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Table of Contents
Summary 1. Rain 2. Discovery 3. Waking 4. Information 5. Lunch 6. Walking 7. Setup REVISED 8. Mush REVISED 9. Family REVISED 10. Riding REVISED 11. Glorfindel 12. Realization 13. Leaving 14. Bree 15. Settling 16. Going 17. Time 18. Trouble REVISED 19. Rivendell REVISED 20. Explaining 21. Scoldings 22. Talks 23. Bob 24. Philophosizing 25. Focus 26. Hat 27. Calm 28. Wine

29. Tree 30. Inebriation 31. Reasons 32. Cheerfulness 33. Decisions 34. Council 35. Packing 36. Preparing 37. Silence 38. Trapped 39. Bedrolls 40. Songs 41. Lothlorien 42. Memory 43. Alkarisil 44. Evening 45. Next 46. Tour 47. Springs 48. Boots 49. Reconciliation 50. Interlude 51. Vacation 52. Discussing 53. Dance 54. Meleth 55. Boredom 56. Meetings 57. Weapons REVISED 58. Fellowship 59. Randomness 60. Double

61. Annoyances 62. Mirror 63. Grieving 64. Gondor 65. Friends 66. Pelennor 67. Revelation 68. Fading 69. Puzzles REVISED 70. Recovery 71. Chatter 72. Truth 73. Farewell 74. Matchmaking 75. Escape 76. Thwarting 77. Betrothal 78. Gardens 79. Finale 80. The Extra Goodies


The last thing Rachel wanted to become was a tooperfect MarySue. But when she dies and gets transported to MiddleEarth with her friend, she finds she has little choice in the matter. Rating for language and being a MarySue with an attitude.


-THE GAMES OF THE GODSAuthor's Note 3/23/13: There are pictures relating to this story mentioned further on in this story. You can find a link to them from my profile page. Also, as much as I love hearing that people still appreciate this story, please don't review every chapter while reading it. I'd rather leave review notifications on, but getting spammed by almost 80 reviews is enough to make me want to turn them off. -Disclaimer:I don't own anything except the character of Rachel and Kari. All other names, places, creatures, etc, belong to Tolkien (or at least to his estate). In other words, I don't own them, and I'm not claiming to. -1: RainThere are a lot of foolish things I've done in my life. Most of them I've paid for, either promptly or later in life, and so I learn that the thing is foolish and I should not do it again. Unfortunately, I have friends, most of which do not either have the experience with doing certain foolish things I've done, or have done them and endured no consequences. Like, for example, dancing in a rainstorm. A crazy thing to do, I know, but I've been called crazy many times in my life. Dancing in the rain is actually one of the less crazy things I've done, but one of the more foolish, as whenever I do it, I catch a cold. So, I know it is a foolish thing to do. My friend Kari, however, seems to have an internal furnace, and dancing in the rain does nothing more to her the get her wet and, depending on whether she's dancing on grass or dirt-turned-mud, either cleaner or dirtier. So she often convinces me to come out dancing in the rain with her, and I invariably come down with a cold afterwards, while she suffers no consequences whatsoever. Despite this - or perhaps because of it - whenever there's a rainstorm outside, and Kari's feeling cheery, we invariably go out dancing in the rain. It was during one of these escapades in the rain that I discovered something even more foolish then dancing in the rain - dancing in the rain of a thunder and lightning storm. Especially when you're out in the middle of the Australian outback, with nothing higher then you for miles except your house.

I suppose I should have seen it coming. I mean, our house was like a magnet for lightning - it was the largest concentration of metal for miles. Kari should have seen it if I didn't - we usually catch the things the other one misses - but she was concentrating solely on the rain. So we both jumped several feet in the air when, as we danced in front of our house, a huge peal of thunder came from right behind us. It was several minutes before I managed to drag myself out of the mud I'd fallen into, and looked up at the house. It was burning, of course - we had a lightning rod, but that strike had just been too much for it. And it had been too much for my ears, I realized as I discovered I couldn't even hear the crackling of the flames as they ate at the house, nor the sizzle of the rain drops falling into the fire. Tentatively, I put my hands up to my ears, and when I brought them back in front of me, there was blood on my fingers. "Great. My ears are bleeding." I mumbled to myself, though I couldn't hear it. I considered running into the house to phone the nearest town's fire department, but the fire looked as if it was in the kitchen - the location of our only phone, as it happened - and was spreading quickly through our small house, with smoke already pouring out of the windows and door. Sighing, I turned to Kari. You may think I surrendered too easily, but you should know that Kari and I have had our house burn down before, about a year ago, while we were away on vacation. So anything of real sentimental value was long gone, and the fire had taught us to keep numerous backups and copies of anything important. Which was why, when I saw Kari still face down in the mud, I was more concerned about her then the house. I went over to her quickly, kneeled down in the mud next to her, and carefully rolled her over. There was no response from her, and, worried, I felt at her neck for a pulse. After a few minutes, I gave up and grabbed her wrist instead - I could only ever find someone's pulse in their neck when it was incredibly strong, and Kari's pulse was evidently not incredibly strong. But after a few minutes of trying, I couldn't even find her pulse on her wrist. Now extremely worried, I leant down to put my ear to her chest to see if I could hear her heartbeat before I remembered that the thunder had wrecked my hearing. Instead, I put my hand on her rib cage and relaxed so my hand would rise and fall with her breath - but it didn't. Now panicking, I searched my memory for the CPR course that my mother had made me take when I was younger, but discovered that I'd done another foolish thing when taking that course and not paid attention. I could remember nothing - or at least, nothing so clearly that I would risk trying it. I looked at the house again, and from this angle, I could see that the fire was mostly in the living room; the north wall of the kitchen - the wall with the phone - looked to be untouched. I was panicky,

and worried for Kari, and so I did another foolish thing - I ran into the house to get to the phone. I got to the phone alright, but only then realized that there was only a small chance of all the necessary connections needed to run the phone being intact. I also realized that it was basically useless for me to try and use and phone when unable to hear. But, hoping against hope, I grabbed the phone, dialed the nearest hospitals emergency number, waited for a few moments, then quickly rambled off what was happening, explaining that I couldn't hear so I was just trusting that there was someone on the other end. By the time I was done, the heat had become so strong I felt as if my clothes were going to burst into flames at any moment, so I hung up the phone quickly and dashed for the door. I don't think I made it. That part of my memory has never been very clear, but I think one of the beams of the roof came loose and hit me while I was running. It probably killed me instantly. I figured that out later, of course. All I knew at the time was that one moment I was running for the door, and the next I was enveloped in a comforting darkness. The next part of my memory is pretty fuzzy, as well, but I remember seeing a bright light, and hearing a voice. I think I replied, though I can't for the life of me remember what was said. Then I was enveloped in darkness again, and my consciousness slipped away. -To be Continued(Man that sounds corny...)


-THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:Not mine! Nothing but the characters of Rachel and Kari are mine! I don't even really have control of the characters that I've borrowed, either...they seem to go off in directions all their own... -2: DiscoveryGlorfindel walked quickly through the forest, intent on his destination. He really didn't know what that destination was, but he had had the strongest urge to walk This Way when he'd taken a break from archery practice, and he'd learned over his many years that if you got a strong feeling to Do Something you should do it. It was usually advantageous to you, or at least was better then ignoring the feeling altogether, since such strong feelings to Do A Certain Thing seemed to be prompted by the Valar, and it was not wise to upset them. So there Glorfindel was, walking This Way, having no clue where he was going and how long it would take to get there. He was slightly worried, since a party from Lothlorien had recently arrived in Rivendell, and he was expected to be sitting at the main table next to Elrond that night for supper. But it was only just past noon, so he had plenty of time before he needed to actually start worrying about going back. And fortunately for him, the Valar were in a relatively kind, if mischievous, mood that afternoon, so his destination was only a short ways away. It proved to be nothing more then a stream running through the wilderness, and the only reason Glorfindel knew it was the place was that the urge to walk This Way suddenly stopped. So he stopped and looked around, wondering what on Arda the Valar could want him out here for. The answer came a few moments later, when two figures suddenly came hurtling out of the water towards him. Startled, he quickly stepped out of the way, drawing his sword in case of an attack, but the figures simply crashed to the ground where he had been standing and lay still. He watched the figures on the grass for a few moments, then cautiously sheathed his sword and went over to the figures. They were small figures, smaller then Glorfindel, at least, and extremely waterlogged. The dresses they were wearing revealed them as female, and when Glorfindel cautiously
- 10 -

lifted some of the waterlogged hair of one of them, he found a delicately pointed ear. So they were two water-logged female elves. That had just shot out of the water at him while unconscious. Glorfindel sighed, wondering why to Valar loved to make his life so interesting, then set about carefully rolling the two elves over, hoping to find out something more about them from their faces. The first elf rolled over without so much as a twitch, and a quick scan of her face revealed that she was a typical Lorien elf. Curious, Glorfindel wondered if these two could have been part of the party from Lothlorien that had gotten lost, and he quickly went to turn the other elf over. As he did so, however, the elf groaned and opened her eyes. Upon seeing him above her, peering down curiously, she promptly yelped and attempted to use her hands to scurry away from him. "I'm not going to hurt you." Glorfindel said with amusement. The elf seemed not to have heard, however, and instead just stared at him with what looked like immense shock on her face. After a few moments of silence, Glorfindel tried again. "I am Glorfindel. What is your name?" There was a pause, and then the elf seemed to shake herself out of her shock and answered. "Kari." she replied. Glorfindel arched his eyebrow again at the unusual name, which he'd never heard before, but decided not to say anything. "What about your companion?" he asked, nodding towards the unconscious form of the other elf. The elf named Kari glanced down at her companion, and seemed to visibly start. After a long pause, Kari carefully tucked her hair behind her ears, took a deep breath, and answered. "Rachel." she said, and Glorfindel shook his head slightly as he heard then name he'd never heard it before, either, though it sounded vaguely like a name of one of the race of Men, not an elf. "Where are we?" Kari's tentative question brought Glorfindel back to the problem at hand. "Not far from Rivendell." he said, and he could see Kari's eyes widen slightly in shock. "Where are you from?" "Uh...Hollin." the elf said after a pause. "Really?" Glorfindel asked with interest. "I had heard all the elves from Eregion had gone into the west long ago."
- 11 -

"Well, we - Rachel and I - have been traveling for quite awhile." Kari answered. Only a slight hesitation in her voice let Glorfindel know that she wasn't telling the truth - or at least not the entire truth - but he decided not to push the topic further until later. "Do you remember what happened before you woke up?" Glorfindel asked. Kari bit her lip, looking down at her friend, then looked back at Glorfindel and shook her head slowly. "The last thing I remember was riding along the edges of Fangorn." she said. "That is a long ways from here." Glorfindel said with surprise. "I know. Which was why when you said we were near Rivendell I was so surprised." Kari replied. "Hm." Glorfindel said, looking thoughtfully at the two elves. His mind was swirling with questions, but after glancing up at the sky, he decided questions could wait until later. He needed to start moving now if he was to get back to Rivendell in time for supper - though he had a feeling that if the two elf-maidens came with him back to Rivendell, supper would be delayed somewhat. There was nothing for that, however - he would not leave them out here in the wilderness, even if they wanted to. The Last Alliance might have destroyed most of Sauron's forces and destroyed his fortress, but his spirit was still alive, and not all of the evil in the land was due to him. "Come, we should go to Rivendell. Your friend may be hurt, and it is not safe even this close to Rivendell." Glorfindel said, standing. Kari carefully stood up, and for the first time appeared to realize she was soaking wet. "Where did you find us?" she asked, making a face. "In the river." Glorfindel answered as he went over to the elf named Rachel and lifted her up. He would keep the fact that they'd come shooting out of the river at him for a later date, when perhaps it might be of some importance. Now, it made little difference. "Come, it's a good walk back to Rivendell." he said, and set off the way he had come, the water from the elf Rachel's clothing already soaking into his own clothing. Kari followed him quickly, leaving a trail of wet footsteps. So it was that Elrohir and Elladan, just come looking for the elf-lord, found Glorfindel an hour later as he walked towards Rivendell - carrying an unconscious, damp elf-maiden, and followed by another damp elf-maiden.
- 12 -

"Been having an adventure without us, Glorfindel?" Elladan asked with amusement. "These two are the ones that had an adventure, Elladan; I simply came across them afterwards." Glorfindel replied. "And who would these two lovely maidens be?" Elrohir asked with curiosity, smiling at Kari and causing her to blush. "The one I'm carrying I am told is named Rachel, and this other one is Kari. They say they came from Eregion, before it was laid to waste, and have been traveling since then." Glorfindel replied. "But now is not the time to explain further. Lady Rachel has been unconscious for an hour, at the very least. There is no visible hurt on her, but I still fear an injury." "Well, let us bring her to father, then." Elrohir said. "I shall go tell him we found you and you are bringing injured company." With that, the young elf dashed off through the trees. Glorfindel shook his head and smiled slightly at the young elf's energy, then started walking again, with Elladan falling in beside him, shooting curious glances at Kari as they went. They reached Rivendell quick enough, and found Elrond waiting for them, a mixture of curiosity and concern on his face. He quickly appraised the two elf maidens, both unconscious and conscious, and then motioned for Glorfindel to follow him as he led the way through the corridors to one of the sick rooms in Rivendell. It was more of an injured room then a sick room, since Elves never became sick, but it was called a sick room for the sake of familiarity. The room was medium-sized, with a large bed at its center, taking up most of the room. There was a small wardrobe for the occupant's belongings, two or three chairs, and a small table with a pot of flowers on it, but no other furniture. There were many windows in the room, since three of the room's walls were outside walls. Other then that, there was the door they had entered by, and a small balcony on the eastern side of the room. All this Glorfindel barely noticed, having been in the room before - both to use it and to visit others using it - but as he set the Elf Rachel down, he saw Kari looking around with awe. He frowned slightly - he'd visited Eregion once, before its inhabitants had left for the west, and in his opinion, it had been more awe-inspiring then Rivendell. But perhaps Kari had become unused to seeing Elvish dwellings, and was just reacting with awe to being among her kindred again after so long traveling.
- 13 -

As Glorfindel thought, Elrond had been carefully examining Rachel, and now straightened and spoke quickly to Elrohir. The young elf bowed to his father, then slipped quickly out of the room. This seemed to bring Kari's attention back to her friend, and she now turned to Elrond with a worried and anxious face. "Well?" she asked when it became apparent that Elrond was not going to supply any information on his own. "She is physically fine, but her mind seems to be suffering from some sort of trauma." Elrond said slowly, turning to Kari with a solemn expression. "As soon as Elrohir has returned with some herbs, and I have administered them, I would very much like to hear the tale of how your companion came to be so injured." Kari took a deep breath, then nodded, and silence fell over the room for a few moments, when Elrohir returned, his arms full of herbs, along with an empty bowl and a measuring scoop. "You needn't have brought me the entire containers." Elrond said, amused, as he glanced at what his son was carrying. "Well you didn't tell me how much of each you wanted." Elrohir said practically, setting his burden down on top of the small table. Elrond just shook his head, smiling slightly, and started opening various containers, measuring out amounts of their contents into the empty bowl. The last jar he opened was full of water, and this he just about emptied into the bowl with the mixture of herbs. Almost immediately, a wholesome, refreshing scent, like the air just after a rainstorm, filled the room, and all the elves breathed deeply. "Ah, athelas..." Elrohir said quietly, and Elrond smiled as he carried his mixture over to the unconscious elf on the bed. Carefully lifting Rachel's head, he poured the liquid into her mouth slowly, letting her reflexes swallow for her even though she was asleep. When it was gone, he set the bowl back on the table, then turned to the waiting elves. "Now, Elrohir, you can take that all back to the storeroom. Elladan, you stay here and watch for if she wakes up. Glorfindel and Kari, come to my study. We have much to discuss." Elrond said. Everyone nodded in response, and Elrond left the room with Glorfindel and Kari following, while Elladan helped load the containers of herbs back into his twin's arms before sitting down next to Rachel's bed. ----To be Continued---(Still sounds corny...)
- 14 -

-Authors Note:Well, there you have it, the first two chapters of my new FanFiction. I wasn't sure about posting this, but, meh, I have several chapters written already, and this idea has been kicking around my brain since the middle of 'No Eyes Needed'. (I wrote the first few chapters of this while in the middle of NEN, actually.) So here it be. I have no idea how quickly I'll be able to update, what with school starting and such, but rest assured, it will be as quickly as possible. ~Crimson Starlight

- 15 -

I don't own any of it.16 - . Opening my eyes only confirmed that I was dreaming. For. but a gentle glow. right. After spending several minutes just admiring the ceiling. . What I found was a room just as beautiful as the ceiling. Yes I do. Not the harsh glow of glow-in-the-dark paint. and was sure I was dreaming. -3: WakingConsciousness returned to my mind with the feeling of a soft mattress beneath me. Happy? Rachel: Hey. Glorfindel: No.. it seemed to emit a small glow all by itself. Fine. but that was not what caught my eye. like moonlight. what about me? Oh.Waking -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:I own it all! Muhahahahahahaha! Elrond: No you don't. The ceiling itself was a masterwork of craftsmanship. I own you. and so raised my head to look around. I knew there was no place on earth that could even remotely look like where I was. you don't. and a warm blanket on top of me. I do! Elrohir and Elladan: No you don't! Arg. It was sparsely furnished.. I had never felt so soft a bed. Shut up. and more then that. I wondered if this dream had a point other then to show me a really nice ceiling. and glowing just as lightly. damn Elf Lords. if not more. But that's all. Kari: I feel disowned.

thoroughly distracted from that when my fingertips touched the tips of my POINTED ears. Carefully. and I peered at him closer. Of course. I was distracted by that. then around the room again. it hurt. And dammit. but hey. staring off into space. the Elf. But still. it was then that my eyes caught on his ears. Annoyed. as I lay there in bed . I spent quite awhile debating whether or not I was in Middle-Earth. And it hit me. Pointed ears. his breathing slow and steady. not lost altogether. Granted. It was then that I saw that his eyes were unfocused and slightly glazed over. and finally realized that the only was to be sure was to ask the Elf still sitting beside my bed. and the foolish dash into the house to use the phone. but the state my body was most likely in while I was having it was not a nice thought. most about how this was impossible. but my mind was coming back to the topic at hand . my ears bleeding. So I started trying to figure out what the last thing I could remember was. was a young man. I absently wondered if my hearing had just been damaged. all of it reminded me very heavily of Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings'. My eyes widened once again. I raked my hands through my hair. I sat up in bed. this time with horror. Right. I looked over at the Elf sitting beside the bed. My hand trembling slightly with sudden fear. It disturbed me greatly that I couldn't remember anything past running out of the house. and my eyes bugged out. I couldn't be here. when I realized that I could hear birds singing outside. I was rather stunned. His absolute gorgeousness was somewhat dampened by the fact that he seemed to be completely ignoring me. I let my head fall back to the pillow and stared up at the ceiling. however. The Elf didn't stir. Looking him over. instead of worrying about what state my body must be in. I was probably sick with a fever and this was a hallucination-dream. ignoring me. . I must be in some sort of coma and hallucinating. After a moment. any dream with a really really nice looking specimen of an Elf in it was a good dream. as I remembered the lightning. it was more than I'd ever dreamed of to ever be able to even SEE such a fine specimen of a man. He was quite possibly the most handsome man I had ever seen. I was. No more dancing in the rain. I reached over to my other arm and pinched myself hard.this room. I started to think about the room and the fact that there was an Elf sitting next to my bed. The little bugger was asleep.sitting in the chair next to the bed. and I'm pretty sure my eyes bugged out yet more. however. Thoughts raced through my head. and I'd been out long enough that it had now healed. I wondered what on earth I could have done right in my life to be having such a dream as this. considering how to get the Elf's attention.where I was. overwhelmed by the thought that this was no dream and I could very likely be in Middle-Earth.17 - . and I wondered if I'd been given a knock on the head.

"I shall go tell the others. gulped heavily. anyways. I found that it was its normal length . Slightly dazed.down to the base of my shoulder-blades . Who I had last seen dead. I pulled a lock of my hair in front of my face. Then I raised my hands to my ears again. And I was right. At that point. I also realized that my toes looked farther away than normal. while the other one looked so much like the two that they had to be related. like the Elf that had been sleeping by my bed. The other two elves were a different story altogether . I ran my hand through my hair and took a shaky breath. I realized that this was Kari. "I see you're better. "You're awake. and I quickly deduced I'd grown several inches. And when she bounded forward with a happy squeal.but had somehow changed from its normal jet-black to so-blonde-it-was-almost-white. this time with a lamp. then turned to the Elf sleeping in the chair beside my bed. and I figured I'd find out soon enough. everybody is suddenly telling you to loosen up and act like a kid again. and. if you do. still feeling the point. Oh well. I'd just have to tell them I wasn't really an elf. I remembered that Elves don't get sick.18 - . My panic of suddenly finding myself in a body not my own was lessened somewhat when I noted that the Elf was starting to slip off his chair on the left side. still grinning. I mentally shrugged. three male and one female. the Elf returned. Suddenly panicky. and I was apparently an elf. though he looked at me slightly curiously. almost fearing to even wonder what colour my normally blue eyes were. One thing I've found in life is that while everybody always tells you to grow up and act your age. But the female blond elf looked familiar. and one of those two looked like he could be the identical twin of the other Elf. I let myself be . if they asked. and was followed by four other Elves. "I could be deathly ill and still unable to resist that sort of opportunity." the Elf grumped. I have never squashed my impulses to do terribly childish and terribly amusing things. in Middle-Earth with my looks radically changed or not.I'm pretty sure I sat there in shock for quite a while. So." the Elf said. away from my poking finger." I replied. Two of the males had dark hair. My fingers strayed back to the tips of my ears. Within a few moments. and I swallowed. hauling himself to his feet." I wanted to ask who these 'others' were. at least. he awoke with a startled yelped and jumped sideways. Belatedly. I grinned as I leaned over the side of the bed to look down at him on the floor. but the elf was already gone. which resulted in him falling out of the chair and onto the floor with a loud thump. And I wasn't about to stop now.blond haired and so different in appearances there could be no relation whatsoever. and the Elf rolled his eyes. As planned. This was way too weird. I reached out towards the Elf and poked him in his right side. Slowly.

and I suddenly wondered if it had been such a smart idea to cause that Elf to fall out of his chair." Confused. "Lord Glorfindel found you two in a river not far from here. I noticed the other four Elves were looking at us with rather amused expressions. "You have no idea what could have injured you?" Glorfindel asked intently. the lightning and later smoke.and Lord Glorfindel. yes. "Your mind seemed to be suffering from some sort of trauma. We thought you might remember more. Kari gave me a look that warned me to prepare for anything. "Who are your friends?" I asked Kari." I managed to squeak out." Lord Elrond replied. but I would rather not experiment. After a few . however." Lord Elrond said. I have never been a fast thinker. "Well. "You sure about that?" Kari asked with a grin as she released me. "Kari. feeling dazed once more. nodding towards the other Elves." I replied." I said.19 - . I nearly choked. "Uh. "It's a long way from Fangorn. "So we'd be in Rivendell?" I asked after a moment. so I just shook my head.don't ask me which is which . "What happened?" "We were hoping you could tell us. and the trip between worlds." I replied with just as big a grin. I need to breath. I turned to Kari to ask her what the heck she was talking about. it is. Out loud. this is Lord Elrond Peredhil. At this point. That would probably be due to the sudden loss of hearing. and thought fast. I just said that I had no clue how I could have gotten such an injury. "Not really. "I'm afraid I can't remember anything more. I would like to know how I was injured." I blinked." I said. I quickly regretted that.wrapped in one of Kari's infamous near-fatal bear hugs. before I can get an idea." Kari replied. his sons Elrohir and Elladan . "Rachel. 'Anything' did not cover this. and Lady Kari says that the last thing she could remember was riding along the edges of Fangorn Forest. but the look in her eyes told me to play along." Kari introduced. I thought sarcastically. however. "Yep. I know.

and after discovering all sorts of strange things. Lord Elrond decided that he and his sons. He was already half falling out of the chair.20 - . and the last thing we remember was riding along the edges of Fangorn Forest. because I had a limited amount of time to think it up. but I'm just wondering why you didn't tell him the truth. "Now that I've told my short tale of what I've been up to." Kari giggled. looking extremely curious. "What was that?" Kari asked once the door had been shut. One of them turned and glared at me. then added warningly. "What." I said. should leave me and Kari be for awhile. you need to tell me what the heck Elrond was going on about Fangorn for. with Glorfindel looking down at me.more basic questions about how I was feeling. Kari sighed. . Elladan was asleep in his chair when I woke up. I poked him in the side and he jumped awake and fell out of the chair. I decided to wake him up and ask where I was. and Glorfindel staring at me the entire time. then mentally shook myself and returned to Kari's question. I woke up sopping wet. and she nodded. my parting remark?" I asked. "I was not as lucky as you in having time to discover where I was and my change in race before confronting any of the locals. "Which one of the twins was in here watching me?" "Elladan. don't they?" I mused. "And don't you dare complain. as well as Lord Glorfindel. and Kari instantly turned serious as well." I said with a slight frown. and I grinned back." Kari said. they do look quite alike. "Don't fall off any chairs!" I called after the twins as they left. So we are now two traveling Elf-maidens that originally came from Hollin. It was all I could do to keep up a credible story of who we were and where we were from. and headed out. however. When we were done giggling." she said. "Though darned if I could've figured it out if Elrond hadn't ordered him to stay by name. I turned serious. so I couldn't resist. looking even more curious. "Anyways." "Yes." "I'm not going to complain. like my pointed ears. I was never one for telling lies when the truth would do just as well. as did I as I remembered the look on the Elf's face as he looked up at me from the floor.

when I woke I thought I was dreaming." Kari said with a slight frown. and Celebrían is . and Kari thwapped me on the back of my head. and then squealed in unison. grinning like idiots. Aragorn isn't around." I mumbled. "Ow." I replied truthfully. and then grinned. and Kari looked at me with mock hurt. "You should see the rest of them. "Your assumption wounds me deeply. so it's at least 80 years before the War of the Ring. they'd either have thought we were crazy and not believed us. that I do. "I haven't heard any mention of either Arwen or Celebrían." I said. "Yes. they're the norm!" We looked at each other for a moment. either. "Have you found an Elf to flirt with?" I asked. rubbing the back of my head." I replied dryly. "I haven't seen many except when passing by them in the hall." Kari said. but by the Valar! From what I've seen. her eyes sparkling. Arwen spent most of her time in Lothlorien. Elrohir. those four you saw are not exceptions. "So have you managed to find out what the date is?" I asked when we'd both calmed down. and then said louder." I rolled my eyes and sighed. "I wouldn't know ." she said somberly." Kari muttered. though?" Kari asked. or tried to send us home. and wondered what on earth I ever did right to dream up such a perfect specimen of manhood. "That I do." I eyed her suspiciously. no. personally. her eyes sparkling again." "Makes sense. And for your information. like it here."Do you even listen to me when I tell you about all those fanfictions about Lord of the Rings that I read?" she asked.21 - . "If I'd told them. "Aren't they absolutely scrumptious. anyways. "Not most of the time. I. "You know what I mean. "It's common sense. then grinned like a maniac and answered. Somehow I don't think either of them are here. and Kari hit me on the arm lightly." I replied solemnly." she said. "Figures as much.I don't take bites out of strange Elves to see what they taste like. "Well.

Elrohir and Elladan were born within the first 200 years of the Third Age. that leaves us with around twenty-eight hundred years. "The loud boom you heard was a lightning strike on our house. looks like I'll have to get one. "Only thing I can be certain of is that the Last Alliance has happened .Elrond's wearing whichever of the rings of power is his." I said. "Girl. We're looking at a spread of close to twenty-eight hundred years for the possible date. where Arwen and Celebrían are. And." I replied." I said absently. frowning slightly.Galadriel and Celeborn's daughter. "Well. and Kari blinked at me. and Aragorn was born in the last 80 or so. whether or not Rohan exists.22 - . "Too much time spent reading the appendices of the books. and Kari blinked." I replied. "How the heck do you remember all that?" she asked." "What sorts of things?" Kari asked." I said." "Twenty-eight hundred?!" Kari asked in surprise. since those particular books don't exist here. her mouth dropping open. "That's what I realized. "Yes." I said cheerfully. and Kari sighed and nodded. and then paused for a moment to organize my memories. Or Celebrían could have gone into the west and Arwen visiting Lothlorien." she said. that means if we can figure out a few more things about the outside world. you need a new hobby. "Fortunately." "Vilya. what do you remember about what ACTUALLY happened before we showed up here?" "I remember dancing in the rain. Or Celebrían could be visiting her family and Arwen not even born." she said. "I . and that's it. "Speaking of our world. then no duh the Alliance has happened. if Gondor still has Kings." Kari said with a frown. making a face. a loud boom. So they could both just be in Lothlorien. The status of the Dwarf peoples in general. I can figure out the date." I said finally. "And if the twins are alive. "What do you remember?" I sighed. They were born in the Third Age. "Hm. Given that the Third Age lasted only 3021 years. of course.

I'm a tomboy. for once I don't mind. white nightgown. and Kari set off for the kitchens. the lightning was too much for our poor lightning rod. and as a way to get out of doing schoolwork. "I'll show you to it once you get changed into something more suitable. and 42. So I ran inside . and I groaned slightly. "What clothes are there to wear?" "Dresses." Kari was silent when I finished. looking at me in surprise as if she'd just remembered I was there.thought it killed you.our house was burning. "Penny for your thoughts?" I asked after awhile. told you we should've gotten the deluxe rod . So I quickly changed into one. I'm writing this story for the fun of it. I hate wearing dresses. Kari started. where's the kitchen around here?" I asked." she said. Instead. I knew that wasn't what she'd been thinking. Kari chuckled.. And I couldn't double check by listening to your heartbeat because the thunder strike wrecked my hearing. I blinked. to be honest. the universe. Elf-shaped cookies go to all my reviewers! Made by Santa's Elves." Kari said with an evil grin. and then shook her head. "Nothing important. The last thing I can remember is starting to run out of the house. on the same bat-station. of course. ah join us here next bat-time. ----To be continued. me close behind. but decided not to push it. the dresses Lord Elrond had supplied the wardrobe in the room with when he had discovered that Kari and I had 'lost' our luggage someplace between Fangorn and Rivendell were really cool ones.*giggle* Hee.23 - . by the way. I turned my mind to a more pressing need ." she answered with a small smile. jumping out of bed and looking around it's going to sounds corny.. wouldn't it?" I said. now that I think about it.which. Except for really cool ones.. fortunately for my stomach. might as well have some fun) -Authors Note:Chapter 3! Whoo! And what a spectacular amount of reviews. Just wondering about life.. are really more like . and climbed off the bed herself.and phoned the hospital.. "Speaking of the great mysteries of life. I couldn't find a pulse on your wrist. "Yes. Still. a change would be in order... And. then glanced down at what I was wearing and found a long. I'll confess.. looking disturbed.

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Elrond: I resent that.wait.. and then by Glorfindel.25 - . Arwen: *mumbling* Silly males.. Glorfindel: ROLE-STEALER! Arwen: Eep! *runs* Glorfindel: *runs after* Elrond: GLORFINDEL! STOP CHASING MY DAUGHTER! . Glorfindel: Take it up with me when you're over 20 feet high and made out of shadow and flame. too. say and think. when I woke up. after eating I decided not to go back to bed... Apparently she'd been kept up the entire night by Lord Elrond.. you've been relieved of that duty. Crimson Starlight has been relieved of her authorian duties of writing the disclaimer. Kari informed me when I told her that that was very nice.GLORFINDEL! IF YOU CATCH ARWEN YOU CAN MARRY HER! Arwen and Aragorn: HEY! Glorfindel: Ewwwww. who were trying to find . -4: InformationAs it had already been late in the night. almost morning. Glorfindel: And due to the fact that you talk too much.Information -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:Elrond: Due to temporary insanity in which she believes she rules the entire galaxy.. but she was going to go get some sleep. *louder* Crimson Starlight owns nothing except what Rachel and Kari do.

I just haven't had any time to observe to figure out which of you is which. not greeting you by name seems a pretty safe bet." I said. "It's not any easier to tell apart two ugly identical twins than two handsome identical twins. they didn't get anything more then she'd told them when we first arrived. I didn't know. and I think it showed. improved hearing that I discovered there was someone behind me on the path. "My lord. I'll save you a little trouble. "Lady Rachel. rolling my eyes. "Very good. So now I was wandering through Rivendell alone. that'll help. for fear she'd make a mistake. It was actually rather odd. Elrohir is a whole lot uglier. considering you're identical. said with a grin. It was while I was testing out my new. but an Elf. since she knew less about Middle-Earth than me. "Well. "What. "Hey now. his eyes sparkling. I'm observant." the twin. if you considered the fact that she was the one that seemed to be more obsessed with the whole 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy. I probably never would have if he hadn't sped up and come to where I had stopped on the path to talk to me. absorbing myself in its beauty and trying to get used to the fact that I was not only here." he said grudgingly. "Oh. apparently unaware of me walking ahead of him. another unobservant one. I saw a dark haired Elf strolling along. "Ah. She told me she decided very early on that she wasn't going to open her mouth and tell anymore about our 'travels' until she'd had a chance to talk to me. curtseying just as slightly as he bowed. causing me to grin." Elladan just grinned at me for a moment. Glancing back.out what had happened to the two of us.26 - . no greeting by name?" the twin asked. but there was no comment." I said. who I now knew was Elladan. "Considering I can't determine which twin you are. Needless to say. I had never curtseyed in my life. Narrowing my eyes slightly and trying out my new eyesight. ." I replied dryly." I retorted. Which." he said with a slight bow." the twin said. I quickly discovered that it was one of Lord Elrond's twin sons. and then frowned slightly as he got the veiled insult.

Kari and I stayed in a human village during our travels. Elladan shook his head and smiled ruefully. "Perhaps. Fortunately. "It's beautiful. though you tend to stop noticing it so much after a few hundred years."Thanks. "Yes. . "Has it really been that long?" I asked slightly wistfully. taking a random year not long before 1697 and doing some quick calculations. it is." Elladan agreed from behind me. and it occurred to me that he might not have understood what I said." I said. but quickly recovered. I really didn't like continuing with the lie that Kari and I were from Eregion. "Strange. I was sure I could do it. and stuck to it. "At the least." Elladan said. After a moment. still grinning. I had hoped to be able to approximate what the year was. It is now May of 2109 of the Third Age. "But you ain't seen nutin yet!" Elladan looked at me strangely. Of course." I said out loud. Kari seemed to like it." I replied. it didn't seem that long. so they decided that my new name was Rachel and called me that.27 - . Eregion was laid to waste in 1697 of the Second Age. to cover my start. if I care to remember them. but here was Elladan telling me everything but the exact day." "I'm sure you have tales enough for such time spent traveling. but I didn't want to have to." Elladan replied. Was it common in Eregion?" Elladan asked. are you enjoying Rivendell?" he asked. Elladan seemed to take the hint. I shortened her name to just 'Kari'. I was ready for it. and I inwardly winced. Fortunately. in revenge. I just kept grinning. "Is it true that you have been traveling for the past four millennia?" he asked after a moment." I replied carefully. but there was nothing for it. trying to avoid having to make up any stories on the spot. at the most. "I do not think I've ever heard the name 'Rachel' before. I had wondered when someone would pull up Kari and my's strange names. "Rachel is just a nickname. "Then it has been just over four millennia." I replied with a lop-sided grin. and the children couldn't pronounce my Elvish name. I started slightly at the number. "So. I almost hugged him. turning back to the scenery with a smile.

"Well. Elladan's laughter didn't subside until we'd reached the archery range. "Most people can once they hear it. you can just blame your horrible aim!" I replied cheerfully. along with some arrows and a bow I could practice with?" I asked. Anyways. arching an eyebrow at me. "You do archery?" Elladan asked in surprise." I replied. at any rate.I have trouble hitting the target.. They were based mostly on our looks." I answered. Kari and I had to defend ourselves."So what is your real name?" Elladan asked with no little curiosity. I'd had jet-black hair and bright.. and we shall see if we can improve that any. and then offered me his arm. but it's so much fun being a horrible shot!" I said as we headed off. during which I got distinctly bored. "And why is that?" Elladan asked. sapphire blue eyes that Kari claimed glittered like little stars in low light. "And Kari's is Alkarisil. "So. "Oh. "I can see why the children would have trouble with your name.BESIDES find out if random important Elves are ticklish. I pulled on the first thing that came to mind that one could do when bored and in Middle-Earth . and I grinned back at him. I prefer to do things or talk when there's someone else around. Elladan seemed to accept the Elvish names. "Elenlómë." Elladan chuckled again. with the exception that her hair became blonder .if that was possible . "Though archery is more of a hobby to work on when I want something to do . "If you shoot someone annoying in the butt." Kari and I had made up the two Elvish names one day when a huge storm knocked the power out." he said with a smile as I took his arm. before I had been elf-ized." he said with a chuckle. social butterfly. Kari hadn't changed much with her elf-izing. that's me. is there an archery range somewhere around here. but only for so long and when you're alone." I said practically.with 40% more tap-dancing elves!---. There was silence for a moment. then.28 - . "I shall show you the archery range.and her normally slate-grey eyes turned almost silver. let alone the bullseye. then grinned impishly and added for the sake of not lying completely. ----To be continued. Yep. Scenery is nice. Mine was supposed to mean 'Night Star' and Kari's was supposed to mean 'Splendor of the Moon'.

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Elrohir. and I was getting very easily distracted by all the other incredibly hot Elves that were also practicing. the questions turned away from archery and started to become about the Elvish realms in general. followed by a grinning Elrohir. Instead of practicing archery. He said he couldn't figure out why I was such a horrible shot . my questions got bolder and less important. Then. that it's because I never really try to improve my aim. his reply was that he expected me to have questions about the doings of my people after spending such a long time traveling away from them.30 - . Didn't really occur to him. but that was to be expected . Elladan.Lunch -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:The purple peanuts have allied with the ladybugs and are going to take over the world five days after the two days before the end of the world. gradually. Kari had been right when she said that Elrond. and impossible to tell apart if you didn't know which twin was wearing what . "Identical twins should be banned. they were all a little above the norm. glaring at the two twins that were now standing side by side." Kari said loudly as she came to stand by the tree I was sitting under. I sat on the ground underneath a tree not far from Elladan and bugged him with questions while he practiced. quickly gave up entirely on improving my archery skills.I had perfect stance.mostly because they were trivial things. Anyways. They're supposed to be a little handsomer than your average every-day Elf. I suppose. -5: LunchElladan. until around lunchtime. didn't find this the least bit odd. after learning what a poor shot I really was.Crimson Starlight owns nothing. With that revelation. and when I commented on it. to be truthful. Elladan and Glorfindel were the norm for looks around Rivendell. The questions continued for quite some time. to my surprise. they're Elf Lords. Well. but it was nice to find out something new.after all. Glorfindel: Translation . when an annoyed looking Kari showed up at the practice field. I soon started discovering things that were mentioned nowhere in Tolkien's books . if he knew how to make arrows and did he make his own and such. The questions started out with basic things about archery.

either. seriously enough that Elrohir looked worried for a moment. It didn't help. "And he's such a double-talker that just when I think I've figured out which one he is. . still laughing slightly as he shook his head and walked off." he said. "At your service. eyeing the remaining twin." I replied dryly. Elrohir chuckled. "Now that you've put away your bow. and Kari nodded vigorously. m'Lady Kari. arching an eyebrow." Kari said.31 - . still grinning. "That should solve the problem. "Too bad you're not a horrible shot. Elladan held the glare for a few more seconds. "I'm going to go put my bow away. I suddenly become quite sure I'm wrong!" she exclaimed indignantly.that day. But before anymore could be said. glancing down at me. that Kari was suddenly grinning like a maniac and Elrohir himself turned to his twin with raised eyebrows. "So you're Elrohir. "Rach. father asked me to tell you that you and the Lady Rachel are invited for lunch. Elladan returned. brother." He said when he calmed down. I grinned. and Elladan coughed. and then burst out laughing. "Having trouble finding out which one is which?" I asked. and suppressed a laugh myself. shifting nervously from foot to foot. Elrohir just grinned cheekily. Instead. I could hear several of the practicing archers laugh lightly. "He'll learn." Elrohir said. "I don't think he believes I'll do anything. grinning and making a mock bow. eh?" I commented. and I stood up because I was feeling distinctly short and not liking it. "Will do!" I replied cheerfully." Several heads turned towards the twins with raised eyebrows. "Just ask him if he's fallen out of any chairs recently." Kari said to me in a stage whisper after eyeing Elrohir for a few minutes. remind me to think up plots for revenge later tonight. Elladan glared at me and I grinned up at him." I replied." Kari said. "Just us two?" I asked.

"Fine. Elrohir chuckled again. and Elladan and Elrohir looked at me strangely."Nay. "We shall have to investigate this further. but for now. in fact. "I see you found them without too much trouble. "Ah." Lord Elrond commented. we found Lord Glorfindel and Elrond already there. Upon knocking and entering. I just like to twitch at random intervals. "Are you alright. seated across from each other at a table that barely looked large enough to hold six people. The two Elven Lords looked up as we entered and smiled welcomingly. "Back the way we came?" Elrohir nodded. Lady Kari and I. eyeing me. the twins didn't correct Kari at any point." Elrohir replied as we approached ." I said sagely. but since everyone's attention was focused on looking at me strangely. where we would be eating. and we arrived at what appeared to be Lord Elrond's study without getting lost." Elrohir said. I believe we were invited to lunch. "Elladan was someplace predictable for once. and I had a feeling that if they didn't look so different. nodding my head. m'lady?" Elrohir asked. then Elladan shook his head and grinned. I saw Kari start slightly when I mentioned how long we'd supposedly been traveling. To my surprise. shall be there. Elrohir. as did a few nearby Elves. I twitched as I pushed them out of my head. though the other chairs placed around it indicated that it was. What the real reason was that Elrohir was hinting at. with us following. Out of the corner of my eye." I said seriously. you don't think we've been able to travel for over four millennia without going slightly crazy. "What. "Mother will not be there?" Elladan asked with curiosity. it would be harder to try and tell the two of them apart than Elrohir and Elladan. Their expressions were creepily alike. "She's *ahem* still tired from the journey. do you?" I demanded. I didn't care to guess. and Kari set off confidently. a meeting of Those We Have Met So Far." he said. putting my hands on my hips. as well as Lord Glorfindel. The twins looked at me even more strangely." Kari said. though my mind naturally supplied several reasons of it's own that were none too clean. lunch.32 - . good idea. turning to Elrohir. with such an innocent look on his face that you knew he didn't believe that was the reason at all. The silence of everyone looking at me strangely stretched on for a moment. I don't think anyone else noticed. "Mmm." he said.

33 - . but it all looked delicious. I stopped eating when I felt the attention of everybody at the table turn to me. No sooner had we sat down." "Hey. and I grinned back at him as Elrohir snorted with laughter. then three Elves appeared carrying trays.well. From somewhere. and Lord Glorfindel and Elrond seemed to be listening curiously. anyways." Elladan glared at me. "Very well. They set these down on the table.while Elladan and I took the seats on the nearer side of the table.the table. before we had much time to start any sort of conversation. and when I poked him to wake him up. Elrohir and Kari went to the other side of the table and seated themselves ." I said. . but as we started eating. Elladan had stopped eating completely and was devoting all his energy to glaring at his brother. trying to smile. it seemed. A few moments later. to Lady Rachel's presence. "It is nothing." he said." I countered. and we all filled up our plates. which were distributed around the table. It was eerily silent while we did so. "He was already falling off. "Due." he repeated. Elrohir apparently decided that now was a good time to find out what my comments about Elladan falling out of chairs were about. Elrohir seated himself after pulling out Kari's chair for her . Elladan. and this time didn't return. and then disappeared. as well. "Elladan was asleep when I woke up. no doubt. and then added with a smirk.none of it looked familiar. perhaps Lady Rachel would be so kind as to supply us with an explanation?" Elrohir said. Kari and I were also eating calmly. and adopted an innocent expression. though they were barely succeeding. he fell off of his chair. swallowed the food that was in his mouth. Lord Elrond's lips twitched. "It has to be SOMETHING if Lady Rachel keeps referring to it. eating calmly. "It is nothing. Elladan coughed. the Elves returned again carrying more trays. Elladan managed to produce plates. and glared at his twin. They set the trays down on the table. and he motioned for us to be seated. as well. turning his attention to me. I eyed the food now on the table with interest . Lord Elrond and Glorfindel looked as if they were trying not to laugh." Elrohir said practically. "So. ignoring the conversation while smiling slightly. what's this I hear about you falling out of chairs?" Elrohir asked innocently. the archery range is an unpredictable place to find me.

I got tired." I shot off. When they were gone. "Only because you wish you were one. but I'm not complaining at being called a Lady!" Kari replied with a grin. the three Elves from before entered the room again and removed some of the now-empty trays." he said with a smile. and we mock-glared at each other for a moment. "Stop calling me Lady. Elladan. turning to Kari. "And what about m'Lady Kari?" Elrohir asked. "I don't officially have a title. either. looking at him. and then turned to Kari. turned her attention to Elrond. THAT caught the attention of all the Elven Lords at the table. Rachel. Elladan paused. and then shrugged. m'Lady." Elladan grumbled. arching an eyebrow. Lord Elrond?" Kari asked when she calmed down. is there any particular reason you invited us to lunch. What's the point in waking up in the middle of the night if there's no need?" I asked." I replied. "I do not have now. "Says the one who used to be mistaken for a boy when she was younger!" Kari shot back just as quickly. "I am curious as to how you could have been wandering over Arda for around four . "So. I flicked a grape-like fruit at Kari. Elrond looked at me thoughtfully." I said. and before Lord Elrond could answer. "Very well." he admitted. "You do not wish to be addressed according to your title?" Lord Elrond asked with curiosity. a title. Lord Elrond answered.34 - . "Well it's not my fault she stayed asleep almost the entire night."You were supposed to watch for her to wake. "Of course I slept the entire night. which she ducked. then started giggling when we noticed the slightly freaked-out looks on the other Elves faces. not fall asleep to be awoken by her. use it. I have a name. who shrugged. By now. "I guess there is no point. I blinked. then nodded. we were all mostly done eating. nor have ever had." Elrond scolded lightly after a moment.

after all. looking to Kari for help. at least. "Quite often none of them could be. Not all our provisions could be found in the wilderness. to tell the truth. "It mattered not." I said carefully. telling me it was up to me to answer that one. We were more traveling to see the land than the peoples. "When one lives mostly in the wilderness. I shifted uncomfortably. "Of course. "I would think it would matter somewhat in the case of Sauron. "We hardly noticed. smiling slightly. if not the wilderness. since the land would become blackened and desolate under his rule." she said." I replied. I shrugged." I said. Kari and I glanced at each other across the table." Elrond said with a light frown. then as one. "We haven't exactly traveled to the most well-known places. shrugged." Kari said dryly. and stayed in the smaller towns and villages.35 - . All the news we received had very little effect on us." "Such separation from your own people must have been hard. We weren't exactly lonely." I replied. "I find it hard to believe that news of Sauron's attempt to conquer Arda would affect you little. glancing at Kari. "We've mostly traveled in the east and far south. "We learned of some of the major events in the world. but on the whole." I finished. and I nodded. We were traveling with each other and enjoying ourselves. I hesitated. All the elves eyebrows shot up at that. m'Lord. Kari sighed. and Elrond arched an eyebrow at me. we had not seen one of our own kind besides each other for over a millennium. .millennia and I have never heard of you." Glorfindel said skeptically. anyways. "You must have entered some towns to discover what was going on with the world. She shrugged slightly. for we had no fear that Sauron would be ruling Arda anytime soon. Lord Elrond. I can honestly say that until we arrived here. who that wilderness belongs to does not trouble one overly much. in fact." he commented." he said." Lord Glorfindel said with a frown. we did not seek out news.

"So you must have some interesting stories from your travels.36 - . and the subject was dropped. I shook my head and explained to them all what I'd told Elladan earlier that morning about staying in a human village and being given a nickname. Kari looked at me pointedly. and after the three mysterious Elves had come and taken away all evidence that we had just had lunch there. at the base of Orodruin." I said. I considered using that excuse for an instant. "I truly don't know what possessed my parents to call me it." "Oh? Have they sailed to Valinor?" Glorfindel asked with interest. That is a strange name. feared that Sauron would yet rule Arda. We had no family to return to. Why did you not?" Glorfindel asked with interest. I received a message not long after Eregion was laid to waste that they had died there. but it did the trick. didn't." Elrond said with a light frown. but quickly realized it could present problems later and shook my head with barely a visible pause. looked as if they would like to continue on that topic. "No. I had no doubt she was probably thinking of how there was no chocolate or fanfiction in Middle-Earth or something. smiling sadly. It's one of the reasons we remained traveling instead of returning to one of the Elven realms for safety when Sauron's forces became more plentiful. but thankfully. The Elves. "Night Star. Kari and I. Kari's parents. though Kari quickly hid it. "Elenlómë. and then shortening Kari's name in revenge when she started calling me the nickname. The four Elven Lords murmured various forms of sympathy. "Rachel is not your true name?" Elrohir asked with curiosity. as well. "Especially if you stayed in a human village long enough for the local children to give you a new name." That got surprised looks from everyone at the table. Kari caught on and adopted a sad. after a bit of idle conversation about Rivendell and it's sights . and thus. We finished what little food there was left for lunch rather quickly.and a promise to be found . as if remembering her parents."Even the leaders of the Last Alliance." I said flatly. Lord Glorfindel got up and politely excused himself. unfortunately." I shrugged. as if saying 'see what happens when you make me talk?' "Let us just say we're optimistic to a fault and leave it at that. especially Lord Elrond and Glorfindel. didn't see the point. far-away look." Elladan tried for the second time that day." I replied softly. "And I can't really go and ask them now.

"And I'll bet you anything else the answer includes the words 'slightly crazy'. leaving Elrond and his twin sons to talk. also grinning." I replied with a grin. Elladan was asking about our names. . so I just went from there. "I'll bet you anything Lord Elrond's asking them what they think of us. *amused smile* Really. You're all munderful. unless you count FF." "Well..excused ourselves as well." I said.) -Authors Note:Oh.horses to ride ." Kari replied. and what's yet to happen. we set off down one of the more unused paths in Rivendell." "Well. then!" Kari said cheerfully. "In the mean time. because I just realized that I forgot to make Elladan and Elrohir hard to tell apart. Elladan has told me down to the month what the date is. good work with the story about our names. thanks to all my lovely reviewers. and write. "By the way. then made a face and added. "But if I have to make up anymore stories off the top of my head. But now I need to go mess with a chapter I just wrote.. so you don't reveal anything you shouldn't. ----To be continued after these messages!---(Please note that messages do not exist. I am having far too much fun with this FanFic.*bops self* Once again. "I'm sure. and I appreciate all of your comments! Now I'm off to edit. I remembered that it took me about a month to learn how to pronounce that Elvish name of mine. let's just avoid the inquisitive Lords of Rivendell until supper. Sometimes I really scare myself. read. with me reciting all the things that had and had not happened yet in Middle-Earth. I think I'm going to have a major headache tomorrow. so I'm going to start rambling off to you what all has happened." Kari said once we were out of hearing range of Elrond's study..N's pop-up ads.." So. cheerfully. This is the most fun I've had in a long time writing a FanFic. "Up for a hike to investigate the sights of Rivendell and see if they were telling us the truth about all that stuff?" "Lead on!" I said.37 - .

38 - .~Crimson Starlight .

"It's the one thing . Glorfindel: .. It won't be formed now until after the Watchful Peaces ends the same year Celebrían departs. Crimson Starlight: I know.Walking -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:Crimson Starlight: For this chapter's disclaimer. You have a problem with that? Glorfindel: No. that's the thing. and then it slowly disintegrated as time went on. 401 years. That includes her not owning 'Jesus' Brother Bob' by the Arrogant Worms.." I replied. except me.. right?" I said. "But I could never get the founding of all those silly kingdoms sorted out in my head. "Oh. -6: Walking"So Rohan doesn't exist yet?!" Kari exclaimed in surprise. They had to come from somewhere.your watch is talking. and I nodded. see. [shifty eyes] Elrond: I find it odd that you named it.. I'm sure they're around somewhere. "Rohan was a young kingdom when the War of the Ring happened ." I said thoughtfully.. um. TFGWRW (aka.. the Funky Glowing Water-Resitant Watch): Crimson Starlight owns nothing.not even one thousand years old. "Well.." "So no sexy horse lords?" Kari asked with a pout. and the characters of Kari and Rachel... we are handing things over to TFGWRW. personally." Kari replied." "So what about Gondor? You haven't said anything about them. or the 'Spiderman' TV theme song. and I chuckled.. Gondor was really huge before the Last Alliance. "Another.39 - . so I have no idea where they are right now. in fact. not at all.

Gondor proper still has its Kings. looking uncomfortable. "So you think we'll be able to get home?" I asked.when Gondor actually lost its Kings. but it's not the same!" Kari said. that would endear us to them a whole lot. "CRAP. Kari abruptly stopped walking. "I'd prefer to continue disliking ANYTHING the same as it was during the Lord of the Rings?!" Kari asked in exasperation. "When you're watching a movie.that always confused me . "Yes yes. "Guess I brought that on us. then sighed and started walking again. I wanna see 'Return of the King'!" Kari replied. . There won't be a Buckland for another." I finally said. I'll probably start feeling sorry for him. since we're Elves..." Kari said. the Dúnedain ." I laughed." "So Gondor still has Kings." "Erg." "We could just tell them the truth now and ask for help. sounding slightly annoyed. and you can see what's going on with the bad guys and yada yada yada! In real life. And then when we go see 'Return of the King'." I pointed out. no thanks. deciding on the harsh-but-true method. 'What? You mean everything that you've told us so far is a lie? And now you want us to help you get home? Sure. "You do realize that since you've told them all we're from Eregion. you don't get any of that!" I was silent for a moment. we could probably find his people before they disappeared. uh. Rohan doesn't exist. However. 200 and some years. "Well we damn well better. I'll feel like pelting the people who cheer when he dies with soggy popcorn. If I see his people. But as far as I can figure. we're going to have to find our own way home without any help. and then frowned as Kari's words sunk in. "Eh. "And as a side note to that..Oh wait. there's another 300-some years until Sméagol finds the One Ring." I replied. you get to see all sorts of personal conversations that you wouldn't be able to see in real life. "Right. "You know.are out there frolicking through the wilderness. wondering how best to tell Kari my next point. we could just hang around here and see it all first-hand." I suggested. the Dwarves are still under the mountain.the Rangers . the Shire's probably still the same. and will until the 2800's..40 - . So if we want to go for a little trip." she exclaimed.

" I replied. then a thought struck me and I grinned momentarily before starting problem!'" Kari snorted lightly. "Jesus' brother Bob. but I already miss TV and the radio. "Probably try and heal them. so it had actually been a rather horrible rendition of the first verse of the Spiderman theme song. Does whatever a spider can Spins a web. "They could very well still not believe us if we told the truth.when I tried. we calmed down." "Oh be quiet. however. "I DO want to go home. Rach. Catches thieves just like flies Look Out! Here comes the Spiderman. I hadn't been particularly trying. Jesus' brother Bob A nobody relative of the son of God If only I'd been born just a little sooner I'd be more than the brother of God junior!" ." I said dryly." I was silent for a moment. Though I'm beginning to think you don't really want to go home. "Spiderman. After awhile. "I don't think so." Kari replied. And then we'd be labeled as madwomen and probably cast out of Elvish society if not killed. and I had to stop singing to giggle at myself. Middle-Earth is nice. any size. I could be a good singer ." "We could tell them that we lied because we didn't think they'd believe us. "But if you're set against not telling them. I'll keep my mouth shut. for all your proclaimed wanting to see 'Return of the King'. and then continued. Who knows what they do to the insane?" Kari replied.41 - . and then Kari started singing." Kari was laughing by the time I finished. Spiderman.

" "I don't think that's what they're called. or whatever that song is called. By the time we couldn't sing anymore from laughter. Weird Ali Yankivich's version of 'Pretty Fly'. "You don't need the stereotypical rabbit ears to be a rabbit! Ears do not make the rabbit! Otherwise. it could be just hobbit-shaped." "Yeah. and we both started the song again from the beginning.I'd started laughing while she was singing. making a face. "Well.42 - . "But it doesn't have any bunny ears! How can it be a rabbit cloud?" Kari asked. I squinted as I looked at the cloud she was pointing at. and 'Digital Get Down' by *N Sync. all the old TV's that have rabbit ears would be rabbits! But they're not!" I replied defensively. and both flopped down next to the path and stared up at the sky.. Frodo-shaped cloud!" Kari said. Lops. we calmed down. "If you haven't heard of me I wouldn't be surprised I bet you know my relatives their names will never die My mother is a saint and my brother is a God But all I am is Jesus' brother Bob!" We finished singing 'Jesus' Brother Bob' and then went on to 'Everybody (Backstreet's Back)' for some odd reason. look. Ooo. "Rabbit cloud." Kari conceded.. pointing. ." Kari said. Eventually. it just deteriorated to more humorous or hilariously bad songs. including such favorites as 'I Am Cow' by the Arrogant Worms. I think they're called. "Preeeeetty Middle-Earth sky." I said after a moment. pointing. we had long since stopped walking and were leaning up against trees for support." I replied. From there. "You sure it's Frodo-shaped?" I asked." Kari commented. honestly not able to see how any cloud could be Frodo-or any hobbit-shaped. "I didn't know a sky could get so blue. "Preeeeetty blue. "It's one of those rabbits with floppy ears. but calmed down as she finished the chorus.

. "I'm starting to become surprised that you two could stand each other for four millennia. "We stopped being surprised a looooong time ago." I said with a grin. "Bunnies with floppy ears. and Elrohir chuckled again. and Kari and I sprang into a sitting position. "What? Elladan would tell us so we didn't bring up the falling-off-the-chair incident!" Elrohir laughed. not having any clue where we were. She smiled back.. getting over her surprise. Kari and the twin blinked at me. "Yes it is!" I replied. looking from side to side with shifty eyes.." Kari said flatly. and I smirked.just is." Kari replied. "How is it my fault?" Kari asked after a moment. "Were you stalking us?" Kari asked suspiciously. and I faked gagging.. "To true!" he said. "HA! I was right!" I said triumphantly." he said with an impish grin in Kari's direction." the twin said dryly. "It is as long as I say it is!" I shot back. "Now. and the twin and I blinked at her in surprise. which twin are you?" "Guess!" he replied cheerfully. One of the twins stood there grinning at us. .here?" I asked. "You mean Lops?" the twin replied. "So what are you doing. "Elrohir. though that is a good idea. "Aha! So it's not my fault!" Kari insisted.43 - . it's not MY fault they have such a weird name that even when you get it right you don't think it is!" Kari retorted. "It."What what are called?" a voice asked. "No." I said. "Well.

"Well. I chuckled.. shifting from foot to foot. Elladan and I were going to find you horses to ride. he couldn't. and I sighed. I went over to Kari and poked her in the side. "No. "So you just chose to leave him there and continue on your merry way to find us?" I asked. Kari grinned back. "Did you tie him naked to a tree?" I asked suspiciously. and Elrohir nodded. arching an eyebrow."Blerg! Answer the question and stop flirting!" I said. Neither Kari nor Elrohir made any sign of having heard. and both Elrohir and Kari laughed. the ravine is rather deep. then?" I asked. and I don't have any rope with me. SOMEBODY'S enjoying it here. and got in an argument about whether or not we could jump over it. causing her to jump away with a yelp. and Elrohir looked at me for a moment before bursting out laughing." Kari said with a pout. But. well.. "Well. Elrohir completely missed the sarcasm and took the statement as a compliment. "Nof air." Kari commented dryly. With another sigh." Elrohir said seriously once he calmed down. I did that last week." I said with a smirk. we found this ravine. "So. grinning at Kari. we put our tracking skills to good use!" "We?" I asked." Elrohir said.. looking at Kari. and he decided to just jump it and show that he could. "Uhm." I said pointedly. "Oh yes." Elrohir said. Except we couldn't find you and nobody knew where you were. So where is he.44 - . glancing back down the path. Elladan WAS with me. arching an eyebrow.. "And you just left him there?" Kari asked. . what a lovely twin. "Figures. "My. still ticklish. "Yep. uh." Elrohir replied sheepishly. making a face." Elrohir said. "Well.

(and for those of you that are wondering what a Seanchan is. look up The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan) ~Crimson Starlight ... Probably make a Seanchan sprite.. But come on.with 20% more mischief!---(Because mischief is always good. "C'mon..that goes against the laws of probability and likelihood) *ahem* Yeah. Then. holding an arm in the air like she was holding a sword and was in charge of a battalion or something. I grabbed Kari's arm and headed off down the something. especially combined with purple. Elrohir just looked at Kari and me strangely. but this is slightly ridiculous."Nof air?" Elrohir asked in confusion. Why? Because I'm bored and want to. review if you're reading this! (and don't tell me only two people are reading this story. now I'm off to.) -Authors Note:I know I said I didn't really mind not getting that many reviews. ----To be continued. before Kari and Elrohir could zone out at each other again... "To the ravine!" Kari said commandingly. Both of us dissolved into laughter while Elrohir just shook his head and lead the way down the hill.." I replied..13 reviews for my 5 chapters so far? *arches an eyebrow* Maybe I'm just on review withdrawl. people.. We grinned back. let's go laugh at Elladan." I said.. "Mangled form of 'no fair'. anyways.45 - .

Our rooms. -7: SetupAfter rescuing Elladan from the ravine . Lord Elrond had wanted to see his sons (yet again).zzzzzz.... Damn.. Except Rachel and Kari and that Elf Ranch. were basically two bedrooms off of a joint sitting room..*looks around* Oh.mine had been moved since I was no longer sick and didn't need a sick room. Elrond: I sincerely HOPE that Elf Ranch was a dream.*mumble*.we all came back to Rivendell. mommy.. Which meant that it was basically a two-bedroom apartment.. disclaimer.Setup REVISED -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:CS: Zzzzz. its Saturday.. only sans a kitchen unit.. and Kari's had also been moved.. to our delight.zzzz. what's going on. Kari and I were left to find someone to show us to our new rooms . Elrond: *whacks Crimson Starlight with a sword* WAKE UP! CS: *sitting bolt upright* AAAAH! DON'T BURN THE ELF RANCH! Elrond and Glorfindel: .... CS: Uh.... and ..which happened to have had a crazy squirrel that liked shiny Elf hair in it .. CS: *mumble* no.. only to find that we had just missed supper.46 - . since she had been staying in a hastily prepared guest room while another room was prepared for her. so they went off to have a late dinner with him. CS: Oh. Also to our delight. Glorfindel: I think that Elf Ranch was a dream. Glorfindel: *prods Crimson Starlight* Wake up.. right. we discovered that we had our own private bathing room.I own nothing.

" I said brightly. and had no clue if we'd even arrived in Middle-Earth in 'normal' clothes. but I preferred pants. I shook my head and chuckled. and ate in silence for the most part. After voicing that comment to Kari. amusing thought and mental image. "If we could find some paper. finally tearing her eyes away from the room as we finished eating. taking everything in. we had our supper brought to us there. "Hee. remember? We need to do something to him. I want to do something to him. wouldn't work. looking up at her." Kari said dismissively. louder. and then said. a quill or something and something sticky. though.47 - ." Kari said dryly. Dresses were nice." I muttered. "I honestly don't think we'll be able to do much to him unless we get the help of Elladan. Once we were done snooping around our rooms. I also want to play a prank on him." Kari reminded me. but no. I asked her where our clothes from home were. "I'm surprised you want to do anything to him. "He led me on forever about which twin he was. . and she explained to me that she'd woken up in a dress. I still wished I had some trousers and a tunic. though." Kari deadpanned. too childish. alright." "Eh. otherwise the one would just steal the others clothes. "Hm?" I asked. Need to do that to both twins." Kari replied. "Damn identical twins." I said. "Oh. ruining everything. "So what are we going to do to Elrohir?" Kari asked. "But what should we do?" "Well." I replied with a teasing grin. we could make some sort of sign and stick it to his back. looking around with wide eyes. "I think he'll be up for getting his brother back after having been trapped in a ravine for around an hour with a crazy squirrel.our wardrobes were filled with dresses supplied by Lord Elrond. we could steal all his clothes while he slept and leave him only dresses to wear.

"Well. it was only the morning. "Oh. "Y'know. this way we have to be creative!" Kari said cheerfully. "Now go find Elladan!" ." "You still know him better than me! Why are you refusing to talk to him? Do you liiiiiike him?" Kari asked." Kari said dismissively. since you were hanging out with him all day. I used up all my creativity talking to Elrond at lunch. I'll ask him for ideas." "Neither can I!" I protested. rolling my eyes.. so it's not really creative. raising an eyebrow. "For you!" I replied with a pout." Kari said. but he just did it. "Because I have no frigging clue where he is and don't particularly want to get lost. "And I still can't tell them apart. "Yeah."We could strip him naked and tie him to a tree then!" I said. It would be so easy if he was blonde." I retorted.48 - . "And it wasn't all day.. "I think your projecting your own feelings onto me and confusing the twins. but you know him better.just slip some dye in his shampoo and warn Elladan not to use it. you won't get lost. Voila!" I said. it's too bad Elrohir is brown haired." Kari replied. Tomorrow. why not tonight?" Kari asked with a pout. "Agh." "Aw." I complained." I replied. "Why me? Why not you? You're the one that wants to pull the prank on Elrohir. "Well then maybe you can ask Elladan for ideas. "Ooo. "You just need to pay attention while you're walking. It's easy to get around in Rivendell." Kari said. that WOULD be fun. "But fine." I said." Kari replied.

he arched an eyebrow at me. but my brother knows me too well -" "In other words." "Ooo. "C'mon. can we get him back together?" "What do you want to get him back for?" Elladan asked. "Yes. and I arched an eyebrow back." Kari commented. Can we help?" Kari asked. I had a rather good idea for a prank." I said. he doesn't trust you. "That was convenient. Getting over his surprise. "Or better yet."Blerg. then grabbed Elladan by the arm and pulled him into the room before shutting the door behind him. "He kept me guessing for several hours as to which one of you he was. "As I said. "Though I am still going to get my dear brother back for leaving me in that ravine. and Elladan grinned at her before continuing. eyeing her suspiciously." Kari replied with a pout. and found myself staring at someone's neck. wonderful. I was coming here to get your help. and I just arrived. sticking my tongue out at Kari as I got up and walked to the door." he answered.49 - . my brother knows me too well. we wanna talk to you. I found Elladan! He was behind door number one!" I called over my shoulder." I replied." Elladan said with a light grimace. "Hey Kari. "Elladan. "So work together we shall!" "Get our help?" I asked with curiosity. hand poised to knock on the door. "Which one are you and how long have you been standing here?" I asked. Squinting. I opened it. anyways. "Well. and Elladan chuckled." Elladan said. "Indeed." Kari interrupted dryly. some friend you are. then turned to Elladan and asked. I looked up and found one of the twins staring down at me in mild surprise. "How's the scalp? Feeling less sore?" "Much less." Elladan just blinked in surprise and followed me back to where Kari was sitting. so I was going to see if I could talk one .

"That was Elrohir's room. arching an eyebrow." "Indeed. "Ah." Elladan replied." Elladan said. and hardly anyone ever uses this one. duh!' expression. "Yes. After a short walk. and I shrugged. "So there's little chance of being interrupted before and during the prank. "He was. though it is surrounded by bedrooms." he said. but Elrohir's girly screams of rage will bring a bunch of Elves roused from sleep running?" I asked." Kari said without hesitation." I said. shall we go get ready?" Elladan asked. Finally." Elladan said. Always a fun place to play pranks." Kari said appreciatively. and Elladan nodded." Elladan said. A few moments later." I said needlessly. "Why do I even bother? Lead the way!" Elladan grinned. Elladan nodded. then set off out of our room and down corridors. "As long as it's not something deadly or incredibly disgusting. fine. Elladan motioned for us to stay still. us following behind him. "Just making sure you knew. Elladan spoke. I needed to check and make sure he was there and asleep still. you're going to do it tonight?" I asked incredulously. "What. he returned and motioned for us to follow again. "Right. We are going to where I wish Elladan to be brought now. and Elladan looked at me with a 'well. I sighed. fast asleep. Elladan looked at me strangely. and then slipped inside.of you two into luring him into the appropriate spot. Once we were a good distance away from the room. and I grinned . we stopped in front of a door. grinning slightly at how I put it." "I've got it. "I don't. getting an evil glint in his eyes." Elladan said. then looked at each other and shrugged. we left the house and came into a garden. Kari and I eyed him for a moment. "Appropriate spot?" I asked.50 - . "I hope you are memorizing where we are going. "To do what?" "You shall see if you help me. "And was he?" I asked. gardens.

and then glanced down at my dress. arching an eyebrow. turned out to be trousers and a tunic. "You shall help me in the tree!" Elladan replied cheerfully." "Very well." I said with a snort. I did. It was a heck of a lot cleaner then my room back home. upon further inspection.51 - . then?" Elladan asked. his slight grin growing into a full-fledged mischievous one. Eventually. "It will give Kari time to wake up Elrohir and convince him to go for a walk with her!" "I have to wake him up?!" Kari exclaimed. "Anyways. "Let me guess . . "Do you want to go back to your room to change?" Elladan asked. considering that this was Rivendell. He flashed me a wry smile. then went into the door across the hall. beckoning for me to follow." Elladan said. Elladan motioned for Kari to stay put.but. "You will see. "What about me?" I asked. and then resumed his digging through what looked like a pile of cloth. though. "Ooo." "Oh come on. I paused. and Kari glared at me. "I don't want to risk climbing a tree in a dress. pretending to sulk. and upon entering found a room that was actually rather messy." Elladan said with the evil glint in his eyes again. adding a belt that was hanging off of one of the chairs to the tunic and trousers draped across his arm. with Kari and me following." Elladan said with a shrug. "Shall we go. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Elladan set off back the way we had come." "I thought you might. he pulled out two pieces of cloth that. looking back up at Elladan.. "But.. and Kari and I nodded. Then you need to get out of the way.. "Fine.. when we reached Elrohir's door.maniacally. I like this.your room?" I asked Elladan. Kari. This time." "Oh? What's going to come falling down?" Kari asked. you need to lead Elrohir in here and underneath the branches on this side of that big tree. and Elladan nodded." I said." she said after a moment. "Only if you lend me some trousers and a tunic.

was slightly confusing to me at first. suddenly concerned. trying to sound innocent. Then. Elladan?" I asked. standing. holding back laughter. arching an eyebrow. I got it tied on right. "Um. but then handed me the clothes and sat down while I disappeared into his bedroom. "Put it somewhere.. having no buckle.52 - ." Elladan replied. knowing Elladan would hear it. Or. "I'll change in there. to my amusement.or whenever we're let out of our rooms. I looked at him suspiciously as he said the last part." Elladan said. this time putting weight on the question so that he knew I would not accept anything but a full answer. I shook my head." "Eeeeexcellent!" I said. you can pick it up tomorrow. was even messier than the main room." Elladan replied."That's your bedroom?" I asked. grinning. with a minimum number of guesses. "His skin." Elladan replied with a shrug. pointing to the only door in the room other than the one we'd entered from. some dye." I said. Elladan looked slightly surprised. "Some dye fixant. raising both my eyebrow this time. I went back into the main room. "What things. and quickly changed into the borrowed tunic and trousers. and then. grabbing my dress." Elladan replied. The belt. holding up my dress. . until I remembered the way I'd seen Elladan's belt tied. You can pick it up and change when we're done. Elladan nodded. "You'll see. The bedroom. "And?" I asked. moving towards the door. "So we're going to dye his clothes?" I asked." Elladan replied.. "What things?" I asked. "Just dump a few things on him. "What exactly are we going to DO to Elrohir?" I asked. "What colour?" "Purple. if father catches us. actually. "What should I do with this?" I asked.

. motioning towards the door. no tap dancing elves. but Haldir decided to see how well sharp pointy metallic objects work on authors. instead." I replied with a grin. and slipped into Elrohir's room. Then we waited. do you? That would wrinkle them and ruin the 'perfect elf' image.. "Sorry. perched on thick branches and supported against the trunk. "I will dump first.53 - . Thank you to everyone who has read this chapter." Kari said. also grinning.purple.. and followed him out.(very well) So. and I nodded. you don't think they sleep in their clothes."Now shall we go?" Elladan said.. and I nodded... Elladan and I took off for the garden. "And?" she asked. Elladan motioned for me to go to stay with the one closest. anything with purple involved is bound to be good. "Ooo. I found two full pails both smelling rather funny . then you dump immediately after.. "Now let's get going." Elladan whispered. "Took you long enough. and then he went to the other one. ----To be continued. I nodded. "All I'm going to say is.. I was given a quick lesson on how to climb a tree. . was getting details out of him.." Kari said quietly when we emerged. Up in the tree. I'll have to see if I can get them to do the macarena. now upgrade your status and review! Because then you can become a reviewer! Which is better then a reader! It's raining outside! ... Sorry. shiny object. The instant the door shut. I'm tired and easily dis . Kari nodded.." I replied just as quietly..with 25% more half-naked male elves!---( Upon reaching it.) -Authors Note:Sorry the tap dancing elves couldn't make it.waiting.." I said.

~Crimson Starlight -Revision's Author's Note:Took out some stuff that was un-Tolkien-canon. Nothing important. ~CS .54 - ...

CS (pokes her head out from under the blankets): Course it does. Or at least. she started wondering why she was being so quiet . If Elladan hadn't been the one to tell her to do it. Kari slowly opened the bedroom door and peaked in. Rolling her eyes at herself. she started walking normally. after all. her feet were making no sound. entering the room without being invited and while he was asleep. Herself.Mush REVISED -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:CS (from under a pile of VERY WARM blankets): Mmmwnnthn! Penguin (appearing suddenly and speaking in a squeaky voice): Crimson Starlight owns nothing. scolding herself for getting so easily distracted. she couldn't seem to get comfortable enough to sleep when her eyes were closed. improved Elvish eyesight. ready to dash off if she found Elrohir staring back at her. Then she carefully pushed the door open the rest of the way and tiptoed towards Elrohir's bed. All Canadian penguins do. Shaking her was hard to tell with Elvish sleep. however. Kari shook her head again to clear her thoughts. (dives back under the blankets) -8: MushKari looked around nervously after entering Elrohir's room . Kari dismissed her doubts and concentrated on making her way through the dark room to the bedroom door. About halfway there. He was. despite Elladan's reassurance's. Once there. though now that she was an Elf. fast asleep on the bed.she felt a little out of place.55 - . she preferred sleeping with her eyes never know what brothers will do to each other. too.she was trying to wake him up. Glorfindel: (prods the penguin) It speaks. she assumed he was fast asleep . they could still be if they found out . she would have thought the Elves would have been scandalized. But then. . which was actually fairly easy with her new. though she noticed that. as per usual since she woke up in Middle-Earth.

