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Name: Gimmer Garage Localicion: CADIZ !!! Meters: 200-250 meters People: Only army or other people Horari: 9AM 13 PM 16 PM 21 PM

In this garage we have got one camera of paint, one zone of body work, four car lifts, all aquipement and tools for work: hammers, soldering gun, pliers, screwdrivers, nipper,... In the garage we have one store room, office changing room and toilets, recicling bins.

Map car garage


The entrance and the exit are in front,it's easy the movility and is better for camera of paint ond loud sounds of garage. To the right of entrance is the office is more confortable for poeple and communication, last office on the right is the store room so that poeaple don't enter completely the garage, have no problems with the mechanics and for better acces.

The back the store room is reciclying bins so people don't see waste, gives better image to the local. To the right of the store room is camera of paint the area is aproppiete for gas expulsion and vents are necessary. Next to the camera of paint is zone of body work this at the end to avoid sounds, the back is one room for bady work waste.

Left on the body works are to car lifts on the left is changing room and toilets, in front of others two car lifts. Between body works and camera of paint is one workbench, other between car lifts and machines for work is between others car lifts.

Car lift: Is one machine for moving up objects in this teme one car. Camera of paint: Is one room with four arms this arms painting the car or paint the car one mechanic, using this camera for avoid pollution the sprays for paint. Workbench: Is one bank for organised the tolls in garage. Acetylene torch or Soldery gun: Using the two machins for union metal Tools: Is very important and avidendly for work the mecanics and with tools repair the cars or others machines.


In this workshop employs four people, -A clerk who handles all the paperwork of the business, it is necessary to work a computer printer and various documents for invoices, delivery of materials and spare parts needed by the shop after-hours, also used office supplies such as pencils, erasers, staplers and many more useful. - A person who manages the beating and car paint, needs a paint booth, various tools like hammers, scarps, multiple paintings and various utensils more. - A garage supervisor, its function is to check that all the work done has been right, and that customers get your vehicle in perfect condition. - An experienced mechanic to fix any damage that comes your way, you need a machine for diagnosis, wrenches, logic probes, spares of all kinds, pneumatic gun, plies, allen keys, socket wrench, screwdrivers and oil.

It takes an apprentice mechanic, for workshop in Cadiz must have a Bachelor Degree Electromechanical through vehicles. We seek an enthusiastic person with great initiative and willingness to learn. We are interested that his age is between 18 and 25 years. The hours are from 9 am to 12 am.

You need a car painter Workshop in Cadiz. It states that have minimum 3 years experience with good references. The age requirement is 30 years minimum. Time from 9 am to 14:00 pm and from 17:00 to 21:00 Good salary to receive.

They are looking for a shop assistant to sell products in Cadiz garage sales experience required parts and merchandising, good presence and people skills. Minimum age 20 years. from 9:00 am to 14:00 pm

The workshop requires expensive machinery, a paint booth (8,000 ) 2 elevators (6,000 ), diagnostic machine (1500), various tools for shop employees (7,000 ), the office needs a computer and office equipment ( 1,600) for the required parts store and Advertising (4,000 ).

Marc Garcia Lluis Mas

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