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All participants are given direct feedback as individuals and/or groups based on their own requirements and performance • Objective. Telenor. Wilmar International. TRAINING APPROACH Designed for leaders and practitioners. General Motors. Zain. advising and educating organisations across the world. Hong Kong. South Korea. Japan.P. Singapore Ministry of Defence. Sarawak Energy Berhard. a wealth of sector and country-specific knowledge. Barclays. charliepownall. UOB. and a well-honed. Vodafone. Singapore. fail to prepare properly and.. Hong Leong Bank Berhard. Morgan. Charlie Pownall’s workshops are built on the following principles: • Customised. CNH Industrial. Hong Kong Civil Service Training College. Ericsson. Accordingly. governments and types of organisation continue to grapple with reputational challenges and risks. U. BP. not least for those highly exposed to public opinion or customer complaints. Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore. Qatar National Bank. FedEx. case studies and examples drawn from your industry/category and region/country • Personalised. mangle their response. Taiwan. Lane Crawford Joyce Group. Del Monte. Indofood.CHARLIE POWNALL CPC& The nature of today’s hyper-connected. Seagate. Anecdotes.com/training . Singapore Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau. Swire. Each workshop is developed in line with agreed learning goals. Malaysia. with content. in a format (public. Franklin Templeton Investments. discussions. Nestlé. CLP Power. Designed for leaders and practitioners responsible for and involved in devising. Maybank. Genting Hong Kong. multi-disciplinary toolbox. Viettel. African Union Commission. the Philippines. Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. when a problem occurs. and communicate openly and honestly – a challenging prospect for many organisations. Watsons.K. Organisations whose people Charlie Pownall has trained include: ACR Capital Holdings. American Express. J. The Peninsula Hotels. Bahrain Ministry of Housing. Hongkong Land. AXA. India. Dow. Orbis International. Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority. Security Bank Corporation. JTC Corporation. Marriott International. International Organization for Migration. Singapore Tourism Board. custom. Allen & Overy. companies. Ooredoo. real-time business environment means organisations must act responsibly. and individual and team-based exercises make each course practical. involving and memorable • Flexible. Huawei. Makati Medical Center. Clarins Group. Thyssen Krupp. Teckwah Industrial. LG Electronics. While participants are provided with structured frameworks and methodologies. China. UAE. e-learning) that suits your requirements and budget. Prudential BSN Takaful. Securities Commission Malaysia. Singapore Media Development Authority. building and managing their employers’ corporate and/or product brand reputation. Communications and Social Media workshops draw on his deep experience working inside. Edwards Wildman. Charlie Pownall’s Reputation. TRAINING EXPERIENCE Charlie Pownall has trained thousands of professionals across many sectors and in many countries. Manulife. Habeco. including Australia. STEAG State Power. Taylor’s Education Group. Bao Viet Holdings. an open exchange of ideas is strongly encouraged • Participatory. Emirates MDB. A modular and extensible training curriculum. Japan Tobacco International. VPBank. Safwa Islamic Bank. Jordan. Indonesia. and Vietnam.

charliepownall. Social media provide significant opportunities for organisations to increase reach. Traditional risk and reputation management models. and the speed with which news and commentary now spread. and to restore trust. activist attacks. Yet social technologies also provide opportunities for organisations in the spotlight to demonstrate they care. this workshop focuses on improving your ability to prepare for. • Data Breach Response & Recovery. and comprehensive planning. decision-making and public meltdowns. Few would disagree that social media make crises trickier to predict and harder to manage. flexible and extensible. • Crisis Preparedness & Prevention. a poor response can mean it takes years to rebuild your sales and share price. consideration and loyalty. interactive workshop explores external and internal online incidents involving furious customers. How you respond to a crisis can say more about you than the fact it has happened in the first place. and backfiring marketing campaigns. Ignited by silly mistakes. aggrieved employees. can quickly spiral into a bone fide crisis. malicious competitors. combined with the sometimes-contradictory expectations of customers and other stakeholders.com/training . deepen relationships and re-build trust. when they occur. and recover effectively from different kinds of breaches and leaks. mean negative incidents are inherently difficult to manage online and. interactive workshop enables you to understand the main phases and dynamics of a crisis. to establish best practice response principles and techniques. The volume and severity of cyber-attacks means information security should be a top priority for every organisation. This practical workshop draws on recent examples and industry best practices to equip you to prepare for. protocols and procedures are largely ineffective today. strengthen resilience. and means you can focus on getting your business back running normally more quickly. Workshops on related topics can also be developed. • Crisis Response & Recovery. their often covert and fast changing nature. procedures and resources to help you understand. Fortunately. and to know when and how to start shifting from crisis response to crisis recovery.CHARLIE POWNALL CPC& TRAINING COURSES Charlie Pownall’s training curriculum is designed to be modular. Drawing on best practice case studies and examples. • Social Media for Crisis Response. handled poorly. or amplified by reckless behaviour. An honest. respond to. most fade quickly. Conversely. high profile reputational incidents are a dime a dozen online. This practical. However. mitigate and. and ensure you respond quickly and appropriately when a crisis occurs. crisis management must be a strategic imperative. Examining organisations that have used digital and social technologies effectively and ineffectively during and in the aftermath of a crisis. to respond quickly and appropriately. means data breaches and other types of cyber-attacks are unusually challenging to handle from a reputational perspective and require meticulous. This practical. • Managing Online Incidents. but also make corporate reputation significantly more vulnerable. connect emotionally. this workshop sets out a strategic framework and must-have policies. A crisis can put a company out of business. timely and confident response will help limit reputational damage. manage reputational risks to your organisation online. This practical. the inherently unpredictable nature of the internet and social media. However. yet many firms treat crisis management as a tactical tool to be deployed in extremis. interactive workshop shows you how to identify and quantify reputational risks. With good corporate behaviour expected and detractors able to share their views and experiences far and wide. respond to and recover from a crisis using the new web-based tools and techniques available. • Social Media Risk & Reputation Management. leading to poor quality analysis.

