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Antonio Celebrates Achievements of Women

Feminism and its positive effects on society throughout the years
Womens history is full of trail-blazers. Since the begin- most would give up the fight after enduring such a ning of time women have been fighting for their rights, tragedy, but Malala has continued to speak out more and have continued to make countless contrifervently than ever on butions to society. From science and politics, behalf of girls and women to sports and medicine, many women have everywhere who want to made a name for themselves. In honor of have the same chance at Womens History Month, I introduced House education as their male Resolution 40, and spoke on the House floor peers. Her story is a reduring a point of personal privilege. You can minder of why it is imwatch it here. perative that we speak out on behalf of those Did you know that it was a woman who inwhose voices are being vented the windshield wiper? Or that Liquid oppressed like Sojourner Paper (white out) was invented by a woman? Truth and Susan B. AnWhile youve most likely heard of Marie Curie, thony did for American did you know she women. discovered radium and furthered x-ray Strides in Womens Equality technology? UnforWomen have continued to make strides in equality tunately, until the both in the United States and abroad. This year, with 1970s most of the support of many legislators from Ohio, the Comwomens history bat Exclusion Policy for Women was lifted, and womwas rarely the suben are now eligible to receive the same training and ject of study, and opportunities for recognition and promotion in our womens accommilitary as men. plishments hardly revered with reOn a global scale, last year Saudia Arabia, Brunei, spect. and Qatar allowed women athletes to Though our country compete in the has made great advances acknowledging womens 2012 Olympics for contributions and rights, there is still work to be done. the first time. NevIt has been less than 100 years since women gained er before had every the right to vote in the United States, and women in participating counour country still make only 77 percent of what their try in the Olympics male-counterparts earn on average. Many women in sent women. What other countries still do not have the right to vote in an a contrast to the election, choose a mate, or even drive a car. year 1896 when women werent alMalalas Story lowed to participate Malalas story is an inspiration to anyone advocating at all. for gender equality around the world. Malala Yousafzai is a 15-year-old girl from Pakistan who was shot in the As women continue to make their mark in the history head by the Taliban on her way to school. Malalas books, the day in which men and women have the strong belief in education for girls and women was same opportunities is sure to come. Lets use womens viewed as oppositional to her culture, and she was seen History Month as an opportunity to reflect on the as a threat. Luckily, Malala survived the shooting and is unique social, religious and economic history of women recovering in a hospital abroad. Malala is a true leader; in our country and state.