be cut off. 13). and their children's children for ever and my servant David shall be their prince for ever. thou son of man. and from Egypt. and Judah shall not vex Ephraim. (Isaiah xi. Thus saith the Lord God . and from Elam. Behold. " And he shall set up an ensign for the nations. Pathros. " And the sticks whereon thou writest shall be in thine hand : . and from ple. whither they be gone.) The word of the Lord came again unto me. "And when the children of thy people shall speak unto thee.. Thus saith the Lord God Behold. wherein your fathers have dwelt and they shall dwell : : : before their eyes. take another stick. : (Ezekiel xxxvii." it "And shall set his sow the house of Israel and the house of Judah I will bring them (the two houses) out from the people. " And they shall dwell in the land that I have given unto Jacob my servant. " saying. and for all the house of Israel his companions " And join them one to another into one stick . Ephraim shall not envy Judah. shall they be my people. and make them one stick. " Behold I will and their own land k' (Ezekiel xxxiv. neither shall they be divided into two so. . from Assyria.

" Babylon was never so spoken of. for they were pulled up again. The Jews. "Moreover I will make a covenant of peace with them it shall be an everlasting covenant with them and I will place them. when the whole twelve tribes were brought into the the second time the Lord shall set His to bring them. " SECOND RETURN. as many as the stars and sands. the days come. and drink the wine thereof . and the promise that the two should be united again.44 ANGLO-ISRAEL. and will set my sanctuary in the midst of them for : -evermore. widely apart from each other. " The Jew shall walk to Israel." our common sense to take to these wrong promises as a return of few thousand from to the referring Babylon. promised land . . " And I will plant them upon their land. that the plowman shall overtake the reaper.) : "Behold. and from the land of Sinim. and eat the fruit of them. The first return of His people was from Egypt. Before the second return Israel is to be a vast multitude. ix." This could not. saith the Lord. but from several places named. at most. be made to refer to the return of the Jews from Egypt or from Babylon. and all the hills shall melt. saith the Lord thy God. and they shall plant vineyards. and the mountains shall drop sweet wine. and inhabit them." There is here by Isaiah a second return spoken. should do great and from "the isles of the sea. and they shall no more be pulled up out of their land which I have given them. and the treader of grapes him that soweth seed . by any means. . hand We When Judah returns the second time there is to be a grand union with Israel. they shall also make gardens. and lo these from the North and from the West. and they shall come together out of the land of the north. " And I will bring again the captivity of my people of Israel. and brought from all the countries " named. and they shall build the waste cities." ! (Amos 13. from afar. not from Babylon." Here we have the two houses spoken of in their dispersion. and multiply them.

and the wastes shall be builded " And I will multiply upon you man and beast . "And I will multiply men upon you. and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads they shall obtain joy and gladness." : : : : With the Jews on their return from Babylon. "Ephraim shall not envy Judah." The British fleet will have a share in bringing them. but when they return with " Israel. they were pulled down all the time. xxxiii. (Isa. " . it was all worse and no better. and often vexed one another since. When were Babylon they impoverished. Ix." They are to be each When the distinctly recognized. separate yet united. : . "they It was not so when they came home from Babylon. 45 have not numbered more than seven or eight millions. When the Lord sets His hand the second time to bring the Jews. 7). they and Israel. are to built up as at the first" (Jer. When the Jew returns the second time. their possessions.) 10. Jews returned from Babylon they were at enmity. and will do better unto you than at your beginnings and ye shall know that I am the Lord.) : And the ransomed of the Lord shall return.THE JEWS. even all of it and the cities shall be inhabited. 9). " The isles shall wait for me. they return the second time." so says Isaiah. The second return is to be marked by unity and Christian love. "They shall bring their silver and their gold with them. xvii. all the house of Israel. The Jews have wept and mourned ever since their return from Babylon. there is to be an end of their sorrows." etc. and Judah shall not vex Ephraim. the Lord says (Ezekiel xxxvi. and they shall increase and bring fruit and I will settle you after your old estates. it was. not better to them than at the beginning. "to bring thy sons from far. They shall sing in the height of Zion."" that they came from they return with Israel the second time. says. and Obadiah "they shall possess means something." : 10. and sorrow and sighing shall flee away." (Isaiah xxxv. and the ships of Tarshish. When When.

). even a blessing in the midst of the land " the Lord of hosts shall bless. and Judah and Israel shall be first of the three. When the Jews returned it was.) " 21. : the Lord shall be known to Egypt. 800. 14). 26) with the Jews it has been a covenant of war since they left Babylon. and Israel mine inheritance. and the tribes differently located (Ezekiel xlviii. and the Egyptians the Lord in that day. It was not so with the Jews. "And the Lord shall smite Egypt: he shall smite and heal it: and they shall return'evew. When Judah and Israel return they are to come " one of a city and two of a tribe. having a pure worship. Judah nant of peace the union of the two standards. and perform it. On that day (Isaiah xix. Blessed be Egypt my people. several times as large as Great Britain and Ireland together. yea. a territory.000 square miles of promised land. and the Egyptians shall serve with the Assyi'ians. to the Lord. Keith's Land of Israel. and shall do sacrifice and oblation . or and Israel. ." shall And know : Whom Those three great powers shall be united in an international policy. and a blessing to all nations. (See Dr." i. " In that day shall Israel be the third with Egypt and with Assyria. and Assyria the work of my hands. and the Egyptian into Assyrian. and return to their own land in . in Egypt and Assyria.not so. and shall heal them. and had possession only of a small part of the land. and the Assyrian shall come into Egypt. When Israel and Judah return they shall possess the whole land.e. and he shall be intreated of them. representatively (Jeremiah iii. " In that day shall there be a highway out of Egypt to Assyria. they shall vow a vow unto the Lord.) The Jews after their return were never independent of foreign control. xxxvii. When Judah and Israel return the land shall be allotted to them on a different plan. sticks. flagstaffs.46 ANGLO-ISRAEL. saying. the Lord will make a covewith them (see Ezek. When the Jews come to Israel and unite in love and friendship.



When Judah and Israel return, "many nations shall be joined to the Lord in that day" (Zech. ii. 11).



the inhabitants of one city shall go to another, saying, Let us go speedily to pray before the Lord, and to seek the Lord of I will go also. hosts " Yea, many people and strong nations shall come to seek the Lord of hosts in Jerusalem, and to pray before the Lord."


so with the Jews. " to come from the north, and from Note, they are the west, and from the land of Sinim." What counJerome says, try is here meant by the land of Sinirn? The original, is said to mean Australia is meant. Bush-land. It may mean America. In Hosea we have an intimation as to the time when this return will take place. The prophet hears the scattered ones of Israel and Judah saying (Hosea

was not



will heal us

let us return unto the Lord for he hath torn, and he hath smitten, and he will bind us up. " After two days will he revive us in the third day he will raise

"Come, and


us up, and


shall live in his sight."

What is here meant ?
four hours each

was not the idea conveyed. " One day is with the Lord as a thousand years." They are prophetic days of a thousand years each, two-and-ahalf of those days are already passed, and see how God is " raising them up," and causing them " to live How wonderful Will not God make in His sight." His every promise ? good

Certainly two days of twenty-


His every word of grace is strong, As that which built the skies

voice that rolls the stars along Speaks all the promises."


"Yea, I will rejoice over them to do them good and I will plant them in this land assuredly,with my, whole heart, and with my whole soul " (Jer. xxxii. 41). When God's whole heart and soul is set upon a people, should we be indifferent and indolent toward





us rather interest ourselves in that which


so dear to in a cause

Him. When God's whole heart and it must succeed.

soul is

Clarke says of the Jews, " Politically speaking, they never had a king from the days of their The grand junction and governcaptivity until now. ment spoken of here must refer to another time, to that event in which they shall be brought into the Christian Church with the fulness of the Gentiles." I said above that the Jews, wherever found, are confidently looking for the restoration to the divine favor, and their return to their own land. They do not seem to know that those great and precious bless-



" when Judah shall have ings are waiting for them, been bent unto the Lord," as the prophet has it


shall I bless you, saith the





come to

house of Judah, pass, that as ye were a curse among the heathen, and house of Israel ; so will I save you, and ye shall be a blessing
fear not, but let your hands be strong."


The trustful confidence so manifest, even where one could hardly have expected it, is most refreshing to find such an unwavering faith in God in this age of scepticism and general doubt. For 1,800 years, since they were driven from the city and temple, they have been drifting upon the sands of time, and yet they have kept alive the hope of a glorious return, and unequalled prosperity. In proving the existence of this belief, I refer you to one of their greatest writers and commentators, Maimonides. The real name of He was born A.D. this man was Moses-ben-Maimon. The Jews seem almost unable to express their 1137. admiration of him, hence the extraordinary titles which " The Great Eagle," they gave him. They called him " " The The Great Luminary," Eagle of the Doctors," " The " The light of the West." Glory of the East," His commentary abounds with allusions to the return I of his people, and the future glory of Jerusalem. can only give a few extracts. Maimonides, in his treatise called Hilchoth Mela" The cliim, chapter xi., writes thus, King Messiah



shall rise to make the kingdom of David return to its former condition and power and He shall build the temple, and gather in the scattered of Israel and in his day he shall re-establish the code of laws," etc. And then he quotes Deut. xxx.
; ;

3. Then the Lord thy God will turn thy captivity, and have compassion upon thee, and will return and gather thee from all the nations, whither the Lord thy God hath scattered thee. "If any of thine be driven out unto the outmost parts of heaven, from thence will the Lord thy God gather thee, and from thence will he fetch thee. "And the Lord thy God will bring thee into the land which thy fathers possessed, and thou shalt possess it and he will do thee good, and multiply thee above thy fathers."


And he

" These are the words of the law, and these comprise all that has been said by the prophets." And likewise, by the cities of refuge, it is seen that a Messiah will come, for it is written in Deut.'xix.

" Wherefore I command 7. thee, saying, cities for thee. " And if the Lord God


shalt separate three,

thy enlarge thy coast, as he hath sworn unto thy fathers, and give thee all the land which he promised to give unto thy fathers " If thou shalt keep all these commandments to do them, which I command thee this day, to love the Lord thy God, and to walk ever in his ways then shalt thou add three cities more for thee, beside

these three."

"Now, as these cities never were built, it must be^ concluded that the time will come when these three shall be added, for God never commands a thing in;

QUESTION. "You said it was one of the principal: heads of the Jewish religion that we believe in the coming of the Messiah. What do you mean by the coming of the Messiah ? ANSWER. "That at the time when it shall please God, He will send a prince of the house of David to gather the people of Israel. Q. "Is that merely a hope, a wish, or is it one of the fundamental articles of our faith resting on the

Holy Scriptures


A. " Surely
it is

a matter of faith resting

upon the threatened our foreHoly Scriptures. fathers, when disobeying commandments, with heavy punishments, has at the same time promised them that He never would forget them, that He would not permit them to be utterly cut off, or destroyed but

God having


that he would gather and unite them again. Now, as the first part of the prophecy is fulfilled, undoubtedly the latter part likewise shall be fulfilled. Q. "Is not the latter part of that promise already fulfilled at the building of the second temple ? A. " No, for it was only a small part of the people that returned, and exercised religious service after the building of the temple. As to the ten tribes, nothing has been heard with certainty concerning their abode. Besides, the building of that temple has been attended with difficulties, and its glory was far from being as great as that of the first, neither did any prophet exist When a restoration takes place, upon at that time.

God's promise, and upon His commandment, it will not be a partial one, but surely to the whole extent. When this restoration takes place all will be virtuous,

unanimous, and humane. Peace will universally reign, the world will be full of wisdom." Here is evidence of an unwavering faith in the Divine promise. Dr. Wolfe gives an interesting item of a religious The Babbi service which he witnessed at Jerusalem. and the people responding as they are accustomed to

BABBI. On account of the palace which is laid waste. " PEOPLE. sit lonely and weep. " B. On account of the temple which is destroyed. sit lonely and weep. "P. " B. On account of her walls which are pulled



" " " "
sit lonely and weep. account of our sceptre which is gone. P. We sit lonely and weep. B. On account of our great men which are fallen.



" P. " R.



sit lonely and weep. account of our precious stones which are

burned. " P. " E.

sit lonely and weep. account of our priests "P. We sit lonely and weep. " R. On account of our kings


who have stumbled.

who have


" " " "



We sit lonely and weep. We beseech Thee to have

mercy upon Zion.


" R. " P. " R.

" R. " P.

And gather the children of Jerusalem. Make haste, Redeemer of Zion. And turn with mercy to Jerusalem. Remember the shame of Zion. Remember again the ruins of Jerusalem. May Thy royal government shine over Zion. Comfort those who mourn at Jerusalem.

gladness be found upon Zion. come forth at Jerusalem." How deeply aifecting to hear such a liturgy after the lapse of so many centuries The rabbi of those Caraites showed Dr. Wolfe a manuscript copy of the Hebrew Bible. These are a

A branch

May joy and



very interesting people, and we may surely say of them that " out of the depths have they cried unto the Lord."



of those Jews keep a kind of passover feast, their bitter herbs and unleavened cakes as

The whole family being seated around the family table, the plate containing the cakes being lifted up by the hands of the whole company, " This is they unite in rehearsing in an audible voice, the bread of affliction and poverty which our fathers
Moses commanded.
did eat in Egypt.



Whosoever hungers, let him come Whosoever needs, let him come and eat of

the paschal lamb.

This year we are here the next shall be in Canaan this year we year, are servants, the next, if Grod will, we shall be free,


willing, we


children of the family, and lords."



Lord our God, have mercy, we beseech Thee, upon Israel Thy people, and upon us, and upon Jerusalem, Thy city, and upon Thine altar, and upon Thy temple, and build Jerusalem, the holy city, speedily, in our days, and bring us up into the midst of it, and make us glad therein. Amen."

Then they


"Guardian of Israel, preserve the remnant of Israel, and suffer not Israel to be destroyed, who say,

"Guardian of a singular nation, preserve the remnant of a singular people, and suffer not a singular nation to be destroyed, who acknowledge the unity of Thy name, saying, The Lord is our God, the Lord is our unity." JEWS IN THE EAST.

The Eev. Charles Foster, B.D., in his work on the monuments of Assyria, produces abundant evidence of
the existence of several portions of the Jewish people in Persia and in Afghan territory. In his introduction to a chapter on the "Lost Tribes of Israel," he writes, " The most interesting problem in the history of the world, as yet unsolved, unquestionably is the national existence and local habitation of the ten lost tribes of Israel. The fact of the existence, indeed, stands certified by the sure word of prophecy.' He informs us of the black Jews, whose countenance is decidedly Jewish, and who claim to have descended from the parent stock in Judaea. They have many traditions of Jew ish origin, and ancient manu' '




World speaks

clearly prove their origin. of the black Jews as follows

The Jewish

are natives of the Malabar coast, in the city of Kotschim, they reside where, especially in considerable numbers. It is said they are the descendants of the Jews who were sent to India by King Solomon to capture elephants for his use and to work

The majority



and that their skins in the course in the gold mines of three thousand years have entirely changed color, so as to make it almost impossible to distinguish them from the rest of the natives. They know little

Hebrew, that language having almost died out among Their mother tongue is the so-called Hindi, is used in their scriptures and prayer-books. They also possess a Bible, which is not printed, but written. Of the holidays they only keep the Sabbath and the Passover, the Day of Atonement being entirely unknown to them. In the preparation of their food they differ from other Jews, as, during their three thousand years' separation from the rest of their co-religionists, nearly all their original customs and manners have died out. They live separately to this day from the
them. which
white Jews, as the latter do not regard them as natural descendants of the Jewish race. As answer to this the colored Jews boast of their letters of freedom given by an ancient king of India, and another one of King Tschandrackupta, who lived in the time of Alexander the Great. They do not call themselves of but 'Sons Israel;' and they maintain 'Jews,'
that they are in possession of a number of autograph prayer-books written by the patriarchs. They live in are and great poverty, very ignorant, earning their in and by day labor." the field living by working Dr. Buchanan, the Honorable Mountstuart Elphinston, Sir George Rose, Sir William Jones, Dr. Grant, Sir Alexander Burns have written interesting works on the Jews of the East those works will well repay a careful perusal by all Anglo-Israel students. Eead

also Pickering's

Races of


ous and more intelligent. Mr. Foster says, " On my inquiry into the antiquity of the white Jews, they first delivered to rne a narrative in the Hebrew language of their arrival in India, which has been handed down to them from their fathers and then showed me a brass plate, containing their charter and freedom of residence given by a king of Malabar. The writing

The white Jews, however,


much more numer-


in the

Malabar language and characters. The Jews preserved a Hebrew translation of it, which they presented to me. There is no date on the plate. It bears the name of the prince and of the royal witnesses. Dates are not usual in old Malabaric writings. One fact is evident, that the Jews must have existed a considerable time in the country before they could have obtained such a grant." While there are, among the writers above named, differences of opinion, as might be expected, they all

Here are riveis agree that those people are Jews. and mountains, valleys and plains, all bearing names that clearly indicate a Hebrew people, as in England and Ireland the names of places show the people so naming them. There is Cabool, or Caubul, the city of the tribes; the Mountains of Solomon, the throne of Solomon TuJchiti Solimann; Moosa-Khail, the clan of Moses. Khojih Amraun, or lord Amraun, in of the father of Moses. DawoodAmram, memory zies, the clan or tribe of David Esau-Khail, clan of

Sioona-Daug, or Zion of David Solimaunee, " The 8ir William Jones says, people of Solomon. families are distinguished by the names of Jewish



of those people call themselves " Bunnie" Mac " in Israel," Bunnie being synonymous with " " Fitz in England. Bunnie-Israel, Scotland and means " Sous of Israel." One of the large clans or tribes is called Eusyph" the tribe of zie or Eusoe-zie, Joseph." An officer of the British navy secured two rolls one of them consisted of written on fair parchment twelve sheets, or forty-three pages the other one of six sheets, or twenty-three pages. Both manuscripts




came from the Jewish treasury

at Cochin,

and were

friend One of these received them, by the high priest. a MS. of some antirolls, that on a dyed goat-skin of a the canonical Book of to be copy quity proved Esther. The other roll was a history of the Jews of



whom my



that place from the Babylonish captivity down to the settlement of the Dutch and English in Hindostan. The well-known Mosaic law of retaliation Life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand,
foot for foot


Mr. Elphinstone found existing there. injured party is entitled to strict retaliation on

the aggressor.


" If a



having no children, his

brother shall marry his wife, and raise up seed unto his brother." Sir Alexander Burnes says that this The Afghans look peculiar law is found in Afghan. like Jews they say they are descended from the Jews and the younger brother marries the widow of the elder, according to the law of Moses.

There are several Jewish families in Persia, indeed whole villages of them. One of the rabbis said to Mr. Wolfe, " None of the Jews scattered in the world expect with more anxiety the restoration than the scattered Jews throughout Persia. We cannot tell what our people suffer; we are The Turks claim in daily fear of robbery and murder. the right to despoil them and theirs any day they Five lovely daughters were dragged away from please.

home the other day to supply the harem of a pasha." Mr. Southgate, a traveller in Persia, asked if they
had any tradition as to their fathers. The rabbi said, " We belong to Judah, and were of those who were
taken captive, but our fathers never returned." The " " " We dare not traveller asked, Why not go now ? without the permission of the Sultan, or of the govThe rabbi was ernor; they would not allow us." asked as to his knowledge of the ten tribes. " Some of them are at Bokhara, most of them are lost," was his answer. The Rev. Jacob Samuel, a Jew, claims for the Jews at Daghistan that they are of the remnant -of Israel. They observe the three great festivals they keep the



seventh day as the Sabbath; practise circumcision; have several beautiful copies of .the law of Moses, in Hebrew their book agreeing with our Pentateuch. They were very anxious to get a copy of the Psalms of David. Those people have the clearest and strongest convictions upon their minds of a return to their own land. They all believe that God has promised it to them, and that He surely will make that promise good. This is faith in the midst of many discouragements. It is clearly seen to the minds of all close students that the whole of those Eastern lands Persia, Afghan, .and ancient Syria have here and there remnants of .those Jews who were carried away to Babylon, and Jiaving found homes and employment refused to return from that country, and that others at later dates have gone east and joined them; and thus we find the Jewish countenance more or less distinctly marked. Those outcasts, as many call them, are net forgotten by God for He hears their prayer, and He has " I will bring them from the east and from ipromised, .the west, and from the land of Sinim." Those Jews in Persia and Afghan may yet, when the time comes, have an important part to take in the

transfer of all those lands to the rule of the Anglo-


The Jews have learned to sing of their Here is a JEWISH SONG.
In the dark and cloudy day, I will seek My wandering sheep Gently lead them in the way, From all dangers safely keep.

trust in


In the land upon the mountains, Judah, Israel, one shall be Pastures green and living fountains, I, thy God, will give to thee.


My rod and staff I'll guide thec, Safe into the promised land


guide thee, In the hollow of My hand.

all evil will I

Israel, see the


day approaches,

thy voice on high Now, no more shall wrongs, reproaches, Be thy portion God is nigh.

Cease to mourn, then, favored nation Trust thy God He loves thee still His right arm will bring salvation, He the promise will fulfil.
! !


In the Jewish song of praise in public worship they give distinct utterance to the confident hope in the future restoration and return to their own land.



Hail all hail, mysterious nation, Lot of God's inheritance

Sad though

thy situation, See a brighter day advance.

Clouds and storms have overspread thee Toss'd thy bark, dishevelled, torn

But the hand that chastened, lead thee Sink, thou could'st not, by it borne.
Did God's vengeance overtake
'Twas in sorrow, not in hate


purposes to make thee Above all other nations great.



the promise

Hear the voice

Israel hear it of Jacob's Rock,



scattered thee, will gather,
his flock.

As a shepherd doth


Yes, Salem, thou shalt rise, thy Father's aid Shall heal the wounds His chastening hand has made Shull judge the proud oppressor's ruthless sway, And burst his brazen bonds, and cast his cords away, Then, on your tops shall deathless verdure spring, Break forth ye mountains, and ye valleys, sing No more your thirsty rocks shall frown forlorn ; The unbeliever's jest, the heathen's scorn The sultry sands shall tenfold harvests yield,
; ;




new Eden deck the thorny






rose that blooms on thorny sprig, Will not the less perfume the earth Good wine that leaves a creeping twig, Is not the worse for humble birth."




The hawk may be of noble birth, That from a lowly eyry flew,
precepts are not less refined, Because they issue from a Jew."

I have heard men say there are no distinctions between Judah and Israel, and we are not warranted in looking for any fragment of the once great Hebrew To the people outside of the present Jewish family. law and to the testimony, I claim that there is a clear distinction, strong and striking, running through all the prophecies and promises referring to the future of the Hebrew race. Let us see what saith the word of the Lord on this point ? This distinction is of great im;

portance to the right understanding of the Scriptures. I affirm that they are two nations, and that they

have undergone two different courses of discipline; both nations have passed under the rod the dealings of God to them have been distinctly marked, and a wide difference is seen in His method of dealing with them. I believe that this distinction, so mysterious and so disciplinary, will not terminate in an uncertain and undefined manner but will, in a most marked and wonderful way, show the divine faithfulness and
; ;


The two kingdoms were separated
as seen


an early day,

by Zechariah



Then I cut asunder mine other staff, even Bands, that I might break the brotherhood between Judah and Israel."



was foreshadowed (Psalm "When Israel went out of Egypt,

distinct line of separation between cxiv.)

Judah and

the house of Jacob from a

people of strange language dominion."

Judah was

his sanctuary,


Israel his

was coming.


Here, at this exodus, we have a dim outline of what In Samuel's day they were numbered

separately (1 Samuel xi.) 8. "And when he numbered them

in Bezek, the children of Israel

were three hundred thousand, and the men of Judah thirty thousand."

Lord Arthur Harvey, Bishop of Bath, says, " The separate mention of Judah shows how little union there was between Judah and the other tribes of that
early day." JJavid reigned seven years over

Judah before they

Jeremiah xxxiii. 24 speaks of them as " the two He has for families which the Lord hath chosen." wiso purposes kept them apart for 2350 years. The time for their union has not yet come. If we read Zechariah viii. 13. "And it shall come to pass, tliat as ye were a curse among the heathen, O house of Judah, and house of Israel so will I save you

made him king over

all Israel.


and ye


be a blessing


fear not, but let your hands be strong."

I have bent Judah for me, filled the bow with Ephraim, and raised up thy sons, O Zion, against thy sons, O Greece, and made thee ;vs the sword of a mighty man."


Also ix. "When



Zechariah x. And I will strengthen

the house of Judah, and I will save the

bring them again to place them for E have mercy upon them and they shall be as though I had not cast them off: for I am the Lord their God, and will hear them."
I will

house of Joseph, and

(We may

Israel, up for Israel.) " And 7. they of Ephraim shall be like a mighty man, and their heart shall rejoice as through wine yea, their children shall see it, their heart shall rejoice in the Lord. and be glad I will hiss for them, and gather them ; for I have redeemed them and they shall And I will sow them among the increase as they have increased. people and they shall remember me in far countries and they shall I will bring them again live with their children, and turn again. also out of the land of Egypt, and gather them out of Assyria and I will bring them into the land of Gilead and Lebanon and place shall not be found for them. And he shall pass through the sea with affliction, and shall smite the waves in the sea, and all the deeps of

and a union

here see a distinction between Judah and also, and a glorious future opened









the river shall dry up; and the pride of Assyria shall be brought down, and the sceptre of Egypt shall depart away. And I will strengthen them in the Lord and they shall walk up and down in his name, saith the Lord."


And again in chapter viii. Zechariuh rises from the then present into the far-off future of Israel, and says

Thus saith the Lord of hosts It e/iafl yet come to there shall come people, and the inhabitants of many cities


pass, that

And the inhabitants of one city shall go to another, saying, Let us go speedily to pray before the Lord, and to seek the Lord of hosts I will go also. Yea, many people and strong nations shall come to seek the Lord of hosts. In those days, it shall come to j>a*s, that ten men shall take hold of all languages of the nations, even shall take hold of the skirt will go with you of him that is a Jew, saying, for we have heard






with you."

will please glance again overEzek. xxxvii., quoted already, and then inquire, Can any one say there is no distinction here between Judah and Israel, or that this union took place in Babylon, or on the

The reader






are said to be united in the prophet's hand,

and in the hand of the Lord through the cross of Christ, of which the two sticks are significant emblems. Here you see explained the crossing of the patriarch's hands as he blessed Ephraim and Manasseh. In this chapter Ezekiel saw the awakening, identity and restoration of those people so long separated and he saw the two sceptres, each distinct, and then united, and the one king chosen by both, and he of David's line, and the purification, and the divine protection, and the permanent sanctuary, and the obedience most complete and, as a result of the whole, the conversion of the heathen nation to
; ;


In beautiful harmony with the above, we hear Jeremiah iii.

"In those days the house of Judah shall walk with the house of Israel, and they shall come together out of the land of the north to the land that 1 have given for an inheritance unto your fathers."

" from the north and from the west. and they shall come up out of the land for great shall be the day of Jezreel. redeemed." an event yet in the future. and from Gush. and it shall come to pass. and from Shinar. 10.THE JE WS. saries of Judah shall be cut off: Ephraim shall not envy Judah. Then shall the children of Judah and the children of Israel be my gathered together. to pass in that day. from Assyria." and ." of his people. In these passages they are sifted through the nations. " Yet the number of the children of Israel shall be as the sand 10. : "And in that day there shall be a root it for an ensign of the people . which shall stand shall the Gentiles seek and his rest : shall be glorious. and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of The envy also of Ephraim shall depart. . " after Judah shall have been bent unto the Lord. Ye are not people. preserved. of the sea." *' Judah will walk to Israel. and of their future union. and greatly blessed in their relation to God. Ye are the sons of the living God. Who can fail to see the distinct houses here. Isaiah also speaks of those houses as distinct. Lord shall set his And hand which shall be left. which cannot be measured nor numbered . and that each knew of the other's existence. and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel. to of Jesse. It means separate and distinct existence. and from Egypt. and from Hamath." : TWO NATIONS. The act of choosing one head. that in the place where it was said unto them. And he shall set up an ensign for the nations. and from Pathros. remembered." And Hosea i." and " from the isles of the west. the second time He will bring them from the four corners of the earth. and all this. and that each recognized the identity of the other. has in it a wealth of meaning. and from the islands of the sea. that the again the second time to recover the remnant it shall come DISTINCT HOUSES ISRAEL IS NOT JUDAH. and Judah shall not vex Ephraim. and from Elam. and the adverthe earth. and that they remain distinct until the Lord shall undertake the second time to gather His people to their own land the first time was when He led them out of Egypt. and appoint themselves one head. in xi. 61 " instead of The marginal reading has it " to " with. there it shall be said unto them.

and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem. 8: " In that day.i" : they shall make great iv. in the strength of the Lord. and her that I have afflicte<l and I will make her that halted a remnant. Then the remnant of his brethren And he shall stand and feed shall return unto the children of Israel. and they shall abide ends of the earth. that tarrieth And the remnant of Jacob shall be among the Gentiles in the midst of many people as a lion among the beasts of the forest. iii. speaking of the restoration of both houses of Israel and Judah. 6. all of thee I will surely gather the remnant of Israel . Bozrah. Micah.. Israel is spoken " divorced " from her of as a wife husband. that these promises had their fulfilment in any of the past history of those people ? If so. 3. and Hos. 7 . if lie go through. through all the countries whither thou hast driven them." ." That cannot mean from Then the envy of Judah and Israel will Babylon. iii. And the remnant of Jacob shall be in the midst of many people as a dew from the Lord. under the terms Samaria and Jeru- He saw them they had been spreading salem. in the majesty of the name of the Lord for now shall he be great unto the his God . that are near. also. and her that was cast far and the Lord shall reign over them in Mount Zion off a strong nation from henceforth. anrl and that are afar off. saw them as distinct houses. Israel. and none can deliver. and teareth in pieces. and depart. please name the time and place. I will put them together as the sheep of . will I assemble her that halteth. 7. they shall cease to vex one another. In Jer. Isa. grass. The prophets speak of these two nations as TWO SISTEBS.." (ii. even for ever. 7. as the showers upon the not for man. : : : And Will any one say. because of their trespass that they have trespassed against thee. as the flock in the midst of their fold noise by reason of the multitude of me. both treadeth down." in all countries where for 200 years to the north and to the west. saith the Lord. v. and I will gather her that is driven out. 12) : I will surely assemble. Daniel ix. and when and by whom recorded. as a . from the isles afar off. as a young lion among the flocks of sheep who. nor waiteth for the sons of men.62 " ANGLO-ISRAEL. Hear him unto : "To the men all of Judah. li. says . Jacob.

63 " desolate one. where he speaks of the grand old olive tree." for scattered. and gave her a bill of divorcement. In their greatness and their strength they are to go abroad and fill up the desolate lands. It is also remarkable that Israel is not addressed as in their land." ! God will make The Jews now number about eight millions. for them to lie down safely. said of "will He the Jesus." in contraforsaken.and they shall call me Ishij that is my husband. not . they are speaking of representative persons." who had been sown among the nations." and Isaiah speaks of Israel's restoration." as the It is very clear that distinction to the married wife. "woman and I put her away. who can give the number of Israel STILL DISTINCT." and the children of the woman forsaken are to be colonizers. In the days of Christ and of His Apostles the distinction was very clearly seen. and " for more are the calls upon her to sing and rejoice." as were used in the The disthey prophetic writings. children of the desolate than the children of the married wife." and the dispersed of Judah. and freedom from terror. And there shall be peace. Israel was divorced from the old covenant. The same distinction is noted by Paul in Rom.THE JEWS.. The " dispersed " they had not yet been " " " were the divorced and scattered. but as in the islands. unto me for ever and I will say to them which were not my people. " and I will betroth her mercy. and her treacherous sister Judah saw it and feared not. Thou art my people. ciples go dispersed among the Gentiles?" This could not mean "Jews. and to become a multitude of nations. saith the Lord. and one must not look for her as in the same condition as the Jews. For Jeremiah says. The last twenty-seven chapters of Isaiah belong chiefly to Israel the forsaken wife is to be gathered with great and in lovingkindness. xi. "Backsliding Israel did wrong. for they used the terms " outcast of " Israel.

and each. Many of the children of Israel shall He turn to the Lord their God. "could not apply to the Jews. 14. and He went to seek draws a very broad them and the Jews. and should understand with their But blessed heart. I must notice a very common error often made by Bible readers. Here were three sets of branches the natural branches. Isaiah vi. Farrar supports my view on with their ears. hearing ye (Jews) shall hear. they were Israelites of the ten tribes and not Jews. To the Jews. " Unto xiii. "By . Farrar in his Life of Christ. with one exception. that the disciples of Jesus were Jews. bringing out the distinction very clearly. according to Dr. ye are not of My sheep" (John x. and their ears are dull of hearing. and I should heal them. viz. and He He tells . for it still grew and was flourishing but some of the branches (the Jews) were broken off and Gentiles had been grafted on." was spoken of the future. evi- dently distinct. " He hath holpen His servant Israel. " Ye believe because not. And then. and shall not understand and For this people's seeing ye (Jews) shall see. out.) . have no warrant for saying that the Jews of our " Lord's day were of the ten tribes. and should be converted. for. as promised. that they were Benjamites I am glad that Dr. Just here. He said . and made to share in the richness and fertility of the native branches. and I know them. line of distinction between them He them so. He said. and their eyes they have closed lest at any time they should see with their eyes. and shall not perceive: heart is waxed gross. 26). ." : and your Israel was His scattered flock. 9. for they hear. and Jesus quotes 10. I have often said. for they see ears (Benjamites). He said. who became Christians). Benjamitish folrefused His help. We lowers. and he.. however. it is (Matthew it 11). as on other points. not given. (See Matthew xiii. It was. " My sheep hear My voice. you (Israel) given to know the mystery of the kingdom is of God. : but to them (Jews) and applies.64 AXGLO-ISRAEL. and the branches that were broken off. as cut down. not so. in Paul's mind. are your eyes (Israel. because they To His Israelitish. and the branches that were grafted on.

Cretes and Arabians. "This people draweth nigh unto . saw the distinction. and Asia. 14). 22). and honoreth me with their lips but their heart is far from me. be this known unto you. and." Then. " Ye men: of Israelites in that audience (Acts ii. They took up stones again to stone Him." They all listened to him (Peter) he came to the grand appeal to the Israelites.. "Parthians and Medes. strangers of Rome. and the men of Israel. calling hard names. and his address at He had both Jews andi the Pentecost shows it. having drawn the distinction so clearly. Jesus of Nazareth ye (Jews) have taken and by wicked hands. teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. and Cappadocia.800 years have passed away. in Pontus. in Egypt and in the parts of Libya about Gyrene. spirit until . It was Christ's grand mission to redeem Israel. and the dwellers in Mesopotamia. hear these words. : me with their mouth. 5 . Jesus had well instructed His followers in the loss the Jews would sustain. it was a signal failure. " Ye men of Israel. upon whom the promised . for after 1. 65 and they follow Me.) . and told the Jews so plainly of the " true relation." 8. and the it. they still hold to the law of Moses. and they came to Him and asked " Him. and in Judaea. Judaea. and to them he said. " to be a light always in Jerusalem (1 Kings xi. If His mission was to the Jews." etc. to save them.THE JEWS. . and employ them and commission them to reform and save the world.. who were given. Elamites. Benjamites." and then (ver. hence the stones. But in vain they do worship me. 36). (Matthew xv. too. Lord wilt Thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?" Peter. Jews and proselytes. and Pamphylia. mocking and etc. had come. we are told. representative men. Phrygia." These were the unbelieving Jews. and in the honor and blessing Israel would receive." Some persons Jesus saw fail to see any distinction here Jews saw it. and the picture He then drew of them holds good to this day.

and he states boldly in his writings. Judah and Israel. of migration. and Saxons. and that we have reason. Can any one show by any fair system of interpretation. I think it is . We . after some centuries to escape. entered England as the Normans. how the promises. Two -points are incontrovertible that prophecy has been fulfilled. the people that mocked. whom ye (Jews) both Lord and Christ. and became incorporated with the Angles. and thus we make infidels. the blessings and the judgments. because he saw in the circumstances and condition of the Jews that they never could verify the glorious promises God made to Israel. and the threatenings. can refer to the same most dangerous thing to misinterpret the Lord on any point. Danes. to believe that it will be again. The poor. Here are prophecies that claim our attention nay. was with the Banjamites that Titus and afforded them an opportunity This they did. that demand consideration. " moves forward to-day in the front It made a brief truce. It is a word of the Tom Paine fell into the common error of looking at the Jews as the house of Israel." TOM PAINE. have no means of knowing or judging the future of prophecy. Kelly recently remarked in an address at Fisk University. and as being one with them. except by the past. and. Jutes. rank of nations in every respect. represented here. the house of Israel know assuredly that same Jesus. The word of God is set at variance with itself. forming that sturdy and indomitable race." Who can made have crucified. were not the same as those speak with of our Lord were given " for a light unto Jerusalem. and one prophecy is made to contradict another. avoid seeing the two houses. therefore. and used ugly " who words. that he was led into infidelity. as Dr. misguided people ? They cannot." as I shall show in a future chapter new tongues. which.66 " Therefore let that God hath all ANGLO-ISRAEL." The disciples on Benjamin.

and all the minute circumstances of His wondrous life. and it has kept That book spake of a stone its promise to the nations. The next on the bark of a tablets covered with wax.000 were written on wooden first whose pages years old. and it is keeping its promise It has other promises to be fulfiled. 67 on the Bible. and of John. and away among the islands of the seas. which was called in Greek Biblos. The Person by whom that chosen religion was to be founded. from whom springs a chosen family. and Joseph Cook who has given a lecture "I the like uses language following open a book 3. out of the mountains without hands. the skins of sheep or goats. and among all : . and Tyre and Jerusalem. and Assyria. and should fill the whole earth. and Nineveh." . In that book I read of a chosen man called Abraham. and cut kingdom that it should break in pieces all other kingdoms. They are numerous and full of details. No one now doubts that those predictions were written ages before the date at which they began to be fulfilled.THE JEWS. it to the nations. nations. When I look out upon the map of the world. and that this chosen religion should embrace the whole earth. south. and Babylon. and labors. and from that chosen family should spring a chosen race. They have been verified and fulfilled in all lands. thrown out north. were all foretold long before the bright That aurora of its light began to dawn in the East. Alexander. Moses. and it has kept its promise with the nations. That book spake of Joseph. and copies of that book written on those materials have come down to our times. and of their times. and the exact place of His birth. book has kept its promise with the nations. east and west. That book spake in ages far remote of Egypt. and from that chosen race should spring a founder of a new and that out of a chosen race should religious empire thus come a chosen religion. and in the Latin The next edition of this book was written on Liber. and I see the shuttles of intercommunication among nations. will keep those also. Cyrus. tree. and of His still more wondrous death. I hear the unfoldings of the leaves of prophecy.

but Rabbi Eleazar laughed. 18) of the Mount Zion which is desolate. the Jews. mind has who man." said Eabbi Joshua. and the devastation of Judea." said Rabbi Eleazar." Dr. and who will stand at the centre of that circle. enough to appreciate clear ideas. Harmony and Evidence " While such monuof Sacred Truth. I have thereby a pledge that not one of His promises shall fail for He is ever more ready to show mercy than judgment. never adequately prophecy. the actual condition of the Jews ever since that period. will still continue to keep His word with us. "I " weep. to the very letter for 4. Fasten your attention upon the day when Abraham sat under the oak at Hebron. Wm. will be thrown into awe and reverence by the fulfilment of Prophecy is. hand that made the prophecy. perhaps. 11 Nay.000 years. is the most expressive monument of . and with the nations of the earth and all the earth ." therefore do I laugh. wherefore doth thou weep?" demanded Eleazar. The same divine explained. writes thus mental inscriptions in stone and bronze memorialize the sad catastrophe of Jerusalem's destruction. and Rabbi Joshua wept. and that has fulfilled it . Cook. : the present time. " "Wherefore dost thou laugh ? said lie who wept. and the day when Paul went out of the Ostian gate to die. I see with mine own eyes that God has fulfilled His threatening to the very letter. and at "And when . Two rabbis approaching Jerusalem observed a fox running upon the hill of Zion. shall see His glory. Draw a circle through these ence of any curve. Abraham under the oak. because I see what Because was written in Lamentations fulfilled (v. and with His people. and upon the Three points determine the circumferpresent day. except by its fulfilment. Paul on his way to points I venture to say that any our and and times death. and while Greek and Roman historians record the same in their writings.68 ANGLO-ISRAEL. in Unity. the foxes walk ' : upon " for it.

. His finished work. ! ! A people. the throne of David established. and a by-word among all nations ? An astonishment indeed they are land. the Holy Spirit land. the bondage of Egypt broken. plundered and yet incorporated with none all richer than monarchs. yet still observing their festivals and memorializing the wonderful events of their history. prophecy 69 Did God say that they should be fulfilled. yet clingown to their ing rejecting the Messiah. a public monument of a preserving providence. their altars extinct. the second temple erected. navy or" parliament. beginning their history nearly 4000 years Their old powerful oppressors ago. . . and the Saviour of the world Their existence is a standing miracle. Assyria broken. they in all lands. own Egypt . yet organized and united. their ordinances abolished. Did God foretell they should be an astonishment. . their temple destroyed. yet receiving the prophets who foretold of Him . their desolated. yet kings with stripped by no army. yet citizens of no day other dispersed. Babylon destroyed. the two led away to Babylon the partial return of the Jews to ple. the Messiah's advent. . a living protest against their infidelity. the twelve tribes divided. holding fast to that book which condemns their unbelief. an organized embodiment of historic and prophetic truth. what a catalogue of prophecies have been turned into history "The seed of Abraham multiplied into a nation. yet flourishing in millions at this myriads their country taken from them. and testifies of Christ to be the Son of God. an admonition to the world. a proverb. Moving among all religions. a sign to the church. yet distinct mingling with all peo. ! ! ! . After more than seventeen centuries they are wanderers over the wide earth. . the ten carried into Assyria. and a pledge of its brightest future In looking back on the distant past. yet existing still but survive murdered they were by extinct. the land of Canaan possessed. scattered among all nations ? They are so scattered. expatriated from their own and pilgrims everywhere.THE JEWS.

Paul says. too. shall be " life from lands the dead. life from the dead to the Jews themselves. and shows how the New Testament speaks of the conversion of the world. The apostle asks. and the restoration of Israel shall penetrate and astonish all This change. indeed. as well as to all the Gen! tile nations. and shows the song of redeemed Israel and restored Judah in the twelfth chapter. with deep emotion. from sorrow to joy. what shall the receiving of them " be. ciling of the world. speaks of this event in the eleventh chapter. as if waiting for some great future. Jerusalem a second time destroyed the Jews banished and scattered. from wrath to pardon. from rejection to salvation. glorious event shall be seen as connected with the prophecies and promises. were to be but lost. This glorious change from unbelief to confidence in Christ. and kings and queens. rigorously flourishing. and life from the dead to the scattered remnants of Israel in all lands. For a great future. yet . The news of the return of Judah. not by means. " Now if the fall of them be the riches of the world. He asks. ." The apostle gives us a glimpse of this " Hath God event. they are waiting and a great and glorious future this wondrous people shall have. scattered and sifted among the nations. and presidents and courtiers shall all unite to arouse all The . great cast away His people?" and with a warm. poured out. the Gentiles called. earnest " God hath not spirit he answers his own question. Isaiah. but life from the dead ? (Romans xi. and the diminishing of them the riches of the Gentiles how much more their fulness ? For if the casting away of them be the reconstill . They are no more cast away than they were when their harps were hung upon the willows by the rivers of Babylon.70 ANGLO-ISRAEL. any They only to be found again." Yes. but to be gathered again. . shall be known and felt in all the earth. " cast away His people whom He foreknew.) Then Paul introduces the olive-tree and its lesson.

issuing in their behalf a long list of exceedingly great and precious promises.the conversion of the " The earth shall be filled with a world. and influence shall be employed for God. and energy. which promises He.setting ." It is a wonderful evidence of the divine goodness and love to that green Isle. moving for four or five thousand years in the one direction. upon His part. The mighty promise shines Nor can the powers of darkness raze Those everlasting lines.. the slumbering nations. so softened by His care. the most active agents. . surrounded as it would be on all sides with the melting of the warm current from America and long The iceberg may occasionally float off southward. bathing those islands in a perpetual flood of water warm from the tropics. and of which we may all sing : " Engraved as in eternal brass. that. the climate is so much warmer." . gulf-current issuing out from the tropics of human history. or place of sun. pouring richest blessings upon the chosen family and chosen race. called by the Hebrews of olden time the Yar 'sk isle. never puts on its grim face of horror as it does away north of us in the same latitude. The conversion of the Jew shall be followed by another yet more glorious. knowledge home of the Lord. (Isaiah Ixi. thus regulating the temperature. and ever onward. moving on. that from time immemorial there has been an immense stream of warm water from the American coast and the Gulf of Mexico sweeping away across the Atlantic in a north-easterly direction. The fact is. has been making good. and winter. and come into contact with the warm Gulf Stream and there is no better place in the world for an iceberg. and bestowing upon those islands untold and So I find an irresistible indescribable advantages.THE JEWS. 71 and call the whole world In promoting this the Jews will be to Jesus.) Their wealth. 6. though in the same latitude as our Hudson's Bay or Labrador.

they are borne away almost insensibly to enjoy the summerland and its balmy atmosphere. 18). and rejoice as if in the land of Beulah. at any one time. by all Bible students that the in even their most people. J. He said. every time it dares to discuss the prophe-cies concerning the Jews. remarkable fact that our British and American surveyors have been over there surveying that What the American portion of the Turkish Empire. No sooner do they enter upon the stream of saving influences from prophecy and promise. it reaches the Irish coast it would have entirely Just so it is with many an icy. " Rationalism liev. was not. That valley drained by the Euphrates. In the covenant which the Lord made unto It is well understood- Abraham (Gen. ANGLO-ISRAEL. prosperous days. fully in their territory immense The Philistines held a large portion of it possession. the Dead will yet It is a . frozen. disappeared. the sea of Galilee. gers. it was called the valley of the passenEven the little strip of territory called Canaan. as a reason for surveying the waters of Merom. rationalistic heart. drops prophecy like hot iron." or Palestine." before THAT LAND. as soon as they are brought into the warm current of sacred prophecy and divine promise. to a certain extent." The river of Egypt was the Nile. That promise includes all that between the Nile and the Euphrates. than they feel the healing waters of Siloam. but. and the Phoenicians on the north. from the river of Egypt unto the great river. Solomon did. on the south. the river Euphrates. " Unto thy seed have I given this land.72 . even then. did not the whole of the land God had promised unto possess them. xv. people had. 11. 'God be fulfilled to the very letter. this extension of territory did not include more than a fracThe promise of tion of the promised inheritance. By Eze" kiel xxxix. govern or rule over rfche country round Damascus. Cook says. the river Jordan.

xxv. mountain and vale. Papal.. and vineIt was not until a few years ago. During the past few years. and as the prophet has it. 73 Sea. any man could secure anything in the shape of a title to an acre of land in Canaan without becoming a Turk- . Grecian. and still the land remains unsold. waiting for its true and rightful heirs.800 years ago forbidding the sale or transfer of that land (Lev. the Sultan of Turkey. and everything of any importance connected with that country." It must be borne in mind that the Lord issued a proclamation 3. in those Eastern lands. for the land is mine. for a 23).e. and yet. it has remained unsold. is an interThe Exploration Society in England esting question. they are all intruders. saith the Lord. Seventeen times has Jerusalem been burned to ashes. very few. but only to be disappointed. Turk. arrangements have been made with the Sultan of Turkey for a law granting security to those who would go in and possess the soil. strange it is that England and America should be so much interested in the estate or territory of the Sick Man." and coming events have in this respect cast their shadows The Saxon race is growing up immense inbefore. The English and German land How jobbers and the American speculators have gone there and founded colonies. The fact is. and Roman have each in turn claimed that land. i. and build houses.THE JEWS. both educational and religious. " The land shall not be sold for ever. and plant orchards. The prophet says that the children of Israel " Shall possess the land unto the Bosphorus. " They shall possess their possessions. since light has been breaking in upon our Israelitish identity. while millions of this great west lies as yet unsurveyed. and after a little time one squatter has sold his good will to another. terests. that yards. permanence. quarry and mine. Assyrian. Egyptian. and their immediate surroundings. though it is the key to three continents and of itself a position of immense value." History informs us that Pagan. has given to the world the result of five or six years' hard work in making a most minute and scientific survey of land and water.

lately issued. There is one Jew who. than the recent organization Sir among the Jews of three building Moses Montefiore. might pelt him and call him a dog. the gates shut at sunset. a few years before ish subject. only much cheaper. and especially Jerusalem. Jew. An imperial rescript. gives us valuable information of the progress going on there. more or less. in the last few years been done away with. Perhaps I can give no better illustration of the improved order of affairs. gave to all subjects of foreign powers the right to hold lands in their own name. and order a Jew to bring it back at the risk of his life if he refused. A few years ago none of the comforts of western life could be enjoyed there.74 ANGLO-ISRAEL. has in his own name lands secured in as many as fifteen towns and villages. Turk might throw his shoe away. was liable to all kinds of indignities and insults. or half-breed Arab. and that they made preparations to lay the corner-stone of a . interests there. as at Jaffa. All this has. that whole country is now. The Meah-sliea-rim is the name of the society. as saith the prophet. and the stones used in building a school. on the American model. Until lately the towns. who has large societies. whom the conference made responsible for at least the police regulations in that country up to the Bosphorus. any Turkish rowdy. One plot of land near Jerusalem was sold lately for twenty times the sum which had. the massive walls are removed. since the Berlin Conference. flowing on to Emmanuel's land. The stream of emigration is steadily increasing. as I am informed. were like a military fortress. under the jurisdiction. and build upon and improve those lands as they might choose. and not opened until next day. a Jew. now all kinds of vegetables and fruits are to be purchased as with us. He tells us that he was invited to meet one of the building societies' committees. of Great A A been paid for it. But now greater freedom prevails. and. even of the first-class.

leaving a plot of ground in He front large enough to plant the olive or the vine. told them to secure as much land as they could in the vicinity of Safed. and Jerusalem. recalling the words of Psalrn cii. and have mercy upon For thy servants take yea. There have new churches and new schools erected the last year. 13. and weighed him the money. and took witnesses. and her favor the dust thereof. can.THE JEWS. is come. and that which was open " And I gave the evidence of the purchase unto Baruch the son of Neriah. of the Lord. Buy thee my field that is in Anathoth for the : me in the court of the prison according to the word of the Lord. and sealed it. saying. and the redempThen I knew that this was the word tion is thine buy it for thyself. and turning up her ruins without " Thou shalt arise. commence certain They asked him when they should " Begin to-day if you buildings. : 6 " saying. " And I subscribed the evidence. Buy my field. " So Hanameel mine uncle's son came to . the set time. Tiberias." Who can see them digging among those dusty heaps in Jerusalem. both that which was sealed according to the law and custom. and (See Jer. that is in Anathoth. the son of Maaseiah. even seventeen shekels of : right of redemption is thine to buy it. Ilaiiameel the son of Shallum thine uncle shall come unto thee. "Behold.) put it into an earthen jar. Sir Moses Moritefiore advised them to build houses on the European style. which is in the country of Benjamin for the right of inheritance is thine. new row 75 Anof houses now in process of erection. and weighed him the money in the balances. other building society was called Eben-Israel. I pray thee. xxxii. " And I bought the field of Hanameel my uncle's son. pleasure Who can read of houses. in the sight of Hanameel mine uncle's : . and fields. and said unto me. : . The word of the Lord came unto me. And Jeremiah said. silver." in stones. Zion for the time to favor her. Hebron. and another the name of Beth-Jacob.ught a field from his uncle. and vineyards in that land of so many desolations without remembering the stirring words of Jeremiah when he bo. that was in Anathoth. and took a deed or title of it. " So I took the evidence of the purchase. and his answer was.

and among other men . " And hast brought forth thy people Israel out of the land of : : : Egypt with signs. "Great in counsel and mighty in work: for thine eyes are open upon all the ways of the sons of men to give every one according to his ways. and recompensest the iniquity of the fathers into the bosom of their children after them the Great. and there is nothing fields ! too hard for thee: " Thou shewest lovingkindness unto thousands. and put them in an earthen vessel. " And I charged Baruch before them. that they may continue many days. come upon them : . " Ah Lord God behold. this evidence of the purchase. shall come and S"t fire on this city. but they obeyed not thy voice. : . " For thus saith the Lord of Houses hosts. which thou didst swear to their fathers to give them. they are come unto the city to take it. O Lord God. and in the presence of the witnesses that subscribed the book of the purchase. and he shall take it " And the Chaldeans. and of the famine. I prayed unto the Lord. that fight against it. as at this day. and the city is given into the hand of the Chaldeans. and this evidence which is open.76 son. and possessed it. and with a strong hand. is his name. and poured out drink offerings unto other gods. saying. thou hast made the heaven and the earth by thy great power and stretched out arm. because of the sword. " Now when I had delivered the evidence of the purchase unto Baruch the son of Neriah. the God of all flesh is there anything too hard for me ? " Therefore thus saith the Lord Behold. and with great terror " And hast given them this land. " Behold. Take these evidences. . both which is sealed. the God of Israel . thou seest it. and hast made thee a name. " Thus saith the Lord of hosts. . behold. the God of Israel . and burn it with the houses. and of the pestilence and what thou hast spoken is come to pass and. they have done nothing of all that thou commandedst them to do therefore thou hast caused all this evil . a land flowing with milk and honey "And they came in. and with a stretched out arm. to provoke me to anger. and with wonders. and and vineyards shall be possessed again in this land. and in Israel. that fight against this city. . " Then came the word of the Lord unto Jeremiah. saying. and according to the fruit of his doings " Which hast set signs and wonders in the land of Egypt. neither walked in thy law. ANGLO-ISRAEL. I will give this city into the hand of the Chaldeans. even unto this day. the Lord of hosts. and into the hand of Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon. before all the Jews that sat in the court of the prison. the Mighty God. : to " Behold the mounts. and take witnesses for the city is given into the hand of the Chaldeans. " And thou hast said unto me. saying. I am the Lord. : . Buy thee the Held for money. upon whose roofs they have offered incense unto Baal.

il But they set their abominations in the house. whereof ye say. that I will not turn away from them. rising up early and teaching them. I will rejoice over them to do them good. so will I bring upon them all the good that I . " And Men fields shall be bought in this land. And now Behold. and not the face: though I taught them. their princes. that they may fear me for ever. concerning this city. whither I have driven them in mine anger. " And they have turned unto me the back. : : them " : I will make an everlasting covenant with them. which they have done to provoke me to anger. that they should do this abomination. to do them good but I will put my fear in their hearts. Judah " to sin. seal t/iem. my name. and their prophets. they. neither came it into my mind. and by the pestilence " . and in the cities of the mountains. and in the places about Jerusalem. and in my fury. saith the Lord. whereof ye beast . buy fields for money. say." . " Yea. which is called by to defile it. and the men of Judah. and by the famine. I will gather them out of all countries. " 77 For the children of Israel and the children of Judah have only for the children of Israel have evil before me from their youth with the of their hands. and in the cities of shall " the south : for I will cause their captivity to return. " And they built the high places of Baal. have promised them. " Because of all the evil of the children of Israel and of the children of Judah. saith the Lord. for the good of them. It is desolate without man or it is given into the hand of the Chaldeans. evil " For thus saith the Lord Like as I have brought all this great upon this people. to cause done : . . and of their children after . and I will be their God " And I will give them one heart. yet they have not hearkened to receive instruction. and in the cities of Judah. and subscribe evidences. therefore thus saith the Lord. me to work anger only provoked " For this city hath been to me as a provocation of mine anger and of my fury from the day that they built it even unto this day that I should remove it from before my face. and one way. their kings. the God of Israel. their priests. and and take witnesses in the land of Benjamin. to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire unto Molech which I commanded them not. and the inhabitants of Jerusalem. that they shall not depart from me. which are in the valley of the son of Hinnom. And soul. and in the cities of the valley. It shall be delivered into the hand of the king of Babylon by the sword.THE JEWS. and in great wrath and I will bring them again unto this place. and I will plant them in this tend assuredly with my whole heart and with my whole . and I will cause them to dwell safely " And they shall be my people.

Catching weather is a thing unknown there. will inquire of him as to the cultivation of the soil. With a little drainage in the lowlands. He is a first-class scholar. will be found some of these days. and other questions He informs us that labor is extremely of interest. and the productions of labor. reaped in the same proportion. is The question for so ists ? often asked. The ordinary heavy lands at Siloam. a man can carry on his shoulder with ease and yet it answers the purpose admirably. only one handle a plow of a very light pattern. you see a mule. That sealed vessel and the deed it contains. when centuries it refused to support a few colonwell known that a colony from England. yield an hundred-fold. drawing a plow a genuine Assyrian plow. 12). shillings English currency. no stacks or sheds to preserve the grain need They the sheaves are gathered to the threshing-floor. and threshed and winnowed in the open air at leisure. especially the Anglo-Israelites. and the soil so rich that they do not need any manure. now . How can we account for the fact that the land is many It is so productive. and a bushel of barley at two to six . yonder. pastor of Christ's Church. The farmer in Palestine gives himself no trouble or anxiety about rain during harvest. boys and girls two shillings a week. or south of Gaza. In that very field where Isaac reported a yield of an hundred-fold (Gren xxvi. and a very large-hearted man. those fields yield two and three crops a year.78 ANGLO-ISRAEL. the wages for ordinary laborers range from five cheap. . fields are large. three shillings shillings a week The a week. or a yoke of very small oxen. to the great confusion of the unbeliever. and good cultivation. a farmer has assured us that Several of he. and show no tokens of being impoverished. We for women. The best wheat in the market at Jerusalem can be bought for four shillings. There. Let us hear from a resident minister of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem. too. the produce from the soil would be very great. and the great joy of all Bible students.

THE /EWS. and another from 79 America. It is to-day in every sense a " land of and ornament. and flowers. and the time of their occupation draweth : nigh." etc. The Lord said (Deut. and shrubs. not many years ago. That " the heavens would be as brass. and fruits. and the vine is seen loaded with large. and the olive. .watered garden plants. These declarations were indeed fulfilled. and the land should again bud and blossom as the rose." It is irresistible because of Divine appointment. ripe clusters of grapes. xxviii." That honey. It is a remarkable fact that the rain has again returned to that land. He would withhold In this very fact. a land beauty of brooks of water. as in the days of yore.. of fountains and depths that spring out of valleys and hills. Palestine is the rightful heritage of Israel and Judah. and the mulberrytree may be seen in the rockiest spots. and the whole country is now as a well. It has been willed to them by Divine appointment. a goodly land. because the soil settled in the refused to yield the early and the latter rain. But the promise also read. most fertile valleys in the whole country. 23. 29). and the land became utterly desolate. and the earth iron." It is a hopeful sign for this land of promise that the shrewdesfr financiers in the world are buying up all the land they can possibly secure. rich.000 Jews in the city of Jerusalem. that the land would not yield her increase. where a few years ago a Jew would not be allowed to live. and the fig-tree. that have not been seen there for centuries. and they were forced to leave them. The Jewish Chronicle says " One might as well attempt to stop the course of the Atlantic stream. are now found in great luxuriance. we have clearly the fulfilment of prophecy. that He would " make the rain of that land powder and dust. a land flowing with milk and . and kept for them during the centuries. so well its increase. At the present time there are over 30. the tide is irresistible. that when the time came the Lord would send the early and the latter rain. established.

80 ANGLO-ISRAEL. result in the restoration of the Jewish polity. " to " is that the marginal reading of correct. A paragraph as that of just. hearts of thousands of orthodox Jews beat high at the bare anticipation of such an event as the possession of Syria and Palestine by England. the in the way. "La casa di Guida audra alia casa The translation by Martini gives. would throw no obstacle delight. Jewish people joining themselves in a body to their converted brethren of the ten tribes and then both resettling Now." The Italian translation by Diodati gives. could then trustingly leave history to . 1&." On Jer. " In the Vatican Edition of the LXX. as quoted. we know. Thus much we may say. work out its course in the land which God promised to the seed of the patriarchs in perpetuity. then as warmly advocate Jewish settlements in the Holy Land. . rule over the multifarious her races and proved by in India that knows how to she govern peoreligions . iii. we should hail such a prognostication with England. beneficent. La famiglia di Guida si riunira alia" We We . The Vulgate gives. Judah shall come together to the house of Israel. The picture here drawn is that of the old. to show together in the land of inheritance. says: " We do not know in whose hands the Jews would be so desirous of seeing placed the land of their forefathers liberal England Under England's protection we ought not to have England has any fear for the safety of the Jews. and could ple of different nationalities and creeds. sending a thrill of unspeakable joy through their frames. however." " pointed manner. " Ibit domus Juda." come in a body to Israel. dated 1877. I may remark that. ad domum Israel. If it were the will of Providence that such colonies should. in a more d'Israel. . be appropriate may The Jewish Chronicle. and in that published by Bagster. or two from one of our leading papers here." we read a passage " The house of in the Greek which may be translated.. as we are now doubtful about their success. unbelieving. in the course of time.

and other rabbis with whom I have conversed. entertain the same idea as probable in the near future. Dr. God! thousands of Israel's children have been brought to acknowledge Jesus in the Messiah. when he writes of the entry into Jerusalem of the late Bishop Alexander. was handed to the printers. REV. is doing more than anything else to lead the Jews to inquire as to the character of the religion of This is borne out by the late Rev. on the lost Israel found in the Saxon race. \ THE GOSPEL AT JERUSALEM.THE JEWS. to be the surest road to their greatest advancement. The service was Thank celebrated in the Hebrew. I give here a few extracts from his excellent lecture. being prophecy faith. and seek assimilation with their brethren called Christians. BISHOP HELLMUTH. who has given large sums of money to educate the masses of the poor of his own has caused much excitement among the Hebrews in this country. " The fact that on Zion's Hill. Thus is fulfilled. himself being a son of Abraham. by a recommendation to his people to seek for a complete freedom from all religious prejudices. himself a Jew. Arabic and English. a hanker of immense wealth. Bishop Hellmuth lectured on the Jews. and by others of his faith. A few years ago I lectured in London. Rabbi Solomon Schindler. A few evenings after the Eev. Ewald. Jesus. a band of Christians are toiling and laboring with a loving sympathy for the good of all around them. through mission6 . the metropolis of the Jewish world. is a little curious and most encouraging that since this MS. Merging their race with ours and adopting our Christianity is thought by him." In the all these translations go days referred to there will be a voluntary alliance of Judah with It Israel. (will 81 " unite itself to the) It is in famiglia di Israel." " shall unto. Ontario. an intimation has reached me from Paris. that Baron Hirsch.

like a massive wall guarded the Jews from every Christian influence. voices are everywhere heard for a reform in their public worship.82 ANGLO-ISRAEL. careful investigation of the prophetical Scriptures. BEHOVING OBSTACLES. while in other parts of the European continent. which promise not only individual conversion and future bliss. and to more literal and faithful interpretations of the prois phecies concerning Israel. Upwards of 100 clergymen in ary instrumentality. is now totIn the midst tering and giving way in many places. Having referred to the changes continually going on in Eastern Europe. On all are heard calling to a deeper and more voices sides. but also the visible reign of Christ. the latter part of the 18th century. of this forms the attention. a large number are faithfully preaching the Gospel of Christ. ' . and to form a new era in the annals of their exile. because it coincides with the strivings of the spirit which is now taking place among the ancient people themAll the changes that have occurred in Europe selves. and those since which are even now happening. of Israel. and their probable effects on the future of the Jewish race. in imitation of the Christian " The Talmud.' in the history of the fate of the Jewish people and this interest is a more remarkable sign of the times." THE FUTURE OF JERUSALEM. and the period from which we may date its commence: ment the latter part of the 18th century. continue to alter the whole social and political position of the Jews. which . the Church of England alone are Jews. nor the hearts of Christians This so prepared to look for their accomplishment. his Lordship continued " Never till our days has the attention of men been so forcibly drawn to the Scripture prophecies of the Old and New Testament. as the glory of His people All this has naturally led to a deeper interest Israel. waking up diligent search. characteristic of a new era in the Christian Church.

THE JEWS. The poetic harp of Israel sounds for the time to European accents. and Jewish names are found among the greatest masters of music in our day. the Jews afford to the country of their sojourn. Some of these were Christians one. the dwellers in distant climes are daity bending their steps to the land of All this increase of interest is the Scripture history. but of the first There is a highest talent. while seeking out the interpretation of prophecy yet to be fulfilled. the scholar and the divine. helped to open more widely the find a mass of authentic volume of inspiration. before the catastrophe which put an end to their political existence. and the humblest citizen will suspend his labor that he may listen. In almost every part of Europe. Like their forefathers. growth of but few years. enthusiastic and daring spirits went forth as pioneers. for more than the last three-quarters of a century. by evidencing the literal and exact fulfilment of prophecy in its minutest particulars. form and order. Artists love to portray its venerable scenes. the sons of Israel are distinguished professors of Philosophy. Astronomy and Jurisprudence. information placed on record. in their way. an unprecedented interest felt and manifested in all that relates The most intellectual and gifted to the Holy Land. We . genius and learning. Letters. an infidel but all have. and all men gaze on them with wonder and delight. are never weary of inquiring. And here we may ask. the descendants of Abraham. which. the poet and the philosopher. Time was when only a few bold. the subjects of most kingdoms. for the sake of pushing their inquiries to the utmost. have again borne arms with honor. braving danger and enduring privation. Moreover. It is a remarkable feature of the present time that there should be almost an universal. those who possess the means the Jew and the Gentile. not of riches only. deeply growing interest being manifested in the Holy Land. 83 Fresh vigor displays itself among the Jews in every department of the arts and sciences. Throughout Europe. serves to defend the ground on which we are to stand.

I in the movements of these traceable think. and other wondrous cities of antiquity. it was the habitation of a royal priesthood. " The germ. nor the triumph of Mahometan imposture. second coming of the kingdom of Messiah. I do not here venture any opinions as to the mode or circumstances of either. mainly to two august events point? Those are the involving many subordinate ones. . and the Final Eestoration of Israel to their land and polity. and Thebes. prepared for their And of all terrestrial localities. but I only direct attention to them as events divinely announced. . nor the varied changes of her masters. before the mystic city of emperors and popes.84 ANGLO-JSRAEL. of that preparation is. FINAL EESTORATION AT HAND. and. so to speak. to be expected and. it still continues the Holy City The arms of of Jews. But neither the ploughing up of her foundations. position and prospects of the Jews will be extensively recognized. The light of the Gospel has dispelled the halo with which ignorance and superstition had encircled the residence of Christ's pretended vicar.700 years. nor the corruption of Christianity. and Babylon. and Christians. therefore. Jerusalem is that which has engaged the most general. moreover. To what does the great bulk of unfulfilled prophecy answer. easily and I am inclined to believe that it will latter days not be long. has made any change in the reverence with which Jerusalem is still regarded by the Children of the Prophets. and now. purpose. final restoration. the believer in the Koran. and the most sacred regards and One thousand two hundred years affections of men. the most permanent. after the lapse of 3. and the way (God's way). very long. nor the scattering of her people. the advocate of the Papacy. Mahometans. men and the power of time have utterly extinguished the glories of Tyre. ere the Scriptural. and the Champion of the Eeformation. events which I deem to be positively connected with each other in the Divine We .

During the dispensation of the Law there (in Jerusalem). A WONDROUS CITY. nor its destinies yet fulfilled. But its wonders are not yet finished. The reason 85 is that God Himself has invested the Hill of Zion with circumstances of eternal interest.suffering mer&y of His character. tural warrant for believing that . Nor is it a mere accident that a son of Abraham should be the Prime Minister of Great Britain the greatest empire in the world who has a great deal to say on the final settlement of the Eastern Question. and whose history is one of continued . to be the Mediator of a better covenant. or an Esther to the Persian capital. can weaken. THE EASTERN QUESTION. and no lapse of ages destroy. on the threshing-floor of Araunah. a Daniel to Babylon. " . and the redemption of mankind was accomplished. as a nation before the universe. the Son of God poured out His soul unto death. which Gad has appointed to be His witness. Every event. I would ask. . not then contemplate the history of a people aroimd whose destinies the light of inspiration has shed so sacred a halo. display of the sovereignty of God the unchangeableness of His love. has its bearing upon the destinies of that nation. can tell what results " the present complicated difficulties in the East of Europe ? It was no trivial or accidental train of events which brought a Joseph to Egypt. it is still to be the place where the most gracious purposes of God are to be developed where Israel is to be gathered the of the throne of David established the founglories tain-head where streams of blessedness are to flow to With what intense interest should we all nations. and the long. . political and religious. the plague was stayed there the house of David reigned there stood the' sanctuary of God and there. . nor chances of human history. may follow upon . the strength of His arm. Who then. There is Scrip.THE JEWS. which no changes.

there appears the startling statement that the Jewish popu' ' ' ' lation of the Holy Land has so steadily progressed of Jerusalem it outnumbers. in its. EXTKAORDINARY MOVEMENT OF THE JEWS. Without. rightful heritage of We do not know whether it has yet assumed sufficient political importance to occupy the attention and the speculation of statesmen. which the Lord has given to them for an everlasting possession is now generally admitted by all thoughtful students of (rod's ' r ' ' Word.000 Mahometans. provided they would negotiate a loan. and 5. entering here upon the question of prophetic declarations. and to hanker after the possession of what is so beautifully called in Scripture " Immanuel's Land. the Christian and Mahometan population taken together. which was in itself very improbable. that at ' ' . The city contains 13.86 ANGLO-ISRAEL. at the present.' and which is consequently the Immanuel's chosen people.' Another competent and reliable authority states that the last four or five years have witnessed a return of the Jews late years. however. which appear to indicate that the Jews themselves are beginning to turn their eyes toward the land of their inheritance.' ration that suffices to stamp such a plan or scheme improbable or impracticable.' This statement is proved by figures. eagerness to improve its financial resources.500 Jews. WILL THE HOLY LAND BE SOLD " ? Not very long ago there was a rumor. I would give you a few plain facts. a new periodical published in London.' in modern times. but it is apparently an incontrovertible fact that there are now more Jews in the Holy Land than there have been at any other period In an article in Israel's Watchman. The Scriptural declathe land should not be sold forever. that the Porte.000 Christians of all denominations. was willing to sell its hereditary Pashalic of the Holy Land to any candidate selected by the Jewish people. England. 7. But the eventual return of the Jew s to their own land or polity.

Neil) states the important fact that the Jews are at this moment in considerably greater numbers in the Holy Land than in any other civilized nation. as well as the other foreigners if we may them such. The Hebrew population of Jerusalem is now probably double what it was some ten years ago. that the set time for restoring Israel may not be very far distant. giving the subjects of foreign powers the right to purchase landed property. This indicates. Jews. but they know that there are also farming land in villages. in what is really their own soil and they are availing themselves of this privilege to an unprecedented extent. Mr. " Permit me here to notice briefly some of the causes which seem to account for this fact. that the Jews are returning bers to the land of their fathers and. whatever be the cause of in considerable numit. the Jews are not only building more than they have hitherto done in the vicinity of the towns. this return must ere long . In that year a law was passed. The fact appears to be indisputable. even with* out going any further or deeper. is that until centuries past.THE JEWS. 87 to Palestine from all parts. but more especially from liussia. in which young students are instructed in agriculture. ' " CAUSES TENDING TO THE EESTOEATION. no one but a Turkish subject could purchase and hold land. All travellers agree in procall . A change was effected in 1867. We Land is being bought up by Jews.' The same writer (Eev. if it continues to progress at the same rate as it has done during the last few years. The first reason to "'Which we would attach more importance than to any other is a change in the laws regarding The several witnesses agree that the tenure of land. and they are in possession of more land now than at any period for The reason of this. recently. which has been altogether unprecedented. certainly. assume PEOPOETIONS OF POLITICAL IMPOKTANCE. is at Jaffa a model farm belonging to Jews.

by the rivers. 1 . . play an active part in the latter history of the world.88 ANGLO-ISRAEL. and will bring them to their own land. is one which ought to be carefully noted for it may be the commencement of that happy time of which the prophets speak. when the Lord will bring them out from the people. identified. and favor the dust thereof. and all the inhabited places of the country. nouncing the soil still marvellously fertile and it only requires useful cultivation to regain.' Whether the present increase of Jews in the Holy Land is an earnest of their speedy return but whether as a nation. is being exhumed.' Another cause which we will mention is the increasing . Question will materially depend upon them. and gather them from the countries. it will speedily develop and literally blossom as the rose. for servants take pleasure in her stones. the ancient city. and the true solution of the Eastern ment. prophecy seems now to be in course of literal fulfil' ' Thou shalt arise. with the blessing of God. and feed them upon the mountains of Israel. Jerusalem itself. while their American brethren are prosecuting their researches to the Places well known in Old Testament story are east. the fact that they are beginning to cluster in their own still loved land. in the hands of its rightful owners. being as the light of scientific research is poured upon them. which was the pride The gracious of the whole earth. His ancient people will.' . the future alone can reveal their fuller return be imminent. England and America are engaged hand-in-hand in a scientific and The zealous officers of accurate survey of the soil. The Palestine Exploration Fund are busy with their labors to the west of the Jordan. ' CIVILIZATION OF PALESTINE. and have mercy on Zion. we are persuaded. ' Thy . all its ancient fertility so that. Meanwhile. " That country is becoming more and more open every day to the eye of the world. One by one they stand out in relief. or whether God will be pleased to delay it longer.

in speaking of Jerusalem. and at the conclusion is a ' ' resumed his seat amid loud applause. is queen of the desert. and blessed in the recollections of the past. ' : ' name of retains in it some mystery. .' invested with sacred splendor. " PALESTINE AND SYRIA.' Lamartine.000 years. where rose in beauty and strength the temple of God. nor to be less blessed in the glories of the future.' We may wander amid the rivers of classic lands. Palestine and Syria as " a field for emigration may at first sound seem strange to many. speaks in the following If I should live 1. the the cloven rocks. compared with which the splendor of the. with all the lovely sensations and powerful emotions of scenery but with far different sentiments stirring our hearts and swelling our bosoms do we stand on the heights of Zioii. .' For upwards of an hour and a half his Lordship held the audience in rapt attention. but a writer in an English daily paper contends that each of these countries presents a first-class region for emigrants. and where the splendor of Shechinah revealed to human views the It is a land honored glories of a present Divinity. light to lighten the Gentiles. protegy and the hanging domes attest their and the desert seems still stricken dumb with horror. each The accents of some prophecy. " In conclusion. Chateaubriand. when He. waste rivers. who . who has given a most eloquent picture in his history of Palestine. and which seems still inspired with the majesty of Jehovah. shall also be the glory of His people Israel. 89 A GLORIOUS LAND WITH A GLORIOUS FUTURE. every cavern speaks reverberates rocky height futurity. as though it did not yet dare to break the silence which was filled when the voice of the Eternal had been hejce. Jerusalem Every local says. mightiest monarchies and republics of antiquity wax faint and dim. let ine say that Judah is a land of * holy memories. I can language of it never forget the desert when Jerusalem first appeared.THE JEWS.

There is something stirring to the imagination in the associations connected with the settlement of Englishmen in Palestine. Syria was accounted the granary of the world. and have already effected improvements in the appearance and The excellency cultivation of their tract of country.90 ANGLO-ISRAEL. was cera land of " corn and wine" tainly a fruitful region " the "glory of all lands and it still abounds. and that if the Marquis of Salisbury or the Duke of Sutherland would obtain a grant of land from the Sultan. Nor is precedent wanting for European settlement. olives and vines. "I have travelled Palestine in all directions. It would certainly be curious and interesting to find the Holy Land largely colonized by Englishmen. Its has escaped history is full of interest to part These colonists retain unchanged the all travellers. Scarcely an important me. dress and manners of their fatherland. and were attention given to its development an enormous trade could be carried on in that staple only. and the liberal funds placed at their disposal. when he says. while in Syria cultivated. and a few wretched hamlets the sole representatives of numerous and thriving cities. in old time. Under the Romans. thousands of sturdy Anglo-Saxons would at once respond to the call. The labors of the Exploration Committee. properly there are the finest valleys in the world. Palestine. Within the last few years a German agricultural colony has been established near Jaffa. between mountains whose sides are proper for the cultivation of But fertile regions which tobacco. Kenan's expressive observation. Immense armies and numerous residents derived ample support from its corn fields and pastures. Nor can we doubt that those who should settle in the country as colonists would realize strikingly the force of M. show that the interest taken in this remarkable and celebrated land can never lose its vitality. of Sharon in the vicinity of this settlement is often . where with its old fertility. might support immense populations are almost a solitude. Its wheat is still celebrated in the East.

or made into wine. working-men can live cheaply. cities would present excellent in- for capitalists. . whose neat and tasteful appearance is a great contrast to the Arab dwellings. Beirut. olives where the A . " home of our fathers. Thou beautiful land of the cedar and vine. spies cut down the cluster of still seems to show its old great grapes and of the soil.THE JEWS. The British protectorate of Asia Minor has greatly increased the security of life and property. he found the hills covered with figs. Sidon.. There are two seasons the rainy and the dry answering to the English winter and summer. the building of modern houses in . Sheep and cattle are abundant. Where Horeb's proud form lifts its crest to the And Tabor and Nebo her monuments stand. The Germans have already many beautiful stone cottages. fertility traveller says. House If English emigration set in in any rent is moderate. transfer before a magistrate. Jerusalem. set forth in the 91 The famous valley of Scriptures. dear home of the East. recent attest the glories." THE HOSANNAH. vestments erected Damascus and other Jaffa. Everywhere you go through Palestine you see tokens. pomegranates. and admit of almost unlimited increase. Haifa Acca. u Capital can readily obtain remunerative investment lands are cheap. Smyrna. while the extent and luxuriance of the vineyards were striking.. Ever bearing their witness to time That the impress of Deity glows as it flies. of former prosperity and populousness. in the land. The grapes are either eaten fresh. or dried into raisins. grape honey. And nature responds to the spirit divine. Israelitish Eshcol. too. skies. Every kind of fruit abounds. Ten or twelve days' from will journey Liverpool put the emigrant at his destination. peaches and apricots. Where the pom'granate blossoms to garnish the feast. considerable degree. and flowers grow in the open air all the year. and easily acquired by simple boiled down into as .

air. And The foot of the stranger oppresses the soil. And the sheen of her diadem circles his brow. and towers. desolate shore. But the billows that beat on her And the Prince of our people in splendor shall rise. and strength." . shall the of the earth unite in the lofty strain of thanksgiving and praise to Him that sitteth upon the throne and unto the Lamb and Europe and Asia. but the shadow of glory remains. And again the glad sound of rejoicing shall pour.<J2 ANGLO-ISRAEL. and riches. And naught. power. As the dew on thy mountains so blessings were spread. gathered in and their Gentile brethren in all nations lands. . and glory. temple. and Africa and America. And the strains of her anthems shall float in the Mid the . . and earth and heaven. and blessing to Him for ever and ever. and wisdom. and honor. on earth peace and goodwill toward men. angels and men. plenty and peace ever watered thy plains But the soul of thy beauty for ages has tied. Thy mountains and valleys are desolate now Our Canaan is left to the heathen a spoil. shall ascribe . and palaces fair And Zion once more shall exult in her pride." Then from all Jew and the Israelite. Shall bear on their bosoms their children from far. and all " creation shall join in one loud refrain of Glory to God in the highest. Like the trumpet that sounds the alarm of war. and all the Islands of the Seas.

found to be the intelligent and reasonable.H v. 8. . and see there is no escape." to- and none can deliver. turn their backs upon them. if he go through. "His glory is like the firstling of his bullock. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL cases. -very " What are called wild theories are. in many Students at first laugh at them. both treadeth down. xxxiii.SECOND LECTURE. DEUT. ANGLO-ISRAEL. " "And the remnant ofJacob shall be among the Gentiles in the midst of many people as a Lion among the Jlocks of sheep: who. MAX MULLEH SAYS. and his horns are like the horns of Unicorns : with them he shall push the people together the ends of the earth. 17- . when they are hemmed in by facts on every side. and tearetli in " pieces. tainT theories. and try every possible exit to escape from them . MICA. OR. but at last. and after a time the inevitable is generally PROF. they tamely submit to the inevitable.


Some say our North American Indians are the people we are looking for.SECOND LECTURE. while we cheerfully acknowledge the undoubted ability of those writers. The Rev." says they are in the region of the HERE Caspian Sea. because they all fail to harmonize with the word of the Lord in reference to His banished ones. and some of their theories are very plausible. others say the Karens of India. Samuels. we cannot accept their 'Conclusions. Grant was of the opinion that the Nestorians . Dixon say the Mexicans and the Peruvians without doubt the ten tribes of Israel. J.greater part of the ten tribes are still to be found in the countries to which they were led captive. Mrs. . Now. Dr. Claudius Buchanan was satisfied that the .are the lost ones. Eev. written between 1831 and 1834. Joseph Wolf. Dr. says they are in China. or the Gipsies of Southern Europe. in his journals.are . ANGLO-ISEAEL. in a work entitled The Remnant Found. are several theories on record as to the locality where we may most reasonatjly look for the lost tribes of Israel. Sir William Jones says the Afghans have a superior claim.

under the government of sixteen judges and of three kings Saul. out of their own land to Assyria unto this day. . or the kingdom of Israel. They were driven into captivity 133 yearsbefore the captivity of Judah. had alsonineteen kings. with their brethren.. 29. iii. and formed a new kingdom under Jeroboam. according to the word of the Lord. After the death of Solomon the ten tribes revolted. David. In the Sacred Scriptures (2 Kings xv." TWO NATIONS.96 ANGLO-ISRAEL. and existed as a nation during a of 387 years. The severance was We complete. i. we are informed how Tigand 6. The ten tribes. lath-pileser and Shalmanezer took them captives and carried them away to Halah. The two-tribed kingdom of Judah is not the ten-tribec! . and were known as the kingdom of Judah and the kingdom of Israel. they were " to be known in all lands by the shew of their countenance. each entirely distinct from the other. 26). cities of the Medes. known as "the lost tribes. Habor. by their expression. when they were taken captive and period carried away to Babylon.." we see them in Sacred history.In our inquiries after the ten tribes of Israel. Hara. and Solomon. where they remained for seventy years. in 1 Chron. 9). were never to be lost sight of. After this revolt there were two kingdoms separated the one from the other. Those Jews. their harps upon the willows. THE LOST TRIBES. and they existed as a nation for 274 years. their songs hushed to silence. Judah was governed by nineteen The kingdom and one kings queen. It must be remembered that these kingdoms had a separate history.e. and they have never returned. v. repudiate all theories that are antagonistic to the glorious promises of God to Israel." (Isa. and xvii. and to" So Israel was carried Gozan. of THE JEWS.

