1. Sternoclavicular joint loose pack position. Arm resting by side. 2.

Spiral fracture of humerus which nerve is damaged median nerve, radial nerve, musculocutaneous nerve 3. Four diagrams of hand one was in intrinsic minus position, wrist drop, benediction hand asked what will happen if radial nerve is injured 4. Stab injury to the hypothenar region, patient had weakness in both the little finger and ring finger, asked which muscle is affected in the thumb. Answer adductor policies 5. Patient had anterior dislocation of shoulder which functional movement u will not advice to the patient. A. moving both arm to the upper shelf, combing hair on the back of head, crossing shoulder to the opposite side 6. Surgical neck fracture which nerve is damaged axillary nerve, radial,musculocutaneous nerve 7. Supracondylar fracture which structure is mostly involved brachial artery 8. Sernocleidamastoid muscle stretching 9. Cranial nerve 11 paralysis what happens drooping of shoulder 10. Deceleration phase of cocking which muscles are involved infraspinatus and terious minor , latissimusdorsi, biceps 11. Posterior internal impinchement test shown diagram which muscle u strengthen external rotator, internal rotators, extensors of shoulder 12. Patient feels giddiness when lifting the sholder up to reach the objects on the upper shelf what is the cause. Temporary vertebral artery compression, vagus nerver, pherenic nerve, basilar artery 13. Anterior glide of ankle picture plantar flexion 14. Posterior glide of shoulder to increase flexion and internal rotation 15. Patinet had ilotibial band release so how will u tape to maintain optimum position of

patella. From medial to lateral, from lateral to medial 16. Patient had proximal muscle weakness and decreased grip strength what is the cause lateral epicondyle injury, carpatunnel syndrome 17. NSAIDS side effect gastric irritation 18. Lachmantest given what is the problem ACL injury
19. TFL stretching diagram given what functional outcome useful in stance extension and external rotation 20. Picture of man standing on single limb and leaning towards the same side on stance what is the problem short limb on the same side 21. Scoliosis pt which side u give stretching on the concave side 22. Pt is having pain on sitting and bending and pain relieved on standing and walking what is the cause discogenic pain, 23. To increase range of motion of shoulder after fracture which ossilation techniques u give small amplitude performed at the end rage of motion 24. Parietal lobe lesion what are lost pain and temperature touch and proproceptive 25. Pt can’t look to the lateral side which muscle is affected lateral rectus 26. Trigeminal nerve testing

to clear the secretions – assistance is required.scoliosis…he found prominent scapula on one side. Knee.C7. 30. Wt do you conclude…. 46. 44. 60. 32. when his position in wheelchair was sitting with recling back with foot elevated.Cold Urtricaria Sedentary life pt which ex is best. 34. wheel chair pt is getting tingling in little finger what modification you will give in chair…. 90 49.ulnar compression. red coloured patchs after cryotherapy treatment ..provide elbow pad to prevent. .27.L.. 36. infra spinatus. 39..wt is the intervention……external roators strengthening. . collateral ligament Adult CPR circulation is normal…having respiration problem wt rx. Better diagnosis Pt got rashes. 31. pt after sime time says that the he is feeling lightheadedness and visual disturbance..mainly where it will be affected. posterior INTERNAL impingement…test. ask AT to perform an exs program 52. 38. 120. hyporeflexia To increase Knee ROM from 10-110 degree. 43. ask the AT to strengthen the convex side. 45.old age .T1.. during full deceleration phase…which is muscle will be damaged initially….bp changes…sbp increases 53.Neuropraxia…. 47. Weight bearing exercise. 48.. while giving cryotherapy pt got. wt position is the best flexion position 10. teres minor. Spasticity question on velocity dependant 2+ reflex what is it normal Equilibrium testing marching in place MCA affected what symptoms u see speech dysfunction Treatment intervention of patient with head injury who is on stage four that is confused agitated stage give clear feedback and written contracts Early loss of pain and temperature seen in which of the following condition central cord syndrome Autonomous dyreflexia symptoms asked Heterotrophic bone ossification what u see elevated serum alkaline phosphate C6 patient is first time getting transferred from the mat to the wheel chair. .. . 41. Pt is having L1 tumor . 51. 28. 54.. easy bruising Arterial and venous ulcers lot of questions Interval training for arterial insufficiency patient specificity 99% and sensitivity 45% …. 37..jogging 60-70%. 35. 33.T4 When u are training the patient who is suffering from parkinsons disease for gait training what u look for that the patient is improving look for arm swinging movement Hematocrit value 25 and haemoglobin 12 what do u see decreased heart rate. Running 90-95%. Wt s pt next step… referphyscian. 42.hyperreflexia. 40. PT is doing screeing for 13yr old athlete ..10-12 breaths per min C7. 50. 29.. 30.so what modification u do make the patient more recumbent position of the back rest Highiest level of injury who can negociate wheel chair curbs C5.

