TITLE Selecting a Quality Fashion Design School SUMMARY If you have plans to attend a fashion design school, the quality of your education is an important consideration. What should you be aware of? Accreditation, the quality of the curriculum, location, education in other subjects, and faculty. The tips below will help you know what to look for when choosing a fashion design school that scores high in these important areas. ARTICLE Many people have the perception that there are no major differences between the fashion design schools in this country. The reality is that there are many unique qualities that make up the top tier schools. And its no surprise that the quality schools are on the eastern and western coasts. In fact, some of the best fashion design schools are located in Los Angeles. Located in the center of the entertainment and fashion industries, schools in Southern California focus on providing the best education in fashion design, because the industries need talented young designers. A few important things to look for in a fashion design school are accreditation, a diverse curriculum that includes subjects that complement fashion design courses, and the opportunity to explore all aspects of the fashion design industry. Accreditation is very important when choosing a fashion design school. Look for a school that has accreditation status from the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). You may also want to look for accreditation from the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and College Arts Association (CAA). The fashion school you choose should, of course, place the main emphasis on fashion design, but also offer other courses that will help further your career. These can include courses in business, communications, and even computer courses that specifically address fashion design, such as computer aided design (CAD). The fashion institute you choose should allow you to explore other areas of fashion design, such as fashion merchandising and coordinating. It should not lock you into one area of fashion design; rather, it should focus on exposing you to all the potential opportunities available in the fashion design industry.

Clearly, the location of a fashion college can be very important. Fashion design schools in Los Angeles are some of the best known in the world, so, be sure to tour the fashion schools in that area. If you end up attending, it will put you a lot closer to the action. Whether you want to see a real live fashion shoot or see the latest collection of designer clothes, you can do all of this and more in LA. Finally, you need to consider the faculty. Who teaches at the school? What’s their background? In order to receive a quality education, you want to be educated by the best minds in the business. Look for professors who have a long teaching tenure and who have experience working in the industry. If budget becomes an issue, consider other options that will allow you to attend a fashion design school in Los Angeles. What should you consider? Financial aid to cover the costs of the school itself, placing ads stating you are interested in sharing a house or apartment to take care of your living situation, and perhaps finding a part-time job that would fit around your schedule. Attending a quality fashion design school can prepare you for an exciting future in the industry! RESOURCE BOX If you’re a fan of all things fashion, a career in fashion design might be in your future. Visit FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising for more information on our accredited fashion school. We are located in Los Angeles, which offers some of the best opportunities for receiving a quality fashion design education.

After you’ve made your selection. will help you learn how to interact well with others. so you can receive your complete education from one school. think about this: When you finish your fashion design education. especially if you are considering going into business for yourself.TITLE Subjects You Can Learn at Fashion Design School SUMMARY While fashion design subjects will be your main focus at fashion design school. and Psychology-just to name a few—are all good choices. and Economics will help you understand what is going on in the financial world. and choose those that you think you will enjoy or that will help you once you’re out in the “real world”. A class in Communications. Many fashion design schools offer these courses in conjunction with their fashion design curriculum. when you’re enrolling. Any of the basic college courses. However. and Economics will prove to be invaluable. do offer other courses. Math. which spares you from having to attend classes in separate locations. So. . you love fashion design and want to concentrate strictly on fashion design courses while you are at design school. right? The very thought of having to take other courses sounds dreadful. Well. Communications. ARTICLE So. just like everyone else. and dealing with people. such as Accounting. Business. Each of them teach key lessons that will help you once you enter the fashion design world. many creative types feel this way. just like everyone else. Many of the fashion schools in Los Angeles. of course. which just happen to be some of the best in the world. Business courses in particular. be sure to take business and communications classes as well as other courses that will help you when you begin your fashion design career. you’ll want to take courses that will provide you with as complete an education as possible. such as English. Planning on using some type of accounting software? You will need to know the basics in order to set up your own system. For this reason alone. you’re not alone. you are going to be working in the business world. check to see if the fashion institute you plan to attend offers them as part of its overall curriculum. take a look at some of the other classes that are being offered.

