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17 August 2006

The Consequences of the Coming: North American "Continent Wide" Earthquakes; It'll be "The Time of Jacob's Trouble": Jeremiah 30 v 5 - 7 Amos 1 v 1 - 2; Ezekiel 38 v 19 - 21
The North American Continent is Divided into 3 North/South Sections Each of the three "sections" is locked together at transition zones, so that any major events in any section will unavoidably affect the adjacent sections. If the Pacific third lurches significantly, it will affect the stability of the Central third, along the Continental Divide. The activity in the Central third will likewise affect the Eastern third, along the New Madrid fault zone, as well as the Appalachian Mountain Chain. Actually, the United States has a second "Continental Divide", manifested by the New Madrid fracture zone. These factors reveal that when large enough events occur in the Cascadia Zone, they likely "ripple" all the way across the continent. Such massive events are felt throughout the Globe. Everyone around the World will know that something Really Big has happened. The "Real" Reason the Grand Canyon exists The generally accepted explanation for the existence of the Grand Canyon is that the Colorado River has eroded it over millions of years. I often wondered how a river had created such a massive atypical structure. The parallel sheer cliffs of the Grand Canyon didn't seem to fit with the typical hydrologic pattern of erosive geographic modifications that rivers normally leave behind. Since when does a river leave a virtually identical shear cliff face shore, through solid rock? Normally a river would spread out and create a swamp or lake upon being confronted by this type of natural barrier. Another Powerful Force at Work I believe there is a more logical explanation. The dog legs at both ends of the northwestern corner of the Arizona segment of the Grand Canyon clearly reveal significant Northwestward traveling separation of the adjacent rims. The zigzag deformations are typical of laterally traveling fractures of a high volume flowing river. Every time a section of the river bed travels, erosion carves out a path to the displaced channel. Since the river is flowing in a deep cavernous canyon, the only path for the confined water is to carve

out the lateral fracture zone to the original river bed. Erosion obviously plays a significant role in the hydrological life of the canyon, but the primary forces at work are plate tectonics. The "same plane" horizontal separating fracture caused by departing land masses creates a ready made channel as a natural "ditch" to route Rocky Mountain watershed runoff. The Grand Canyon certainly dramatically illustrates these principles. This is really the only reliable way to transport the massive amounts runoff flowing from the Rocky Mountains to the West Coast. This reveals the Colorado River as the quintessential "made to order" water delivery system to the desert southwest, as well as the state of California. Brilliant large scale hydrologic engineering if I do say so myself! In Conclusion, The Topographical Evidence A few months ago I was examining a topographical map of North America. Among other things, I noticed a peculiar anomaly: the Northern side of the Grand Canyon appeared to be pulling away from the Southern section. The Grand Canyon, looks like a continental "rip" in Earth's crust from southern Utah through northern Arizona, as a manifestation of the tectonic activity of the Western third of North America being pulled northwest. I suddenly realized the far reaching implications! A large section of the Western States is apparently being separated from Continental North America proper, evidenced by the Canyon. This would also explain the exceptionally active geothermal area of Yellowstone in Wyoming. The Role of Yellowstone As the Southwestern States are being twisted apart, the Northwestern States are being compressed by the same Clockwise forces creating the many towering Mountain Ranges throughout the Pacific Northwest. The stored Energy to cause such deformations in the Earths Crust is truly massive. When they finally do release their Energy, periodically, the consequences to life and limb are devastating. If you will, imagine the simultaneous forces at work that cause lateral "Canyon" tears in the Earth's crust, while at the same time "squeezing" sections into Mountain Ranges, Volcanoes, and mesmerizing geothermal areas such as Yellowstone in Wyoming, and Lassen National Park in Northern California!