My way is hid from the Lord.'. are. of course. " I will no more have mercy upon the house of Israel In Hos. their land. servants by another name. 27.' (or lose). an Israelite. of taken off from a tree has an existence of the stock from which it was taken. but all Britons are not often find such terms as " the whole Scotchmen. xl. " I will scatter them into 26. "And thou shalt be called by a new name which the mouth of the Lord " The Lord shall call his shall name. and My judgment is passed over from my G-od. Israel. He was not any more to speak to them in the Hebrew tongue . 7. "The Lord hideth his face from the house of Jacob." . Isa." Isa." " For a small moment Isa. I will make the remembrance of them to cease from among men. but "by another tongue will I speak unto this people." Isa. xxxii. nor are they known as such." the Lord says." They shall no more be called Israel. liv. 17. "And ye shall leave. corners. Ixv. i. viii. . have I forsaken thee but with great mercies will I gather thee. . 4." and " all Israel applied to them. 97 kingdom of Israel. THE LOST TRIBES. their language. your name. Every Jew is. We ISRAEL LOST of God clearly intimates that Israel would lose their identity. . 15. independent The ten tribes are not addressed as Jews. their religion and their name. and. of course. "Why and Jacob Israel sayest thou. as a slip The Jews are one people the The Jews." Isa. The term Israelite is a general term. xxviii. He will call them The Word by another name.OR. and the Lord shall call his servants by another name. including the whole Hebrew race. THE SAXON RACE. In a little wrath I hid my face from thee for a moment but with everlasting kindness will I have mercy upon ' ! ! . Ixii. " I will cause to cease the kingdom of the house of Israel. that they would be lost to themselves. Ixv. 15. 11. 2." Isa. and to other nations lost.. speakest. thee. but all Israelites are not Jews. Deut. lost tribes are another. " house of Israel." Isa. All Scotchmen are Britons. 7.

the Lord' shall send. Jews. " She went Jer. " Israel is to be called Lo-ammi. lo. Israel among all nations." up now shall they be Therefore." have mercy upon the house of Judah. : . 36. saith the Lord. " among the i. " The Lord shall bring thee : they shall be hidden from " For they are gone up to My (Israel). 3. and in want of all things . 17. thou hast gone a whoring from thy God." " Israel. against thee. and her treacherous sister Judah saw it. I will and I will sift the house of command. xiii. ii. xxviii." Amos ix. God will cast them away. " But I will but I will utterly take them away. and they shall be wanderers " Therefore among the nations. gentiles as a vessel wherein is no pleasure. yea. 2. I will hedge up thy thorns. 12. 6. as the chaff that is driven with the whirlwind out of the floor.. 48 kiah's day. like as corn is sifted in a sieve. and the Lord had given her a bill of divorcement. a wild ass alone by himself." view. and in thirst." This was all realized by Israel in ZedeIt never did happen to the. and had sought many lovers. " Therefore shalt thou serve thine enemies which ver. ! shall wander from sea to sea. and in nakedness. xxxiv. 9. that she shall not " Israel is swallowed Hosea viii. 8. in hunger. " Woe be to the shepherds of Israel My sheep wandered through all the mountains. 1." In Deut. yet shall not the least grain fall upon the earth. my flock became a prey. For." The house of Israel is here compared to a wife that had proved unfaithful to her husband. iii.." Amos viii. and she returned not.." Hos. .." Hos. for joy. i. away from me. my flock was scattered upon all the face of the earth. . and as the smoke out of the chimney. behold. or put out of sight. for ye are not my people and I will not be your God. Hosea ix. wood and stone.e." Ezek." "They " Hos. and thy king which thou shalt set over thee unto a nation which neither thou nor thy fathers have known and there shalt thou serve other gods. Assyria. as other people for Bejoice not. they shall be as the morning cloud.98 ANGLO-ISRAEL. and make a wall. 6. and as the early dew that passeth away. way with : find her paths. 9.

. and their hope the result will be a revival of religion among the dry This may be thought very ingenious. Not by any means." " I will bring you into the wilderness of the people. and gone forever. he would be saved from such deceitful handling of the word. these bones are the whole house of Israel. page 566. vii. they were cut off from their parts. In Ezekiel xxxvii. " And I will cast Jer. No certainly not." Not Gentiles." " Ye shall find grace in the wilderness. And that house is represented as dead. by any means. and the Lord promises to open their graves. buried. a miserable perversion of the truth of God. and to ." Lost. from the two tribes." " Ye shall sleep in the woods. Smith in his Old Testament History. to the law :and the testimony. Like the bubble on the fountain They are gone. lost." Dr." " Ye shall dwell safely in the wilderness." Here is a true photograph of Israel under the Assyrian yoke." . There is room for many of them in those families who could not prove their pedigree. as I have cast out all your brethren. If the expounder would read the context. " Like the dew upon the mountain. a distinct people. even the whole seed of Ephraim. until He have destroyed thee. that the duty of the Church is to preach and pray for the breath from heaven. and sinners in general. See the llth ver. but it is bones. None of the tribes appear as such among the returned tribes. you out of My sight. Like the foam upon the river. I am aware that some of our expositors say the dry bones are the Gentile people. and they were said to be very dry." " I will plant you in the wilderness. cut off. THE LOST TRIBES. 99 and He shall put a yoke of iron upon thy neck. ! was lost. 15. THE SAXON RACE. " Son of Man. Israel is presented to us as a valley full of bones.OR. " The ten tribes never returned to their land as says..

My sheep hear My voice. because ye are not of My sheep" (John x. and have noted specially what God has said to those people and of them. Afterward shall the children of Israel return." says V (iii. out of sight. and many days without a sacrifice. Israel was His scattered flock and He went to seek them out as He promised. and the Jews saw it. Jesus persons saw it. circumstances. TWO Some fail CLASSES. that you will be able to see the distinction made in the Scripture between the two houses of Judah and Israel. hidden. out of remembrance. " Ye believe not. and He tells them so." It is only when you have cleared away the rubbish of preconceived notions gleaned from book-makers and professed historians. He draws a very broad line of distinction between them and the Jews. bringing oift the distinction very clearly. scattered. What can all this mean? Who can read those passages and study their obvious meaning. And then. and told the Jews so plainly of the true relation. having drawn the distinction so clearly. 28). their relation. This distinction is very remarkable. to see any distinction here . "They took up stones again to stone Him. them to come up out of their graves. 5). hence the stones. to save them r and employ them and commission them to reform and . and the difficulties and apparent contradictions make the whole subject distasteful. and without teraphim. and not see in them that the ten tribes were to be lost. He " said. language and name changed ? As to their religion. and without an image. and if we fail to observe it. To the Jews. and to them into their own land. we confuse the various prophecies relating to them. It was Christ's grand mission to redeem Israel. iff . He said." Then. and seek the Lord their God r and David their king and shall fear the Lord and His goodness in the latter days. \ 4.100 cause bring ANGLO-ISRAEL. and without an ephod. and I know them and they follow Me. and without a prince. where he "For the children of Israel shall abide without a king. Hosea is very minute.

Parthians and Medes. and the men of Israel.." and then ver. and it was all important that they should carry home the wondrous tidings of a world's Redeemer. He had both Jews and Israel" Ye men of Judea ites in that audience. Pentecost. His mission was to the Jews. mocketc. upon whom the promised spirit had come.) 8. THE LOST If TRIBES. and used ugly words. too. represented here. for after 1. THE SAXON RACE. (Jews) be this known unto you." Jesus had well instructed His followers in the loss the Jews would sustain." As to Israel returning with the Jews after the . saw the' distinction. " Therefore let all the house etc. hands. whom ye (Jews) have crucified. and the picture He then drew of them holds good to this day (Matthew xv. of Israel know assuredly that God hath made that same Jesus. Jesus of Nazareth ye (Jews) have taken and by wicked These were the unbelieving Jews. Acts ii." Peter. This important message was sent to Israel " Let all the by one who well knew where they were. this house of Israel know. : " This eth me " with their But commandments people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth. 14. was a signal failure. to Israel. Judah and Israel. "Ye men of Israel. teaching for doctrines the of men. lips . calling ing. we are told." Who can avoid seeing the two houses.. Benjamites. "Lord wilt Thou at this time restore again the kingdom ." hard and names. and in the honor and blessing Israel would receive.OR. 22. were not the same as those " who speak with new tongues.." They all listened to him (Peter) until he came to the grand appeal to the Israelites. " to be a were who light given. both Lord and Christ. 34). 101 it save the world. but their heart in vain they do worship me.800 years have passed they still hold to the law of Moses. xi. representative men. hear these words.. and to them he said. the people that mocked. and his address at the Pentecost shows it." The Medes and other nations were represented at . and they came to Him and asked Him. and hoiioris far from me. always in Jerusalem (1 Kings.

as the sands is to be a vast muli. they shall also make gardens and eat the fruit of them.. "In those days the house of Judah shall walk with the house of Israel.) at most. and from Pathros. and they shall plant vineyards. and from Gush. There is not one word said of a third return (Isaiah xlix. saith the Lord thy God. when the whole twelve tribes were brought into the promised land. the time comes for the second return the ix. and from Hamath> and from the islands of the sea. 10).) : Lord says (Amos " my people of Israel. When Israel returns the second time.102 ANGLO-ISRAEL. and from Elam. decree by Cyrus. and stars for number (Hos. and drink the wine thereof .nd from Egypt. which shall be left. "And it shall come to : Here a second return is spoken of. : must do violence to our common sense." his assumption (Isaiah xi.) . and they shall come together out of the north to the land that I have given for an inheritance unto your fathers. and from Shinar." and they shall build the And I will bring again the captivity of The Jews were " pulled up " out of their land and have been away from it for 1. and from the isles of the west. " And I will plant them upon their land. that the Lord shall set hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people. a. We When 14. there is to be a grand union with Judah (Jeremiah iii. The second return is..) 11. no greater wrong can be done to numerous portions of the Scriptures. and they shall no morebe pulled up out of their land which I have' given them. There was one return from Egypt. then "Ephraim shall not envy Judah and Judah shall not vex Ephraim. waste cities." 12." 13. yet in the future when that time comes they are to come from the east and from the west. only a few thousands." . than such an pass in that day. these from the north and from the west and these from the land of Sinim. lo. Before the second return Israel titude. from Assyria. if we take these promises as referring to the return of the Jews from Babylon. : The Jews were. and inhabit them .800 years. It is to be a united return. : "Behold these shall come from far: and.

.) 10. 103 When the Jews returned they were at enmity with each other. 15). Israel returns. " the isles will wait for him. the Lord will make an evercovenant of peace with them (Ezekiel xxxvii. lasting new covenant was not When 26). THE SAXON RACE. they are to be associated as one of three great powers united in an international policy having a pure form of worship. and since. 11). " at the first (Ezekiel xxxvi. Israel returns. they are to come home a repeople. 9). Jews. it was a covenant of war. they will find a new experia new way of telling it (Jeremiah xvi. and come to Zion : finally scattered. " And the ransomed of the Lord shall return. the second time. With the Jews When ." turned. This could not be said of the Jews ships were very scarce about Babylon. and the ships of Tarshish " will bring them (Isaiah Ix. so with the Jews. all The Jews were pulled down by around them. isles and When Israel returns. and they have never " When Israel at the first The Jews were much impoverished when they reowned a country since. THE LOST TRIBES." When When deemed the It The Jews have wept and mourned ever There was no such blessing for the ence. 13). He the second time. The return of Israel to their with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads: they shall obtain joy and gladness and sighing shall flee away. under the gospel. 14. Israel returns. and vexed one another. " They shall sing in the height " of Zion and (Isaiah xxxv. and have immense wealth. the Gentiles When " Israel returns That would do better for said. or (Isaiah liv. saved of the Lord. . They " (Jeremiah xxxiii. When Israel returns. are to be built up as returns. the Lord them than He did With the Jews were it was worse and worse. until they own land is to be an end of their sorrows. 7). " They shall possess their possessions (Obadiah 17). Israel returns.OR.

and I will not cause mine anger to fall upon you for I am merciful. many nations shall be joined unto them. "Go and proclaim these words toward the north. and had possession only of a small part of the land. and nations shall be born in a day (Zech. and I will not keep anger for ever. which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding. ii. a territory. and say. alone. When the Jews returned it was not so. that thou hast transgressed against the Lord thy God. 23). When Israel returns. Israel). is and she to be united with Egypt and Assyria (Isaiah xix. they are to be a blessing to all the surrounding nations. It was not so with the Jews. Egypt is to be smitten and healed. they are to come " one of a city and two of a iii. and I will bring you to Zion. : : a message to 12. saith the Lord. for I am married unto you and I will take you one And I of a city. about twice and a half as large as Great Britain The Jews came home When When and Ireland together.000 square miles of promised land. THE NORTH AND WEST. and hast scattered thy ways to the strangers under every green tree. they shall possess the whole land. the land shall be allotted to them on a different plan." i. Israel returns. representatively (Jere- miah It 14). and two of a family. Israel returns. Return. saith the Lord . saith the Lord .104 ANGLO-ISRAEL. When 11). When Israel returns. backsliding children. ' . Only acknowledge thine iniquity. and ye have not obeyed my voice. When on a former occasion God sent them. and the tribes differently located (Ezekiel xlviii).. The Jews could not be said to be a blessing in any national sense. 300.e. (See Dr. tribe. Israel returns. was not so with the Jews. thou backsliding Israel. Turn. saith the Lord. He said to Jeremiah iii. Keith's Land of The Jews after their return were never independent of foreign control. : will give you pastors according to mine heart.

The Lord liveth. In his days Judah shall be saved. word to express north-west. 7. 105 " And they shall come out of the land of the north to the land that I have given for an inheritance to your fathers. whereby he shall be called. and a King shall reign and prosper." Jeremiah xxxi. that brought up the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt. (Yarish) west." The vulgate has it Austral! Zech.) Behold." " So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west. far from the north and these and from the lo. THE SAXON RACE. The Lord liveth. " Hebrew there is no north-east. 5. " 10.) 14. the days come." : xxiii. that old one is worn nearly threadbare (xvi. and sea-coasts. But. " Behold I will save my people from the east country. But. the Lord liveth which brought up and which led the seed of the house of Israel out of the north country. saith the Lord. and from the west country." It is very evident that when they are to return to their own land they are to come from the north and In the west. Behold I will bring them from the north country and gather them from the coasts of the earth. that they shall no more say. and Israel shall dwell safely: and this is his name RIGHTEOUSNESS. THE LOST TRIBES. xi. and from the islands. and from all the lands " whither he had driven them and I will bring them again into their land that I gave unto their fathers. via. 8." Isaiah xliii." The " margin reads. behold.OR. The prophet Jeremiah also tells us of a new experience which Israel would love to tell after their return. and shall execute judgment and justice to the earth. They shall tremble from the west. that brought up the children of Israel from the land of the north." " Behold these shall come from Isaiah xlix. It would greatly help many of us to get a new experience. or NEW EXPERIENCE. the days come. and these from4he land of Sinim. that it shall no more be said. behold the days come. the Lord liveth. "I will bring thy seed from the east and gather them from the west. that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch. which brought up the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt. . : Therefore." Hosea. (And " : THE LORD OUR . saith the Lord. saith the Lord. and 5. Therefore. From the going down of the sun. 12.

where history leaves them.106 from all ANGLO-ISRAEL. And we believe that a careful study of the Word of God spoken to them. we place a few of the prophecies in contrast. 9). diversified form. own countries whither I had driven land. 6. and of them. It will be seen that the predicted destinies are separate and distinct. to be known as a byword and areproach.8). Assyrians. history of Judah is well known up to the present day that of Israel is only certainly known up to the time of their captivity by the. . and then. in two places. Israel was to be a multitudinous people (Hosea. CONTRAST. we have the same thing in a. 1. The Jews were xv. Israel was to wander for many years. But. Israel was The Jews were i. To make clear the strong and striking difference between the two houses. 7)." them . to be unknown in name (Isaiah Ixv. only selecting the most obvious and indisputable passages. The return from the north and west was to be on such a magnificent scale that it would quite exceed in glory the wondrous deliverance wrought out for our fathers when they left the land of Egypt. and they shall dwell in their Here. Bear in mind the distinction. 12. a taunt and a curse (Jeremiah xxiv. to find 'an island home in the western seas (Isaiah xlix. some slight variations. 7). broad and clear. 10). 7). Micah iv. will enable us to trace this lost house of Israel The : with great clearness. Israel to be bereft of children (Jeremiah was to be a powerful nation (Isaiah xli. TWO HOUSES. 15). The Jews were to be without might (Jeremiah xix. and with very great certainty. prophecy finds them. 720 years before Christ. between the ten-tribed and the two-tribed kingdoms.

18). . 4). Israel (2 taken by Nebuchadnezzar were all taken. THE SAXON RACE. The Jews were to retain their old name and their identity. 13). The Jews were to remain under the old covenant. Israel was to be driven out from their own laud. to be used for the conversion of the world. until the fulness of the Gentiles. 13. 22). until their union with Israel. and to become the sons of God. and then. and that monarchy of David's line (Jeremiah xxxiii. " all Israel was to be a Christian people. but known (Hosea i. not one of them were Kings xvii. and their acceptance of Jesus as their Messiah (Zechariah ix. 107 The Jews were to be strangers in all lands (Jeremiah xv. Israel was to have the kingdom. or to have a king. and found. sown among the nations. 7). Judah was (Bzekiel to be scattered xii. The poorer miah xl. 6). was to come the one seed. and a perpetual monarchy. unknown and unrecognized and dispersed. Of Judah. THE LOST TRIBES. Israel law. The Jews were never to bo a nation. and x. class among the Jews were left (Jere- Israel was to be lost. and Tiglath-pileto left The Jews were Babylon. 21. Christ. or the Jews. lost to view. The Jews were to remain separated from all nations.OR. taught of " God (Isaiah liv. and a national existence.). Israel was to lose their old name. 15). Israel was taken by Shalmaneser ser to the cities of the Medes. and to be called was divorced from the law. to be sought out. The Jews were to remain under the by another name. Of Israel was to come the multitudinous seed when the fulness of the Gentiles was come. destined to persecution and reproach.

and ii. 17). " to be a trembling and faint-hearted My servant (Israel) shall eat. Israel was to be punished for a short time. to be carried captive for seventy years. to be removed to all kingdoms for their hurt (Jeremiah xxiv. 9). 21). 27). then restored to their land and given another opportunity and trial. Eomans ix. . a largo number of the Jews did return after the decree of times called " backsliding Israel is five Cyrus. to be scattered . xvii. but ye (Jews) shall be ashamed My servants shall sing hungry : : : for joy of heart. a taunt.). but the Lord was to be a little sanctuary to them in all countries where they Israel was oame (Ezekiel xi. 16). and a curse (Jeremiah xxiv. the seed of God (Hosea i. 1 Peter ii. The Jews were people.108 ANGLO-ISRAEL. Israel was to be the chief among the nations (Isaiah The territory liv. and called Jezreel. but ye (Jews) shall be My servant (Israel) shall drink. Judah was to be a reproach. land. but ye shall cry for sorrow of heart " and shall howl for vexation of spirit (Isaiah Ixv. And cast out of their land. and made a great people. Judah was also Isaiah xli. 13). the Gospel was sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. 9). but to be sought out in exile. <2 Kings The territory of the Jews remained vacant. Israel was to be in honor. Israel never returned to their own land. 7). and Judah was cast out of their. 15-17). a proverb. But after their rejection of the Messiah. Judah was {2 Chronicles xxxvi. because they knew not the time of their visitation 26 . 7). but ye (Jews) shall be thirsty My servant (Israel) shall rejoice. and taught the Gospel. 10 . Israel had left was colonized by a sent back to instruct them and teacher strangers. or occupied only by a few poor (Jeremiah xl. a little moment (Isaiah liv. . TWO KINGDOMS. and no weapon formed against them was to prosper (Isaiah Ixiv.

whatever typical meaning they may bear besides. and those places. crucifixion of Christ." It is evidence of our great weakness of faith in the promises of God. but they da grind." a No thoughtful student can carefully examine those numerous points of contrast. and Jerusalem and Egypt. 109 term not once applied to Judah. The judgments had not then overtaken the Thoseone. We ISRAEL AND BAAL. that they mean primarily those people.000 years. The mills of the gods grind slowly. The declarations of God against the Jews'that they should be dispersed. THE SAXON RACE. and not see that there is a most marked difference between the two. so many and so great are those promises that it is only as men undertake to spiritualize the prophecies that they can avoid the conclusion of the them.OR. much given to spiritualize passages of God's Word that would bear a literal meaning. How great the contrast. The second promise given to man was a promise of Christ's second coming. and it was not .. reproached. Israel. Israel had nothing to do with the rejection and The Jews put Him to death. The Divine Promiser was all the time preparing for its fulfilment. Judah is " treacherous four times called Judah. nor had Israel then been lost. that we look for a speedy fulfilment of them the first grand promise in the Bible is a promise of Christ's first coming. nor the blessings come upon the other. and the teachings of the Divine Word in reference toIsrael certainly is not Judah. were not to be fulfilled until after the death of Christ. " 4. scattered. The blessings promised to Israel are so great that it is perfectly useless to look for them among obscure tribes. kingdoms. fulfilled for . etc.. they must be sought for among the great nations of the earth. and Moab and Edom. THE LOST TRIBES." a term not once used to Israel. Judah was not then dispersed. have been too present greatness of lost Israel. I believe that when the prophets speak of Israel and Zion.

and the valley of Achor for a door of hope and she shall sing there. were spoken of at the same time. and lose all and they had acquired. behold. The blessings and the curses proceed from the same source. Those promised blessings to Israel could not be anticipated during Israel's stay in the Holy Land. They could not take effect until those tribes became united under the monarchy of the long promised seed royal. Hence we find the prophets comparing. for them. being the husband. They must wander many days and be lost pass through the wilderness of the people. . . and lose even themselves after they had been chastened with a Father's love and . . and Elisha. provided as a sacrifice for our sins.110 blessings ANGLO-ISRAEL. but shall not find t/tem : then shall she say. but she shall not overtake shall seek them. she shall follow after her lovers. ii. The great sin of the kingdom of Israel was forsaking the Lord Jehovah. must all follow the full accomplishment of the promise of the Lamb of God. that the predicted punishment has fallen upon the Jews and it is only reasonable to expect that the blessings are being enjoyed by the Israelites. All history assures us. and speak comfortably unto her. that she shall not find her paths. " And I will give her her vineyards from thence. and going after Baal. them and she derness. for then was it better with me than now. I will Therefore. tenderness. says Hos. and other faithful men of God. and belong to the same dispensation. Not all the power and influence of Elijah. behold. I will allure her. a place prepared Nor could those promises be expected during the " " many days of their wanderings. 'Therefore. -as He would bring them into He had promised them. " 6. of Israel is compared to a divorced the Lord Himself wife. and bring her into the wil" The kingdom And . with all the wondrous displays of divine goodness could keep that people Israel from worshipping Baal. and make a wall. and humbled among other nations. and as in the day when she came up out of the land of : Egypt. as in the days of her youth. hedge up thy way with thorns. They must first be punished for their idolatry and unfaithfulness to God. I will go and return to my first husband .

Ishi " and shalt me no more Baali. shall . (Jeremiah " The ii. and in mercies." sliding Israel hath done Hast thou seen that which backgone up upon every high mountain and under every green tree. : profit. "Wherefore I will yet plead with you.) 2. whereby backsliding Israel committed adultery I had put her away. and with your children's children will I plead. "And the Lord said unto me. and in lovingkindness. saith the Lord. that she defiled the land. so have ye dealt treacherously with me. thou art And . and the prophets prophesied by Baal. And her treacherous sister Judah saw it. and there hath played the harlot. Thus saith the Lord The house (Ezekiel xxxiv. and in judgment. " And I will betroth thee unto me for ever yea. My sheep wandered through the mountains. but went and . it shall be at that day." " of Israel is also compared to a flock of That sheep. thou art my people and they shall say. for all the causes played the harlot also. . : " Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves all and not the " flock. I will sow her unto me in the earth . my God. to pass through the lightness of her whoredom. saith the Lord. when not. " And But she returned I saw. that thou shalt me they For I will take away the names of Baalim out of her mouth. and walked after things that do not 8.) : priests said not. and committed adultery with stones and it "And " came with stocks. saith the Lord. T will betroth thee unto me in righteousness. but feignedly. Surely as a wife treacherously departeth from her husband. Ill call And .OR. " THE SAXON RACE THE LOST call TRIBES." Where is the Lord? and they that handle the law knew me not the pastors also transgressed against me. Turn thou unto 6. 1 she is . house of Israel. " I will even betroth thee unto me in faithfulness : and thou shalt know " the Lord. they had strayed from their own fold and from their own pastures. " And I said after she had done all these things. The backsliding Israel hath justified herself more than treacherous Judah. and given her a bill of divorce yet her treacherous sister Judah feared not. >unto And yet for all this her treacherous sister Judah hath not turned me with her whole heart. saith the Lord. and I will have mercy that had not obtained mercy and I will say to them which her upon were not my people. and upon every . (Jeremiah " and no more be remembered by their name.) : The Lord said also unto me.

"For thus saith the Lord God. all hill yea. " I will feed my flock. " I will feed them in a good pasture. driven away. my flock was scattered upon and none did search or seek after them. the day that he is among so will I seek out my sheep. he sent . even I. " I will seek that which was lost. and because there was a colony of them in Home. and bring again that which was. and I will cause them to lie down.. of the lost silver. Behold I. will both search my sheep. In Matthew xv. St. and the lost son. and in all the inhabited places of the country. Paul says. saith th& Lord God. and the lost sheep are to be sought.112 high : ANGLO-ISRAEL. The good Shepherd knew that His wandering ones. Jesus said* of Himself." Many of our Lord's most touching parables clearly : pointed out the lost Israel. though under His chastening rod. " God hath not This wandering cast off : His people whom He foreknew " (Ezekiel xxxiv. cloudy and dark day. and gather them from the countries. " Go not into the way of the Gentiles. The parables of the lost treasure. 24. and will his sheep that are scattered deliver them out of all places where they have been scattered in the . his lost Israel. and feed them upon the mountains of Israel by the rivers. and found^ and restored. and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. " And I will bring them out from the people. and there He sent His messages of love. The Lord says of them that they were in safe keeping. while the lost was in every case found amid great rejoicings. were off to the north and west." To His apostles He had said. tains of Israel shall their fold be and in a fat pasture shall they feed upon the mountains of Israel. point most clearly to His lost Israel. and seek them out. and upon the high mounthere shall they lie in a good fold. flock this divorced wife the of of Israel the the most is." : So the divorced wife is brought home. the lost sheep. however. " I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel." the face of the earth. kingdom object tender love of her husband's heart. Paul's apostolic tours were made among them. " As a shepherd seeketh out his flock in. and will bring them to their own land.) 11.

while divorced). German or Gothic. or Media). according to Strabo and Homer. his greetings. Lowland Scotch. were not Gentiles." " to the apostle James addressed his epistle tells us. which in times past (during the Lo-Amrni condition. "The first appearance of the Scythian tribes in Europe may be placed. and to the farthest off isles. for they were not yet dispersed." He adds. abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul. Germans. or Armenia. having your conversation honest among the Gentiles. to their Shepherd. as shown xv. that they might be saved. a royal priesthood. a peculiar people for God's own possession. Lombards. they were Israelites restored to J'avor." The Jews in Palestine could not be the persons here alluded to." chosen generation." on a " and journey (from Asia. Peter addressed his letters " to the pilgrims of the The New Version reads. " To the elect dispersion. as strangers." . Norwegians." . Germans. Belgians. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST " to TRIBES. 24). and to the love and confidence of their Husband they were pilgrims on their " way to Tarshish. Sharon Turner. were not a people.OR. Swedes. a holy nation. Paul to God The " That his heart's desire and prayer for Israel is. twelve tribes who are in their dispersion. Danes. about the eighth. says. Lord. which we have distinguished by the term Scythian." And further on. have all sprung from the great fountain of the human race. pilgrims. 113 all that be in Eome. which had not obtained mercy. "The AngloSaxons. the historian." These parties. <k Dearly beloved. but now have obtained mercy. and Franks. SHARON TURNER." He called them a sojourners of the dispersion. in the seventh century before Christ. I beseech you. nor were they Jews. beloved of the because 'there was a large colony of them in Spain. Paul plans his tour to go to Spain (Romans From Spain he went to Ireland. or. according to Herodotus. so addressed. Dutch. but are now the people of God.

and extended their territorial limits. Here they multiplied. James Mclntosh. "Tar" Tar" a borshish. (5) " By these (persons " were the islands of the Gentiles divided in named) their lands.) : round about. TARSHISH. at that time.114 ANGLO-ISRAEL." It was the custom in those early days to name the country after the person" who was the owner. scenes of their civil and of their progressive power. where the countries on the western coast of Europe are named Tarshish. or fringe The Eev. or bright round about." The fact here admitted is accounted for by another fact. or ruler. and to them no name more appropriate than " Tarshish. ness. for several centuries. says. every three years Tarshish bringing gold and silver." in Central Europe. I have now before me several ancient maps. 21. with the servants once came the ships of of Hiram. Tarshish. What der. unknown to Europe. shiny. In 2 Chronicles ix. curate. existence. "in the wilder- The populations of Europe. (See map." To Tarshish was given the west coast of Europe. they were. which is the name given to England from the whiteness of its cliffs on the southern coast." or the Isle of Tarshish. were in Asia. we are informed how King Solomon's " ships went to Tarshish. Upon one of those very ancient maps England is called Javan. were largely confined to the sea-coasts. 4). first " The Again. Tarshish was a name given to one of Noah's grand" sons (Genesis x. and " sliisli" bright. ivory and apes. and that country was so named. or chief. as they approached the island. namely. the land that is white. white means. as may be seen upon the ancient maps. he says. . Kittirn. Our people were on their way to their new home in the far west. at that time." when resolved into its elements name could so fully describe the appearance of England to persons coming northward to that island from the Bay of Biscay? The Phoenician traders must have first seen the white chalk cliffs. And the sons of Javan Elishah. .

19. to Tubal. the grand and glorious missionary . Ixvi. " Tarshish . iron. my glory among the Gentiles." : 22." and also." does not see in this passage the Divine will clearly indicated as to the country to which 'his Israel were to go and the glorious privileges they were to Who . " The and thou ships of Tarshish did sing of thee in thy market wast replenished." It is easy to Europe and the see how the ships of Solomon united in the import and export constantly going on in those waters. and also. speaking of Tyre. " For the king had at sea a navy of Tarshish with the navy of Hiram once in three years came the navy of Tarshish. neither have seen my glory. I find Tarshish again mentioned in a way which confirms this view of the subject. : And Ezekiel xxvii. that Tarshish. tin. It is also affirmed by Isaiah in this passage. In Isa. the great emporium of trade in Hiram's day. Pul." says fairs. they traded in thy : Dan also and Javau going to and fro occupied in thy fairs bright iron. and peacocks." " to the isles afar off. to the isles afar off'. it is clear that 'Tarshish lay at a distance from Palestine. : In reading those passages. become missionaries. cassia. ivory and apes. away to the north-western coast of " isles of the west. and calamus. the mind turns at once from ancient Tyre." : And in 1 Kings x." The remnant of Israel were sent to Tarshish and "to the isles of Tarshish. 12. that have not heard my fame. In this. and Javan. in the future. with silver. "And I will set a sign among them.. and that that distance was in the north-westerly direction. that draw the bow." . and that Tarshish was an extensive seacoast largely given to trade. that they were not worshippers of Jehovah at that time. -enjoy." were in the same direction. 115 and peacocks. neither have seen my glory and they shall declare my glory among the Gentiles. and made very glorious in the midst of the seas. and the "isles afar off. " was thy merchant by reason of the multitude of all and lead.kind of riches.OR. were in thy market. and Lud. and former passages given. "had not heard my fame. that they " to declare would. to Tarshish. and I will send those that escape of them unto the nations. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES.. bringing gold and silver.

They having been traders with Tyre and Zidon. work they were to perform among the Gentile nations." They could now go as a river. " It was revealed to them from the land of Chittim. In view of the overthrow of Tyre. that they are not Gentiles themselves. " The kings of Tarof the isles shall bring presents." none to hinder them. " Pass ye over to Tarshish." The message came to Javan and Dan (England and Ireland) across the straits of Dover. Isaiah wrote. in streams." ? commanded It is said in shish and to go to Tarshish. and the next verse is. oh ye ships of Tarshish. they were to lead the Gentiles to Christ. when that great commercial emporium was destroyed. were to be associated in commerce and in war. thou whom the merchants of Zidon r that pass over the sea. "that in the latter days Sheba and Dedan.116 ANGLO-ISRAEL. Tliey are Has He not made good His promise to them long ago glorious. 13. and the eastern trade cut off." He says. 1. have replenished." This implies. In Ezekiel xxxviii." and "the When the power of the Medo-Persian Empire was broken and all hindrances removed." The same people on those isles of Tarshish are exhorted to quietness and trust in the Lord. This was a cry of hard times. it is said. "the comely. Howl. daughter of Tarshish." Those young lions will aid us in finding the old lion." and "the 9 beautiful/ "the excellent. pass through thy land as a river. and the merchants of Tarshish r with all the young lions thereof. from France aswe call it. and the Lord promises them four things. Psalm Ixxii. 6). " xxiii. our historians say "in waves. 10. The "escaped" of Israel. the commission from the Lord was given to Israel (Isaiah xxiii." That peo- . "Be still ye inhabitants of the isle . and the "preserved" of Israel were sent over to Tarshish. after their settlement in their island home ? Have not the great missionary associations of Great Britain been " doing the work here spoken of for centuries ? They shall declare His glory among the Gentiles.

" and Dan (Ireland) is here associated with Javan or EngIn the same chapter it is said land. manner " In hissing flames huge silver bars were rolled." " Compare ver. the place. 26. is always destructive to ships." with Psalm xlviii." Jeremiah x. and tin. and encountering an eastern. or isles of Tarshish all . and and silver. as by made the name of Tyre honored. . " The ships of Tarshish were broken with an east wind. : is great beauty and propriety in this allusion the prophet. and A solid gold darker metal entrenched the place. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST isles of TRIBES. Book 18." know that the "western isles. they away beyond the pillars of Hercules. 117 the west were always a noble. or Cyprus. and again Tarshish is spoken of in connection with the trade in a western country. bright iron and tin. and glorious. and its pursuits. brass. Of Tyre " Javan was it is said. 12-15. iron. 7." Let the reader stand out on the rocks at Gibraltar. describing the smelting operations going on in the foundries on the Tarshish isles. called Levanter. pales of glittering tin the enclosure grace." 25. and then see the propriety of the quotation. The rowers have brought thee into great waters. with silver. In Ezek." supplied the east with There of elaborately wrought metals. or destiny of the ships is described by its merchandise. all our sailors know. which. tells us that. it would seem to be "in the midst of the seas. coasting. " silver spread into All historians plates was brought from Tarshish. or " isles Malta. thy merchant in all riches. and see the vessels." And . without a mariner's compass. as they must have done. Turn to Homer. xxvii. pie : on " the " "The ships of Tarshish did sing of thee in thy market and thou wast replenished. and made very glorious in the midst of the seas. tin and lead. " broken with an east wind. from the of the west. of gold. generous folk." on their homeward-bound voyage. as viewed from Mount Zion. Stubborn brass.and read a free translation. 9. or. or north-eastern gale.OR. the east wind hath broken thee in the midst of the seas. they traded in thy fairs. to the songs of the Hebrew sailors.

are to We informed that Lord. who spread gold. " Silver spread into plates was brought from those islands. ten of tin. and undertook Tarshish. and finding a ship " going to Tarshish." took a through Dan had. entered "pigs. ran away from his divinely appointed field of mission " to flee from the presence of the toil." well say. who." pigs. I saw scores of entries. They used these terms in their " When the choice metals are trade as we use pigs." Again : "The A breastplate. silver first. people may were in such high repute among us. and when in certain processes of preparation they were named after the bird whose plumage they Three thousand years hence so much resembled. gold eagles. 820 B. ever so many hundred tons weight of pig-iron. he melted in the fire. ticket and was soon en route to the west. Now And The stubborn brass. they give a process fine specimen of the variegated hues of the peacock'splumage. and precious gold. . weak-kneed missionary. The prophet Jeremiah might merchants of Tarshish. well fitting greaves of pliant tin.118 4NGLO-1SRAEL. so many tons of apes." In looking into the ledger of one of our large iron manufacturers lately. and silver. so many " hundred-weight of pigs. and tin. Jonah. wonder find to that in our day. And shields completed vast and strong. and peacocks. also described the soldier's coat of Homer " arms : Ten rows Twice of azure still the work enfold. over-cau- tious. and lambs. he paid his fare.." of the in melting." by going he came to Joppa. All Bible readers remember that timid.. and twelve of ductile gold. Fair. a seaport of Dan. and as the work required.C. richly wrought. and brass. fire forged. at his will. JONAH TO TARSHISH. dazzling bright as flames of next a weighty helmet for his head. I would find in the bills of sale. into plates for the eastern market." for brevity'sIf I could have a peep into the ledgers of the sake. with crest of gold Then last. and refining. .

Beyond the Pillars of Hercules the ocean flows round the earth. " I cannot speak with certainty. 119 at this time. sixty ships of commerce. means a certain kind of trading vessel. which are larger than those before named. as they in England now use the terms East-Indiaman. commercial emporium in the west. strongly-built vessel adapted to all weathers." were well known by the " name general ships of Tarshish. as some say. In this ocean. there are islands. Kassisterides is a term which a Phrenician only would use. he must be greatly mistaken. or "the isles of Tarshish. He desired to get away from the claims of God and duty. or slaver a certain large. and six hundred sloops of war out on the Mediterranean and the west- Baal worship and Judaism had formed an alliance on the Western Isles at this time under the name of Druidism.OR. celebrated. " ships of Tarshish. for he is out on the ocean sailing westward to a country where God's presence was not a ruling power." as used. They lie beyond the Keltic. it was an Tarshish" r . away from "this presence. It was used. He believed that in order to reach Tarshish. bound. or w haler. erly direction. or for " the farthest off isles. and those are very large. The term " ships. and there are not a few small islands around the Britannic Isles and around Iberia. and are called Britannic. said he. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. and all seas. Albion." occurs several times in the prophetic writings. Ships bound for the land of the setting sun. and a long way in a western waters. and this was the prevailing To Tarshish Jonah was religion in those countries. known by all." he must go west. for it took the ships three years to make the round trip. to the country where the God of the Hebrews is not known. and lerne." Herodotus says." If. The term. however." " Aristotle says. as connected with the commerce of Tarshish. I will go. that Tarshish was in the east. The " ships " and " navy of all go to show that this place was an old. nor am I acquainted with the islands called Cassisterides from which tin is brought to us. and to all kinds of traffic. opulent.

in " The British tin mines his history of England. "Isles To Javan's two of the West. was the wellknown bronze of early times." and Tarshish. for the tin-like alloy. . or Chittim. . Gentiles. and in later times. afterwards called Gaul." Calmet says. Islands. It was " " called bright iron by the prophets. Portugal. sometimes called Tartessus." and of the ships of shish. was supplied with tin and sundry metals from the same source as early as 907 B. Pausanias. and France. given the western coast of Europe. all agree." and Isles of Tarshish. and with metals with tin from Britannia." Bochart says. Thars-eis " To this Aristotle. a distinguished antiquarian. "All agree that Tarshish is Spain. England." " The whole of the Roman Empire was Pliny says." supplied He says. " Greece. 620 years brought temple." the Islands of Tarshish. "The Isles of the cluded all by water. "was the west coast of Europe. Avernus. from the two Greek words " 11 and "Nesas. name Sir Edward Creasy. that country we call Spain. in the west scribing of Europe. which. says that the tin came from Cornwall. The country was known to the Phoenicians who traded for tin. Those isles on the ancient maps and in the Bible are called." Diodorus says that before Christ. was and Tarshish Kittim. This metal was largely used in Solomon's temple.'* as also of Javan and Kittim. when mixed with copper. Herodotus. Spain and France. " Frequent mention is made in the Scriptures of Tar" " Isles of Tarshish." the " the men and commerce of Tarshish. This tin was found in Cornwall.120 Asiatic ANGLO-ISRAEL. too. the glorious adornment of Solomon's mainly supplied " Tin and bright iron were into Gaul from the western isles. dethe or Tin Cassisterides." Strabo.C." says Hillier. sons. says. "inthose lands to which they were wont to go To Javan was given the British Isles. It also is so named on the ancient maps." Tarshish.

silver. tapestry. The . 35." and Strabo also. but to Plutus. with a show of some humor. McClintock and Strong are of the same opinion." " the silver mountains in Pliny speaks of Spain. Since writing the above. nor yet indeed of the Britannic Isles. but riches abound beneath it. were of frequent occurrence 620 should be held as not belonging to Pluto. for tin and iron. " Some will inquire why having made so Polybius long a discourse on Lybia and Iberia. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. describes one of those ships of Tarshish starting for Gades. Kitto also favors the idea that the Tarshish of the Old Testament is the West of Europe. " The Phoenicians took purple. we have not : spoken more fully of the outlet at the Pillars of Hercules. 41 Not only is the land rich.) Eev. " Voyages to Cornwall. 12). 121 Xenophon. nor of the gold and silver mines of Ibernia." since called Hibernia. costly furniture.OR. Dr. says. 41 There were many mines of tin and silver found there. nor of the interior sea. Spain and the isles in the northwest was the Peru of antiquity. and brought back gold. I find Drs. 36. cules." (See Ptolemy's map. included those shores of Britain which the Phoenicians visited for tin at a very remote period. the commercial tie that bound them being very strong. beyond the Straits of Heretc. scarlet. in his Imperial Bible Diction" Tarshish. Diodorus says. ary. and curious works of art to the west. and tin. evident that Tyre and Tarshish were specially related to each other. Lewis say that." The Straits of Gibraltar were called the "Pillars of Hercules." Eollin says.C. and which were known to the Greek geographers under the name of " 41 Kas-sis-ter-ides It is very (Ezekiel xxvii. Yon Humboldt and Sir Geo. rich stuffs. a wicked king. iron. now Cadiz. Fairbairn. In 2 Chronicles xx." Posidonius says. originally and strictly so-called. and the working of tin. England. and that the under. who wrote 100 years later than Ezekiel. we read how Jehoshaphat formed an alliance with Ahaziah.

firm intended to make ships like those known as the " ships of Tarshish. Tin was imported from Britain into Phoenicia. escaped to the same country. not a few of the maritime tribes. by an incontrollable instinct for adventure. Rev. Strabo informs us of a Phoenician captain who destroyed a rival ship rather than let the crew know where Tarshish was. ships to go to Ophir. such as Dan and Ashur. and not to Tarshish. think those people. The learned Rt." and the ship-yard was in EzionSome have argued that Targeber. or how to land their vessels at So much for monopoly. It seemsthe vessels never left the dockyard. The Lord had given the commerce of those days to Israel. Ophir was in the in Tarshish the far and west. xxii. M." Ireland. Bishop Titcomb. The new firm east. and not in the west.. first The Bishop also says. and the ships were broken " that they were not able to go to Tarshish (37). Tarshish. then known as Tarshish that many more r in the interval between the two captivities. Tarshish of which were intended (merchantmen). urged on at that early day. and not to Judah. on the Red Sea. " Our belief is this. and He who Armada broke the ships of the new smashed the Spanish " The Lord firm. or that In the parallel pasthere were two places so named.A. "For the ships were broken at Ezion-Geber" (48). and by sea from Joppa. and Israel holds it still. same people were there much earlier. says. We lines of migration. occupied the country north of the Black Sea. through Belgic Gaul on the land Other portions of the route.122 ANGLO-ISRAEL. shish was in the east. settled in Spain. hath broken thy works. these vessels are described as sage (1 Kings 49). called the Cimmerii. " Another great branch of the same family. History shows how voyageswere made to Tarshish eight or nine centuries before Christ. all ethnologists admit that the immigrants into Ireland came from Spain. took both . and were driven north and west to Denmark. that even before the dissolution of the Israelitish kingdom under Shalmaneser. was not of God. and settled in Indeed. that they were the Cim- .

is admitted by Neibuhr. ISRAEL IN THE WILDERNESS. 536.OR. going to the western isles would be beyond his reach. where. in the rich and fervalleys of Media. " the There are some writers and public teachers who affirm that Tarsus in Cilicia is the Tarshish of olden This idea is supremely ridiculous." but the arms of Alexander were present in Tarsus as fully as in Going a few miles north-west would be no proTyre. we now follow them as they are returning to their families laden with the spoils of conquest. and of the The promised entire freedom from war and oppression." Romans called them Cimbri. his folly in going to fest. If Jonah intended only to make Tarsus his place of We Jsstination. was as much present in Tarsus as in Tyre. as pioneers. explored the route." " are told that the Tyrians fled to Tarshish to escape from the arms of Alexander. whereas we were informed it took them " three years. and the best students of ethnology. The ships times. and and the Cumbri in Cymry of Wales. TRIBES. A new and untried field is open before them. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST . Arnold and Eawlinson. and have informed their friends of the wonderful treasures in the great wilderness and in the western isles. tection against the dreaded danger. This. would be contradicted by all history. Many of their number have. for history gives us no kings of any place in Tarsus could never boast of any royal house Cilicia.C. under Cyrus the Median." tile We have noticed the ten tribes throw of Babylon. The words of the Psalmist. about the kings of Tarshish bringing presents. Joppa is very maniand the God. 123 merian people they are the Denmark. of Hiram could reach the nearest landing to Tarsus in three weeks. . of ancient fame." he says. with their own blood relations they were used by God "to spoil those that Led on to the siege and final overspoiled them. enriched with the gold and treasures of Babylon. whose presence he intended to shun. B.

all the attractions that the western fields of conquest and enterprise have always had for their children. to them. but upon monuments more enduring than marble. now Moesia. Abraham. or of To this territory. and means war-men. This method of writing their name. The settlements they named the Danube and the Dnieper. names which they still retain. At that period of history there lay unoccupied and undeveloped that immense territory stretching away west from the Ural mountains on to the Atlantic ocean. in the west had. we call Central . was given to those people by the inhabitants who lived on the opposite side of the Rhine. too. and still they go west. and from a curious arrow-headed kind of writing which was known to each other. in those early times were confined to the sea-coasts and peninsulas very little was chiefly known of the interior of that great tract of land. Through that wilderness the river Noah and its numerous tributaries ran. The name German. or river of Dan. as now. the star of empire shone brightly in the western horizon. saw his inheritance away beneath the western skies. and ever since that day they have been looking to the star of empire in the west. God's people were on the move westward. The western part of that territory was called " the wilderness. calling it the land of Moses. named Germania its vast resources. we now call it the home Dan-ube. or Cherman. not upon the sands of time. The two great rivers of that country . This new and extensive country.124 ANGLO-ISRAEL." a name also given to the isles of Tarshish. for then. has existed among these people through all the ages. The first country where they settled they named after the great law-giver. In the very ancient history of Germany we are informed that a people called the Arrow-headed tribes passed through Germany from the east they were so named from the peculiar forms of their weapons of war. upon our ancient maps. the tribes of Israel were directed as they moved westward. In the days of Enos and Shem. . when called of God.

the isles. ." (Ezekiel xx. then also known as "the wilderness of the people. and mix up with the Gentiles that He would save them from amalgamating with the surrounding nations." " divorced wife) is planted in the wilderness. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. there will I accept them. and there all of them in the land. noted." a delivering of the covenant. " And i will cause you to pass under the rod. was often alluded to in the sacred writings.) Europe. that when He had fulfilled His purpose with them in the wilderness. and was called "the wilderness. For in mine holy mountain." and bring them to keep the covenant by which they and He were bound to each other. 125 " I will bring you "And now she (the (Israel) into the wilderness. He would then give them full possession of the land promised in that covenant made to Abraham. saith the Lord God." reads. there shall all the house of Israel. in the mountain of the height of Israel." " I lifted up my hand to them in the wilderness." " I found Israel in the wilderness. They were to fulfil the bond ol the covenant." "Into the wilderness of the " I will allure her into the wilderness. as He had done to their fathers in their journey from Egypt to the promised land that He would in love and in tenderness chastise them. saith the Lord God. and in their exile in the isles. . : The margin " " with all your holy things. ." : 35. 40. " Like as I pleaded with your fathers in the wilderness of the land of Egypt. In these quotations there are several points to be The fixed purpose of God that His Israel should not drift away from Him and from each other. "pass them under the rod." They " shall dwell safely in the wilderness. and there will I plead with you face to face." THE ISLAND HOME. and the firstfruits of your. so will I plead with you." very often referred to. . serve me will I require your offerings.OR. " And I will bring you into the wilderness of the people." And I brought them into the wilderness. and I will bring you into the bond of the covenant. and that in that place He would there come near to them in mercy and in judgment. oblations. and would gather them away from the countries where they were now in exile that He would bring them into a place." people.

they were to serve Him. and the earth shall yield her increase. saith the " And ye my flock. the flock of my pasture. the mountain of the height of Israel. as the Jehovah." as was spoken of when the Eoyal Branch was planted (Ezekiel xvii. to be so safe and secure that they shall dwell safely. and am jour God.126 ANGLO-ISRAEL. He further promises them in the same strain. formerly such a dread to all travellers. and none shall make them afraid. and will cause the evil beasts to cease out of the land and they shall dwell safely in the wilderness." and the places round about. are my people. be sanctified among all the heathen nations. Lord I and God. and sleep in the woods. : He had I will make with them (i. " That hill " of " His. "And I will make them and the places round about my hill a blessing ." . and I will cause the shower to come down in his season . and them. there shall be showers of blessing. and they shall be safe in their land. and shall know that I am the Lord. in reference to the same period of their history (Ezekiel xxxiv. and sleep anywhere in the woods. The happy result of all this is given in the next verse " : Thus shall they know that I the Lord their God am with them. through glorify His name. and He will make that wilderness. and honor w ould. even the house of Israel. That in " the mountain of the height of Israel. And I shall raise up for them a plant of renown. and ? He Him brought them into the land of Israel. and delivered them out of the hand of those that served : "And themselves of them. and they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land. 23).e." " Here He promises to make a covenant of peace with them. when and they would all know Him. and to the adjacent people.. saith the Lord God. . " And they shall no more be a prey to the heathen. " And the tree of the field shall yield her fruit.) 25. that they. into the country for the which I lifted up Mine hand to give it to your fathers. are men. the ten tribes) a covenant of peace. and cause it to be blessed. when I have broken the bands of their yoke. He will make it a blessing. neither bear the shame of the heathen any more. neither shall the beast of the land devour them but they shall dwell safely.

"But she was plucked up in fury. and the voice of melody. planted by the waters she was fruitful and full of branches by reason of many waters. and she appeared in her height with the multitude of her branches. and drove them still farther into the wilderness. if we only hold on "firmly to the true key. and the east wind dried up her fruit her strong rods were broken and withered. large settlement of these people found a quiet resting-place north of the Danube." 3. (Jeremiah xxxi.OR. she was cast down to the ground. rather than submit to the Kornan yoke. the fire consumed them. and after a time founded a powerful republic. even Israel. death to him was preferable to bondage. Those noble and independent Dacians had adopted . 127 Here shepherd Israel is spoken of as a flock. I have loved therefore with lovingkindness have I : drawn thee. when I went to cause him "Thus to rest. who not only made Moesia a Boman province. "The Lord hath appeared thee with an everlasting love : of old unto me saying. "And she had strong rods for the sceptres of them that bear rule. and her desert like the garden of the Lord joy and gladness shall be found therein." thy blood. thanksgiving. Yea. destroyed himself. afterwards Dacians. and God the His flock. they "are men. says : comfort Zion he will comfort all her will make her wilderness like Eden. : found saith the Lord. and He is their God. but attacked Israel in Dacia. The people which were left of the sword grace in the wilderness ." DACIANS. Thy mother is like a vine in : ground. also says " 10.) 2. and her stature was exalted among the thick branches. " And now she is planted in the wilderness. Those chapters shall be noticed further on in a future section. and the people Davi. The king of the Dacians. There are other prophets who give testimony also of Israel in the wilderness. For the Lord waste places and he . in a dry and thirsty : Ezekiel xix. They were most comfortably circumstanced and prosperous until attacked by the Bomans. anciently called A home and Dacia. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST of TRIBES." The chapters following are most interesting and important. " shall : . Isaiah li.

xliii.'* How clearly the providence of God was seen in their history as they passed through the great wilderness He has said (Isa. however. which means the people of God. conquests of Alexander the Great. and. and resigned all claim to the territory north of the Danube. and planted themselves in Armenia. or Gothic. and his immediate . I will be with thee . at first. or escaped. O Jacob. thou shalt not be burned . and through the rivers. and the Assyrian monarchy divided between them Israel. neither shall the flame : ' .journey through and out of the the people.C. where they were called Gaetae." and they made it so hot for the Romans that they ultimately withdrew. the people intervening between them and the Saxons. they valleys resumed their nomad state. went farther west into the wilderness. to some of the quiet which led them on their way westward and homeward. Fear not for 1 have redeemed thee. and : he that formed thee.. and sought rest and quiet. so precious to Israel in " wilderness of their .. the motto. though continually devastating. " Although the Saxon name became on the continent the appellation of a confederacy of nations. "No Surrender. they were so much isolated that the Romans did not come into contact with them." This portion of God's word. taking advantage of the opportunity thus afforded.128 ANGLO-ISRAEL. O Israel. Nineveh was destroyed by the Medes and the Babylonians about 621 B. it appears. they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire. and wan- dered northward and westward. who disliked war." exposed as they were to the severities of . kindle upon thee. afterwards so famous. yet. " When thou passest through the waters. by fire and sword. " But now thus saith the Lord that created 1. GOD WITH ISRAEL.) of people. thee. or a large portion of them. to the north of AsDuring the several irruptions caused by the syria. it denoted a single state. asserted their independence. Those people. successors. Sharon Turner states that. I have called thee by thy name thou art mine.

manners in the corrupted and incorrigible population of imperial Borne. They when he shall roar. which gradually formed and conducted them to that great enterprise for which they were " (Vol. The historian. I.. the Angles and Jutes. thou hast been honorable. principally destined When this peculiar people did become known." beautifully these words of inspired promise and prophecy illustrate Israel's condition during their migration from the eastern to the western isles. caught the true idea. : " Since thou I life. Ethiopia and Seba for thee. the Holy One of Israel. i. " For I am the Lord 3. out of this wilderness climate. and people : : for thy east. verse state into the land of rest. commerce. the stock of a nation. have loved thee therefore will 1 give men for thee. thy God. arts. their names were simply territorial appellations Angles from Anjulus. even the name of the Lord God of Israel in the isles of the " he shall shall walk after the Lord sea." . whom providence was training up to establish more . and were about to emerge from the obscurity they had " the wilderness. then the children roar like a lion shall tremble from the west. whose colonies. more improving institutions. p. and more virtuous. though fierce. with thee I and gather thee from the west. How just governments. with steady and unreceding progress to the distinguished destiny to which they were con" " Providence had destined them to be also ducted. been most dear to God's spiritual hosts passing away from death unto life.OR. circumstances. 129 has also and threatened by the swords of their enemies. the angle. thy Saviour I gave Egypt for thy ransom.e. he " The Saxons were one of the obscure tribes says." it was at the very time passed in when the signal was given for the breaking up of the Eoman As empire. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. and knowledge are pervading every part of the world it cherished them by a succession of those propitious .. "Fear not for I am. He also said. 165)." will bring thy seed from the " Wherefore glorify ye the Lord in the fires. Sharon Turner. the shape of the land they had been to . : and wast precious in my sight. and they advanced.

" Throughout the whole length and breadth of Germany there is not one village. The the country and to leave all were compelled Angles . .). I have pure Angle blood in my veins in no nook or corner can dialect or sub-dialect. It is clear from the identity of their language. they were branches of the same stock. or child. and that the Jutes. woman. . That the Saxons. Jutes. which shall have a " similar pedigree with the English (Chap. as telling their own story thus. Angles and Jutes. with some dialectic differences of pronunciation.130 . . hamlet. one on the sea-coast. must. G. therefore. is the fact." Grattan in his History of the Netherlands. I think all admit. naturally expect that the one portion of the tribe of Dan should appear with this division of their brethren. in his Ethnology of the British Islands. " The Jutes were Hebrews of the tribe of Dan. The Saxons are represented in Brewer's Historical " Atlas. of the three stouter people of Germany. What makes this statement the more valuable. p. he says. and Angles were kindred nations and of the same people. of the most provincial form of the German speech be found. and on ethnological grounds. the other inland. Angles. They came.. states how " The Saxons were all driven from Germany Clotaire the Second that he exterminated any who remained behind caused every one of them to be beheaded who exceeded the height of his sword. and were known as the Tuatha de Danan. and Saxons were kindred nations" (See Vetus Chronicon Holsatiae. Latham. the Saxons. An ancient historian says. 54)." This history coincides with the declaration of R. they said. and thus he drove them out We . that the tribe of Dan had two portions in Israel. but no real diversity of language. occupying and Jutes. move west. this word means lower-land. ANGLO-ISRAEL. viz. of Europe. from their land jutting out into the sea. the other having escaped and arrived in Ireland some centuries before. who can say. or family which can show any definite signs of descent from the continental ancestors of the Angles of England there is not a man. near Lebanon. x.

''Unless the ten tribes have flown into the air. 16). and often to X." also (Hebrews xi. In the closing books of the Old Testament we find the NEW name." then " sons of Jacob. As the " new name " by which the Lord's people are to be known when He calls them to their own land. in 1723. said." and " children of Israel " but as we come down the stream of time we find they are called. which is " Saac . until Paul tells us (Eomans ix. Isaiah tells us. " sons of Isaac " (Amos vii. " Seaxe. " In Isaac shall thy seed be called. by God to Abraham when He made . Isaac sons. if we can find any links connecting our fathers with those wanderers in the country and cities of the Medes. or long knives. with their termination " ons. 7)." a short sword. Amsterdam. Where did this large body of enterprising men go to ? Where did our Saxon ancestors come from ? The grave of the wanderers became the cradle of the Saxons. "In Isaac shall thy seed be called." How in Isaac ? Drop the letter I. and in the British Isles. 12)." the very common in the east." We are to find the new name in the word of the Lord not that we are to look for a new revelation from God. In former times this people were called "Hebrews. 131 THE NEW NAME." gives us Saaxons.OR." This passage has been repeated on and on through the ages. This also had been and see . they must be sought for in the north and west. or have plunged into the centre of the earth. were in use thousands of years before we hear of any such word as Saxon. for He said (Genesis xxi." the dictionaries First. and we have letter C is often found turned to K. It is to be found in the one He has given. . Dr. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. 18). We will now look around us for our Saxon ancestors. but short say. it comes from swords." then " children of Abraham. which." " Saxon. so we have Saax. that it shall be a " NEW NAME which the mouth of the Lord shall name. clearly revealed the promise. Abbadie. "In Isaac shall thy seed be called. as to the name.

132 ANGLO-ISRAEL. the smallest letter of . Saxi-sen. and drop not thy word against the house : House of Isaac. and inscriptions in various languages : 16. Sak-sen and Saxon." As with us in Scotland " Mac " is written means son of. Sacae-Arayrqui.' by dropping the prefix I/ and adding the affix 'ons. Saxo. Sacacine. Saxoi. " " Saac-Sunnia means in Dutch. I-SAAC. which forms no part of the root of the word. Sakai-suna. and. Saxae. Esakska. Sach-sun. Saach. . Sacho. Saca-Sena. son of William and "0"' in Ireland. Saxon.' He gives us Saac. Saxonia. "Bar" in Hebrew. tablets. Sachi. Saac-Suna. gleaned from ancient history. the various forms in which this word is to be found. Saax. says. "Ebu" in Arabian. They gloried in being Isaac's sons. Beth-Sakai. sons of Saac. Ez in Spanish. Sakas-sunnia. and from the stone monuments of those early times. son of Donald and "Eitz" in England. thus. hear thou the word of the Lord Thou sayest. MacDonald. Sons of Isaac. A simple change of accent makes this Isac's-sons. found on tombs. Saach. Sakah. Sackasina. Holt Yates. Saca-suna. dropping the initial vowel. monuments. Saxones. W. Saxone. Sack-sen. Sons of Saac. and represents a yod. Sach-sen. Sakas-saeni. I will here insert a few from a list of my own. "Ben" in Persian. Saacus. Sacas-sani. Saac-Sunnia. Saak. Saxi-suna.) "Now therefore : Prophesy not against of Isaac. Saxony." He shows that in most of the eastern languages "sons of" " sunnia. as O'Connell. So in the East. Saac-Sunia." Israel. "Ap" in " " " " Yan " " Welsh. Yon in German. Sach-sen. Sons of Sakia. It is a little curious to glean from the history of those ancient nations. Saki. Saka-suna. " The word Saxon comes from son of Isaac. Saca-Pene. Dr. Sacae-sunae. thus FitzWilliam. (Amos vii. Sacha. ' ' ' ' . or sons of Isaac.

which. in his history of Britain. According to Ezra viii.OR. Y. God commanded him to hearken to his wife. Yol. but with the same radical significance.. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. By the Greeks they were called Sakia by the Romans Sacae. at the time of the . This great Saxon. perceived at once a radical significance in the name Saxons. who was an Israelite indeed. p.. All these are patronymics. Hence the "company of nations Saxon nations. This name appears in various forms in history. nations. " In Isaac shall thy seed be called" (Gen. "Sarah thy wife thou shalt call strife shall bear thee a son indeed. IV. xxi. xvii. for x is equivalent Thus we have a simple and natural origin in to cs. 401). or sons of Sacae. (Chips from Hence the word in its early form is Sakasuna. combined into one word. be called. ISAAC " " promised to Jacob are called the IN CHEIST we are CHEISTIANS IN . Max Muller shows the Sanskrit and suna the Saxon for son a German Workshop. are They are named from him as well as descended from him. 12). Israel. and his name Isaac" (Gen. Yol. 248). meaning sons of Sacor. p. and named the nations of promise as He had formerly named "In Isaac shall thy seed the child of promise. who with a flood of other northern nations came into Europe toward the declining of the Roman empire " (Milton's Prose Works. and. thus speaks " of the Saxons They were a people thought by good writers to be descended of the Sacae. that sunu is . embracing the many " called " in Isaac. Isaac. it becomes Sac's-sons. two forms of Isaac. Saca. in whom was no guile. thence called Sacasohs. the When God gave to Abraham the promise of the many nations." The promised seed. a kind of Scythians in the north of Asia. John Milton. through his : extensive researches. It is a fulfilment of the promise to Abraham. " we are SAXONS. 19). When the arose between Sarah and Hagar. 133 Hebrew alphabet. He named their father the child of promise. and afterwards Saxones. is Saxone. that they were the descendants of the ancient Sacae and were of Scythian origin. 17.

cultivated " It also bears the olive (Book xi. as Saxony is the land of the Saxons." Here they sojourned awhile. had proceeded northward " the snowy. region. is south of the central portion of the Caucasian mounIt occupies the tains. who nourished shortly before Christ. Strabo. 4). According to Strabo it lay along the fertile plain of the Araxes.134 ANGLO-ISRAEL. near the centre of Armenia. 4). it is manifest that Sacasene is the land of the Sacae. would unite in moving northward. He also says. The ancient Saxony was in Armenia. "The Sacae occupied Bactriana 14). and the river Cyrus . far as the Cappadocians. which separSacasene thus ated it from the extremity of Albania. ch. All this district abounds with the fruit trees and everproducts of the soil. 14. and empties itself into the Caspian Sea. It bordered on the river Cyrus. the elaborate Grecian geographer. those particularly situated near the Euxine . mentions it repeatedly and extols the beauty of its climate (Book ii. Next is Sacasene. and gave their name to one of the most fertile tracts of Armenia. mountainous Caucasian Casiphia. at the beginning of the present century. greens. 8. ch. to Bearing the name of their father Isaac in their ethnical name of Sacae or Sacasuna they called the country where they sojourned after themselves. he says editions. then Gogarene. natural position in which Isaac's sons. and got possession of the most fertile tract in Armenia. who are now " called Pontici (Book xi. From the language of Strabo. Eeferring to the testimony of Herodotus. Sacasena. divided in their exile on the Habor and the Gozan. and stretched away towards the Pontici situated near the Euxine. which borders upon Albania. west of the Caspian Sea. the Sacae. Again he says. ch. 1. : . which has passed through five In tracing their origin. published in three volumes a valuable history of the Anglo-Saxons. he finds them in this very region and in these very people. Sharon Turner. whicfi was called They advanced even as after their own name Sacasene. " The river Araxes flows to the extremities of Albania. Jewish return from Babylon.

which from them derived the name Sakasina they defeated Cyrus and they reached the Cappadoces. they became more powerful in numbers and in courage. by degrees. 115). Sacae. . " To this judicious and probable 110). THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES.OR. formerly inconsiderable and few. as they must have come into Armenia from the north. they added to their territory the mountainous regions about Caucasus (the Casiphia of Ezra. that is. according to Diodorus. p. He says that the Scythians. He also says. p. a Gothic or Scythian tribe and of the various Scythian nations which have been recorded. is mentioned by Strabo in another place and seems to give a geographical to our locality primeval ancestors. This important fact of a part of Armenia having been named Sacasina. with the least violation of probability They seized Bactriana and the most fertile part of Armenia. Here they multiplied and extended their ter" ritorial limits for some centuries unknown to Europe (History of the Anglo-Saxons. with other regions near the Tanais.. : . or Sacae. possessed a narrow region on the Araxes but. Diodorus. They extended their till at last on all sides boundary they raised their nation to great empire and glory. and also the plains towards the ocean. Milton and Turner. account of Herodotus. Bookii. Herodotus vii. and to account for the Persian words that occur in the Saxon language. are the people from whom the descent of the Saxons may be inferred.. . decisively says... " One of the kings becoming valiant and skilful in the art of war. I. . we add the information collected by Diodorus.. on the Euxine. and the Palus Maeotis. Thus. . and had kings worthy of remembrance (Ib. the Sakai. " The Persians call all the Scythians. " . Strabo and Herodotus. 64 says. " The Saxons Still more Turner t . 135 The first scenes of their civil existence. P in). . " according to Furst). were a German or Teutonic. were in Asia to the east of the Araxes. i. ch. Yol. the nation " increased. and of their progressive power. all regarded the Sacae as Scythians. . ern regions of Persia (Ib.

possession of the. reliable authors.136 ANGLO-ISRAEL. this interesting item: "Turning away from Batanea we rode along the mountain side eastward to Shuka . says. on the northern slope of the mountains of Bashan. Saxons and Goths." of the existence of such a people. which called after their own name. Israel will be known as Saxon. Sacca-senae. Porter's Giant Cities of Bashan. the great Greek historian who lived 19 " The most ancient Greek writers called A. I have before me a very ancient map of the country of the Medes. Ptolemy calls it Saccae. sons of Isaac." Strabo. or sons of Isaac. " The Sacae sprung from a people in Media. In Eev. and possess Palestine. " was ' empire." Ptolemy mentions a Scythian race sprung from the . overlooking the boundless plains Here the Sacae are traced to the very of Damascus. There can be no mistake as to who these people were. and its shattered ruins of temples are seen on every side. that those people were tenth part of what I have on hand. When God calls Israel to unite with Judah.' Only a few of its antique houses remain.' sons The historian and the map are clear proofs of Saac.D. Those valleys were so called from those tribes during their residence there. this is a very old town. and directly north of the Medes we find a most fertile valThese names are ley called Saca-sena and Saca-pene. here called Sacae. lived place before their captivity. on the map. L. Around Shuka are tombs and towers." Those people called the 'Sacae' got also says. with numerous tablets over the doors which record the names of the dead who once lay there. I will not quote a so called. and here we find them in the land of Israel.. where our Saxon-Israelites. But I must now produce proof from NEARER HOME. Diodorus of Sicily says.most fertile valleys in Armenia. who obtained a vast and glorious He In modern parlance. the people who lived beyond the Caspian Sea Sacae or ' ' ' Messegatae.

and were called Saca. TRIBES." He also says. that is nearly fifty years after the captivity. has on the obverse side the symbol of a Greek cross. the Goths. and Saxons. whom came from between the Euxine and Black Seas. "The among the most distinguished people of Scythia who settled in Armenia. Darius Hystaspes inscribed on a facalled the "Behistan. mous rock In 516 B. "It is peculiarly interesting for us to consider the immigration of the Cymry. because from these branches not only our own immediate ancestors. the exact counterpart of the one which appears on the head of Iskunka. they came. on which is engraved a perfect representation of a Greek cross.C. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST . he Sakai were from the Pliny says. " The Cimbrians were driven from their country by a people called Asaec. said. 221) of a Runic ring found in Norway. of the possible date of the second century of the Christian era. when the Scandinavian population were emigrating to the north of Europe. the chief named on that famous rock of Behistan. but also those of the most . Sach-sen. and were called Sacca-sani. and that in process of time they came to be called Saxons." ^Eschylus. coined a thousand years ago.." Prideaux says." the history of the chief of the Sacae who rebelled against "Iskunka. called Saxon-es country of the Medes. afterwards took possession of England. 137 Sakai. The Saxons were the ancient Sacae of Asia. in his History of the Anglo-Saxons. while a penny of our own Alfred the Great. Sharon Turner says. gives a drawing (p. Saki.C. who. the celebrated Grecian poet. with the Saxons. Sacha. and from whom came those Angli.OR. " The Sacae were noted for good laws. Palgrave. " The Saxons were a Scythian nation." " Albinus descended from said." On the Nineveh marbles we read that a people called Esak-ska rebelled against the Assyrians about 670 B." him. and were pre-eminently a righteous people. specially mentions that.

or Gomerim. tical institutions. B. Soon after the division of the tribes.138 celebrated ANGLO-ISRAEL. says.C. as inscribed on the Behistan rock. Rawlinson. " Egypt. The way of " shall return to Ephraim escape was foretold to them. B. "It will be us for to consider the connection between interesting Eev. and in all places where they go to colonize they model their government closely resembling the original pattern they received from Moses. 516. " Thou shalt be called by a new name. and their contheir politrace sequent dispersion." Sir Henry Rawlinson observes. 6)." " The name Israel shall be no more in remembrance. nations of Europe have unquestionably descended.A. as we have already seen.. M. The influence of the young colony there was very ties." We have here this new name by which the people of Israel are called. " The ethnic name of Gimiri. and the Sacae mentioned on the famous Behistan rock with the Beth-Khumry of Samaria. occurs in the cuniform records as the Semitic equivalent of the Aryan name Saka. we have fair grounds for assuming the connection between the Gimiri. the equivalent of the Cimmerii. The first colony they founded was in Egypt. During the nineteen years between the two many . and it is a name "which the mouth of the Lord hath spoken. Rawlinson. these Sacae or Sacka." COLONIES. y the ten tribes of the house of Israel) mentioned in another coniform inscription in the Assyrian language. we commence to captiviof the Israelites fled to Egypt. which the mouth of the Lord " The Lord shall call His servants shall name. about three and a half centuries earlier." Saville. according to his brother Prof.e. W. according to the phonetic value of the Median characters. or the ten tribes of Israel. rector." "Egypt shall gather them up (Hosea ix." The prophets had said of Israel. or Cimmerians in the seventh century. According to Sir H. and the Beth-Khumry of Samaria (i." by another name. in Greek Sakai.

too. each having a chief or king. a Hebrew word for twelve states. and not chance. twelve is always significant.e. and the Tiber. and under one head. came to see Him. In the northern part of Italy. or Second Tyre). or Etrus- . or chief. mus. "Whither will He go ? that we may not find Him will He go to the dispersed Version reads New (the dispersion) " among the Greeks. they said. so much so that they recovered their freedom. When Jesus intimated to His disciples that He should leave them. consisting of The twelve communes. acteristics of the Israelites. Each state. according to the number of the tivelve tribes of Israel. and true love of city of Phila-del-phia.OR. they had twelve states." were some of those "dispersed" ones. Herodotus says their having the number twelve was a matter of deliberation and choice. who. The lonians possessed many of the strongest charThey were remarkable The was mental vigor. between the Arno Israelites. we would see Jesus. or Grecian colony. They were all united in one number On interest. Freeman " says. there was another colony of those It was called Tyr-Sennia (i. 1 ' The travellers who came saying. and all united in one for the general good. or province. for personal beauty. . They adhered strictly to their own number of twelve provinces. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. dispersed ones known as the Ionian. The Tyr^henniaus. The important office and work of instructors to the Greeks was well understood by the Hebrews at the time of our Lord. and teach the Greeks (Gentiles). They were several times reduced by the scimitar of the Persians. Here we find the same model of a state or government. the opposite side of the Mediterranean those " " formed another commonwealth. They were called Lu-cu-mo-nin. Son of Tyre. or of brotherly built by them. Dr. 139 great. have a measure of independence of its own. Here. being informed of Him in their Scriptures. and established an elective government. for liberty. " Sir. and by them were driven into the wilderness in the north-west.. and the temple called Didy- love.

states. and on. and were wise in divination and in the worship of God that they formed a confederation of twelve cities. who led their armies to battle." The Etrurians and the Saxons came from the same original stock. including Upper and Lower Saxony. and of the arts they attained a good degree of power. they possessed a strong naval At one time they force. and established a commonwealth of twelve provinces.140 ANGLO-ISRAEL. claimed to be masters of the seas. each accountable to the general assembly. Cymbrians. Pinnock says. the supreme Je-ho-vah. also. In Germany." On the other side of the Apennines the Etrurians. and were no doubt the same people. they selected a chief. the land of turan means darkness). Danes. were an Aryan people light more skilled in architecture and the arts. in future rewards and punishments. . when the war . . west to the Baltic and to the German Ocean. "It was from the Etrurians that the Romans received almost every thing valuable which they possessed in arts and in arms. In times of war. were all of that Their empire consisted of twelve principal stock. in a Revelation from the Supreme. wanderers from the east. " The Etrurians were Scyths. The language of the Etrurians was largely Hebrew. a band or group of the same people. The Suevi. founded a colony. Angles. of Armenia. Saxons. the Saxons were greatly strengthened by the Etrurians their origin was for a long time a M. They were an enlightened people they were Hebrews. and in the immortality of the soul. . " I wish their history was as puzzle. Gaels." Dr. was over. and knew well how to use it. Rapin says. certain as their conquests. resigned his command. They extended themselves from the Caspian to the Black Sea. They believed in one God. and who was invested with an almost sovereign power. which was composed of the greatest men of the nation." and he quotes Pliny to show that they sprang from the Sacses. He. cans (this word " Aryan " is from Aria. Saac-ses. Dacians. Etrurians. Jutes. under the dominion of twelve kings. Freeman says. like the Roman dictators.

veins and the inspiration of a noble race of ancestors Under names inspired them to deeds of noble daring." were to contend for the empire of the world. 141 When Germany settled on the and founded the kingdom of East Anglia they placed it under the government of twelve chiefs or kings. of efficient police. and these all remain as manifest evidences that the Anglo-Saxon race are the descendants of the Israelites. their territory was divided into twelve provinces." under the name of the Medes. upon everything that was worthy of a name. Rome had led her victorious legions from the Bay of Biscay all the way to the Her imperial vultures had swooped down Indus. and she had boastingly called herself the "mistress of the world. and language upon the settlement of the Saxons. of representative government. When the Saxons came over to the assistance of England under Hengist. the " mistress of the east. trial by a jury of twelve.OR. gous to that of the twelve provinces. or Chaldea. . When England changed its institutions. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST the Angles from TRIBES. and Jutes. THE CRISIS. Uffa being placed first in command. in all these Israelitish colonies we find the same forms of constitutional law of representation according to population.000 years grown numerous and strong for The best blood of the race coursed in their battle. those tribes from the great wilder. somewhat analoeast coasfc of Britain. only the number was seven instead of twelve. -and wherever they went they took with them the same forms of government." and had for the last 1. laws. had spoiled Babylon. the most obscure. and the same striking peculiarities. Angles. The remarkable crisis came when the Eomans and those " strangers and foreigners. These are among the important bequests left by our Saxon ancestors to our British forefathers." Those " wanderers. they formed a heptarchy. united with the Persians. and each its own constitutional law. Now. each having a head or governor.

as Sharon Turner human clearly shows.000 years before. nor Gibbon seem those vast tribes were that came in such numbers: and whence came they? "They do indeed admit that vast multitudes came from the cradle of the . Other tribes from the east." Asia. came along in the same mighty waves. had done with the Roman empire " the feet of the great image" precisely as they had done with the " " the head of under anBabylonian empire gold other name. Gibbon furnishes the history. that the grave of Israel's tribes became the cradle of the Saxon race. . " axe of the Almighty. and largely assisted the "strangers" in the Those other -conquest of Rome and Southern Europe. and the struggle for the very life of nations began. and had cultivated all the arts of war necessary to make them ijfee terror of the most warlike of nations. tribes were used by God to aid in preparing the way -of His chosen ones. ever to inquire who Tacitus. but neither Caesar. It was not until the early part of the third century that the new tribes of Germans began to appear and press upon the frontier. The time had not yet come when the true history of those tribes would be made known. alluded to by the prophet. making continual predatory movements into the Roman territory. 1. no doubt. which ended in the complete overthrow of the Roman empire. ness had multiplied exceedingly. and of the German character in general. " from Armenia in race in Asia. from the time of Julius Caesar these skirmishes only sharpened their appetite for conquest when the time would come to strike for empire and pluck the wings of the imperial birds of Rome. Caesar and Tacitus have given us much valuable information of those tribes."" from the large and fertile valley south in Asia.142 ANGLO-ISRAEL. Frequent border wars had been maintained with those people." All this they admit. and the con" " " The battlequest by the strangers of all Europe. Those frequent warlike movements stirred the whole people and all their allies. as they appeared on the Rhine. and where it would be seen.

Lombards. and the Saxons. Avari. whose names appear in the history of this period. and on the complete triumph the God of nations gave unto this Guizot says." Dr. OR 1. Quadi. Bulgarian's. they were the result of necessity. ple were pushed forward by new populations from the north-east. they . These invasions were not mere pillaging inroads." people. TRIBES. 3. that the movement of nations was over. 2. and Tartars. including the Bosnians. Hungarians. they were not expeditions undertaken for the purpose of .OR. various tribes of barbarians. a confederation. Alani. As one swarm came on and settled in a fertile spot which pleased them. the Burgundians. Croatians. as if they knew they had a mission to perform. of which the Suevi were chief. etc. " Wave followed wave in the great migration of nations a movement which continued to roll tumultuously over Europe for more than three cenThe turies after the downfall of the Western Empire. 143 I must here quote from our most authentic historians on this migration from the east. Freeman has made it very clear. . and find new abodes elsewhere. The Scythians. the The peoplunder. " Do not believe that because the Eoman empire was fallen. the Marconianni. A Lombards in Italy. belonged to three distinct races. the Angli. The Sclavonians. Turks. the Frisians. Hermunduri. they pressed forward to better their fortunes. Disturbed in their own settlements. The Germans. Bugii. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. Servians. " Indeed all history shows us that there must have been some great hive somewhere in the middle of Western Asia. the Pranks. THREE RACES. and a kingdom of barbarians founded upon its ruins. the Vandals. the Goths. and they came somehow by design. comprising the Huns. Gepidae. new German nation entered the arena. and founded the powerful kingdom of the . which was constantly sending swarms of people for the most part westward. including the Alemanni. . and a hand to guide them.

judging from our own day. . and the Basques on the borders From the east to the west there have of Spain. to the Their next of kin are the Swedes great Aryan family. H. remember." and all such must always remember that the ugly names. Professor of German in Columbia " The Norsemen College. The eagle among the stars. such as Fins. come several great waves rolling in and pushing farther west the human tide which had preceded it. and " conquered all Europe. are a Germanic race. precisely the same country to which the ten tribes were led. was the coat of arms of a private gentleman in Ireland of the name of Washingtunne." "rude savages. until we had at least five swarms of people from Armenia. accordingly. and multitudes of their countrymen driven out of We . They are called Barbarians. says. Lapps. and from our knowledge of human nature. until another swarm came and pushed them farther on from the old cradle or hive and another century passed and we find another swarm. the men who were driven out of home and country. and belong. except a few remnants in out-of-the-way corners. each pushing the other on." H. Freeman again " The Aryans have driven the Turanians nearly out of all Europe. in his story of Norway." on and up the valleys of the Danube to the Elbe. Boyesen. and Danes. I must here. and overthrew Borne. men who were the conquered and defeated ones were the only historians of those times and. enter my protest against the usual style of speaking of those people who came from the north. then another. and if America had been known then they would have pushed on over here at an earlier For America never could have succeeded withdate. George Washington's father Dr. . in a word or two. whom used to call his grandpapa. or Media. remained a while. in the north. as they left Those waves and swarms came their own country." "barbarous hordes. you out Irishmen. Their original home was Asia. that part : of it called the cradle of nations.144 ANGLO-ISRAEL." NOT SAVAGES.

" This is the true meaning attached to it by the Greek The strangers to whom writers. spoken enough on those noble tribes who led on the victories Kobert to the final conquest of nearly all Europe. undertakes to become the The Romans were not in the best position historian. and the 10 .e. I want also to remind the reader word "barbarian" was not used in those days with the meaning usually attached to it by our modern writers. and commanders of those people. however. were not likely to speak one good word of the bite the dust." That true. and rude and uncivilized. spoken of by Grecian writers who knew them. and leaders. Walpole " is too is a of lies. a foreigner." That may all be true of some of those tribes. ignor" Barant. as with many of those writers of whom I complain. they were Barbarians (i. they were the very same people. 145 men who made them men. were not regarded as savages. Now. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. to speak of the "battle-axe of the Lord. that said. Having said this. as we shall see." and "rude and uncultured races from the wilderness. or the strong partisan. especipack history ally when the defeated party. and the noble time. the word is used as a that the term of reproach." when they talk of "barbarians. they passing through one stage of their and are dispersion. and by the apostles. Europe received all the grand elements of her boasted civilization. indeed." and "hordes of savages. or belongs to a different nation. wild. etc. Only when addressed by the were apostles. they were " strangers in their dispersion "). and. and of whom Luke speaks. a stranger. From them. the Greek word " " baras means one who speaks a foreign language. they are the conquerors. and large numbers of them." when in another stage of their dispersion. smarting under the defeat. Impartial his- torians have.OR.. were men of heroic virtue. of in the House once Commons. Paul and Peter wrote their epistles. of all the elements that go to constitute the true nobility of man. uncivilized. and when the Romans speak of the " strangers and pilgrims. With us. but the chiefs. as indicating only the cruel.

barbarous race. and they quite naturally. and the other Scythic peoples of a Gentile race. they a mission to perform. Romans. hence the near affinity which is found between the German and Persian languages. other captives beside the Hebrew people. them down tured savages. no doubt. and they came. of victory to how caine Rome them ? to surrender the palm VALUABLE TESTIMONY. which they entered centuries before. on regaining their freedom." says the historian. Germans. . to that of the Persians. If those people were unculis true. their deeds. were a tribe of Scythians. to write it Saxons of olden time. would. seems to some to be sufficient reason for believing that the Saxons were originally of oriental origin. the other Scythic peoples were much more likely the vast colonies that moved away east long before the people who were named the Sacae. Moore's History of Ireland says.146 ANGLO-ISRAEL. are the conquered. were all of Assyrian origin. seek a land in which to settle in the only part of the continent of Europe which was not " " the Thus. having special came from that wilderness in the north." " These Saxons Cassell's History of England says. thickly populated. and that Media became a part of Persia when Cyrus the Great united Persia and the Medes. although the Sacae might be a Hebrew people. and to our- as a savage. as a scourge upon the proud They came. " That the Scythae of Europe came from the northern parts of Persia seems to be the opinion of most inquirers on the subject. like the Hebrews." The Saxon language is also very like the German. A reference to the map will show that Media lay north of Persia. as the Assyrians had. different peoples were supposed to be of the same race." To this I would add. as came the scourge of God they but Romans. . and doubtless the Saxons. in some respects. who record It is unjust to the selves. and the similarity of the Saxon language. thus becoming ruler over all the new colonies and all the ten tribes in Armenia. or Dutch.

and upon whom pressed the Huns from Mount Ural. Gothland.D. 147 Ortellius says. William F. The ten tribes of Israel took the which means the people of God.OK. Four great tides of migration may. in three Ostrogoths great divisions (East-Goths). who wrote in the sixth century. and Gepidae They were the most civilized of the German and are further remarkable for having adopted Chris- . " Europe was gradually peopled from Asia. ." The chief Germanic tribes were the Goths. They began to push southward A. But the roving spirit natural to barbarism would not let these blue. in his work entitled The Great Events of History. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST " TRIBES. The name Gauthei afterwards was changed to Goth. Godes-con-zia (Castle of the Goths).D. under the ceaseless pressure of new immigrants from the east their mingling and blending with each other. who peopled the north-east. (Laggard's). says." Anastasius. or Sclavonic tribes. Collier. and Tartars from beyond the Caspian. the Franks. France. Scythia. as it is called by the ancients. Sarmatian. and we soon find them in Central Europe . the Vandals. the Saxons. who occupied Spain. . who filled Central Europe lastly. where we can still mark their dwelling-places by such words as Godaland. says. hardened by the breezes of the north. LL. name of Gauthei. tribes. golden-haired giants. Visigoths (West-Goths).. rest content with their native swamps and forests. and the Scandinavians. be noted. First came the wave which peopled Greece and Italy then the Celts and Cimbri. plainer still. The continuous flowing of these barbaric tribes west and south. 200-. the Germans.eyed. the Lombards." " GERMANIC TRIBES. and. and Britain in the third and place. The earliest home of the Goths was Scandinavia. and with the old populations of the land into which they poured formed the power by which fragments of the fallen Roman empire were wrought into the variegated mosaic of medieval and modern Europe. is the region of the north inhabited by the Gothi.

