AGAINST THE OGRES Scenarios by Ken Kennedy The Against the Ogres articles are a series of four linked

scenarios that will introduce players to the Ogre Kingdoms army and a number of the army's unique rules. The first two scenarios, "Deep Strike" and "Hunter and the Hunted," are played under the Skirmish rules. The third scenario, "Raid the Raiders," is a 500-point Warbands game. The fourth and final scenario of the Against the Ogres series, "Sacrifice to the Great Maw," is a full-sized Warhammer battle. We wrote Against the Ogres with the Dwarfs in mind, but you can easily modify the scenarios and/or battlefields to pit almost any army in the Warhammer world against the emergent threat of the Ogre Kingdoms.

AGAINST THE OGRES SCENARIOS Scenario I: Devourers in the Darkness Scenario II: Hunter and the Hunted Scenario III: Raid the Raiders Scenario IV: Sacrifice to the Great Maw

AGAINST THE OGRES: DEVOURERS IN THE DARKNESS Overview Dwarfen mines and tunnels crisscross under the eastern edge of the World's Edge Mountains. Compared to the northern Dwarf Territories, this area has been relatively quiet – until now. A strange new menace has befallen one of the Dwarfs' eastern settlements. Two giant, stinking, slavering, pale Ogre Gorgers have found their way into the Dwarf tunnels nearby, driven mad by the smell of tasty Dwarfs. Miners have begun disappearing. The Dwarfs must eliminate this threat before the foul Gorgers find a way into the Dwarfen hold and devour the delectable families of the Miners. MODELS NEEDED: - DEFENDERS (DWARFS) • Advanced Force – 3 Miners (36 points) • 4 Ironbreakers and 1 Ironbeard (64 points) - ATTACKERS (OGRE KINGDOMS) • 2 Gorgers (150 points) see p. 36 of Warhammer Armies:Ogre Kingdoms

• Reserve Force – 1 Trollslayer (11 points)

• 6 Tokens – 2 with Gorgers , and 4 with rats

Battlefield This scenario takes place on a 4’x4’ table that is designed to look like a Dwarfen (or Skaven, or Goblin) mine. Based on the map shown on this page, lay out enough terrain to form four or six connecting shafts (you can use existing scenery, solid objects like books, or even masking tape to create this board). To build your own catacombs board, modify the design in the following Black Gobbo 15 article. Alternatively, if you don't play Dwarfs, you can set up the terrain to represent the streets of an Empire or Bretonnian town, the paths of an Elven forest or Orc village, or the catacombs of a Vampire Count's nocturnal lair. Objectives The Dwarfs are trying to stop the Gorgers from getting out of the mines (off the Dwarf edge) and into the Dwarfen hold. The Dwarfs are also trying to keep their losses to a minimum – dying in the toothy maw of a Gorger is not a good way to check out. The Gorgers, of course, just want to kill and eat, and young Dwarfs are more tender than Miners. The Defender (Dwarfs) wins the scenario if he kills both Gorgers without the help of the Trollslayer. Requiring the assistance of the Trollslayer to kill the invaders will result in a draw. If either or both of the Gorgers make it off the Dwarf table edge, it counts as a victory for the Attacker (Ogres).


The Attacker deploys the six tokens face down anywhere on his table edge. The Defender should not know which tokens are the Gorgers and which are harmless-butnoisy rats. After the Attacker has placed the tokens, the Defender deploys his forces. The Defender can place three Miners anywhere on the Dwarf half of the board (within 24” of the Defender's table edge). The Defender deploys the Ironbreakers within 6” of the Defender’s table edge. The Defender can move the Trollslayer onto the battlefield as if he had pursued enemies off the table the previous turn. The Trollslayer deploys via the Defender table edge at the beginning of any Defender turn. However, the appearance of the Trollslayer has an affect on the outcome of the scenario as described above, so use him wisely. Who Goes First? The Attacker goes first. Special Rules Skirmish. This battle is a Skirmish game. All the rules on pp. 242-246 of the Warhammer rulebook apply. Dwarfen Tunnels. Tokens and Gorgers move at a rate of 6” and cannot march move in the narrow, low Dwarf mine tunnels. Gorgers can, however, charge their full 12”. Dwarfs move as normal in their natural environment. On a successful Leadership test, a Miner can find a weakness in the rock wall and can burrow between existing mine tunnels at 3” per turn. Once these new tunnels have been created, Dwarf-sized models can squeeze through these openings at regular speed. Use a marker (string, paper, revealed tokens) to denote where the Dwarfs have dug new tunnels.