Thank you!’ materials and excellently presented’ Deputy Director. Marketing and Sales – healthcare ‘Charlie Pownall is very well-organised and company. Public Affairs – Asia-Pacific Chief Executive Officer – bank.CHARLIE POWNALL CPC& • Digital Simulation. facts thin on the ground. Charlie combines strong understanding. TRAINING TESTIMONIALS Plaudits for recent workshops led by Charlie Pownall: ‘A very well-prepared programme. opinion polarised. Digital Simulator is a real test of your leaders’ abilities. Government Relations (Asia- telecommunications company Pacific) – global energy company Additional training testimonials. Head of Public Affairs (Asia) – global chemicals discussions and exercises. and communicated the content effectively’ ‘A real eye-opener for our [crisis] team’ Head of Regulatory Affairs (Kuwait) – regional Head of Communications (Hong Kong) – global food Middle-eastern telecommunications company company ‘Very helpful for both what I am working on and the ‘As a trainer. feedback and scores are available upon demand. capabilities we need to develop in the future. private. One of the most useful and interesting company. and your team’s readiness and dynamics. Thank you again’ ‘Charlie is a great trainer and facilitator’ Communications Director – Vietnamese Regional Advisor.com/training . Time very well Public Affairs Director (Asia-Pacific) – global spent’ cosmetics company Executive Director. practical better. I see it as one of the best’ company Head of Social Media (Egypt) – global telecommunications company ‘A very useful training for me and my team. Group Communications (Asia- Pacific) – global bank ‘A must-do course for all communications professionals’ ‘A well organised workshop with an experienced Head of Corporate Affairs – waste management trainer. to respond to serious negative situations erupting in and playing out on the crisis front-line. The Philippines experienced. Oman workshops I have been to’ Communications and Investor Relations Manager – ‘Charlie Pownall is a very knowledgeable trainer with Russian natural resources company deep experience’ Vice-President. Using a secure. charliepownall. and teams under huge pressure to respond quickly and firmly. Thank you very much!’ Vice-President. it gives me back the passion for learning and advice’ handling crises. Corporate Communications (India) – Senior PR Manager (EMEA) – Chinese global global telecommunications company technology company ‘Thank you for a great training session’ ‘Very useful and full of enlightening cases. Jordan power company ‘A very interesting and lively crisis training’ ‘A truly enlightening workshop. and supported by experienced role-players. web-based environment. Even experience and insight to give meaningful. many organisations feel they are inadequately prepared to handle incidents and crises erupting or spreading online. with up-to-date ‘We learned a lot from the workshop. With information and commentary spreading like wildfire.

com Skype: charliepownall charliepownall. 2015).CHARLIE POWNALL CPC& ABOUT CHARLIE POWNALL Charlie Pownall is a consultant. Charlie Pownall is author of Managing Online Reputation – How to Protect your Company on Social Media (Palgrave Macmillan. Group Communications Manager at WPP plc. business schools and universities. a practical. Group Head of Communications at digital marketing network SYZYGY Group AG. and is quoted regularly by business and marketing communications publications. common sense guide to protecting and defending corporate name and image on the internet and social web variously described as 'compelling and incisive'. image and reputation. organisations and individuals on challenging issues concerning their name. Charlie Pownall was previously Regional Managing Director (Asia-Pacific) at Burson-Marsteller. Managing Director of reputation and communications consultancy CPC & Associates. 'a must-read for any manager or director who cares about their organisation' and 'the art of reputation for the digital age'. and a speechwriter and press officer at the European Commission.com/training . trainer and trouble-shooter who advises companies. FURTHER INFORMATION Office: +44 20 3856 3599 Mobile: +44 7973 379 989 Email: cp@charliepownall. He speaks regularly on communications and reputation management at conferences.

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