They were honest and and among them the Romans saw what free-hearted they looked for in vain among themselves. or yel- The invasion of Britain by low-haired. hallowed by Christian faith. red. and refined and brightened by the thousand appliances of modern civilization and nowhere are its gentle safeguards more dearly prized and cherished than in Britain and . populations became fixed. All were of the Teutonic type blue-eyed. Let us thank God that many lands of modern ^Europe have inherited the good old Gothic home. tianity. not only earlier than their brother wanderers. to that dwelling which hereafter became his castle." EARLY CIVILIZATION. but even earlier than the Greeks and Romans. The interior and moral condition of man himself began to undergo a change his ideas and sentiments began. estates and landed possessions became settled the relations between man and man no longer varied from day to day imder the influence of force.148 ANGLO-ISRAEL. soon spread over the basin of Weser. to those domains which he now calculated upon leaving to his children. " The Saxons at first occupying Holstein. Two kindred tribes Angles and Jutes filled the peninsula of Denmark. to the connections and associations which he here formed. if I may so . little states to be cut out according to measure. We rior of hear again from this author "In the inteEurope we begin at this time to see the wanderwill : ing life decline. America. pink-cheeked. to that miserable assemblage of serfs and slaves which was one day to become a village. We recognize in the Goths a race of men capable of high polish and fitted for great deeds. where parents and children lived united in sweet domestic love. : . modest and virtuous wives. . or chance. like his life. Little societies everywhere began to be formed. these three tribes is one of the most remarkable facts in the history of the barbaric migrations. an attachment to the place in which he dwelt. each the centre and light of a home. He began to feel to assume a more fixed character.

say. Of the various elements of our civilizations. for a life of enterprise and adventure. it was unknown in The liberty nearly all the civilizations of antiquity. one in particular. all his powers in the various ups and downs of fortune the fondness for activity without labor. in full force and liberty. liberty about his personal liberty that man troubled himself. a certain graduated subordination of services and rights existing among all these Here we military proprietors scattered over the land. from it European civilization was to receive its first form its first social organization. it was natural enough that the Germanic element should first prevail." " It was the so-called rude barbarians of Germany who introduced this sentiment of personal independence. retainers on the other. surrounded only by his family and . it was about his He formed liberty as a citizen. the of which is to found in the manners of the be origin German barbarians the tie of a confederation which would not destroy individual freedom. Guizot says. this love of individual liberty. . " There is one sentiment. which we meet with in ancient civilizations is political It was not it is the liberty of the citizen. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES." NOT RUDE. 149 prudence of men. F.OR. have the feudal system oozing at last out of the bosom of a so-called barbarism. It is extremely diffcult for us. It was unknown among the Eomans . it had conquered Europe . It was already in possession of power. lated society in which we move. in the regu. to form anything like a correct view of this feeling. which it is necessary to understand before we can form a true picture of such a barbarian it is the pleasure of personal independence the pleasure of enjoying. it was unknown in the Christian Church . There connected by a tie. . On one side. of the capacities and societies gradually became we in find every considerable proprietor settling himself his domains. into European politics. and of the influence which it exercised upon the rude barbarians of the fourth and fifth centuries.

and an earnest zeal for the extension of its empire. The germ of this connection was the attachment of man for man the fidelity which united individuals. without even destroying in the commencement the equality up to a certain point which existed between them. laid the foundation of a graduated subordination. without regard to consequences. and to deliver itself up entirely to the dictates of his faith. without apparent necessity. was unknown to the Romans and to the Christians.irst by relationship of companion and chief.loO ANGLO-ISRAEL. . and has produced such lasting and beneficial results. " There is another. The spirit of Christianity wrought a change in the moral character of man. it has played so considerable a part. who introduced it into European civilization. a devotedness to its laws. from its first rise. element of civilization which we likewise inherit from the barbarians alone. between warriors and which. In none of the ancient republics do you see any example of individuals particularly and freely attached to other individuals. a second. that it must be regarded as one of its fundamental principles. Among the barbarians this tie was formed between man and man . in which. and was the origin of that aristocratic organization which. without any obligation arising from the general principles of society. The case was the same in the Christian Church. in substance. They were all attached to the city. are indebted for it to the strangers. were everywhere conspicuous. and to this alone he was devoted. opposed to this principle of independence. and with scarcely any other aim than its own satisfaction this feeling. I mean We military patronage the tie which became formed between individuals. without destroying the liberty of any. at a later period. . I repeat. for under its influence his mind struggled to extinguish its own liberty." The same author also says. part of an association. and could not be passed without notice. grew into the feudal system. Among its members a devoted attachment to the Christian body. But the feeling of personal independence a fondness for genuine liberty displaying itself. when they .

Among the barbarians a fixed price was put upon man according to his rank in society the life of the barbarian. the Roman. But the principle that all men's lives are of equal worth in the eyes of the law. and dwelling together in the same territory. It abounds in general views. each people had its separate laws. The same superiority is observ- . and in theories. in short. but will territorial. and you meet with Read a more strik- ing traces of philosophy. we know that the legislation of the barbarians was a personal legislation that is to say. it is not personal. Thus. in theories. still little further. which has had so vast an influence this devotedness in the civilization of modern Europe came to us entirely from our German of man to man ancestors it formed part of their social system. There was a graduated scale of prices. but bears convincing marks of having been drawn up by the philosophers of the age the clergy. for example. The Eomans were judged by the old Roman laws. . indeed. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST . TRIBES. all along the ages. the same law only applied to one particular race of men. was established by the code of the Visigoths. and even to the patriarch Abraham who showed the same feeling From the patriarchs to his friends and companions. altogether foreign to barbarian manners. this is exactly the case with the legislation of the Now Visigoths . and our civilization to-day is the result or fruit of the principles which they held so dear. the Franks were judged by the Salian . came We NOT IGNOEANT HORDES. 151 in bands to overrun Europe and at a later period This the of sovereign and vassal. the freeman and vassal were not valued at the same amount. or Kiparian code ." centuries to the heads of the tribes of Israel. relationship by second principle. and trace it through the past was adopted into ours. though united under the same government. Open the laws of the Visigoths. and you will discover that it is not a code compiled by ignorant barbarians -or savages. and prophets those Divine principles were handed down to their children's children.OR.

. and which exercised so large and beneficial an influence upon the government of the country. Indeed. you will find the proofs established by witnesses. They thought They married but one. an attempt which was made by the barbarians themselves This was evidently a commencement of civilifirst The zation. though he be a stranger and foreigner. the oath of compurgators. Honor to whom honor is due. able in -their judicial proceedings. there was something sacred in woman. an attempt to bring society under the authority of general and fixed principles. and kept faith with her. Temple says. system. which is. "It is absurd to suppose that a people who are so imbued with the spirit of government. In short. it is positively affirmed by Des Michels and others. Instead of the ordeal. tion attempt to build up a European civilizawas the compilation of the barbarian laws. or trial by battle. the same clergy that acted in the Council of Toledo. and which had been in part preserved by tradition. was the author of the laws and principles which that council only revised and amended. NOT SAVAGES. These laws were little more than the customs. a Goth of noble race and Christian faith. and polity. and a rational examination made of the fact. Through all their outbreaks there gleams the grand idea of duty. that Alaric. Sir W. .152 ANGLO-ISRAEL. the self-constraint exercised in view of some noble end. could be as they were called by the Eomans. rules and regulations of their " wilderness life." the remains of that system of law and government which had been given long before to their fathers in the land of Canaan. such as might take place in civilized society. if not for the world. In fifteen hundred years the idea of marriage is unchanged among them. a barbar- . the code of the Visigoths bore throughout evident marks of learnIn it we trace the hand of ing. that they have with little difficulty made laws for the greater part of Europe. Marriage was pure among them. Amongst the Saxons the adulterer was punished by death. chastity instinctive.

VII. as truthful as they " With the are eloquent." The Voluspa and the Ed da have both been preserved. . . is first maturely discussed by the chiefs" (Germania. of Laivs. Green says. and authority in the . the whole community yet with this circumstance. Brit. . THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. Then whence did 11 they come ? Tacitus says of the Germans. that what is referred to the decision of the people. c. . slightest pro" bability to be derived from a Roman or British source (Ency." He further people to burn them. 153 thei.' written in the Runic character. so curious in political . and because they excited the jealousy of the Romish priests they ordered the ' adds. or symbols in the association of freemasonry. and music we trace our Israelitish . In its village moots lay our Parliament in the gleeman of its village-feasts. origin.OR." " can be shown with the says Freeman. English people passed to the shores of Britain all that was to make Englishmen what they are.). carving. gilding in the use of metals in needle-work. England). in words of grace. . prise That celebrated author expresses in his Spirit his sur- at the existence of such a balance between forests of Germany . the whole after life of Englishmen was there. our Chaucer and our Shakespeare in the . were called " They had . which Runes. Vol. .. ous people. " On affairs of smaller moment. ii. and liberty traces the origin of the English constitution from this " source (Oxford Translators). " This remarkable passage. is commented on by Montesquin. the chiefs consult. .. national records. In their system of jurisin the administration of law by twelve prudence in their social order in the rights of property judges in the provision made for ministers of religion in the institutions of chivalry in the science of heraldry. No feature of primitive English law or custom. . linking the architecture of Solomon with modern times in architecture. For distant and dim as their life in that older England may have seemed to us. history. 011 those of greater importance. . poetry.

" 1889. . have done little to change the inner mood of Englishmen. His wayward child. . the prodigal returns. let earth His praise resound . Even the national temper was fully formed. that trust in manhood and might of man.154 ANGLO-ISRAEL. in grace by grace. earth full as the waters o'er the sea. Heaven join the chorus. word is truth. letters. of O n knowledge ur God shall His glory soon shall be . passed with " Englishmen to the land which Englishmen had won (His. is B ritain R eceived her Abrahamic line discerns. and " that silent awe of the mysteries of life and death?" They came from the forests of Germany. from idol-gods hath fled T he Father's pitying love doth now embrace I srael. of the sea and the fight. . they came from the plains of Scythia they came from the mountains of Armenia they came from the hills of Palestine they came from the deserts of Arabia. L. doth live. 34). science. the long-lost Israel's found E phraim bemoans. pirate-bark stealing from creek to creek. Yol.D. A PSALM OF ISEAEL FOE A. . Now Israel lost is the earth her increase give. T he nd Judah. Civilization. I srael reclaimed. p. these principles of heroic manhood LOST ISRAEL FOUND. again 'tis life as from the dead ' ' . People. religion itself. your voices raise. give Jehovah praise. O ye isles ye seas. found was dead. . owns Jesus King. S ing. bless. of the Eng. T he Lord H doth reign. That love of venture and of toil. long dismayed. N ations and A I people now their tribute bring. Whence came and constitutional liberty. our Drakes and our Nelsons. that silent awe of the mysteries of life and death which lay deep in English souls then as now. ." . they came from Sinai and from Sinai's God.

155 IBELAND. narrow the Euphrates by passages of the river. It seems also like a resolution may . With gems her waters. . the King of Assyria. and her air with health Her verdant fields with milk and honey flow. This we have in the second book of Esdras xiii. and he carried them over the waters and so came they into another land. 10. and now when they shall begin to come. " There we are informed that the ten tribes were carried away prisoners out of their own land in the time Osea.OR. and Scotia is her name." for a last be proper here to draw on Jewish tradition glimpse of the ten tribes as they disappeared from their view. Enrolled in books. the King. and go forth into a further country where never mankind dwelt. and held still the flood till they were passed over. entertained of the Israelites two hundred years after their captivity. But they took council among themselves that they would leave the multitude of the heathen. nature blessed. Her fruitful soil for ever teems with wealth. whom Salmanasar. exhaustless in her store Of veiny silver and of golden ore. the Jews. and the same region is called Arsareth. that they might keep their statutes which they never And they entered into kept in their own land. And It arts and arms her envied sons adorn. of a year and a half. and the They men act. It was a national were free to decide for themselves." This book of Esdras is not an inspired book. dis- . " Far westward By lies an Isle of ancient fame. the Highest shall stay the springs of the stream again that they may go through. Her woolly fleeces vie. led away captive. To us this is valuable so far as that it records the opinion their brethren. and yet its history may be valuable. of of some independence. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. Her waving furrows float with bearded corn. For the Most High then showed signs for them. They dwelt there until the latter time. namely.with virgin snow. For through that country there was a great way to go.

to country. to which the ten tribes journeyed. for the Lord delighteth in thee. 14. yea. and in judgment. where a people were going to reand yet. and Engli. curate of Hebsignificant. We will all see that this land is the isles called "Earslaiid. to the land of their betrothare to espouse. gives us an analysis of the strange " name. or or " Ar-sarets " means to betroth. James Mclntosh. when their land shall be called Beulah. that is all the information given us as to its situation. tribes are spoken of. or Angli. or Celt and or Gaelic and the Gael. espousals. and speak comfortably unto her. " All Saxon." the British Isles. (Hos." or "Ireland. he says. " the land of named. " I will even betroth thee unto know the Lord. " The same author We ' ." remembered that those ten. behold. was no other than Ireland. ii. But the Lord said " and its side that were to be lost . and the Lord were to be The betrothed are to be married. as a divorced wife.): "Therefore. earth. its tance to that country and interest." where Israel again made one. comes from two Chaldaic roots " ars " " ears" and arets" signifying land. Again. Cymbri. locality is of some AESAKETH. It would not do to name the country boundaries. and thy land shall be married. Saxons.'" have clearly proved that the place Arsareth." me in faithfulness : and thou shalt We have here then the place her espousals. " And I will betroth thee unto me for ever I will betroth thee . then the Germans. Cymbri.156 ANGLO-ISRAEL. and in lovingkindness. and the Northmen In conclusion. they go land or the "of their It will be ment. and in mercies. a word which is nearer Erseland in its form than is Ireland . Celts. and spoken to. that name is very The Rev. To Arsareth. I will allure her. and all to their and he says. and bring her into the wilderness. burn-on-Tyne." Where is Arsareth ? It is a great way off." traces the word Kelt. . original Hebrew these races. Arsareth. Danes. Anare the gles. " lost tribes. unto me in righteousness. Gaels.

names " ere. common. physical sense. or Bel. It was " very ancient. says. Yair-land. also Hibernia." from " Hiar. which. and he said that it was six Thule. Camden says. The Brigantes peopled the days' south-east of the isle. from the west Siar. according to Col. wrote that far off within the sea the isle of Ogygia lay. was pronounced " Y<z?>. 157 and that all the peoples of these islands can be identiThis kind of evidence is fied with the lost tribes. erseland. to the west.000 years ago." " It Parkhurst. Pythias of Massilia.OR. Bael. son of G-ygia. in the declension of find iar-arets. Siar. a modern name are very . the land where the sun sets. The first name given to Ireland." makes Yair-ish. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. some 3. the learned lexicographer. and the reason why they were so named. . Ogijgia was another ancient name for Ireland. Yee-irish. Niar. It . used by Camden. or The Hebrew lar-land. and Niar. We We find Hiar. sail west of Britain.HYar-land. the farthest off land from this word comes I-bernia. Bal. actual if not an mathematical to demonstratainty. was also called " . or Irish. added to "Yair. ears-arets. and saj^s Ireland is justly called Ogygia. seems not a little remarkable that the northern nations should have retained the Hebrew word nearly in its The Saxon "Bael" signifies a fire. tion." means son of. and his tribe Gygii the prefix "0." To ascertain the origin of the names given to those islands. and one of their leaders was called Gyges. wrote an account of the farthest off land. " Jair" as far as I can ascertain. they derived from the Punic." Homer. Plutarch says that Ogygia was five days' sail west of Britain." for man. " Ogygia" means . the sun setting. Plutarch so called it.Ogygia." which also called Oire-land." which means. Vallancey. we must have access to the primitive words used when they were named. amounts and to a moral cerpeculiarly convincing. The Phoenicians called the land Ibernae. "ish. was the name of the chief deity of the ancient Irish." west.

very ancient. or a Chronological Account of Irish Events. the land of saints. or Sons of Eib-heir. take the whole of Ireland north of Asgeir-Eiada. who is in Num. according to Plutarch. Ogygia. who leave their mark in the name of a town and river at the extreme south-western peninsula. or Ireland. lerni . occupied by the Olnegmacht. I have entitled my book Ogygia. from whence came eirin. for the Irish date their history from the first eras of the world. other Greek writers called it lernidae. ire. The Greeks "Why beyond Juverna's shores our arms have extended. and in some degree in a state of infancy. eib-er." Camden says. called Ireland Hieron. Irlandia. island was also called Erin." says Gildas. iri. and. with the exception of the extreme west. overnia. He identifies these Eib-heir with the Iberni. indeed. Hiberione are different forms of the names given above. from Eran. By this name it was known to Ptolemy and to Orpheus. he says." The named eir-ne. Bernia. in comparison with them the antiquity of most other countries is modern. where probably a portion of the clan entered the land and these Iberni are further identified with the sons of Heber. and almost in their infancy." " He also says. Irelandi. and eib-heir. the antiquity of all other countries is modern. Iberia. " Emerald Isle.. xxvi. to Ireland." . Juverna. eib-eir from Heber. Irenses. and they are in their infancy. 36. compare them t . Roderick O'Flaherty wrote two volumes. holy island." "Badonicus. i. entitled Ogygia. The venerable Bede. "went to lernis that he might be instructed in philosophy and divinity.e. Buchanan says. called the inhabitants of Ireland. " introducing his book. " In comparison with the Irish history. Dalreadinians. Strabo. " Whatever antiquity other nations may claim from their ancient archives. The isle was for a long time called Scotia-major. vernia." It is now known as the In Ptolemy's map the Clanna. -Aristotle called it lerne.158 ANGLO-ISRAEL.

" Nymph who art happily sent to the Caledonia coast you ! . They were of the old Hebrew Their stock. One Partholan sailed show. rela- tions of the Numidians." through south of Spain. They cleared twelve plains of wood. 159 Fair Erin's life. and had fled from the wars in the east. established Baal worship. through They " Europe from the Black Sea. which means belgic-men. The round towers in Ireland. maintain the sceptre through innumerable ancestors. and reached a well wooded island. left. the Moesia. The next wave of people that visited Yarish land was a people called Baal-goi." 11 This royal house alone can enumerate an hundred sceptre-bearing descendants of her race this is the only royal house which comprehends twice ten : records." inhabitants of Ireland. These people were called vir or fir-bolg. came leader's name was Nemedli. Moore derives the name from Baal-goi. and exterminated the Fornorians. supreme abode of kings. He was a double parricide. who were driven north by the terrors of war. built two royal forts. through the great wilderness. bright maid. Those persons came from Meosiae." Erin. gentlest sway. or sometimes called Moetia. Another wave of strangers from the east came to Ireland. and his posterity was cut off by a dreadful pestilence not one of the family was ages in its The first . the sun god. prove most plainly that at one time Baal was worshipped there. to the Baltic. Of numerous rulers of mildest. They were worshippers of Baal. They came from North Africa. near Thrace. Of noble deeds the celebrated plain. .OK. They were called sea-kings. " the ends of the straits the called earth. " THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES." " Buchanan says of Mary Queen of Scots. and other monuments." as it was called. and thence to the land of sun-setting. as the records were children of Japhet. the virgin isle of saints. or by others viri-pelgic. The second immigration was the Fomorians. Dr.

It was about this time that Ireland was divided into five provinces. . dark hair. expedition from Hispaniola (now Spain). of great push and energy. which he named Fez." They home near the river Shannon. and died in the same manner. under of Miles ius. of the He commenced his reign about 900 famliy of Ir.C. fixed Greashill. until the crown descended to Ollav Fola. SPAIN. During the next 260 years. father of the Eiberites. and it met at his castle in Tara. Five of the sons were lost in a terrible storm Heber. They pushed their operations in both Ireland and Wales. They are named on an ancient map Eib-heir or Heber. or by a violent death. a very unusual circumstance in those times. in Meath." Copies of these poetic records are He reigned for forty years with still in existence. his brother. race of twenty kings of the same family came and went. which was named the " Psalter of Tara. great honor. An Heremon. In Wales they were called Iceni and Sueveni. fell in battle on . This meeting was com- posed of chiefs. B. tribe of of the Israel. thirty-one kings wore the honors of royalty. Those Eiberites claimed " to be from Asia. and died a natural death. They settled in Wales. and became well skilled in metals. territory is called Moesia on our maps. landed in the south-west of sons eight Ireland. and bards. and well skilled in arts. These people were called Kimmerii by the Greeks. He caused a record to be made of the national events in a volume. it was so called after Moses. who pressed them sorely in war." These men were of small stature. A chiefs.000 of the Kimmerii seized the Grecian fleet.160 ANGLO-ISRAEL. in blasting and smelting operations. and were among the escaped of found their Asher. priests. when 5. His son reigned seventeen years. all but three of them fell in battle. King's county his residence at Teamore (now Tara). He organized a grand triennial meeting of the . and " the farthest set sail at once to join their brethren in off isle.

The first company of the Danans settled near Londonderry. the During reign of this new dynasty. and after a time they went to England. years. 161 For 1. where they introduced the wondrous deeds of the breastplate of judgment. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST DANANS. work in metals. Conary reigned for sixty years. whose rigid it impartiality in dispensing justice is recorded in the poetic language of the bards. to his chief councillor. Judge Morain. foretell events." bringing with them a prophet of the Lord from Jerusalem. He obtained honorable celebrity by reviving aud improving the institutions of Ollham Fodla and Tephi. worn by the chief priest of the Irish Druids." or pany tribe of Dan. Soon after was transferred from Mount Zion to Tara. information speedily. About or during this time. a long and " The Just. and it remained as the ensign of Ireland for more than 2.. Hearing of African pirates. forge magical weapons. could quell storms. .200 years before Christ. necromancers. " was the of new-comers Tuatha-de-Dannan. also came another com" pany of the Tuatha-de-Dannans. and then held the country. and sent the pirates out of the country. and a royal seal and coat of arms. and Simon Baruch.") Kimbath ascended the throne 460 years before Christ. with a royal outfit of these we shall give minute . a royal mint was established. CURIOSITIES. etc. and a goodly company of the royal household. as Buchanan admits. and prove themselves mighty in war. they came again to Ireland." happy reign. The harp became the royal coat of arms. Feredach owes his title. Dan had a large fleet on those waters lying between the Baltic and the The next comMediterranean Sea and Palestine. for 197 . TRIBES. (See lecture on Harp. cure diseases.They were spoken of as accomplished soothsayers. then called Javan they also visited Scotland. I have in my cabinet of curiosities a very fine engraving of n .000 " The years.OR. and out of time.

pressing the said collar upon the neck of the chief justice or priest. blue and scarlet. He formed to military association. . policy requiring great intelligence. They were never to ill-treat a woman. and needlework. (See lecture on "Druidism.162 it. circle bearing the initial of the tribe it represented. This ditch. Military men were to choose their wives solely on account of merit. strength. activity. each full size. In that early day it was seen that there were two races of people in Conn Ireland. so as to strangle him if he persisted in his wrong course. To this breastplate they attributed a supernatural power. ANGLO-ISRAEL. so as to give the King of Minister his share. wrote a book of advice to kings in letters of a written be to gold perfect standard of a all ages. or wall was called Leagh-Mogha. in case his decisions were not in harmony with strict justice. and after them the history of Niall of the Nine Hostages. each circle of gold bore the Hebrew initial of the tribe represented.") Orders were received from the parliament compelling the priests to furnish sacred fire to all the people of October. Cormac. Every man must on that day that day commence anew his and on fire. The succeeding kings and their reigns are alluded to in the poems of Ossian. restored the ancient regulaa work worthy tions. never to turn their back upon an enemy. handed and his sucwas made of ten circles of gold. even though nine times as numerous as they. The number ten represented the ten tribes of Israel. or Mogha's share. The breastplate of judgment was down for centuries to the chief justice This collar or clasp cessor in office. and courage to be a soldier. finely wrought with fine linen. of purple. extinguish on the 31st with holy fire. of 100 battles divided Ireland by a rampart from Dublin to Galway. his grandson. THE BREASTPLATE.

and his own eyes put out." They were commanded to go to the north and west to Tarshish (Isaiah Ixvi." And yet. 2). Did you ever notice what a wonderful man the How much more fully God revealed himself to him than to the other prophets. he became a student of the books of Jeremiah. I will set " And a sign among them. and to the nations The Rev." 19. and how clearly he saw and wrote of the movements of Divine providence to his people.OR. By an act of disobedience. 6). when Daniel desired to look into the future. " Everybody knew that the whole political history of every nation of the world was Prophet Jeremiah was ! ! " For I will punish them that dwell in immediately. "So they came into the land of Egypt. called Jacob's Pillow. to Tarshish. or Stone of Destiny. and from him the great Prime Minister of Chaldea learned of the times and seasons that were drawing near (Daniel ix. that have not heard my fame. The king's sons had been killed. and " To Tarshish and to the isles afar off ! To the Yarish Isles." but they were commanded to leave I will send those that escape of them unto the nations. neither have seen my glory . that draw the bow. . and they shall declare my glory among the Gentiles. the land of Egypt.and Javan. (See lecture on that stone. Dr. send them to Tarshish and the western isles The royal commission given to Jeremiah will answer the question. Potter says. . to Tubal. and Lud.) Among all JEREMIAH. The Lord hath appointed a place where this new nation was to be planted an intimation of that fact Why afar off? . There was a small remnant left. to the isles afar off.) : admitted to be written in the book of Daniel. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. 163 the most curious and the most valuable of the sacred memorials brought into Ireland from the east is the Liah Fail. with the king's household. Pul. the royal household was taken away to Egypt (Jeremiah Ixiii. The Prophet Jeremiah was specially entrusted by the Lord with a royal commission to take the daughters of King Zedekiah in charge.

he set the bounds according to the number of the children of Israel. et manebunt in locis suis. and to plant. and to pull down." . appoint a place prepared before Me and will establish them. to build. and by a wonderful providence. did divide the earth to the sons of Adam. The country was appointed. : 10. " See I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms." translated improborum " And I will thus. : When the Most High divided to when he separated the sons of Adam. and they for Israel. and now in the farthest-off isle Jeremiah is to plant the Lord's tree. nations). people shall abide in their own places. God disposed of the several lands and boundaries of this people. et statuam eos. the nations their inheritance.e. (2 Samuel vii.) onomy " 8. of the people Jacob is the lot of his The people of Israel were remembered." hundreds of years before the planting of God's tree. whom He designed to make as many as the and sands.) 10." (i. by His providence. " For the Lord's portion is his people inheritance. In Jeremiah i. stars A NEW NATION. to root out. or an existence. and to throw down. xxxii. God. He appointed Israel his place. (Deuter- My . and not be alarmed any and the sons of the wicked shall not proceed to uaore The place was appointed afflict them as of old. et populo terrebunter amplius . . and to destroy. had been communicated to David by Nathan the prophet. in the tenth chapter of Genesis. as we shall see farther on. et mon addent filii affligere eos sicut antiquitus. was prepared for the royal household from Mount Zion." will plant them. that . and specially provided for at that early day. as beforetime. " Moreover I will appoint a place for my people Israel. move no more The New Version reads the same. and neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them any more. reserving a suitable place for the great numbers of His people Israel. and : they may dwell in a place of their own. When.164 ANGLO-ISRAEL. The Latin version of the Chaldea paraphrase is very " El suggestive: ponam locum paratum ante populo ineo Israel. long before Israel had a name.

and with a shadowing shroud. in the garden of God could not hide him the fir trees were not like his boughs. same : too. and his branches became long because of the multitude of waters. the Assyrian was a cedar in Lebanon with fair branches. 105 Trees are God's symbols of nations and kingdoms. and under his shadow dwelt all great nations. whose height reached unto the heaven. new nation is to be called into existence. was spoken of in the same way. too. I have made him fair by the multitude of his branches so that all the trees of Eden. and the chesnut trees were not like his branches . when he shot forth. Therefore his height was exalted above all the trees of the field." tree .) 3. saw a 10. and upon whose branches the fowls of the heaven had their habitation. in the The cedars length of his branches for his root was by great waters. it is spoken of as a tree to be planted or. He speaks of it as a tree to be cut down. to him and interpreted the dream : that thou sawest. great. : "The The Assyrian Empire. ! thus : " To whom art thou thus like in glory and in greatness among the trees of Eden 1 yet shalt thou be brought down with the trees of Eden unto the nether parts of the earth. Thus was he fair in his greatness. and was strong. and behold a tree in the midst of the earth." 18. that art grown and become strong for thy greatness is grown. and reacheth unto heaven." : : : How What a fine description of a great nation true of the Saxon race. that were in the garden of God. and the height thereof reached unto heaven. The waters made him great. and of an high stature. and his top was among the thick boughs. tree. if a nation is to be destroyed. "Behold. envied him. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. ." visions of . Egypt. which grew. and the fruit thereof much. and sent out her little rivers unto all the trees of the field. or plucked up thus Nebuchadnezzar in his dream If a . and in it was meat for all under which the beasts of the field dwelt. All the fowls of heaven made their nests in his boughs. . as a tree. and the height thereof was The tree grew. and his boughs were multiplied. nor any tree in the garden of God was like unto him in his beauty. the deep set him up on high with her rivers running round about his plants. and the sight thereof to the end of all the earth. xxxi. and the sight thereof to all the earth.) : mine head in my bed I saw. and thy dominion to the end of the earth. "Thus were the And Daniel went 20. Whose leaves were fair. and under his branches did all the beasts of the field bring forth their young. was spoken of under the figure (Ezek. O king. (Daniel iv.OR. Jt is thou.

the interpreter said. and bear fruit upward. I have this day appointed thee Dr." this high cedar is the royal family of the tribe of Judah. Now the Lord says.. and will plant it upon an high mountain and eminent. have exalted the low tree. it is reasonable Not in the east. salem shall go forth a remnant. " I will plant a tree (Great Britain). and you Jeremiah are to be my deputy in this thing. and bear fruit. and be a goodly cedar: and under it shall dwell all fowl of every wing in the shadow of the : . and have made the dry I the Lord have spoken and have done it. If a new kingdom is to be planted. There is to be a nation transplanted to a new soil." And he And says (Isaiah xxxvii." Clark says. . xvii. In the mountain of the height of Israel will I plant it and it shall bring forth boughs.. I will also take of the highest branch of the high cedar. " That which I have planted will I pluck up." tree to nourish : Nimrod had planted a tree (Babylon) and it had been cut down. Ashur had planted a tree (Assyria) and it had been plucked up by the roots. " This is Pharaoh and all his multitude.) 30. for thus saith the Lord (Ezekiel 22." Now when the Lord speaks of His own people Israel.1G6 ANGLO-ISRAEL. and they that escape out of Mount Zion the zeal of the Lord of hosts shall do this. it shall grow again and be a fruit bearing kingdom. to plant a nation. for the Babylonian to ask. and the tender one is a daughter of King Zedekiah. even this whole land. saith the Lord God. Adam . where ? and Medo-Persian empires are crumbling to the dust. And all the trees of the field shall know that I the Lord have brought down the high tree. I will crop off' from the top ot his young twigs a tender one. The remnant is not to be destroyed. and that which I have built will I break down. Mizrairn had planted a beautiful tree in a good soil (Egypt) but it had withered away. branches thereof shall they dwell. He uses the same figure (Jeremiah Ixv. : is escaped of the house of Judah shall For out of Jeruagain take root downward. " This branch is another monarchy which shall come up in the line of David. have dried up the green tree. and will set it . the highest branch is David's family. 4).) : "Thus saith the Lord God ." "And the remnant that : THE TENDER BRANCH.

in a city of merchants." way plants His tree in the isles of the west. and Eome. How long they were in Spain. It is certain that they were there. in the isles of Tarshish. in a land of traffic. . is "to be planted on a high mountain. and Egypt. I don't know. and doomed Media. this tender branch. or in Ethiopia to destruction. I don't know. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. and Assyria. .OR. In a future chapter we shall hear from Nathan the prophet on the place where this tree was to be planted. because most secure from the eagles of imperial Rome. and in the farthest off one. Treea must have time to take root. and Greece. a fruitful field by the rivers of waters. long Jeremiah and the king's daughters. There was a large and prosperous colony of Hebrews over there already they had been there preparing the way of the Lord for several centuries they had secured already immense treasures invested in arts and commerce there is already great commercial en" Tuatka de danan" the tribe of Dan. . Where is this plant of the Lord to be set ? Where Will the prophetic is His tree to be made to grow ? harp be tuned to tell of Babylon and Persia." the Lord had said. (Russia). and were prepared to give a right royal welcome to the So He . " God moves in a mysterious His wonders to perform. this tree of the Lord." the name= of the place is not given. and Rosha. 167 Not are for they in the south in Egypt. remained in Egypt. or household. terprise in the The merchant princes had found a home there. there w as a large colony of their people there how long they remained there we may not know but we do know that just seven years after they left How Simon Baruch and r . "tender branch. and the armies are mustering to lay low the pride of Egypt. . and not one single strain foreshadow where this new empire is to be founded ? These people are to be lost for long years. and to grow. but you can see the Emerald Isle is in the picture. and to disappear from among the nations for a time. . and their attendants.

four miles below In Enm'skillen. and their household and attendants. . with a or chief head. and from the Welsh triads. which stone is now in Westminster Abbey. They introduced many new things into Ireland. THE OUTFIT. the Mur-ollaa system of cwil or school of the prophets main. the annals of Tigernac. there is a lake called Lough Erin. They brought with them the Liah-fail. ." I might quote from the Psalter of Cashel. Zion. and of the four masters. on which there is a round tower . or coronation stone.C. a teacher from God with him. county Fermanagh. They came under the direction of the ship-owners of Dan. a Hebrew word for judge. upon which all the kings and . this lake there is an island. link of seven years. and he was jurisprudence priest. the Kronicles. That tomb has from time immemorial been called "Jeremiah's tomb. but I must not in this paper indulge to any extent. more than probable that some monument. The tables of the law. more than a mere synopsis of what history informs us accompanied the prophet and his royal charge B.168 ANGLO-ISRAEL. called Davenish. connected with the tower is a very ancient cemetery. 2). In that cemetery there are very ancient monuments. " I have seen that tomb hundreds of A times. or prophet. we find them landing on the Irish coast. There was a revealer. Simon Baruch (Jer. They appointed a Rectaire. In Ireland. living in the city of Toronto says. from very ancient poems. bearing evidence in their language and institutions of a Hebrew origin. or or marble will be found to fill up this missing Mount It is slab." gentleman. and monumental inscriptions to prove the arrival of large companies of the descendants of the chosen people. also the daughters of Zedekiah. one divinely commissioned called Ollam-Fodla. and of their arrival at different times. 580 or 581. and in one corner of the cemetery there is a tomb hewn out of a solid rock. called Jodhan-Morain. xlv. as a scribe.

a white shield. with a richly carved silver handle. However. and the grand old melodies. have been crowned. when the man won his honors they made ample THE KING. with gold fastenings. of broad forehead. a secretary. also a short. sparkling. "byssus. a shirt of kingly linen. thin. with their attendants to the number of twenty-four. queens of Great Britain." with A red-and-white cloak golden clasps for buttons. He was free from arrest and his wife also." There was with him a lad. laughing eyes. Ireland was then divided into five provinces . A literary title in those days meant work. . blue. with a crimson cloak. shirt of white kingly linen. 169 " An Ollam provision for his necessities. . sharp spear. in those schools. and gold fastenings on his shoulder. " Such a man is of himself half a Fergus said of him. handled sword. day " of death. which to this " dissolve us into ecstacies. dark green spear. short. called battle. fastened in front with a clasp of A goldgold. and the five. whom they crowned as commander of all the army. with hooks of gold and golden rim. or Here-mon." requiring them to complete a course in the school of classics. or king of Ulster.OR." or as Milton says. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. elected an Eirmon. A small sword at his side. so chosen. was allowed a standing income of (20) twenty cows. was tall and slender of form. a light. was dressed in royal robes. sharp. shining teeth on his person was a . red lips pearly. Meath being the fifth.300 years. 580 B. a white shield. the school of law." He was also entitled by law to have two hounds and six horses. They brought the harp and other musical instruments. for 2." Might create a soul under the ribs They introduced a curriculum for the " Ollams. or king. Each province elected their chiefwarrior. This crowned horseman. and the school of philosophy and It required twelve years' study to graduate poetry.C. besides plenty of refections for himself. his wife and family. fluttered about him. and their keep on the chieftain's farm.

The nation must accept the moral law as contained in the two tables. tired of Bel and the Dragon. was called Tanist. and eminent. the most beautiful." a castle in Meath. : of Baal must be renounced. What young nobleman. The name of " Lothair Groffin. and it was not good for a man to be alone. He was a bachelor.worship. in a city of merchants. I believe they are the young princes of Tara lately come from the East. and Tephi becomes the beautiful representative of the royal house of David. Tephi was her name.170 ANGLO-ISRAEL. and thus we see the tender branch planted on a high mountain. To see the " tender branch " was to love her. denoting fragrance and beauty. . The king. or High. made proposals to her. as in duty bound the prophet consented to the union on three . especially a popular Irishman. I Ferdon't remember." Echoid was the king's name. She consulted her guardian.king. or chief. He must provide a school for the Ollams. some of them a long way on this side. The next heir to the crown ." Fergus." " in such as these Ulster gus. " Who is he. like our Emma. and the worship of the true God established. or Rosamond. the prophet blesses the nuptials. for she was of all virgins. for a manly man was he. leaving any persons when I left it. sometimes called Heremon. " said said Ailill. 2. would refuse such an offer ? The law of God soon took the place of the law of Baal. his whole nature insulted by the huge falsehoods in Baal. or successor. We shall prove . 3. in a land of traffic. The school is erected. I fear. The kings in that age and country were called Kigh. Ireland. by the great waters. dear shining spear on his shoulder. a pure Hebrew name a pet name. as The worship was promised. Matches they say are made in heaven. a word which answers to the Latin Eex and the French Roi the chief king or monarch was called Ard-Eigh. conditions 1. a pure form of worship established. is changed to that of Tara.

The soul of music shed. ten distinguished cities in the interior and on the coasts of Ireland. and Irish the in the from Galli schools. many Who has not heard Moore's melody on in " The harp that once through Tara's halls. in his table of Europe.OR. " The Irish nation Intosh says. is there much of interest in from them. 171 another lecture that a large number of Hebrew words are found in the literature of Ireland. Nuw hangs as mute on Tara's walls. " The learned Druids were Julius Caesar says. Simeni. when the royal household was transplanted from Zion to Tara." He " Persons who desire to further says. As might be expected. so many who do not know it. the introduction of an eastern I cannot now princess became an inspiring theme. and who are not willing to admit the facts about the musical and literary character of Ireland at those times. I will Sir James Mcquote ai few impartial testimonies. hand." Ptolemy. for centuries. possesses genuine history several centuries more ancient than any other European nation possesses in its present spoken lan- who wrote early in the second age of the Christian era. that Ptolemy placed Ireland among the most celebrated islands in the world. and Cad of Hebrew origin. Ireland was the university for all Europe. acquire a more extensive knowledge repair to Britain for information . enumerates. As if that soul were fled. In those early times much of the history of the nation was written in poems of the country. brought there. in the Greek language." and if Britain taught Gaul. There are. guage. where did they acquire their knowledge? and from whence came the tribes of Dani." It is well known to historians that. and his annotator adds. of whom we read so much ? . though quote I have of those on of Moore's verses. however. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. youth taught were sent over there to finish their education.

and they sent forth swarms of holy men all over Europe. which was a mart of literIt is recorded as a mark of respect to many of ature.D. for sanctity and learning. " from all quarters. educated. in France." . Gall. amore Ivit legendi. in Switzerland Malmesbury." Camden also says. owed their origin. in Italy. Wentzburge. " At that time the Saxons flocked from all quarters to Ireland. such an one was sent over to Ireland for education. and adds. says. " No men came up to the Irish monks. Lidsfaine. men of exemplary piety devoted themselves here to God. who lived 600 years ago: " Exemplo patrum commotus. especially the Irish." " He was sent to Ireland to be In his history before quoted. who were maintained at the king's expense. " Ireland supplied Gaul. Germany." Mosheim the great ones. " that the students resorted to Ireland from England in such crowds as to require fleets to carry them. in Froconia. and in the life of Sulgenus. and the liberal sciences. who is esteemed the most learned of his times nay. we are told by William of Malmesbury that he was the first Anglo-Saxon who wrote Latin. as to a mart of literature Whence ! we meet frequently in our writers of the lives of saints. To these monks we are to understand Henricus Antisiodrensis. and Italy with their scholars and professionals." He then recites a list of eminent Irish" men. at that time. to whom the monasteries of Luxuiel. ad Hibernos. and flocking to our shores. St. and instructed youth in religion. ons (English) also. sophise mirabili claros. "The Sax. and many others. He writes thus to Eadfrida (A." And in another part he adds." Both these historians accord with their Anglo-Saxon . Aldhelm. he says. in Ireland. 690). predecessor. flocked into Ireland. " In those early ages." Camden says. speaking of the foundation of Glastonbury.172 AXGLO-ISRAEL. when he writes thus to Charles the Bold (middle 9th century) why should I mention almost all Ireland with its crowd of philosophers. Pavia. despising the danger of the sea.

supplying them with books. The loss of the manuscripts is much bewailed by the Irish. and his poem about the prelates : . they treat of the history and antiquities of their country." scholars. John Erigina. or leading there a stricter life. in those times of thick darkness. both in England and France. he says. which is a most honorable testimony not only to the learning. numbers. of these it is said by a contemporary German writer. written 1. In the same manner the celebrated Aleuinus. England. Thus did most of the lights. who wrote seventy years after Bede. 173 " And. country (Eri or Erina became soon after famous for his learning and good parts. We and maintained at their own charge.100 years ago. without fee or reward. the period of the institution of the monastery of Mayo). left their country and retired out of England into Ireland for the sake of studying theology.OR. proceed out of Ireland. bears similar testimony. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST is TRIBES. who were driven by the terror of this persecution to take refuge abroad. designated Ireland thus Geniem innoxiam et nationi Anglorum semper dulcissimum. and being their teachers." Among the many learned men. not only to them. again. but to the whole learned world. whom the Emperor Charles the Great received Of the last at his court. and all these he affirms the Irish (whom he calls Scots) most willingly received Lord Lyttleton " says. in his history of the Primitive Church of his whose sirname denoted being the proper name for Ireland). both of the noble and second rank of English. " That through his instructions the French might vie with the Romans and the Athenians. cast their beams over Europe. you might as heaven as enumerate her learn from Bede." Bede. and honored with his favor. and which may well be deemed a misfortune. none distinguished themselves more than Albin and Clement. as I reckon the stars of may a rich and blooming say. Ireland country of well students. an the seventh about that century (being Anglo-Saxon. which. but likewise to the hospitality of that nation.

"that those who had conferred the sacrament upon his son Alfred and his attendants while in Ireland. in his treatise . and converted to the Christian faith a : God. king of the East Angles. informs his readers that Fersues. whose life corresponded with the habits of a monk. 565." Asserius. " All the customs of the Irish which I have says. to preach the Christian faith with great zeal and devotion in every part of King Oswald's domains." In the next chapter he gives a large number entitled. Columba " In the beginning of the reign of Justin the who succeeded Justinian in the government of younger. who had been sent to him in compliance with the king's request. of his subjects. king of Northumberland. another Irish missionary. and administer the sacrament to them. came from Ireland into Britain. which he had taken. After this many priests began to come daily from Ireland into England. the Roman Empire. with joy. He converted the whole nation in a very short time by his eloquence and good example. in his annals of the year 651. A view of the Spencer. and holy men of the Church of York. much extolled also by Bede.174 ANGLO-ISRAEL. State of Ireland. as a tribute of gratitude for which he received the Isle of Icombkill. Bede. Churches were built in many places. written upwards of 200 years ago. gives an account of the conversion t3 Christianity of Oswald. would send some zealous and learned prelates to instruct his English subjects in the faith of Christ. and to administer the sacrament of Baptism to all such as were converted.D. visited the territories of Si<^e")ert. Anglis semper amicus. A. the people. in the third book of the history already quoted. a venerable Irish missionary. to build and endow a monastery. describes the people of Ireland. a priest and abbot of great celebrity. a contemporary writer with King Alfred. by Aidanus. Columba. to teach the Word of God to the northern provinces of the Picts. assembled to hear the Word of brief history of the mission of St.

in his history of the reign of " school was formed at Armagh." In another part of the same book he describes this country so " that no monument of her antique beginning and " It is first inhabiting remain. and with them the arts and sciences which have been distinguished among these people." Lord Lyttletori. the Protestant primate of Ireland. civilization. in Johannus Scotus Pavia. and labors of those Irish missionaries. would require much study and labor. and the foundation of monasteries.. written more than two centuries ago. and brought from thence the use of letters to their A ignorant countrymen. not to talk of the acts of the distinguished holy men of Ireland. Moreri in his celebrated dictionary under the article " Ireland " gives an interesting description of the labors of Irishmen in the diffusion of Christianity. and literature over the world. "From hence (Ireland) our old Saxon ancestors seem to have had the form of their letters. says. schools." The English Saxons received from the Irish their letters. lives. given the most distinto the most famous universities in guished professors as Claudius Clemens to Paris. He England. Henry II. and compared with what I have read." and he adds again certain that Ireland hath had the use of letters very anciently. as Sir . and long before England.OR." Camden. as they plainly used the same characters which : are at present in use among the Irish." Archbishop Usher. 175 often noted. Erigina to Oxford. Italy. says. which. in his Britannia. Albunus to Europe. Many Saxons out of England resorted there for instruction. and colleges by " Ireland has adds. more than 200 years ago. concludes a long narration of the virtues. by saying that the bare enumeration of the names. TI/E SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. I think to be more ancient than most I know of in this end of the world. many Irish went from thence to convert and teach other nations. and the antiquity of that people. in the truth. which soon became very famous. would minister occasion of a most ample discourse of the original of them. in them.

In a small volume. destroyed.176 A NGL O-1SRAEL.D. under Turgesius. who like the Romans in France. in his treatise on Irish writers. after noticing Giraldus Cambrensis. England (from France). 9th. 884 in the or 883." " The Sir James Ware also says. observes. and 10th ages which were resorted to particularly by the Anglo-Saxons. entitled Sir the University of Oxford. and other people of the north. occupied this land for thirty years. after stating various opinions as to the origin of that University. "They by the irruption of a frightful Ware. being invited by Irishman) year came into Alfred." Fred. Spencer says. ruined their colleges and monasteries. the writer. 1651). in the 7th. and reduced that country (which was then. "Although the Norwegian plunderers. nevertheless. English Saxons received their education from schools then planted in Ireland. Jos. who were all received there with greater hospitality than any other country in the Christian world. "We nations. the French. James Ware The Foundation of Thomas . by Jenner. and the university of the ." in his treatise upon Irish writers. about the same time. and the King in his labors a few years after in the reused king establishment of Oxford. (A. can understand why Ireland was once the light of the world. the protectress of the feeble. destroyed almost all the churches and books by and fire. as the historians of that time declare. and ancient writers. " Johannus Erigina (that is the distinctly states. who in the 9th age. thirteen of the first book. put to death an infinite number of monks and priests. 8th. the study of literature revived even in the llth age Ireland was esteemed the repertory of the most learned men. where may be seen chapter an account of the celebrated academies and public schools which were maintained in Ireland. . the nursery of all sciences and virtues) to the last state of barbarism. James Ware proves And again he (the Irish) were inundated number of Danes." Sir James states. the most civilized in Europe. She was once the sanctuary and the asylum of knowledge.

illustrious race . written 265 years ago. Johnson said.OR. was the principal founder thereof about the year 630 or 636. were Irishmen." Dr. together with many of his subjects. for the teaching of grammar. tion of the University of Cambridge. which the king established. king of the Acadeby Johannes Caius. East Anglia. who wrote a similar treatise on the foundaIt is stated in Antiquitates Cantabrigiensis mice. 12 . of some says. after many overthrows of wars) he caused to be erected therein three colleges. that "Johannes Erigina was. " Ireland was at those times the school of the west. the quiet habitation of sanctity and learning. philosophy and divinity. and that (besides the ancient hostels for scholars which it was evident was then remaining. Queen . Elizabeth partly endowed it. We have already seen this king was converted. Ill " But the chiefest agree that Elfred. called Alured. that three most learned Irishmen. was the chief and principal founder thereof. and Magilmuminus. " The chiefest conclude and agree that Seigebert. Samuel Johnson speaks of the Irish race as an for upwards of two thousand years were the teachers of the west. arts and piety. to Chrisalso that all the tianity. in times past times of thick darkness cast their beams over Europe proceeded from Ireland. and sanctioned by Primate Usher. Dr." Lord Lyttleton said. king of the West -Saxons.D. by an Irish prelate. but Alexander Bignor founded that institution A. as writers assert. the ardent cultivathey tors of letters. about the year 872. had proceeded to Alfred." The foundation of Trinity College. one of the founders of the Academy of Cambridge. " Most of the lights." Jenner. Macbeathus. sending thither his own son Ethelward. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. Finanus learned men at that time in Britain. 1320. was commenced by Johannes Lechus. namely Duflanus. which." It is stated by several writers. or public schools. and it is not unreasonable to conjecture that the three learned men superintended the three colleges. states. Dublin.

In our way the peasant. THE MOON'S PHASES. which the learned Costard asserts to be the constellation Orion. the maddin nag of the Chaldeans. many of amongst whom." Consequently this man must have received his knowledge from Irish manuscripts. Yallancey. Shortly after. Feach an maddin nag. where. I could not doubt of this being the Cimah of Job. Thomas Moore. who had a tolerable notion of calculating the EPACTS. says. " I had not been a week landed Col. and the three horizontal stars he said was his sword-belt. multiplied in every direction but by far the most distinguished of them. when I heard a peasant girl say to a boor standing by her. in his History of the County of Kerry." Smith. It was a fine starry night. in Ireland from Gibraltar. near Black-stones. at one time. even to a fault. there were as many as three thousand scholars. as well for the number as the superior character of its scholars. Esq. have greater knowledge in this way than some of the better Neither is the genius of the sort in other places. . such institutions of learning had . in his History of Ireland. (Behold the morning star. or the armed king and he described the three upright stars to be his spear or sceptre. was the long renowned seminary of Eennian at Clonard. commonalty confined to this kind of learning alone for I saw a poor man. when an aged cottager undertook to be our guide. where I had studied Hebrew and Chaldaic under Jews of various countries and denominations. we lost the path." It is a remarkable circumstance on record. to the taking them off more useful works. although he had never been taught to read English. " Classical reading extends itself. through ignorance or forget..178 ANGLO-ISRAEL. the lower and poorer kind in Kerry. GOLDEN NUM. "At this period. says.) pointing to the planet Venus. being benighted with a party in the mountains of the western part of the county of Cork. and THE ECLIPSES. BER. says. pointing to the constellation Orion. said that was Caomai. DOMINICAL LETTEB. that when the rest of Europe.

and consigned him to the flames. after two years' stay in that province. in the library of St. having written that there existed Antipodes. 179 fulness." These are undeniable authorities of astronomy having been studied by the ancient Irish and treatises of that time have come down to our own day. descended of an ancient and honorable family in Ireland. though against the received opinion of the ancients." This fact is also mentioned by Mascon. declared him a heretic. he was consecrated on the 13th of June. XVI. who imagined the earth to be a plain. to be presented to the bishopSir J. had no knowledge of the true figure of the earth. Feargil. I find the following statement: " Virgilius. " says. is Pope Zachary's tenth letter which contains damnation against this Hibernian philosopher. Councils. The gifted Dr. W. . by whom he was kindly entertained for his learning and sweet behaviour. and seventh centuries Ireland was the favored abode of learning and religion. of Lifer. in his history of the Germans. Duke of Bavaria.OR. " of Saltzburg and. to which multitudes of her students flocked from various lands to receive instruction in Divine and human wisdom. Walsh. in the eighth century. and in the Irish character. Bishop of Saltzburg. Patrick's Cathedral. Bishop of Ossory. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. 767." ric . both mention that they had seen a treatise in manuscript. He was sent by the king to Otho. Archbishop of Mayence. During the fifth. the Pope's legate. which he most truly held. of Cass. and in Vol. sixth. Latinized into Virgilius. Ware says. the rotundity and true formation should have been taught in the Irish schools. Boniface. and Lab. where he spent two years in the court of King Pepin. left his native country and passed over to France. In D'Israeli's Curios. P. Even so late as the eleventh century. When Smith and Harris published the histories of Cork and Down. we find the Irish celebrated as a nation famous for the Word of God. He is the author of a discourse on the Antipodes. Historians of different creeds and countries agree in pointing her out as the university of Europe. .

and ask from whom did it receive the Gospel ? And you will learn that it was from Aidan. . the Irish missionaries. and ask the inhabitants. Switzerland. but that title ought to be given to St. But not only was Ireland a depository of Scripwas also the refulgent centre from which the beams of Gospel truth were diffused through- " Truth. it was from Ireland principally that they received the knowledge of God. Austin from Italy ought not to be called the apostle of England. whence did they receive the Gospel ? and they will tell you it was from Kilian. who on account of his fame as a missionary " ." It was through the same instrumentality that all Belgium. she out a great part of the continent. Extend your journey to Saltzburg. who. and you will get the same reply and they will show you the tomb of Kilian. and ask the same question. and first preached to them the word of life ? and they will tell you of Virgil. went thither on a missionary journey in the eighth century. the Irish bishop. requires us to declare that St. Walk through Britain. and ask who built their noble church. where formerly dwelt the warlike Alemanni. It was by means of her missionaries that two-thirds of Saxon England and a great part of Scotland were converted to the Christian faith. and extend your journey to Cologne. an Irish missionary. Pass on to Wurtzburg. Traverse the banks of the Ehine. and you will be told of Fridolin. and much less the apostle of Scotland. from the Thames to the Tweed. When the nations of Germany and northern Europe were sunk in heathenism. Finan. tural truth. Golumba and his followers from the Irish school of lona. and Germany were brought from serving dumb idols to serve the living God. Cross over to France. and whose ashes lie in the great cathedral. enter the depths of the Black Forest. and Columba. with seven others.180 ANGLO-ISRAEL." says Bishop Wordsworth. from Lindisfarne to lona. and ask from whose lips did they first hear the Gospel's joyous sound. who was martyred in their midst for his fidelity to God.

Gildas says. " The sun of the Gospel first illumined the Island before the defeat of Boadicea. and climb into the heart of Switzerland look down from the mountains upon Constance and Zurich. and inquire who it was that first preached Christ among these hills and valleys ? and a thousand voices will tell you of Mr. She held firm by the Asiatic customs. for the first rills of truth that flowed amidst her barren mountains. from time immemorial. accustomed to eastern rites. Adarn Clarke says on that point. who laid the foundations of that noble faith among the everlasting mountains.OR. The Irish Church was the last to submit to the claims of the Eoman Pontiff. Then mount the Alps. Pass on through Batavia. " Ireland received the Christian religion not from the west. but from the east. and it was he who planted the standard of the cross at Pavia. . that it was not the Eoman missionaries who principally led to the conversion of the Saxons. Grail. and you will find that so far from being the source whence Ireland derived its religious teaching. where ended his labors. It was to Columbanus she owed the conversion of Lombardy. and has bequeathed his name to one of the Swiss cantons. amongst the Eoman Apennines. Dr. who received his education in Ireland. Tarentum. and Westphalia. Bede says. but the Irish and the native clergy. she was herself indebted to those sacred fountains which welled up from the Irish soil. ." Many of our modern writers give far too much credit to Eome when they say that she missioned England and Ireland. and celebrated Easter after the Asiatic manner. Friesland. who converted nearly the whole of the Heptarchy. 181 was called " the traveller. Those islands had the pure worship of God before the Eomans sent their agents. The Irish were. Go into Italy us as her that land which would claim itself. haughty children in the faith. and Bobio. and you will find that they were converted to the faith by the preaching of Willibrod. or the Eoman Church. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES." and whose remains are buried in the Abbey of Sekingen.

Ireland was almost the only land that proved hospitable to the muses.182 I ANGLO-ISRAEL. have myself noticed among this people a number of customs. in its early days. men of unparalleled knowledge in secular and spiritual affairs. "Therefore say I unto you. both sacred and civil. "When the barbarian war crushed the Latin empire. Lesley." Buchanan says.A. that " Bran.. the father of Caractacus. brought the Gospel into Ireland. man. as mentioned in the sacred writings. Boetius." Tacitus bears testimony that. but for the origin of the nation itself. and Thompson for injuring Ireland. that are of mere Asiatic and not a few exact counterparts of some origin among the patriarchs and ancient Jews. 43. to-day seem most nearly to answer to the nation spoken of by our Lord in Matthew xxi. source. than towards the west. a profound theologian and a Scotchcelebrity. and were historians and chironologers to look more towards the east. The kingdom of God shall be M. which for a long time excelled all other European seminaries in honor and The other was Joannes Scotus. who founded that magnificent university of Paris." authors say. by sending away so many of her holy and illustrious scholars. . they would probably get nearer the ." says the Rev. Edmund Hayes. at the very " The time it was being taken from the Jews. inveighs severely against his countrymen. Hodge. there was no taste or encouragement for letters. " In the first century the channels and harbors of Ireland were better known to merchants than those of Britain. One of them was Claudius Clemens. " was Roman : taken from you. Some known to have been zealously opposed to usurpation. and the English as a church and nation. and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof. which was designed for science and theology." When Charles commenced his reign. J. not only for the origin of the religion of Ireland." church in those islands. He accidentally met two gentlemen from Ireland. who founded a college in Italy. M.

In 651 A. Ethnea was his queen. only Ireland. of Druid.. for to confirm all things a man plucked off his shoe. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. which many entirely overlook.D. This is a curious survival of a very and If we be Israelitish custom. schools. A grandee. that the grant might be sure. a judge. how did we come to have so mony manner . of the father's cession of right to her. a doctor." The right of a father over his daughter having ceased on her marriage. a Druid. the man put off his shoe and gave it his neighbor this was a testimony of cession of right in Israel. 183 in Ireland. the throwing of shoes is clearly the testithus : . in Israel concerning redeeming and concerning changing. a musician. : " ? Answer (see Ruth iv. as was the in Israel. and an hisThe bishop took the place torian. and she. when Finan and Colman were bishops the English noblemen used to come to Ireland to hear lectures on divinity and general science. a poet. ancient interesting not descendants of Israel. professor and founded two colleges.) Now this was the manner in former times : In the Vulgate the custom is stated more clearly r " Now this in former times was the manner in Israel between kingsmen." . leaving the paternal home with her husband. Colman spent three years in England as and lecturer and then returned to Ireland. founded Ten perand established three universities. How came this custom among us ? and how came it to be universal among the different branches of our Saxon family 7. I allude to the custom of throwing old shoes after the bride on her leaving her father's house with her husband. He published books. and gave it to his neighbor and this was a testimony in Israel. sons were always to be near the king. Down to the eleventh century no other country under heaven was known to the historian by the name of Scotia.OR. . that if at any time one yielded his right to another. Another Israelitish custom that has been come down through all the ages. and whose origin few inquire into. and three domestics. King Cormac exceeded all his predecessors in magnificence and learning. It retained the name Scotia until the fifteenth century.

India. and he heard O'Flinn unlocking the and went to get his ale. of their many times. isles of the sea. Carolan. Speaking one language. Filling the welkin with gratitude's voice Canada. over lands." IMPERIAL FEDERATION. but was stoutly when repulsed. What a blest federation. instantly he wrote a bitter epigram in ite cellar door. Under one Cross. and his wit was Once he wanted a drink of his favorusually prompt. clearly The Et. bishop and firmly. let So surly a dog would nobody in. continents.184 ANGLO-ISRAEL. on this orb's upper hemisphere olden. ' ! TUPPER. So may the whole world's glorious communion. Africa. Tenderly linked like the Graces in love. the Irish poet. was witty." . that a beverage. One with Old England. Growing together in one happy union. May be united. and fulfilling the required conditions of Scripture. Britain. That they all may be one that mother and daughters. Rev. Zealand. on that younger half circle beneath. one life. over waters. Gobat. Australia. Nature and Science and Commerce rejoice. Dr. Adding your jewels to Britain's regalia. one standard unfurled . BY MARTIN " ' F. Owning one law of religion and reason. : Irish " What a pity hell's gates are not kept by O'Flinn. And the grand future of hope and of health. Imperial Queen of the World Sealed as one heart. for the Anglo-Saxon Israelitish hypothesis existed in the fact that nowhere else had Ephraim been found. the home of the free. Here. customs transmitted to us and to our of the Church of solid ground England. and rich in its wealth Proud of the past. Everywhere shall one sweet union enfolden England's fair scions in olive-twined wreath. beneath and above . and the bright present season. All to be one ! ! . There. said. and one nation. Girdling the globe.

That this by which it is surrounded. "painted." " the land of tin. one of its first kings. 4. was derived from "B'rith. so say Bochart and others. In the light of fools.OR." the fifth descendant from . Yield no sap for lasting fruits. Angli-land.D. That it . The chief opinions are as follows. Anglo-Saxon. That it was taken from the Welsh word. Latin. That it comes from two words. Angles. called the fast anchored isle. or stain their bodies with woad (Isates tinctoria). Sees but falsehood in the past. Freeman asserts that that the name Engla-land does not appear before 1014 the name Angel-cyn. who named it " Barat-anac. It is said that Egbert proclaimed the name officially as early as 688 A.. And its people view their sires." " " England. Tis a sign of its decline. Angli. that but blight their roots. or liars. 5. because of the vio1. Engla-land. And its splendor cannot last. The name Britain has caused much conjecture among historians. viz. lent agitation of the sea 3. 2. Engle. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. : Trojan prince " name was given to this island by a named Brutus." which means violence. Engle-kin being the usual names for both land and people before that time. BRITAIN. Brydio." and the golden land./Eneas." takes its name from Angles." because its ancient inhabitants were accustomed to paint. That it was given by the Phoenicians." and hence Brattanac. but Dr. Branches. a plant which yields a blue color. one of the three German tribes from the east that invaded the soil. then Brittanca. " When a land rejects her legends. one in Welsh and " B'rith " is a Welsh word for the other in Greek. and claimed it as their home. 185 ENGLAND. then Britain.

The reader may choose for himself. wolves. and that Island was named Inys Prydaiu. when it was dwelt thereon. or Each after him next came Britain. I made you to go up out of Egypt. Nicholas reads BeaThose people came from De-fro-bane. ninth chapter. e with each other. as I cannot accept any of these opinions. There is yet another version of it. and David and The Gibeonites and Israel under Joshua all Israel. my opinion. God entered into a B rith with Abraham. and David and Jonathan made a B e ritli I will also give 7.) " And an 1. and have brought you into the land which I sware unto (Judges ii. a bargain. There e ritli is twice used in the is one instance in which same connection first a transaction between God and men. we would hesitate to speak with man. if he can. which is another name for covenant. became their king. Constantinople now stands and they came over the They obtained one wilderness. In Joshua. where vers). and Laban made a B ritk with Jacob. son of Aedd. or chief. made a league. as no it man .186 " ANGLO-ISRAEL. According to the Welsh triads. a B rith e Now. . or German Ocean: . It was full of bears. a league. the mighty. country ones. and David and Abner. and an it means precisely the same as our word covenant agreement. the Cymry first inhabited this isle. led this people to this island as their leader that Prydain. Thus Abraham made e e a B rith with Abimelech. hazy sea. No. the is a Greek word for region. and then a transaction between man and man. BEIT-ISH. and we may call it The Hebrew word for covenant is B rith. and Bisons (Dr. word of B e ritli is God forming used. and He even confirmed the covenant (the B'rith) with an e oath. or Hu. Isle of Prydain opinion can boast a master of etymology. that Hu-Gadarn. B angel of the Lord came and said. five times the word B eritli is In all these cases the Hebrew translated league. of painted country 6. : . Tania" without a stroke. only we find in the Holy Scriptures the fact stated very often".

In this name we have the whole history of this great covenant. " " " Now ish is the placed with B e rith. or in Australia. and Scot-ish is man people. ye shall make no (B'rith) league with the inhabitants of ye shall throw down their altars but ye have not obeyed : my voice. or tin alloy. Abimelech and his " Let there be an oath betwixt friends said to Isaac. The Saxon chronicle says the inhabitants came . they are the covenant people from the beginand the race is now under the covenant. In this version we find the true solution of the query. unclothed. and Spanish the man of Spain. whence comes our Cambri. and let us make a B rith (Genesis xxvi. We B B " A Men brave and warlike race the Britons were. ning wherever they are. and when means B'rithish. (covenant) with thee (See also the covenant (B erith) and oath at Beer-sheba." This word B'rith is used interchangeably with the word " oath. I will never break TRIBES. women chaste and fair : They. it is Hebrew word for man. e and even betwixt us thee. from says. stained. bold and hardy. unarmed from head to Fought Csesar." for it so happens that when there is a covenant there is also an oath. M. " Their true name is Cumri. as to whence came the name British ? It means. your fathers with you." The Greeks ? ides. Rapin de Thoras. they are still the men of the covenant they are the men of e rith-ish or Britishers the Saxon everywhere is e rith-ish. they were no doubt so called. as Ir-ish is the of Scot. (BfritK) 187 covenant my "And this land . or in Greenland. . us. Bilt-ish man the man of Ir. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST and I said. the well of the oath). called that group of islands CassisterThat was the Asiatic name for first tin. The eminent French historian. . the man of the the of Brit. the man of the covenant.OR. find them in America. the tin islands. or Cumbri. with his army clad in steel" heel. men under covenant to God. 28).

" A divine inspiration is seen touching Benis There jamin the mission." the green spot." which is Jerusalem. and in twelve pieces " And he said to Jeroboam. When the ten tribes were given to Jeroboam and one tribe to Behoboam. They were a brave. this little world. or men of Brit. Dear for her reputation through the earth This happy breed of men." " His lot. even " The Mighty God of Jacob. : tribes of Israel. The Ancient all BENJAMIN." Brit-is^. from the valley of Armenia. "The land of lordliest souls. virtuous. the God of Israel. I will rend the kingdom out of the hand of Solomon. whose name means specially. the dear. Behold. Benjamin was reserved for a (1 special reason for special work for the Lord. and in his great The last born of the twelve sons was to be first to accept Christ and identify themselves with His redeeming work. at every point in his history. and religious people." "the Before England was inhabited it used to be called " sea-girt isle. and will give ten tribes to thee " (But he shall have one tribe for my servant David's sake. St. liberty-loving. were called Khururi. This precious stone set in the silver sea. It is very plain to all Bible students that the tribe of Benjamin was selected to do special work. they settled first in the south of England. Paul's tribe were under the they special direction and special protection of the God of Israel. as we show further on. "the man of my right hand. the city which I have chosen out of all the rent it : : : Kings " xi. . and for Jerusalem's sake. They were Druids. were not at a set of ignorant savages as their enemies have represented them to be.) And 30. Take thee ten pieces for thus saith the Lord. and to become His witnesses to the ends of the earth." and "the honey isle. or inheritance was Jebusi.)" . dear land.188 ANGLO-ISRAEL. one tribe I wish to identify and note and that is Benjamin. Ahijah caught the new garment that was on him.

to be covered all the daylong. and blow the trumpet in Tekoa. Tekoa. "And of Wonderful promise to " the man of my right hand. and may still be seen in Ireland. The beloved of the Lord shall dwell in safety by him. Having given a 1. and Beth-haccerem. When the Roman army was thundering at her gates. Titus gave four days of a truce and permitted any who were so disposed to leave the doomed city. and by them it was brought to Britain. Their mission in Jerusalem was fulfilled at the Pentecost. The Lord covered Benjamin by a special protection. they could not serve as rejected Him who light-bearers in Jerusalem. Benjamin obeyed the Divine command." 12. as he belonged to Israel. The beacon-fire sign was a thoroughly Israelitish institution. bearing ori their banners their coat of arms.OR. because they was the true David's light in Jerusalem. It was in constant use in Britain in the day of the Duke of Wellington." Moses said of Benjamin (Deut. and withdrew." Glorious destiny. 189 my And unto his son will I give one tribe. and Benjamin was lent to Judah for a time. : ye children of Benjamin. with Beth-haccerem. vi. Tekoa was twelve miles north." : " Jerusalem. that David servant may have a light alway before me in Jerusalem. were Benja- . His connection with Judah was only temporary. xxxiii.) : " Benjamin he said. special message to them by Jer. with one exception. " Benjamin was to dwell in safety. sign of fire in Beth-haccerem and great destruction." because there was to be a special and divine work to perform during the mission of Christ. The Jews could not fulfil this mission. light. and he shall dwell between his shoulders. were all within the tribal district allotted to Benjamin. The twelve apostles. and set up a for evil appeareth out of the north. and the Lord shall cover him all the day long. a hill midway from Jerusalem. Our system of telegraphy has thrown it in the shade. the wolf. gather yourselves to flee out of the midst of Jerusalem. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. Benjamin returned from Babylon with Judah. therefore. was Benjamin.

His claim was refused. "Ye are the light of the world. he came under the name of Normans from Normandy.) long as the beloved of the Lord. as were the Marthas and Marys. jamin shall ravin as a wolf." In 1066 A. when he gave the lion to Judah. so the Normans were the last to enter their island home. he proposed to settle his claim to the crown by personal conflict with Harold. as in Saul's reign. Benjamin for a while reigned over Israel. Benline.D. and charged them to flee to the mountains." In their history you see a strong . " Benmonarchy. and that for their sakes. saying. while the English were feasting. " " All these which speak are Galileans. Harold declined. Freeman and Froud on the Normans." Jesus said unto them. say" Let the God of battles and armies determine. covered all day and striking corbetween and the Normans. Benjamin must find a home on the western isles. Thus Benjamin was safe.. To save life." ing." (Eead Macaulay. prince." etc. Benjamin was numerically the least of all the tribes of Israel. and the next day the God of armies decided that Benjamin must be admitted to the grand brother" the The Normans spent the hood. He was no coward. and then gave place to David's So have the Normans. And He told them of the coming tribulation upon the city. their demanded admission. as the other tribes had done." "men of the right hand. So were the Normans on all occasions. the elects' sake. William." " Ye have not chosen Me." They were a light in Jerusalem. So the Normans.190 ANGLO-ISRAEL. respondence Benjamin was the son of Jacob's Benjamin youngest family. and after making his way west. It was said. and true was always loyal to the throne and jamin None more so than the Normans. mites. but I have chosen you and ordained you. Benjamin was the son of power son of the right hand. place and power. the days would be shortened. boldly flict night before the terrible conin singing and prayer. still floating on their banners the coat of arms their venerable father Jacob gave them. "Benjamin shall ravin as a wolf.

or woods. They were from Gael. early history of Scotland is like its own beautiful Highlands. Scotia Minor the islands nearer the " the isles of the west. king. Scuithan. called Gael. and Albania." There followed them another company of the same people. where they named a river Albis. darkness.Fit cliti. They are spoken of as crossing over the Irish Sea. and were called " Caledonians. The word donnie is the Gallic word for "wilderness." and the Yair-ish islands." or forest. The eighth triad says. Peter addressed this people as " strangers strangers." setting sun." they were so called in Scotland and Ireland. to Alban near the Elbe. . " These Albans in Scotland came from Albini in Germania. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. near the Caspian Sea. but the Irish king refused them a home there. it was inhabited north of the Forth by a people calling themselves Albanians. They were the Gaels of the woods. Scuith. and sent them on to Albania. and originally from Albania in the east. or wilderness. from whence Scythian. and pilgrims. where the sun sets. The Clironicum Begum Pictorum states that the Picti were Albani and Scythae. another tribe into Scotland without own seeking for refuge and a home. Engle-land. or The Albanachs. or chief. enveloped in misty uncertainty. and Scotland. wanderers. Scuthes. and that they came from Albania in Asia. There were at that time three provinces in Engle-land the Cymry of Wales. Ireland at this time was called Scotia Major. north of Sakai-Suna. 191 SCOTLAND. Picts. " " .OR. called Picti. When history first found Scotland. and the people were called Sku-thes. They landed in Ireland. and finally to Albania. and its Each province had its own There came arms. or Gaul and donnie. called in the Bible " the farthest-off isles. in the north of Scotland. or where darkness begins. and the name they gave to them was skote. The Greeks gave names to those islands to suit themselves. He also called Caledonians. laws.

" Ireland was the original country of " -Iberia propria Scotorum est patria. whose name got transferred to North Britain. and the isles of Cumbria in the mouth of the Clyde these islands still retain their Cymric names. founded rival houses. and chose Fergus to be their king. " The real Scotia was Ireland. Ayr.. quae turn erat Iberia Scotia was originally Ireland. and took possession of Argylshire. The name " Argyle " is derived from Ard-gael. Bede says. or Scotia's king. ." the Celtic word for tribe. This appellation was afterward transferred from Ireland to Scotland. others say from "lar y All authentic history agrees that the people came from the west of Ireland. of Gadelians. A." the leader of the colony. de Iberia insula natus Scotch came from Ireland. He was a member of the royal house. 843. Dal-riada is derived from "Dal. and in after ages by the name of Scotland. . "Ireland was known to the end of the third century as the native country of the Scots. and Lanarkshire. " Scotia. Dr. etc.or clan. and they took the name of Scotia with them. This accession was most important to Scotland'. son of Ere of Ireland. Eenfrew. and were a branch of the Gadelians that came originally from the Kimmerian Straits. .192 ANGLO-ISRAEL. as Lome. " " The Marianus.D. Gadites. Scotus. the Scots " Bozius says. In the kingdom of Strathclyde was included Dumbarton. accompanied Fergus. the " or Westhighlands of Gael. children of Breogan. Bede gives his name as Reuda he was the son of an Irish king. ." Mr. who had lately come from Spain with a company. Those Strathclydians Gael.. sent with them a company of Brigantes. and" Riada. The Dalriada Scots came from the north of Ireland. until the union of both by Kenneth M'Alpine. The Dalriada were called Scots in Bede's time they beto Scotia longed Major. Chalmers says." In process of time they broke loose from the subjection to their Irish. through the wilderness. Bon wick says.

Walensis he was a genuine Cymric. a Scote. They were the Gaels of the wilderness.D. in learning far in advance of their Pictish neighbors they were a quiet. In the Battle of the Standard in 1138 A. was Waleys. and by the Saxons.OR.Walenses. of Westminster. 193 were a noble. Which ended in the hero Constantine. a mixed people of Welsh and Angles they are so named in the authentic charters of King Malcolm IV. ! the Gael call the country Albanach. " Seventy monarch s of that Irish race.. between David of Scotland and Stephen of England. and often . or Welsh-Gael. Matthew. Sciute." It is thus clear that there were Albani Gaels and Both were in Europe one wandered Pictish Gaels. war-loving Pictish neighHarassed and distressed by their Pictish neighbors. and from the same original came Scythae. " . the other through France and Ireland and found the same home. The people themselves loved their old name Albanach. Gothici. a compound word of Gael and Welsh. and themselves in North Wales. and they continued its use for 300 years. they left the province. inoffensive people. calls them Gal. William Wallace. a true Israelite. retreating before their rude. the "Scots raised the old war cry. Scotici. the first king of the Picts. that the Picts were sent from Ireland by Heremon to a country north from Ireland. 878. established One of the bright stars of Scotland . There settled there also the Valentians. bors. loving learning more than war.D. With great exploits the Scottish annals grace 'Twas Cath-luan began the royal line. under the name ofGetae. north into Scotland. Albanach Albany and Albania to this day. Getici. kingly people. came of these Wallace in former times people. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. . God had 13 . A. Scoti. where the river and valley of the Clyde received from them its name. Sciuthae. Gauthei. and that Cath-luan the chief was made king. The Psalter of Cashel confirms what I have recorded above from the Scottish record. Gothae.

" Aristotle in his treatise known as De-Mundo. Gaid-hil. I shall go outward into the Atlantic ocean. if I go too near the Iberian Isles. 10. Gaid-hili. Gaoi-thel." " and from the Bede came from Scythia says. called those islands Albion and lerne. In the ancient records the ship Argo is represented as saying " : For now by sad and painful trouble. so did Festus in the voyage of HamThis name is still a favorite name for part of ilcar." Camden says. Gad-diel." In Numbers xiii." Tacitus is the first writer who mentions the Caledonians and Picti. and all through the history of Skote. formerly from the Scythians. " They were of German origin. Gaad-hil. where they resided for some time. Shall I be encompassed. Gad-el. " King Alfred translates Scots by the word Scyttan. by bending within the holy-head-land. we read of Gaddiel. Gaod-hili. derer. and the barren sea. Gaod-hel.194 said. I sail within the bays of the land. Gael which means. Gad-diel. dedi- cated to Alexander the Great. " stranger or wanGwyd-dhel. He says. It came originally from Albania. ANGLO-ISRAEL. and on the borders of Scotland they were called Scyttes and Scetts. For unless. Scotia. we find the name Gael." . Scotland. Gwyd-dhel. " I will lead you into the wilderness. through which these people passed. They Cimmerian Chersonesus. Gad-ohel.





This theory furnishes the only -satisfactory key to the numerous quotations and references in ancient history and in classic story to the house of Omri, and to the house of Khumri, and to their migratioms westward. All our antiquarians and historians have noticed how frequently this name appears in various forms and under different circumstances. I can only give a brief glance here and there, where I find this people referred to on rocks and obelisks, tombs and monuments. In 1. Kings xvi. 16-25, we read of one Omri, King of Israel, who purchased a site for a new city, for which he paid silver amounting to $3,220 of our money, and there he founded a capital for his kingdom called Samaria. This city was afterwards called after His name its founder the city of Khomri and Kymri. thus became famous and was engraven in the rock forever.

author, the late Thomas Stephens, in his work on the Literature of the Kymry, writes as follows " On the map of Britain is a group of counties

A modern

called Wales, their neighbors call them Welshmen. Welsh or Walsch, is not a proper name, but a Teutonic term signifying strangers, and applying to all persons not of that family; but the proper name of these people is Kymry. They are the last remnant of the Kimmerioi of Homer, and of the Kymry (Cimbri) of Germany. The word Kymry is in reality the plural of Kymro, meaning Welshman, and the country of the Kymry is called by themselves Kymree ; in its Latinized form it reads Cambria. The correct pronunciation of Wales in its ancient tongue is Khumree or


Eawlinson says, " The identity of the Cyinry Wales with the Cimbri of the Eomans is worthy of all acceptation as an historical fact, upon the grounds stated by Neibuhr and Arnold." He also affirms,



"that the people known to their neighbors as Cimmerii, Gimirii, or probably Gomerim, attained to considerable power in Western Asia and Eastern Europe,

within the period indicated by the date B.C. 800 to 600, or even earlier, is a fact which can scarcely be said to admit of a doubt." Rev. Dr. Margoliouth, an English clergyman of Hebrew descent, considers that there are traces of Hebrew settlers in Cornwall as early as the times of David and Solomon, i.e., in the eleventh century B.C. do know, beyond any doubt that, by the Phoanicians, as early as those days, there was a large trade carried on with the inhabitants of the south-west corner of Britain, called the Cassisterides, or tin islands of Herodotus, as the only place known to the ancients where tin was to be procured, the name being derived from a Greek word signifying tin. A tomb was discovered a few years ago, at Marseilles, with a Hebrew inscription, bearing marks of the highest antiquity, and therefore much injured and defaced by time, while the " words, subject of Solomon," in Hebrew, could still be read without difficulty. Dr. Margoliouth's theory is founded on finding certain sentences in the archaic Cornish language, which are also found in the Psalms of David, and the Proverbs of Solomon. A distinguished Cornish scholar says, "It is difficult to find a single passage, or form of construction in the Hebrew grammar, but that the same is to be found in the Welsh, and that whole sentences in both languages are often found, they being exactly the same. I give only two or three of the produced by the learned author. Psalm xxiv. many " Who is the 10, King of Glory ? The Lord of Hosts, He is the King of Glory." The Cornish reads, " Who I that am is He that is the possessor of attainments ? Him of Hosts, He is the possessor of attainments." Prov. vii. 8, "He went the way to her house." The Cornish sentence reads almost as the Hebrew, "Dyrae buth hi ai-i seugyd." In Cornwall we have a town with a distinct Hebrew name Mara-zion, which means the market of people from Zion.






The Welsh language contains a large infusion of Hebrew words and idioms, as may be seen by any one who will examine Dames' Mythology of British Druids,
Their bards sang their or any of those early records. odes in Hebrew, their poets wrote in Hebrew, all their learned men spake it. Their ancestors having been descendants direct from Palestine, and having brought with them their mother-tongue into Ireland and Wales, their native language holds finally to-day a large proportion of Hebrew. A certain learned divine in London, a man of letters, a lecturer, a philologist, and an ardent searcher after truth, says, " In early life philology had engaged his most earnest study. He entered upon the study of Hebrew with great zeal and
found, diligence. fect knowledge of it




however, that to obtain a perhe must first master a living you know," said he, "that language was

Welsh. Welsh," said he, "is full of Hebrew, and without a thorough knowledge of that tongue I found I could not acquire the facility in Hebrew which I desired." M. Thiery, says, " Bardism, law, and instrumental music, are said to be three things which the nation of


possess the best of their kind in the world."