The "Western" Third

The Western Third of the Continental United States is loosely defined on the east by the Continental Divide, and the Pacific Ocean on the west. Among the processes acting on the land mass are the Cascadia fault zone, the Pacific Plate, Juan da fuca plate, and the Yellowstone geothermal area. When Cascadia moves, the effects are far reaching. The southern end of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains is being dragged North and West from beneath, compressing the entire Western third from the West all along the Coast of the Pacific Northwest. If we continue to ignore the forces that built the numerous Mountains and land forms which define the Western US, we do it at our peril. Based on the relative inactivity of recent Decades most of the people who live in the United States, except maybe Californians, think that we in America are somehow immune to crippling earthquakes. The absurdity of this is especially acute in the Western States. The towering mountains and Volcano's that we live among are an unavoidable Testament to these devastating forces. These structures, by their nature, were built by sudden catastrophic events. Imagine the hills and mountains around you appearing "in a moment"! Like a blanket lying on a carpet, being pushed at one edge and pulled at the other, thereby creating random wrinkles and folds as well as tears in response to various tectonic variances. Like any dissimilar material, the movement is erratic. The main pulling force is occurring from the under side, represented by the carpet. Thats why the Front Range is towering above the Great Plains. This explains why the West is defined by numerous Canyons and Mountains containing towering peaks. It's not hard to imagine this process when observing the "folds" of the Rockey's and Cascades as well as fractures such as Hells Canyon in Idaho and the other canyons north and west of the Grand Canyon. At the time of these significant events, the entire North American Continent is significantly shaken eastbound, across thousands of miles of real estate from the Pacific Coast, all the way to the Atlantic! The "Central" Third If you closely examine the South Central topography of the United States you will notice a peculiar land formation in Eastern Oklahoma. I'm convinced that this is a result of the North Western stresses of the Western United States "pulling" the south eastern two third of the Continent. If this is true it is further evidence that the entire United States is in for catastrophic metamorphosis in our future. This all means that the Central United states is

being "pulled apart" in the south and "squeezed" in the north. This explains why the New Madrid fault is such a powerful force, but apparently has no "visible" fault zone. Actually, the fault zone of the eastern Central third of the United States is revealed by the extensive mountain ranges from Alabama to Maine. A huge subsiding zone is being created from the Gulf of Mexico through the New Madrid area reaching up to Illinois in response to these forces. These processes will likely result in a terrifying fracture, east of Georgia or Alabama. The Eastern boundary zone of the Central Region of the United States is being pulled South and West, with the inevitable result of a southern "tear" in the continent, possibly similar to the "tear" in northern Arizona and southern Utah. The Central third the Nation is undergoing a similar kind of clockwise twist as the western section, resulting in a "squeezing" of the Northern States and a "tugging" force in the south. The Central United States is being compressed southeastwardly in the North Central area, and pulled southwestwardly in the South Central region, in response to the influence of Western section forces. The result is two fold: the Central States are sliding along the Eastern Mountain Ranges, as evidenced by such land forms as the Great Smokey's, Piedmont, and the Adirondacks. The Western side of the Mountain Range is being pulled South and west, while the Eastern coast zone is resisting that motion, thereby building the Range. This is known as a "slip fault". The "Eastern" Third The other major stress is manifest by noticing that Florida and the other South Eastern States appear to be being dragged south and west from a topographical Arial viewpoint. Note the Northwest tilt of the Florida Peninsula, as well as the westward coastal curvatures of Georgia, South & North Carolina. This would indicate "pulling" forces on the south central United States, viewable in Eastern Oklahoma. The clockwise West / Northwest movement of the Western seaboard is likewise dragging the central and eastern States in that the same clockwise movement. The Eastern Seaboard has a bumpy future in store, indeed. The visible fracture zone of the mountains is only part of the story. Just off shore, a massive trench area is evidenced by the same forces being discussed in this expose. The sea floor is being "pulled apart" creating the trench. By the way, the trench is necessary for the thermo cline conveyer belt passage know as the Gulf Stream. The unfortunate likelihood is that this area will experience a similar underwater landslide such as occurred in Papaya New Guinea in

the late 1990's. This same scenario was responsible for the 2004 Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami. The probable underwater landslide will generate a massive Atlantic wide Tsunami. The Eastern Seaboard will be devastated, as well as other bordering regions all around the Atlantic Ocean. The Consequences of Large Scale Melting of Polar & Glacial Ice Earth is a huge spinning ball. Like any rotating mass, it is subject to centrifugal forces. Significant or even minor changes in the balancing agents of the Globe will have profound consequences to the stability of Earth's rotation. The large volumes of Melting ice of recent years will have the same effect as removing the balance weights from your cars wheels. You might say "why should we care about that?" Try taking the weights off that "balance" your tires, and then drive your car at highway speeds, and find out! It will shake you to pieces. The same thing will occur to the Earth in response to changes in glacial disappearance, but on a grand scale. Ice weighs allot, and the Earth cannot remain stable while such massive losses are occurring. The effects of gravity will not be avoided. The resulting instability will increase tectonic forces, because the land masses which make up the continents move largely in response to the spin of the Earth. In addition, the "tilt" of the Earth will likely be changed with profound climatic weather pattern realignments. Since massive amounts of Polar, Antarctic, and Glacial ice have already been lost in the last few years I expect the results to be imminent. Actually I already see many subtle changes in the weather which might be the early precursors of already "in train" metamorphic manifestations. Also, don't forget that Earth's surface is largely water. The erratic forces of gravity resulting from the disrupted stability of Earth's rotation will likely cause those bodies of water to "slosh" around in response. The tidal forces under the influence of the moon will "stagger" across the oceans, due to the modified trajectory of Earth's vector shifting unpredictably. Not a very pleasant thought, judging what Tsunami's do to coastal areas.

