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Getting to Know Your Phone Speaker Camera Lens Headset Jack Navigation Key < Menu/ Bluetooth OK Key

My Menu << Camera easyedgeSM Volume Key < Calendar Right Up/Down Soft Key Left Soft Key (Contacts) (Message) Voice Speakerphone Key Command Send Key Key Micro USB/ Clear & Back Key Power/ Charging Voicemail End Key

Port Key Speaker Space/ Shift Key Lock Key* Microphone *Press and hold this key to lock the phone.

Saving and Searching Contacts Keep your address book in the palm of your hand with LG Helix. Saving a Contact 1. Press the Right Soft Key for Contacts and then the Left Soft Key to add a new contact. 2. Enter the contacts information using the Keypad. 3. Press

to save the contact. Searching for a Contact Using Phone Dial Search 1. Touch the key on the Keypad that corresponds to the first letter in the contacts name. The phone displays the names of al relevant contacts. 2. Use the Navigation Key to highlight the contacts name, and press to cal . Space/ Lock Key* Microphone

Bluetooth Pairing Let Bluetooth wireless technology set you free! Enjoy the convenience of wireless accessories and information transfer with LG Helix. 1. Set your Bluetooth device for pairing mode.* 2. From standby mode and with the flip open, press up on the Navigation Key, then select Paired Devices (1). 3. Press the Left Soft Key for Search. When prompted to turn on Bluetooth, press

. 4. Press to begin a new search. 5. Once the Bluetooth device is found, highlight the device and press for Pair. 6. Once paired, press to connect to the device. *Refer to your Bluetooth devices user manual for information about initiating pairing mode and the passcode if asked (typical y 0000). Note: Bluetooth accessories sold separately.

Taking a Picture With your 1.3 megapixel camera, you can capture all the magic momentsand with the flip closed, you can even take self-portraits. Flip Open

1. Press and hold . 2. Press up or down on the Navigation Key to zoom.* Press left or right to adjust brightness. To adjust other camera options, press the Right Soft Key for Options. 3. Press to take the picture. Flip Closed 1. Press and hold , then quickly press the side Volume Keys to unlock the phone. 2. Press to take the picture. *Camera setting of 960 x 1280 pixels does not support zoom function.

Optional Accessories Maximize your phone with these cutting-edge accessories at Bluetooth Headset Bluetooth Headset (HBM-310) (HBM-520) Bluetooth Solar Speakerphone Vehicle Power Charger

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