"And here I thought you might actually do something good to get back at me.but she wasn't sure if he'd appreciate them.. He looked rather surprised to see her. in a creepy imitation of his father.but she was already leading him to have a prank played on him.Reaching the side of Elrohir's bed. using the first excuse she could think of as she bounced up and down on the balls of her feet. wondering how best to wake him up." Kari replied. "What makes you think *I* will appreciate being woken up in the middle of the night because you are bored?" Kari shrugged. innuendo-making. what are you doing here?" he asked. "And you decided to wake me up?" he asked." Elrohir said with a smirk. either. and calling his name. With satisfaction. exposing his completely covering-less chest. she looked down at him." he said. trying to keep her attention on the conversation rather than the image of a smirking. so that would just be overkill. But I figured it was good payback for when you kept me guessing this morning. "Kari. She didn't want to startle him awake.56 - . "I'm bored.and thereby retain her capacity for thought . half (possibly completely) naked and still-in-bed Elrohir. but I don't think they'd appreciate me waking them up in the middle of the night because I'm bored. Elrohir arched an eyebrow at her." she said." Kari replied.instead of just staring at his ohsoveryfine chest and drooling... "Elroooohiiiiiiiiir!" she called. as who knew what type of weapons he had hidden within his reach and how fast he would be able to grab them and aim them in her direction? Finally.. the only other Elf I know here. Kari settled on leaning over the bed. except for Lord Glorfindel and Lord Elrond. like. and Elrohir sighed. waking you up from a sound sleep and refusing to let you go back to sleep . really. she saw his eyes slowly uncloud and focus. staring at him. and even more surprised when he realized the room was still dark. sitting up. She had several ways she'd LIKE to wake him up. and you're. "What. Or have even met. "Father could very well NOT be asleep. And then there were the ways she COULD wake him up. sounding almost disappointed. Kari had to fight hard to keep her eyes on his face . "Well. I can't find Elladan or Rachel. "Nothing. but we shall not get into that. really.

what was she supposed to do again? Blinking. of course . putting her hands on her hips..that of he and Elladan sending messages to their father in the Black Speech of Mordor and the subsequent consequences. Kari suddenly shook her head and walked over to Elrohir. "Walks are always unboring. Laughing at Elrohir's latest story . Kari. and trying desperately to push it out of her head so that she could. but Kari quickly took over.bounced out to the sitting room. and they set off.until I'm not bored anymore isn't something good?" Kari demanded. "I do not think I will answer that. trying to dismiss the image of Kari standing in the starlight from his mind. distracting him from where they were going by telling Elrohir every joke she'd ever heard . The starlight wasshining across Kari's figure. Elrohir was smiling at her. Kari saw the entrance to the garden where Elladan and Rachel were waiting. for fear of my health. both were lost in just looking at each other. what did you have in mind to do. concentrating on her bouncing so she wouldn't pout at the thought of having to let Elrohir put on a shirt instead of just sitting in his room and staring at him all night." Elrohir said dryly. and Elrohir suddenly completely forgot that she had woken him from a rather nice dream. I shall get dressed and be out in a moment. half-nekkid and still-in-bed Elrohir.. if you shall go wait in the sitting room.modified for Middle-Earth. The only light in the room was the faint light of the stars. "A walk it is!" Elrohir said. Kari bounced up from the chair she had been sitting in and smiled at him. which was mostly shining through the window Kari was standing in front of. for her part." Kari nodded happily. since . and for a moment. amusement showing clearly on his face. then ..and a few riddles. "So. Elrohir initially directed where they were walking. and all to soon. "Very well. Especially when you have someone to talk to!" Kari said cheerfully. The movement out of the starlight broke the spell for Elrohir. and both of them tried to ignore the shiver that shot through them at the contact. She took it.literally . fully dressed. He smiled back. oh bored one?" Elrohir asked cheerfully.. was still remembering smirking. Then Elrohir started telling stories of pranks he and Elladan had pulled. and Kari smirked at him. Elrohir emerged into the sitting room.57 - . Elrohir shook his head as he watched her go. A few minutes later. and he cleared his throat lightly and offered her his arm when she stopped in front of him.

turning to Elrohir. another large amount of liquid was splashed over her and empty . Kari was more than happy to do so.and very purple. So instead she just listened to the little bits he told her. watching the sky and feeling content with her life. as when she and Elrohir finally found their way out of the house and into the garden's. an inquiring look on his face. "You were going to help turn me purple?" Elrohir asked with a slight pout. she didn't feel like playing a prank on him anymore. As he slowly came to his senses. but then she'd started talking to Elrohir. Kari had always found the stars enchanting. riddles. I was originally going to take you for a walk to a certain spot under a certain tree. however. Kari decided that risking Rachel and Elladan's wrath was worth it. Elrohir occasionally pointing out a star or two. . she sat up to find a smirking Elladan and Rachel standing in front of her and Elrohir. A few seconds later. That promptly made her start laughing. Decided.and somehow." Rachel said. they left jokes. he looked over at Kari. sadly. Kari would have loved for him to tell her all about all the stars.sitting beside them on the grass. Moments after she decided this was heaven . Kari blinked. "Somehow I should have known they wouldn't let me get away with pulling out. and then move out of the way as only YOU got dyed purple.58 - . flopping back onto the grass. But I was having too much fun. And now we're both purple. and then groaned. "Well.a large amount of liquid was suddenly splashed over her and Elrohir. before she could even sit up. and stories of pranks behind and started talking about the stars.they were not supposed to even KNOW the Black Speech .. It had seemed the time for a prank when this whole thing had started. then she and Elladan turned and took off like the wind. Spluttering. and when Elrohir led her to a grassy hill where they could lie down and look at the stars. she walked by the entrance to the garden. "What do you mean?" he asked. as Elrohir was sitting there looking stunned . she was supposed to be an Elf from Hollin and already know all about the stars. They lay and watched the stars. so I bypassed the garden.or at least pretty damn close ." Kari said when she calmed down. hoping Rachel would be kind and that Elladan wasn't TOO vengeful. "Have fun being purple. two large pails .Kari considered walking right by the garden. Elrohir looking over at her.. but she remembered that." Kari replied. and then started laughing as well.

grinning.." Elrohir said with a smirk." Elrohir said. too." Elrohir said with a snort. He ended out telling me. they turned a corner and found themselves face to face with none other than the Master of the House. "I can just HEAR the reverberating 'WHAT?!' now. I ended out having to follow Lord Erestor around without him really noticing and ask random Elves very loudly if they had seen Elladan." Elrohir replied with a smirk. let's hear it after we go change. as they approached Elrohir's room." Kari said. "I think I'm going to have to tie him naked to a tree again. Lord Elrond Peredhil. Maybe this time outside Lord Glorfindel's window. making as if to go past his father. her grin widening. your son is tied to the tree outside my window with no clothes on. now. then getting both Elladan and I scolded when he found out I was the one that tied Elladan to the tree. "Ah."Were. "Lord Erestor's. Lord Glorfindel's window it is. Elrond caught his son's arm." "We should probably get back at Rachel." "Whose window did you tie him outside of last time?" Kari asked. Father!" Elrohir said cheerfully. "Why are you. standing up." Kari said. "Well. These clothes are starting to feel sticky. Lord Elrond." "Sounds like Elladan. too. "Good Evening..59 - ." Kari replied. yes. 'Uh." Kari giggled.Elladan and Rachel wouldn't tell me. but unfortunately." Kari said thoughtfully. arching an eyebrow. "And I actually didn't know what was going to happen . "I'm sure. "Wouldn't want her feeling left out. "Agreed.'" Kari said." "Mm-hm... "Elladan ended out tied there half the day because Erestor could not get him down and did not know how to voice the problem to anyone else. we would not. They went quickly through the corridors.purple?" he asked. would we?" "No. hoping to run into no one. "I have a wonderful idea. She and Elrohir then set off at the fastest walk they could manage for the House. Past tense. arching an eyebrow. then added with a grin." Elrohir said. .

" Elrohir said loudly. she wouldn't even hesitate before refusing the invitation.60 - ." he said. therefore. You two will do nothing. Do you understand me?" Elrond said. or would. "Mother has a sense of humour. looking between Elrohir and Kari sternly." Kari eyed Elrohir for a moment. Now go get cleaned up." "Good. "If you'd like to come in." Elrohir mumbled as they walked away. Elrohir smiled again as he opened the door for her to come in. holding up her hands. "I shall have to have a talk with them. "The only one who can. We have it in hand. "No father." Elrohir said with a smile as they arrived at his door. knowing it was not offered out of courtesy for her wet clothes. which was slowly starting to lighten. "And let another Prank War start? I think not. As before. just as Kari muttered a "Yes. "I would not expect you to. so she accepted with a nod." Elladan muttered. "Yes father. "I'm NOT getting involved with that!" Kari said." Kari replied." Elrond said. she drifted over to the window and looked out at the sky. "I shall talk to them." "What about your mother?" Kari asked. and Elrohir was an Elf. left alone once again in the reception room of Elrohir's chambers." he said. and Kari realized ."Elladan and Rachel. closing it behind her before heading into his bedroom. "Of all the Elves we had to run into. unlike father." Elrond replied. Elrohir and Kari nodded. there's no need. then set off. I could find you something dryer to wear back to your rooms. order us not to retaliate. But this was Middle-Earth. "It has been far too long since Elladan and I played a prank on father. arching his eyebrow again. and Elrond sighed. and Elrohir smirked. Lord Elrond. but for another reason entirely." "But father -" "NOTHING. Kari was. She knew that if she was back home." Elrohir replied. "Elrohir!" came Elrond's warning voice from behind them.

except to laugh at some particularly funny looks they received. sitting in front of the window and reading a book of some sort. looking out with a small smile on her lips. froze as he saw her.. A few minutes later. ." he said. "Thanks. then leant over and gave Kari a light kiss on the cheek before bowing in farewell and heading off for a bath. and then quietly slipped into her rooms.with delight that Elrohir's window faced east. but she barely glanced up as Kari went through the main room to her bedroom. Since the sun was up. ----To be continued. Elrohir hesitated for a moment. Elrohir was sure that he could see the light of Aman in Kari's face. "Mind if I change in your room?" Elrohir shook his head. She was standing by the window. holding out the robes. and took Elrohir's arm and walked out of his room with him. there were many more Elves about the corridors. wet rainy conditions that are almost near snow in less than a week to make one appreciate the warmth.I want Albertan chinooks back. the glow of the stars mingling with the first light of dawn across her face. and said nothing. and watched her with wonder. Rachel was there. dressed in the robes.) -Authors Note:BRRRRR! There is nothing quite like going from +20 degrees Celsius weather to cold. Kari..61 - . as if sensing that her friend didn't want to talk." "It was nothing.. not trusting himself to say more. then nodded.. emerging from his bedroom after changing into some dry clothes and finding a robe suitable for Kari to wear back to her room. then!" Kari said cheerfully. In that instant." Kari said with a smile. Elrohir. and walked over to Kari. "Thanks. and Elrohir and Kari got many strange looks as they walked along. until the glow of the stars was at last outshone by the sun." Elrohir said with a smile. Then Elrohir shook his head. and Kari disappeared into the bedroom. God I hate the prairies.with 10% more Arwen bashing!---(I don't have a problem with her. in a daze. "Perhaps I could escort you back to your room?" Kari hesitated for a moment. on impulse. watched Elrohir's back until he was gone. but it's just too hard to resist. however. The two ignored the other Elves. then.. she emerged. they reached Kari and Rachel's rooms and stopped outside the door. "Here. her damp purple dress draped over her arm. Finally. "Back to my room..

... Nothing important. though..dammit! ANYways.. ~CS . Feel free to take all his clothes so he has to wander around naked... Except Glorfindel.62 - . Thank you to everybody who reviewed.. the cold makes me think such pure thoughts. ~Crimson Starlight -Revision's Author's Note:Removed some un-Tolkien-canon stuff near the beginning.. Now.. You all get.Ah yes.anything you want out of Glorfindel's off to watch 'The Two Towers'.

Glorfindel: (yelling from far away) Hey. wondering smile. Glorfindel: AH! BALROG! (runs away) Rachel: Oh yes. death by Balrog is very traumatizing. Still. right. I'm not stupid. good. Glorfindel: And this is a bad thing? Rachel: (whaps Glorfindel) Yes... I'll have you know! CS: Anyways. And you died in the process...63 - . Glorfindel: Hey. I decided I'd take it up with her later. -9: FamilyI wasn't mad at Kari for skipping out on the prank the night before. her lips forming such a small.I killed a balrog! Balrog: Pure chance.. I was mad at her for leaving me up in a tree with Elladan for half the night. you stupid Elf-lord.Family REVISED -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:Glorfindel: Why do you need to even repeat this every chapter? CS: Because otherwise some lawyer might go psycho on my arse and I'd get sued when I REALLY DON'T OWN ANYTHING. she looked so dazed and lost to the world. fearsome Balrog slayer.. .. and then telling Lord Elrond who had turned her and Elrohir purple. CS: Oh. when she finally entered our rooms. No.did I already say I don't own anything? Rachel: Yes..

though I doubt it would be because he would talk his brother into doing it. "What are you thinking of?" "Besides how to make the job easier. I was supposed to be meeting Elladan shortly so that we could go clean up the purple dye that Elrohir and Kari had dripped along the hallways of Rivendell when getting to their rooms . I have the answers for both of those. and not a mop was in sight. after that. .Lord Elrond's chosen punishment for us. not to mention just stop thinking and go meet Elladan. two buckets resting by his feet.or a bunch of string . we were supposed to wash Elrohir and Kari's newly purpled clothes. "Nevermind." I replied with a sigh." I said with a nod. As for making the job easier. I was dismayed to find that there were rags in the buckets. I met Elladan outside of his room. and left. I shut my book. I realized. "Basically a bunch of rags . not the least of which was that the twins wardrobes were basically identical. no purple stains leading to her room. Spending half the night in the tree with Elladan had revealed many things. "Ah. There was a pause. not seeming to notice my approach.on the end of a pole. Deciding I needed to stop pretending to read while thinking. and none lead towards your and Kari's rooms. "Kari changed into a robe of Elrohir's before going back to our room .64 - . then Elladan looked at me and blinked slowly. replacing it with his own copy of the outfit." "Mops?" Elladan asked. "Penny?" he asked. but I had a feeling I'd be able to get out of it with Kari. I was wondering why the purple stains just lead from the garden to Elrohir's room. I decided I'd have to fix that." Elladan replied. Elladan had looked as if he knew how to get away without doing it.And anyways. Kari would be able to find out where I'd gone easily enough. cocking his head to one side. too . put it down on the windowseat. we just have to make a couple of mops. So Elladan would probably just chuck his twins purple outfit. since you can use it standing up.thus. then go get another copy of the outfit made for himself when he felt like it. Makes it cleaner and easier to clean up. Supposedly." I replied. where he was staring at the purple stains on the floor leading to Elrohir's room thoughtfully. They probably hadn't invented them yet. "Penny for your thoughts?" I asked Elladan as he continued to stare at the floor thoughtfully.

to me. sounding as if he didn't believe me. I shook my head and grabbed the mops. eyeing the mops. "Anyone who says everything Elves make is beautiful needs to see these. sometimes coming over to talk to us for a bit first. The mops drew strange looks as we worked. "Well. An hour or so later. "Sounds handy. We finished around lunch time." I said. though .. "Butt ugly?" Elladan repeated. let's go clean up the purple.. thinking.rustic.." Elladan arched an eyebrow at me. By the time Elladan and I were done. clean up the purple. Hee. except for from the Elves whose job it was to clean . before walking off with a thoughtful look. "It does sound funny. then pulled the buckets out and set to work.we headed off for lunch in one of the halls of Rivendell. We reached the hallway with Elladan and Elrohir's rooms quickly. that sounds funny."Sounds interesting. He shoved the buckets by his feet into the doorway of his room so they were out of the way. taking one fo the mops from me as we started seemed Kari and Elladan had taken unused corridors on their return from the gardens. and after dropping off the buckets and mops with the head of the cleaning staff .. we had a couple of ratty-looking make-shift mops. We didn't see much of anyone else." I said with a giggle as I looked at my mop. They're butt ugly. "You have many interesting sayings. "Come on. "Really. and I followed. Elladan paused." Elladan said.who detained us for a good half hour to talk about the mops . rolling my eyes. then nodded. they don't. Having previously .65 - ." he said. Do you know where we could get some poles and whole tons of rags and string?" I asked. "Or at least spread it around a bit so it's not so noticable." I replied emphatically." Elladan said. we were sure every Elf on the cleaning staff of Rivendell had walked by us at least one. they do have a sort of.. "No." he said." I finished in a mumble. arching an eyebrow. Rachel.." I said. then set off. "It will probably take you an hour to figure out that I'm swearing. and another hour to figure out what I'm saying. and Elladan" "Just wait until I start swearing.they stopped and watched curiously for a moment.

and the only time Kari looked in my direction. At least. Besides meaning I didn't have to talk to her. I don't know.with his wife and his daughter. I was rather glad that Arwen ended out being five seats away. But I took my place. farther down the table . carefully keeping my voice quiet and eyeing those around Kari and I to make sure they heard nothing. Kari was pulled out of her little trance and got a mischievious gleam in her eyes. her eyes were focused on someone else. Elrohir took the seat next to his twin when he arrived. knowing Kari. Before I could comment on this to Elladan. Elladan and I both soon got wrapped up in having conversations with our respective friend/sibling.66 - . I was slightly nervous about going into a hall where a good chunk of the population of Rivendell was.which I have a feeling it will then Glorfindel's moment of glory will still be Glorfindel's. Or maybe Arwen just hadn't grown into her beauty yet or something. Celebrían and Arwen's arrival seemed to have been the cue for the meal to begin. "In the movie!" I replied. Both Kari and Elrohir seemed to have their heads in the clouds. Or perhaps he would. since Arwen was supposedly the more beautiful of the to Elladan. entering a few moments later. after seeing Glorfindel in the flesh. maybe it was just my inate attraction to Aragorn that made me instantly dismiss Arwen and think Celebrían was the more beautiful of the two. nervously . that dislike had probably tripled. and she actually did look surprisingly like Liv Tyler .eaten all my meals in private.only about ten times more beautiful. as well." . Whatever the reason. we tried to. because Peter Jackson would have NEVER been able to find an actress to do her anything even NEARING justice. "Remember to find out what she's like before you start cat-fighting. I'll say this . was seated next to me. Kari. She hadn't liked Arwen ever since she saw the film. It didn't help when Elladan told me that Kari and I would both be sitting at the head table with him and the other Lords of Rivendell. at the least. and servers began to bring out trays of food.Elrohir. Elrond arrived . not quite liking the look in Kari's eyes. but Elrond. "You don't know what will happen here! If this sticks true to Tolkien's world . "She stole Glorfindel's one moment of glory in the entire trilogy!" Kari hissed's a darn good thing Tolkien decided to leave Celebrían out of the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy. and." I murmured softly to Kari as the food was brought out. After managing to stop our sniggering at Elrohir and Kari's purple skin. A few more seats at the head table were empty.

"That we have. "Come. I resisted the urge to whack Kari over the head with a nearby loaf of bread. where Elrond. feeling a little wary now. Kari and I nodded again. "Elrond tells me you have been travelling for the past four millenia?" Celebrían asked once we were introduced. and the twins nodded. who had let Elladan's arm go almost as soon as we arrived. but both Elladan and Elrohir were wrapped up in talking to their mother throughout the meal." Kari said. assuring me she'd do her best to be polite. hoping to stop any . The twins led us out of the hall into one of the nearby gardens. "So you must have seen much of Middle-Earth. we'd had enough of smalltalk. We were then introduced to Celebrían and Arwen. unlike me. So since two of the empty seats at the head table were on the other side of Kari. "She's the only daughter of our host and the Evenstar of the Elvish people! We should act honoured to meet her so as to keep up our story. the Elves. and were planning on heading back to our rooms to do some serious talking when our arms were snagged by the twins just outside the hall. at the least!" Kari mumbled something else under her breath. "We have seen much of the wilderness. things like that. Celebrían and Arwen stood talking. you must meet mother and Arwen!" Elrohir said cheerfully. correct?" Celebrían asked. who both greeted us nicely enough." Kari mumbled." Elrond said cheerfully. We were both too cautious to talk about home out there in the great hall. "I see you managed to catch them. By the end of the meal. "Yes it does!" I hissed at her. I grinned to myself then. however. I saw that she seemed to be watching Kari rather closely. Watching Arwen. I caught Kari's quick grimace. what we'd seen. and I suddenly felt nervous. They turned to us with smiles as we approached. Kari and I were left with only each other to talk to."Doesn't mean I have to be nice to her. and neither of us was quite ready to touch on the subject of Kari being purple.67 - . As it turned out. Ah yes." I replied.the hall. but then gave me a resigned smile. yes. We talked quietly throughout the meal about little things . Kari and I both nodded. we were far enough away from both Arwen and Celebrían that we were not expected to talk to either. Kari was going to have to be more than polite to Arwen if she wanted to get any farther with Elrohir. and allowed myself a momentary grin before worrying about what she might do or say. and understood after looking at Kari myself and finding that she still hadn't let go of Elrohir's arm.

the occasional sword. myself. I'm sure you'd do fine. and insanity." I replied. . Thankfully. "To have travelled for over four millenia to see naught but wilderness. "Not very well on my part. even if we could find an environment somewhat like the outback. some kicking and punching. "Eh. this and that. "But it is much more fun to shoot annoying people in the butt. but I had a feeling those would all be practically useless in Middle-Earth. colder wilderness and read it as quickly as possible. we would fall flat on our faces. rolling her eyes. you must have developed some extraordinary survival skills." I said cheerfully. right?" Elladan said dryly. getting her amusement under control. "We developed some. but yes. We had some survival skills from living in the Australian outback.not a chance. Celebrían was testing us.questions about towns. Elrond looked rather disaproving at that.68 - . rocks. "If you'd just TRY to improve. Kari didn't seem to relish the idea. but cities or towns . Perhaps we could talk of it sometime?" Arwen put in. Kari thought up a way around that little problem." she said easily. but nodded all the same." Kari said to me. but they are mostly untaught. I made a mental note to thank her later. "If your skills with a bow are so dismal. We both knew that we could fudge descriptions of wilderness well enough. yes. "Probably. I hear you two do archery?" Celebrían said. torches." she replied. but I noticed that both Arwen and Celebrían were trying to hide smiles. "I am somewhat interested in wilderness travel. and I grinned.if she asked us any specific questions." I replied vaguely." Celebrían commented. and I grinned as I nodded. "Perhaps. playing dead. "Speaking of the wilderness. what weapon did you use to defend yourself in the wild?" Arwen asked after a moment. and we went into small towns or stopped as homestead quite often to renew our supplies. I could tell . as well as to find a book on surviving in northern.

" I .69 - . and cast a meaningful glance at Kari and I. "Elrohir! Behave!" she said."Insanity is a weapon?" Elladan asked." I replied with a maniacle grin. then reluctantly shook their heads. then turned back to the twins." Kari said with a laugh. Arwen. we're more likely to corrupt them." I said with a grin. "Ever heard of incest?" I asked the twins. "Then we're more likely to corrupt you. "Though I'm not sure I'd care to introduce the concept of incest to Rivendell. "Notice he did not say *official* business?" Elrohir said to his twin with a snigger once their parents were gone." Arwen said when we calmed down." Kari said dismissively. "Hell." Kari." I said with an amused smile. and the glance she shot at Elrond implied that there was more to that statement than was shown. "I doubt that. sniggered. laughed instead. Elrond just cleared his throat. too lady-like to snigger." Celebrían said with amusement. causing the twins to snigger slightly. however. "Just as much as fear. Celebrían followed. They paused. "I am sure I can imagine. probably remebering the incident I had based this little vague story on . "We've heard worse. and Arwen promptly whacked her brother on the arm. Kari and I looked at each other." Kari said with a grin. "And I'm pretty sure you've done worse. "It's amazing how fast bandits will run if you pretend to be a madwoman. and he probably broke a world record on the dash back to his car when we finally let him go. "Nah. I ducked as Kari took a swipe at my head. then. We absolutely terrified the poor guy.a door-to-door insurance salesman had shown up at our door one day shortly after our burned-down house had been rebuilt." Elrohir said dryly. "Then there is little risk of them corrupting you. and we had both pretended to be crazy. arching an eyebrow. besides me. and made an excuse about having business to attend to before leaving. we've said worse.

"This sounds amusing. Somehow my human shortness had translated into me being the shortest Elf in Rivendell. don't sneak up on people!" I said.70 - . if they recall. "But I am afraid I had to come to steal Elladan and Elrohir from you. "And you all need to shrink. "Might do some good. "Yep." he said. Peering up. coming face-to-neck with another Elf. I discovered it was Glorfindel. forget the whole word. "Is it time to get beaten up by you again already?" Elladan mumbled." Everyone chuckled at that. First Age. In the race of Men." Arwen replied dryly." I muttered. "What word?" I jumped and spun. Her thoughts had gone down the path of weapons practice = shirtless male elves." "Really?" Kari asked me in surprise. "Due to the Dark Powers. just loud enough that Glorfindel could hear. a gleam in her eyes that I recognized all to well. and I nodded. you would not be beaten so easily." "Now I want to know what incest is. "I'm sure it could do no harm. "If you would just practice. and a grin flitted over his face before he motioned for the twins and Kari to follow.she was several inches taller then me. . "I'm sure it is better that you do not. even Kari . and it wasn't fun." Elrohir complained." Elladan and Elrohir groaned as one. I rolled my eyes as Elrohir seemed to perk up at the idea of Kari coming. and they all set off out of the garden. "Dammit. Can I come watch?" Kari asked. "My apologies for sneaking up on you. Glorfindel seemed to notice Elrohir's reaction. "Even if it has already happened once in Middle-Earth's history." Glorfindel said with a smile. and glanced between Kari and Elrohir before nodding." I replied. "Yeah." I said. They have weapons lessons this afternoons. of course. in fact. after all." Glorfindel scolded lightly.said with a grimace.

You can see where this is going. and I looked at her in surprise for a moment. he happened to become the top warrior in another Elvish kingdom.I shan't. liking all the gold the Elves had.with 33. Glaurung had stuck around after the battle. "Ever hear the story of Túrin Turambar and Nienor Níniel?" I asked. He scared Túrin's mother's horse so it galloped off into the wilderness and she was lost. but his sister and mother showed up after the battle. Morgoth attacked the kingdom where Túrin was. he started on a major vendetta against Morgoth. ."So what IS incest?" Arwen asked once the twins were gone. and assumed the worst. and his mother and sister heard and set off to find him. Túrin was fostered by the Elves before his sister Nienor was born because of the war with Morgoth.. as if searching her memory. Thinking his mother had been killed. and thus neither knew what the other looked like." Arwen said." ----To be continued.71 - . not knowing that his mother and sister had gone to his foster home to find him. Arwen paused for a moment.. Túrin eventually left his foster home when word came in that the village his mother lived in had been attacked." I added. however. frowning." "Ah. he found it deserted. frowning. Before they could arrive. Túrin managed to flee and find a group of men living in the woods. sending Glaurung the big bad dragon. but he hypnotised Nienor so that she forgot her past. but he got sidetracked along the way. and then nodded." Arwen said emphatically. "Don't tell the twins. "Their minds are demented enough as it is. While Túrin was carrying out this vendetta. "Trust me . When he finally reached his mothers house. "Their relationship after Nienor forgot her past was incest. determined to find his mother.333333333% more cool horses!---(Pretty horsies!) -Things to know:Túrin Turambar and Nienor Níniel: Túrin and Nienor lived while Morgoth (the original Dark Lord) was still trying to take over Arda.

.72 - .. Glaurung died. And that it how you compress an entire chapter of 'The Silmarillion' into three paragraphs. ~Crimson Starlight -Revision's Author's Note:Messed with the three-paragraph summary of the story of Túrin Turambar and Nienor Níniel. then found the same wood men that Túrin had. more like I'm low on sleep) and I can't remember whether or not I spell-checked this chapter.. All reviewers get the cyber brownies I made in home ec today.. got married. and everybody else who has been reviewing my stories even before I started posting this one. Yes.. Nienor and Túrin found out that they were siblings. sick of having bad luck.tried to make it clearer. and Túrin. let alone editted it. sorry for any typos or spelling errors int his chapter. Eventually Túrin went off to kill Glaurung for some reason that I forget. now called Níniel (Tear-maiden) because she was found crying. Lots of sword fighting! And cute guy playing Zorro at the end! Once he got cleaned up and shaved.Nienor wandered around lost for awhile. ~CS . and Nienor.. met. impaled himself on his sword and died. A demented version of Romeo and Juliet. now going by the name of Turambar (Master of Doom). Nienor threw herself off a cliff (thereby dieing).. especially Aislin.enjoy! (they're edible. -Authors Note:'The Mask of Zorro' = cool movie.. It's late (ok. I promise. KnowInsight. In the ensuing chaos. Túrin.) Also. fell in love. Thank you to all my reviewers. Duke Storm.

anyways. To be honest." I said. I put down my book and went to the door.Riding REVISED -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:CS: Not mine. Glorfindel: You just want to be an elf. "What can I do for you?" "We thought you and Kari might like to come for a ride. asleep.. but I got no more then a dozen pages before there was a knock on the door.. you're not in this fic.. I discovered Elrohir and Elladan waiting in the hallway." Elladan said.73 - . Elladan." I said pointedly. SOMEONE kept her out all night. CS: Probably. Rachel!" The purple one of the pair said cheerfully. the early morning found me there." I said.. "Good morning. "Uhm. Kari's asleep. Now scram. Kari was in bed. So with a sigh. But I'd love to come. CS: And what's wrong with that? Elves are pretty! Or sexy. "Yeah. "Asleep?" Elrohir asked in surprise. having spent the majority of the night out with Elrohir. Elrohir had the grace to . I don't even wish I owned anything so much as wished I could live IN Middle-Earth. in the male's cases. -10: RidingThe next morning found me curled up in the windowseat of the main room of Kari and my's rooms. "Good morning Elrohir. reading a book on wilderness survival. And they don't get sick! Which is why everybody REALLY wants to be Elves. Well. Opening it. I had started reading almost immediatly after having breakfast. Such a funky place. Legolas: I thought the majority wanted to be Elves to marry me.

"She takes it about the same as most. since if she starts to build up a bunch of sleepless nights." "Ah. tall and lanky. I quickly scribbled out a note to Kari. The twins followed me a few steps into the room so they weren't standing in the hall. and with two quick whistles. ink and some parchment with which to write Kari a note. and set out towards the door." I replied.and. let's go!" I said cheerfully.look sheepish. "Right. was sturdily built and dappled grey. . except for Elladan and Elrohir's horses. telling her I was out riding with Elladan and Elrohir. I discovered once we left the room.Elladan's horse was a light chestnut brown. she gets rather cranky. really." I said. We arrived at the paddocks fairly quickly. they had thought. but she thrashes a lot in her sleep and usually throws her blankets on the floor. or shall we just leave her?" Elladan asked me. Kari. "She does not take kindly to being woken up?" Elrohir asked with a smile as I stepped back into Kari and my's room to find a quill. and Elladan noticed. the horse were about as different as the twins were identical . The specific paddock we were going to had horses which had no specific rider in it. "She sleeps naked. who the twins had put there before coming to get me . Elrohir's horse." "What does that have to do with me waking her up?" Elrohir asked curiously." "So. I couldn't help but grin as I looked between the two horses. Elrohir and Elladan following. then left it on the table. but it's always best to let her sleep when you can. one corner pinned underneath a water jug. finding the writing supplies I was looking for in a small window desk. I don't want to have to deal with a grumpy Kari. were on practically the other side of Rivendell. Elladan and Elrohir summoned their horses. Strangely enough. do you want to try and wake her up so she can come with us. The only place where there was room for the horses to run. on the other hand. "I'll leave her a note. The horse paddocks. "I'd invite you to come in and wake her up to pay her back for waking you up. with three tall white stockings and a prominant white blaze.74 - . I pondered for a moment.

until it brought its tongue back into its mouth and went back to chomping on the grass. I moved slowly amoung them. "Stupid dress. All the horses looked liked prime Thoroughbreds or Quarterbacks. and they. I stared at it for a moment. it occurred to me that just about any horse owner would kill to own even the foal of one of these horses. Then I grinned and skipped over to the horse. Elladan and Elrohir looked at me in amusement." he said. motioning to first his horse. One of the horses looked at me funny as I giggled. . and we set off at a brisk pace. it lifted its head from the grass it had been chomping and replied in kind. then hopped over the paddock fence. I looked up at him and blinked." I said. then gave me a small push towards the horses. and I stuck my tongue out at it. meet Narore and Hrivesure." he said with a smile. To my surprise. still grinning."Rachel. still grinning. "Just one?" I asked. and were absolutely amazing. so I climbed over it more sedately and carefully. then Elrohir's. Elladan shrugged. quickly followed by his twin. but I certainly wasn't expecting the large collection of variously coloured horses that were actually there. "Nice to meetcha.75 - . Elrohir rolled his eyes. wondering if I could hop over it without showing anything indecent. and come find your own horse. Very much in awe of the horses I was looking at. I nodded. then turned back to me." "That's not a reason to stop grinning. "If you are ready?" Elladan said. while Narore anticipated our destination and galloped ahead. and he grinned. I wasn't sure what to expect when we entered the clump of trees. nodding his head in the direction of the large clump of trees that Narore and Hrivesure had come out of. After a few minutes of wandering. "Just one. Elrohir chuckled. Elrohir sighed. for the most part." I said." he said. I eyed the fence for a moment. "Pick one. "Why does everyone have that reaction when they see our mounts?" he asked his brother." I muttered when I finally got into the paddock. "Stop grinning. Rachel. until Elladan nudged me. I decided I couldn't. Hrivesure followed us curiously. and I giggled. gave me a cursory curious look before ignoring me completely. I just stood there gaping for a few minutes.

"Eh. I used the time it took the twins to find me to give my horse a good look-over. which was now busy cropping the grass in a circle around me. and was very pleased with what I saw . "Should have guessed what?" I asked curiously. shaking his head. he stuck his tongue out at me. It had nice markings. and then looked back at the twins to see them looking between me and 'my' horse in surprise. "Found one!" I called. "The one troublesome stallion in the entire herd and you pick it. As the twins approached. . I had a feeling I'd need a step stool to get on it. yep." I said. "Over here!" I called. and I paused for a moment.well. then. Even with several extra inches I was still frigging short." Elrohir replied with a small smile. "Troublesome stallion?" I peered at my horse suspiciously. Feeling my gaze. I waved a hand in the air to mark my position.. I whacked the horse on the shoulder. The twins eventually found their way to where I was standing by my horse."You are SO my horse. a brilliant white star on its forehead. where are you?" One of the twins replied. I was surprised to see the horse I'd claimed casually bare its teeth at them. it lifted its head and looked back at me. I straightened and looked over towards Elladan and Elrohir. with high white stockings on its front legs and low white stockings on its hind legs.76 - . then nodded." Elladan said dryly after a moment. grinning like the an idiot. though .. Still was black. and a white mane and tail. except for the fact that the horse was really really tall. bending down to look in one of the horses eyes. Frowning. It looked back at me with as amused an expression as a horse could have." I said. He's cool and mine." I wrapped my arms protectively around the horses neck. "Pretty much. "Well. at the request of the twins. "You criteria for picking him was that he stuck his tongue out at you?" Elladan asked in disbelief. "Good. "I should have guessed. if you can handle him." Elrohir said in resignation.

pondering what to name him. arching an eyebrow. lifted his head and nuzzled my arm briefly before returning to his grazing. "Sounds. "What was that?" Elladan asked me. "Well then it fits. but it is traditional that you give him a new one. Well. I had had some riding lessons at home. so it fit.feminine." I replied innocently." I said. rolling his eyes." Elladan replied. much to the twins amusement. for the good Valar and Maia. "So. It was another Elvish name. since Liltalen's so smart. males invented war. "Well then. or to take a nibble at some grass. as if already knowing it was his new name." Elladan said after a moment. I paused. I hesitated for a moment. shall we go see if you can mount him and stay mounted long enough for us to carry out the promised ride?" Elrohir suggested. this stallion was my first horse. since you have found your horse. "Do you need a saddle to ride?" Elladan asked me once we'd left the trees. Star Dancer. or do I get to name him?" "All the horses have names. "Exceptions are made." I said with a smirk. Liltalen meandering after me. and the twins chuckled.. His name is Liltalen. of course. does he have a name. "Are you saying that males are not smart?" Elrohir asked."I'll have to get UP on him first.77 - . with their horses following them. "Liltalen." "Of course. and the twins set off out of the trees. but not enough to be . "Sure!" I said. and the stallion.Liltalen. and the star there pulled out of my memory a name I'd made up back when Kari and I had made up our Elvish names. My eyes eventually settled on his forehead." Elladan said. looking at my horse thoughtfully. "Liltalen. I. but I'm sure I'll manage. pausing here and there to touch muzzles with another horse. and Liltalen bared his teeth at the Elf. And both the attempted Dark Lords have been male. I smiled sweetly. having not quite heard. then added thoughtfully." I said. "Well." I said quietly. skipped along behind them.. simply the translation of what I'd always said I would call the first horse I ever owned (if I ever owned one) . Elladan and Elrohir glanced at each other.

I'd prefer to start riding him with a saddle. .78 - . walking through the gate. though glad he had. All the twins reassurance's went out the window. Plus. primarily for human visitors and new riders. when Liltalen. The to ride bareback. however. but Liltalen is the biggest horse I've ever ridden. "But it was much more fun to watch you climb over the fence!" Elladan said. got the stablehands to get some of the tack that was kept in the stables." I commented when Elrohir opened the gate. I had supposedly spent the past few millenia travelling . and that he was not going to do them any harm as long as I was around. Now. though. not to far from where we'd hopped over the fence. and a comparison of the three horses sizes. however. Elladan just nodded in acceptance of my need for a saddle. and made a mental note to go for rides by myself and practice riding bareback. Narore and Hrivesure. "You just wanted me to slip and show you both my underwear. A quick glance back at Liltalen. "I'm beginning to think getting you a horse might have been a bad idea. Liltalen following me. it happened. upon seeing the tack. When I got to the stables. "Of course not! Whatever would give you that idea?" Elladan asked innocently as he and his twin followed me through. no. Absolute panic. gave me my way out. after having assured the stable staff that Liltalen was not loose. then skipped off down the path to the stables of Rivendell. "Of course it's not! Whatever would give you that idea?" I said cheerily." Elrohir said with an arched eyebrow as I gave Liltalen a pat and crooned at him for being a good boy. I had knocked that notion out of his head by the time Elladan and Elrohir Elladan. I needed to come up with a reason for riding with a saddle. For now. I just gave Elladan a look.I was somewhat surprised Elladan even asked. One actually thought that Liltalen had gotten loose and was threatening me. The twins grinned at me." I said. and the twins led me to the gate of the paddock . "You two could have told me the gate was here BEFORE I climbed over the fence.which was. and when Liltalen came through the gate. bared his teeth and started backing away. he bared his teeth . "Normally." I said with a snort. I had the extreme fun of seeing the stablehands faces when they saw what horse was following me.again . and I knew most Elves were supposed to be able to ride bareback.

and I watched with a smirk." I said flatly. if you will recall what I told you. . considering how to answer that." I said. brother. "No." Elrohir blinked in surprise. you don't have to come. "But I do have some trousers and a tunic." Elrohir said. she's already worn the outfit once. "It is not proper. but there was only one way that truly appealed to me. Liltalen started. I'm going to go change. I leant her a pair of trousers and tunic. and if you have a problem with that. "Exactly. We originally climbed a tree." I said with an arched eyebrow." I said brightly. and she refused to do so in a dress. bridled and saddled Liltalen. and it was only then that I realized I was wearing a dress. Elrohir. Several of the stablehands just about fell over from shock. then casually ambled over to one of the stablehands and nudged the saddle the Elf was holding. He stuck out his tongue in response. his head whipping around so he could peer at his brother." Elladan put in." I cocked my head to one side and looked up at Elrohir. but I did not realise until just now that she did not return them. Elladan and Elrohir just shook their heads and mounted their horses to wait for me. amused. no. So. including Elladan and Elrohir. "Besides. "When we turned you purple. looked at me in surprise. I'll throw myself off the fucking tallest cliff I can find. I stuck out my tongue at him. then turned and headed off in the direction of my room.79 - . I managed to get to my room without getting lost or having to ask for directions." All the elves in the stable.I promptly whacked Liltalen on the shoulder and told him to behave. Liltalen was ready quickly. "I helped father gather your wardrobe. stilling the stablehands that had just begun to move to change the saddle with a glance. "What? When?" Elrohir asked with a frown. I pulled on his tongue. "I don't bloody care what's proper and what's not. The stablehands. Through the miracle of my pride and indignation. "You cannot wear trousers!" he said after a moment. and that the saddle that had been put on Liltalen was a side saddle. now that that's settled." I said flatly when I noticed this. Liltalen's saddle is going to be changed to a normal one. "I am NOT riding side-saddle. while Elrohir looked rather annoyed. stared at me for a moment. He rolled his eyes at me." "No riding dresses. and the day I do start caring." Elladan replied. "Well you shall have to. I could answer many ways. and I know there are no riding dresses in it. Elrohir. almost in a daze. "Put a normal saddle on him while I go change.

so I let her be and changed quickly before heading back to the stables. and we rode in silence for awhile. Especially since. "He listened to was such a nice place. And even Kari might stop after awhile . I'd hate for it to be spoiled by something as small as no tolerance for women's lib." Elladan said with a helpless shrug. "It helps somewhat. and Elladan grinned in response. Elrohir actually decided not to come because he had a problem with me riding in trousers?" I asked increduously. When I got to the stables again. yes?" I said wryly." Elladan said with a small smile. while Liltalen was now sporting a normal saddle. heading off down the road out of Rivendell.Kari was still asleep. I dug around for a topic that I could bring up that would lead to lots of talking on Elladan's part . Don't get me wrong. almost apologetically. and if my reputation dropped far enough. "Arwen seems quite nice.while I just stayed firmly in the middle. I smiled wryly as I realized that Kari and I had effectively switched roles. I blinked. usually I was one facing the pressure to stop being friends with Kari. While I have no idea what Elladan was thinking. But it wasn't my fault that Kari could go from one extreme to another ." he said. and we fell into silence once more.verging on slutty to what our world would consider almost prude . I hoped sincerely that his attitude towards me wearing 'men's' clothing wasn't a common one in Rivendell ." "And the fact that she's the Evenstar only helps. Elrohir was nowhere in sight." Elladan said. I should know. "You're kidding.. I shot Elladan a questioning look as I went over to Liltalen and mounted up.stickler for propriety sometimes..peer presure can be an awefully hard thing to bear." I said suddenly. I'm not one who cares overly much about my reputation. no one but Kari would talk to me. I would have to leave. "The best sister I could have ever hoped for. "Then he's not going to be spending a lot of time around me. I was brooding over Elrohir's intolerance.80 - .for . I was not going to give up pants. deciding I needed to talk." I said flatly. never quite accepted. if people did start muttering about me wearing men's clothing. to my surprise. "He can be a. But I also hate being lonely. Elladan caught up quickly. Elladan nodded. "She is. I found that. and urged Liltalen into a walk.

and the sun was quite high in the sky. but now. what do you know about the Dúnedain?" I asked. Elladan found a stream. Elladan just arched an eyebrow this time at my newest revelation of my knowledge. and we had a brief drink before getting back on our horses and heading back to Rivendell. I have not seen my brother this interested in a maiden for several hundred years. On the way out. "I have. don't you think?" I asked. I picked on the first Middle-Earthian thing that I could think of related to nature. He sounded as if he was being cautious. so his tale of the how and the why of the Dúnedain's forming was much more interesting than anything of Tolkien's that I'd read. I smiled slightly. Elladan started somewhat and looked at me in surprise." "What exactly about them are you curious about?" Elladan asked. from somewhere. After eating. "That they are. I felt like discussing something. but Elladan had been directly involved in some cases.81 - ." I said. to my surprise. "Kari and Elrohir seem to be getting along quite nicely." I said with a smirk. Elladan. then? Not many people have. tell me. I had been content to listen. and we ate while we rode. along with some lembas. and now they were just staying in the wilderness until the right time came for them to return." I said needlessly. I realized why he was being careful. and remembering that the Dúnedain's origins weren't exactly well known. "I was wondering why the people that could rightfully be ruling one of the largest Kingdoms of men are now hiding in the northern wilderness.some reason I was in the mood to listen . By the time Elladan had finished talking about the Dúnedain. Elladan nodded and chuckled. "And I'm curious about them." he said. "And I have never seen Kari so interested in any male.and since we were now surrounded completely by forest. then started in on an explanation about how the Dúnedain had tried to return to Gondor. we had gotten a good ways from Rivendell. but had been turned away." I added . "You have heard of them." he said.. and eyed me appraisingly. falling into silence. I knew the bare basics of it. "So. and I grabbed at the most obvious thing that came to mind. "Though she deffinately has not lacked for company throughout the years.. pulled out a small lunch of dried meats and fruits.

" he said. "Oh ho. "I'll have enough problems keeping Kari from getting me drunk. I would assume so. "Though somehow I don't think he'll care. "Kari had quite the time whenever we went to town. have you been getting females drunk?" I asked him reprovingly." I chuckled. "Let me guess." I said. "Elladan. too. "Me either." he said. "It is amazing how much maidens will talk when they have some mirovur in them." he said. and I nodded viogorusly." Elladan smirked and nodded. ." "Elrohir too?" I asked with amusement. "Oh?" Elladan asked with an arched eyebrow. All the maidens around here are scared to say 'boo' to him. "Serve him right. "What they've told you?" I asked. "From what they have told me. "She tries to. "Sounds like the trick I use. "Let me guess . so you get the weaker alcohol that she is having?" Elladan asked with a grin." I said dryly. Elladan grinned slightly.82 - ." he said. inexperienced maiden." I said with a smirk." Elladan arched an eyebrow. you keep switching glasses with her. "I take it I should warn my brother not to expect her to be a shy. both on maidens and Elrohir. then.he reminds them too much of Elrond?" I asked. arching an eyebrow. "That would be a rather good idea. She usually ends up being the drunk one. He nodded vigorously. "Remind me to stay away from you when there's alcohol in the vacinity." Elladan said ruefully." I said.wryly. "It's quite amusing. I smiled and nodded. Does Kari get you drunk often?" he asked.

"Too true. and cruelly giddy. then shrugged and kicked Narore into a gallop. I chuckled. "NO FAIR!" Then I kicked Liltalen into a gallop. "Elrohir needs some loosening up. and here I was mentioning myself getting sick when everyone assumed I was an Elf.83 - . "It's still a long ways fact. "HEY!" I called out. I caught up with him fairly quickly. I don't know why. "And?" I asked impatiently. feigning offence. and he hesitated for only a moment. I wanted to stop thinking entirely for awhile and just focus on the here and now." Elladan nodded in agreement. and I'm just getting Kari drunk for her own good." Elladan said stiffly. Whatever was going through his head." I lied off the top of my head. and took off after Elladan. or was somewhat disturbed by it. "Not something I like to be very often. Then you're mean to just about anyone you run across. Elladan was apparently doing the same thing. "Happens to me after I get drunk . however. I arched an eyebrow at Elladan. I decided I didn't want to know ." I replied. One just has to be very hyper and in a bad mood.I feel unusually tired." I said with a grin." he said with an arched eyebrow. and Liltalen snorted indignantly. both Narore and Liltalen sped up . and happy while doing so." I said to Elladan with a grin. as when Rivendell came into sight. "Easily. And what better way to do that than to race? "I'll race you back to Rivendell. Both Elrohir and Kari need it."What sort of a brother would I be if I did not supply Elrohir with alcohol?" Elladan asked innocently. I'm nasty when I have a hangover. hoping it would pass. anyways. then realized what I'd just done Elves didn't get sick." "Hangover?" Elladan asked curiously. but the look in his eyes told me he hadn't completely bought my story. "Does Narore not have the stamina to make it back or something?" "Of course he does. "But are you sure Liltalen does?" "I shall have to discover that. but then slowed Liltalen." I said. wanting to save his speed for the end of the race. I blinked. "Cruelly giddy? How is THAT possible?" Elladan asked with an arched eyebrow.

"I believe I spoke to you about galloping into Rivendell at top speed." Glorfindel said crisply." Elrond said dryly. "What?" I demanded. I smiled back at him. When he was out of sight. "What?" I asked again. I probably would have.that we slowed down." Elrond said. It wasn't until we scared the guards out of their wits by blasting past them Liltalen only a horse's head length ahead of Narore . but we'd have stopped earlier. though I was still grinning . "Yes. I wouldn't have done it. And that was the scene Lord Elrond found when he came into the yard at a jog. I continued to smile. shaking himself out of his surprise. being led around by a dismounted Elladan. Oops. me still on top of him. "The last one to do so was King Gil-Galad. I turned my attention back to Elrond and Elladan. then stalked off. "It takes a very strong will indeed to stare down Lord Glorfindel. my . Glorfindel's scowl turned into a glare. as well. "But you didn't talk to me about it. and then discovered that both of us were laughing giddily. knowing that he'd won. too." I said didn't take a genius to figure out that a scowling Elf-lord was not a good sign. Elladan grinned somewhat. if I'd known Elladan wasn't supposed to do that. Well. which only made me crack up more." "Meh. a touch of awe in his voice. Liltalen. who were looking at me with mild surprise. m'Lord. I watched him go with an amused smile. Perks of being slightly insane." Elladan said. though he sobered immediatly when a scowling Glorfindel appeared behind Elrond. I sobered somewhat." I said with a shrug. "I've NEVER seen that before. Elladan?" Glorfindel said acidly. When you have put your horse away.84 - . "I shall have to remedy that. and I inwardly winced. his lips twitching in an attempt to smile. He arched an eyebrow at Elladan and I. come to my study. pranced around the stable yard. Glorfindel turned away with a 'harumph'. "THAT is something I have not seen in awhile. "On that note.considerably. Narore was walking around more sedately." Elladan said stiffly. you did. Glorfindel's scowl turned to me. coming to Elladan's defence.

"Very well." I said with a grin.apologies for riding into Rivendell at top speed.." Elrond accepted my apology with a nod. And if all you readers out there submit a review. It was spur-of-the-moment. then set to work on getting Liltalen settled. "Insane. So I'll just go with the good ol' THANK YOU REVIEWERS! Y'all are great. as well! ~Crimson Starlight -Revision's Author's Note:Elladan and Rachel's conversation about Kari and Elrohir? Completely changed so it's more Tolkien-canon-like.with a chapter full of." I said by way of a reminder. Elladan looked at me like I'd lost my mind. ~CS .. I shrugged and dismounted.. Elladan just shook his head and went about rubbing down Narore while Elrond disapeared back inside the main house. pointing to myself.. Or at least. everybody's favourite Balrog-slaying Elf-lord---('nuff said) -Authors Note:I have no Author's Note." he said. "Wouldn't miss it. I'm too tired to remember and write down an Author's Note. I would have seen about stopping before we reached the stables. you can be amoung the privilaged number of the reviewers and get thanked. but you shall still have to speak with Glorfindel. ----To be continued. and if I had known we weren't supposed to do so.85 - . and named after.

but why small yellow beads? CS: Because they're the first thing that popped into my head. It was possibly the plainest of all the dresses in the wardrobe. and once again asked where Glorfindel's study was. One.86 - . but it also looked to be the most comfortable. and two.and changing into a light blue cotton dress. . After that. I was sweaty and sticky and wearing none-to-clean clothes. "Why do you want to know?" the elf asked curiously.Glorfindel -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:CS: Not mine. Rachel: . I almost literally ran into another after a limited amount of wandering. I checked on Kari and found her gone.. Surprisingly. Glorfindel: Riiiiiiight. Glorfindel: Small yellow beads? CS: Yes. At least. No help from her in finding Glorfindel's study. I walked out into the hallways and snagged the first elf I ran across and asked them where Glorfindel's study was.. looking for another Elf.. I had no idea where Glorfindel's study was.only stopping to ask for directions twice . after getting Liltalen settled. not until I find several trillion dollars worth of small yellow beads and use them to buy Tolkiens estate. *backs away slowly. followed by Rachel* -11: GlorfindelWhile Glorfindel had said to come to his study after getting Liltalen settled. I thanked them and wandered off. they didn't know... I solved part of the first problem by going to my room . then. Rachel: I hesitate to ask. and for now I was in the mood to be comfortable. I realized two things that delayed me from doing what he'd said. Instead.. along with the note I'd left for her.

which I was not one of... I hoped I was not numbered as one of Glorfindel's enemies. my guide stopped in front of a .that was the last thing I needed. but then we fell into silence once more as he continued to lead me through winding corridors. we turned. As I followed him. that was you?" the elf said with a chuckle. "No. I silently reprimanded myself. These were Elves. Only I could be in Rivendell and be reminded of horror stories. though my guide didn't notice it. a risen-from-the-dead Balrog slayer mad at me. he really doesn't want people to find his study." "No need to show me. I twitched. I shall show you to his study. then motioned for me to follow as he set off down the corridor. It occurred to me after awhile that we were coming into a much less inhabited part of Rivendell and before I could stop it. and my guide chuckled. and I nodded. you will not be fine. or heard about popped into my head. "Oh. "Geez. the thought that no one would hear me scream popped into my head." I said reluctantly.. starting to wonder if the location of Glorfindel's study was top-secret or something. My guide chuckled again. At least. glowing beings. The only things they harmed were their enemies. I don't want to be a bother. "His study is possibly the hardest place to find in all of Rivendell. though. I realized that he had been right about me not being fine if I'd tried to get to Glorfindel's study myself." I replied dismissively." the elf said dismissively. "The 'somewhat' part of that statement scares me. "Well. nice. though." I replied. "It is no trouble.87 - . not wanting to bother the elf." "Well. This is just the quick way. It seemed at every intersection we came across. There is a much longer way that is somewhat easier. he does not. does he?" I murmured after awhile. as just about every horror scene that I'd ever read. perfect. watched. follow me then. Before I could worry about it too much. "No. just tell me and I'll be relatively fine. Then I smiled ruefully." the elf said with amusement." I said dryly." he said.."Glorfindel asked me to see him there so he could chew me out about galloping into Rivendell. and once we even had to go behind a wall hanging.

this was Glorfindel's playground. and I started somewhat at the name. Glorfindel considered my statement for a moment. I had to whack my inner teenie at that sight . and one entire wall of the room was glass .a substance I hadn't even known they'd had in Middle-Earth up until this point . and that was when I noticed that the ground in the center of the 'study' was made of dirt. pulling me out of my scrutiny of the room.door and announced that this was it." I replied carefully. I was sure. holding various weapons. Whatever I'd been expecting. Glorfindel's 'study' was more of a greenhouse. I turned my attention to him where he stood leaning against a tree. "I'd call it more of an indoor garden and arena. stepped inside . myself. These Elven men were going to be the death of me with their sexiness. Erestor. Without even bothering to knock. shifting my weight from foot to foot." he said. Study? Oh no. There was a desk in one corner with various writing materials and other things on it.88 - . overlooking the majority of the buildings in Rivendell. leaning up against a tree and looking about ten times more sexy than normal. I couldn't even see to other walls for the plants." I said." he said. thank you. pushing thoughts of Glorfindel's sexiness out of my head as I remembered what I was here for. My instincts are far too good.he was practically smirking. "Well then I guess this is as good as anything. "Ah." Glorfindel voice came in reply. however. "I would. but then figured he'd probably heard of me. sometimes. I tentatively pushed open the door to Glorfindel's study more. and he grinned back before waving and heading back off down the hall. Behind the desk was a large rack. and then nodded. Most Elves had by now. This casual conversation was not what I expected. "Quite a nice study. too. but it was carved to look like a bent over tree and fit in almost perfectly with the surroundings. And somehow that made me even more uneasy than before. I momentarily wondered how he'd known my name. I scowled slightly at LORD Erestor. it hadn't been this. do you not think?" Glorfindel asked with amusement. my guide opened the door and stuck his head in. "Rachel's here. and I was beginning to think that there was another reason entirely for him calling me here. like it was a sparring field. . Elrond claimed I needed to have a study.and gasped. There were plants EVERYWHERE.and showed that the study was fairly high up in the valley. and the roof was so far above my head I had to wonder if it even existed. Once he was gone.

" Glorfindel said abruptly. "I guess it was more like I found the river. "I thought I was here to be told off for riding into Rivendell at a gallop?" I asked. I arched an eyebrow. "It alarms and scares the guards. I managed to catch the stool.89 - . And considering that you came SHOOTING OUT of a river at me. ." Glorfindel said vaguely. A strange gleam entering his eyes was all the warning I had before he swiftly pulled a tall stool made from a tree stump out from underneath his desk and tossed it to me. I am quite sure you do not come from Eregion. "You said you found us in a river!" "Well. Unless a fly flew down my throat. and then you found me. "So.less fatal. Rachel. and then sat down. "Right. not to mention everybody else. but couldn't for the life of me see a chair for me to sit in. "I am quite old. I shot Glorfindel another look. I looked around." I looked at him for a moment. however. I turned my attention back to Glorfindel as he looked as me with amusement." Glorfindel said. wondering how he had known I would catch it or if he knew I would catch it. have a seat. and quite hard to fool. for a few moments. His face was impassive. suddenly reminded of my own crazy excuses that I kept giving Kari."Come. his face unreadable. waving a hand through the air. Sort of. tell me. so I could see all his weapons arrayed behind him. I did. Heck." I said. putting down the quill and looking at me expectantly. "You are quite the enigma. "So. I couldn't even see one behind the desk. where do you and Kari REALLY hail from?" I almost choked." he said. Due to reflexes developed from Kari's habit of throwing things at me when I teased her. giving Glorfindel a curious look. pushing himself away from the tree and striding over to his desk. I placed the stool on the opposite side of the desk from him. but opted to gape at Glorfindel in surprise instead . where do you hail from?" Glorfindel asked again. with a wave of his empty hand. Shrugging. his tone only mildly scolding. he dismissed the topic. don't do that again. and then shook my head in amusement. Glorfindel simply looked at me. unless the Elves from Eregion learned how to master the element of water?" "Shooting out of a river?!" I exclaimed. as he pulled another stool out from underneath his desk and sat on it. and then he casually picked up a quill and started twirling it between his fingers." Then. "Where?" I asked. "Ah yes.

. utterly surprised." "WHAT?!" I exclaimed. my curiosity getting the better of me. "Why do you ask?" I asked." I replied. "At least. no. "Of the human variety. Glorfindel shot me a withering look. though. "Because I see double whenever I look at you." I replied. well. looking at me intently." "How drastically?" Glorfindel asked." I said. I used to be several inches shorter. I shifted nervously. "Earth?" Glorfindel asked with an arched eyebrow. "Yeah.on Earth. looking at Glorfindel curiously." I replied without hesitation. "I don't want to be bothered to figure out which.we weren't exactly elves. and much to my confusion. "Kari's didn't." "Nothing thinking creature other than humans? You and Kari must have stood out somewhat. All I know is there's no magic . Glorfindel nodded. "Mine did rather drastically. until Kari and I arrived here. "Indeed?" Glorfindel asked." I said. blue-er eyes.. whenever you are conscious." I deadpanned. wondering what brought on that question. so I tried to hedge as best I could. see." "And did your appearances change any when you came from this. Glorfindel was expecting an answer." Glorfindel replied..or any thinking creature other than humans ." Glorfindel said curiously. It's either another world. . and darker. unlike here. though.. "Well. and I grinned and elaborated.."Earth. "Yeah.uh. that I gave into the childish impulse that occurred to me. He looked so serious. deciding I wasn't really liking this conversation. It was bound to end up with me telling him about Tolkien's books about Middle-Earth. we were. and had dark black hair. "Uhm. No sense in keeping up the lie if he knew it was a lie. Glorfindel nodded as if in satisfaction. We were lizards. arching an eyebrow. ever wanted to have to explain. in another universe.Earth?" Glorfindel asked. and that was something I never. or a long ways in the future..90 - .

"Well. then just decided not to mention it and continued. his eyes boring into mine as if searching for something.I think Kari and I were somehow transported here when we were just about to die. wondering what was going on." Both of Glorfindel's eyebrows shot up. "There's not much to tell. but. "Yes .. Almost reluctantly. and hurt Kari badly. The last thing I remember after that. wondering how to explain a telephone. I don't know. "Tell me." he said. "Contacted some people for help. and then there's a fuzzier side image of you as you just described yourself when on Earth. Unfortunately. was running towards the exit of the house. only looking at me slightly oddly for my strange expression." I replied with a shrug. and I took a shaky breath. and then . So I risked running back into our house ."I see you as a typical Lorien elf. that takes the fuzzy pickle. I probed deeper into them. The thunder from the lightning wrecked my hearing." I frowned as memories . it started raining. My mind was running a mile a minute.91 - ." Glorfindel said. since I had rivers on my mind from his little revelation. I laughed slightly. how did you come to Middle-Earth?" That instantly brought my mind into focus again.and. I lost my hearing due to a lightning strike shortly before getting transported here. Glorfindel arched an eyebrow. I can't really be sure. "Indeed. and trying to come up with reasons for it having happened." Glorfindel said. "We may have. really . my mind wasn't having much success.impressions. " before waking up here in Rivendell." "And that's all you remember?" Glorfindel asked quietly. uh. and I shifted uncomfortably again. "A lightning strike? I think you should start this tale from the beginning. Kari decided to go out dancing in the rain and dragged me out with her." I paused. "Fell in a river?" I tried.surfaced that my mind told me were from that unconscious period between running out of the house and waking up in Rivendell." I said with a frown of thought. Kari and I were at home. so I couldn't check easily to see if Kari was still alive before we came here. "You died?" he asked.which had been the target of the lightning strike and was now burning .. and lightning hit our house. Or maybe we were already dead.

" Glorfindel said dryly. A strange looked flitted through Glorfindel's eyes as I said this. "Very interesting. "And how can you be so sure?" I retorted. though." I said with a snort. That's it. I wasn't scared of death . though in a good way." he said. The thought of dieing and then coming back to life scared the shit out of me. "Uhm. It was a.." I said intelligently. I rolled my eyes." he said." I said distractedly.comforting voice. whatever you may believe." Glorfindel said softly.started talking about what I saw. Sorry buddy. It's just disturbing to have memories suddenly surface like that. actually. his eyes narrowing. still sorting through my newly-surfaced memories/impressions. "I have experience in such things. "No.but I remember a bright light." I said. Rachel. And a voice." Shit.. I replied to it at the time. though. either. Can't remember what I said. but then he shook his head and dismissed it. "Disturbing. Didn't know I wasn't supposed to know about that. Memories of death usually are. doesn't cut it with me. I don't know what it said. Soft. I only THINK Kari and I might have died. My mind was just pulling a blank on a convincing lie . Glorfindel smiled slightly.92 - . suddenly angry. "How do you know that I have died? Very few people know that. a pained look in his eyes. I mentally banged my head against a wall . "Hey now.I disliked the fact that I'd have to leave the world and everyone I knew behind. "Right. And slightly scary.. the almighty risen-from-the-dead Balrog slayer can tell from a simple description of vague memories and impressions that I died and then came back to life.. but I wasn't scared of it." I said. "I'm sure. talking to me.I'd just lead the conversation in the exact direction I hadn't wanted it to take. you died. I had enough time to wonder if he was going to attack me before he spoke. "I remember . and you should not be one of them. even if you had exactly the same experience when you died.this is going to sound corny . his voice quiet and icy-cold. and Glorfindel stiffened.

and he arched an eyebrow in interest. but then again. I mean.. "And what exactly do these books say about Middle-Earth?" Glorfindel asked. there are thousands of possible futures that could happen. "Uh.plays. then?" Glorfindel asked." I said nervously." I replied. and some of the Fourth Age. Glorfindel seemed to have gotten it. "Uh. "Hey.. sorta. "I guessed?" I tried. and then decided to just go for it. "Incredible. suddenly really glad I'd watched the 'Andromeda' TV show and listened to Trance's babble about thousands of possible futures. "Try again." I said. his eyes widened in something akin to shock. rubbing the back of my neck nervously. . deciding it was best not to try and explain movies to Glorfindel." he said know the future. Glorfindel stared at me for awhile. his expression thoughtful.youreallcharactersinbooksbackinmyworldandireadthosebooksandsoiknowallab outyoupeople?" I spoke quickly. At least.about how I knew about him dieing. "Yes. it could not. crossing his arms across his chest and looking at me sternly. "Plays?" he asked. I hesitated. It still caught his attention. It could be the future. She was always more interested the mov-uh.. but amazingly..93 - . however." Glorfindel said." I said. "And Kari? Has she read these books as well?" Glorfindel asked. looking at me intensely once more. "They tell of the history of Middle-Earth. "And they're surprisingly small books for having all of that. Maybe he was just shocked at how fast I could speak." "So. the tale of the end of the Third Age of Middle-Earth is kinda a legend back home. Once. I nodded hesitantly. I just know one. you're not the one in what you previously thought was a story. from the Valar's creation of it to the end of the Third Age.. he caught it.. yeah. "In books?" Nope. smiling tentatively. I snorted. "Um." I said.

" I announced." he said. I looked out the window and saw that the sun was indeed very low in the sky. "So I take it your and Kari's name's actually are Rachel and Kari?" I nodded. "It is no trouble." "I suppose so. then shook himself and stood. do you mind if I call you Glory?" I asked after a pause." was Glorfindel's reply. Glorfindel and I both looked at my stomach in amusement. "Thanks.I didn't think he'd take kindly to it.94 - . He stared at me thoughtfully for a few more moments. and I couldn't help but smile back. bouncing up from the stool. Glorfindel smiled again at my energy. "Well." Surprised. At that reminder of the time." With that. "My stomach agrees with that. instead of making him look like a dreary old Elf Lord that has lived way too long and seen way too many things. "Yep. Rachel. I took Glorfindel's proffered arm." I grumbled good-naturedly. "'Glory'?" Glorfindel asked with an arched eyebrow." he said. "Mm-hm. my stomach decided to put in its two cents and growled noisily."When you are. I believe it is time for supper. "Now come. then you can talk to me about incredible. . It made him seem a lot younger. isn't it?" I replied with a shrug and a grin." Glorfindel said. I resisted the urge to glomp onto him." Glorfindel just looked at me for a moment. "For you." I said. "Let's go. "Yes indeed. this has been a most interesting afternoon. and we set off along the winding corridors to the dining hall. I shall not tell anyone of what we spoke of this afternoon unless specifically asked about it. you're munderful!" I said cheerfully. "Or Findely. and Glorfindel smiled briefly. As I see there being no harm in continuing your story that you and Kari are from Eregion. "Hey." he said. That sounds like a cross between fondle and spindly. I absently noted that he should smile more often. Never mind I was already grinning. We made up Elvish names for each other one day when we were bored. Anyway. "It's better than Dely. and then started laughing. however .

Note to self: Make Elf Lords laugh more often. (I want a scanner. Mainly due to school.. Starlight. or at least halfway there. So does lack of sleep.) ~Crimson R.with angst!---(Finally) -Authors Note:I seriously am loving all of you reviewers. R standing for Random . ----To be continued..I'm gonna go draw pictures of Glorfindel and Rachel now. And in other news. school royally sucks.. which makes all your reviews twice as funny..95 - .. Most of you are insane (like me).. They are damn sexy when doing so. Ugh.

-12: RealizationGlorfindel and I were two of the last ones to arrive for supper. We were both heading here after we were done talking. and got some quite interesting looks as we walked in together.Realization -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:CS: I don't own it. Elrond and Elladan even more so. CS: And the fact that I write LotR FanFiction didn't tip you off to that? Glorfindel: .. so we just came together." I said with a shrug." she said in an undertone to me. I would not be wanting to go sneak into New Line Cinemas offices and watch Return of the King.filming hadn't even started then. CS: So? Glorfindel: You are far too obsessed. "Home? I take it you had a trying afternoon. finished or not. as I took my seat next to Kari..96 - . smirking slightly. Rachel: Uh. "Nah. If I did. . since they knew about my supposed 'chewing out' from Glorfindel that was to have occurred that afternoon. Rachel: She's got a point. then mentally shrugged it off as a side effect of hanging out with Elves and answered her question.. I looked at her for a second. I just had a good chat with him about home that lasted most of the afternoon. I would have already seen it. then?" Kari asked. wondering when she'd started using 'trying' in that context. "Looks like you found your own Elf-lord.. though. Three years ago. Most of the head table seemed to be surprised. I just smiled serenely.

"Call it punishment if you will. I turned my attention to farther down the table. riding a horse is hard work!" I said defensively. but nodded instead of speaking more about it. you must join us in the Hall of Fire!" Glorfindel said cheerily.those two were fast becoming hopeless." I muttered. "Very well." Glorfindel said with a glint in his eyes. seemed to be doing the same thing as I . . Arwen and Kari looked at me in surprise. come. Arwen. anyways. Glory. but he didn't stop me. "Hey. both studiously ignoring the other.. to my surprise. and I took the opportunity to once again observe those sitting at the head table." Glorfindel said. who wanted to know how I'd made it out of Glorfindel's 'dungeon' alive. I turned to my food as well. She caught my eyes as I glanced at her. "Kari. waving off my excuse." Glorfindel replied.observing those at the head table. After supper. Rachel. I am not letting you go to your room for some rest before going to the Hall of Fire. "Uh. "Nonsense." Kari looked at me with part alarm and part curiosity. We fell silent then as the food was served. Glorfindel and Erestor were sitting. Glorfindel and Erestor were already deep in a conversation. well. Arwen. Elladan didn't buy any of it. and smiled slightly at me before turning to her food." I said. where Elrond.97 - . frowning slightly. we were going to go rest in our rooms for a bit. "I'll tell you more about it later. I shook my head at that . and was soon caught up in a conversation with Elladan. but the strange combination of Glorfindel and Arwen appeared next to us before we'd gotten far. "Guilty by association." "I didn't gallop into Rivendell!" Kari said defensively. either. lowering my voice to almost inaudible for the last part."You have no idea. Kari and I once again made to disappear into our rooms. He knows. especially when you have races. "Ah yes. you have been doing nothing that requires rest.. Elladan and Elrohir seemed to not be speaking." I said tentatively. I noted. Elrohir seemed to be too wrapped up in stealing shared glances with Kari. THAT had me spinning tales enough to last the entire meal. as were Elrond and Celebrían. Celebrían.

"They are getting along quite nicely. Glorfindel gave her a quelling look. which was told as we went to the Hall of Fire. "That they are." Arwen replied with a smile. Elladan and I to watch them go with amusement. "I would give it a week."Glory?" Arwen asked after a moment." Arwen said with a smile. Glorfindel. and Kari was promptly stolen from our little company by Elrohir." Glorfindel said. "I say you are both off. almost snickering. I guess. "That's what I said.98 - . So that left Arwen." Glorfindel said with a mischievous glint in his eyes. echoing what I'd said to Elladan earlier that day. "Until Elrohir realizes he is in love with Kari. And that prompted an explanation to Glorfindel and Arwen about deli's." I commented once again. I rather think he has never been this interested in a maiden. "Better than Dely." Glorfindel commented once Elrohir and Kari were gone. he is thinking of marriage already?" Elladan said with an arched eyebrow. "It seems Elrohir has been inquiring about how Lord Elrond expects his children to marry. "Yes. a month?" Arwen asked. "What?" I asked curiously. "Mm.. "Would you happen to have some." Elladan replied thoughtfully. "Nor has Kari ever been this interested in a male. my grin just as big. "Oh?" Elladan asked." I replied." Elladan put in.. "What do you think." Kari said with a wicked grin. Elladan and Elrohir magically appeared when we reached the Hall of Fire. turning to her brother." "Oh ho.inside information?" "Only secondhand from your father. ." Glorfindel said dryly. arching an eyebrow. I was telling Rachel earlier that I have not seen Elrohir this interested in a maiden for quite awhile.

helped in that endeavor. I quickly sorted through them. But enough philosophy. no doubt. And as if anticipating the future. Instead. wondering what to sing. though. dismissing all ones with blatant reference to technology. the songs even more so. I cleared my throat once. I made a mental note to talk to Kari later about just how much she liked Elrohir. but didn't speak to him for the rest of the evening. but brushed it off . I turned to my extensive knowledge of pop and rock song lyrics. and our small group quieted down. which Elladan wasted no time in teasing me about. I knew a few folk songs. so I could maybe get together with Elladan and give Elrohir and Kari a shove if they needed it. I agreed with very little hesitation. was one of those moments that come so rarely in life . drifted off somewhat.Glorfindel just shrugged. If I hadn't decided to sing. after a moment. but not enough of their lyrics to be able to sing them confidently. by the wine that Elladan found for me." Glorfindel said. Things might not have turned out the way they did. I realize that that moment. At that point. and I just went into a daze listening to most of them. I kept a close eye on how much he was serving me.even realize what effect that casual decision would have. I'm not so sure I would have made a different decision even if I had known. Thus it was that. For my part. or stories. an Elf started up a ballad of some sort. it was also a sad song. I stood silent for a moment. is that. but I was still feeling distinctly giddy by the time the evening started winding to a close. however. were in Elvish. then opened my mouth and began to sing. perhaps things would have been different. "Spend all your time waiting For that second chance For a break that would make it okay There's always one reason .99 - .couldn't . and I saw him later with Erestor and Elrond. when Elladan and Arwen asked to hear me sing. "Perhaps. when I decided to sing. the majority of the evening was spent listening. Looking back now. Glorfindel. at the time I didn't . I was slightly surprised that none of the songs. The thing I found most annoying about that moment when I look back on it. I picked a slow song. The music was lovely. while I normally avoid singing in public like the plague. The hall quieted almost as soon as I stepped towards the little platform in the center of the room that performers stood on. and in keeping mind the fact that the evening was winding down.a moment that literally changes how the rest of your life will be lived.

To feel not good enough And it's hard at the end of the day I need some distraction Oh beautiful release Memory seeps from my veins Let me be empty And weightless and maybe I'll find some peace tonight "In the arms of an angel Fly away from here From this dark cold hotel room And the endlessness that you fear You are pulled from the wreckage Of your silent reverie You're in the arms of the angel May you find some comfort there "So tired of the straight line And everywhere you turn There's vultures and thieves at your back And the storm keeps on twisting You keep on building the lie .100 - .

.." Elladan said. Tell me. with a strange twinge in his voice. "Yes.That you make up for all that you lack It don't make no difference Escaping one last time It's easier to believe in this sweet madness oh This glorious sadness that brings me to my knees "In the arms of an angel Fly away from here From this dark cold hotel room And the endlessness that you fear You are pulled from the wreckage Of your silent reverie You're in the arms of the angel May you find some comfort there You're in the arms of the angel May you find some comfort here" [A/N: "Arms of an Angel" Sarah McLachlan] When I finished. Appreciation was in their eyes." I said cheerfully. as they applauded my song. "That was an. looking at me curiously.amazing song. bouncing on the balls of my feet. amazing indeed. but also bewilderment. The drink caused me to brush off the bewilderment. to find Elrond standing with Elladan and Arwen. to find the room staring at me in silence. I opened my eyes. what language was it in? I have never heard it . flushed from the praise. at least until I stepped off the platform. which I hadn't even noticed I'd closed. Rachel.101 - . "Thanks.

before. frowning slightly. speaking in that soft language .and I've never learned another language.for a moment I could have sworn I heard Elrond talking in another language entirely . What I heard. I frowned. however. at echo. His expression changed quickly to concern. but the echo ." Elrond said with concern.. and understood them.You'd call it common. I barely noticed as we arrived at my door. some random Elvish. . It was his response.." I stammered. I could have SWORN I'd heard Elrond and Elladan speaking another language. Pig-Latin. surprised and slightly shocked. So how could I understand Elrond and Elladan while they were speaking a language other than English? Frowning thoughtfully. that startled me out of my thoughts and made me realize what was going on. other bits and pieces of languages." Elrond said curiously. "Rachel. much like I'd always thought Elvish would sound like. I received three blank looks. Once again. "I . Elrond and I walked in silence. and enough of a made up language of Kari's and mine to be able to confuse people by carrying on conversations with Kari in it. A few words of French. but that was about it. confused. and wondering what on earth was going on. but apparently decided to stay. My mind was churning too quickly for me to care about him.the other voice. musical language. I suddenly wished I hadn't drunk so much. however.said 'maer daw'. but I also heard that other language.the last part. primarily. I looked at him. I just couldn't get a handle on speaking other languages. whip back around to face me. sounded almost like it had. taking my arm and leading me out of the hall.102 - . "HOLY SHIT!" my exclamation made Elrond.a soft. I noticed . it was making my mind slow. "It was English . 'Good night' in Sindarin. I looked at Elrond in surprise. as if he hadn't understood. I heard him speaking the words. Arwen and Elladan made as if to follow. are you alright?" Elladan asked as he noticed my confused look. "I just think I need to lie down. though I could see him casting me concerned looks . "I will show you to your room. "What was that?" Elrond asked. absently thanking Elrond and saying goodnight. was him saying goodnight. who had been turning to walk down the hall.he was in full healer mode. as I abruptly felt the need to sit down and did so right in the doorway. but I understood them .I'm fine." I replied. however." My voice had an odd sound to it. and messing up my hearing .