Visit FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising for more information on our accredited fashion school. a career in fashion design might be in your future. also. The bottom line is that you want a comprehensive education. Sketching. Computers are used in fashion design. all of which can serve you well in fashion design.A foreign language will serve you well. So check to see if your fashion college offers courses in areas such as Computer Aided Design (CAD). These courses will teach you a wide range of important lessons and will also help in one other important area: They will help you to think better and think differently. Art courses have their place in fashion design education. either during your high school years or perhaps through independent or private studies. We are located in Los Angeles. . These can include such things as courses in Textile Design. which id always a good idea. (Spanish and French are both good choices). and then expand on that while attending your chosen fashion institute. and Introduction to Color Theory. and not everyone speaks English! You probably want to have basic knowledge in a foreign language. especially since you’ll probably be dealing with fashion designers from all parts of the world. RESOURCE BOX If you’re a fan of all things fashion. you’ve at least gained a little more computer knowledge. one that covers all the classic college subjects. If nothing else. which offers some of the best opportunities for receiving a quality fashion design education.

these situations are few and far between. accredited fashion college. When you are ready to start your fashion design career. it shows that you are serious about your career. Obtaining a degree shows you have more than just basic knowledge. The courses you take can serve you well in all areas of fashion design. the more you have learned about all aspects of fashion design. By taking the time to obtain a degree. say. you are showing prospective employers and contacts that this is not just something you are “trying out”. Earning a degree shows you are willing to work hard to achieve your goals. the more likely you are to succeed in any area of this field. While it is true that this can happen. but you’ll be working on something that you have a passion for. Your . It is true that fashion design has many facets. especially one from a good fashion design school. A college degree can be invaluable in specific careers such as fashion design. any English or business course. some of which cannot be learned from a book. Many of these people started their businesses and went on to become extremely successful in their chosen field. If you attend a quality. ARTICLE We’ve all seen articles about people who started a business with little or no college education. however. When you receive a degree from a fashion institute. However.TITLE Why a Degree from a Fashion Design School can make Your Career SUMMARY It’s a fact: Those who hold a post-secondary education degree are more likely to get hired than those who do not. some areas are just as academic as. It shows that you were willing to go the extra mile in order to be the best possible fashion designer you can be. obtaining a degree. Fashion design is not a “glutted” field. Taking the time to get a degree shows that you are truly interested in making a career out of fashion design. And. you will study just as hard as you would with any other degree. the degree you obtained from a good fashion design school will already have afforded you a distinct advantage. does not mean that you are limited to just one area of the industry.

On the contrary. because you are serious about earning a degree. you will have a great opportunity to build a support system that will later prove to be one of the best things about your career. your instructors will recognize your skills. you may have managed to build good rapport with many peers and will be demanding. if you attend a good institution. just as you will the many situations that will arise when you embark on your chosen career. We are located in Los Angeles. If this is the case. and will help you develop them so that you can reach your highest potential. a career in fashion design might be in your future. you will meet the challenges of your education head-on. You may actually be concerned that attending fashion design school will stifle your natural talent and creativity. Visit FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising for more information on our accredited fashion school. As you near the completion of your studies. However. Your natural talent in fashion design will be nurtured and brought out. and some of them may be totally different than what you may have expected. . RESOURCE BOX If you’re a fan of all things fashion. which offers some of the best opportunities for receiving a quality fashion design education. Further. you will have many networking opportunities to explore.

