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Candidate: Grace Creech Date & Time of Lesson: Monday, March 4, 2013 9:00-9:30 School: Long Cane Primary

Subject: ELA

L#: 00171692 Grade Level: Kindergarten

Cooperating Teacher: Marie South Lesson Title: Rhyming Words

1. Curriculum Standards Addressed: K.RFS.2. Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, and sounds (phonemes) a. Recognize and produce rhyming words 2. Instructional Objective(s) Criteria: Students will be able to successfully separate rhyming objects of a combination of at and ug endings. Students will also be able to write a sentence using at words. 3. Assessment(s) of the Objectives: Pre-Assessment: Ask students the question, What is a word that rhymes with mug? During: Ask children about the story such as, What happened first? and What did the fish do? Ending-Assessment: Call the children in groups of two and have them separate eight objects (-at and ug family objects) into two groups of four. 4. Activity: Have the students make a, Cat in the Hat, hat. They will color the hat and write a sentence using the at family words about the Cat in the Hat. 5. Materials/Resources: The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss, paper, crayons, assessment sheets and objects ending in at and ug. 6. Prerequisites (Prior Knowledge): Knowing common terminology such as rhyming. 7. Procedures: 1. Remind students of earlier when I asked them, What is a word that rhymes with mug? 2. Tell the students that today we are going to read The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss and do some activities that involve rhyming. 3. Ask a child if they can tell me what it means when something rhymes. 4. Read children the poem The Cat in the Hat. 5. Ask children about the story such as, What happened first? and What did the fish do?

6. Tell the children that we are going to color the hat just like the example and point out that they need to color the first top part red. 7. Tell the children that they are going to come up with their very own rhyming sentence about the cat. For example, The cat is fat. 8. Tell them that once they come up with their rhyming sentence and have colored, they are going to write the sentence on the white lines. 9. Dismiss the children to their seats. 10. Ask them to color their hats and write their sentence. 11. Tell them that they need to get their sentence checked for accuracy. 12. Once an adult has checked off their sentence, ask them to cut out their hat. 13. Tell them that later I am going to turn it into a hat that they can wear on Friday. 14. As the children finish, dismiss them to centers. 15. Once all children are in centers, call them in groups of two. Do the activity of separating at and ug words by rhymes. 8. Accommodations: Each child goes to centers as soon as they finish. Shaveria will be gone to resource during this lesson; I will help her, one on one when she gets back from resource. She will also work on the differentiating rhyming words one on one with me, not with a partner. 9. References: Common Core Standards iPhone app, Dr. Seuss, and