"I need to talk to you. I UNDERSTAND English. eyeing Elrohir and Elrond. "Does this have a point?" I paused for a moment. talk in private?" I asked. Kari paused. alright." I said calmly. Kari. Why?" Kari asked impatiently. "What. He pulled away and looked up at me in surprise. "Fuck I hope Kari's in her room. and then spoke again. um. I stood carefully and wandered into the room. Whatever you were speaking was gibberish. looking at me oddly. and glaring at me. this is going to sound weird. then grabbed Kari's hand and dragged her into my room. barely aware that Elrond was cautiously following me. it can't.103 - . you've had too much to drink. I found Kari. "Uh."Rachel?" Elrond asked with concern. "What was that? I didn't know you knew another language. both of whom were looking very confused. "Fine then. I tapped on Elrohir's shoulder. but what do you hear when you listen to me talking right now?" I asked when I closed the door behind me. noticing who had interrupted her little make-out session. "Rachel. "Can it not wait?" Kari asked. That was English. pushing away from Elrohir grumpily. not English. talk. crossing her arms. the echo returned. "Can we." Kari said. and this time the echo was gone from my voice. "I hear you talking. and looked at me funny. "Because. Kari snorted. The slight echo was back in my voice. I blinked. "I don't. Rachel." I said calmly. seeing they weren't aware of me. kissing Elrohir passionately. "I am speaking . ignoring the Elf Lord. it does have a point. then." I replied. "Yes." she said." I said absently. "Kari. Rachel?" she asked impatiently." I said." Kari said. concentrating." she said. still annoyed." I replied. looked at me in annoyance. aware I was in a slight daze. "I suppose so. no.

why would it give us the ability to speak Elvish... and then shook her head. but we've been speaking Elvish the entire time we've been here.." "No. I can't remember what it said. or why. instead of just letting us learn it ourselves?" "Maybe it wanted to save us some time?" Kari asked with a frown. but I remember light. "I AM NOT DRUNK." Kari said nervously. "I don't know how." Kari murmured. to be precise. and then come and bug me anyways?" she said. "Of course you understood it.the one that spoke to me before we arrived in Rivendell.immortal.English right now. Sindarin." I growled. "How do you manage to get drunk the one time I'm not around to see it.. And then I woke up with Glorfindel staring down at me. not really surprised that Kari had experienced the same thing." I said." I said with a slight frown.maybe it was that voice. "Save time? Why? We're Elves now ... "We need to be able to talk to them somehow. and I saw that she had understood. too.that. "What voice?" I asked curiously.. flipping between English and Elvish in the middle of her sentence.understood.. "I remember that." Kari said. realization dawning on me as I absently noticed that our conversation was entirely in English now. We would have decades to learn another language.." I practically roared." I replied. WE HAVE BEEN SPEAKING ELVISH WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING IT!" Kari paled. "But.104 - . and this voice speaking to me.. you're speaking Elvish. "I. "The.." I said flatly. suddenly very angry at Kari." "Because Common isn't English. almost hesitantly. .. her eyes wide. "But how did we just suddenly know how to speak Elvish?" "Maybe. It's English." she said slowly. Kari looked at me for a moment. "I HAVE SIMPLY REALIZED THAT THE ENTIRE TIME WE HAVE BEEN IN RIVENDELL. The drink probably helped with that." "Of course.

" Kari snarled. But everything else points to it!" I snapped.105 - . Big crying shame. and you've been so wrapped up in Elrohir. "No. too!" I snapped in reply. You always said you feared old age more than death. sounding annoyed. look at me! You know what I looked like at home! And yet here I am. that we've missed the obvious. "And girls only die and get transported to Middle-Earth in FanFictions." "What's the obvious?" Kari asked curiously. sitting down on my bed. "Elrohir's instant liking to you Elladan's easy bonding with me . "Yes. blonde-haired. but just because we've been zapped to Middle-Earth and I like an Elf who just HAPPENS to like me back. That sort of stuff only happens in parody or humour FanFiction."Well then maybe that voice thingy didn't want suspicions raised about where we came from?" Kari suggested. "I thought you'd be happy. sitting next to me. . "You mean Mary-Sues?" Kari asked. we haven't become Mary-Sues. "Rachel. switching to Elvish halfway through her sentence.the elves easily brushing off any of our mistakes . and it's so quick and sweet and cute it's sickening?" I asked. doesn't mean we've become Mary-Sues!" Kari shot back. then pursed her lips and shook her head. I quickly dismissed her annoyance." she said. Kari. "What about them?" "Don't you see?" I asked in a pained voice. "Oh god." I said. grey-eyed and several inches taller than normal! Not to mention the pointed ears!" "So you got turned into an Elf. I've been so wrapped up in being in Rivendell. and now you'll never have to go through either!" I snorted. and I nodded. dammit! We've BECOME those impossibly perfect girls! We've become Mary-Sues!" Kari stared at me for a moment. and paled as her statement reminded me of something else.even my horse. "Oh god. "Do you remember that one time you were ranting at me about bad 'Lord of the Rings' FanFictions? How you said that they usually take the male character of prime desire and stick him with a girl that's impossibly perfect? And the guy falls in love with her just as quickly as she falls in love with him. however. it doesn't.our rapid acceptance . "For gods sake.

but the Elves had just brushed them off! And things that would normally never happen have happened easily and regularly with us around! I mean. "Look. Kari sighed. though. in this circumstance. "I SAY AGAIN.106 - . why can I not take to calling it by its new name?" "Because you supposedly grew up there!" I replied angrily. oh. No wonder you don't want to believe that we've become Mary-Sues. I don't know if it's the drink or some temporary insanity that's making you so adamant about this. That. are we not? And Lord Glorfindel found us." she said soothingly. And Glorfindel. And all of your other so-called signs of us being Mary-Sues are easily explainable. We can talk about this tomorrow. It's not a sign of Mary-Sueism if you get along with other people. but all I heard was silence. Rachel. I do not want to argue about this anymore. I tell you. and looking into her eyes. I realized ." I said. "I know it's not!" I said angrily. as one who has read many FanFictions. I DIED BEFORE COMING TO MIDDLE-EARTH!" I yelled the last part. we just need to calm down. merely scolded me lightly and nothing else. But right now. to focus on the conversation. We can talk about this tomorrow!" Kari said firmly. as well!" Kari retorted. I've heard. Kari? There's all these little mistakes that we've made since we've been here. my voice pleading as I looked at Kari. but trust me. and think this through.what of it? We've supposedly traveled for four millennia. yeah. Rachel. except for the fact that. was a BAD thing. "Don't you see. but all the Elves act as if they don't know the difference. I pushed it aside. and Kari looked at me in shock for a moment. "I've told you it's not just our relations!" "Yes. "So I call Hollin by the wrong name ." she said with a pitying smile." I snarled. get some sleep. shaking her head. My head whipped towards the door. Kari. and I realized that I'd shouted in Elvish. you keep calling Eregion by its human name of Hollin. You've become almost exactly like all the other Elves around here. "Elenlómë?" Kari and I looked at each other. "Fuck. we both need to calm down and get some sleep. We're Elves. who was looking like a storm cloud and ready to chew me out about galloping into Rivendell. however. She just sighed. "Rachel."Yeah. we are NOT Mary-Sues! So they accepted us unusually quickly. shit. "Alkarisil?" Elrohir's voice startled both Kari and I as it drifted through the door.

"Of course. "Everything's fine. A plan was slowly forming in my head.. only partially lying. then?" Kari asked quietly. "I don't know. well.. but she knew I had made up my mind and wasn't going to change it.what are you going to do." I said. looking at the door in concern. then stepped away from Kari quickly and opened the door. I'll speak with you tomorrow. and where we came from. Elrohir and Elrond were still in the room beyond. Alkarisil.107 - .if I'm ever not available.just something I thought you should know.. at least.. you might as well enjoy it. if. I doubt she accepted that we had turned into Mary-Sues. but I just remembered something disturbing about home. but accepted my explanation. I couldn't tell Kari. "You may be happy with your life." I said quietly in English.. I put a hand on Kari's arm and stopped her. standing up and looking at me with a torn expression. and you need someone to talk to. "Uh. though. I knew I wanted to go through with the plan rapidly solidifying in my mind." I said softly. but for it to work." I said crisply. but just before it." Kari started with a frown." Elrohir and Elrond looked at me in concern. but I will never be at peace until I know I can be accepted for who I am. We went to the door." I said with a smile." "Rachel -" Kari started with a frown. "Kari. And his study is far enough way from commonly traveled corridors that there is little risk of being overheard. "Go. and I can see that at least on your side your feelings for Elrohir are no sham. "Rachel.then that she would never accept the truth. but I held up a hand to stop her. almost fearfully.. but I just shook my head." I said bitterly.. "Don't come looking to me if everything suddenly comes crashing down. Glorfindel knows about how we truly came here. especially when Kari backed me up with a .. standing up as well. "It's.." Elrohir said with a frown. but I didn't want to leave Kari without anyone to turn to. The basics.. "Alkarisil? Elenlómë? Is everything alright? We heard shouting. then?" Kari asked. "What." I said. You want to be a Mary-Sue. "Sorry to have worried you all.

truly. almost forgot! Thank you to all my reviewers... We would both like to get some sleep. Elrond nodded. and then turned and disappeared into our respective rooms. Both Rachel and I are quite tired." Kari said.. REVIEW! And I promise I'll finish betaing your story soon.sad look and a pat on my shoulder... ----To be continued.. and then with a round of 'good night's.. ~Crimson Starlight Ooo. . especially the insane ones! (you know who you are) Now all of you who are reading this. She then went over to Elrohir and gave him a light kiss on the cheek. stuff---(Honestly.) -Authors Note:In celebration for the RotK trailer coming out. however. um. the two Elf-lords left... just about anything I could say about the next chapter would give the next little plot twist away. Kari and I looked at each other for a moment.with.another chapter! Whoo! Now I'm off to watch the trailer. . Elrohir echoing his father somewhat reluctantly..108 - . Duke Storm...again. "Everything is fine now.

I didn't do anything even close to sleeping. then dug around in the wardrobe until I found something closely resembling a scarf and wrapped it around my head.. CS: Eh.. Ergo. and then I quietly went out into the main room. no.. I rolled up the dress I'd just changed out of. I pulled out the writing materials that I'd used earlier that day and pulled a new sheet of parchment towards . hiding the tips of my ears. any compliment you give me is basically like me complimenting myself. I own absolutely nothing now you know my nothing song! Glorfindel: That was surprisingly good. In fact.109 - . learned it from a friend.. Glorfindel: *nods and agrees* -13: LeavingI didn't go to sleep when I went to my room. and I am quite sure that isn't too good for ones mental health. too. Probably got the lyrics wrong. Glancing in the mirror. Glorfindel: . I changed into the still-dirty pair of trousers and tunic that I had 'borrowed' from Elladan. Instead. I was satisfied that no one without special knowledge of Elvish features was going to know for sure that I was an Elf unless I told them. I own nothing all day long. Careful not to make a noise to disturb Kari. Rachel: Just nod and agree. Glorfindel: Why not? CS: Because you're a fictional character who I am currently controlling.Leaving -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:CS: *singing* I own nothing nothing. Glorfindel: Can't you just take a compliment? CS: Not from you.

I hesitated. but he looked at me curiously as I moved away from the fence.110 - . I need you to jump the fence. Surprisingly. "Good boy!" I said cheerfully. unable to spot Liltalen even with my new Elvish vision. only mildly surprised when he came right away. by the miracle of determination. I then searched around for some dried meats." I said softly. I need you to do me a big favour. He nickered at me. and there was light cloud cover. Satisfied that my plan was going along nicely. then cautiously moved back to the fence and peered into the field. too. he trotted over to me. Liltalen. and realizing one of the fruits I'd snagged from the kitchen was an apple. then turned and disappeared into the darkness. Finally. and I snooped around for only a short while before finding a collection of buns . It wasn't until I . and snitched as much as I dared. then when finished. I followed the roads and paths until I came to the paddock where I had left Liltalen earlier that day. not entirely sure of where to go. and in the language Kari and I had made up. I was delighted to find it empty. He looked down at the fence. Liltalen following.freshly baked. Once there. I heard the sound of a horse galloping. "Come on. so the night was just about as dark as you could wish for. I headed off towards the stables. Then. I grabbed a nearby cloth that was presumably a drying towel and wrapped several buns in it. and I used Gandalf's advice to Merry and followed my nose down to the kitchen. fruits." Liltalen showed no sign of understanding. I handed it to him in thanks. the cook's all retired for the night. I beckoned for him to come again. patting his nose. I barely had time to move out of the way before he leaped over the fence and landed smoothly on the other side. I approached the fence and whistled quietly to Liltalen. Pausing in thought. and left the kitchen for the halls of Rivendell. careful not to take too much. and Liltalen entered my vision again. It should be no problem for you to just jump over it!" I said. He looked at the fence again and snorted. the fence isn't THAT high. beckoning for him to follow. I was pleased to discover that the moon had set. Snorting and tossing his head. Liltalen. nudging my shoulder. and I smiled. and maybe some cheese. Somehow. I grabbed a few fresh fruits that were sitting on one of the counters. I found all three objects. "Listen. When he was done munching on the apple. "Hey I put it upside down on the table and took a last look around the room before slipping out into the halls. I hesitated only a few moments before writing down a note in runes. lest the absence be noted. I smiled as I wrote it. out in the field. then up at me in annoyance. I hesitated once I was out in the hall. but then I caught a whiff of food. Liltalen snorted again. I managed to find my way out of the buildings of Rivendell and onto the actual grounds.

It really was a nice dress I mused as I looked at it. my way out of Rivendell.were now visible in the sparse dirt covering the rock of the cliff.facing the cliff . but a good amount. then. I realized with a stifled giggle that the guard's eyes were glazed over in Elvish sleep. I left my back to the stallion and reached behind me to grab his mane and get a good grip on his back. I hesitated. No voice called out to me when I reached other side of the gates.upstream from the bridge . and the stallion trotted along surprisingly noiselessly behind me. and I smiled as I turned towards the entrance to Rivendell. I then left the path and walked north .backwards. "Hey.111 - . I finished crossing the bridge. I might as well put it to good use and ride you bareback. I mounted Liltalen . Then I wound my hands tightly into . I dropped the few remaining pieces of my dress over.along the top edge of the valley. and dropped what remained of the dress into a swift-moving part of the stream. It was a shame to ruin it. Peering over the edge. but where you normally mount a horse while facing it.apparently there was always a stable hand up. and I smiled happily in relief. I turned my attention to the bridge that was now in front of me. I whistled to Liltalen. I grinned. Now came the hard part. Liltalen nuzzled me. Carefully and as quietly as I could. Not in the sense that I was now sitting on him backwards. I made a swift dash out of the gates. then looked at Liltalen and shrugged. I tore some small bits of cloth off the dress and dropped them on top of rocks or in slow moving side pools of the river. until I reached a section where it was almost a sheer drop down to the river that I'd dropped my dress into. Beckoning for Liltalen to follow. and followed the path beyond it up out of the valley. Some things are universal. and pulled myself onto his back. and Rivendell had little tack. and was satisfied to see at least one piece snag on a branch on the way down. then stopped and unrolled the dress I had brought with me. I stepped onto it and made it to the middle quickly. if I'm going to be a Mary-Sue. But it couldn't be helped. and. but as I crept closer. while standing on the very edge of the cliff. then made the biggest jump I'd ever made. to receive visitors no matter the hour. calling him over. There were guards standing at the gates. so any that went missing would be immediately missed." I said softly to him. I grinned wickedly down as where my footprints . Then I tore a few other strips off the dress. Not enough to make it look like my dress had been shredded.reached the stables and saw a light on inside that I realized what a problem getting tack for Liltalen really was going to be . looking alert.

" he said finally. towards Bree. or whatever other town I might find. Kari didn't read runes . There was nothing. scanning in carefully. Rachel was. It was blank. and handed him the note.and neither did Rachel ." Elrohir said with a frown. nowhere to be found. "Maybe father will be able to read them. Well. "This is gibberish. though. there was a sheet of parchment resting on the table. the two set off for Elrond's study. and it was with great reluctance that she pulled herself out of bed and got dressed." . She. not too mention creepy journeys in the dark. Her mood was not improved any by the remembrance of her and Rachel's fight the night before. Elrohir. Kari sniffed the paper to see if Rachel had written in lemon juice . had had nightmares last night." "Really?" Kari asked. and they quickly explained about the strange note and how neither Elrohir nor Kari understood any of it. Curious. as if someone was preparing to write something. Elrohir frowned as he took the note." he said after awhile. explaining that she didn't read runes and asking him what it said. scanning it why was this here? Now intrigued. it is gibberish. however. Curious. Kari determined that the best course of action was to find someone who COULD read runes and have them translate the message for her. Most of them involved pain and death of some sort. Elrond frowned lightly and took the note. "But it is familiar gibberish. for the first time since arriving in Rivendell. Elrond was there when they arrived. and kicked him into a gallop. "Might it be some form of runes you don't know?" "Possibly. heading for the main room where Rachel was sure to be if she was awake. Wondering if Rachel had decided to make it a little harder on her. "I agree. wondering if Rachel had left another note. Kari turned the parchment over.except a strong smell of ink. figuring that was the best place to start. grumpy and unhappy. heading west. --Kari woke slowly the next morning. "Those runes that I can read make no sense.the poor mans invisible ink.112 - . frowning thoughtfully. and the writing supplies sitting nearby." With that. Instead. Kari wandered over to the table and casually picked up the paper. peering at the note. So she set out of the room and headed for Elrohir's room. She met Elrohir halfway there.Liltalen's mane. however . and blinked in surprise as she looked at the runes on the other side.

" Kari said with a roll of her eyes. I haven't used it in so long. I'd wager that 'Paerrul Ssao' is 'Night Star'. Suddenly. And since this is Rachel and my's language.what does that mean?" Elrohir asked.stop snickering. Then 'sayza baek dafum'. "This first word is 'faw'.." Kari said... "Ah..the runes .. "Damn my memories slow!" Kari suddenly complained. a memory surfaced in Kari's mind.'shi mai'. When we went to go again. "I thought so. but she'd already picked up her note again and was studying it." Kari said with a frown. "Hmm. "Hatr. holding out the other sheet of writing to Kari. a long time ago. Baek and mai seem very familiar.. It had quite obviously been torn out of a notebook."Oh? You have seen these runes before?" Elrohir asked curiously.." he said. Your mother and I were out riding in the woods one time and we stopped for a rest . snagged Elrond's quill. "I've forgotten most of the language. and 'paerrul' means night.. though. too. "What?" Elrohir asked curiously.. "These are the runes we made up to write the language out.. and started translating.were very familiar." "Perhaps looking at this other paper would help you translate the rest?" Elrond asked. "Very bored." Elrond said flatly.. possibly. slightly insane. and the writing on it ." Kari pulled an empty sheet of parchment towards her. "Once.. and she realized where the runes were from. ..." "You made up your own language. Let's see. saying the words out loud as she went. pulled out a piece of paper with a triumphant smile. and when we picked it up. and it's signed 'Paerrul Ssao'." Elrond started rifling through one of his drawers. Rachel and I got really bored one time while we were traveling and decided to make up our own language. eyebrows raised. looking at Kari. we found strange runes written on it. here it is. putting the note down. and after that is.fssarr'l beil. we spotted some paper on the ground. "I believe I have the paper somewhere around here.moet Elven-Glorf'l." "So. "I have no idea. and after several minutes. 'Sayza' means friend." Kari stopped suddenly." Kari paled as she saw the paper.. I DO know these runes. her eyes going wide as she realized suddenly what she was translating. Elrond nodded..113 - .

. One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie." Kari replied." Kari finished softly. turning back to the note. "Rachel and I translated that into our language a long time ago. Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone.114 - .Me! 'Something me not. One Ring to rule them all.. "'Faw' must have been one of the later words we made. then closed her eyes and recited from memory. I can remember making it. drumming her fingers on Elrond's desk as she tried to remember the last word." Kari said dismissively. . "The point is." At that point.' Shi. any further thought was interrupted by the door slamming open and Elladan dashing in."What is it?" Elrohir asked. but never using it. How you and Lady Celebrían came across it is beyond me.." she said softly.. friend of mine. his face pale. Kari hesitated for a moment. have you remembered more about your language?" Elrond asked curiously.Shi. that has refreshed my memory enough that I can translate some of this note. not. One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie..'Something.. ever curious... "The prophecy of the ring? How on Arda did the two of you hear of that in your travels?" Elrond asked. "What does it say?" Elrond asked. "I don't need to translate any more of this. friend of mine. something. however. or what it means. dumbfounded.'" Kari frowned thoughtfully. "Oh. but I know what this says. Nine for mortal men doomed to die. "No. Night Star. Elrond and Elrohir just looked at Kari. "It matters not. "Three rings for the Elven-kings under the sky. One Ring to find them.

annoyed. Everyone in the room stared at Elladan in shock.assume anything.Liltalen. and.. . Elrond's eyebrows shot up as he looked at what he was holding. "You can't be sure that this is a piece of Rachel's dress. Rachel's stallion. her eyes wide as saucers." Curious. and then slowly held out his right hand. "I was going to do just that. "Yes Lord Elrond?" he asked. Elrond spotted a familiar head of golden hair disappearing around a corner in front of him. and he called out to its owner. and he looked at Elrond curiously. carefully avoiding saying the word 'jump'. "It's. Everyone looked at her. "A piece of fabric?" he asked." Elladan said softly. "You must be mistaken.. Rachel's note reads 'forget me not. What on Arda would it be doing in the river?" "There are cliffs north of Rivendell. and Elladan dropped what he was holding into his father's hand. "Glorfindel!" The Elf-lord's head appeared around the corner. his sons and Kari following quietly and quickly behind." Elladan said quietly." Elladan said. rising from behind his desk." Elrohir said. "Let us go to the bridge and see what more we can find before we." Elrond said.. "'Faw' means forget. I ended out on top of the bridge. all looking slightly dazed." Elladan paused. "So? Go catch him. but when I followed his tracks. On his way down the hallway." Kari said suddenly. He got out during the night. gasping for breath. Seeing none of them were about to lead the way." Elrohir said after a while."Elladan? What is the matter?" Elrond asked. Elrond took the lead and strode out of his study. friend of mine.'" Silence reigned. "I saw this in the water.. The dress Rachel was wearing last night.. which was wrapped tightly around something. The other three elves in the room nodded. Elrond held out his hand.. "Forget. "A piece of a dress. Elladan.115 - . remembering Rachel's comment to Elrohir the day before when she had told him she didn't care about being proper. worried.

Nodding. Elrond headed in the direction of the bridge.. though. Kari and Rachel said that they were fine. so that the three behind him couldn't hear. "And Rachel seemed quite disturbed about something last night . and they soon reached it. and she ended out having a fight with Kari.. "The west bridge." Elrond commanded. and found a piece of the dress Rachel was wearing last night in the river." Elrond said softly. When Elladan went to see Narore this morning before breakfast like he usually does." Elrond replied briskly. speaking for the first time since the study to direct his father towards where he'd found the fabric as they stepped outside." "Rachel would not. "See if you can find her horses tracks on the other side of the bridge." Glorfindel was looking very disturbed at what all this was pointing to. there are cliffs north of here. he discovered that Liltalen was missing.116 - . He had never handled death easily since returning from his own death. Elrond suddenly regretted calling out to Glorfindel. unwilling to make the obvious connections. I believe. shrugged. He went to track down the stallion. Glorfindel paled. friend of mine'. though the quite possibly could have seen the evidence of one. "Kari found a note in her room this morning from Rachel reading 'forget me not.I walked her back to her room.I mean. "What would part of her dress be doing in the river?" the Elf-lord asked. "As Elladan pointed out. something he hadn't heard of anyone being able to do ."Come." "They haven't.and if this all truly led to the obvious conclusion. When Elrohir and I left. Glorfindel looked at those already following Elrond. . and headed over and fell into step with the Lord of Rivendell.Arwen had even told him that Glorfindel had let Rachel shorten his name to 'Glory'. "Your three lost puppies look like they've seen a death. "What is going on?" Glorfindel asked curiously. but I think that was only true for Kari." Elladan said." he said. Glorfindel and Rachel seemed to have been getting along wonderfully yesterday . but then realized that he would have found out sooner or later.. Looking down into the river. it would be a hard blow to Glorfindel." Elrond explained.. "What?!" Glorfindel exclaimed in surprise. and Elrond felt sorry for the Elf. Elrond spotted another strip of fabric on a rock in the center of the water and sighed.

I apologize for the long time between updates. alright. I really have no excuse except laziness.87% more prancing ponies!---(And tiredness. But I've been wanting to put that language into a story or fanfic for. since Arwen helped him bake them. thank-you to all my lovely reviewers. they barely noticed where they were going ." Elladan said. But schoolwork isn't really an excuse. yes..with 42. And if you're wondering..a long time.. staring at a point on the ground not far from the cliffs. "Footprints. recognizing the hoof prints from earlier. You all get cookies made by Glorfindel. And schoolwork.. suddenly. So intent were they on their task. Kari did the only sensible thing she could do .. stupid tiredness) -Authors Note:Yes.Elrond and Kari did. the language is actually real. "Somebody jumped from here.. all three tracking Elves stopped. Your choice whether you want to risk eating them or not. ----To be continued.) Anywho. With the prints identified.Especially if you're also an Aragorn fan. ~Crimson Starlight .117 - .she fainted.. Elrohir and Glorfindel nodded. My friend and I made/are making it up. Straight towards the cliffs. (mostly because I use everything else as an excuse to get away from doing schoolwork) Once again.. "Here they are. and all three quickly set to work." And with that announcement. And.Elladan..guh." Elrohir choked out.. the language thingy wasn't really needed and just makes a corny and Mary-Sue addition to the plot. (the dictionary's currently 6 pages long. "What is it?" Kari asked nervously. the three trackers followed them quickly into the forest and north along the cliffs. though.

. *bops Rachel* .. . it's because he's sexy. I mean..118 - . . *disappears again* Rachel: Can I disagree with that? Glorfindel: Shut up you. how can she not have the extra minute or so to write a disclaimer? Glorfindel: Maybe she used up all her spare time writing the chapter? Rachel: Hm.Bree -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:Glorfindel: Crimson Starlight is currently running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get ready for her mothers birthday. I always have good points. she wrote the chapter. shoo! . Rachel: Why are you all still here? Glorfindel: Yeah. Glorfindel: Of course it's a good point. so she's left the disclaimer to me and Rachel. It's why I'm an Elf-lord. Rachel: I really don't know why. Rachel: Really? CS: *poking her head in* Nah. good point.

You are all making me nervous staring and drooling like that. Glorfindel: Now we're done the disclaimer. But to tell the truth.. we forgot the disclaimer.gleaned from the book on survival I'd been reading. and start a life of my own choosing.. And. Glorfindel: None of the setting. After eating and having a small drink from a nearby stream. I decided to take a . so shoo. Rachel: *snigger* -14: BreeI felt bad about leaving Rivendell the way I had.and I couldn't have hunted even if I'd had a weapon with me. and stopped only at noon the next day. after my first day out of Rivendell. I had a feeling that it was the only way I would be able to get away from what I'd dubbed the 'Mary-Sue Factor'. and more than that. That risk was lessened to just Glorfindel or Kari. which had. I'd always said that if I could ever go to Middle-Earth. started with edible wild plants . I ate my rations sparingly. so I could literally spend hundreds of years studying various cultures. more than anything I'd just want to wander around and look at all the various cultures. I only had a little knowledge of edible wild plants in Middle-Earth .. so my provisions needed to last as long as possible. I hadn't eaten since I'd left. Rachel: Oooo. Rachel: She does own me. none of that. Now I had the opportunity to do so. . most of the original characters in this chapter. didn't we? Glorfindel: Crimson Starlight owns absolutely nothing. making everyone think I was dead. And Kari.119 - . however. least of all me. of course . though. Rachel: Nope. come to think of it. thank goodness. I wouldn't be able to go near the Elvish lands.too much risk of running into someone from Rivendell who recognized me. I road hard throughout the night. I needed to sever all connections with the Elves and Kari. I was an immortal elf. but even though I was hungry. though.

handsome hero. and nobody can predict the Mary-Sue Factor. I frowned. the sun was setting . non-perfect looks. however. and then made for the stream again to get a drink before rousing the stallion and continuing on my way. flopped down on his side. Lifting up my makeshift head scarf I discovered. wizards. warp travel gone wrong. I went back to the stream and looked down at my reflection in it. sleeping. where I had to lead him to a rock before I could mount him. however. when I found that I had apparently shrunk several inches . Who would complain about being an Elf. What I saw made my BLUE eyes light up . tan skinned and short. I skipped back to appearance had returned to normal! I was black haired. (Don't ask) Anyways. that my ears were still pointed. if I'd done my job right and if the Mary-Sue Factor was working in my favour.I felt strangely tired. though. I shook my head at him.I remember thinking what typical Mary-Sue I was.and Liltalen was almost unmountable by me at this height. Curious. smiling slightly. Standing up. and the Mary-Sue Factor was weakening. when I woke next. sleeping longer than intended so I could get in trouble and be rescued by the big. thus letting me revert to my normal. This got me wondering about the Mary-Sue Factor's origins. My happiness at my appearance returning to normal. and just about every other incredible thing you could think of. chanced across at least part of the actual answers to why I was in Middle-Earth and why Kari . I had a theory that maybe it was because I was away from the Elves. and why Kari and I had been brought to Middle-Earth. only the part about oversleeping was correct. I surveyed the land near to me and found Liltalen. soon faded. considering I hadn't done anything like faking my own death before. sometime during the course of my speculation. so that last one wasn't really all that good. and including. however. magic. however. Not surprisingly. anyways? Happily. who had apparently decided that I was going to stay here awhile. Then I found the road again and followed it west. anyways.short nap before continuing . and soon my mind was spinning wild tales involving Valar and other Gods. blue eyed. Istari and Maia. There was no worry of pursuit.120 - . I was still an Elf. I looked like myself again. but shrugged. Ok. and it would be best to keep up my strength. Those were two very big 'if's. It wasn't until I had roused Liltalen and tried to mount him that I realized anything was different. It became glaringly obvious to me. I knew. and I started wondering WHY my appearance had returned to normal. but still. and so it made sense to me. too happy over my change of appearance to be very concerned about that. I probably. up to. Fortunately. I was tired.

I had a creative hay day. Liltalen had grown shaggy and dirty over the journey.every single one that I saw could have literally walked right under Liltalen's stomach. of course. it was just terribly primitive and dirty compared to the Elves. in fact. and ignored several lewd suggestions from passing men. I hadn't thought they'd be that short . I decided as I sat in the ruins of the watch tower of Amon Sûl. Don't get me wrong. especially once you got up into the more mixed part of the buildings. One did. sadly. Still. in fact . I reached Bree in the afternoon of the second day after camping on Weathertop.and I had been made Mary-Sues. Liltalen and I were. Bree wasn't a horrible place or anything. probably the cleanest creatures I saw. That probably meant that I could get to Bree within a day or two. where both hobbits and men frequented. I noted with amusement as I looked around at the other inhabitants of Bree. I'd been leered at multiple times. so you could tell that he was a very BIG black horse. The hobbits that I saw.121 - . That also meant that I should start figuring out what I was going to do when I got to Bree. It was all very fine and dandy to talk about running off and surviving by myself. on whether or not the Mary-Sue Factor would enable me to understand and speak Common. All I know is that for the next few weeks as I traveled along the deserted road from Rivendell to Bree. If I'd had anything to write down even half the ideas I came up with on that trip. of course. but that was it. were quite something else. it actually took me less time than Aragorn. Surprisingly to me. let alone what I was used to in the modern world. of course. That was about the only good thing about the Mary-Sue Factor. which meant I'd have to buy things to feed myself. but I had very few survival skills to speak of. Frodo and company to get between Rivendell and Bree. and I'm pretty sure I had to have been the worst looking Elf to have ever be seen in that town. Liltalen looked a little startled at that. that the reason I was going faster was that I was riding a horse. By the time I'd reached what looked like a more savory part of town. though my ears were covered so nobody could tell I was an Elf. as well. but the hobbit just patted the stallion on the shoulder and gave me a smile before . when it got a little crowded and the place he wanted to go was on the other side. In other words. I needed some currency. and I could cook fairly well when given a recipe.I could now speak other languages. Both physical and in thoughts. I realized when I camped at Weathertop. I wasn't entirely unskilled in making things from scratch. Which lead the logical conclusion of deciding to look for a job once I got to Bree. This all hinged. I'm sure I could have made a fortune selling them to other authors back home. instead of traveling on foot. I suppose it actually wasn't that bad for a medieval-technology-level town.

why not? It was like having a customer that did everything themselves. and the smells of good food were driving me nuts. And. and more besides. I was wondering if you could use some help for an evening or two. "If ya help out tonight and tomorrow. "Actually. It was getting dark by the time I decided that I needed to stop gaping and start looking for a place to stay for the night. as well?" The Innkeeper looked at me in surprise. he shrugged.continuing on his way.or the Mary-Sue Factor . coming in and chatting up the owner for awhile to make sure they were nice people who I might want to work for before I asked them if they needed any help." he said. and none of them needed help. however.would have it.122 - . One thing all the shop keepers had agreed on. had mentioned other shops that they'd heard were looking for ancestor of Barliman's. and then frowned lightly as I remembered Liltalen. that also meant a place to work. Out of an entire dozen shops. I smiled ruefully as I noticed the sign. as chance . and the majority of the shops were closed now. That made things infinitely harder. only half of them I would care to work at. Will it be any trouble to house him. I wasn't too sure about the working in an Inn idea. the nearest Inn was the Prancing Pony. The owner ." The Innkeeper looked at me appraisingly for a few moments. asking me what he could do for Liltalen would let me sell him even if I wanted to but in the end. was that many of the Inns needed help and would be glad to take me on and house and feed me until I found my footing." "Thank you. being the friendly people that they were." he said. and then nodded. then shook my head and stepped inside. and I have no money to my name.appeared almost instantly when I stepped in. good sir. After all. but since it was late and I didn't want to go back out of the city to sleep in the wilderness. it's not a problem. "We are a little short on servers. I'll feed ya and give ya a place to sleep." I said with a smile. "I do have a horse. and. . I went from shop to shop. since I had no money to pay for even one night's board. though." I said in response. I sighed and headed for the nearest Inn. Several of them. and some coins beside if you work hard. probably . "It will cut down on the coin I'll be givin' you at the end. but it was getting late. but no. though. "I've just recently arrived in town. probably wondering why I didn't just sell my horse to get some money .

revealing that this woman was Halena. then if would be easy to overlook. I figured she had to be related to the woman somehow." I nodded my thanks. "Yes Ma?" Jeanai asked. and my mouth started watering quickly. that was the best food I'd ever tasted. Judging from her close resemblance to Halena. "This here's Rachel. and she can tell you what to do and set you to work. went and found a slice of meat and put it on a piece of bread before handing it to me. and instantly a younger cook scurried over." I said ruefully. Bartholomew noticed my glance.. and then called out to one of the main cooks in the kitchen. having finished my bread and meat." I said politely. "I suppose you don't have a dress you could change into?" "No ma'am. and if you're not expecting to see and woman in men's clothing. and after a moments pause. my mouth already full of the meat and bread. I'm Bartholomew Marsanon." I nodded and followed Bartholomew as he set off for the kitchens. "Serving. Bartholomew smiled with amusement. She scurried over.123 - . and instead I eyed some freshly cooked meat hungrily. who was looking at me appraisingly. Miss Rachel. then peered at me and nodded. she's gonna be here for a few nights servin'. I supposed my headscarf could be mistaken for a bandana. we have an agreement. we can't have you serving in men's clothing. "Very good. The Innkeeper looked slightly surprised. "Very well then. "Come to the kitchens with me and I'll introduce ya to my wife Halena. so it's fine by me. and Halena gave an exaggerated sigh. Right then.?" "Miss Rachel. and I was left alone with Halena. as well at the smell. I need you to .. "Jeanai!" she called. "Here. "Well. eh?" she said after awhile." I supplied and corrected with a grin as I realized that the Innkeeper thought I was a boy." I smiled sheepishly. The Innkeeper smiled. Am I good or am I good? Mother and daughter. The temperature. Mister. rose exponentially when we entered the kitchen. and Bartholomew introduced me to her." he said. "Ya can have more when then evenin's done. Bartholomew then disappeared out of the kitchen with a reassurance that he would get my horse taken care of." The Innkeeper said. that'll last while Halena tells you what to do. used to worse on the Australian outback. The heat I brushed off."I wasn't even expecting to get any money.

and then nodded. Jeanai seemed not to notice. as she took the dresses that didn't fit from me. Jeanai pulled a key out of somewhere and unlocked the door. The other dress that fit was plain." Jeanai said. "See which one of these fits. Noticing her glance. however." Jeanai said softly.take her and go find her a dress. and down a flight of stairs. and one was far too low cut for my comfort. then turned back to me and eyed the dirty trousers and tunic I was holding. Jeanai nodded to a screen in the room. Fortunately. then turned and took my dirty clothes from me and dumped them unceremoniously into a basket full of other dirty laundry. and then return to the kitchen. "You look even better in it than Elena did. Come. "I do?" I asked dubiously.I had come across to wash myself on the journey to Bree.rather special to me." Halena said. we shall put them in with the rest of the laundry to be done tomorrow. and I disappeared behind it with the dresses. so I just accepted it. stream . . I held the dirty clothes a little closer. All the dresses seemed to have been cut that low or lower. Pausing." I said. suddenly realizing that I wanted to hang onto at least something of Rivendell besides Liltalen. a dark green colour with very little decoration. Jeanai looked at me for a moment. you looked wonderful!" Jeanai exclaimed happily when I emerged wearing the dress. and it was custom tailored for her!" Jeanai said. and still showed a good deal more cleavage than I would have liked. "Could these be washed so I can keep them? They're. Following her. "Where can I change?" I asked.. speaking for the first time as she held out some dresses that she'd gathered. then followed her once again as we left the Marsanon family's rooms. I had taken every opportunity . Jeanai looked at me strangely. I realized that this must be where the Marsanon family lived . Jeanai nodded happily. I tried on all the dresses.124 - . "Ai. and Halena instantly turned her attention back to what she'd been doing before Bartholomew had brought me in. Jeanai led me through some more halls. then pushed it open and stepped inside. smiling. so I didn't look too incredibly dirty in the dress. then wordlessly motioned for me to follow her and led me out of the kitchen and down a hallway until we came to a set of doors.. but only two fit.aka. I nodded. looking down at myself. "Of course. taking the dresses from her carefully. however. Jeanai certainly looked like a more permanent living space than I would imagine any Inn room looking like.

and that server could take it there without trouble. then made shooing motions with her hands.and the servers . and then Jeanai will show you to where you can sleep.all two of us ." she said. "Otherwise you get to see the results of what happens when you try and cut your own hair with a dull knife. secretly trusting in Elvish handiwork to surprise even the cleaners. Bartholomew himself appeared in the . and each server was assigned a certain set of tables to serve. But the scarf should go. it was also terribly busy. I did. I realized as I set to work. At that point. and I only had three men come on to me. "Help yourself to whatever's left in the kitchen. I smiled back. "Very well. "Now then." I said. and reached for my headscarf that I had left on." Halena said. I nodded." I smiled thankfully. Thankfully. however.each of the tables had been given names. and to Marli. Rachel. It was terribly organized for such a small place. the clientele remained fairly respectable. told me. telling them to get themselves home. Halena got down to business. showing me quickly and efficiently how to carrying trays and dishes out into the main room. happy to be allowed to keep the scarf. someone had left and someone new had arrived . sending Jeanai on her way and giving me another appraising look. a young woman named Marli."I am not too sure how clean they shall be gotten. however. But then. It was surprisingly like a modern day restaurant . and then Halena gathered all the kitchen help . turning to me. and stopped shooting annoyed looks at the offending patrons. they could always tell anther server the table name for an order. and a dozen or so lewd remarks. my only other fellow server. then explaining how they figured out what order went to what table. and that left Jeanai and I. Then Jeanai was leading me back through the halls to the kitchen. It was apparently a common occurrence. but we shall try our best. It was close to midnight by the time the last person left the Inn or found their way up to their room. "Scarf stays. It seemed every time I left the kitchen." she said. lose track of the number of times my rump was pinched. "It looks good on you. With that decided.together. and Halena appeared again. About halfway through the evening I realized she was right." Halena blinked. however. We shall get you a matching one for tomorrow night.a solid five in number .the clientele was constantly changing. feeling entirely too tired to speak. If needed. and then chuckled. They did." Jeanai said with a reassuring smile. She handed out some coins to four of the kitchen helpers.125 - . Bartholomew told me ya were rather hungry when you came in t'night. clapping a hand down on top of my head and thinking fast.

" The three seemed to relax after that. "An Elf. almost nervously." I replied promptly. I should have remembered how stubborn Liltalen is. Miss Rachel." I said. "Who did you meet on the road that could speak Elvish?" she asked. could you go convince your horse to follow Gartan to the stables? He's been trying to coax the poor beast in there all evenin'. and then started inwardly smacking myself as the three family members shared looks of fear and worry . "But if you don't mind. however. And they glow. and Jeanai's eyes went wide. I turned back to the Marsanon family and looked at them curiously. Then we returned to the kitchen. with little luck. probably more out of politeness than anything else.was holding out to him enticingly." I said. though. "Liltalen!" I called sharply. and I went back inside the Inn as my stomach growled. "He's actually called Star Dancer. and Bartholomew and Halena bid us goodnight before disappearing off along the hallway Jeanai had taken me along earlier. when I felt three pairs of eyes on my back.126 - ." he said cheerfully. "Liltalen is just the Elvish translation that I learned from someone I met on my journey here. but they didn't need to know that." I said to the surprised boy." I said sternly. in a way. ignoring the apple that a boy . "Wonderful job tonight. live Elf?" I smiled and nodded.presumably Gartan . where I started digging in to the food. With a glance at Jeanai. "Sorry. Gartan nodded. "Obey him." I groaned. Finally. I slipped out of the Inn and found Liltalen stubbornly standing where I'd left him. Jeanai was waiting for me. watching me curiously. her voice hushed and excited. "If he gives you any and came over. . "What did they look like?" "Like you or I. I had. "You met an Elf?" she asked. and instantly the stallion's head shot towards me. nibbled a bit on an apple. and Liltalen snorted once before meandering over to Gartan and snatching the apple from his hand. when I'd slowed down." I said quickly.they probably thought I'd stolen him. before you do anything else. "Yer horse has an Elvish name?" Bartholomew asked. she spoke. heading for the front door. I paused. "A real. I nodded. only much taller and graceful. pulling the lie off the top of my head. and bolted the Inn door behind me. tell me and I'll deal with him. Jeanai.

simple room. motioning for me to follow her as she stood up from the stool she'd sat on while I ate. After pondering what to do about sleeping attire for a moment.with 67% more funny-talking natives!---(And the required Tod!) (Uh. however." Jeanai said. I smiled again. and handed me a key and said goodnight before disappearing back down the stairs..) -Authors friend and I have an unintentional habit of naming extras 'Tod' or 'Ted' in our FanFictions. stopping in front of one of the first doors we came across. "Wow." I said. "So where did you travel from. "Aye. "Oh. You get to sleep in one of our spare rooms.and drifting off into the peaceful oblivion of sleep. I went into the room and closed and locked the door behind me. excited once again. you must be tired. I nodded. With her gone. I stood and followed her as she led me up to the part of the Inn holding rooms for rent. "Really?! You came over the mountains?" Jeanai asked." she said. ok." Jeanai said. and hung it in the small closet I had been supplied with before sinking onto the bed . A yawn suddenly escaped me. I don't mind the questions. hoping to avoid having to tell any specifics. and Jeanai blushed abruptly. "A town in the east. I decided that I'd sleep in the shift that I'd had to put on underneath the dress.. "My thoughts exactly.." I replied vaguely. I quickly took off the borrowed dress. I do need some sleep. then.127 - ." I said. I should probably explain that. revealing a small.. over the Misty Mountains. then."They glow?" Jeanai asked dumbly. I nodded. "I'm sorry. that you met an Elf on the road?" Jeanai asked." I said. I did.still wearing my headscarf ." I said. "Apparently they tend to do so when the starlight shines on them. ----To be continued. "Come. Jeanai opened the door.

considering that I was dealing with mortals in 'Sightseeing in Middle-Earth'. thank you to ALL my reviewers. I've never had to cover this much time in a story before. We'll see how this works out. to end this Author's Note.A little note on where this story is going . especially since I've edited them numerous I can give it to her tonight. though I would especially like it if I had only reviewers to thank because all my readers have reviewed. Do I procrastinate? Hell yes.128 - . So that's 800 or so years. I just hope I do OK with the little time-passing chapters. If that makes any sense.for the next few chapters. *hint hint* Now off to buy my mothers birthday present. I will be getting back to Rivendell eventually.. ~Crimson Starlight . Heck....well.. but. never really gave myself the chance.she's going to be returning with Boromir. Lastly. when the fun can begin. recognizable characters other than Rachel will be making only brief appearances. and to my readers.. in 5 chapters. and I'm going to be trying to cover it all and get her back to Rivendell. and taking too long to reveal the plot in 'No Eyes Needed' would give away the plot without really giving it away.

wondering what had happened to my Elvish constitution.. I shook myself out of my wishing for a good bath. I was a little sore.along with some soap.Settling -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:CS: Today.. I washed my face and hands. Groaning.. so he's a very YOUNG Boromir. I found my headscarf had wrapped itself around my eyes.. then after smoothing out my shift as best I could. and was amused when the water immediately turned a dirty brown colour. I mused as I looked in the small. near to noon. I found not only the dress from the night before. Boromir: Can I have a cookie now? Pwease? *makes a puppy dog face* CS: *gives Boromir a cookie* Boromir: Yay! ^_^ Rachel: That is disturbingly cute for something coming from someone who's going to grow up to be a water-logged pin cushion. we have a special guest to help me with the disclaimer . I carefully pulled myself out of bed and pulled off the scarf before stretching... but very rested. I looked around the room and discovered a pitcher full of water and a basin . -15: SettlingWhen I woke the next morning. . Just with that simple wash.129 - . I was surprised I had been so tired. Cheerfully. Glorfindel: .Boromir! Boromir: Cwimson Stawwight owns nothin but Wachel and Kawi. A few moments later. I smiled wryly. CS: OK. Then I realized I'd been going on about three hours sleep each night for my entire journey. what I wouldn't give for a large tub full of water and this soap. cracked mirror behind the basin. Oh. I already looked much cleaner. and went over to the closet. To my surprise. and the sun high in the sky.

Halena will have some food waitin'. Master Marsanon. Then its back t'servin'.but several other of the same size. not wanting to get it wet. however. I supposed Halena or Bartholomew probably had a master key. then removed the dress I'd just put on. I contemplated the dirty water in the basin. I went back to the mirror to put it on.. Then I left the room and headed downstairs to the kitchen. I spotted several scarves hanging on little pegs on the back of the door of the closet. "Have a good sleep?" Bartholomew asked with a mischievous grin. with only a few guests still abed. "Aye. After putting on the dress.130 - . and then you do whatever she tells ya until supper. I picked out a deep blue one that complimented my eyes." I nodded cheerily. and there was no indication that anybody had seen one way or another. I was slightly worried.. There was nothing for it. most people don't until they've had t'go without. or a copy of every room key. Rachel!" he said cheerily. I made a face. But then. I found that most of the rest of the Inn was up already. wondering if I should do anything about it. I nodded emphatically. Once I had put the blue dress back on. and amused me greatly. I glanced at the door . Halena fed me." I said cheerfully in reply. "Good morning. Once that was done. I wrapped the scarf around my head . washing dishes with an idiotic grin on my face. "Good morn to ya.and my ear tips . . "I never knew how much you could miss such a simple thing as a bed." he said. I decided not. so I had no choice." I said. so I figured I couldn't be in much trouble for sleeping late. "If ya go t'the kitchen. Flipping through the four dresses now hanging in the closet.might have seen me sleeping with my eyes open and know that I was an Elf. Poor Jeanai and Halena must have thought I was crazy. though. that whoever had brought the dresses in and probably the pitcher full of water .hoping to whatever deities were listening that walking around with wet hair was acceptable in Middle-Earth. and Bartholomew chuckled. Then I had the extreme fun of finger-combing my hair. and I picked a nice one that matched my hair. There was no such thing as a hair-dryer. was locked. for fear I would make a mistake. however. There. four walls. and put me to work. Bartholomew smiled to me as I entered the common room of the Inn. and then disappeared into the kitchen. and used the soap and remaining water in the pitcher to do a crude washing of my hair. and realized suddenly how greasy and gross my hair was. and a roof. Something I hadn't done since I was a kid.washing dishes.

Whatever they thought. much to the amusement of Gartan. do that chore." he said gravely. Once a chore. and when I complained about it. though. "If yer up t'it. and start serving. get given another chore to do.which I was learning to love . Curious. "I'm not going to sacrifice my cleanliness just to get away from their come ons. Then. so I went out and looked in on Liltalen.131 - . and you have all been such a great help. suppertime rolled around. cooped up in the stable all day. not to mention many butt pinches. My Elvish constitution . Halena wanted me to come help hang up the laundry she'd washed." I said with a smile. "I'm going to have some days free so that I can ride L . et cetera. "At least. eat. I literally skipped back into the Inn. maybe more later. "Wonderful!" Bartholomew said with a smile.had me still energetic. That was easy. The rest of my day continued along those same lines . Finally. The clothes were hardly showing any wear for the weeks that I'd worn them. not for awhile. and then we were both speeding off to serve tables again. We could use the help. was fine. Marli seemed amused by all the attention I was getting. I was certainly having more fun then I had expected. and all the patrons with rooms were in them. I went over to him when he called to me. as when I was done with the dishes. Elvish handiwork really was the best. besides being grumpy about being left in a stall all day. "I really have no place else to go." Marli grinned. get given another chore to do. and I got to return to the kitchen. I didn't stop to ask. I was sure I could. considering. and I got to smile serenely as Halena exclaimed over how clean my trousers and tunic had come. He's going to get restless. if tiring. If I could just get used to the lewd comments from the men in the common room." I said with a blink. who. I spent the evening weaving in and out of the tables with Marli.Star Dancer. though. Bartholomew frowned thoughtfully for a moment. and I would get to see a lot more of the population working here than in a shop of some sort. where I found Bartholomew waiting for me. ya've been a great help these two nights. and I could pay ya a few coins a week. It was around midnight again by the time the common room was finally empty. ignoring lewd remarks and suggestions. I'd be glad t'have ya stay on as more of a regular. Working at an Inn wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be. she told me that next time I should try and make myself look a little more dirtier and unbecoming if I wanted to avoid it. ." I paused. then suddenly smiled. "Rachel." I said.

and disappeared. was nowhere to be found. Indeed. clean shift that Jeanai had brought with her that morning.132 - . Star Dancer will have plenty of room to run there. and he's always mentionin' how he has s'few horses 'cause he can't get a stallion. "I was planning on getting up early. the next morning. as I woke up as she came in. I smiled cheerfully. I rinsed my face and hands before picking out another one of the dresses in the wardrobe and changing into it." he said. then nodded."Well. I grinned and pulled my headscarf down over my eyes like my other headscarf had been when I'd woken up that morning. humming some vaguely Celtic sounding music before heading up to my room. but I dismissed it. and my tunic and trousers were folded neatly and put in the small dresser that held the basin and pitcher. and a new. I'll 'ave Jeanai take ya t'Tod's tomorrow mornin'. I found that the basin had been emptied. "I shall have to see about that. then said goodnight. and I didn't mind. and then I lay back and fell asleep. It would certainly do Star's ego some good. After a brief pause. I had the sudden urge to do some imitation Celtic line-dancing across the common room. which I did. anyways. then." I said." I said. and then once Jeanai had left the room. with no worries that whoever was taking care of my room might wander in and see me sleeping with my eyes open. he'd be more'n happy t'let the boy roam his pastures durin' the day. "That's just the place for him! Old Tod has a very large amount of land. Bartholomew chuckled again. "I need to see about getting a more suitable place for Star Dancer to spend his days than cooped up in a stall. which I had left on the floor. The last one up in the Inn. Still humming to myself. Your father mentioned that you might be able to introduce me to Old Tod?" "Oh. I'm sure if ya let him intr'duce yer Star Dancer t'his mares. I have just the thing fer that! Old Tod on the edge of town raises horses. of course!" Jeanai said cheerfully. "I'll be up and ready at the crack of dawn!" I said. slightly amused by the prospect. "If ye can get up early 'nough. There was also a nightshirt resting on the bed. I changed into the nightshirt and did a quick wash of my hands and face before climbing into bed. apparently not believing me. Inside. She apologized immediately for waking me up. I pondered that. Bartholomew chuckled. I discovered that it was Jeanai who was playing the maid to my room." he said cheerily." I smiled again. I also changed . and the pitcher refilled. telling me I could sleep in the same room. My dirty headscarf.

my head scarf so it matched the dress." I nodded." Jeanai said with a smile. Jeanai was silent only until the Inn was out of sight. "A little past the crack of dawn. Then Halena told me to sit and handed me a bowl of something that looked vaguely like oatmeal. and I ate quickly." I said. "He'll be up. "You'll find I'm full of surprises." Jeanai said. and then we set off. I bet you had lots of adventures coming over the mountains." I replied with a smile. I'm a little off.133 - . "Depends on what tales you're talking about. "Really?" Jeanai asked. and losing my luggage and my horse.. not to mention all the fake Dwarves that one could see easily by watching the 'Lord of the Rings' movies." Bartholomew chuckled. "So have you seen any Dwarves?" she asked. I headed off down to the kitchen. "They are short. "All who have to deal with a large number of horses on a regular basis are up before the dawn. I had adventures. "Will HE be up at this hour?" I asked dubiously. and I'm not exactly tall. I smiled. very surprised. "Are they really as short as the tales tell?" Jeanai asked excitedly. a story forming in my mind to explain about Liltalen and my tunic and trousers if the time to explain about them ever came. and could take me to see Old Tod.I'd seen lots of actual dwarves from home on the TV. but it would be better to plant the basis for the stories ahead of time. "Tsk tsk. It might not.. yes." "Wow." I said. Once that was done. switching topics easily." I replied. "I'm just surprised t'see ya up." he said. "If you count get my dress ripped and torn. where Bartholomew looked positively shocked to see me up and about. so they didn't seem like such a lie. not many. It was only a half-lie. though. lass. looking out and seeing that the sun had still not fully risen. and announced that she was down cleaning rooms. The tallest one that I've seen barely came up to my chest." I said with a frown as I looked out the window. Jeanai appeared when I was down. . "A few.

"Trying to get him used to being called Star Dancer. He smiled. and Star Dancer. depending on whether or not she was around her parents. I was lucky I came upon that Elf that I mentioned the other night. where I saw a small stable. and he was just taking the horse between Elvish kingdoms. yes. myself. she was silent and obedient. looking mildly surprised. We walked in silence for a short while.. She knocked lightly on the door." "Old Tod's going to go into shock!" Jeanai said. and then Jeanai started chattering away about various shops and people that we passed.Star Dancer is an Elvish horse? That's why you called him that Elvish name! It was his name before that Elf gave him to you. it wasn't his horse." I said with a shrug. Around them. and when there was no response."Yes. Jeanai looked at me confused." I replied." I replied. she lead me around back. "He GAVE you his horse?" Jeanai "Well. inspecting at a horses hoof intently. He gave me some better clothes. however. looking like it was more used for shelter than anything else.the girl was like two entirely different people. and in front of it was an elderly . but I'm not going to tell him until he agrees to let me keep Star Dancer there." she said. Eventually.134 - . when he saw Jeanai. but then shrugged. "Whatever you want to do. wasn't it?" Jeanai asked. and Jeanai led me to a small house that seemed to be at the edge of a large field. I listened. and shot flirtatious looks at just about every boy we passed.she talked non stop. though. her eyes sparkling. Away from them . to see if someone else could get him to behave. Jeanai! What brings you here?" he asked as we came over. he decided that Star Dancer was probably better off with me. amused . "So. practically bounced as she walked. and he straightened. Star Dancer was apparently a rather troublesome stallion. "Once he finds out. "I still call him Liltalen most of the time.. I nodded.though still energetic . however." I said. When he saw that Star Dancer listened to me practically immediately. "Ah. down to earth and everybody's good little girl. . we reached the outskirts of town. So he gave him to me. "Tod!" Jeanai called out to the old man.

" Jeanai nodded vigorously." I replied." I said. Old Tod smiled at my politeness. and I've traveled by horse from east of the Misty Mountains. I might. but you're no horsewoman. "Tea?" he asked when we were inside and seated at the table. then motioned for me to follow him. Now I'm looking to settle down for a bit. I might have to tell him ahead of time that it was an Elven horse. Master Tod. "Jeanai here can attest to that."Nothing. Tod arched an eyebrow. Jeanai. and Old Tod just nodded. Master Marsanon also mentioned. yes. . I nodded.Rachel. "Yer horse is a stallion?" he asked in surprise. "If you have the time. Tod smiled." I said. I nodded. and then nodded. but Rachel here has business regarding a horse. "That it is. I'm recently arrived here in Bree. I'd like to see this horse myself before I agree to anything. "Would you like me to bring him around later. a little ruefully. you have business regarding a horse?" he asked. "I figured that. turning to me. Hello ." "Well. but I don't just let anyone use my pasture for free. Once the water was on the boil. I pondered that for a moment. Miss Rachel. and lead Jeanai and I into his house. smiling innocently. is it?" Old Tod asked." Jeanai replied with a smile. "Master Marsanon mentioned that you might let me keep my horse here. where he can run around. that you seem to be having a little trouble finding good stallions for your mares. "Not to put down your word. or he might guess. "Well then.135 - ." I said. but oh well. or come back to the Inn with us and see him there?" I asked. "Ah. he sat down across from us and looked at me. before setting about preparing tea. "Alright." Jeanai said cheerfully. "Star Dancer is a beautiful horse!" she said. but I don't want to sell my horse. It was all for the good of Liltalen." he said. "And a fine one at that. however." Tod said with a slight frown.

" I said with a mischievous grin as we entered the stable. and then nuzzled my shoulder. I smiled in reply. "Now. Hearing my voice. What did you say his Elvish name was?" Tod asked. "Well."How about we have our tea. He was a little more curious than Jeanai about exact names. but I managed to skip around giving a precise location. Jeanai became steadily more subdued the closer we got to the Inn. "Liltalen!" I called. she'd find that they did not mind. and spent the next few minutes talking over our Elf gave him to me when I handled this supposedly 'troublesome' stallion easily. if you use his Elvish name. If she'd just open up around them. "That girl is so sure she knows what her parents want of her. good-girl self. "Yes. Star Dancer. lass?" he asked when his mirth had calmed down. Jeanai said?" "Yes. "Liltalen. was looking at her with amusement. "Hey boy! How ya doing?" I said cheerily as I came over to him. Tod and Jeanai did most of the talking. Or Liltalen." I said. the stallion's head popped over the stall door and looked at me reproachfully. he snapped at me.136 - . don't snap at me! I'm doing my best to get you out of this stall!" Liltalen nickered at me. I heard a chuckle. . but then Tod started asking me about where I came from." I replied. and then turned his attention to me. but I'd be more than happy to have him in my pastures. "He has an Elvish name?" Old Tod asked in surprise." I said. I noticed. and looked over to see Old Tod laughing in amusement. "Hey. I won't ask how you came upon him. and I told him the same tale I'd told Jeanai. At the door of the Inn. And I came upon him perfectly honestly . shall we go see this stallion of yours? What was his name . she was back to her silent. "Oh yes. Tod shook his head when she disappeared. When I reached out to pat him on the nose. We agreed." he said as he looked at the door. Jeanai bid us good day. "An Elvish horse. seeing that he was hiding in his stall. bared his teeth. eh. though. and finally we were done our tea and heading out of Tod's house towards town. then disappeared inside. I whacked him on the nose in return. and winked at me when he saw me looking equally amused. Tod. and then I'll come back to the Inn with you?" Tod suggested with a smile as he got up to serve us tea.Star Dancer. and by the time we'd reached it. however.

" I said with a grin. though." I said hesitantly." I said. "I would be extremely pleased to have someplace for him other than this stall. Which is why I would like it if you. they are.. "Tell me. "Deal. "Yes. I can see you have quite the way with him. Tod came out of the stall grinning. Not to put down humans.137 - . "Really?" Tod asked in surprise. and I know it's the truth.. sticking his hand out to me. One of them saved my life not to long back. After giving Liltalen a cursory look over. and Tod chuckled again as he reached out and patted the stallion's nose." Liltalen snorted. "What?" he asked. wrinkling his nose. "I'll have to differ in your opinion on that. Tod looked at me curiously. and he was quite the gentleman about it. as if to say 'Why ever wouldn't I?'. Tod went into the stall with the stallion and started inspecting him more closely. considering what you just told me of your opinion of the rangers. However the Elves might treat those they consider madwomen. and I gave it a good shake. I've heard of them. and this probably seems a lot to ask. I decided to add a small stipulation."Yes yes." I smiled at him ruefully. on impulse. then turned to Liltalen and fixed him with a hard look." he said.well. I guess you'd know them as the Rangers. Unsavory men. It was better than the truth. and by the end of it. Wouldn't want to get messed up with them.. Then." I said. would be sure to offer any rangers that might happen to . "Them?" Tod asked. have you heard of the." Tod replied. then. pulling my attention back to the conversation. though. "I would be EXTREMELY pleased if you would let me host your stallion in my pastures at no cost to yourself. Liltalen was surprisingly patient about the whole thing. and I nodded. "Be nice to him. I absently mused how many more lies I was going to have to tell to get accepted. "There is one thing.. I was started to feel like a criminal. the humans treatment was bound to be many times worse. but I was one. as well." Tod said. then motioned toward Liltalen and asked "May I?" "Go ahead. "Yes." I asked.

. and Tod replied with his own smile. and then turned to Liltalen with a stern expression. You are quite interesting." I said. Would you mind if I took Liltalen back to my ranch with me when I return there afterwards?" Tod asked.uh.o Oh well. "As long as it's normal price and not triple. it looked as if Tod might refuse. "No.Next chapter covers a good year. shall we go?" Tod nodded. he needs a good run. "Would you like to leave your tack here.. and then shook my head. has AN Elf." Tod said. "Of course. then. Better than no Elf. "Wonderful. "Why thank you. You can take him back with you when you leave." I said with a smile. but it felt like a good thing to do.138 - . Covers a good amount of time. however. Miss Rachel. ----To be continued.." I said tentatively.with 200% more Elves!---(And 100% more Rangers!) -Authors Note:Well. "I'm probably wanted at the Inn. I really wasn't sure why I was doing this.. For a moment. he nodded. though. here it is. and it's already getting late in the day. I'll come with you to the Inn. Can't remember." I said with a grin..come to Bree looking for a horse any foal you might get out of Liltalen.two days in this chapter? O. and I smiled before petting him affectionately. and you'll be able to get out of this stall!" Liltalen snorted at me." I said with a smile. Eventually. and have chat with Bartholomew. "You hear that Liltalen? You're to follow him without complaint." he said. and we set off for the Inn. And has Elves! Ok. I wouldn't be able to bring him until tomorrow... "I have no tack. or shall I take it back with me to the ranch?" Tod asked with a smile.." "An Elvish horse that you ride in Elvish fashion. . I think. "I ride bareback and without a bridle. "Or would you like to bring him yourself and see him settled?" I pondered that. handy dandy chapter 15! I think I covered. looking at Liltalen. and hey. Aragorn was going to need a horse with Elvish blood in it once the War of the Ring started. For normal price.

.. the Fellowship will be entering. Erniliel . You all get random Lothlorien Elves.So make use of them while you have them! :) ~Crimson Starlight . finds out what I did with them.. the next chapter's not going to be about Kari.though! Anyways. elfin-soul . though.. well. But you'll have to wait to find out more about that.139 - .did I hit some sort of milestone or something that suddenly got people reading this story or something? Because I think Chapter 14 has gotten double the reviews any other chapter has. thank-you to each and every one of my reviewers. Y'think Rachel could stand being in Middle-Earth without meeting the Fellowship at some point? They'll probably play a small part.. ^_^ And welcome to all the new reviewers I seem to have aquired with chapter 14. I have a few reviews I'd like to reply to here.. O.except for Boromir. either. At least until Galadriel notices they're missing. obviously. as far as I've planned.Yep...o Whatever the reason. none of them will be solely about Kari. and takes them back.Well. And as for a chapter in the future. hunts me down.

then. I did get used to the constant come ons from the men in . When evening came around. Bartholomew started letting me be the one to lock up the Inn at night.Going -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:CS: Anybody who thinks I own anything relating to Tolkiens works will be *starts singing* leeeeeeeaving on a jet plaaaaaaaaaane. The reason my routine wasn't all that normal was because after only a few nights of trying to keep normal human hours. I'd return to the Inn. I went to bed. just really bad.*stops singing* because I own absolutely nothing. depending on how tired I was.which I had become strangely obsessed with. I came to be accepted despite of it. and slept until dawn or mid-morning. and then I either helped out in the Inn. Very bad. silly Elf instincts .140 - . but then I figured either I was a very trustable person. or went around town with Jeanai until evening. and a longing to see the stars. To accompany my strange habits. So I decided that. instead of going to bed once the common room of the Inn was open. CS: So bad it was wonderful? Rachel: No. so I let it be. I found myself almost bursting with too much sleep. True to what I'd expected. and while it wasn't exactly the normal routine for the people of Bree. or the damn Mary-Sue Factor was at work again. most of which I spent staring up at the stars . CS: Drat. Rachel: That was bad. That usually lasted several hours.and then returned to the Inn in what was basically the dead of night. I was surprised that he trusted me so easily. I could help neither. I'd go out to Old Tod's place and take Liltalen for a ride. -16: GoingI settled into a routine quickly over the next few months in Bree. where I waited on tables all night.

but I ignored the three Rangers glances in favour of the Elf. and went to bed. And after it became apparent that I wasn't going to take any of the men up on their offers. and good meals. I didn't think they did. get the reputation of having the most beautiful server . No one seemed to even have suspicions about my actual race. Marli. they quietly asked me not to say anything about their companion's race. and when I was getting their orders. The Prancing Pony did. knowing that it was my Elfish-ness showing through. however. Bartholomew agreed easily. wanting rooms for the night.unknowingly made another one of those life-changing descisions and strolled over to them. The Rangers showed no signs of retiring.and lady . and only then did I notice that I'd inadvertently spoken in Elvish. The Rangers noticed when I startled upon hearing the Elf's voice. talking. I found out differently after a chain of events caused by four Rangers that suddenly appeared at the Inn four years after my arrival in Bree. and after asking me what I started for and getting the true answer. So it was up to me to serve the Rangers. until finally my curiosity got the best of me and I . that's what everybody else said. I brushed it off. "If I may be so bold. and none of them seemed as tense as before. at least. volunteered to stay up and lock up once the Rangers had gone to bed. though rather disapproving of the Rangers. All four at the table looked at me in surprise. I watched the Rangers and Elf as they talked in low tones. though. When he was gone. Bartholomew. with their hoods up to conceal their faces.141 - .it was harder to get used to having no weekend than to get used to the come ons. having had a busy evening. and refused to go near them. actually. whoever he was. they stopped coming so frequently. but inwardly groaned. though. had heard some rather terrifying . so I. but it wasn't until the common room had emptied that they seemed to relax at all. Bartholomew found them all of Bree. Not wanting to turn away business. and was grumbling about having to stay up until the Rangers went to bed. The rest of the evening the Rangers and Elf sat at their table. m'lord. which of the fair Elven kingdoms do you hail from?" I asked. grinned briefly at the Elf. I nodded.the common room as I worked . At least. At least. and went off to get their orders. was quite tired when the last customer except for the Rangers had gone to bed. All four looked up as I approached. They still looked as if they were expecting an Orc attack at any moment. being the smart person that I am.and most likely completely untrue . and they then went and sat on Marli's half of the Inn.stories about Rangers.yet again . I was surprised to hear that one of them was an Elf. it turned out. Two of the Rangers let their hoods fall back. I mentally cursed the Mary-Sue Factor around the .

stopping at the door to listen and see if I could hear anything interesting. I couldn't resist. finally showing an interest in the and back again." At that point. I might add. and then turned a curious gaze to the Elf. While I did want to get away from Rivendell and the Elves." the other un-hooded Ranger put in dryly. I had an urge to see if I could find out if Kari and Elrohir had at least become engaged since I'd left." the hooded Ranger said." The Elf replied finally. glad when I realized I was speaking in Common once again. I grinned." I replied." I said with a smile. "We were hoping to find more mounts here in Bree. A stupid . "No..we never do. we shall have to go have a look. though I doubt we'll have much luck . taking the hint that the conversation was over. " was his laugh. I nodded. I left the common room for the kitchen.." I said with a small smile. and suddenly I realized that his voice was familiar. however. maybe I should curse out the Mary-Sue Factor more often. Hmm. surprised. there I do think you'll be wrong. he has some fine horses that he'll sell for normal price to Rangers. may I inquire as to why you are in Rivendell now?" "We got tired of sleeping on the ground. "Thank you. "Ah. "If you go to Old Tod's ranch on the edge of town. How did you know?" I asked. "Bred from my own stallion. "And our horses ran away on us. Miss. to be honest.142 - . I looked at him. "Why do you ask?" "I was curious." "Not a problem. "Ah." "Really?" the hooded Ranger asked." I said. "If that is the case." I said with a smile. and then. "Besides your accent being one I've never heard." the Elf replied with a chuckle." the Ranger replied." "I take it you are not native to Bree?" one of the unhooded Rangers asked. I'm not. "Well. I did not know. though. "It has been awhile since I saw an Elf of any kingdom. no Elf has shown their face in Bree for many a year.

and I was moving away from the door when I heard two voices on the landing . I knew. "Where do you think she came from?" "I do not sounded familiar." the Ranger said. his smile clear in his voice. and that settled it. The Rangers and Elf.. As I said.I was highly insulted . I have met no human not Dúnedain that can walk that quietly. Elladan! No wonder his voice had sounded so familiar. Though I doubt she can hear us. and then paused for a moment." the humour in the Elf's voice was evident. "She made noise.the hooded Ranger and the Elf had apparently stopped at the base of the stairs to talk. "Still.143 - ." Aranarth would have been able to hear me after he finished speaking. did you notice? She made no noise when she walked. and I winced. and then started contemplating my telling them of Old Tod's horses. once I left the room. But for now. gasping and stumbling back from the door. The Rangers seemed strangely leery of actually going and seeing the horses. immediately started talking furiously in low voices. If it hadn't been for my Elvish hearing. but I couldn't help it. "That girl. My head swam as I stumbled to the small room back by the Marsanon family's quarters that I'd been given to use once it became apparent I was staying. They started with wondering over finding a serving maid at an Inn that could speak Sindarin. but only enough for an Elf to hear. I shall have to ask the Innkeeper tomorrow." the Elf replied. Elladan would recognize Liltalen the next day when they went to the . "I shall have to go by your word.. mentally making a note to walk more loudly whenever Rangers came to the Inn. I wouldn't have been able to hear them at all. and I had the sudden urge to smack him. After that. she has been eavesdropping from the kitchen since she left. Lord Elladan. I cannot hear her. almost in shock.urge that could lead to complications." Aranarth said.but the Elf said they'd go see the horses. I had mechanically gotten ready for bed. in fact. if it wasn't for the fact that both the Elf and Ranger were now heading up the stairs. I frowned thoughtfully as I heard the name . the four decided to go up to their rooms. expecting the horses to be underfed and skinny . though. I suggest we carry on this conversation elsewhere. "Indeed?" Aranarth asked in surprise. let alone buying any. before I realized suddenly what a stupid mistake my little talk with the Rangers and Elladan had was a miracle I hadn't recognized it. Aranarth.

even if I did get Liltalen away from the pastures. Swearing to myself." "And they weren't all you remembered them to be?" Tod asked. There was a pause. Lily was a young. This was also her first pregnancy. then quickly locked up the Inn. That would lead to questions. where I grabbed some food that I knew I was bound to need before coming back to the Inn. and Tod suspected that she might be carrying twins. "Evening. Tod nodded. a new purchase that had only been with Tod's herd for a year. "Liltalen's out in the pasture.144 - . Rachel!" Tod said cheerily as I came into the stables. and then bit my lip as I considered what to say. lass?" Tod asked curiously. and headed out to Tod's. This was going to turn out to be much more complicated than I thought . out in the stables. Elladan was bound to notice that the horses unusual intelligence. and Tod would unknowingly spill all in his pride. surprisingly. and hope various people wouldn't compare notes and realize that there were many holes in my .most of which were courtesy of Liltalen.. they were. Which mare is it?" I asked. "Evenin." I replied with a sigh. With a sigh. One of the mares was now apparently giving birth to a new foal. "So far. Tod. I went for the first thing that popped into my head. and keep him away until Elladan and the Rangers left. and that was all the explanation I needed. turning to me. I smiled in response. and Tod was watching to make sure everything went alright. I changed out of my nightgown and into my borrowed/stolen trousers and tunic from Elladan that I had come to use for my night time rides. "Something the matter. I'm proud to say.yes.. having realized that I forgot to do it. Tod was awake. and then Tod glanced at me. which had had to be expanded over the last few years due to the new foals ." Tod replied. and I know.." "I am." he said. "Lily. and suspect that they had an Elvish horse in their background. peering into the stall." I paused." I said. arching an eyebrow. light grey mare.pasture. frantically scrambling for a story that I could use to explain why I didn't want Tod to tell the Rangers anything about Liltalen. it's just. "Everything going smoothly?" I asked. "No. I headed to the kitchen. if yer lookin for him. "Some Rangers arrived at the Inn tonight.. "Oh no.

"Tod. would you do me a big favour and not mention anything about Liltalen if you possibly can? Call him Star Dancer if you have to. "All night?" Tod asked in surprise.. And. and then said an earnest "Thank you. Please?" I turned to Tod with a pleading look. but I told 'em nothing.. Tod. . o'course. "He won't be. though. and kicked him into a gallop." he said. and I'm feeling restless tonight." he said. I'm going to take him out riding. I found him wandering in the wilderness. "Did they go back to the Inn afterwards?" Tod shook his head." "Thank you. and I told them to come here tomorrow. I found out after I told them that one of the Rangers was actually an Elf from Rivendell. and mentioned coming back for the two year-olds. Liltalen. and then stopped to eat the little food I'd snagged from the kitchen for breakfast. and I won't be back until noon tomorrow. well. I'm afraid they might think I stole him. I walked for a shot while. Tod was waiting out front of his house when I arrived back at his ranch. like you asked.145 - ." I bit my lip again as I continued." before heading out into the pasture and finding Liltalen. Seemed quite happy with them. if a little long for my tastes. But it will all be for nothin if Liltalen's in the pasture when they come. he nodded. I've done it before. lass. then followed my direction and cantered off into the forest. I pointed him towards the fence. mostly in ever-widening circle around Bree. "Aye." I said with a grateful smile. Mounting up on him. "Well lass. your Rangers and Elf came. and waved cheerily to me as I approached. long used to this by now. and after a moment. Liltalen following beside me. it was a nice ride. I'll do that." I replied. Truth be told. "They clean bought me out of all of Liltalen's three Elf didn't actually give Liltalen to me.story. "But you need to get some sleep!" Tod protested. They asked questions. "I can go one night without sleep. I rode until dawn. jumped smoothly over the fence. "It's like this. "Why?" "Because I have no idea when they're going to get up." I replied softly." I replied briskly. and eventually mounted up again and rode around some more before heading back to Tod's. After that. The four Rangers are in need of horses. and just claim to have no knowledge of his lineage or where he came from.

