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Adobe® AdLens™
Managing the complexity of performance optimization in today’s auction-based digital ad markets
Adobe AdLens, formerly Efficient Frontier, helps marketers optimize bidding and maximize ad spend by allocating conversion credit to the correct event and marketing channel.
Search—Adobe AdLens is the premier, global enterprise solution for search engine marketing. Its unique predictive modeling drives accurate bidding for greater volume and efficiency. Adobe AdLens campaign management tools provide deep understanding of search marketing success and interactions with other channels, giving you direct control of your campaigns. Display—Adobe AdLens is the only platform to integrate display with search and social ad buying. Its real-time bidding (RTB) platform facilitates massive reach via partnerships with the world’s largest inventory suppliers, like Google , Microsoft, and Yahoo. Impression-level bidding, audience buying, cross-channel insights, and flexible campaign management lead to high-performing display campaigns. Social—Adobe AdLens opens up new opportunities on social networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, by delivering automated optimization while removing much of the complexity from campaign management and reporting. The social platform gives advertisers the algorithmic optimization and predictive modeling required to succeed in any social ad marketplace.

Adobe AdLens Platform • Delivers superior optimization across digital channels while providing advertisers with the control and insight necessary to drive performance. • Provides marketers cross-channel visibility, and allows marketers to measure and attribute conversion data across various channels. • Helps marketers to spend in the right channels to achieve the most conversions by using Adobe AdLens cross-channel optimization and attribution modeling.

About the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite
The Adobe Digital Marketing Suite consists of integrated applications to help optimize customer acquisition, conversion, and retention. Marketers can identify the most effective marketing strategies and ad placements as well as create relevant, personalized, and consistent customer experiences across digital marketing channels, including on site, display, email, social, video, and mobile. The Digital Marketing Suite enables marketers to make quick adjustments, automate customer interactions, and better maximize marketing ROI.

Ad platform

Budget spend recommendation

Search features
• Campaign management • Filters • Custom alerts • Advanced find and replace • Customized columns • Multi add and edit • Inline editing • Flattened views • Saved views • Algorithmic bid optimization • Predictive modeling • Cross-channel attribution • Path-to-conversion attribution • Automated campaign management through product feeds • Schedulable bulksheets • Constraints (manual overrides) • Keyword expansion • Creative testing • Quality score management • Google sitelinks, extensions, and location • Landing page validation • Third-party tracking integration • Match type and negatives management • Labeling and reporting (flexible and customizable)

Cross-channel optimization

Social features
• • • • • • • • Campaign management Algorithmic bid optimization Predictive modeling Multivariate creative setup and optimization Auto-splitting and hyper-targeting Dayparting Ad rotation Target templates

Reporting features
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • Reporting by attribution rules Cross-channel reporting Multi-event conversion reporting Click-path reporting Path-to-conversion attribution Custom alerts Apply rules impromptu Advanced filters and sorting Custom Excel templates with auto-refresh Report templates Schedule and email delivery Custom columns and derived metrics “Compare with” reporting for trending and comparisons Google RMF reports

Display features
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Campaign management Ad serving Algorithmic bid optimization Impression-level modeling Lookalike modeling Predictive modeling Universal frequency cap Audience management Retargeting RTB infrastructure RTB inventory sources Third-party data Third-party tracking integration Site exclusions Multi-event attribution Labeling and reporting (flexible and customizable)

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Data integration features
• Simple data flow from the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite

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