In Mr. Eoberts' Sketch of the Cymry, or Ancient Britons, from 700 B.C. to A.D. 500, he says, the colony of the Cymry which first took possession of this island came originally from Asia. In a poem of
Taliesin the following passage occurs " numerous race, fierce they are said to have been. Were the original colonists, Britain first of isles. Natives of a country in Asia and the country of the Gafis. Said to have been a skilful people, but the district is unknown which was mother to the children. Warlike, adventurous on the sea, clad in their long dress, who could equal them? Their skill is celebrated. were the dread of Europe." They The Welsh triads inform us that " The first of the three chieftains who established the colony of Britain was Hu the who came from " the summer:





land of song," Defrobane, where Constantinople


The Eev. Morgan


who was born in


Monmouthshire, relates an incident of his life in 1660 A.D. He travelled through the wilderness, a dense forest, until he came to a settlement, a part of the country which was inhabited, where he was seized as
a spy and a traitor. While the natives were preparhis for he execution, ing sighed heavily and exclaimed in his native Welsh, " God, I have escaped so many dangers on land and ocean, and must I now be killed like a dog." In a moment, an officer who recognized his own language approached him, embraced him, assuring him in his own mother-tongue that his life should be spared. He was treated with great kindness, and was brought to Dynryn-pant-teg, a Welsh

word which

signifies pleasant valley, where he preached the Gospel to his countrymen for four months. (See Gentleman's Magazine, March, 1740.) Mr. Bankin, in his antiquarian researches, found a marble, dug up from the ruins of Nineveh, which reads

Sargon, King of Assyria, (Isa. xx. 1, gives his came name) up against the city of Samaria and the tribes
of the house of Kymri, and carried captive into Assyria 27,280 families." Here is a record of the people called Kymri. They were subjects of King Omri, and we find them away in Armenia, an ancient city called after them. They most likely built it in the country The name of that city to which they were taken.


now is Gumrii. The Eev. W. L. Bevan, writer of the "Gomer," in "Smith's Dictionary of the Bible, Gomer is generally recognized observes that


justly as the progenitor of the earlier Cimmerians, of the later Cimbri, and the other branches of the Celtic family, and the modern Gael and Cymry, the latter preserving

with very slight deviation the original name. After the expulsion of the Cimmerians from Asia Minor, their name disappears in its original form but there can be no doubt that both the name and the people are to be recognized in the Cimbri, whose abodes were





fixed during the Eoman empire in the north and west of Europe." " The ethnic name of Gimiri Prof. Eawlinson says, occurs in the cuniform writing of the time of Darius.'" This name, he says, " was the equivalent of the Greek

Cimmeri, and of the Danish Cymbri, and of the Welsh Khumri.'' One has almost to pause and take breath after an ascent of nearly 3,000 years into the past, and yet there is abundant proof that the Welsh people are descendants of a portion of the ten tribes." Dr. Hincks translated an inscription in the cuniform character, in which Jehu, son of Omri, paid In that inscription Beth-Omri is named Bethtribute. il " Beth " means and house; and Kymri" Kymri. " " " " -all and Waael words and Gael," Skuhtoi," " often found in this line of history mean strangers or wanderers." Eawlinson says, " The title Gimiri was in the east given to the Sacca" The same name also is found in the rocky inscriptions of Esarhaddon, B.C. 681 Also in the inscriptions of Darius Hystaspes, years. B.C. 521 years. Herodotus says, " The Cimmerian invasion into Asia Minor was 633 B.C., and that the " The people went westward." Herodotus also says, Thracians, and a people called the Cimmerians submitted themselves to Darius." There is ample testimony that the Khumri of Assyria and of Samaria were for many years residents in those countries around the Black Sea. The graveyards of the country around the Crimea, and the monuments found in the country of Moesia, or Moses, afford volumes of evidence the most convincing.

What we


the Crimea was

named the Kimme-

rian Chersonesus, and the Crim-meria. Herodotus " In his the whole land retained traces of says, day

There was the Cimmerian BosCimmerian phorous, ferry, Cimmerian castles, and Cimmerian mountains. When that people went west, they gave to Jutland the name of Cymbric Chersonesus, and to the Baltic the name of the Dead Sea, and
the Cim-merians."



an island in the mouth of the Elbe they gave the of Holy-land we call it Heligoland. " That the Cimmerians, afterwards Pliny affirms called Cyinri, came from Asia Minor." Tacitus frequently mentions the Cymri as a part of the North Germans. Diodorus Siculus says, " The Cymbri of Denmark are the same people as the Cimmeri of Greece." The LXX. says, " That the Israelites were called Kymri soon after they were taken from their own




In the days of Pul, B.C. 771, a record was made on marble of one Tiuspa, a leader of a tribe of Cimme-

Welsh people that they never worshipped any god save Yesu. In the Welsh triads, and in the ancient Irish literaThe proture, the Welsh people were called Semoni. " Simeon of Simeon was in latter the that, days, phecy shall dwell alone separated from his brethren." In
Wales Wales
crowded as they
are, all

rians who was captured. It is to the credit of the

over England and


find a separate language, separate schools,

separate churches, separate post offices everywhere separated from their brethren. It is curious to see it If such isolation should be on that crowded isle. found away in the west, on some of our unsurveyed
prairies, It is

we would not wonder at it. well known that to this day the Welsh

people are called Taffies, or Taphies, or Tephies ; and that this name was given to them because of their

unswerving loyalty to their beautiful queen, Tephi, daughter of Zedekiah, 680 years B.C. One of the oldest towns in Cornwall is called Port
Isaac. I insert here a poem by one of the learned bards of the olden time. It has a voice for our own day.







Translated by Mr.

Evans Martyn.

Woe be to them who baptism receive, And who profess the Gospel to believe,
Devoid of Christian love to the great, whose mouths the people Who on dependents lavish promises,




yet deceitful prove



to the dronish priest, who shuns not vice, virtue in his life exemplifies, Nor preaches zealously Woe to the pastor, who warns not his sheep, 'Gainst Satan's wiles, sin's carnal, fatal sleep,






to the shepherd

Does not protect with

From Roman Woe to the hateful saint, whose privilege He yields to popish sons of sacrilege,
opes his lips to pray

his tender flock his pastoral crook, wolves of prey ;


Woe to the sick, the image of pale death, Who sin commits, as long as he has breath,
And no



to the sluggard who consumes his food, Ungrateful to the Fountain of all Good,



labor undertakes


Woe to the worldling who increases wealth By hard opression, violence, and stealth,
And woe
Through each revolving year in doomsday to the slave of sense, Who chastens not his flesh by abstinence,

Nor prays with

heart sincere




to the nobles and the heads of state, see injustice practised by the great, And fully acquiesce in a Triune God do not believe, alms dispense, nor miseries relieve,

Nor grievances






to the wretch who grasps the From widows, and from youths of

heritage tender age,

Before the blaze of day to the vile oppressor of the poor, That takes his portion from his humble door, And still retains his prey




to the express

image of a fiend
'gainst relative

Whose malice burns



hates them in his heart Woe to the rich, who hoards his shining gold, Who sees the naked perishing with cold, And feels no inward smart.
to such as visit not the sick, prisoners in their cells from week to week, Without a fair reward Woe to the man who in abundance lives,




food, nor bed, nor kind reception gives, To servants of the Lord


to the crew who shall forever dwell Within the regions of a dreadful hell,

Beyond life's fleeting scene Where doleful shrieks fill the infernal
Uttered by victims of eternal pains, " Exposed to wrath Divine


The beautiful Circassians on the Don call themselves Cossacks, from Goi-Isak, Gossack or son of Isaac. They no doubt come from the same parent stock, and are near relations of our own.
Yates says, " There is no doubt that the tribes on the Don and the Caucasus are descendants

W. H.

of the




must now turn our attention to the means and agencies used by God to prepare the way for the establishment of a new nationality, and the building up of To find the tribe of Dan is to find all a new empire. God had said that the captives that Israel, because have the same meeting place in the should escaped
far-off isles.


land was divided by lot, Dan received small a portion in the south, on the seaboard. only Re soon resolved to acquire more territory, and adopt-

When the





" Push ing the motto, things," he won a territory Here were the oaks of Bashan ; north, near Lebanon. the cedars of Lebanon the commerce of Damascus ; the enterprising Phoenicians, and close by the great emporiums of trade, Tyre and Sidon. splendid country for ship-builders and traders ; Dan soon began to make his name and influence felt, and in order to perpetuate that name he changed the name of the chief city, Laish, and called it by the name of Dan (Judges xviii. 29), after the name of his father. It must be remembered that Dan had a large shipping trade 1,296 years B.C. For when Deborah found that Barak, who was a wishey-washey, linsey-woolsey, milk- and- water sort of man, she, the noble woman, mounted the charger herself and led the host to a On her return from the well-fought glorious victory. she and in field, sang lofty strains her patriotic joy in that song she mildly reproved Dan, saying, " Why did Dan remain in his ships ? " The fact is, Dan was after the bread He was engaged in looking question. for the carrying freight very people that she made to bite the dust, and he did not want to endanger his commercial relations for the sake of a local war. Besides, an eastern army could not hurt him so long as



Judah and Benjamin were unconquered, as their territory lay between him and the enemy. A people so bold and enterprising as to change the

name of the first city they conquered, were not slow to write the same name upon other objects as they
had opportunity. (Judges xviii. 12) Their first camping ground was named Mahaneh-Dan, and, all along Northern and Central Europe, we find such names as the Dan-ube, Dnieper, the Dan-iester, the Dan-au, the Dan-an the Daninn, Dan-tzic, Dan-enbury, Dan-etz, Danvick, Danville, the Dan-aster, the Dan-dari, the Dan-ez, the Don, the Dacia, the Davi, the Be-davi, the Betavia, the Sea of Moses, and the Country of Moses, or Moxeia, and the Dan-ric Alps, and the Dan:

ish Archipelago.


The Encyclopedia Britannica says, The word Denmark in its original form was Danthe border




In of the Danier, or Danes." of Ireland we find Dan's-Lough, Dan-




Sowar, Dan-Sobairse, Dan's resting place, and Dan's habitation, and Dan-gan Castle (the birth-place of the Duke of Wellington). The old inhabitants of Ireland were called Dan-onians. It is well-known that among the ancient kings of Ireland there were several Davids, three Solomons, with a Daniel in every house down to

You may

They used

find a Jeremiah to sing

in almost every

It matters not where'er

you roam, You're sure to find a Jerry's home."

If we remember that Dan was the firstborn in Rachel's household, the reason why he was so named, the meaning of his name, and the prominent part this tribe took in leading and in governing the nation that, in peace and in war, this tribe furnished the nation with their chief ofiicers and chief architects, their

that occasion a prince of the tribe of Dan was united in marriage with a royal princess of David's house, in order that the wandering tribes might be gathered to their long-promised throne and sceptre. The "many days " of Hosea iii. 4, were fast drawing to a close, the throne of David was soon to be hurled from Mount Zion, and Jerusalem to be laid in the dust. It was necessary that Dan and his ship-builders, and his merchants, should go to found a new nation and a new kingdom, which was to be the great agency in the hand of God of blessing all nations. In Gamderts Britannia, I find the following curious " Postellus, in his public lectures in Paris, extract, derives the name Ireland from the Jews, so that Irin is quasi Jurin, i.e., the land of the Jews. For he says

Samsons, and their mighty men we will see a divine in the purposes and plans of God, in that Dan should still be their chief leader, and the architect of It was for Dan to conquer a their national greatness. new territory in the west, and so far to change its name and character as to prepare for the noble work of On transplanting the throne and sceptre of David.






that the Jews (forsooth) being the most skilful soothsayers, and presaging that the empire of the world would at last settle in that strong angle towards the west, took possession of these parts, and of Ireland, very early, and that the Syrians, and the Tyrians also, endeavored to settle themselves there, that they might lay the foundation of a future empire."
It is interesting to find this early impartial testi-

to a conviction on the Jewish mind of a transfer " isles of the West." The kingdom to the Divine intimation to Jeremiah, to plant a new kingdom was, no doubt, the origin of the belieihere ascribed to


of the

the soothsayers. Camden died 286 years ago, so we see our Israelitish theory then had firm believers among the learned ones.

THE CENSUS. I want you to note specially the fact that, when the census was taken as recorded in 1 Chronicles, and all Israel were said to be numbered, there is not one word said of the army, or navy, of the families of Dan. Not Nor is there any mention made of Dan in one word the record in the Revelations vii., where the thousands of Israel were sealed.

Yet, when Ezekiel speaks of the tribes after their return to their own land, the tribe of Dan has a most honorable position among his brethren. I am aware of the special pleading of a host of expositors, who

have each copied from his predecessor what must have often created surprise on the mind of the reader. The simple fact is, that, when that census was taken, Dan was not then in the country; he had gone to "the " isles of the West to try his fortune in Arsareth, and to prepare the way for others, who were soon to follow. " In JereEldad, an eminent Jewish writer, says, boam's day, 975 B.C., Dan refused to shed his brother's blood and, rather than go to war with Judah, he left the country and went in a body to Greece, to Javan

(our British isles), and to Denmark." The tribe of Dan seems to have required no foreign aid to assist them in their flight. Even as early as the time of the Judges, it is said that " Dan abode " in his ships and Joppa, at which Jonah took

shipping to

flee into

Tarshish, was in the tribeship of but rather fully that of his take refuge in tribe would expected, many the far west, from their eastern enemies, that seemed ready to devour them. One of the northern chronicles takes notice that the Danes and Jutes by their very names give evidence of their Israelitish origin. The extreme likeness of character in the Danites and the




no* extraordinary thing,

Danes need not be dwelt upon.
was the nearest


port of Joppa

to Judah, and may have afforded some of that tribe the means of transporting themselves in

the same direction, when the panic seized upon that people as well as upon Israel. They would naturally settle in the same neighborhood with the Danes, which may account for the Jutes and Danes dwelling so near each other in the north. History informs us at the of the that, breaking up empire of the Medes, numbers of these large people were found pasturtheir flocks and herds ing along the valleys and watercourses west of the Black Sea. The mounds and this statein confirm noted another cemeteries, paper, ment. Large numbers of them would take the land route, with their flocks and herds, while others would

go by water.

The learned Grotius also speaks of Dan's disappearance from the land of Canaan at an early age, because he would not fight his brethren. In Keating's History of Ireland, he says, " The Dan-ans were a people of great learning and wealth they left Greece after a battle with the Assyrians, and went to Ireland, and also to Denmark, and called it Dan-mares Dan's country. In a work called the Annals of Ireland, it is said, " The Danans were a highly civilized people, well skilled in architecture and other arts from their long residence in Greece, and their intercourse with the Their first appearance in Ireland was Phoenicians. 1200 B.C., or eighty-five years after the great victory of Deborah." Humboldt considers that the Greeks, in the term


(the Country of Palms), included the He is Israelites as well as the other Syrian nations.





very clear on the early inhabitants of Ireland being Israelites, and that large numbers of them passed

through Lacedsemon and Spain on their way. (See John Wilson, Col. Gawler, Fitzgerald, Giraldus Cambrensis, also the Archaeological Society of Kilkenny, Rawlinson's Herodotus, and Kennedy's Ethnology.} Dr. Latham, in his Ethnology of Europe (p. 137), " I think that the Eponymus of the Argive says, Danaia was no other than that of the Israelite tribe of Dan only we are so used to confine ourselves to the

Palestine in our considerations of the Israelites, treat them as if they were adscripti gleboe, and ignore the share they may have taken in the history of the world." The seaports between Tyre and Ascalon, of Dan, Ephraim and Asher, must have followed the history of seaports in general, and not have stood on the coast for nothing. What a light would be thrown on the name of the Pe/op-o-nesus, and the history of origin the Pelop-id family, if a bona fide nation of Pelopes,
soil of



and contemporary ?"^als, Who would .iave hesitated to connect the two ? Yet, with the Danai and the tribe of Dan, this is the case, and no one connects them." The Hon. Mr. Gladstone, in his work on Homer and the Homeric age, declares that the word Danoi occurs 147 times in the Iliad, and thirteen times in the Odyssey. He shows that it never occurs in the singular number, and was always applied to soldiers and The word was used by Homer as a lovers of war. standing appellation of certain Greeks, and not any special tribe, or family that it was used as we use the word Cambrian for Welshman, and Caledonian for Scotchman. The Grecian Herakles, the one of whom we know most, the hero of so many adventures, was represented as born at Argos, the city which gave its name to all Greece, all the Greeks being called by Homer Argives, and classed as Danai and Achoei.
with unequivocal

had existed on the coast

of Asia



It is the city of the first colony of a people called Latham identifies as Danites of Israel, Danai,




who played such an important part for so many years. The Lacedaemonians also claimed relationship with
the Hebrews (Josephus, xii., iv., 10; 1 Maccabees, xii.) y and called attention to the seal an eagle with a dragon in its claws which, according to the Chaldean and Hebrew authorities was the cognizance of the tribe of
(See Mazzaroth.) Dr. William Smith, in his History of Greece (p. 18), " Of all the heroic families in Greece, none were says, more heroic than that of the Dan-ans of Argos." In the fifth generation the heroism of Dan was personified in Danae, the daughter of Acrisius, whom Jove wooed in a shower of gold. She was not the only young lady won by the shining metal. It is a common saying among us that commerce is the best civilizer as educators those Danites have long since acquired a noble reputation. The History of Ireland and Annals of Ireland, by the four masters, and Yillaneuva, claimed for them that they were of the inhabitants of the city of Dan, the spot where the at the foot of Mount Lebanus Phoenicians worshipped the graven image given them by Micah, and where Jeroboam had erected the golden calf, and that from their name the word Danihain was coined by the Phoenicians, signifying illustrious, genHe states that Dan became Irish, celeerous, noble. brated for bravery, from the traditional intrepidity of the Dannans. In England and Ireland there is most conclusive evidence regarding the language of these Dannans, that it was Hebrew, and that we are right in seeking through the Hebrew language the elucida;


tion of their history. It will be recollected that the greater part of the peninsula, from the Bristol Channel to the Land's End,, was called Dannonia from Dannani, who inhabited it. At a later period Devonshire only was called Dannonia, but the original language was retained longest in

Cornwall. Charles L. Brace in his


" The tribe the Eaces of the Old World, page 43, says, of Dan united with the Pho3nicians in commerce

of Ethnology, or

though insignificant in a

political point of view,






had become the first manufacturing and commercial power in the world. They had traversed the whole
length of the Mediterranean, a journey of seventy or eighty days, and had sprinkled the coasts with coloTheir nies, and factories and mercantile stations.
ships were freighted with tin from England, and tropical productions from the mouths of the Indus. Their commercial cities were dotted, over the interior of Asia, forming links in the vast exchange and commerce, which they established between points as distant as Babylon and Cadiz, Arabia and Armenia, Sicily and India."

that we have

the question in our

minds as to the location of the place called Tarshish, and the isles of Tarshish, and we have traced the ten tribes through "the wilderness of the people," and have seen the royal house of Israel transplanted from Mount Zion to Mount Tara in Ireland, and the tribe of Dan and other tribes settled in those isles of the West, we must turn our thoughts to the sceptre God gave to the house of Judah, and to the family of David. We may safely inquire, what He has said in reference to that sceptre, and has the word and promise of the Lord been fulfilled in reference to it. " This word was wholly sceptre Lange says, unknown, strange, and unusual. We can trace it to no antecedents." This may be so, I do not pretend to say. I find that it was used in ancient times to used as an ensign, or token of signify kingly power royalty, and belonged only to kings and queens. This regal authority began in Judah when David was.


comes to us from the Hebrew from the Greek skeptron, the Latin sliebet, and the French It means a staff suptrum, sceptre. borne in the hands of kings as an emblem of sover" a rod of eignty, an eusigu of royalty, authority, a staff of command supposed to be hold in the hands of
schevet, or

made king. The word "





allusion we have of that royal ensign, the in Genesis xlix., where we find the venersceptre, able form of an old man leaning upon his staff, calling his sons to him "that he might tell them what should befall them in the last days."


That chapter is a most wonderful production. There is a startling dream-like character pervading it from beginning to end. Its sudden transition its its quick changes of scene its boldrapt outpourings ness of utterance, all astonish and puzzle us. This is
specially true of the sublime prophecy alluding to the sceptre, and to Shiloh, and to their application in the "last days." I am free to say that these words have

been very much misunderstood by many able writers. Here they are (Gen. xlix.)



from between

sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver his feet, until Shiloh come ; and unto him shall the

gathering of the people be."

In examining these important words, we must first we mean by the " latter days." For the " I will tell you what will come to pass patriarch said,
note what

who are watching for God's hand in something very significant in those u words, the last days." These words occur frequently in the Holy Scriptures, and have a wealth of meaning, and stand connected with some of the grandest promises and prophecies ever given to man. In Num. xxiv. 14, we are informed of what Israel " A star shall do to the Gentiles in the latter days. shall come out of Jacob and a sceptre shall rise out of Israel," and Moab and Seth and Edom (their territories) shall come under the government of a sceptre that That sceptre will be a branch from the shall rise up. old sceptre. When " a nation is to be born in a day," I understand that to mean, a new nationality to be
history, there

in the last days." To those of us

called into existence.







The Lord

will scat-

you among the nations and even in the latter days if thou return to the Lord thy God and be obedient He will not forsake thee." Daniel ii. 28, saw in that wonderful dream, "What should be in the latter days"





the latter days ye " In the last 2, days, the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established in the top of the mountains and exalted above the hills and all nations shall flow unto it."

Jeremiah xxiii. 20, said, shall consider it perfectly."




in the last days it shall come to pass, that the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be established in the top of the mountains,



it shall

be exalted above the



and people

shall flow

into it. " And

many nations shall come, and say, Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, and to the house of the God of Jacob ; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths ; for the
law shall go forth of Zion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. "And he shall judge among many people, and rebuke strong nations afar off and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks nation shall not lift up a sword
; ;

against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. " But they shall sit every man under his vine and under his figfor the mouth of the Lord of tree and none shall make them afraid hosts hath spoken it.


" For



all people will walk every one in the name of his god, and walk in the name of the Lord our God for ever and ever."

stand strong." The Lord said to Babylon, " I am against thee, destroying mountain." Daniel saw a "stone cut out of a mountain." "Israel is more " The mounthe mountains of than glorious prey." tains are called upon to hear the Lord's controversy." The mountain of the Lord's house is established, secured by the promise and oath of fixed, secure God above all nations great established on the top in honor, wealth, dignity, security, (above) all others " Planted in a high mounstability, and usefulness. tain, and eminent in a place of their own, and move no more." " A nation whose God is the Lord." These promises are to be fulfilled, when that new nation is called into existence, and that new sceptre set up. (See Joel ii. 28) The identification of Israel and the restoration of

There is, in this prophecy, recorded twice, someof note. The words " mountains " and thing worthy " hills " are God's symbols of nations. Psalm xxx. 7, " Thou hast made my mountain (my dominion) to



the Jews


nation, and that event

be followed by the birth of a new is to be succeeded by the real

peritecost of the nations. In many places also in the


of the last days (2 Tim. iii. 1), perilous times shall come." " Mockers in the last


Testament we read In the last days



days of Jacob's sublime prophecy were not the days of David, or of Solomon, or of Zechariah, or of Malachi, these last days are drawing nigh, and are sure to come. To Judah the inspired Jacob gave the lion as his that lion lias been long known as the coat of arms " lion of the tribe of Judah." The prophets each in their turn sent on the echo of the great lion, and they spoke with marvellous distinctness of the young lions,


" The Sceptre (Gen. xlix. 10), sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet until Shiloh come." Under that porosis, or blindness which Paul says, has happened to Israel, our commentators have failed to get the true key to this glorious prophecy made to Judah. With almost common consent, the old expositors taught that this was a guarantee that "the Jews would retain the sceptre until the There are some persons who still birth of Christ." cling to that obsolete interpretation, and re-hash it to us as if it were true, when, in fact, it is entirely foreign to the true meaning of God to His servant. Let us take history as the true expounder of this prophecy, and ask the authentic records of the past Did the for an impartial verdict on this question. Jews retain the sceptre until Christ came, or did they not ? History gives us a most emphatic negative. They did not. The sacred historian informs us that Nebuchadnezzar took the city of Jerusalem and plundered it, and having despoiled the army, he burnt the temple and the city to ashes, and led the king and the court,

and of " Israel as a young lion among a flock of sheep." Immediately after the royal coat of arms was fixed, that same voice of inspiration said of the royal



with the people, into captivity. He killed the king's sons, put out the king's eyes, and held him a vassal until he died. Will any man dare to say that the Jews held the sceptre during their long captivity?

Cyrus gave them a permit to return to their land but they were not for a single day their masters.

own own

Darius gave them many privileges, but he withheld national independence and the symbol of it, which was the sceptre. Queen Esther gave her people their lives and Valentine's Day; (see Esther ix. 17), "On the thirteenth day of the month Adar and on the fourteenth day of the same rested they, and made it a day of feasting and gladness." The 14th day of the month Adar answers to our Valentine's Day, the 14th day of February.




But the Jews that were at Shushan assembled together on the day thereof, and on the fourteenth thereof and on the day of the same they rested, and made it a day of feasting

and gladness. "Therefore the Jews of the

villages, that dwolt in the unwalled towns, made the fourteenth day of the month Adar a day of gladness and feasting, and a good day, and of sending portions one to another. " And Mordecai wrote these things, and sent letters unto all the Jews that were in all the provinces of the king Ahasuerus, both nigh





stablish this

teenth day of the

among them, that they should keep the fourmonth Adar, and the fifteenth day of the same,

yearly, " As the days wherein the

Jews rested from their enemies, and the month which was turned unto them from sorrow to joy, and froin that they should make them days 6f mourning into a good day and and of feasting joy, sending portions one to another, and gifts to

the poor.

And thnt these days should be remembered and kept throughout every generation, every family, every province, and every city and that these days of Purim should not fail from among the Jews, nor the memorial of them perish from their seed." r


For many centuries they kept up the sacred, and the benevolent and festive part of the institution, and sent their portions and gifts to the poor, making the day one of gladness and feasting, while we, their blood relations, are satisfied with sending love-letters and tokens of friendship. The Jews, however, had not the sceptre




And the the and land, upon upon the isles of the sea." History informs us how that Xerxes I. II., and Artaxerxes I. II. III., and Darius I. II. III., Alexander the Great, and twenty-three Kyrian conquerors, and fourteen Egyptian kings, each in their turn, claimed the right of tribute and service from the Jews. Next came the nine sons of the Maccabean family, who in turn fought and fell to win that sceptre there were none of them of Judah's line.
nor the right of self-government
(ch. x. 1),


King Ahasuerus

laid a tribute


eagles of imperial Rome, hungry as they were proud, fed upon the vitals of that oppressed and impoverished people and when the Jews could not pay the immense tribute, their haughty masters When Jesus told them, "You must do it or die." was born, Herod, an Edomite, was on the throne, a

The proud

So history inking, so-called, a creature of Eome. forms us that from the days of Zedekiah to Jesus, that people writhed under the terrible lash of forty creatures of foreign birth and of Gentile blood, while a Jew, or any one of the tribe of Judah, did not once during those 680 years hold that sceptre. The verdict of history is decidedly against the re-hashed exposition of that far-reaching promise and prophecy. must


look somewhere else for the promised sceptre. must find an exposition to that sublime passage which will not tumble to pieces in the light of history. When that inspired word was spoken, it was never intended to be applied to that period, or to those events. Our commentators labor with great ability and ingenuity to show that the Jews had some semblance of


and self-government. Prophecy and history as lock and key, and when the exposition of is contradicted by history, so much the worse prophecy for the preacher and the prophetic exposition.


But has the promise failed ? no \ not by any means r must try another key. the failure is all our own. The true key to that promise will give it an extent and a beauty that surpasses anything our commentators






The true interpretation will show ever thought of. that sceptre sweeping on through the chiliads until the " last days" come to which Jacob refers, when Shiloh will come again into notice, as a central point to which the eyes of all nations will be turned with
That sceptre will then be seen delight and joy. radiant with glory, and all history will illustrate the fact that the royal family of Judah, known as the House of David, has held that sceptre throughout all the ages, and this foundation prophecy is fully verified to Jew and Gentile.

We will keep
and we

our eye on the sceptre, if you please, humbly and earnestly search out the mean-

ing of the inspired Word. What did the Holy Spirit intend to convey in that, " the utterance, sceptre shall not depart from Judah until Shiloh comes?" The word Shiloh is found twenty-seven times in the BOOK, and in every case where it is mentioned,, it refers to a place, and not once to a person. Shiloh was a city near the centre of the land,, west of Jordan. It was for a long time the capital of the nation. There at Shiloh the tabernacle rested, and the whole congregation assembled there. In Shiloh the Lord Himself was their King. From Shiloh they went out as from a grand central point to receive their territories. To Shiloh they came up to their great

annual feasts. Shiloh was their grand central point, so long as they were contented to have God as their king. Shiloh was called "resting place," where the ark
rested, or halted.

" At Shiloh the whole congregation met to set up " the tabernacle xviii. (Josh, 1). " " The Lord spake at Shiloh (Josh. xxi. 2). " "At Shiloh they cast lots (Josh, xviii. 8-10). " " The surveyors came back to Shiloh (Josh, xviii.


The house


God was

at Shiloh

" "

Eli lived at

"the Lord appeared at Shiloh." In all these quotations and many others it is very clear that



" Shiloh " is a " Shiloh," place, and it was so named or rest, because there the tabernacle rested, and there the congregation of the people ceased their wanderings, and their wars, and found rest or peace. " Kitto gives the meaning of the word " Shiloh to " be quievit, to rest, to be at peace." Dr. Fairburn says the word " Shiloh" is an adjective, meaning peaceful, if so, the passage would read, "the sceptre shall not depart from Judah until the peaceful time shall come," that age, or time, "when war shall be no more." Many of our modern scholars " until rest comes," till peace comes. -give it, (See Dr. Fairburn's Imperial Die.} He says "For about a hundred years, a very considerable number of learned men have understood that it is not a person, but the place Shiloh which is meant." Eev. W. Saumarez Smith, B.D., Principal of St. Aidan College, says, " Until there come peace, or rest." " Until Judah come home," that is, until Lange, the restoration of the Jews to their own land. " Until he comes to Shiloh." J. B. Rotherham, " Hoffman says, Until he (Judah) comes to rest in the land promised." " Shiloh means rest." Knobel says, " Until the rest comes, and to it shall the obedience of the people be."

Rabbi Lipmaun, in his book, Nizzaclion, says that the word Shiloh means here a city, and should be so rendered as to read, " Until Judah shall come to Shiloh." A 'similar form of word and construction occurs in 1 Samuel iv. 12, " He came to Shiloh." ABEN EZRA " The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until they come to Shiloh," until the Jews shall come. Jerome says, " Until they come to qnievet,' to rest, to be at peace. " The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a ruler's staff from between his feet, until he come to

Shiloh," i.e., Judah conies to Shiloh. Fuerst, in his great Concordance of tne Hebrew Bible, published in Leipsic in 1840, defines Shiloh rest, peace.





Gesenius, in the last edition of con, has under the word Shiloh the such seems to be tranquillity the difficult passage. The sceptre

Hebrew Lexi"




Rest, of

shall not depart

additions to the last part of Gesenius, " The sceptre shall not depart from Judah until he (Judah) corne to Shiloh, and the nations obey him, i.e,

from Judah until rest shall come, and the nations obey him (Judah). That is, Judah shall hold the sceptre until he shall have subdued his enemies, and obtained dominion over many nations." In Robinson's eighth stereotyped edition of Gesenius' Lexicon, we have the following from Roediger,

who made

Kitto says, " A prince shall not fail from Judah, nor a captain out of her loins, until the things come that are " for whom laid for him." In some it

reads, copies the land of which Shiloh was the ancient capital, is reserved for Judah, and until Judah, or the Jews, come back to their own land, the royal house of Judah shall have a prince to reign over Israel. This reading is unquestionably admissible, according
it is


laid up," that


grammatical and lexical considerations. This prophecy could have no application during the forty years' journey through the wilderness, for Moses and Joshua were leaders, nor during the reign of Saul, for he was of the tribe of Benjamin. The kingly rule of Judah began in the house of David, when he wielded the sceptre over Judah for seven years, and over Judah and Israel for thirty-three years and, without doubt, the family of David has

furnished a prince to wield the sceptre ever since, by direct line to the illustrious sovereign that now reigns over the house of Israel in the person of Queen

That sceptre and dominion began under

David, and has to be sought for in David's line, to which the promise was made of unending dominion. Before David's day, Shiloh had ceased to be a religious, or civil centre, or capitol of the people of Israel, and the application to him, or to them, during his reign, would be of no force. This same line, however, must



be found holding the sceptre, until the Jews, or Judah, come again to Shiloh, to the promised rest of God's

The LXX. translate that passage thus, " Until the coming of him to. whom it is reserved." That land is reserved for some people, plainly for the people to whom it has been promised the Hebrew race, the

" Unto him shall the misunderstood, gathering The word "peoples" is in the of the peoples be." plural, and by general consent refers to the coming of the Gentile nations, or peoples, to Christ their Redeemer, through the Jews, "Unto him, Judah, shall the gathering of the peoples be." The Jews shall have accepted the Messiah Jesus as their Saviour, and through them, as instruments, the Gentiles shall come to the light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising.

Jews and Israelites and the sceptre shall not depart from Judah until they come into their own land. The closing sentence of that prophecy has also been


That prophecy, so grand, and far-reaching in itself, could not have its application in the few hundreds

who came

to Christ for a cure, or for their dinner.

nations shall flow mito it this of Jacob's sublime gathering prophecy.

That prophecy has a much wider and much grander application yet to come, "when the Lord shall build again Zion." When the two sticks of Ezek. xxxvii. shall be united in one standard at Jerusalem, and the Jews shall accept Jesus as their Messiah and the " Then Holy Spirit shall be poured out as " promised.


the grand (Ezek.



" I will set ray glory among the heathen, and all the heathen shall see my judgment that I have executed, and my hand that I have laid upon them. " So the house of Israel shall know that I am the Lord their God from that day and forward. " And the heathen shall know that the house of Israel went into captivity for their iniquity because they trespassed against me, therefore hid I my face from them, and gave them into the hand of so fell they all by the sword. their enemies " Therefore thus saith the Lord God Now will I bring again ; the captivity of Jacob, and have mercy upon the whole house of
: :




be jealous for







all their


After that they have borne their shame, and


whereby they have trespassed against me, when they dwelt safely in their land, and none made them afraid. " When I have brought them again from the people, and gathered them out of their enemies' lands, and am sanctified in them in the
sight of

that I am the Lord their God, which caused them to be led into captivity among the heathen but I have gathered them unto their own land, and have left none of them any

many nations; "Then shall they know


" Neither will I hide

poured out



my face any more from them for I have upon the house of Israel, saith the Lord God."



isles of


how it began

keep that sceptre still in view, please, and its glorious mission westward, to the


The prophet Nathan
secret one


let David into an important Samuel vii.) morning (2 Now therefore so shalt thou say unto my servant David, Thus

Lord of hosts, I took thee from the sheepcote, from following the sheep, to be ruler over my people, over Israel " And I was with thee whithersoever thou wentest, and have cut off all thine enemies out of thy sight, and have made thee a great name, like unto the name of the great men that nre in the earth. " Moreover I will appoint a place for my people Israel, and will plant them, that they may dwell in a place of their own, and move no more ; neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them any more, as beforetime, " And as since the time that I commanded judges to be over my people Israel, and have caused thee to rest from all thine enemies. Also the Lord telleth thee that he will make thee an house.
saith the

thy days be fulfilled, and thou shalt sleep with thy up thy seed after thee, which shall proceed out of thy bowels, and I will establish his kingdom. " He shall build an house for my name, and I will stablish the throne of his kingdom for ever."
fathers, I will set


And when

" Who

Well might David say, am I, O Lord God and what


" And this was but yet a small thing in thy sight, O Lord God thou hast spoken also of thy servant's house for a great while to come."


me hitherto ?


house, that thou hast

Note the circumstances under which this prophecy was presented. The children of Israel had been enjoying the land of promise now for 500 years, and the Lord had greatly blessed them, and made them a great



David had won great honor and renown

among the nations, and had the confidence of his own He had a large family and great riches, and people. was a man after God's own heart. The Lord entrusted him with a glimpse into the future. " The secret of the Lord is with them that fear Him and He will show them His covenant." That future had been dimly seen by others centuries before it had been spoken of, in the temporal blessings to Abraham and to his seed. It is for David now to catch a glimpse of the future iv.
store for his house

and nation.

a storm gathering in the pathway of progress. Idolatry and division was soon to weaken that nation and that people, and because they would sin they must suffer. War and defeat were on their in so the Lord says, notwithstandthe future, pathway " I will and their correction, ing captivity appoint 'a for and I will place My people Israel, plant them in that place, and it shall be their own forever, and they

The Lord saw

no more move into captivity, nor shall they be more scattered among the nations, nor shall the any spoiler spoil them any more, nor the children of wickedness trouble them any more."

find it impossible to apply thjs promise to to his people, to any portion of their history, or to any place on this globe, except as we see it " isles of the clearly fulfilled in their removal to the Great Britain. to to The history west," Tarshish, and the prophecy again fit as lock and key, and still


David and

the promise runs, "

The Lord hath sworn
not turn from

in truth

unto David




thy body will I set upon My " And thy house and thy kingthy kingdom forever." dom shall be established forever." " I will establish the throne of his kingdom over Israel forever." The sceptre given to Judah is to remain in the hands of David's house, of Judah's tribe, though it is not to govern the Jews, nor be found among them, for it is the throne and sceptre of David over Israel for ever. The Jews ceased to be called Israel, and the honor, and the dignity, and the sceptre was taken from them,

of the fruit of I will establish throne,

" Selah. I have sworn unto David My servant.) (Psalm " : My mercy will I keep for him for evermore. going up to the cabinet. father to be king over Israel for ever for he hath chosen Judah my to be the ruler and of the house of Judah. his throne as . " covenant will I not break. for we find him." my father he liked me to make me king over . having descended from the same honored sires. " If his children forsake my law. I will make him My first-born (My heir). and they reign over Israel an unbroken line of kings and queens. and walk not in my judgments . and keep not my commandments. iniquity with stripes. nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips. " I have made a covenant with My chosen. for the Lord had said. the coat of arms is Judah's coat of arms. not only by " divine right. " It shall be established for ever as the moon. or court. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. and shall stand fast with him. 22! and given unto a nation of the same Hebrew blood. it is not easy to clearly understood it. and the royal house comes from Judab." NEW 28.the " His seed also will I make to endure for ever to eternity). my covenant Ixxxix. " Howbeit the Lord God of Israel chose me before all the house of 4. and build up thy throne unto all generations. : . and his throne as the sun before me. and among the sons of all Israel. " His seed shall endure for ever (through all time). and as a faithful witness iu heaven. thy seed will I establish for ever.e. the house of my father David Chron. "If they break my statutes. and repeating to them the special promises to his tribe and to his father's house. through the family of David.. " Then will I visit their transgression with the rod. so plain and clear that or to misunderstand it. HOME. higher than the kings of the earth.OR. and (i. and their " Nevertheless my lovingkindness will I not utterly take from him." but under the divine oath. and especially to himself and his seed. My This mystify 1 is it. The sceptre is Judah's sceptre. " Once have I sworn by my holiness that I will not lie unto David. .. days of heaven. nor suffer my faithfulness to fail. in xxviii.

David never sat on Christ's throne." (to eternity). they see no throne but Christ's. and will give it unto thee.) 23. Take thee ten pieces for thus saith the Lord. The folly of our age is this. Behold.) : he said to Jeroboam. The material throne being a symbol of the spiritual. both eyes. looking out of the other eye. and will give it to thy servant. see no throne but David's.222 ANGLO-ISRAEL. and for Jerusalem's sake which I have chosen. and see neither." This " " earthly throne of the Lord symbolizes the heavenly throne of King Jesus the type is as real as the antiTo overlook either the earthly or the heavenly type. " And again And : : . xxii. and I will establish the throne of his kingdom over Israel for ever. father's sake " Howbeit I will not rend away all the kingdom . and both secure to the end of time.n." 31. you will see Gk>d speaking of both a temporal throne and a spiritual throne. " Notwithstanding in thy days I will not do it for David thy but I will rend it out of the hand of thy son. and Other men shut Christ as the only seed of David." : Now this throne is (2 of called the " throne of the Lord " Chron. and will give ten tribes to thee " But I will take the kingdom out of his son's hand. On the death of David the throne was given to Solomon. looking out fer the dark and mysterious. men don't want a plain theology. even ten tribes. (1 Kings xi.): 10. I will surely rend the kingdom from thee. throne is to do violence to the simplest rules of BibliChrist never sat on David's throne. Forasmuch as this is done of thee. If you look out of both eyes. of one eye. and I will be his father . and thou hast not kept my covenant and my statutes. : " Then Solomon sat on the throne of the Lord as king instead David his father. they preSome men. but will give one tribe to thy son for David my servant's sake. said to Solomon (1 Kings xix. Then the Lord 11. and of Solomon it was said (1 Chron. I will rend the kingdom out of the hand of Solomon. the God of Israel. . xxix. so. which I have commanded thee. " He shall build an house for my name and he shall be my .) : " Wherefore the Lord said unto Solomon." "And now ye think to withstand the kingdom of the Lord in the hands of the sons of David. and cal exegesis.

and with the Levites the priests." (Through all time). as then constituted. saith the Lord. neither the sand of . So Rehoboam understood it. which giveth the sun for a light by day. my ministers. To the ten tribes. for this thing is from me. that he should not have a son to reign upon his throne . . " As the host of heaven cannot be numbered. And xxxiii. and that there should not be day and night in their season . " Thus saith the Lord . saying. then the seed of Israel also shall cease from being a nation before me for ever. " Then "And may also my covenant be broken with David my servant. 223 The ten-tribed nation. Lord.OR. " Thus saith the Lord if heaven above can be . and Judah lost all claim to the honors and rewards of the kingdom now transferred to other hands. 19. About three hundred years after the transfer just named. and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night. to whom the kingdom was transferred. I will also cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done. and not to the Jews. Ye shall not go up. the Lord said to Jeremiah xxxi. : . and their descendants. secured to them all those special promises and blessings that God had previously made to Abraham. and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath." I need hardly say that this remarkable transfer of the kingdom. and others yet to be noted. and my covenant of the night. which divideth the sea when the waves thereof roar. is the kingdom here spoken of. most certainly the blessings are promised. : the Lord. ISRAEL AND THE KINGDOM. and to his seed. saith the Lord. according to the word of the Lord. It is to the kingdom of Israel. measured. If ye can break my covenant of the day.) 24. and he was ill disposed to allow of such a transfer for he resolved to make war on the children of Israel (1 Kings xii. throne and dignity to the ten tribes. "Thus saiih the Lord. therefore. the Lord 35. " Thus saith of hosts is his name : " If those ordinances depart from before me. nor fight against your brethren the children of Israel return every man to his house. and returned to They hearkened therefore to the word of the depart. that we must look for the fulfilment of those many promises quoted. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. : the word of the Lord came unto Jeremiah.

and to the ancient covenant made with his fathers. These solemn. if possible. Then the covenant with him. then. and as he promised to give a light to him and to his sons for ever. And." " of God in various forms of expression. whom I put away before thee. of the old covenant proa rehearsal was All this mises made to the patriarchs. Here. moreover. of the sea measured .) : 14. xiii. vii. so will I multiply the seed and the Levites that minister unto me. if words have any meaning and force. which is in mount Ephraim. and said. The throne of David and the kingdom of Israel must be in existence somewhere and. thy throne to all generations. If David and his seed do wrong. : mount Zemaraim. : Howbeit the Lord would not destroy the house of David. and with his house. surely.224 ANGLO-ISRAEL. in 2 Chron. the solemn oath of God. (through all time) before thee: thy throne shall be established for ever (all time). the blessing of a powerful national existence is guaranteed in perpetuity to Israel. " Ought ye not to know that the Lord God of Israel gave the kingdom over Israel to David for ever (to eternity). even to him and " Abijah stood up upon to his sons by a covenant of salt ? " And And 7. Examine the pro- . is called a covenant of Then we have salt. which was never to be broken. thou Jeroboam. and with the stripes of the children of " But men : my mercy shall not depart away from him as I took it from Saul." David my servant. pledges were unconditional. and to the royal house of David. they must have had a continuous existence throughout all . THE PLANTING. Hear me. because of the covenant that he had made with David. and all Israel. refers to the mercies of the Lord. these centuries. the Lord said (2 Sam. and that oath repeated and all possible conditions anticipated and secured. each expression designed to make the promise more secure. "I will chasten him with the rod of men." And 4. xxi. " And thine house and thine kingdom shall be established for And ever. Here we have the promise . we see David going up to the temple to sing his thanks of In that song he 'gratitude. as was most becoming.

). to Joseph. 225 phecy in the light of its true key. and will set it . I will also take the highest : branch of the high cedar. God would have made good His promise to Abraham but the covenant of God to Abraham and Judah was 15 . . even this whole land." He speaks of the new nation and throne (Ezekiel xvii. have dried up the green tree." It was to-be planted. to Jacob. to David and to his house. and will plant it upon an high mountain and eminent " In the mountain of the height of Israel will I plant it and it shall bring forth boughs. and it was time. and have made the dry tree to flourish I the Lord have spoken and have done it" : : : . "Thus saith the Lord God. 4).OR. He said (Jer. we have a key more golden than gold to all those glorious prophecies And made to Abraham. and to grow again. I will crop off from the top of his young twigs a tender one. ix. and bear fruit. " And all the trees of the field shall know that I the Lord have brought down the high tree. perishable. have exalted the low tree. and they shall no more be pulled up out of their land which I have given then. to be their own for all time. The Mosaic covenant was conditional. : up the tabernacle of David that is up as in the days of old "And I will bring again the captivity of my people Israel and I will plant them upon their land. xlv. the Lord said (Isaiah xxxvii. bear fruit upward. affording shelter and security to all nations. and note how beautifully they fit. history. and be a goodly cedar and under it shall dwell all fowl of every wing in the shadow of the branches thereof shall they dwell. and. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. " The remnant that is escaped of the house of Judah shall again take " " and root downward in that new country. saith the Lord thy God. and that which I have planted I will pluck up. and He was to plant them there. to them a " land flowing with milk and honey.) 22. "that which I have built will I break down. and to be a fruit-bearing kingdom. : (Amos 11. if broken. The Lord was to appoint them a place of their own. so that they would remove no more to the end of He had planted them in Palestine." "In that day I will raise it fallen down I will build .) . History shows the prophecy has been and is now being fulfilled." but because of their sins. and could be broken . still . In the light of Anglo-Israel history.

and carried away and planted in a high mountain. and hurled it from him. At the point of the poem where Harold returns to England. wherewithal he cleft the tree From off the bearing trunk. POET-LAUREATE.226 ANGLO-ISRAEL." The Apostle Paul speaks of " that covenant which " cannot disannul. and could not be broken. the of ends to the together (Deuteronomy "His xxxiii. He dyed. we have the Confessor In that vision he had his eye on telling his vision. and his horns with them he shall push the people are like the horns of unicorns " earth. " unconditional. is the grand theme. in his grasp a sword Of lightnings. My covenant will I not break. 22). Grew ever high and higher. the riddle of Ezekiel (seventeenth chapter). The doom of England. whom the poet likens to the " ' Green tree!' Then the Angel passed along the highest. I find the poet a firm believer in our Anglo-Israel literature. In reading Harold. beyond my seeing And shot out sidelong bows across the deep. Crying.' and at onco He stood beside me.) : : . where the highest branch of the high cedar was cut off. 17). crying. ! A " doom " glory is like the firstling of his bullock. in their God. that thus baptized in blood. That dropt themselves and rooted in the isles Beyond my seeing and the great Angel rose. in a city of merchants. and then he dash'd and drench'd. by Tennyson. and set it Straight on the trunk. a well. and Edward the Confessor dies.gone out of My lips. ' . Three fields away. or be made of none affect (Galatians iii. nor alter the thing that is . And past again along the highest. in a land of The chosen people of traffic. And brought the sundered tree again. migration westward. The British. . transplanted by " doom " Glorious 17. he soaked the trunk with human blood. xlix. ' The doom glorious ' ' of England ! spoken of as a fruitful bough to a far-off land (Gen.

We all know that the Gospel was planted in Asia ." The Anglo-Israel poet sees the Scots. He sees that reunion would make them chief of nations. but it shall break into pieces and consume all these kingdoms. To the door of death." And as Isaiah saw it : " For thou shalt break forth on the right hand and on the left . William Duke of Normandy. and break in the : " As Daniel saw the new kingdom And them to pieces. Of one self-stock at first.OR. I am free to say that I have often been puzzled. kingdom. English. which smote the image upon his feet that were of iron and clay. Angles. GOSPEL TO ISRAEL. and I have often puzzled others. and he prays to God." He sees more. and in the densely populated east. move. in Egypt. 227 days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a. and the surrounding countries. and make the desolate cities to be inhabited. in a half soliloquy over his fallen rival. Jutes." I turn again to the end of the poem. and it shall stand for ever. And English. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST : TRIBES. My may. and give them a hand to hold the world's great gates. and the gallant English soldiers who fought with him at Hastings. and thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles. Our Anglo-Israel studies throw a flood of light upon the geographical inarch of the triumph of Christianity. Saxons. " Make them again one people." " Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands. which shall never be destroyed and the kingdom shall not be left to other people. and Normans. is closely connected with the gospel triumphs we so much long for. to account for the little progress that Christianity made in the thickly populated south. Norman we should have a hand To grasp the world with. The concluding scene represents the conqueror. This gathering of the nations. It will not hurt any of us to make confession. Make them again one people Norman. in Asia. " Pray God Normans but as true with me. and flowing of the nations together. Danes.

of the history and prophecy respecting the lost ones. xxxvi. along the line of migration where the " pilgrims and strangers " were to be found. and the return of the Jews to their own land. and India ? if not chiefly. and others of the Divinely called and spirit-endowed apostles. but not a We word on record of the victories under the ministry of Andrew and Matthias. and in Africa. and will bring you into your own land. and in It seems the gospel triumphs lay Persia. (Ezek. Jesus.228 ANGLO-ISRAEL. The great promises to the heathen world are all connected with the identification of Israel. again: " Ye. In the west and north the . the Gentiles. and the its Gospel won You see blessings promised to them and through them to others. Had Thomas no well-sustained triumphs in India ? If he had." was for the men who were sent east as well as for others. The lost sheep of the house of Israel formed the principal converts to the truth of the gospel. the wide fields of thought here opened I have time here only to say." " Then shall the heathen know that I am the Lord when I shall be sanctified in you before their will take " eyes In the same chapter. altogether. shall . I am with you. in those countries where the lost Israel were found. and the return of the Jews to their own land and to the Messiah. that in the study up. and next to them. and the Lo.). and gather you out of all countries. The preachers of the Gospel went out under the same Divine sanction in all directions where are the records of the churches planted in Africa. why did not the cause perpetuate itself among that people? The apostles were all baptized and endowed for their " work. we see light all around the path of our inquiries on the questions that seem so dark. greatest victories. Why did it practically die out ? Why become extinguished even in Asia Minor ? How is it that we have no records of the march of Christianity in those eastern and southern fields ? have records of its glorious triumphs in the west. I : you from among the heathen. Israel. Note a few of those glorious promises " The Lord says.

they say. This land that was desolate is become like the garden of Eden. and performed it. and for all the house of Israel his companions " And join them one to another into one stick . whither they be gone. cut off from their parts. and make them one stick." In the xxxvii. the stick of Ephraim. saying. Son of man. Then shall the heathen know that I am the Lord." : : It is after the great revival among the united and restored Israel that the heathen nations shall become . and bring you into the land of Israel. For Judah. " The word of the Lord came again unto me. and field.e. then take another stick. " And shall put my spirit in you. these bones are the whole house of Israel behold. neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all. etc. and will gather them on every side. And He said unto the son of man 11. both Judah and Israel. which is in the hand of Ephraim. O my people. even with the stick of Judah. Thus saith the Lord God. take thee one stick. i. and cause you to come up out of your graves. "Then he said unto me. " And the sticks whereon thou writest shall be in thine hand : dwell in the land that I gave to your fathers. that is. and write upon it. : . For Joseph. and I shall place you in your own land . then ye shall know that I the Lord have spoken it. and I will multiply the fruit of the tree and the increase of the And the desolate land shall be tilled. and they shall be one in mine hand. the valley of dry bones is spoken of. Behold. " Moreover. t the other tribes the Spirit says these bones are the whole house of Israel. and the tribes of Israel his fellows. 229 " Therefore prophesy and say unto them. " And ye shall know that I am the Lord. O my people. and they shall be no more two nations. Thus saith the Lord God Behold. and one king shall be king to them all . etc. . I will open your graves. and ye shall live. chapter of Ezekiel. the two kingdoms. and for the children of Israel his companions . before their eyes. and they shall become one in thine hand.OR. and bring them into their own land " And I will make them one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel . thou son of man. I will take the stick of Joseph. saith the Lord. . and write upon it. when I have opened your graves. I will take the children of Israel out from among the heathen. and our hope is lost we are cut off from our parts. and brought you up out of your graves. Our bones are dried. they are represented as very dry. " And say unto them. and will put them with him. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. " Behold. they shall say.

It is coming." and they shall come to Jesus and accept Him. Then shall the light of the moon be as the light of the sun. and ! . His name shall be continued as long as the sun and men shall be blessed in Him." and " all the heathen shall know the Lord from the rising Then of the sun unto the going down of the same. and the light of the sun shall be seven fold as the light of seven days. placing myself amidst their fulfilment They were predictions by and others and the great Isaiah. and their Gentile brethren in all lands." Then shall . and the Lord shall pour upon them the spirit of grace and supplication and they shall look upon Him whom they have pierced and mourn.230 ANGLO-ISRAEL. we shall hear from the east." There are more heathen now under the influence of the Gospel than ever before. how grandly true seemed those prophetic utterances as I read them. Jeremiah. Jew and Israelite. " When the by the score to the same effect. and all nations shall call Him blessed. Prophecy history foretold. and the . How strangely. and the two nations are made Jews shall walk to Israel one. shall endure for ever. and unto the Lamb. tions I could multiply quotaacquainted with God. and all the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the Lord." " then shall the fulness of the Gentiles be come. The correspondence between the prophetic and the historic facts is no less marvellous than true. and all the kindreds " His name of the nations shall worship before Him. and all nations of the " and earth." HISTORY OF THE TRUE KEY. Ephraim and Manasseh. show in our -the fulfilment of facts of history. Then shall His name be great among the Gentiles. . Hosea. is those predictions. "then shall the heathen know the Lord. and they come to their own land. but the great ingathering of the nations has not yet come." Then shall " the land be cleansed in one day. history is prophecy fulfilled. day. unite in one lofty strain of thanksgiving praise to Him that sitteth upon the throne.

there could be no mistake seems to made. When the Lord communicated His will to David and to Solomon. however. The Saxon kings traced themselves . 1819. Grimaldi. I think. 231 rocky inscriptions of the East echo to our day true is the Word of the Lord. the history. of Judah. and the other prophets. so many centuries ago.A. impossible. nor enter into the proofs in detail. They still retain that sceptre. C. omitting a The descent of our royal great number of links. thus. E. fulfilled in THE QUEEN'S ROYAL DESCENT FROM KING DAVID THE PSALMIST. and the prophecy . and with Isaac and Jacob. London. and Victoria. Since tb^n the whole subof Her Israelitish ject Majesty's ancestry has been further examined by jarious students and writers on our Israelitish origin.) the to attempt give genealogy link by link. and a misunderstanding was. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. M. F. could be more belonging to firmly secured by the divine promise and oath. B. A. A. (England the Remnant He did not. And history is the true key to prophecy we see the promise.C. showing the Connection between the House of David and the Eoyal Family of Britain. and then with David and his house. as found in Matthew. Then the repeated assurances of all this to Jeremiah. 580. and no doubt will retain it until the time specified.OR. The royal power and authority established in the posterity of Judah. Glover. It how me difficult to imagine how anything the human. than this covenant arrangement with Abraham first. M. J. family from the royal line of Judah is.A. Stephens has com" piled a Genealogical Chart. Mr. A. I here furnish the reader with a copy of the Queen's royal descent by the Eev. of course. have not been taken from them. B. The possible descent of Queen Victoria from King David was first entered upon in the present day by Eev. no new discovery. however.D. or earthly. It then gives twelve generations only between Heremon." This gives the descent from Abraham to Zedekiah in full. 1861.

as may be seen in a very ancient MS. 13. 8. ADAM TO Generations. but it is be. 23072126). 38702978). 5. London.C. Whenever known. to put . 33132344). the wives have been mentioned. The dates after private names refer to their birth and death . Genealogies. Cainan (B.C 35402578). Enoch (B. London. 1. been thought that it would be useful. 10. 1732).232 ANGLO-ISRAEL. those after sovereigns' names.C.C. back to Odin. as well as interesting.C. lieved that the genealogy is as correct as our present knowledge of this obscure and intricate subject will on record. 14. 4. 2158). In its compilation reliable works of reference have been used such as Anderson (Royal . some have been obtained from Polano (The Talmud. The full and (History of the Anglo-Saxons. In the following genealogy those who reigned have K. 11. 22772187). Naamah. Enos (B C. VICTORIA. London. therefore. and others.C. 1814). 36752765). 12.C. 33783013) Methuselah (B. b. prefixed to their names. 31262344). 36052710). Jared (B. to their accession and death. and in Sharon Turner. Adam (B. 3. in the Heralds' College. 37652860). Seth (B.C. 7. as well as those mentioned above. Salah (B.C. London. Noah (B. Shem(B.C. Lamech (B.) complete genealogy of Victoria from David does not appear to have been ever printed and it has. Mahalaleel (E.G. Keating (History of Ireland" Dublin. 40003070). and d. Besides those mentioned in Genesis. 2. 1877). I. 1723) Lavoisne (Genealogical and Historical Atlas. 6.G 2442 Arphaxad Heber (B. Eve. 29442006). . 9. who was traced back to his descent from David. 23421904). Vol. both for reference and testimony. stand for born and died. (B. Perfect accuracy is hardly to be expected in such an attempt.

C. B. 21812049). 958). . 38. (B. Hezekiah (B.C. K.C. 44. K. Meshullemeth.C.C. 32. 34. K. 649.C. Manasseh (B. 18. Zedekiah (B. 35. 36. Naamah.C. Reu Nahor (B. 31.C. 28. KINGS OF IRELAND. 826. Sarah. K.C. Jehoram (B. 54. b. 24. 23. Tea Tephi. K. K. 621. Judah (b. David (B. 641). Jesse. Hamutah. 25. Naashon. 52.C. 39. K. 889885). . 758). 710. Leah.C. Jedidah. Jotham (B. 19921817). d. Abraham (B. 751. d. Bathsheba. 578599). K. 46. Solomon (B. Amtheta. 1033975). 21. Peleg (B. Zibiah. 26. 233 Continued. Tamar. 37. 810). Josiah (B.C. K. 53. Uzziah (B. Eithriall (reigned 20 years).C. Generations.C. b. K. K. 864. Amaziah (B.C. 30. Abi. K. 955914). S3. K. Heremon (fl. Abijam (B. 2122208:]). K. Boaz (B.C. b. 610). 726). K. 16. Maacah. Rebekah. Jecholiah. 29. 49. K. b. Azubah.C. Jacob (B. Ahaz (B. 22.C. d. 18961716). 10851015). K. 783. Aminadab. 914889). d. Ahaziah (B. 27. d. 40. 19. Eanbotha.C.C. Irial Faidh (reigned 10 years).C. 15. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST ADAM TO VICTORIA TRIBES. Jehoshaphat (B.C. 1312). 643). Tighernmas (reigned 50 years). K. 48. Asa (B. 51.C. d. 55. 958955).C. Joash (B. Rehoboam (B. Jehoadden.C. 17. Serug (B. 1753). Jerushah. b. 742). b. 22432004). Isaac (B. 20522003). 885839). Follain. Hezron. 1016. d. Aram.C. 906884). 18371690). 787. 50. 20. reigned 15 years. b. 698).OR. d. d. Obed.C. KINGS OF ISRAEL. b.C. 47. 42.C. 580). K. K. Hephzibah. K. Amon (B. B. 45. Athaliah. b. Ruth. Salmon. 22132026). K. Terah (B. 43. 41.

K. 93. Cobhthach Coalbreag (reigned 30 years). Aodhain Glas (reigned 20 years). 100. K. 79. Coula Cruaidh Cealgach (reigned 4 years). 80. 95. Lughaidh Riadhdearg. Coun Ceadchathach (reigned 20 years). 71. Jaran Gleofathach (reigned 7 years). 65. K. Generations. K. K. Maoin. K. Siorna Saoghalach (reigned 21 years). Roighnein Ruadh. Oiliolla Caist'hiachach (reigned 25 years). 69. 72. Fiachadh Fionoluidh (reigned 20 years). Caibre Liffeachair (reigned 27 years). Fiachadh Labhriane (reigned 24 years). KINGS OF IRELAND Continued. 75. 57. 64. K. 89. 86. K. 94. K. Ecchaidh Buaigllerg. 74. K. 62* 63. Smiorguil. 58. K. Fearaidhach Fion Feachtnuigh. K. Fineamhuas. K. 76. . K. 61. K. Easarahuin Eamhua. 98. Rotheachta (reigned 25 years). Meilage. 56. Eochaidh Moigmeodhin (reigned 7 years). 77. K. Muireadach Bolgrach (reigned 4 years). 68. K. 97. 90. 66. K.234 ANGLO-ISRAEL. Eodchaidh Feidhlioch (reigned 12 years). Duach Laidhrach (reigned 10 years). 70. Eana Aighneach (reigned 28 years). Aongus Ollmuchaidh (reigned 21 years). Tuathal Teachtmar (reigned 30 years). 73. K. 67. Blathuchta. Muireadach Tierach (reigned 30 years). 99. 91. 85. Fian. Labhra Suire. K. K. Fiachadh Sreabthuine (reigned 30 years). 84. 82. Dein. 60. Ugaine More the Great (reigned 30 years). K. 96. Oholla Olchaoin. 87. Fiachadh Tolgrach (reigned 7 years). K. K. K. Criomhthan Niadhnar (reigned 16 years). 81. 83. Arb Aonflier (reigned 30 years). Aongus Tuirmheach Teamharch (reigned 30 K. K. Simeon Breac (reigned 6 years). Finlogha. 59. K. Niall of the Nine Hostages. K. 78. K. Giallchadh (reigned 9 years). Cormae Usada (reigned 40 years). 92. years). 88. K Eochaidh Foltleathan (reigned 11 years).





101. Eogan. 102. K. Murireadhach.
103. Earca.

104. K.

Feargus More (A.D. 487).

105. K.

106. K.
107. 108.

109. 110. Dongard. 111. K. Eugene V. (d. 692). 112. Findan.

Dongard (d. 457). Conran (d. 535). K. Aidan (d. 604). K. Eugene IV. (d. 622). K. Donald IV. (d. 650).

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Kenneth II. (d. A.D. 854). 117. 118. K. Constantin II. (d. A.D. 87*).
Donald VI. (d. A.D. 903). Malcolm I. (d. A.D. 958). 121. K. Kenneth III. (d. A.D. 994). 122. K. Malcolm II. (d. A.D. 1033). 123. Beatrix m. Thane Albanach.
119. K. 120. K.
124. K.






A.D. 1040).

Canmore (A.D. 10551093), Margaret of England. 126. K. David I. (d. A.D. 1153), Maud of Northumberland. 327. Prince Henry (d. A.D. 1152), Adama of Surrey. 128. Earl David (d. A.D. 1219), Maud of Chester.
125. K.



129. Isobel m. Robert Bruce III. 130. Robert Bruce IV. m. Isobel of Gloucester. 131. Robert Bruce V. m. Martha of Carrick. 132. Robert I. Bruce (A.D. 13061329), Mary of Burke. 133. Margaret Bruce m. Walter Stuart III. 134. K. Robert II. (d. A.D. 1390), Euphemia of Ross (d.


A.D. 1376). 135. K. Robert III. (d. A.D. 1406), Arabella Drummond (d. A.D. 1401). 136. K. James I. (A.D. 14241437), Joan Beaufort.



Generations. 137. K. James II. (d. A.D. 1460), Margaret of Gueldres (d. A.D. 1463). 138. K. James III. (d. A.D. 1488), Margaret of Denmark (d. A.D. 1484). 139. K. James IV. (d. A.D. 1543), Margaret of England (d. A.D. 1539). 140. K. James V. (d. A.D. 1542), Mary of Lorraine (d. A.D. 1560). 141. Q. Mary (d. A.D. 1587), Lord Henry Darnley.


K. James VI. and Denmark.



16031625), Ann


143. Princess

(15961613), K. Frederick

144. Princess Sophia m. Duke Ernest of Brunswick. 145. K. George I. (16981727), Sophia Dorothea Zella

146. K. 147.


George II. (17271760), Princess Caroline of Anspach (16831737). Prince Frederick of Wales (1707 1751), Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha. K. George III. (17601820), Princess Sophia of Mecklenburgh Strelitz (17441818). Duke Edward of Kent (17671820), Princess Viccr.

toria of Leiningen.

150 Q. Victoria (b. 1819, Coburg and Gotha.

1838), Prince Albert of Saxe-

5; xxi. 7). We have always been able to trace David's seed to Queen Tephi, of Ireland, who was the daughter of Zedekiah but the difficulty has been to supply a chart of the line from Queen Tephi to King Fergus of Scotland. This we now supply through the valuable researches of the Eev. A. B. Grimaldi, M.A., which is in itself a matter vital to the very best interests of the British Empire. Thus history is again seen to be the true key to prophecy. God has kept His word to David and to

Ought ye not to know that the Lord God of Israel ever to gave the kingdom over Israel to David for him and to his sons, by a covenant of salt? " (2 Chron.






His people. God.

bright as the promise of

Before passing away from the historical and the geographical, I must here answer a few objections which I have met with in my travels. I will quote the objector's own words, withholding the name.
OBJECTION. " There is one Rev. Mr. says, difficulty about the Scythians, i.e., the fact of their name appearing frequently upon ancient Assyrian tablets and cylinders, ages before Israel was carried captive." This objection vanishes at once, when you see several colonies of those very same people migrating to that country " ages" before the captivity my friend alludes to. Is. In Genesis xxxviii. 30, we read that so ? Yes, it is a brother of Pharez, son of Judah, who one of Zarah, became a Scythe, a wanderer, he and his whole family

sons (1 Chronicles ii. 6). Moreover, this them took with members of all the tribes, and family went away north-east, and founded a Scythian nation. It was not long until a colony of Simeon followed them away into the fertile valleys of the east, where they found " fat pasture and good, and wide, and quiet, and peaceable" (1 Chron. iv. 39, 40). The sons of Reuben also went away to the Euphrates and joined the former Scythes, and grew up a strong nation in a few years (1 Chronicles v.) " And eastward he inhabited unto the 9. entering in of the wilderof

because their cattle were multiplied ness from the river Euphrates And in the days of Saul they made war with the Hagarites, who fell by their hand ; and they dwelt in their tents

in the land of Gilead.


the east land of Gilead."

Also the sons of Reuben and of Gad, with 44,000 of an army, gave a good account of themselves, their arms and influence, in the work of extension. The same

of Reuben, and the Gadites, and half the tribe of Manosseh, of valiant men, men able to bear buckler and sword, and to shoot with bow, and skilful in war, wire four arid forty thousand seven hundred and threescore, that went out to the war.


The sons




made war with the Hagarites, with Jetur, and Nephish, and Nodab. And they were helped against them, and the Hagarites were delivered into their hand, and all that were with them for they cried to God in the battle, and he was intreated of them because they put their trust in him."


derers," children of

Here we have the names and the persons, "wanAbraham, true Scythians, in large numbers hundreds of years before Israel were made captive they no doubt erected the tablets and monuments referred to.

This objection has disappeared, for it is quite as likely that those portions of that race would make their name and influence felt, and inscribe it on tablets

and cylinders, as any people who might follow them hundreds of years after.
insuperable objection a reverend Professor has " That the against our Anglo-Israel theory is, early inhabitants of those islands would be so mixed up with Israel as to invalidate the whole theory because they must be in existence somewhere." He says, " There is a great difficulty about mixing so many nationalities together, and still claiming for their descendants a distinct nationality, and the identity of the same people." My reply must be brief. As to the admixture of races, we do well to note what was forbidden in their matrimonial relations and what was allowed. For very good reasons the Ammonite and the Moabite were utterly forbidden the offspring of an alliance with them was not to be naturalized even in the tenth generation. The Edomite, on the other hand, could be admitted in the third generation, because he was the descendant of Jacob's brother (Deuteronomy xxiii.). Also the offspring of an Egyptian alliance could be admitted in the third generation. must not forget that Joseph married an Egyptian wife their two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, the objector would call half-breeds, and would be troubled, no doubt, about calling them Israelites, but we find they were recognized at once as belonging to the








honored twelve, and were so included and so recorded, and specially blessed. We must also remember that in the genealogy of our Lord, Rahab, a Canaanitish Gentile woman of Jericho, was required, and Ruth, a Moabitish heathen, was permitted. If so, and so it is, this objection cannot amount to much. I cannot here enlarge, nor is it
necessary. I wish our Professor had informed us who those " " were, and upon what ground he early inhabitants " must be in existence somewhere." argues, they have some curious preachers in the world. One noted divine took for his theme, " Fear not, little flock," etc. After an introduction of several minutes, he said he would first show that the flock was not little; and secondly, show that there were grounds why we should fear. In both propositions he ran directly contrary to his text.


This Here is God's way of doing this thing. solemn declaration and promise must not be frittered away, or squarely contradicted. The law above quoted admitted Egyptians, Edomites, and proselytes to the faith and privileges of the Hebrews, and we know that the twelve sons of Jacob had among them four mothers, and if we see, in our day, a few Germans, Norwegians, andEdomites coming into our churches, or to our nation, and becoming " mixed up," we must not be alarmed as if the whole Saxon race was to be sacrificed. The mixing up process that alarms my friend began very early in our hisThe stronger has always absorbed the weaker, tory. and grown all the stronger by the process. The same law is seen in the vegetable and in the animal kingdoms.

As to the " early inhabitants," or aboriginal tribes of England and America I am not quite sure "that they must be in existence somewhere." The Word of the Lord is my guide, and He says, " I will make an " utter end of all the nations where I send thee that means England and Australia as well as America" an utter end of all nations." Are all the North American



Indians in existence somewhere ? Are the " early inhabitants" of Australia all in existence somewhere? And the Maoris of New Zealand are they " mixed up " too ? My friend must not mix his logic up quite so much, or it will come to grief. The Great Promiser can fulfil His own promises, and in His own way




His own interpreter,

And He




in existence one of the numerous Brainerd and Elliott preached Jesus tribes to The resurrection. the and "full end" has come to the early inhabitants of Tasmania and Australia, as it came years ago to New England, and centuries before At the present death rate in New to Old England. and stalwart race the Maoris, will bold that -Zealand, " in fifteen years. In all have come to the "full end the Hoogly district, India, the mortality the last " decade threatens soon to leave the "early inhabitants without a single representative. The Brahmins are the only exception, and they are the children of Abraham by his wife Keturah. God does not "mix up" His people, as we sometimes suppose. How the Jews




are kept distinct!

This Anglo-Israel theory gives us the true key to the disappearance of the aborigines in all lands where the Saxon race is planted. I have no time here to notice the different theories advanced to account for the speedy disappearance of the Gentile tribes on the appearance of the dominant race. may well ask where are all those athletes of the forests of the New England States and the Atlantic coast the Pennicooks, Abenakes, Bawtu-kets, Massachusetts, Pokanokets, Narragansetts, the Mohicauni, the thirty tribes of the Pow-hatans, the Yamancoes, Shawanese, Cherokees, the Manohoacks. And where are the immense tribes of the Iroquois, the Algonquins, Miamies, Pottawatomies, Winnabagoes, Hurons, Ca-


yugas, Onondagoes,

Mohawks, Tuscaroras, Choctaws

and Chickasaws

are they all ? And where the original inhabitants of Australia ? And






where are the immense tribes of the Maoris of New Zealand ? They are fast passing away disappearing before the ever progressing Saxon. In all this we see

the survival of the


talk of development, and progression, and retrogression. I hope that when he traces our ancestry to apes and monkeys, he means his own

Darwin may

grandfathers and not ours. The true answer to the question, Where are all those immense tribes of stalwart men and women ? is found in the declaration of God to Jeremiah xlvi. 28, " For I will make a full end of the nations where I send thee, but I will not make a full end of thee, but correct thee in a measure." This is literally true of all nations where we go. Such is not the case of other nations as of the French and of the Spaniards, etc. (See Quarterfage on The Human Species, Vol. XXVI. English ed.) may be disposed to conclude as did the minister's son. The father was out on the beach with theand boy, pointed out to him the goodness of God in



and specially His wisdom, as illustrated in


crane they saw wading out from the shore the soft folding and unfolding of its long legs so noiselessly that not a ripple startled the fish, and its long, slender,,

The lad so admirably shaped for fishing. to the the of God crane, easily recognized goodness whose dinner was easily secured. "But, father," he said, "isn't the arrangement a little tough on the

fish?" Victor Hugo, in an address in Southwark, London,, began by saying, "Men and women of London, I conYou are a great peogratulate you on being English. You have a grand appetite. You are the nation ple. that eats all the other nations up. That's the part to This the world play. puts England swallowing up all

by herself. In policy and philosophy, in management of colonies of people, and of trades you stand alone and are wonderful. The time is coming when there will be on earth two great sign-posts. On one will be written, Men, and on the other Englishin a class



presume the speaker here means Saxon for Englishmen. The American nation is in this respect as omnivorous as England. We have now. over forty different nationalities in this country, and the process of amalgamation and assimilation is going on rapidly. In 500 years from now, all traces of those different races and different languages will have disappeared, to be found only by the historian or the archaeologist. We will then have two or three hundred million of inhabitants, all Saxons, speaking the same language, and doing honor to our forefathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. If, to-day, it can be truthfully affirmed, that not a bill of lading is made out in any pert, a copy of which is not made out in English, who can tell what the influence of our language, our commerce, and our civilization will be 500 years from now. I remember reading some time ago the fragment " of a poem by Prof. Wilson, entitled England and America." It ran, so far as memory serves me, thus: "Two nations! Psliaw nonsense! Two peoples!


They're one.

By their subject the sea tied together; What if we've had quarrels the nearest in blood Show by tiffs best their love for each other. And shame on the one who on such cares can brood, And let coldness divide child and mother


The squabbles


kinsmen should love but renew,


the contrast but



the clearer.

we must have And make each but

quarrels, let them be far and near, the dearer, Happier, mightier, to each wiser, each age may both be.

Old England and this her dear daughter, Hand in hand may they go on, England this side the sea And our great England over the water, Let us hope that it shall be so."

When I read of all the great deeds done by Englishmen for the sake of their God, their country, and wh;.n I remember that England is their fellow-men the mother of nations, one of which rivals herself in wealth and greatness, I am so thrilled with life and joy as makes me cry, thank God that I am a Saxon.

OR, I think,




too, of the Pilgrim Fathers standing upon Plymouth Bock and looking their last upon the Mayflower,' and then turning their faces inland with a strong determination to live and die in the free worship of God and how great a nation has arisen from that small band, and how that nation rose against tyranny and drove by the strong hand of her might


the dark curse of slavery from her midst. Now the hot fever of rebellion has subsided and her heart has turned again to the motherland, and I know that these are not two nations but one people, whose affection for each other is uniting them, I believe, in one common endeavor for the good of their fellow-man.

then, heirs of Saxon fame, take heed, nor once disgrace, With deadly pen or spoiling sword, our noble tongue

Take heed,



prepared in every clime to love and help each other, And judge that they who counsel strife would bid you smite a brother."


Another objection is stated thus " The tribal distinctions were entirely lost in Babylon and Assyria, and there was no distinction between Judah and Israel. The ten tribes returned home with the Jews after the decree by Cyrus." I am suprised that any one in this day of Bible reading would make such a statement! Turn to Ezra ii. and read of a court of inquiry appointed to examine certain claims to the priesthood, after the return to Jerusalem, and note how that court rejected all those persons whose families were unable to trace their family and tribal distinctions of some it was said, verse 59, "But they could not show their


And verse father's house." 62. "These sought their register among those that were reckoned by genealogy, but they were not found ; therefore were they, as polluted, put from the priesthood."

find them examining their tribal records Jerusalem after their return. Then, if this objection has any force, how can we prove the ancestral line of Jesus Christ if the tribal distinctions and family

Here we



records were lost ? certainly Matthew and Luke did not so understand it, for they produce the family records of both sides of the house from Abraham to Christ. have also the tribal distinction of Zacharias and Elisabeth, and of Anna, the prophetess, and


many others. In Luke ii. incidental passage, which of itself sends the objector into cloudland 1. "And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a

Paul and Barnabas and

we have an


decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed. " And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of
all went to be taxed, every one into his own city; Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem (because he was of the house and lineage of David.)"

" "

And And


How could they go every man to his own city if they had no family record of where to go ? Even to this day the Jews have their tribal distinctions. What says the objector ? The Israelites were not to mingle among the Jews, nor were they to amalgamate among the Gentiles, so as to be in the "latter
inconsistent entirely undistinguishable. see no foundation at all for the theory that the ten tribes are among the Jews, then to cry out, " swallowed up among the Gentiles," "lost, gone for" ever," hopelessly amalgamated." Those crude ideas have their origin in a profound and culpable ignorance of the Holy Scriptures. The Word of God is full of such passages as these " The house of Israel is to be a kingdom for ever." " I am

When we





the Lord thy God which has separated you from other " God has chosen thee to be a special peopeople." ple unto Himself above all people that are upon the " Chosen thee to be a face of the earth." peculiar " He hath set thee on high above the people." " Thou hast confirmed to nations." Thyself Thy people Israel, to be a people unto Thee for ever (i.e.,

through all time), and Thou, Lord, art become their God." " Thou didst make the children of Israel Thine own people for ever." " Thou hast chosen for Thy " He hath not dealt so with any peculiar treasure."





nation." " I will never break " Israel, thou art servant,



My covenant with you." My chosen, the seed of

This was after the captivity. friend." " And I will bring the blind by a way which they knew not I will lead them in paths that they have not known;


I will

light before, and crooked things these straight: things will I do, and not forsake them." " I " Israel is My glory." " Israel, thou art Mine." will place salvation in Zion for Israel My glory." " My kindness shall not depart fromthee, neither shall the covenant of My peace be removed from thee." " I will be the God of all the families of Israel, and shall be My people." "They are My inheritance, they " " saith the Lord They shall be as though I had not cast them off." "Lo, thy people shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nations." Now these prophecies have been fulfilled in the whole history of these people when among the Assyrians as captives, when among the Medes and Persians, being punished in Babylon, or among the Greeks and Romans, they were still separated from the nations. It is also true of the same people when, as

make darkness

they were in Egypt, Greece, Etruria, Italy, Spain, Germany, or the great wilderness in all these It places they were not reckoned among the nations. is true now, in a secular point of view, as they stand

among the French, Spanish, Portuguese,


Austrians, Russians, they are not reckoned among them they are exclusive to the last degree. They mingle among the nations in commerce, and use them in trade, but differ from them in manners, habits, social life, and in religion.

in their Geographically, our people dwell alone and affinities, alone. It is a matter of bitter complaint on the continental countries that everywhere we retain our identity as Saxons, our peculiar habits, and live to ourselves, as if in a spirit of exclu;

siveness. It was not long ago a special correspondent wrote

from the East,

No matter where they strangers among foreigners." go, they retain their individuality. If we speak of the great religious systems of the nations, or of the races, The Latin the same peculiarities are clearly seen.
Church, the Greek Church, and the Armenian Church, great systems of heathenism, we still, as Saxons, dwell alone, and as Protestants are not reckoned among them. We stand alone, too, in our The other sacred days, and times and seasons. nations and Gentile peoples have their holidays, we have our holy day. They (Israelites) are the Lord's inheritance, His vineyard, His people, His witnesses. They are not Jews, nor, as a rule, mingled with the Jews. They are not Gentiles, nor are they mingled See an illustration of this or reckoned among them.
or the
fact in the great

You Englishmen always remain


effort possible

monetary conference now in session. has been made to draw England

into that

conference, but

not in that either

"reckoned among the nations." A reverend and dear brother waxed warm one day, and stated, " That the ten tribes returned from Babylon with the two tribes, and were mixed up with the captive Jews, and that they are with the Jews still." This is the most extraordinary statement of any on such a grave question. Turn to Ezra i. and rea.d of Judah and Benjamin, and also in subsequent 'chapters of a coirespondence with Artaxerxes and King Darius, and of the children of the transportation, and of the people carried captive by Nebuchadnezzar, and of a public meeting they held to consider their return to and of the proclamation issued comJerusalem manding their return, and yet there is not a word

about the ten tribes, while the return is exWhen you take the pressly limited to the two tribes.

and add th^n together, you number was considered for that two small so very tribes, they spake of them " residue." as a " remnant," and the True, they are called Israel here, as in Ezekiel, because that was a generic term, but the ten tribes
figures as given in detail,

have only 29,818.







were in the Lo-Ammi, or the divorced state, for a But in all time, and then the Jews were of Israel. this correspondence, and in all this return, the ten tribes were not named, and they were not in any way connected with that captivity or that return. They had left their country 133 years before their brethren, the Jews, and they had no sympathy with each other. (See Josephus, Jerome, Kitto, Millman, and others previously quoted on this point.) Another learned professor says, " As Ezra uses the words, all Israel,' therefore the whole twelve tribes were included, and all went back with Ezra." It is too bad to have to send another learned gentleman to the rear but they should know what they are saying. " all I affirm that the words, Israel," do not mean in all cases the twelve tribes. For example, observe " all Israel " came 1 Kings xii. 20, we are told that " and made Jeroboam king over all Israel." Was Judah and Benjamin there ? They were not. The twelve tribes did no such thing.


Again, King

and "


and Benjamin would plead not " Here, five times the words all guilty to the charge. " Israel are used when the twelve tribes were nob

stones, and he died tribes guilty ? Judah

sent his Lord Chancellor to Israel" stoned him with Were the twelve (verse 18).

(See also 2 Chronicles xxx.)

Another gentleman makes quite a flourish over Ezra vi. 17, where it is said, " And for a sin offering for all Israel, twelve he goats, according to the number of the tribes of Israel."

"proves that the whole nation were and must have returned after the decree by Cyrus." This is certainly no proof that they were all present. When in the days of Ahab, " Elijah, on Mount Carmel, took twelve the number of the twelve stones, according to tribes of the sons of Jacob." Does this prove that the twelve tribes served Ahab ? I shall not multiply references. Such objectors show an ostrich-like unconsciousness ^f the nakedness of their situation.
"This," he

represented in that sacrifice,



I hear another objection from a dear friend of mine,

who grows warm and "
spiritual Israel,"

noisy about what he calls and he says that, " We, in claim-

ing a literal fulfilment of certain promises made to Abraham and his seed, do dishonor to 'spiritual I have, however, never been able to perIsrael.'' suade him to point out a single passage in the Word He might of God, where his favorite term is used. as well fret and fume about spiritual Jacob, or spiritual Esau, or spiritual Joseph. The fact is, the term has no place in the Scriptures. It is a piece of foreign read of "children of Abraham," "bemetal. lievers in Christ," "sons of God," the "faithful," "children of God," "righteous," of "children of the light," "citizens of God," of the "family of God," but spiritual Israel we don't find in the book. That term sounds very much like one that a wealthy gentleman often uses. He says he belongs to the "invisible church." It is a very cheap church, certainly there is no house of worship to build, or keep in order, no minister to support, no parsonage to furnish, and no poor members who have a claim on him. All his doings for God and community are invisible no one ever saw him do the handsome thing. He never lets his left hand know what his right hand does; because neither hand ever does anything. He belongs, he says, to an invisible church. Israelite is a generic term used to express the cove-




nant people of God. A patronymic term expressing the name of our forefather Israel one who descended from Jacob as an Israelite.

