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MeshWorks Wireless and North Consulting Group enter into cooperation to bring wireless sensor network based enterprise solutions into South-East Asian market
Singapore, October 14, 2011 - Meshworks Wireless Ltd.. (MWW), a leading provider of wireless sensor networks and related enterprise solutions and North Consulting Group Pte. Ltd. (NCG), Singapore based consulting company, today announced partnership, which empowers NCG to represent, distribute and support MWW products and solutions in South-East Asia and Hong Kong. NCG is a leading consulting firm and provides a full spectrum of management consulting, systems integration and application management services in diverse domains such as critical infrastructure protection, enterprise sustainability, compliance & standards, and continuous business improvement. NCG team consists of industry experts from public sector to process industries to transport & logistics. "The partnership with NCG enables us to build strong presence in South East Asian market," says Marko Kyrola, Managing Director of MeshWorks Wireless. "Emerging wireless-enabled environment has potential to drive tremendous savings by increasing business process efficiency, reducing energy consumption and reshaping sustainability practices. Next to that the new wireless technology enables companies, operating in various fields, to create and offer new services to their customers. Together with NCG we will bring those opportunities to South-East Asia and Hong Kong markets." "These innovative products and solutions offer virtually unlimited number of new opportunities for companies to increase productivity, reduce costs and create new revenue streams." says Andy Waroma, Partner and Chief Architect at NCG. "Our focus is first on cold supply chain management within food and pharmaceutical industries and energy consumption management in buildings and facilities. We add offerings to other industries into our portfolio soon. We are pleased to offer these revolutionary products and solutions as part of our portfolio to our customers in the region" About About Meshworks Wireless MeshWorks Wireless Ltd. focuses on wireless sensor network technologies and business solutions utilizing these disruptive technologies. SeeMoto branded solutions from MeshWorks provide customers with automated data collection solutions, tracking, monitoring, analyzing and control solutions together with comprehensive IM framework that supports networked services, The company is based in Tampere, Finland and it is part of e-Bros Corporation. For more information, please visit and About North Consulting Group North Consulting Group (NCG) brings together experienced professionals providing management consulting, technology solutions, and application management services. Headquartered in Singapore, NCG is bringing thought leadership, innovation and business evolution to leading companies and conglomerates in Asia. For more information, please visit

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