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what is a p chart used for ?

quality chart

Which of the following has been the main driver to the globalization of business?
The increasing ethnic diversity within countries

Operations management is applicable

mostly to the manufacturing sector

Walter Shewhart is listed among the important people of operations management because of his contributions to Henry Ford is noted for his contributions to
assembly line production

Taylor and Deming would have both agreed that

statistical quality control

Who among the following is associated with contributions to quality control in operations management?
productivity is more important than quality

The field of operations management is shaped by advances in which of the following fields?
W. Edwards Deming

The five elements in the management process are

industrial engineering and management science

The responsibilities of the operations manager include

plan, organize, staff, lead, and control

Which of the following is not an element of the management process?

forecasting, designing, operating, procuring, and reviewing

Job shops are


The transformation of a set of inputs into a set of outputs is a characteristic of

often have large percentages of their inventory as work in process

Services such as a chartering a bus or repairing an automobile are similar to the following automobile prisons universities assembly plants

All of the following are differences between manufacturing and service operations EXCEPT
productivity is easier to measure in manufacturing operations

Which of the following is not an operations strategy?


Which one is not generally considered to be an making an advantage of using models for decision
Enabling managers to answer what if questions

If inputs decrease while output remains constant, what will happen to productivity?
It will increase

A productive systems approach;

must provide feedback information for control of process inputs and technology

P/O managers rely heavily on computers in their decision making because

a and b

Which phrase best describes the term Production Management?

does not extend to service activities.

Which of the following are ways of classify services?

labour intensity

Qualitative forecasting methods include

trend adjusted exponential smoothing

The method that considers several variables that are related to the variable being predicted is Weighed moving average Exponential smoothing is an example of causal model

Exponential smoothing

Causal forecasying

With regard to a regression based forecast, the standard error of the estimate gives a measure of
the overall accuracy of the forecast.

A production function that does not have degree one

is a linear function

The Delphi Method

relies on the power of written arguments.

One of the the properties of a normal distribution curve is

normalcy implies presence of extreme values

Three commonly used productivity variables are

quality, external elements, and precise units of measure

Productivity can be improved by

increasing inputs and outputs in the same proportion

Productivity measurement is complicated by

the competitions output

The person who developed the economic order quantity model was:
Frederick W. Taylor

During the mass-production era of operations:

standardisation of production was possible

High-contact services:
have high variability in customer requirements

Which of it is a part of services sector?

Real estate

Which of the following is a technique for measuring operational efficiency also?

Six sigma

what is binomial distribution?

presents the similar variables

what is skewness?
direction and extent of asymmetry

what is moments?