Gentile may become a Christian, and inherit the blessings of grace on earth and glory in heaven but


he cannot become an Israelite. A man may be an Israelite and be a lost sinner, or he may be an Israelite by birth, and a Christian by the new birth unto righteousness, which is, to me, the highest style of man, that would, in the estimate of Jesus, constitute him an " Israelite indeed," as was Nathanael.

The second also was literally made good. Jesus. must be as truly and literand second. A : should inherit the land of Canaan. Now. the third promise ally fulfilled as the first of a two-fold application. they should possess the ends of the earth. and temthey seem to forget entirely that a large poralities Bible relates to the things of time and the of portion earth. xxii. In that memorable promise of God to Abraham we have a trinity of blessings. While rejoicing in our spiritual blessings. for earthly duties. figurative. should be the father of many nations. Just at this point. 2. and the figurative the exceptional method of There are some passages which admit interpretation. and to Jacob. that claims to spiritualize the remainder of those promises. before we seek for a figurative application. very large portion of the promises God gave to Abraham were promises of temporal things. 249 The religion of a great many people is too ideal. Now all that was included in these promises was transmitted to Isaac. and to the twelve He The first promise was literally fulfilled. and the gates of their enemies (Gen. too ethereal. we must not overlook the temporal. but we should first see if a promise will admit of a literal. In that one there is a tripartite division 1. 17).OK. and resurrection. His seed should be a great nation and they . and we do the Holy Scriptures great violence when we undertake to spiritualize the temporal. He should be the progenitor of the coming " YAVEH "3. Upon whose authority are we to spiritualize one out of the three. His death tribes. . THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. and special privileges promised to Israel. too spiritual. symbolical system of interpretation. of multitudes of peoples. some teachers have set up a mystical. even to the most minute particulars of His life and labors. If the first two were literally fulfilled we may reasonIf the prophecy ably look for the third to be literal. taking the other two literally? The literal is the natural.

in nineteenth of Isaiah. out the 310th gave hymn. since there is a manifest distinction drawn between Israel and those Gentile There are special promises of or heathen nations. you are bound to spiritualize Assyria and Egypt and Edom and Moab. A misunderstanding of Scripture. A misapprehension of Scripture. A dislocation of Scripture. 24. xix. do please.) spiritual way. I walk on hostile ground. Israel as a spiritual body. " In that day shall Israel be the third with Egypt and with : Assyria. And ravening wolves surround. in he arrived due and at the first service. you must try and do the same with Judah. While human bears on slaughter bent. found. so will the future." for That man must have had a wonderful penchant spiritualizing. in visiting his people he found three very great evils " 1. to Israel as a distinct and pecuand comforts blessings liar people and race. "3. time.250 ANGLO-ISRAEL. A venerable Scotch minister said. I claim ation to be literal. what will you do with Noph and Zoan ? If you spiritualize Israel. If you make a Christian Church of Jerusalem. Of such teaching we have had enough. and that they used to quarrel with each other and with their minister. regarding the captivity and dispersion were literal. Deal fairly and justly all round." : It is recorded of a circuit in a certain conference that the people were far from being united. If the past be If you spiritualize Israel literal. we may safely look for the prophecy regarding the restorIf the curses are literal. even a blessing in the midst of the land : . during their dispersion. Now. that can have no meaning if applied to them in a mystical and For example (Isa. cannot in the nature of things be among the nations. that the blessings will be literal also. so that it was not an easy matter to find a minister volunteer was at last willing to go to that charge. Wesleyan hymn-book : A " Into a world of ruffians sent. 11 2.

and their wives apart . " the house of David. and in the end bringeth all truth to nothing. and their wives apart . the family of the . and who were often found to nip and cut." If you take the blessings to Israel spiritually to ourselves. as the mourning of Hadadrimmon in the valley of Megiddon. The book is full of the spiritual. house of Nathan apart. " All the families that remain. 251 Whom my people. "In that day shall there be a great mourning in Jerusalem. whose office and duty it was to see after the stipend. It is a dangerous kind of art. and their wives apart . every family apart the family of the house of David apart. in Zech. The return from the first captivity was literal. without violating all the laws of interpretation. tance. xii. and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem. and pinch and squeeze and trim down I ." the Lord of hosts shall bless. as one is in bitterness for his firstborn. " The family of the house of Levi apart. it maketh of anything what it listeth. the family of Shimei apart. which. every family apart. being an ingenious " bodie. he easily saw how the deacons and elders. When he came to the snuffers and the snuff-dish he found that he had a hard nut to crack. however. bring to a literal home a literal people. as one mourneth for his only son. pray. and shall be in bitterness for him. be honest. and their wives apart. See the promise And I will pour upon . and take the curses of the Jews spiritually also. have long ago adopted Hooker's very safe principle of interpretation. "that when a passage of the Word of God would bear a literal interpretation. " THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. Blessed be Egypt and Assyria the work of my hands. like alchemy. and their wives apart . the spirit of grace and of supplications and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced. Him.OR." The mourning shall be as literal as was the piercing. saying. 10. and they shall mourn for him. etc. the furthest from the letter was generally the worst. They tell us of an aged Gaelic commentator who spiritualized the tabernacle and its furniture. changeth the nature of metals. are applicable' and to that nation which pierced : . " And the land shall mourn." and having proved that the ministers were the light of the Church. so will be the return when the Lord shall set His hand the second time to. and Israel mine inheri- The promises named only to those people.

30. and as a thing of nought. "They that make war against Israel shall be as nothing. " The chariots shall rage in the streets." 4." .) One Isaiah xli. could be made to represent the snuffers. unto me. " girls you shall chase a Deuteronomy thousand. from far. make thee the mother of kings shall come out of thee. Genesis xlviii. they shall run like the lightnings. So he applied his figure by saying. I hope he will be encouraged to try the following : " 11 Thy seed shall possess the gates of his enemies. that many a good man had been effectually snuffed out by these ecclesiastical lamp-dressers. and his seed shall become Millo-ha-Goyim. I will propose a few of those promises as a specimen for our expositors." of " (Zech." Isaiah xlix. "Listen." The streets of Jerusalem shall be full of boys and playing in the streets xxxii. saith the Lord. "Sing." When our spiritualizing expositor has succeeded with these. 1. " I will make all thine enemies turn their back unto thee.252 ANGLO-ISRAEL. : (Isaiah 1. and strengthen thy stakes. Manasseh shall be great. but truly his younger brother shall be greater than he. Enlarge the place of thy tent." liv. viii." Exodus xxiii. who love that " method of interpretation. to make the desolate cities to be inhabited. for I am with thee. and many nations. inherit the Gentiles. : : right hand and on the left and thy seed shall and make the desolate cities to be inhabited. 27. and two put ten thousand to flight. ye people. break forth into singing. but thou shalt not borrow. isles. thou that didst not travail with child for more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife. they shall justle one against another in the broad ways they shall seem like torches. and hearken." " I will cause thee to inherit the desolate places. Before we pass on. the income. and cry aloud." " Thou shalt lend unto " I will many nations." : (Nahum ii. and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitation spare not. 19. 5. lengthen thy For thou shalt break forth on the cords. 12.) : .) O barren. thou that didst not bear.

and Jacob shall return. and with thee will I break in pieces the chariot and his rider. : of all " The portion of Jacob is not like them . I The Kev. 253 Jeremiah 27. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST xlvi. now Lord Bishop of Liver" I believe that the literal sense of the Old pool. The fact is. my servant Jacob. Jeremiah 19. "But fear not thou. he says. and when he concluded. . they were not intended to be such men do more harm than good in spiritualized their attempts to expound the Scriptures. " Fear thou for I am not. for he things . at ease. so the dear people had to wait for a month for the rest of nothing. : TRIBES. and none shall make him afraid. J. there is nothing in them." need General Grant. his rider . there was nothing in it. Clarke tells us of an exegete who preached " one Sabbath on the word " nothing . or General Anglo-Saxon pluck to spiritualize the above. little of the so-called expositions that are given. but correct thee in measure . and is far too much neglected at the present day. Testament prophecies has been far too much neglected by the Church. Ryle. Israel . Thou art my battle-axe and weapons of war . the former the Lord of hosts is his name. "What I protest against is the habit of allegorising plain sayings of the Word of God concerning the future history of the nation Israel. li. and explaining away the fulness of their contents in order to accommodate them to the Gentile Church. for I will make a full end of all the nations whither I have driven thee but I will not make a full end of thee.OR. O Jacob my servant. the land of their captivity . I will save thee from afar off. Dr." he announced that next month he would give them the other half of the subject. Dr. and be not dismayed. O and thy seed from and be in rest and . C. Christians have too often completely missed its meaning. and Israel is the rod of his inheritance is . and after disfor two hours on coursing long "nothing. saith the Lord with thee . It is so with many will Our expositor Wolseley and a . A. for behold. yet will I not leave thee wholly unpunished." Again." . arid with thee will I deAnd with thee will I break in pieces the horse and stroy kingdoms. and that under the mistaken system of spiritualising and accommodating Bible language. for with thee will I break in pieces the nations. says.

the 19. if so. there is a most painful humiliation in store must all be fulfilled that people. with which they have nothing to do. of the earth. and I hope I shall always protest as long as I live. is sure to be fulfilled. are we prepared for the corfsequences ? There must arise some nation. as we have clearly proved. They Our . and our people. Moreover. with all nor do I anticipate their idolatry as our forefathers another nation or people at all likely to come up and take the place the Saxon race now occupies. . It is like the prophecies. Can we say. xvi. PAUL IN BRITAIN. to take the place the Saxon race now occupies some people who will fulfil the precious promises God has given to Israel.254 AXGLO-JSRAEL." ' GENTILES INDEED. Against that system I have long protested. and if we be not step down and out of the way of those more highly honored who are Israel. if we be Gentiles. and not Israel that we. and. To what may be attributed that loose system of interpreting the langauge of Psalms and Prophets ? To nothing so much. or people. we must for us. believe the habit to be unwarranted and most mischievous." and vanity. as to the habit of inaccurately interpreting the word Israel.' and the consequent application of promises to the Gentile Church. and the many prophecies He has recorded. and upon whom the covenant blessings are to rest. What say our objectors ? is This clearly and distinctly stated. when the lost Israel is found. . objectors continually affirm that we and our people are Gentiles. and shall say. are all Gentiles. and our father's house. " prophet says shall (Jer. Surely our fathers things wherein there is no profit. that the tender branch of the royal house of David was planted on the British . Then.) : The Gentiles come unto thee from the ends have inherited lies. "Our fathers have inherited lies. and not Israelites. the future in store for us as Gentiles. I believe." I do not look to the Gentiles. by some nation. If.

Tertullian. in person. to us. publicly confessed the .OR. mentions the British Church as founded by the apostles in person." among We The Early Fathers. affirms " that some of the apostles preached the Gospel in Britain. Paul having gone into Spain. but which are subject to Christ. preached the Gospel upon shall be well rewarded if we give those Islands ? a patient search in the history of the Church on those I cannot for one moment suppose that Paul's isles. Theo" The dore. would allow him to remain eight years idle in the cause of Christianity. Stillingfleet. combined with his ardent zeal for Christ. in his Origines Britannica. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRJBES. he would most likely visit Britain also. says.D. thus. may reasonably look for an early proclamation of the truth of the Gospel We that people by the apostles themselves." Eusebius. He tells us himself of his plan to visit Spain. in 313 A. there are eight years of Paul's ministerial life. as all history affirms. that St. enumerating the nations in which the religion and rule of Christ was received at that time. 255 and that several portions of the lost sheep of the house of Israel had found their home there. apostles persuaded even the Britons to receive the law of the crucified Lord. and that God's special blessing had been upon them for centuries. as yet shrouded in mystery. who flourished about seventy years after when John. Would it be too much to say that Paul. active mind and loving heart. King of Britain. Lucius. Now. Isles. refers to Britain. St.. Bishop of Cyprus. those places of Britain into which the Roman arms have not yet been able to penetrate. without any contrary testimony. he also refers to the British Isles. inform us that the Church of Christ was founded in Britain by the apostles of our Lord personally. Bishop of Caesarea. brought salvation to the islands that lie in the ocean." Irenaeus says. When speaking of the preaching of the Gospel to the Persians and the Romans. " The apostles planted Christian churches among the Keltoi in Britain.

256 ANGLO-ISRAEL. Thule al- ways means Ireland. A. A. St. companion and fellow-laborer. Origen. 359. of one " Then did Britain. the cheering beams of the true sun the Sun of Righteousnessshone out brightly. Paul received the meed of his perseverance. says. Bishop of Poictiers in the sixth century. before the coming of Christ. in express words. consent together in the worship God. the earliest Christian writer of Britain whose writings have come down to us. British bishops also attended the Council of Nice. with civil and ecclesiastical rights. AugusAt the great Council in tine landed on those shores." of three British bishops namely Eboof York. 230. where St. Restitutus. David's. Paul's friend and " Through zeal. Bishop of Rome. A.D. says. and the great number of the martyrs." Gildas. Christian religion. 325. after he had taught righteousness to the whole world. Bishop and Adelphius. David presided. with the names of a British presbyter and a deacon. and gone even to the utmost bounds of the west." Catullus . says. A. A. are found attending at the Council of Aries. rius. Bishop of Caerleon-upon-Usk. the Council of Ariminum. These facts are quite conclusive of the existence of a well-organized Christian Church in those islands centuries before St.D. the Council of Sardica. to all who were Christians. that St. St." Gildas and Bede tell us of the havoc of the last of the ten persecutions made in Britain: " Then it was. and gave the privilege of country and tribe.D. a little before the defeat of Boadicea by the Roman legions.D. and in the utmost Thule. Clement. our frozen isle. A. say they. in Wales. Bishop of London. says " That upon this. that Britain enjoyed her highest glory by her devoted confession of God. Paul crossed the ocean and landed and preached in the countries which the Britons inhabit.D. 61.D. 347. Verantius. while shivering with the icy cold of ignorance and heathenish idolatry. there The names were 118 bishops present. 314.

their son. 314. Claudia 'Rufina. and at those held says. they should. husband. A. "Britain. having enjoyed the blessing of the G-ospel in Rome. that Caractacus was one of the reigning kings of England. whom the Eoman Emperor ordered to Rome. A. and in the days of persecution. 347. plant the standard of the cross in their own isle. know beyond a doubt. in urging him to accompany or to follow them know that on the return of this king to Britain. and in the most likely way. who used tomeet in the great hall for worship. was selected to The king and his family found take Caractacus there. favor with the emperor Claudius. the son of Claudia and Pudens. favorite during .OR." Bishops and clergy from Gaul and Britain were present at the council at Aries. Christianity was introduced there and how natural and proper that.D. would they not have a most powerful influence with We Paul. his second letter to 17 whom Paul names in! Timothy That Claudia Ruffina was a great (iv. it was a hiding-place for the Christians. 325. Pudens. Linus. Pudens. whose seat of government was at Dorchester. became the first Bishop of Rome the son of a British princess. the utmost people of the world.D. 257 (Paul) preached on the utmost isles of the the utmost isle was Ireland. This is Claudia and Pudens. through Paul's instrumentality. Italy. " ocean " He at Sardica. and his family to England. Now. and confirm them in the truth. and married her. and the emperor's friend. and Claudia returned to Britain.D. Who can say that Paul would not be likely to aid them. and Linus. when Caractacus. fluence The Church had grown great and when those councils were held. in of great in- There are many circumstances of deep interest about our English visitors at Eome that would lend a most powerful influence to lead Paul to England. 539 at Ariminum. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. and A. 21). Pudens was a palace.D. A. Horace says. at their earliest moment. and Pudens great fell in love with the young and beautiful British prinThe house of cess. a distinguished officer in the Roman army. her We . also at the famous council of Nice.

with . How comes she to have the feelings of a Latin maid ? What grace and beauty. 67 the Epigrams of the poet Martial were the rage in Rome. Is with my Pudens bound in wedlock's band." : . Again " Again " Claudia. Thy name to them a monument will stand. the fair one." : Since Claudia Rufina has sprung from the azure Britons. was. Would in its tribe thy presence gladly hail. The Roman family of Pudentius was of the highest senatorial rank and in the army of Plautus it is recorded that his son Pudens commanded a cohort . raised beneath the sun That shines on Britain's dark cerulean race. be propitious with thy nuptial torch. I wish that some of our Welsh scholars would find out who this Hid. it is said that Hid. the beauteous nightingale. sweet and fair. And claim thee as a warbler. from a foreign shore. and from them we extract the following " : O Ruf us. my friend Pudens marries the foreigner Claudia O Hymen." As a Roman. About A. came with Caractacus and family and introduced the Gospel into these islands. who took the Gospel to " Britain." an Israelite. They need no comment " : CLAUDIA RUFFINA. now Chichester.258 ANGLO-ISRAEL.D. When after ages shall have passed away And be as much commended as to-day ! . Whence comes it that thy heart is like our own ? That thou hast such a beauteous form and face ? The Roman matrons readily believe That thou from them thy birthright didst receive That. an Israelite. with the daughters of Italy. As ever breathed its wild notes on the air " ! In the history of the Cymri of Wales. The bird of song. nurtured in this fair and smiling land. stationed at Regnum. I here quote a few lines translated from the Latin verse. she may pass those of Greece as an Athenian matron. her residence in Rome is certified in many a record.

but the Church in Britain was a very strong church. tine. and the brother of St. and of the holy all of whom virgins in Christ. son of the blessed Pudens. Augustine came in per- son to Britain to compel the Church to yield to the claims of Rome. as the father of fathers but this obedience we . 596. 259 or : " Our Claudia. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. Novatus. and to every Christian for ever. and his address to Augus. whose business it is to superintend us under God. to cause . named Rufina.OR. We know that. From blue-eyed Britons yet. and strongly refused to yield. The place where he met the deputation was at Aust the usual place for ferrying over the Severn into Wales. The Roman prelate demanded. and the acknowledge supremacy of the Pope. the presbyter. 160. and to every pious Christian to love every one in his place. Archbishop Usher says that June 19th. and to assist every one of them. " Be it known and certified to you that we.D. she vies In grace with all that Greece or Rome can show^ As born and bred beneath their glowing skies. are obedient and subject to the Church of God. . are prepared to give and pay to him. both in word and deed. ." . Dinoth. Those persons named were the children of Claudia.D. . was the day of the depositio at Rome. was the spokesman on the occasion. and the Pope of Rome. reads. translated. we are under the government of the Bishop of Caerleon-upon-Usk. a senator. pastor of Bangor-ys-Coed. all and each. as being the sons of God but other obedience than this. . AUGUSTINE IN BRITAIN. of St. I do not know should be claimed or demanded as due to him whom you call Pope. " That they should celebrate Easter at the same time with Rome administer baptism after the Roman fashion join him in preaching to the Saxons receive him as their primate. A. sprang we know. behold. with perfect love. A. Pudentia and Prussede were instructed in the faith by the Apostles." The answer the Britons gave was every way worthy of them. Timotheus. . Besides.

with can well understand universities and colleges. Paul was held in great esteem by those people known as the Cymry or Welsh. to bear my name before the Gentiles. and kings. and to turn them from darkness to light. and : the children of Israel " : To open their eyes. never worshipped any God but Jesu. like many other dignitaries. be it said. "But the Lord said unto him. with many of the historic records of the people and nation which can never be reproduced. and the school of the prophets. us to keep the spiritual way." Tertullian says." The haughty prelate. they would not have peace with brethren. this time. Laurentius complained that the Scots were no better material to bend than the Britons and as for the Irish. : It is worthy of note here to remind ourselves of Paul's preaching orders (Acts ix. they should suffer by their hands the vengeance of death. and massacred in cold blood 1." Where was Paul " to find the " children of Israel ? . to their honor.260 ANGLO-ISRAEL. The British Church and its dependencies had. . and the church of Bangor-ys-Coed. words in the negative to the demands of Augustine. burnt their college.200 unarmed ministers of the Welsh Church. Thus were the people of Wales martyred for the truth. and sent the King of Northumbria to march against the unoffending Welsh pastors." And sure enough he made good his bloody threat. they would not come to any terms with Borne.) 15. that they may receive forgiveness of sins. four archbishops and thirty bishops. and from the power of Satan unto God. the splendid library. Go thy way for he is a chosen vessel unto me. how Dinoth and his companions spake such strong We " that those places of Britain into which the Roman arms had not been able to penetrate were subject to Christ. lost the little temper he " since had. at . and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me. they should have war with enemies and if they were unwilling to preach the way of life to the English. and told the Britons. WELSH TRIADS. A people who.

" Isaiah xliii." given them We the spirit of slumber eyes. an ex-king of Britain. It was a part cestry. that a kind of blindness. and Artwystli-Heu. Ireland and Wales. " For the Lord hath poured out upon you the spirit of a deep sleep. and it was necessary for the . was the son of Llyr Llediaith. of their punishment connected with their wanderings in the north and west. 10. through whom the world is to be saved. and his son " Mawau. received the Gospel of Christ. " They would not find their paths. . " He land.OR. the Blessed. : . three men of Israel seem an earnest of mercy to the whole race. 8. 25). and the church where Hid preached the Gospel. with three of the children of Israel." They had lost their identity they had lost all knowledge of themselves and of their anThat blindness was judicial. the seers hath he covered. OUR BLINDNESS. men " of Israel they were Hebrews. 6). who." There were four missionaries who accompanied him to his native country. This man is called "Bran." Isaiah xxix. they are called. he returned and preached Him among the Druids of EngThe old record says. " The blind people that have eyes. Hid. and the rest were blinded. and we there read of Bran. who was the first of the nation of the Cymry that embraced Christianity. and Bran an Englishborn king they were of the dispersion. . some of those These persons to whom Peter addressed his epistles. a "Porosis" has fallen upon the people of Israel. In Wales we might see the place where Bran lived. xi. when a prisoner there. Cyndav. . must not forget the fact. 261 The Welsh triads take up the sacred story where the Acts of the Apostles leave it. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. the Lord said (Hos. They are regarded as the oldest houses in Britain. and hath closed your eyes the prophets and rulers. They were styled. that they should not see." Paul says (Rom. " Blindness in part hath happened to Israel until the fulness of " God hath the Gentiles be come in. ii." because having found Jesus in Rome.

thy brethren. If we follow up those " Rest. that is. The partial blindness still rests upon Israel. It is the river Sabbatyon." Ezekiel 14. THE RIVER NOAH. and crooked things straight. great future that lay before them. will be on one of the precise routes the Israelites took away to North Germany." The spirit of slumber rests today upon many of our churches . Denmark. and assemble you out of the countries where you have been scattered. that the ten tribes went great emigration. etc. the deep sleep still closes the eyes. make darkness light before them. and not forsake them. Thus saith the Lord God . though I have cast them far off among the heathen. Therefore say. the men of thy kindred. are found claiming the land exclusively as theirs but the Lord assures Israel of their return to the land." we great valleys on either side of that river. west beyond away the Germans still call the Danube of that note. for the Lord said (Isaiah 16. . and although I have scattered them among the countries. "And I will xlii. coming very times. put on their strength. xi. and of His protection as a "little sanctuary. So Now it was in these far the Jewish testimony goes. yet will I be to them as a little sanctuary in the countries where they shall come. that they should be lost to themselves and to other nations. Oh. in this and very direction. and I will give you the land of Israel. Algiven in possession. or rest. I will even gather you from the people. worthy the river of Noah. the Jews. are they unto whom the inhabitants of Jerusalem have said. as the inhabitants of Jerusalem. Get you far from the Lord unto us is this land Therefore say. tradition on the subject of this and that is. These things will I do unto them.) : I will bring the "blind by a way that they knew not I will lead them in paths that they have not known . Saxony. and all the house of Israel wholly. : the word of the Lord came unto me. . thus saith the Lord God. But they were in safe keeping." "Again : : Here. and it " the fulness of the will remain more or less until Gentiles be come in.2G2 ANGLO-ISRAEL. even thy brethren. that our race and nation might and and arise awake. or of rest." until that return takes place. The Jews nad a . saying Son of man.

kings became valiant and skilful in war. but by degrees they became more powerful in numbers and in courage. and added to their territory the regions about Caucasus and the plains toward the sea. (See a Paper on Archeology. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. gold. North of the Caucasian Mountains there are vast plains now covered by immense numbers of tumuli. the caverns of Elephanta. They extended their boundaries on all sides. of white marble. Dr. and evidences of labor so prodigious. COSSACK AND GAW-THEL way-marks by which we trace westward . Clarke's travels describes those as beautiful in workmanship. as to remind one of the Pyramids of Egypt. " The Scythians. and the Palus Mceotis. and expenditure so enormous. or tombs. Sea of Moses (now Sea of Azov). and claimed Moses as their prophet the connection of those grave-yards and tombstones with the Hebrew race is indisputable the inscriptions are largely Hebrew. quoting Diodorus. Whence come those Scythians ? They struck some terrible blows on the great despotisms of those days." we read that several small colonies of the tribes went away north and east to find room and pasturage they were called Scyths. and indicating great skill in the art of building. or wanderers. taking a westerly direction. trinkets. made In the tombs are found pottery. here is one of them: "This is the tomb. and spread try. that our ancestors are first traced in history and tradition. formerly an inconsiderable few. till at last they raised their nation to a great empire and to Several hundred years before the captivity glory. 263 north-west from Media and the Caspian Sea. and precious stones. says. . and the first temples of the ancient world. who believed in God. Sharon Turner. jewellery. bracelets. into Europe from the Don to the Danube. All along this route those people left traces of themselves. with the surrounding counThey subdued many nations there.OR. One of their . possessed a narrow region on the Araxes. The rooms are arched.) These are a powerful and intelligent people.

from far. ye people.264 ANGLO-ISRAEL. " The isles shall wait upon Me." sons of. and upon My arm shall they trust. ye Yes! nations. In the year of our exile 702. have replenished. have some intimation of His care over them. as stated." Israel is always safe trusting on that arm." the dispersed and the preserved of Israel to the far-off isles. Olshausen and Dr. to the isles of Tarshish. If He planted that new nation. " Hear the word of the Lord." on trade with Tyre and Sidon are here addressed. In their name we have " Goi. institutions have existed so long. sons of Isaac. and if God sent His Israel over to "the isles of the West." where are those isles to be found ? Look on the map and examine most " To the isles He carefully." Facsimiles of three of these monuments have been sent to St. unto me. and speak words of comfort to them. Petersburgh. the priest. Jeremiah xxxi. Now.their death throes. will repay a recompense" (Isaiah and the ends of the lix. we will. When Eastern Europe and Western Asia were in . He will certainly show them kindness. 18). "The isles saw it and feared. earth were afraid. and " Saac. if all this be true. although surrounded by all the blight of despotism. whose free Cossacks. relation may also be established with the a fine race of people on the Don. rest be stone of Budhi. 10. may his Eden. Tischendorf. thou whom the merchants of Sidon that pass over the The same people that carried sea." . Cossack. 2. Have we any near or remote evidence that He has done so ? Listen "Listen. and declare it in the farthest off isles. " Be still ye inhabitants of the isles. son of Izchak. Geige all endorse their antiquity." Isaiah li. it was comforting to hear Him say: ! Isaiah xxiii." Goi-Isaac. The same THE ISLES ADDRESSED. at the time of the salvation of Israel. isles. 5. most probably. and hearken.

265 Isaiah lix." was most becoming that they should." They must be worshippers of Israel's God who are here addressed. them from the west and from the north. THE NORTH AND WEST. and I will not cause mine anger to fall upon you for I am merciful. O backsliding children. " I will set his dominion in the sea. and I will not keep anger for ever. " Sing unto the Lord a new song. 1). saith the Lord for I am married unto you and I will take you one of a city. Return. Listen. thou backsliding Israel. He would bring bring them when the time came. 19. and His praise from the end of the earth. saith the Lord . tants thereof" (Isaiah xlii. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. and I will bring you to Zion. It praise in the islands. they sing aloud They up from the sea. and his right hand (the emblem of power) in the floods. and all that is therein . 10). and say. Only acknowledge thine iniquity.e.OR.): 12. and two of a family. ye islands! and ! hearken.. from Yarish land. "Keep silence before Me. ye that go down to the the isles and the inhabisea. When on a former occasion God sent special assurances from to the referring country from which He would then. God says of Israel." "Isles of the sea" is often read "Isles of the west. "Go and proclaim these words toward the north. ye people from afar! " Let them declare His i. that thou hast transgressed against the Lord thy God. Turn. islands " shall shall lift their voice." " Wherefore glorify the God of Israel in the isles of the sea. " So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west. and glorifying Him ? Has God forgotten the tree of His own right-hand planting ? To what race and to what people does He speak in all those allusions ? And Him. saith the Lord. and ye have not obeyed my voice. : . we have other them. And I will give you He : . and trusting on God. and hast scattered thy ways to the strangers under every green tree." " (Isaiah xli." To whom has God given the dominion of the seas ? What people are here addressed as having an island- home. saith the Lord. a message to said (Jeremiah iii.

shall be saved. "Behold. and gather them from the west. the days come. The Lord liveth." The vulgate has it. they are to come from the north and In the west. THE LORD OUR . " Therefore. that it liveth that brought up the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt. viii. "I will bring thy seed from west. saith the Lord. whereby he shall be called. Australi. which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding. these shall come from far (Yarish) and lo. " Behold. 12." 14. and from the west country. and this is his name RIGHTEOUSNESS. mine heart. NEW EXPERIENCE." Isaiah xlix. and In his days Judah shall execute judgment and justice to the earth. that they shall no more say. But. that brought up the children of Israel from the land of the north. said." The margin reads.): the days come. 8. which brought up the children of Israel out But the Lord liveth which brought up and of the land of Egypt. saith the Lord. that old one is worn nearly threadbare (xvi. xi. saith the Lord. and gather them from the coasts of the earth. 7. " And I they shall coine out of the land of the north to the land that have given for an inheritance to your fathers. the Lord liveth. the days come.266 pastors according to ANGLO-ISRAEL. and from the islands and sea coasts. "From the going down of the sun. " Behold. Behold. Therefore. behold. these from the north and from the west. I will bring them from the north country. Hebrew there is no word to express north-west or north-east. 5. It would greatly help many of us to get a new experience. and a king shall reign and prosper. They shall tremble from the west." Jeremiah xxxi. behold. : And " 5." the east. " 10." It is very evident that when they are to return to their own land. I will save My people from the east country. and these from the land of Si mm." " So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the Isaiah xliii. shall no more be The Lord : xxiii. The prophet Jeremiah also tells us of a new experience which Israel would love to tell after their return." Hos. and Israel shall dwell safely . and from and I will bring them all the lands whither he had driven them again into their land that I gave unto their fathers. that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch. Zech.

. how do fishes multiply ? not by twos." Well. and from all countries whither 1 had driven them and they shall dwell in their own land." the margin reads. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST : TRIBES. 267 which led the seed of the house of Israel out of the north country. ' . etc. and of multitudes of peoples. grow. God promises that His Israel shall be as the stars in heaven for multitude. LIKE THE STARS. on down to the latest prophets. and as the sand upon the sea shore. diversified form. some we have the same thing in a The return slight variations. " shall in into a multitude the midst of the They grow " as fishes earth. " That his children should be as the stars of the heaven. not before." Here. They were first to Abraham on Mount Moriah this marvellous given . xlviii. and inquire for their fulfilment in grand facts. It was after the lamb was slain that the promise was made. multiplicity of increase may be sought for after the death of Christ. but by There is no nation that has at all shoals. and we may not look for the fulfilment of that promise until after the sacrifice of Him who was the antitype.OR. or tens. to Jacob and to Joseph. in two places. We will now note some of those promises to Abraham. every thinker but how do we account for the fact ? To understand the question we must go back through the ages to the foundation promise made to Abraham. approximated to a fulfilment of these promises but our own. 16. from the north and west was to be on such a magnificent scale that it would quite exceed in glory the wondrous deliverance wrought out for our fathers when they left the land of Egypt. and as the sand which is . or colonies. These promises are repeated several times. The Anglo-Israel theory is the only one that furnishes any reasonable explanation of the marvellous The fact is patent to multiplicity of the Saxon race. he was assured that he should be Heir of the World. as Tennyson says. when." the Father of many nations. THE PROMISES. Gen. though heirless.

Russia in 140 years. and the race again failed a third time. but. and nations shall bow down to thee. xi. and her colonial population every 25 France doubles her population in 150 years. who has sent forth her innumerable children over all the earth to be the founders of half a dozen upon the sea shore. has risen in round numbers in one single century from two io forty -five millions!" She now numbers sixtyempires. Her eldest daughter. xvii. that England doubles her home population every 49 years. 23). " There is no parallel in all the records of the world to the case of that prolific British mother. and He . years. best and brightest gem in the crown ! . on highest authority. Turkey in 555 years. You may philosophize as you please. multiply was changed into a promise." The race in Adam was tried in the garden and failed that race was tried again out of the garden. and signally failed again." (Deut. Can these promises find a fulfilment in the Nestorians." that " ye shall possess nations greater and mightier than yourselves. they are all fulfilled. Abyssinians. whole responsibility. No In not one of them. Now for its fulfilment. that He would make Israel " a nation and a company of nations. Italy in 165 years. Mr. or our North God promises American Indians ? Every intelligent man says. Noah was singularly preserved as the second federal head.268 ANGLO-ISRAEL. God making good His COMPANY OF NATIONS. five millions. and they were dispersed. Gladstone says. Mexicans. and the command given to Adam. " Be fruitful and multiply. I say promises to Israel. says " will multiply thee exceedingly there is the promise. " I (Gen. It is clearly proven." was transferred to Noah. Spain in 142 years. and the command. and God assumes the . 2). in the British Queen's dominions. Peruvians. the American Republic. as it is an Anglo-Israelite. Then God choose Abraham to be the head of His covenant " " Be fruitful and people." that " people shall serve thee. See the company of nations in Canada.

though politically independent of Great Britain in the great family. we must. Our joint communion breaking with the sun Yet still. New Zealand. from either beach The voice of blood shall reach. Still lives the blood of England in our veins And shall we not proclaim That blood of honest fame Though ages long have passed ! Which no tyranny can tame By its chains ! . one in race. This Saxon race could. South African States. too. and in Afghanistan and Persia. for they are. that must soon be under the dominion exclusively of the Saxon race. and 250 millions of people. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRfBES. ' ' : : " Since our fathers crossed the foamSince they braved the stormy blast O'er untravelled seas to roam. if we can answer glorious prophecies on record.OR. Transvaal. some of these days. Between let oceans roll. while the That mould a nation's soul Still cling around our hearts. and in the sixteen heathen nations of India. 269 of Her Majesty. now. While the manners. in the states of Australia. our own prayers. with her thirty-six languages. in the great and And glorious brotherhood of nations they are all one. answer our many prayers and fulfil many of the most Now. More audible than speech We are one ! . Fiji Islands. could issue a mandate that there should be no more war. if so disposed. if now disposed. or we must cease to pray. a crown of many diadems ." The Saxon race. do it. It will give plumage to our faith and our prayers to sing . if these United States should only agree in their foreign policy with Great Britain we could then say to all the nations of the earth Put up thy sword and learn war no more. and in language and religion. In this family of nations. Tasmania. arts. I claim the United States of America.

no worse and worse the nearer you get to the Vatican.270 ANGLO-ISRAEL. that our old theologians and schoolmen have done sons. the less chance for motherhood the pope and cardinals and monks and nuns may dress like grandmothers. or in a reverse position. a hat would appear to be turned completely inside out. but they are very poor mothers. no! Russia tried to colonize. But Great Britain has a flourishing family of seventy-seven colonies young nations. and a bust regarded in It appears to me front becomes a deep hollow mask. " I will bless thee and make thee said to Israel. and well-developed muscle. to our enterprising speculators on which to build an ice-house. fat and nourishing. loved by all her and loved most by those who know her best. Italy. in looking through it at a hollow bowl it makes it appear like a globe. and a globe would resemble a bowl. and she sold the small patch she had away north of us. and have very long ! . . thus. not even a good step-mother. There is that grand old mother of nations. pockets. no! Russia. stalwart boys. Austria. or something. have children. her shadow never grow less In 1851 Prof. and heart. and that which is hollow into bold relief. May ! something even more misleading than this by their systems of interpretation. Where do we find such a God A mother nation ? In France ? No ! France has a few colonies but she does not succeed in multiplying her children. and soul. Wheatstone invented an optical instrument called the Pseudoscope. xvii. THE MOTHER NATION. and kings of peoples shall mother nation must come of thee " (Gen. with brain. This instrument is so ingeniously constructed that it presents every object seen through it in a false light. Spain makes a very poor mother. 16). all her American colonies have sought a Saxon home. converting the appearance of a raised relief into a hollow cast. conveying to the mind false impressions of all external objects. the mother of many nations. young nations growing up to strength and vigor and national life. Difficult portions of the . but she could not.

" people according to portion is His people. Ceylon." THE GIRDLE. If. the Most of the High divided the." circle. India. therefore. and Southern Australia." Upon the empire of Britain's Queen the sun never sets. Looking at the prophecies concerning the Israel. " The great Daniel Webster once said of Britain. . Cape of Good Hope. Hong- . Sierra Leone. Tasmania. Labuan. Now our vast possessions do positively encircle the great Gentile nations we do occupy "the sea coasts. Israel are to be so situated that they will bound. Perim. We surround the Eastern HemiMake the British Isles sphere with our possessions. keeping time with the hours. Gambia. Israel is to possess the "sides of the earth. The colonial possessions of Israel were to encircle both continents.OR. or encircle the other nations." the So the possessions of " " uttermost parts of the earth." we' do possess "the ends of the earth. some mental pseudoscope. There is Heligoland. "When of their habitation. Israel is the (measuring) rod of His inheritance.nations He set the bounds " Lord's their The inheritance. Myself." the uttermost boundThis could not be said aries of the everlasting hills. Gibraltar. " This for of I formed have Israel. xxxii." the "ends of the earth. Straits Settlements. encircles the earth with one unbroken strain of the martial airs of England. Malta." Look at the map. or catechism. we find Israel. and note how fully God has made good His promise." the "coasts of the earth." of two nations. and God Gentile nations brought prominently into view. says people they shall show forth My praise. 271 Divine Word have been looked at through some such instrument. or creed. Her morning drum-beat. Northern. The "rod" means girdle. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. belt. . Mauritius. an observatory and look around. we find a nation hold- ing this position. greatest nation and people under heaven are made to be the least and almost out of sight. 8. Aden. Natal." " He hath determined the bounds Dent. Western. Queensland.

000 ships. Barbadoes. Its area exceeds eight and a-half millions of miles the basis of its power is not land. and Newfoundland so we Saxons complete circle No. " It contains one hundred thousand square miles of forest. " It has nearly a million of men under arms it has one policeman for every sixteen square miles of its area. Virgin Islands. United States of America. Leeward Islands. . covers . Thus we become. Lucia. An American writer in Chicago four years ago " Let us not delude ourselves said to his countrymen. its greatness is maritime. Turk's Island. and its boundaries touch the extremes of heat and cold its uncultivated area. its merchant navy consists of 30. but water . New Zealand. Antigua. in our national history. thousand five hundred miles long. "It lies on both sides of the equator. Granada. Christopher. and its coast-line is twenty-eight . Manitoba. British Honduras.000. which can be made to feed unborn millions without the help of the United States. The same is true of the Western Hemiis Canada. Vancouver's Island. . Bermuda. Its 264 war vessels are all in commission . 1. only onefourth of which is levied in direct taxation. including pretty nearly all the races known to man. St. Trinidad. Nevis. Montserrat. Kong. by 270. St. Its sea-going tonnage amounts to . while ours are ruthlessly sacrificed its population amounts to 315. New Brunswick. manned . and fifteen Chinese ports thus completing circle No. Helena and Ascension Islands. St. British Columbia. There is another country at whose greatness we may pause for contemplation. Prince Edward Island. Fiji and other Pacific Islands.000 sailors. Tobago. Vincent. 2. which are being jealously preserved. There sphere. Dominico. inspired word.000 souls. Jamaica. "Its revenue for government amounts to more than a thousand million dollars annually. millions of square miles. Bahamas.272 ANGLO-ISRAEL. St. a living power to prove God's . with fictitious greatness. Nova Scotia. British Guiana. Falkland Islands. Windward Islands.

. amounts to only nine per cent. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. Two-thirds of the tonnage annually built belong to it. and in a day of salvation have I helped thee and I will preserve thee." and the reason given is. and thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles. " The banks of that empire transact one-third the business of the entire world its manufactures comit uses thirty per prise one-third those of all Europe cent. and to possess the desolate or unoccupied lands and territories.. THE ISLES AND THE WASTES. isles. Forty-nine per cent. . 273 It surpasses in steamers eight and a-half millions. to establish the : earth. other powers on the globe. wealth has been made by its exports. of the carrying power of the world is under its flag. Isaiah liv. and all . It sends its ships to every clime it offers its wares to every port it asked no tax on articles offered in exchange. " shoulders. Nearly half the entire yearly cargo of the world is under that flag. Israel was to possess an extensive Gentile empire. 3. and give thee for a covenant of the people. unto and afar. of its wealth it is the wealthiest State in the world. and nearly equals their combined total in sailing vessels. and the cargoes its ships carry back to their wharfs enriched it as much as those they had borne away:" Here is. profitable investment of its own earnings. "Thus saith the Lord. . to cause to inherit the " For desolate heritages. to cause to inherit the desolate heritages. "For thou shalt break forth on the right hand and on the left." " To establish the earth." Isaiah xlix. . More than half the ships' earnings from freights and passengers belong to it. " Listen.OR. and thy daughters shall be carried upon their Gentiles. 18 . another testimony to the truth of prophecy. and make the desolate cities to be inhabited. its . Behold I will lift up mine hand to the and set up my standard to the people and they shall bring thy sons in tlieir arms. " Its name is Great Britain. In an acceptable time have I heard thee." from hearken Me. ye people 8. Thus saith the Lord God. of the horse-power of the globe its enormous which it uses as the most debt. .

" Give us room that we may dwell. and here recently there has foeen further inheriting of the Gentiles in the annexation of the Transvaal. is Israel is graven upon the palms of hands.also Fiji It . a territory 400. for the place is too " xlix. inhabited. had a place in that vision. and the mighty Ganges witnessing the subjugation of her sons. in the latter days. to celebrate the assumption by Her Majesty Queen Victoria of the Eastern title of EMPRESS OF INDIA the all-powerful successor of the great Mogul. The time was to come when that Island-home would be too small for its inhabitants. the Nile surging with flood and war. seemed to draw the tapestry that revealed the ever-changing scene. and thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles. he saw in ivory and gold upon the temple gates. Little did that poet think that those very Britons would one day raise the curtain. triumphant over the East. than mightier yourselves. posted on either side. too. (Isaiah prayer the right hand and on the left." and "thy seed shall inherit " the Gentiles ? Then and there one. as he In . strait for us (Isaiah 20) and the answer to that liv. no doubt for the wisest of purposes. But we. and present to the world a vast imperial assemblage such as met at Delhi in January 1877. and games.sixth of the human race were cast upon our hands. Asia conquered. ought to be remembered that all these immense -territories are ours in answer to prayer. and Cyprus." for filling up the desolate territories they find room the surplus population of those crowded Isles. Was not that occasion a literal fulfilment of the Divine " Ye shall possess nations greater and promise. Gigantic Britons." This to be " in the appointed time. How far-seeing was that venerable man of God. and make the desolate cities to be . "For is thou shalt break forth on 3). and the cry was to go up to God." the Eoman poet conjured up in his prophetic My When fancy a temple.274 ANGLO-ISRAEL. and a theatre for the honor of Augustus.000 square miles.

British Columl ia and Manitoba in their loneliness and and I fully believe desolation have learned to rejoice that the "desolate heritages" away on the west and north of us. like the mother. must and will be peopled by the cry was ! ! . in laws. and I see the providence of God in the provision made for our surplus populaThe prophet (Isaiah xlix. 275 leaned upon his staff and called his sons to him. ! NEW ENGLAND. and still on to the setting sun." give me : place THE SAXON EVERYWHERE.) saw that Islandtion. and he says : 20. the place is too strait for to me that I may dwell. " Joseph is a fruitful bough. a colonial child a daughter. on and on. shall say again in thine ears. and away into a luxuriant and glorious independence of America. The command still is to our race. 22). in nature. xlix. That colonial child was lost to the mother. even a fruitful bough by a well. the " We want room " and Australia in her desolahearts. and that daughter was to be lost to her mother. and refuses parental restraint. in enterprise." the thrifty vine grew too rapidly to be controlled. whose branches run over the wall. as I read it some years aero: . ever-progressive Saxons. "The children which thou shalt have. those ever-conquering. and under a latter days large measure of inspiration.OR. in religion. home still crowded. and still " Give us room! " and Canada became the home of millions of trusty lovely. I am not blaming either the mother or the daughter. in language. that he might tell them what would come " to pass in the " When he came to Joseph. and dutiful child. " We want room " and tion blooms as a beautiful rose. but I think I see an Israelitish photograph in the facts of history. after thou hast lost the other. and it ran over the wall of restraint. he said (Gen. to the everlasting hills. Israel was to grow up a young nation. as a child is lost to parents when she leaves her home. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES.

and her frank fair face her faith in the rule of the Saxon race. . my word is to you. American.Israelites. But the wide -spread realm of the Saxon race. : 60. The world is a world for the Saxon race. In the gold and the brass of the Saxon race. By hundreds of millions.276 " ANGLO-ISRAEL. The sensual South. and let thy seed sister. Stretch forth ! From East to West. Lords of the land and kings of the sea Anglo. Feebly dwindling day by day.750 years ago. or fortified. and her pure old creed . Irishmen. and conthe strongholds. " And they blessed Rebekah. as brothers embrace. That the world may be blessed in the Saxon race. And all the best of your best. " Gates Bishop Patrick says. Englishmen. stretch forth from stretch forth South to North ! . Also Genesis About 3. Into this. and her plain old tongue. faithful and free. and spread over every place. thou art our be thou the mother of thousands of millions. stretch forth ! Strengthen thy stakes. The world is a tent for the world's true lords Break forth. Britain sowed the glorious seed. 17). one great name on your millions I call Norman." OUR Israel's grandfather that GATES. By . Love one another. Britons everywhere. this fine mixed mass ye melt. And her stout old heart. Gael. In her wise old laws. All other races are fading away. Scotchmen all. or Celt.' If and cities surrendered. thy seed shall possess the xxii. . I trace. And the tottering throne of the treacherous priest. her free bold hand. And And And her resolute energies ever young. and said unto her. and lengthen thy cords. And every land is in evil case. and the servile East." are cities. sequently 'country. honest and true. the promise was made to " enemies" (Genesis gate of his xxiv. the taken are gates places. * ' . possess the gate of those which hate them.

Froude says. or Dublin. New Zealand. Canal. Babelmandeb. Hong-Kong. or Glasgow being blockaded or shut up ? Some say this gate question refers to the passport system doubtful. Halifax. Sayyud. gates shall be open continually. Tasmania. ! Every gate on this great continent belongs now. 11). To the gates. Mr. There is scarcely a . or people. etc. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. and that their kings may be brought. are filling Australia. ports.' When did any one hear of London. the British Consul holds the key for all those Gentile Go to any country in Europe and be sure countries. our own four seas. hold are now the gate-holders of the nations ? Port Suez Gibraltar. Aden. to this wonderful Saxon people. the golden gate. Malta. Socotra. Peshawer. if so. Singapore. "The home of the French peasant is France. or Gate of Tears. you Did any one ever hear of a passport in order to travel in England. Ireland. For 500 years Britain has been the gateholder in the lands of those who hate her. Penang. but. Acre.OR." spread over North America . Cyprus. we New Zealand and South Africa. gates open continually. Calcutta. Quebec. the same is true -still. Canada or the United States ? Not likely Those Anglo-Israelites or Saxons can take care of themselves without pass" ports. Vancouver. and a score or more alluded to in my lecture on "Our ' ' . and he will thrive nowhere else. Sarawak. Madras." the reason Thy " that men given is. nearly all the African Coast. they shall not be shut day nor night. Rangoon." the wealth of the Gentiles. and Constantinople is now virtually ours. Malacca. or Liverpool. Bombay. may bring unto thee the forces of the Gentiles. 277 What nation. the country is conquered. The home of the Scot or the Englishman is the whole Three centuries ago we were confined within globe. Australia. or strongholds named above we may add the silver gate. look well after your passports. Perim." " Forces. Where are we now ? We have Gates. or soon v/ill. Kurrachee. But of our own We Therefore thy gates the Lord says (Isaiah Ix. Scotland.

" among " Behold he shall come up as a lion. shall be taken from you. inspiration used the same and similar language " Israel hath the strength of a unicorn throughout. . they lost the honor and the glory. between twenty or thirty commercial travellers. he couched. as to which language was of most use to them. Jesus said unto them. his horns are strength like the horns of a unicorn." : And My ! . device was given to them by God." " Behold the people shall rise up as a great lion and lift himself up as a young lion. and . and his horns bullock like the horns of unicorns. cussion at a table d'hote at Madrid. and was known as the royal This tribe." " He hath the of a unicorn." "And the remnant of Jacob shall be among the Gentiles in the midst of many people as a young lion a flock of sheep. ' : THE STANDARD GOES TO ISRAEL. 43." " heritage is unto me as a lion of the forest. and as an old lion. Judah was the recognized leader in all their journeys. When the Jews killed the son and heir of the vine" The kingdom of God yard. There was not an Englishman in the party. and they are the thousands of Manasseh. marches and wars. and by them retained until the event alluded to in Matthew xxi. seaport in any hemisphere where you will not find an I once heard a disEnglish-speaking community. he lay down as a lion. and given to a nation bringThe Jews had borne ing forth the fruits thereof. and the lion was the heraldry of Judah." " His glory is like the firstlings of his bullock ('a that sounds like John Bull)." THE LION OF JUDAH. but they all agreed that the English language would carry them farthest." the royal emblems until now but rejecting the son and the heir.278 ANGLO-ISRAEL." "With them he shall push the people together to the ends of the earth and they are the ten thousands of Ephraim.

it is an un-English animal. for they came together and asked Jesus. equicerous hippelaphus probably of Aristotle. The disciples. "Naphtali is a hind let loose. Patrick became the Union Jack. on bas-reliefs its two horns. the cross of St. George. on which David loved so well to play. was the national emblem of Ireland centuries before Christ. . and the hind of Naphtali (see Genesis xlix. you trace that word "Jack" to its origin. 279 even the semblance of a national existence passed away from them. On our standard it combines somewhat the figure of These were both a horse and of an antelope or hind. and. It was not for them to know when or how His Israel should . Andrew.000 years It was stamped it was seen floating on her castles. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. who were Benjamites. It is of the or the Cuvier. and an antelope.OR. being erect. 21). Prince of Orange. on down through the ages for 2. . looked like one. nor did He censure them for entertaining such an opinion but He assured them of the promised baptism of power to aid them in the work demanding their attention. As to the unicorn. they had work to THE HARP. The " Union " that flag repreIf . be identified and fully reinstated do. wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?" Jesus did not inform them that it was merged in Judah. in our day. " Lord. and the Hebrew Jacob. It was usually sculptured in profile. like King William. or unicorn. you will find the French Jacques. so understood it. In this combination we have the horse of Dan. emblems of the Saxons.) The harp." (Dan is always seen on a fine-looking horse. shields and her coin. St. That harp and her upon upon its angel guardian was the only standard she would own until the union of the three realms of England. UNION JACK. is seen with its angel protector associated with nine Then the cross of lions. the Latin Jacobus. Then the harp Ireland and Scotland in one kingdom. and the cross of St.

many tribes. or colonies. their coat of arms. " And : Israel was not to be conquered by a Gentile nation." " The Cumry of Wales had says. 719 B. if he go through. both treadeth down. to the Ameer of Afghan." in books of Leacan and Ballymote. tell it to the hosts of Britain's might and chivalry on land and sea that their heraldry. like Israel of old. to all the Russias. to India. 8.) That crowned lion is none other than the lion of The other eight upon the British the tribe of Judah. to Egypt. as the young lion among the flocks of sheep who. forever I use the ! out of flag. and has been handed down from generation to generation. Each coun- try increases the glory of the other. to Constantinople. The prophet Micah describes the prowess of Israel's v.280 sents ANGLO-ISRAEL. was given millenniums ago." rather than the minor word England for Britain.C. standard may represent the young nations. by the God of . and Scotland gave Britain a Colin Campbell. find indeed it stands to-day the only undefeated nation in Europe. send the echo to Besika Bay. is formed . so proudly borne by army and navy. (See chapter on the " Harp of David. to their forefathers. Israel." Sound in France. Ireland. Ireland gave Britain a Wellington. and Scotland equally have contributed to her glory." : arms (chap.) the remnant of Jacob shall be among the Gentiles in the midst of many people as a lion among the beasts of the forest. publish it in Austria." Hayden harp on Ireland. It was necessary that the Saxons and . as a grand security of His abiding presence with us and with our children word " Britain. was the union of Jacob's posterity in the " isles of the west. which they received " the from The harp was brought into Ireland by the Tuatha de Danaan. If England gave Britain a Nelson. and none can deliver. posite and England. tell it young lions of Tarshish. all resting peacefully under one Her national character is powerful because com. and teareth in pieces. " the in loving alliance to the power of the old lion the timbrel.

THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. and that standard is rightfully claimed to be the Royal Standard of Britain. or Normans. of the truth of God's word (Isaiah xvii. that have passed across the stage of this world's history. imd like a rolling thing before the whirlwind. Spain. All the great empires. or crescent. Benjamites. etc. Ixviii." but Britain has had an assurance. Persia the sun. Turkey the moon. 27) should be admitted into the body politic. Israel received from God a Royal Standard. as in the fate of the Spanish Armada and Napoleon's projected invasion.) 13. : shall rush like the rushing of many waters but rebuke them. and shall be chased as the chaff of the mountains before the wind. as in 1066 A. should be made a part of the confederacy. have all been made to own themselves "whipped. Since then. Austria and Russia the double-headed vulture.OX. Italy. displayed has struck terror and dismay to their enemies on the arid obtaining respect . Austria. This is the Coat of Arms affixed to every docu- ment proceeding from the supreme authorities of every British possession an emblem commanding from every British subject. The Assyrians had a bull. the Macedonians the goat. Portugal. and they shall flee far off. or kingdoms." : " The nations Cod shall THE ROYAL STANDARD. It was necessary that Benjamin "little Benjamin their ruler" (Psa. which. and France. or Coat of Arms. Look at the National Standard of Britain. have had their national standards. Kussia. France the eagle.D. and on the breasts of their heroic kings.

The heraldic symbols of a family. beauty aptly symbolized in existence so long as she proved loyal to Him who is From the fragility of the lily they might her life. my son. whelp from the prey. and on the fourth quarter.) " Judah is a lion's 9. People may change their country. was the emblem. when Leaning upon his staff. and as an old lion . three more lions. gave us the origin of all heraldry as he blessed his sons he said (Genesis xlix. gone up : who shall he stooped down. We first find the lily used as a symbol by Solomon B. on the second the Scotch lion. Only nine lions and a unicorn. Manasseh took Joseph's place there were thirteen. then a lion and a unicorn rampant.C. or arms of Israel it is . tribe or nation. and many things they hold dear but their armorial sym. The whiteness of the lily denoted the purity of her love and allegiance to her Divine Sovereign. a six-leaved flower. THE LILY. their form of worship. Ireland. containing within it seven apices. are among the things that know no change. : . 1005. As . in the ornamentation of the temple. in all lands the old Judah.282 ANGLO-ISRAEL. the on from generation to generation. he crouched as a " rouse him up ? lion. and one pistil. These thirteen parts composing the flower beautifully represent the thirteen When Ephrairn and tribes of the Hebrew nation. strangely gifted Israel. and above all the crowned lion standing on a crown. six stamens. Let us proceed to analyze honored symbol of this great nation : time- On the first quarter there are three lions. That symbol lion of lion of Judah has been the time-honored of Judah ever since. this battle field. and its both the garments of all Israel shall at last be which righteousness the outward and splendor of her national found. and a harp How came all these lions here ? The richly endowed. bols are to live lily Now. thou art ! . learn the necessity of entire dependence upon the true God. on the third the harp that was taken from Mount Zion to Tara.

are ornamented with The Saxon princesses wore state dresses sprinkled with lilies. (1760). carving. Edward III. as found in the British Isles. Israel " shall grow " Jesus said. but later on. etc. all THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. The sceptre of Edward VI. Church. each bearing a lily. so does Israel in the West now. Solomon. on shields. " The chapiters that were upon the top of the pillars were of lily work. was the first since the Norman kings that bore lilies on his coat of armor (1343). in his " to the lily of the peerless poem." As as the lily. tural device the lily is constantly found carved in their lilies. wainscoting." and the edge was like a lily flower. At first they were sowed. after the pattern given to Solomon made two magnificent brazen columns to stand in the porch at the entrance of the temple. scattered on the field of the coat of arms without regard to number. and their damask covers. canopies. ." scented with the thorns. The Palace of Westminster is outwardly ornamented with a vast number of lilies. brackets. The covers of the communion tables of the State . bears a lily on the apex. compares Israel " to the and when enemies among lily among valley. supports the stalk with a lily flower." " The brim of the molten sea was wrought like the brim of a cup with flowers of lilies.OR." His " lips are like lilies. The chancel pavements of many of the state churches are paved with tiles." pure perfume of lilies. we may conclude that the lily was a divinely chosen emblem of Israel. and its inside state apartments are similarly adorned with lilies worked into As an architectapestry. The Saxon kings had lilies on their seals. The old painters placed a lily in the hand of the Virgin Mary. 283 the details of the tabernacle and temple were made Moses. Consider the lilies. corbels. and the sovereigns of England continued to bear them on their armor down to George III. the number was reduced to three. While the royal crown of Great Britain is adorned with the lily alternately with the cross and the orb of Eichard I." Israel in the East possessed the lily as a civil and ecclesiastical symbol.

281 ANGLO-ISRAEL. Joshua xxiii. chariots. them 7. cathedrals and palaces. 7. we have the coat of arms of the Hebrew nation. 20. their tonnage is to the whole of them put together. Turkey. as fifteen and a half is to six and a half. and an hundred of you and your enemies shall fall before : you by the sword. and the Lord had shut One man God. or be able to give a reason why we have them. and in all the colonies of Great Britain. LAND AND SEA." pour the water out of his buckets." i. Austria. be not afraid of for the Lord thy God is with thee. . shall "He shall use it. and control it shall do a large ocean Facts are stubborn things. the enormous stone key bosses in the roof are cut in lilies. 8. "When and . or more than two to one. xxvi. he it is them up 1 " 11 And I will " make Israel. says the sailor to his mates. in of shows a when Trade. 10 Deut. The Board of trade. . Cambridge. but they are here. "And five of you " shall put ten 10. thou goest out to battle against thine enemies. all upon thee For Jeremiah thine enemies turn their back " Thou li. I need not enlarge here. we may not know its significance. thousand to an hundred. as in King's College Chapel. except their Rock had sold them. and they shall shall chase flight : fall before you by the sword. horses. and two put ten thousand to flight. "Britannia Rules the Waves. xx. (Deut." "to do business in great waters. Spain. as he hath promised you." " to possess many waters. . China and all the other Gentile nations. report you comthe of the and British steam tonnage pare sailing vessels with the tonnage of France.. 30. that. 1 Lev. "And ye shall chase your enemies. xxxii." "to go down to the sea in ships. Portugal. and seest and a people more than thou. " Sing. : Israel must be the first naval power in the world "to possess the sea coasts." Israel was to conquer against the greatest odds. 30): 1. Italy. Bussia." . for the Lord your of you shall chase a thousand that fighteth for you.e. " How should one chase a thousand.8. In these United States. 1875." "to possess the isles of the sea. my hearties.

MONEY-LENDERS. are also clearly a fulfilment of the Divine promise. extraordinary those promises. 13. and wi:h thee will I destroy kingdoms. to observe and to do tftem. " Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron " that surely looks like a coats . The late events in Egypt. "The Lord shall open unto thee his good treasure. and never in any field did he lose a single cannon. xxviii. but they shall not reign . is one continued few illustration of their fulfilment in our behalf A and a few Scots Greys awed and conquered China. as he promised thee many nations.OR. : and 6 " For the Lord thy and thou shalt lend unto and thou shalt reign over over thee. the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in his season. The Lord appointed His treasure-house of xv. 6. and to bless all the work of thine hand and thou shalt lend unto many nations. and thou shalt not be beneath ." . A very small detachment brought the Abyssinian hordes to terms without the loss of a single man. It was good policy. and ! yet our history. It is remarkable that General his ordered men not to load their rifles as Wolseley ran the to terrible they charge. and not the tail . " And the Lord shall make thee the head. not a bullet was to be fired." Great Britain as the battle-axe has been doing the work of God How red for ages. was it ? I don't know but I know that it was good prophecy. and thou shalt be above only. who. 235 (Israel) art My battle-axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. if that thou hearken unto the commandments of the Lord thy God. if they did not drink whiskey. from the first day until now. 12. would thrash all creation. British bayonet. all Israel to be the all nations and : great peoples (Deut." The Duke of Wellington was the hero of one hundred battles. but thou shalt not borrow many nations. which I command thee this day. it is said. . Great Britain holds India with her teeming millions " by a few soldiers. which have added fresh laurels to the British army. and every fight he fought he won. and thou shalt : not borrow. 13) God blesseth thee.

In addition to all this. forfeited These promises were but once by disobedience. the almost immeasurable. and all become ours. " Who can tell me the time when Britnot borrow ain asked a loan from any Gentile nation? Why. such an idea would be laughed at all over the nation. the oil wells." It is well An says. at two and three per cent. its way million to Britain from those all known . called in the Divine promises "the blessings of the deep. and were restored to His favor." and the immense. Beecher said. ." unto -The Westminster Review many!" says. the immense gold fields. the push." Our thinkers know that Britain and America today own and control the vast reservoirs of wealth. the promises all hold good. added three thousand million pounds sterling to their debts. "Foreign countries have. that employs the wind and water.286 ANGLO-ISRAEL. and are lending. paid on our enormous loans in England alone exceeds six ! millions sterling in a single month. She lends to all she borrows from none. over the globe. the silver mines. is very largely possessed by the same people. when Israel returned to the Lord. and sought Him. the amount of unemployed capi" Shall tal is so great that borrowers cannot be found.. the constantly replenishing fisheries. wheat fields. He says. and the British people are the great lenders " Emerson says. that nearly the nations of Europe are borrowers on a large scale from Britain. " One hundred financier ! And English sterling a year finds nations. " Britain was the only nation in Europe that could pay her debts. the skill. I need not enlarge. the brain." " The amount of interest Carpenter says." while they have lent. the steam and electricity. " I will do " Lend better to you than at the beginning. H. W. during the last thirty years. " The creation of wealth in England during the last century is a main fact in modern The wealth of England determines prices all history. we all know that the genius.

: He We question is that of SAXON SUPREMACY. India towns.000 of people. the only one that answers the quesHow is it that that little island on the rocks own and govern so many great nations and peoples on the other side of the globe?" An eminent writer says. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST MONEY-MAKERS." tion. and immense wealth and energy. light of this theory leading him on. days I will bless thee abund"I will do better to you than at the first. as it is this day. We do well to remember that the. power. is from God and the purpose. Our political economists will be greatly assisted by reading up on this question. TRIBES." antly. and thou shalt lend unto many nations but thou shalt not bor" row. alone has over sixteen nations with a population of over 250. and is included among the special promises God made unto thinkers.) : shalt remember the Lord thy God : for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth (in order) that he may (cause to stand) establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers. The immense money available in Britain is one of the divinely appointed agencies by which she is to fulfil the glorious destiny God has assigned her. and "the Lord shall open unto thee His good These promises explain the whole questreasure. " There is half a million of cities. ability to make money is a gift from Him." The Anglo-Saxon everywhere is destined to is tion so often asked. " This theory . or intention is clearly stated that may use it to fulfil the obligations of the Covenant. In close proximity with the money .000." " I will bless thee as I have promised thee. 287 This question has troubled many of our writers and The student of the Bible. His Israel (Deut." Here the ability. Saxons are bound by the most solemn covenant to give to God's cause. aim. . or strength to make riches. " 18. But thou viii.OR. and villages now under British rule. has a valuable key in hand he hears the Lord saying to Israel (the " In the latter Saxons). with the superior. . or to acquire wealth.

the riches and dignity." nation and a company of nations. virgin. How does it come that our race is thus so honored ? Answer from the promise of God to Israel "I will bless thee. half of the globe. have in possession the wealth and honors. and if we be not the rightful owners of all this wealth and honor. peoples. get man. There is in him the right stuff to make governors of. and govern by the mild sway of Christian laws one-fourth of the world's population. out of the way on the right get out of the way on the left " ! ! " ahead.288 rule. The donkey boy ran ! eh. ANGLO-ISRAEL." . we must be prepared to surrender these blessings to some one to whom they are promised. or Saxons. We Israel. Those promises must and will all be ful! : reggelek." and than nations possess greater mightier yourselves. He has somehow or other a sort of instinct for governing. says. Shiek " " O old shumalek old know that passage in Eothen. Elisha S." Mr. for I am with thee. and his seed shall "And ye shall become a multitude of nations. Robinson. and ye shall be the head and not the tail ye shall be above only and not be " I will make Israel a beneath. a British merchant in " That our Heaven-born mission is to rule India... we certainly. by some means or other. when speaking of Irishmen and the honors thrust upon them in all lands. do much left for other now possess one- . he comes. he comes In some such way room is always made for an Anglo-Saxon. bwit. It was the eloquent Lord Dufferin that once said in my hearing. . This Englishman . where Kinghow the people of Cairo cleared the way he rode on a donkey. " can show the Scotch and English how to govern." People shall serve thee and nations shall bow down to thee. . the whole human race. filled to When some race or nation. old man." If we be not Israel." all You for lake tells us him as comes. long ago promised unto Israel. ! virgin. . and in ruling to elevate and We benefit them. shrieking as he ran: Eh. the Saxon race shall have these promises there will not be fulfilled to her.

to use the gorgeous language of Burke. I select from a paper published in California an " Russia versus article headed. AN EMINENT FEENCH WEITER next groups the facts for us. we must add what truthful testimony would say of America. "a thousand swords would leap from their scabbards to avenge the if wrong. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. or to the Saxon race. but 10 . All newly-discovered lands she . would be set wrong by her new acquisitions to-morrow. while the promises are as much to America as to Britain. M.OR. our calculation up. When will this unhesitatingly annexes to herself. 289 And in the British or American flag should be insulted any land or any sea. they quadruple those of any other earthly sovereign. only." Cambridge." I have given you promises and prophecies spoken to Israel." December "Britain holds the reins of the world. of earth. any other continents seek an inhabited or an uninhabited spot where Britain has not planted her flag. which increases with conquest and becomes extravagant by dint of impunity. It is not one nation. and 1874: 20. Monroe doctrine to the contrary notwithstanding she possesses a greater extent of territory than this Aside from this poor stretch glorious Union. We The number of Victoria's subjects ? Well. when speaking of Britain. because they are promises made to Britain To what our witas a whole. I will summons here the most impartial testimony Our witnesses speak of Britain that can be desired. . insolent usurpation cease ? What balance of power can exist in the world in the face of such ambition. nesses say of Britain. and there we cease to answer conundrums. Her dominions cover it is no use for us to deny it. BRITAIN. Britain. how much does Britain own ? give it For.A. . - . I quote his own words: " Are there any other seas. if we guessed aright to-day. We will invoke history as the key. more ground on this globe of ours than any other On this very continent the nation can lay claim to.

What nationality has not some of its members under . Veraadsky. creasing power. Britain is a spider whose web encompasses the whole world within her own dominions she has all the resources of all the continents. Maories in New Zealand. Malta and Canada from France. She is a standing menace to all other powers. she . Hindoos in India. He " Britain is a menace to the says. Spaniards at Gibral- tar." . Russia annexes no populations except Slavs and a few tribes in Asia. Malays at Malacca. sword a military power in Asia which secures her government over two hundred millions in India at Aden she holds the gate of the Eed Sea at Singapore she commands the road to China from Fiji she dominates the Pacific.000 of Britain's subjects only 20. Her fleet dominates every sea. Germans at Heligoland. Her empire is stronger and vaster than any coalition of other States.290 ANGLO-ISRAEL. Her territory is vaster than that of Russia. the Cape of Good Hope from the Dutch. A EUSSIAN WRITER. What power is there that has not suffered from her ambition ? She has torn Gibraltar from Spain. British rule ? Italians at Malta. strength is destructive of the balance of Nevertheless.000 are Englishmen. and her in. and She has built up by the Hong-Kong from China. safety of Europe. and French and Indians in Canada. but for every people. a Eussian writer. which should open their eyes. . without Russia. and if the whole universe is to fall back in the presence of the dominion of the shop-keeping Ca3sars. Kaffirs in South Africa. Arabs at Aden. every nation. a real genuine hater of Britain. There is no part of the world where she has not established her garrisons or her colonies. . to know whether the ocean itself is free. Here is an extract from the pen of Mr. and greater in extent than all Europe. Dutch at the Cape. Heligoland from Denmark.000. Chinese at Hong-Kong.000. while of 250. It is essential not for one people. She is the most aggressive power of modern times. the Gold Coast from the Portuguese. unsatisfied and insatiable.

no peoples. its fulfilment in the growth and power colossal strength ! . but counts not the hours between. It is only too clear that the power of Britain is too great to be compatible with the general safety." I am sure that all who hear or read these testimonies from worthy pens will admit that the prophecy of the stone kingdom. in calm majesty. that I shall not hear the rumbling wheels of the chariot of the hour of Britain. He knows that it is rolling up through the mystic gloom of ages. rests the genius of Britain. will establish a universal dominion over all the peoples of the earth.O. " Over that sea. It will come it is coming it has come The whole world. 291 grasping for more territory. Her virtue and her patience have triumphed. Stretched upon the rock. and her gentleness has enchanted the good. and vindicates for me the goodness of Providence." . but not like Prometheus. proud Britain. and the world will be one Britain. burns as a beacon to mankind. He says. yes. Yesterday she the day before she took the Diamond seized Fiji Fields to-day she annexes Transvaal. to a great extent. and with no evil bird to rend thy side. and that its chariot is guided by the iron hand of destiny. . her mildness has rebuked the rebellious. has. and that the aggressive empire. VICTOE HUGO be our next witness. but one and indivisible will be the world. Her example has regenerated the erring. unless speedily checked. lies the proud island whose existence consoles me for a thousand continental crimes. suddenly raises a wild cry of love and admiration. Henceforth there are no nations. Yes. and to-morrow she will clutch at Egypt. thou art justly proud of thy will more justly of thy God-like repose. already alluded to. Her type and her temple shall be the Mecca and Jerusalem of a renewed universe. Dare I murmur that the mists will clear for me. He waits his hour. The lamp of her faith. and throws itself into the bounteous bosom of Britain. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST is still TRIBES. aroused as by some mighty galvanism. kindled at the apostolic altars.

neither have seen My glory and they shall declare My glory among the Gentiles" (Isaiah Ixvi. for they have not yet been " bent " to ." and commising that sioned to conquer and subdue all those nations and yet they could not more fully witness to the great facts that the stone is becoming a great mountain. and said. MISSIONARIES. contradicting and blaspheming. but seeing ye put it from you. 6).292 ANGLO-ISRAEL. Christ.) : But when the Jews saw the multitudes. Who can tell the future that God has in reserve for the Saxon race ? . This is the and great work of our race. The mission is to be to the Gentiles. The prophecies of God are being rapidly fulfilled. . It must mean some portion of Abraham's and that portion of them must be Christian- To Israel the Lord says (Isaiah xlix." The primary mean- The : ing here is Christ. xiii. they shall show people have " " I will send those that escape of forth My praise them unto the nations to Tarshish. ized. . to the isles afar off. family. . that thou salvation unto the end of the earth. Javan." mayest be My Hear Paul and Barnabas (Acts 45. that have not heard My fame. 19). . and of both Britain " America. and judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life. lo. . here so eloquently sketched. they were filled with envy. and His redeeming work but as human instruments that agency is largely to be Israel " This I formed for Myself. It could not mean the Jews. Israel of God are to be the great missionary agency to the world "I will bless thee and thou shalt be a blessing." "In thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed. Those leading writers did not have before them the prophetic word respect" stone cut out without hands. Note the agency and the " escaped who have found a home in Tarshish and the far-off isles. "I will also give thee for a light to the Gentiles. we turn to the Gentiles. our enemies themselves being judges. : . Then Paul and Barnabas waxed bold. it was necessary that the word of God should first have been spoken to you . and filling the whole earth. and spake against those things which were spoken by Paul.

destroy not thine inheritance. and glorified the word of the Lord light of the Gentiles." "And prayed. And all . becamest their God. . Moses " Lord. I have set thee to be a thou shouldest be for salvation unto the when the Gentiles heard this. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRJBES. They These two nations are the missionaries of the world." and prayed. " The Lord hath taken you for an inheritance. note our British people. GOD'S INHERITANCE." Now." "For the Lord will not cast off His will He forsake His inheritance. he said." God for light. she has proved herself to be : the right hand of Almighty and for victory. the people whom Thou hast chosen for Thine inheritance. Henry Ward Beecher said: "I will not undertake to be the laudator of England. Lord." " For Thy people Israel didst Thou make Thine own people for ever and Thou. . Israel is God's inheritance and possession." "Israel Mine inheritance. Here was for and not Judah. they were and as many as were glad.OR. " " are the light of the G-entiles." Isaiah says. They maintain more than twice as many foreign missions as all the Gentile Israel. America to-day is growing up immense interests in the East. engaged in blessing all the families of the earth. through and good through evil. but this I can say through light and through dark. are They Thy people and Thine inheritance. and we must be prepared to acknowledge the fact. " Lord." neither people. saying. that ends of the earth. take us for Thine inheritance. for liberty. to be Thine inheritance. work God." David "Bless the inheritance of the Lord." at missionary the great missionary agencies of our century are sent by the Saxon race the names alone of great missionary organizations would fill It is literally Britain and America that are pages." "For Thou didst separate them from among all the people of the earth." and again. return the tribes of Thine in' heritance. nations put together. And : ordained to eternal life believed. 293 For so hath the Lord commanded us. "0 Lord." "Ask of Me and I will give the heathen to thine inheritance. through their na.

mercifully receive the prayers of Thy people. " Let there never be one wanting in her house to succeed her in the government of this kingdom." mean ? Coming from the archbishops. and to perform unto us the oath which He sware to That is pretty OUB forefather Abraham. deans. Thy pasture " save Thy people and bless Thine inheritance "-And make Thy chosen people joyful " " let Israel bless like. ministers. "0 Lord. shall give Thee thanks for ever. for He good. and the nation they represent. We are the people of " and the sheep of Thy hand" Lord." Indeed ! of Israel. bless ye the Lord God hath visited and redeemed His people " " And they call upon the Lord to remember His holy covenant. bishops. Hear them throughout all the land in the beautiful service of the Prayer-book. and let not Thine heri. . strayed from His way " We sheep . we have heard with our ears. that our posterity may see her children's What does all this children. and give us." What fathers are here meant ? Gentile chiefs ? Indian chiefs ? Anglo-Saxon idolaters ? Old Druids? No! no! not by any means farther back still go to the patriarchs and prophets. and they use the very terms by which God had all along spoken of them " lost "His people My people My servants Thy sheep. " Lord. they say. children? If Abraham be our forefather are we not his "He He promised to our forefather Abraham that He would " God. in a prayer for the Queen.294 ANGLO-ISRAEL. hath holpen His servant Israel." our fathers have told us the noble works that Thou didst in their days and in times of old." " " Thine inheritance" " The sheep of Thy heritage like lost tional Church. spare Thy people." In the service for the 20th of June." etc. pasture and the "- " "Thy chosen people " " Thy people Israel ' ' the Lord. so that we that are Thy people and the sheep of Thy pasture. and they say. In the Confession " have erred and they say. as tage be brought to confusion. I would not for a moment think that they do not mean . claim to be the very people here spoken of. curates. and peace upon Israel.

and read it. 295 Many hundreds of them are among the most devoted of all God's people and most devoutly they claim to be His people and His inheritance and the whole Church and nation have good grounds for so . that nowhere else had Ephraim been found fulfilling the required conditions of the Scriptures. and indulge in the same sentiment I have no objection. of Jerusalem.OR. always and everywhere. stand by his convictions. And it is worthy of remark that "We . But. And same ." Within His pastures the Baptists and Congregationalists catch the and strain. are multiplying every day. . as he.. and pray it." are found as the Mr. blessed through Joseph posterity the cross. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. to of life The witnesses incur the responsibilites of His Israel. He doth us feed. and it is safe and good pasturage And then the Presbyterians. while they sing it. . and in the name of the Redeemer of Israel also with natural and providential blessings as promised to our fathers. Bishop Gobat. and to gives out the 546th " mean what they : sing. : sing right lustily " We We And are His people. Of course they do. of all branches. and said. for His sheep He doth us take. and also in all the walks and be prepared. for the Anglo-Saxon Israelitish hypothesis existed in the fact. it. and the sheep fed. on Sunday in their churches and in their cathedrals. Eobert Mimpress says. . are His people." too. expressed his " That a solid ground views clearly and firmly. The Eev. I think they should be manly enough to own it on Monday. Every manly man will VALUABLE TESTIMONY. to be were of found. Then note the Wesleyan Methodist minister calls as he upon his people by tens of thousands to sing the praises of God. Hymn The sheep of Israel's fold In England's pastures feed. doing.

" God His Israel. he shall surely be put to death. facts. with the law laid down to Israel in Exodus xxi. Mr. and that ye (Israel) break off every yoke. to undo heavy burdens." . a divine command to absolutely winked at. the English race. In reading the works you must not expect a polished style look for .. I may say this much. when not : issued a high commission. . He called the slave trade "the sum of all villainies. or the Saxon race.296 ANGLO-ISRAEL. Esq. eastward. . says. The astonishing and multifarious evidences of this fact have already filled volumes. and with one voice her seventy-seven colonies do unite in singing. Tennyson. "It has come to light within the past few years that the Anglo-Saxon race are really and truly those ten tribes of Israel carried away some seven centuries and a half before Christ and deported by the king of Assyria to the country of the Medes. have literally fulfilled all the great promises made by God to Abraham which were never realized in Palestine." CHAIN-BREAKERS. to let the oppressed go free. which I defy any man to explain away. Britain is a high court of appeal for all lands and all nations. " To loose the bands of wickedness. that the British people. Wesley was far in advance of his times. " Britons never shall be slaves. and non-apparent from that time to this but who undoubtedly migrated north-west. . 16 " He that stealeth a man and selleth him. or if he be found in his hand. came from the very quarter where Ephraim was lost. in which neighborhood our Israelitish ancestors were located by the Assyrians." Other nations limit the punishment for this nefarious practice to imprisonment. Our best historians trace the Anglo-Saxon race back. and finally settled in the British Isles." Compare the death penalty incurred by a British subject infringing the laws of his country by engaging in the slave traffic. in whom is so remarkably fulfilling the destiny of Ephraim." F. to the borders of the Caspian Sea.

having read this paper. said.) : the Lord spake unto Moses. it was Saxon against Saxon but it was more. " The bands of Israel must obey. to obey nent. and I will " bring you to Zion representatively.' why. To worship in the Holy Land. There was no grander sight under the sun than the lation. the divine command to " break off every chain. you say. 297 At one of my lectures. the slave must be unloosed. and two of a tribe." THE SABBATH. : " The Lord's redeemed with joy shall come From lands afar to Israel's home From every tribe a chosen band. It is a sign between me and the children of Israel for ever." That looks very much like representation by popuOur excited friend grew more calm. somewhat excited. It was right against wrong it was Israel making a tremendous effort. Poole. for a perpetual covenant. saying. was a divine appointment that found. at a terrible sacrifice. and " Mr. that land promised to Abraham and to his seed. True When it came to blows." "the oppressed must go free. they would not find standing room in such a small country as that. 14 take you one of a city. saying. we read for him the "I will promise of Grod found in Jeremiah iii. Irish. to observe the Sabbath throughout their generations. That the British people. must have a Sabbath (Exodus It 12. that ye may know that I am the Lord that doth sanctify you.OR. wherever xxxi. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. and said that he would have no objection to go to Jerusalem. Wherefore the children of Israel shall keep the Sabbath. and the Americans and Canadians are to be put in possession of the land of Canaan. Israel." To ' quiet the fears of our friend. consisting of the English. . Speak thou also unto the children of Israel. a gentleman came to the front. ! late terrible struggle in this country for the fulfilment of God's Word on the slave question on this conti- . verily my Sabbaths ye shall keep for it is a sign between me and you throughout your generations ." The slave chain must be broken." : "And . Scotch.

only people France. do not keep it as it ought to be kept we ought more sacredly to guard this.. loud paean hails the day of peace. and to all her colonial children. Spain. . we will keep the Sabbath of the Lord our God. Commons said. To Britain. Italy. and all the ated. in 1874. and it has never been obliterupon ' . new territories. to the United States. . in respect of the nation possesses a special character as if there were resting upon us as a people a special reason why we should keep it holy. to introduce the Continental SabThe bath. England. and iron gates of toil ." When England and Scotland united under James I. Ring. And tell your gladness to the listening skies Come out forgetful of the week's turmoil." distinguishing badge. I " would say. " was thus made a Sabbath. a mark or token people. here means Sign' proof. When. a note of your distinction from others. " G-reenhill says. Canon Brownrigg says. It is well We . From Come Till halls of mirth. a motion was made in the House of Commons. " I do not hesitate to say that our standing tradition respecting the observance of the entire Sabbath-day is founded upon some instinctive feeling of the nation that the Sabbath. from every belfry ring. the sons of Isaac are the only nations who keep the day sacred. And heaven seems full of lofty aerial bells. y most a stringent Sabbath observance law was put the Statute Book. etc. a bond for the whole people. one forth. come Sing. with rejoicing rise. ye youths and maidens sing. Pour the grand anthem till it soars and swells. have no Sabbath. known that the Jews and Saxons are the that have a law for Sabbath observance .298 " ANGLO-ISRAEL." The Rev. that has great significance." says Bishop Ely. the token of our covenant with Israel's God. trembling age. or sing : Arise ye nations. it was rejected by a vote of 271 against 68. and let your joy increase. of your being My It is a sign that we are His. forth. ye sweet chimes.