"No, they headed out immediately afterwards. Though the smooth-voiced one didn't seem to want to." he said. "The Elf." I said with a smile. "He probably wanted to stick around and corner me about Liltalen." "Probably." Tod said with a chuckle. "The other three got him to go, though." "Good." I said with a smile. "Now I'd best put Liltalen in the pasture and head back to the Inn - Bartholomew will be wondering where I got to." "Nah, Jeanai already showed up lookin for ya, and I told her where you were." Tod said cheerfully. "Did you tell her anything else?" I asked worriedly. "Not a word, lass." Tod said solemnly. "She looks up to you like an older sister, and I'll leave it up to you to tell her somethin like that." With a nod and another thanks, I bid good day to Tod, then returned Liltalen to the pasture before heading off to the Inn. Bartholomew and Halena gave me strange looks when I entered, but as I didn't seem to be tired, they didn't scold me - they had no idea I'd been out all night, anyways. They probably just assumed I'd gone for an early morning ride instead of my usual late night ride because of the Rangers. Jeanai, however, looked at me intensely, and I worried that she might have figured something out. I pushed it out of my mind, however, as the afternoon wore on and I was put to work. In fact, as the week wore on, the incident with the Rangers fell out of my mind, and I stopped worrying about it all together. Which was, of course, a big mistake that I only realized I'd made when, two weeks later, Marli came scurrying in from the common room just as I was about to head out and grabbed my arms. "Rach, you remember those Rangers that stopped here awhile back? One of them's come back and is askin for you!" she said almost frantically. I paled. "Which one?" I asked. Marli gave an exasperated sigh. "I don't know! The one that talks smoothly!" she said. I paled even more. "Shit." I said without thinking, and instantly I had the attention of everyone in the kitchen. I had never sworn out loud before, so they knew something was up. I pondered my options quickly, and in that instant, realized all the other mistakes I'd made that would probably lead to the inevitable conclusion of Elladan finding out
- 146 -

who I was. I had kept my name. I had kept Liltalen's name. I had not established a clear story of where I came from. I sighed, knowing that I needed to leave. "Marli, go tell him I'll be out shortly." I said. She nodded, and left. Jeanai approached me, frowning. "Why not go out now?" she asked. "Because I'm not going to be going out." I replied briskly. Leaving a surprised Jeanai behind me, I went over to Halena and curtseyed respectfully to her. "You have been very kind to me, Mistress Marsanon, but I am afraid now I must leave." I said. "Leave? Surely whatever that man's looking for you isn't that bad!" Halena said in surprise. "He's not a man, and yes it is." I replied crisply, turning to head for my room. "What?" Halena asked sharply, and grabbed my arm before I could go farther. "What are you talking about, girl?" I eyed her, considering how much to tell her, and then decided to go for the full-blown truth, in the hopes that it would scare her into letting me do as I wished. "That 'Ranger' out there is one of the sons of the Elf-Lord of Rivendell, and he is looking for me because I have the horse of his brother's fiancé's best friend." I replied, and then added, "Who committed suicide." The entire kitchen stared at me in shock. In the silence, I pried Halena's fingers off my arm, and headed for my room. As I reached my door, I heard a set of footsteps pounding towards me, and I turned to see Jeanai come to a stop beside me. "I'm going, don't try and stop me." I said, turning back to my room and entering. "I'm not going to, and neither is mother or father." Jeanai replied as I started packing rapidly. "Mother's getting some food ready for you, in fact." I looked at her in mild surprise. "Whatever may have happened in the past, you've been a great help here, and we'll help you all we can." Jeanai explained. "Thank you." I said with a smile. "I would like to explain, however, that I met the lady who owned Liltalen before me right before she committed suicide. She gave Liltalen to me, which is why I have him and know his Elvish name. I doubt that the Elf Lord in the common room would believe me, though." That last part wasn't a lie,
- 147 -

at least. Elladan wouldn't believe that story for an instant, though for different reasons. Nobody needed to know that, however. Jeanai just nodded, and then bit her lip as she apparently tried to decide whether or not to say something. "If you have anything to say, you'd better say it now, because you won't be getting another chance. I'm not coming back." I said by way of encouragement. Jeanai nodded, but hesitated for a few more seconds. It was only when she saw I was done packing that she finally spoke. "Are you an Elf?" she blurted out. I looked at her in surprise. "What makes you ask that?" I asked. "Well you're so pretty. And when I tended to your room the first night you were here, I saw you sleeping with your eyes open...I'd heard Elves do that." Jeanai said, suddenly very shy. " always keep the tips of your ears covered..." I paused, and then smiled. Reaching up, I brushed my headscarf away from my ear tips so she could see their points. "Yes, I am." I said, and Jeanai's eyes went wide. "But now I really need to go." I added, and pulled my headscarf back over my ear tips. Jeanai nodded dumbly, moving out of the way as I went for the door. I stopped by the kitchen on my way out, and Halena thrust a package of food into my hands. "Good bye lass, travel safe." she said. I nodded, then left through the back entrance and took off at a run, already feeling the press of time. Elladan was sure to be questioning as to my whereabouts again soon, if he wasn't already. I made record time on my run to Old Tod's, and after checking the stables and seeing that he wasn't up, I pounded heavily on his door. After an unbearably long time, during which I was constantly glancing down the road to look for Elladan, Old Tod finally opened his door, looking disheveled and tired. "Rachel?" he asked blearily. "I'm leaving, and taking Liltalen." I said. "What foals you have now are all you're going to get from his bloodline. Keep them well, and remember what I said about offering them to Rangers. And pass that on to whoever takes over your ranch and your horses afterwards." Tod blinked, and then nodded. "Goodbye." I said, and Tod mumbled a reply before I dashed off to the pasture. I made what I refer to now as a spectacular flying leap over the fence, whistling to Liltalen as I did so, and then another flying leap up onto Liltalen's back when he came trotting up. He snorted at me questioningly, and I patted his neck reassuringly.
- 148 -

"I'll explain later, boy." I said. "For now, let's go!" I kneed Liltalen into a gallop, and he took off, sensing my urgency. We went over the fence so fast, I barely felt the jump, and as we passed Old Tod where he still stood in his doorway, I caught a glimpse of his face, gaping in absolute shock. I grinned. Old Tod was getting a first-hand view of how fast Elvish horses could go when they REALLY wanted to, and I was sure it was something he wouldn't soon forget. I galloped non-stop till I was out of sight of Bree, and then I only paused long enough to consider where to go. I decided that as far away from Rivendell as possible was a good idea. And since Rohan hadn't been established yet, that meant...Gondor. I was already heading south, anyways. With my course decided, I kicked Liltalen into a canter and headed off into the night, keeping and ear and an eye out for anybody following behind me. ----To be continued...with Gandalf!---(Not to mention over 600 years.) -Things to know:Aranarth: first Chieftain of the Dúnedain, eldest son of the last king of the North-kingdom. Interesting side note: EVERY Chieftain that followed after him except for one (named Argonui) had a name that started with 'Ara'. So every Chieftain had a name that started with 'Ar'. Arrr. Buncha pirates. :D -Authors Note:OK, I have a question - was the city of Minas Tirith even around in the 2100's of the Second Age? Or was it just a watch tower/fortress, with Osgiliath being the main city of Gondor? I know the seat of power for Gondor was originally in Osgiliath, and only switched to Minas Tirith when Osgiliath was destroyed, but was Minas Tirith around in the 370-some years before that? I've tried to figure it out, using both the books and the Encyclopedia of Arda, but can't get it straightened out in my head. Now that that's done, thanks to all my reviewers! Especially since, thanks to all of you, this has become my third straight chaptered story to break 100 reviews! Whoo! *throws a party* You all rock! I'd give you some Elves or something, but I did that last chapter...oh, wait, that was limited to Lothlorien Elves...*evil grin* random Mirkwood Elves for everyone!
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~Crimson Starlight

- 150 -

-THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:CS: My fingers are so cold it hurts to type. Glorfindel: Then write the disclaimer and get it over with! CS: Can't. Glorfindel: Why not? CS: Because I'm sitting on my hands. Rachel: Then how are you writing this? CS: With my nose. Glorfindel: *sigh* Crimson Starlight owns nothing, and we're all very very glad of that... -17: TimeOne thing I learned on that trip was that not only did it take a lot longer then one would think to get from Bree to Minas Tirith, but trips are a lot less enjoyable when you fear that someone might be following you. Compared to my easy ride from Rivendell to Bree, my trip from Bree to Minas Tirith was practically a race. It was good that I rushed, though - I barely had any food from Halena left by the time I reached the White City. This time, since Halena and Bartholomew had paid me for my work in Bree, I was able to pay for a room for one or two nights while I looked around the city for a job. This time, to ensure there was no risk of me being recognized, I changed my name, and Liltalen's. I became Melira, and Liltalen, who I soon kept in a paddock outside of the city for a small monthly price, became Obsidian. My story was, for once, not entirely untruthful - I said that 'Obsidian' and I came from Bree, where my family, the Marsanon's, were, and I had traveled to Minas Tirith seeking change.
- 151 -

So, armed with my new identity and wearing one of my nicer dresses, I managed to get up into the 3rd highest circle of the city - quite a feat, considering most Inn's of the Prancing Pony's quality were in the 6th highest circle - and get a job at a seamstresses shop. I had very little skill in sewing, so my job was to handle the customers that didn't need to see the actual seamstress for anything. Shortly after getting that job, the seamstress invited me to use the apartment above the store as my own, and I was able to move out of the Inn I had been staying in since arrival. I got quite comfortable with that job, and enjoyed it immensely, getting to know most of the inhabitants of the 3rd circle of the city, and a few from above. My sleeping habits had to change somewhat for my new life style, as I had to work the entire day, instead of the afternoon and evening. So I would work during the day, and then go for rides on Liltalen in the evening or early morning. As time wore on, however, Liltalen became old, and eventually, sixteen years after my arrival in Minas Tirith, he died. Left without a horse to ride around, I started taking walks, or climbing onto the roof of the shop and watching the stars. All good things must come to an end, however, and eventually the day came when the seamstress grew sick, and soon afterward, died. The business was left to her daughter and apprentice, who was willing to keep me on as help, but I knew I couldn't stay on any longer. I had been there since before the old seamstress' daughter was born, and people were going to start noticing how I wasn't aging. So, sadly, I told the new seamstress that I needed to go north again to my family, and packed up my things and left. I did not, however, go any farther north than the other side of the city, and no farther away from the city than the 7th - and last - ring. The 7th ring was a rowdy place, but after spending close to 30 years up around the stuffy Lords and Ladies and rich merchants of the 3rd circle, I felt the need for a little excitement. Excitement was what I got, that's for sure. About the only jobs in the 7th ring of the city were in taverns, and all those that weren't in taverns were already filled. So I found myself back to tavern life, serving tables, being hit on and shooting crude comments back and forth with the customers. I learned quite a few bawdy songs while I was there, too. I rarely sang, though. As the Innkeeper had noted one of the times when I had, my voice was far too smooth to sing such crude songs. So I stuck to joining in on the choruses, and then only quietly. Not like anyone could hear me, no matter how loud I sang, once the entire tavern of drunken men got singing at the same time, as they often did on popular songs.
- 152 -

Not surprisingly, I saw absolutely no one that I knew from the 3rd ring of the city the entire time I was working at that tavern, and was quite pleased to go about my business. I had changed my name when I'd changed from the 3rd to 7th ring, of course, to Enita, as well as my style of dress. I was feeling slightly annoyed with Middle-earth dress codes for women, especially after working in a seamstresses shop, so I adopted a homemade sarong-like skirt, also homemade tight short-sleeved shirts, and bandana's wrapped only around my ear-tips to not only hide them, but keep my now very long hair behind me and out of the way. I was suddenly thankful for the 30 or so years I'd just spent in a seamstresses shop. My style of dress was, naturally, quite popular with the men, since not only did it show my curves, but every once and awhile I'd flash as much as my entire lower leg while walking. The women, of course, quickly called me a slut, and a strumpet, and just about every other name they could think of. The name-calling tapered off, however, when it became quite apparent that I had no interest whatsoever with sleeping with any of the men I came into contact with. Besides the fact that my identity as an Elf would be revealed, none of the men looked even remotely nice. Of course, I was probably biased in that opinion, what with seeing and getting to know the ohsoveryyummy Elf-lords of Rivendell. That was probably one of the only things I missed as I lived in Minas Tirith, skipping around every 30 or so years to a new part of the city. I could never have any close friends, and romance was completely out of the question. I had to practically beat off one of the Ruling Steward's sons once, in fact. I started to feel lonely after awhile, but pushed it away, knowing that even if I did make close friends or get romantic with anyone, I'd just outlive them, anyways. I probably could have handled them if I was just going to outlive them for a hundred years or something like that, but I was an elf, and would outlive anyone I met by forever. My immortality was by far one of the hardest things for me to deal with, actually. The crude comments, or the stuffy Gondorian Lords and Ladies, I could handle. But living forever? It was strange, to say the least. I had been so used to waking up every morning, and though not consciously thinking it, knowing that I had a limited number of days left. But for the first several hundred years, just about every morning I woke up with the thought in my head that I was immortal, and that I wasn't aging, and that this day wouldn't bring me one day closer to death. It made me much more sedate, and calm, and soon I found that I couldn't fit in as well as I used to with the rowdier crowds in Minas Tirith. Then I got bored one day and decided to recite as much of the movies to myself as I could, and naturally, that lead to the remembrance of Haldir's death in said
- 153 -

movies. So, recalling that I could die from wounds and nasty accidents, I promptly packed up my bags and switched identities - back to the 7th ring of the city. My love of life, rowdiness, and sense of humour, along with disrespect for formalities, returned after that, and I spent the next several hundred years quite happily skipping around the lower rings of the city, avoiding the Lords and Ladies entirely. I'm still amazed to think back over those days in Minas Tirith and realize I spent over 500 years there, skipping from identity to identity, job to job. I'm quite surprised someone didn't recognize me from a previous identity and blow my cover, but I guess if you're not expecting to see someone, your eyes slide right past them if you see them, making up some excuse to your brain about how that can't be them. The ever-present Mary-Sue Factor probably helped, as well. I was annoyingly aware that it was still around, even after I'd left Rivendell, though its presence wasn't as strong as it used to be. Several hundred years - and cursing outs - seems to have taken some of the spunk out of it. I could actually make a mistake every now and then, and was extremely delighted every time I managed to do so. Yes, most people I met thought I was slightly touched in the head. Anyways. I stuck around Minas Tirith until the year after Ecthelion the First rebuilt the White Tower, 2699, and then bought a horse and provisions - and hired an escort, Middle-Earth wasn't all that safe anymore - and traveled to the newly-established Rohan. Banking on the Rohirrim's knowing of the Dúnedain, I spent close to 60 years in Meduseld, helping in the Kings stables and thoroughly enjoying myself. The Rohirrim had a very different culture from Gondor, less refined, and more relaxed. I fit in perfectly. I was sad when I realized it was time for me to leave, and so I encountered the one problem with my lifestyle that I hadn't even thought of - the urge for a home. My over 600 years of skipping from identity to identity had left me without any place to truly call home, especially once I left Minas Tirith for Rohan, and I had the sudden urge to head north again. That I did, making for Bree once more, and not a moment to soon. The year after I left, Rohan was attacked and overrun, and Gondor was put under siege by the Corsairs. The winter that followed was one of the coldest in my memory, and I was extremely glad to be nice and settled in Bree by the time it came. I had, out of nostalgia, started working at the Prancing Pony once again, though it was now owned by a different family entirely. Old Tod's ranch was still up and running, surprisingly enough, and even more surprising, it was called 'The Liltalen Ranch', and horses descended from Liltalen still roamed its pastures. After finding that out, I was quite unsurprised to hear that the owners of the ranch were rather
- 154 -

frowned upon in Bree because they dealt with Rangers, selling them horses and even housing them if no Inn would take them. The ranch owners were, of course, quite rich by now, and didn't care what anyone else in Bree thought about them at this point. Many times I had the strongest urge to knock them down a few pegs by making some wild story about how my many-times-great grandmother had owned Liltalen, and therefore they owed their success to me, a common serving wench, but instead, I just watched with amusement as the ranch owners swaggered around town. It was during this winter that I had my first run in with the infamous Gandalf the Grey. Oh, he had come to Minas Tirith while I had been there, but he always stayed up in the palace, and I never saw him. Even here in Bree, he picked the best Inn available - the Prancing Pony. He only stayed one night, apparently passing through on his way to the Shire, but he seemed unusually interested in me when he was at the Inn. He took careful note of my name when I told it to him, and I could practically feel his eyes burning into me whenever I was in the same room as him. This made me, rather irrationally, quite annoyed with the Maia, and glad when he left. The cold weather was probably getting to me, I decided, and pushed Gandalf out of my mind as I continued working. We have all seen the evidence of what happens when you push incidences regarding well-known characters and the Prancing Pony out of your mind, however. They come back and bite you quite viciously on the rump. So it was that one night that next summer, when I was out taking I walk in the woods around Bree, my eyes on the stars, I had my second run in with Gandalf. I hadn't even known he was there, really, until his gruff, though kind, voice came from behind me. "The stars are beautiful tonight, are they not?" I whirled around in surprise, and found Gandalf standing there, leaning on his staff and looking quite amused. "Yes, they are." I said, recovering my composure. There was silence for a moment as Gandalf watched me from under his bushy eyebrows, and I looked back at him curiously. "So, Laesa, are you enjoying your work at the Prancing Pony?" Gandalf asked after a moment, using the name I'd adopted on my arrival in Bree. "Very much, Master Gandalf." I replied smoothly. Gandalf chuckled slightly at the title. "Just Gandalf, child." he said. I held back my annoyance at the title of child - I certainly didn't feel at all child-like after spending 650 years gallivanting around
- 155 -

Middle-Earth. But Gandalf's age was, I knew, in the five digit area, and I figured that gave him the right to call me a child if he wanted to. "As you wish, Gandalf." I said with a smile. "So what brings you back to Bree? Passing through again?" "Actually, I came to speak with you." Gandalf said. The small smile that had been forming on my face froze, and then disappeared entirely as I slowly arched an eyebrow at Gandalf. "To me? Whatever could you want to come all the way to Bree simply to speak with me about?" I asked eventually, when Gandalf didn't seem inclined to elaborate. "I was actually rather wondering what an Elf was doing working in a human Inn, pretending to be human herself." Gandalf replied. I stared at him in shock for a few moments before I reminded myself of what he was. Besides being very old, and wielding the Elven Ring of Fire, he was a Maia, just one step down from the Valar. Sort of like the Middle-Earthian version of an Angel...or possibly Archangel. It really should have been no surprise that he knew what race I truly was without even really getting to know me or spending any time around me. I realized I was still staring at Gandalf, and that my mouth had dropped open slightly. I closed my mouth and blinked, shaking my head to pull my thoughts together and answer him. "Trying to earn a living, like most creatures." I replied finally. "Far away from any of your own kind, and denying your own heritage?" Gandalf asked, one bushy eyebrow crawling up his forehead like some freaky caterpillar. "Who said I'm denying my heritage?" I asked, arching an eyebrow in reply. "I just happen to know that I wouldn't be accepted on equal terms by humans if it was known I was an Elf. So I hide my ears and sacrifice a little grace and cleanliness and am accepted." "But why among humans? Why not go to one of the many Elven Kingdoms?" Gandalf asked, looking honestly curious. "Because I dare not." I replied softly, turning my gaze back up to the stars that I could see through the trees. "Why not? Were you banished?" Gandalf asked. I turned back to him with an
- 156 -

amused smile. "You're reminding me of a child, Mithrandir, always asking 'why'." I said. Gandalf smiled. "How else is one supposed to come to know things?" he asked. I chuckled. "Too true." I said. Silence fell again, and I turned back to the stars. "You did not tell me why you dare not go to one of the Elven Kingdoms." Gandalf said eventually. "Because I am cursed." I replied bitterly. Gandalf looked extremely intrigued with that answer. "Cursed? I did not know Elves were susceptible to such things." he said. "You'll find I am quite different from any Elf you've ever met." I replied, turning my gaze back to Gandalf and smiling ruefully. "I'm sure. What is the nature of this curse?" Gandalf asked. "That I may never set foot in Elvish owned lands ever again." I half-lied briskly, not wanting to explain the whole Mary-Sue deal to Gandalf. Hell, I didn't even want to remember it. Gandalf, however, was not so easily put off. "Or else what?" he asked. "What?" I asked in reply, blinking in momentary confusion. "What will happen if you do set foot in Elvish owned lands?" Gandalf elaborated. "You don't want to know." I answered, somewhat angrily, turning my eyes stubbornly back to the stars. Silence fell again, and I felt Gandalf's eyes boring into me. "I heard tell of another strange Elf several hundred years ago." Gandalf said eventually in a conversational tone. "I never met the Elf, myself, but I heard of her strangeness from the sons of the Lord of Rivendell." "Really." I said flatly, guessing where this was leading.
- 157 -

"And also from the one son's wife, who had apparently been the Elf's friend before she left Rivendell." Gandalf replied. I was sure he had some suspicion as to my identity, now, but if he expected to get a response out of me with that little tidbit about Kari and Elrohir being married, he was sorely disappointed. I had long ago decided that, unless things had gone horribly wrong, Kari and Elrohir would have married by now. So I just turned a dispassionate gaze to Gandalf and arched an eyebrow, silently asking if this was going anywhere. Gandalf continued without seeming to notice my silent question. "I heard that she ignored all rules of propriety, doing what she liked, and managed, in a matter of days, to turn Lord Elrohir purple, along with her friend, and tame the wildest stallion that had ever come of the Rivendell horses." Gandalf commented. "Unfortunately, not long after her arrival, she apparently jumped from the cliffs north of Rivendell and perished in the plunge. Her horse escaped that very same night, and later traces of his blood were seen here in Bree, in the horses raised on what is now called the Liltalen Ranch." "How very interesting." I intoned. "So I'm not the only Elf in Arda that is - or was different from normal. Hardly a startling revelation." There was silence again as Gandalf stared at me thoughtfully, me returning his gaze with a stony one. "Why ARE you running?" Gandalf murmured, almost to himself. "What have you to be afraid of?" I stared back at him stonily. After awhile, Gandalf shook himself and smiled lightly at me. "Come, it is late, I am sure you need to return to the Inn as much as I." I nodded solemnly and followed Gandalf as he headed back to the Prancing Pony. Once we were inside, he bid me goodnight, and went to his room, while I slipped off to mine. ----To be continued...with 38% more sporks!---(Not to mention Boromir, Faramir and Denethor...) -Authors Note:My hands really are so cold it almost hurts to type, so this is going to be short and sweet and to the point - thank you to all my reviewers; especially Splendifer and my sister (who I apparently forgot to tell about this fic), everyone who replied to my question in the Author's Note for last chapter (Spry Sprite, TrybalOak and celebren), and all those who noticed that I didn't exclude Legolas from the random Mirkwood Elves (you all get Legolas clones - 'cept for Rinny Leonhart / Rikku, who gets the original 'cuz she was first to notice).
- 158 -

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- 159 -

-THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:CS: I don't own any of the characters or places except Rachel and Kari. Kari: Ooo, you do remember me! CS: 'Course I remember you. Just because I haven't mentioned you in a few chapters, and you haven't been in even more chapters, doesn't mean I've forgotten about you. What makes you think I would forget about you? Kari: You forget what you had for breakfast by supertime the same day. Why should I NOT assume that not mentioning me for a few chapters would cause you to forget me? CS: ... Kari: *smirk* -18: TroubleAfter that visit, during which Gandalf stayed only a few days, and spoke to me no more, Gandalf became a regular at the Prancing Pony. I had decided once again to bank on close proximity with the Dúnedain to allow me to stay somewhat longer in Bree, so I spent 50 years there, and Gandalf and I came to be friends of a sort, though it was based on the understanding that he not probe into my past. I think it frustrated him, actually, to for once not know the entire story behind someone, and was the reason that when I informed him I was leaving Bree, he actually asked me to stay, or perhaps accompany him on his travels. I refused both requests, though I told him to look for me in the south if he ever wanted to find me again. His reply was a curt 'the south is a very big place', and that was the last time we spoke for many years. I was very much aware, of course, that the War of the Ring was drawing near, and it was about time I figure out where I wanted to be when it happened. I had long ago determined that I was NOT going to live through the War of the Ring without seeing the Fellowship at least once, and preferably Boromir before he set out for his
- 160 -

sooner or later. So as I rode on my horse . which had been quiet for far too long. I would park myself there for the War of the Ring. after all. Aragorn. not wanting to be recognized from my horse . and set about having a cheerful life back with the people I found so easy to like and relate to. the year 2890 rolled around.doomed trip to Rivendell. however. I would go to another kingdom entirely for one lifetime or so before finding my way to where I wanted to be and settling in. I left the town on the pretense of trying to return to the north and find my family. I set myself up quite easily in a small town on the borders of Rohan. and surprisingly . After 40 years. I then skedaddled my way west to Minas Tirith. Bad side effect of working in stables. and I made for Meduseld. and I was well-known among those of the Rohirrim inclined to travels. EVERY major player in the War of the Ring passed through Minas Tirith. There was still 209 years until the forming of the Fellowship. And I would get to speak with Gandalf again.161 - . It would also give me the opportunity to at least see Imrahil of Dol Amroth someone I'd always been curious about . I decided that since.2890. I reached Rohan quite quickly. pretending to be a humble refugee from the north. I decided this time to start at the lowest ring of the . Eventually. In Minas Tirith once again. I knew that where I decided to be for the War of the Ring. and I respectfully informed the Stablemaster that I had received word from family in Bree that I was needed. I shuddered at the idea.entirely possible. I decided that I would leave Rohan and head for Gondor the same year Bilbo was born . as well.along with Thorongil . though. much as it had been interesting to poke around Bree after my 550-some year absence. much to my amusement. I somehow managed to get work in the stables. since Rohan and Gondor still had a fairly close relationship at this point. I set my horse free upon arriving in Minas Tirith.without any trouble from Orcs. was acting up again. Eurgh. Once my destination was decided. Rifling around in my memory. Which left me 81 years to do as I wished in Rohan. I had a feeling that damn Mary-Sue Factor.I considered where to go. It was quite interesting to be poking around the stables and see all the changes. what use was there in me being attacked by Orcs if there was no hero around to rescue me? Unless it wanted to create the in-the-past Orc-rape plot twist. This decision that I would head to Rohan for a hundred years or so. Once again. With a gift of one of the better horses from the stables.aka.bought from the Liltalen Ranch with money no one in Bree had thought I had (I'd collected a rather large sum of money over the years) . After all. Eventually.

Anyways. with all the money I'd collected over close to 800 years. shinier. but most of my knowledge of the goings-on of the world came from what I remembered from the Lord of the Rings appendixes. so I had no extra baggage.though I really didn't need a job now. and though I couldn't have any sort of serious conversation with him without giving myself away. bought myself a newer.2968 . I heard bits and pieces of the news as I worked in a small herb shop.March 1st. more expensive dress. the security in Minas Tirith was horrid . and then moved up to the 4th ring.though remarkably clear. chucked my old dress. It was.and a larger party for most of the people I knew on New Years of 2941/2942. 2931 . so I was unable to speak with him the . it was fun to do. but hey. the War of the Ring would have ended rather quickly in the favour of the bad guys. I decided that from what I'd seen he was definitely a cool guy. and then I headed up through the circles of the city. the guards to the 2nd ring of the city denied me entrance. People were getting too suspicious of strangers. Really. the war with Sauron was really picking up. and made for the gates once more. I wandered through the streets until I found a dress makers.I 'left' for Dol Amroth and the supposed safety that was there. I did get news. until at last. It's really amazing how much money you can hoard when you don't have to stop working at a certain age or spend the money on taking care of a family. since I couldn't tell them why I was throwing the parties. and then go up as high as I could for the War of the Ring. Anyways. a little-known lady from the north of Gondor. I was admitted without question.any woman with a pretty face could go just about anywhere as long as they looked the part. I threw a little party for myself on Aragorn's birthday . I stayed in the 7th ring for 38 years. My lady found Gandalf scary. however. and now lady-in-waiting to some court lady or another. and I knew that my next little change of identity would be the last before the War of the Ring. things were starting to get nasty in Middle-Earth.162 - . which now seemed such a long ways in my past . where I was able to find a job as Asira. and though I was horridly bored. It was a good thing Sauron and Saruman never thought of using women as spies or soldiers. I also managed to meet 'Thorongil' once or I settled in as a lady-in-waiting. and would make an excellent king. I left most of my belongings behind. It made people think I was slightly touched in the head. Around this time. So I got a job in a tavern of the 7th ring of the city . all the way up to the palace. eventually time for me to go on again. and I was getting too impatient. however. the years Bilbo had his adventure. because if they had. So. in summer of the same year Frodo was born . chucked my headscarf/bandana altogether and did my hair in a way that hid my ear tips.

or at least. It was just one of those moments when you realize that something you've been worrying about really just isn't worth it. however. that the Mary-Sue Factor was responsible for the timely death of my old mistress. but I knew it would effectively keep the Mary-Sue Factor in check. I was still angry. in the trashiest clothes I could find. or just stuck me with a lady that was doomed to die. eight years after I came to the palace and became a lady-in-waiting.and didn't care. I was quite enjoying myself. and my new assignment.and new wife to Denethor. I was no where to be found in the palace.few times he came to the City. I knew. however. As a lady-in-waiting. I was back in the palace the next day. The night after I found out about my new mistress. I was down in the 6th ring of the city. much to my chagrin. I enjoyed myself until suddenly. I effectively swore of all the hot men of Middle-Earth. calm and cool. however. That made me depressed in an entirely different way. and let my anger at the Mary-Sue Factor go. realizing that I would more than get my wish to see Boromir before he went to Rivendell and ended out becoming a water-logged pin cushion. Imrahil was also absent. didn't want to at this point . I did. My recovery was well timed. it was no surprise that he didn't visit. and I'm pretty sure I got kicked out of at least 4 taverns for rowdy behavior. without a doubt.163 - . it was discovered that Finduilas was pregnant. I didn't know . isn't it?) got sick and died. but as he'd only been born 13 years before I came into my ladies service. swear to myself that all admiration (at least in the body aspect) of males recognizable from the 'Lord of the Rings' books would be internal only . I was cursing worst than most of the men in the 7th ring. I also learned how to talk prim and other words. getting rip-roaring drunk. I think Finduilas was just starting to become worried about me when I suddenly woke up one day and decided that this was shit. the heir to the Stewardship of I decided to just ignore it. though. I smiled when I heard the news. I bonded with none of the members of the new circle of ladies-in-waiting that I found myself in. the lady I was the lady-in-waiting TO (confusing. as not long afterwards. . of course.. Whether the Mary-Sue Factor had caused my mistress to actually die. showing no signs of my night of drinking due to my Elvish constitution. I was drowning my anger at the Mary-Sue Factor. I could do nothing about the Mary-Sue Factor . At least. despite all the embroidery and frippery that went on. anyways. recently arrived from Dol Amroth. and for the better part of the year. I was still in shock somewhat from that when I received word that I was to become a lady-in-waiting to the Lady Finduilas. Indeed.

Before I go any further, I should say that I've never wanted children. They've always seemed to annoy the heck out of me, not to mention that I don't feel particularly inclined to put myself through the pain and trouble of pregnancy and labour. But for some reason, when a kid isn't yours, and you watch them from birth, through their childhood, until they grow up, they don't seem so annoying. I don't know, maybe Boromir - and later, Faramir - just tried particularly hard not to piss me off. I was, by far, the loosest and least prim and proper of all of Finduilas' ladies-in-waiting, and Boromir and Faramir seemed to sense that, gravitating towards me like flies to honey. It might have also had something to do with the fact that I was the youngest looking of all the ladies-in-waiting, but somehow I doubt it. So, since Boromir and Faramir were already gravitating towards me, I took the opportunity to try and smooth things over between the brothers, especially once Denethor started playing favorites and spoiling Boromir. I also pounded into Boromir's head every chance I got that shields were important. I knew better then to actually get involved and change the future, but I would try to do what I could, dammit. After all, if Boromir carried his shield when he went after Frodo, he'd have it when he was trying to save Merry and Pippin, and shields are really very handy in blocking arrows. Yes, it was a feeble excuse, but there are some opportunities I can't let slip past. Heck, if I had been in Rivendell around the time Celebrían was going to come back from Lothlorien and get attacked by Orcs, I probably would have tried to change that. Anyways. Imrahil finally made his first appearance in Minas Tirith (Denethor and Finduilas' wedding had been in Dol Amroth, and my lady unable to attend) in 2980, when he was 25 - and still an eligible bachelor. Finduilas was immediately swarmed with all sorts of new 'friends', trying to get to her brother through her. Disgusted over this behavior, I requested - and was granted - permission to watch over 2-year-old Boromir for the duration of Imrahil's visit. This led to me being one of the lucky few who actually got to meet and talk to Imrahil when he wasn't sporting his 'court face', as Finduilas called it. The Prince of Dol Amroth was actually a rather funny guy - and damn attractive. If I hadn't sworn off book recognizable males...well, I suppose it's a good thing I had, because Finduilas commented after my first meeting with Imrahil (she'd brought him to see Boromir) that she was glad I hadn't showed an interest in him. She needed a partner. And so I found myself one half of a duo that spent its time helping Imrahil get away from court ladies.
- 164 -

Imrahil and I actually became rather good friends during that visit, especially after I helped him sneak out of the Citadel one night to a tavern in the sixth ring of the city. As many of Imrahil's escort also frequented this same tavern, this earned me the Swan Knight Stamp of Approval. I was almost as sad to see Imrahil leave as Finduilas, in the end, and was right there on the palace steps waiting for him when he returned for a visit shortly after Faramir was born. After Finduilas died, however, Imrahil did not visit Minas Tirith again. Faramir and Boromir were free to visit him in Dol Amroth, as was I, but I was forced to politely refuse all invitations and remain in Minas Tirith. I didn't know, and wasn't sure I wanted to find out, what effect the sea would have on me now that I was an elf. Gandalf had, of course, shown up in Minas Tirith during this time, but our old understanding about him not nosing into my past was gone, and I soon took to avoiding him. This, in turn, put me in Denethor's good books, as he liked Saruman more than Gandalf. Anyways, moving on - Finduilas died in 2988, when Faramir was 5, and Boromir 10. Denethor and I between us comforted the two boys, but it soon turned into me comforting all three males of that family, as Denethor succumbed to his own grief after trying to hold it in for too long. The ladies-in-waiting, no surprise, were no help to me, as they found it absolutely scandalous that I would comfort the Steward. They seemed to have this strange idea that the two boys and their father needed to get past this on their own, otherwise they wouldn't be or become men. Which was complete shit. They needed to work through it themselves, yes, and I couldn't help them with that. But I could be there as a soothing presence when their tears broke loose. In the end, I'm pretty sure it was my willingness to comfort the Steward and his sons that inevitably led to my staying in the palace, just as much as it led to the strange tend of the ladies in the palace to not want me to be their lady-in-waiting. I probably wouldn't have wanted to work for any of them, anyways. Whatever the reason, I soon found myself as the ONLY female in the personal employ of Denethor and sons. I think my official title was tutor, but I can't remember ever teaching either Boromir or Faramir anything, other than how to get out of lessons and act innocent. I overheard a Lady commenting once that I was like a surrogate mother to the boys, but I heartily disagree - I had none of the responsibility or concern of a mother. If anything, I was the sister that they didn't have, and that couldn't get in trouble.
- 165 -

Whatever I was to the boys, I enjoyed my time in Minas Tirith with them a great deal. I'm afraid I doted somewhat on Boromir during the last few years before the War of the Ring, but I rationalized it with the fact that he wouldn't be around much longer. It could also have been due to the Mary-Sue Factor, since the events it spawned took me right where I didn't want to go, and where, I realized later, the Mary-Sue Factor was always trying to get me back to. I was wandering through some of the deserted upper corridors of Minas Tirith in late June of 3018, trying to remember some of the more precise dates about the War of the Ring, when the events began. Boromir had recently returned from Osgiliath, and had seemed somewhat troubled, so I really wasn't all that surprised when he suddenly appeared beside me, falling into step and just walking with me for awhile, his expression thoughtful. As we walked, I mused about what his reaction would be if he knew he was walking beside someone who was trying to remember the dates for when the coming War would turn out as it did. Just as I decided it would probably be shock, followed by curiosity, and then righteous anger when I refused to tell him what would happen, Boromir finally spoke up. "Asira, do you remember how you once told me that dreams were not always simple images the sleeping mind creates, but messages, either from your own mind, or a higher power?" he asked. I smiled softly. Ah yes, I remembered that piece of advice...I'd given it a good 20 years ago, when Boromir had complained about having strange dreams involving armies of Oliphants and blood-red sunrises. Shortly after, the first Oliphants had been spotted traveling from the south, into Mordor, effectively proving my point. "Yes, I remember." I said. " you, perhaps, know how to tell the difference between the meaningless dreams, and the ones that are telling you something?" Boromir asked with a light frown. I arched an eyebrow and looked at him, suddenly recalling why Boromir had shown up in Rivendell in time for the Council, and knowing where this line of questioning was going. "Me? No, not really. Usually you should just be able to tell yourself. Dreams that mean something - or are just severely disturbing - will just stick with you." I replied vaguely. "What about...recurring dreams?" Boromir asked. "Recurring dreams? I wouldn't say that if you have a dream more than once it necessarily means anything. I once had a dream repeat itself for a week, and it was
- 166 -

about the forks and spoons rebelling and taking over Gondor." I replied dryly, and then grinned with amusement as I recalled the dream. That had to have been one of the few times I'd woken up laughing. Boromir just shot me a strange look, though. "The forks and spoons rebelled and took over Gondor?" he asked. "Yes, and their leader was a spork." I replied with a nod. There was a pause. "What is a spork?" I grinned at the expected question. "A small spoon with fork-like tongs on the end. A combination of a fork and a spoon. Thus, the name 'spork'." I explained. I idly wondered how I could have gone 40 years without telling Boromir about sporks. "Ah." Boromir said, and then frowned again. "Why are you asking all this, anyways?" I asked, knowing the answer. "Uh..." Boromir paused, and then apparently decided to go for broke. "Faramir has been having this dream recently, and it's been repeating itself. It's strange, and he says he can't seem to put it out of his mind. He said he was just going to ignore it, but then I had the same dream, and we both remembered what you said about dreams sometimes meaning something." "So you got voted to be the one to come ask me about it?" I asked with a grin. Boromir looked back sheepishly. "Faramir is far my superior in hand-to-hand combat." he said. I rolled my eyes. "Boys will be boys. What is this dream about?" I asked. Boromir paused, then closed his eyes and stopped walking as he remembered. "It starts with a wide view of the lands of Gondor, and then the eastern sky grows dark, and there is growing thunder, but in the West a pale light lingers. Out of the light I hear a voice, sounding distant, yet clear all the same, crying out to me." he said. "And what does it say?" I asked softly. "Seek for the Sword that was broken: In Imladris it dwells;
- 167 -

There shall be counsels taken Stronger than Morgul-spells. There shall be shown a token That Doom is near at hand, For Isildur's Bane shall waken, And the Halfling forth shall stand." Boromir quoted softly. I looked at him for a moment. "I think we had best speak to your father about this." I said finally. Boromir looked at me in surprise. "Father? Why?" he asked. "Because he is wise in the lore of Gondor, and while those words just tickle my memory, reminding me of some lesson long forgotten, he might be able to decipher them." I replied. "Come, I believe he is lunching alone today, we can speak with him while we eat." So Boromir and I set off for Denethor's rooms. Along the way, we ran into Faramir, who decided to come along. So Denethor's 'private' lunch ended out being not so private after all, though I don't think he minded - at first. Boromir and Faramir, between them, told their father of the dream they'd both had. I could tell that Denethor would have dismissed it quickly, if not for the words that they heard, and the fact that they both had the same dream. He understood little of it, of course - he did decipher that Imladris was Rivendell, though. Surprisingly enough. Gondor seemed to be incredibly ignorant about it's own past...of course, part of the little prophecy was dealing with something that happened over 3000 years ago, so I guess they had an excuse. Mortals forget so easily. Eurgh, I sound so Elvish. "Perhaps in this Rivendell we might find answers to what the dream means." Faramir suggested thoughtfully after Denethor had told them what he knew. I was practically biting my tongue off to keep from speaking up at this point - I never knew how hard it was to just let things go by as they would. "It is a long journey, by all tales, and most of the roads there are forgotten." Denethor said with a frown. "I could not spare you two for such a journey."
- 168 -

"Father, this dream means something. I know it!" Boromir protested. "And it speaks words of dire warning. If there is someone who can decipher it, then let us seek them out!" I resisted the urge to smirk at the fact that I knew what it meant, and they were contemplating going halfway across Middle-Earth to find out from somebody else. "No, Boromir, I can not spare either of you!" Denethor said sternly. "Perhaps this is a case where it would be best to ere on the side of caution, m'Lord." I said softly, simply because I couldn't resist saying something. All three heads turned towards me. "What do you mean, Asira?" Denethor asked slowly after a moment. "We do not know if this dream means anything. Perhaps it means nothing. Or perhaps it could change the fate of Middle-Earth. Is it not best to at least try to find out?" I asked. All three men were silent. Then, Faramir and Boromir turned to Denethor with triumphant looks on their faces. "Very well, we shall send a messenger." Denethor said in annoyance, and Boromir and Faramir's faces fell. "A messenger would not make it. The north has become a dangerous place. Only a skilled warrior can now survive the journey." I replied flatly. "And how would you, a Lady who has never left Gondor, know of the dangers of the roads in the north?" Denethor asked, looking even more annoyed. "I listen." I replied with a serene smile. Boromir and Faramir were looking triumphant again. Denethor thought for a moment, and then snarled in annoyance. "You are right, as usual, Asira." he said. "But only one of my sons shall go. I will not send both on a fool's errand." "I shall go." Boromir offered at the same instant as Faramir. "You choose which one shall go, Asira." Denethor said. "Me?" I asked, my eyebrows shooting up. "Yes, you should have the opportunity to choose your own traveling partner." Denethor replied calmly. I choked.
- 169 -

"My WHAT?!" I exclaimed. "Traveling partner. Since you are so set on one of my sons leaving Gondor, you can accompany whichever one goes on the journey." Denethor said with a slight smirk. While I gaped at him, Boromir and Faramir got righteously indignant on my behalf. "Father! She is not a warrior! She can not even fight! How is she supposed to survive the journey?" Boromir protested. "There is no need for her to go." Faramir said. "She shall go with one of you two, or no one shall go." Denethor said firmly. "No." I said angrily. "No bloody way. Boromir will bloody well go alone, Denethor." All three men at the table stared at me. My use of swear words - which I used very sparingly - leant meaning to my words. Denethor, however, seemed to only harden his resolve at my protest. "You shall go, Lady Asira, with Boromir if you so wish. But you shall go." he said icily. "I shall not." I said stiffly. "Then you shall be banished." Denethor said calmly. Once more, I gaped while Boromir and Faramir got angry on my behalf. "Father, you're being unreasonable!" Faramir said. "Don't bother, Faramir." I said icily, standing abruptly. "I would accept that condition readily, m'Lord Denethor, if I thought that you would still allow Boromir to go. But I have a feeling the only way someone from Gondor shall reach Rivendell with news of your sons dream is if I go with them. So I shall go." "Asira, you do not have to come." Boromir said soothingly. "Yes, she does have to go, Boromir." Denethor snapped. It hit me suddenly, that Denethor must have begun looking into the palantír, and his fey mood had begun. I growled slightly as my face darkened. "I will go, Boromir." I said pointedly, then muttered, unaware that all three men could here me, as I turned and left, "I would rather go back to Rivendell then stay
- 170 -

around you and your fey mood, anyways." ----To be continued...with angry!Glorfindel!---(Not to mention other glowy elves...) -Author's Note:I wrote the last sentence of this story today. I haven't written the chapters inbetween here and that sentence, but I wrote the last sentence all the same...Does anyone besides me find that slightly odd? I've never had a story that I KNEW where it was going to go so strongly that i could do that. Is very very odd. And to my reviewers, I say that y'all rock! And since this chapter boasts the return to Rivendell, y'all get random Rivendell Elves. Unfortunately, since Elrond seems to have found and remembered how to use his sword from the Last Alliance, random Rivendell Elves does NOT include any of the main characters from the book...though Elladan and Glorfindel DID offer to be included in the random Rivendell Elves despite that. Unfortunately, Elrond forbid Elladan to do so, and Rachel sat (and is still sitting) on Glorfindel, thereby voiding his offer... So for everybody else who hasn't reviewed, remember - you can get random elves if you review! And only you can prevent forest fires! Unless you're a flamer. Then only you can cause story fires. Heh, I feel so clever...(it's the little things in life that amuse me) ~Crimson Starlight -Revision's Author's Note:It's been bugging me how little I mentioned Gandalf and all the other inhabitants of Minas Tirith and Gondor in general in this chapter, so I added a whole bunch of stuff about Imrahil, Gandalf and Thorongil in the middle, and a bit at the beginning. This lead to a slight revision of Chapter 23, where I had to delete a mention of rachel's encounters with Gandalf that my revisions to this chapter have no longer made accurate. Also, I re-wrote the last paragraph of this chapter, because it was annoying me. ~CS

- 171 -

Rivendell REVISED
-THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:CS: I own nothing, and do not claim to own anything, so shoo! . . . CS: No, wait - that didn't come out right - I own nothing, and do not claim to own anything, so all the LAWYERS can shoo. All my readers can come back now! . . . . . . . CS: Please? Rachel: *shakes head* You need help. CS: I already have help. Rachel: You need more. -19: Rivendell- 172 -

Late that same day, I was standing at the top of the citadel, in the court containing the White Tree, watching the sun set, when I felt Faramir approach. He stepped up beside me and watched the sun set in silence, but I could tell he dearly wanted to say something, and I waited for him to speak first. And as the sky slowly began to darken, he did speak. "Why Boromir?" was all he asked, and I smiled slightly. I had expected this. Faramir was absolutely in awe of Elves, whereas Boromir couldn't care less about them. I knew this - and now that a chance had come to go see Elves, and I had been given the choice of which of them to take, I'd taken Boromir. It really didn't take a genius to realize that Faramir, at least, would want an explanation of why I chose who I chose. "Because it is his fate." I said, continuing to watch the sun set. "How do you know what his fate is?" Faramir asked, annoyance in his voice. "You are not the only one who dreams, m'boy." I said, giving him a pointed look. "Boromir's fate is to go to Rivendell and receive the council of the Elves. Yours is to stay here and defend your kingdom." "But why?" Faramir asked, his frustration clear. "Boromir would do a much better job of defending Gondor, and I would dearly love to go see the Elves!" I smiled kindly as I turned from the sunset and looked at Faramir. "Who knows?" I replied. "Who knows why fate works in the way it does? Certainly not I. But I would not be so quick to assume that Boromir could defend Gondor better than you." "Why wouldn't he? He has the skills, and the strategy - and father's blessing." Faramir said bitterly. "And men will follow you to their death." I said. "You can make men follow you where Boromir would not dare to even try." Faramir sighed. "I still do not see why Boromir gets to go to Rivendell when I do not." he said, then added as I opened my mouth, "Besides fate." "I would think fate would be reason enough." I said, arching an eyebrow. "It would, but...I have the strangest feeling that if Boromir goes, I shall never see him again." Faramir said with a sigh. "It makes no sense, as Boromir is one of the
- 173 -

best warriors out there, but the feeling has set me on edge." "Ah." I said, trying desperately to hide the emotions that stirred up. Judging from Faramir's curious look, however, I didn't succeed entirely. I sighed. "Who knows what fate has in store for Boromir? All I know is that it is his fate to go to Rivendell, not yours." There was silence for a moment, and then I turned and made to leave. "He won't return, will he?" Faramir's question stopped me in my tracks halfway to the White Tree. I smiled sadly as I looked back at him - I never could lie to Faramir. "No." I said simply, and immediately regretted the word - though I could have said nothing else - as I saw Faramir's grief. "But he will achieve great things." I added softly, and turned and quickly left. Faramir had asked for the knowledge, now he would have to come to grips with it himself. I had helped him with his grief over his mother, but this grief was his and his alone to deal with. It took several days for Boromir and me to get ready to leave, and I stayed as far away from Denethor as I could manage in the days it took. Eventually, however, on July 4th - much to my amusement - Boromir and I set out from Minas Tirith. Everything went fine and dandy for the first few weeks of travel, but then we entered the north, and I discovered that Boromir and company had heard my statment about returnng to Rivendell. "So where do we go now?" Boromir asked one morning just as we were to set out. He had long ago admitted that he had no idea where to go in the north. "North?" I suggested. "More specifics would be nice." Boromir said dryly. "Well, I don't have any more specifics than you." I said in annoyance, still touchy on the subject of just where we were going. "You've been there before; I'd hope you would have more specifics." Boromir said. I started, and looked at Boromir with alarm that I quickly changed into a strange look. "I have not been to Rivendell before." I said. "Then why did you say you'd rather go BACK to Rivendell?" Boromir asked, arching an eyebrow. I paled.
- 174 -

"You heard that?" I whispered. Boromir nodded impatiently. "Yes, we all did." he said. "Aw crap." I said, wrinkling my nose. "That wasn't supposed to happen." Boromir looked at me in amusement. "You know, until this trip came along, I had never heard you swear before. Now you're swearing like a soldier. Wherever did you learn such language?" Boromir asked. "Drinking binge in the 6th ring of the city." I replied honestly. "And numerous other taverns." Boromir's eyebrows shot up. "Why do I suddenly get the feeling that there's more to you then meets the eye?" Boromir asked ruefully. "There is." I replied. "And not all of it is pleasant. Come, let's go. Might as well get to Rivendell and get this over with." So we headed for Rivendell, taking the most direct route I knew - which was, of course, through Bree. Resigned, now, to where I was going, I took some morbid amusement in staying at the Prancing Pony. Boromir didn't understand my amusement, and I just told him I'd explain later. If I got the chance. Amused with myself once again, I started chuckling, and Boromir was left to look at me in utter confusion. We stayed at the Prancing Pony one night, and then set off for Rivendell at first light, on new horses from the Liltalen Ranch. Yep, it was still around. Some things endure far too long. It was the 20th of September when we left the Prancing Pony, and we arrived in Rivendell on the 6th of October - several weeks early, but I doubted it would make a difference. I was resigned to meeting someone I knew in Rivendell, so I made no effort to hide my face when we arrived, but to my amazement, I was spared - at least for the first night. When Boromir and I dined with Lord Elrond, I found out that Elladan and Elrohir were out with the Rangers, Kari was in Lothlorien, and Glorfindel was incredibly busy with work. This set me to grinning the entire evening, which started Boromir complaining that I wasn't telling him anything. I ignored him. I knew if I could just stay away from Glorfindel for the next three days, I wouldn't have to worry about him until Frodo arrived in Rivendell. My luck, however, was tired of holding. The next day, Boromir and I were invited to the main hall of Rivendell for supper, and the instant I stepped in, I knew I was in trouble. Sitting
- 175 -

next to Elrond, frowning thoughtfully at his food, was a very familiar golden-haired Elf-Lord. I unconsciously sucked in a breath, half because I suddenly realized how hard it was going to be to keep up my swear-off of the Hot Guys of Middle-Earth, and half out of fear. "Asira?" Boromir asked with curiosity. "Come, let us take our seats." I said briskly, hoping to get to our seats before Glorfindel could look up and notice me. Unfortunately, at that moment, Glorfindel looked up, and after glancing over Boromir, looked straight at me. Even across the room, I could see him stiffen, and we locked eyes. I saw his lips move, and I knew he had said my name, especially when Elrond turned to his friend with concern. Boromir, oblivious to what was going on, nudged me forward, and at that point, Elrond pulled his attention away from Glorfindel and directed it towards us. "Ah, Lord Boromir, Lady Asira. Come, you must meet Lord Glorfindel." Elrond said solemnly. "Indeed." Glorfindel said, a strange look in his eyes. "I am very eager to meet our guests from Gondor." I followed Boromir as he made his way towards the head table, doing my best to hide in his shadow. Glorfindel was still looking at me, and it was making me nervous. Regardless of Glorfindel and me, Elrond introduced Boromir and me to Glorfindel, and then we took our seats. Throughout the rest of the meal, I could practically feel Glorfindel's eyes burning into me, and several times Boromir had to pointedly ask me if my chair was uncomfortable, as I squirmed so much. I felt as if the meal couldn't end soon enough, and yet, at the same time, I never wanted it to end, as I knew that Glorfindel would corner me afterwards. I decided to stick by Boromir and hope Glorfindel wouldn't approach me around the man. After the meal, I hoped to make a quick getaway, but Boromir, not understanding my rush, was very slow, stopping to talk to what seemed like every Elf in the room. And suddenly, Glorfindel was standing in front of Boromir and me, smiling politely, though the smile did not reach his eyes. "If I may, Lord Boromir, do you think it would be possible for me to steal the Lady Asira away from you for a short while?" Glorfindel asked politely. "I see no problem with it. Asira?" Boromir looked at me questioningly as I gripped his arm tightly.
- 176 -

"I would rather stay with you, Boromir." I said tightly. Boromir looked at me in surprise. "Asira..." he started, frowning, but Glorfindel cut him off. "I do not have time for games." he snapped. "Rachel, come." I pursed my lips and glared at Glorfindel. Boromir was looking thoroughly confused, and slightly affronted that Glorfindel had the nerve to command me to do anything. For, though Glorfindel had used a different name than Boromir knew, there was no doubt that the command was directed to me. "Oh fine." I said finally, and I let go and stalked after Glorfindel - who was also stalking. I imagined we must have made quite the sight, both stalking across the hall of Rivendell. Elrond certainly noticed and followed. Glorfindel gave the Elf-lord a glare to clear off, but Elrond determinedly fell into step behind us as we headed through the winding halls of Rivendell. It took us so long to get to where we were going, I wondered if we were going to Glorfindel's study. My wondering was proved to be fact as we passed behind a familiar wall hanging, and shortly thereafter, arrived in the familiar greenhouse/arena/study. "Glorfindel, what -" Elrond started once we were stopped, but Glorfindel cut him off, turning his burning gaze on me, apparently not even noticing that Elrond was talking. "WHY?" Glorfindel demanded. "Why what?" I asked calmly in reply. "Why did you do it? Why did you leave?" Glorfindel elaborated impatiently. "Because." I said. "That is not an answer!" Glorfindel snapped. "You wouldn't believe the answer if I told you!" I snapped back. "Try me!" Glorfindel said. I snorted. "That has to be the most predictable line ever." I said. Glorfindel rolled his eyes. "Stop changing the subject. WHY DID YOU LEAVE?" Glorfindel practically roared the last part, and I couldn't help but flinch.
- 177 -

"Ai, I think you picked up a few things from that Balrog." I said. Glorfindel shot me a scathing look. "I will show you just how much I picked up if you do not answer." he said. "How about if I say I was afraid of becoming a monster of unbelievable proportions that could cause the collapse of your entire universe?" I asked, cocking my head to one side. Glorfindel stared at me. At this point, Elrond chose to butt in. "What are you two going on about?" he asked. Glorfindel shot Elrond an annoyed look, and opened his mouth to answer, but I beat him to it. "I'm afraid I haven't been totally honest with you, Lord Elrond, on my current visit, or on my previous one." I said. "Previous visit? I do not recall you ever visiting Rivendell before." Elrond said in surprise. "Ah, that's because of the afore mentioned dishonesty." I replied with a smile, and then swept Elrond a low curtsey. "Miss Rachel Taherity of Australia, Earth, recently immigrated to Middle-Earth and Elf-ized, at your service." Elrond blinked. "What?" he asked. "Surely you remember Rachel, m'Lord?" Glorfindel asked with amusement. Elrond turned to Glorfindel and blinked again. "Of course I do. How can I forget the one Elf to ever commit suicide in Rivendell?" Elrond said blankly. "See, that's where you're wrong." I said with a frown. "Though I must say, I'm flattered I managed to convince you I was dead. I didn't think I'd be able to pull it off." Poor Elrond was getting very pale. "What?" he asked again. I sighed. "Elrond, I am the one and very same Rachel that arrived in Rivendell over 800 years ago with Kari." I said. "You can not be." Elrond said automatically. "You do not even look the same." "Ah yes, that was a result of some...interesting events." I said with a frown. "But
- 178 -

" I said with a nod. however. they do out of love. we turned back to each other solemnly. in fact. Unless someone is put to torture. frowning once again.. "I believe we've established that? Mary-Sues are horrible creatures that can destroy a universe. "Would you be so kind as to get it for me?" Glorfindel complied. Glorfindel blinked.179 - . and do not want to see it destroyed. Glorfindel. they do it out of lust. who. since I am one. Glorfindel paused. I plan on leaving here as quickly as I can and getting away from Elves. despite the consequences. Once he was gone. . What they do. and are completely unaware that they are doing I set about explaining Mary-Sues. "Glorfindel. "Because. scratch that. Mary-Sues aren't TECHNICALLY evil. I have also always loved Middle-Earth and all relating to it. that's the problem. then somehow I find it very hard to believe that you would turn into one of these 'Mary-Sue' creatures. why are you so afraid of becoming one?" Glorfindel asked. "So you left because you were afraid of becoming one of these 'Mary-Sue' creatures?" Glorfindel asked with a frown once I was finished. and then left the room." I said. "Still am afraid of becoming one. don't you keep a flask of miruvor somewhere in here?" Elrond asked. Amused. Glorfindel and I watched him go with equal amusement. "No. "I am going to bed. they cannot become a thing of evil unless they choose to. Sort this out and explain it to me in the morning. "If that is true. So why do you not?" I sighed." I replied. can attest that I am indeed Rachel. "See. and with a sigh. and Elrond promptly downed just about the entire flask in five seconds flat." "Why?" Glorfindel asked. remember?" I replied..Glorfindel. Glorfindel nodded. slowly turning his head to look at Glorfindel. I can understand the destroying the universe being a large part of it. I am quite sure are the cause for me turning into a Mary-Sue." Elrond announced. "A monster that can destroy the universe?" Glorfindel asked curiously. as well as admiration." he said. I want to be accepted for who I am. and Kari. but you say that many others from your world would jump at the chance to become these 'Mary-Sue's. "Yep. "I mean." Silence fell. arching an eyebrow.

"So these Mary-Sues destroy the world with their lust for it?" he asked eventually. "So why is Middle-Earth still here?" Glorfindel asked. I snatched the flask from the ground where Elrond had dropped it and downed the remaining contents. thinking. Glorfindel sighed." "Perhaps she is not actually a Mary-Sue?" he suggested. as requested." Glorfindel said.. Alkarisil has become the very epitome of a Mary-Sue. and then you suggest she isn't. repeat that?" I asked. Make up your mind. and you were turning into. So why is Middle-Earth still here?" Glorfindel elaborated." I paused. "Did Elrond finish that miruvor?" I asked finally. Glorfindel sat down across from me and repeated what he'd said. . yep. "Not quite.. buddy." "You lost me. "I am saying that perhaps what you regard as a Mary-Sue is not exactly true. according to your standards." I complained after a moment spent trying to figure out what on earth he meant. "That perhaps your journey to Middle-Earth was not just some random 'freak accident'. "Now. and then frowned slightly. executed by the Valar?" I spent several minutes staring at Glorfindel. "Or those in it. as you called it. but a carefully planned transference of you and Kari from one world to another. "Pardon?" I asked with a blink. I really don't know. but what Kari has turned into." I answered. is NOT a Mary-Sue. "Or that perhaps what you view as a Mary-Sue is correct. "Because. "Is it possible that perhaps all these 'Mary-Sue' occurrences that you mention are nothing more than the Valar trying to help you and Kari fit into Middle-Earth?" he said. "You know. arching an eyebrow." Glorfindel said with amusement. plunking myself down on the ground. "First you say she is a Mary-Sue." I said blankly. "From what you have told me.180 - .

" Glorfindel said.. it doesn't. and then started cackling.. but then I got my balance back.thank you for reviewing.depending on whether I get the time ." I replied cheerfully. be good sports and review some more! If you do. y'all know the drill . I always love reading each and every review I get. I swayed unsteadily for a moment while Glorfindel looked amused that I'd remembered the nickname I'd given him all those many years ago. and latched onto Glorfindel's arm as we went through the corridors of Rivendell." "Like?" I asked. "But I should get there if I wander around and ask for directions enough. I actually managed to update today! I wasn't sure I was going to be able to. "I'm going to bed. ----To be continued.. "You're great. Might take a few hours." Glorfindel replied seriously. even though I had this chapter finished. I am never letting my mother sign me up for so many classes ever again. Glory." "Can you find your way to your room?" Glorfindel asked. "Nope." I said wearily when Glorfindel finished. "And I imagine it doesn't start making any more sense no matter how long you live." Glorfindel said with a small smile. "Once again.." I looked at him for a moment. you're great.. and nodded emphatically in approval at doing so. I am SO darn busy it's not funny. I have no time to reeeeeeeead! And barely any to write! All I can say is. I'll try and update two more chapters this week.. hoisting myself to my feet. thank GOD for spell-check.181 - . "Though you do learn a few things.. though.." I said when I had calmed down somewhat.with lots and lots of talking.) -Authors Note:Hey." "No. . even if I have to sneak onto the computer and get my mother mad at me to do so. all needing explainations.---(Blasted soon-to-be pin-cushions and Elf-lord's sons.. Glorfindel watched me with amusement."Life is far too confusing." I said.. Anyways. and then added thoughtfully. "Drinking Dorwinnian wine in great quantities is not smart. "But it is fun. also standing." "I'll walk you back. So.

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looking somewhat dazed. "In other words. "I'll explain after breakfast. "Give me a few minutes to dress. . With a little cajoling on my part. and Boromir now had to stop and blink as he deciphered what I'd asked. When we reached the main hall. however. the guy was going to be dead in around 4 months. Boromir nodded.184 - . and go for a walk during which I'll explain everything to you. why he called you by another name. imitated the two simple braids Legolas sported in the 'Lord of the Rings' movies. Unless Glory or Lord Elrond want to talk to me again." Boromir said once he figured it out. then we can go get some food. Boromir was standing there. That was actually quite a depressing thought. and at first. Lord Glorfindel. might as well tell him the truth. Boromir was going to find out anyways when I told him my little story. and didn't start walking again until I gave him a little push." I replied.. Boromir and I managed to get our breakfast early. then. he didn't even register my ears as we walked to the main hall for some breakfast. yawning again. "Sorry. and I shut the door in his face before going and getting changed into one of my more Elvish-styled dresses." I said with a smile. he stopped short. "Whassup?" I asked. I had to be just about the only Elf that had trouble waking up. I could have lied and crunched the times a bit. Boromir nodded. what did I do the last time I was in Rivendell?" I said.myself out of bed. and opened the door." Boromir replied. You're free to bop them if they do. and why Lord Elrond joined you and Lord Glorfindel in your talk." Boromir paused. Boromir was waiting in the hallway when I emerged from my room. "What part of what's going on do you want to know?" I asked as I yawned and rubbed my face in an attempt to wake up.. and a timely arrival of Glorfindel. "I would like to know why Lord Glorfindel wished to speak with you last night. of course. I blinked. I considered my hair and ears for a moment. along with Glorfindel. Suddenly. looking somewhat annoyed. I blinked at him. Somehow. gaping at my ears. but hey. we discovered that we were just slightly early for the main part of breakfast. "I want to know what is going on. "Glory?" he asked in confusion. my return to Rivendell seemed to have made me revert to my former way of speaking. "That sound ok?" Boromir nodded. threw on a dressing robe. with a grin. letting my ears show in all their pointy glory.

" I replied." I said. ending thoughtfully. even before I came to Rivendell. ." Glorfindel said dryly. and then nodded." he started. there's really no point." Glorfindel arched an eyebrow. This is good. "Everything's a sign to you. but I cut him off. you're going to have to accept the bits that I tell you." he said after a moment. as if he'd just remembered something. making a face.. then paused." "No thanks." I said." Boromir hesitated. "Good. And to tell the truth. but it would be dangerous for you to know. and Glorfindel said goodbye to Boromir and me outside of the hall before heading off on his own." "I thought you knew for certain. because otherwise you won't be hearing any of it. "If you want to hear about my past. Glory." I replied.185 - . "Some parts." I said. Now shall we go for our walk? You're welcome to come and put in your two cents. "How did you. "You said you would -" Boromir started in annoyance. Kari will be happy. We all left the hall just as breakfast was supposed to normally start." "Maybe it was a sign that you should not cover them. "Explain what I did in Rivendell the last time I was here. anyways. I smiled and patted his hand. "Good. Not only would it be longer than I care to tell. "I'm going to tell Boromir everything after breakfast. though. yes. I have things to do before I leave. "Yeah."I see you have stopped hiding your race. not my entire life. I smiled mischievously. that means Haldir won't be dieing anytime soon.. I have always loathed having my ears covered. and nodded. I can not tell you everything.?" Glorfindel asked in confusion.. "So you are the one going out?" I asked.. "I'm almost glad you're going to be disappearing for a week or so." Glorfindel replied with a smile as we all stood. but there were two different versions at home. Kari and I didn't know which one would be happening. "What are you talking about?" Boromir finally asked. utterly bewildered. "Something I will not be telling you about. Glorfindel blinked. "Right." Glorfindel commented as we started eating.

"So you will be wanting to head back to Gondor as quickly as possible?" Boromir asked finally. faking my own death so nobody in Rivendell would come looking for me. Must be that stupid curse acting up again." I said. I paused. and we left the buildings of Rivendell." Boromir arched an eyebrow. frowning thoughtfully. "Yeah. it became apparent that Boromir . It certainly made Boromir silent for quite some time. this time suspiciously. far away. "First off. then I realized I had been cursed to turn into something so powerful it could destroy the world if I stayed in Rivendell. "Uh." And I set into a convoluted description of how Kari and I came from another land. shall we? I don't get lost so easily out there." he said." Boromir replied. It was actually a rather nice tale. and thus I left. A time will come soon enough when you will be able to tell of your dream and have a good portion of it explained to you. "That is the second time you have done that. I think I shall seek out Lord Elrond this afternoon and ask him about the dream."Let's go outside. "The curse tells you of the future?" he asked. Fortunately. spent several days in Rivendell. "Didn't even realize it.. and everything I am about to tell you happened when I was close to half your age. nodding towards where I knew the closest exit was." I said. anyways." I replied. "Still." he said. though there's no rush unless I start growing or my hair starts turning blonde. here's what happened. "Alright. Boromir nodded.. if I said so myself. Boromir nodded.sure. "Wait for awhile. "You have to understand that I am over 900 years old. suddenly realizing that this conversation was not heading in a very good direction. "Done what?" I asked in reply..." I said." I started once Boromir and I were outside walking. You're liable to just get riddles as answers now. "Spoken as if you know the future." I replied. Boromir looked at me again.186 - . "Crap." Boromir nodded. and appeared outside of Rivendell one day with no idea how we got there. at that point.

what were you doing as a serving woman if you are an Elf?" "Having the time of my life!" I replied with a grin. Cheap purple dye." Elladan said. turned towards us with curiosity. "Wonderful to see you two again!" I said cheerily. Boromir nodded warily. "I'll get Glory after lunch to help me explain to you. then gave a little wave and headed back over to Boromir. curious as to who their father was giving such a pointed look. I arrived shortly after Lord Elrond to see two cloaked and hooded Elven riders just dismounting. "Of course not. Three-Quarter-Elves) behind. then. looking even more confused.." one of the Elven riders said. after lunch I grabbed Glorfindel ." Elrohir said. since I'm tired of explaining it all myself. a serving woman. "Wanna see the horses?" I asked. once again. "Do you have a reason this time?" Elrond asked with a sigh. leaving two stunned Half-Elves (ok. I could not tell the two of them apart. and both riders threw back their hoods to reveal the identical faces of Elrond's sons. Elrohir and Elladan. and I latched onto his arm and dragged him off to see the horses.. wearing off after 800 years. their reactions to me gave away which was which . to my confusion. "I do. I showed Boromir around Rivendell for most of the morning. father.who had originally just emerged from his study long enough to eat . sounding dazed. Curious. doing here? For that matter.and I had wandered near the entrance of Rivendell. I dragged Boromir over to where the sound of a galloping horse had come from. Fortunately." Elrohir made a choking sound and looked at me with wide eyes. and I was saved from further comment by the sound of someone galloping in. "Again? I do not recall ever having met you before.the gaping one was Elladan.and the twins and went off to the Glorfindel's oh so popular . however. "'Glory'?!" he practically squeaked.187 - . "But what are you. and wanting to see someone get chewed out by Elrond or Glorfindel for galloping into Rivendell. Elrond noticed me and Boromir at that point and gave me a pointed look. apparently slightly scared by this new part of my personality that was emerging. letting me know that he considered Elladan and Elrohir's galloping into Rivendell to be all my fault. and the confused and curious one was Elrohir. bouncing over the two twins. I discovered that. as promised. I grinned. I smiled serenely.

" I replied. looked extremely amused as he realized the main reason I'd asked . rolling his eyes." I said. Elrohir and Elladan stared at me. I named him. "Here.ready to let loose. Yes. Elladan's eyebrows shot up. I saw it. preparing to dash behind the golden-haired Elf Lord if needed. but it is nice to have you confirm it." he said. "I do not have all afternoon.both him and Kari . "Get to the point. I do not know who you are. forced . I did have Liltalen. Elladan nodded. putting a hand on his twins shoulder to hold him back from attacking me. looking very very angry." Elrohir said in confusion once we were all settled in Glorfindel's study. Elrohir would have the anger of two ." Elrohir said with a scowl. I turned to Elladan. "Rachel named that stallion.188 - . but it was in Rivendell." Glorfindel said. "That was established a long time ago. "You have. "I was there." I said. I do.OK. "First off. but truth be told. not this exact spot. but this is the most blatant lie I have ever heard. I eyed the distance between me and Glorfindel. "You did NOT!" Elladan exploded after a moment." he said." I said." I replied. "Where?" Elrohir asked. I wanted him there more for my own protection than anything else. Glorfindel. so get to the point I shall. But. "And now you probably want to know how I knew the stallion's name?" I asked. you have sharp pointy things. bouncing slightly. "I did. "I still do not remember ever having met you before. "Simple. Well. Glorfindel seemed extremely annoyed that I was making him sit in on this little explanation. catching my gaze. who was looking at me curiously." . and who knew WHAT Elladan was going to do.him to be there. "That was puzzling." I" "Tough.

she was drunk at the time."No it is not. that is. "Rachel named Liltalen. Glorfindel?" Elladan demanded. "Because I've died before. "How can you say that." Elladan mumbled to his twin under his breath. Die. You don't even look like Rachel. no she didn't. and I would think I would notice if I did it again. but I do not think she was lying. I noticed that. peering at me. Elrohir's scowl deepened. we're talking about Rachel. all for a good cause. Elrohir. and then died!" "Uh. turning to his brother." Elladan said angrily. "Of course. "Indeedily do. arching my eyebrows. a thoughtful look on his face. "Impossible. how can you even consider these lies for an instant?" Elladan asked angrily." "Kari got drunk? Man I'm sorry I missed that. "How would you know?" Elladan snarled. "Same thing. looking at me intently. "Look. "Because Kari once told me that Rachel used to look much different before they came to Rivendell." both twins' heads snapped towards Glorfindel when he spoke. "What exactly do you mean by that? Are you saying that you ARE Rachel?" Elrohir asked after a moment." I replied. then. sounding a lot more confident then I felt." I said with a grin. Out of the corner of my eye. "She got drunk because she was struggling with her grief at your supposed death. Elladan took another step towards me. rested a hand on his twins arm to hold him back. .189 - ." "I can not believe you believe her. "We're not talking about you. I wouldn't have done it if I hadn't thought I had no other choice. his fists clenched." I said." I replied." I said with a shrug." I said. though we all heard him. while he hadn't changed position. "Ah." Elrohir said. Glorfindel looked as if he was ready to spring in between the twins and me at any moment. but Elrohir." Elrohir said with a scowl.

then paused and turned to look at me where I was standing in Glorfindel's study door. I got distracted . So." he said matter-of-factly. I explained about where I'd come from. thanks to Glorfindel. I finished my tale. "Kari's going to be furious when she finds out. "Find your own way back or stay here until either someone comes or I am not busy. In the midst of my contemplating. around mid-afternoon. a different story than the one I'd told Boromir . leaving me in Glorfindel's study. It was. "Good side effect. Kari's knowledge of my different appearance. "Uh. Elladan." Glorfindel said gravely."You had better believe it. "But. I sighed and contemplated whether or not I felt like getting lost in Rivendell.together and figure out for himself that yes. and Elrohir and Elladan were done asking questions. of course. probably thanks to the infernal Mary-Sue Factor. While they still looked very annoyed with me. but I just answered vaguely and said that most of my life before I came to Middle-Earth had faded beyond recall. and Elrohir chuckled before wandering off. "It is true." Glorfindel said without looking up. "You wanted to use my study?" Glorfindel suggested.. Elrohir went a few steps down the hallway. now.mainly Kari and Tolkien's writings. I knew that Elf brains wouldn't break at the truth. scribbling away furiously at some document or report or something..190 - . And somehow." "I knew I brought you for a reason. do you two want to hear the wildest tale you'll ever hear?" Elrohir and Elladan looked at each other. and left. It wasn't until he was gone that I remembered I needed someone to help me get back without getting lost.I wasn't quite sure how Boromir would have handled the truth. for the second time that day. I did leave out a few things. they politely said goodbye." I said. Glory. but." I said to Glorfindel. Kari was with me before we came to Middle-Earth." I started." I replied sagely. Elrohir asked if Kari had been with me on Earth. of course. As is the tale she has to tell of why she did what she did. Elrohir didn't seem to put all the other little clues . all will be well. then back at me and nodded. though they assured me they understood why I had done what I'd done. I went back into Glorfindel's study and turned to Glorfindel to see him bending over his desk. and our made-up language . "As long as she has no sharp objects within reach when she does so. Eventually. Elladan did. though . yeah.

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however. Lord Elrond. "No. -21: Scoldings"Aren't you finished YET?" I whined for what seemed the thousandth time. supposed to be known only to myself." "Yo. Elrond arched an eyebrow at me.Scoldings -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:CS: I own nothing. So now I was glaring miserably out over Rivendell. Before I could. and I was STILL in Glorfindel's study with no way to get back to my rooms without getting lost. Glorfindel. "I don't know what you're here for. you're showing me back to a part of Rivendell I recognize. .. and I growled in annoyance before stomping over to the window.. there was a knock on the door.192 - . turning to Glorfindel. I could have stared at Glorfindel. and all my staring and drooling was. have you been keeping Lady Asira here all afternoon?" Elrond asked with a frown.o CS: I hate Mondays. The sun had set about an hour ago. nor do I care. Random Lawyer: Then all your books and belongings are free for the taking! Muhahahaha! *steals Crimson Starlight's stuff* CS: Hey! *runs after* *trips over a rock and falls on her face* *random elephant steps on Crimson Starlight* Rachel. but Glorfindel had an uncanny knack for knowing when I was looking at him. feeling very hungry and very close to heading off and getting lost. let alone in the dark. of course. and the entire cast of The Games of the Gods: . Which was not something I wanted to do normally. and had a drool-fest doing so." I said cheerily." Glorfindel's reply was typical. I was at the door and had it open before Glorfindel could say "Come in. but when you leave. and I said by way of an explanation." "Glorfindel. through my own rules.O.

" Elrond said. and he arched an eyebrow at me. then frowned thoughtfully and added." I heard a snort of laughter from Glorfindel. I gaped at him. your work can't be more important than going and scaring off a couple of Ringwraiths and bringing the Ringbearer to Rivendell so he can get his ouchie fixed." I replied. "The Ringbearer is injured?" Elrond asked. but he covered it quickly with a cough when Elrond shot him a look. "I need to stop giving away what I know like that. "You think you're so funny. yes. "I came to see if you will be ready to leave tomorrow as planned. then turned back to Elrond and said." I said with a snort. "Speaking of visiting. no offence.193 - . "Eh. "Wouldn't work. yep. "Then you shall have to learn to curb your tongue." "And gotten so lost I would have ended up in Hobbiton before realizing I was going the wrong way. I think it would be better. but Galadriel's creepy. Elrond?" Glorfindel asked." he said." I replied with an innocent smile." Glorfindel said. if you go to stay in Lothlorien until the events you know of are over." Elrond replied." I said." I said grumpily. .. and Kari's presence." Elrond looked at me in amusement. "And besides. "Or will be soon. "You could have gotten rid of me any time you wanted. She could have left any time she wanted to." "Indeed it is not.. no. his eyebrows shooting up in alarm." Glorfindel replied. "If I can get some peace and quiet to finish my work. You just had to show me to some part of Rivendell I recognized. I mock glared at him." Glorfindel and Elrond looked at me blankly while they deciphered what I'd said. Not healthy for the timeline. "RACHEL has been staying here out of her own volition. shooting a meaningful glance at me. thinking of the Fellowship wandering through there. "There was no need until you came to visit. why are you here. "You need to put up signs or hand out maps or something. Besides."No. perhaps." Elrond said with a worried frown.

well." "Might as well. Lady Asira is right. Glorfindel. I stayed nearby for a short while. pushing himself away from the wall. then got bored with the constant droning and had my food put on a tray and took it to my rooms." Boromir replied in annoyance." Glorfindel and Elrond nodded in understanding. "Ah. "Regardless. where we hoped to find some food left over from supper. I blinked in surprise as Elrond smiled knowingly. "That means I will. we not only discovered some left over food." Elrond said. "I'm afraid I missed supper myself with all my own work.194 - . "GOOD. immediately standing up from behind his desk. . Your work is not more important than your trip."Indeedily doodily do!" I replied cheerfully. Surprisingly. "I could get lost for an hour trying to walk in a circle. and ANYBODY could get lost for any amount of time going to or coming back from Glory's study. but Glorfindel and Elrond spotted some other important Elves of Rivendell having a late supper." I commented. and so all three of us set off for the kitchens. looking tired and cranky. and I held back a snicker. and pretty soon they were all wrapped up in a boring conversation about something or other. "Since supper." I replied as I set my tray down on the table and sat down." he muttered when I came up. "How long have you been waiting here?" I asked. though I have been searching for you since mid-afternoon. Boromir positioned himself so he was now leaning against the wall across from where I was sitting." Glorfindel said emphatically. Boromir arched an eyebrow at me as he followed me in. He was leaning against the wall across from my door. When we reached the kitchens. "Shall we all go have a late supper. I was lost. Boromir was waiting for me when I returned to my rooms. it'll go with my early breakfast. "Finally. then?" Elrond suggested. Both Elf Lords looked at me blankly. "Lost? For the entire afternoon? How on Arda did you manage that?" he asked." I said as I opened my door and went into my room.

why were you looking for me?" "Lord Elrond came to speak with me this afternoon. immediately latching onto a subject he could understand. not even trying to understand what I'd just said. but Glory's study is far enough away from everybody else that nobody could overhear us. "He toys with powers beyond his comprehension and imagines that he has mastered them. "The dream does mean something. Boromir looked at me blankly. you are not only going to attend that council." Boromir replied in annoyance. "Explaining to the twins why I left Rivendell. Also. Boromir pursed his lips and glared at me. "I do not have time to attend councils of any sort. "Your father is a fool.. he makes his decisions on the 'wisdom' he learns from his supposed manipulating of those powers. "Do they not have their own studies?" "Probably. "But father said -" Boromir started. . "Why Glorfindel's study. "He then told me that I might find my answers at the council. "So." "Smart Elf. pointy objects that can be used in self defense.. then?" Boromir asked in confusion. "He asked me to attend a council of the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth that he is going to be holding soon." I commented.? You mean Lord Elrond's sons?" Boromir asked. "The twins."What were you doing in Lord Glorfindel's study?" he asked. Is it any wonder that under his leadership Gondor has grown weak?" "Gondor is not weak!" Boromir protested. and I nodded.195 - ." I said crisply. his anger flaring at my insult of his kingdom." I replied. if anything. I need to find out what that dream means. Boromir. Glory's study contains sharp. Boromir gaped at me. and besides. "I told him I was here to seek answers. and because of it. and then return to Minas Tirith!" he said. not to attend a council. Worse yet. I wanted Glory around in case Elladan decided to do something stupid." I replied. arching an eyebrow." I snapped. but you're going to be making a side trip to Mordor before going home to Minas Tirith." "And you said yes?" I asked." Boromir said.