The Beast Revealed. When a token and a Dwarf in the same mine shaft come within 8” of each other and have line of sight, flip over the token to reveal whether it is a deadly Gorger or a harmless rat. A Dwarf can force the flip of a token regardless of line of sight if he is in the same tunnel and gets within 4” of the token (see Illustration 1, and Illustration 2 for clarification). The Ogre Kingdoms player has the option to reveal his Gorgers at any time. The Hold Gates. When a Gorger gets within 12” of the Defender table edge, it begins to smell the young Dwarfs that the Miners are so valiantly trying to defend. If there are no enemies within 4”, the Gorger can move directly toward the Defender table edge. This rule is an exception to the Gorger’s Ravenous rule. All Dwarfs within 12” of their own table edge know the consequences of their failure and are thus Immune to Fear. Fleeing Dwarfs automatically rally at their own table edge. Shift Work. As long as no Gorger is within 12” of the Defender table edge, the Dwarf player can redeploy any slain Miners at the beginning of his Movement Phase as long as one Dwarf turn has passed since the Miner's death. The Defender can move the Miner onto the battlefield via his table edge as if he had pursued enemies off the table the previous turn.

Part of a Larger Battle The results of this scenario will have a significant effect on the next Against the Ogres scenario. If the Dwarfs dispatch the Gorgers quickly with few losses, the investigation into where the Ogres came from can begin sooner. If the Dwarf player wins Scenario 1, they are the Attackers in Scenario 2. If the Gorgers get through and devour the inhabitants of the Dwarfen hold, the Ogres will find out about the Dwarfen presence when the Gorgers return to camp and cough up Dwarf bones and armor. If the Ogre Kingdoms player wins Scenario 1, the Ogres get to be the Attackers in Scenario 2. If Scenario 1 ends in a draw, then determine who gets to Ambush in Scenario 2 by a dice off.

AGAINST THE OGRES PART II: HUNTER AND THE HUNTED Overview Immediately after the chaos from the Gorger incursion into the mines had settled, the Dwarfs sent out a small party of Rangers to investigate how the ravenous beasts got into the tunnel system. Many days passed, and the Dwarf scouting party never returned. With a lost band of Dwarfs and still no information on the deadly invaders, you – one of the bravest Thanes of the Hold – have been asked to organize a large scouting party to search the tunnels and find out what happened to the missing Rangers. You quickly discover a break in one of the deeper mine shafts that leads to a large system of caverns. Your expert Rangers follow the tracks of both the Gorgers and those of the previous scouts through the catacombs. Soon, your party finds itself above ground upon the snowy mountains. Not long after you set off through the falling snow do you discover why the other Rangers never returned... MODELS NEEDED: - DWARFS • Dwarf Thane with up to 25 points of equipment and up to 50 points of Magic Items (130 points) • Two Rangers with crossbows and shields (36 points) • Two Miners (24 points) • 75 points of Core and Special troops (no more than three of any one troop type and no more than 40 points of Special units) • No war machines - OGRE KINGDOMS • One Hunter with up to 25 points of Big Names and/or Magic Items (170 points) • 100 points worth of Sabretusks (two maximum) and Gnoblar Trappers (cost reduced to 5 points each due to the fact they are already Skirmishers)