As you pursue your education. think of it as asserting confidence in your work. many fashion design schools let internship count as partial or full . You can use these as a “jumping-off” point. ARTICLE Just because you haven’t graduated yet doesn’t mean that you can’t start sharing your natural fashion design talent. or any other publications that mention your work. It is never too early to start getting your name. This is often a very good way to display your talents and ideas. make sure you document that as thoroughly as you can. In fact. Start networking. this is a good time to start making your presence known in the fashion design world. rather. Start preparing your portfolio before you leave your fashion design school. Collect any and all references that were made in both on-campus and off-campus publications. If your work is displayed anywhere. and designs out there. It can also help you get your foot in the door in regards to a place of employment after you graduate. face. make special note of any projects for which you received critical acclaim. Don’t forget to return the favor! Consider an internship. photography. Don’t worry about seeming pushy or aggressive. and expand on them as you need to. There are several ways to do this. Carry your portfolio with you whenever you think you may have a chance to display it. Further. Take the initiative and start marketing your ideas and plans before you graduate. Pick out your best pieces and take steps to preserve them by laminating and placing them between protective covers. Use fashion school professors and other administrators as well as your classmates and personal contacts. If a project of yours receives any recognition outside of the fashion institute classroom. and beginning to build your portfolio. or anything else. Do this by taking advantage of networking opportunities. brochures. as you get closer to earning your degree from your chosen fashion school. take your own pictures and keep all programs. Your willingness to take the initiative in showing your work will be remembered when the time comes to start your fashion design career.TITLE Be a Fashion Superstar Before You Graduate from Fashion Design School SUMMARY Don’t think that you have to wait for that fashion design degree before you can start making your mark in the fashion design world. and a few are listed below. This will help ensure that there is no fading of artwork.

Find out if your fashion institute sponsors foreign study programs. a career in fashion design might be in your future. something which may help you finish your education earlier. TITLE . this is where some of the best fashion design schools are located. Visit FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising for more information on how you can make your mark before ever leaving our fashion institute which is located in Los Angeles. RESOURCE BOX If you’re a fan of all things fashion. whether for studying or simply to visit fashion design venues in other countries. figure out a way to visit such places as towards obtaining your degree. which is a fashion design mecca. In case you didn’t know. If it doesn’t. The experience you gain will be two-fold: you will have the opportunity to observe other cultures and you will gain first-hand knowledge of the fashion design industry. Consider traveling abroad.

Grants: These include need-based grants and merit-based grants. you will find a way to afford fashion design school. and as long as your chosen fashion design school accepts it. especially accredited ones (which should be the only ones that should even be considered) can be eligible for the same financial aid services as those that attend other two. including fashion design. Scholarships: There are scholarships available that can be used to pursue a course of study in any field. Looking for other ideas? Contact the fashion college you are interested in attending. Stafford (secured and non-secured). and scholarships. regardless of the area of concentration. or ask your high school counselor to help you obtain information on student loans. and if you are eligible. These include student loans.Affording Fashion Design School SUMMARY Attending fashion design school is considered pursuing post-secondary education (in other words. For more detailed information on these and other student loans. If you have the drive and desire to work in fashion design. loans and grants that will allow you to pay for your education. . grants. They can help by providing specific information on their financial aid programs. Federal Plus or Federal Perkins. you should have no trouble using a scholarship to help pay for your education. can take advantage of many of the same financial opportunities available to help you afford your education. simply enter the type of loan or the words “student loans” into any search engine. Some of the types of financial aid are listed below. too. The federal Pell grant is an example of a need-based grant. For this reason. and are usually state-funded.” That is wrong. As long as the scholarship you are applying for is not specific to one particular thing. you are working towards a degree or diploma just as any other college student would be). you. you could receive a Federal Student Loan. Student loans: The types of student loans available are numerous: FAFSA (Federal Application for Student Aid). For this reason. Anyone can benefit from further education in any career choice. ARTICLE Many young people who are considering a career in fashion design are often made to feel that a degree or diploma in such a field does not really count as a “college education. while merit-based grants are based on both academic excellence and financial need. but this list should not be considered allinclusive. students attending fashion design schools.or four-year colleges.

The state of California. where our school is located. which just happens to have some of the best fashion design schools in the world. TITLE What Types of People Attend Fashion Design School? SUMMARY . you may need a co-signer before you can receive the loan. If you have a parent or grandparent who is considered a veteran. Visit FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising for more information on how to receive financial aid for fashion design school. The bottom line is that there are many resources available for financial aid. If you are facing budget issues. If you are just starting out and have not yet established a good credit history. you might want to look into obtaining scholarship information from these sources. or other financial institution. the Veterans of Foreign Wars as well as other national groups offer scholarships. a career in fashion design might be in your future. Private loans: These are loans that are obtained from a bank.Certain organizations such as the Veteran’s Administration. don’t let it stop you from getting the fashion design education you deserve! RESOURCE BOX If you’re a fan of all things fashion. offers many sources of financial aid for students who want to attend fashion design school in Los Angeles. credit union.

