Lawrence Community Workshop Status Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Community Collaboration

The Lawrence Community Workshop is sponsored by Lawrence Creates, in partnership with the Lawrence Art Guild. Lawrence Creates is a Kansas not-for-profit corporation, dedicated to the proposition that Lawrence can and should be a regional and national creative hub, and to working collaboratively with others in the community to share ideas and make that happen. The Lawrence Art Guild, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has supported artists and the arts in Lawrence since 1961. The Lawrence Art Guild has almost 300 members, and initiated and supports such events as Art in the Park and the Holiday Art Fair. We have had input, advice, participation, and support from Lawrence business people, arts and cultural organizations, University of Kansas professors, dozens of artists and makers, and many others The Lawrence Creates core team includes David Allen, Matt Burke, Mandy Enfield, John Hachmeister, Barbara Kerr, Eric Kirkendall, Amanda Monaghan, George Paley, Frank Shopen, and others To learn more, visit and join our Facebook site at

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Lawrence Community Workshop Status Thursday, March 28, 2013


The Lawrence Community Workshop will include shared workshops, tools, services, and training for artists, designers, inventors, engineers, architects, makers, hobbyists, and other creative people. We will serve individuals and the cultural, arts, business, and other organizations of Douglas County. The Lawrence Community Workshop will collaborate and coordinate with the arts and cultural organizations of Douglas County, and invite all to join our Advisory Board. The Lawrence Community Workshop has approximately 40 committed members, and expects rapid growth once we have moved into our new building. Pre-enrollment is greatly appreciated, and your funds will be held until we move into our new space and open for business. You can join at We are committed to ensuring the Lawrence Community Workshop is affordable. Individual memberships are just $49 per month, plus a $20 initiation fee. Family memberships are just $89. Our tool donation campaign is underway. Our tool priorities are set by our members, and we are adding them as new members come aboard. We are dedicated to meeting our members’ needs for tools, training, and services.

Advisory Board



Call for tools

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Lawrence Community Workshop Status Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tools for Van Go Training

A call for help - Do you have some of the tools listed below in a garage or basement, sitting unused? If so, please consider donating them to us. All donations are eligible for tax deductions! If you can help, please email, or call Eric at 785-260-0083. A TIME CRITICAL request - We're looking for metalworking tools to assist Van Go in initiating a metal working component to its jobs program, as well as help get the Community Workshop get off the ground. We are looking for tax deductible donations of the following tools. If you can help, please let us know!!! Post Vice, Anvil, Chop Saw, Throatless Shear, Power Shear, Electric Nibbler, Sheet metal bending tool, Plasma cutter, Sheet Metal Break 24”

Other Tool Priorities

   

3D design software, scanner and printer Abode Photoshop and AfterEffects Animation software Art supplies (for our Recycled Art Supply Store) Band saw

        

Flat Bed Scanner, Large Hand held circular saw Hardware and supplies Intaglio printer Joiner laser engraver and cutter Lathe Mat cutter, professional Metal saw

  

Shears, large table surface, fabric glues, ironing surfaces, felt designing walls, large cutting tables, cutting mats and rotary cutters. Silkscreen making equipment/Screen printing press Small kiln for jewelry making Software for presentations and interactions with clients

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Lawrence Community Workshop Status Thursday, March 28, 2013
                                                

Other Tool Priorities (cont.)

Belt/disc sander Black and white laser and ink jet printers Box and pan brake, Brayers CNC mill and router Color printer, large scale Compressor and air tools Computers and monitors Copier Digital camera Digital projector & screen Disk sander Drill press Dust collection system Embroidery machine, computer controlled Felting machine

Microsoft Office MIG welder Milling machine Miter saw, compound Mortising machine Parts bins Planer, stationary and hand held Plasma cutter, hand held Portrait studio w/lighting Power hand tools Power supply, DC Quilting machine Sand blasting cabinet Sand box on Second Life Screen printer Scroll saw (Donated!) Sewing machine

Soldering irons, stained glass Spot welder Spray booth with ventilation fan Storage lockers Table saw, cabinet style Torch Vacuum forming table Vending machine for basic Consumables, e.g., gloves, glue, exacto blades Vintage BigKick Metal Embossing Machine Welding table White boards Wood router Work tables

512 East 9th Street Building Lease Next Steps

We plan on leasing the wonderful building located at 512 East 9th Street. It is a 4000 square foot building, in many ways perfect for our needs. However, it needs insulation, HVAC, and a build-out of workshops, gift shop, gallery, and more We are beginning to plan the first project of the Lawrence Community Workshop – building out our new facility. . Our objective is to do the greenest work we can, including superinsulation of the building, to ensure low energy costs in the future.

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Lawrence Community Workshop Status Thursday, March 28, 2013

Design Competition

The project design will be developed through a design competition involving interdisciplinary teams of KU architecture, art, and design students. The competition will incorporate a Design Jam, which will take place in our building. We will request an arts grant from the City of Lawrence to fund this competition. The construction phase of the build-out will be the first project of the Lawrence Community Workshop. We will include top flight construction management, and employment and training opportunities for young people. We will incorporate training into all phases of the project, including design, construction management, permitting and codes, tool and workplace safety, framing, and insulation. We are seeking funding, planning, and assistance for this phase of the project. We will ask the City of Lawrence, University of Kansas, building material manufacturers, additional not-for-profit organizations, and others to join in partnership with us.



The Completed Facility

The redesigned facility will include space for:       Art gallery with room for 100 or more local artists Gift shop and art supply store Shared training, exhibition, performance, and practice space, Design Jam facilities, including a workshop with Adobe and 3D design and prototyping tools, and a 3D printer Wood shop and metal shop Photo studio with lighting A textile studio

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Lawrence Community Workshop Status Thursday, March 28, 2013

Conceptual Design

The design of the Lawrence Community Workshop will be developed during the design competition. The images below show one possibility of what could be done with the wonderful building at 512 E. 9th Street.

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