" I said with an evil grin.196 - . then stomped out of my room. "Would you please come to my study after breakfast? I have some things I would like to discuss with you. I saw that Glorfindel. anyways?" "In a few hours. Elrond was down there."I have lived in Gondor's glory days. and I think I heard him snort in response." Elrond replied. I called out to him." I called after him. as well as many other Elves." I said. "When's breakfast. Instead. Boromir. "Hey Glory!" Glorfindel turned and looked up at me. and Elrond nodded with a small smile. "Knock 'em dead. "Of Men." Elrond said." Elrond said. and there was motion in the courtyard beneath me. Glorfindel rolled his eyes. were making an early start to go looking for Frodo and company. My balcony looked out over the main courtyard of Lord Elrond's house. and I turned to look at him. and said a few words to each of the riders. I turned my eyes to the stars." I replied. I don't know how long I stood. still watching as the Elven riders disappeared off in various directions. Boromir glared at me for a moment. and now as I looked down. silently fuming. "Go to the council. you didn't call me Asira. "Sure. now aware of my presence. staring back at Boromir unflinchingly. Elrond. but I had been staring at it most of the afternoon from Glorfindel's study." I said." I said with a half smile. looked up at me where I stood on the balcony. I had finished my meal by now. before moving off to watch as the Elves mounted their horses and left Rivendell by twos. but I soon became aware that the sky was lightening." "It is still the strongest of Kingdoms!" Boromir snarled. so I was sick of seeing it. watching the sky. . then waved and rode off. and smiled as I felt that familiar peace that seemed to settle on me whenever I looked up at the night sky. then wandered out onto my balcony hoping to distract myself for a bit before figuring out how that particular conversation with Boromir had gone wrong and what I should do to fix it. "Gondor is WEAK. so I carefully covered the tray again and left it on the table for a servant to come and remove. and when he mounted up. I looked down on Rivendell for a short while. "Rachel. "Hey. Glorfindel was in the last pair to leave.

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.. I knocked lightly on the door when I arrived.. For one.. I think.o Elrond: Yes. a jar or two of .198 - . and the ceiling. and a barely satisfactory breakfast once I did find it. -22: TalksAfter getting a scarily small amount of sleep. CS: But amusing... Cautiously. I diagnosed it after the first chapter.O.why are you hugging your scanner? CS: Because I love it? Rachel: That's.. Glorfindel: Oh? CS: *nods* Think of the possibilities! The strange looks you could get out of people! *evil grin* Rachel and Glorfindel: . I opened the door and stepped inside.. of Elrond's study.Talks -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:CS: Not mine. Instead. there was a total of one house plant in the room. snapping off the heads of about a dozen servants on my quest to get breakfast.. there were neatly arranged.. that the only resemblance between Elrond and Glorfindel's studies is that they both have papers and writing materials on the desks.. resting on the windowsill and fluttering in a morning breeze. There were also no weapons visible.and oh.. carefully organized shelves containing books.. you could see all four walls. she is insane..and more books. It is quite safe to say. I finally made my way to Elrond's study.. look.and books.. and for another.kinda weird.. and almost immediately there came a 'Come in' from beyond the door..Though my new scanner is mine! *hugs scanner* Glorfindel: Uh. Everything else was different.

"Good of you to come.medicine. Of course." I replied.the best I could do. however. so it might be better to show up.. I couldn't tell. I did." "Ah yes.. it was a hard decision. not really." Elrond said with a smile. Whether it was amusement at Elrond's study." I said with a shrug.. rolling my eyes. shaking his I stopped in front of the desk.199 - . I get an invitation to the infamous Council of Elrond?" I asked with a grin. I probably would have fallen over if I'd had to do a deep curtsey. Elrond arched an eyebrow. though.why?" "I was hoping perhaps you could tell me of it ahead of time so I might be able to . "He needs to get his dream deciphered. "So I take it you will come?" Elrond asked. "Well. Elrond smiled wryly. I realized I was smiling with amusement as I approached Elrond's desk. it will be soon. Do you know what this dream of his is?" Elrond asked curiously.. but I figured Elladan had to get his temper from somewhere. I eyed Elrond suspiciously. I always figured I would fall over whenever I had to curtsey. as a high-ranking Lady of Gondor. "Well. breaking me out of my thoughts. And I'll drag Boromir along by his hair if I have to. which he was sitting behind watching me approach. no matter the depth. "Yeeees. "Infamous?" he asked. Do I have faith in my sense of balance? No. looking down at Elrond where he sat. "Yep. my curtsey was more respectful. anyways. Thankfully. Rachel. Belatedly. "Ooo. so it didn't need to be deep or elaborate." he said." I said dryly. or at Glorfindel's. about that. no matter how hard I tried . smooth my expression to one of faint amusement . but chose not to comment. I curtseyed slightly. "I asked you here because I wanted to invite you to a council I'm going to be having soon.

he frowned thoughtfully and leaned back in his chair. "But the token. "Isildur's bane." .probably one of the Valar . "Looking over Gondor.200 - . You probably know everything in it already.." Elrond's eyes widened as I spoke. shaking my head." Elrond said practically.says: "Seek for the Sword that was broken: In Imladris it dwells." I chuckled." Elrond frowned. There shall be shown a token That Doom is near at hand." I said. "I suppose it can't do any harm.. There shall be counsels taken Stronger than Morgul-spells. "I thought you wanted me to shut my mouth about what I knew of the future." Elrond murmured after a moment. the east grows dark." Elrond said with a light frown. anyways. "I take it that means the One Ring?" I nodded. "The token is the Ring. "I can not imagine what that would be." He was looking at me as he said this. yes. you would have made an awesome lawyer on my world. "Lawyer?" Elrond asked. and I arched an eyebrow as I looked back at him. arching an eyebrow. "Elrond..." I said. considering. And the Halfling forth shall stand." I said. For Isildur's Bane shall waken. as well." I said. "Deciphering dreams is another matter.explain all of it during the council. and when I finished. I paused. "It would take awhile to explain. "Of events. then a voice coming from a pale light lingering in the west .

." Elrond looked at me in surprise. or do I get to get lost again?" I asked. aren't going to know what hit them when they arrive in Rivendell. "Heck. "Drat her and her tale-telling. "Uh." I finished with a slightly crazy grin. "Ah.. rolling his eyes. a strange look in his eyes.. Elrond blinked. "Try not to get yourself mistaken for an enemy and run through before they realize you are not a threat?" he asked.. and then sighed in resignation. I nodded. "Now I just have to continue resisting telling everyone what the future holds. "Unless you have learned how to fight in the past 800 years. Elrond paused. those poor hobbits. but I never said I only know the history of the War of the Ring.make some dirty people have a bath?" I tried. good. still grinning. but there's really no need." Elrond said. "So. do you know where Bilbo hangs out.201 - . Kari says so."Ah. since you were around for some of it and probably already know the rest." Elrond mused. it was. was that all you wanted to see me for?" "Yes. out of curiosity and because everyone else I know who's currently in Rivendell might bite my head off if I went to talk to them. I could tell you all sorts of shit about the First Age." Elrond said. . anyways." Elrond said." Elrond said with a smile. "What ARE you going to do?" he it is. then shook his head and smiled ruefully. I nodded. "No problem." I mumbled. "I suppose his adventure could be considered part of the War of the Ring.. and that poor ranger. my grin widening. "No. "Really. not really. "Who says I'm not a threat?" I asked. and Elrond gave me a wary look. Thank you.. You probably would have figured it out on your own. where's Bilbo hanging around these days? I wanna meet the old hobbit.." I replied cheerfully. Now... Elrond chuckled." I said. "Anyways." I said..

I have work to do. "You are one to talk. looking around. "Come. "This place is biiiiiiiiig. Elladan." before disappearing into the library again. arching an eyebrow." I said. "It is no trouble. I shall show you where it is." said a familiar voice from nearby." Elrond said. Who woulda thunk it?" I mused. The fact that he was being cheerful in relation to Elladan doing something he obviously did not want to do did not help matters. "No. I eyed Elrond." "No need to trouble yourself.202 - ." I commented.. you did not. "If you'll excuse me." Elrohir said dryly. and then edged away from him." Elrond said cheerfully. "Erestor threatened to make him sleep in the library if he did not start showing up to help. appearing on the other side of Elrond. eyeing the papers scattered across his desk as if they would bite. "Did he now?" Elrond said with amusement." he said. Elrond grinned almost mischievously at me when my jaw dropped at my first sight of the library. Well. Then. Elrohir bowed slightly and said." Elrond said. Elrohir and Elrond chuckled. shaking his head. glad to see you decided to show up today. "How do you find anything in here?" "I have an excellent memory. ." I could see Elladan roll his eyes even though he wasn't facing us. Elrond frowned after him. at a stern look from his father. "And personal slaves to organize the books for you." Elrond said dismissively." I said in a daze. "I am not sure that would be entirely good for the books. Which took up just about all of Rivendell. but at least it worked. "I probably deserved that. "Evil Elves. Elrohir had no call to say that."He is usually in the library. Elrohir arched an eyebrow at me. and I just shook my head. Apparently Elrohir was still annoyed with me. This was probably the first time I'd seen him truly cheerful when Celebrían wasn't around. but it sure looked like it. and I turned to see one of the twins inspecting a shelf of books intently. "Ah. standing from his chair. and then let myself be shown the way to the Library of Rivendell. not really. I grinned.. an edge in his voice." Elrond said. and I arched an eyebrow.

he had to deal with Kari's grief as well as his own. and looked around as if thinking. as well. Elrond smiled in amusement. "Excellent." Elladan commented from where he was still inspecting the shelf of books. Up in the history section. Lady Asira. Resting against his chest. open somewhere in the middle. he set off again." "I'll talk then!" Elladan said cheerfully. In the chair. "Tell me. "Talk or work.who I now remembered was Erestor . and looked even more surprised when she noticed me.not me . seemingly thinking. and led me over to its source. with the Elf-lord . it wasn't. "Lord Elrond. was a book. and big feet sticking out from underneath the blanket draped across his lap." I said with a shrug. "And anyways. I'm sure. "I believe he still is. is Bilbo in the library?" Elrond asked. then bent down and made as if to tug the book out of . curtseying deeply. suddenly appearing beside Elladan. That couldn't have been pleasant. however. grabbing Elladan by the arm and pulling him back towards the shelf. sound asleep."I said probably. Eventually. Mírëría!" Elrond said brightly as we turned a corner and found an Elf maiden inspecting a shelf of books much like Elladan had been. as usual. Someone .disappearing into somewhere in the depths of the library again." the Elf-lord said sternly.203 - . with me following. and then nodded. you will work." Mírëría said after a barely noticeable pause. Said Elf maiden looked up in surprise when Elrond spoke. Elrond paused. Elrond caught the snigger. as he soon led me deftly through the stacks and stopped by a comfortable looking chair placed in front of a small fireplace that had an equally small fire crackling away inside it. presumably heading for the history section of the library. making as if to come over to where Elrond and I were standing. and I resisted the urge to ask if he'd gotten lost. and without so much as a wave." "No. was a (very) little man with white hair. Mírëría paused. "Ah. You make mistakes when you do." a familiar looking Elf-lord said.sniggered as Elladan grumbled and got back to work. "Not both. "No. It became apparent that he had simply been trying to think of where Bilbo would be." she said." Elrond said.

right?" Bilbo asked. nodding in my direction. Lord Elrond!" Bilbo said cheerily after a moment." I elaborated. Elrond let him keep the book without a fight." Bilbo said.204 - . "Oh." I said. this? It's about Dwarven architecture." Bilbo said politely. "Asira. as Bilbo now sat up straighter and blinked sleepily up at the Elf-lord. from Gondor. so now that I've left. "The Steward." Elrond said. "Architecture can be fascinating?" I asked. "Ah. "Same.Bilbo's hands. then?" Bilbo asked curiously. "There aren't anymore. Bilbo looked over at me in surprise. this is Lady Asira. Bilbo Baggins." "Pleased to meet you." Elrond introduced." Bilbo said. I was the only Elf there. "I was just staying in Gondor for a short while. and I smiled and nodded back. "From Gondor. seemingly having not noticed I was there. "The Steward sent me with his son to ask Lord Elrond's advice on something. "So what brings you to Rivendell. nodding approvingly at the book he was holding. looking at me curiously." I said with a grin. Then Bilbo started peppering me with more questions about . "Good morning!" "Good morning indeed. instantly clutching the book tighter so it couldn't be taken from him. almost eagerly. there are no Elves in Gondor. "Bilbo. desperately trying to wake up enough to make sense of what was going on. you say? He rules in place of the King. With a start." I answered. the hobbit woke up." Bilbo said. very fascinating. having succeeded in what he wanted to do. looking slightly confused. "What are you reading today?" "Oh. Bilbo nodded in understanding. and I nodded. you say? I didn't know there were any elves in Gondor. still looking very amused. arching an eyebrow. As far as I know.

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And so . for which Arwen and Elrond joined us. My archery skills hadn't improved since I was last in show me some more archery.and so I was left on my own. but found that he had just left for a ride . but that was unlikely.206 - . CS: Anewyowerfwiway! Rachel: You are not. you're not! If anything. I sought out Boromir. I think his name was . Or Glorfindel. telling me instead to just try not to lose any arrows. and Tulcanco soon gave up on teaching me. and then we had lunch together on a patio.Bob -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:CS: I own nothing at the moment. CS: Anwonulloons! Rachel: And on full moons. I went to the archery fields. I will own their souls! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-*Rachel clamps a hand over CS's mouth* Rachel: Don't mind her. and I figured Elrond or one of the twins must have told her. you're crazy EVERY Friday! CS: *pauses* *agrees* -23: BobIspent the majority of my morning chatting with Bilbo. but as soon as the little kiddies who I'm giving candy to tonight eat said candy.with no provisions for a journey (I asked specifically) . however. but she already seemed to know all about me being Rachel. After lunch. and managed to cajole one of the archers there .Tulcanco. Out of boredom. CS: Arwoo! Rachel: No. she's just slightly crazy around Halloween. This was my first time seeing Arwen since my return.

" Boromir said. I went to bed. before getting bored and deciding to sleep." I said. Boromir chuckled. I received a snarl in return." I finished thoughtfully. "The point is that I was not insulting Gondor. rolling my eyes. I decided enough was enough. the Shrunken Kingdom of Men. Gondor IS weak.207 - . "Look. The next day was equally exciting. And every other kingdom of a Free People of Middle-Earth." "I am not upset over having to go to the council. Near the end of my meal. Amazingly. You're fated to be there. I was stating a fact. "Good. anyways. I was able to retreat to my room. Gondor is just currently in a down. right. weak. you wouldn't have gotten to Rivendell until the night before the council.I merrily spent the afternoon shooting everything around the archery target. Or at least that he'd taken me with him. I talked to Bilbo some more. "If it hadn't been for me guiding you." Boromir said dryly. As is Rohan. I went for a walk with Arwen (she wanted to know about Gondor). I had supper (in my rooms. you're upset because I dared to call Gondor. uneasy conversations with Arwen and Elrond in which we tried to ignore the other three occupants of the table and failed miserably. So accept it and get over it. start acting your age. I had breakfast. But it probably won't be staying that way. While the evil guys' kingdom seems to be on an up. I found myself absently wishing Glorfindel hadn't had to go find Frodo. and I discovered I was to have the extreme pleasure of dining with her. very well. I had lunch. and shook my head. I read. however. After having breakfast. Finally. What would you like to do?" he asked. I went to see Boromir. Oh joy. I spent a short while reading. he was very grumpy. "Boromir. . this time). Arwen showed up at dinner time. "Oh.I spent trying to get Boromir to talk to me. "Very well. Boromir. he was in his rooms. glaring at me." I said." I scolded when I walked into his room after being told to go away. Now do something with me before I decide to storm Mordor all by myself out of sheer boredom. or having disjointed. Good thing there's only one. every kingdom goes through its ups and downs. her brothers and father. however. and Boromir. and not at all happy to see me. with Boromir giving me a confused look. When I woke up the next morning. I talked to Bilbo. Not surprisingly. What parts of the meal I didn't spend ignoring Elrohir and Elladan's annoyed looks apparently Elladan had merely favored talking to someone he was annoyed with over doing work in the library ." "If that's by way of an apology.

Unless he regularly wandered around his rooms wearing nothing but . and a weapon. "You two really were little hellions." Boromir replied with a mischievous grin. we shall have to find you something more suitable to practice in. "Indeed. arching an eyebrow."If I knew what I wanted to do. both of his eyebrows shooting up." I said. either. "I'll see you back here in half an hour?" Boromir nodded. I got my directions sorted out." "Ah. horrible. it's a miracle that I've managed to wander between Bree. would I be asking you?" I replied. leave that to me!" I said cheerfully. "Only time I hit the target during that entire afternoon of practice was when I had help from one of the archers. I shook my head. How about you show me something you're good at? Like sword work?" I asked. Rohan and Gondor for 800 years and not only not know how to use any weapon or fight in any manner. After a pause. Boromir blinked. "You want me to teach you how to use a sword?" Boromir asked. "Sounds like me on a good day. "Well then. Instead of telling him." I said. sure. "Well. I knocked on Elladan's door and waited patiently. I waved cheerfully and dashed out." Boromir said with an amused smile. "No. I mean. Pausing in the hallway. Perhaps you would like to have a competition?" he asked.208 - . then made for Elladan and Elrohir's room. his grin taking on a decidedly wicked tinge. naming his and Faramir's archery teacher. looking as if he'd just woken up. "I thought you were good at archery?" I asked. He was." Boromir said. I laughed. Not were. "I heard you were at the archery fields the other day. looking at me curiously and obviously wondering what I was planning. "Are. "Eh. and then shook his head. however. though I didn't really expect him to be there. I blinked in surprise." I replied promptly. but not have the need to know." Boromir said dryly. however. Faramir just shot my target when Master Karovi's back was turned so that he thought I was hitting once and awhile.

" "Bye!" I said cheerfully. I headed back to my room and changed into the clothes." I said. . I frowned lightly as I looked at the clothes. "Out of curiosity. but I suppose it worked." I replied." he said. Elladan shrugged. then spent several minutes figuring out how to put on the sword. bouncing on the balls of my feet. "Because I convinced Boromir to teach me to fight with a sword. stifling a yawn. especially after checking in the mirror to see if it looked right. "Why?" he asked." Elladan said. however. I figured it out eventually.209 - . Elladan reappeared moments later with a bundle of cloth I supposed was trousers and a tunic. "Sounds good to me. shaking my head." Elladan said. I smiled slightly." I said. "Very well." he said gruffly." "No problem. "Good day.a pair of trousers. and then disappeared into his room as I grinned in satisfaction. Elladan blinked. "What?" he asked tiredly. why didn't your missing trousers and tunic tip you off that I had left instead of jumped?" I asked. I chuckled as I took the clothes and sword from Elladan. then bounced off as Elladan shut his door and presumably returned to his bed. sleepyhead. "Kari and I figured you hid them somewhere so you could wear them when you didn't want to wear a dress. "Thanks. Boromir arched an eyebrow when he saw me. But you had BETTER return them. "I'm not THAT attached. "Can I borrow a pair of trousers. but he looked so out of it that I doubted he would remember he was annoyed with me until I was already halfway back to Boromir's rooms with the needed items. Then I bounced off to Boromir's room again. "Go back to bed. a tunic and a sword?" I asked. I had been intending to apologize again and try and get him to stop being annoyed with me before asking him for anything. a sword resting on top of the bundle. Elladan paused.

The entire way to lunch. "Ooo! I know just the place!" I said.. by the time lunch finally came around." I replied cheerfully."Where DID you get those?" he asked. scowling down at myself. "Good day. Boromir and my's discussion was cut short as Elladan appeared beside me." Boromir rolled his eyes. Lord Elladan. Elrond handled the whole thing rather well. Near the end of lunch. they're big because I'm way too frigging short. I had named the tip of Boromir's sword 'Bob'.. Well. and most of lunch itself." I replied with a shrug. "Ah.big." Elladan grunted in reply. "No." I said. not noticing Elladan and my's looks. "Sounds good to me.. I found it extremely funny. Boromir found it scary. however.210 - . however. "Perhaps we should go ask Lord Elrond?" he suggested. And the door's probably locked. may I please speak with you a moment?" . And so Boromir and I set off to find Elrond and ask him where we could practice sword fighting. "Elladan. was spent arguing over why I couldn't name the tip of Boromir's sword. That's why they're a little. smiling wryly." Boromir said. my eyes lighting up as I remembered the arena in Glorfindel's study.. Thus began a fun morning of having Boromir beat the crap out of me. became very well acquainted with the tip of Boromir's sword. "I'm going to have to get some trousers and tunics made for me some day. wondering what he would do. not really. In fact. looking pissed. "But I'm not sure I could find it unless I wandered around for several hours. "Good day. I eyed him warily. anyways. "Rachel. and evidence had shown that Elrohir got his sense of propriety from his father. considering that I'm fairly sure he recognized his son's clothes. We got directions to an arena." Boromir nodded. I. "Shall we go find someplace to practice?" he suggested. but I never even got CLOSE to threatening to 'injure' him the entire morning." Boromir said carefully. Then I frowned.

coming into the conversation once again. but then. now there's a sensible response. it will only make me do it more. Boromir looked at me about if I just say sorry now and get it over with?" I asked. Elladan gave me a tired look. "What?" Boromir asked with a light frown. you've heard everything else. "Did sorry work the first time?" he asked. . "Well." I replied.." "Exactly. "Apology accepted. arching an eyebrow. turning to Boromir. "You don't protest at me naming things." There was another pause. there's not much else I can say. I'll just stop naming things. "I'm sorry for using your half-asleep state to finagle clothes and sword out of you. "Seriously." he said." "You naming things wasn't a problem until we came to Rivendell. Because said clothes and sword were put to good use." I replied. "So why did you name his sword Bob?" Elladan asked again. I sighed. ignoring Boromir. it resulted in me meeting Bob. "There's still something else I would like to speak with you about. "Good use?" Boromir asked." Boromir said dryly. arching an eyebrow."Uh." Elladan said dryly. "See. "And here I thought you spent the entire morning staring at the tip of my blade.. and then Elladan grudgingly nodded. Elladan paused. If you ask me to explain." "What?" Elladan asked in confusion." I replied. I might get so fed up with having to explain every name. "I named the tip of his sword Bob. "Good." I said.211 - . "Why?" Elladan asked. I didn't actually say sorry." I said. I AM saying sorry now." I said. "No.

Better then George.. stupid wizard.. Add 'ina' on the end and you get the feminine version." ". but I'm not a whiz that can list them off the top of my head." I said. "And what about Rachel?" Elladan said. Elladan and Boromir chuckled. trying not to giggle from the last name I mentioned.for the first time. "So. both having met Gandalf. though.. "The first time? You went back?" Boromir asked." "Like what?" "Elizabeth. Boromir and Elladan rolled their eyes. actually.. I'm done eating. There's a reason I haven't used it since I left Bree. "Yeah. "Not at all."Just the tip of his sword. another generic name. "Not as strange as Boromir or Elladan." I said with a smirk. "So you don't like your name?" Elladan asked with amusement. "Yeah." I replied. I shook my head." I replied.. "And I named it Bob because Bob is a rather common name at home. making a face. Kathryn." I corrected cheerfully." I said.George?" Boromir was interested now. "Yeah. Who saw straight through my disguise. met Gandalf." I replied dismissively." I replied." Boromir said with a frown.there are more. it's a generic name for just about anyone. Orlando. "Yeah. "There are better ones.212 - ." I replied. at any rate. rolling my eyes.. Joshua. "Those are certainly strange names. shall we go give me more opportunities to chat with Bob?" ." Elladan said dryly. "George. should be banned. Well. horrible name. "He would. looking slightly horrified.ina?" Elladan asked... "Bad name.

By the end of the day. refreshed. Eventually. Instead. Boromir and Elladan were right. I was so tired . And so my days passed in Rivendell. as there was a noticeable improvement in my sword skills from the morning . or practicing with Boromir and Elladan. Elladan and Boromir made a comment to the effect of 'You're going to be sorry tomorrow' when they said goodnight to me. . So I quickly got changed and had Elladan lead me to this dining room. I was incredibly sore the next day. Then came the 18th of October. he marched straight into the house. In other words. Boromir and I just looked at each other. and partly because I didn't care. shrugged. and once he got tired."You want to get beaten MORE?" Boromir asked incredulously. the only way you getting better is through practice. Bilbo started talking about his adventures with the Dwarves. and I could just hear him asking to see Elrond before he faded out of Elvish earshot. and went back to sword fighting. and woke up early the next morning. Wanna come. That day was spent either with Bilbo. The day Gandalf arrived in Rivendell. "Hey. partly from tiredness.213 - . which I was actually becoming rather good at." I said. Occasionally. and moved stiffly if at all. Eventually. if you don't mind getting your sword's tip named. I managed to actually 'wound' Boromir in some manner. He rode in rather calmly. Elladan? You can beat my butt. for what he'd just gone through.that I barely stayed awake long enough to eat before collapsing into bed. Boromir and I quit practicing and went inside for supper. I wasn't really in the mood to read. though he seemed quite focused.though thoroughly pleased. Which was why I spent the majority of the day in the library with Bilbo. as well. and it was incredibly fun to hear the whole tale directly from him. Thus began an afternoon much like the morning. too. I just dismissed it. I was quite pleased. He barely even noticed Boromir and I where we had paused in our practicing. Boromir and Elladan had a hard time keeping a straight face whenever they were near me. surprisingly relaxed and easy compared to how I'd left Rivendell last time. by Elladan. of course. mostly getting books from high shelves for him in between finding books with lots of drawings and doodles in them to look at. "I think I'll come and watch. I went to bed early that night. after supper. I got the crap beat out of me by Boromir. Elladan found us partway to our rooms and informed me that I was to eat supper with Elrond and Gandalf in a private dining room. who were both amazed I had recovered so quickly." Elladan said with amusement as we stood up.

Silence fell. Down to the very words that will be spoken. "Rachel. no surprise. and deep in conversation about something. "Really. "Elrond tells me you know of the future?" Gandalf said finally. Gandalf?" I asked after a moment. sit and eat with us. and then started eating in silence." I said with a frown. acutely aware of Gandalf's piercing gaze focused on me. we had not touched it yet. "I am sure there are. I sat. At that point. what with the Ring being found again. I nodded. I nodded. "Of which there are far too many coming." Gandalf said." Elrond supplied. since I caught the wizard's name. then I know it very well. "That I do. "Glorfindel. motioning to a chair and the table that was covered in food. and the twin slipped out of the room. . IF everything goes the way I have read that it will. I nodded." I said. come. and Elrond shot me an amused glance. however. I nodded. then added thoughtfully." Elrond said. Elrond seemed to notice that. "Indeed. "Not really.." he replied.. in some parts." Gandalf said." I said.214 - . The conversation ended abruptly. already in the room when we arrived. "Have a nice trip. "For such a little thing. when Elrond and Gandalf realized I had arrived. Elrond nodded a thanks to Elladan. and I shifted uncomfortably in my chair. no. "How complete is your knowledge?" Gandalf asked intently." I mumbled." Gandalf nodded. "I also know a lot of the dates of important events. So we all spent several minutes serving ourselves from the various platters of food on the table. "Dratted elf. it sure causes a whole lot of trouble. Though I can't recall ever telling him." he said. his curiosity plain in his voice. probably Saruman's treachery. "Uh." I replied. while we had food. ignoring Elrond and my's banter.Gandalf and Elrond were.

We'll see. talking occasionally about common subjects.) -Authors Note:Hee. "Get to watch everybody be idiots before having some sense knocked into them by a midget.---(And the subsequent consequences. hope you all have/had a happy Halloween. Just be glad I ended it here." Elrond and Gandalf's eyebrows shot up. one last chapter before November starts! I hope y'all enjoy it.. and are busy munching away on loads of chocolate! I'd give some of my own to all my wonderful reviewers.the next chapter is the start of the really fun stuff. and I smiled back innocently. ----To be continued. or if it'll work." I said.215 - . mucho confusing plot twists and cliff hangers and all sorts of good stuff. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be posting my NaNoWriMo story on FictionPress."You shall be coming to the Council?" Gandalf asked needlessly. "Because it will be?" I replied.. Anyways. ~Crimson Starlight . So yes. though . but I didn't get out this year. grinning slightly. "Wouldn't miss it.. well. In other words. I nodded. but steering clear of anything important.. "Why do I have the feeling that this Council will be far more interesting than we anticipated?" Gandalf asked dryly. if any of you will be wanting proof that I'm actually DOING something during November and not just slacking off. here you have it. Not sure if I'll have the time. and then we continued eating.with the long-put off explanation of Mary-Sues to Gandalf. Gandalf and Elrond seeing as I tend to stop writing in the middle of scenes (and sometimes words) and not seperate my original stories into chapters in the first draft.

Glorfindel: I say you're masochistic.. of course. once again. CS: *whacks Glorfindel* Shut up. *twitch* Rachel: Out of curiosity. I'm writing a 50. really. "Elrond has told me of where you come from. "Good for him. where there would be no one to overhear. you. however.Philophosizing -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:CS: I own nothing but the over 13. why are you doing this to yourself? CS: I have no idea. Eventually. maybe finishing that overdue report. but I knew I was going to have to talk with him at some point. but noooo. I am not. my mistake . Gandalf cornered me after lunch the next day and asked me to 'take a walk' with him. right. CS: Don't make me borrow Morgoth's Balrogs. Glorfindel: *wobbling around* Er. Glorfindel: Meep! I take it back! -24: PhilophosizingThat supper was not the end of Gandalf's questions. so I didn't really mind. simply wandering through the gardens of Rivendell... It was more of an order than a request.216 - .000 word novel in a month.000 words I've pounded out in the past 6 days.sadistic. Though. We walked in silence for some time. I don't recall ever telling him.. ." Gandalf said finally.I could be doing schoolwork." I said. it became apparent that Gandalf was heading for the more secluded and quiet areas of Rivendell.

"Figures.'Mary-Sue' that I keep hearing about in relation to you.. though he seemed amused at my reason for why I told Boromir the version I did. as well. "And Boromir. Less talented people get given jobs or promoted above more talented people simply because they look better." "I have talked with Elladan and Elrohir about where you come from." Gandalf added. and Gandalf nodded. looking at me out of the corner of his eye. Foremost." I said. I sighed. you know that the history of the Third Age is written up in books in my world?" I asked. Just about everything relies on it. and. and Boromir got a severely edited one so that his brain wouldn't break. yet no one seems to explain to me exactly what it is.217 - ." Gandalf replied. in some form or another. "Ok. "Ah. "I have gotten three different stories from those four people. "Which one is true?" "Glorfindel's. A short silence followed. "But I'm not really starting where I should. There's a saying at home that goes 'talent can only take you so far'. What of it?" I asked." Gandalf said with a light frown. did you just want to go for a walk with me to ask me questions you already know the answers to. unfortunately. or was there something else?" "I wanted some more clarification about this. its true there. So . No use lying to the wizard." Gandalf nodded knowingly. I eyed him. "Well. "So."He said he had Glorfindel tell him the day after your return. and then I spoke up again. I need to tell you a bit about it. you have to understand that beauty is highly prized in my world. "Elladan and Elrohir just got a simplified version for the sake of them needing an explanation. people in my world like the story of the Third Age a whole lot. wondering where this was going. "So a lot of people know where I come from. good for you. All your stories mention it. Before I even explain to you about my world's strange obsession with Middle-Earth." I said." Gandalf said. They like it even more because it has so many main male 'characters' in it.." I replied promptly. "Er." Gandalf said.

"Of course. Think Morgoth at the height of his evilness. For the most part. You become the newest incarnation of the devil himself if you do anything like that at home. immortal beings . "Of course. ultimate evil. you don't get stuck in jail for life if you kill someone here! Well. you do. That sort of heroism draws even more people into the story. Which. just to explore what can be done. they want this world. Still.would cause. everyone on my world believes that Middle-Earth is naught but a tale. Supposedly keeper of all the wicked souls of the world. but not much compared to saving the entire known world. you can imagine what sort of a stir even the concept of Elves . but not on such a grandiose scale as here.perfect. this time. and it was for no reason. you can get away with killing as revenge." "Devil?" Gandalf asked in curiosity. is true. Why? Because they like all the 'hot guys' that they imagine nancing around. or even just using the setting of Middle-Earth to tell a tale with no relation to the end of the Third Age at all. I suppose. hey. they will write about some main character from the end of the Third Age meeting a character of their making and falling in love. Sometimes they take the characters from the end of the Third Age and put them in an entirely new setting. for many different reasons. However. "And then there's the appeal of the heroism. Sometimes they write different versions of the end of the Third Age. or if someone showed up and changed this. and all that. no matter how unlikely the pairing. sadly enough. a world where most dangers are ruthlessly struck down with words and papers and treaties. "So the tale of the Third Age of Middle-Earth is extremely attractive to most of the people on my world. to be fair. Most commonly. to be sure. Heroism and adventure are very rare commodities in my world. . Hero's in my day and age are those who showed 'exceptional courage' by saving their bother or sister from certain death in some way or another. adventure and power that will become closely tied with the main players in the end of the Age. Most of the people attracted to Middle-Earth however. sorry. Admirable. And heroism? It's still there. they have done so. too.with that sort of an attitude. or mercy killing someone who doesn't want to live. it's sad. for all their various different reasons. there are always the morbid and criminally insane people who are just attracted to Middle-Earth because. teenage girls. Just about any way they can write about Middle-Earth. and I continued. Some people have taken to doing stunts so dangerous that a simple mistake could mean death just to get some adventure. are. if you get caught.218 - . About what would happen if this character did that. hm. "Oh. to be real so badly. that they start writing stories about it." Gandalf nodded in understanding. though.

They are generally of the variety of a character of the writers making meeting up with one of the main characters and falling in love." Gandalf murmured. They can never do that. as we call it. most of them are horrible. Heck. In fact. horribly written. anywhere. "Which is why you were so certain you were becoming one of these 'Mary-Sue's?" Gandalf asked. is in fighting off Orcs. they can do anything. Which. because their Hero always has to save them from the Nasty Orcses. anytime. The only few I've ever read were due to Kari cajoling and begging until I gave in. and having those airs thrust on me was just about the deepest insult I can think of. shortcuts. and do it perfectly. and I nodded. They are also.modeled after the author. for me. The most defining mark of these 'Mary-Sue's. The exception to this rule." I replied. "Exactly. They use abbreviations. though some authors do write them fairly well. There was silence as we walked. from my world to Middle-Earth. Some of those plots are so inane you have to just stop and think if there even WAS a plot. or if it was just mindless drivel.of which I am part of . usually before you can say 'Bob's my uncle'.in any language."Of course.transporting. is a horrible thing. I don't put on airs for people to make them like me. I like to be accepted for who I am. "I'm sure.219 - ." Gandalf said with a small smile. Also. "Am I still making sense?" "Yes. We're not talking about Elvish perfect. not to mention remain stunningly beautiful the entire time. of course.and often scorned. "Fascinating. generally. miss-spell words. Added to that is the fact that these stories of Middle-Earth aren't considered 'real writing' by the general populace ." I stopped and glanced at Gandalf. So most of the authors of these stories don't even try to polish their stories to something acceptable. of course . . not everyone in my world is a good writer. And that's not even TOUCHING on their plots. some people label any story that revolves around a girl from my world 'falling' into Middle-Earth. We're talking. "The worst of these stories discerning readers call 'Mary-Sue's." I said dryly. by some means. though. don't use proper grammar . Anyways. never having done it before. The most common plot for these 'Mary-Sue's is usually some girl . "Good. as a Mary-Sue." I said. is that the character that the author has brought in is creepily perfect. since I've always viewed these stories written about Middle-Earth as an abomination that need to be destroyed.

I bet if a Dwarf popped up right now." I said.. I could speak Dwarvish to it. amused. "Oh. ". I frowned. "Well. "Oh." "And so you manage to explain away the only truly obvious indication that you might have been becoming a Mary-Sue. not dark. and believe in love at first sight." I said. and of course. Anymore. that was about it. Gandalf blinked at me in surprise for the last part." I finished in Elvish. the Wood Elves come close. Most primarily. and their blue eyes are bright.220 - ."So what made you fear so surely that you were becoming a Mary-Sue.I can now speak three languages." I replied. I groaned. speaking in Common once again." Gandalf said after awhile. "You need to stop smoking pipe weed." I said. did you ever hear of an Elf that looked anything like you?" Gandalf asked. which no Elf that lived there should have done. but tell me. something I'd practiced over the years whenever I got bored. "Ah yes. "But they are taller. I'd suddenly become scarily beautiful. There was also the fact that all the Elves accepted us so readily. besides your 'falling' into Middle-Earth? You sounded as if you did not believe that all of these stories your worlds people write that involve one of them transporting to Middle-Earth are Mary-Sues. My change in looks was by far the most obvious indication. there was Kari and her practically instantaneous falling in love with Elrohir. "No. "Was there anything else?" he asked. "Gah. But I'm somewhat of a romantic.. so that doesn't bother me all that much. and got those few extra inches I always wanted. Hell. I'd probably understand Black Speech. "Well." I said. In all your travellings around Middle-Earth. had blonde hair. I glanced at him. "Make that four languages." Gandalf looked at me. "You speak Quenya?" he asked incredulously. and in the tales you read of Middle-Earth before coming here. mentally switching from Common to Elvish. and they didn't even care that Kari called Eregion 'Hollin'. little things here and there." Gandalf put in for ." Gandalf said in amusement. when I had trouble learning ANY at home. then frowned slightly. there's the little fact that -" I paused and concentrated.

and in that for I had been told all details of what I was to do here in Middle-Earth before leaving Aman. and thus it was not noticed. stopping and turning to face Gandalf." Gandalf said serenely.221 - . the Valar have discovered that it can not be ignored. Do you know something about how Kari and I came to be in Middle-Earth or not?" I demanded. Yet now that this theme has entered into Middle-Earth in the flesh." Gandalf . "I haven't seen him recently. and spoke to me. Perhaps you were brought here by Ilúvatar. he spoke. they would not have sent me. don't give me that old sage wizard crap." Gandalf said. my hands on my hips. So what's your point?" I asked. "Why?" "Because he said almost the same damn thing. "That perhaps your looks. no." I said." Gandalf said secretively. "Oh. Gandalf watched me for several minutes from underneath his bushy eyebrows. Yet that night. was part of a gift given to you to help you settle into Middle-Earth. It was quiet. and I nodded. Only once. "Have you been talking to Glorfindel?" I asked. Well I remember that night." I said. "You sound like you know something. "Perhaps because it is true. after I had been in Middle-Earth for close to 2000 years. I eyed him. as well as your ability to speak many languages." Gandalf said in amusement. that would come here. or some of the Valar. they came to me in my dreams. and he. and the Valar knew that I would not forget it. "Over 3000 years have passed since I came from Aman. "Exactly. This theme spoke of two children of another world. and the elves easy acceptance of you. knowing the differences between your world and this. only once have I spoken with the Valar that sent me here. one started by Ilúvatar himself and carried quietly beneath all the others. far away from this one. and unimportant to the grand scheming that was being sung by most. "They spoke to me of a hidden theme in the Music of the Ainur. Just as I began to tap my foot impatiently. unnoticed. "I know many things. decided to help you and gave you these gifts to help you fit in. If they had not believed I would not.

does anyone know if this chapter's title is a real word? I could go look it up at refdesk.. Finally.hmm.. I watched some of the new videos on the Lord of the Rings website. They create them themselves." "There are some people in my world that believe that authors are more than Gods.. He does what he wants to do.? Ooh... not to mention Ilúvatar.. and no one can make him do what he does not want to. but they create the gods of those worlds and universe. not some pawn that even the merest of your people can manipulate. into its web.thus. and I'm about to go watch The Two Towers again .com. "Ilúvatar is the creator of the world." he said. and then turned to leave. what do I have to give away.) -Authors Note:I got bored." I said blandly. smiled secretively. "This is not the product of some story!" Gandalf snapped. but my snort stopped him.222 - . "Oh please. you have a new chapter.. Gandalf looked at me for a moment. and then walked off down the path.." I complained grumpily. but I'm too lazy.with swordfighting and Fred!---(Not to mention Glorfindel's return. It just let the Mary-Sue Factor pull you and the Valar. looked over his shoulder at me. In other news. thank you to all my reviewers who are being so patient while I write furiously away on my novel for NaNoWriMo! You all get.made as if to go on.. "And who do you think guides them to create those worlds and universes and gods?" he asked." I replied..lessee. if you . and then shook his head in what almost looked like amusement. "You see WHAT?" I demanded.. for they not only create worlds and universes. Gandalf paused.. leaving me to stare after him in confusion. ----To be continued. I should have known wandering near you was a bad idea. "No one.. "I see.. Gandalf looked at me sharply. This is just sounding more Mary-Sue by the moment. right! Karl Urban clones! Or a random Ranger. Do enjoy! We'll see when I get my next one up.

and I swear he could have been the man's twin.prefer.223 - ...I just felt like Karl Urban clones because I saw someone who looks like Karl Urban today.all he needed was longer hair.o ~Crimson Starlight ... O.

"Indeed. I withdrew my sword from Boromir's neck. Therefore. Glorfindel: You sure? Yes. are not necisarily my own." Elladan commented from the sidelines.Focus -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:I own none of the recognizable characters or places mentioned in this story. since several reviewers have mentioned something about this. Now shut up. as well as past and future chapters. there are some major differences . and I am not claiming to nor am I trying to make any money off of this story. Rachel reads none. to my immense satisfaction. He was looking at me in something akin to amazement. but may be put in there simply because I feel it fits with Rachel's personality. With a smug smile. I should also mention. "I do not believe I have ever seen you fight like that. Glorfindel: Yessir! Ma'am! Glorfindel: Ma'am! -25: Focus"I yield!" Boromir said." Boromir said. even as he picked up his own sword from where it lay on the . I haven't even taught you most of the moves you just used. I read a ton of LotR or this chapter. Rachel is a lot more outspoken than I. And that is the end of the first serious disclaimer since Chapters 1 and 2. that while the character of Rachel DOES belong to me. pulling him up. eyeing me appraisingly. Also. you're ruining the effect. then sheathed my sword and grabbed Boromir's hand. and is based on my own humble personality.224 - . some of the views expressed by her in this chapter. as I pressed the tip of my sword against his throat.

who was just turning to . I quickly leapt back several feet. Feeling the need for a little space before attacking again. and after getting annoyed with him for calling me angry when I wasn't . making a swipe at my side while prancing out of the way of my own sword. Boromir discreetly left the arena and sat down on the sidelines to watch. turning my twist against me.just really annoyed . and Elladan and I began circling each other again. Finishing my roll. Elladan's grip was strong. I twisted my body in a way worthy of a contortionist." Elladan said.225 - . and I saw surprise flicker across his face slightly before I realized that he had put his full strength behind that swipe.I decided to see if I could prove him wrong. while I was already going into a roll to avoid his downward swipe. "Ah.and rather quickly. and whooped Boromir's arse. but anger will only take you so far. which he barely managed to jump over. Until my most recent spar. Then Elladan had made a comment about how anger clouds the judgment. however. and then lunged at Elladan. It was the afternoon after my talk with Gandalf. but I quickly brought my sword up to block him. "Anger may be good for short. I grinned wolfishly. and I had decided to work out my annoyance at the old wizard in sparring with Boromir and Elladan. I had recovered from my lunge and wheeled to face Elladan again. I sprang to my feet not far from Elladan. This time. But it can give you that extra boost needed so you can finish your opponent before it runs out.other side of the courtyard. but for prolonged fights it is deadly . drawing and raising my own sword as Elladan and I began to circle. but barely managed to bring his sword down in time to block the sideways swipe of my sword. Knowing I couldn't pull my sword back quickly enough to block Elladan's swipe." Elladan said. quick duels. So I focused my annoyance. standing and drawing his sword as he walked over. "True. He sidestepped quickly. it was Elladan who lunged first. Before even I would have thought it possible had I been thinking beyond my sword. and then gave a sharp twist." I said with a shrug. "Anger can be the fuel for improvisation." I said with a shrug. And I had blocked it. then ducked and took a swipe at Elladan's legs. and Elladan's blade met nothing but air.and not for your opponents. I had been losing badly . "Or it can tire you needlessly. I blocked his sword as it came towards my neck. and he held onto his sword." "How about we test that?" I suggested with an innocent smile.

however." "Oh. You must be calm in order to see all your options. One of the things I'd always been annoyed with during my practice was that both Boromir and Elladan could lift their swords with one hand. Surprised. and now my entire mind was centered on the dark-haired Elf before me. sent his own sword flying. I had probably lost. Deciding that hey. and Elladan suddenly turned and sprinted over to where his sword lay. and not only did I lose my balance from him suddenly not being there. and with satisfaction. "Then I shall have to devise a new strategy. Without a thought beyond getting away from Elladan's sword. for example. still entangled with his." Elladan said with a shrug. It was true. grabbing my wrist and pulling. "Anger clouds your thinking. I stumbled. . he whirled to face me with a satisfied smile. making a grab for my sword. too. Like. and then leaped forward. but a strategy for the entire battle that will help you win. then suddenly darted forward. anyways. because your anger will wear out quickly and you will become tired and easily beaten. and Elladan was in front of me again. letting his sword clash with mine. I leapt backwards.226 - . he had rolled out of the way and onto his feet. He just smiled. Elladan went down. He was still slightly off-balance when my sword rammed into his. had seen this. I felt his sword slip in his grip under the strength of my attack. I know all I have to do to win this fight is prolong it. and might as well try something. Picking it up. going into a bridge. you will be able to plan not only where to attack next. but my sword wobbled loosely in my hands. arching an eyebrow. as one of his hands left his sword hilt and whipped forward. Elladan.face me. I barely had time to register what Elladan was doing before my hand was ripped off the hilt. and now decided to use it to his advantage. but I'm long past anger. I spun to face him. his sword slamming into mine and sending it spinning from my grasp. As it was. I bent over backwards. and sometimes fight that way even though both swords were two-handed. and a quick twist of my sword. Before I could bring my sword to Elladan's throat. he staggered back a few steps. which was now coming back in a swipe for my neck." I said. "If you see all your options. and I took the opportunity to whip out a foot and hook it around his closest ankle before pulling. while my sword drooped dangerously and I usually ended out dropping it if I didn't hold onto it with both hands. Elladan then danced back quickly. Unprepared. of course. but somehow I'd gone from being angry to being calm and focused. grinning mischievously." he said as we began circling each other again. I hadn't noticed when it had happened.

"But as much as I like making new friends. block. and not long after that. and to my surprise. Glorfindel arched an eyebrow in a clear question. and the spar continued. But even more surprising was that the blade I clashed with was Elvish in origin. While Elladan stumbled backwards to recover from my kick.227 - . retreat. I sprang to my feet once at a safe distance. still looking at the point of Glorfindel's sword. It was quiet. aiming for any part of Elladan I could see. and Elladan and I circled again. I hadn't turned a moment too soon. and his head snapped back even as I fell to the ground again. So Boromir had decided to join the fray. and I grimaced.once I was in the bridge. I could do it again. "Mine is George. disarm. Glorfindel had me disarmed in a manner of seconds. I rolled onto my stomach and jumped to my feet. Who it came from. attack. kindly get Fred out of my face. block. as one of my feet connected with Elladan's chin. I think I 'meep'ed." . "I dub thee Fred. Attack. I glanced at its owner and tried not to go into shock as I saw the golden hair of one very familiar Elf Lord." I replied. Boromir's is Bob. I beat him once. "Only those that I find myself staring at. A quick glance around revealed my sword not far to my left. I was beginning to think the spar was going to be a draw when I suddenly heard something behind me as I circled Elladan. I don't know. on and on it went. to make a short story even shorter." I said. I whirled to face the Man. Maneuvering carefully so I would not put myself at risk from Elladan the instant I turned to Boromir. eh? Well. judging from the chuckle I heard. I was going cross-eyed looking at the point of his sword." "You name the tips of swords?" Glorfindel asked me." Elladan explained with amusement as he appeared above me. at least. as I brought my sword up. parry. "The point of your sword. the move worked. parry. try and get to my sword before Elladan could pin me down. it clashed with another. I gave a push with my legs and brought them up. the hiss of a sword leaving its sheath. Surprisingly enough. At any rate. try and pin Elladan down before he could get to his sword. his eyebrow still arched. retreat. I barely had time to pick it up before I had to drop and roll out of the way of Elladan's newest lunge. and I quickly dashed over to it. Elladan lunged. but I suspect Boromir. get disarmed.

"What are you two talking about?" Boromir interrupted.228 - . "Uh. Elladan's eyebrows shot up." I replied with a shrug. sheathed before I could blink. trying to explain it all." Glorfindel said dryly. or will you shut it . too?" I asked. "How were the Ringwraiths?" "The usual. and I grabbed it. He held out his hand to me. "But your father wants you." I said. looking very confused." Glorfindel said dryly. "Drat." I said." Glorfindel blinked. anyways. "It's long and convoluted. "Sorry for interrupting." Glorfindel said to Elladan as I went to get my sword. I wanted to push him in the river. no. "What?! You will!" "Yes. but you are here now. "So." Glorfindel insisted." he said. and it would be much easier for you to explain."Yield first. Boromir gave me a withering look." I said. "Cuz he's dirty. "What does father want me for?" "He requests your assistance in healing." "It was a draw. "Why?" he asked. you're back. no it wouldn't. "Do you want me to stuff a sock in that mouth of yours. I'd only make a tangle of it. letting him pull me up. I snapped my fingers in mock disappointment. "So is Aragorn already here. "I yield!" I said." Glorfindel replied. I rolled my eyes." Elladan said with a shrug. "Uh. and Glorfindel's sword disappeared quickly. you'll find out at the council." "You seem pretty good at explaining things to me. "Ah." was all he said. sheathing his own sword. then he said goodbye to Boromir and I and dashed off. and Glorfindel nodded.

There were a few other Elves in the hall. Now. "Gandalf. "No need to find a sock. too. It reminded me of the main hall-place thingy in the Harry Potter books. Reading. where we snagged some food . He finally arrived.yourself?" I asked Glorfindel." I replied. "And besides being annoyed by Gandalf? Eh.incredibly quickly. not that I heard . due to Glorfindel's presence (Elf-lords can get anything from kitchen cooks with a little flirting) ." Glorfindel said with a slight bow. thankfully interrupting my thoughts before I could start wondering why I was going poetic over his laugh." I said vaguely. "Not least. arching an eyebrow. "So why are you angry?" Glorfindel asked after awhile. Reading only lasts for so long. waving a hand through the air. and it struck me that he had a very nice laugh. "It usually is. and one group had a musical instrument of some sort out and seemed to be taking turns playing and singing. Various things. I nodded." Glorfindel chuckled. Anyone else wanna come with me?" I asked. Glorfindel chuckled again. annoyed. "Also deciding that Rivendell is boring without people to bug or talk to. which I couldn't tell if it was mocking or not. though?" he asked. that might just have been the fact that he didn't seem to laugh that often . "So what have you been doing? Besides learning how to fight with a sword?" Glorfindel asked. "In all his annoying glory!" I said. Glorfindel looked back at me with slight surprise. I feel the need for a snack. I shook my head at myself as I realized I was going poetic. "At what? Or should I ask 'at whom'?" Glorfindel asked. but Glorfindel accepted. it made his laugh seem nicer than normal. talking to Bilbo. Boromir declined. "Good.and like rarity makes a gem more sought after.229 - ." . arching an eyebrow.before going to the main hall and sitting down at one end of one of the tables there. either chatting or also having a snack. "His secretive 'I-know-something-you-don't-but-I'm-not-going-to-tell-you-even-though-it-concerns-yo u' routine is very annoying. We walked in silence to the kitchens. Of course. my annoyance at Gandalf returning now that I was done sparring and finding a new target in Glorfindel." I replied with a sigh. looking slightly annoyed with me.

"Interesting? I suppose you could call it that." I said in annoyance. and I looked at him in amusement. laughing often in-between snatches of song.. "You seriously DON'T want to know. Most of the Elves weren't doing too many interesting things. but the group with the instrument sounded like they were having quite the time. asking for more information.." Glorfindel said. "Let's put it this way. And believe me. sounding amused. At home.watching the other Elves in the hall.readily available to anybody with the money . it's rare to find a dance that doesn't involve being closer than six inches to your partner." "Your world sounds like an. "You don't want to know. It's barely accepted even at home.." "Grinding?" Glorfindel asked curiously.230 - . One of the male elves even snagged one of the ladies and did a quick twirl around the table in a dance. was the only thing keeping him from laughing. I sighed in exasperation." I replied promptly. Unfortunately. I heard a snicker from Glorfindel. Nonetheless. "Dancing is so much more civilized here.. we have weapons . there was very little of the snack left ." Glorfindel said. "And I won't even go into grinding."Indeed. Glorfindel arched an eyebrow. which." I said. "Messed up. "Oh." I said. but decided to ignore it in favour of snack. "Elf-lords." Glorfindel's attention turned to his drink. stop being Glorfindel's amusement didn't have much time to dissipate before we were both done and there wasn't much else to do that didn't include talking to one another." I said dryly. "Oh?" "At home. a lot of strange things are accepted at home that you wouldn't find even conceivable.. trust me. "What would you call it?" Glorfindel asked." I commented.I tended to devour food after practicing my sword fighting .. we managed to settle on one of the few things that didn't . judging from the attention he was paying it. "Permanently hyper people with short attention spans for anything not shiny or cool can find any place boring.interesting place. I smiled as I saw that. and I rolled my eyes." I muttered.that can destroy entire cities and poison the lands around . Glorfindel arched an eyebrow.

really. and thus." I said. and Boromir had decided to eat in his rooms for some unknown reason. Not to mention the clear-cutting of trees. That amusement turned to surprise as Glorfindel got up and moved over two seats so he was sitting next to me. I could go on." he replied. I had a four-day weekend.with hobbits!---(And the Wizard Hat Thief!) -Authors Note:Well.Elrond and Elladan were both tired from healing. Arwen and Aragorn had gone off who knows where. We chatted a bit during supper. of course. and chivalry is a thing of the past. and before long it was time for supper. I went to my own room and bed. Glorfindel shrugged. I got bored. ----To be continued." "No need.." "True. and Glorfindel and I turned to our food. Glorfindel then started asking me more about my sword lessons. so despite Glorfindel's invitation to go to the Hall of Fire. I looked over at Glorfindel in amusement as he realized he was basically alone in the middle of the table. I read LotR Fanfiction. though not terribly much. "Stealing Boromir's seat. All Glorfindel and I did was switch from one table to another in the Hall. I get the picture. shaking his head. So there were four seats empty on Glorfindel's right. considering we'd been chatting most of the afternoon. Gandalf was watching Frodo. new . pollution. then two empty seats after his until me. and he's not much company. politicians and terrorists. "The only other option was sitting next to Lord Námovaryar. but the meal still finished surprisingly quickly. and there we discovered that there were large gaps near the center of the table." Glorfindel probably didn't understand any of that last bit. "And.. but my simplified description of a nuke was enough to make him frown. "Besides.231 - . there's the fact that a great number of the populace of my world have grown lazy and fat. while Elrohir had his fathers gift for ruling). since a good majority of those that sat there were busy elsewhere . Lord Boromir isn't using his seat. are we? He won't be pleased." Glorfindel said. and tired. global warming. with Elrohir taking care of them (apparently sometime while I'd been away. it had become apparent that Elladan had his father's gift for healing. not to mention rude.them for centuries." I said. I realized when I got out of my chair that I had grown sore already from my sword fighting earlier that day.

And so was the inspired beginning of the next chapter.. O..chapter! Plus.. is a good thing. Anyways.o ~Crimson Starlight . I'm insane...Yes. If all goes according to plan. I think I write too many LotR FanFics.. don't worry... I'm sure.just can't stop writing this story. It's going to get VERRRRRY interesting soon.(Gandalf's Hat! Sleeping Hobbits! Mwahahahaha!) Er. I'll try and update again soon! Maybe in another week.. for all of you. right. -Authors Note 2:My spell-check knows to correct 'Elldan' to 'Elladan' and 'Argorn' to 'Aragorn'. I needed a break from doing NaNoWriMo... .232 - .That's what I seem to be doing. :) Which. I'm just going to say 'Dorwinnian wine' and leave it at that.And this was the perfect break! Heh. if some of you think the story is slowing down and getting confusing and/or boring... Thank you to all my reviewers again for being patient.. isn't it? Hmm.

. Bravely ran away. lady Rachel.. Rachel: *still running* Shut up.fictional character! *runs after* Glorfindel: *snickers* *sings* Brave lady Rachel ran away. she bravely turned her tail and fled. you can't do much about it.. She beat a very brave retreat. Bravest of the brave. well.. hmm? Frodo: I could bite your legs off. brave lady Rachel turned about And gallantly. now the hobbits making Monty Python references. Yes.. until you either grow or figure out how to wield that ring you're carting around effectively. I tell you! I don't even own the reference to strawberry bubble-bath.233 - . Glorfindel! . away. she chickened out.Hat -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:CS: I own none of it! None of it.WHO SHOWED FRODO MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL?! Rachel: Meep! *runs* CS: Get back here you lily-livered. CS: Yes. Frodo: I am getting very tired of that joke. Bravely taking to her feet. CS: Great.. When danger reared its ugly head.

"Huh. Rachel: Does that mean I can stop running? CS: Only if you want to get caught. Merry!" he said. actually. The hobbit looked over where I had nodded. It was more of a way to find the rest of the hobbits and discover if they really were as cute as they were in the movies. all apparently asleep in various places around the room. "Good morning little master. I gave him a shake. Merry bolted upright and looked around wildly. and nodded over towards the wizard. the first thing I did when I entered Frodo's room was take a deep sniff of the air to see if I could smell strawberry bubble-bath a result of one of the few LotR-related FanFictions Kari had gotten me to read. stuck it on my own head. too. so I won't.I prodded the one healthy.. Much to my own amusement. He stirred. Just four hobbits and a wizard. and then went still again.234 - .you got him to watch it... and then went over to the three non-sick looking hobbits zonked out on the vast expanse of the bed. One of the other hobbits stirred at that point. CS: I could debate that. Rachel: Bah! -26: HatThe next day. The hobbit looked up at me blankly. and then strangely. I grabbed his hat off his head. however. since Frodo would be out of it for another 3 days. I decided to pop in and see Frodo. mumbled something about ale. and they didn't look a whole lot like the actors in real life .CS: *also still running* Oh wonderful. A poke in the shoulder revealed that he really was asleep." I said with a smile. The . I went over to Gandalf and peered at him for a moment..I used to have trouble telling Merry and Pippin apart in the movies. There was no scent of strawberry. after having a quick breakfast. trying to determine if he really was asleep or just faking it. Amused. whut?" the hobbit asked blearily. But this disclaimer is getting out of hand. Delighted at the opportunity. Taking a guess . I assure you. sitting up. dark-haired hobbit. I remembered I was wearing Gandalf's hat. and snickered when he saw Gandalf asleep. Nothing like corrupting innocent minds! Glorfindel: My mind was anything but innocent. "Wake up. and the hobbit I'd woken up gave the other a solid whack.

"But he's asleep." I said. "Amusing. m'lady." I replied with a smile. Lady Rachel?" Pippin asked curiously.235 - ." I said. His eyes glanced on Gandalf's hat.first hobbit snickered again. and I decided right then and there that while. though." I said. but you fell asleep.." "Very well. "Gandalf told me.." Pippin insisted. "And I don't recall you coming in. then back to me in obvious confusion. "Good morning. "How did you know my name?" Merry asked with curiosity. I also heard your names from Glorfindel and Elrond. he seemed to realize I was an elf. "Before he went to sleep." I replied. and he looked over to Gandalf. "Mmm. "Fine way to wake someone up. . besides. I just had to figure out which one of you was which. "Good morning Master Meriadoc. "Whichever one you wish us to call you by. and somehow he managed to make a half-decent bow from where he was still sitting on the bed. and Merry started as he noticed me. still on my head. hobbits were as cute in real life as in the movies. did you not Master Peregrin?" I replied." "Ah." Merry replied practically. Pip." Pippin said with a light frown. you know our names.Rachel will do. "May we know yours?" "Which one do you want?" I asked dryly. When he looked back at me. arching an eyebrow." Merry said with a small smile. "Do you have many other names. "And anyways." he said." Merry grumbled when he realized where he was. then. and female. yes. "But he's been here since we arrived. though.

" I said dismissively." I hobbit-sized. We reached the kitchens quickly. "Who wouldn't want a wizard's hat?" I said with a smirk." I replied. Pippin blushed. Frodo's going to want something to eat. which resulted in another definition of hobbit-sized before Merry. then turned to the one remaining un-sick hobbit ." Pippin clarified. to be taken up to Frodo's room. I asked if he wanted to come for breakfast. and yes. I'll wager you haven't had breakfast yet. and then Merry. "I already had breakfast. especially once the hobbits caught the smell of food. but he politely declined. and Pippin nodded in agreement. and one normal. Sam. "Now." Merry said. "I mean. Pippin and I set off for the kitchens . and I convinced someone to take two meals up to the room Frodo was staying in . which won't be for another few days." "When he wakes up. and the cook chuckled before going to put the meals together. I do. Pippin and I went out into the main hall to wait for the food." I replied. asking if he couldn't just get a meal brought up. shall we wake up your friend and then see if we can find something to eat? Since I had to wake you up. I snagged another cook and asked her for two hobbit-sized meals. "Shouldn't it be three meals?" Pippin asked once we were seated.and shook him until he woke up. "Isn't that a bit long?" "Yes. adding a mental 'mostly' as two kitchen servers brought out the hobbits breakfasts. "No. but he needs it to get over his wound. I chuckled. "Not me. woke up slowly. I agreed that he could.Sam . unlike Merry and Pippin. gradually becoming aware of his surroundings." A hobbity stomach growled in agreement. "A few days?" Merry asked worriedly. "Half again the size of a normal meal." I replied with a grin. "What's hobbit-sized?" the cook asked when I requested that. "So why are you wearing Gandalf's hat?" Pippin asked in-between bites of food.236 - . After introducing myself. Merry and Pippin's eyes lit up as they saw the food."Just still wearing Gandalf's hat. then they dug in. .

"With Bilbo in the library. "Where are the other two now?" Elrond asked. "Fairly well. Apparently he was doing a little research.who were now scarily energetic . knowing he was talking about the hat. Gandalf had left sometime since I had last been there and had been replaced by Elrond. "At least until he finds me. slightly warning. Elrond looked slightly worried at that. how is Mister Frodo Baggins. engrossed in a book. "He is looking for that." he said. anyways?" I asked. though Elrond obviously did. considering what he has been through. look. coming over to the bed and peering down at Frodo. I'm keeping it. . so I meandered off. "So. heading back to Frodo's room. It's now mine. I figured he could keep them out of trouble. you to the library. "I did not say I did not think he would wake. After Merry and Pippin had finished eating. I asked them if they'd like to go see Bilbo. "He'll wake in a day or three." I said." I said. I watched and listened to the hobbits for awhile. who arched an eyebrow at me when I entered. but it soon became apparent that they'd forgotten all about me. Just that it concerned me that he had not. I'm sure. anyways. open to some half-drawn drawing. "I am concerned that he shows no sign of waking up. or return to Frodo's room. and Elrond shot me a slightly amused. as if saying there was no understanding Elves. He was sitting in the same chair I'd first seen him in. "He can try all he likes." Elrond shook his head in amusement. his own book not far away."They might try and get it back. "Tough. It was his own fault for falling asleep." I smiled slightly." Elrond answered." I replied. Merry and Pippin looked at each other for a moment. and the answer was most definitely for the first suggestion. especially when Sam mumbled something about 'troublemakers' that I couldn't quite catch. I grinned back. So I led the two hobbits . making a face." Elrond said. At least for awhile. and then mutually shrugged. however." I said.237 - ." Elrond commented without preamble. I chuckled. where we found Bilbo.

and then dashed out of the room before the fire I'd played with got around to burning me. so I set off for those two rooms." I said. "Feel free to wake him up. I grinned again.. tangled in the blankets. Oh what the fangirls at home wouldn't give to know that. I realized that I had no clue where Aragorn's room was. My Elvish hearing picked up some quiet breathing in the next room. So I grabbed a random Elf and asked them where Estel's rooms were. so I knocked lightly on it. mumbling something about 'pretty'." "How about anyone else that might be in there with him?" I asked cheerily. I was relieved to discover that there was only one door that was close enough to Elladan and Elrohir's to be considered 'by' their rooms. the type no Elf would ever wear. Arwen would probably try and kill me. Aragorn jerked away from my tickling fingers. indicated that Aragorn slept in very little. rolled over. I tiptoed across to the bedroom door. "So. then." Elrond practically growled. "As I said. and glanced around to make sure that all of Aragorn's OBVIOUS weapons were out of his reach . I walked over to the bed." I said. I resisted even harder when I realized that I was basically going into a strange guy's room to wake him up for no real reason.."Close enough. earning myself an Elrond Glare. Probably of Arwen. He mumbled. Aragorn would probably flip out. and tickled. Oh what my mind was thinking already knowing that. I opened the door and peeked inside. 'By Lord Elladan and Lord Elrohir's' was the response. I found where his sides were. and resisted the urge to giggle. I rolled my eyes. alerted me that this was the right room." "Last I knew." Elrond said dryly. sprawled across his bed. and a dirty cloak draped across the chair. is Aragorn around somewhere? I have yet to meet him. There was no response. the lower half of one arms dangling off the edge of the mattress. I smirked.238 - . feel free to wake him up. and the bit of bare back that the blankets revealed. he was still in bed. opened it slightly. Aragorn was there. Aragorn shifted in his bed. After only a minimal amount of hunting. and peeked in. Upon reaching the twins rooms. once I had left the room.then gave him a good shake. Of course.startled humans did some stupid things (I should know) . let's see if the future King Elessar is ticklish. Cautiously. "Well. then curled into the fetal position and . if anything. Especially since the clothes on the floor. and I pulled myself out of my thoughts and decided it was time to interrupt his lovely dreams. and went still again. I tried not to drool too much.

"Since you started sleeping in. I sat down in one of the chairs in the sitting room to wait." I said dryly. "I shall be waiting outside.carefully keeping the blankets wrapped around his waist. with eyes open. then shook his head and pulled himself back onto the bed . and then started REALLY looking at me. letting his eyes close halfway. then leaned over and gave Aragorn a push." Then I bounced out of the room. One thing I have learned: Aragorn may look really cool in the movies. . I nodded in satisfaction as his head. m'boy. effectively covering everything from his waist down. "Who ARE you?" he asked finally. "Rachel? I have heard that name before. As intended." I replied with a grin. It's time for you to get out of bed and have breakfast.. he fell out of the bed with a loud THUD. There are all sorts of cool people wandering around that you should meet. "Since when does Elrond send messengers to tell me to get out of bed?" Aragorn asked as he flopped back down on the bed." I replied. Aragorn looked at me blankly for a few moments. "I bring a message from the Lord of Rivendell . but it takes a really RALLY long time for him to look that way.remained that way." I said half to myself after I recovered from my giggles at the sight of Aragorn in the fetal position. "I'm sure you have." "I doubt it. not to mention Arwen's probably wondering how the heck you can sleep so late." Aragorn said slowly. and I am more than happy to oblige. Aragorn looked at me blankly for a moment. I was waiting for about half an hour. frowning lightly.. "No comment. "That depends on who you ask. "But it's not important at this moment. but you can call me Rachel. and had succumbed to checking out Aragorn's small book collection by the time Aragorn finally emerged from his bedroom. looking around wildly.time to get out of bed!" I said cheerfully when Aragorn noticed me. just as cheerfully as before. enough is enough. appeared on the other side of the bed a few moments later." I said with a snort.239 - . Elrond says it's time for you to get up." Aragorn said with a smirk that I decided not to guess at the cause of. "All right.

I JUST got my two main characters to meet..000 words from finishing NaNoWriMo! (and yet I haven't even reached the main plot point. I ignored his freaked-outedness. Bah. and headed for the kitchen for the third time that morning. I don't care if people say it's highly improbable for Rachel to go into Aragorn's room and wake him up when she doesn't even know him . already heading for the door. however. this time followed by Aragorn nodded..240 - .. In other words... Now.. this was a fun chapter. lunch."Let's go find you some breakfa .I'm only 8....ever notice that once he becomes Gandalf the White he loses his hat? And he goes through Lothlorien on his journey to find the Fellowship again once he's becoem Gandalf the White.) So. they'd better. thanks to all my reviewers yet again for being so utterly patient with me! Postings will be picking up shortly! I hope. the fun. Anywho. ~Crimson Starlight . Oh. things are going to start happening rather quickly.. ----To be continued. I'm off to start a fire (in the fireplace!) and find something warm to drink and/or's funny. though he seemed slightly freaked out by me now that he was more awake. shall we?" I said. the fun! And soon I'll be able to write more on this story .... and would be fun! *nodnod* Almost as fun as stealing Gandalf's hat. the real plot is about to come along and start biting peoples butts.with Evil!Glorfindel!---(And the setup for the beginning of the fun!) -Authors fact.

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Despite all I had tried to stop it. Boromir looked more grumpy about that than anything else. Elrond and Gandalf were still missing. "Hey. so there was still some large gaps in the table." he said. "He's Lord Elrond's foster son. "You'll find out at the council. as did Elrohir. and Aragorn sitting farther up on the table wounded that ego." "Oh?" Boromir asked curiously." he said. and Aragorn and I were just in time to join the rest of Rivendell in eating. who looked surprised that Aragorn was up . he'd still developed a rather big ego. Glorfindel looked surprised that Aragorn and I had come in together. whose name I'd yet to learn. there were numerous other surprised faces as I walked in and sat down. On top of Arwen looking surprised to see Aragorn up. Boromir blinked in surprise. and I was forced to leave Aragorn to Arwen." I explained to Boromir with an amused smile as I sat down.and sit between Boromir and the Elf-lord that sat next on my other side. I can't help it if a lot of things are going to be discussed at the council!" I said defensively. especially one that got to sit beside Lord Elrond's daughter. if most of the things you want to know about are important . "It's annoying. and Boromir looked surprised to find another human in Rivendell. "No." "I can't help it. Actually. I am really not that talkative when it comes to boring Elf-lords. -27: CalmIt turned out it was nearer to lunch than I'd thought. Boromir snorted.I stopped my mind from wondering why . however. Aragorn looked surprised that I had a seat at the head table.242 - . "That's your answer to everything these days." Boromir retorted." I replied dismissively. but you could explain SOME things to me instead of making me wait. "They aren't. "I was unaware Elves were in the habit of fostering humans." I said dryly.Glorfindel: Crimson Starlight owns nothing. Elladan. "Aragorn's a special case. though not as large as before. either. Boromir had shown up.

and I chuckled." I said. with some Elf-lord that didn't seem particularly inclined to speak to me on one side.things that would take forever to explain. I changed quickly. then quickly shook off said surprise and obliged. then?" he asked. "Evil Elf. All in all. "Going anywhere in particular?" he asked. and my own horse from Gondor. so that was all the reaction I got out of her. and then found my way out to the stables. off with the saddle.particularly about hobbits . and we turned to our food. but Glorfindel was in a mood to talk . I eyed her for a second. "Would you like to go for a ride." I muttered. it wasn't a very pleasant meal. "Just let me go change into a riding dress. named Black Thunder for a horse I'd written into a story . then?" Glorfindel asked with a small smile." Glorfindel replied. but I had made sure she had been trained to be ridden bareback. "So. Glorfindel was there. left Gandalf's hat on my bed. Thunder shifted nervously as I mounted. and I nodded before he went off down one hallway." I said to the groom that was holding Thunder's reigns.was standing beside him placidly. taking off Thunder's saddle. I had hoped that perhaps I might still be able to think on the ride. Boromir just shook his head. I was glad when I finished and was able to get up and head off. already mounted on Asfaloth. while the horse in the story had been a jet black war stallion . "Not really. already bridled and saddled. "Anywhere that involves spot checkups on the border guards. but Glorfindel caught up with me just outside the hall. an evil gleam in his eyes." "I shall meet you at the stables shortly. It . I was intending to go for a walk and think about recent events. and then followed Glorfindel as he set off. something I hadn't actually stopped and done for awhile." I replied with a shrug." I replied with a shrug.and I was soon absorbed in a conversation discussing different cultures and how they got along from day to day. The Elf looked at me in slight surprise. "Sure.never mind the fact that this horse was a mud grey mare. leaving me to head for my room. "Right.243 - . and a sulking Boromir on the other. where are we going?" I asked.

" the first elf said. would survive even single combat with a common Orc. But you must remain alert despite that. "See that it doesn't. And those that are not new. "Guarding usually is boring. I think.." he said.the airy voices of some Elven sentries. We did not know you were coming out today. ." one of the elves said. most of the Elves have let their strength diminish. He nodded curtly. Soon. Abruptly the voices stopped. "New guys?" I asked as I caught up to Glorfindel. however. how else am I supposed to discover which guards are so inept that they can not even notice the approach of a human horse?" The two elves managed to squirm uncomfortably. "A fine lot of guards you are!" Glorfindel called up. the branches of which hid the sources of the Elvish voices.bored. "Lord Glorfindel. and the powers they wield. Eventually. To Glorfindel's visible disgust." he said. with a minimal amount of concentration . even though all we could see of them were their heads.. trusting in their leaders. "Despite the growing danger of Sauron.was fascinating. They train themselves in disciplines of the mind. to protect them. Lord Glorfindel. not far ahead. we stopped underneath a tree. "That was the point. and moments later two heads appeared through the branches of the tree." Glorfindel scolded. even with Thunder's loud clomping. Thunder. as we got closer. tromped along just as noisily as ever. then turned Asfaloth and headed off. really. I'm sorry to say. "Most of the guards are. there was no indication from the guards that they knew we were there. slightly sheepishly.244 - ." Glorfindel said. instead of disciplines of war. though. unfortunately. and Asfaloth's footsteps audibly quieted even to my untrained ear. "After all." I resisted the urge to comment that it was a good thing they wouldn't have to. Glorfindel went quiet. we got. especially since Glorfindel had been around so long and seen so many different cultures rise and fall. "We are sorry. sounding slightly bitter. leaving the two guards to sheepishly return to their post as I followed after the Elf-lord. It will not happen again. "We understand. I was still able to catch what Glorfindel had heard. are long out of practice. Very few. then." the other elf said.

Gandalf. as he pursed his lips and gave me his best 'parent-scolding-a-misbehaving-child' look. so I could be slightly biased. "You really can find anything boring. now is not the time. they are some of the few that have kept up their skills. "While I will admit that peace and tranquility has its place. "Nasty spiders and dragons. chatting away. and then started abruptly as a voice came down out of the trees. "Ah. I tend to find peace and tranquility boring unless I'm in the mood for it." "Hear hear. Glorfindel and I continued on that routine ." he said."What about the Mirkwood Elves?" I asked. and then went to my seat. once we were stopped underneath the tree the guards were up in. Glorfindel looked at me and arched an eyebrow. "Of course. then hailed the guard elf that had snuck up on us right back. again. and they exchanged a few simple pleasantries before we continued on our way. The second time it happened. as well. I did so with great pleasure.." I said with an emphatic nod." I said." Glorfindel waved a hand vaguely through the air in the direction of Rivendell. We went to the main hall.245 - . not to mention necromancers. I smiled innocently. "Hail. Lord Glorfindel!" Glorfindel smiled slightly. with war brewing all around us. Glorfindel nodded." Glorfindel chuckled. In the end. . "The Lorien Elves have also kept up their skills WAS October . but the third time.circling around the border of Rivendell. Glorfindel chewed out the guards again..we headed back to Rivendell. skipping the last few guard stations in favour of some food. Glorfindel brightened slightly. can't you?" he commented. Somehow. with the sun beginning to set and the air beginning to chill .it is like Elrond's love of peace and tranquility has transferred onto all who come here. all those that were supposed to sit there having decided to show up for this meal. I noticed with a smug smile. silently asking if I wanted to startle the guards." I said dryly. checking on the guards . but here in Rivendell. He apparently was feeling the lack. and this time the head table was full.for the entire afternoon. will do that to you. was still missing his hat. and unknown female's voice seemed to startle the guards more than Glorfindel's had startled the other guards. which isn't often. and only twice more were we able to sneak up on the guards. "Yep.

