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My Journey exercising my treaty rights in Dublin in order to obtain a UK EEA family permit for my husband who is Egyptian, I hope

this can help some of you. First step:
We applied online first for the entry visa, it’s a long stay (D) visa, you can do the online application here (For questions where it asks for your address in Ireland or work ect just write (to be confirmed) You will then print it off and make an appointment with the Irish embassy in the country you in are, we got the visa within 9 days of applying. It is written on the visa ‘EU treaty rights and it’s valid for 6 months) The only documents we gave to the Irish embassy in Cairo was our marriage certificate, the original in Arabic and translated into English, (we made photocopies of them and they ticked off that they had seen the original and then took the copies) my husband’s passport with 2 passport photos and my passport with 1 copy. Again they took the copy of my passport and ticked that they had seen the original, they took my husband’s passport. I wrote a short letter to accompany the application which went something like this: Dear Sir/Madam, I am applying as the Non EU spouse of an EEA citizen to accompany her when she moves to the Republic of Ireland to exercise her treaty rights by working in the state. According to the Directive 2004/38/EC there is no legal requirement that you should submit bank statements, payslips, letters from your employer, proof that you will return at the end of the trip, airline tickets or hotel bookings. The directive also states that the visa should be issued free and at an accelerated process. When I should receive visa myself and my wife will be travelling together to Dublin from Egypt.

That’s it ^^^^^^^  You do not need to submit any other evidence other than your marriage certificate and your passports. A few people have asked me if they can apply for their Non eu spouse to ‘JOIN’ them when they are already in Ireland, I can not advise directly on this as its different to what we did but as far as I’m aware yes you can..but I think in this case you will need to show evidence of where you live ect but don’t quote me on that. I also don’t know about childcare/schools here for those that have children and have asked me, as far as I know we are also not entitled to social welfare here unless you have been getting it in the UK and apply for it to be transferred over.

Where did you travel from? Myself and my husband flew out from Cairo Egypt to Dublin Via instabul. Its around 2euros per black bag and you will buy a sticker from your local newsagents/shop.well it was for us. Try to go early. the que is tiny by the for flats and try to get viewings arranged for the day after you arrive. Is it easy to find accomdation/job in Ireland? Yes and no. At Dublin airport your non EU spouse can que with you in the EU que. You could be naughty like us and avoid these charges by taking bag by bag to a community rubbish bin but try not to get caught. My husband is still looking for work though but there are jobs out here. You will first go to the reception. We found a hotel close to the Airport and stayed there 4 nights. We came without booking any hotel or b&b which was a mistake as we spent 5 hours on the internet in Dublin Airport trying to find somewhere that wasn’t fully booked (we arrived on st patricks day)again a mistake. After we had found somewhere to live and had our rental contract we went to the city Centre to apply for a PPS number.. I am now in employment after 2 weeks of being here looking everyday almost all day. they will ask to see your . ask people. The office is located on Kings Inn Street. I had several interviews. the internet. We took our marriage certificate in English and Arabic. For jobs search everywhere. Where is the best place to live? This depends on what your looking for.Other popular questions I’ve been asked and I will answer here: 1. Flats in the city center tend to be expensive and not very good quality so if you’re a little bit out you will probably get a better deal. We try not to have it on much as it eats the money so fast. just explain that they are here because of EU treaty rights and are allowed to que with you. shop windows. for us we wanted to be close to the city center so Dublin 3 is perfect for that. others like our not. Some landlords will have this charge included in your rental price. they will try to tell you different. look on daft. you can ask anybody for directions and they will know. Water is free here and there is a system for the waste that you have to pay for every bag you put out. 3. Our electric is by a card meter system and is quite expensive due to the heating. 2. We are renting in a fully furnished 1 bedroom flat a 10-15 minute walk from the city centre (Dublin 3) for 675euros per month. rental agreement and our passports. in those 4 nights we had 4 viewings until we found a flat we wanted. we arrived around 12 and didn’t get seen until 3. I only searched for jobs that were within a short bus journey to where we are living (I take a 30 minute bus journey to work now) Ok so….

Its pointless handing out cv’s unless they have a staff wanted sign outside. the second one said I didn’t have enough experience and the third offered me a the job to start in May which is too far away. Carphone warehouse have a good deal with the leading internet company called UPC. indeed. I didn’t have an interview for the job I’m in now. the first one invited me to a test date in which I didn’t get the job. After we had received our PPS number we went to the Bank of Ireland and opened a joint after its 45 euros per month. I have been given a form called 12A by my employer to fill in to be sure I won’t get emergency taxed and I am waiting to be given a contract so that we can apply for my husband’s residence visa using the form EU1…I will update when we have done it. around 1-2 weeks after opening the account. We went back the next day to get our PPS numbers and the letter and card was sent to us within 6 days. Primark is called Penney’s  we got some things for our flat from Penney’s like duvets/sheets ect for quite cheap. the majority in shop windows/restaurants ect If you looking for that kind of thing so go around the city centre and look in all the windows. good websites are jobs. There are a few large shopping centres and many high-street shops. Some useful information about Dublin -The city centre is Dublin 1 and 2. after receiving my CV they offered me a trial (that seems to be the way here. After exactly 2 weeks of being in Ireland I have now found employment thank god. I applied for anything and everything I could. They asked for our passports and a letter that had been sent to our address (we used the letter that had been sent with our PPS card). When you go to the desk when your number is called you will fill in an application form (both you and your partner) and have a photo taken. We also gave our CV’s to some recruitment agencies in a street called Graffton Street in the city centre but haven’t heard anything back from them but it’s worth doing. Only 30% of jobs are advertised online here. As soon as we had opened the account we set up the internet in our flat (vital for job searching). Prior to getting this job I had 3 and gumtree. without getting paid) and then they offered me the job after seeing how I work. it’s pretty easy to get around it. Jobs From day 1 of arriving we had both been searching for jobs. We were given the account number and sort code on the same day and are expecting our cards to be sent out by post this week. Its 25 euros for the first 6 months with a 50mb broadband. . They wanted our tenancy agreement and a copy of our passports (they copy everything in store so no need to take photocopies with you). we used the Wifi in our hotel to apply online.documents then will issue you with a number to wait in the que. They sent somebody out 2 days after to install it in our house.

and Use daft. The train is called the Dart.90 euros. Sorry I cannot advise on other areas as the ones I’ve stated are the ones we have been in. -Buses: Public transport is quite good here. You can find bus times and routes here dublinbus. Dublin 15 is a nice area but it’s around 30-40 minutes on a bus to the city centre. You can also for 25 euros buy a 5 days pass which you do not need to use on consecutive days. That’s all I can think of for now…Hope I have helped  all the best M. we haven’t stopped walking since we arrived and I’ve lost more than half a stone in 2 when looking for flats Dublin 3 (where we live) and Dublin 7 are cheap places to live and both are within walking distance to the city centre. I haven’t needed to use it yet so I’m not sure about prices ect. . There’s also a 30 day pass for 120 euros. it has a barcode on the back which you use when you get on the bus by scanning it on the machine. 9 and close as well but you will need to take a bus. again it doesn’t’ have to be used on consecutive days. if you are going to be using the bus lots of time in 1 day go into a newsagents or the spa or any shop like this and buy a 1 day travel card.-You will lose weight…Lots of places in Dublin are easy to get to by walking. Dublin 6. There’s a tram called the LUAS. its 6. 8.

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