Battlefield This scenario takes place on a 4’x4’ table that has a 6" to 12”wide mountain pass that runs diagonally from one corner to the opposite corner. Flanking both sides of this wide pass are two large snowy cliff faces. The cliffs should cover all but the corner 12" of each board edge. Feel free to scatter a few small (2"-4" in diameter) snowcovered rocks along the mountain pass. If you don't have cliffs available, use trees, tape, novels, or other objects to mark off the area where the cliffs are. Objectives Before objectives can be set, you must determine who is the ambusher (Attackers) and who is getting ambushed (Defenders). Whoever won the last scenario, Devourers in the

AGAINST THE OGRES PART III: RAID THE RAIDERS Long before the sickening scent of burned flesh filled Thane Durnik’s nostrils, the belching and bellowing betrayed the Ogre camp's location. Soon, Durnik and his surly band would descend upon these crude invaders and wipe them out entirely. All they waited for was the signal from the Rangers... Overview This scenario pits a 500-point Dwarf warband against an Ogre Kingdoms warband of equal size. A large Dwarf scouting party has discovered the advanced camp of a much larger Ogre force. Before the final battle between the Dwarfs and the Ogres can commence, you must resolve this encounter. Armies Both armies are chosen from the Warhammer army lists following the rules below: Attackers - Dwarf Army • Five hundred (500) points of Dwarfs following the Warband rules outlined in White Dwarf 296, 297, 298, and found online here. Defenders - Ogre Kingdoms Army • Five hundred (500) points of models following the Ogre Kingdoms Warband rules outlined in White Dwarf 301 and found online here. If the Ogre Kingdoms player won the previous scenario, The Hunter and the Hunted, the Dwarfs get 50 fewer points worth of troops. Battlefield This scenario takes place in an Ogre Kingdoms camp. The temporary camp is currently occupied by a small force of Ogres in advance of the main Ogre Kingdoms army. Set up a 4’x4’ table or mark off a 48”x48” area on a larger board. Take turns adding four or six small patches of forest along the table border but keep the middle of the table free of vegetation or other obstacles. Take turns adding three Ogre Huts, a campfire, and a totem to the Camp Deployment Zone (see the map). Deployment 1. If the Dwarfs won the previous scenario, The Hunter and the Hunted, they get to decide who deploys first. Otherwise, have each players roll a D6. The player with the higher score may choose whether to start deploying first or second. 2. Taking turns, each player deploys one unit at a time in their Deployment Zone

AGAINST THE OGRES PART IV: SACRIFICE TO THE GREAT MAW Da shorties jus' keep comin'. We beats 'em in da tunnels, and we beats 'em in da snow. Deh shoulda stoped messin' wit us after dat, but dey kep comin. We thik dey got der beatins in da scout camp when we wooped em gud, but dey don't stop. Now dey coming for a big brawl. We finish 'em dis time fer gud, and we take der home and eat der yung. Hope de kids taste betta den da one weez eats alredy! - Ogre Tyrant Sloovin Ribcruncher Overview This scenario is the big one: the final, decisive battle between the avenging Dwarf army and the invading Ogre Kingdoms army. The Dwarfs have finally made it to the main Ogre camp and are looking to put an end to these troublemakers from the East. Both armies will be fielding 1,750 points-worth of troops, but this number can be increased or decreased based upon the previous scenarios. Armies Both armies are chosen from the appropriate Warhammer army lists to the value of 1,750 points. In addition, any troops that survived Against the Ogres Scenario II (Hunter and the Hunted) can be added to the army at no additional cost. If the Dwarf Thane and/or the Ogre Hunter survived, these characters do not take up a Hero slot. If the Dwarf player won the previous scenario, the Dwarfs get 100 extra points-worth of troops. If the Ogre Kingdoms player won the previous scenario, the Dwarfs get 100 fewer points-worth of troops. Battlefield This scenario takes place in an large Ogre Kingdoms camp. Set up a 4'x8' table. Take turns adding four to six small pieces of Ogre specific terrain. Take turns adding Ogre Huts, campfires, and totems to the table. Also, you will need to place a Sacrificial Pit and a Gorger Pit 2' apart and halfway between the Ogre Kingdoms board edge and the Dwarf board edge.

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