" Six days may wealth divide the poor. and the singular light thrown by the theory on much of Scripture. and stated there was no grander object in human life than this. The ridicule with which the theory was first received has been discarded. now Bishop Bond. Go. is now used for further quiet and thoughtful examination. . THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES."" . strew her path with flowers. The sainted Sabbath comes and smiles a world to rest. to show forth the praise of God. could Englishmen claim them as their possession ? There was a time when these questions would be dismissed with a good-natured laugh. age. ye sweet maidens. then. Dean . These words were written primarily of Israel. : And It smiling welcomes all. Dives. youths. That time has passed. The seventh." was my city of Montreal pleasure to give three lectures in the at two of them the Very Rev. sacred lilies from your virgin bowers Go. presided. and the controversy has now reached a point when the identity of the British people has to be met with serious and sound argument. O. like a radiant bride Rise. . the Father ope's the door. glide.OR. by being scattered among a nation of another speech may lose their own language and adopt that of the people The reverend gentleman . And holds His feast for all Six days' stern labor shuts the poor From nature's splendid banquet hall . Dean Bond preached from Isaiah xliii. to me My first asked if Englishmen claimed this promise. how. her hands upon her breast. It was a great joy to receive the following sermon. When thoughtful men discover that a people speaking one tongue. The Yery Rev. and meet her with your holiest vows See where she comes. The seventh an angel ope's the door. from thy banquet hall. 299 Behold the morn from Orient chambers With shining With footsteps. preached by him before the Saint George's Society. they shall show forth praise. and meet her with your olive boughs. 21: "This people have I formed for Myself." Bond.

eventually speak tongue In like manner. and proved by the graves of their dead. it would the of the pagan masters. and found that history told of the migrations of these people northward. For example. when these same thoughtful men search. when these same thoughtful men (guided by Scripture) sought for the lost tribes in the countries where the Assyrian had carried them captive. then these thoughtful men felt that the question forced itself upon their attention. prosperity. the original of the ten lost tribes of Israel. and found that the one was singularly illustrated by the other that light was thrown upon many predictions of the prophets by the possibility that Israel had found its way to England. and of the way marks (here and there) left in the places of their sojourn. Again. prophet and in become lost religion paganism. They felt that as the Hosea Israel was to lose its if.300 ANGLO-ISRAEL. declared. was no sufficient argument for rejecting the theory. accounted for by the thought that she had obtained the promises made to the lost tribes. the British Isles?" and (guided by history in their inquiry) traced back their origin to the very neighbor. these thoughtful men perceived that the change of language was no insuperable difficulty in receiving the theory. in a great measure. the prophet Hosea speaks at large of Ephraim as an . . came to test all these things by the Word of God. and probabilities were pointing them onward in their But then. with whom they sojourn. they perceived that history contributes its aid to remove the obstacles that seemed to exist in the way of identifying lost Israel with mighty England and then. when these thoughtful men learned that a change of climate and of manner of life had produced an entire change in the feature and form of the entire people they saw that the physical difference between the inhabitants of the British Isles. and that the story of England's greatness. when these same thoughtful men began to " Whence came these people who replenished inquire. and peculiar character was. hood where Israel had been placed in captivity they began to see that difficulties were vanishing.

they shall cry aloud from the sea wherefore. least. But where are they captivity Where are they to return ? From the to be found ? land wherein they were led captive? That would have been from the north. saith the Lord. And then Isaiah.OR. generally admitted that Israel. says prophesying " the desolation of the land) They shall lift up their voice they shall sing for the majesty of the Lord. when Jacob set Ephraim. And then. : . . even the name of the Lord God of Israel in the isles of the sea. it would seem that they shall come from the isles of the sea This (with and those isles shall be in the west. as distinct from Judah. above Manasseh? Where is the "multitude of na" that his seed should become ? tions Where is the seed of Israel numbered as the sand of the sea? Where is there any sign of their pushing the people together to the ends of the earth with horns like the horns of unicorns? And where is the "chief of na" tions whence there is to be a shout of song and gladness of Jacob ? He (the rev. . say singular apostate. THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES. ! . significance to the British Isles. have been lost to human view as completely as if it had been in their power. It seems. . preacher) can see that all this may be fulfilled in England. . where is the fulfilment of the prophecies which foretold the future of Joseph's two sons. and that would have been fatal to the theory." So. . in their houses." same of them (after of these people. to the with much more) points. 301 then as put away and cast out of the and driven forth (an utterly repudiated peocovenant. and yet it is scarcely controverted that Israel shall return to their . Hosoa says: "They shall walk He shall roar like a lion When He after the Lord shall roar. at all events. but at last comes of the covenant land the from ple) is to be brought home out of her Israel and mercy. then the children shall tremble from the and I will place them west they shall tremble. who became the head of the ten tribes. glorify ye the Lord in the fires. converted and saved. No. but where else to look for these ten tribes he did not know. again.

and Judah shall be re-united race. and they under one King and one Shepherd. shall meet them there. has blossomed and budded. Great Britain is a company of nations stretching round the world. Being will not save the soul. He referred to the Eastern Question by way of example. They might even yet live to share in those covenanted blessings which he believed are still richly to be poured out on the British but that will only enhance the guilt and nation increase the condemnation if they remain strangers to God's converting grace. and. with colonies growing daily into nations firmly welded together. Where she has planted her foot. and a relation to Jesus . honors the Word of God. next referred to his audience individually. and manifesting by interest and sympathy their oneness with the mother. and the fruit has been put forth and filled the land. after the flesh. sending that Word (translated into their own tongue) to almost all the nations under heaven. above all others.302 ANGLO-ISRAEL. an Englishman or an Israelite. He tion by the Holy Spirit. He continued further to consider the position the British nation occupied in the world in the work of the British Church. piercing all lands. of oneness by the indwelling . And the toil of the English missionary has been made a hundredfold fruitful by that land which. has made comparatively easy the toil of the missionary. consider the position that the British nation occupied before the world. The spread of the English tongue. land. There must be a new crea. in which wise men have maintained that her policy was eminently calculated to promote the well-being of the world and we know that by her respectful attitude the great men of the earth point to her as the chief among the nations. for. passing by at this time the other branches of the Teutonic own God. there she has remained. like a tree planted by the water. And then he did not wonder that the idea that Israel should be found among the Anglo-Saxons has taken such hold on the minds of thoughtful men. a personal interest in Jesus.

THE SAXON RACE THE LOST TRIBES.OR. in the tiny. Viol. and Israel found for Mother England stands. And her ten-fold tribes are seen. love of country and love of kindred was a passion with the Israelite. Crowned with has brought her to this hour love. and drum Clanging steeples. Again. ! . until they have become " a company of nations " to take possession of prominent points until. -^-Martin F. alike from every nation. joyous. Let this be the same with Englishmen. That has blest her many days. Thrilling. Her home in the isles of the sea is kept sacred from the invader. hands of God. come. loud. flute. above all (notwithstanding degenerate children) to carry the Gospel (with reverence for the Lord's Day and obedience to the Ten Commandments) into every new home which they have formed. All the startled nations round. cornet. and that home has ever been the refuge. ! Yea Israel lost. . Tupper. and long ! Jubilate fling the sound. for accomplishing mighty purposes in the earth. . and throned in power. Girt with children in all lands. AN Jubilate ! ANGLO-ISRAELITE. Jubilate shout the song. And Thanking God for all the praise. cannons' roar. Meet the soft and loving harp All ye sons of music. wherever he might be. we see her in possession of the gates of her enemies. Loud with triumph deep and strong Let the trumpet swift and sharp. and. Hurl the joy from shore to shore. 303 of the Holy Spirit. as we trace her strongholds over the globe. raise the song. Bringing homage to their Queen . and from that home her sons have gone forth to form colonies. of the downtrodden and the persecuted. confident that in the strength of God she will fulfil (in the working out of God's purposes) her splendid desOne cannot doubt that she is a means.

a witness light. riches. ! ! Saxon. SAXON. maintain the right. the blest look forth and see The wonders He hath wrought for thee Long-promised gifts Possessions." . ! Who And destined thee the earth to store. established o'er A nation The plains of many a distant shore. the blest thy horn hath been Exalted by a Power unseen. A little one thou wert and small. Land of mercy land of light Fair deeds adorn thy regal might To loose the captives. and assuage The griefs that dim life's mortal page. As willows from the water-course. Till He whose word fulfilled must be. To keep the truth. strong.' Preserved to multiply and root. Favored with heaven's exalting care. fame. harvest fruits for Zion's shore. The ' desolate build. A small one till a hand Divine Dominion gave thy sceptred lineThine heritage the wastes to tread. THE BLEST! "A little one shall become a thousand. nor alien guest To people nations thy behest. and power. and a small one a strong nation. A cypher on this earthly ball.304 ANGLO-ISRAEL.* " Saxon beloved ! for thee we claim A blessing in Victoria's name A blessing as the royal heir. Enthroned thee monarch of the sea. Not as a taunt. ! Saxon. Forth springing from thine island source. ! have been thy dower. the blest thy greatness read In covenant sealed to Israel's seed Thy feelings pledged. To blossom o'er the world with fruit. the earth to spread. Saxon.

OR INDIRECTLY. he alone possesses general ideas ." " Great rivers are never really known unless you trace them springs. he alone comprehends himself. FROM THE LANGUAGES OF THE HEBREW RACE. "Man alone employs language. MAX MULLER SAYS. ANGLO-ISRAEL IN AND PHILOLOGY WHICH IT IS SHOWN THAT A LARGE PROPORTION OP THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE COMES TO US EITHER DIRECTLY." to tlieir 20 . PROF. he alone has the power of abstraction.THIRD LECTURE. he alone believes in God.


like the song of birds. Thought and Truth. and error flies away. to rouse and rule the world. and either exercised from the moment of birth. and glorious Greeks admired With Shakespeare's deep and wondrous verse. Mark as it spreads. As vanishes the mist of night before the star of day But grand as are the virtues whose monuments we see. in the same way that the same species of bird utters the same notes in the most distant countries. to cheer and bless mankind. With all that great apostles taught. how deserts bloom. and Milton's loftier mind. let harps and hearts be strung. or spontaneously called into play at a certain so. Now To gather all our Saxon bards. and Newton's lore. It goes with Freedom.THIRD LECTURE. . which speaks of noontide yet to be ! HE speech of man in his mother-tongue is not. the same language would be mankind. For stronger far than hosts that march with battle flags unfurled. If that were all spoken by English skies. It goes with all that prophets told and righteous kings desired. celebrate the triumphs of our own good Saxon tongue . ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. With Alfred's laws. The song of the lark in Germany or Italy is the same that is heard in the Irish or period of growth. ! These are but as the dawn. an instinct implanted by nature in the constitution of every individual of the species. .

we are necessarily obliged to inquire carefully into the vicissitudes that the other has undergone. novelty. The history of a language is in truth the history of a people. or his nurse. In seeking for the elements of which the one is composed. but in order to discover speech he must already be man. as the age of a tree may be known by the successive layers of which it is composed. the once proud mistress of the nations. of gold. 6). and every revolution that has marked its existence." LANGUAGE TO BE LOST. speaks a thousand different dialects which he from his mother. and said unto them (Isaiah xxiii. The love of conquest." separated the ten tribes of Israel from under the yoke of the oppressor. Every change that has taken place in the condition of a people. when taken as a whole. "Pass ye over to Tarshish. . HISTORY OF LANGUAGE. Humboldt says. where luxury. An in- Man manner in which man may have been led to the formation of a vocabulary is thought to have been given in Genesis ii. only man by speech. and the endowment of different tongues. and the guiding hand of that overruling Providence which led the " " "strangers and "wanderers into that great "wilderness of -the people. avarice. easily acquires dication of the 19. In this investigation we turn away from the East. from the Scriptural account of Creation. that speech was coeval with the creation " Man is of man.308 ANGLO-ISRAEL. The origin of the various languages on the earth is traced to the dispersion of the people at the building of the tower of Babel. when Adam gave It is evident names to the creatures G-od had made. daughter of . shook off the trammels by which they had been bound. Pass through thy land as a river." Max Muller adopts this opinion thus clearly expressed. intemperance and ambition had destroyed the Chaldean Em" the head pire. may as distinctly be traced in the structure of the language of that people. .

and peopling its wild territories arose those to which modern Europe. we have ample proof to satisfy all careful students that the Hebrew people went away west. I admit there are missing links in the historic chain of events. passed over into the adjacent islands. on the shores of the ocean. There. V. Western Europe. WANDERERS. the Kelts. by means of modern discoveries in the science of ethnology and of language. 14). The Kimmerians a people whose name is mentioned by Homer (Odyssey. nine hundred years before Christ were the first of those three races which successfully crossed the Bosand spread themselves over Northern and phorus. now led them into the new country of called Northern Europe. debted for their present prosperous condition.." 309 He Germania. Bk. Klipstein says. nomadic tribes. Tarshish. religion. That they. clear- ing its primeval forests. and even themselves and yet. In pursuing this line of interesting thought. both situations admirably adapted for the conquest and colonization of Britain. laws. It is impossible to say how long before the Kimmerians and the Kelts were followed by . or Galli. and another. a roving and restless people. in his Anglo-Saxon " The earliest correct information we have grammar. that were to lose their language. the examination of the languages of Wales and of Ireland." distinct WAVES OF PEOPLE. abundantly testifies. We are dealing with a people. of this people (in the west) locates one of their tribes in the Cimbric Chersonesus (the present Denmark). as we have clearly proved. and corroborates the faint outlines of history left.ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. draining its pestilential marshes. modern modern civilization are so much inand languages. literature . when compared with the ancient Gaulish. those remnants of the ancient tongue to be found in our vernacular. and the conclusions drawn from the relative position and habits of It is to these tribes that we must trace the people.

religion. and the Jutesthree Gothic tribes began to drive the Kelts and Britons to the fastnesses and mountains of Wales. and although the worship of Thor and Woden has long since given place to a purer and more rational religion. and to establish themselves permanently in the country now called England." as the sweeping had said in came floods. So complete was this conquest by the AngloSaxons that they replaced the manners. About the middle of the WHITNEY. driving them. It is to the study of this ancient language that our attention is directed. although the manners and laws of the people have completely changed. neither time nor subsequent invasion has been able to expel from. Percy has so clearly established the distinction between the Celtic and the Gothic tribes. and philologists. Dwellings in caves yielded to more formal habitations. gave way to the temples of Woden and Thor. inunThe Goths the second impediment. and the worship of the brazen bull. that we look upon it as a settled question among historians their kindred tribes that came over the continent. " speak : William D. Their language so entirely took the place of that of the former inhabitants. " The whole subject of Why We . in floods from Asia. that. those islands the language of the Anglo-Saxons. and so permanently fixed itself in the island-house God had promised His people Israel. and across the -sea into Ireland. linguistic investigation may be conveniently summed do we speak as we the single inquiry up in " do ? And his answer to this question is. . Dr. composed dation that rolled from beyond the Bosphorus. fifth century the sons of the Sacae. or Saxons. forms the bone and sinew of our glorious allconquering mother-tongue. wave upon prophet they force every hefore with resistless wave.310 ANGLO-ISRAEL. and language of the conquered tribes by those which they had brought with them from the continent. Whitney says. " as a river. the Angles. laws. which. to this day. and of the Druids.

" and other colloquialisms and vulgarisms which are no more English than .ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. language? asks again. and local varieties. In our efforts to accomplish this. which we It is the sum of call the English-speaking people. class varieties. . not by numbers It is a mighty region of speech. or inelegancies of style. of somewhat alone. or says them in a way not to be accepted as in the highest sense English. it unity is. fluctuating and uncertain boundaries. since each one says some things. and current among. and a certain central tract is included in the portion of all. the separate languages of all the members of this community or. varieties of greatly differing kind and degree individual varieties. they are strangers to one another. : The one speak it understand each other." "I calculate. and a nasal twang. which " are associated with "I guess. "But what is the English Whitney " Answer: it is the immense aggregate of the articulated signs for thoughts accepted by. how many of us learned inaccuracies of pronunciation. 311 English because we were taught it by those who surrounded us in our infancy and childhood. to fact which gives . Although one language. which do not in any sense belong to the English tongue and how many individual words and current phrases are learned with a general tone of utterance. a certain vast community. . Indian. as we were able. Our object was to understand those about us. whatever our instructors were pleased to set before us. talk so as to may. it includes numerous . it is that part of the aggregate which is supported by the usage of the majority. whereof each speaker occupies a portion. and to be understood by them. There they meet on common ground off it." We did not originate a language for ourselves we simply received and appropriated." "You know. that all who a considerable extent." Haow. but of a majority made in great part by culture and education. it is the average ratber than the sum ." "I 'spect.

very different from the spoken and written language of King Alfred's time. and science invent new terms. Even Shakespeare. ingly.312 ANGLO-ISRAEL. while many words formerly esteemed as antiquated and obsolete. and indeed. into and incorporated called existence being constantly into our daily speech. as generation after Technical terms are generation comes and goes. circumstances. This language is preserved by an uninterrupted tradition. and modify their technical dialect accord. OUR LANGUAGE. half as whole language. new words are being introduced from the languages of keeping in life a . teach others. and having learned themselves. are again being countenanced and employed so that the English language now used by our standard writers is. Important changes are constantly going on. tongue in the past. Antiquated phrases and obsolete terms. while our English speech is thus passed onward from generation to generation of those who learn to speak it. and will. in many respects. that are being spoken and read. and necessities. and by a great body of literary works. language would soon be shorn of no small part of its strength. Such has been the elasticity of our English and such is the omnivorous tenden- . is capable teen thousand words. if placed exclusively in the hands of any individual. it differs widely since the time of Queen Elizabeth. with his unrivalled wealth and variety of expression. in the nature of things. and with his restricted influence. Each generation hands it down to the coming one. in all its variety of characters. or of any class. only a single person with his limitations and deficiencies. and art. after all. The English tongue. But. But each work is. it does not remain precisely the same it is undergoing all the time a slow process of modification. Nothing less than the combined eifort of a whole community with all its classes and orders. go on as long as trade. are every few years denied a place in our vocabulary. uses but about fif- and Milton little more than mere fragments of the encyclopaedic many.

and they correspond to the great eras of the history of India." . Though in a rude state. Many of the other dialects spoken and written in India are derived from the Sanskrit. whose equal cannot be found in any other language. The literary monuments of the Sanskrit language are ranked among the most ancient in the world. of that language." It is held in great reverence by the Hindus. in its early history. as it drew in the past from those we now call the dead languages. is considered to be the most of all idioms the of the great Indo-European primitive which more or less reflect the internal features family. " That was the age in The Sanskrit language which were composed the prayers. and thirty-four consonants." means perfected." says Botta. That it may be seen at a glance how our English language has. and used by them as the sacred and literary language of the country. the sacred books of the country. of which sixteen " are vowels. "long antecedent to the fifteenth century B. Botta says. an agricultural and pastoral people. be brief indeed. almost from the very lips of our Asiatic grandfathers. The word " Sanskrit. and any words I may produce will only be a very few of the many thousands that can be presented.. SANSKRIT. it must have been spoken in India. afterwards collected in the form of the Vedas. we will present to the reader a brief glance at the principal of those languages and a few of the many words that have come to us directly. taken the place of the Asiatic tongues. Its alphabet consists of fifty letters. that 313 it we are safe in anticipating for in the future an absorption of the living languages of our time. hymns and precepts. cies in our day.ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. of necessity. when those tribes of the Aryan race speaking Sanskrit emigrated to the north-western portion of India and established themselves there..C. the language is founded on a vast logical system of grammar. Any allusion I may make to those ancient languages must.

In these hymns there is nothing of caste nothing about the transmigration of souls nothing about the incarnations so often spoken of in Hinduism the authors of the Vedas had a faith too pure to utter an expression on any of these topics. That age in India is known as the period of the Vedas. so-called. so far above anything produced in the East in more modern times. Neither of them seem to have any data upon which to form an opinion. all admit them to be among the first literary productions of India. is believed to have been written B. About that time we are informed of certain families of the tribe of Simeon named in 1 Chron.. Where do we find in the Scriptures any allusion to a people that could reasonably be supposed to have any connection with those sacred writings. and v. in themselves. The chronologists of our day differ very widely as to the date of those sacred writings. and they had increased greatly in numbers and in wealth. In Botta.314 ANGLO-ISRAEL.C. 1200. They went away eastward from Palestine to the fertile valleys. iv. supposes them to have been written in the fourteenth century before Christ. It does seem to me that the Holy Bible gives us a true key to this question the origin of those sacred hymns and prayers that are. who were princes among their families. Niebuhr The Rig. Other sacred books and commentaries founded upon them were produced in after years. their object being to cultivate the soil and find ample pasturage for their flocks and herds. Colebrooke. the earliest of those sacred hymns. They are usually dated twelve or fifteen centuries B.Veda. which is gives us a much later date. and in the writings of others. "to seek pasture . Sir William Jones in the sixteenth. we are told of tribes speaking the Sanskrit language establishing themselves in the north-western portion of India. sacred books of India. In those hymns there is the absence of of the doctrines that form so large a proportion many of the other. In these sacred odes we have much of the same style as is found in the writings of the prophets of Israel.C.

going out to those great valleys in the spirit of prayer. a clue to the origin of that great system of cause there was pasture there for their flocks. in the of those Hebrew colonists history away in the East. that. all speaking the Hebrew. in the days of Hezekiah there went off another colony in the same direction. and under the Divine guidance. hymned their gratitude in song and psalm to Him who gave them success and prosperity. and they prayed to the God of Israel as they went. and conquered the nations of the place and smote their tents and destroyed them utterly and dwelt in their room be. are also informed of the Eeubenites forming an alliance with other tribes. and mustering a large army of valiant men. Again." " They numbered four and forty thousand seven hundred and three score. 315 And they found fat pasture and land was and the wide. for the war was of God. and quiet and peaceable. that they Brahminism." AND PHILOLOGY. I may here make a suggestion to the lover of Eastern philosophy and literature." good. and prayers called the Vedas make so many allusions. . and skilful in war. and they slew " We an hundred thousand. to whom the sacred hymns. Have we not. and they dwelt in that country until the time of the Captivity when the ten tribes. were carried away into captivity. It is not too much to say. "men able to bear the buckler and sword. of camels fifty thousand. all worshippers of the one living and true God." Here are two colonies from Israel at that early day who have found farms ready for cultivation. blood relations of each other and of those whom they left behind. Here are three strong and united peoples. or the Sanskrit language.ANGLO-ISRAEL for their flocks. their brethren. and immense pasture fields in the north-western portion of India. and He was entreated of them because they put their trust in Him. and of asses two thousand. the former inhabitants having immigrated away from that country. and odes. and they went out united a band of men of one heart. and to shoot with bow. and they took many spoils. of sheep two hundred and fifty thousand.

omnipresent enjoying ineffable felicity. These.000 years. The Persian language pean tongue. vadar for father matar. bhratar for brother. meter. cows ghars (graze) grasa (grass) in the pasture there are sapta (seven) days in the have tri for week my matar (mother) loves me. in Icelandic. and yet built up with so much error. omniscient. . the (daughter) looks beautiful to-day. and the Arabic. mater. is the same in Persian in Greek. modhir . in Dutch. When I enter the nursery and see the mother interesting her babe by playing with its feet. infinite without end. I hear her in the most earnest -and loving way speaking of baby's pada. There is a patha (path) through the field my duhitar will dress in swliita (white) to-day. omnipotent. . foot. viz. I hear her using the pure Sanskrit which has come down in the nursery talk through all the ages for more than 3. Planted in the East in that remote period. . Yet we have a great many words of this ancient tongue in popular use in our day. and thence to the western continent of America. eternal . . PERSIAN. . three. Parsee. in high German. could hardly expect that the Sanskrit language would have come down to us when we knew how many times our forefathers changed their speech in their migrations westward to the isles of Tarshish. y the Zend. mutter. founded on so much truth. in English. Examples might be given by the thousand. dwa for two. We These words in italics are all Sanskrit. for sister. mater . We .316 ANGLO-ISRAEL. Those colonists believed in the existence of "one living and true God" without beginning or without dimensions. it has survived through all the ages. mathair . thus. moeder . mother. and sioyster parts. in Latin. . are all more or less founded on the Sanskrit and Chaldaic. in Sclavonic. This is part of the Brahmin's faith even to-day. Pehlvi. immaterial. There is are classed as an Indo-Euroseveral languages called Persic or Persian. as might be expected. in Celtic. . invisible. The Sanskrit is the basis of several languages.

ENGLISH. Mam. Hulk. Murder. Cry. and our English language has derived many words from these branches I will only point out a few of the Persian. Murder. Puff. Array. Puff. Thunder. mon : PERSIAN. Two. ENGLISH. To these we add ARABIC. a few from the Arabic : . Duo. Hulk. Aray. Tunder. Mamma. 317 There are many elements in these languages in comwith the Sanskrit and German.ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. PERSIAN. Gri.

Mam is Persian em is Hebrew mam. who were chosen as the conservators of the revelations God made with man. sound. in his work. and dada. HEBREW. Siberian abba is Chaldaic. mountains. and confirmed by promises to His children. is himmel . . . in French. fifty-seven in the Zend. for "heaven" in German. himile. himele . Sharon Turner records one hundred and sixty-two words in the modern Persian. Ethiopic. many first and most naturally learned. . dispersion. . also Arabic. and meaning to as many words in the Anglo-Saxon tongue. Greek tad is Welsh for father. . and in old Saxon. that are similar in form. and forty-three in the Pehivi. . Arabic and Welsh mamma is Albanian mama is Iberian ma is Celtic maw is Coptic ab is Hebrew for father. Our British Ancestors. himmel. In proof of the Asiatic derivation of the English language and of the Saxon race. The eastern nations associated sacred ideas with the immaculate Hispurity of those snowy and inaccessible heights. . is the Sanskrit for mother. . . torians trace home the original streams of the Gothic and Saxon races who call their heaven. and so do other writers of note. Pengalee is English. . For a period of four thousand years. The Hebrew literature expresses the national character of that ancient people who were included in the God made with Abraham. or maha.. Syriac. by the Oriental name. in Alemannic. maa. supports very strongly this view. through covenant many and persecution of every kind. . Canon Lysons. or The very name Himal-ayas. the wonderful spectacle of a race prethey present captivity. The English word viz. The Rev." is the " heavenly in itself a link which shows that the Germanic and Saxon races must have come from the cradle of the human race in Central Asia. hiinil. and is found with little change of form in almost all the languages through which our Saxon race has passed since they left the cradle valley in Armenia.318 ANGLO-ISRAEL. dad tat is Celtic.

with several modifications. its 319 peculiarity of worship.000. and its literary monuments surpass in credibility. Sir William Jones. serving its nationality. yet no one of these can be compared with the Hebrew tongue for the richness of its figures and imagery. wrote a curious work of Forty-eight Languages. in which. It lacks the flowery and luxuriant elements of the other oriental idioms . or people. Professor Max Muller shows that the old Armenian tongue belongs to the Indo-European family. of . of Semitic origin is supto be a mixture of the Chaldean and posed by many or Sanscrit Phoenician. Rev." He also says. If Hebrew. race. and of literature. Canon Lysons. in which it was shown that the early literature of Britain was "largely in the Hebrew. more historical and moral in a word. Jacob Tomlin. according to the learned Orientalist." Rev. those of any other nation. poetic strength. The literary productions of the Hebrews are collected in the sacred books of the Old Testament.. . we can find more eloquence.A. for its depth. The history of this people reaches back to the earliest period of the world its code of laws has been studied and imitated by the legislators of all ages and countries. and for its majestic and imposing features. more poetry could gather from all other books together. M. and religious importance. and we find a large proportion of our Saxon tongue having the Hebrew as its roots and stems.ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. He gives a list of Hebrew words to the number of 5. concludes that the Hebraeo-Kyrnric is the superstructure upon which our present language is built up. " One-fourth part of the words of the Saxon tongue bear a close affinity with the in Our British Ancestors. more beauties than we truth. of whatever country or language. language. doctrine. But few persons are aware of the close affinity existing The Hebrew language between the Hebrew and the English tongues. originality. The Jews have made several attempts to restore their language to its original purity and strength. Analyzed and Compared.

In this way the old forms of Arme- nian. Not satisfied with Buxtorf. ' ' * ' . Gautheic. In short. says. word. give evidence of their being taught them by the Hebrews thus from the Hebrew from the HeAleph we have the Greek Alpha from the Hebrew brew Beth the Greek Beta 'Gimel' we have the Greek 'Gamma. or resting-place. in a paper read before the Ethnomost clearly that the early inlogical Society. there are several names On the spot. of places given in the old Hebrew form. Dan's refuge. Ireland of habitants " It Kev. Talmud commentaries. where.320 ANGLO-ISRAEL. and there stands the ruins of a fortress of immense strength. I wrote to the learned Eabbi his answer was satisfacHeideck. Angli. which means The grave of Tephi. Even their letters. boast themselves. that none but Jews or Chaldees could have brought the name or the thing to Ireland. the repository. Vol. or receptacle. Irish literature. when I found in Buxtorf that Jodhan Morain was the Chaldee name for IT rim and Thummim. may be remarked. " surprise was great VII. my friend the Eabbi will have it. Governor Pownall. so essential to the very existence of their from which literature. we see how easily the Israelites might drop their own Semitic and take up with the Aryan forms of speech instead. C. John Wilson says. is called it but Mergech. that the very names and order. The name Tara the is a pure Two Tables. Kennedy. W. on our maps we have Carrickfergus. now in London a dozen quotations from various contained and tory. ' ' ' ' .' etc. In Ptolemy's map of Ireland. he had Dan-sobarce." ." The name Jodhan Morain occurs very often in the early My ' ' . the Hebrew a grave in the acceptation of princess. In the Early Irish Antiquities Archaeological. is not called was as usual the Sarah's. and Saxon may have gradually developed into English. and even the number of the Greek letters. Hebrew name. proved and Scotland were Hebrews. so. speak thus plainly of the quarter were wont to of what much derived the Greeks they . which is called Kavar..

Soc. Phil.ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. 321 French Abbot said he used the Hebrew key to the languages of the west. and others whom I will quote from briefly. Crawford. F. departments of learning. are of no great weight in the as a A learned contention. Trans. who have only dabbled in the science. . If men like the Eev. find a strong resemblance an Anglo-Israelite may be excused if he fancies that the sneers of men. I will now produce a few words to confirm and illustrate the Having presented subject : HERREW. J. Trans. Phil. find such affinities. giving evidence of strong affinities existing between the Hebrew and the Anglo-Saxon languages. and Eev. Soc. I find eminent philologists willing to stand up and lecture before the London Philological Society.. so many names of eminent in various scholars. Davies..

Jig- Notach. Shoobh.322 Hebel. Roong. Satar. HEBREW. Gasp. yes. Soot. Haphak. Nooin. Tsoot. Store. ENGLISH. Rash. Squat. Hobble. Shakat. Patter. Slab. Yerak. Heret. Wretch. Cl. Glib. Pathar. Shove. Rapash. Yoad. Esh. Shelabh. Is umb. ANGLO-ISRAEL. Havoc. Huch. Galabh. Notch. Hook. Chitten. Rubbish. Wrong. Write. . Wed. Ghatsab. WJioaten. Yes. esh. .

with Hebrew carvings. without any violation of scientific principles. lintel. lattice. and towns bearing precisely the same names as among the Israelites of old. like the valleys in Canaan and the surrounding country. like priest like people like mother like * * ' ' ' ' ' . and in the same manner.' settle. duce is bought and sold by the use of Hebrew weights and measures. the German Jews speak German. farms. that clearly indicate the hand of an ' ' Hebrew artist. Even the names of Devonshire and Cornwall were for a l^ng time a kind All our English fruit and proof broken Hebrew. latchet. to wit ensign and put him in ward. Other sayings and girdle. .' a measure reprobate silver . glean. our town is called the names of lands. " There can be no doubt but Captain Nichols says. During "the many days of their " wanderings they ceased to use the Hebrew. they easily lost their Hebrew and took up the language of the heathen among whom they lived. . . pitcher. and old stone pillars filled with carvings of names.ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. sentiments and facts. market Jew villas. platter. ' proverbs are also quite common that had a Hebrew origin. leaven.' a long seat with a high back. and the language of the people among whom they spoke the English lived. comrade. as I am in a strait. flay. houses. prophets. I am also reminded of certain current words and phrases in use in the west of England that were in current use in the palmy days of Israel such words as goad. gourd. barm. gallon. that the early inhabitants of Britain were children of the captive tribes of Israel the stone monuments of the country prove it. The names of patriarchs. just as we see the Jews do now we Jews speak English. ' ' ' . They were not likely to keep their language long after they lost their religion the old faith and the language would go together. The moors and commons abound. ' * ' ' . cruse. 323 see at once how. standard four fingers. score. at Lancaster every stone is so carved.' etc. and apostles are to be found everywhere on those isles. chambering. I know some places where the churches are built with stones having Hebrew charIn the church acters and mottoes carved upon them.

' Who brought all the worst this Hebrew into the western isles ? W. . J. 'mortar untempered of knead a the ground dough plat put to you sheath for sword. could be as they were called by the Romans. ' ' ' ' ' . In their system of jurisprudence . ' ' * ' ' . says. the Gaelic of Scotland.. . ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . farthings peeped kinsfolk come and dine vestry and vestments a chest for offerings brook nether. " We are led to the conclusion of a derivation of the Erse of Ireland. from a ' ' ' ' . from Erse as to be still variant practically the slightly same language. ANGLO-ISRAEL.' the exact pattern of daughter the Jewish mode of travelling for male and female is sandals for shoes stuff in Cornwall to this day and meet to do so for goods fray defray freedom of the city crumbs of comfort penny. . Cockburn-Muir. is it a boy or a child ? with my heifer is a common saying in the west of 'fray.A. Poenulus of Plautus equally in is intelligible when translated or the Erse. ' ' ' ' ' ' .324 ' ' . They ' national records. if not for the world. . Gaelic is so closely allied dialect of early Hebrew. in the insti- ment. ' ' ' ' * ' ' ' ' . . . with Zend on one side and probably with Greek on the But the talk of the Phrenician slave in the other. * ' ' ' . in the provision made for ministers of religion . in the administration of law by twelve judges .' for lower coals barked my tree is it a girl garden boy or a chield ? is the question in Cornwall in PalesHeifer don't you plow tine. The Erse may have been Aryanized by an obscure contact at some remote period. shambles sun-set pounds. saddle and pillion. .' written in the Runic character. and because they excited the jealousy of the Romish priests they ordered the people to burn them. . . The Voluspa and the Ed da have been preserved. a barbarous people. Temple says. . . . that they have with little difficulty made laws Europe. . ' ' ' ' ' ' . ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . .' I will fray England. . ' . M. " It is absurd to Sir W." He further . ' ' ' ' ' . which were called Runes. . suppose that a people who were so imbued with the spirit of govern- Hebrew for the great part of " had their adds. and Kymric of Wales. in their social order in the rights of property .

gilding. too. we might expect this word to be retained and so it is. as is very often in Hebrew. poetry and music. " Turn to the vegetable kingdom. Hence. linking the architecture of Solomon with modern times in architecture. on " The " this English language derived from the Hebrew . . Now. we get the Latin Anguis. and any one who has seen that creature knows that its great peculiarity is the enormous elongation of its neck. The Greek word for viper is Aspis. which signifies a little one. in the chair " What is the Hebrew name for the hare ? Ambit. of the Hebrew is changed into C or K of ' Here the G the English. and the Greek Echis the letter being dropped.'. paper was presented at the Anthropological Society. "The Latin word for leaf is folium. "Whence have we the word giraffe? From the Hebrew GaRaPH. Change the last letter to the foremost place. in the use of metals. which " also means a viper. S. . whence our word It comes from the Hebrew ZPA transposed. signifying to be straightened the shrub being smaller than a tree. whence our word rabbit comes. .ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. " Whence is our word camel ? From the Hebrew Ge-mel. Latin and Greek. we trace bur Israelitish origin. carving." Extract from a paper by Prof. in the science of heraldry. asp. or symbols in the association of freemasonry. may not these letters at once hint to us whence the name of an allied animal is derived ? Reverse the order of the A and the H and you have Ra?ibit. and you have snake. The word shrub is derived from the Hebrew ZhRuB. Whence comes our English word kitten ? From the Hebrew word Qui-Ton. : N . signifies ox. London. Govett. which signifies the same animal. The Hebrew shoor. . If the Scripture be true. 325 tutions of chivalry. " What is the Hebrew for the terrible serpent the deceiver of our race ? Na-Jcas. in needlework. by A prefixed. E. President. the Greek. which signifies the neck. and Chaldee an stoor. Charnock. whence our English word steer. Dr.

as in former instances. feuille. to spread n being added. French. to be green. in French represented by the same in the Italian frutto. Our word branch takes comes our book. its rise from brack. and so baked. gum to the Hebrew gam. which means fruit. a cross-beam. virdis is derived from the Hebrew yroJc. apples. The old English wort --in German. as pears. which was formerly a roll or scroll. n is added. leaf. the Latin through fructus from the Hebrew fruch. Leaf is derived from We word tre-foil. The bread made in early times. This gives us also the derivation of the word bread . in place of aspiration. Spanish fruto. with Greek and French forms. Bark is derived from book. in French. Observe the o at the commencement is not an uncom- mon addition in Greek. In German. The Greek opora is evidently the offspring of the first of the two words. was in the form of a broad. Now letter Oin is very peculiar.326 fullon. the word brod signifies both loaf and bread. have ourselves or the three-leaved plant. to flow. to strengthen the root. often takes before it what grammarians call the digamina. verd . thin cake. a bar. wurz . the adopted the This word is the Hebrew ANGLO-ISRAEL. ort . * the same letters transposed foil. The English berry has its origin in the . as the Irish or Scotch oatmeal These cakes were stuck up against the sides cakes. and in Eastern lands. It signifies tree fruits. is derived from the Hebrew. derived from the Hebrew of OLI. it comes from broad. etc. From their thin leaf-like form came the word loaf. in Swedish. to strengthen the root. which means to bud and blossom. is derived. From the same root we derive the word loaf. when transferred into other languages. to roll round hence . grapes. in Latin.' or F. in the fruit in general. to join together. Sap owes its origin to the Hebrew zab. vert. and. taken from the Latin. to reach across. Our word letters. of the oven. The botanic word frond. the . Hebrew peri. frod. This then gives us the Latin folium. as is frequently the case.

which is nearer to the Hebrew than any so-called civilized pronunciation. kyorparissos. Names of trees. Our cypress in Latin. and call the tree rowan. here is another example of a word of two syllables The in Hebrew being shortened into one in English. is tree. was ornus. spleen-wort. the underside of whose leaves is white. The ash with us signifies a special kind of tree. the Swedish. or roan. takes its name from the Hebrew seebah. in Greek. The Scotch have transposed the letters. 327 vowel o here is usually the English w. olmo . and r into . from the wood of which Noah's ark was made. The thorny sloe of our Irish hedges owes its name to the Hebrew slou. The common willow transposition of letters. Then the taken out of its place in order to follow the w . In Hebrew azh is the general name for The word elm. the Russian. term wort is familiar to botanists. is a curious example of the in The willow Hebrew is oriv. which means is . From the same root comes the Latin alnus. is evidently the progeny of the Hebrew gopher. an oak. the Danish. aim. The Maxoretic The mountain-ash in Latin pronunciation is oren. the change of v and out of viro into w. aim. mugThe final k has become t in Engivort. lish. Our aspen. ulmus. the alder. as denoting a kind of tree. the Dutch has olm. the Latin. which meansThe internal vowel is transferred to the hoary. ilina . cypressus . Whence are all these names derived ? From the Hebrew. a thorn. An ash tree is in Hebrew arn. the Spanish. alou.ANGLO-ISRAEL first letter AND PHILOLOGY. as forming an association with many names of plants. into m is common enough. ulme . widely-spread. The common people sometimes pronounce the English word ellum. the German. We have taken the have formed willow letters in reverse . star-wort. commencement and all allow the b and p are letters closely related. It also furnishes another example of a Hebrew word of two The change of n syllables being shortened into one. to distinguish it from work.

nettle. canne . Portuguese. which signifies nails and sharp points. one of the crocus tribe. it be- simply transferred comes in Latin and Greek. It is nearly the same in most languages. Italian. Whence comes our mistletoe? The derivation I propose is rather startling. cana Italian. is pure Hebrew. canna'. in Latin. From this word comes The fir is also our . cawn . as I suppose. called bush in the sacred tongues. ginepro. The additional letter produces a third syllable. cana . and. Hence word furze and the ze being dropped. whence also is derived the Greek kyoopros. comes from the Hebrew juper. Certainly masl-toh in Hebrew means Lord of misrule. juniperus . Armenian. Chaldaic and Arabic. dark as if its title were derived from its foliage. Camphire. Thence also our word caper plant. In Hebrew. The herb cummine and the into cinnamon are other languages from the Hebrew. . We turn to a few plants crocus is very clearly from the Hebrew word crocum. canna . perfume. owing to the fragrance of its wood. spice our clover. The Hebrew word for plant is netto. The word cane has a very wide field of meaning. name from its being in Hebrew leaves holly takes its that which pierces Our juniper. Here is the Hebrew word for citron. qannek. The .328 I. for euphony's sake. from cafoor. our fir. The n is added to strengthen the root. Welsh. nectar. or camphor. as it would seem to account for the freedoms to which it gives license at Christmas time. But methinks it more truly owes its name to the root que-tar. the perfumed. ANGLO-ISRAEL. Cedar might be traced to the Hebrew qedar. the fruit of fragrance. The m is a complementary letter. being quite according to rule. which indicates the herb saffron. the wine of the heathen gods. Hence also our word nectarine. Syriac. which is added by several languages before p and// of which see other examples. canen. Spanish. French. whence our . prickly hollel. or CRocuM. .

In Eden God threatened " thorns also and thistles " shall it (the ground) bring forth to thee and the } . By the Latins it is called ruta. 329 Bush takes its name from the Hebrew r'os/i. gorse. to cut off. Our word grass is clearly derivable from the Hebrew gazr. is hhrad. In Arabic it is named Shall asuf. tables. basam. and Italians call the plant malva the Greeks made the last letter of the Hebrew root hard. flax and clover. Do not these words reproduce themselves as cou^h and dodder? Couch-grass is a weed well known to the farmer as extremely troublesome. take their from the Hebrew root malloohh. in it means the fragrant Whence comes the word hyssop in Latin. and Spanish. or furze. beautiful. Spaniards. to give pleasure. Greek. which signifies to smell aromatiThe strengthening I was added by the Greeks cally. from another root. which signifies the caper plant. The harsh-tasted rue derives its name from the root r'o. to tremble. and called it mallacliee. Our English words mallow and mullein. From the same source comes our The graze. which signifies evil. which also means a reed. 4. rosa repeated in nearly the same sound through most languages. as we may see. From the same root springs the Latin. Whence comes its name? From the Hebrew rozah. arundo. The Latins. which in Job xxx. In their language resin of the balsam tree. liyssopus. The flower balsam derives its name from the Hebrew. a . hyoossopus ? From the Hebrew EZOB.ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. arises. is translated mallow. Our word reed. to tremble. we look at some of the names of our vegeOur squash comes from the root Qua Ska. and Romans. nearly the same. and its name in many other languages is rise . in Saxon. as also other plants. And dodder is a parasitical creeper most destructive to hops. the two last letters are transposed. words used are in Hebrew ItooZ and DaBDar. Hence it is originally applied to hay. Our rose in Latin. h'reod. Italian.

The Latin cucurbita clearly springs from two Hebrew words. The onion derives its name from its resemblance. the Danish hvede. the CicuR. wort. It is horseplant. whence man derives his principal food. a gourd. But will that stand comparison with the Hebrew HHeTaH. green. a The second from pars a horse. a heap. to see that in the old Saxon the h preceded the w . a wild gourd. in such connection. Max Muller says. Whence comes the English wheat ? The Saxon hwoet. The English pumpkin is clearly traceable to the Hebrew PuQU'o. . white. cucumber. The cabbage. as the wood of a very precious tree. Whence are derived our words turnip and parsnip ? Their last syllable speaks a common source. while Parkhurst had previously traced it to this root. a a vetch. to be round. when cut through. The first springs from the Hebrew toor. and so also in several of the allied languages. ivy. the Gothic hivit. The cereals. from the root. Our cucumber and the Latin cucumis from Hebrew KikaloN. which means to grow luxuriantly. the root seems clearly to reappear in the Latin legumen. The hop. So we apply the terms /torse-chestnut and horseradish. we From the first of these roots gourd or melon.330 ANGLO-ISRAEL. Very remarkable it is. What is the 'origin of rye ? It comes from the We . the Dutch weit. which signifies wheat? This origin Webster gives it in his dictionary. and pea appear to be derived from the pronunciations of the root 'OPA and OPI. the Swedish hvete. to the eye which is in Hebrew OIN. with its many-leaved heart. takes its name from QaBazH. Hence with r interposed by the Chaldaic. and Jiib. round. comes our gherkin. The leek is derived from lehh. succulent. to gather together. the German weitzen. read in Scripture of the algum. and the French and English legume. the m and p are complementary letters. take their origin from the Hebrew. get the Latin cicer. and ABTeHH.

riss. Glance at some of our fruits. From these letters grape would easily spring. In Hebrew the word for grape may be written GNaBe. The pomegranate . whence springs. or Indian corn. Whence comes the . while maize. reiz or reiss. Do not all these come from the Hebrew Ras. oryza. arroz . and Spanish Portuguese. Spanish. is word Whence are both derived ? swering pyooros. arHon. hence Our springs our lemon and by transposition melon. ii. Dutch. word with its 13). razyn. in Hebrew is rimmon . fodder. Italian. The Hebrew for barley is SB' OR. ris. Dutch. fico . German. If we turn its letters into Hebrew it becomes weary corn. the strongest in stem of all the cereals. ficus . our word tare. in German. which signifies corn. that singular one. in Hebrew. a fig (Cant. rosine? It is clearly seen to take its origin from the Hebrew HHRaZIN. . Danish. which means a kernel. The first letter in the Hebrew word is oin. What is peculiar in barley? Its drooping head. the most un. nants transposed. cognates in Latin. almond is derived from the Hebrew ARkon. come from the Hebrew QeRJfl. which means a head ? -Its ear greatly resembles that of rice its has barley. Thence is derived our English word oats and with the v prefixed to oin. by the Chaldaic substitute of t for s. vyg ? From the Hebrew fag. fig. Whence comes our word farina ? From the Latin far. 331 Hebrew R'oH. Whence do we obtain the raisin.ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. which signifies In Greek the anall corn that is made into bread. the word vetch. that is sometimes written with a g. Bar LacH . Hence are the consoBotR-us . German. A cluster of grapes is in Greek. as in Gaza. a citron. Our word peach comes from the Hebrew NePeCH. figue . The Hebrew for lentils is ODS. ryst . Italian. The words corn and grain. takes its name from maiz. a horn. Here the commencing is lost that being. From the Hebrew Bar. Gomorrah. Rot. riz . figo . to be strong. feige . P N . which in French and Irish is spelt in the same way in Dutch. Our word compeers in the French. French. Latin and Greek. as we have observed.

the fruit greatly countenances the idea. the theory must be held to be unassailable from a scientific point of view. and therefore. highis in some way Fool-ish means a fool-man . thick-ish. thanking all those who had supported him in his vindication of the Israelitish theory . a cooking stone. The tamarisk and tamarind evidently derive their two first syllables from the Hebrew tamar. zish. good-ish. pol-ish. hell-ish. tough-ish. grey-ish. as distinguished from the lofty tree. a species of file. to be low. But may it not be taken from Hebrew Hasp. uish. hish. Iish. . narrow-ish. bish. The learned professor concluded his second paper on this subject. devil-ish. shallow-ish. sish. The low palm. vish. oish. xish. a palm. blue-ish. Ttirk-ish. We generally regard our word raspberry as derived from rasp. Still. deep-ish. and note also how this root ish changes nouns into adjectives. rish. light-ish. lav-ish. long-ish. Engl-ish. The last syllable of tamarisk is from sahh. fish. Ish is the Hebrew word for man IsJia for woman Islii for husband. kish. tives jish. furn-ish. Span-ish. qish. nish. furb-ish. . thinish. that the Israelitish origin of the English must be taken as proved. if it takes its name from the file-like instrument. Ir-ish. dish. The Hebrew word for nut is ButN. and : spliced on a large number of words. gish. wish. eish. Take this root and commence at the first letter of both languages. short-ish. Dan-ish. and that. mish. dernol-ish. Swede-ish. establ-ish. The tamarind would be the Indian palm. a red-hot coal ? Certainly the color of . tish. aish. wise-ish. Pole-ish. roughish. because of the roughness of the fruit so Webster gives it. cish. rubb-ish. Scott-ish. strong-ish. wide-ish. and formulate prefixes and affixes and see the list of formula. that also springs from the Hebrew Rasp. by omitting the first letter and transposing the last two. pish.332 stable letter of the ANGLO-ISRAEL. iish. pun-ish. Hebrew alphabet. properly called the palm. Ish is rather an important root in both Hebrew and English. embell-ish. as it no logical argument had been brought against by the eminent scientific men present at either of the meetings. yish.

brack-ish. Everyone knows they are also English. adoption. How is it ? a prefixional formulative upon the Hebrew root and word Ai. cai. shen. and with them. Shan. wai. Will some learned opponent to my argument inform us how came this Hebrew word ish (man) to be cast with such reckless prodigality into and all through the English language. nai. sick-ish. xay. those so-called Gentile-British.we know of. nay. ray. garn-ish. pay. adop-shun. kai. and hard-ish. zay. clown-ish. tai. gai. The English language alone produces this remarkable identity with the Hebrew. ablu-shun. kay. Beer-sheba. uai. jai. shun. etc. tay. iay. It is also a Cymric word. brute-ish. Hebrew word around them. as Beer-La-Hai-Roi. to make such a universal and lavish use of this little What ish instead of some Gentile word ? truly wonderful blind people those Gentile-English are to be sure. jay. and over them. caution. shone. amount of English and of Hebrew have we derived from this one. shyn. gay. mai. than of anything else. iai. dai. eai. fay. shen-stone. and into no other that . hay. zai . ish. From the root Ai we have the prefixional formulatives of is Bai bai. and many others. Does the cau-shun. qai. lai. the well of the oath. lay. Ai was the Hebrew name of a city near Jericho. yai. hai. and why do we persist in Hebraizing all such words as nation. and coming from them. way. Ay. shon. Beer is a well-known Hebrew word for well or fountain. are every one Hebrew roots. oay. Brit-ish. otherwise than by the agency of flesh and blood. fai. yay. qay. pai. may. and when written sai. dull-ish. . shem. Why are these prefixional formulatives such universal favorites among us that they are a necessity wherever our language is spoken. by pronouncing them na-shun.ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. water-ish. etc. in its original form. swine-ish. shyne. shin.. 333 How came those directly and lineally descendent ? proud islanders. shin. the well of the living one. vay. rai. oai. vai. What an immense say. weak-ish/ gare-ish. ablution. soft-ish. as witness shan-on. solitary root. xai. to be having so much more Hebrew in them.

loveth. and lives and will live for ever in the Sen-y and Sen-ny. ceth. feth. these are still all Hebrew. peth.334 ANGLO-ISRAEL. xeth. abhorreth. weth. after her. . keth. ascendeth. neth. in English. we have Heth. . Cymric. aeth.. deth. an eminence.S. There must be some reason for this. where Jonathan and his armorbearer accomplished that great feat of arms. daughter of Zedekiah. and hud and Hudson is eth. this a most prolific veth. meth. nether. ieth jeth. The San-eh was transplanted at an early day in South Wales. means a height. or from it we have hud and Ab-I-Hud in Hebrew. and the Cymric alltar.A. teth. thinketh. method. ueth. beth. hetherington meth. lives in the name given to the Welsh people they are called Taffys. heath. heather. Savages do not go the Holy Bible to find names for their men. zeth source of Hebrew. It is Cymric also. geth. yell. and Ab-hud in Cymraeg. calls for his glass of Englishman know that when he heer he is UD and blast it . R. Charnock. abuseth. . President of the Lon- . and account for the word in English. nethermost . Methodism neth. abateth. oeth. many of the Royal House were called David and Solomon. methodical. seth. their cities. Another primary Hebrew root from which : a large number of English words Eth." Tapli. The Hebrew word altar. abolisheth. F. The name of David has been most prominent among the illustrious men of Wales from time immemorial. a high place. abstaineth. Hud means howl. and English words as abandoneth. yeth. queth. The Hebrew name Telphi. S. The name of the rock in the neighborhood of Simeon in Palestine. is English as well. Dr. reth. Hud talking pure Hebrew ? is a Hebrew word and root. leth. heth. after the noble young queen who went from the East as " the tender branch of the There is also a river in Glamogan named lofy cedar. abbreviateth. They show a close relation. and favorite rivers.

fruits and plants. don Anthropological Society. Ayes. Assor. Amon. Bussey. Adrian. Bebai. Athil. Akam. Abby. Binnie. Aikam. Amason. He has collected names which. giving a fair average for each family. you surely have the lost Israel. Bagham. we people call in aid and the of might prove that some philology. and : the Yare in the Isle of Wight. Careah. for example among many other names. Captain H. Asser. Caleb. Aiken. absolutely necessary are from the Hebrew descended nation. said " 335 at one of the meetIf to show that the British ings. Cosby. Baptist. Belas. Bezai. Bessy. Budd. Bane. the name of Britain was originally from Barat-anac the land of tin. represent thirty-five millions of our people.' Bochart says. Bartholomu. Bessie. Bernice. Nicholls has devoted much time and ability in collecting the surnames of the Saxon people. Carme. Adey. Bale. Boos. Anidjah. Anus. in England came from Asia. Aschen.ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. Abda. Buyne. Agg. having the names of Israel before they were lost. Barnaby. Bunny. a river and Yarmouth might be compared with Yarmuth. Arab. no disputing the fact. of the most ancient geographical names in England are of Hebrew origin. a town in the tribe of Judah. . He very logically argues that if you discover a nation with her colonies. The Indians never gave it that name some Englishman no doubt. Bezzi. the rivers Nar and Tere in Norfolk. Bunnie. produce here a list of British people bearing I&raelitish We names : Abihail. Bussy. Andrew. Ater. Buzi. Coptic Jaro. Anan. might be traced respectively to the Hebrew NaJiar and Jar. Many of the names in America came from the same source. and there is who are of Israelitish origin. Ahaz. Bernes. Aden. Buhep. Indeed. Adecy. Addy. Bazley. Ahiken. ' ' ' We valleys. E. Bowes. Chilion. would. just as many of the names of rivers. Beby. he maintains.' have a Hyde Pa'rk near Chicago. Bela. Allie. Abdi. JBarabas. Caesar. Agar. Bud. Beladan. Bartholomew. Banham. Bani. Bezze. hills and . Becher. Ascher. Adnam. Adlam.

vel Alpinnah. Imlech. Segar. Judge. Sotty. Kohath. Hen. Hanam. Eezin. Jayer. Pelahi. Isaac. Ido. Haram. Tobiah. Malcom comes from Malclwm. Shapton. Jalla. Hatash. Nicholas. Keran. Jeula. Hose. Jarrame. Terah. Sheil. Julia. Hatch. Eamiah. Kaiser. Nebe. Shilton. Julian. Mashia. Eamm. Malluch. Julius. Palles. Peckah. Esther. Leban. Haman. Lucies. Elay. Jephson. Meres. James. Satton. Shethan. Shilham. Lydia. Michau. Imrie. and passed on to royal houses of a great people. Jerrom. Eamie. Loton. which no savage could have invented. Eamuz. Eannie. Euth. Ker. and Moray or Murray. Jeal. Jehcil. The Hebrew name Moreh. or MacGregor. uninjured. Jarram. and as the clan springs from the third son of Alpin. Simon. " Eoyal is my tribe. Jove. and sword. . Isack. Nebo. Gideon. Donald from Daood. Henn.336 ANGLO-ISRAEL. Ivah. Delaiah. Kielli. Dorkes. Hamsan. Shebear. Malcham. tell their own tale. Thomas. Delahay. Elicorn. Sherar. Sargon. Eemus. Gibeon. if ready for transplanting. Harrer. Gibbon. The clan Ibn-Gregor. Unni. Imlach." his coat of arms is purely Hebrew then his crown. The chief's motto. Malichi. the claim is fully sustained. Sampson. Mordecai. Uria. Dorkis. Bhebua. Sheal.Minor in the eighth century. Mathias. Not. The English word Kenneth. and an oak tree. Tobit. Hammon. Eeson. taken up by the roots. Kain. Ure. Thame. Gabb. Nee. Siera. Eachel. Harim. Mica. Pechard. John. Leah. Janes. Mico. Mac-beth from David Ibn-Beth. Urea. Kishon. so often found among the records of the Scottish kings and the Irish chronicles of their kings. These are all Hebrew names. Jair. Nott. Bane from Barmas. Eahil. comes from the Hebrew Kenatli. Seger. Gahair. Hanan. Kerie. Salla. Lea. Hester. was in ancient time the clan Alpine. Massie. Unna. a king of Scotia. as . Peter. Ullins. Eaab. Eleakurn. Hanin. Dorkas.

on good authority. and the letter being H - dropped Eborites as it . that the ancient name of York. the Welsh. royal sacerdotal Hebrew. The Eomans Latinised this into which was Teutonised into Exancester. abbreviated to Can-More. This name. 337 are decidedly identical and even in 1130 A. called it Goer-Wise. Isles of the West were styled Hebrides. was Hebor." arms of many of those ancient chiefs (as Atholl.Udae is but an inflection of Udah into Udae. becomes Ab. passed into Ebor. Heberites or Heberides. Abu-dak. means high or head-priest. whose name and arms were in Hebrew. city and after Athelstan's time Exancester was abbreviated into the modern Exeter.ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. will remain until Eussia will overrun England and call bank. History Isca. or parent. . Exteroff or Iscahnople. The Hebrew would not always pronounce the letter hence Judah passed into Yahooda. or more properly Beth Nauchtan. walled before says. The J". The Hebrew proper name Iscah was the name applied to a river. Eomanised. and Udah. It is said. Now.D. a secret royal arch masonic landmark. it was a the birth of Christ.D. as well as to the Hebrew town built on its When the Eomans took the place. The Hebrew and Arabic word Abu or Aba. 1093. and its citizens were after the Eoman invasion they were known Eburones and vel Ebor ones. was accounted chief in rank and distinction in the reign of Malcolm Canmore. henco Abu-Shar. and their Eoman name Eb. A. the " Moraymen are historically referred to as these ancient The mottoes on the coat of people of the East. may be seen by any scholar. some one says. and Cahn-Mawr. many of them went over to Belgium. The quartering of the Isle of Man. The MacNaughton clan are pronounced to be the proudest of Scotch Highlanders in all the west of Scotland. or Eb-Udah. England. means parent or 22 . Cahn-Bal is ancient Chaldean and Hebrew for priest of Baal. means father. Duke) are Hebrew. descended from Hebrew parentage on the father's side. the supreme it or great chief. Beth Naughton. and therefore.

Gwytum.. Meres is Hebrew etli and shire are the same meaning. Merionethshire. El-phineas. . The town Nar-beth. The Welsh. meaning the house or place founded by Lam. Che-shire. or immediate descendant. founded by a Hebrew. a Hebrew. in Surrey. For (or. Hamp-shire. is a child of Tanis. or as all Englishmen call it. whether of person or of place. runs. son For example. son Brecon. Ap signidaughter. as York-shire. pronounce the letter B as P. of Galilee. Ner ab-Ner. Boos-castle. If the word Ab. Its change into Bnshire is due to the Hebrews. Beth and. ap Llowarch. ab Iwel. Esher. Ab fies son. Beith. the capital of Ross-shire. Since writing the above. ap Tyfid. became El-phine or Elphin. I have found an article written by Cymru. proper names. In the Cymraeg. and numerous other aps. literally. Tain. brew. was once the property of The cathedral city of Ely was Booz. after a storm. ab Dafydd. have been complete. brew name Balah is identical with Balain. named Eli. the Cymric sentence. hence in their pedigrees we have Cymric Vychan. in HeJoel. reads literally in English thus William. son-Ner. A NGLO-ISRA EL. as in many other places. and it is also a Cymric word and whenever used in reference to : .338 -cities. son David. Shrop-shire. Ayr- The Heshire. stand related to Esliek and Eshton. it is so much to " Ab is a Hebrew the point word. for some reason I have not yet been able to ascertain. which I copy here. an abbreviation of Lamech.two Hebrew names. Lambeth is pure Hebrew. Berk-shire. ab Gyffydd. is as truly Hebrew as Nazareth. example. ap Heilin. the connection with the Hebrew and Phoenician ancestors would. Cornwall." It is worthy of remark that the name appropriated : : . In the United Kingdom there are many places where pure Hebrew names are found with sliar or shire -attached. ap Cymric. ab Brychan. in English thus Ner. in Pembrokeshire. means exactly the same thing in both languages. abbreviated from Abu had been used instead of ap. Lanca-shire. son Griffith.

bearing in mind that it was the purpose of God that Israel should be which could not have taken lost as to their origin place had they retained their language therefore. ." The same word endearing qualities. is not so great as is assumed. there is not that great difference between the Hebrew and . Balrner says. Professor T." In Sharon Turner's History. If . the process necessary to reduce it to writing must have altered it considerably. affinity Professor Max Muller shows that the old Armenian tongue belongs to the Indo-European family.ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY." " We Again. I have little to say. that the diversity between the Hebrew and . " With respect to language. but. observe. signifies the Deity in His most never lost their faith in They Him. literally. the Anglo-Saxon. excepting His most venerated Hebrew appella" the tion they call Him God. it posed. bears a close resemblance to the Hebrew. . good. in its grammatical construction. on the question of language. we find that he traces eighty-four words in the Anglo-Saxon that have an affinity with and many more that have an as many in Hebrew the between Anglo-Saxon and the Sanskrit. no less than six hundred words purely derived from the Hebrew. and is the only language into which it can be almost literally translated. the Hebrew has been replaced by another tongue but. 339 to the Doity by the Saxons is not equalled by any other. and This in His glorious attributes and perfections. of which the English is mainly comThere are. But the Welsh and the kindred ancient tongues of Ireland and Scotland have been clearly identified as dialects of the Hebrew and it is well known that the English language. Saxon as is generally supposed. A great many Saxon words have been found to be rooted in the Hebrew. may account in part for the rapidity with which they embraced the Christian faith. appears from the researches. And when we consider that the Anglo-Saxon was an unwritten language previous to their occupation of Britain. which is. he says. according to the results of recent research. C.

in grammatic structure and idiomatic texture. and the properties of the Hebrew more with the Engtongue agreeth a thousand times " than written A. Hence. it also appropriated. Testimony to this is given Tyndal." They came constantly into contact with other nations and languages. 1530. Arabic. as it was sure to do .D. Teutonic and Latin family of tongues. The truth rather seems to be that English is a Semitic tongue. In this way the old forms of Armenian G-autheic. with the lyshe Latyne Professor E.340 so. Angli. that the Anglo-Saxon. differs materially from the so-called coginto English. retained a large number of Hebrew. more or less. who won for himself . Their language. it is comparatively easy to translate the Hebrew Scriptures by William an imperishable name. or Aryan languages. We assert. on the contrary. and one with the Germanic. nate German. as all scholars know. " The Greek agreeth more with the Englyshe than with the Latyne. Not in words only does this strong affinity exist. and has thereby suffered a large transfusion of verbal roots and dialectic forms. which has long been in contact with Aryan tongues. may have gradually developed into English. were. while it held most tenaciously its Hebrew grammatic and idiomatic structure. if Hebrews. The Saxons. by his translation of the New Testament. and Saxon. during a period of several centuries slowly moving from their Semitic home to their home in the " isles of the west. as. from the nations by whom the strangers were surrounded. He says. ANGLO-ISRAEL. and by whom they came in contact on their westward way. but also in the arrangement of ideas and in the simple structure of sentences. W. It exhibits just such a transformation as one would expect Hebrew would have . " In regard to the assumption that the Anglo-Saxon is Aryan. Bird says. as we contend. we see how easily the Israelites might drop their own Semitic and take up with the Aryan forms of speech instead. we deny that the evidence is conclusive of the facts assumed. the foundation was laid for subsequent versions. and Sanskrit words.

by subjection to the domination of the Aryan tongues. J. that it never occurs in the singular number. affinity exists. He " This marked says. but always to soldiers and lovers of war. he says. Tomlin. were. besides a really large number of Hebrew roots. D. That Homer used the name as a standing appellation as we use the word Cambrian for a Welshman.D. during that long period. is never applied to women. migrating slowly westward across the Aryan territories of Europe from their Semitic and their language..ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. or Germanic language. . others he concluded that our progenitors carne from the regions of Central Asia. The Saxon Bael signifies a fire. Gladstone's work on Homer and the eric Hom- Age. not only in words. The Saxons. seems not a little remarkable that the northern nations should have retained the Hebrew word nearly in its physical sense. during a period of more than thirteen centuries. if Hebrews. Sharon Turner says that he found one hundred and sixty words in the modern Persian similar in sound and meaning to as many in the AngloSaxon. or Caledonian for a Scotchman. " It Parkhurst. He also found fifty. has adopted. while it tenaciously recentre tains its Hebrew grammatic and idiomatic structure." Rev. exists is proof of contact not of affinity of race. Such affinity of language as . but in the arrangement of ideas andthe simple structure of in the Zend and From these facts and forty-three in the Pehlvi. erroneously assumed to be its foundation. either in a primary or secondary degree. as it was sure to do. the learned lexicographer. or Gael for a Highlander. affirms that one-quarter of the words of our Saxon tongue bear a close affinity with the Hebrew. This we believe to be the true theory of the affinity of the Anglo-Saxon with the Teutonic. or son of Albion for an Englishman. 341 sustained. "That the phrase Dan-oi occurs 147 times in the Iliad. and thirteen times in the Odyssey . says." In proof of the Asiatic derivation of the British." In Mr. the very considerable amount of Aryan verbal roots and dialectic forms we know to exist in it.

" Prof. Dr. a thorough Hebrew scholar. whose home was in the East. Napier. R. J. Dr. Tipper. " The Kelts and Teutons formed cognate branches of the same great Aryan race. and they took an active part There were Dr. informed Mr. which. and the general aspect of as the Chaldee and Hebrew the English language. At that conference there were some of the most eminent philologists of the day. M.342 Bel. Dr." . Blake. was the name of the chief deity of the ancient Irish. fusion of verbal roots and dialectic forms. They all came from one parent stock. according to Col. in a valuable work. of Ireland was a compound of Heearly inhabitants brew and Phoenician. G. entitled English Derived. Bal. Vallancey. F. for the most part. whom Pinnock ranks as a great " The language of the linguist and antiquarian. they derived from the Punic. Dr. there was a discussion on this very question. F. to my mind. in which there are ample illustrations on this point: "A Polish Jew." The learned bishop last named says.A.. in the chair. C. or Bael. H . Lewis. is that of a Semitic tongue which had been for a long period in contact with Aryan tongues. Edward Hind. S. I have now before me a grammar written by this man. ANGLO-ISRAEL. from the Hebrew. C.R. LL.. in the discussion. E. C. G. whilst it had preserved with tenacity the primitive basis of its grammatic and idiomatic structure. 0. Leitner. They all admitted " that the Engl'sh language is derived in part from th^ Hebrew. he says. in the British Anthropological Society. Charnock." Again. who swept over Europe in successive waves of immigration." He collected several thousand words of Hebrew origin. Bishop Titcomb. Rev. these are tongues. and suffered a large trans." General Valiancy. that he had collected six hundred English words purely derived from the Hebrew. Govett. says.D. In a learned paper on philology by C in speaking on certain characteristics of the old Aryan " But. not typical characteristics of the Semitic languages.A. President.. and whose languages all centre in the Hebrew.

Baal-meon. to be found at any time in . For instance. and in Ireland and Scotland the land for . BethIt has its equivalent in nal.Castle. Baal-y-Nah. Baalbriggan. Baal-yHul-ish. signifies space. Beth-Heron. and it is as common in Wales as it is in the land of Canaan. Baal-berith. All Hebrew names or traces of names. The primitive meaning of both Betli and Bedd.Gad. The ut sound is characteristic also in Semitic languages. and are unquestionably the result of naval transportation and this is another fact that points most conclusively to the Israelitish origin and exclusive ownership of the Scriptural ships of Tarshish. . Baal-Athi. of Palestine is completely outswarmed. This word Betli is pure Hebrew. Bethesda. if we supposed the Hebrew tongue to have been subjected to the domination of Aryan tongues during a period of twenty-five centuries. So we have the Hebrew word Baal. and other Semitic tongues. Baal-Dagon. as house or grave. 343 " It does. Baal-y. Baal-Hazor. Mor-beth. the Hebrew word of house as in Beth-el. as in Baal-y- rnena. and hundreds more. the house of the dead. seem to have undergone precisely such changes as inight be a priori anticipated would occur. as Hebrew and Arabic. Baal-y-Ner. Beth-ersden. Baal-y-Nah-insh.ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. Baalzebub. Lam-beth. Beth-lehem. capacity to contain. Beth-peor. Beth-saida.Shannon. Baal-peor." There is no evidence stronger than that which is supplied by proper names. Baaly-y- Moni. Baal-zephon. Baal-Gibbon. Baal-y-Bai. as in Baal. Baal-moral. both of person and of place. Beth-Gelert. from the Semitic centre across the Aryan territories Western Asia and Europe. Baal-y-Gowan. Beth-any. look at the word Beth. Beth-shan. in the course of the slow westward migration of a Hebrew-speaking people. Baal-y. the theta sound is as common and characteristic as in English. Baal-Nah-Brach. lord or master. whether real or coincident." " In Hebrew and Arabic. Baal-y-Garai. . In all these and hundreds more Baal means. indeed. These names all came from the land of Israel or land of Canaan. Beth-aven. the Cymric Bedd. and many more. Baal-y-tir.

nowhere else. and the same number of the Saxon. say. Belgium. Baals. but it is only in the Yarish isles that the Betlis and Baals outswarm those of Palestine itself. rock-like. Bens. HEBREW NAMES. and Peiis. the ships of Tarshish. . Pens. are purely of a generic ordersuch as Ebro for Hebrew.speaking people carried them. over and over again. Scotch and English were not Hebrews. Italy. The new exemplifies the old. Betlis and Baals to swarm down upon those islands. and when you have wearied yourself in the search. The etymology of the Ancient Saxon names of persons is based upon the same principle as that of the Israelites. as may be seen by comparing. Prussia and Austria. that they are not to be found there. Spain. It is only a British people who could. and. and not leave any trace at all anywhere between their eastern and western home ? We have names all through this American continent. Many of those Saxon names are neither Latin. Holland. and yet they show a striking identity. plant British names all round the earth. Turn Greece. Portugal. and from Hudson's Bay to the Gulf of Mexico. look carefully for a swarm of Hebrew Betlis. how came those Bens. I would like to have a sensible answer to the query. twenty names of Hebrew. France. Greek. from Plymouth Eock to British Columbia. nor Hebrew.344 ANGLO-ISRAEL. If the early Irish. Peths. Spain or elsewhere. Greek. and Hebrew men never got there at any time unless by means of the Hebrew ships. and Hebrew names could not come like locusts and settle down in the isles of the west. or other nation. and . and imvillages almost innumerable movable. but a mere offshoot of some Gallic. British names never could swarm all over New England unless brought from Old England. or would. unless a Hebrew. you will agree with me. of British towns and set.


Merriman. Daniel Defoe has. that we are now-a-days in a may than far better position especially in this country were our predecessors of former centuries. I give the paper in fall. The archaeological treasures from almost every country under heaven. unwittingly indited the two distiches which I have just maybe." * Many a serious truth is now and then enunciated in a stinging satire. however. England.346 ANGLO-ISRAEL. on September 29th. by the Rev. Dr. I choose as my theme a branch of philological archaeology. which Cornwall suggested." Fate jumbled them together. They. WHENCE THE APPELLATION KYMRY. I propose to advance a few suggestions which may aid to forward I would premise by stating a fact which its solution. Bishop of Grrahamstown. which have been accumulated since the . occupied the chair. which was held at Bodmin." As this Congress is held in Wales. When I had the honor last year to address the Congress in connection with this learned association. they're true-born English now. Vicar of Little Linford. quoted. God knows how. Dr. as a serve postulate. in Cornwall. when the Eight Rev. WHENCE THE APPELLATION KYMRY? With all due deference and diffidence. This bearing will appear patent in the course of my propounding my proposition. Margoliouth. " A Thus from a mixture of all kinds began That het'rogeneous thing. Whate're they were. at Llangollen. I then dwelt with the "pros and cons on the etymology of certain words in the now obsolete Cornish language. N. the Witness. the subject which naturally suggests itself to one interested in the archaeology of nomenclature is the problem. have an important bearing on the problem which I am about to submit to the present congress. J. from whence it was taken by permission for the JBanner of Israel. an Englishman. paper read at the last congress of the British Archaeological Association.

I tra. To a sober-minded thinker and student of historical developments. the who " following asseveration: My lore has been declared in Hebrew in the Hebraic tongue. Taliesin. into the religious exercises of Cornishmen through several This time. the most archaic word in the so-called Gaelic." At last year's Congress I adduced examples of positive archaic Hebraisms in the now ob. left on record one of his poems. as well as from the early Jewish liturgies. that neither the one nor the other is destructible. 347 beginning of this century in the British Museum the eighth and greatest wonder of the world furnishes the students of such questions as those which I venture to bring before you. Let the problem I propose serve as an illustration. there seems something startling in a certain coincidence which appears to me at least to deserve more consideration than being dismissed with a pretentious shrug or flippant and supercilious remark just at the time when serching inquiries are being made and discussed as to whence came the ancestors " true-born of the English now.ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. Whence its origin or appellation ? It is a striking feature. or Welsh language." Just at the time that the minds of many in this country are being aroused to analyze that "mixture of all kinds which just at the produce that heterogeneous thing. with terrible arguments in discussing or propounding those questions. in which the word Kymry has retained its prominency to the present time. flourished in the sixth century of our era. I propose as a question the origin of ages." same time should the researches of the learned be directed to the archaeology of the East and to ancient Oriental lore. an Englishman. The results of those researches do much toward the analysis alluded to. Ait gar Cyryndawd. The destiny of the Hebrew language as that " of the Hebrew people. known as the prince of the Druid bards.ced the incorporation of whole Hebrew sentences from some portions of Sacred Writ. both in the history of the sacred race and of that in the sacred tongue. has been to be " sifted using . olete Cornish religious language.

and Latinised into Cambria) are of purely Hebrew origin. in one of which we are now met together. and then bring you face to face with scions of the race of whom it was divinely foretold that it " should become " thousands of myriads or " a fulness " and with words coined in that mint. to the time-honored appellation " Kymry. frequently interchange. which faces St. and bid you behold the mixture of all kinds "which fate jumbled together." I should not be permitted to indulge in analytical processes in the various provinces and domains of ethnology and philology. and H or foreigner . was closely allied to Omri the notorious King of Israel." The . of nations whence came the richest gift to the patriarchs and prophets.3-18 ANGLO-ISRAEL. in primeval days. Analysis of Oriental archaeological fragments now in the British Museum led me to conclude that the term Kymri. George's channel. yet was not the least grain to fall to the earth. who consummated the idola- L Kymry is no more true-born English than the term Gael or Welsh. or English all those languages. known by the nomenclature which I have just enumerated as we have them " " mixture of all now. I eschew all these disI simply confine myself now quisitions at present." which I put in my various crucibles. in which appellation is . It is interesting to note that both these terms are now convertible with reference to the cluster of provinces. the same as Gcer in the Hebrew language. Kymro. or to invite you to my ethnological and philological laboratories. Gael. means stranger." (which became Weal. as in a sieve. means a priest of an idolatrous system. in the same language. amongst the Teutons Kimbri. The nomenclature of both owe their true birth to a parentage and a country far more ancient than those which are called British. now familiar to us as Great Britain. and then Welsh). a term by which the overbearing Saxon invaders nicknamed the early settlers on the island. . consist of a jumble" and But Gcel those two terms. kinds. " an inspired figure of speech corn is sifted among all nations. and Kymry (which by the Greek became Kimmerioi.

aptly remarked. volume. a nomadic warrior. a roving warrior. origin of the Kymric term ap for son). one of Mr. Layard in one of the mounds among the ruins of Nineveh. of the Western Asiatic Inscriptions. which speaks of a certain Tuispa. Hincks. and of the deportation of the ten tribes by him. vessels. may be seen in the British appellation." The late Dr. Anent to this. which records the conquest of Samaria by Tiglath Pileser.C. In the first volume of those inscriptions. Layard's finds in the vicinity of ancient Nineveh. Its purport is. and other things all of gold. were under the rulership of one Tuispa. Jehu the son of Omri " Silver. who seceded from the house of Jacob. who reigned over Assyria B.C. and which was known to the Assyrians as Beth Omri the house of Omri. 680 to 667). gold. the Kimmerians. title. Samaria being the metropolis of the kingdom of Israel. when some memoranda in the : : ' gonal prism of baked clay. and pitchers." The latter Beth Omri. 349 trous system among the ten tribes. One of the curiosities of the national Museum consists of an interesting great obelisk of black basalt.. a leader of the Khumry. I think that I have demonstrated. also from the archives of the British Museum. 858 to 823. goblets. there is one of the time of Esarhaddon. history of Shalmaneser II. It was discovered by Mr. page 47. whose native land was Khubucina. son of Omri. of about five feet in height. The inscription is on a hexabring to light all sides with inscriptions. in the third Museum. at our last year's congress. The obelisk is covered on deciphered. which Omri built. which the Greek converted into Kimmerioi. which. I quote one more inscription.' is equivalent to king of Samaria. Among the various memoranda is found " the following " The tribute of Yahaa ab-il Khumry note incidentally the (that is. son of Sennacherib (B. one of the most accomplished " The palaeographists of this century. that in the reign of Esarhaddon. page 10. that there were traces in the arcljaic Cornish . evidently an adaptation of Khumrym. have I received.ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY.

with some of the teachers of their religious system. as they are styled who priests conducted the religious worship of this country. which proved an early intercourse between the primeval inhabitants of this island and the scions of the Hebrew tribes. 5. in white as the were orthodox linen. : black preaching gown ? I proved last year that some of the dispersed of Judah had found their way to this island not long after the conquest of Palestine by Nebuchadnezzar. were supplied by idolatrous Israel. .350 ANGLO-ISRAEL. one of the most learned Hebrew grammarians and commentators of his time. Hence Some Hebrew student might prothe term Kymry. gives as a reason for the term Khymry. ing." being arrayed church at Jerusalem. and Zephaniah i. ' Eabbi David Kimchi. to the disruption of the kingdom which was consolidated by Solomon. Those interested in the etymology of the term may consult the Rabbi's comments on 2 Kings xxiii. the idolatrous priests and followers of Omri. 5 Hosea x. If so. I hold it probable that about the same time some of the captive Israelites. that the strong Israelitish sound Kymry argued that the earliest the Druid bards. who flourished in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. the followers of Khymry Omri. 4. language. Such as make the archaeology of ecclesiastical vestments an absorbing question may set their wits to work to solve out the following problem Whence " the origin of the garb of the so-called " Black Friars of the Middle Ages ? or what suggested the modern . describe the new comers and their teachers by the soubriquet Khymary Omri that is. I should think it a problem well worth consider- whether the dispersed of Judah. who were previously domiciled in this island. Might it not be proposed as probable. that the masculine plural form of a difficulty pose as sacred the tongue required the word to read Kynirim. because those " instead of priests were robed in black vestments. had also found their way hither from the regions of Halah and Habor and Gozan. if not more so. did not by way of disparagement.

devices. indeed. and as yet unsolved." He says. however." I would conclude the propounding of my problem with a suggestive sentence from Sharon Turner's History of the Anglo-Saxons (Vol. as he is called. the Goths. memorials. and stand Kymry or Kymaray. submit. it would become apocopate. what did Taliesin. I am aware that a y at the end of a noun in the Welsh language is the charBut I would acteristic of the plural in that language. might not the very theme of my proposed problem have been the basis of that plural form in the Kymric language ? Anyhow. 351 So it would if it stood by itself." This sentence does. It is the following: "When the high priest. with the all LANGUAGE.ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. Margoliouth is a tower of strength. I hold that appellation was originally employed in regimen with Omri. roots Dr. according to the genius of the Hebrew language. My lore has been declared in Hebrew in the Hebraic tongue. and the Saxons. But or Kym-arim. Urim and Thummim. Thus writes this trustworthy historian and learned ethnologist: "It is peculiarly interesting for us to consider the immigration of the Cymry. mean by his grand asser" tion. were written in 1 the his- and the ." I consider this clever satire. diffidently and deferentially. stands up. p. resist the impulsive desire to quote the concluding sentence from a letter which I have recently received from a cherished friend who is both witty and wise. or prince of the Druid bards. the discussion of I cannot. for I suppose the epigram was intended as satire. problems of ancient tory. when. Sir William Betham says. suggest a momentous which I must reserve for a future occasion. because from its branches not only our own immediate ancestors. the king. consideration.. "all their inscriptions. I. but also those of the most celebrated nations of modern Europe have unquestionably descended. perhaps we be may pronounced Israelites. " Etruria is one of great. and they are many. 94). contains an important truth of no mean On all questions of Hebrew words and significance.

352 ANGLO-ISRAEL. national hospitality.. with inscriptions translated. weapons. ancient Irish character. his sarcasm and ridicule will certainly be deprived of all its point. says. first from the old Etrusco-Phoenician language. He says. " Ireland maintained her independence against the arms of Eome during the whole of her six or seven centuries of conquest. who once filled Italy. and the . Thomas Mooney in his History of Ireland. curiosities. outliving the countless generations of man that have washed over them as the ocean beats over the lasting rocks of Erin's old promontories. amongst them all. in the beginning. offered sanctuaries from tumult . Spain. Ireland alone. Gaul. Though Britain. and that through the Irish tongue alone could he unlock the hidden history of that polished and illustrious people." face if you assert that the . and all the nations of the East submitted to Imperial Borne. Gaul." Sir William gives upwards of fifty plates of accurate drawings of many of their ancient coins. the absurdity vanishes. A man will Latin is laugh in your mostly derived from the Irish but if you are able to show that Etruscan inhabitants of Italy spoke the same kindred language before the Latin had an existence if he be not convinced. . which still remain. fact ceases to surprise us. remained independent. "It is repugnant to common sense to suppose that this remote island was the means by which civilization was. when we assert that the roots of many words in the Greek and Latin but if we are to be found in the Irish language are able to show that the language is the same as that spoken by the people who occupied Italy and the countries bordering on that sea before Greece and Rome were heard of. presenting to the eyes of posterity a splendid picture of freedom amidst the Her schools and universal desolations of slavery. communicated to the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea and the East which is implied. Greece. etc. Spain and Ireland with memorials of their arts and labor. and cherished by national sustained grants by colleges. .

C. God is Gott. Trench in a . "It is also known that when the Belgic Gauls gained footing in Britain they found the same language there. wanderers. Dr. Scuite. dustry of previous generations.. Bede lecture delivered 23 at King's College. Scythian. which mean ploughmen of the sea. but different branches of the same people. came from the Gaelic word The Irish were at one time called calls the Picts Scythians. and the result was that the Irish. is well known that the possession of England single Roman during that known to set foot on Irish cal tradition that Ptolemy gives the historiGaul and Ireland as identical. Britons. The Phoenicians were called wanderers. 353 and slaughter carrying with them such valuable as fragments they could secure of the intellectual inSir Wm. Betham says. and Gauls. as d in English answers t in German. bed is beth. from Scoti. religion." The earliest authorities derive the word Scot. The Anglo-Saxon writers^ called them Scyts and says." The Right Hon. "It Romans continued in military for centuries without a whole period having been soil. .000 " There can be no doubt that the first inyears says. Chalmers Scoti. and Most Rev. from Chaldea. . and institutions of the people of Gaul was my first object. and were called Keltae the ch being changed into A-. laws. Scyth. had the same origin. treated of the . "The examination of the language. Thomas Moore's History of Ireland. and. which means dispersed. a wanderer. institutions and customs. so Chaldea becomes Kaltea. customs. and the d into t.ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. laws. 1. religion. or Keltea. were in fact. they were wanderers from the north of Europe. from two words. of Cassar's day all spoke the same language. B. habitants of Ireland came from the East. and shows the early notoriety that Ireland acquired from It is well known of her connection with the Phoenician colonies. good is gut. it Scytise.

the deliberate opinion of the great German grammarian. and with which I will bring this lecture to a close. deserves to be compared with it. "its highly spiritual genius and wonderful development and condition have been the result of a surprisingly intimate union of the two noblest languages in modern Europe. never stood at the command of any other language of men. not even our German. even as we are torn. historiographer. Grimm. perhaps. He adds. and. appears destined hereafter to prevail with a sway. and impartial vie with each other in declaring that the Saxon tongue. good sense. . which. over all the portions of the globe. with approbation and pardonable pride. Grimni. over all languages to our English in words which you will not grudge to hear quoted. grand future in store for our mother-tongue the English. may with all right be called a world language . It is well known in what relation these two stand to one another in the English tongue the former supplying in far the material groundwork.354 ANGLO-ISRAEL. language. After ascribing to our language a veritable power of expression. has expressed himself very nearly to the same effect. at the present day spoken. of his native German. the English the spiritual conceptions. as distinguished from ancient classical poetry (I can only mean Shakespeare). quoting. which is torn. Dr. the latter larger proportion In truth. he gives the palm. if ever there was one of his own. he goes on to say. For in wealth. Trench says. by no mere accident. like the English people. and closeness of structure. " The scholar who in our days is most profoundly acquainted with the great group of the Gothic languages of Europe and a devoted lover. and must first rid itself of many defects before it can boldly enter into the lists as a competitor with the English. such as." Here. more extensive even than its present. no other of the languages. Jacob L. I mean Jacob L. the Teutonic and the Eomance. has produced and upborne the greatest and most predominant poet of modern times. Trench and Grimm able. and philologist. disinterested. two giants in the science of language.