you have your own unique tastes. You may also see someone in your fashion school class who definitely has the potential. an individual who may have not been able to afford fashionable clothes. The fashion design world requires that you possess and show both qualities. It is probably safe to say that people who choose fashion design as a career choice share some common characteristics. could have been the very one who was sketching clothing designs. consider it an opportunity to demonstrate just exactly how you can “shake things up” while. ARTICLE Like any college. Economic status or personality type does not play a part. of course. look for other students who exhibit these traits. attend fashion design school. you’ve found yourself in a fashion college. You’ll see people like this at fashion design school. They realize that many people will choose the easier path. but may need some help in the two areas listed above. and perhaps later. and work towards building your self esteem. You have to believe in your ideas and designs and be confident enough to display them. although they have their own ideas as to what constitutes fashion.Do you like shopping for clothes. people from all walks of life attend fashion design school. university. In fact. and many times. . People who like to “shake things up”. As you pursue your education. That gives them an advantage. If the fashion institute you have chosen does not feel this way. Take a look. keeping school policies in mind. You’ve already addressed your first challenge: getting in. even designing and sewing her own clothes. For this reason. A few of the similar ones are listed below. Now. Fashion designers aren’t afraid to “think outside the box” and good fashion schools know this. Is there one that best describes you? Or is there something about you that sets you apart from your fellow classmates at your chosen fashion institute? People who have high levels of confidence and self-assurance. you’re ready to face the rest of the things that will come your way. or technical school. no matter what the reception or reaction may be. making doll clothes. study them. trying on clothes. they encourage creative thinking. People who like challenges. and studying pictures of how certain fashions look on different people? As someone interested in fashion design. People who enjoy challenges look for the more difficult path and find a way to succeed. You will both benefit. So. Read on for more examples of people who could be your fellow classmates. People like you have a good head for business. but also know what is proper for each occasion or event. Offer that person encouragement and help her find the confidence and self-assurance that you know she possesses.

because of religious beliefs.People who care about other people. This may sound rather strange. they will undoubtedly be a creative type. where some of the best fashion design schools in the world can be found. but this doesn’t mean that they don’t want to look fashionable. And it’s the creative people that drive the imagination of the world! RESOURCE BOX If you’re a fan of all things fashion. A fashion designer who realizes this may find that this is one area of fashion design they wish to concentrate on. Visit FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising for more information on the types of people we welcome at our fashion institute. Imagine the satisfaction that can be achieved when someone who was once unable to wear stylish clothing is finally able to sport a look that bolsters their self-confidence and self-esteem. or other reasons may be restricted in what they can wear. Improving the way someone dresses and feels about themselves – now that’s having an impact! The types of people you’ll meet at fashion design school will be very interesting. but consider this. The reason? No matter what type of personality you encounter. We are located in Los Angeles. Many people. . We look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon. a career in fashion design might be in your future. physical constraints.

While some things about fashion design can’t be learned. you will constantly be learning new things or reinforcing those things you have already learned. especially when it comes to pursuing the goals you have set for yourself. as well as overall taste. Design Sketching. However. having a degree will be a job requirement. most aspects of the industry can be. Throughout your educational process. When you finally walk across the stage at your chosen fashion institute. Having a degree in fashion design will give you an edge when you start applying for positions in the fashion design industry. It’s true that a good eye for design and color. the better your chances are for success . it’s probably going to be a lot harder to do so than if you already have the degree. it will be with the assurance that you now have a knowledge base that will serve you for as long as you are in the fashion design business. You know you have a flair for fashion design. ARTICLE Success stories about people who accomplished their goals or achieved fame and fortune with only minimal education are few and far between. . While it might be possible to obtain a position in a company that does require this. Introduction to Color Theory. that degree may be the first thing that a prospective employer looks for. and this is why you are attending. cannot be taught.TITLE Attending Fashion Design School Can Make All the Difference in Your Future SUMMARY You can never have too much education. The more education you receive. Attending fashion design school will help you achieve that goal and ensure a successful future. taking courses in such things as Textile Design. and you want that to be your career choice. What are some of the benefits of attending fashion design school? How can it make a big difference in your future? You will receive the knowledge you need to help you reach your goal. For some positions. In fact. and other subjects can help you expand on what you already know.not only in the fashion design world but in anything else you try to achieve.