pt is having 310 glucose… what is the PT action…… stop the today rx contact pt nurse and tell about pts program 62. passive movts. 59. kafo orthosis…belt should be placed between Ischial tuberosity and femoral condyles 63. what is the first thing u ckeck in copd patients FEV1 68. Kidney pathology 57.back extensors 82. diverticulitis reffered pain 80. B tell the daughter about the physiological effects of the cold C switch off the ac by therapist 64. wet to dry 75. deep partial thickness burn healing time 4-6 weeks 67. 58. osteoporosis seen most commonly in which condition sickle cell disease 76. t12 dermatome pattern pain…. 60. small amplitude at end range.. pt is having hams tightness… what do you advice in functional activites… back seat elevation. wound with minimal drainage with 25% necrosis and 75% granulation what do u give him alginates. Documentation regulation is not maintained by which of the following laws A ADA B APTA C federal licensures exam ? 65. B peripheral neuropathy C pa shoulder 66. wearing pants in long sitting. .. postural drainage for posterior lower lobe 69. right upper quadrant pain 77. obese patient who had come to the pt clinicwith complaining that his foot is red swollen hot what do u suspect if it not treated necrosis of the wound 74. pelvic floor strengthening which position is the best supine.55. peritonitis reboundtenderness 81. burns chart showing anterior leg. pt is having diabetes hypertension coronary pathology so what do u expect in this patient A edema. 60% 10 mins. arm and chest 32% 71. he sees patient shivering what is your action A complaint appropriate authorities. a picture with ulcer on the plantar aspect who is known diabetic what kind of debridement u do pulsatile lavage. which is the muscle u least strength in preagnent woman hip flexors. pt is on diurectics … most common sign…cramps 61. joint play techniques…to increase end range of motion.standing . diffretiation between contractile and non contractile…structures…. hydrogel. . stomach carcinoma what do u see melane 79. old age patient staying with his daughter physical therapist goes for home care. povidine iodine solution 73. hiatus hernia 78. sitting. anterior apprehension test.wt test you do… active movt. 56. abdominals. 40% 20 mins. FES… strengthening for quads. deep partial thickness burns healing occurs through scar formation 72. . what physiological change u see in preagnant woman increased breathing and decreased blood pressure du to venous distensibility 83. large amplitude at midrange. elevate the leg rests. total contact cast. what airway clearance technique u teach for copd patients huffing 70.

pt suffering from cushing symdrome what do u check while he is exercising blood pressure he is prone for hypertension 88. s1 s2 myelodysplacia what deformity u see foot pressure sore 93. symptoms of depression give what is it depression 95. hypothyroidism exercise induced myalgia 90. Pt having severe pain and instability in ankle what do u give him solid ankle. Therapist had done balance measurement on the pt and determined some score which is normal as for the future reference what does it imply predictive validity. Question on limitation of ankle joint dorsiflexion what do u give metatarsal pas. functional evaluation is done by which PEDI SCALE 92. dull back pain lower abdominal pain with dysuria and buring sensation of urine testicular cancer 86. baby pulling picture with head lag in first month normal 91. concurrent validity. content validit 104 10gm force) protective sensation lost or intact intact 105C5-c6 brachial plexus which of the following movt will lost unable to do abduction 106 Valium side effect avoid alcohol and sedatives 107 . acute disc protrusion what is the treatment time 5-10 min 97. heel lifts 102. minimental state examination 29/30 what is it dementia. Dexamethasone in inontophoresis give negative polarity 101. position of posterior herniated disc for traction prone position 98. depression 94.weight gain headache in preagnant woman preeclampsia 85.84. costovertebral pain kidney pathology 87. visual disturbances. symptoms of hypertension. physiological effects of heat metabolism increased 96. HVPC for wound healing 99. hinge afo 103. Pt experienced burning sensation while giving electrical stimulation what do u do give large electrode 100. heat intolerance hyperthyroidism 89.

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