" and " to them is to be given the kingdom and greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven. Tunes her sprightly violin. what humors keep restrained ?" Having produced the highest authority known science. we have also stone monuments. To enrich unknowing nations of our stores ? What mischief it may powerfully withstand. stone sculpdrawings and statuary on stone on a given remarkable geometric pottery existing in Eng- . Spanish. as I have shown." The Lord said. 355 which. I rest upon the muses to sing : in my accompanied by the cause here. saith the prophet. What thoughts let out. scale . conand govern all the portions of our globe. and call " Greek's a harp we love to hear. Russia's clashing cymbals come. to serve him with one consent. Britain's sons may well rejoice.ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. Loud the German When But For English rolls his drum. with many a frolic mien. imperishably fixed Isles. " And who. The in time. is destined to direct. knows whether we may vent treasure of our tongue. And what fair ends may thereby be attained ? What powers it shall bring in. Latin is a trumpet clear. and the strongest facts clearest illustrations. France." There are supplementary considerations bordering on philology which strongly support my argument. Italian rings its bridal bells. to what strange shores This gain of our best glory shall be sent. They are. is the human voice. " to blossom and fill the face of the world with fruit. what spirits command. " I will turn to the people a pure language that they may call upon the name of the Lord." This incomparable tongue I fully believe to be the one trol so clearly promised. like an organ swells. Hebrew language. masonry structures. Besides the on the British tures. like the race who use it.

a strong argument in favor of our Anglo-Israel theory I mean the fundamental principles upon which the It will be seen that the British Constitution rests. in masonry and mensuration. laws and customs which constitute the true elements : . Ireland. and then inquire who used hammer and chisel so skilfully in such work as this ? came the ancestors of Caesar's savages to be weavers. and all these giving clearest evidence of a certain mathematical and geometrical knowledge belonging to the Hebrew system of mathematics and mensuration. now at Meigle. which is." to the Gentiles. dyers. who.500 years. ages excel in art and science. and the surrounding isles. and those in every instance correspond with our British standards now I think it must be admitted established among us. in Forfarshire . Examine the remarkages able carved representations of the war chariots used by the original inhabitants of the country. in mathematics and geometry. Anglesea. of itself. There is another consideration which must not be lost sight of in this contention. that they " the end of the earth and that they should take root. and the remarkable specimens of carved stones ! at Forres. that the people who have left these imperishable Hebrew antiquities behind them were the descendants of Hebrew ancestors. blossom and bud. and bronze-founders. Scotland. who were given for a " light unto may be My salvation " escaped of Israel." and "the preserved of Israel.356 ANGLO-ISRAEL. How ironsmiths. and the entire and curious specimens of men and animals in various forms at Aberlemne. with their families and selected " " households. And now. Isle of all . Man. constituted the remnant of Israel. we apply our tests of standard weight and measure that have been in use for 2. in 1888. in war chariots and cutlery ? It is too absurd The sculptured rocks of Scotland existed before the time of Caesar." Can sav. and fill the face of the world with fruit." the land. in painting and statuary. carvers and sculptors ? Have our travellers in the dark continent found any evidence of such savages? Where are they ? They are not to be reported.

and the free institutions growing out of these. according to the prophet Hosea. and had gone after other lovers. But they had retained their love of freedom still retained their political principles. Jutes. their sacred laws. etc. In referring to those fundamental principles. Baal. and their nationality. their religion. These principles. The reader has only to take the laws and customs of the Anglo-Saxons.ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. and note the strong points of resemblance. trial by jury. their worship. Angles. I mean to a limited monarchy. who first brought these principles to Britain. they were in their Lo-animi condition. and who left similar institutions in the less favorable soil of northern Europe. 9). 357 and which have raised her to the proud pre-eminence she now occupies above all other nations of Europe. and were. the Lord Jehovah.. Christianity fostered and nurtured those principles. the growth of centuries under the fostering hand of an ever-watchful Providence. and strengthened with their grown and which are so strikingly similar to the strength. Moses as to lead us to the inevitable conclusion that these Saxon forefathers must have been the legal inheritors of the rich legacy of laws and institutions which God gave to His people. belonged originally to the Hebrew nation. I have shown in a previous paper that the people of Israel had lost their language. "not My people " (Hosea i. etc. it must be remembered. because they had abandoned their first husband. which had they with their growth. . Nor did those institutions find an origin in the Saxon commonwealth after that people became acquainted with Christianity. The Romans had no such gifts to bestow. have come down to us through the Saxons. constitutional law. where for centuries they had sojourned. of England's greatness. and gave them a greater hold and a more commanding power among the people. Those principles I have named did not in any sense come to Britain from the Romans. as the rule institutions of . representative government. and compare them with the laws and customs of ancient Israel. The lost house of Israel had those very principles among them when. among them.

and said. and the cause that is too hard for you.358 ANGLO-ISRAEL. and It was a kind of discharge the duties of office. and tribes. and guide of their political and social life. "And I commanded you at that time all the things which ye should do. bring it unto me. as well an the royal heirs of all the covenant blessings included in the promise and oath of God to Abraham. and the stranger that is with him. and captains over tens. when about to leave them (Deut. ye shall not be afraid of the face of man for the judgment is God's . and elders appointed to be rulers of . The origin of the free institutions. The thing which thou hast spoken is good for us to do. and I will hear it. I am not able to bear you myself alone " The Lord your God hath multiplied you. and inducted them to office and instructed them as to . and." . "Ye shall not respect persons in judgment but ye shall hear the small as well as the great . " The Lord God of your fathers make you a thousand times so many more as ye are. Hear the causes between your brethren.) : spake unto you at that time. . known among your "And ye answered me. and understanding. ye are this day as the stars of heaven for multitude. of basis of a representative government to of the representation by population responsibility The people were to look out from among people. saying. behold. and your bur9. " And I : ! den. themselves men qualified to wear the honors. and bless you. caucus true on patriotic principles the persons primary so nominated were to be brought to the chief governor ruling by the grace of God. and made them heads over you. The people were numbered and divided into thousands. i. " So I took the chief of your tribes. "And I charged your judges at that time. and among your tribes. of representative and responsible governments of the Saxon everywhere. and he gave them authority. Moses. and captains over officers fifties. and I will make them rulers over you. Here is the their duty. and captains over hundreds. wise men. and judge righteously between every man and his brother. and your strife ? " Take you wise men. is to be found in the laws and regulations which are distinctly brought before us in the valedictory address of the great Hebrew lawgiver. captains over thousands. and known. as he hath promised you " How can I myself alone bear your cumbrance. saying.

from the Hebrew fountain of law and love.ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. and wise sayings. in the Hebrew life. and note how much of the Hebrew melody there is in their form and constitution. 359 thousands. There are several of his statutes taken almost verbatim from the laws of Moses: Statute xxxiii. The elders chosen by each tything met together and managed the affairs of the municipality they representer . self-government people. chose one of their number to act for them in the council. Historians have conferred well-merited honor on King Alfred (All-vred. and strangers in the land of the strangers Egyptians. and many of his proverbs. and expressed in the Hebrew language. existence and inspiration from the 1 existence of principles deeply imbedded in the Hebrew thought." He drew his laws. for vred or /red means peace) for the wisdom of the laws and regulations. and the establishment of institutions among his people which were unknown to the surrounding nations. The terms hundreds and tything. all peace. prevailed to a large extent. which council was composed of ten wards or districts forming a tything or parish. he might have said. as well as in their sentiment and devotion." This statute would be neither true nor appropriate unless indeed their Saxon ancestors were literal descendants of those : comers from honored strangers whom the Lord led like a flock from Egypt. as Chiltern Hundreds. and rulers of hundreds. exist to this day in England in regard to civil divisions of the Among the Anglo-Saxons. This king of peace himself was no doubt one of the honored sons of renowned sires. for he . or tens. and rulers of tens. Ten of these tythings were called a hundred. for example. as did the great Irish poet Taliesin. every ten men or heads of families. " My lore has been in Hebrew. The laws which bear his name were not framed by him. The laws and customs securing the mutual rights of the governed and the magistrate owed their origin. as the elders of Israel were wont to do in former years. Bead the poems of Alfred as he sang his songs to a well-tuned harp. " Vex thou not for ye were formerly afar..

was given to the accused person to eat. or general parlirnent. perhaps. a I'quote from Eapin This curse. consecrated by many ceremonies. I may here produce one example of the law of Moses that has been handed down to our Saxon Let the reader turn to the fifth chapter of ancestors. or amend customs established. this piece of bread or cheese would stick in his throat and choke him." THE COESNED. on the contrary. more than renew. "The Corsned. may he swallow with ease this piece of bread (or cheese) consecrated in Thy name. on which occasions the bishops and priests . if he is innocent of the crime of which he stands accused. but even prescribed the ceremonies. did no Eapin says. he would swallow it easily if innocent. . But.o 60 ANGLO-ISRAEL. and for the terror and caution of others. which. the Church not only approved of these sorts of trial. means of which a supernatural efficacy purgation. and snoed. his windpipe may close if he is guilty. to cut. assisted. on the contray. himself informs us they were handed down to him from other Saxon rulers. or snide. He with the sanction of his Wit-te-na-ge-mot. " Alfred the Great. or a slice cut. time out of mind among the Saxons. only made selections from certain codes of law which had existed long before. or cheese. It was believed if he was guilty. Who can doubt their ancient origin as he compares them with the laws of Moses. and ordered a form of prayers to be used on the occasion when the trial was held. was a fourth manner of purgation by a piece of bread." The following is part of the execration pronounced at giving : him the morsel. and that he may not be able to swallow the morsel but. from Cors. by and power was wrought out by God for the punishment of crime. that all may know. and read carefully of the bitter waters of Numbers. after his having received the sacrament " That in the offering him this piece of bread (or : cheese) for the discovery of the truth." It was finally believed by our Saxon ancestors that this morsel brought a curse upon the guilty.

both by sea and land. Angles. our liberty and our religion. our language. Anglo-Saxons very fond of their genealogies. by these tribes. our coinage. and in the same manner as the Hebrew Talmud." In this mode of trial we plainly see the hand of the great lawgiver of Israel. if it is necessary. 361 following is a law of Canutus the Great. or to those who are interested in the murder committed. and Jutes. divided into seven king- . The Saxon Kronicle contains the original and authentic testimony of contemporary writers to the most important transactions of our forefathers." " Ingram writes. I have here on hand a copy of Eapin's History of England. let him justify himself to his relations. and his historical and political discourses on the laws and government of England. ancient or modern and the Kronicle. to either of which would not be easy to produce a parallel in any these are the Record of nation. had conquered all the southern part of the island from the English Channel to the Wall of Severus. England can boast of two substan- monuments in its early history. and the country was divided in a very different manner from what it was by the Eomans. let him be put to the trial of the Corsned. our commerce. This celebrated French historian says. from their first arrival in Britain to the year 1154. our agriculture. Britain was. our naval and military glory. and a This part of Great little beyond that toward the east. " Like Meni the were : The says. The very names of towns and provinces were changed. and. our laws. The Saxon Kronicle traces the genealogy of Alfred up to Adam. and the will of God be done.ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. In it the reader will find many tial it . "If any is accused of homiconcerning the Ctrsned cide. interesting facts relative to our architecture. who are all to be considered as one people. " The revolution caused by the conquest of the Anglo-Saxons introduced a new phase of things into Great Britain. The Saxons." Saxon Doomsday. Israel. or of having been an accomplice in the crime.

or a monarch invested with certain prerogatives. which that of merit. These kingdoms established a form of government not unlike what they had that is. general parliament. an assembly general. subject. mutually dependent in every part from the Crown to the clown. by way of compensation for wrongs done to person or Having we may property. doms. for petty offences. and the king the choicest of the chosen election being the birth of esteem and This bred love and mutual trust. where the concerns of the whole nation were considered." said so much on the constitution in general. and act in common for the good of all. Among the Israelites. It was a beautiful composure. another was chosen by the unanimous consent of the seven kingdoms. and that Alfred the Great did not originate. Each kingdom : . as fines. So among the Saxons. as the centre of the Heptarchal government. Upon the death of the general or monarch. there were punishments proportionate to their crimes. they considered lived under in Germany themselves as brethren and countrymen they conceived it necessary to assist one another. or their deputies. This is what was called the Wittenaor gemot.362 AXGLO-ISRAEL. distinct from all other people their laws honorable for the king and easy for the : . the magistrates being all choice men. Besides this monarch they had also. consisting of the principal members of the seven kingdoms. and. if in imitation of the laws of their knowing it. made them as corner-stones pointed forward to break the wave of danger. had its own " that their laws were as God without particular parliament. To that end they judged it proper to appoint a general-in-chief. which had been thrown into confusion by the incursions of the Danes." he adds. notice a few points in which the laws of the Saxons and the Israelites are beyond question. . but merely reformed and restored the English Constitution. Thus the Saxons became somewhat like the Jews. pecuniary compensation was the usual mode of redressing personal injuries and of punishing criminal offences. called the Heptarchy.

. solemn and important. Britain) have been used to slaughter many oxen in their sacrifices. It adultery was by them called a capital offence. The punishment of that crime among the Saxons was personal and sanguinary the woman was compelled to hang herself. and they may build themselves huts of boughs of trees about those churches which have been turned to that use from temples. the land was allotted by familes of twelve. etc. as on the day of dedication. September the holy month. according to their computation. and her body was burned. Among the Saxons. and both parties were punished accordingly. some solemnity must be exchanged for them. " Because they (the Saxons of feast. ernacles about the . The people of Israel held their Feast of Expiation. ten families being 120 persons. The law compelled Israel to hold the Feast of Tabsame time.ANGLO-ISRAEL AND PHILOLOGY. and we prove this by a letter from Pope Gregory. was Among divided according to the families. fasted. as to how they celebrated this He says. in the month of September. the land. or Father Mellitus. then on his way to Britain. It must continue for made eight days the people dwelt in tents. and made peace-offerings during this time their arms and abstained from work and laid they by The day . and in this month they offered sacrifices and cattle. 3G3 the children of Israel. Among the Israelites. each family according to their number. or real estate. or day of atonement. the punishment of was death by stoning or by strangling. of atonement was observed as a strict fast. and made great rejoic- ings. for he wrote a letter to Abbot. and celebrate the solemnity with religious feastings for there is no doubt it is impossible to . or in the arbors of the branches of trees. abstaining from all servile work and afflicting their The sacrifice of the atonement was the most souls. The Anglo-Saxons called. and over her ashes the adulterer was excuted. etc. The Anglo-Saxons kept the Feast of Tabernacles.

and cxviii. sacrifices. And Mordecai and a good day. inclusive). and offering . wrote these things. to consume them.3G4 efface everything at (Bede.e. villages. once from their obdurate minds " Borne pursues the same policy to-day among the heathen nations. 56). and on the fifteenth day of the same they rested. and from mourning into a good day that they should make them days of feasting and joy. "To stablish this among them. that they should keep the fourteenth day of the month Adar. " But the Jews that were at Shushan assembled together on the thirteenth day thereof. answering to our February. and "Therefore the Jews of the towns. the lot. Those Irish and Scotch melodies are the grand old Hebrew songs transplanted from Mount Zion to the isles of the west. The children of Israel kept the Feast of Dedication in November. ANGLO-ISRAEL.) " On the thirteenth 17. (See Esther ix. . and the fifteenth day of the same. the Agagite. and to destroy : poor. and of sending portions one to another. p. and gifts to the And the Jews undertook to do as they had begun. using wax candles on their illumination. Psalms cxv. offering to God the cattle they sacrificed. gladness. and had cast Pur. and as Mordecai had written unto them "Because Haman the son of Hammedatha. and made it a day of feasting gladness. yearly. and on the fourteenth thereof .. and sent letters unto all the in all the provinces of the king Ahasuerus. and of sending portions one to another. it was also called the Feast of Illumination for eight days the temple was illuminated. had devised against the Jews to destroy them. " them . that is. both nigh Jews that were and far. and they sang many hymns and sacred melodies. day of the month Adar and on the fourteenth day of the same rested* they. The Hebrews from the days of Queen Esther observed the feast of Purim in the month Adar or Vedar. and made it a day of feasting and : . the enemy of all the Jews. " As the days wherein the : Jews rested from their enemies. that dwelt in the unwalled made the fourteenth day of the month Adar a day of gladness and " feasting. and there was great singing of hymns and hallel (i. and the month which was turned unto them from sorrow to joy. The Anglo-Saxons kept this feast also.

picture cards. celebrated the Feast of the readers know. all furnishing their tables with every luxury their circumstances could command. or the Roman Church. so as it should not fail. Deity. The Jews still hold their Feast of Purim. 4. In our days and times we have not wholly lost the idea We have named it Valentine's day. be hanged on the gallows. The Irish w. in when they offered cakes unto their This was also the custom and sent presents. every province. that they would keep these two days according to their writing. nor the memorial of them perish from their seed. Bk. and upon all such as joined themselves unto them. and not a few exact counterparts of . us how they were accustomed to celebrate this feast. but from the East." . and of that which they had seen concerning this matter. For many centuries the of the Scotch and Irish. February. the festal with great gladness Anglo-Saxons kept up and general rejoicing.ere. 541." or Easter. and of the day. " " Eostri. love-letters. should return upon his own head. which he devised against the Jews. and every city and that these days of Purim should not fail from among the Jews. and upon their seed. informs the Anglo-Saxons. held in the month Nisan. and which had come unto them. This feast was Bible Passover. and celebrated their Easter after the Asiatic manner. every family. " Wherefore Purim after the name of Pur. 365 days they Therefore for all the words of this letter. Turner. he commanded by letters that his wicked device.AKGLO-ISRA'EL AND PHILOLOGY. p. called these every generation. and so do S. accustomed to Eastern rites. and according to their appointed time every year "And that these days should be remembered and kept throughout : " But when Esther came before the king. are satisfied with sending photographs. and took upon them. and that he and his sons should. Intending after " this Easter feast took Easter to bring him forth the place of the Passover feast. " The Jews ordained. Dr. " Ireland received the Christian religion not from the West. that are of mere Asiatic origin. I have myself noticed among this people a number of customs. and such tokens of friendship. Acts xii. as all The Hebrew people from time immemorial.. V. both sacred and civil. The Rev. Adam Clarke says. answering to our March and With our Anglo-Saxons this feast was called April.

and were heirs to the covenant promises of God to His prophets " have received your Excellency's pleasing letters. " Some in your province do." (Bede. Hence a controversy that threatened an entire repudiation of Rome and all Eoman interference.) Another. reject our Easter. speaks of the islanders. has long since began to resound the Hebrew hallelujah. but for the origin of the nation itself. who called them barbarians. chap. as some among the Patriarchs and mentioned m the sacred writings. ancient Jews. when Christ was sacrificed. through ignorance. Gregory & Co. A." It is known to all historians that the Irish Church was the last of the churches westward to submit to the claims of the Eoman Pontiff. and contend that the same should be kept on the fourteenth moon with the Hebrews.D. and that. The following letter from Pope Vitalian to King Osway. not only for the origin of the religion of Ireland in its early days. as did Caesar and others." Blessed be the nation that has been found worthy to have such a wise king and worshipper of God ! Who will not be rejoiced to hear such pleasant things. by the protecting hand of God you have been converted to the true and apostolic faith. than toward the West. of course. . hoping that as you reign in your nation. Pope " Gregory. they would probably get nearer the source." Gregory. and were historians and chronologers to look more to the East. : We by reading whereof we understand your most pious devotions and fervent love to obtain everlasting life.366 ANGLO-ISRAEL. clearly acknowledges that the Saxons were of the Hebrew race. never taught those islanders the Hebrew hallel. She held firmly by the customs and festivals of the Church in Jerusalem. xix. which only knew how to utter barbarous language. 665. I quote one brief line of a letter from the so-called Holy See of Borne. The See of Home saw the importance of obliterating as speedily as possible the last evidence of their Hebrew origin of those early Irish churches. says. Behold a tongue of Britain. so you will hereafter reign in Christ.

most excellent son. how plain it is says. but that other tribes of the Hebrew race would also be gathered in. but also of all the nations of the prophets. He and princes Behold. not only of you. Go forth ! and to them that are in darkness." "Is it a light thing that thou shouldest bo My servant. according to the word of the divine prophet as.' I will also give thee for a light to the Gentiles. and hearken ye people Listen. it is written in Isaiah " isles unto me. to establish the earth. and possess the desolate heritages. from afar. Show yourselves." " . that thou mayest be My " salvation to the ends of the earth. : ' also shall arise and worship. 867 who will not be delighted at such work ? Because your nation has believed in Christ the Almighty God." Kings shall see. the Creator of all things. to raise up the tribes of Jacob.ANGLO-1SKAEL AND PHILOLOGY." " I have given thee for a covenant of the people. That thou mightest say to the prisoners. and to restore the preserved of Israel. that they shall believe in Christ." Pope Vitalian concludes this excellent Anglo-Saxon letter by intimating that the Anglo-Saxons then converted were not all Israel.

And love where others hate . What more ? Nor speak As A nobler praise And heavenly of prophets. . Yields tribute gratitude. cordial Jonathan I calculate. How gladly would the very sun Lie basking in our fame In either world to lead the van ! ! And go-ahead for good While earth to John and Jonathan . of mutual warsTwo dunces' mutual loss Let us two bless where others ban. kith and kin ! friend with friend. George's Cross And never dream. In nation and in name. Tupper. Oh brother.368 ANGLO-ISRAEL. as man with man. I touch not holier strings to win . priests and kings. Oh ! ." By Martin F. could we both be one. . Join but your stripes and golden bars To brave St. JOHN BULL AND BROTHER JONATHAN. let our hearts be thus As David's love to Jonathan Be Jonathan's to us. : And so my We'll Jit.

and it is water be in the ship and down she goes. A COMPOUND OF JUDAISM AND BAAL WORSHIP. " TTure is a great having the world in all right." 24 .FOURTH LECTURE. DEUIDISM. difference between being in the world and Let a ship be in the "water. but let the us.


and he alludes to the worship of the heavenly bodies. or the moon walking in brightness And my heart hath been secretly enticed. or my mouth hath kissed rny hand This also were an iniquity to be punished by the judge. into another land. and stars. As early as the days of Abraham. " If I beheld the sun when it shined. as the best representative they had of Him who had so often appeared to their fathers under the emblem of fire." Job was contemporary with Abram. they began woefully to wander. for I should have denied the God Sun and moon worship were of a very that is above. moon. He says (chap. Having wilfully sinned. warning them of the consequences of their own way. Abram's . worshipped other gods. and from his father's house. Under the conscious sense of want they began to worship the sun. centuries of our race God was to manifest Himself to His chilpleased No sooner had they persisted in dren." The sun was regarded as the fountain early date. we read that Terah. N the first father. xxxi. : . 26-28). and from his kindred. wrong-doing than He withdrew His presence from them. This fact gives us a very forcible reason why Abram was called to "get out of his country. DRUIDISM A COMPOUND OF JUDAISM AND BAALISM.FOURTH LECTURE.

man of Baal. So Elijah and Elisha. Belus by the Assyrians and Chaldeans. Baal by the Phoenicians. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image. When Melchisedek addressed Jehovah. . The young man. Notwithstanding the law written. help of Baal Hannibal. Bel. Baalsamin by the Carthaginians.. Baal-Tamar. This name is found in several of the languages of the East." The great prominence given to this deity is seen in the multitude of names of men and places named after him Eth-baal means with Baal Hasdru-bal. as the His greatest and most popular idol of the times. grace of Baal . Jupiter by the Romans. Wherever there was a Baal there was also an Ash: . Gideon. The complaint of taroth. Moabites had high places to Baal. Baal-Zephon. among the Canaanites and Phoenicians. or possessor. Baalim. The early tendency to idol worship gives peculiar force to the great words announced from Sinai. Baal-Zebub. The prein nations was the of their time those vailing worship honor given to Baal and his gods. occupant. or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above." etc. Belinus Aramaic. : . . the history of the Israelites shows how many and how powerful their temptations to the gods and to the worship of the surrounding nations."I am the Lord thy God. Baal-Gad. Baal-Meon. The wife or companion. Baal-Berith. and in various forms. We find the name Baal. had a personal conflict with the worshippers of Baal. This god was called Bel by the Babylonians Bel boweth down Bel is confounded.372 ANGLO-ISRAEL. Baal-Hannon. Baal-Hermon. Baal-Peor. Zeus by the Greeks. proprietor. or that is in the water under the earth. Baal-Hazor. Baal. Belus. he used language expressly designed to distinguish Him from Baal. and frequently read. his . the great reviver of nature. Methum-baal. hence he said. and the chief emblem of Him who is the life of all things. thou shalt have no other gods before Me. possessor of heaven and earth. and source of light. " The Most High God. Beel is the word in the Baaltis. or a Baaltis. name means owner.

how then hast thou turned " the degenerate plant of a strange vine unto ine? (21). "burned incense upon the hills under oaks." on those high places of Baal fire was con- Jer." "Israel slideth back like a backsliding heifer. sacrifice They have built also the high places of Baal. sun images. in all the colonies of Phoenicia. Baal took the place of Jehovah." "And the children of Israel " did evil in the sight of the Lord.DRUIDISM. to whom Jason (high priest) sent magnificent gifts of 300 drachms of silver. because the shadow thereof is good. 8). and was adored as chief deity. 6. The Tyrians gave Baal the name of Malk-quereth. owner of the sun. of groves and images of the sun (see margin xxvii. So we see that from Babylon to Spain. ii.900. also of Zeus. king of the city." (Hosea iv.) . this there was an image of gold in human shape twelve cubits high and again a great image of him. and the prophets have prophesied by Baal" (Jer. "that they worshipped Baal " " inflamed themselves under forests . and burn incense upon the hills. 8). owner of heaven." of oaks. 5. she had played the harlot. It was this turning of the nation's heart after Baal that caused Jehovah to say. under oaks and poplars and elms. " Ye shall be ashamed of the oaks. 11). another name for the sun-god. " . " Israel hath committed adultery. and served Baalim ." " She hath gone after other lovers. Jeremiah (xliii. 13). xix. (Judges ii." 13. 9). "I planted thee a noble vine. 373 God under the oaks " against Israel was.000. : "They upon the tops of the mountains. At Palmyra he was known as Baalshemesh. The Greeks identified the Belus of Tyre with Hercules. At Carthage he was called Beel-shamain or Balsamen. Ezekiel vi. speaks of the " house of the sun" Beth-shemesh. Herodotus speaks of the temple of Belus at BabyIn lon. Isaiah speaks (xvii. " The pastors have transgressed against Me. into wholly a right seed. " " their idols day of the Lord shall be upon the oaks under the thick oaks. 800 talents of gold having been spent on it and its adornings $21. " " the Isaiah said.

and the Lord shall call His servants name. under green trees. " I will scatter them into corners. " The Lord shall call His servants 15." . and her sister Judah saw it. but by another tongue will I speak to this people (Isa. liv. The Lord said (Deut. and sought other lovers. by another name." " And ye shall lose. "Hedge up her way with thorns. 9). with gadding around. I will make the remembrance of them to He was not any more to speak to them in cease. 4. " Why sayest thou." The Gods made choice of the oak. The prophet Jeremiah speaks of the two kingdoms of Judah and Israel as two sisters. who were married Israel turned away from her husband. ephod. or name. Gentilized." " For a small moment have I forsaken Isa. prince. Many days image. 11). Ixii. another by Israel Jacob and speakest. The Lord said (Hosea i. xxxii." God would not own her." Isa. " The name of Israel shall be no more in remembrance. my way is hid from the Lord. thee. They shall no more be called Israel. 2). xxviii. little wrath I hid my face from thee for a moment but with everlasting kindness will I have mercy upon leave. king." Isa. changed the apparel of wife to maiden. He will call them by another name (Isa. In a thee." Psalm Ixxxiii.374 ANGLO-ISRAEL. 27. gave her a bill of divorce. xl. and polluted the country with her whoredoms. and my judgment is passed over from my God. " They built high places to Baal to prophets of Baal. to Jehovah. The iniquity of Israel. teraphim. but with great mercies will I gather thee. and I put her away. committed adultery with stones and stocks on high places." their own tongue. 7. "And thou shalt be called by a new name which the mouth of the Lord shall name. defiled the land. Ixv. the kingdom of Israel. and her sister Judah saw it. He will punish her. burn their sons as offerings unto Baal. 26)." She shall be " without lost. hence it was sacred to Jupiter. make a wall that she shall not find her paths. " Call her Lo-ammi t not my people." shall become heathen. your ! ! . On mount Carmel there were 450 tinually burning. sacrifice.

" 1 will cause to cease the kingdoms of the house of Israel. 6. " Blindness their paths." Hosea ii. has fallen upon the people of Israel the Lord said (Hosea ii. that they should not see." lost to themselves. a alone Assyria. and as the early dew that passeth away as the chaff that is driven with the whirlwind out of the floor. hedge up thy way with she shall not find her and make a that thorns. must not forget the fact. Porosis. In Hosea i. 3. my flock was scattered upon all the face of " my flock became a prey." Isaiah xxix. yea.. . as other people. the seers hath your eyes He covered. . the earth.. . They shall wander from sea to sea. Hosea 8. that a kind of blinda ness. . : We ." " I will no more have and." Amos ix. thou hast gone a whoring from thy God." " But I will have the house of Judah. "Israel is swallowed up. OUR BLINDNESS. for joy. mercy upon the house of ." . . 6). "They would not find Paul says (Eomans xi.e. " For the Lord hath poured out upon you the spirit of a deep sleep. 9. " I will Therefore. and the rest were blinded. or put out of sight. for Kejoice not.DRU1D1SM. wall." Hosea ix." now shall they be among the Gentiles as a vessel wherein is no pleasure. . lo. 25). " My God will cast them away and they shall be wanderers " among the nations. of the chimney. they shall be hidden from " For view. viii." i. paths." " God hath given them the spirit of slumber eyes. Therefore they shall be as the morning cloud." Hosea xiii." in part hath happened to Israel until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in. behold. but I will utterly take them away. Israel. and hath closed the prophets and rulers.. I will command. 375 the Lord says." Amos viii. like as corn is sifted in a sieve yet shall not the -least grain fall upon the earth. 1. "For. 9. 7." upon mercy " My sheep wandered through all the mountains. . and I will sift the house of Israel among all nations. by " Israel. . and to other nations. 10. 4." 17. they have gone up to wild ass himself. and as the smoke out All this surely means to be lost. . 12.

in the second book of Esdras xiii. The history of their captivity by Shalmaneser and their captivity into the East is well known. 10. Isaiah xliii. of their punishment connected with their lo-ammi condition. this is valuable so far as that it records the opinion some entertained two hundred years after It seems also like a resolution of men their captivity. that they might keep their statutes which they never kept in their own land. and the same region is called Arsareth. and held still the flood till they were passed over. But they took counsel among themselves. they are called " The blind people that have eyes." They had lost their identity. led away and so captive. They became heathen. and he carried them over the waters came they into another land.376 ANGLO-ISRAEL. For the Most High then showecl signs for them. To It was a national act. is not an inspired book. the King. They were free to deeide for themselves. the King of Assyria. 8. and now when they shall begin to come. of some independence. There we are informed that the ten tribes were carried away prisoners out of their own land. Gentiles by name. whom Shalmanasar. Sin blinds as nothing else can do. namely. The last reference of history is found in JEWISH RECORDS. and yet its history is valu- us. able. For through that country there was a great way to go. They dwelt there until the latter time. that they would leave the multitude of the heathen. It was a part ancestry. they had lost all knowledge of themselves and of their That blindness was judicial. and go forth into a further country where never mankind dwelt. " in the time of Osea. And they entered into Euphrates by the narrow passages of the river. It may be proper here to draw on Jewish tradition for a last glimpse of the ten tribes This we have as they disappeared from their view. of a year and a half. . and the distance to . The testimony of those last witnesses will have due influence in any court. the Highest shall stay the springs This of the stream again that they may go through.

in Tarshish and in the isles of Tarshish. was a mass of confusion. Druidism. It was a vast system of Baal. They had lost their land. in of the soul was its the belief immortality general noblest characteristic. omit this for the present. after a century or more. The ten tribes of Israel having been removed from their own land. name and themselves. The temples and r . and yet they retained enough Judaism to incorporate it with Baalism. to wean away the people from the Temple of Jerusalem. now become the lost tribes. their religion. we see a similar mixture of divine and idolatrous worship. or sun-worship compounded with Judaism. Westward.DRUID1SM. and as it went it took the religion of the East to the Isles of the West. Baal. while the ritual and priesthood were of the Hebrew religion." So that after their captivity we find the same combination of worship continued. a vast system of religion known as Druidism." Although the Israelites were carried away captive . "When Christianity began to penetrate into Gaul. each religion hostile to the other. and we cannot fail to perceive many striking resemblances. into Assyria in consequence of their idolatry. it encountered there two religions very different from the Christian these were Druidism and Paganism. considered as a A strong and religion. their language. We must now trace their wanderings and find out their future home. Compare Druidism. " Hence. by land and by water. We . the great sin of the Israelites was. the religion of the north-west of Europe. Jeroboam set up shrines in Bethel and in Dan. the star of empire continued to wend its way. The gods were the gods of Baalism. with the religious ceremonies imposed by God upon the Hebrews. says. in They became worshippers of a great measure. yet they did not altogether relinquish the worship of the true God. Even on their arrival in Britain. and there grew up in the w est. Guizot in his History of France. They mingled the worship of God with the worship of Baal. 377 that country and its locality is of some interest.

The public doctrines were freely expounded to the public generThe principal secret of Druidism was the great ally. who had a secret language and mysteries of their own. heathenism and Baal-worship.378 ANGLO-ISRAEL. doctrine of one God. They are to-day specimens of the best masonry known in any country. They had themselves been instructed and initiated in the sacred groves. doctrines were reserved exclusively for the initiated. or esoteric. sun or fire. from a and Cilly Cagh. To the people they taught the immortality of the soul. who were bound by solemn oath to keep them concealed from all men. Secret and public. a temple of the temple. The hieroglyphics of Egypt constituted the written language of the priesthood. and that there is another life after death. Their situation is such that a great distance and from from can be seen they various directions. Those towers were usually from one hundred to one hundred and thirty feet high. monastery or school. They usually stood connected with some sacred grove. some say gold. especially that it might excite that bravery and contempt of death in the true soldier. The doctrines of the Druids were of a two-fold character." And they buried their favorite arms with them in the tombs . In this. of the temples On page 370 is an illustration of one. and from ten to eighteen feet wide. They taught many things concerning the power and prerogatives of the immortal gods. called . cathedral. sun. The secret. they resembled the priests of Egypt. which could be seen sparkling in the sunbeams at all hours of the day. they taught a kind of elysian field beyond. The triad bids them " to act bravely in war. towers of that system of worship are still standing in The round towers in Ireland were the British Isles. They were covered with plates of shining metal. and a shield of gold on the top. that souls are immortal. or in the mountain caves. Druidism was a rare patchwork of various systems of Judaism. sun. the Creator and Governor of the universe. which was retained by them through all their history. They were called Cill-Cagh.

on . consumed by fire upon the altar. altars were called Crom-leach. of which many are still to be seen from Stennis. Salisbury Plain. i. and which . The stones luach. generally white. Their doctrines are in close harmony with the great truths Moses taught to the Israelites. from or prostrate. bow down. and a place of darkness named Infurin. The Hebrews were commanded to have their altars erected with unhewn stone. 379 Flath-Innis. and to be employed as places of religious worship such as the altar of Sinai with its twelve pillars. They recounted to their disciples a great of the Mosaic part history of the creation of the world. Those to stoop. and if a tool was lifted up upon it. where sacrifices were offered up. as an altar. and where Joshua and Samuel administered judgment so the Druids had their circular stones. . The Hebrews had often their circles of stones erected to commemorate important events. where they engaged in religious worship. it was polluted. the revolt and expulsion of angels. which was consecrated anew by strewing oak leaves upon it. patterns after the Hebrew altars of sacrifice. and are understood to be remnants of Druid altars. in Orkney. commemorated the deliverance of the Israelites at the Jordan. the deluge.e. and the twelve stones of Gilgal. especially the male and We most valuable. These stones. see the same agreement in their sacrifices. so tbe Druids had their circles of unwrought stones. the island of the brave and virtuous. The places of worship among them were the groves In the grove there was a circle of rude of oak. those were animal sacrifices. the formation and fall of man. are often found now in the British Isles. and also after the altar used in the worship of the sun. Krom r The stone of bowfrom word comes the This Hebrew Coeruming. which signifies circle. the final destruction of the earth by fire. to Stonehenge. altar a dedicated or table.. or isle of darkness. generally in the centre.DRUIDISM.

ovate." if from up thy tool upon it. The Hebrews had such as prophet. so Druidism had priest. Crymmy in British. over which Samuel. and Druid. Crom in later The command of God to Israel times. called the schools The High of the prophets. The priest was more of a religious functionary. offered sacrifices The Levite assisted in the services of worship. who presided over the other priests so Druidism had their Archdruid. A RESEMBLANCE . thou has polluted The custom of using rough stone came down the times of Noah. The Hebrews had their schools. With every around acres cities assigned parish church in Ireland. The word Cruman in Irish. there are glebe lands. mean bowing. resembling the Urim and Thummin. had their High Priest. "And if thou wilt make Me an altar of stone.380 ANGLO-ISRAEL. Priest of the Hebrews had his breastof judgment. and superstition increased that feelNo consideration could influence a peasant to ing. Those stones were held in thou lift great veneration. their various religious orders. The Hebrew priests had certain lands around their them in Canaan. The prophet of the Hebrews taught the people. of which our collegiate professorships are still the regular represen} tatives. did the Druid. 25). remove one of them their erection was ascribed to . The Hebrews. six hundred years before Christ. and Levite . plate with a chain that was regarded as supernatural. and so did the ovate. : for it. to our day. was (Exodus xx. so the Druids had five the town where they dwelt. Elijah. thou shalt not build it of hewn stone being placed like a table for sacred uses. their bard. so . so did the bard of Druidism. the good people. and Elisha presided so the Irish people had their bardic college. so the Archdruid had the same. who was chosen from the most eminent of the priestly order. . for example.

D-er-reud. who entered the Holy of Holies. for superior priest. and possessed a civilization greatly superior to that of the general community. of foreign says. They were held in great veneration. extraction. before the erection of their tabernacle and temple. and the rage subsides. The Hebrew The Hebrew priests were exempted from going to> war. Dar-gwydd. Daroo . Druid . often sacrificed in groves. Drus . and we read of Abraham frequently worshipping amid the oaks of Mamre . Parsee. so the Druids had thepart same. the Irish. . a servant of truth. and prayers. swords are sheathed and peace restored. whilst the ovates and people were in the outer circle. History " The Druids were a superior race. the man of God. signifies the Church of the Oaks. so the Druids were called by this very name. The Hebrews had their High Priest. thanksgivings. and Kildare. priests of the oak. and their bards who were placed in the inner circle. or tenth of the produce of the land." In setting apart certain of their people as priests." Through them the people offered all their sacrifices. and the priests who entered theHoly Place. we have a resemblance to the tribe of Levi. Diodorus Siculus says. Draiod. a term found in the Psalms and in the prophets. Welsh. whilst the Levites and the people were worshippers without so the Druids had their Archdruid. a divine. because they were the priests of the oaks. a Druid interferes. wisdom and knowledge. English. who occupied the interior of the temples. a don. Teutonic. Deru . Druthiw . in Ireland. When two hostile armies were drawn up in battle. They were held in highest veneration. Greek. " No sacred rite was ever performed without a Druid. They were called Der-wydDer-wyd is the Gaelic word for Druid. " The wise men in the Gospel were called Druids. Celtic. 381 priests had teinds or tythes. swords drawn." Moore says. The tythe system still lives in Britain. The priests of the Khurnry were called Gwyd-don. .DRUJDISM. so the Druids had a similar privilege. spears extended. and could pass unmolested from district to district. The Hebrews.

9. or chief Druid performed the solemn religious rites. secure peace. as in the days of Aaron. The Archdruid occupied the inner circle. They combined the threefold character of poet. The Druid priests came to worship in their bare feet. to reform morals and customs. Moses who quoting Moses. or High Priest. jugglers. next the ovates and the elders. as he put off his shoes. philosophers. Arch. men of science. representing the ten tribes of Israel. ten in number. musi- The triads name their duties. sorcerers. who were the historians. ruler. The sacred garments of the Archdruid very much . each distinguished from the other by their peculiar dress. The congregation was silent while the Arch. vates or ovates. The people were called together by the blowing of the horn. When the priest was burning incense in the whole multitude of the people temple of the Lord. The Druids performed their religious rites within a circle of rude un wrought stones.382 ANGLO-ISRAEL. chief. They composed songs to celebrate the praises of all that was good and excellent. Of these there were three principal degrees. called /aids. The people in the days of Moses were called to their public worship by the sound of rams' horns. The Archdruid was arclio. theologians. cians. "the " were praying without (Luke i. when all the people prayed and sang praises unto God. prophets. then the bards and singers. understood powers of nature. and promote music and art. scholars. and prophet. 10). The whole Druidical priesthood was divided into different ranks. of the Hebrews. representing the twelve tribes of Israel in their acts of covenant worship. and they led the congregation in all acts of public worship. then the congregation. from the Greek He was a substitute for the chief. priest. termed EUpages. etc. The second were the ministers of religion. The bards or poets. The third. as the prophet. and deacon were wont to do in the palmy days of the Hebrew people. musician. It was built the first circle of twelve unhewn or undressed stones.

and white robe. was believed that if he gave an unjust judgment. oak leaves encircling his temples. could have brought the name or thing . For this is a statute for Israel and a law of the God of Jacob " (Psalrn Ixxxi. There was purple. etc." Druidism held their new-moon feast in The Hebrews had their meat-offergreat sacredness. His answer was most satisfactory. in confirmation of Buxtrof. sacredness and purity of the office he held. containing a dozen quotations from various Talmuds and Hebrew commentators. it was fastened around the neck with a chain of gold on his head he wore a It tiara of gold. indicating the dignity. and he wrote to the learned rabbi then in London. that none but Hebrews or Chaldeans.. 4). Pentecost. to Ireland. for Urim and Thummim. Eabbi Heideck. The Hebrews had regularly observed. he was not satisfied with Buxtrof on this point. scarlet. " And it shall Ixvi. The Druids used cake and mead at their meat and drink offerings. and the Feast three great festivals. that from one to another shall all flesh come to worship before Me. on our solemn feast day. come to pass. this breastplate of judgment would choke him. 383 resembled the sacerdotal vestments of the High Priest. as in the days of Israel's " Blow glory. So the Druids held namely three great annual festivals corresponding in time exactly to the great annual festivals established among the Hebrews. it was called Jodhan Morain.DRUIDISM. Meetings of less note were held among the Druids at the time of the new moon. so the Druids had their offering of cake and their cup of wine. a breastplate of judgment. a term found This name is the Chaldaic in the Holy Scriptures. ings. sky-blue. when the command was issued. Mead served them instead of the wine new moon . Indeed the rabbi will have it. Governor Pownall says. 23. trumpet appointed. up the in the new in the time moon. Isa. of Tabernacles. 3. knowing it to be so. which they the Passover. The Druids wore when engaged in all their judicial acts.

and for the security of supposed criminals. The Hebrews had their priests and who taught the people. books. The juice. in Edinburgh. even the ceremony connected with the cutting of the mistletoe was emblematical of Him who was to be the "Branch of renown. and the great doctrine of one God. for the protection and maintenance of the ends of justice. portion of the so the Druids had their Scriptures every Sabbath-day bards and ovates. . The mistletoe was among the Druids a sacred thing. to the number of six. according to Dr. was lately a very striking example. It was regarded as a present from heaven. and read a plant. the deluge. stems or fork found in the growth of the two from the . we find." so the Druids had in their creed that nothing but the life of man shall atone for the life of man. The Anglo-Saxons called The word tau means tine or prong. it mistletau. He that killeth any man shall surely be put to death. in his Faiths in the World. The Hebrews expected the coming of the promised Messiah. the revolt and expulsion of the angels. They also taught the immortality of the soul.. and the final destruction of the universe by fire. so the Druids had certain cities and roads invested with the privilege of a sanctuary from the rage of the oppressors. of which Holyrood. at which they worshipped. The Hebrews had their com" mand. Gardner." The Hebrews had their Bethels. The Hebrews had cities of refuge. who instructed the people in the But as they had lost their sacred doctrines of religion. which fastens on berries are the size of a currant. their prophets. the Creator and Governor of all. the formation and fall of man.384 ANGLO-ISRAEL. that they regularly recounted to their disciples a great deal of the Mosaic history of creation. so the Druids had their Cromlechs. situated in different parts of their country. full of a viscid to the trunk or bark of a tree. used by the Hebrews. so the Druids looked for a Redeemer who was to be the curer of all ills . which were sometimes called Bethels. By the Germans it is called mistle.

These . places There is a fine specimen of one of them at the grave of Ollam Foodlah. Branch rites iii. and the arts and philosophy were the principal subjects taught. as in the law of Moses for the Levites. hawits life. At one time their schools were the most celebrated of they were a continuation of the any in Europe schools of the prophets. in Wales is named Cader-Idris. or chair of one of their bardic astronomers (See "Ireland Her Schools. brides at their nuptials. Music. but the sycamore. to the mistletoe. or tribe they were required to read and write the Cymric. The provision made for the priests of Druidism exactly resembled that of the tribe of Levi. Ireland. poetry. The Druids believed it had great magical and medicinal virtues. 25 . 12). the golden branch. highly growth Botanists speak of 400 known species of the viscumalbum. In King Arthur's day we read of the " Chair of the Bound Table. without the leaves of the all-heal. or Welsh language correctly. fir.DRUIDISM. or mistletoe. ' ' . One of the highest moun- (Zech. and grows. . The Druids performed no 8. It was called by the Hebrews oll-iach. Run Druids. The Druid bard was to keep an authentic record of every clan. It was often gathered with great difficulty. locust. the all-heal. fastening itself on and in the tree from which it draws It grows on the apple tree." The stone chairs found in many are relics of the Druids' time and teaching. were set apart for the support of the Druids. their curriculum being much the same. and of the flocks and herds. the pear. vi.tree from the oak was most esteemed. poplar." the chief Druid cried. A certain proportion of the real estate. was always more or less associated with the sacred all-heal. 385 and holds the seed there until it takes root. and of the productions of the soil. and the duties assigned to them speaks of the same origin. and was connected with religious ceremonies." Second Lecture). tains Idris. The honors done to thorn. The Druids paid great attention to learning. they regarded the evergreen mistletoe as an emblem of Him who was " " The man whose name is the to come.

Israel. congregation of the Lord even to his tenth generation. or ninth degree. Those sticks were called Coel-bren. Every bard or scribe. This was an exact copy from the Hebrews it was a proverb among the Jews. Usually they were square or triangular in part. thereby connecting the early British with funerals. This Coel-bren was preoften beautifully carved. An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord. Their land was allotted by families of twelve. and in that song of mourning we have reference made to the Hebrews and to Paradise. Upon a portion of these G-orsedds the Druids had their history and their heraldry written in the sacred letters of their order.386 ANGLO-ISRAEL. unless he could trace his pedigree to the ninth generation. denoting authority or privilege." Deut." There is only one other likeness to which we would On the refer. men were instead of the scribes of the Hebrew Church. . were often hired to weep and to mourn. "A bastard shall not enter into the 2. a staff of office. or They were professional criers. or token stick. according to the records of the bard or scribe. remember when a child hearing the keeners. and exercise the rights of a freeborn citizen. Eadie. gives us one of these Irish lamentations set to music. and that is their mode of mourning. shall hold in his hand a Gorsedd. The letters comprised all the old Etruscan or Pelasgic These letters were cut upon the square. . " Beware of a proselyte to the tenth generation. served by the bards in Ireland and England down to . of whatever degree or order. we read of " That when He came into the ruler's house Christ. I criers. death of a friend the Hebrews were accustomed to Persons give every possible demonstration of grief." The same funeral lamentations were carried on among Dr. xxiii. saw the He minstrels and the people making a noise. and instruments at to play on Accordingly. It was a law that no one was allowed to hold land among them. alphabet. in the ancient inhabitants of Britain. even to their tenth generation. his Biblical Cyclopaedia.

) 1. of all their princes according to the house of their fathers. and take of every one of them : a rod according to the house of their fathers. " Speak unto the children of Israel. 387 the sixteenth century. Here are copies of writing as found in Ireland upon sticks : H >)V|> A H/JI KIA^QI HQK ^o M IF O fl.DRU1DISM. The history says the Cymry had those letters for ages of ages. saying." : . xvii. and is clearly traced to the people of Israel (Num. twelve rods write thou every man's name upon his rod. "And the Lord spake unto Moses. "STVt SPECIMENS OF ANCIENT WRITINGS ON STICKS. All this has an Hebrew origin.

And when the children of thy people shall speak unto thee. " And the sticks whereon thou writest shall be in thine hand be- fore their eyes. also Jacob's stick (Gen. 15. and for the children of Israel his companions take another stick. The stick of Elisha is also named. who appeared to the Hebrews in the land of Israel. the stick of Ephraim. and make them one stick. or to suppose He could be confined within the walls of a temple. and the twelve rods. Angles. The Cymry. Baalam's stick also." Their speaker stood upon a The stone was called Carrag-lafai. and the stick of Judah. "Moreover. "The stick of Israel declareth untothem. the Governor of All Things. Thus saith the Lord God Behold. For Judah. and David's (2 Kinga xxxii. and write upon it. take thee one stick. or stick of Moses. the Searcher into Concealed Things. the Supreme. and for all the house of Israel his companions " And join them one to another into one stick and they shall become one in thine hand. in the eye of the light. " ing. and write upon then it. and the stick of Ephraim. say. thou son of man. Again (Ezekiel "The word of the : : . Jutes and Danes gave very clear indications of their Israelitish origin in their profound knowledge of the Great First Cause. as they said. the Living One. 29). even with the stick of Judah. or sticks of the princes of the tribes. : xxxvii. and the tribes of Israel his fellows. Of this glorious Being they held it was impious to make any visible representation. the Awful Being. 12.) Lord came again unto me. the Ya-veh. iv." Here we have the rod. and they shall be one in mine hand. 10) . Saxons. They fully believed in the incarnation of this Supreme One. For Joseph. the Ancient.388 ANGLO-ISRAEL. which is in the hand of Ephraim. Wilt thou not shew us what thou meanest by these ] "Say unto them. . the Unchangeable. and will put them with him. or speaking. The religious services of the Druids were held in " In the face of the sun and the open air. stone in a circle. or image. saying. I will take the stick of Joseph." or is a witness unto them.stone. Hoseaiv. whom they called the Eternal.

a burning wheel before his breast. the Ineffable One. 389 They had incarnations. They were indeed worshippers of idols. and from the names of those deities we derived the names of those days. they taught that the fire must never go out. and to the worship of these great attention was paid. holding. The idols which our Saxon ancestors worshipped were comparatively few in number yet. that they represented the chief deities of those nations with whom they came in contact in their western Of these there were seven. KIL-DOIRE. or lesser gods were made to assume a definite form. The first and principal idol was the sun the glorious luminary of the day. though few. of those sacred groves of oak. It was a beautiful Baal was the great idea. The secondary. with arms outstretched. young in years. SAXON RELIGION.DRUIDISM. Kildare Israel they had their sacred groves. answering to migrations. the seven days in our week. taken from Baal worship. Temples were consecrated and priests devoted to them. With Moses. set upon a beautiful pillar. looking over the body of light and flame upon his worshippers. or Kil-daragh the word means the burying-place of the oaks. It is represented like the bust of a man. while the Great First Cause. we find our Saxon ancestors were idolaters. Coming down the stream of time and looking nearer home. With sun-god . It would not be amiss in our day if our churches would see to it that the sacred fire was never to go out. They made arrangements that enabled them to keep the sacred fire always alive. must not be represented by any graven image. we find . THE SUN. Like was one . picture or likeness. At this place they had a vault for the inextinguishable fire. or human representations of their chief deities. of all the our Israelitish ancesEast. The name in Irish is Kil-doire.

and had been blessed with so many victories and such vast He is sometimes called Oden. Tuisco was the great grandson of Noah son of Japheth. and fury to his enemies he was the son of G-od. On her head is a kind of hood. the supreme wealth. holding a kingly He is standing upon a sceptre in his right hand. and our forefathers in the west of Europe used to worship her. The next the moon was worshipped on our Monday. a delight and joy. bare arms holding the full moon in her arms. the spouse or wife of the sun. came west. His day was our Suntime day. dressed with the skin of an animal. TUISCO. looking at her worshippers. . the dispenser of happiness to his friends. All our Saxon ancestors had a most tender regard for Tuisco. . Woden. The Germans have claimed the name Teutch. fine-looking forehead. like our skates.ANGLO-ISRAEL. you name our Sabbath-day Sunday Every are reminded of our great. great grandyou tors the sun-god fathers' principal deity. was the third day in the week. the All-Father---the same as Eden. under his generalship and direction that they had been led from their own land in the East. from which comes Dutch. finely wrought with the chisel. Tuisco is represented as an old man. The second day in the week was called Moons-day. In Solomon's day the moon was worshipped as the Queen of Heaven. a It was divine person was esteemed the god of war. THE MOON. plainly dressed. He is represented and deified as the father and ruler In course of time he was of the Teutonic race. our Tuesday. Earth. great luminary was the moon. long beard. curly hair. She is represented as a woman a little above medium height. which are often mistaken for horns a kind of sandal turned up at the toe. . great. by whom the north of Europe was peopled. with on her feet ears. as the son of the regarded WODEN. Tuetch-day pedestal.

Friday. divinity. On her day. all You will please remember the names of these deities. in which posterity of families the seven leading kingdom traced sixtyIt was something of which their pedigree to him. your grandmothers would be forever proud. and week. or. in his right hand His palace excelled the home of is a regal sceptre. She was the Friga. a . The exploits of this deity form the greatest part of the mythological creed of the northern nations. most revered among the northern nations. and his achievements are magnified beyond all credibility. THOE. bare arms and bare limbs. long flowing beard. FEEA. enter on any great enterprise. in which were set twelve bright burnished golden stars. His day for worship was the fifth day of the pillars. adorned with a circle in front. Thor. they Friga . chest and body . standing upon a square pedestal (all the others are The principal families regarded Woden as round). She was the wife of Woden and the mother of Thor. was the eldest and bravest son of Woden. and a sword in his right He is hair. He was the same He is represented as Jupiter among the Romans. with a shield of gold in his a fiery eye. was known as Thors-day. thunder. our Thursday. our crown or helmet with sparkling . and was esteemed one of the greatest gods among the Danes and Saxons. in Dutch.DRUWISM. it was not thought lucky to pop the question to your lady-love. as sitting on a throne. From his name comes our word thonder. stars upon his head a coat of mail protecting his shoulders. 391 He is seen as a soldier clad in armor. with a crown of gold on his head. light complexion. to commence a journey. the root or stock from whence they sprung. The fouith day of the week is called Wodens-day. the goddess of beauty. Wednesday. and I have a very gloried in being descended from him. The day must was devote themselves worshipped. curly left hand. to get married. or Frea. the of of ancient genealogy Woden. dunder. It was built upon five hundred and forty all the gods.

Thor. spoke to their of their origin and intent mounds had a purpose subjects. but every vestige of it has disappeared.. in 1884 " So soon as the baggage was taken to the hotel. with a linen girdle. Ascending these tumuli. a loose flowing scarf thrown round her person. in hi . an old man clothed in white linen. These are mounds fifty-eight feet high. These ancient similar to that of the pyramids. Buckley says. of matchless beauty and perfecentirely to her honor. a vessel. ignorant of their origin. lined with slabs of polished Its brass. or Assize Hill. "They are named after the three Scandinavian gods. Excavations have been made twice within the last thirty years. They adored her under the figure of an hermaphrodite. they worship her still. would be struck with their roundness and similarity. and two hundred and twenty-five feet in diameter. right hand full of rose" flowers and fruits. She was the being equally the goddess of both sexes. procuring a carriage we went three miles to old Upsala." ' ' SEATER. and Freyr. She was represented as a lady erowned with a beautiful crown. Venus of the Greeks. The traveller. and would tax his brain to imagine what natural force had so fashioned them. the perch lying upon a beautiful vase his head uncovered. built by a very different people with a very different mythology. Unconsciously. Near them is the hill called the Tingshog. down to G-ustavus Yasa. standing upon a pedestal. about forty feet high. and standing on the Assize Hill. call tion. from which all the kings. Once there stood here the ancient pagan temple. I felt that I was in the presence of that which Ossian says still hovers Spirit of the past among the ruins of its achievements. Dr. chief interest now is in the three Tumuli of the Kings. GAMLA UPSALA. Seater is represented as standing in his bare feet upon the prickly back of a perch. in his . and rooms were secured. many who Even in our day there are her day unlucky. Odin. Rev. and ample evidence : found.892 ANGLO-ISRAEL. like a pail .

" so that it can safely be affirmed that the Welshmen on the isles of the west never changed the name of their God. they taught that He presented Himself to the human mind in a triple aspect of Creator. The most remarkable features of Druidism were those which fitted it to be a preparation of the people of the Western Isles for the reception of the Gospel. priests and followers of Druidism. Strange to say. high festivals in all the west to the prayer of na'd gamwaith. as to the past as and or to the as BenovaConserver Saviour. it preached the most familiar name of its glorious Gospel to the bards. They had from patriarchal times worshipped God under the name of the " Coming One. To these seven deities the seven days of our week were specially devoted. that when Christianity. credit of the Welsh people that they and their forefathers never worshipped any god but Yesu. the god of the Assyrians Illus. or Latin form it It is to the still retains the pure Druid. and his power over them. present." or. . one imported to the west. denoting the revolutions of the seasons. Cronus. . the through apostles and early converts. This was the Trinity tor. of the Arabians Dagon. whose real mystery. for to the whole system of the Druids there was no name at all equal to the name of Yesu. aspects they . It is : .DRUIDISM. while believing that the essence of the Supreme Being was pure mental light. our Saturday. Jesus was no new name to these Welshmen. viewed Jehovah. prevent evil." They had opened their " IESU. "0 Jesu. the language of the Cymry. the name Jesus has never assumed its Greek. In these three Yesu.Creator to the future. of the Philistines Cannes. Y-e-s-u. name and nature were an ineffable worthy of note. This representation was in part. under the direction of their priests. In the Welsh language. . the god of the Phoenicians Alia. or re. in unity as taught by the Druids. The original idea was an eastern of the Babylonians. . left 393 hand he held a wheel. preached Jesus as God. The seventh day was called Seater's daeg.

I will betroth in righteousness. "And it shall be at that day. and speak comfortably unto her.394 ANGLO-ISRAEL. ye the Lord. It is difficult to account for a western religion hav- ing its gods. and in judgment. "Therefore. names of Baalim out of her mouth. . its sacrifices. post offices. music and song. r from " Waa-alsh. Simeon shall dwell alone. its ritual all resembling an eastern religion. Prophecy must be fulfilled to the letter. behold. how came they to have the religion of God's people so largely interwoven with the prevailing religion of the East ? comes How that temples and towers. which in many respects is a branch of the Hebrew. I will betroth thee unto me for ever . valleys and cemeteries. The Welsh through the ages. and a Hebrew religion in the western isles. separated from his brethren. all tell us of a Hebrew race. that thou shalt call me Ishi . the farthest off isles ? Now. The other tribes of Israel were far gone in idolatry while Simeon kept aloof from them and held firmly by the old faith. If our ancestors were Gentiles. as They worshipped God Every classical scholar Jesu before Jesu came. yea." There we find him alone. its priests." wanderers have separate schools. its festivals. and in mercies. church and college. saith the Lord. prophecy beautifully Lord said (Hosea ii. down to this day. and bring her into the wilderness. I will allure her. rocks and hills. a Hebrew language.) fulfilled. : Speaking of Israel. and in lovingkindness. " Praise as the prophet had said. separate churches. It is recorded of Simeon "In the latter days." . " I will even betroth thee unto me in faithfulness and thou shalt And thee unto me : know the Lord. and no more be remembered by their name. it fell upon congenial soil. and shalt call me no " For I will take away the they shall " more Baali. the 14. on any other principle than the AngloIsrael theory. Separate from their brethren on that little island. rites and customs. known as the isles of Tarshish the western isles." Israel has long since forgotten Baal and his worship. When Christianity was first preached in Britain. printing presses. Jesu was no new name to the Welshman. a separate language. its doctrines and economy. knew that that was a fact. in all this we see it .

the stones the stone shall cry out of the wall. " For f the timber shall answer it. the 1 1. 23. and ii. ! " Oh that my words were now written We are found as the MR. if LUKE would immediately cry xix. posterity ofJoseph were to be found. tracing the Anglo-Saxon race back. printed in a book ! oh that they were That they were graven with an iron pen " and lead in the rock for ever ! JOB xix. beam out " And he answered and said unto them." that. to the borders of the Caspian Sea." HABAKKUK these should hold their peace. And it is worthy of remark that the English race. eastward. 40. in whom is so remarkably fulfilling the destiny of Ephraim. and in the name of the Redeemer of Israel.AECH^OLOGY. also with natural and providential blessings as promised to our fathers. blessed through the cross. ROBERT MIMPRESS SAYS. in which neighborhood our Israelitish ancestors were located by the Assyrians. I tell you out." " . came from the Our best historians very quarter where Ephraim was lost.


In order to interest and profit. The testia change of written documents undergo mony may from fraud or accident. It is. No better evidence can be desired to establish a fact. There are others. on your part. compel me rather to appeal to your judgment and your understanding. it is because the theme I am to discuss. which. or to settle a date. enable the lecturer. their character. than that of a monument erected by It settles the question of a historipublic authority. landscape of our play. however. so that if I make few appeals to your fancy or imagination. if disposed. are again. my . which suggestive like summer over the lightning. and its surroundings. subject of marble and of granite to permit of any of these. there must be. and yet I trust that it will prove both interesting and profitable. It is neither poetic nor brilliant. from their very nature. to indulge in bursts of oratory. and takes precedence of every other kind of document. ECHOES FBOM THE BOCKS. that attention which you never fail to give to lectures.FIFTH LECTURE. and few persons would be disposed to question a statement or a date found on one. or in nights of fancy. my hope and trust that before the HERE my . in this lecture is too full But thought. by and of those flashes of wit humor. are some subjects which. cal fact. or it is liable to corruption or variation but the stone monument carries conviction at once.

and to assure us of the truth of those sublime prophecies spoken by holy men of old to tell us in these later times that wonderful history of Israel and their patriarchal fathers of Israel and her probationary era of Israel and the time of her rejection the period of her indemnification and restoration that as we read of Israel in her mysterious past. There are those in our day who would fain blow out the precious glimmer of that classic lamp.398 ANGLO-ISRAEL. a light unto our feet and a lamp unto our path. at the time when mitred abbots. That little lamp has been rekindled. that. in order to bear witness to the truth of our Holy Bible. derful present. and with those fruits and flowers of contemplation and knowledge which we have gathered up by the way. croziered eccle- . It was a beautiful idea that influenced men. we might have an unshaken hope in her glorious future. . and by its light the learned men of our day have been reading the inscriptions of obelisks. and temples." For some years the Sacred Scriptures have been placed in the crucible by tests of character as severe &s they were unexpected. to place a lamp in the tomb with the earthly remains of their dear departed friends. if not with each other. by a well-ordered Providence. . tombs. We regret to say that much of that opposition to the truth has come from the very men who ought to have been foremost in the defence of the Bible. that in the far distant future they might have its light to illuminate their path to a glorious immortality. her won. that have been for five-and-twenty centuries imprisoned in mother earth. at least with the extensive fields of thought over which we shall have wandered. These valuable records spring from the prison-house of the past as if glad to come. and more. they would even attempt to damp and dim the " to be light of the luminary which Grod has given us. audience and the lecturer part company. when the world was young. It has so happened. we shall be satisfied. and of the sacred truths that Bible teaches.

. siastics. would shake our confidence in the Book of Genesis. and the fall of the tree of life the expulsion from the garden the deluge the ark the tower of Babel the dispersion of our race all confirm the simpler. grander and more reasonable account given us in the Book of Genesis so the wellread and well-attested stone records of ancient Egypt . while very many of these inscriptions confirm the sacred history. science and nature. . . Hincks. The too hasty conclusions of immature science led many persons of weak faith. Layard. : testify of the great historical facts given in Bible an echo. but which has now found a tongue. . Talbot. The antiquities of Egypt have often been explored with a view to impeach the accuracy of the inspired Word but we rejoice that it is our privilege to affirm. just as the inscriptions of Assyrian kings and courtiers bear witness to the fidelity of the Bible narratives. in that land of ten thousand inscriptions. . Foster. . were most successfully at work bringing up from the mouldy tombs of ancient empires the most striking and satisfactory proof of those historical Scriptures. in the rapid strides they were making. years ago. Grotefend. and is now speaking in distinct tones to the listening ear of science and theology in all Bible lands. . . and of the doctrines that were impugned. Rawlinson. especially of geology and astronomy. betraying their trust and selling their Master. a single line or word to cast a doubt upon one statement of Holy Writ. Judas-like. all proclaim the most confirmatory testimony of the veracity and authenticity of the Holy Scriptures.ARCHEOLOGY. and furnished ample evidence that the heavens and the earth. to fear lest the deductions of science. Loftus. were. 399 and titled dignitaries. of which they are a traditional echo mute for long chiliads. that there is not. story. Moreover. and others. but deeper draughts in the fountain of knowledge have swept away from those timid ones the last fragment of fear. on the highest authority. and as the Babylonian tradition of the ere ation. Genesis and geology.

and . Secondly. the names of over two hundred persons and places that are named in the Bible. must becylinder. first. The chief value of those speaking rocks is on account of the remarkable agreement between them and the historical portions of the Bible. To look into those tombs and temples. faith. by different authors. the business of this hour. were the heritage of our forefathers hundreds of years before the days of Moses. speaks. alone. contemporaneous history written from different standpoints. . to prove the credibility of the Holy Scriptures in the historic books which have been the object of so much attack from the enemy. to establish from the most ancient documents in existence outside the Holy Scriptures. flower. mound and monument. tide They had the dawn of the day. we have the noonThey had the bud. They syncronize as to dates and proper names in a most They are national records of extraordinary degree. object is. and that the hopes they enkindled in us and in our children were enkindled and sustained in the most remote civilization in the universe moreover. and sphinx. and yet each in a most marked manner confirmatory Thus we fijid on the rocks in Egypt of the other. to listen attentively to those obelisks and sphinxes. blown the memory No nation ever took such pains to live in of posterity as did those Egyptians.400 ANGLO-ISRAEL. and by them at best but dimly My . That voice comes to us from pillar. we have the fullsplendor. and obelisk. as well as several marked events wrought out in bas-relief in speaking marble. tablet. seen. that those great and glorious doctrines necessary to the religious and' moral life of man. tomb and temple. appealing directly to the understandand as it ing through the universal language of art and confirms it commands our our confidence. that the rich inheritance we have of gospel doctrinesand principles is only a grand development of that revelation made known in type and symbol to our race at a very early day. and for different objects.

for instead of leaving the bodies of their friends to crumble " dust to dust. : " In that day shall there be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt. and temples they erected will perpetuate the memory of those mighty men until the time shall come of which Isaiah speaks (xix. " And the Lord shall smite Egypt . or to those who were their successors. and Karnak. and shall heal them. 7). and a pillar at the border thereof to the Lord.) 19.ARCHAEOLOGY. Bsneh. of actions. in the Trinity in unity. and On. 401 none of any nation was more worthy of that life. and the Egyptians shall know the Lord in that day. " And it shall be for a sign and for a witness unto the Lord of hosts in the land of Egypt for they shall cry unto the Lord because of the oppressors. x. nor were " That while the inhabitants they apes. he shall smite and heal it and they shall return even to the Lord. 14 Deut. and Philea. and Luxor. Those people believed in God. " And the Lord shall be known to Egypt. Terah. Melchisedek. Beuel. 23 When Hebrew . in His unity and spirituality. I do not allude to the people whom Moses found there. and shall do sacrifice and oblation . led out of Egypt long before the days of Moses . Gibbon says. Abimelech was one of their kings. ii. and he shall be intreated of them. and who erected the statue of Memnon and Pompey's pillar and Cleopatra's needles were not troglodites. and they sought to stamp an immortality on the human body. in the immortality of the soul they also believed in the immortality of ix. whom God blood. yea they shall vow a vow unto the Lord. Pythom and Barneses. . and he shall deliver them." The monuments." : : I speak of the men who stamped ancient with Egypt glory. Thebes. Amos negotiated. Edfou. and he shall send them a saviour. including Greece. the Egyptians had attained to a high degree of civilization and luxury. they were the children of Heth (Gen." and " ashes to ashes. were involved in babarism. and a great one. and perform it. they were of the same language and religion as Abram. of Europe. With them Abram deeds. Job." they embalmed them in such a way 26 . . tombs. Jethro. The noble men who built the Jeezeh Pyramid. etc. and Memphis. I refer to those men of noble birth and of I speak of the Caphtorims.

compounded with man. figures "in the heavens above." plow. the living echo of which comes to us from the grave. In this way we have the manners. The characters in which they are written are called hieroglyphics. It is true of them mummy they being dead yet speaketh. a throne for royalty. laws. and in others an ideal or imaginative idea then the character was a sj^mbol thus an CD was put for seeing. from hieros. and in the waters under the earth. As we examine those tombs we see the them.402 A. or the loom. not only in history and song. compound and complex the writers used griffins. but in speaking pictures from real life. or the tools of every trade carved on the tomb of the party who was buried there. birds and beasts. phoenixes. The primary intention in this mode of writing was to express the object to the eye. and in the earth beneath. The receptacles in which the remains of their dead were deposited were very unlike those of other nations. a cat. that. for instead of graveyards. ." Those pictures are profusely illustrated by inscriptions of various forms and in different languages and dialects . customs. a symthese characters bolic character or picture-writing represent men and animals. \GLO-ISRA EL. the spinning-wheel. or dog for the deities they : . as to defy corruption. the reposed in an apartment of polished marble brilliantly painted and carved with all the scenes of its own past In an important sense " their works do follow history. sphinxes. represented. : " and even fishes. birds and beasts. and to the mind through the In some cases it was used to denote the actual eye. and an ox. To us it seems strange that men. trades. insects and plants. and religion of Egypt. a sceptre for a king. and are often so numerous as to cover the entire obelisk or monument. they are painted and carved in the stone." They are simple. the hammer and the chisel. as in our own day we gaze upon the very form of one who lived and loved 3000 years ago. or cemeteries. and gluphos. object represented. thus preserving a record of his calling and employment. and we know how well they succeeded. even of an inferior .

It says : " How Makes gods mad with superstition grown of monsters. as they. and they made this self-existing frog a deity." It must be remembered always that the Egyptians attributed to God different names and forms. and his temper. nation. From nothing they saw a little something." " The Pliny says. These idolaters had heard from the Caphtorims or others of the self. soon noticed that from the wiggler there came the frog. accord- . but too well is known. It was not the sound of the flute. and the calf Aaron made was only a young ox the symbol of The hawk was the symbol of height and patience. his patience. all Egypt declared that he must die. and worship kinds of things. or the harp. Eyptians swore by the onions. and in looking round for an emblem of a sleepless protector. and they worship him.existing God.A RCH&OLOG K race. a real live a croaker that could croak as well as any lukefrog warm professor. ful The people had heard by some means of a watchProvidence. GOD'S MANY. or Jethro. sure. Each clove of garlic has a sacred power. and to them in their blindness and darkness the frog seemed to be the very best thing they knew of to convey the idea of a self-existing God. was an offence against all law to hurt a cat. and having lost his sleep. Justice had its representative in the crocodile. It was music of another key. They saw patience and goodness in the ox. Once on a time pussy became rather musical to please a Roman soldier. they thought of an animal like a faithful dog. in their warm climate. Job. 'Tis mortal sin an onion to devour Egypt. 403 all would have such deities. saw wigglers in the water. depth. and killed the cat. Religious Where every garden is o'errun with gods. or the Scotch bagpipes. in one of his satires. and blest abodes. the Creator. had no doubt taught that doctrine. . Juvenal. or Abraham. and hence they make the dog a reverend deity.

Minerva. and Apollo the Osiris Tyrians had Bel. Logos. mysterious one. As the Eternal. is found deeply imbedded in the EgypGod supreme tian thought. and Love the Persians had Oromazes. Now. quotation is taken from a granite slab in Egypt. Thammuz. He had one name as the Creator. ing to the aspects and attributes to which they desired to give prominence. O . . another. Egypt had Phtah. and a separate ritual his for own each temple. We which we call Agathos." beautiful This declaration of the one God reminds us of the words recorded in the Scriptures. each of these . and Psyche . . and their son and mediIn all these we see the glorious docator. The names and forms of God were multiplied indefinitely. . gods had priests its own capital city and temple. and the Greeks. Ammon.404 ANGLO-ISRAEL. Amour. with a translation divinity . The doctrine of a one trine of the Trinity in unity. another and as Redeemer and Judge. while under each of these names and forms God in His infinity remained always the same. Mythras. and Adonis the Chaldeans had Power. . " Hear. . He had another as Preserver. Understanding. and worship." The learned in all ages had an idea of a triplicity in the Supreme. : " The One who alone is : there is of him no second. and may be read on public monuments The following as well as in more private records. the three are one. ought never to confound these three principles of nature with the three forms of supreme God. It was also found in the ancient Greek on the papyrus. The following is a true specimen. the hidis enveloped in an impenetrable veil. whose image " Plato says. Mythra. Jupiter. which was removed to the library in Paris years ago. but they believed in one They fully recognized the den one.

Sokair. and no mortal has ever yet removed the veil This seems like the distant echo of that covers me. made it not with His hands but with His Word. which Word emanates from the great intelligence. . and it reads thus shall be. has been. . : : ^a 1 " Giving utterance to the <=i a ni 1121: Word. united in one and called Phtah-Sokair-Osiris.ARCH&OLOG Y. He is oun-nofre. . a name Of this three-one God very often found in Egypt. the heavens are in peace through celestial space. exist tlie gods. In this He is represented' as the God who reveals His word to man. the following is an inscription the name Phtah. the 405 Lord our God is one Lord. "the word of truth. . . His rowers are in gladness." " I am the Alpha and the Omega. and the redeemer and judge." They further say of that deity. at Sais "I am all that is. it speaks of a threefold existence united in one. Israel. They term it. greatness of loves. There is an inscription upon a statue of Isis." There is also another inscription of Him." The method of denoting the Trinity is very expressive ." They say that He who made this world. . the provider. and is the Son of God . His graces in the north all hearts are transported with His beauty when He traverses. greatly beloved ." . They gave creator. and these three are Osiris. the : " The good God. which I must here produce. the good being that His love is in the south.

the Egyptians give to Osiris. and. Any careful student of their will be struck with the analogy existing in mythology the Osirian teaching. The first hope that God gave to our first parents was in the promise of a coming Yaveh. Here are a few hieroglyphics. The same attributes and works that we ascribe to Yaveh.406 ANGLO-ISRAEL. they say Osiris rose and reigns for evermore. is There tor much said iii nature and work of the Redeemer Egyptian literature on the the mighty libera- and avenger of His people's wrongs. the hour of his death was the hour of his greatest victory. and for Osiris as for Jesus. like Jesus. Jesus. which beautifully illustrate the writing of ancient Egypt : A .

and often interlined and rudely formed. 407 hieroglyphics are too much crowded. as a reasonable apology for our oriental scribes. John D. It is copied correctly from a tombstone in the Quaker State. dom Here of heaven. and of such is the king. "Battle of Shiloh. In a cemetery in Ohio. He was shot with his own pistell it was not of the new kind. " In memory of John Smith. and the misplacing of a comma makes complete nonsense of our composition. have curious specimens of penmanship in our own day. we condemn our own countrymen. 1862.ARCHAEOLOGY. An example or two may not be out of place. L. as post-office and printers can testify. We. and then pass on." In California. it reads. and an excuse for some confusion of words found in our version of those inscriptions. but an old-fashioned brass barrell. too." are the signatures of seven of the great ones : of those days VJV PTOLEMY lest SERLNICE CLEOPATRA ALEXANDRA CAMBYSES PSAMMITICHUS' We must not be too severe on our Egyptian scribes. I give one more specimen. we find an epitaph as antiquated as any that comes to us from the eastern' lands. who met a wierilent death near this spot 18 hundred and 40 two. was . near Cincinnati. April 6th. The want of proper punctuation often destroys the sense. This one may serve as a sample of the way engravers of epitaphs jumble up things that were to be kept apart. George James who came to this city and died for the benefit clerks of his health. you may " Here lies see a tombstone which reads thus.

in its simplicity. Sublime sorrow. or out of it. and in spite of his reproaches he was conscious of his innocence. It is full of allusions to the life and times of Egypt. as he said. ! is nothing written. All men's book! It is well we have It is our first. and the study of the inscriptions of Egypt.) 1. " The wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at rest. born March. : " How t long will ye vex my soul. I think. we may not be too severe on the engravers of three thousand years ago. here in this earth. as the world with its seas and stars lines . must always go together. oldest choral melody as of the heart of mankind so soft and great as the summer There midnight. in the town of West Dresden. Where. "Apart from all theories about it.408 ANGLO-ISRAEL. I call the Book of Job one of the grandest things ever written with the pen." After reading a few such inscriptions in our own language and our own country. and from under the shadow of his misfortunes he looked away to the life to come. oldest statement of the never-ending Man's destiny and God's ways with him problem. Carlyle says. Its study." Job was overwhelmed by the weight of his misfortunes and the reproaches of his miserable comforters. A noble book. And all in such free-flowing out- grand in its sincerity. he burst forth like a torrent (xix. in the Bible. where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at rest. JOB. worthy your notice that in the Book of a fine epitome of that doctrinal truth Job. and after listening to a long out-pouring of eloquent imagery. its epic Such living melody and repose of reconcilement. ." where after death he would meet with a powerful Deliverer and Bedeeiner. of equal literary merit. sublime reconciliation. believed by the Egytians of that age. and break me in pieces with words \ . The Book of Job is a most extraordinary production. State of New York. likenesses were never since drawn. 1832. 26th. "Then Job answered and said.

he himself. O ye my friends ." that Why ! ! ! Here gold. yet in my flesh shall I see God. 'tis true. But away in the outlying records of a remote antiquity. and even the very same words made use of in a number of forms and in different ways. in which the bodies of their dead were swathed. times to compare with it. or fine linen of Egypt. in the stone monuments found in the chambers of the dead. JOB'S CONFIDENCE. here we have a copy of that love-feast experience. have pity upon me. as it may be seen in the sacred characters in the rock The method my : " This glorious spirit. on the byssus. There you have a glorious confession of faith found. but the very same expressions. that they were graven with an iron pen. and without anything like it in all the writings of Moses or the There is nothing anywhere in those early prophets. and laid in the rock for ever. and lead in the rock for ever that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth . we have not only the . Have pity upon me. we have the No grander monumental inscription can be man. in his flesh." . " that words were written in a book. : 409 " These ten times have ye reproached me ye are not ashamed ye make yourselves strange to me. and are not satisfied with my me. a beautiful testimony. and though after my skin wjrms destroy this body. we find it on the rolls of the papyrus. Hear him. for the hand of God hath touched do ye persecute me as God." Well. of graving in the rock was evidently the habit in the times of Job. he sees (God). in one sublime sentence more golden than doctrine of the immortality of same grand sentiment. flesh 1 Oh that my words were now written oh that they were That they were graven with an iron pen and printed in a book For I know that my Redeemer liveth. hence so many allusions to it.ARCHEOLOGY. or cut in the granite walls of tombs and temples. isolated.

sure. 33-35). I am inspiring utterance in any language. and to the employment of attorneys-at-law (ix. " a river horse (Job xl. a to magistrates and judges. " was a crime to be punished by the judges." That echo sounds very much like the voice of the New Testament. These were common inscriptions placed over and in the tombs of those who had found favor in the eyes of the great God and Judge. and this Job informs us. those boats were made of the papyrus. have here. avenger of the oppressed one. Our boatmen with their paper skiffs may have found a champion in Egypt 3000 the Nile horse. and most No one. too. There. There we read of " the name of under behemoth. Even Job himself could not have a more worthy sentiment upon his rock-hewn tomb. another Hebrew word. and so the declaration carved upon the marble. and to indictment in writing. and stars. while have forsaken sleep their spirits rejoice in the presence of God most high. of that we that the beauties of the fully appreciate country. There crocodile. Book of Job. or light boats or vessels they used in running their races. 15of the Egyptian pihemot. loftiest. the diseases to which the people were subject. There we find allusions to the large animals of the desert climate. or hippoyears ago.410 ANGLO-ISRAEL. moon. we find frequent allusion to civil courts. In the ninth chapter we read of the paper boats. Job knew that he could count upon the never-failing Goel. who hears the original can doubt the echo. become acquainted with the rocky records We . ." the Hebrew potamus. it is only as we : . It is very remarkable. 24). too." In the eighth chapter we have reference to the Nile grass under the well known Egyptian name. It is the noblest. that on every page almost of the Book of Job we see a thorough familiarity with Egyptian and Arabian life indeed." have the we the leviathan. the storms of the country of Arabia. On another marble slab in the same locality we find " The bodies which the following inscription they shall in their sepulchres. The only form of idolatry referred to is the worship of the sun.