The Consequences for the United States The United States has enjoyed an unprecedented period of stable continental forces that have significantly contributed to our Global domination. I believe this is about to change. If a Continent wide earthquake does occur, as a result of the disrupted stability of Earths rotation it will likely result in the majority of our transcontinental links being severed. This would make life extremely difficult throughout the Nation, since everyone will be essentially left stranded. All transportation, Energy delivery, water and sanitation services, as well as communications will be irreparably disrupted. A Crippled Nation gone "Blind" To add insult to injury the entire Continent will be cut off from all the Satellites that have provided a 24/7 "birds eye" view of the entirety of "our land", as well as continental communications for Decades. With the National Terrestrial Networks rendered unusable, the signals from the "Birds" will be useless. At the zenith of our National Power, the United States will be rendered essentially powerless in a matter of hours. Can you imagine being in the dark for weeks with no hope of recovery? Everyone will have felt the earth move, and it will be painfully obvious that American Society has suddenly come to a screeching halt. Only those who can obtain their own electricity and other essential services, independent of external support, will weather the loss of public utilities. Very few indeed will have the faith to navigate the trauma of being shaken back to the turn of the Century. The Hope of "Help on the Way" Soon Dashed How will the rest of the World respond to our "time of need"? Initially I expect, the response will appear to be humanitarian in nature, but will quickly devolve into a "winner takes all" mentality. Ultimately the opportunity will prove to be too good to pass up. Even though our terrestrial continental Network will be destroyed, and of no use to us, it will be a relatively simple task for an invading army to set up portable communications access nodes to those same Satellites. They won't have any concerns about trying to reestablish a crippled infrastructure. They will only be interested in supporting their own operations. This is all about America and Britain being Humbled and learning their first lessons of Wisdom.

Facing the Elements, Impromptu Prosperous Nations have been spoiled in recent years by Technology. Few people alive today know what it's like to not have regular weather forecasts. Losing the ability of knowing how the weather will change from day to day will significantly challenge our survivability. In the age of instant communications, access to unlimited food, and unbounded prosperity, it should be quite interesting to see how every individual deals with learning how it was "in the old days". We have completely lost sight of everything thats "really" important. Military Aircraft add to the anxiety Our Continental crisis will be even more evident to every citizen on the ground, because of the all the Military fighters and helicopters filling the sky's. You won't need anyone to tell you that the United States will never be the same. Each "dark night" will only reinforce the terror. Global Hegemony will prove to be Europe's long sought after destiny. With the demise of Earth's only Super Power, the temptation will prove to be too much for Germany. Such an obvious opportunity will not be squandered by the Modern Day Assyrians. The British Isles won't escape You might think that Britain will escape this divine judgment, and be there to help the United States. After all, they are in the eastern hemisphere, right? In this scenario, however, coastal communities bordering the Atlantic Ocean will be devastated by the East Coast generated Tsunami. Being an Island in the Atlantic, Britain will largely be inundated and rendered powerless by the same catastrophe that struck North America. The Global Tsunami consequences are the primary reason that Japan will not play a role, as well as other Coastal and Island Nations. Only interior portions of "Continent" Nations will escape the Tsunami devastation. This will be a major benefit for Germany, since they are nearly "land locked" in the middle of the European Continent.

Allow Jesus Christ's Father to Educate You The obvious inescapable conclusion is that these judgments are from God Himself! We will slowly comprehend that Jesus Christ's Father has enrolled all of us in the "college of life". Jesus Christ has been trying to get us to worship his Father since he came to this Earth almost 2000 Years ago, but we have stubbornly refused to listen. Jesus Christ came to reveal God the Father to humanity, but we have insisted on just worshiping Jesus Christ, instead of the God Christ worships; Matthew 16 v 16 - 17 & 27. As Individuals are left totally on their own, they will discover that He is their only hope. Only the Faith that Jesus Christ has in his God will get any individual through the coming Great Tribulation; Matthew 14 v 16 - 21. When Jesus Christ returns, will he find anyone with faith on the Earth: Luke 18 v 8; Luke 21 v 27 - 28? Kenyon Donald Williams 233 Rogue River Hwy #74 Grants Pass, Oregon 97528 Phone: 541-499-2818 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1

North American Continent Wide Earthquakes; (last updated 15 July 2008)