~Crimson Starlight .probably because I wasn't sure if it was going to be Elladan/Rachel or Glorfindel/Rachel until I wrote the chapter where Rachel ran off (the first time). but hey. This will end with Rachel/Glorfindel romance. I thought I mentioned it earlier on. Most of which I had heard before.or watch the movies again. and had ended out speaking with Bilbo. I was going to the hall. but I guess I didn't . though.. First thing to say is: Who thinks I should save Boromir in this fic? Or have him save himself by using his shield? I don't particularily care one way or another. yes. Boromir wanted to talk about the Hall of Fire. Second thing: To clarify. my reviewers. and how I would be showing him to the hall after supper whether I wanted to or not.. as I already devoted an entire fanfiction to him. Anyways. I felt like updating again. and am very very happy about that. I'm off to read something humourous. Which really could have waited.. and why I hadn't mentioned it before.246 - . so he was full of stories. thankfully. And so off I went. the secondary genre of 'romance' for this story is NOT just for Kari and Elrohir. Bah.. In four months. one of which I frequent and another one my dad works at. really. After that. He'd apparently wandered into the library during the afternoon. Foremost is that I am ALMOST done my NaNoWriMo novel. So when Glorfindel popped up after supper asking if I was up to going to the Hall of Fire THIS night.) -Authors Note:Alright. one way or another. Near the end. with Glorfindel tagging along for no apparent reason other than that he was going the same place. it's becuase I have a few things to say.with wine!---(I ain't sayin' no more. though I didn't tell him that. so I'm leaving it up to you. Oh no. I was obliged to tell him that since Boromir needed a guide. I'm updating rather quickly because of several things.anything. that stops me from going into shock at the fact that three libraries in my city are closing.. and I was able to chat with him a bit about various things. ----To be continued.. leading Boromir.Boromir seemed to have recovered from his sulk.

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Rachel. of course. "You're not the only one. Now you can go back to staring at Arwen." Bilbo put in cheerfully. tagging along. and then undermined it by letting his gaze slip past me to where I knew Arwen was standing." he said. and was promptly shushed by Merry. "Bored. than it had been the last time I was there. and then inclined his head towards me slightly. purposefully stepping in-between him and Arwen to get his attention. for lack of another word. happiness. "Yep. I winced. Elf voices mixed and swirled around." Aragorn said with an arched eyebrow. "Hello. the Hall held an air of. they almost seemed to make a music all their own. Lady Rachel. and I turned my attention to the hobbits. once again. well. but there currently weren't any.Turning my attention away from Aragorn and Arwen's antics. "Hey Aragorn!" I said cheerfully as I approached. then I lead the still-awed Boromir to an empty chair that was nearby and sat him down. "Very well." I heard Boromir mutter under his breath as he looked around with wide eyes. so I wandered off to where Aragorn and the hobbits were. "Which reminds me that I shall be staying away from the . Aragorn blinked in surprise. "But it gets more interesting once people start singing and telling tales. if not fuller." I said with a tsk." I said. "How are you three tonight?" I asked. moving out from between him and Arwen. remembering the result of my last visit to the Hall of Fire. with only the small raised platform for performers in the middle of the room remaining clear. Except for when there were performers on it. that makes things interesting all right. "Incredible." "Not to mention everyone has a few drinks.248 - ." I said with a mischievous grin. I looked around the rest of the Hall and saw that it was as full. Still. Elves were standing or sitting all around the hall. "Good good. He seemed content to just watch the Hall from his chair. My grin widened." Pippin replied. "I keep telling people ." I told Pippin with a smile. Glorfindel and I looked at each other with amusement. Aragorn gave me a weary look. and even without trying.'s just Rachel. No title. I heard Glorfindel chuckle behind me.

immediately latching onto a subject he knew something about. Gandalf arched an eyebrow in response.drinks and thereby the performance platform for the night." Glorfindel commented. his eyes wide. please. Gandalf gave me a weary look. . "Then find it yourself. "I thought you were going to be fried for sure!" Merry put in. "Why? The ale is excellent!" he said. "The Prancing Pony. rolling my eyes. "That was brave. "Hiya Gandalf!" I said cheerfully. and I do not mix. I actually worked there for a bit. mumbling under his breath. Rohan." Pippin said. as I turned back to the hobbits." I said. wherever. It got a nice song out of you last time." I replied. the Hall of Fire. "Where did you go?" "Gondor. the song in an unknown language that was part of the trigger for me going AWAY from Rivendell for the past 800 years or so. "Oh yes. "I'm sure it is." I replied with a shrug. but Gandalf finally turned and walked off. unfortunately. "Never made it east of the Misty Mountains." he said. But alcohol." "You've been to Bree? Where did you stay?" Pippin asked. Gandalf and I simply looked at each other. and I turned to find Gandalf. "I would not say that. Bree. too. For a moment." I replied dryly.249 - . I shrugged. "You've been away from Rivendell for the past 800 years?" Merry asked in interest before Glorfindel could reply. "I would like to have it back NOW. "Safe and secure." I replied with a smile. "Where is my hat?" he asked." came a voice from behind me. "Indeed. both determined not to yield. I nodded. You can have it back in a couple of months. I smiled." I replied with a mischievous grin." Pippin looked slightly put out.

"If you don't show fear. and was . I didn't even notice that Glorfindel had disappeared until he reappeared with two glasses of some liquid or another. a song came drifting from the center of the room. "I've heard tales and seen a few pictures drawn in books. "Where's that?" "South of here. Glancing behind me. "It's very nice here." I supplied." I replied." I said blandly." Glorfindel commented. I eyed the cup he held out to me distrustfully.250 - . I assure you." I replied with a shrug." he said with amusement." I took a sip of the drink." I said. "I didn't. I carefully nursed that one glass of mirovur for the next few hours. Bilbo's eyes lit up in understanding. Three hobbits and an Elf-lord looked at me in confusion. Very pretty place. "Then its safety is debatable. sipping at his own glass. "Ah. "Was that why you were looking for books with drawings in them the other day?" he asked. I rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to the performance. Bilbo chuckled. At that point. you can stare down just about anybody. "Probably even Sauron. Glorfindel nodded. "That and I didn't feel like reading. So absorbed in the performance was I. during which I felt I must have ended out talking with just about everyone I knew. I saw that Merry and Pippin were fast becoming enthralled by the song. and then blinked in surprise before giving Glorfindel a disapproving look. How has your stay in Rivendell been so far?" "Wonderful!" Merry replied eagerly. you should see Lothlorien. Though it would be a little hard. and I turned to discover some female Elf had gotten up to sing. Though I rather think Gandalf intentionally let me win that little round. "This is pure mirovur!" Glorfindel gave an unconcerned shrug and leaned against a patch of wall not far from me. "I was unaware you had traveled to Lothlorien." I said. "It is safe. It's another Elven kingdom. and I smiled slightly as I leaned back against the wall to watch and listen to the performance. "Does it have alcohol in it?" I asked as I took it. "Lothlorien?" Pippin asked curiously. since he's just a flaming eyeball at the moment and thereby has probably spent a great amount of time practicing staring people down." I smiled slightly.

Much to my amusement. Boromir eventually pulled himself out of his awe and came to talk with me not long after Elladan and Mírëría had appeared.introduced to a few others. Soon they were huddled off in the corner where Bilbo was sitting. "So. Then he turned to Mírëría. and they set off. been near enough to hear that. but look around. "And besides. handing me my glass. Not long after we finished talking. consumed enough alcohol that he thought it was a jolly good idea to go introduce Boromir to some of the Elf-lords." I replied grumpily. and he and Arwen proceeded to pester me about getting up and singing. we shall just have to get you more drink." Elladan said. well." "As soon as I get up there. And so Boromir and Glorfindel were occupied for most of the evening. It probably brought back bad memories for her. "We've heard nothing like that song you sang last time since you left. really. "Very well." Elladan said with a slight bow. Kari refused to sing. and got mischievous grins on their faces. besides." "Yes. A short chat with Arwen later revealed that he was doing it on a dare that was actually for his own good. "Not like I'm going to drink it. they're all going to stop and listen. once again full of some strong alcoholic beverage.251 - . then." I said. Elladan appeared again. probably unfortunately. whispering furiously and receiving wry. since Elladan and Mírëría were the only ones that couldn't see how much the two of them were falling for each other. you will only have a small crowd listening. I HATE getting up in front of crowds. and whisked my glass out of my hand and was off getting it refilled before I could protest. amused looks from Bilbo. by that point. with Mírëría still in tow. just as it does for me. and no one else could imitate the song properly." I muttered when he returned. "We can always hope. only half the hall is paying attention at any given time. I can't blame Kari for not wanting to sing. It was while I was watching them go that Arwen showed up and we had our little chat about Elladan and Mírëría. and Glorfindel had. . and he did the rounds of introducing her to everyone. the only reason you got me up there in the first place was that I was half drunk." Arwen insisted. rolling my eyes." Elladan wheedled. "Yeah. The hobbits had. Elladan appeared part way through the evening with the shy librarian Mírëría on his arm. "Shall we?" Mírëría smiled and took his offered arm.

" "Agh. naturally. Glorfindel. "Therefore. that you shall decide to sing. being dragged out of the hall by a grinning Glorfindel and an exasperated looking Aragorn. sipping at my drink unconsciously. at least I knew where the wine had gone. looking far too cheery to be any more than half sober. Well. and he happily took it and disappeared into the crowd again. "Dorwinnian wine. Probably to moon over Aragorn. nodding towards the exit of the hall. Arwen held her hand out and I handed her the glass. and she looked back with amusement."You really should sing. what did Elladan GET me?" I exclaimed. I saw Boromir. Which was a good thing." I said." she replied as she handed my glass back." I replied moodily. I rolled my eyes. "There's a reason Dorwinnian wine is favored by Elves who wish to get drunk. considering that Elladan choose that moment to show up." I said. Cautiously. and decided to take a drink from my glass instead of going and getting his own. "Elladan got it for me because I told him I needed to be drunk before I would sing. and chuckled. "Good god. then a small sip. . I don't have any intention of drinking any more of it. He arched an eyebrow when he tasted the wine." I handed the glass back to Glorfindel at that. "Where did your drink go?" he asked." Arwen replied with a mischievous grin. "Feeling the need for strong drink. "Only those wines that are not almost pure alcohol." Arwen said once they were gone. where Boromir's boots were just disappearing around the corner. I looked at her in surprise. "Into Boromir. Not long after. "What use is getting drunk if the drink you're using to get drunk doesn't even taste good?" "Hopefully." Arwen replied dryly. Arching and eyebrow. "I thought wine was supposed to taste BETTER than ale?" I asked. peering into the glass once again." I muttered. You have a beautiful voice.252 - . and then glided off somewhere. unconscious. are we?" he asked as he handed my glass back. peering at my glass. chose that moment to show up. she took a sniff of it. I almost spat it out in surprise. stupid Elladan. As the liquid hit my tongue. "So I'm told. however.

are you ready to sing?" Elladan asked brightly. "Ah. "And the last song you sang was in my head. raising an eyebrow."You gave Boromir Dorwinnian wine?" Elladan asked. The least you can do is sing it . driving me crazy. "Fine then." he said. "That was interesting. you should have seen before that. "You saw?" Glorfindel asked. "But you sing so nicely!" he protested." I replied. rolling my eyes. rolling my eyes. and I'm guessing that he gave it to Boromir." I replied with a shrug. "I think he finds drunken humans funny. and Elladan sighed dejectedly. "Actually." I said dryly." I said." he said pitifully. "Never give Glorfindel Dorwinnian wine. "I saw you and Aragorn dragging him out after the fact. Elladan sighed. "Glorfindel has an. Elladan shrugged." "No. his eyebrows shooting up." "Why?" I asked curiously." Glorfindel said cheerfully when he appeared a few minutes later." Elladan managed to actually pout.again." "So I'm beginning to gather. "So if you gave Glorfindel the wine. Elladan." he said. "He always takes it straight to the nearest human. "No. getting Boromir so drunk he passed out?" I asked." I replied firmly.253 - .or some other song . halfway across the hall. "I gave the wine away specifically because I do not want to sing. I gave the glass to Glorfindel. and then returned to watching the musicians that were currently performing.odd sense of humour.. for weeks after you left. I do not think I have ever seen alcohol hit . changing the subject. I just smiled serenely at him. he glanced over his shoulder to see if I was wavering. "What. then smiled ruefully at my strange look. and sulked off.. The effect was ruined when.

then. and Glorfindel nodded." I replied cautiously. This was the first time he'd talked to me since our little encounter in the library. "I have never seen you this cheerful or carefree. "Anyways. shaking my head. frowning after Glorfindel." I replied.someone so quickly. "Then why don't you ask Elrond for some?" I asked. waving a hand through the air dismissively." I said." he said. would you?" Glorfindel looked almost hopeful. "I am still walking straight." Glorfindel said. and frankly. grinning mischievously." Glorfindel said with a frown. though. and then shook his head to dismiss whatever his thoughts were. "I don't know." he confirmed. "Again?" I asked. you would not happen to know where Elladan found that Dorwinnian wine." "No. it's scaring me. practically bouncing up and down. "Mmm. it is too strong. so I have not had nearly enough. "He will just assume I want to get Aragorn drunk again." Glorfindel said. "Go ask Elladan. and then ambled off in the general direction of Elladan after saying something about the twin being his best bet. "No.254 - . "Sometimes I think he is more unnerving drunk than sober. arching an eyebrow." he frowned lightly at that. ." A voice said from beside me. eyeing Glorfindel." Glorfindel rolled his eyes. and I turned to find Elrohir standing beside me. "That's probably only because of how dramatically his personality changes." Glorfindel said with a frown. Elrond never just sets it out. "He'll want to know why I want it and ask a bunch of nosey questions. I would assume the table with drinks on it. I shook my head in amusement. how much have you had?" I asked. speaking of alcohol. "Again. Unless certain topics are discussed. "And I always get cheerful when I get drunk.

"It took us years to get all that!" he said. While I was wondering. "Yeah. there came a shout from across the hall." Elrohir nodded." I frowned thoughtfully as I looked over to where Glorfindel had cornered Elladan and was talking to him about something . "How much did he make off with?" Elrohir asked curiously. "His reflexes and fighting abilities only get better with drink." I said. shifting from foot to foot as I wondered why the heck Elrohir had decided to speak to me and do nothing more than comment on who Glorfindel was going to marry. "Well THAT'S odd. then chuckled. if you whacked him repeatedly in the head while he was asleep. "Hey." Elrohir commented." I said with a shrug. "He says that the rest of the time it is simply an act for the other lords. "The entire flask. Elrohir made a displeased noise.probably where the Dorwinnian wine was hidden."Father claims that Lord Glorfindel's true personality only shows when he is drunk. "Grandmother once commented that the female who got Lord Glorfindel to act like he was drunk when he was not would end out being his wife. followed by a blonde blur." I said dryly." I blinked. . well." I said. "Did you HAVE to tell him where you got the wine?" he asked me irritably." Elladan said grumpily. and moments later. "Times like this I almost wish he could suffer a human hangover. It dashed out without being intercepted. So he is just a really fast." "I'm sure. "Mmm." "He could." he said." Elladan growled in response. I told him before I knew it was dangerous.255 - . if it isn't already. I think she was speaking from foreknowledge. Elladan came stalking over. but his co-ordination goes down. it's all going to be in Lord Glorfindel's belly soon. "He would wake up and we would be gutted before we could blink. "I suppose that could be. really skilled. heading straight for the exit." Elrohir said with a sigh. "The scary part is. "Drink does strange things to people." I said.

but I can't figure out how.." I said.. I would have thought it would be for him dying. So. "Everyone else says the same thing. "But he has to get close to Boromir first. depending on how quickly I can write good chapters. To answer Melia's question: Yep. I smiled. chillin and probably annoying the heck out of Creepy Lady. Imagine having Galadriel for a in-law.clumsy opponent.. then waved. however." Elladan commented.. thank you one last time to all those reviewers who were patient while I went on temporary haitus to write a really freaking long novel that . and I might even speed up in that posting... I would love to hear this story. the opinions about whether Boromir should die or not are flying back and forth." I said. Which will be a rather long ways off. Since Creepy Lady is now her grandmother-in-law. "Father can give him something to get rid of the hangover. "Some day." The twins shared a wry look that morphed into a wince after a moment at some shared memory. shaking his head. and made my way out of the Hall." I replied dryly. *shakes head* Strange. Still.and it's currently for him surviving.256 - .I'll keep taking down opinions until I write the chapter where I have to make the decision. *cough* Anywho. Or not. keep your opinions coming .*shudder* urg. ----To be continued. either. giving Elladan and blank look." Elrohir said dryly.. "My brain is telling me that's a contradiction. I've gone back to my usual two-chapters-a-week routine. "We can not figure it out." Elladan said. For now. As you have probably guessed. He's incredibly unpleasant when he has a hangover.scary.with a tree!---(And tales of a drunk Glorfindel!) -Authors Note:Well.. Elrohir and Elladan simultaneously arched an eyebrow. "We just know that it is true. Kari is still in Lothlorien." Elladan said. I think I'm going to get some sleep so I can be awake to deal with Boromir tomorrow.

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Glorfindel: Er. WARNING: Rachel's mouth gets a l'il dirty in this chapter. because it might get worse in some later chapters..and they . I leaned out the window to see if I could spot the singer . however. CS: Especially not my feet.Tree -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:CS: Sore feet suck. I didn't spot the singer immediately. Glorfindel: .. And if it offends you. but the words definitely got clearer ..My plan to go to bed and be ready to help rid Boromir of his hangover tomorrow.. . -29: Tree-Eh..ah.or at least make out the words... Because they're sore and they suck.. Glorfindel: What is it with you and your feet? Rachel: She went shopping all day. I was almost at my room when.aren't you going to do the disclaimer? CS: Sore feet suck.258 - . Glorfindel: . got slightly delayed . I suggest you stop reading. I heard someone singing something that sounded suspiciously like a funeral dirge. while passing a window.mostly due to my own curiosity. I should probably put this in. Curious as to who would be singing a depressing song when most of Rivendell seemed to have taken the occasion of Aragorn returning to get a little tipsy.Crimson Starlight owns nothing.

"Right." "Lucky you. I did nothing important before coming here. They speak of what the person accomplished. "It helps. how they lived their life. "And what has that accomplished?" I asked with a sigh. arching an eyebrow. Your death brought you here. "I've run around Middle-Earth for the past 800 years after running away from my best friend who is probably going to severely maim me the next time she sees me because of HOW I ran away. an elf with golden hair.furthermore." "Not true. and a flask of Dorwinnian wine.were going on about the golden flower of Gondolin in a very mournful way. letting my disbelief show through in my voice. "If anyone ever tried to write a song about my death. "It reminds me of why I did what I did. and Glorfindel chuckled." Glorfindel replied. "With what?" I asked curiously." I said.." I said. and what my death accomplished. "The memories. Peering in among the branches carefully. sometimes. and only near the end do they mention their death. suddenly feeling slightly miserable myself as I remembered how I came to Middle-Earth. turning his gaze back to whatever he had been looking at before I intruded. they'd be hard pressed to find more than a few verses worth.259 - .. "Elvish 'funeral dirge's. are more of a remembrance of the person who died than of how they died. "A little depressing to be singing your own funeral dirge. as you call them. giving me a small smile. the homesickness." Glorfindel replied. dontcha think?" I said. and the singing stopped abruptly as Glorfindel's head whipped around." Glorfindel said quietly. I frowned lightly. "Sooo. I could barely make out the shape of an Elf leaning against the trunk of the tree . "Mine reminds me of all the good I did before my death." he explained.somewhere in the tree next to the window.singing your own funeral dirge helps with your depression?" I asked." he said with a shrug. and then used my ears to guide my eyes to the location of the singer ." . the loneliness. and my death accomplished nothing.

taking a gulp of the wine himself.260 - . "Yeah." I pointed out." I said. "Mm. A comfortable silence fell. "I still don't get how wine can taste worse than ale. and Middle-Earth isn't showing any signs of falling apart at the seams yet. in my strange. fruity aftertaste. Moving my tongue around my mouth. but it does have a pleasant aftertaste. "Its initial taste may be bad. made a face. "So. "Oh?" Glorfindel asked with interest." I said. climbed out the window and onto the nearest branch of the tree." I replied with a shrug. saw no one. as well." he said."You had your reasons. I looked down to the ground. then held out the flask of wine and looked at me expectantly. slightly depressed mood. and at that moment. even with a whole crapload of alcohol in it. sounding as if he did not believe in those reasons. and with a shrug." Glorfindel was silent for a moment. why are you out here?" I asked as I handed the flask back to Glorfindel. not the other way around. Kari's been living happily with Elrohir for close to 800 years. "I felt like singing." I said. and handed it back. After all." Glorfindel commented. I agreed with him. but no ones been allowed to sing my lament since I returned. "It makes me wonder if perhaps I was wrong. "Well that takes the cake." he replied. "And . during which Glorfindel took another sip of the wine before passing it over to me so I could have a sip. I realized he was right . obviously. I took a gulp. and all these signs I take for me transforming into a Mary-Sue are just little pushes from the Valar to help Kari and I fit in. "You could have done that in the Hall of Fire. "Which I'm beginning to wonder if they were justified." Glorfindel said with a chuckle. "Not always. then picked a thick branch close to where Glorfindel was sitting and sat down before taking the flask from him." Glorfindel said. Going carefully. That maybe you and Gandalf are right. I made my way towards the trunk. I thought aftertastes were always supposed to be worse than the original had a very pleasant.

" I replied dryly. and took another sip of the flask of wine that I still held." I replied.261 - . at any rate." Glorfindel said thoughtfully. "If there's one thing in all of Middle-Earth that I wish I could change or prevent. I think. "I'm surprised Kari didn't try to change it. "So what brought you to be wandering along the corridors so early in the evening?" Glorfindel asked eventually." "But on such miseries is greatness built. "That he does. Glorfindel chuckled. and Glorfindel gave it to me." "Elrond sounds like he gets concerned about you a lot." "I suppose it served a purpose. I nodded. it would be what happened to her. "Though I may have just gone from one male trying to get me drunk to another succeeding in getting me drunk." Glorfindel said. "She tried to discourage Celebrían from her constant travel between Lorien and Rivendell... eyeing the flask of Dorwinnian wine that ." I said sadly. I held out my hand for the flask of wine. I took a sip and continued." I replied. "Yeah. holding back a grimace at the first taste of it." I commented.. though. but no one else thought that Celebrían was in any danger. And she would not have been if the group of Orcs had not been so large." he said. Elladan and Elrohir hate Orcs more than ever. "A need for sleep so I can deal with a hungover Boromir tomorrow. and a need to get away from Elladan before he succeeded in getting me drunk. "If only fate didn't love to cause such misery. "It's a shame she had to go." I sighed." I added. Aragorn was raised without a mother. Silence fell again." "She did. Celebrían used to help him keep it in check. after taking another drink of the Dorwinnian wine. "Because it would have affected the timeline too much. The time between her leaving and now is too great .Elrond gets concerned when he hears me singing it.. Aragorn probably would have been raised differently and have become a different man if she was still around. then handed the flask back to Glorfindel.she could have done far too many things. there can be no joy without pain and all that." "Why didn't you?" Glorfindel asked curiously.

Anyone could come along and get a good look at most of my underside. "Despite what he may want people to believe. my mouth hanging slightly open. especially when said females are sitting in trees. "Though. but whoever came along probably would." "Yes. the first time I fell asleep in a tree." I mumbled." "It was Elrond's fault that you ended up asleep in a tree wearing a dress?" I asked. but you don't wear skirts. Want some more?" Glorfindel held the flask out to me with a playful grin. and thus. "His and Círdan's. "I've done it before." he said. "Elrond's fault?" I asked.wobbly. they succeeded. "Actually. as long as my arse is covered.262 - . Glorfindel shot me an amused look." I remarked as I handed the flask back." Glorfindel said dismissively.. I took the flask and took a large gulp. Elrond has always . "But it was a little. "Then fall asleep in the tree. sticking to the topic that interested me. Glorfindel took a deep drink himself before responding. Elf-lords should not be allowed to have playful grins. "What?!" I asked. Not that I particularly care." I said. arching an eyebrow." Glorfindel said. "I should probably be careful. I assure you. "What I wouldn't give for pictures. "It was Elrond's fault." Glorfindel commented. It is bad for females' health. to be fair." Glorfindel said dryly. "I think Elrond attempted to make a drawing of me asleep in the tree the next morning. yes. I was more drunk than them. Elladan and Elrohir did get their wilder sides from him. They were half drunk themselves when they decided that it would be amusing to convince me to wear a dress. I coughed in surprise. mainly to keep myself from falling out of the tree due to Glorfindel's grin.. "Completely by accident." he said.Glorfindel still held suspiciously. I WAS wearing a dress. Celebrían contributed her fair share. unlike me. otherwise I'm not going to be able to get out of this tree without falling. Glorfindel chuckled.

. "Says he as he hands me more alcohol. they are not.." Glorfindel replied. you can not talk. "Hmm. you won't be involved much in this battle. "Sounds. waving a hand about dismissively. for a short while. then.been better with words." Glorfindel said. Was Gandalf hanging around when Morgoth was doing his thing?" I asked. taking a drink of wine for himself. And now you had best stop talking on this subject before the drink helps you say things you should not. "Fun little pieces of equipment that make instant. don't worry. and then I decided that I had best get out of the tree while I still could. "Cameras?" Glorfindel asked curiously. Glorfindel shook his head." I said. snagging the flask of wine from him and taking another drink. "Unless those guys in the Paths of the Dead are from around Morgoth's time. and I nodded." "No.convenient. and then frowned thoughtfully. Well. and I nodded.was there any particular occasion for you wanting to come sit in a tree and sing your own lament while getting piss-arse drunk?" I asked as I handed the wine back to Glorfindel. "Not really. precise drawings of a scene.. "If you are busy drinking. if you don't count Gandalf. "Except that the Ringwraiths brought up unhappy memories of the last time I was involved in a battle against a would-be Dark Lord." I said. taking drinks of the wine while talking about aimless things. . "The newer generation entirely." Glorfindel said. good point." "Eh.. taking another drink. We continued along those lines. "Sooo. he is only recently arrived. Or maybe even if you do." I replied. handing me the wine..263 - ." Glorfindel pointed out as I handed the flask back. Sauron's for the newer generation to conquer." "Which just goes to show that cameras should be one of the first technological wonders from my world invented in Middle-Earth!" I proclaimed." Glorfindel said with a shrug. "No.." I said as Glorfindel took another drink himself.

"Maybe we should have just climbed down instead of headin' back for th'window. I knew that Glorfindel was remarkably steady for one so drunk. Ah yes. taking a few wobbly steps towards the window I'd come out of."Despite amusin' stories about nights you spent in a tree. Furthermore. I'll end out sore and all sortsa crap. "You know. When Glorfindel and I finally got near to the window. and then he held out a hand to me. and there was now a good jump up to the window. peering behind me curiously. "Practice.264 - . . my words only slightly slurred from the drink. we discovered there was a downside to him going first . be my guest. "Well you can follow if y'wanna. perhaps I should go first. "As I said." I said. the branch bent more." Glorfindel commented. "Leaving so soon?" Glorfindel asked with a pout. I KNOW you're AT LEAST half drunk. How the hell are you doing that?" I asked. "How'd you do that?" I asked. pushing myself carefully to my feet. Even with the alcohol in my system. You seem a little unsteady. his smirk growing. practice. I gaped at him. I grabbed his hand and used it as a steady support while I made my way along the branch.with the added weight. the wonders of alcohol. I just don't wanna spend th'night in this tree. and I wouldn't be able to keep my balance when it did. "Now." I said. not even looking where he was going." I said. Then promptly forgot that mental note five seconds later. eyeing the ground some fifteen feet below. and then pranced backwards a few steps along the branch. "Ok. Glorfindel couldn't really just jump while leaving me on the tree branch because the branch would bounce up and down in reaction to his jump. I really would prefer not t'sleep here tonight. "If you can get ahead of me without makin' me lose my balance. I made a mental note to tell Elladan and Elrohir that Glorfindel's balance also went up when drunk. I found myself staring up at Glorfindel where he stood in front of me on the branch. A few moments later." Glorfindel said with a smirk." I replied. do you want to get out of this tree or not?" Without hesitation." Glorfindel said.

" he said. Glorfindel shrugged. but wobbled and almost lost my footing before I could move very far. moving my feet to the wall so I was basically walking up it. but there was a jump DOWN to the tree branch." I said. Or tried to. and that is just what Glorfindel did. and we both agreed that any jump I attempted to make would be disastrous. "Give me your hands. "Or not. and I pushed off the tree branch. shifted a little. "Right.this time on my butt." Glorfindel said. The turn was far too much for my compromised sense of balance to handle. and then reached up. I sat there and blinked for a moment. I half turned." "You can do that?" I asked incredulously." I muttered. and I glared up at him. and then stretched his hands down a little farther.and promptly tripped over my own dress and fell flat on my face. Glorfindel chuckled. I can climb up the wall to the window instead of jumping." I heard Glorfindel laugh."Probably. From there. "Or. then. surprised to find myself on the floor again. dresses. pushing myself up. and I reached up again. go to it. To my amazement. "Goddammit. That was when we discovered the other problem . but I could barely reach his fingertips. and I turned and gave him a scowl." Glorfindel said. "Well. Once my grip was secure. Glorfindel gave a pull." I commented as I got close enough to the window that I could let go of Glorfindel's hands and latch onto the window sill myself.265 - ." he said. Eventually. I'll pull you up. which meant there was now a jump UP to the window." I said. it was only a few quick maneuvers before I pulled myself in through the window ." I muttered. .I hadn't noticed when I'd climbed out the window. "I am so amazed that this is working. "Damn my shortness. After almost falling about half a dozen times and scaring the shit out of me three other times. I was able to grab onto his hands this time. back to the trunk and climbing down. "Try that. "I officially HATE skirts." I said as I wind milled my arms to keep myself steady. reaching down. Glorfindel's stifled laughter brought me out of my surprise. I steadied myself. and anything related to 'em. and I went down again . "I have done it before. then.

I glared up at him again. "I said I could walk.which he'd managed to keep." I stated determinedly. I latched onto his arm." I said. yours and the wine's. "I'm impressed. Then. and took several steps forward to prove it.." Glorfindel said with another mock bow. help me get up and get to my room."This is all your fault. "I'm amazed you managed a bow without tippin' over. You got me into this. and then held out a hand to me to help me up. then." I said darkly. ----To be continued." was Glorfindel's reply." I said. with a satisfied nod. I did." "Of course." "As the lady commands." "Ah. dumbass. "Where you will then LEAVE ME before going off where ever you might want to go. and so we set off. my lady. y'know. "Whoa. shall we see if you can walk?" "I can walk. did y'know nodding can make you dizzy?" Glorfindel's stifled laughter was back. nodding emphatically." Glorfindel said with a mock bow." I retorted grumpily." Glorfindel commented. somehow ." I commented as I grabbed Glorfindel's hand and let myself be pulled to my feet. a mischievous gleam entering his eyes. I just need a li'l help with the navigation end of things. "To where?" Glorfindel asked.behind his back. funny boy." I replied. "Now. "You managed to go in a circle in three steps. "All right. hiding the flask of Dorwinnian wine . lead the way. "Which is where you come in.266 - .." I gave Glorfindel a withering glance. "Mine?" Glorfindel asked innocently.with Rachel's room!---(And Glorfindel abuse!) . "Ah. "Right." Glorfindel said with a mischievous grin. "My rooms. "Yes. some of us hold our alcohol better than others.

. but I don't have to give it away. (early morning=dirty minded CS) Yeah. (hey. and recruit more reviewers. The Noble Platypus kinda stolen Gandalf's hat when he dropped it in Balin's Tomb. he has back-up staffs. so I'll say it here. Why not stay in Rivendell? Because my plot wants her in Lothlorien.he just talks a lot. for the very amusing alternate reason for Gandalf's hat's disapearance.o Allyrien Chantel de Montreve gets Gandalf's back-up hat.o He's great. and man was that a bugger to keep everything straight. O. this is fun. why not back-up hats?) There were numerous other reviewers that gave the answer of 'he dropped it in Balins tomb'. I'm not sure its going to be explained.-Authors Note:Whee.. depending on which you want.. If you all review again.267 - . And I followed the movies in that one. And man did that sound dirty.. Now I have a few MORE questions from reviewers that need answering... even if they tied her up in a sack and carried her? As for Kari in Lothlorien. do you really think she'd go along with the Fellowship. so I shall have to. with rachel's sense of I'm off to make supper and listen to my uncle ramble on about electronic circuits. O. um. First off! Rachel is not going with the Fellowship! I've already done one tenth member fic. Besides. As for my question from last chapter.. Y'know how Rachel situated herself in Minas Tirith so she could see the Fellowship? Kari did the same...well. really. thank-you to all my reviewers. ~Crimson Starlight .uh.give you all copies of Glamdring (or however you spell his swords name) or his staff.. so not only do I now know where it got to.. you get some of the christmas cookies I'm going to bake tomorrow. and she wants to help the Fellowship deal with Gandalf's death and probably give Boromir a few solid whacks.. though. only in Lothlorien.

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" . and then Glorfindel and I staggered in. that is strong *hic* stuff. Agh. I was. now I'm *hic* going t'bed. I didn't move." he added as he weaved back and forth a bit. There was a moment of silence. I gave him as warning a look as I could in my state. and then Glorfindel and I stumbled in." I muttered as we finally stumbled to a stop in front of my door.269 - . then pushed off from him and made a dive for my bed. "Quicker and easier. I can't *hic* go anywhere without trippin over m'own *hic* two feet unless you *hic* help me. "Then why aren't you moving?" he asked." Glorfindel said." I said. by the time we got to my rooms. "Mine. I gave him a glare." I said possessively. once again. "How about I just stay here?" Glorfindel suggested. I hate *hic* hiccups. and Glorfindel and I staggered over to my bedroom door. and I nodded. and we finished it off. Glorfindel pulled out the flask of wine. "Don't you *hic* dare fall on m'bed. "Duh. "But tiring. then started hauling myself up. Glorfindel's previous ability to walk in a straight line had morphed into an ability to walk a curvy line going in the same general direction." "Too late. after a few moments." Glorfindel said.. his eyes lighting up as they settled on the big four-poster bed in the room." Glorfindel commented as he staggered over. In celebration for reaching my room. When. I almost made it." I said warningly. "Shame to waste a nice bed on just your arms. I was abruptly picked up and dumped on the bed.the wine. however." Glorfindel said with a shrug as I glared at him again. "You go get yer *hic* own. rolling my eyes. "Ooo. "So y'want me to help you get to your bed?" Glorfindel asked.. and his support was the only thing keeping me on my feet. and promptly fell over onto the foot of my bed. It quickly drowned in Dorwinnian wine." I replied. some small voice started screaming that this was a really bad idea. "It's comfy. and thus. After several attempts. the one to open the door. bed. "Go find your *hic* own. "Right. Inside of me. To my credit. Before I could get far." Glorfindel pouted slightly. Glorfindel arched an eyebrow at me in a way only a drunk Elf-lord can. "Damn. I managed to open the door.

"You can't beat me when you're sober." I said. though." Glorfindel said. I kicked him again. "Still comfy?" I asked. "Stupid sexy Elf-lords." I growled." This time I summoned enough energy to kick Glorfindel. To my annoyance. "Wuz supposed t'get you t'leave. willya?!" I exclaimed in exasperation. but found I didn't have enough energy to do more than move my foot a few inches. "Why? I like it here. "Ow!" he whined again. and then blinked as I realized what I'd just said. I gaped at him for a moment." was Glorfindel's reply.270 - . he didn't move a muscle during my entire tirade. "I'm tired an' want t'sleep.. rubbing his arm." "Get out. "Don't make me beat you." Glorfindel whined. and then kicked him hard.. "Give me a reason and I will." I grumbled instead." Glorfindel replied." Glorfindel said with a yawn when I was done. I then proceeded to give Glorfindel a very graphic description of what he should go do to Elrond. "OW!" he whined. "Yep. It's comfy. "What was that?" he asked." Glorfindel said with a snort. "Ow. "Ow. let alone drunk." I said. "Stop doing that!" ." I replied promptly. "So go to sleep. that was creative. I'm not stopping you. I made to kick him again. "That wasn't very nice!" "Wuzn' meant t'be. Company could be improved." I said." "Apparently it didn't work. Glorfindel looked up at me from the base of the bed in amusement." Glorfindel observed. "Well. and shot out a foot and gave Glorfindel a solid kick in the arm. I sighed in exasperation."No. "Agh. just go.

"Not unless you stop kicking me. Which I did. however. Glorfindel pretended to consider this for a few moments. as well. I tickled him again. however. To my immense satisfaction." "Too comfy!" Another tickle. "Let go an' get out. "Leave!" I answered as cheerfully as Glorfindel had a moment before. my hand darted out and tickled his side. however. then." he replied finally. Bending myself practically double." I repeated. I crossed my arms and sat there glaring at Glorfindel for a moment. and managed to grab my foot. He caught my foot again. and aimed another kick at Glorfindel. "No. making to kick Glorfindel again. "Let go an' get out." I replied. stopping my attempts. "Let go an' get out!" I growled after a moment. then recalled how I'd tried to wake Aragorn up. without much luck. I started prying at Glorfindel's hands. causing him to let go of my other foot. After a few moments. jerking away from my fingers. He was ready. let go of my feet. "Let go an' get out!" . remarkably. I came up with a solution to my problem kick him with my OTHER foot.271 - . He did not. "Nope. I paused for a moment. another jerk. and he jerked away once more. this time in one hand. he yelped in surprise. trying to get them off my feet. he caught it in his other hand."Not 'til y'leave." came Glorfindel's reply. I growled. Before Glorfindel knew what was happening. managed to hoist myself into a sitting position. thinking." Glorfindel replied cheerfully. too comfy. "Hey! Let m'foot go!" I whined. "What do I have to do t'get you to stop kicking me?" Glorfindel asked with a slight pout. "But I like it here! Nice'n soft!" Glorfindel protested. and when I tried to kick him with the other foot.

His eyes burned into mine.. that sparked annoyance in me . But alcohol tends to impair thought. So. My protests died in my throat as I stared at him in surprise. "You always have to make things difficult. as we locked gazes. annoyed. "Get off. he suddenly let go of my feet. I probably would have realized that my wriggling and squirming would accomplish what it did."Nope. he knew how to pin someone down . like he was going to go to sleep. it wasn't so much for me (more like slow torture). but the wine was blurring exactly what that something else was.. Well. to be fair to myself. My annoyance then went on to fan my protests back into full strength. trying to throw Glorfindel off me in some manner of another." he said. OFF!" I exclaimed. Just not what I wanted. . After a moment. and I gulped as I felt all the alcohol flee my brain. it did accomplish something. Even when half drunk. after several minutes of me being more drunk than him helped. more like he had a hold of my wrists." This time. "Let go an' get out." he said. because he simply smiled slightly and let his head drop. and while I was preparing to righteously protest. and the look on his face was NOT amused." As I tickled Glorfindel again and he predictably jerked away.probably because while it was comfortable for him. but found it was too dry to say anything." came the muffled reply. and I think Glorfindel sensed it. "That is NOT the way to get me out.272 - . but without much oomph. something in the back of my mind told me that this had moved beyond Glorfindel finding my bed comfy to something else entirely. however. if I'd stopped and thought for a moment. half onto the pillow and half onto my shoulder. Glorfindel sighed in reply. My wriggling and squirming accomplished nothing. So I was greatly surprised when. OK. "GET. or even the least bit drunk. of course. My ability to protest had been severely limited at this point by both the wine and the close proximity of a very VERY sexy Elf-lord. "Too comfortable. I opened my mouth to reply. and had me pinned. Actually. grabbed my wrists. leaving me completely sober and able to realize just what was going on. and the weight of the rest of him lying on top of me was holding any other body part I might use to assault him down. his voice low and husky. For some reason." I said when I recovered from my surprise. Glorfindel's head slowly rose from it's place on my shoulder. I repeated my ultimatum.

I pulled my arms away from his neck. and noticed even less that all I did with my arms newfound mobility was snake them around Glorfindel's neck. and even once I did understand what was happening. There really was not. With an annoyed growl. effectively slowing Glorfindel down long enough for me to get out of wasn't as if I was leaving the same way as before . I screeched to a halt in front of the stables. passing a still very confused stable hand on my way to the pasture. any question of what I was going to do next. I decided to forgo telling him . and Glorfindel's lips on mine. I jumped up with a curse. Glorfindel's lips were on mine.and turned on my heal and dashed straight to the stables. I did have enough presence of mind. to not want to repeat the same mistake I'd made with Kari. snapped open. and then stormed out of the room. and I heard myself groan slightly. sending up a cloud of dust. I had barely entered. shooting through my body. and I instantly froze. Thoroughly distracted by this new sensation. stupid me then proceeded to send orders to my tongue to lick my lips. completely forgoing the kitchen for provisions. but I shut the bedroom door and shoved a chair under the door knob like they did in movies. Glancing among the horses that were. and my self-sworn oath to stay away from book-recognizable males. So I turned on my heel and headed back out of the stable. I'm pretty sure I ran by a number of Elves in the hallways as I went. however. but I ignored them as long as they weren't a certain golden-haired Elf-lord and didn't get in my way.273 - . only far more pleasant. Then my eyes. Before I think it really registered with Glorfindel that I had stopped reacting. Did I mention that Glorfindel's face was a scant inch or so from mine? Before I could really understand what was happening. and I went straight to Boromir's room. when I realized that Glorfindel would probably try and follow me. In fact. for a miracle. which I hadn't even noticed had closed. calling after me in confusion. I didn't notice much of anything besides Glorfindel and me until the rational part of my mind piped up and reminded me of this little thing called a Mary-Sue. And just as it started registering with Glorfindel what was happening. and there was no way I could outrun him on Black Thunder. I heard Glorfindel make to follow. my first response was to open my mouth to his teasing tongue and let it inside. brought my hands to his chest. in my mind. I barely noticed when my wrists were freed. The kiss deepened even further. however.Practical. reaching the door before I remembered he was unconscious from drink. and then dashed inside before the stable hand on duty had time to react. clustered near the fence for . and gave a solid shove. something that felt quite like fire.

though.not in the way he dresses or acts or anything. that in the last 36 hours.. however." I crooned to the horse as I shut the gate and came over to his head. blasting by the guards of Rivendell proper and the border guards without even noticing them. especially his eyes. using the nearby fence to give me an extra boost in height. . then a gallop. ----To be continued.. How about it?" Asfaloth snorted in what I assumed was assent. "Asfaloth!" I called sweetly. kicking Asfaloth into a brisk trot. *twitch* Thank god for Pepsi.. No. There was nobody around to see. I got up on Asfaloth's back. seriously . though. I've had exactly 3 1/2 hours of sleep.with Elrond!---(And Shadowfax!) -Authors Note:I saw the Extended Edition DVD of 'The Two Towers'. and I didn't wait around for someone to arrive. and I'm sure if anybody had seen it they would have referred to it as a very unpleasant smile.. and found a gate not to far away. I was leaving the Last Homely House in the dead of night on an Elvish horse with the sole intent of getting away from any and all that the peaceful Elven realm contained . He looked at me slightly strangely when I motioned for him to come out.the night. then. I realized there was only one that I had a hope of getting to let me ride him. For the second time. that I got so caught up in watching it. I quickly went to it and opened it. My visiting uncle that I mentioned last chapter is now my most favouritestest uncle ever. since it was his laptop (and its DVD drive) that let me watch the extended edition.(ask me some day if you want to know the reasoning for that one) Only bad thing about the DVD is. stroking his nose softly. make him look so female Legolas looks masculine in comparison. combined with that long hair. Asfaloth following me with curiosity. then you can come home. but his facial shape. I smiled. I looked around. Not making me drop my nickname for Legolas of 'Nancy'.274 - . "I need you to let me ride you. Just as far as Bree. and. and Glorfindel's horse trotted over. "Hey boy. I absently noticed the irony of what I was doing. As I left.the exact opposite of what just about anybody else would be doing in my place. *hopskip* Boromir! Faramir looks like a girl. but complied. I need you to do me a favour. They put the Huorns in! Whee! Yes.

Thank you reviewers... *rolls eyes* Parents.and considering how drooly I am at the moment over the Faramir-flashback-Boromir from Osgiliath (does anyone beside me find his accent irresistable? It's basically the same one he has as Sharpe. school. (I should wear my Elf ears that I got for Hallowe'en one year! Hee hee. I think I may just have to decide this myself.. and being a Santa's Elf. Though. enjoy the chapter! ~Crimson Starlight . the vote on Boromir is currently. I'm off to get lost on the bus system. well.. They help me feel special and give me something to point to when my mother asks me why I'm writing this 'crap'. for the sake of the plot. this author's note is getting long.. Thank you readers for reading even if you haven't reviewed .. with my uncle and the DVD watch-age. Why not cookies like I promised? Because. Ah well. thank-you to all my lovely reviewers. Just to let y'all know..ah well. and makes me turn teeny for some reason) Boromir is likely to live. The cookies come when I have a break from gift wrapping. and to help the ending.your reviews would most deffinately be appreciated.) Right. I might just kill him. it's better than her ragging on me about other things. all my reviewers get cookie dough....9 to 9. we'll see.Anywho.275 - . um. Yeah. please review again. I only had time to make the dough.

It's not too late to write in a scene where Rachels cans you. CS: Well why'd you ask.. Glorfindel: .. don't make me get out of it.Reasons -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:CS: I own nothing! Not even the purple monkey invaders from pluto! Glorfindel: What are you talking about? CS: The purple monkey invaders from pluto.this story is PG-13. CS: I'm in a good mood. and I have a warning that the rating is for language. he thought it was into Rivendell until he woke up properly.Elrond was sleeping quite peacefully in his bed. :P Glorfindel: Meep! Rachel: *evil grin* -31: Reasons-A/N: Right. . then? Glorfindel: I anted to know why you were mentioning them when they're not even in the chapter.. I'm just not going to bother to put language warnings on chapters. Glorfindel: I knew THAT.. having retired from the Hall of Fire only an hour or so before. Or at least. CS: Because I want to.276 - . Then he realized that the horse was galloping OUT of Rivendell. when he was woken rudely by the sound of a horse galloping into Rivendell. so y'all should get the picture.

then quickly strode out of his rooms and headed for the courtyard. "As suddenly an unexpectedly as last time. "Glorfindel. completely ignoring Elrond. He picked up his pace yet Quenya. as Glorfindel simply crossed his arms and glared at the Maia. "Of course." "Dorwinnian wine tends to do that. she took Asfaloth. Elrond picked up his pace. since he had rarely heard Glorfindel speaking Quenya. he could not understand a word that Gandalf and his unknown arguing partner were saying. "It seems Rachel has left again. he usually had an ear for such things. "Has she?" Elrond asked in surprise." Glorfindel grunted. as well." Gandalf said the last part with slight amusement. like last time. Shall we go catch her. even voice of Gandalf the Grey. and soon rounded a corner and found the exit before him. also speaking in Quenya. but he supposed he could be excused.Concerned. "Asfaloth is the fastest horse here.and loudly . glancing at Glorfindel.the low." Gandalf said calmly. tearing his gaze away from Gandalf long enough to shoot a wry look at Elrond. and was soon able to hear the other voice in the conversation . we shall not get the answer to that question until after she has returned. he stood and threw on a dressing robe. "Indeed. however. Try as he might. He was very surprised that he hadn't recognized Glorfindel's voice. He was still a far ways away from the exit to the courtyard. are mostly drunk.277 - . when he heard an Elf yelling very angrily . So it would be best to just let her go for now. but agreed with Glorfindel all the same. Elrond sighed. Mithrandir! What is going on?" Elrond demanded. Once she thinks we are not following her. you." he said. along with the owners of the two voices. and it will be easier to catch up with her. arching an eyebrow. . though Elrond himself spoke Quenya fluently. Gandalf was left to nod in confirmation. she will slow down. and NEVER heard him shouting angrily in any language. Even the slowest Elvish horse could catch her mare with little trouble. "Why is she running this time?" Silence greeted Elrond's question as Gandalf looked expectantly at Glorfindel. making sure to use Sindarin to be noticed amongst the Quenya argument. "Besides." Elrond said smoothly. Also. Lord Glorfindel." Glorfindel said with a snort. and Glorfindel glowered back. "I suppose." Gandalf smiled as if he knew otherwise. however. then?" "Can't.

then urged Shadowfax into a gallop. making a mental note to talk to the twins later. "Is that so."Dorwinnian wine? Where did you get Dorwinnian wine?" Elrond asked in surprise. "Wherever you got it. then stopped at the base of the steps and let out a high-pitched whistle. however. Then Gandalf's newly-found friend and mount. Gandalf's eyes widened slightly." Gandalf said without hesitation. came swiftly into the courtyard. glancing at Elrond. already turning to the door." Glorfindel replied flatly. "Stole it from your sons. Elrond turned back to the house." And with that. "Bloody hell. turning to Gandalf. and horse and rider were gone before Elrond could think to wave. Gandalf and I can handle this. "Bree." Glorfindel practically snarled. she can have Asfaloth for all I care! I want to go after her because she is more drunk than I. The council may have to be delayed. "Where do you think she will head?" Elrond asked. He was not implying so. "This does change some things. Glorfindel turned and strode off." Gandalf said. when Elrond finally returned to his room and was preparing to get back . "Would I say so if it was not?" Glorfindel snapped. "Of course not." he said.278 - . Shadowfax. He obviously hadn't expected those two little tidbits of news. Of course. not chase after someone who took your horse. the effect only ruined slightly by the slightly curved path he took through the straight hallway. hoping to get some more sleep before dealing with the headache this little fiasco was bound to cause. and Gandalf mounted neatly and easily. it does not change the fact that you have consumed a relatively large quantity of it and therefore need to sleep." Gandalf said sternly." "I doubt it." Glorfindel said crisply. his shock evident in his voice. He simply nodded to Elrond. Elrond followed as the old wizard strode out purposefully." Elrond intervened. who nodded. and I happen to know she did not take any provisions with her. "I will try and bring her back as quickly as possible. Elrond gave an aggravated sigh. "I can see I am not going to convince you otherwise. With a sigh. but she might refuse to come. but not the fact that you are drunk and should not go chasing after Rachel.

well. having to yell to be heard over the wind. Rachel glanced over at Gandalf. then threw his hands up and went to bed. Elrond looked at the Elf for a moment. however. As for Gandalf . The question was. he would finally get to that chat. Rachel had always been with one friend or another. and Gandalf had been swept up in the business concerning Frodo and the Ring. elaborating on his last statements in their last conversation. Elrond would just consider it payback for all the trouble he just KNEW that old wizard was going to. caused him. There.with food. it had already become quite obvious to anyone who cared to look that Lord Glorfindel liked the maiden as more than just a friend. and you are not completely sober. how was he going to word that chat so that Rachel didn't end out attacking him? Gandalf mused over that until Asfaloth finally came into view. and a flask of Dorwinnian wine. In any case. Gandalf left Shadowfax to his running and turned his attention to Rachel. He really should have known this would happen. Now. That accomplished. heading along the road to Bree. he quickly found the stablemaster. it created the opportunity Gandalf had been looking for. --Gandalf sighed as he sped along on Shadowfax. He knew that Rachel had not yet resolved her fear of 'Mary-Sues'. a slightly surprised look on her face. He would send Elladan and Elrohir out after the three errant travelers tomorrow . there came the sound of a third horse galloping out of Rivendell. unreasonable as it was. "Rachel. Adding drink to that had probably just brought the previously hidden feelings to the forefront. "Rachel!" Gandalf called. Now . After bed. running at a full gallop with a dark shape on his back that Gandalf assumed to be Rachel. who didn't even seem to notice he was there. and went back to the courtyard. He had meant to have another chat with Rachel sometime in the past two days. Elrond sighed.279 - . who sheepishly explained that Lord Glorfindel had just ridden out on Elrond's own horse. Then he directed Shadowfax to move up alongside the Elvish horse and match his speed. Then she turned her surprise into an acid glare and returned her attention to where she was going. or had in the past. or was currently. Though judging from the fact that what seemed to have set her off was the results of an evening involving her. and it was only a matter of time until something or other set her off. but the opportunity had not come up. A little hunger might knock some sense into Glorfindel and Rachel. it seemed that what had set her off was probably the most obvious thing possible it relation to Rachel's 'Mary-Sues'. put his dressing robe back on. stop this! You have no provisions. Lord Glorfindel.

"I am not acting like a child. and alternated glaring between Gandalf and Asfaloth. stopped short. and responded to voice commands. Rachel. Rachel ignored him. "You are bloody annoying. "Oh. stop acting like a child!" Gandalf said with another sigh. almost causing me some serious injury. quite reasonably. "Rachel. stop being foolish!" Gandalf tried again. Rachel shot him a death glare.noooooo. "You can't just let me go in peace . and who wasn't. Gandalf.280 - . dismounting from Shadowfax and walking over to where Rachel sat. "I'm not drunk. stop acting like a drunken fool. hey. With a sigh. Rachel snorted. you know that?" she asked. also quite reasonably. "Then start acting like it. but I know it was NOT due to some god deciding 'Oh. and they soon passed Asfaloth. She sat down. Rachel glared up at him." Rachel snapped. all the while calling me a fool. and I'm much less of a fool than some. let's transport these two random girls to another universe and let them destroy it by becoming Mary-Sues!'. "You are over eight centuries old.or Kari . sending dirt flying. to become quite impressive looking." Rachel snarled. His speed dropped only slightly. Lord Glorfindel's horse was well trained. I have no idea how I . then turned his attention to Asfaloth and ordered the horse to stop. we're back to that little story?" she asked. and consequently Shadowfax. and which one had told him to stop. and was once more ignored." Gandalf replied shortly. Gandalf sighed." . Gandalf urged Shadowfax to go faster. "Let me tell you. you have to come after me with your superfast horse. There. only to be caught by Gandalf." Gandalf couldn't help quipping. and Gandalf gathered his power to him. lost her grip on Asfaloth and went flying over the horse's head. causing him. Why won't you just let me be?" "Because I told Manwë I would do all I could to help not the time to gallop off to Bree!" Gandalf here. and then slid off of Shadowfax to the ground. Asfaloth. "Fine then. she wobbled for a few moments before walking in an obviously curvy path to a nearby tree." Gandalf replied. but he also knew who was on his back. use you fancy-dancy magic to make Asfaloth stop abruptly." Gandalf countered. Then they pulled around in front. "So nice of you to drop by.

"Not that I know of. preparing to continue arguing. do you?" he asked.281 - . "Friend of yours?" Rachel asked caustically." Rachel said dismissively. and then decided to take that statement as it was meant to be taken . "Manwë and the other Valar simply wanted to put your and Kari's souls in their proper world. not religion." Gandalf replied." she said. apparently having already heard the horse. "Faith? What the purple monkey does religion have to do with this?" Rachel asked in annoyance." he scolded. "You can have faith that the bridge you are crossing will not break. You must stop your fearful running and find the faith to believe that the universe will unfold as it will! Just because you find happiness does not mean that the world will end tomorrow!" Rachel shot Gandalf an acid look." Gandalf sighed." Rachel rolled her eyes. and will continue to do so. ." she said coolly. "That's the Mary-Sue talking. wondering who on Arda was coming now. "Faith. "You really do not have any faith. "Your lack of faith in yourself and others has caused hurt to your friends." Gandalf replied. and you can have faith that your leaders will not lead you to destruction." Gandalf corrected. "And for good reason!" Gandalf snapped." Rachel muttered. Gandalf paused. Now I have Gandalf preaching to me." "Great. "And I DO have faith that the universe will unfold as it will. losing his patience somewhat. his frown deepening. and neither times are you required to have a religion in order to believe that those two things will not happen. His head snapped in the direction of Rivendell and he frowned. Gandalf sighed."Quite right. While religion is based on faith. I just don't trust that will. "I am not running fearfully from anything. and Rachel blinked in surprise.a dismissal of what he'd just said as incorrect. when the sound of another horse approaching at a gallop met his ears. you CAN have faith without religion. "Same difference. "No it is not.

and bit his tongue on the comment that wanted to escape. "Do you always run from your confusion?" he demanded. A tense silence fell as Glorfindel dismounted. "You know this. and Gandalf moved back. Then. She told me how your world's 'scientists' have explained away all the miracles. eh?" She said scathingly to Gandalf. looking indignant. too convenient. and that you believed all things could be ." Rachel opened her mouth to say something. and how even what magic you have is explained as naught but trickery. I know you do! You just use it as an excuse to run from anything you can not figure out . or too easy for you to believe in it being reality. "Confusion?" Rachel asked. She cursed again. "I was in bed. rising quickly to her feet. then cursed. Glorfindel brought Elrond's horse to a halt not far beyond them." Rachel muttered. her arms crossed and a defiant look on her face.282 - . Rachel squinted and peered at the rider. To help her deal with her grief at your 'death'. She also told me how your world had many religions. Then she dodged past the Maia and headed for Asfaloth." Gandalf said. "Sent him to bed. Only to find that both Asfaloth and Shadowfax were gone.anything that is too coincidental. "Kari told me something about your world while you were gone. even as the approaching horse came into view. And if you can not find an explanation for why it seems too coincidental. "I sent him to bed." Rachel snarled in response. Which is where you should be. shooting Rachel and stern look. they did nothing more than glare at each other. sending another glare in Gandalf's direction. And she also told me how you believed in none of these religions. Gandalf simply watched as Glorfindel stalked over to where Rachel now stood. Gandalf had to stop his eyebrows from shooting up at that. causing her to look up slightly even as he had to look down. Glorfindel stopped no more than a foot from Rachel. Glorfindel broke the silence. and how many people used their religion to replace the hole that had been caused by the sudden disappearance of magic and miracles. "That's a new name for the Mary-Sue Factor. arching an eyebrow."Probably Glory then. then it must be wrong. sensing that it would be wise not to get in-between the Elf-lord and Rachel at this time." "The 'Mary-Sue Factor' does not exist!" Glorfindel snarled in response. but Glorfindel cut her off before she could get a sound out. convenient or easy to be real. Moments later. Instead. For several minutes.

A conversation about what someone had for breakfast can be a story for a Mary-Sue. Glorfindel stood stock still." Rachel snorted. and that they were perfect creatures. "An assurance from one of the Valar that the world is not going to end if you let yourself become what you deem a 'Mary-Sue'?" "I have faith. and then Rachel started laughing." Rachel said eventually. Rachel. sounding very amusing." Glorfindel replied flatly. "Hey. then how are you able to run away? How are you able to refuse all this? You told me once that 'Mary-Sues' were essentially stories. my dear Rachel. You flouted propriety and showed little respect to anyone who had not earned it in your eyes. And you have done little worthy of being in a story ever since you arrived here. then added. He was beginning to think he would just have to take Rachel to Valinor and have Manwë talk with her before she believed that there was no such thing at the Mary-Sue Factor and that she truly belonged here. "Now do you believe me?" Gandalf asked Rachel pointedly. I did not truly understand what that meant until tonight. "Lord Glorfindel is correct. deciding to step in. If this is naught but a story. Eventually. of course. "What would it take for you to have faith?" Gandalf asked. . are not perfect. apparently having missed Gandalf's presence.explained through science. and from what I have heard." "And what does it mean. and possibly not even that.283 - . she had to sit down from laughing so hard." Rachel said dismissively. "I have faith that as soon as I come anywhere near Elves. "This 'Mary-Sue' of yours is nothing but your imagination. there is also the lesser Mary-Sue that ignores all rules and does what they want . and then gave the wizard a curious look. There was a pause.perfectly." Rachel said. "It means you have no faith in anything you cannot explain. a confused look on his face." he said." Gandalf shook his head slightly. I will start turning into a Mary-Sue. yes. and Glorfindel began to get annoyed. anything can be a story for the writers of Mary-Sues. Glorfindel started. As for me not being perfect. oh wise one?" Rachel asked icily. Gandalf sighed. as Rachel continued to laugh. were not perfect even when you first arrived here. "I believe that you and Glorfindel either think far too much alike or that you talked about this ahead of time. You.

slight confusion showing on her face. and of all the characters. "Mary-Sues are fictional creations of writers from your world." That brought Rachel's head up like a shot. but there's no way to tell whether or not they exist. It was so easy to lose myself in a world of chivalry and honour. but the tale about Middle-Earth was always the most real to me. "Because I love Middle-Earth too much. and opened his mouth to say reply. How was it that I was able to defeat you so quickly and easily?" Glorfindel elaborated. her face showing the signs of hard thinking. either. "Then you don't exist. biting her lip and staring off into the distance as she spoke. They were my refuge through the good times and the bad in my life." she snapped. crouching down in front of Rachel where she still sat on the ground. "Caution can be good. ." Rachel said finally. Then he said probably the worst thing he could have. showing that she had already thought of this question and had an answer. Now she was deciding whether or not to tell them. "Perhaps. A world so unlike my own. Glorfindel began to smirk. suddenly glad that Glorfindel had decided to come. where good and evil were easily distinguished. "When I came to tell Elladan his father needed him. but there are other times when you must believe in fate and take a risk. Rachel blinked." he said. wouldn't it be best to err on the side of caution and assume that Mary-Sues do exist?" Gandalf sighed. "And since they're so dangerous. and the Bagginses of Hobbiton. of course. As Rachel remained silent. and Gandalf smiled. and indecision flashed across Rachel's face. but Glorfindel beat him to it." Glorfindel said softly. It was. at times. "I grew up with the story of the Fellowship of the Ring. Other stories caught my fancy for periods of time. somewhat amazing that both Rachel and Glorfindel were carrying on a coherent conversation after jointly consuming an entire flask of Dorwinnian wine." "Perhaps Lord Glorfindel meant that Mary-Sues do not exist HERE?" Gandalf put in. however.284 - ."So how was I able to defeat you?" Glorfindel asked. is there?" Rachel replied. as well. races and kingdoms in Middle-Earth. "They do not exist. "You are all just fictional creations of a writer in my world. "Pardon?" Rachel asked. far to innocently. "Why will you not take the risk and believe that Mary-Sues might just not exist here?" There was a pause.

.because I love it so much. as one of the Maia." Rachel said. "Says the guy who hasn't died yet. Just like everyone's life is a story." "There are some things worse than death. because I love it so much. which is what you would be if you remembered your death and journey here. it is. chosen by the Valar to be guides to Middle-Earth and see to the destruction of the last evils of Morgoth. and I know that it's REAL. giving Gandalf time to recover. I.. "And even though I have not died. then continued. You will not turn into one and destroy Middle-Earth. You must believe me -" "Us." Rachel commented. and that merely has the power to enslave Middle-Earth. What little I remember of my own death . And." Gandalf conceded. getting off topic. and I have stood face-to-face with a Balrog of Morgoth." Gandalf said calmly. do you not think we would do something about it? We are dealing with the Ring. being enslaved." Rachel replied with a snort.." "And I didn't even know it until you got me to dig at those specific memories. giving Glorfindel a withering look.scares me witless." Rachel hesitated. and Glorfindel sent Gandalf a quick look of sympathy before returning his attention to Rachel. "Then I shall tell you it now.guess I find it hard to believe that I was brought here with no bad side effects.285 - . however. "This is. I can assure you that if either you or Lord Glorfindel remembered more of your deaths than you already do. "You must believe us that there is no such thing as a Mary-Sue here." Glorfindel corrected. "Rachel.which is more than you do . "Us." Both Glorfindel and Gandalf's eyes widened slightly at the implied meaning of that statement."And now. looking uncertain once again.. after all. "Like. "Now that I'm here. you DIED before being brought here.. If we thought that might happen.. it would mostly definitely have adverse effects on your mind." Gandalf gave an exasperated sigh. "Tell that to me again in 3 months or so and I'll maybe believe you." "No bad side effects?" Glorfindel arched an eyebrow. "That's not exactly what I'd call a bad side effect.. .. but then continued. I. But I don't want to disturb this story." Gandalf put in." "It is better than being insane." Glorfindel said. say.I can't really believe it.and to an extent. I still see it somewhat as a story .

quickly considering how much drink they'd had. ----To be continued. There was a pause. if you're so inclined. they were now both definitely starting to look and act a little tipsy. and then whistled to Shadowfax. Gandalf smiled slightly. Well. but the Elf-lord just gave the horse a withering look. Rachel and Glorfindel thoroughly asleep and only keeping their seats on the horses through the horses efforts.286 - . shall we get back to Rivendell?" Gandalf suggested.) -Authors Note:TGotG broke 400 reviews! Whoohoo! *dances* You reviewers all rock my socks have the Elf of your choice for a day. "At least Angahonda doesn' take off with anyone who asks nicely on his back.somehow pushed aside the effects of the Dorwinnian wine for their talk. Then they all three set out back to Rivendell. waiting for him to supply her with a horse." Glorfindel grumbled. standing up and dusting herself off. Or ranger.with hobbits!---(And descisions and promises and cheerfullness and.. child. anyways. "Yes to all three." Gandalf hid his amusement at the hypocrisy of that statement... noting that while Rachel and Glorfindel seemed to have ." he said. Gandalf nodded. "You COULD do that? You WOULD do that? HE would do that?" Rachel asked after a moment. heck. Shadowfax trotted up. "Well. and Gandalf was leading both Asfaloth and Angahonda. "Then with the riding arrangements settled. Glorfindel and Rachel nodded. the sun was rising."Do I have to drag you to Valinor. and Rachel and Glorfindel both looked over at him in surprise. The Elvish horse whickered happily at the sight of Glorfindel." Rachel said. and mounted quickly. Asfaloth only a short ways behind. A few moments later. and by the time they reached the buildings.or. my bed back in Rivendell is more comfortable than the ground. Glorfindel looked at her with no little surprise as she looked at Gandalf expectantly. Rachel grinned. and get Manwë to reassure you personally that Mary-Sues do not exist here?!" he exclaimed. ah. "You can ride 'im.. take your pick of anyone in any of the Elven Kingdoms during November of 3018 of .. "I take it ya don' wanna ride Asfaloth back?" she asked.. and then patted the horse he had ridden in on while glaring over at Asfaloth.

I will suffer individuals wraths. though. I'll be updating again on Saturday. Does it seem odd to anyone else that I listened to that song on repeat the entire time I wrote this chapter? *ponder* *wanders off to listen to it some more* ~Crimson Starlight . I'm sure. One week until RotK! Whoo! Now... but entire Elvish Kingdoms AND the Fellowship mad at me? *shudder* Just think of the hobbits alone! Mad!Hobbits would be quite scary. or not at all so you can all go see the movie and not have to spend time reading my updates? I know I'll be writing the chapters for the week up ahead of time and dragging my parents off to see the movie as many times as possible... the question is. Anyways. any of the Fellowship or Elves)...that was the only way I could get them agree to be given out and not come and kill me afterwards.maybe earlier if I get impatient. shall I update twice on that day to celebrate. ..287 - .. Or if I continue listening to 'Snoopy's Christmas' non-stop. You need to let them go within 24 hours.the Third Age (in other words.

let alone own them. I carefully went through the argument I'd had the night before. Then I remembered the events from the night before . Rachel: *grump* CS: I would gladly move to somewhere in the Australian outback.. as I waited for my meal to appear. And that was before I remembered what had happened the night before....Right.. I was hungry and tired and annoyed at having my hunger wake me up. but I knew my judgment had been severely affected by wine and the need for sleep. Rachel: You should try getting hit by lightning.albeit slightly fuzzily . CS: My characters are reminding me of plot details. And I can't even feel them. By the time I finished . and even after it appeared. Gandalf's and Glorfindel's arguments had seemed airtight and sensible last night.. .... Then you won't be cold. in fact.Cheerfulness -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:CS: I own nothing but my cold toes and fingers. Miss Bitter.. though. Before I remembered. I poked my head out my door long enough to snag a servant and snap at them to have a meal brought to my room. Crawling out of bed.and got thoroughly pissed. So now. remember? Twice.I think I'll pass.288 - . so I'm not really sure that I have them. then went back inside to brood. CS: . This can't be good.Think your house is still standing? Rachel: It burned down. thoroughly grumpy. CS: . -32: CheerfulnessI woke the next day sometime after lunch.

While doing that. and then I'd be awake for only a short time before having to go back to sleep again. Sam was there. or really said anything profound. since I had no idea where they were and didn't particularly want to ask anyone. too. It was . looking like he had just survived a holocaust or two. I was going to find Gandalf's hat . I put it on and hummed happily while I picked out a dress.I quickly picked out a dark blue dress that matched my eyes. And suddenly. being right THERE. or the fact that I might have run by them last night on my mad dash out of Rivendell. and I smiled slightly. but I realized if I went to sleep now.back home would be disappointed. Strangely enough. I did spot Boromir a little ways down the hall. my eye caught on my borrowed trousers and tunic. So I might as well just stay up. I didn't know and didn't particularly want to know. I hunted around for a bit before I remembered where I'd hidden Gandalf's hat behind a pile of my underthings. I was bewilderedly forced to admit that. Whether it was for Gandalf's hat. I'd sleep until supper. talking to either Elladan or Elrohir . or they heard about my mad dash out of Rivendell and subsequent return. however. I could tell that it really was just platonic brotherly love between him and his master. and was latching on to the first thing I saw. Every Elf I passed in the hallways. in the same room as Sam. I decided that I didn't really care which it was.or at least full of more options . their arguments were sound. especially since Sam had supposedly barely left Frodo's side the entire time he was sick. My day feeling more settled in my mind .but I managed to dodge down a side corridor before they spotted me. and peeked in. watching Frodo with a worried look on his face. Only once I was out of my room did I realize that I had no idea where any of the hobbits but Frodo's rooms were. I'm sure. I decided that one or another of the hobbits had to be in Frodo's room.if he hadn't stolen it back from me last night . while Gandalf and Glorfindel hadn't made any strong LOGICAL points. But it was the truth. did my hair up. I pondered taking a nap first.I couldn't tell which because of the distance. and see if I could avoid Elves and Men entirely for the rest of the day. Or maybe it was that just for once I wanted to feel as if I belonged somewhere. and I amended my previous intention to avoid all Elves and Men to exclude the Rivendell seamstresses. it gave me an idea. Maybe the hobbits would be up to helping me find the seamstresses. All the slash writers . Cheerfully. looked at me terribly odd. and so I set off for Frodo's room.which Kari told me there were many of . and set off. of course.289 - . I reached Frodo's room without spotting anyone else I didn't want to meet. Delighted to find it still there.find the hobbits. Instead. though I assumed Elladan because Boromir knew him better .breakfast.

without warning anyone they were about to happen. obviously not having heard me. and will help both you and he through the many tough times that are to come to the happy end that lies beyond. "Begging your pardon. "I know he'll get better. I wanted to help someone who wouldn't otherwise get that help. but what exactly do you mean?" Sam asked after a moment. I just want to be there when he does. Sam started. I'll go find them. now wholly confused. Miss. "I'm sure you do." "Well you needn't worry about him waking up without you here until the day after tomorrow. "Now. and the happy life you deserve. and don't spend all of it watching over Frodo. Won't I?" Sam asked. Miss.I felt this was something I needed to do." I said." I said softly. and probably stupid. no matter what the circumstances. I grinned and stood up. "But I'll be goin' back to the Shire soon's Mister Frodo wakes up. yes. "Your pardon. obviously unused to the gesture. stepping into the room and closing the door behind me. I waited just long enough for Sam to . shifting slightly uncomfortably. looking a little surprised by the quick change of subject and mood." Sam said. "He will get better.290 - . After all the bad things I had let happen in Middle-Earth. otherwise you'll soon be as pale as him from lack of sun!" I said cheerfully." I replied." he said. "I mean that if you stick by Mister Baggins here." I said with a ghost of the smile. waving as I returned to the door. you will find your way back to the Shire. "Good. I feel better sitting here and being sure he's alright. Miss. hastily standing up and bowing slightly. "Still. Master Gamgee. Have a nice day." Sam replied. then." I said softly. "With a little detour.rather risky. Your love for your master does you credit. would you happen to know where Meriadoc and Peregrin have got off to?" "I think they went to the kitchen. My ghost of a smile grew into a kind one and I came over to Sam and kneeled in front of him so we were eye-to-eye. but I didn't care . looking just about as afraid of finding out as he was curious.

and helping short people is always a good thing to do. unless there are hobbits or dwarves around. As said cooks glared at me. "Other than the main corridors. and some pastries of some sort." Pippin said with a half pout. Elladan's going to want his trousers and tunic back eventually. if you're looking for something to do. and tossed them to Merry and Pippin before the cooks realized what I was doing. The Elves I passed had even more strange looks on their faces than before." he said. d'you think you could show us around some?" Pippin asked after a moment. Especially since. "Thanwoo!" Pippin said once we were out of the kitchen. "Though goodness knows." Pippin peered up at me. "Try?" Merry asked. "Well. Anyways. you read that right. grabbed two apples. Rivendell is an absolute maze to me. I found Merry and Pippin trying to finagle food out of the cooks. his mouth full of pastry. I'm usually the short one." . I skipped. I waved cheerily to them." I said dryly. "That's because she's an Elf and you're a hobbit. I smiled." Merry said. "Well. "I was looking for something to do. I've had need for quite awhile to snoop around and find where the seamstresses have hidden themselves. "You look pretty tall to me." I said. who were looking slightly exasperated. then. Merry and Pippin close behind. anyways. "Not a problem." I replied. and ducked out of the kitchen. and I haven't been here long enough to figure out where everything is myself. and I resisted the urge to giggle. Pip. rolling his eyes. "Merry! Pippin! Are you bugging the cooks for food?" I asked as I came over. The hobbits looked at each other. It was hilarious." I admitted. Yes. then grabbed several buns that were cooling. then went out into the hallway and skipped off down to the me a confused goodbye. I chuckled as one of the cooks put in something about that being intentional. it's a good thing I came along. when I got to the kitchen.291 - . "Only because we can't reach any of it. Pippin shrugged. "I can try. I never actually got a full-fledged tour of it.

but a challenge. "I borrowed them so I could learn sword fighting. Merry looked scandalized. "But first. I had enough to keep me occupied as the seamstresses measured just about every inch of me. yes. slightly amused. "I could. Surprisingly. help me find the seamstresses so I can see about getting my own pair of trousers and tunics made. this time to our different rooms so the hobbits could get their swords. it didn't take all that long .well. and I nodded with a smile." I chuckled again." Pippin replied practically. And so we set off to find the seamstresses of Rivendell. and after I arranged to have the clothing delivered to my room. Merry." I said finally. "Very well. as did Merry. both of us made very sure Pippin didn't wander off as I went about getting some trousers and tunics made." Pippin agreed eagerly to help me.Pippin had a WONDERFUL sense of direction.ah . But then. agreeing to meet at the same spot once we . I had expected the seamstresses to make some big fuss about me wanting 'men's' clothing. once they heard what I wanted. and Merry relaxed visibly. the seamstresses were done measuring. though he did shoot Pippin one last disapproving glance. "Still. you're better than us. After a few bewildered questions. but to my surprise. We split up a short ways from my room. as I considered teaching the hobbits. I nodded. and fitting a women with 'men's' clothing was not only a change of pace. Pippin didn't seem to notice it anymore than he had Merry's scandalized look." I said wryly. was just about as lost as me by the time we finally reached the seamstresses.292 - . but I'm still in the process of learning. Glory can probably beat anyone in two seconds flat. Between that and watching Merry and Pippin poke around the room in curiosity. to you they'd only be short swords . however. Apparently the last challenge they'd had was making maternity dresses for Celebrían. though the older hobbit hid his enthusiasm better.but we don't know how to use them. and I chuckled. "You do sword fighting?" Pippin asked excitedly. myself. Thus. I set off once again with Merry and Pippin. Lord Glorfindel can still beat me in about two seconds flat. "D'you think you could teach Merry and I some of it? We ."Why do you have Elladan's trousers and tunic?" Pippin asked after a pause.acquired some swords . and I could change. they got quite excited." I replied. I was finally told wryly by an apprentice that the master seamstresses had been getting bored. Finally.

relaxing afternoon of teaching hobbits the basics of how to use swords. "You should listen better. considering who it might be. It's freaky and scary!" I replied with an emphatic nod. but I passed to get changed out of my trousers and tunic. The hobbit's stomachs growling at suppertime ended our practice. however. of course. and then shook his head in amusement. so I had to constantly adjust and make up new moves to deal with the hobbits shortness. and once again wearing Gandalf's hat. "Don't do that!" I complained. We sat outside the kitchen to eat our meals. I changed quickly. And that was. I found myself bored again. "Pop out of nowhere. and then all went off. and." he said. and more private. sparring rings that Elladan had showed Boromir and I when I had commented on getting sick of everyone giving me strange looks. Glorfindel paused. So I went out onto my balcony and climbed/jumped down to the courtyard.293 - ." Glorfindel said. arching an eyebrow as he suddenly appeared in front of me. "What?" Glorfindel asked. "You should walk louder. we made our way to the kitchens. so I set off for the library. ." I retorted. when Glorfindel finally managed to find me. So began a nice.I was used to fighting people bigger and taller than me. "You are almost as good as Elladan and Elrohir at being unfindable. I paused.were ready. and there was no way they could be done so quickly. Then I decided that the only person who might knock on my door who I cared to see was the seamstresses delivering my clothing. then Merry and Pippin asked if I wanted to come with them to the library to see Bilbo. laughing and joking. It was actually just as educational for me as for them . then dashed back into the building. we managed to get three full meals out of the cooks. and then was about to head out when there was a knock on the door. where between the hobbits pitiful pleading and my cajoling. Once I was changed. only then noticing the small side passageway off to my right. The hobbits were waiting for me when I arrived. and we all set off for one of the less-used. I yelped in surprise and jumped back.