' We : ' ' : . son teachable in God's service will be happy in consequence of his obedience.' constantly find I honored my inscriptions on the tombs such as the following I taught little chilfather and my mother. 2). A ' ' as children are nowadays taught their catechism. Osiris. he will find favor.) 11. earliest appearance of the essence of vi. it gave witness to me : : : " Because I delivered the poor that cried. and say : ' privily done evil to my neighbors. nor . I loved my brothers. Some of them are of local interest only. dating 3000 B. and plucked the spoil out of his teeth. Job speaks of himself thus (xxix.ARCH&OLOG Y.C. 41 1 chapter on mining. but most belong to the eternal laws of right and wrong Men we're taught from childhood." : : : him that had none to help him.' This is the ' first commandment with promise (Eph. no doubt alluding to the mining works of Sinai. dren. in clothes to the naked. Disobedience is hated by God.' The moral code of the Egyptians was exceedingly elaborate. that they must I have not appear in the presence of the Divine Judge. and it clothed me my judgment was as a robe and a diadem.' 110 years of age to a young friend which form the most ancient book in the world. finding the veins of silver and gold. and to perish came unto me and I caused the widow's heart to sing for joy." of the of the early Egyptians says religion speaking : " The honor due to parents sprang naturally from the belief in God as Our Father which art in heaven. then it blessed me and when tho eye saw me. the obedience to God and man which was the Hebraism. God loves obedience. The obedience of a son maketh glad the heart of his father. " I put on righteousness. " And I brake the jaws of the wicked. written on the tables of the heart. in obedience to a general custom where a good man is commended to his Judge. It consisted of forty-two commandments or heads under which all sins might be classed. These " There is no fault in are the words. and The Fortnightly Review. he will grow to be old. " I was father to the poor and the cause which I knew not I searched out. and feet was I to the lame. him. I have not afflicted any. he gave bread to the hungry. he says The obedience of a docile son is a blessing. "When the ear heard me. This code was the ideal placed before men on earth . " The blessing of him that was ready Now we find the very same words engraven on the rock forever. I took care of orphans as though they had been my own In letters of excellent advice addressed by an old man of children. and the fatherless. and water to the thirsty. " I was eyes to the blind. it was the standard of perfection according to which they would be judged in heaven.

let not any This treaty was engraven for the crime be set up against him.): 'Wandering I wandered and was hungry. I did not prefer the rich to the poor. : .) out of a whirlwind. . I have not been idle. morever. and they chant the words 'There is no fault in him. he sheltered the outcast. But their commandments were On the tombs we find the common positive as well as negative. drink to the thirsty. I have not done what is hateful to the gods. Save not thine own life at the cost of another. No accuser riseth up against him. I have not calumniated the slave to his master. let him be not smitten to the death moreover. " I have formula given bread to the hungry. he gave bread to the hungry. his chilsafety dren. bread was set before me I fled from the land naked. there was given me fine linen. the Lord speaks to Job (xxxviii. in the feet . : On maltreat her not. This tenderness for humanity is characteristic of the nation. 1 have not stolen.' In the lamentations at funerals the mourners see the deceased entering the presence of the Divine Judge.' On a .' Khetan prince on a silver tablet. himself. clothes to the naked. reads I have not oppressed any widow. When there were years of famine I had my fields plowed. He succored the afflicted. with the truth he nourisheth himself. and a Khetan <-xtraditionary treaty. Let your wife find in you her protector . his wives. In a volume of maxims we read 4 Maltreat not an inferior.412 caused any to weep.C. I gave the widow equal portions with the married. The last clause provides that political fugitives are to be ju-ince. he was a father to the fatherless. there is an allusion to the erection of the great pyramid. years afterward. The gods are satisfied with all that he hath done.C. I have not committed adultery. to whom 'all judgment was committed. In the truth he liveth. No one died of hunger.' This was the principle of the final judgment announced by the Son of Man. I have not committed murder. his doors were open to the stranger.' And so on. I have not told lies.. so that there was no hungry person.C. water to the thirsty. When . with the following humane provision for their personal l Whoever shall be delivered up. clothes to the naked.' some 4000 : : . A NGLO-ISRA EL. I have not done any wicked thing. I gave food to the inhabitants. No prisoner languished in my days.' the tomb of a man at El Kalb (2500 B. sent back. in the mouth. The object of this address was to convince Job of his incompetency to judge of God's doings in His moral government and as the measures of the pyramid . Gratefully does a man acknowledge in his autobiography (2500 B. written about 2500 B. ' ' : wall of the Temple of Karnak there is sculptured the earliest known It is between Rameses II. let him not suffer in the eyes.' An inscription on a tomb at Beni-Hassan.) it is recorded that he " ' never left home with anger in his heart. shelter to the stranger. suffering among the hills of Palestine.' It is a glory to a man that The poor shall make their moan at the door of his tomb.

stone of the pyramid laid on amidst songs and jubilations. He uses an earthly type to represent a heavenly reality. Many of these erroneous teachThe student ings also found a place on the rocks. There can be no doubt that Job had the true faith and worship of God. come down to us The more modern Egyptians had that faith and worship greatly adulterated and compounded with innumerable errors. will be able to discriminate the early records made . " Job.ARCHEOLOGY. as say our English and French surveyors. and Melchisedek. 413 were determined by means of a line stretched upon the base rock. and as the corner-stones were sunk in sockets. and the Lord uses the known to illustrate the unknown. Job was contemporary with the illustrious architect who drew the plan and laid the line upon it and it would seem that he saw the foundation of the pyramid laid and the top stone put on. Shem. . present. as enjoyed by Noah. and the person spoken to. are understood as both being . Job. saw the corner-stones sunk in the sockets but whereupon are the foundations of the earth fastened? declare as thou knowest. . Abraham. and all the sons of God shouted for joy ?" This appeal from God to Job gives beauty and power to the language used when the speaker. when the morning stars sang together. . but where were you when the topstone of the earth was laid. and that those grand doctrines were preserved in their simplicity and purity by those That the inscriptions we pastoral tribes of Shem. You saw the top. but where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth ? You saw the but measures laid upon the rock for that building who laid the measures of the earth. now find full of a lofty sentiment and a pure faith had their origin in the sublime revelations of Jehovah to those persons. you saw the foundations of that monument in Egypt. which revelations echoing from the rocks. The conversation from the whirlwind runs thus. the Lord uses that wonderful structure to represent the still more wonderful work of Creation. and stretched the lines upon it ? You.

and were encamped on the plain in great num: On where they intended to spend tl}e night in preparation for the conflict at early dawn. The cast them from them and fled in confusion.414 % A XGL O-ISRA EL. The mouse had won a place of great honor among the deities of that country. . and extending down to Sethos. a mouse can make a name. The soul is represented leaving the body its form is a human head with two bers. There is in the museum of Leyden an inscription on a tablet. when. In painting and sculpture frequent scenes of death and judgment meet the eye. beginning with Menes. that the soldiers finding their arms useless. mouse ever after became a sacred animal and was Well done." a fine marble statue we find king Sethos holding up a mouse. with an inscription exhorting the people to reverence the mouse as a most reverend god. seventy-six in number. and they had that fact carved in marble before the eye of those who passed that way. mouse Even entitled to religious honors. The history of this exploit is thus recorded The Assyrians had made war on Egypt. with a perfect list of the Pharaohs. and so gnawed and cut the bow strings and the handles of the shields. yet very highly prized. as Job has it. and another which records "Israel as a soldier of tablet known God." In the British Museum there is a most valuable as the tablet of Abydos. It is considerand On it. Barneses the Great is depicted as adoring the cartouches of twenty or more of his ancestors. father of Barneses. the worship of the starry heavens was a crime " to be punished by the judges. ably shattered. Nimrod's nephew. simply recording the fact that there strangers had built there treasure cities. ! . Another almost priceless tablet was found in the same place in a temple in Upper Egypt. An immense number of mice entered the Assyrian camp. The Egyptians made it a merit with their gods that they had caused their captives to build temples and places of -honor for their deities. before the growth and spread of idolatry.

and he comes into the hall and kneels before the forty-two avengers. . ." " I have not bound the cattle of the gods. To each of the judges the soul protests his innocence of the particuthings. standing at the door of the judgment hall. . he offers prayer. tartarean monsters to the judgment seat of Osiris. The soul is represented as praying for illumination and purification. as follows: " O thou avenger. " I have not disturbed the gazelles of the gods in their pastures I have not netted the water fowl of the gods I have not caught the sacred fishes I have not offered unto God that which is imperfect " Isaiah charged it home upon " that Israel they brought the lame and the blind. He goes through divinities of various orders." These are only a few of the many declarations made by the soul as it came up to judgment. . . . or subdeities. Here. large wings. I have not " in Egypt they slaughtered the cattle of the gods had sacred parks for the sacred animals. I have not pierced the god in his manifestation as a sacred animal. sacred animals. bring forward my righteousHere the soul proceeds to ness. ." enumerate the moral offences of which he has not been guilty " I have defrauded no man. before the throne (John. . .ARCHAEOLOGY. " I have not prevaricated at the seat of justice I have not made slaves of Egyptians I have not defiled my conscience for a superior I have not used violence I have not famished my household I have not made others to weep I have not smitten privily I have not grieved the spirit of the gods I have not committed adultery I have not forged signet rings I have not falsified weights and measures I have not withheld milk from my children I have not pierced the banks of " the Nile in its annual increases the revenue was in he proportion to the rise in the waters of that river did not cheat the revenue. . 415 As the sepulchre closes upon the body. . . . living guardians of the wicked. . on Patrnos. lord of justice and truth. the soul is seen taking his solitary pilgrimage through the realms of darkness. saw twenty-four elders before the throne). In these we see how the people respected sacred : . . search out my sins. .

" Then to the third. the word TeJcel written on the know mine integrity." " make limbs to tremble. 3. "0 that method this .416 lar sin ANGLO-ISRAEL. and the good deeds done in another the actions being meritorious. . 2. What piness. I not been false. swift to pursue. that they who do such things were worthy of death. I have not stolen. I have not been drunken. Thoth. and by Him actions are weighed." " thou that hast piercing eyes. the god of letters. thou with two lions' heads." " thou that dost consume creation. I have not sinned by " thou that being gluttonous. To a picture of judging Job alludes (vi. 2). I have no murder." When the cup of Belshazzar's iniquity was full on that dark and terrible night in the ball-room. of which the judge was the avenger." To the " thou that smitest the heart." . arrives in the presence of the judge. as secretary. that God may my Proverbs xvi. bringing a tablet on which the deeds of the dead are written. Horus and Aroeris are employed weighing the good deeds the ostrich feather the symbol of truth and justice is put into one scale." " thou that dost have not played the hypocrite. I have not sinned. . They knew the judgment of God. knowledge. I have not lied. "0 thou who hast long legs. who is seated upon the throne awaiting the arrival of souls as they are ushered into Amenti four genii stand before him on a lotus blossom." In 1 Samuel ii. I have done fourth. A whole creed on the marble slab. Hannah " The Lord is a God of said. ! my laid me grief were thoroughly weighed and calamity " in the balances together 1 and again. or who is To the second." The soul is then conducted into the presence of Osiris. The of those judges are descriptive of their appearoffice. How " true the words of the apostle. the soul of the deceased is admitted into the place of light and hapAll this is sculptured on the marble." " thou who dost try with fire. " Let be weighed in an even scale. devoureth tranquillity." The These examples must suffice for the present. names ance and soul says. " The Lord weigheth the spirits.

those souls are represented as passing through the judgment hall. the indicate carvings deep-seated convictions of the human conscience. I never approved of you. too. black." Their souls are not manifested or made glorious in this world. It is Jesus Christ who has brought life and immortality . " This great God speaks to them and they to Him. Such fighting the numerous evils that destroy them. their eyes do not see Him. they are the last whispers. deep echo sounding in the ears of the ungodly. no light. They still retained. Here. In others. and He only.. The sun addresses them. temperance. rising* with him to a celestial Nile. "Depart from Me. wall 417 Those paintings and terrible significance. and. armed with lances. they behold again the face of the sun. there to light . They tremble under the convictions of " righteousness. rayless. They show the terrible misgivings of heart on account of sin. where wicked souls are condemned to terrible suffering. that consciousness of immortality which was had a imprinted upon man when he was created. and over them is written. Enough remains to keep the long." of which the natural conscience everywhere shows itself susceptible. and a judgment to come. carry it unto your dwellings and be glad and and present it as a pure offering to your God.ARCHEOLOGY. carvings are full of meaning. There are other inscriptions which represent the spirits of departed ones in Tartarus. 27 . the image of the sun is introduced. again. " Take your sickles and reap your grain. or echoes of the original voice of God in the soul that He made in His own image. and they echo down to us all along the centuries that " the way of the transgressor is hard. His glory illuminates them in rejoice. we see." In some shape those primeval truths underlie all those systems. " They do not see this great God. ." Other sculptured representations exhibit a dreary world of woe. they do not hear the voice of God in this sphere. embarking on the Nile of the other world. disembark in his sphere. but it is dark." Over them it is written. embittered by reproaches from fiends who inflict them..

At that time he plundered the temple. us as it furnishes with the first prized. the bodies which they have abandoned shall repose in the tombs. took the famous golden shields of Solomon to decorate the altars of Miss Pussy at Bubastos.C. In the monumental stone at Thebes is recorded the triumphs of Pharaoh when he ransacked Jerusalem. and carried the treasures from the palace of Solomon. Bhodope was bathing at Naucritis an eagle carried away one of her slippers. and that it was only such as were twice-born that could pass to the soul's rest with the Great Supreme. and so charmed the king that he issued a proclamation asking for the owner to come and be his wife. and to preserve . while they rejoice in the presence of the Supreme God. while He is in their sphere. would re-awaken in the midst of friends and familiar scenes." Herodotus informs us.animation. it until its re. When they enjoy the life of heaven. when visited by the soul. is written with an iron pen and lead in the rock for ever." Over them is carved in the rock. 972. The slipper was an elegant one. This idea had much to do with the efforts they made to embalm the body. that the Egyptians were among the first who maintained the doctrine of the immortality of the soul of man. speaking to us from the polished and This record says. as it was called. authentic date in Egyptian history. " They have found favor in the eyes of the great God. and dropped it in the lap of king Psammeticus. B.418 ANGLO-ISRAEL. and gives a true basis for all its chronology. " That while carved granite. All that grand exploit. Not far from this last is the history of Bhodope and her slipper. They also taught the doctrine of the second birth. or of twice-born. That grand echo is only a faint whisper of the still more imperish- That inscription Scriptures. It so happened that able records of the Holy is most highly . the splendor of His disc. They inhabit the mansions of glory. The Egyptians also fully expected a return of the soul to the body and that the body. who was sitting in the courtyard.

and also the treasures of the house of the Lord. in Egypt. or defaced. king of Judah. on a marble pillar this king is represented leading a string of captives in his train with of One of the captives is named in the inlarge booty. . in his interesting Scenery of Palestine.. By far the most important illustration of Biblical geography in modern times is supplied by the translation of the hieroglyphic inscriptions on the walls of the temple of Karnak. which names remain unchanged until our times. by any means. a was she Strabo. there were still two other walls bearing the same inscription. cut in marble. 26. be broken. E. of Greece. and to its importance as evidence confirmatory of the Scripture narratives. Now. Thothmes III. 419 the owner was fair Cinderilla. There. are one hundred and ninteen names of places in Palestine. and all the shields of gold which Solomon had made. marches and victories is recorded on the walls of the temple named above. E. a Hebrew colonist of the Danans. while there are others that have undergone . cheeked. -Col. Her Grecian name was Nitocris. or rosybetter for worse. carried away the treasures of the king's house from Jerusalem. king Egypt. 25. There is a list of the cities he conquered thrice repeated. Yahouda Melek. records afford great satisfaction to students of the Divine Word. C.A RCHsEOL OG Y. thirty-four centuries ago. It was intended for our times and if one wall should. we read that Shiskak. In order to secure her slipper she took the king for She was called Ehodope. Lepsius. Conder. Such scription. In 1 Kings xiv.E. refers to this wonderful inscription. in different places. here. and are easily identified. many changes. who made a conquest of Palestine The full account of his before the days of Joshua." and others. Those inscriptions give the history of the conquests of the great monarch. great beauty. Lieut. say that she built the third pyramid.

I will here only u In the reign of quote a few lines. named Bouchart. a bloody It was by means of contest. the youthful king who received the kingdom from his father. It covers seven pages of ordinary type. as well as other eastern written languages. THE ROSETTA STONE May be seen in the British Museum as we walk That stone gallery of Egyptian antiquities. lord of diadems. more precious than gold. with this Grecian key.420 ANGLO-ISRAEL. or sacred language of Egypt. 3. greatly glorious. the writing of the common people. it is said that this stone is in ample remuneration for all the expenses of that war. The hieroglyphics. The Enchorial. and Assyria. Paris. when Alexandria surrendered to the British arms. this stone that a key was furnished to both the sacred and secular languages of Egypt. read. the whole of the vast records in Egypt. this stone. Champollion. and a brilliant victory. Dr. bearing on its. The : down the ancient Greek text. and it was sent in safe convoy to England. indeed. 2. in which there was a vast expedition. Through them. and others. Lewis. and a faithful translation of the inscription in read. is an oblong slab of black basalt. came into their possession. C. by means of this stone. After the victory of Lord Hutchinson. I have a copy of the engravings on this Kosetta stone. where it ishighly esteemed itself . polished surface an inscription in three languages 1. are being deciphered with comparative ease and great certainty. At once the Greek record on this stone was and the Greek furnishes a key by which the unand the then unknown hieroglyphics are made plain. Arabia. or Demotic. Young. 1799. who estab- . full. This valuable stone was dug up out of heaps of rubbish by a French officer. and was intended by him to enrich the treasures of the Louvre. thanks to Baron Bunsen. containing in all about two thousand words. It reads thus. Sir Geo. that we were enabled to translate the vast stone inscriptions waiting to be deciphered. It was only in August. or of the citizens in general. Perea.


the great king and like Pthah. or well of Moses. like the sun. offspring of the gods. devouring flesh ravenously. ." In this passage we have the fact recorded that there were inscriptions. and voraciously. or cape of Moses and Ayun Mousa. and their people. and tell us. and superior to his enemies who has set right the life of man . In Num. In the British Museum is a stone . we may. Cosmas visited that country in 518 A. and those rocks and stony records have a voice which echoes down to our times. . with much interest. and he says all the stones of that valley northward were written in the Semitic character. 26. lished Egypt. the " The leader divideth sea and the waves roaring. we read of two men." " The hard rock " The red water. they lingered. in language too plain to be misunderstood. In that valley we find records " The like these. great king. the valleys through which they.D. Its waves roaring. Here is Waddy Tarawick.. which the son of Zeus." geese (quails) ascend from the sea lusting. from this valley of Waddy Mokatteb which means the written valley. . the hard stone satiates with water. the great king of both Upper and Lower Egypt. lord of the feasts of thirty years. and of all they did for Egypt. In leaving Egypt. they were among the inscriptions. dancing. like Hephaistus the . or valley of the night travellers there Eas Musa. Ptolemy the ever living beloved of Pthah.422 ANGLO-ISRAEL. They made their inscriptions on rocks and stones." "The people " The enter and pass through the midst of the sea. son of the sun. xi. note the way our fathers trod the way Moses and Joshua went on their journey to the land of promise." Then follows an account of gods and goddesses." people devour enormously . and their flocks and herds journeyed. Eldad and Medad. a great miracle." asunder the sea." people. and where for a time. and was pious to the gods. thirsting. " and they were " of them that were written a more literal translation " would read. and that among them there were two persons named. the people " The fed to repletion. people enter the sea by night. .

On some of these are winged fowls . or fortification of some kind he ordered his boat to be lowered. he thought he saw a town." That man Joktan had a son called Yarab the author or inventor of the Yarabic (Arabic) He had another son whom he named language. inscriptions ARABIA. gave characters written were earlier than the and its guage Arabic and very much resembles it. and gave names to that counThose names lived try which have lived ever since. 10th chapter of Genesis. One inscription " reads. 26 verse. In the light." Another inscription reads. and who Himyar. on others." the There are hundreds of 'such graves of the Hebrews. Captain Haines. There are inscriptions in that language that cannot die. consume. we read of " Joktan. this wonderful land hidden mysteries. a large family who settled in Arabia. men and boys 1 with bows and arrows shooting fowl. their bodies corrupted by gluttony they " This place is called " Turbet-es-Yahoud die. discovered an inscription in this character. "The people sat to eat and rose up to play.ARCHAEOLOGY. feeling that there is no end to those unread records that have not yet seen the We give a passing glance at Arabia. They were "laid in the rock for ever. 423 down shouting. die gluttons. founded the Himyaritic kingdom. "The mountain top ascending. because they could not die. in He 1834." and of his sons. saw through his glass from the deck of his vessel a On the summit great black-browed bluff or headland." Paul says. the Hebrews they eat. This latter lanthe us Himyaritic language. they still echo along the corridors of time. of the East India Company. they play. . in those valleys. Greedily lusting after flesh. The kingdom and the language have long since been forgotten. and after But we must pass away from its and . the son of Eber." There is a graveyard there with a great number of stones bearing inscriptions of various kinds. devour.' The Psalmist speaks of "the children of Israel carrying bows.

Max Muller tells us " that this language conceals some of the most ancient documents in the world. iv. or monuments. where were tombstones.S. Upon that mountain four hundred feet they found the face of it smoothened and polished rock. which he sware unto them. There were. It turned out to be these three verses in Dent. Prof. considers these inscriptions of great value to the historian and the archaeoHe was instructing his men at the foot of a logist. thou shalt thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy soul. if . 29-31 : from thence thou shalt seek the Lord thy God." ECHO FROM GAZA. and the ruins of a city spread at its base. " For the Lord he will not forsake thy God is a merif ul God thee. if thou turn to the Lord thy God. On being translated it was found that one of these spoke of the deeds and death of Harratasar. his horse and himself at once disappeared when mound. he landed in a quiet little bay. " When thou art in tribulation and all these things are come upon thee. and shall be obedient unto his voice . After recovering from the shock he found himself in a tomb of the ancient kings. even in the latter days. W. K. nor forget the covenant of thy fathers. A mountain rising beyond. They were named the Himyaritic character. neither destroy thee.. in the characters seen above. . .G. and inscriptions carved in this curious character : Mr. Some members of the Exploration Expedition found a slab near Gaza. son of Esau other inscriptions told of other names belonging to those early times.424 ANGLO-ISRAEL. Loftus." " But if find him. beating about in the surf for a short time. forty-two inscriptions ef this character in the British Museum. on which was some writing in the old Samaritan characters but in the Hebrew language. F. in a large vault below. some years ago.

Moab. Ammon. but that voice. especially of the last five months of His and some of His most tender earthly life." The kingdom of Moab took its name from its the Moabites. . blessing. cii. to the promises in behalf of Israel. Thus it is with Egypt. shall be a witness to the truth of the Holy Scriptures. founder. Jesus Himself spent a large portion of His time. or historical connection with the Jews. as well as of Christians who "take pleasure in Zion's stones and favor the very dust thereof" (Psa. or to all . Many of the children of Israel found graves in Moab. over there and touching discourses were spoken in that land. the gentle and loving Ruth. The ashes of Moses rest in Moab.ARCHAEOLOGY. Babylon. 425 Those who found the slab on which these words are cut out do not know to what building it belonged. to be read by the finder Is not the Lord in His providence calling the attention of the Jews themselves. That land gave a home to the grandmother of king David. be with all the other nations related to the Jews. The interesting fact is. when most needed. and so shall it. which shall be accomplished whenever the cry goes up to heaven from the remnant who turn to the Lord ? Christians are expected to join them in this appeal. " It may be safely affirmed that every nation having any aifimity. The history of . the Israelites. 10). echo its utterances with a freshness of resurrection. a slab with these words which contain the Lord's promise to returning Israel. that or if it belonged to any. Moab. and Idumea. W. or suppressed." The voice of testimony may for a time be silenced. Cook says. Moab was in the country of Elijah the prophet. where God buried him. Nineveh. flung clown (we may say) on the road like " " in the latter days tract. and in so doing they shall share in their ! "Rejoice for joy with her. has been found at old a Gaza. " that mourn for her ye (Isaiah Ixvi. as we learn from the tombstones of that land. All Bible students have a deep interest in the land of Moab. who was the son of Lot and. and for very good reasons. 14). Israelites were near relations. for it is written. Dr.

and Judah and Israel. and the facts which they which facts are confirmatory of the Scripture e . Come down from for the spoiler of thy glory and sit in thirst Moab shall come upon thee. the Lord specially thy strongholds. Those inscriptions have thrown a flood of light. " Of the language of Moab we know nothing. only by in with lake. Moab and Ammon were brothers." " better for Moab. and many translated. perhaps was true before the Moabite stone was its most interesting and valuable inscriptions have been translated. daughter that dost inhabit Dibon. taken to Paris. supposed to have been the lid of a coffin. where before all was darkness and uncertainty. and he shall destroy And yet. and their hisTheir countries tory runs side by side for 1500 years. spake also to judgment mercy of judgment and mercy to Moab and Ammon." This. both peoples commenced about the same time. on which was inscribed the whole history of Baal and his house.) speaks of the judgment of Moab. . and his worship. There was one very valuable slab.426 ANGLO-ISRAEL. or next to nothing. These are valuable in the records which they give of the times in which they were erected. for Moab and Isaac were born the same year. The prophet Jeremiah " Thou (xlviii. the captivity of Moab in the latter days. also somewhat resembling great treasure. the former. and many important prophecies set forth the future character and The prophets who spake of destiny of that people. and is esteemed to be a Another. saith the Lord. by far the most valuable of all the records found in that country is that contained on discovered .tablish But history. Yet will I bring again days promises ." Smith's Dictionary of the Bible says. events Jewish are blended history Many the life and history of the Moabitish nation. a stream and divided narrow lay contiguous. and other valuable inscriptions have been brought to light. .

he was informed of a curious stone which contained writing which no one had even read. The stone was of black basalt. The^Arabs refused to allow it to be removed. He soon made his way to the spot. 1868. Warren secured the pieces. as it is entirely different from the cuniform letters of ancient Assyria. was nearly destroyed. in the English Church Missionary Society. its language is Moabite. They asked 1. By that most barbarous act of a miserable . Capt. Indeed. Klein copied a part of the inscription and proposed its purchase and removal. its will first give its history. We and found it and carefully measured it. and thus broke it into fragments. This stone was first found by the Rev. this stone presents for our stud} the oldest known Its character original alphabet writing in the world. and while at tea. It was known as the pillar of Mesha. 4'2T THE MOABITE STONE. A French consul offered a large sum of money for it.700 years. There were thirty straight lines upon it. Capt. Dr. and then note in brief contents. The inscription on the pillar of Mesha. the larger the price fixed upon it.A RCHALOL OG V. Ginsburg says.800 for a squeeze.. Genneau had previously secured a squeeze and the pieces having been placed carefully together we have the inscription almost entire. and then threw water upon it. Y. Klein. Mr. is Phoanician. or the Enchorial writing of that land. one foot nine inches in width. and it holds a 7 middle rank between them and the Hebrew. each line about an inch apart. a German missionary. Klein came to Dibon. The more anxious. A Prussian consul offered $1. . In August 19th. " That on the paleographical . and of the same thickness. the oldest known Semitic stone record yet discovered.000 sterling for it. > While they were negotiating for its purchase Turk put a fire all round it. and threatened death to any one that would attempt to interfere with it. after standing 2. that ignorant and wicked Turk. is entirely distinct from the hieroglyphics of Egypt. Mr. the parties were to obtain it. it was three feet five inches long.

.428 ANGLO-ISRAEL. Size ol StotwS feet 10 inches high by 2 feet broad. THE MOABITE STONE.

that. while it cries out strangely and strongly against the guesses and probable conjectures of misled historians. when we mid the name of him by whom it was erected announced in the sacred " And Mesha. and rendered unto the king of Israel an hundred thousand lambs. This pillar of Mesha fully corroborates the second Book of Kings. 429 importance this stone is perfectly peerless." Herodotus says." This Mesha. and furnishes history of Omri theking that was unknown before. " The Greeks had Aristotle says." Pliny says. position. and the monument indicates the period of his reign. that the Semitic alphabet had only sixteen letters but all this idle guessing is swept . erected 900 years B. and throws to the winds the arguments of sceptics on the antiquity of the Hebrew Scriptures. Moab was a sheepmaster." others say. two having been added by Epi-charmus. that is so celebrated. king of page. 4. " The Cadmean alphabet brought into Greece had sixteen letters. and all must admit. The Moabite stone must always hold itsthis own appropriate place in the practical studies of the Bible. as we do in 2 Kings iii. by the oldest alphabet in the world it maintains and even must maintain the integrity of the Holy Scriptures. and an We erected this hundred thousand rams with the wool. It records the oppression of his country under the It records Israelitish yoke during several monarchs. will listen to the echo of this venerable pillar with no ordinary interest. monument and inscribed it as a monument of his pedigree. document containing the same it is ." precisely the same number and exactly the same letters of an alphabet as is found in the Irish tongue. inasmuch we obtain an alphabet which is more than a century and a half older than any other epigraphic as and species of writing three centuries older than the coffin lid in Paris.C. Moabite stone.A RCHAZOL OG Y. " The Phoenicians gave the Greeks an alphabet. which was. and contained twentytwo letters. without any away by doubt. .. authority and influence. eighteen letters of an alphabet.

20). In the twenty-seventh verse of the ! How chapter named. tribute as above quoted. For four hundred years Moab was oppressed. Chemosh. and Deut. and Omri. This. read (2 Samuel viii. It {ays. 2). xxxii. we see him offering up his eldest son to Chemosh. xxxiii. and Aroer. it was ever so. This date fixes tho . and in promoting commerce. How remarkable the confirmation of the words of The inscription indicates the name and Scripture ? The name geographical position of the country. It clearly proves that Mesha was contemporary with Ahab. oppressed Israel many days so he did. Mesha. the son of Omri. Ataroth. Moab occurs six times. as may be seen when. (see 2 Kings xiii. in building cities.000 of them were slain. stone contains the names of three kings. This stone says Moab won their liberty and inde" And the bands of pendence. This stone says Israel intended "to destroy Moab Read (2 Kings iii. iii. It records the energy and push of Mesha. 34). See (Num. Dibon is the very place where this monument was found. casting them down to the ground 10. building bridges and reservoirs. agreeing perfecU>yswith Num. when Moab recovered her freedom. king of Israel. until Mesha's day." . digging canals. and measured them with a " under Ehud line. from a narrow strip of country he took such .430 ANGLO-ISRAEL. that David " smote Moab. We exact This stone says see. It contains an account of Mesha's victorious engagements against several cities of the south. two of ityiqiifMiid one of Israel Chemoshgad. their disasters were attributed to the anger of their God. and the River Arnon and its relation to Mount Nebo is there stated. that Omri. " The children of Gad built Dibon. in joyous strains the fact of several victories. in the fifth line. Moab invaded the land of Israel after the death of In the tenth' line of "this inscription we are informed how the tribe of Gad! was the possessor of Ataroth. where we read. 23-25) and utterly and for ever." and these very towns are named on this stone.

In the eighteenth line of this inscription the of Israel is found. Chemosh. chronology of the monument. Yet destruction was promised to Moab (See Jeremiah xlviii. . 7). querors. meaning self-exisHow remarkable tent.attributes. of Jehovah. LindVolney's Travels and Hamilton Bankes). 431 It gives the are found in names of thirteen cities. an high place for Chemosh (See Judges xi. temple " that the true name of God is there given in its true and proper form.C. to find a the monument 2. Porter's work on Stones Crying Out. 1 Kings xi. and his chief cities and fortified places. Zeph. 7 Jer. is so distinct their deities.700 or 2. Dr. the fulfilment of the Divine Word.800 years old. This . This stone mentions the national deity of Moab. It gives the names of twelve places mentioned in and in Jeremiah the fortythe Book of Numbers names of ten places are found the chapter. xxi. This stone says Mesha recovered his great wealth. Stephens. the Mars of Greece and Eome. . Cook. and Burckhardt. as when the Philistines took the ark into the of Dagon. and might be used or applied to a false god. 29 Chemosh is . The first is a common noun. . built Num. "It is remarkable." There were two names.ARCHAEOLOGY. But Mesha gave the proper noun in its true form. 24. independent and eternal one. One who. as the name tra-gram-ma-ton. and that only once a Yet. . here that mysterious name occurs in its year. These all clearly illustrate say. most ancient and most sacred form. 9. attesting name of the true God. This stone sheds a flood of light on the transJordanic tribes and their worship of God and Chemosh. Mesha says that he drew the sacred vessels of Jehovah before his own This was the custom with the congod. 900 B. ii. Chemosh this name occurs eleven times in the inIt was one of Solomon's great sins that he scription. xlviii. 24. whose names the Scriptures. eighth which are inscribed thereon. of Jehovah as the God name The Te- was to be used only by the high priest. in nature and from all . Eloheim and Jehovah." says Dr.

GO 3 O tr O {> w f t* GC .432 ANGLO-ISRAEL.

433 M esha.ARCHAEOLOGY. B9 r 0" son of Chemoshgad king of oab .

but this is not our design. David and Samuel were accustomed to communicate their messages. "has. This rock was known to the Greeks by the name of Bagistanon Horos. too.' Diodorus Sicultis has given us a description of this rock and of the inscription it bears. This has no equal for size and durability and interest. that it is almost certain that they spoke the same language. and the peaks of earth's o'ergazing moun' ' tains.434 ANGLO-ISRAEL stone was placed there in the days of Elijah the prophet. We pass less note. by many monuments and inscriptions of and proceed to speak of the one of all others the most wonderful the Behistan rock. It was sacred to the memory of Ormazd. On the plain below she laid out also and writers . The Moabites and Israelites lived so near each other and had such constant intercourse with each other. their chief deity. must have claimed for it more than ordinary attention. Its imposing aspect. which is. and must have attracted the attention of all travellers. in all ages. from the plain to the height Its adaptation for holy purposes would of 1. The rock rises abruptly. Queen Semiramis. no doubt. whose temple stood upon the top of the rock. Other travellers have grown eloquent in its praises." says Major Rawlinson.700 feet. the place of God. marched a large army into Baghistan. and encamped near this mountain. been well known. and in which. THE BEHISTAN ROCK. almost perpendicularly. Many nice points of conformity to the Hebrew might be noticed. a name derived from the old Persian word Baghistan. The structure of the inscription is so thoroughly Hebraistic that it reads like a chapter from the Old Testament. and it was inscribed in the very characters in which Elijah and Elisha were wont to write their autographs. and to pen their letters and dispatches. it was on the high road from Babylonia to the eastward. " The position of this rock. not be neglected by a race who made their altars the high places. whose name signifies the beautiful.

and watered by a copious stream issuing from a spring at the foot of the rock. The paradise was a mile and a half in circumference. beautifully ornamented. was characters. Some rude Turk destroyed by some ruthless hand. sculptured on its face. and her own likeness. She caused the front of the rock to be pre- <3 H w H Hj tt O > i i q Cfi > H W H M ffl H OD pared. with an inscription in Syrian That beautiful work of art. It was a part of the religion of Islam to . defaced it.ARCHAEOLOGY. however. and that of one hundred of her guards of honor. 435 also a paradise a Persian word for garden of flowers a park. smoothened and polished.

that only a careful scrutiny could Holes or fissures in the rock were filled up detect it. The Scripture portion of the rock still remains very perfect and distinct after a lapse of twenty-three centuries. and all this done with such neatness and of execution. a coating of varnish was laid on to give clearness of outline to each letter. . After the work of engraving was completed. or deity. and to all appearance will last until the end On the upper part of the rock there is a form of time. It could only be reached by means of a most expensive and at an immense risk. in the same way." He is in the form of a man. and kingly majesty. pieces were fitted in and secured by scaffold. the Median. a representation of their god. This is highly emblematical. the human form denotes intelligence. and to protect the surface This varnish now resembles against the elements. Rawlinson says the real wonder of the work consists in the inscriptions which are in three lan- molten skill of a genii. and the Persian and are chiefly in the cuniform character.436 A. do the work of the iconoclast. labor of preparing and polishing the mountain side at such an elevation was very great. and is even now infintely harder than limestone. Sir H. and for extent and beauty of execution. in a winged circle. unequalled in the world. The lead.\GLO-ISRAEL. and the whole face of the rock divided into twenty panels and beautifully polished. is guages the Assyrian. as if he had seen beforehand the rude Mohammedan at work. the spread wings of an eagle were expression of omnipresence. Darius. thus rendering it almost impossible for the age of Vandalism to hurt it. perhaps. holding a bow and shooting an arrow. they are. Darius had In where the was defecresources. placed his inscription five hundred feet from the base. in royal attire. There is also on the inscription King Darius. for uniformity and correctnesss. He named and greatly honored in the inscription below " Out of the form of a man they make a god. rock great places tive or unsound. the circle symbolizes eternity. our glass. wherever there was anything beautiful that could be destroyed.

No two of them are dressed alike. and their hands fastened behind their backs there were ten of them one of their number is prostrate on his back. history The tenth is the most interesting to us because it speaks of Sarocus. the Sacan. In the figure of the king and armor-bearers we note a grace of outline and a studied finish of detail which places them among the first specimens of sculpture. or head-dress. the son of Hystaspus.ARCHAEOLOGY. and are the heads or chiefs of the ten tribes of Israel.C. Above the king and the captives. it reads. twenty in all . each differing from the other. and a bow strung with the end of it on his chest. the king of kings. or bodyguard they hold a long spear and a bow and arrows before the king there stand nine persons united by a rope round their necks." The second panel has sixteen parapraphs and over each figure there is a brief ninety-six lines of recorded the man of the tribe he represents. the grandson of Arsames. the first number panel contains nineteen paragraphs. his hands are raised as if in the act . who has the Hebrew form of head-dress. his 437 hand is raised in token of authority. one of them evidently an old man. others have long flowing robes. the king of Persia. around and beneath their god there are five main columns of panels. and with him two persons composing his arm or. The father of Arsames was . the king of Persia. They are evidently chiefs of their tribes. and one of them having on his head the sacerdotal cap. The dates for this inscription are fixed about 515 B. and ninety-six : Each paragraph commences thus " I am Darius. Over the monarch himself. " I am Darius the king. of imploring. the king of kings. Ariyaramnes. whose father was Teis-pes . The captives are very fairly presented. the right foot of the king is upon his body. whose father . lines. dressed in different costume. The greater of them are of middle age. the king of the provinces. and is placed in a sort of recess. some of them have short tunics. They are ten captives. the great king.bearers. The last panel was evidently added to the original design of the tablet.

" The wedge character also is found in abundance. and the word Armenian also is of frequent occurrence. and may he protect this province from slavery. was Achaemenes. nor slavery. Let not war. slab twenty-six feet It reads thus. from antiquity our race have been kings. the record of the conquest by which the ten tribes away from their own land. a few words may suffice. I am the ninth. and read their history and examine for themselves this inscription. who is chief among the gods he established Darius as king and gave him the empire.D. There are eight kings in succession of my family. on that account. and from lying. and also the country to which they were taken.438 ANGLO-ISRAEL. . nor lies obtain power over this province. shows that the word Kana occurs twenty-eight times in this inscription. I have appended a specimen of the curious characters used in the inscription on this wonderful rock. From antiquity we have been unsubdued. The inscription next in importance is to be found at They are called the arrow-headed characters. Here they are of Israel were carried : also the cuniform alphabet." Then comes a beautiful prayer to this god. from decrepitude. built in a wall. B. and not recognize in it. They are very common in the East. this prayer shows. both frequently repeated on this rock. says Darius. wo have been called Achaemenians. .. Charles Foster. Here is the country from which the ten tribes were taken. The great Ormazd." Few persons will count these ten captives. It consists of a huge long aud " six feet wide. Eev. among other things. : house. and Persepolis. the ancient Persian abho" rance of lying the prayer reads thus May Ormazd bring help to Darius with the deities who guard my .

receive ye your bill of divorce and . one. and were married. Menghab. pilasters at on the ruined which Al. and make the influence of your presence cease in Beheran. It reads. There is another curious style of writing found in There is also a celebrated inscription the East. the son of " Hystaspus etc. Evil spirits.ARCHEOLOGY. who has power over the devils. king of kings. or of divorce to Satan and other evil spirits. I would like produce other curious specimens of writing but I cai> not do so here. I conjure you all. Rawlinson. and were often unequally yoked. " Darius. To Lachiah and to Abitur of the mountain and to the night monsters. " I am Cyrus the king" etc. monsters and evil spirits. and in the fields. the words are. I monsters. . to go forth I conjure you by the sceptre of the powerful . find a curious inscription. the great king. It is a letter of dismissal. and others say was erected by Cyrus. both male and female. 439 There is another inscription erected by Darius at the same place. to Nerig. It is on a colonnade. too. Grotefend. and over the night Behold. and return not unto them again. to quit these habitations. produce a specimen of these also. It runs " This is a bill of divorce to the to Satan > thus. The I to wedge and hammer should always go together. were In a charm bowl we often divorced. now make you cease from troubling them. In the same manner as devils write bills of divorce. it is known as the hammer alphabet. In those early days in the East the gods were supposed to be married. devil. as poor mortals sometimes are. and give them to their wives..

created me I know that my sins merit punishment. . leave quickly.them is a place of prayer. Thy holy presence secures me from evil.440 ANGLO-ISRAEL. and by the signet of authority. merciful Father. worthy ." MORDECAL There is an Hebrew inscription on a marble slab in the sepulchre of Esther and Mordecai. and on the walls of his tomb are inscribed several portions of the Hebrew Scriptures. Then will there flow rivers of water in that land. bears. for whenever I yet. " I praise Thee. Surrounding the edifice is a beautiful dome. It reads thus. I hope for mercy at Thy hands call upon Thee. or front of the imposing structhe space between ture. ." Another. There in is a mausoleum honor of Ezekiel the :also. was great and good. j ." The tomb of Ezra is there on the shore of the river Tigris. and depart from Beheran in the name of the living one. and behind the ark. amen. is the sepulchre of Ezekiel." Around the tomb of Queen Esther we find an It inscription which contains a beautiful prayer. This tomb was erected by Jecomiah. . beloved and honored by a king. to the life of life. to guide the pilgrim to the holy shrine. The fagade. that Thou hast God. " Mordecai. The city of Shushan rejoiced at his honors. and by the great seal of the powerful one. .torments of hell. grand is of the The tomb name illustrious prophet. king . seen from afar. Selah. and there the parched ground shall be watered. reads thus. "0 God do not shut out my soul from Thy divine Those whom Thou lovest never feel the ipresence. My heart is at ease my life became. the son of Busi. consists of sixty towers . Within a spacious court. that I may be tilled with the heavenly fruits of Paradise. and his high fortune became the glory of the Jews. Ahasuerus covered him with his rich dress and placed a golden chain around his neck. through 'Thy goodness at the last. Lead me. flee. full of peace. take this written authority and go forth. His garments were as those of a sovereign.

but the fire refused to burn. of Judah. rny lord. may his soul shine the sun give life. as alluded to in the Book of Daniel." " Length Prayer for a king. The methods of inflicting capital punishment. The king's grandfather had tried the same mode of punishment years before." Here is a short prayer for the soul of a dying man " Like a bird may it fly to a lofty place to the holy hands of its God may it ascend. by the king's command. my trespasses are great. but no one drew nigh I cried aloud. may his soul shine radiant as brass. departing in glory. of a people are a good index to their There are some very beautiful specimens of prayer that come down to us from remote ages. a strong sword. man who is to him may ever. It stands close by his favorite resort. : The prayers . . . and may he be happy for . " The belief. departing in glory. but no one heard. extending years of glory. and he was burned to death. In the waters of the great storm seize his hand the sins which he has committed turn to righteousness. 3). I produce two or three copied from obelisks and monuments "0 my Lord. long lasting years. but no one stretched forth his hand I groaned." Another. and the wrath of the gods has plagued me with disease and sickness and much sorrow. We read on the rocks of other so-called rebels. near the river Chebar (Ezek. and O Marduke (eldest son of heaven) grant him an abode of happiness. who hath given such : . 2. thrown to the lions and devoured. grant ye to the king. and the hungry lions declined to eat human of the flesh. pre-eminent among kings. do not abandon Thy servant. a long life. I fainted. are most distinctly recorded and echoed from those rocks. my sins are many. who were. It is said on a pillar that Asshur-banipul condemned his own brother for high treason. and commanded him to be burned to death. i.ARCHAEOLOGY. : . 441 A lamp burns night and day on the tomb holy seer. Lord. They threw him into the furnace at the king's command." " The man who is Again. copied from a tablet of days.

The Its . Like pure silver may his garments be shining white like brass may he be radiant. may he ascend and may the greatest of the gods receive his soul in his holy hands. pyramid it and on the This tower temple. top served a threefold purpose mausoleum. a statue of Belus forty feet high. after the deluge. To the sun. alone in their glory. That tower was built in the form of a . its crest is broken. . the gods. on the grounds around those ruins. Here NebuchadCalisthenes found those records. The bounds vast and wide of his and of his rule may he enlarge. may he dwell in a life eternal. in the feasts of the land of the silver sky. may he attain gray hairs and old age.442 gifts to ANGLO-ISRAEL. greatest of the gods. Holding over all things supremacy. and . and indeed all the nations of Europe. and had eight stories. was 500 feet high. Still. ruins of this palace now stand 250 feet high. and vitrified masses of brick and mortar. When Alexander conquered and captured the city. Germany too. may be found speaking fragments of rocks and bricks.900 years before our era. and stored away in the museums. and in every nook and corner. . prisoned and slain. have sought and found some of the valued writing. and may it be empire complete. and after the gilt of these present days. On its summit they made observatory. It would take some time to number the slabs and monuments that have been brought home to England and France from those ruins. those astronomical records 1. on all sides round. and royalty and empire. when Nimrod founded the kingdom of Chaldea. and in the light of the happy fields. he wandered during those years he was Here king Zedekiah was imbereft of his reason." The ruins of the tower of Babel are there to this That tower was built soon day. nezzar deposited the gold and silver vessels which he took from Jerusalem and here. sides are rent. as well as in the hands of private parties. the abode of blessedness. the refulgent courts. its summit covered with immense fragments of brickwork. holy in the presence of the gods who inhabit Assyria.

16-25). On one obelisk it Sargon. Hincks translated an inscription in the cuniform characters in which it was recorded that Jehu. One was on a winged bull. and xvii. Israelites hold a is said. preserver of Bit-Saggah and Bit-Sidda. where the Assyrians took Israel and carried them away captive to Halah and Habor and Gozan are all abund- antly confirmed by the echoes from the monuments temples and cities. Sir Henry Eawlinson gives . referring to those of conquests and those tribes. D. the son of Omri. and carried into captivity into Assyria 27." On one of those marbles taken from the palace we find the name and exploits of Shalmaneser. This statue is twelve feet high. or Pul. brought home to Washington a brick inscribed in the cuniform char" acter. now Bishop Newman. how the Assyrian monarch erected four grand palaces and thirty spacious temples.D. On a marble cylinder there is a record in duplicate. another on a six-sided cylinder. is richly ornamented with The hands are elegant robes and garlands of flowers. The face calm and expressive. 443 carved and lettered 2.. folded in repose. which reads thus Nebuchadnezzar. The Assyrian Prince Valtush. Among them the Jews and prominent place.). means strangers. 1). paid tribute to the Assyrians. came the city of Samaria and against the tribes against up of Beth-Kymri. king of Babylon. In that record Beth-Omri is called Beth-Kymri. and in those harmonious proportions. recorded on a slab of marble the nations whom he made captive.000 years B. means house. Dr.280 families." (See 1 Kings xvi. and Kymri.ARCHAEOLOGY. and from whom he took tribute. king of : Babylon. In the palace of Nimrod there were three principal inscriptions on marble monuments. The history found in (2 Kings xvi. On his apron there is a long inscription.C. and a third on a round pillar. John Newman. king of Assyria (Isaiah xx. eldest son of Nabopolassur. and of the nations and kings whom " he subdued. Beth. who knows and who hears from afar. The Eev. In one of those temples there was a statue to the honor of their god Nebo.

I have offended And the king of Assyria appointed unto puttest on me will I bear. and other smaller towns which were I took and plundered a countless scattered about. They both agree exactly on the amount of gold. and eight hundred talents of silver.000 men and 150. and raising ing towns banks of earth against the gates. : " And Hezekiah gave him all the silver that was found in the house of the Lord. and he sent out to me the chiefs and the elders of Jerusalem with thirty talents of gold. " At that time did Hezekiah cut off the gold from the doors of the temple of the Lord. king of Judah. Hezekiah having sent them by way of tribute and as a token of his submission to my power. . and from these places I captured and carried away as spoils 200. and took them. "Now in the fourteenth year of king Hezekiah did Sennacherib king of Assyria come up against all the fenced cities of Judah. and by the might of my power I took forty-six of his strongholds and fenced cities. buildround the city to hem in. upon Hezekiah there fell the fear of escape. and here we have a remarkable coincidence of historical testimony. All these things were brought to me at Nineveh. my arms. oxen and sheep a countless multitude. and divers treasures a rich and an immense booty. male and female. and gave it to the king of Assyria. and by force of arms. " And Hezekiah king of Judah sent to the king of Assyria to return from me that which thou Lachish. . and from the pillars which Hezekiah king of Judah talents of gold. the seat of my government." In turning to (2 Kings xviii. together with horses and mares and asses and camels. saying. number of them.) we find the Scriptural account of this transaction. " Because Hezekiah. the translation thus. so as to prevent his Then." Here the rocky records prove the truth of the Bible narrative.444 ANGLO-ISRAEL. I came up against him. Hezekiah king of Judah three hundred talents of silver and thirty . and in the treasures of the king's house. Hezekiah himself I shut up in his Jerusalem capital city like a bird in a cage.000 people old and young. had overlaid. 13. would not submit to my yoke. while the Bible history shows the general accuracy of the translation from the rocks. while on the quantity of silver the Bible gives the actual amount.

By thy : " But I know thy abode. O Lord God of Israel. and thy coming in. and into the forest of his Carmel. to the sides of Lebanon." a memorable prayer. and spread it before the Lord. and as their God they had a right to seek His help. against the " Holy One of Israel. How confirmatory In 2 Kings xix. him pray " Now 19. The letter was received from Sennacherib and was taken to the Lord in prayer and spread out before Him.ARCHEOLOGY. and laughed thee to scorn the daughter of Jerusalem hath shaken her head at thee. O Lord our God. "And sengers. " Because thy rage against me and thy tumult is come up into . and most appro- Amoz sent to Hezekiah. : right soon. Thus That which thou hast prayed to me against Sennacherib king of Assyria I have heard. and said. even thou only. and will cut down the tall cedar trees thereof. and the choice tir trees thereof and I will enter into the lodgings of his borders. " Of a truth. : : : reproach the living God. we read ! ! : Hezekiah received the letter of the hand of the mesand read it and Hezekiah went up into the house of the Lord. saying. "And Hezekiah prayed before the Lord. Hear Here is are in trouble. which dwellest between the cherubims. the kings of Assyria have destroyed the nations and their lands. thou hast made heaven and earth. even thou alone. save thou us out of his hand. He was the God of Israel. wood and stone therefore they have : : destroyed them. and hear open. " Lord. Lord. and thy going out. bow down thine ear." The answer came priate 20. I beseech thee. and hast said. and a lesson to all who how they may secure the Divine help and blessing. " This is the word that the Lord hath spoken concerning him The virgin the daughter of Zion hath despised thee. Lord. and see and hear the words of Sennacherib. thine eyes. which hath sent him to 14. " And have cast their gods into the fire for they were no gods. 445 the tablet gives the general value of the other valuables as well as the silver. " Whom hast thou reproached and blasphemed 1 and against whom hast thou exalted thy voice. thou art the God. of all the kingdoms of the earth . and lifted up thine eyes on high ? even "Then Isaiah the son of Israel. that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that thou art the Lord God. saith the Lord God of : . With the multitude of my chariots I am come up to the height of the mountains. messengers thou hast reproached the Lord. and thy rage against me. : therefore. but the work of men's hands.

and my lips. there is no echo from the marble of that value to us. their hearts but once heaved. " By the way that he came. my " And it came to pass that From that sad field the Assyrian conqueror returned home. " son. sea. says. and forever were still . He shall not come into this city. that the angel of the Lord went and smote in the camp of the Assyrians an hundred fourscore and five thousand and when they arose early in the morning. nor shoot an arrow there. and dwelt at Nineveh. and shall not come into this city." out. only versy as to who was my wonderful defeat. were gleaming in purple and gold the sheen on their spears was like stars on the When the blue wave rolls nightly on deep Galilee. It is not of much it settles for us a long controIn his will he his successor. Lord Byron has put the facts in lines that will outlive the marble of Nineveh." I a copy of that have Esarhaddon. hill or vale of the victory won by prayer to Israel's God. : servant David's sake. by the same shall he return. the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and chill. shorn of his strength. That host on the morrow lay withered and strown. That host with their banners at sunset was seen Like the leaves of the forest when autumn hath blown. and put it on a piece of marble. Like the leaves of the forest when summer is green. . the verses are worthy of a place here. to save it. therefore I will put and I will turn thee back hook in thy nose. The rocks no echo tells to of Assyria are as voiceless as the silent grave. Poor human nature never likes to record a defeat. for night. The Assyrian came down his cohorts And And . behold. nor cast a bank against it. It is not to be wondered at that he made no record on the marble of this defeat. Well. and went and returned. they were all dead corpses. I said. for mine own sake. " For I will defend this city. ears. " Therefore thus saith the Lord concerning the king of Assyria.446 mine thy ANGLO-ISRAEL. Like a sensible man he made his will. nor come before it with shield. and my bridle in by the way by which thou earnest. " like a wolf on the fold. leaving his army to the vulture and the jackal. "So Sennacherib king of Assyria departed. breathed in the face of the foe as he passed . saith the Lord. will. For the Angel And And And of Death spread his wings on the blast.

And And cold as the spray on the rock-beating surf. the banners alone. they left it a wilderness. Assyria and Nineveh were soon to feel the rod of the divine displeasure. History says of this people. They found it a garden. . and the rust on his mail The tents were all silent. The Bible student will have noted that hundreds of years before the captivity. and conquered all before them. and calling themselves Scuits. kingdoms punish in must rod. and now. turn feel the It is worthy of note they that the men who were driven from home and country are to be the instruments in God's hands of the overthrow of these empires. ." THE FALL OF BABYLON AND NINEVEH. . . yes. there lay the rider." they came from the north.ARCHEOLOGY. They were used by God to Judah the of and of Israel. unsmote by the sword." " which means wanderers. distorted and pale. there were colonists from Reuben and from Simeon. With the dew on his brow. and soon overran the richest portions of the Assyrian country they plundered cities rich in the accumulations of ages. of the Judges. cruel. And there lay the steed with his nostrils all 447 wide. the trumpet unblown. who only wanted an opportunity to " " revolt. they dealt a merciless blow to their " cruel conquerors. The lances uplifted." Scyths. countless. And the foam of his gasping lay white on the turf. And the widows of Asshur were loud in their wail. They went away from their own laud in Canaan in large numbers." of whom came the great Scythian nation. Hath melted like snow in the glance of the Lord. they were brave. and buried in hopeless ruins the palaces of the empire. and others who had gone away north and north-east during those centuries those colonists had grown up a powerful nation. And the idols are broke in the temple of Baal And the might of the Gentile." These colonists united in great force and power with the other tribes. as early as the days of Saul.v But through them there rolled not a breath of his pride. . ''because the war was of God.

" Therefore shall evil come upon thee thou shalt not know from whence it riseth and mischief shall fall upon ijhee thou shalt not be able to put it off: and desolation shall come upon thee suddenly. " Israel is a scattered sheep ." Come down and sit : . her idols are confounded. " Because ye were glad. and conceal not say. " Because of the wrath of the Lord it shall not be inhabited. is broken in pieces . her walls are thrown down vengence of the Lord take vengence upon her . I will rise and cause to come up against Babylon an assembly of great nations from the north country and they shall set themselves in array against her . O ye destroyers of heritage. and none shall dwell therein they shall remove. because ye have grown fat as the heifer at grass.) : of the Lord spake against Babylon and against the land of the Chaldeans by Jeremiah the prophet. O daughter of the Chaldeans for thou shalt no more be called tender and delicate. " Cut off the sower from Babylon. " saitli And Chaldea shall be a spoil : all that spoil her shall be satisfied. he says 1. The Prophet Isaiah saw the he says " 1.448 ANGLO-ISRAEL. on the ground there is no throne. " Your mother shall be sore confounded she that bare you shall . : : : : : : : : own land. and him that handleth the for fear of the oppressing sword they sickle in the time of harvest shall turn every one to his people. but it shall be wholly desolate every one that goeth by Babylon shall be astonished. they shall depart. and publish. vain. " Put all ye yourselves in array against Babylon round about that bend the bow. the Lord. be ashamed behold. and hiss at all her plagues. the hindermost of the nations shall be a wilder- mine : a dry land. as she hath done. " For. from thence she will be taken their arrows shall be of a mighty expert man none shall return in " The word .) : : sit in the taken. : : : : . O virgin daughter of Babylon. Merodach. the lions have driven him away : . spare no arrows for she hath sinned against the Lord. " Declare ye among the nations. Bel is confounded. lo. (xlvii. and they shall flee every one to his ness. desolations of Babylon. " For out of the north there cometh up a nation against her. shoot at her. : . Babylon . which shall make her land desolate. and set up a standard publish. (1. do unto her. because ye rejoice. and bellow as bulls . which thou shalt not know. both man and beast. her images are broken in pieces. and a desert. Jeremiah saw the Scythians from the north mustering to do the work of God in punishing Babylon. " Shout she hath given her hand her against her round about for it is the foundations are fallen.

as the Lord commanded them. And in those days Israel and Judah shall be etc. and he shall feed on Carmel and Bashan. the God of Israel. It is not only true as regards Babylon and her sons. Some of those tablets are concave. " I will bring Israel again to his *r habitations.500 years since the ten tribes and their allies. and especially the desire the royal household felt to live in the thought and memory of those who would after. true the word of the Lord as spoken by his servants. we find a library filled with more than 20. It is now 2." And now. first . we are only beginning to exhume the royal In the palace of Sennacherib library of those kings. "And I will bring Israel again to his habitation.ARCHEOLOGY. They are sure to come. " Therefore thus saith the Lord of hosts. the iniquity of : Israel shall be sought for. both there in a most prosperous condition. Behold. and the names of those deities and their supposed utterances. and the sins of for I will pardon them whom I Judah. Scots. but show the literary taste of those times. I will punish the king of Babylon and his land. There are chronological tablets of kings and 'queens. as I have punished the king of Assyria. take vengeance upon her. They contain comparative vocabularies. as she hath done. others are flat. and he shall feed on Carmel and Bashan. their brethren from the north. I have spoken in Scotians. saith the Lord. grammars. and written records not only contain the history of the past. How Of those Scyths. " In those days. previous lectures. and his soul shall be satisfied upon mount Ephraim and Gilead. histories.. lists of deities. Those days draw near. Scythians. whose inscriptions are as distinct my These tablets to-day as when first they were written. come 29 .000 inscribed tablets and fragments of speaking records stone and earthen documents. records of astronomical observations. 449 and last this Nebuthe King of Assyria hath devoured him chadrezzar king of Babylon hath broken his bones. He has said. took vengeance " upon Babylon. do unto her. Skothians. and they shall not be found reserve. after she has lain in ruins all these centuries. some are convex. but is also true as regards Israel and her sons. and there vhall be none . and in that time.

times. classes have been formed in London. the Assyrian calendar. Other and more important results may be expected from those vast hidden treasures of knowledge. creation. They have given us a new made have clear much that was obscure history they the records of a civilization to translated have they be ranked with that of Greece or Borne. and yet older by many centuries. omens. behind those of our Mother. Those achieveothers to still grander achievements. . hymns. private business. etc. or almanac a code of laws. their creed . for the study of It will not be long before our will have a chair for Assyrian universities English and the primitive languages of Babylon Archaeology. Past successes will inspire of philological study. and every possible facility and encouragement is being Great success has already . names works of various kinds royal decrees. . royal birth portents . attended the efforts of those who have made the cuniform character a specialty in philology. Since I first read this lecture. prayers. A grammar and a dictionary have been eliminated. an account of the eclipses of the moon and the movements of the stars. . the deluge and the dispersion. and Assyria. and for more of still greater value. and we may look for many more. the of the months. for the work of excavation is only well begun. All those countries are now under the protection of the British flag.Country. None are more conscious of the imperfections in our present translations than the men who have given . the . All these are of immense value to us. ments already won have really been among the marvels of this wondrous age. forms of contracts. the vernal equinoxes. the annals the Assyrian account of the of war and conquest . They must soon be reckoned a branch those inscriptions. a chair has been established in England to teach a knowledge of those curious inscriptions and we may rest assured that our American universities will not be long .450 scientific ANGLO-ISRAEL. names of the different weights and measures . names of tributary nations and provinces. and seasons. a table of square and cube roots. England.^dven to all inquirers.

will conquer all this. some of these days. that the star of empire moved westward and if it be true. whose import may yet astonish the world. work. Noah's history of the flood. as we teach. to bring to light monuments. the British Isles. claim our attention. as yet. It was true fifteen-hundred years ago. hard brain work. isles of we will find . It may be. or Shem's autobiography. nor loiter among the echoes of Assyria there are other voices to which we must give ear. tablets. But we may not longer dwell in the East. or annals even far beyond their time. will. etc. Idioms whose meanings they have not yet fully determined chronological historical facts yet to be adjusted. then.. the Danes. work. But. It was all fable. They know that there are signs of whose value they are yet ignorant. But the excavations of Layard and others. The marble monuments came crying out in rapid succession in their cuniform Thus God continues characters of the oracles divine. What light may yet be thrown upon the whole programme of history.ARCHAEOLOGY. Jutes Saxons. The day may not be far distant when Nimrod's biography. and silence the unbelief of our shallow age. papyri. . or the history of Adam and his times shall become text-books in our schools. are waiting to echo to the listening ear some glad voice that will rejoice the hearts of the Bible-student. and confirmed the faith of believers in the truthfulness of God's Word. Angles. We. he thought. fuH'of buried treasures yet unexplored. 451 us those translations. It was Voltaire who sneered at the idea of such an immense city as Nineveh. as it is to-day. have only heard a few of the first glad . and echoes from those rocks lately liberated from their prison others lately exhumed. and MSS.. that . Swedes and Germans. yet leaving no traces or monuments behind. and all through Assyria and Egypt. inscriptions. There are mounds in Babylon and Nineveh. confounded infidels. came from Asia to Tarshish and to the Tarshish. There are in the British Museum thousands of tablets not yet translated. to put to shame. that the library of Nebuchadnezzar or of Thothmes.

In the Crimea. and to KhorsoKhorsori was built originally by the . I can only here produce the inscriptions found here and there. Eev. a man of the tribe of Naphtali of the family of Shimli. there is an Israeli! ish cemetery. evidence of a migration of large numbers of people up the great valley of the Danube. People do not soon or easily change their mode of sepulture. grave-stones. which was carried : captive in the captivity of Hosea. together with the other tribes of Israel which were carried away by the prince Shalmaneser from Samaria. taken to the imperial library in St. Petersburg. on the monuments and stony records which they have left behind them. which is . on the road from Balaclava to Batshiserai. an English missionary of Hebrew descent. on a high and dry ridge lying east of Sebastopol. and wayside inscriptions. many of those in the East and most of them have some date. Mr. We may carefully examine monuments. They were carried to Halah. the son of Moses. authority. The entrance to this sacred spot " the still bears the name of valley of Jehoshaphat. It is in close proximity to a stronghold or fortification. to Habor. during the reign of Hosea the A large number of those tombstones have been king. to Gozan. neses (the Crimea) Cabool. and on to the isles of the west." All the inscriptions in this cemetery strikingly resemble in form. evidence of that migration in the countries and vaults. or their habits of immortalizing the names and deeds of their ancestors. was shown an ancient document. as this people kept on their westward way. and record the names of their loved ones. usually from the time of our exile. the following extract the son of Jehudah the mighty. or from the time they were taken into Assyria. Stern. I quoted from undoubted fathers. king of Israel.452 ANGLO-ISRAEL. from which he made "I am Jehudi. and in style of execution. Israel's fortress. Our modes of dress and of travel but we adhere very tenaciously to may change. methods of sepulture handed down to us from our In a former lecture. with the tribe of Simeon. . . There is in sacred about the manner which a nation something or people dispose of their dead. called Tschu-fut-kaleh.

as who can recount what has happened unto us all during 1." Another. to which places Tiglath-pileser had exiled the sons of Eeuben and Gad." On a tombstone taken to " St. and they are . may his rest be in Eden at the time of the deliverance of Israel. An ancient work called VaraJca. the wonders which God has done for us.D. He died 702 of our captivity. 961 " when the envoys of the prince of Eosh Meschech (Ezekiel xxxviii. and half the tribe of Manasseh. because of the chalk cliffs which are seen so prominently in the distance. whom all the Welsh triads say was the leader of the first colonists of the Cymry in their migration to the White Islands. here spoken of.A RCH&OLOG Y." The descendants of the ten tribes. grave of Buki. says the Crimea was in the possession of the Sacae and the Cymry. Defrobane. In both the Assyrian and Grecian monuments mention is made of them. and from which they have been scattered throughout the entire East." Another inscription of nearly one thousand years " This is the earlier. now Constantinople.D. Petersburg. and afterwards destroyed. and permitted to settle there. Khomri. we find the following inscription must inscribe here.C. Abraham-ben-marSinchah of Kertsch. Halah and Habor and Gozan. In many of those monuments we find frequent reference to the house of Omri. is the same person as "Hu" the mighty. and again rebuilt and called Grim. Cyrus and Cambyses. from the summer land of song. 7-~0. and thus the exiles of Shalrnaneser and of Nebuchadnezzar were mingled together in one people. the son of Isaac. God still continue to help us. obtained possession of the Crimea and settled there." about A. in the year of our exile 1682. White Islands was the name they gave to England. even as far as China. 453 father of Cyrus. Kymrii and Cimmerean. 2) came from Kiow to our : We master chazar Prince David. may " To one of the faithful in Israel. under the kings of Media." that would be about 19 B.500 years we have lived in this exile. A. the priest. Some eminent writers have thought that Jehudah the mighty.

About the Crimea we find many speaking tablets that tell of "the Cimmerean Chersonesus. always spoken of as connected with the captivity of They are named on the tablet of Esarh addon B. though in a transition state. was the leader of the tribe from Israel who loved freedom more than life. we find the inscriptions in the same characters as we found in the East. in Denmark. or tombs. and whence they came from. In North Germany. 681. we find manifest traces of the same people. too. producing most beautiful herbage. The Kimmerean peninsula and the Kimmerean Bosphorus. They are so numerous that the traveller is bewildered at the idea of a population which could have furnished the labor and expense of such structures. who. mense plains watered by the rivers Ister and the Danube. and of a people having the same methods of writing on tombs and monuments. a province in Sweden. Israel. There is on one tablet the name of Tiuspa. The Kymri from the East stamped their name upon every place of importance on and around the Krimea or Crimea." This word Chersonesus comes from the Greek Chersos and nesos. the Cimmerean. There. who made extensive examinations in " There are imperson of that whole country. says. whom it is said. show the westward way of multitudes of people. left their dead carefully entombed. In a former lecture I noticed how the tribe had of Dan stamped their name upon the rivers and all valleys through that western migration. and capable of sustaining immense multitudes of people. who during a long term of years. which means a peninsula. with the same curious The great writing found in Assyria and Armenia. and in Sweden. there are numbers of those stones or obelisks. In those tombs and around them we have evidence of a people of Hebrew descent. have left waymarks on the rocks showing who they were.C. full of mounds or vaults. and so many of them. Those vast graveyards. . The Kimmerean ferry and Kimmerean castles. In Helsingland. Those plains are now remarkable only for their vast cemeteries filled with tumuli. Dr. Clarke. and Kimmerean mountains.454 ANGLO-ISRAEL.

or treasurer in the colony of Tarshish. Germany also. now called Spain and Northern France. in Dumfrieshire. and had brought with them their art of writing. son of Abda was over the tribute. a system of writing for themselves and for the No> bards. and left speaking monuments of that fact on rocks and temples. like the Egyptian priests. There is still standing in Spain a tombstone of one of the chief men of king Solomon's cabinet. will easily conclude that the people who recorded their inscriptions in the land of Assyria and Armenia had come to Tarshish f V D R K H HI A 8 T B L M R SPECIMEN OF THE ANCIENT EUNIC OGHAM. and died here. 6. indeed. also. His name is mentioned in 1 Kings iv. a finance minister. layman Specimens of those curious characters are found in North Sweden. In the Orkneys. In ancient Tarshish. In Denmark. on gravestones and monuments. in Argyleshire. who stood next in honor to the priests.ARCHAEOLOGY. He was an honorable in his day. The priests of Druidism had." . 455 Celsus copied them and attempted a translation of them. the servant of king Solomon." Any one who will compare the monument and the inscription with similar records found in the East. and. my custody an ancient parchment book filled with the Ogham writing. " I have in Sir James Ware says." The inscription on the marble reads. who came" to collect tribute. " This is the tomb of Adoniram. " And Adoniram. in throughout the Norse country. we find the same tendency to perpetuate the memory of departed worth. the Isle of Man. In Ireland we find ample evidence that a people from the East once owned arid cultivated that soil. dared to use this mystic writing. and of preserving the memory of their dead. on monuments erected in memory of the dead.

We . tion of the writing. but Lini was the son of Un but Un was the son of Fah but Fah was the son of Duri but he (the son) of Barlaf but he (the .!> : T iMiV 1 ? * A TOMBSTONE IN MALSTAD. were made by an iron pen or style. informs us that long before the use of parchment. IRELAND. these . the Antiquarian. but Brifi was the son of Lini . The translation is as follows: "That is. . son) of Drun but he (the son) of Lanas but he (the Frument the son of Fifiulfi made son) of Fidrafiv. the Irish bards same Mr. .456 ANGLO-ISRAEL. have placed this stone to the monuments. had a large collec- Thomas Hearn. 'Flaherty. in his Ogygia. Frumunt erected this stone to Fifiulfi the son of Brifi. or paper. The letters ID: l -*hrPi T^^^ "*-'ln *. . wrote on wood made smooth by a plane. .

and much more recently Sweden. the wedge. It obtained among the in ancient Greeks and Britons. and when used on monuments. the arrowhead. 8. Mr. Suilfir (or Fifiulfer) 457 Arva was the mother of Fifiulfi. with Runic characters engraved upon them. He dwelt in Rimbium. M / G // No* Y //// //// R J/i A U B I II Illll -40 a/ //. and as public memorials. xxxvii. in his Art of Poetry. says. that Isaiah xxx. The Danish word Runic. The Latin Bible has it." If the reader will note the characters used in this fuicient Irish writing. or mystical manner of writing. swordshaped. " Write this prophecy on the box tree. "The primitive elements of the B L I F $ III (III N H D >J i H in C mi Q iHfi. // /=- 01 -AO -ftff- U! IA 2 imfl fVcrmp/gL THE ANCIENT IRISH OGHAM. " speaks of writing upon sticks. north of Bala stone. the characters used in writing were more highly embellished. Assyrian letters were simple lines.ARCHEOLOGY. and the hammer-shaped. having been so used in the East." Ezekiel xxxvii. also. Those. " Write in a table. is The practice of writing on sticks (Ezek. The stave calendars once used in Sweden were of wood. In other countries. some three feet or more long. alludes to the fact that their laws were written on wood. means a secret. they were more elaborate. 20) as old as the days of Moses. and compare them carefully with the many specimens that have turned up in Assyria." Horace. . was governor of this province. by some means found their way to the isles of the west. Layard says. and at a later date." Our English Bible has it. 16 and following verses. he cannot fail to see the strong and striking resemblance.

which was the son of Thara. and of the promises. with the Anglo-Israel theory as a key. a great. Some 2. which was the son of Isaac. the Gaels. and to other nations. striking resemblance. lost. and not see a " Which was the son of Jacob. they were sometimes called Scythians. which was the son of Abraham. the Gatae. and in the hammer and wedge character found only in The man who will say. which was the son of Nacor." number of stalwart young men. is . their polishing was With them there was also an immenso of sapphire. as I conclude. Many of these were Assyria. It is only reasonable. The precise form of expression is found on the marble in the Irish_cemeteries. who is at all familiar with the ancient Hebrew family records. and having brought with them the language and written characters. not competent to realize the force of reason. and a species of hieroglyphics extending along their whole length. energetic people were carried away into captivity and lost.500 years ago in Western Asia. the Angles.458 ANGLO-ISRAEL. Jutes. History informs us that in successive waves this people swept over Europe. poets and musicians. in more ruddy body than rubies. and so many of the habits and customs of the East from Assyria. they inscribed their tombs and monuments with the same writing that they used in the eastern No one countries. Among them were many thousand blithesome maidens with beautiful complex" Purer than snow. They were the children of Abraham. to themselves. the answer is easy. heirs of the covenant. men of giant intellect. the Belgae. that I should inquire how came those eastern characters and that eastern style of writing to the western isles ? Who brought the language and the writing. restless. these all made a vast multitude of people. middle aged men and mothers with little children. whiter than rnilk they were ions. . They were brought to those isles by a people who themselves came from Assyria. and planted them on the western countries ? To a student of the Bible." and so on. and in precisely the same manner. . it is mere chance. can read those ancient records. orators.

and Judah shall no more vex Ephraim. and of This is proved from the fact. 459 Danes. became the birth-place of those swarms of people. Germans. ethnological character. price. laws." and they shall rebuild Jerusalem and possess the whole land from the Nile to the Persian Gulf. or the hiding-place of Israel. These people became the progenitors of North Germany. and shall appoint themselves one head." " Then shall the children of Judah and the children Still future. and liberate the slave in all nations. and Judah shall embrace Christianity and " Ephraim shall no more envy Judah. and they shall come up out of the land. and with too much independence to borrow of any. for this of Israel be gathered together. that their grave. and Judah shall look upon him whom they have pierced. . as the Lord promised to bless His Israel with a multiplicity of increase as many as the stars in heaven. and with a Bible which is above all religion. institutions. From the route they took on leaving the East from the epistles from addressed to them when in their dispersion incidents by the way. . ." and they both shall be one . Britain and America.ARCHAEOLOGY. . . and are now being blessed. present condition and future prospects. " In those days the house of Judah (or the Jews) shall walk with the house of Israel. . and bid the oppressed go free with wealth and treasure to lend to all other nations. . Saxons and Normans. . customs. or sands on the ocean shore with colonial possessions on every continent with the control of the oceans and the possession of the islands with the blessings of the with deep the great fisheries and diamond fields the military command of the gates or strongholds of the earth with an unconquered army and navy with power and will to maintain the Holy Sabbath. and mourn. . These people have been. greater blessings are promised to us in the Saxon race is to be the honored instruments of the conversion of all the Gentile nations. from their language. and they shall come together out of the land of the North to the land that I have given for an inheritance unto your fathers.

where dwelt in ancient day. no more COWPER ON " ISRAEL'S PROTECTION." . whose annals prove So rich an interest in Almighty love ? Where dwell they now. Bid nations leagued against thee stand aloof. but not upon thy shore ? Hi* power secured thee when presumptuous Spain' Baptized her fleet invincible in vain. . For ages safe between His sheltering hand. What the character will be in the heavenly records we must wait to see. ANGLO-ISRAEL. " and they shall be divided into two nations at all. blest as they? Has He not hid thee and thy favored land. And of history's authentic page. Ask now up evidence from every age with Display busy and laborious hand The blessings of the most indebted land What nation will you find." and then the "Saxon race shall " and rejoice that their names possess her possessions are written in heaven. And charged hostility and hate to roar Where else they would. A people planted. watered.460 nation. Given thee His blessings on the clearest proof. call .



Of these the chief are the garnet. the diamond.SIXTH LECTURE. which is of a pale quartz. not . more . and brilliancy. red. and sea-green tints there are also white hyalines. distinguished respectively by their purple. sometimes taken for diamonds. grass-green. but by the circumstance of their presenting a double refraction the third class of gems are composed of . and a variety of beryl. or. sometimes when extremely fine and deep in color. yellow. the sapphire. or golden stone. LIA-FATL. the : . EMS progress of civilization in the Western Hemisphere. the topaz. OR THE STONE OF DESTINY. a peculiar form of charcoal the next class in importance are called hyalinecoryndons of those there are the amethyst. called the carbuncle the chrysolite. or less hydrated and variously colored. the ruby. emerald. which is the crystal of carbon. in other and simpler words. and they are frequently referred to as more valuable than any other of those possessions which constituted the wealth of mankind. they have been as eagerly sought for as in Europe or in the Far East. hardness. Precious stones are chiefly of three kinds One. blue. The Holy Scriptures are full of allusions to them . but capable of being distinguished. only by their inferior weight. . or precious stones have been greatly admired and valued in the East from time immemorial and since the rise and .

form a pearly ground. in their estimation. the nail. Oh I so much wish that it were true. . the jacinth. having especial virtues. being in color like the healthy nail on the finger. All these precious stones were deemed by the scientists. sub-division of this class consists of translucent. and the principal varieties are as follows The onyx. which exhibits an iridescence of many colors. which differs from the onyx by having its layers of red and white. I should procure a few such amulets for some of our dear ones who The topaz. . but not transparent. Besides these there is the jasper. taking "a red polish and it is by no means improbable that the turquoise may have been known to the Hebrews. It is much used by engravers of cameos. of an orange yellow this stone. and also the stone lazuli. especially as it is well adapted for engravings. These are called by the generic name of agates. and it is from the color of the last that it derives its A : name. as . and may probably be alluded to occasionally in the Holy Scriptures by other names. Thus the amethyst. stones. . but chiefly bright green and deep orange. the poison "sardonyx drove away evil thoughts the diamond was supposed to be a sure protection against the power of the evil one and his temptations the ruby saved a man from the shame and sin of cowardice the emerald caused pious thoughts and holy meditations. saved from are topers. or hyacinth. or cabalists among the Jewish Rabbis. they said. There is a green agate of one uniform tint which is very much admired and highly esteemed. . or red cornelia. sardine.464 ANGLO-ISRAEL. a perfectly opaque red stone. would charm a drunkard from his cups and save him from the terrible shame and sin of drunkenness. so called from the Greek word onyx. It is formed in layers of dark brown and pearly white. who cut on the white aonyx. . and raised its possessor to the gods the sapphire charmed away all earthliness of mind and secured a rich endowment of spiritual philosophy. The sardius. grass-green color. is sometimes called Ligure. from being found in Liguria. The wonderful virtue of these precious stones varied ! .

It has a strange history.500 years were crowned. which is the throne-seat or foundation stone of the greatest nation upon the earth. all him against England. An ancient Talmud " The Lord Abram an says. a celebrated stone a most precious stone in a most curious memorial of the past. 30 its wonderful history from the pre-historic . gave amulet which secured sickness. Upon that stone all the kings and queens of Israel. of more effective virtue. 465 with their value. For itself jome reason or other. and a substantial oak chair rests upon this sacred stone. and still has. in order to account for its existence there and for the nation's veneration for it. is dross when compared to the ragged. the demons. England. An English writer says. in possession of the Queen of England. by in Eastern he is said to have controlled which." There is now in Westminster Abbey." That was. and the firm hold it has had. battered. the truth. old. TWO The two TABLES. and Scotland for 2. The stone is there. no doubt. who are as much a matter-of-fact people as ourselves or.. the greatest philosophers. was a carbuncle. on the affections of the whole people. a traditional reference to the interest he had in the "Rock of Ages.THE STONE OF DESTINY. and some writers even distinguished them as masculine or feminine the former being of deeper and stronger hues and of greater brilliancy. superficial scoffer to treat its existence and its history as a delusion or a myth (2) we may attempt in some way to account for the veneration in which it is held. story. tables of the law were said to have been written on vast emeralds. with a scholarly love of The We . and divines of the greatest nation on the globe have put that stone in a case of royal oak. as a consequence. and. great Koh-i-noor. . The ring of Solomon. Ireland. with a casting of a lion under each corner. poets r statesmen. (1) may choose. with the thoughtless. we may do either of three things. journey-worn stone. the most celebrated diamond in the world. (3) to trace.

466 ANGLO-ISRAEL. monuments. Sees but falsehood in the past." . In the light of fouls. He had. and as certain. as witnesses of memorable events. and hunger and . or liars. and to preserve the remembrance of promises or covenants made. and binding in the future. And its people view their sires. With a mind tossed by the storm of doubt and darkened by the shadows of guilt. it is true. that I choose the third as far as I am able. put up a stone for a pillar of witness The occasion was in itself a most memorat Bethel. We have. in the early part " " of his history. from her throne of ebony. ages. In the Old Testament times stones were used instead of medals. why of English life. I fully believe what I have already quoted. as though we resided there. settled l down upon him. Thus Jacob. no farfamed legends of our ancestors of our own. but he had resorted to so much guilty deception as to be remembered only with bitterness and regret. journey so far had been to him a most gloomy one. obtained his brother's birthright and his father's blessing. And its splendors cannot last Branches. 'Tis a sign of its decline. night. and self-denial. or written documents. As to those three things. for the condition of his mind was such that his days were dark and cloudy. Our inquiries may be complex and difficult. however. In America we have no ancient records. that but blight their roots Yield no sap for lasting fruits. He had been journeying about 450 the miles. as deep an interest in those of Ireland. diligence. that " has been so imbedded in the great heart When a land rejects her legends. able one to him. it by direct and circumstantial evi- dence. with a good degree of earnest toil. England and Scotland. and his nights were filled with fear and guilt. requiring patience. I am free to say. JACOB AT BETHEL.

17). namely. and blessed him there. and here. the act of complete consecration to God. This world -in close relation to other worlds constant intercommunings of celestial beings to the very spot where he lay. and the Divine blessing. " How dreadful is this place This is none other than the House of God. Here. and the Divine. Saw very forcibly presented the over-ruling of a Divine Providence. he prays. He saw the holy ones was brought very near to the Divine recognized spiritual and invisible realities. he. the Divine protection. and this *is the " gate of heaven (Genesis xxviii. He received broad and had not been used in the building. When against looking around for somewhere to a building stone of lay his head he saw a stone slightly tapering form. but for for it some reason some place of imporhad been rejected and This stone her Jacob's pillow. He was told that they should be ejected from the land of Canaan that his seed should . selfish. It had been hewn. deceptive. the universe for his chamber. the worldly. prayerless. " BeThere are four things he now feels hold. He was at one end of the vinculum and God at the other. Things which are not seen were then. darkness for his and oh. him. There he saw the true vision of life. 467 The gates of Luz were closed fatigue overtook him. ! . disobedient man is aroused and awakened to the highest and noblest action of the human soul. under the conscious presence of God and of spiritual exis! tences. ." he needs the Divine presence. he slept and dreamed dream a ladder from his pillow all the way up to the throne of God. with reverence and awe." With the stone for his pillow. the superhuman. God now informs him and of his seed. tance. When he awoke. deep perceptions of God. and in one view he saw the human. what a covering. THAT STONE. said. God has indeed met Jacob in the way. the Divine provision. eternal. as now. no doubt. of the glorious future of his family .THE STONE OF DESTJNY. . Jacob thus brought into union and fellowship. " came . lying outside the walls.

all understood the doubt. He had not much of this world's goods to give.468 ANGLO-ISRAEL. and in honor and in memory of the covenant the Lord changed the name of house and called it El-beth-el. and the return This was. blessing. A CONSECRATED after consecrated Twenty-seven years is again visited. however dark and mysterious to us." stone . and by virtue of those high and holy transactions." How so ? It shall be God's house in the sense that God will always be found wherever this stone is. that God would be with him and . and so used. . and he consecrated the stone by pouring a portion of his viaticum (his portion of oil) upon it. As a man is sought for and found in his house where he makes his home. and the contracting parties meet and ratify the former covenant and the Lord commanded him to build an altar there. the stone became the " Stone of Israel. would keep him in bring until him again all his wanderings. so this stone of testimony. the . etc. This marvellous multiplicity of increase must precede the spreading abroad westward. no doubt. the God of the house of God. " This was. this. and would to this land. and the witness and seal to this covenant was that stone.