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work bench

long-term repair waiting room accountant office casher

way out

reception and diagnosis

medium repair

+ quick repair recycling bins

changing room

toilets tyre fitting car entrance


NAME : Garaje Hdidan LOCATION :Mecanica en general SIZE : 250m2/150m2 TARGET CUSTOMER : Av/Galicia 7- Barcelona OTHERS : Num 935720173 Tel 649274613
2. GARAGE FACILITIES / SERVICES ("instal.lacions, serveis") I services facilities offering our workshop are:

- Reception service and diagnosis - A closet with all kinds of tools montage i disconnecting - Two hydraulic jacks pit - A tool carriage - Oil sucker - Purge vehicle brake - Alignment parallel directions - Motor grader - Four elevators -Motor grader I for ruetad montage area are: - I mounted machine balance wheel - Automatic disconnecting wheels impact gun Forklift etc

3. PARTS OF THE GARAGE ("zones del taller")

-Outside the garage have a car parkin area for customers i in the input reception garage i encontamos an elevator car, adjacent to the inlet are the quick repair zone i i tire fitting to the bottom of the workshop are medium long-term repair repair i also have a changing room i to one ilets i shop at exit kosher i encontamos your accountant office waiting room
4. GARAGE EQUIPMENT ("equipament, maquinria")

We put at the entrance of the reception i garage to find an elevator that fails the car i have put quick repaire between input output i shop because repairs are fast i i the medium long-term repair repair what we have the back of the shop because there are cars that are slow to repair i also have a changing room ia toilets for workers finally i have at the output of the workshop one kosher with your accountant office waiting room.

GARAGE STAFF NEEDED ("personal necessari"

(1) We are looking for a girl responsible for the workshop reception and diagnosis. It should be the environment and with proven experience in the workplace and with (friends of the service, responsible for local control, event management, etc.. Etc). Refrain not meeting these requiriment. contactarSalario 1.300

( 2) Job: We seek a professional with superior electromechanical title two years experience maintaining and repairing cars in general contactar Salario 1,600

(3)Wanted Engineer, responsible for all workshop machines. Languages English, spoken and written Catalan Castilian technical and commercial level. Informatica user level. car driving license own immediate incorporation permanent contract contractar salario 1,900.


automatic removal of wheels: 6,000 euros forklift: 6.200 euros i ride machinery balancing wheels: 1,800 euros CarLift: 4.450 euros oil sucker: 900 euros impact wrench 350 euros two cats hedraulicos: 670 euros tool cart: 200 euros two retractable reels: 370 euros Car Brake Purge: 277.47 euros aligner Address: 9.000euros