. We are proud to be one of the best fashion design schools in the world. Because you have knowledge in other areas besides fashion design. As with any other career. you will be able to do that. such as those that can be found in Los Angeles. A well-regarded fashion college teaches basic college courses. you may have to start at the bottom level. can make a big difference in your future. RESOURCE BOX If you’re a fan of all things fashion. Visit FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising for more information on how much you can learn at Fashion College. working more in the business side than the fashion design side for instance. A good fashion design school. especially when you attend one in Los Angeles.And lets face it. a career in fashion design might be in your future. business courses. which is where we are located. and other classes. you will learn more than just fashion design. Providing you with the best fashion design education possible will be their highest priority. something that will not go unnoticed when opportunities for advancement arise.

ask your instructors if you can bring drawings or designs that you have done. your natural talent and your overall interest in the field. do so . To meet your goals. Finding a quality fashion design school and obtaining a degree will be the best way you can take your talent to the limit." The differences in fashion design schools and Fashion College is the degree you will receive. college or institute that you wish to attend. first hand. When you begin your search. When asked to give your opinions do so in a manner that will show your knowledge of the subject. When the time comes to create a design. Research fashion design schools on the Internet. Keep in mind when you are conducting your search that fashion design schools in Los Angeles are some of the best in the world. do not only look for the word “schools” but also look for the words “fashion institute” or “fashion college. so you may want to concentrate your search in that area. Always be open to new ideas and accept criticism of your work. The willingness to give of yourself will show that you are a team player and not above others. Be willing to do all that you can to help other students and the instructors. An institute will also award a certificate only. On the first day of class. not only from the instructor but also from fellow students. After selecting the school. An Associate’s Degree is awarded at a college whereas a certificate is awarded at a school. This will only show that you think you are better than others. This will indicate that you are serious about learning. This will show your instructors. ARTICLE The first thing you must do to take your talent to the limit is to find the fashion design school that is right for you. you must believe in yourself and be willing to work hard. you can now begin to take your talent to the limit. When assigned any work. Once you are enrolled. Ask questions concerning how much time is spent on “book learning” compared to hands-on experience. discover exactly what you are looking for in a school.TITLE Taking Your Design Talent to the Limit at Fashion Design School SUMMARY To best utilize your design talent at fashion design school. This will show you willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. whether its a book or drawing. you should schedule an appointment with an advisor to discuss the school and your goals. At every chance be sure to take on any and all extra work. always complete it on time. Never criticize anyone else’s work.

How do you take your design talent to the limit? Cover all your bases. a career in fashion design might be in your future. put your heart and soul into it and look for opportunities. especially when you attend one in Los Angeles. Play up your best design qualities and use the tips and tricks that your instructors taught you to give your design that extra special touch. Eventually. which is where we are located. Be sure to always do exactly what is assigned. Incorporate all that you have learned up to that point into the design. Visit FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising for more information on how much you can learn at Fashion a manner that will showcase your talent and indicate what you have learned from the class. the things you do along the way will pay off and put you on the fashion design road you were destined to travel. . We are proud to be one of the best fashion design schools in the world. Good luck! RESOURCE BOX If you’re a fan of all things fashion. Don’t put all the emphasis on just one design aspect.

