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Passengers make Take off Low Cost Airlines as Show Travelgenio and Travel2be Taking advance of the presentation

of the annual results for the year 2012, the online travel agency Travelgenio also reflects on the current industry and on th e airlines companies. The outlook for airlines has changed a lot since the crisi s became a reality and also affected their results. Madrid, Spain, April 02, 2013 -- According to Mariano Pelizzari, CEO and co-foun der of Travelgenio, â it is curious how the final positioning of low cost airlines in short and medium hault has consolidated or even strengthened against big compan ies. We see it clear if we look Travelgenio's reservationsâ . With the fall of Spanair and Maley in 2012, Air France â KLM or Aerolíneas Argentinas w ith negative numbers or even Iberia with its ERE, it seems that big companies ar e not at their best. It is true that during these years everything is guided to mergers and the creat ion of strong partnerships within the framework of the global ones like One Worl d, Star Alliance or Skyteam (American Airlines with US Airways, Iberia with Brit ish Airways, Air France with KLM, Lufthansa with Austrian Airlines or LAN with T AM are clear examples). This way they can decrease their costs and increase the capability for offering more low cost destinations under the same brand. However, against these traditional companies, the low cost airlines have settled their market. So much so that, during last year, instead of matching the big ai rlines in their losses, European low cost airlines have grown about a 7%. Something similar is happening with online travel agencies. In the Travelgenio a nnual results it is clearly shown the tendency of consolidation and growth. Agai nst gross sales made in 2012 of 90MM, this year the online travel agency expect s to achieve gross billing results of 150MM. Its growth is demonstrated in the annual results with data like the staff one. J ust in jobs, Travelgenio has grown about a 111,11%, giving clear signs of the ex pansion of the bussines model is being carried out. Noteworthy was the number of reserves, that have doubled in only one year, as re flected by the company results published. Finally, during 2012 Travelgenio have had presence in three countries (Spain, UK and France) but currently it has added two more to its portfolio: Germany and P ortugal. Its expectation for 2013 is to arrive also to Italy and the Netherlands . ABOUT TRAVELGENIO AND TRAVEL2BE Travelgenio is an online travel agency, founded in 2010 in Spain by Mariano Peli zzari. With presence in main European countries, this company is specialised in flights , hotels and rent cars. Actually, Travelgenio is in its international expansion process looking for its consolidation in Europe and also in Latin America. One of its current goals this year is to complete its portfolio´s expansion to answ er the real needs of the customer and travelers. Press Contact: Travelgenio and Travel2be

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