1 - Download the Modified Serial Proxy ARduino https://dl.getdropbox.


2 - Load Serial Proxy Arduino

Notice the new serial proxy button

3 - Download the as3glue library http://as3glue.googlecode.com/files/as3Glue_v2_beta2.zip

4 - Extract the As3Glue Library to Desktop or Documents 5 - Add This Location to Flash CS3 Preferences

Add the directory containing the AS3Glue Library by selecting it using this dialog Click the Actionscript 3.0 settings

6 - Edit the security settings in Flash to allow the Movie to access the network, edit the file `TrustExampleMac.cfg' from the `Flash_arduino.zip' file and change the directory to your directory path as shown - https://dl.getdropbox.com/u/773730/Flash_Arduino.zip

Change to the path you have placed the Flash_Arduino files

7 - Copy this file to /library/Application Support/Macromedia/ FlashPlayer/Trust as shown, if the Directory does not exist, create it.

8 - In the Arduino Ensure the Board and Serial Connection as before and ensure the proxy serial settings are as follows

9 - Change the rate to 115200 baud and then Verify / Compile the program as normal and note the output in the debug / log area at the bottom of the program

Change the rate to 115200 baud

10 - In Flash CS3, open FLASH_Arduino.fla and run it (Control -> Test Movie) - https://dl.getdropbox.com/u/773730/Flash_Arduino.zip

CS4062 - Eoin Brazil - Semester 2 - 2009

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