This person can help you obtain your first job and also provide insight into the real world of design. A Los Angeles fashion design school can help you determine these answers and provide proper instruction for one seeking to work in the fashion world. You should find out as much as you can about the faculty. You’ll be able to see how many students a room can hold and whether or not there is enough equipment for students to use. financial aid challenges or any problems with the faculty or staff. Ask if there are rooms available for students to use after class for completing projects or studying. ask if there is a placement advisor available to students. Then you must determine what you can afford and how much time you have to attend school. If you cannot afford the school you really want to attend find out about the availability of scholarships or financial aid. Check out the library. The cost of a school is one of the first things you should look at when choosing a fashion design school. Get a feel for the atmosphere of the school. The courses taught at the school should meet your desires and goals. Read the description of each course that is offered. Most schools have a catalog that provides this information. do this while school is in session. Find out if there have been any problems with accreditation. In researching a fashion school you should look at the courses that are offered. but also provide information on career opportunities. If possible. These people should help students not only choose the courses they need. Your interests and abilities should match what the school has to offer. fashion institutes and fashion colleges available to someone interested in the field. you must do some research. Reputation of the school is also something that you should investigate. Ask if there are advisors available to the students. Tour the schools that you are interested in. the subjects taught and the facilities.TITLE How do you select a Quality Fashion Design School? SUMMARY Selecting a quality fashion design school can take time. Also. if applicable and see if there are enough materials for . ARTICLE There are many fashion design schools. To decide which school is right for you. First you must recognize how your personal talents and abilities match up with the school’s curriculum.

Visit FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising for more information on how much you can learn at Fashion College. We are proud to be one of the best fashion design schools in the world. you’ll make a better decision and. RESOURCE BOX If you’re a fan of all things fashion. especially when you attend one in Los Angeles. but by going through the process noted above. a career in fashion design might be in your future. Selecting a quality fashion design school takes time and energy. Ask the fashion school if you can contact alumni. Find out if this type of design school was right for them and whether or not it helped them meet their goals of becoming a designer.reference use. which is where we are located. If you have the opportunity. in the end. . Former students can also tell you if there are any current job opportunities in the design field. The atmosphere of the school goes a long way in making learning enjoyable. take a look at some of the work they did while in school. See how they felt about the school and if it was easy to get a job once they graduated. be much happier with your choice.

It will be available in everything from dresses. over the knee and thigh high socks will be a new trend for winter. Delicate lace and exposed bras will be the new thing. leaving the dark colors behind. . patterns and influences. There will be an array of colors and the styles will be everything from masculine to girly-girly. styles that were in vogue in the spring and summer can always carry over to the fall and winter. The trend in shirts and blouses will be to button them all the way up. leggings and even shorts. Sophistication and business-like will be the way to go with shirts and blouses. Velvet will make the scene this fall and winter and not only at holiday time. What is the latest in fashion design? Find out more now… ARTICLE One of the trends for the fall will be the “military look.TITLE What is the Latest in Fashion Design? SUMMARY Fashion design changes each season.” It will not be the heavy duty look that was once in style but more of a subtle look that will focus on color and lighter fabric. Another trend for the fall is the “underwear for outerwear” look. However. No more open collars or sloppy loose shirts. And of course. Even though boots are still big on the fashion scene they can’t be worn every day so knee high. The underwear will mainly be used as layers over longer warmer clothes. each fashion season will include a certain combination of colors. Leather is still going to be one of the mainstays in fashion. Leather will be especially hot when paired with the military look. even the collars. Leggings are going to be mostly white. The new way to wear them will be to layer them over leggings.

No longer will it be the “thing” to look sloppy. The cut will be relaxed and the suit will have all the classic features. Suits have never really gone out of fashion they have just changed styles. a career in fashion design might be in your future. The choice of fabric. RESOURCE BOX If you’re a fan of all things fashion. Color blocking with strong graphic designs in jewel tones and bright shades will also help define the fall and winter color fashion.The trendiest outerwear for fall and winter will be the cape. . which is where we are located. especially when you attend one in Los Angeles. Causal fitted pants and buttoned down shirts will be the hottest look. Mixing bright and jewel tones will also be seen on skirts and pants. color and style will be up to the individual. Causal styles for men will now feature a more put together look. We are proud to be one of the best fashion design schools in the world. Colors for the fall will range from bold and bright to deep shades. The latest style will be a three piece and will include a bow tie. Men’s fashion will be focused on the suit. whether its day or night. The versatility of this wrap makes it easy to dress. Visit FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising for more information on how much you can learn at Fashion College.

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