"I shall take you to them. my mood dampened somewhat. I firmly pushed my thoughts aside and decided it was time for a little distraction. "Lead the way then." I said. "'Course I am. I slept in until noon. better get it over with. then. "You seem to be in a wonderful mood. While Gandalf and Glorfindel's arguments had been sound as far as I could tell. but that was good." he said. bouncing slightly. setting off down the hall in the direction that I was pretty sure Elrond's study was. however. my mind was running through the events of last night. Glorfindel shot me a withering look. and then spent the afternoon with hobbits!" I said cheerfully. I still wasn't quite ready . He didn't offer me his arm.. shaking his head. I was actually somewhat surprised to realize." "Are they going to ream me out for the little pep talk I gave Sam?" I asked. of if there was something.more. I would be slightly disturbed if you had wanted to find me to scare me and then argue about whose fault it was. but the events that caused that 'escape'." I replied. "Which brings me to why I wanted to find you. arching an eyebrow. but now. I sighed. that my mind was not so much running over my little 'escape' out of Rivendell. I believe they have something else to speak with you about. as was the custom." Glorfindel said. Are they waiting for me someplace. "Ah." Glorfindel did.." Glorfindel replied. after a few minutes of walking. Through the magic of my cheerfulness and the effect of hobbits on the mind. "Well. "So we figured out after a talk with Sam. And my mind." Glorfindel said." Glorfindel said.294 - . or do I have to go find them?" I asked. walking beside him in silence. couldn't help but wonder if Glorfindel's actions had merely been a product of the alcohol and the situation. though I tried to stop it. I had been able to keep my mind on the topic at hand while I'd been talking to Glorfindel in the corridor. making a face. Lord Elrond and Gandalf wish to speak with you."This is not why I wanted to find you. When I started to realize that I was almost hoping there had been something more to it. "Perhaps. since I probably wouldn't have taken it. "That's good.

" His voice sounded a little odd. "Be my guest. "And for that he's making you play messenger boy? Hasn't he ever heard of overkill?" I asked." Glorfindel replied dryly. "Really now. was not going to be dropped. "Say. however. and I shot him a curious look. arching an eyebrow. and I was currently walking in the corridors of Rivendell. until he and Gandalf wanted to talk to you. why are you playing messenger boy?" I asked Glorfindel. "So. I searched around for something else to talk about and found it in the fraying grey brim of Gandalf's hat that bobbed in and out of my vision as I walked. I will not get involved in that petty squabble. "No. Seeing that the conversation was dying out again. Glorfindel just gave me a bland look. . "Can I whack him when we arrive?" I asked. "I am afraid there is not. "Yes you will." he said. "I think not. There was an audible pause." he said finally." I announced.295 - . though I do not think it will help you I had said last night. The topic of losing the wonderful grey hat." came Glorfindel's reply. "Actually. while Mary-Sues were 'just stories'. do you think Gandalf will take his hat back if I walk in wearing it?" I asked." I said. so it doesn't matter. I stole Elrond's horse last night. and I decided to let that topic drop. and Glorfindel looked at me in a combination of amusement and protest. as if Glorfindel was uncertain of how to reply. "Then you are hereby drafted to help me keep Gandalf's hat. "If you will recall. "Most likely. Middle-Earth was also supposed to be 'just a story'. "Is there someplace I could stash it in-between here and wherever we're going so I could keep it?" I asked. I completely give up believing in Mary-Sues ." I said with a grin. "I'm already doomed." Glorfindel replied blandly." Glorfindel replied with amusement. I was simply buried under a mound of paperwork." I insisted.

"I do NOT cackle normally!" I retorted.cuz this is going to beat out all my previous LotR FanFictions for length. "Because I said so!" I replied cheerfully "That is hardly sufficient reason for me to get involved. just the possibilities make me want to cackle insanely." Glorfindel said dryly. "Don't make me swat you again. and Glorfindel opened and held the door so I could go in. "Ah. ----To be continued."Why?" he asked flatly.. a 'who is it?' was heard from inside..with understatments!---(And some randomness!) -Authors Note:Lalalala. We're getting to the good stuff. I narrowed my eyes." "More insanely than normal.. See Legolas nance around. "It is when I have two hobbits. a mischievous Elf. "We have arrived!" With that. it was about . and you end out calling Legolas 'Nancy'. you mean?" Glorfindel deadpanned. "Very well. Glorfindel went the few remaining steps to the door directly ahead of us and knocked lightly." Glorfindel said with a sigh. *nod* Honest." Glorfindel said brightly.. and probably even some of my old *N Sync ones) Melia: Happy Birthday! And as for my nickname for Legolas.. After a few moments.Watch the part of the FotR where the Fellowship is on Caradhas. and two sons of the Steward of Gondor under my command.. then swept off Gandalf's hat and swatted Glorfindel on the shoulder. "Why.296 - ." I warned. That was followed by a command to bring me in. Add a bunch of sugar. you have not time to do so even if you had reason to. as some of you may be guessing by now. Glorfindel immediately stuck his head in and informed Elrond that he had found me. things are most deffinately going to be interesting from here on in. now! And not even close to the end! (I hope nobody out there was expecting a short tale. putting Gandalf's hat back on as Glorfindel rubbed his shoulder in mock pain. rolling his eyes." I replied with a slightly evilish grin.

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. Crimson Starlight.. Rachel: *snicker* -33: DecisionsI admit. Snow-woman: 'It'? *bops Glorfindel* I'm a she! Get your pronouns straight! Glorfindel: Yes. . CS): Awww. I was nervous when I entered Elrond's study.298 - . that's obvious. And letting Elrond and Gandalf know you were nervous did not strike me as a smart thing to do. Lord Elrond. how'd you know it was me? Glorfindel: You're the only one I know who would bop me with a stuffed fuzzy purple monkey plushie... Still.Snow-woman? Where'd a snow-woman come from? Snow-woman: Outside. Rachel. "You wanted to see me. Glorfindel: .. Snow-woman (AKA. Rachel: .. Glorfindel: So stop encouraging it.Decisions -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:Snow-woman: I own nothing..but snow people are just made of snow. You shouldn't be able to talk.. I decided to play it safe. I would have curtseyed.or come inside. but neither Elrond nor Gandalf seemed particularly mad. letting them see how nervous I was. but that would have been far too out of character for me.... Rachel: Well.. Mithrandir?" I asked carefully. for that matter.

I have a request. staying on the same side of the wooden barrier as the rest of us. Glorfindel. And from the way Gandalf was acting. and Elrond gave me a Look before continuing." At the last part of Elrond's command. and then leaned up against said door. As it was. while Gandalf seemed to be trying to watch me with one eye and Elrond with the other. no. as I took a seat. Glorfindel would find himself shoved out of the way. "Gandalf and I have talked. the eyebrow the Maia arched at the Elf-lord clearly said 'I told you so'. I turned my attention back to Elrond. "Good. I did not want to let go of too much information." I nodded. I instantly went on alert. I daresay. No one was going to be getting in that way."Yes. Please have a seat. both good and bad. leaning back in his chair and regarding me curiously. and I bit my lip on another 'Understatement!'. information about the future is a dangerous thing. arching an eyebrow as I guessed just what that request would be. "The Nine?" Glorfindel interrupted. Especially since Glorfindel seemed surprised to be asked to stay. he was not happy that this meeting was happening at all. looking rather confused. and found that he was staring at me thoughtfully. then." Elrond started. what will come of it. Elrond was the one in charge of this little meeting. needed to happen in order for Sauron to fall. Rachel." he said. some dangerous times have come upon Middle-Earth.299 - . Nonetheless. Glorfindel shut the door.even with Elrond. and momentous decisions will be made soon. "As I'm sure you know. Though I'm sure they understood that the things I knew. I held back a snicker at the mental image that thought brought. tilting my head slightly to one side as I furiously tried to think several steps ahead of what I said . Or if they did. So. "Understatement!" I muttered. "Because I am not fated to be one of the Nine. and we have decided it will be for the good of all if the . Rachel." "If it has anything to do with going anywhere near Mordor. Gandalf and Glorfindel." I said." I replied. "And why not?" Elrond asked after a moment. "You already know of the council and. Slight surprise flickered across Elrond's face and I swear I saw Gandalf smirk. "Many things are happening quickly. come in as well.

then go and apologize and make my peace once she's cooled down a bit. and she with you. "I am sure you could. my mind racing with all the good and bad things that going to Lothlorien would "Er ." That brought me back to seriousness quickly. but you won't be able to NOT let them go. I would really rather let Elrohir tell her about me. I don't know. Glorfindel arched an eyebrow at me. "Oh. "You need to make your peace with Kari." "See. "I had hoped Rachel would be one of them. . which is part of why I am going to make my next suggestion." Gandalf interrupted." he finished. that it would be best if you went to Lothlorien for the remainder of the War. but we are having trouble with the last three." he said." I said with a small smile." Gandalf continued in a kinder voice. but we do not wish to hear them." I replied with a mischievous grin. and any tidbits you might let slip would do less damage there than here." Gandalf said firmly.300 - .. "The three remaining members will actually probably be somewhat of a surprise. There. then continued. "Besides. a tinge of annoyance in his voice. that's exactly why I don't really want to go to Lothlorien. you would be protected. I think. "And that is QUITE enough information." Gandalf said firmly at that point. Unless you want to make use of some ropes and sacks. "Really now.. "However. grinning and thoroughly enjoying myself. before Glorfindel could say anything. at the least. "Gandalf and I have tentatively decided on five members of the company. Elrond shot Gandalf and annoyed glance. Rachel. "Neither of us will be. and we both hoped you would be another. We are going to send nine companions to Mordor to do so." Elrond explained. I nodded vigorously.Ring is destroyed. I could drop a few more vague hints." I said intelligently. We had hoped you and Rachel -" "YOU had hoped Rachel." I said." I said. I doubt even that will stop you from saying them.

arching an eyebrow. giving Elrond a bland smile. I believe that is all?" Elrond turned slightly to Gandalf as he said this. with Elrond and Gandalf's faces only milder versions. Gandalf gave a miniscule shrug. thinking of how she would be drawn to visit the Fellowship just as I would be expected to because of Boromir." Glorfindel commented. and when he saw Elrond looking at him expectantly. Outright surprise was plastered across Glorfindel's face. "I have no problem with them. "Glorfindel?" Elrond asked after a moment. "Lothlorien is a big place." Elrond said. Elrond glanced at Gandalf. "Munderful!" I said cheerfully. "Maybe. On two conditions. "I don't leave until after the council. "I have a theory that I am way overdue to run into Orcs. jerking a thumb in Glorfindel's direction." The surprised looks disappeared. who now appeared to be lost in thought and dead to the world around him." I said dryly. Maybe not. and super fighter Balrog-killing dude over there comes with me.301 - . Elrond's gaze flickered to Glorfindel. so I will go. stressing Glorfindel's title. he arched a questioning eyebrow." I replied with a shrug. "Yep. "You are aware Lord Glorfindel has many duties here in Rivendell?" Elrond asked." I replied. "Doubtful. clearing his throat to get Glorfindel's attention. We shall see about setting a specific date for your leaving after the council. "What say you to Rachel's conditions?" Elrond asked." Glorfindel replied after a small pause."I think that would be worse than you going yourself. "Very well then. replaced by thoughtful frowning (Glorfindel) and amusement (Elrond and Gandalf). . bouncing slightly in my seat. he's just about the only one I trust enough to be able to deal with any Orcs. and quite frankly. "Now. You could theoretically spend your entire time there and never cross paths with Kari." I replied. Glorfindel started." "Conditions?" Elrond asked. "But I can tell y'all really want me out of here." Elrond said.

Then Elrond made some excuse about needing to speak with some people. But then. Judging from the prototype trousers and tunic. as the seamstresses put it. "My hat. Elrond stood up. signifying that he agreed to that little arrangement. Rachel?" "Is staying with me until I leave. It was still practical. arching an eyebrow. and I was left in the hallway with Glorfindel. and showing off some of the toned muscles that I had developed in my legs. "Good. I poked my head into my room just long enough to drop off Gandalf's hat. it was worth it. The trousers were nice and comfortable. and I nodded. The tight sleeves of a bodice." Gandalf said. however. and I was pleased with what they had . I set my mind to finding my rooms and thinking up things to do when I got back there. and set off before I could tell him they were in the library. yet tight. with Glorfindel holding open the door. one of the apprentice seamstresses was waiting.I was actually rather surprised that Gandalf was letting me keep the hat. with a request for me to come with her so the master seamstresses could see if some tentative versions of my trousers and tunics fit like they were supposed to. I peered suspiciously down the hall after Elrond and Gandalf. as when I arrived back at my rooms. with the length of a tunic underneath . "Then you shall give it back?" Gandalf asked. after asking if I knew the way to my rooms. I realized as I set off down the hall . Gandalf and Elrond still could have planned that. for propriety. and all heads turned towards a little extra length." I replied stubbornly. and Gandalf and I followed suit. however. Gandalf declared he was going to go see where the hobbits had gotten to. quite sure that they had planned that little maneuver. "Is that all. and then I was off to be subjected to an evening of having seamstresses twitter and mutter all around me as they prodded me with pins and needles . I grinned and resisted the urge to do a little dance of victory . of course . The tunic was just as well made it was like a perfect blend of a dress bodice and a men's tunic.quite unintentionally. as well. Instead.302 - . excused himself."Not quite. the practical neckline of the tunic. and there were nods all around.and took measurements and re-measurements of parts of my body they'd already gotten earlier that afternoon. we all left the study. Then. now?" Elrond asked again. The problem ended out being solved for me." With that. I shook my head with a rueful smile as I realized just how silly my thoughts were. though. the form-fitting chest area of a bodice. Gandalf smiled and nodded. any suspicions of a conspiracy that might be forming were dashed as Glorfindel. Once outside.they couldn't control if Glorfindel stayed or left. being loose.

since I'd used most of them on the day I'd fought him to a draw. "I think you are one of those that can only use a sword when you really have a pressing need to. I could hold my own against Boromir . I was slightly surprised that Glorfindel didn't try more to seek me out.and occasionally Boromir ." Boromir commented dryly as I found myself staring at the point of Elladan's sword again. they kept me company as I ate in my rooms to avoid certain Elf Lords.accomplished otherwise. The next two days passed smoothly. and then on my trip to Lothlorien.and sleep . at last. I had found. as I hung around with the hobbits . I seemed unable to even come close to doing so again. If the hobbits or Boromir noticed that I seemed to avoid elves. I was going to enjoy my last few days in Rivendell with the hobbits and Boromir.but Elladan usually whooped me as quickly as Glorfindel had whooped me when he came back. Boromir stepped up to spar me. just in time to fall into bed . He claimed I should have been able to pick up on them with no trouble.303 - . and then Elladan decided to show me some of the more advanced moves for sword fighting.completely avoiding any thought or mention of what I had dubbed the Dorwinnian Night. the apprentices came and informed the master seamstresses that it was time for SLEEP. but as a smirking Boromir commented. The hobbits immediately ditched me to be with him. but I guess he figured we'd have more than enough time to talk this out later . and hopefully in Lothlorien itself. Most of the times. actually. "I yield. accompanied by a very apologetic apprentice. for which I was grateful. and before I said anything. I was abysmally hopeless at them. Besides that. So I was able to go back to my room. to my great annoyance. Frodo woke. and that they could continue their work tomorrow. they made no comment. I shot Boromir a glare as I yielded. I didn't take offence.myself. instead going off and having a spar with Boromir. Then. rarely) . that while I had fought Elladan to a draw the day Frodo had come to Rivendell.sometimes (OK. I was going to sort out all the various problems and mucky mires I had managed to get myself into. not less than a minute after I had started sparring the Elf." Boromir said.which. I needed to sort myself out. ." I grunted in annoyance.that evening had set the wheels of my mind a-turning. except for Elladan. in fact. was exactly what I had in mind. and I finished him off just about as quickly as Elladan had finished me off. I needed a short while to figure out HOW to sort things out . looking at the tip of my sword. so I made no comment about propriety. "As I was saying. Eventually.

" I replied. I do make sense occasionally. and Elladan nodded warily. and then added thoughtfully. "Then which is better. "Why?" Boromir asked in confusion. "Don't make me sic the hobbits on you. is it? Wouldn't Glorfindel be more effective?" Elladan asked. nodding wisely. "I will not deny it. yes?" I said. thinking it in your head where she can hear it. and Lothlorien is a pretty place." I commented grumpily as Elladan. "Well. I knew that they were hoping to get some clue as to what had gone on between us that we now avoided each other. I rolled my eyes. From the curiosity that Boromir couldn't quite manage to hide. arching an eyebrow. scolding myself for taking this ignoring of people and things I didn't want to think about a little too far. the hobbits now. though Elladan refrained from exclaiming. especially after this. recovering from his shock. "Oh. as did Elladan's. "What?!" Boromir's head whipped towards me. but it is another thing entirely to say it out loud." I said out loud. wonderful tact. cocking my head to one side." I warned. It was then. of course.304 - ." I grumped. I inwardly chuckled." Elladan coughed once." Elladan made a choking noise. and shook his head wryly. that I realized I hadn't told anyone about my planned trip to Lothlorien. don't tell me you haven't thought it yourself at least once. "Oh. Boromir and I headed back inside once we were done. . "Though Galadriel's rather creepy. "Oh." "You did?" Boromir asked skeptically."I'm just glad Mr. And I had to learn tact to survive in the world of Men for the past 800 years. "Don't make me beat you. or saying it out loud and getting it out of your system when you're away from her?" There was a short silence as Boromir and Elladan looked at me in surprise. and the way Elladan was obviously expecting a retort. "Ah yes. "Because I have some unfinished business I need to attend to. she read minds. stop looking so surprised." Elladan said. "I'm going to be going to Lothlorien sometime after Elrond's little council." he said. Balrog Slayer is going to be taking me to Lothlorien. and I gave him a disapproving look.

305 - .." I replied cheerfully.. since the ONE theatre in town that is showing the movie is already sold out until Monday. *grumbles* Last year there was two. "Nah." I replied with a grin.. I heard Elladan and Boromir follow." Elladan commented. and headed off for the kitchen. ----To be continued.) -Authors Note:As requested. ~Crimson Starlight . which costs about $3 more to go to.. satisfied when I saw disappointment flit across Elladan and Boromir's faces..with the council!---(And Manwë.. A few moments later. but then they had to go and close one theatre and then have the other decide not to play it! So now only the new theatre..*fumes* Anyways. but the hobbits would be more amusing. "Now. I'm just the exception to the Elven appetite.."Probably. More in the Author's Note for the next chapter. two chapters in one day to celebrate the release of Return of the King! Not like I have anything ELSE to do besides post. who's up for some food?" "I think you have been spending too much time around hobbits. is the only one playing it. but hey.He's not actually in the chapter.

Boromir. considering all the new arrivals that I had to look at. while I was interested in the Elves. in particular. Manwë: What?! Everybody else got to be in the disclaimers! CS: *squeak* Vala! *points at Manwë* *falls over* Glorfindel: *nudges CS with his foot* I think you killed her. Most of them had come in yesterday.the first one in this FanFiction that corresponds with something in the books . for one thing). but because he radiated an authority that let you know that he most definitely had power. or because he looked like Orlando Bloom (he didn't .this Legolas was black haired. Rest of TGotG's cast: ... the deference with which his fellow elves from Mirkwood treated him supplied it for you. at breakfast.. I showed up in the main hall for the first time since the little fiasco. was interested in the dwarves. especially by mortals. So now Boromir and I spent the meal quietly talking about everyone we saw. Manwë: Of course you do not.306 - . but readily accepted my company. . CS: .not because he was the most droolaliciously handsome one of the lot (which he was).. It actually wasn't that hard.being posted on the same day as Return of the King's release. or very early this morning.. while Glorfindel and I silently agreed to mutually ignore each other. -34: CouncilThe next day.Council -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:CS: I own nothing. Boromir looked a little surprised. Coincidences cannot be owned. so I hadn't met any of them. especially not the coincidence that has the council scene . And if you didn't notice that radiation of power. I pegged Legolas right away ..

I quickly concluded that there was no comparison. I decided to compare Legolas and Glorfindel and see which was hotter. began to take note. Boromir. the Council soon started." Boromir shot me a look at this point. Boromir. as Glóin's little speech was the prelude to all the interesting stuff. Elrond spoke. giving the history of the Ring insofar as he could. Frodo looked about as bored as I. I deem. In the little room/courtyard place where the hall was to be kept. just pieces of news about the goings on in Middle-Earth. if we should fail at last. I couldn't quite say why. as the two were far too different. practically dragged me there once it was time.However. Anyways. For few. for verily from the land of Gondor I am come.right up by Elrond himself. catching Frodo's interest. When Glóin finished. While Elrond introduced the council to Frodo.307 - . I noticed . however. "Believe not that in the land of Gondor the blood of Númenor is spent. almost opposite from Elrond. nor all its pride and dignity forgotten. and went to greet and seat the just-arrived dwarves. Bilbo. before leading me to another seat . that I preferred Glorfindel's way of handsomeness over Legolas's. Last to arrive were. After breakfast. And it would be well for all to know what passes there. They were each handsome in their own way. one can only look at new arrivals and speculate about them for so long even Boromir fell silent eventually. As it was. and if I had been closer. Glorfindel popped up not long later and seated himself." he said. despite his protestations about going to the Council initially. And then. but he just smiled. at the end. and Frodo to the council. know of our deeds. Frodo and Gandalf. Glóin got up and spoke about Moria. it was time for the Council.and he ushered Boromir to a seat at the far end of the Council. the Council quickly filled up. of course. too. but there it was. with the lady you know as Rachel. To keep me in line? Probably. decided to speak at that point. Erestor was waiting to seat arrivals . for the fun of it. Master Elrond. and I. "Give me leave.carefully keeping known feuding parties apart. and after him. and I was amused to discover that I had been sandwiched between them. naturally. "First to say more of was nothing about the Ring. and I smiled back . Gandalf and Bilbo took their seats. and I was obliged to sit there and be bored while listening to the things that I had either already heard about while in the courts of Gondor or had read about in the Fellowship of the Ring . and therefore guess little of their peril. I glanced at Erestor in surprise. he mentioned Gondor. shrugged. I did decide. I would have started up some sort of game with him. I was obliged to listen. So.

I had a sudden urge for popcorn. and glancing at me in confusion. One of the dwarves looked impatient. it was finally getting good. . but the truth was. and the terror of Morgul kept at bay. Ah.I think he was saying it more for the Council's benefit.308 - . "And what have you to do with Minas Tirith?" Boromir asked. and threw his broken sword out onto the table. I was surprised to see. Had I not had a guide in my traveling companion -" Boromir nodded slightly to me. though. He was distracted. the pieces of the sword were all polished and shiny. bringing my attention back to the council. OK? Probably Elven magic making them glitter. but the rest still seemed to have faith in the blood of Númenor and believed that what Boromir said held some importance. it is said. But if the passages of the River should be won. though Boromir already knew Aragorn name . I smiled in satisfaction. "He is Aragorn son of Arathorn. "and he is descended through many fathers from Isildur Elendil's son of Minas Ithil. I grinned back at him. and then turned my attention back to the council as Aragorn stood up. "By our valor the wild folk of the East are still restrained. were actually interested in what Boromir was saying. "." I resisted the urge to snicker as Boromir shot me a murderous glare." I tuned out and looked around the people at the council as Boromir described his dream. and what the enemies of Gondor and allies of Sauron were doing. and afterwards a like dream came oft to him again.innocently. and few are now left of that folk. acknowledging my skill in leading him here. and once to me. "And here in the house of Elrond more shall be made clear to you." Elrond said.I no doubt would have wandered many days before coming to your fair home. what then?" Boromir continued one for awhile about what would happen if they fell. however. He is the Chief of the Dúnedain in the North. I resisted the urge to mutter 'shinies!' and start playing with the pieces. What. I come to ask for counsel and the unraveling of hard words." he said. they were shiny and they were pretty! Aragorn would probably behead me with the broken edge if I touched it. Most of the members of the council. bulwark of the West. Then he got to the heart of what he wanted to say . ask: "In this evil hour I have come on an errand over many dangerous leagues to Elrond.or rather. For on the eve of a sudden assault a dream came to my brother in a troubled sleep. and thus alone are peace and freedom maintained in the lands behind us. which I had already heard and repeated once myself. slightly warily. "Here is the Sword that was Broken!" Aragorn exclaimed. But I do not seek allies in war. The might of Elrond is in wisdom not in weapons.

and then Boromir will understand the remainder of his riddle." "Bring out the Ring. curious to see the much-vaunted One Ring. and I shrugged. "Now you have seen the sword that you have sought. "It does not belong to either of us." I leaned forward. I don't know what for. then spoke again. and the Sword of Elendil would be a help beyond our hope . The old that is strong does not wither. "but it has been ordained that you should hold it for awhile. "All that is gold does not glitter. unable to resist saying anything anymore.if such a thing could indeed return out of the shadows of the past. Hold it up." Boromir said proudly. . "It can." Aragorn said.when Frodo jumped up. Bilbo spoke up. it is!' "Behold Isildur's Bane!" said Elrond. I watched with glee as Aragorn explained.309 - ." Boromir looked slightly doubtfully up at Aragorn. Boromir shot me a furious look." I said with a grin. but to seek only the meaning of a riddle. "The time has come. Not all those who wander are lost. "I was not sent to beg any boon. Instead. and not to me at all!" he exclaimed. It glittered in the sun as Frodo held it up. Frodo!" Gandalf said solemnly from my side. "Yet we are hard pressed. From the ashes a fire shall be woken. "The Halfling! Is then the doom of Minas Tirith come at last? But why then should we seek a broken sword?" I resisted the urge to stick my hand into the air and wave it about like I was trying to get a teacher to call on me. what would you ask? Do you wish for the House of Elendil to return to the Land of Gondor?" Aragorn finished. and this time I couldn't help muttering 'shiny!' Gandalf looked at me sharply. and then suddenly. bringing my attention back to the council. Deep roots are not reached by the frost. All eyes in the council turned to me. giving him a look that said 'well. "Then it belongs to you.

unread." Boromir broke in. But these things it is the part of Gandalf to make clear. the stories of Bilbo and Frodo and their adventures with the Ring and those searching it. For Isildur did not march away straight from the war in Mordor. you had best listen to it. . If that was worth your long journey to hear. and I call upon him last. And then Galdor. but Isildur perished ere this age of the world began. I guess. but to the point . "All know in Gondor that he went first to Minas Anor and dwelt a while with his nephew Meneldil. But even if I hadn't read the books. How do the Wise know that this ring is his? And how has it passed down the years. "Not very good perhaps. they say.A light from the shadows shall spring. Galdor." Bilbo sat down with a snort." "Some in the North." Boromir said once Aragorn was finished. Renewed shall be blade that was broken: The crownless again shall be king.310 - . refusing to let him blame me for bringing him here. after only marginal complaints for food." Elrond said. and in all this matter he has been chief. "I have seen a bright ring in the Halfling's hand. and they shall be answered. as some have told the tale. and Gandalf kept on nudging me with his (bony) elbow and shooting me warning looks to pay attention. are bound together. the Elf from the Grey Havens." Gandalf then stood up and proceeded to describe the doings of Sauron and Gollum's adventures in Mordor. for it is the place of honour. especially as he started talking about Gondor. "Isildur's Bane is found. Boromir looked at me and arched an eyebrow. you say. for their scripts and tongues have become dark to later men. I'd heard the tales already from Bilbo. Then Aragorn turned to Boromir and caught his attention. I'm afraid I zoned out somewhat. and he proceeded to forgive Boromir's doubt and give a nice little history of himself and the Dúnedain. stood up. until it is brought hither by so strange a messenger?" And so followed. by any save Saruman and myself since the kings failed. And Boromir. and I started paying more attention. and Merry and Pippin insofar as they knew. maybe. Then Gandalf got into detail about the One Ring. a scroll that Isildur made himself. I arched one back. "The questions that you ask. there lies in Minas Tirith still. wanting to know what proof there was that the Ring was the One Ring. "I had not overlooked them. "Yet there lie in his hoards many records that few now can read. instructing him. even of the lore-masters.if you need more beyond the word of Elrond.

The other Elves. Galdor. I noticed." Gandalf replied." Elrond said as the shadow passed. especially among the race of Men. . the letters that Isildur reported may still be read. and Aragorn told of his capture of Gollum. "and that is not remembered in Gondor. trembling as much as everyone else. Mithrandir. while it was impressive. "And if that is not proof enough. were plugging their ears. "But this scroll concerns the Ring. "And let us hope that none will ever speak it here again. looking distinctly pissed off at Gandalf. and then Gandalf told of what he learned from Gollum about the Ring's origins.before he committed to him the rule of the South Kingdom. if one has the strength of will to set the golden thing in the fire a while. it would seem. round and unadorned." Gandalf said when he had finished with that." said Gandalf. Why would it be remembered?" I commented.000 years old. powerful and harsh as stone. and did make me rather afraid. "They do indeed. describing the Ring and his foolish declaration of it being bound to his bloodline. He went on to tell of the search for Gollum. In that time he planted there the last sapling of the White Tree in memory of his brother. and some of the other Council members shot me curious looks. arching an eyebrow. and there were worse things in my world." Gandalf said. and this I have read: "Ash nazg durbatulúk. ash nazg gimbatul." Gandalf's voice as he spoke the black speech of Mordor became menacing. For me. and thus wrote Isildur therein:" Gandalf then proceeded to quote Isildur's scroll." "But in that time also he made this scroll. "There is the other test that I spoke of. and was pleased to note that my automatic inner-translator DIDN'T translate the Black Speech. and the council area for a moment grew dark. ash nazg thrakatulúk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul." "It's a scroll that's over 3. I knew it was only Gandalf speaking the words. having apparently passed over me or not really noticed me before. A shadow seemed to pass over the sun. I listened with only a little hunching of my shoulders. That I have done. Upon this very ring which you have here seen held aloft. Gandalf the Grey. "When knowledge has to be passed down from person to person. Rachel." Gandalf nodded at me. minor things like a scroll are easily forgotten. "Never before has any voice dared to utter words of that tongue in Imladris.311 - .

" Galdor said. I twitched in remembrance of his 'poetry' and 'songs' in the Fellowship of the Ring."Nonetheless I do not ask your pardon. For if that tongue is not soon to be heard in every corner of the West. I found that Glorfindel was commenting that even Bombadil would not be able to protect the Ring. Power to defy our Enemy is not in him. came the tale of Saruman's betrayal. They went on about Bombadil. quite obviously. and tell the whole tale of how it had happened. Master Elrond. and I wanted to get to the good part of the Council . Then the Elves started debating hiding the Ring. Out of the Black Years come the words that the Smiths of Eregion heard. and would in the end be conquered by Sauron. One Ring to find them." Gandalf went on to say how he learned from Gollum that Sauron knows the One Ring is found. Aragorn said that he was in prison with the Mirkwood Elves. I scowled during the whole thing.of course. and I shifted impatiently in my chair. But have they the strength. and Legolas was forced to speak up at that point and admit that Gollum had escaped. and then Boromir asked what became of Gollum. but I was itching to find out where Sam had hidden himself. I think. fraught with all his malice. is right. Then. or with Círdan at the Havens. of course. Turning back to the council at the sound of Glorfindel's voice. My stomach was starting to remind me how long it had been since I'd eaten. "I know little of Iarwain save the name. occasionally muttering implications at the wizard. What power still remains lies with us. with this Council. When Gandalf was done. or in Lórien. Try as I might. One Ring to bring them all and in the Darkness bind them. Boromir kept shooting me strange looks throughout Gandalf's tale. have we here the strength to withstand the Enemy. And yet we see that Sauron can torture and destroy the very hills. then let all put doubt aside that this thing is indeed what the Wise have declared: the treasure of the Enemy. here in Imladris. there would be no REALLY interesting part like the forming of the Fellowship. but then brightened at the memory of the image from The Two Towers of the Ents destroying Isengard. Elrond made a little comment about maybe having to ask Bombadil. and in it lies a great part of his strength of old. but I ignored him. and knew that they had been betrayed: "One Ring to rule them all. unless such power is in the earth itself.312 - . "But Glorfindel. I hadn't been able to spot him yet that hobbit was a very good hider. following the books and not the movies. using Bombadil's recently revealed alternate name. . the coming of Sauron at the last.

My stomach was getting more insistent. and as long as the Ring is not destroyed. it is for us who still dwell here to deal with it. Sauron's life force is bound to the Ring. but put us in more danger? If Elves can be twisted by evil into Orcs. and so make the lies of Saruman come true." I credited my fight with Boromir about the might of Gondor for his .when all else is overthrown?" "I have not the strength. "If the return to Iarwain be thought too dangerous. ere they find new steeds and swifter. Gandalf and Elrond approving ones. and I arched an eyebrow." Gandalf said after a short moment. and he shot me an annoyed look. Me." "Then if the Ring cannot be kept from him for ever by strength. My heart tells me that Sauron will expect us to take the western way." "Then. Probably because I hadn't said anything that even hinted at my knowledge.which are. hereafter the Elves may have no escape from the lengthening shadows of Middle-earth." There was silence in the Council.313 - . I'm sure most of you know. "Let us cast it into the deeps. assailing the White Towers and the Havens." Elrond said." Glorfindel spoke up again. "And they who dwell beyond the Sea would not receive it: for good or for ill it belongs to Middle-earth. and if he comes. "Two things only remain for us to attempt: to send it over the Sea. I was just happy to have been able to say something while at the same time cutting out a bunch of prattling from Glorfindel and Gandalf. "What Rachel has said is true. Only the waning might of Gondor stands now between him and a march in power along the coasts into the North. "Neither have they." Glorfindel went to continue. it WAS the LAST Alliance. He soon will. but my snort stopped him. "What good would that do. he will keep coming back." Glorfindel replied promptly. even if we could get to the Seas . then flight to the Sea is now fraught with gravest peril. "And I really don't think anyone here wants repeat after repeat of the Last Alliance? After all." "But Gandalf has revealed to us that we cannot destroy it by any craft that we here posses. and Glorfindel gave me an appraising glance. when he learns what has befallen. a rather long ways away . and Galdor nodded in agreement. The Nine have been unhorses indeed but that is but a respite. no matter how many times you kill his mortal body." I said. how long do you think it would take Sauron to twist some innocent sea creatures to do his bidding and have them search the Seas? And anyways. or to destroy." Elrond said.casting it into the water would only delay the problem.

" Galdor commented." Erestor put it. As Saruman has shown. The hobbit had probably seen me looking and was terrified of being caught now. But Gondor stands. The westward road seems easiest. There lies our hope. "Gondor wanes. "I do not understand all this. a road unforeseen. though I doubt. enjoying the Council much more now that I could actually say something worth saying.except for me. "Saruman is a traitor. But it seems to me now clear which is the road that we must take.any who try to use the Ring will eventually be twisted to its evil ways. but did he not have a glimpse of wisdom?" "No. "Not in matters of the One Ring. Galdor nodded in my direction in acknowledgement of what I had said." he said. one does not even need to have seen or possessed the Ring for it to corrupt them. and everyone became absorbed in their thoughts . trying to hold back an evil so great it has returned from death. you say. either for good or for ill." "Because they are one Kingdom of men. "Long yet will that march be delayed. if we take this road or that." Silence fell. and Boromir relaxed. I never caught sight of him. Absolute power corrupts absolutely ." "As you say. The One Ring is corrupt. "At least none can foretell what will come to pass." "And yet its vigilance can no longer keep back the Nine. as Glorfindel already has declared: to hide the Ring for ever. But both are beyond out power. if hope it be." I replied. seeing Boromir getting a little annoyed. in such high company. "And other roads he may find that Gondor does not guard. Who will read this riddle for us?" "None here can do so. Too often the Elves have fled that way. "Then. anyways. Rachel. who was still trying to spot Sam. and even in the end of its strength is still very strong.314 - . I nodded back at him. and corrupts all who seek to use Mordor. We must send the Ring to the Fire. Now at this last we must take a hard road." Elrond said gravely. and was drawn back to the council as Boromir spoke. though. drawing the attention of the council once more. shooting me a stern glance." Boromir said. Therefore it must be shunned. holding on without aide. To walk into peril .not blowing up at Galdor for the comment about the waning might of Gondor." Elrond said with a nod in my direction. "There are but two courses." I stated. I looked back innocently. or to unmake it. . It will be watched. he would have done so.

" Boromir said. Then Elrond got going about who should take the Ring to Mordor. presumed taken." "Who can tell?" Aragorn commented blandly. looking piercingly at Frodo. This is the hour of the Shire-folk." "If I understand aright all that I have heard. Frodo spoke up. and the Three. and I grinned as every looked amongst each other. I hadn't thought to find out . and I have not."So be it. and it was not for him to take the Ring to Mordor." Bilbo said with a laugh. Can't you think of some names now? Or put it off until after dinner?" Silence reigned. I wonder if this advice is not bad. Still. and Dwarves endure great weariness. "though I do not know the way. even as the noon-bell rang." "May the day not be too long delayed. "I have never known you give me pleasant advice before. "But we will put it to the test one day. I could shock the socks of Elrond and Gandalf ." And so the council went on past the interesting part into the status of where the other unaccounted rings were . Mayhap the Sword-that-was-Broken may still stem the tide . and that if you do not find a way.the Seven. "As all your unpleasant advice has been good. "I will take the Ring. But tell me: what do you mean by 'they'?" "The messengers who are sent with the Ring. "Exactly! And who are they to be? That seems to me what this Council has to decide. Gondor needs it. telling them where all three of the Three Elven Rings were if I wanted to. but the sinews of the Kings of Men." he said. when they arise from their . And at the last. we will fight on. but it passed when Gandalf told Bilbo that this was no long his tale. It would comfort us to know that others fought also with all the means that they have. and I miss my meal at noon." Boromir said. the Elves would not tell the location of. I don't suppose I have the strength or luck left to deal with the Ring. Elves may thrive on speech alone.315 - . "For though I do not ask for aid.if they even wore socks. "Then in Gondor we must trust such weapons as we have. It has grown. Not that I needed to be told. but I am only an old hobbit. and all that it has to decide. while the Wise ones guard this Ring.if the hand that wields it has inherited not an heirloom only." Gandalf replied promptly. "I think that this task was appointed for you. Frodo got a rather possessive look on his face when Bilbo mentioned taking the Ring again. and Bilbo popped up and volunteered to take the Ring." Elrond said. Finally. no one will.

and though all the mighty elf-friends of old.then heard Sam's comment about what a nice pickle they'd gotten themselves into.and most of the Elves at the Council . Seeing it is better than nothing.. I do not lay it on you. why should they expect to know it. unlike me. but dangnabit. he may only be in one or two Sam emerged from the dark shadows in the corner of the meeting area . and Húrin. snapping my fingers. I . it's going back to one-at-a-time updates.. you all get palantír-look-alike marbles.please review! Even if you don't. right? Hope y'all managed to get out and see Return of the King today. you already have tickets. wait. once every other day.. *wince* Anyways. because Manwë and the rest of the Valar are scary. your seat should be among them. So heavy that none could lay it on another." And at that.. Even then. I like those one or two paragraphs!) -Authors Note:And that's the last chapter for the day! From here on in.quiet fields to shake the towers and counsels of the Great. Thanks to all my reviewers and readers . but hey. Doesn't sound like much. but I'm running out of things to give out now that I'm banned from all three Elven kingdoms.Ooooh. But if you take it freely. if they are wise. and Beren himself were assembled together. I might simply up the frequency of those updates.. of course. and Elrond made his little comment about Sam and Frodo being inseparable. or if you didn't. until the hour has struck? "But it is a heavy burden. I know. Hador. We shall have to see. All the Elves shared amused smiles. they didn't say anything about the Grey Havens! Alright then. everybody who reviews gets a ticket to a cruise to Valinor and back on an Elven ship! You won't be able to set foot on Valinor. say.with Shadowfax!---(Hey.protesting that Frodo couldn't be sent alone.316 - . Who of all the Wise could have foreseen it? Or. ----To be continued. since I have a 5-week overdue report that I've barely managed to finish the first draft of.unless I get really REALLY bored during Christmas vacation. though. I will say that your choice is right. "That's where you were hiding!" I exclaimed. Sam blushed. and Túrin. and telling Sam he could go with Frodo.where he had been hidden from my view by the dwarves . just for reading this. unlike me! I'm off to drool over my pumpkin . I may not even be allowed on the computer....

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He's gone now...which means I will probably be doing it. I let him come back. -35: PackingAs soon as Sam. Bilbo and I showed our faces in the dining hall after the Council. I could do it. Gandalf: Indeed. Frodo. Mandos: I suppose. Mandos and Gandalf: . Dieing is traumatic. Rachel: And mine.. Mandos: I don't know why. we were ambushed by Merry and Pippin. If you say so.. Crimson Starlight owns nothing. just ignore her. when Manwë decided to grace us with his presence. so the disclaimer this chapter falls to whoever wants to do it .. myself.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *runs away* Rachel: *peers after him* I think he's still a little paranoid about the last time he saw you.Packing -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:Glorfindel: Well. Mandos: Very well then.. I have never expierienced it. Very traumatic. so I shall have to take your word for it.. Mandos: If you don't want to..318 - . who were both demanding to . CS: *mumbles* Except the coconuts that grow on the purple monkey farm. Crimson Starlight's still out flat from the last disclaimer. Glorfindel: . Rachel: She's always like that. Gandalf: But dieing can be rather traumatic.

and Elrond remained. yes?" I said.. "When do you wish to leave?" "How long does it take to get ready for the journey?" I asked in reply. "All I know is messengers will be going out. "Whoops. much to the amusement of many of the Elves. Bilbo managed to put them off by saying it was a lot of talk and nothing else. Good thing I already agreed to go to Lothlorien. Elrond gave me an amused look. and now it is time to set a date for your departure. . "That would be going. "Yes. and Elladan looked as if he was planning on staying. Yet now that the council has finished.." Gandalf said with a small smile. while Elrohir had recently joined them. then?" he suggested. When I finished. "Sounds good to me!" I replied cheerfully. holding up my hands in defense.319 - . "And yet you still need to be sent to Lothlorien to stop slips like that from happening. with a promise to the hobbits to be back later. anyways?" "It depends on the pace we set. Other than that. you have been to the council you so badly wanted to attend. and now only Gandalf. then. Glorfindel." Glorfindel replied. Most of those that had been there had cleared out. and so were able to eat. I blinked at him. Elladan appeared and announced that Elrond wanted to see me. "Well. "Four days. Rachel." I said. as well." "A year?" I asked. what. from now until December 25th is a blank." Glorfindel replied. I think perhaps you requested to stay until after the council for a reason?" Elrond shot me an amused look as he finished speaking. "How long does it take to get to Lothlorien. good thing indeed. I fell to with as much gusto as the hobbits that had been at the council. arching an eyebrow.know what had gone on in the Council. So. I got up and followed Elladan. I blink at him. one step a day?" "Just about. then winced slightly as I realized what I'd just done." Elrond said with a small frown. arching an eyebrow. then paused thoughtfully. "Two weeks to a year.back to the place where the council had been held.

"How do you think I would know?" I asked. Both looked back innocently. Have you been drinking?" I asked." "Hey! And army of orcs is louder than Thunder!" I said with a scowl." he said." .320 - ." I replied with a shrug. one of which." Elrond said. you had best go ready yourselves for the journey. "After what happened the last time I drank. she will be rather jealous. "And how would you know?" Glorfindel asked. "She is far too loud. "While she does show attributes of her ancestor. and I refuse to escort someone who makes more noise than an army of orcs. "Now. "What's wrong with Black Thunder?" I protested. And Rachel. and then Gandalf cleared his throat. I am not particularly eager to do so again. It was the principal of the thing. "Enough! You two shall have plenty of time for your banter on the journey to Lothlorien. That touched a nerve." Glorfindel said dryly. you will need a new horse. was the culprit. "After Kari's done killing me. "You have hardly had Black Thunder for a long enough time to become emotionally attached. In the background. arching an eyebrow. The roads have only become more dangerous since you and Boromir traveled them. I arched an eyebrow back at him. "So I can say I was there." he pointed out. but Elrond cut me off. I distinctly heard a snicker. I know. and I was about to retort. though. Gandalf sighed. Silence fell for a moment as everyone figured out what I meant. "What? The council was boring!" "Then why did you go?" Gandalf asked. I knew." he said. glancing between Glorfindel and me sternly. especially with Saruman betraying us." I replied with a grin. and I turned and arched an eyebrow at the twins. and I absently wondered if they'd snickered in unison. "Yeah. Glorfindel rolled his eyes."Did you just make a joke? You just made a joke.

I probably would have decided not to go right then and there. and I spent the morning gleefully going through them and trying them all on. I had a quick lunch." "You'll be coming back?" Pippin asked brightly. The hobbits all looked at each other in confusion. The next day. Anyways." He declared. conspiratorial smile. and I curtseyed as politely as I could manage before dashing out of the room with a grin on my face. and immediately wanted to know what I was doing. After I finished my girly morning and packed the majority of the trousers and tunics into my bag." I said. "We're taking you to find a horse!" they declared cheerfully. Instead. And don't tell anyone I told you that. "Yes." Elrohir commented dryly." I said with a small. "Four days. Somewhat sulkily. As I finished. There's just something about the smell and feel of new clothes. If it hadn't been for the fact that I knew Elrond would make me go even if I didn't want to. With a low growl. "And anyways. that the twins had been acting as if they knew that I knew about the future. and with a new horse. "I'll be seeing you again in four months. and then pushed those thoughts aside to begin packing." He gave me a glare. I heard his sigh as I left.321 - . . I wondered who else he had told without asking me. When I explained. but Elrond butted in again before I could say anything. several of the seamstresses' apprentices appeared at my door in the early morning with a pile of new trousers and tunics for me. I decided that Elrond had probably told them. Elrohir and Elladan showed up." I said. I carefully explained to them that I had to go visit a friend that I hadn't seen in over 800 years. "No. It occurred to me. The hobbits found me later as I was still packing. you'll be visiting me."I'm sure. once I had reached my room. "Now go pack. "We will?" Merry asked. they got very sad and pulled the hobbit-puppy-dog-eyes on me. I glanced over at him. Especially Gandalf. and the hobbits all promised they wouldn't tell anyone. and I recalled quite clearly NOT mentioning that knowledge when I'd come back to Rivendell.

This WAS a pasture. looking for one that had both speed and stamina."Again?" I asked. and then cantered off out of view to the far end of the pasture." "Tell me there isn't another troublesome stallion in the paddocks!" I pleaded. right? So she's fast." I said cheerfully. arching an eyebrow. since the last time was interesting. due to not knowing what they might fall into. snorted. I picked a nice dappled-grey mare. "Just as long as she can run as fast as I think she can." Elrohir said. "What. making shooing motions at the horse. After a few moments. I went back to inspecting the horses. "But we do not want to miss you picking another horse. I found the perfect horse . . "There is not. I was less amazed with the variety of the horses. "Let's go then!" And so we set off for the pastures and the horses contained therein." Elrohir said. suddenly worried. who Elladan informed me had a very sweet disposition. but it is customary that you give her a new one." I said. In the end. and next to you. there's no reason for someone to be spreading rumors about how fast she is. and failing that." Elladan said with a shrug." Elladan confirmed. after all. but Elladan and Elrohir shook their heads. I inspected the horses more carefully. I realized he was silver. Which is why we wish to see what horse you shall pick this time. standing up as I finished my lunch. are you in charge of taking people to find horses in Rivendell?" "Not usually." "Well. get your ass out of here! I'm trying to find a horse.322 - . instead of just looking for the horse that could stick its tongue out at me. arching an eyebrow. "From what I have heard. tried not to collapse from their laughter." "She is quite fast when she sets her mind to it. "Does she have a name?" "Yes. as he walked through the sunlight. While Elladan and Elrohir were recovering from their mirth. they all look like cows!" I exclaimed. "Well. and after having spent that time in the Rohan stables." I said. Elladan and Elrohir tried to contain their laughter. This time. I have never actually seen her run. "Munderful. "Shadowfax.and then. Shadowfax gave me an amused look.

" "You can't go home!" I exclaimed." he said. "Where are you going?" "Home. was going to die within a year."Just like it was 800 years ago." he said. They shook their heads. arching an eyebrow at me. saying they had business to attend to in the library. trying to think of a name. "I've done what I came to do." I opened my mouth to protest that he needed to go with the Fellowship to Mordor. "Oh shut up. it's poetic. "Well then. and went back into the main buildings. Satisfied. alternately trying to think of a way to get him to go with the Fellowship and scolding myself for trying to think of a way to convince Boromir to go to his death. she reached the fence quickly and cleared it easily. realizing that A) I had no sensible way to explain it to him and B) if I made him go. I was making him go to his death. I sat down on the edge of the bed. "Aratelpe!" I announced finally. sticking my tongue out at him. "What are you doing?" I asked with a blink. "Dawn Silver?" Elrohir asked with a light frown. and Elrohir chuckled." I filled in the unspoken addition.and found him packing. and she knows how to jump!" I exclaimed cheerfully as Elladan and Elrohir caught up. that I had known since childhood. then I jumped up onto Aratelpe's back and tried steering her around a bit. To my delight. . "Yes. I pointed her towards the pasture fence and kicked her into a gallop. then shut it. and then we took Aratelpe to the pasture where those horses with specific riders were kept. "And why not?" he asked." I said thoughtfully as I inspected my new horse carefully. "I should think that was obvious. Elladan and Elrohir shrugged." I said. and so I went to visit Boromir .. I think that was when it hit me for the first time that this man. "She's fast. Elladan and Elrohir blinked. Father needs me back in Gondor.. Elrohir and Elladan excused themselves.323 - .

To send him. and what mainly makes me want to go. I fear that this feeling of ill does not bode well for the quest. "And what did you say?" I asked." I said sadly. of bad things to come. suddenly showing themselves. "Feel what?" I asked blankly. and try until it works. to me. but it is not for me to tell. whenever the quest to Mordor is mentioned?" Boromir replied.. then took a deep breath and continued. followed the messenger off. "Yes. "A sense of. his 40 years. or not to send him? That was the question. I cannot tell. "Honestly. too. with a sigh.go with what makes the most sense to me.324 - . looking out pensively. trying to work out my moral dilemma. Boromir?" I started hesitantly. It is mainly what makes me hesitate in accepting." he said with a sigh. then?" Boromir asked curiously. and Boromir. And how. Boromir. Then he returned.foreboding. of course. and I found that the problem had been taken out of my hands. Somewhat to my surprise. and the battles he had fought in that time. then seemed to suddenly notice that I had unpacked his pack. "And take your flipping shield with you everywhere!" Boromir rolled his eyes." Boromir said." Boromir told me. I welcomed the respite as I started unpacking everything Boromir had just packed. not about to make the mistake of telling him to go like I did with the Council. where he stood in front of the window. "I can. He glanced over at me.. Boromir just gave me an understanding look. when a messenger arrived with a summons from Elrond for Boromir." "Do you feel it. But it is part of your fate. and didn't even probe farther about how I knew. but whether my help will ease that feeling or cause the ill it foreshadows. "Is that a hint?" I shrugged. "It seems to hang thick in the air." I said. "I would much rather you stay as far away from the group taking the Ring to Mordor as possible. I suppose so. "I said I would have to think about it. a thoughtful expression on his face." I bit my lip as I looked over at Boromir. "Then I suppose I shall just have to do what I do best . . then scolded. "Elrond wishes me to be part of the company that will accompany the two hobbits to Mordor. as he returned.That was.

probably (if I read my mothers hints right) new computer programs to play with. Relatives coming. if I see RotK.gif It looks all professional. I yelped and jumped sideways. was not ticklish. as well as all those reviewers who have voted to have me save Boromir." he said sarcastically.. I got bored on Friday evening.I can't write a FanFiction without killing something.325 - .I will. well. the little twit. and threw the pillow back. Also.. "I will!" he said. you'll know about it. On the otherhand.with a lecture to Elrond!---(And Gandalf's recovery of his hat. Because. and I'm feeling uninspired due to my moderate depression over not getting to see RotK anytime soon. be having some more fun with Boromir before he dies.I can get back into the Elven kingdoms now! Whoo!) You all . But hey. Therefore: http://users. Because I'll probably come home and post a chapter or two just for that occasion.. After all. He didn't quite duck in time.. ('specially those with diplomatic immunity . of course. ----To be continued. with intermittent tickling fights. however. don't expect rapid updates from me over the christmas holidays. Anyways. SplendiferGoddess is right . And then I found that I had the Lord of the Rings font. the tickling fights were sort of one-sided.. raising his hands in self defense. I grabbed a pillow and threw it at him.) -Authors Note:That little ending for the chapter is for that reviewer (I can't remember who) who made a comment awhile ago about Rachel not seeming to react to Boromir's impending death. Within minutes we were in a full-fledged pillow-fight. and then suddenly shot one hand out to poke me in the ribs. thanks once again to my reviewers.. "I'm not joking. the Fellowship spends a whole month in Lothlorien. since Boromir. being as ticklish as ever.. m'Lady. 'Twas fun to" I said warningly. and in revenge. you little twit. Well. :) Which it's not.."Yes.. but hey. So yeah. And nobody in Middle-Earth has a goldfish. Boromir smirked down at me. where Rachel is going to go very soon.unfortunately. I really was going to miss this guy when he died.accesscomm. and started playing around with my graphics program.

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" I said softly.there was one thing that would happen no matter what I did. and treasure what time you have left with your daughter. I didn't even know Elves COULD hiss . "Yes.I ventured into the Hall of Fire one last time." I added. It is up to you to accept that. for a wonder.swords. The night of the third day after the council . by now. In time she will come to . Before Elrond could say anything more." I replied promptly. I continued. looking straight at Elrond. with an intention to talk to him about something else entirely if I got the chance . "The same way I know of everything of the future. ." He finally hissed.fate has decreed that they are to be together. Elrond. she will still love him. absorbing what I just said. His face was marvelously expressive tonight. since it's really just a tone of voice. "And how would you know anything about my daughter and Aragorn?" he said angrily. Elrond glared at me for a moment. Elrond gave me a withering look.328 - . Elrond was scowling by the end of for making her leave him. and go into the west. and I had to catch his attention with a snap of my fingers. I wanted to help him deal with it somehow. and Elrond was most definitely mad. hiding my inner fear as best I could. Finally." I replied blandly. and there is nothing you can do about it. and you have been far away from your wife and her sensible influence for far too long. I cringed getting Elrond mad was not on the list of Things You Do If You Want To Live. it makes you look old. Even if you convince her to leave him. and I looked right back. Rachel?" he replied somewhat testily. if not hate. looking at me in a combination of panic and hate. Inwardly. her eyes fixed on Aragorn the entire time. "You cannot pull them apart . "As does that. for better or for worse. breaking the staring contest.October 28th. Love of that depth is the type that causes even humans to die from heartbreak if it is denied. "Perhaps that is because I am old. for those of you keeping track . "I will not leave my daughter to die.well. Boromir had not seen anything like the hobbits daggers in quite awhile. then resent . and after how nice Elrond had been in putting up with me." Elrond stared at me for a few moments." I told him." Elrond was. and pulled Elrond off to one side to talk about the journey. If she survives that long. I got the chance when Arwen stood and sang a slow love ballad. "She will die if you do not leave her.though I suppose it makes sense that they could. "Arwen loves him. he sighed. "Stop scowling.

" Elrond said. "Sh. "Though I'm sure I'm only stating ahead of time what Galadriel would say if she knew what was going on. Did you find some more wine in the Hall of Fire?" I made a face. "You are in a good mood." I said softly. "I came to tell you that I have made my decision . but she is a smart cookie about what fate has in store. "Yep. "Even if she is creepy?" Elrond asked dryly. though." "I doubt she wants to lose her granddaughter.and found Boromir waiting. but you do have wisdom within you. "No parent wishes to lose their child. don't tell anyone!" I said. good luck.329 - . but eventually got to my room . I stay away from alcoholic beverages now. "So what're you doing here?" I asked. "You hide it well. Rachel. where she sat next to Aragorn. "Good." he said darkly. arching an eyebrow. "Don't do anything I wouldn't .I will be going with the company to Mordor." he commented. then gave me an appraising glance. and Boromir chuckled. Sugar is another matter. then. "Mir! How are ya?" I asked cheerfully as I bounded over to where he was sitting in a chair in my sitting room." Boromir replied. "Now I'm going to go get some sleep . "But before this war is ended. closing the book and looking up at me. even if it will be very much the latter." He said with amusement." I said with false cheeriness. I paused in the hallways to make faces at random Elves. They're too dangerous. then grinned. reading a book. and that dampened my mood considerably. staring out over the Hall at Arwen." I said. "She may not."I do not want to lose her.Glorfindel informed me that he wanted to leave bright and early tomorrow morning." I said. and I grinned back and nodded. "No. "Well." I replied primly. and Elrond chuckled. Be glad you have had several millennia with her and that you are not losing her to the ravages of war. many more parents who have had far less time with their children than you shall lose them. and nodded." Elrond sighed. talking and laughing with him." I heard Elrond chuckling behind me as I skipped off. but somehow I doubt it will be the former.

apparently accepting. gave a little bow. it was very early. I gave a small salute to Merry . almost in unison. apparently waiting to say goodbye to both Glorfindel and I. To my surprise." I replied. Though really. Other than them. and turned and left the room. and handed it to him as I lifted my pack. since I knew I'd be in Lothlorien for at least a year or so while the War of the Ring occurred. Glorfindel was waiting slightly beyond on Asfaloth. "Namarie. and he nodded in thanks before putting it on his head. and backed off as I headed over to where Aratelpe was already waiting for me. and Gandalf was now standing next to Elrond near the exit from the courtyard. "Good-bye Rachel. broken only by the quiet sounds of nature. I sat down in the chair he had recently been in and bit my lip. If Kari didn't strangle me. May the Valar go with you. if not my cheeriness.and then mounted up. it wasn't as if this was going to be goodbye I'd see him in Lothlorien. and I forced my smile to look more sincere. for several minutes after he left. Abruptly." was all Elrond said before moving out of the way. I returned to hug fiercely. Merry and Pippin had roused themselves out of bed to say goodbye to me. And with that. "And I'll miss you. Boromir cleared his throat. with Gandalf leading. "I will miss you. He nodded. I quickly got dressed and shoved my night clothes in my pack . and very dark. he stood and pulled me into a hug. In the eerie pre-dawn silence. I grabbed Gandalf's hat. I strapped my pack onto the back of Aratelpe's saddle . Rachel. "Same here. since this was to be a long journey . and Glorfindel eased Asfaloth into a walk. we'll miss you!" they said. Then I slowly got up and went to bed.330 - . the courtyard was empty . Merry and Pippin let go.I was taking all my clothes with me. the next morning when there came a knock on my door. trying not cry. Then we headed out of my room. It was Gandalf. --As I had predicted to Elrond the night had decided to use one. and soon we were at the main courtyard of Rivendell." I said with a smile.Glorfindel and I had both said our other goodbyes yesterday (though the hobbits were proof that that didn't necessarily mean that someone we'd said goodbye to wouldn't show up anyways). who informed me that it was time to leave. from where it sat on my bed. smiling softly. 'Mir. and be sure to squash a few orcs for me!" Boromir looked at me carefully for a moment. and latched onto me when I appeared. then the fact that I wanted him to believe I was cheery." Boromir said softly when we broke the hug. After a blink of surprise.

but it was better than the moodiness that there had been before when I met him by chance in Rivendell some where. Still. found a long-ish stick. looking forward and not at each other.and Pippin . the one time I looked over at him. After all. with some amusement. in a matter of seconds.Glorfindel was obviously not in a very talkative mood. Ah. and used my new stick to poke Glorfindel. Glorfindel's face. He scowled at me. the side-effects of Balrogs. and the stick was yanked out of my grasp. So I gave up on him . to say the least . with no emotion showing.and then followed him. "This silence is going to drive me crazy. when he told me in as few words as possible that we were setting up camp. resisting the urge to grab Gandalf's hat again as I rode past. "Don't. and opened my mouth to say something more . I had noted earlier. I was still trying to figure out how to fix things between Glorfindel and I . I decided soon that this probably would have been a whole hell of a lot easier if I'd done it earlier. and then back again in half the time. Glorfindel and I remained silent. and that I might as well just be frank about it. though. and I sighed. I prodded him again." was all he said. But that didn't help with the fact that Glorfindel was continuing to prod the fire as if I had never spoken. Yep. returned to the fire. "I'm going to poke you with a stick if you don't say something. Maybe it would just be better to talk tomorrow .it would seem odd if I was now.only to have a very scathing look from Glorfindel silence me. It was odd. Glorfindel looked up. which didn't seem to want to give off any heat . Then he had gone from annoyed with me to relaxed and joking. I stood up.I'm not sure if they even knew what it meant . his face hadn't changed.who was currently showing the most emotion that he had all day by frowning slightly at the fire. Perhaps more healthy than normal. Glorfindel rolled his eyes this time before returning to prodding the fire." I commented. if the entire trip was like this. For my part. briefly. Not any surprise. and then went back to prodding the fire with a stick. went a short ways to the copse of trees that had supplied our firewood tonight.331 - . I had my courage up now.this would be a very boring trip if we didn't talk to each other. he definitely didn't want to talk. And when I looked again later in the evening. So.I watched him and contemplated what to say to broach the topic. I hadn't been circumspect about anything before . . just like we'd been before. as I sat across the fire from Glorfindel . that Glorfindel kept a healthy distance from the fire. I was going to be bored out of my skull.for that night. the entire day that followed. sat in my normal spot." I announced. was impassive. and returned to the fire. So.

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Glorfindel shot me a weary look. though. when I started humming again (having stopped to eat). And anyways. I didn't see him until the next morning when it was time to break camp. Glorfindel announced when we stopped for lunch that it was a snowstorm. As I said. and then I galloped to catch up to Glorfindel." I grumbled. "Great. When we rose in the morning. and then we mounted up on our horses again and set off southwards. "I'll stop humming when you decide to talk.334 - . I took the hint and stopped trying to get him to talk. We will not be able to reach the other shelter I had planned to make for. Surprised. it took me a few moments to correct Aratelpe's direction." he said. we found a large." I replied. All day. "Hum then. Snow. I care not. really. things changed. I took the hint and stopped bugging him. and I got bored of singing 'I Know A Song That Gets On Everybody's Nerves'. "Why the change in direction?" I asked curiously. I hate snow. "Rebuilt ruins in Eregion. Non-stop. headed straight for us and getting closer by the second.braided. There was no question that it would run into us before evening. It was around mid-afternoon when Glorfindel abruptly wheeled Asfaloth around so that he was now heading east ." Glorfindel replied. though. "The storm is fast. "Would you please stop humming?" Glorfindel finally asked in annoyance shortly after we finished supper. Even when we set up camp. and 'we will camp here'. black. to make matters worse. and promptly stood up and disappeared into the trees. and cast an amused glance my way. I couldn't understand what he was so upset about. though it saddened me that he was refusing to talk to me.into the storm." Glorfindel conversation. Which sounds really really pathetic . Not much . even if we went south as fast as we could for the entire day. . "So where are we going now?" I asked. Glorfindel did start to talk a bit more. once 'This Is The Song That Never Ends' drove ME insane. 'time to go'. Really. but he said more than a dozen words to me each day.but before he had barely been saying much more than 'wake up'. On our ninth day out. over the next few days. roiling storm on the horizon in the east. And then. Glorfindel shot me a weary look.

and I chuckled. and I quickly looked around. I followed him inside. I wondered why he was even bothering . then.any shelter was good shelter at this point . Slightly annoyed. There was no response from Glorfindel.Glorfindel just nodded in satisfaction. I had to hope that he could keep that direction even in the storm. We inspected two more buildings and found them in as bad condition as the first one. I . Taking the hint. then. There were rough stalls. it seemed. It turned out the snowstorm . He rode up to the building . pulling his cape out of my grasp. but not too dark for Elvish eyes. "Time to see home. even for Elvish eyes. with a stack of firewood as high as me to one side.or more appropriately. and even with my Elvish ability to adjust to the temperature. The front room had the door to the outside. before the ruins we were aiming for came in sight. It was dark inside. wind. I was starting to feel a little chilly. though.335 - . and there was a huge fireplace on one wall. made out of a few stones and some wood. The snow whipped around us.was even faster than Glorfindel had thought (the second time around).The irony was not lost on me. The horses snorted in surprise . as he'd made a minor course correction not long ago and had been going in as straight a line as possible since. had an excellent sense of direction. and the building was a haven for snow." I said with a wicked grin. I put Aratelpe in another. The back room was mainly just one large hall. and pushed the door of the building open and led the horse in behind him without so much as a glance in my direction.but was probably only one hour. separated by a rough wooden door. I had grabbed onto Glorfindel's cape and was determinedly not letting go as he lead the way through the snow. The roof looked to be a good fifteen feet high. Before it got even close to those conditions.and inspected it carefully. Glorfindel found the building he was looking for. to one side of the front room. I found. with snow drifts forming and disappearing right before our eyes. and a window which was shuttered on the inside. if that .a large building reared up out of the snow in front of us.and slightly eerie. Other than that.and then were rounded a corner and found that an entire side had fallen in. it just got worse. We moved on. Visibility. the wind howled. was down to about ten feet. and then headed for the back room. and Glorfindel was settling Asfaloth in one of them. as after what seemed like hours . There were two rooms inside the building. He dismounted from Asfaloth. because as we went. and mini-whirlwinds. It hit us in the late afternoon.Glorfindel seemed to have spotted them awhile ago. going at every angle. finally. Glorfindel. the place was empty . but I got the feeling that he was as amused by the situation as I was. At least of me .me following closely . blizzard .

and went over to Aratelpe where she stood by Asfaloth. which was unlikely. I glanced at the window." Glorfindel replied. while they shied away from the fire. I hit a blast of cold air when I entered the room. and I resisted the urge to chuckle. "Into tomorrow. Eventually." was all he said. "Shutters on the window are broken. I stared at it in a moment in shock. then returned to my bedroll and sat on it. Glorfindel sighed and got up and left the room. I spotted the window. "I am a stablehand. and many other things. "Then fix them. then went to the fireplace and beat Glorfindel to making a fire. they certainly looked warmer.336 - . looking infinitely warmer. there being no need to ask what 'it' was. and glanced around. as close at they could get with the rough stall wall between them. and then a soft whicker brought my attention to the horses. then at the horses. I returned to my pack and found some of the horse grooming supplies I'd packed on a lark. the silence because too much for me." I said. The shagginess was something I intended to fix. After a few minutes of staring into the fire. He made no comment as he set down his pack and set out his bedroll. and we continued to stare at the fire in silence. one hanging crookedly and obviously broken. a waitress. a seamstress's assistant. but not a carpenter or stonemason. I went and grabbed the horses and lead them into the other room." he said. standing nose-to-tail. Once I had the fire going. Glorfindel had informed me that we would not have time for such things on the . Glorfindel looked up as I shut the door and arched an eyebrow." I replied promptly. I nodded. where. After surveying her for a few short moments. but rather shaggy. "Neither am I. I remembered the reason I'd gone out into the front room in the first place. he returned and sat down with an annoyed-sounding noise. I silently followed his example . wondering how we hadn't heard it. A few minutes later. and I stood and went out into the front room. The blizzard could be heard howling outside even through the stone walls. there would be no point in moving on.even if the blizzard did let up before nightfall.shivered slightly as I looked around. The poor things were freezing. with its shutters blown open. "How long do you think it will last?" I asked him once we were both settled and staring at the fire.

looking as if his mind was miles away.up until now. as the female on the trip. I had been delegated to cooking supper. but I'd ignored him.337 - . How I'd found Glorfindel in a tree." I announced as I sat down. and I glared at him. he glanced up at me. though.journey. I had to stop when I remembered Kari's cooking skills and almost burst into laughter at the thought of what Elrohir's expression must have been when he found out. "I swear your horse and Elladan exchange notes. That made me smile slightly until I realized he was eyeing Aratelpe. Of course. a very aromatic smell was wafting over from the fireplace. and whacked his shoulder. so this was the first time I had tasted Glorfindel's cooking. I suddenly recalled what had happened and been talked about that night not-so-long-ago before I'd had the Dorwinnian wine. I supposed he had to be a good cook. Glorfindel and I were trapped inside a building. with a blizzard outside. with sadness written all over his face. narrowing my eyes at the horse.after all. By the time I was finished. I turned back to the fire and found Glorfindel beginning to prepare a meal. and I smacked my forehead in exasperation before stomping off to the fire. but did not comment as he went back to what he was cooking. I grinned wickedly and turned to Glorfindel. How he'd said that he was always . but then Asfaloth nudged me with his nose and gave me the most piteous look. but what I had to say died in my throat as I saw his expression. and Asfaloth was prancing in place. and we ate in silence. it had its place. singing the lament for his death. He whickered in surprise. and was glad now. however. I was actually rather surprised at how good the meal tasted . A few moments later. if he traveled anywhere by himself . and pondering that possibility kept me occupied for a good half an hour. Once I was done with Aratelpe. He was staring into the fire. and let his head droop. I couldn't help but turn and start to do the same to him as I'd done to Aratelpe. Glorfindel arched an eyebrow in my direction.who wasn't talking to me . right? That got me wondering if all the men in Middle-Earth that were soldiers were good cooks. He gave a horse equivalent of a sigh. he'd have to eat his own cooking. he announced it done. I went to head back to the fire. by himself. While normally I'm not against spontaneous laughter. A few moments later. and there was no place Glorfindel could go to escape me unless he wanted to freeze his tush off in the outer room." I said. when I felt his eyes on me as I returned to Aratelpe and began to give her coat and mane and good brushing down. and stuck in a deserted ruin with Glorfindel . "Don't even think it. that was when the light bulb turned on inside my head.wasn't one of those places. I resisted the urge to smirk.

Only it wasn't doing. except with thoughtfulness instead of sadness. but I'd never. and I did something I knew was wrong . Or rather. and then curled up on my blankets. I closed my eyes for a moment. I looked into the fire. this is fun!'.. I was happy with it. How he never really answered my question about why he was out there . and the third toe on my left foot was itchy. anyways. It was like a puzzle where there was one piece that was missing. I'd thought about it before. during my thinking. I had done enough thinking for tonight. and mostly the surface of the latter half of the night. until I got some answers.cheery when drunk except when certain topics were brought up.. Oh sure.. looking over at Glorfindel as he slept. And I'm trying very hard not .) -Authors Note:My sister is officially my hero. but I found it hard to believe that. I'd gone over the surface of it.. and that one piece was all that was keeping you from seeing the whole picture. the horses drowsing in their corner. picking the evening apart. if you get what I mean. memories could be that painful after over several thousand head said I shouldn't be doing it. the amused thought floating through my head as I settled into deeper thoughts that I must be taking on an eerie resemblance to Glorfindel. clearing my thoughts. then opened them and unfocused them in the way I knew would cause me to be asleep in a few minutes. I scratched my toe. but my heart was saying 'whee. nor did I notice when Glorfindel finally moved himself to his bedroll and stretched out for sleep. She got me Pirates of the Caribbean for Christmas. however.338 - .he'd given the excuse of the Ringwraiths bringing up bad memories. It was like when I was a child. When I did finally come out of my thoughts. added a few more pieces of wood to the fire. even for an Elf. I stopped and really started to think about that night. :) Which I've now watched two times in as many days. ----To be continued. letting my mind wander back. but never any deeper. and would only be going around in circles. but purely feeling this time. I don't know how long I sat there. With a small sigh. I corrected myself. And for the first time.. I had come to the conclusion. But I had a feeling that I knew what that picture was. that there was something vital about that whole past evening that I was missing.. and it was not one I was happy with. but it was one my head told me was not good.with a rant!---(A good rant always makes everything better.REALLY thought about it. I found the fire dieing.

. Could never seem to make about an authentic Elvish horse and sword? And an Elvish rulers tiara/crown/headband thingy of your choice. I did now. make it three times in as many days... Anywho.. And pass it spectacularly. however. too.. ~Crimson Starlight .I've always wanted to pass 500 reviews.and try and get my grandma on my side. big thank-yous to all my reviewers. thanks to all you lovely people who didn't just read.hmm. who have finally helped me reach that coveted 500-review mark. Now I'm off to bug my dad some MORE about going to see RotK. but reviewed! Y'all get...339 - .

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"I said don't. I stopped in shock. and by cold." I groaned.which had apparently come open during the night .CS: *smirk* -38: Trapped-LANGUAGE WARNING: Rachel has a dirty mouth. I quickly found the source of the draft. started awake at my voice. no less. the .became audible. I went on for a good five or ten more minutes. which had been sleeping." I groaned. and I propped myself up onto one elbow and glanced around. sticking my tongue out at him. "Tell me we aren't snowed in. I paused. Glorfindel's head appeared in the doorway just long enough for him to roll his eyes. but apparently he'd had no luck. "You are fucking kidding me. Some disturbances in the snow showed that Glorfindel had tried to dig his way to some free air or light. My eyes snapped into focus." Glorfindel said with a shrug of his shoulders.In the well as from the window. "Oh just fucking great. the whistling and howling of the wind . cursing the Valar. and then he disappeared again. and in the silence. Growling. "Also. I stood up. pissed off from being woken up when I wasn't ready. "This much snow and it's STILL going on?!" "This is most likely just a drift against this side of the building.which I had pushed out of my mind last night ." Glorfindel said." I retorted. There was a HUGE snowdrift coming in from the outside door ." Glorfindel said impassively. The horses. "GLORFINDEL! Close the fucking door!" I yelled across the hall. I woke when a tongue of cold air sneaked down into my blankets.341 - . intending to close it. and I could just be hearing wind. wrapped my blankets around me. That was just the beginning. however. fudgehead. and stomped over to the door. When I reached the outer room. the smirk clear in his voice. I believe the blizzard is still going on. absently noting that Glorfindel had made a torch somehow and stuck it in the snowbank that was spilling in from the window. They were both completely blocked. I finally decide to go to Lothlorien and sort out all my little problems and I get hit with a FUCKING BLIZZARD!" I ranted. "We are snowed in.

" I replied." I replied sulkily. and I blinked at him. and really didn't mean anything. He waited until I nodded. I complain about weather because it makes me feel better when the weather gets in my way. worry and frustration. just looked at me in amusement. dickhead. Asfaloth and Aratelpe were asleep again. Middle-Earth does not revolve around you. how he'd known exactly what to do. I knew. and knowing that. "I doubt this blizzard was intentionally started to stop you. Glorfindel didn't even look surprised at the fact that I knew Elrond and Galadriel had rings." I shot him an acid look. and anything else I could think of that could be responsible for this.but honestly? Nobody had ever picked up on that before. I plopped down onto the spot where my bedroll had been before I dragged it with me. My outburst." I ended in a grumble. Though knowing my fucking luck. "Are you done?" he asked calmly. then stood "I know that.342 - ." I ended in a growl as I plunked down on the floor. as I watched that door. I decided that it was Elvish perception picked up after several thousand years of living. "Maybe." Glorfindel said shortly. "Probably Elrond and Galadriel messing with their bloody rings. once again. But how had Glorfindel known that. Glorfindel arched an eyebrow. whichever one of those stupid Valar is in charge of the weather heard my rant and is getting ready to smite me. "There really should be two exits to this building. I wondered. "Stop with the big words. but made no comment. and then suddenly Glorfindel appeared in my vision and crouched down in front of me. and I scowled at him. setting about preparing breakfast. I had said it was a way to vent my frustration . "I don't complain about weather because I think it was sent specifically to torture me. and Glorfindel was. was nothing more than a byproduct of stress." I commented finally. as well. "Circumstances dictated against it." he said." I replied icily. and instead. . After he left. I can't understand them before noon. and watched as he made breakfast. I stood. I stood slowly and stared at the door he had just disappeared through. and because it is something to vent my frustration on that cannot get offended and cause problems for me later. grabbed the torch. With a shrug. and went back into the main room. and went into the other room. know that he could safely ignore the outburst? Yes. "Then shall we go have some breakfast?" Glorfindel asked. "I doubt it. There was a pause as I glared at the snowdrift in front of me.

I glared at the pile of snow that had so recently covered my head." I announced as I returned and sat down by the fireplace. as I glanced over at Glorfindel where he sat. I knew. I could probably find various things to amuse me .grabbed the now un-lit torch from where it rested beside the fireplace. and we ate in silence. as breakfast was ready a few moments later. and then stalked back into the main room. My previous attempts at getting Glorfindel to talk about anything. with my clothes damp and frozen in different parts. drying in front of the fire. I could make a whole ton of snowballs. I came up with an idea. I pulled back.and as I thought about it. before I finally found no more snow beyond my hands. "And it has moved inside?" Glorfindel asked.. There was just one problem with that. This was.. and I snickered as he returned about half an hour later with a healthy dusting of snow.and caught just a glimpse of blowing snow and darkness beyond before a mini-avalanche buried my head in snow. apparently deep in thought. He ignored me and sat down as close to the fire as he could so his clothes would dry. Or I could solve this little problem like I had intended to at the beginning of the trip and then have a Glorfindel to talk to and NOT have to go freeze my butt off in the snow. going to be a very boring day if Glorfindel continued to refuse to talk to me and we couldn't get out without burying ourselves in snow. Glorfindel disappeared into the outer room. I walked around on top of the snow for a bit . Cursing. It turned out I had returned at just the right time. let alone about what was the problem. out of boredom. even if I hadn't been able to do it often without the risk of giving away that I was an elf.800 years had not dimmed my glee at being able to do that. and remembered my thoughts from the night before. I was covered in snow. "Dickhead. snuffing the torch and putting it back where I had found it. lit it. curtly telling Glorfindel to call me when the food was ready. or build a snowfort. and Glorfindel went back to dealing with breakfast. I realized as I sat there staring into the fire. Why entice him to talk about it before talking about it? Why not just start right in on the conversation? And the topic of that conversation could be the ." I grumbled at him. Then I started digging upwards from the door.I mean. I had to find a way to get him to talk about it . In the front room.or build a snow-Glorfindel and take extreme pleasure in whacking it to pieces. "Blizzard's still going on.. When we were done. arching an eyebrow. hand-shaped hole I'd made. there was a huge pile of snow literally on the doorstep.343 - . I peered up the small. and went back into the outer room.. had failed miserably.

even in the medieval-like society of Middle-Earth. The instant that popped into my head. Just about everyone had romantic relationships of some type before they got married.. I had never come to Middle-Earth. I wasn't sure which. and that had only given me suspicions.. "No.slightly sadly.344 - . I glanced over at Glorfindel again and frowned. or passing? And did I care one way or another? I was startled to realize I did . This wasn't love. So were his feelings serious. still staring into the that would find the last piece of the puzzle. "What?" "Was it just the wine on your part?" Silence reigned for such a long time that I wondered if he was even going to respond. I was just about to look over at him to see if he was going to answer when the answer came. what did I want to happen? Because before I decided what to do about it. and this was one of those times. "Glory?" I asked. there was the final piece of the puzzle. the question was. deep in thought. and wondered if maybe this was just a passing fancy on his part. in the less than a month (total. Sometimes I really surprised myself. since I'd arrived in Middle-Earth) that I'd known Glorfindel. though in another startling flash of insight. For bringing it up..but I hadn't looked closely at that night until last night. . This was just." Yep. or for not recognizing this as a perfect Mary-Sue setting. and then only in the same way that I'd thought of everyone else in Rivendell . Now. So it was a recent thing then..I wanted them to be serious. I felt like scratching my head in confusion at that revelation. I glanced over at Glorfindel. and curiously as I wondered what they were doing. so low that I barely caught it.not yet. that made it worse.confusing. Somehow. even before I came to Middle-Earth. I didn't believe in love at first sight.. All I knew was that I suddenly wished that Glorfindel was just some normal guy at home. I felt like whacking myself over the head for not having figured it out before . I wanted to whack my head against a wall at my stupidity. though . I realized it could become that rather easily. I needed to figure out what I wanted in the end.. I had barely thought of Glorfindel over the 800 intervening years. what to do about it? Or even better. and I didn't have to worry about such things. When. And then there was the Mary-Sue Factor. had I developed this strong liking for him? Not before I'd left Rivendell the first time.

Partially to think.was it just the fear of becoming a 'Mary-Sue'?" he asked. without a doubt. I felt like banging my head against a wall again due to my thoughts. I've always wanted to come to Middle-Earth. for the past 800 YEARS. "Yes. usually. "I must say. In my head. I paused. if this had been earth." he said.There. "Tell me. "On your part . and the only thing that truly made the two different was this Mary-Sue Factor that I insisted on believing in. But this wasn't earth. and I looked over at him to find him looking at me thoughtfully. and then. Next to dancing in the rain. and frowned thoughtfully. and partially not to burst out laughing..345 - . Glorfindel looked at me in surprise and confusion. the creations of teenagers far too obsessed with celebrities that they will most likely never meet. though I didn't realize it until after I spent a few minutes fuming. of course. I've done a lot of stupid things in my life. but this is the worst. I knew that." I paused. "Mostly to find out if various people are ticklish. "Hell yeah. "Sounds very silly. lo and behold. arching an eyebrow." There was a pause. was my answer." "So you've finally decided that coming here was a good thing?" Glorfindel asked. of an obsessed teenager's bad-grammared creation. and this was Glorfindel." he mused after a few moments.. At least the last time. "Mary-Sue's are." I stated. "Really now. do you know if Elrond's ticklish?" I asked.. Somehow. and that is a fucking stupid fear. I suddenly wished I'd taken Gandalf up on his offer to take me to Valinor and have Manwë reassure me that there was no such thing as the Mary-Sue Factor. So I have been mortally afraid. and I nodded. that was actually kind of advantageous. the term 'Mary-Sue' just did not belong in a serious conversation. I wouldn't have even hesitated. and my heart. . I know. "Well. and Glorfindel some normal guy who I'd met there. "When you put it that way." Glorfindel blinked.." I exclaimed. "Rachel?" Glorfindel's voice interrupted my thoughts. Glorfindel chuckled. "What?" I asked." I said with a snort.for the second time that day.

and improved relations with Mirkwood after making Galadriel think she was a bunny. *ahem* Yes.YES I AM INSANE. it was written in a strange cipher I made hour and a half! GO ME! And do I even need to say thank-you to all my reviewers here? Because y'all know how much I appreciate you .a whole flipping lot. "You are strange. Or Celebrían. Like the one I had last night. still hesitating slightly over saying 'play' instead of 'movie'.. Look at the one PotC FanFic I started to write ."Not that I know of. rolling his eyes." I said with disappointment. I'm going to see RotK died a natural death after two days and 14 hand-written pages." he about the Council..." I said.. and then listening to the soundtrack nonstop. why the heck would I ASK him? That's just too odd. where a giant muffin ate Elrond. Warning to reviewers: watching Pirates of the Caribbean. and really had no plot other than getting Jack Sparrow called 'Theodore' at some point. Which reminds me. and Glorfindel chuckled. but declined to comment its entirety . if it comes down to that... giving me a strange look. "Drat.346 - . You seriously keep me going on this story during some of the hard parts." Glorfindel said. And dreams. I've wanted to know ever since I first saw the scene in the." Glorfindel said. I put this FanFiction ." Glorfindel shook his head at me. "I'll ask Elladan or Elrohir next time I see them. and then drinking pepsi while browsing around the Theban Band slashart site makes for very weird moods. Mind you.into Word the other day . "I'm sure you'll have the opportunity to ask him later. took over Rivendell. Or Arwen.. "You wouldn't have me any other way. I assure you.Then there was that one (almost qualifies as a nightmare) where I friend who has moved away suddenly popped up for a visit and started correcting my grammar.. ----To be continued.. making a face. "Ack." I replied with a grin. One of them has GOT to know.with snowforts!---(And other fun stuff!) -Authors Note:Wasn't that fun? But not half as fun as what's coming up.

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"Building a snow fort.Bedrolls -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:The disclaimer this chapter has been cancelled to to excesive fangirl-type screaming over Legolas at the end of Return of the King.and then we started seriously considering a way to get out of the building. Mostly. I was cheating and using three of the rooms normal walls . golden-coloured hair (I supposed it looked somewhat like food). as Asfaloth and Aratelpe were looking rather interested in Glorfindel's nice. It was like those two questions. and after humming random tunes. We had lunch when our stomachs began to growl at us . Thank you. I decided to build a snow fort on the other side of the room." I replied promptly. So I started carting snow over there. and have a nice chapter. I had gotten the walls . singular. While the thought of the horses trying to eat Glorfindel's hair DID make me grin. There was still that touch of tension and hesitation that only time would be able to wear down. By the next time Glorfindel thought to turn around to see how I was doing. packing it together. Eventually.not being able to see the sun to see when it was actually noon . "Why?" . We had the time to let time wear that last little bit down. doing whatever worked. Go to previous chapters to find a disclaimer. I was mostly just standing back and making sure Glorfindel didn't bury himself in the snow of his diggings. "What ARE you doing?" Glorfindel asked in surprise when he saw. had cleared the air between us.348 - . I got bored. But we were Elves. I went out into the outer room and helped Glorfindel as he started to seriously try and dig a way out. -39: BedrollsIt was amazing how easy it became to talk to Glorfindel after that. wall.alright. though. and one statement from me. rolling it into balls.a foot or so high. Since only one person could get near the door to do the digging.

"Because I'm bored. forcing me to follow him or be without light. "Why didn't she take yours?" I asked. and it uses snow that you need moved out of the way." Glorfindel blinked at me. I turned to him curiously. who wisely shrunk behind Asfaloth." I said. I suppose that makes sense. and then the evidences of his diggings. and bigger." I said with a nod." was Glorfindel's reply. then shrugged and turned back into the main room. that's because mine looks bigger. it wasn't until the wall reached around two and a half feet in height that I realized I'd forgotten a door. "I'm using your bedroll tonight. Glorfindel glanced between first my snow fort. holding the torch.and larger surface area. Once back in the main room.349 - . I carefully carved out a section of the wall and placed it elsewhere on the wall so that there was now an opening next to the inner wall of the room. different shape . as well." I informed a still chuckling Glorfindel as I stalked . "Hmm. Why did she take MINE?" "Because you are her rider?" Glorfindel asked. Stepping back towards the door to the inner room. Not to mention more green. even if it is relatively useless. and only then went over and rescued my bedroll from Aratelpe. "What? It's a reasonable question! Yours is closer. and had been at that height for the past hour or so while I shored up weak spots." Glorfindel said. When Glorfindel finally decided to stop his digging. obviously taking a few moments to understand what I'd said. at the door. "Somehow. you seem to have achieved more. "Ah. we found that Aratelpe had decided to munch on my bedroll. "Oh. With a sigh. but not really succeeding. I continued with my wall-building. the walls of my snow fort were four feet high. I paused. "Same volume of snow. I held it up and looked at all the tooth-sized holes that were now sprinkled across it. tilting his head to one side. that being the first thought in my head. and then Glorfindel burst out laughing. and then he went back to digging. then at my now thoroughly horse-spit-soaked bedroll. Of course. Muttering. and the multiple avalanches they had caused. I scowled at Aratelpe. trying to stifle his laughter." I answered. There was a short pause. I glanced at Glorfindel. Asfaloth seemed to be eyeing it.

"I have now qualms whatsoever with tearing apart my afternoons work. as if wondering if I was serious. grinning evilly." he replied." I said cheerfully. "Ah." Glorfindel blinked at me. "Mine?" Glorfindel asked. and I nodded. how's this then? Let me have your bedroll tonight. wrinkling my nose. "I do. "Wanna bet on that?" I asked.over to the fire. "And what if I want to use it?" "Then use it. Glorfindel eyed me. stopping laughing abruptly. "You. but you don't. "Yes. and then I brightened considerably. or you won't get a moments sleep!" "Oh?" Glorfindel asked.350 - . and then shook his head. arching an eyebrow." he said." Glorfindel replied promptly. "All I know is that I am not sleeping in THAT -" I pointed to my ruined bedroll where it was now steaming in front of the fire. because I know that it is MY bedroll. You can either see if you can fit on it with me." I replied innocently. "Well. or use cloaks to make an alternate bedroll. expecting . whatever happened to chivalry around here?" I wondered out loud. looking thoughtful. arching an eyebrow at him. but not when I still HAD my bedroll. I will sleep on it tonight." I said." Glorfindel said. "Blerg. "and I am not sleeping without blankets or on the floor. "No. I looked after him for a moment." I responded. wondering if I'd offended him. arching an eyebrow. "Ah. "I'm sure you've done worse than sleep without a bedroll. Maybe he was indulging in a little childish revenge and kicking down my snowfort? I smiled with amusement at that thought and turned back to the fire. and therefore. and turned and left the room. "Fine then. He hadn't sounded too annoyed though. Right." I replied with a shrug." Glorfindel replied promptly.

Glorfindel to return soon. as well. "Time to end this. there little movement visible behind the walls of the snowfort. The answer came when. I got up and went into the outer room. grinning. Within moments. and soon resorted to tossing bits of the walls at me. I shook my head to get the snow out of my eyes.when you're dealing with a snow fort that wasn't employing ice to stay up. I pelted him with a rather large snowball. dashed over to him and stuffed it down his shirt. "You are so dead." I growled. now concerned. I ended up losing my balance and landing in the door snowdrift. "Only to stuff down your shirt!" I replied. Around half an hour later. Glorfindel had still not returned. I didn't go for the door . a snowball hit me smack in the face. as not only did that give me snow to toss back at Glorfindel. grabbed a large chunk of the snow that had just recently made up the wall. I brushed the snow off and stared at Glorfindel incredulously as he stood in my snowfort. futilely trying to get . With a yelp. My mistake. was without a source of snow within the snowfort. snow whizzing through the air. while he had had half an hour to build up a supply of snowballs. and I watched with suspicion. I watched in satisfaction as he yelped and pranced around. sending several pieces down my shirt and giving me a liberal white dusting. and then looked around and found Glorfindel looking at me in surprise. abruptly.came loose and was heaved in my direction. For a short time after that. "You were ready to tear it down not long ago!" Glorfindel shot back. I froze for a moment. and I had to twist to one side to avoid it. even as Glorfindel chucked the snowball he had been holding at me. but the size of the chunk of snow sent snow spraying everywhere. I ducked. "That took all afternoon to make!" I yelled at him when I noticed. Glorfindel. It hit him with a satisfying SMACK." I muttered. but some cover.351 - . why bother? I ran straight into the wall. which proved advantageous. The instant I opened the door. and before Glorfindel could react. wondering what he was up to. and dashed over to the fort. but soon another one was flying my way. and when Glorfindel appeared above the wall to yell a reply. I grinned evilly. It missed. a whole section of the wall . and it collapsed in front of me. and casually tossing another snowball from hand to hand. and dived towards the snowpile by the door.near the door . then growled and stood up. and with a muffled yell. and. there was a full-fledged snowball fight going on. Glorfindel toppled over backwards.

and we repeated the run-in-circles routine. holding the snow in one hand. The horse started as the snow hit it. it was during one of these circuits that. I stopped running and collapsed onto the floor in laughter. whickering in surprise. When I saw what was missing. sighing as he saw that it was in the same condition as mine. and therefore I was going to make supper. Yes it is. and looked down at me curiously. Glorfindel glanced over. Eventually.especially hungry ones!" I gasped out as Glorfindel spread his bedroll out close to the fire. I had to stop laughing. as my rib cage was hurting. Curious. I couldn't stop grinning. I tried to get a look at it. "Remind me never to room with horses again. though. Eventually. Glorfindel screeched to a stop beside me. "It is not THAT funny. Believe me. chuckling every once and awhile.352 - . With a yelp. though. Instead. "I will. Then he heaved the block of snow he was holding . "Yes. This time. Wordlessly. but the snow had all melted. but at that moment. but despite the fact that my cheeks hurt like hell. I was still laughing as Glorfindel stomped over to the bedroll and picked it up. I made my way around to running by the fire so I could do a quick inventory of our stuff. as I hid behind Asfaloth.. so I took off. "No.not only had he realized it was useless. it is not. I will. and I laughed harder." Glorfindel finally said. snowy heap on the floor. I was abruptly put in deadly danger of having snow stuffed down my shirt. Aratelpe following. I pointed towards Asfaloth as I continued to laugh. What are you going to sleep on tonight?" Glorfindel asked. I had finally settled down. Glorfindel followed me. he gave up .directly at Asfaloth. and was now just staring into the fire. as well. I dashed out the hole I'd made.the cold snow out. I realized the horses were chewing on something again. trying desperately to resist the saying the . and his expression instantly shifted to annoyed." I said with a snicker. despite the odd looks the horses were giving us. leaving Glorfindel's bed roll in a wet. and we had great fun running around in circles for awhile before I finally had the bright idea to dash into the main room." Glorfindel grumbled. By the time supper was done and we had eaten. he glared daggers at me for a moment before grabbing his own hunk of snow and making straight for me. even when Glorfindel informed me that this was my fault.. I looked at him for a moment. and then cantered over to the other far corner of the room. Of course. arching an eyebrow.

if not lunch. I failed. my plot has changed so much from its original path that the title no longer has any meaning. I think it had something to do with the plot at one point. I can't write a thing.353 - .. I couldn't stay silent and still at the same time. "You. then grinned as Glorfindel abruptly coughed and looked at me in utter shock . After almost falling asleep watching the Two Towers (from lack of sexy elves).. but in true me style. Do not simply go with a stomach full of nothing but a glass of Pepsi and a hard candy. but I gained some appreciation during RotK. somewhat. I snickered evilly. O. it occurred to me that I really have no idea why this fanfiction is called 'The Games of the Gods'. humming a tune under my breath. Also.purrrrrdy! ~Crimson Starlight .. What else?" Glorfindel rolled his eyes at that. I watched Dogma. at least have breakfast before you go. I kept being afraid that my stomach would growl during one of the quiet parts. but with that little snippet of the poem about his fall that Sam sings in FotR stuck in my head. horror. ----To be continued. as I wandered to bed. He's so cute! *snuggles Pippin* Yeah..retort on the tip of my tongue... But I rambled away like mad until 5 AM..but Arwen and Eowyn are both pretty handy with a sword. but in the end. but in my mood.o I did.with the March of the Highguard!---(And white Christmas's.I don't know why. I am expieriencing a strange momentary obsession with I'll just settle for Pippin.. If it wasn't for the fact that it would be a heckuva lot of trouble to change the title in all the chapters I've uploaded. Even have him on my desktop. Normally when I'm tired.*twitchspasm* I'd go for Aragorn. and then... Other than that.. I've never liked hobbits all that much. at 3 in the morning.. I had the most interesting New Years Eve.) -Authors Note:Tip: When going to a noon showing of Return of the King. so I soon stood and began walking around. Then. doink.. I would probably re-name this fic and re-upload all the chapters. Strangest thing ever. Now I'm off and hunting for some good Gil-Galad FanFictions. too .and wrote on this fanfic. "My cloak. turned on the computer.or even Faramir ..." I said.and.. my comments on RotK are: LEGOLAS IS MINE! *grabs him and ties him up in her basement* Hot elf. Silence reigned for awhile.

I think. .. Rachel: Hmm. CS: Well... CS: Naw. Glorfindel: Y'know. I don't have time for a long disclaimer..AH! Balrog! Glorfindel: Where?! CS: *points behind Glorfindel* Glorfindel: *runs in the opposite direction* CS: *smirk* Balrog: ROAR! .Songs -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:CS: I own nothing. CS: Erestor. you can have the most boring disclaimers... I'm sensing a pattern to the long-winded disclaimers. too. it his one appearance.354 - .. Rachel: As did Glorfindel at one point.. Glorfindel: I can be a lot shorter in my answers.. I think that's the longest speech anyone has ever given in a disclaimer.. if I want to get this chapter spell-checked and posted before I have to go to school. I think Elrond outdid it. Rachel: I reiterate from a few chapters ago. *idly plays with sword* CS: I'm sure you ca .

CS: Uh. . "Commonwealth" our battle cry. Because. Sound the call.. No Balrog! Balrog: ROAR! CS: (to Rachel) Run. the stars are falling As the enemy draws nigh. staring up at the ceiling... -40: Songs"Are you going to actually sing anything?" Glorfindel asked me about an hour later. CS: Crap. I settled on a short anthem that was actually rather apt.. with a grin. considering the outside events of the world. Unbidden. and turned my attention back to the wall I had been looking at before Glorfindel had spoken.355 - . singing would be just about the only thing that would get that mental image of a shirtless Glorfindel out of my head. trying not to drool too much at the thought. Finally. It was actually quite a sexy pose. never waver. Rachel: Author's word is reality. Rachel: *running* Way ahead of you. I stared absently at the stones making the wall." I replied. and his tunic was still wet enough from having snow dumped in it that it clung to him chest somewhat. Face the foe. especially considering there was only firelight. "Heaven burns. "Maybe. thinking about what song I could sing. the thought of what Glorfindel would look like without his shirt on popped into my head. truthfully. fleet and lancers. I twitched. hands behind his head. tilting my head to one side as I looked over at him where he was now lying flat on his back.

"Drat. "And has an oddly inspiring feel. I guess here it would be viewed as a giant Alliance of various kingdoms of different races. Glorfindel began to sing. . pulling me out of my internal congratulations. and I nodded before remembering that he was looking up at the ceiling and not at me. and 'planets' with 'kingdoms'. and then.356 - . Hold the line until the light. smiling slightly.Summon fire from the sky. and only then did I remember that he wouldn't be able to understand a word I had sung." I replied. Bound by blood and High Guard honor. "They were facing off against treachery inside their own Alliance." "I suppose that is why you chose to sing it?" Glorfindel asked. trying to explain things in a way Glorfindel would understand.. "What was that song about?" Glorfindel asked. in the Common was from a TV show. I'd never actually heard the song SUNG." I sang. Fair's fair. and then found the lyrics." I said with a light frown. without singing. I was surprised I remembered it all ." Glorfindel commented when I finished. but I'd heard the tune. not Common. I replaced 'million' with 'hundred'. without knowing what the words meant. There was a silence.and then a moment more to internally turn off my translator.. things that I had long since pushed out of my mind as irrelevant to Middle-Earth. Where did it come from?" "It was written for a. "Yep. kept it the same.Quenya from the sounds of it . "Apt. To be honest. starting quietly at first. then getting a little louder as I became sure of the tune. and then repeated the words. I wanted to listen to what he sang in Elvish. It took my a moment to realize he was singing in Elvish .play. Hold the line against the night. and an outside power that was really really evil. From a million sovereign planets Scattered through the endless night. I forgot you wouldn't be able to understand it. to my surprise." I muttered. since it was in English. It was the anthem for a. well. but other than that.

Glorfindel looked at me in surprise and curiosity. "Also apt. "Oh? What was it about?" I asked curiously."Ai! laurië lantar lassi súrinen. there was silence for awhile. Nai elyë hiruva. "Gandalf said you spoke Quenya?" he said. Rómello vanwa. Yéni únótimë ve rámar aldaron! Yéni ve lintë yuldar avánier mi oromardi lisse-miruvóreva Andúnë pella. I wouldn't be able to say where. "Sí man i yulma nin enquantuva? "An sí Tintallë Varda Oiolossëo ve fanyar máryat Elentári ortanë ar ilyë tier undulávë lumbilë.357 - ." he said finally. though for the life of me. Valimar! "Namárie! Nai hiruvalyë Valimar. ar sindanóriello caita mornië i falmalinnar imbë had probably been in the books somewhere. Namárie!" When Glorfindel finished the song. Vardo tellumar nu luini yassen tintilar i eleni ómaryo airetári-lírinen. though it was more of a question. considering where we are heading. . It sounded vaguely familiar . ar hísië untúpa Calaciryo míri oialë Sí vanwa ná.

" "No. and Glorfindel nodded. stupid git." I said. "And then there was Morgoth. But . and even then. you didn't understand my song." I replied. you'd have an insane powerless ex-Valar. Or at least. actually. when I let my internal translator thingy let me. "Either that or he'd be reformed. "Morgoth would probably go insane from the goodness.358 - ." I commented. "So why should you understand mine?" Glorfindel filled in the blank dryly. and I'm sure my eyes glittered evilly as I thought of all the possibilities." I said. and I cheerfully started in on '99 Red Balloons' . "It is a song of the West." he confirmed. and Glorfindel chuckled." I supplied. I can always figure out what they mean later by translating them. nodding emphatically." Glorfindel said darkly. of course. But I prefer listening to Elvish songs in Elvish." I said. "Most Elvish songs seem sad." he said." "I doubt it. shaking his head." I snorted." Glorfindel shot me a look of amusement. "Exile is too good for him. "Now." "Sounds sad. shall we have another song?" Glorfindel nodded. "Bah." Glorfindel chuckled. I believe. Of Valinor. obviously wondering what would be so bad about that. I was sure I pronounced it horribly. a strange tinge in his voice." Glorfindel arched an eyebrow." he said." I said. "Wonderful. Someone needs to change that. "I'd stick him in a mortal female body in my world and take away all his powers. "And then we would have an insane ex-Valar instead of an exiled ex-Valar. And anyways. and I nodded. "There was a time when the majority of them were not sad. "And then I'd stick him in with one of those fanatically Christian churches. "Same here. It was the only line I could remember from the German version.singing the first line of the chorus in its original language of German. "And what would you have done with him?" he asked. Galadriel wrote it. "And then there was Morgoth. she is the first one I heard sing it."I do.

in a strange sort of way . how do you explain an exploding cigar to someone who's never seen anything explode (except possibly through divine powers) and whose only encounter with tobacco is the Hobbits and Men's pipes? Not to mention that he was beginning to look curious about the mention to the entire reason for the holiday. exchanging songs." I said. Then. and within moments.who had since lay down on my cloak next to the fire . "Uh . of course . cloak . and we continued like that for quite some time. I stood. Near the end of our little sing-a-thon. trying to figure out a way to explain it.between the cold stone and me and another cloak-blanket between the cold air and me. that it was chilly. of course. I remembered that it was getting near to Christmas . Lying on my side. and spattering little conversations in-between. grabbed my cloak and crept over to where Glorfindel was laying. was asleep. When I realized this. I made a grab for the source of warmth and pulled it back towards me.nothing really important. as did the songs. Naturally.and then draped my cloak over myself and him. Yay for Elvish abilities!). of course. explaining what they meant. I smiled. he started a song of his own. the conversation died. I glanced down at the bedrolls. So I was very glad that he didn't wake up.and so I sang a few Christmas songs. I woke the next morning to movement next to me. he asked what it was about. and saw his eyes already unfocused and glazed over in sleep.felt myself falling into sleep. "It doesn't make any sense. I think. "Someone mistaking a bunch of child's toys for an attack on a kingdom and thus starting a war?" Glorfindel looked at me in shock. but I knew that if he woke up he'd have a problem with the arrangement. and I wasn't quite up to explaining Christianity As We Know It to Glorfindel. Not long after.ok. I wasn't actually touching the Elf-lord. At my cloak. I instantly became aware of all the little discomforts. I pillowed my head on my arm. I stopped when I started singing random versions of 'We Three Kings'. I glanced over at Glorfindel. Back to Glorfindel. Then the source of warmth .359 - .it was upbeat and catchy. and I eventually sang some of the slower songs. I mean. and I . Glorfindel did manage to dreg up some of the more cheerful Elvish songs from his memory. It was much nicer to have a blanket . most importantly. and then nodded in understanding." Glorfindel hesitated. I lay down beside him . and I shrugged. Eventually. and found it impossible to explain them to Glorfindel. Soundlessly. Also. It was meant to poke fun at the governments of home. it felt weird to be sleeping without a blanket. and I caught Glorfindel singing the chorus under his breath at the end. Trying to make as little noise as possible (not hard for my Elvish abilities.on his cloak. and the first thing I became aware of was that a source of warmth was leaving.

so I started adjusting my cloak as best I could to make up for the fact that I just had it to wrap myself in now. It was like a little cocoon of warmth. "So. and it took me several bleary moments to realize that Glorfindel had managed to get up this time without waking me." he murmured. and especially wrapped my cloak over my head to preserve warmth.and let Glorfindel have his cloak back. I peered up at him. and was now a few feet away from me.Glorfindel rudely pulled my cloak away from my head. and I woke up the rest of the way to find my arm clamped around Glorfindel's waist. Glorfindel looked at me for a moment. and my sleepy mind loved my cocoon. and Glorfindel laughed before getting up and doing just that. "It's a hungover human trait. and I glanced towards the fire place to see nothing but cold coals. as well as what I could of Glorfindel's.exposing my back to the cold morning air . With a sigh. munching happily on something that looked . I let go of Glorfindel." he said. and pulled on a piece of his hair." I grunted." I growled at him. The second time I woke that morning was to the smell of food. snuggled into his warmth. Annoyed.and smelled . I sat up. as after only a short bit . then. are we going to dig our way out today?" I asked when I finished eating. I wasn't allowed to stay like that long. however. While he was still looking at me in confusion. however. "I was merely going to re-start the fire. He said nothing as I pouted up at him. reached over. and he shrugged. "Far too early in the morning to be up. and let myself slip into sleep as well.utterly delicious. which just made him chuckle again. The instant he left. I wrapped my cloak around me. merely arched an eyebrow and waited. holding him rather close.chuckled. Then I gave a mental shrug. and he looked down at me in amusement. even as I blinked up at him in shock and surprise. and then his eyes slid into the unfocused gaze of an Elf preparing to sleep.a few minutes or so . by the fire. shut up. then shook his head and chuckled. and then motioned to a pot by the fire. when Glorfindel abruptly pulled me back towards him and spread my cloak out over both of us. "Food?" I inquired intelligently. I rolled to the side . . "Get to it. I stalked over to the fire I served myself some of the food Glorfindel had prepared.360 - . I was startled. "Must you wake me up with cold EVERY morning?" I demanded." I said crisply. Glorfindel glanced over at me. "Too far. I figured the gig of stealing Glorfindel's warmth was up.

We took turns digging through the door snowdrift for the remainder of the day until finally. . and whistled appreciatively as I saw that the snowdrift we'd dug through went all the way up to the top of the building."Either that or find a way to feed the horses. packed our belongings up. the wall we were digging through abruptly collapsed. then. startling the horses. blue sky shining over a white landscape." Then I wrinkled my nose and added. showing a pale winter sun and clear. though we'd have to go carefully so the horses didn't break a leg in a hole they never saw. "And a bath." Glorfindel shot me an amused look. "There goes two days work. and when he re-remerged. around two weeks. for the horses. so the horses wouldn't have any opportunity to chew on anything. though there were several scares when I thought the whole thing was going to collapse. I turned back to the entranceway of the building." I announced loudly.361 - . I mounted up as Glorfindel dashed inside to put out the fire." I said. and fluffy . standing and stretching." I muttered. "Indeed. nodding towards Asfaloth and Aratelpe." Glorfindel said. and carried them with us out into the outer room." I sang under my breath as I surveyed the landscape. "Oh gods what I wouldn't do for a bed again. "It is better than leaving it there and allowing Orcs to know that Elves use this building for shelter." I grumbled. We left the fire going. who were once more looking quite longingly at our bedrolls where they were still stretched out in front of the fire." Glorfindel said with a shrug as he mounted up on Asfaloth. The tunnel was widened fairly quickly. "Sooner we get out of here. It turned out to be less than a foot deep. he punched the snow in a few specific places. around noon. but it proved not to be needed. as Asfaloth and Aratelpe probably fearing we were going to leave them behind . I saw Glorfindel already working on enlarging it so the horses could get through. Looking at the tunnel I'd just come through itself.followed us into the outer room. I feel dirty.. "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. and our tunnel collapsed. How long is it until Lothlorien now?" "Barring any more snowstorms.. and then stepped out to see the depth of the snow. "Let's get digging.easy for the horses to walk through. "BAH." Glorfindel said with a hint of a smile. brought our saddlery and provisions out and tacked up the horses. then we both rose. the sooner I get a bed. Then we ushered the horses outside.

and don't recall replying to it.oh yes..I just have half-formed plans floating around my head...somebody mentioned. let's get out of here. "Well. and then sign off! This is one of my longer Author's Notes for this story. 'microchips' and 'silicon'. Anyways. microchips.. (either way. Never was any good at estimating. Beds and baths await in Lothlorien. Maybe Denethor could die from shock and save Faramir the trauma of almost being burned to death? Eh.anyone out there mind if I try and drag this story on until the end of the War? Because I'm having strong urges to A) shock the begeezes out of Denethor or B) shock the begeezes out of Faramir. time for me to thank my reviewers. And on that note.. Aratelpe was quite content to just follow Asfaloth's footsteps and eat what she could see of the grass Asfaloth uncovered. Um. now that I come to think of it.. ----To be continued.. Since Rachel's got an automatic translator in her head.sorry. Though the horse soon slowed down all by himself so he could pick his way more carefully through the snow. Thus. and at any rate.. instead of Elvish equivalents (which they most likely don't have). (I think maybe it was Aislin? *ponder*) I remembered that last night.. if she started going on about computers. it either translates words that are not currently in the Elvish vocabulary into the closest word. yes." Glorfindel chuckled. but I have trouble with names (yes. Shiny no-prizes to anyone who guessed that last chapters 'to be continued' meant that there'd be singing this chapter. or if they'd mind it ambling along for quite a bit longer. reading the Silmarillion was hell because of this) . or the word that Rachel speaks just remains as it is.but.362 - .So thank you to all my reviewers. very true. I figured I might as well explain it here. Yep.. awhile back.what else... some un-finished business .. chapter estimate is still off." I said. that estimate looks like it's going to be rather off. whatever.just more off if I let the story go to the end of the War) Right. and am wondering if anybody REALLY wants to know how it's going to end soon. uh. it's wonderful . Or both. I can't remember the name of the reviewer that asked for a chapter estimate (and got one) . that they didn't think Elvish had a word for 'fuck'. and silicon.. others around her would actually here the words 'computers'. and then obliged by urging Asfaloth into a brisk walk."Hmm.with Creepy Lady!---(And elf that doesn't know whether he's dead or alive!) -Authors Note:Hee.

to have you all! I hope that. replace 'school' with 'work'. or anything else applicable. Oh. and KnowInsight gets to borrow Glorfindel for a day because she pointed me in the direction of the Fic 'Glorfindel: Owner's Guide and Maintance Manual'. well. *snickergiggles* ~Crimson Starlight . and if it doesn't.363 - . school isn't being utterly horrible. if this applies to you. 'life'.

. Needless to say. you have lovely eyes.thanks? Haldir: *purrs again and eyes Legolas* Legolas: . Crimson Starlight ran out of ideas for disclaimers. CRIMSON STARLIGHT! *runs* Haldir: *runs after* Come back.DAMN YOU. and every day became a grey blur interspersed with snow flurries.. Legolas: *sighs* Along with Haldir. Then came the lovely part where we had to cross the Misty Mountains. Haldir: And what a lovely appearance it is.. *ahem* Crimson Starlight owns nothing at all.. my pretty! CS: *giggles* What. -41: LothlorienFor the next week of our journey. Haldir: You know. you don't think I'd actually let Legolas get extra time in the spotlight without having a little fun? He already gets too much attention.. in honour of his first appearance in this fanfiction. CS: *grins insanely* Legolas: So.. Legolas.364 - . Haldir *purr* You said that so well. Legolas: .. Legolas: Uh. the weather remained crisp and clear. while we were . so she FINALLY allowed me to put in an appearance..Lothlorien -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:Legolas: Well.

I could tell the moment we entered Lothlorien.365 - . Glorfindel just chuckled. Then he shot me a look that clearly said 'be quiet'. looking far to innocent. though. "And by my lucky Irish blood. Bless my Irish background." I growled menacingly. "Your breathing. It was actually quite funny when we arrived . Glorfindel's would be doing so. and giving me strange looks when he found out.going through the mountains. but Glorfindel visibly perked up. Then. as he usually did. A few moments later. as per usual. I swear. I snuggled up to Glorfindel at night." "And a bath?" Glorfindel added dryly. "What was it this time?" Haldir asked Glorfindel dryly. I gave him a confused look. wha-" my slightly worried question was cut off as Glorfindel's hand shot out and covered my mouth. and I nodded vigorously. and Glorfindel announced that we would reach Lothlorien in three or four days. used to my complaint by now. and went back to eating supper. because not only did a sense of peace and safety settle over me." he said. That night. without anything happening. After asking what the first few seemed he had put himself on full alert and was listening and scanning the trees intently. He didn't seem to mind. I gave a little cheer. It took me a few moments to realize. we camped in the foothills. Glorfindel stopped asking what the songs meant. that he wasn't just happy to be in Lothlorien . . "Glory. but obeyed. if an Elves ears could twitch. Glorfindel abruptly reigned Asfaloth in. followed shortly by a merry band of ten or so Elves. Marchwarden!" he called out. we came 'round a mountain and found foothills in front of us. five days after we entered the mountains. glaring at the world at large. "I want a BED. And lo and behold. it won't. if nothing happened. and Haldir made a noise of disbelief." Glorfindel replied. we actually managed to make it to Lothlorien in three days. and I heard a few chuckles coming from the trees before a rather familiar looking elf appeared. "Hail. and sang a few cheery songs mostly what I could remember of random Monty Python songs. "Someday I shall figure out how you manage to always hear us.

"Perhaps. but apparently he was only leading us back to where another guide was waiting on a horse. "Tutor to the Lord Stewards sons." Glorfindel said with a mild smile. eyeing me. The guide looked at me strangely. I still maintained it would be OK." I finished Glorfindel's introduction crisply. since it could get back to Kari before I had a chance to tell her and ooooh." I said to Glorfindel in annoyance." I confirmed blandly. "Indeed. stepping back and looking me and my horse up and down. "Yes. Haldir just looked mildly surprised . but said nothing. and whacked him on the head. you say?" Haldir asked. "And who might this charming lady be. "Of Gondor. but the Lothlorien elves were too busy doing the same thing to notice. and I considered thwapping him." "So this was what you had me keep quiet for? Doink. and I wondered if he'd heard something about me. Glorfindel looked at me in surprise. sounding as if he was going to thoroughly enjoy revealing who I was ." Haldir said with a slight frown." With that. When we entered the city. but figured I'd probably get a few arrows stuck in my face if I tried. Lord Glorfindel?" Haldir asked. especially as Glorfindel seemed to take it in stride . and Haldir nodded abruptly as he brought his attention back to Glorfindel. not wanting to encounter Kari quite yet. Come. Haldir turned and strode off through the trees. That guide then took us to Caras Galadhon. you are expected. I cautiously pulled the hood of my cloak up over my face. I thought for a short while that we were to have Haldir as our guide to Caras Galadhon.while Glorfindel just rubbed the back of his head and glared at me. as well. "Is Lady Asira of Gondor. The Lothlorien elves looked shocked well. though. "I doubt it.and I realized then that that might not be such a good idea. "We are here with messages for Lady Galadriel from Lord Elrond?" Glorfindel put in. The sarcasm in his statement was not lost on me.I'd had a quick whispered conversation with him on the way here explaining my reasoning for .366 - . but a random strange elf? ReallyReallyAngry!Kari. If she heard it from Elrohir. and we followed. "This -" Glorfindel started slowly. that would NOT be good.

// I commanded instantly in my head. When I realized that. another Elf arrived inquiring if I'd like a bath. as Galadriel called an Elf over and got them to show Glorfindel and I to our flets . and shot me a warning look telling me to curtsey. "Doesn't stop it from being annoying. //Very well." I replied crisply." Galadriel said in a soft." Whatever annoyances I had with Galadriel flew out the window with the statement. but even that didn't quench the thoughts of a bed and a bath." Glorfindel said politely. but I had already beat him to it and made the deepest curtsey I thought I could manage. Glorfindel bowed slightly.// came the light voice in my head. knowing that he'd most likely mentioned to Galadriel how easily I got lost. and the touch withdrew." Galadriel said with a smile. Finally. "I rather think it was thoughtful of him.not glowing. and then we split ways to go to our separate flets. surprising me slightly. Lord Glorfindel. Then Galadriel appeared . //Whatever you have to say to me. Go take some rest . Be disrespectful to Elrond? Sure. We soon came out onto a platform where several other Elves were standing off to the side.I shall hear your messages later tonight. clear voice.367 - . Be disrespectful to Creepy Lady? Hell no.which were. you can say to me OUT of my mind or not at all. Then there came what felt like a soft brush at my mind. I shook away my surprise to think over later.// Galadriel looked amused now. I wasn't going to push my luck that much. and I held back a flash of annoyance. "I know." Glorfindel said mildly. but did she have to flaunt it? "But they may wait until later. and several Elves came and took our horses. she may know everything. I caught a flicker of surprise on her face. I said yes. near each other. surprisingly. and I brushed my hood back once I was sure Kari was not in attendance. we stopped at the base of a tree. looking sternly at Galadriel. I muttered an implication or two northwards. My scarce baggage had already been brought up by the Elf that had taken care of Aratelpe. Galadriel's gaze flickered over to me. and I was also amused to discover that a few moments after I entered. I hadn't actually expected that to work. he looks funny when he's annoyed.adopting my Gondorian identity. however. and so we did. and I decided instantly that she must have an incredible singing voice. Sure. at Elrond. and I brightened considerably. "We bring messages from Lord Elrond. . The guide motioned silently for us to go up the stairs into the tree. You have traveled far. thankfully. //Out. and she looked amused. Miss Rachel. "Welcome to Lothlorien.

arching an eyebrow. Haldir looked over at me in amusement. I grinned." Glorfindel said when I entered. but you'd probably ignore me if I did. "See. "Don't make me steal your boot and whack you with it." I replied promptly. and Haldir eyed me as if he was trying to figure out if I was serious and he should correct me." "You probably would have just been knocked out. and then whacked Haldir on the head.he'd probably heard me coming. only to find . "OW! What was that for?!" he demanded." Glorfindel said. "Yeah. "Actually. because I was going to go bug the heck out of him. Haldir. now that you have suggested it. scary folk they are. and Haldir nodded hesitantly. "That reminds me.then asked them to come get me a Lord Glorfindel's flet when it was ready. as he was visiting with Glorfindel when I entered. "You should knock. Dangerous. To solve his dilemma." I said thoughtfully. and I smiled sweetly before disappearing. that reminds me. The Elf looked at me strangely. but I'm sure Lady Asira would be glad to attend. don't you think?" I asked him. interrupting whatever Haldir was in the middle of saying. had come back to Caras Galadhon almost on our heels. and Glorfindel just grinned." Glorfindel said." I said warningly. "Lady Alkarisil wishes to extend invitations to the party from Rivendell to attend her Yuletide Feast. while Haldir looked very much like he was trying not to burst out laughing.368 - . you know. it seemed. instantly turning serious and scowling down at me. "Human misconceptions are such fun. You never know with these Lothlorien Elves. just as Glorfindel had." he said suddenly." I said with a shrug. "When I couldn't do so because I would have become a pin cushion if I tried." Glorfindel said thoughtfully." I said solemnly. "Well.. "Earlier. if they care to stay until the 24th of the next month. and then turned to me expectantly. the 'probably' part is what worries me. but obviously not surprise . or if I was joking.." "I shall most likely return to Rivendell before then.

she knows." "So you know Alkarisil?" Haldir asked in surprise. "Lady Asira?" Haldir asked. who shrugged. He just picked it up from me. I know him. according to some.369 - . it's the celebration of the birth of a savior." I said. yeah. looking as if he wanted to wave a hand in front of my eyes to see if I was awake. There was a pause. though. "You know Lord Elladan?" Haldir asked abruptly. After a few moments of silence.I'm certainly not going to do it." I replied. "Yeah. "Oh. and I noted with interest that the 'lady' was gone. and then I started cackling." "A savior?" Haldir asked curiously. it is something Lady Alkarisil holds every year at this time . "Yes." Haldir explained. Too complicated and too confusing. "But I called her 'Kari' first.. "Did you just say 'Yuletide Feast'?" I asked. while Glorfindel and Haldir looked at me oddly. obviously hoping for elaboration on that. Haldir shot a confused look at Glorfindel. I have only heard Lord Elladan call her that. "That so rocks!" I said with a giggle when I finally calmed down." Haldir replied." I continued snickering quietly for staring at Haldir in shock. Any more than that you shall have to prod out of Kari yourself. "Not that I don't blame her . many years ago. and I nodded vigorously. "You know of this tradition?" Haldir finally asked. pulling myself out of my shock.she says she never truly found out. arching an eyebrow. "Oh." I replied with amusement. remembering how I'd helped him turn Kari and Elrohir purple those many. "Hm?" I asked blankly. I wasn't . which is why I remembered it just now. "What is it about? Lady Alkarisil will not tell us . as well. She just doesn't want to explain Christianity to y'all. is that.she says she picked it up during her travels from a human culture." I snorted. "You called Lady Alkarisil 'Kari'. Haldir and Kari apparently knew each other. "She brought Christmas to the Elves. Gist of the holiday..

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I was still slightly hungry when I finished. and I sat up with the intention of finding food only to find myself looking at some on my bedside table. and then dug into the food. as well. . sit. but there was some sort of quality to Celeborn that I doubt any human would ever be able to capture . bowed to me.. it seemed. An airy voice . I decided that he'd probably been the one to bring in the food. Ah. He probably had a wonderful singing voice. wondering who had dropped the food off. I think the only way it could have been better was if I had a sexy elf-lord to snuggle up to. and then glanced around the room. Rachel. but nobody was there. and so I did. who am I kidding? All Elves have wonderful singing voices . and I had the most wonderful sleep I had had in quite a long time. my guide stopped at a door. I blinked in surprise. and left. so it ended out being Celeborn who spoke next. and I found that it was early the next morning. motioning to a chair once I'd made a little curtsey. I found myself confronted by not only Galadriel." Galadriel said. so I headed out of my room with the intention of finding the kitchens. I absently wondered how long he'd been waiting for me to emerge.told me to enter. "You have had a most interesting life.which I recognized as Galadriel's . Cate Blanchett did a fairly good Galadriel. I mentally shook myself and pulled myself back to the conversation at hand. my intention was thwarted. Rachel." he said smoothly. I paused. Him or Galadriel. Eventually. was doing the same as I and waiting for someone else to speak first. and then looked up at Galadriel and Celeborn. but Celeborn as well. finishing it off quickly.and his voice was just to die for. Once again. steaming hot and smelling delicious.373 - . The bed was soft. Hunger woke me later. wanting to get me out of bed. Galadriel. As I followed the Elf to meet Galadriel. "Come. and once I was done with it. Upon entering. then decided that Glorfindel had probably at least had some part in it. and had just waited until I emerged.. as the instant I stepped outside an Elf emerged from the shadows and informed me that Lady Galadriel wished to see me.) -42: MemoryMy bath was actually quite relaxing.even I seemed to have acquired one. I considered just entering. and I knocked. Anymore. I shrugged. My stomach was growling quite loudly. waiting for them to speak. I found I could do nothing more than drag myself to my bed and collapse into sleep. I took the seat quietly. but then I remembered Creepy Galadriel from the Fellowship of the Ring. however. and the thought flashed through my head that Marton Csokas barely did the Elf Lord justice.Galadriel: (But at least it gets me into disclaimers.

"Why not?" I asked. Kari is here." "I will say this once. "You cannot even let on that you know what the future is going to hold . and I looked at her sharply. I may be terminally insane." I replied." "Doesn't anybody ask me before they tell people about that?" I asked with some annoyance. I also know that I will not be able to hold it all in. could be disastrous." Galadriel said softly. "I know that letting it slip that I know of the future.374 - . . keeper of an Elven ring of Power. I find it hard to believe that any would not find that interesting." Celeborn said. no matter how hard I try. or that letting slip pieces of that knowledge. know of the future of this age. "They hardly count. but I am not an idiot. "Only some?" Galadriel said.for one. it is not the past that matters. and I nodded. and my annoyance almost flared into anger before I remembered that this was Creepy Lady. "You have contrived your own false 'death' and wandered Middle-Earth for over 800 years." Celeborn said. arching an eyebrow delicately." I said.the results could be disastrous. "And a good deal of the past. "Indeed I do. For another. it would be dangerous for you to let slip pieces of what you know." "At this time." Galadriel elaborated." Galadriel looked amused. and I looked at her in stunned surprise. setting a precedent. Galadriel and Celeborn exchanged looks."So some people would say. but the look on her face stopped me short. That's part of the reason why I agreed so easily to come here . it takes away much of the temptation. "Lord Elrond tells us that you. ready to give her a piece of my mind. and talking with her should lessen the amount of slips I make." I said firmly. "That you know the future is what concerns us. "You do know of the future?" Celeborn persisted. as well. like Alkarisil." "I doubt it. with those I have the most knowledge of far out of my reach. and I shrugged again." "Orcs wouldn't." Galadriel put in." I said with a shrug." "Even here in Lothlórien. "Kari does not recall anything from before you and she arrived in Rivendell. "Darn Glory.

Kari loved her privacy. If Galadriel and Celeborn called after me." I wasn't quite sure how long I sat there.I got up and left the room.I was far too surprised to latch onto anything coherent. or had ever imagined it would have. and then made my way down. blue-eyed Elf that jumped off a cliff to her death. The question was. if Kari didn't remember me. eventually. She wouldn't even remember all that much of my personality . wandering in the forest. letting me think once more. She would only remember me as a blonde-haired. I did. and the stress of trying to keep from saying anything told on her. she came here to pass along Lord Elrond's request for Arwen to return to Rivendell. remember what I looked like before. Or rather. It was becoming painfully apparent to me that my faked death had a harder impact on Kari than I had originally thought it might. gone almost as soon as they were finished . Outside of the room. staring at Galadriel in shock. I WANTED to get lost. Of course. And the walking helped bring me back into my own. I knew I was going to get lost. She then asked me to temporarily block out her memories of what she knew. as well. not looking back at Galadriel and Celeborn. but it would still not be enough for her to recognize me. when the roads were becoming too dangerous to travel.and since Galadriel had blocked Kari's memories. I could just ramble on to Glorfindel if I was having trouble. and stayed on here herself. and would not repeat any of what I'd said . Though why I would talk to Creepy . Granted. but she could not tell them much. but I knew it was a good length of time. I could probably tell her. I didn't hear as I headed off into the forest at a brisk trot. I paused for a moment. presumably. If she remembered nothing from before we arrived in Rivendell. and I doubt even 800 years could change it. and her free will . did I even want to try and get her to remember me? I had no trouble keeping my knowledge to myself. and I followed through on that first coherent thought . just seeing me might shock her repressed memories into surfacing."When Estel first came to Rivendell. Eventually. who were starting to show some concern. This whole return thing of mine was not going to be a pretty sight when she found out .375 - .she always had.I'd left Rivendell after being there less than a week. she found the attempt to keep her knowledge to herself a bit overwhelming. but at this moment. She spoke with Glorfindel and Gandalf a few times about it. Kari and I had spent a lot of that time together. So the fact that she let Galadriel into her mind to block out her memories of the Fellowship spoke of how hard it was for her to deal with them. He was discreet. out of the tree. then Kari would not. Thoughts flashed through my head occasionally.if she even recognized me.

Kari held it every year." I replied crisply.meaning to find Haldir and. explain to him all about Christmas just so he wouldn't ask Kari about it and wake her memory inadvertently. I started humming a Christmas song and recalling Christmases from when I was young. and just to let her remember everything when Arwen's escort arrived in Lothlórien. and I blinked in surprise. and then turned to leave again. suddenly tired. and it stirred her memory. I'm not sure Kari even remembered that Arwen came through Lothlórien with an escort once the war was over. That. she would know who I was in an instant. causing him to make a funny noise and skip-jump away from my finger. without even seeing me. Or Elrohir. intending to give him a good scolding. "But I have a rather pressing matter to attend to -" . then. and I had told him that she did and he just needed to prod her into saying it. and flopped down at the base of the nearest tree. It was entirely possible that Kari had asked Galadriel not to say anything. and was just keeping it going now. When I saw it was Glorfindel.376 - . I think Morgoth would return and take over all of Arda before I did that." "That's nice to know. If he told her the bit that I'd told him in an effort to help pry the information out of her. I nodded in satisfaction. scowling. I jumped up and headed back for Caras Galadhon . Even with my frantic thoughts.Lady after she blocked my friend's memory of me I had no idea. I slowed to a stop." Glorfindel said. I just walked over to him and poked him in the side. of course. and then whirled to face the Elf. eventually brought me to Kari's Yuletide least I headed in the direction I was pretty sure Caras Galadhon was in . She probably started the tradition before she had her memory messed with. if necessary. if Elrond knew of what Galadriel had done. however. Then Haldir's words came back . with growing horror. I recalled how Haldir had claimed that she had said she didn't know the reason of it. "Wait. For a change of thoughts. Of course. and caught my arm. some part of my brain registered the presence above and in front of me before it dropped in front of me. wondering suddenly how she could be holding it when she didn't recall anything from home. "I do have a reason for jumping in front of you. and I was able to swerve out of the way. If it woke her memory. Then. I wondered. I sighed. since that would be the next time Kari would see either Elrond or Elrohir.

and whatever consequences that came from it beyond your control. Rachel." Glorfindel said in a tone that I knew was meant to be soothing . "Where?" I demanded. I let out another string of swears. a disturbed look entering his face." I replied in annoyance.377 - ." I said. since you said that she knew it. "We have not even been here a day. "That would explain. "Galadriel zapped her memory. "Yes." Glorfindel said. nothing I can explain. starting up an internal chant of 'please don't say with Kari'. "What have you done this time?" "Oh."Already?" Glorfindel asked. "I thought you wished to stay away from Kari until the time was right to reveal your presence?" "Kari doesn't remember me looking like this at the moment. "He was attempting to get the meaning for the feast from her. though?" I asked. Glory. I just want to know where Kari and Haldir are so I can stop Haldir from re-awakening Kari's memory and causing her to go psycho on me. since he and Haldir had seemed to be good friends. So where are they?" Glorfindel looked at me. I don't want to know. "Explain what? No. Haldir's questions just might unzap her memory. for a moment. he was speaking with Kari about her Yuletide Feast." Glorfindel said." "You said a 'pressing matter'." I snapped. stunned." he murmured softly. and I was not soothed. and turned to run off again . "When I left him. suddenly realizing that Glorfindel just might know. "Why do you wish to know so badly?" he asked. and then adopted a thoughtful look. Haldir and Kari's conversation is no doubt long over. Glorfindel eyed me. "Where was that?" I asked. arching an eyebrow. though. "I left them quite some time ago to look for you." Glorfindel pointed out. "I'm surprised you haven't figured THAT out by now. I do." I let out a stream of curses." "I can get myself into deep shit in far less than a day. not 'trouble'.but panic about Kari's reaction was filling me.I was of half a mind to head . You wouldn't happen to know where Haldir is.

if there had been more to it than the wine." I added. and Glorfindel chuckled." "Then she shall find you and you shall resolve your problems with her.back to Rivendell or Gondor. I watched Glorfindel out of the corner of my eye. "Several thousand years tend to cause that. and held me firmly in place. and then nodded. anywhere far away from Elves and the problems they invariably caused in my life . letting his arms drop from my shoulders. and I looked at him with slight surprise. besides. He stared at me sternly as I tried to get away.along with stopping me from ." he said. I removed my arm from Glorfindel's shoulders. but that was to be expected. before looking up at Glorfindel curiously. That was another thing Kari could help me with . "I doubt it very much. Glorfindel gave a little shudder. only relaxing his grip when I subsided. "Yes. "I doubt it. and I laughed before draping my arm over his shoulders (as best I could. being too used to the forward advances of men from my world. "You make far too much sense. Or maybe he had but I hadn't recognized them. You cannot run. and why. That you could not pick the time or place is unfortunate. wondering what was going through his head. If not. let us NOT mention that. cursing him the entire time. or just Men in general? I really was rather clueless about Elvish customs. unexpectedly. considering how short I was) and pulling him along with me as I headed back to Caras Galadhon. Glorfindel grabbed me by the shoulders. "Kari's memory might not even have been woken. he hadn't made anymore moves to that effect." I said. This IS me we're talking about. Well. I paused. wondering how he had sensed my intentions when I had barely figured them out myself. and also suddenly remembering the answer that had started up conversation between Glorfindel and me again. but you must deal with it. When we entered the city. "Not to mention death. crossing my arms and glowering at him.but. you can leave her be until you have discerned how best to wake her memory. spinning me to face him once more." he said. Glorfindel had to correct my course slightly.378 - . as he had said." he said. As we headed back to our flets." Glorfindel replied sensibly. Not again." Glorfindel pointed out. "You knew you would have to face Kari. knowing I would get funny looks from various elves." I said with a sigh. Rachel.

In fact. ----To be continued.running away in a panic is I..*I* certainly don't start out intending to have him be an important part of the stories. indeed. and I'm NOT going to be re-uploading 50+ chapters!) In other news.. by my pointy l'il ears. too.not a chance.I changed all the 'Lothlorien' and 'Lorien's to 'Lothlórien' and 'Lórien's. (I have no idea what it's called. So. It will just be in this chapter and the following ones . uh. Kari could be fooled once. She would see right through any attempt I made to leave and drag me back. though. but after that . -Authors Note:This time in Crimson Starlight's Editting News . you know what I realized the other day? Haldir has been a major character in every single one of my chaptered stories to date.with. it wasn't until I had shut the door that I bothered to glance around the room. Rachel. And he's looking to put in a good appearance in this fic. and make me confront what I had run away from. and then my eyes latched onto the intruder and I froze. I was going to follow the books for 'Sightseeing in Middle-Earth'. even as I opened the door and stepped inside my flet.379 - . Yes. Kari wandered around without remembering the Lord of the Rings and its events for approximately nine years. kicking and screaming. but then decided otherwise at the last .. Kari. him heading off to his own flet and I to mine.(Which I never will! This things going to be a monster in length when it's finished. though I'm pretty sure I've been told at least half a dozen times) I haven't re-uploaded any of the chapters that it's in.---(Isn't that a stunning surprise?) -Timeline note:Arwen returned to Rivendell in 3009 of the Third Age.unless I decide to re-post all the chapters for this story at some point. started worrying about becoming a Mary-Sue again. "Hello. This time I was so distracted that my mind didn't sense the presence ahead of me.. she was the most wonderful friend. and has been a main character in one of my one-chapter-wonders.. Because I re-read the Lothlórien chapter in the Fellowship of the Ring and realised that the 'o' has that funny thing over it. My thoughts barely slowed as Glorfindel and I split ways. for some reason." Kari said icily. The darned Elf must be sleeping with my muse or something to keep sneaking into my stories this way ..

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dammit . and there's nothing much more I can say than that. "My." She smiled at me sardonically. and I'm trying to deal with it." "Oh. is it not? Always has been. "You have no idea how much courage it took me to even come to Lothlórien." I snapped in reply. and how many times I almost turned back. "It's hard to be sincere when you seem to have remembered. "I'm actually kinda having trouble just trying to keep my mind working at the moment. alive and well. "You would think you had just had a friend who you thought was DEAD return. so excuse ME if I'm a little disconcerted. after 800 years." she said sarcastically. I'm the one at fault now. not at the moment. recognizing the genius of my response." she said. Kari. "No.382 - . . I was hoping to confront you at a time and place of my choosing ." I snapped.which would not have been in the middle of the afternoon the day after I arrived. If it wasn't for Glorfindel. But it happened that way. you are having trouble keeping you mind working?" Kari .came up with what is likely the most BRILLIANT response ever: "Hello. aren't we talkative for one so recently returned from the dead. suddenly realizing why my mother had always told me that sarcasm wasn't a good skill to cultivate. "How sincere you sound. or some other thing along those lines." "It is always about you." I said." "I panicked. I would be bloody well halfway back to Minas Tirith by now." I corrected myself with a shrug. arching an eyebrow. I wasn't even intending that you figure out that I was back this soon." Kari said." Kari said with an overly dramatic sigh.she was still Kari to my mind. just how to push my buttons.said rolling her eyes. "Hell yes if you're going to continue being a bitch." I retorted in annoyance. it was stupid. "Oh yes. I'm sorry." Kari said dryly. "I prefer Alkarisil. no matter what she wanted to be called. and I shifted uncomfortably. "Alkarisil. in my flet.

I needed. and the perfect way to prove that was to pursue this . I barely noticed when Glorfindel shut the door. yes. as well as the present. For a moment. just as she had . have to come back to reality and figure out how to prove to Kari that I knew what I had done was stupid and that I was sorry."At this moment. knowing that I would.whether those changes were for better or worse. Because. how? I was pulled out of my thoughts as there came a cursory knock at my door before it slowly opened again. however. wrapping my own around him and holding onto him. essentially. began to seep back into it that I realized what the perfect way to show Kari that I knew what I'd done was stupid and that I was sorry was. She stopped a few feet in front of me and gave me a hard stare." Then she stormed past me and left the flet. I stared at the slightly open door for several minutes after she left. if you just ask. walking over to me. I found myself pulled into a hug. as the only way Glorfindel could have known was if he had seen Kari leaving. but then I recalled how Elladan and Elrohir were. and I was on the edge of a bloody romance with Glorfindel. I felt safe there. trying to recover from the encounter. and it wasn't until coherent thoughts involving both the past and the future. indeed. since I am the one that caused the problem. arching an eyebrow in return. eventually. And really? I wasn't going to mind doing it one bit. but it was rather hard not to notice when he picked me up and deposited me on the bed. "There is no way you can prove your apology." Kari said bitterly. Well. Nonetheless. My brain. in either of us. But quite honestly. though. still talking to me. I was prepared to give up hope at her parting statement. "What you've done cannot be forgiven. surprisingly. "Kari was here?" It was a question that needn't have been asked. I didn't care as long as he was there. you've probably figured out the solution to that by now. and just snuggled closer to him and enjoyed the time. "It can easily be turned around so it is about YOU and how you would like me to that I truly AM sorry. was currently living in the moment. which at the moment. The question was. Of course. I had changed in 800 years. 'Cannot be forgiven'? Hell yes it can.383 - . and then relaxed in Glorfindel's arms. She had obviously not expected this reaction from me. it is about me." Kari looked somewhat surprised. I found myself looking up at Glorfindel. only time would tell. I stiffened for a moment. Then." I replied. and it pushed away my worries about Kari. what I needed to prove to Kari was that I no longer believed in Mary-Sues. I liked to remain in control of situations. I nodded. and that control had been taken away and replaced with a whirlwind of breathlessly quick and dangerous occurrences that I liked to remain in control simply to avoid.

As I finished my late meal. . I decided with a wicked grin. where. looked around for no reason. far too innocently. smiling innocently.let's face it. "My secret!" I replied happily. grinning wickedly. bouncing up from the bed and heading over to the window. I'm sure).384 - . I'm hungry. I scarfed down a good hobbit-sized helping of an early supper. and then returned my attention to the room to find Glorfindel now standing behind me .it shall leave you more time to speak with your table companions. The cooks gave me mixed amused and revolted looks. after I remembered that I had skipped lunch. Glorfindel informed me that I would have to sit through another meal shortly. looking at him impatiently. later. "Think of it this way .and I hadn't even heard him move." Glorfindel stared at me as I went over to the door and held it open. and Glorfindel pulled back and gave me an odd look. Johnny Depp playing a certain Captain Jack Sparrow. "It slipped my mind. I cackled gleefully as plans started to form. and I narrowed my eyes at him dangerously. I couldn't help it. "I just figured something out. He wasn't going to know what hit him. "Unless you're going to lead me to the kitchens." I said. I poked my head outside." he replied. twitching slightly as I envisioned myself surrounded by boring Elf-lords and nothing to do but talk to them. and proceeded to lead me to the kitchens of Lothlórien. "Well why didn't you tell me that BEFORE I stuffed myself?" I demanded. giving me a little wave before sauntering out of the kitchen. Jack Sparrow and Glorfindel in the same thought would cause ANYONE to lose touch with reality for a short time (though for different reasons for males. Then he laughed. "And what might that be?" he asked." I said with a mock scowl. Celeborn. and Glorfindel arched an eyebrow. That thought made me rather lost to the world for several minutes .blossoming relationship with Glorfindel. and Glorfindel shrugged." I said. "Don't move so quietly. and some of the other notables of Lothlórien. suddenly reminding me of the long-ago memory of a certain Mr." "You had better be one of those. Glorfindel just shrugged nonchalantly and rose. while Glorfindel just watched me with a puzzled look on his face. as we were to be attending a formal supper with Galadriel.

Creepy Lady wins again." I said innocently. Alternatively.I grinned. and I had enough time to gather my thoughts before the female elf came over to me and curtseyed politely. so softly I could barely hear." Galadriel said for the second time that day. "Lady Galadriel wishes to speak with you. I couldn't help it . it wouldn't be wise to piss her off.she asked me to lift it when the War of the Ring ended." she said. and I saw a smile ghost across Galadriel's lips before she continued.I was." she said. I followed the elf as she lead me out of the kitchens." was my response. "Or a nice big. pulled out of my little never-never land by an elf politely inquiry for 'Miss Rachel' at the kitchen door." she said. I felt a flicker of surprise. only Galadriel was waiting for me. and she nodded down at me. Rachel. and over random walkways. "I understand that the news of Alkarisil's memory must have come as quite a shock to you. with an inward grin. So. juicy shock like finding out I'm still alive. and therefore." "You're almost as good as Elrond at understating. but this time. Especially since this was about the only place left for me to observe any part of the quest in comfort and relative welcome. unfortunately. "Indeed it would." I grumbled. and found that this was indeed the same room I'd been in earlier today to see Galadriel and Celeborn." Galadriel said. I realized that Galadriel did not yet know of Kari's recent discovery. "Please. . knocking first. sit. glowering up at Galadriel. finally coming to a stop at a familiar-looking door. motioning to the same chair I had sat in before. "I am glad you have returned. I felt a flash of annoyance." I said. I entered cautiously. "This change in Kari's memory is only temporary. and had the extreme pleasure of being perhaps the first Elf in several hundred years to see a look of pure surprise on Galadriel's face. and then pondered the consequences of NOT telling her. however . with a shrug. The cooks pointed in my direction. "Mm.385 - . up various stairways. I pondered telling her. I sat. and then. but this was Creepy Lady's realm. sufficient changes to the timeline as she knows it should go will wake her memories. with no hint of accusation in her voice about my previous exit. and contemplated refusing. "Like it did this morning.

"So have you resolved your.. I saw Galadriel's eyes widen slightly." "And how do you know this?" Galadriel asked. and I innocently changed the image to my first memory of Glorfindel sitting in that tree in Rivendell on that." "I take it you have a plan to change her mind.. tilting her head to one side. and I shook my head.well. this time slightly dreamily." I smirked. during our short delay on the way here. "They didn't have such a close connection to me as Kari when I disappeared. it broke through the memory block. "No.. I fixed in my mind the image of Glorfindel stretched out on his back. though I think she had already figured out that.'scuse me. It being based on a religion that doesn't even exist here and all.has deemed that what I did cannot be forgiven.more keenly. When he revealed that piece of information to Kari in an attempt to get more. "Was there anything else you wished to speak with me about?" I asked. and Glory did just that. once again . "No no." I said. "No. "Oh yes.386 - . "I hope it shall not be too disruptive." Galadriel commented mildly. giving Galadriel another amused look. Elrohir. however?" Galadriel said. glimmering in the firelight and half asleep. "I said something to Haldir about Kari's Yuletide Feast that I shouldn't have." I said. arching an eyebrow delicately. I felt her brush against my mind. as well. Lady Galadriel. It shall be quite pleasant for all parties involved. and Galadriel knew it. Kari . "How do you THINK I know this?" There really was only one way I could know it. I don't think the turn-about was lost on Galadriel. shaking her head slightly as her surprise dissipated. The brush against my mind withdrew. Galadriel eyed me as if contemplating something.." I drawled." I said. smiling once again. so I can understand that she feels the . though. my lips twitching in grim amusement. she'd probably call it either betrayal or abandonment .interesting night. With an inward grin."You have revealed yourself to her already?" Galadriel asked. Alkarisil . as only someone from our world could know of that particular piece of information. using this chance to turn the tables on Galadriel and look at HER in faint amusement. and a moment later. "You are no more an idiot than I. Even though Elladan.differences now?" Galadriel asked.

"All of it?" he asked with a teasing twinkle in his eyes. wait.he was going to lose the damn thing in Moria. realizing I should have given in to that impulse to snag the hat again as I left Rivendell..and followed him in. and I wondered momentarily if she was going to warn Glorfindel. and he chuckled. I was going to look forward to turning the tables on him and exposing him to a little good old 21st century flirting." I said absently as I stood along with Galadriel. Celeborn and Glorfindel were waiting at the hall's entrance.387 - . I would have to steal his hat again. Other things. however. There was a pause as Galadriel eyed me with amusement. All my plans were buried. that she had been talking to Gandalf.far too innocently for even the most naive to believe. "Ah." Galadriel said. but that is not needed now. Galadriel just gave me a closed look meaning. I had yet taken the initiative in taking a males arm before it was offered . in favour of hiding behind Glorfindel. of course. Hell. Must remember to get Glory back for not telling me how close it was to supper." Galadriel said finally. I frowned slightly. just loud enough for Glorfindel to hear. Maybe I could scamper off and intercept the Fellowship outside of Moria? I continued my planning as I absently followed Galadriel while she glided out of the room and down into a rather formal-looking feast hall. food.besides me being truly innocent being a rare thing. and I was forced to pull myself away from my plotting to get Gandalf's hat for my plotting to get Glorfindel back for not telling me how close to supper it was." "Been talking to Gandalf?" I asked blandly. that was all. seem to have lost their purpose to be said. and I wouldn't be able to steal it ever again. as I saw the one and only Kari giving me an icy look from her place at the table. I was going to attempt to advise you in how to approach Alkarisil. Wonderful stuff. as Galadriel sedately took her husband's arm and they headed into the feat hall together. though she cast me a curious look for my sudden frown. "No. as well. Oh. So. "I believe it is time for supper. I hoped not. Too bad I just ate. I'd probably make a good dent in supper even as it was. I innocently took Glorfindel's wasn't like he had done me any great harm in not telling me. trying to think of a way of getting Gandalf's hat before he lost it in Lothlórien. "Today sucks. . Nothing big. But nothing said my getting him back couldn't simply consist of flirting with him all supper and not allowing him a moment to eat. "No." I mumbled. of course . which he looked only mildly surprised at .

and he was more than happy to discuss jewellery making .he most likely hadn't expected the positive response to his teasing. Not much.388 - . I myself was rather interested. Oh yes. this was fun. Glorfindel chuckled again. and he was most likely the youngest being besides Arwen that Kari had had contact with in the past 800 years.'d have to be watching for it to notice it . I half expected her to stick out a foot and trip me. then. and Glorfindel commented. since. Then I turned to the elf on my other side and amiably started talking to him . on my lack of eating towards the end of the meal." I replied with a lop-sided grin. as Glorfindel finally worked out the meaning of what I'd said. and other such fun stuff. From the way he practically shoveled food into his mouth when I looked down at my barely-touched plate. Turned out I wasn't as hungry as I thought. I'm pretty sure he hadn't picked up on half of it. . I was thankful. as he looked over at me. My mood sobered again. I shot him a thankful smile.while I had been subtly flirting with him through all the meal. took on a slightly pink tinge. You get to play with hot metal. "Maybe I'm just not hungry for food. Or. while I may not like all that much to wear jewellery .wasn't that hard. Then. except the late afternoon. sharp objects. talking to Glorfindel and making absolutely sure that he never got two bites of food in his mouth in a row without having to say something in-between. and then. but I could tell that my answer surprised him .his chosen trade . really. I knew it was a ploy to get him some time to eat.most of the human stuff I had run across just looked stupid on me.but I saw it. to my immense satisfaction. and he was off and running. let my eyes rove over what I could see of him. in my case. his face. Like eating. anyways . I just asked him his name."Mm. shiny things. Glorfindel considerately put himself between Kari and me. and what he did." I said to him innocently. And so my attention was occupied for the rest of the meal. and he gave me a warm smile in return before we turned our attention to other things. mind you . but then reminded myself that while I had maintained my youthful personality and penchant for petty practical jokes and revenges. and I could almost literally SEE the thought process going through his head . due mainly to hanging around young human males. though. all too innocently. and grinned. as we walked past Kari.with me for the remainder of the meal. upon discovering that Glorfindel and I had seats next to each other. That was the most forward comment I'd made yet. Glorfindel just stared at me for a few seconds. Turned out he was one of the major craftelves of Lothlórien. leaving Glorfindel to make up for lost time and eat his heart out. Kari's husband was around three thousand years old.making jewellery is rather fun.

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. which I had loved before coming to Middle-Earth. CS: Shush you. I found that there was going to be some dancing and socializing in another hall.Evening -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:Captain Jack Sparrow: It's not hers..390 - . luv.for the . savvy? CS: *beams and hugs Jack* He's mine. so it was either me and Cap'n Jack. or I'll handcuff you to Barbossa's rotting corpse. though. CS: Shush. I had learned Rohirric jigs and reels when I had been in Rohan because I'd discovered that they were quite close to Scottish and Celtic dancing. luv. In all my years in Gondor. CS: That's the point! -44: EveningAfter the meal. Rachel: I could deal with that last one. Cap'n Jack: Only 'cuz you've handcuffed us together. or no me at all. Rachel: *twitchspasm* Cap'n Jack: That's just cruel. you're not supposed to tell them that! *bops him* Rachel: Are you really THAT out of ideas that you have to bring in characters from other fandoms for the disclaimer?! CS: I've done over 40 of these things! Give me a break. but they were hardly fit for this occasion. So I stood off to one side of the dance floor and talked to random Elves . there had been one thing I had never done learned how to dance in a stately manner. hm?! And besides. I lost the key to the handcuffs.

"I would be delighted to. and they would talk for several minutes without me having to encourage them any further. I was half tempted. he would consider himself mine shortly. and I was more than happy to let her. the Elf-woman I was currently talking with . If I refused. Maybe if I just explained? But then he'd probably still end out dancing with Lady Silimelumë. then nodded slightly to the Elf-maiden and acknowledged her with a polite "Lady Silimelumë. to still use his nickname. just to see the response it got out of Lady Silimelumë. Lord Glorfindel. Rohan or Lady Silimelumë . we finally dug out. or talking about the snowstorm on my journey . If I had my way. and turned before he could try and surprise me. greetings out of the way. Glorfindel would have no choice but to then ask Lady Silimelumë to dance she'd probably put herself forward even if he didn't consider it.. Celeborn. Since this particular maiden had been asking all about Glorfindel. Also. Yes. Elrond or Thranduil). She seemed intent on ignoring me as far as I could tell. arching an eyebrow at him. of course. in turn. I wonder if you might be so inclined as to dance with me?" Glorfindel then asked. we got so bored we sang. especially when I ended it with a warning to never room with hungry horses. looking over my shoulder with the dreamy expression all females only reserved for looking at Very Hot Males. Glorfindel would be confused as to why I'd talked as I had at dinner." I said blandly." Glorfindel greeted me with a small bow. trying not to feed the ladies attraction to my Elf-lord. I paused to do some furious thinking. "Lady Asira.suddenly got very quiet.. I.391 - . I had avoided saying much about Glorfindel. Elladan. taking his hint to use formality. After probably close to an hour of wandering around the room talking to random Elves. all I had to do was ask them about what they did around Lothlórien.most part. "Lady Asira. only staying on the opposite side of the room from me. etc. usually ended up telling them something about Rivendell. Kari was in the dance hall. So she was left doing the same thing as I.why couldn't he have waited until I was talking with someone ELSE? Ah well.. or the ruler of a land (IE. and then refused to dance with him. the horses got so hungry they ate our bedrolls. I knew exactly who was behind me. anyways. And this would be a Bad Thing. but I found out after asking that she never danced with anyone but Elrohir." I motioned him to come a little . or about any random Elf that walked by. except. The horse bit turned out to be a favorite. Mostly it was: we got snowed in..just the non-personal bits. I considered him mine now. explaining was better than confusing him or making a fool out of myself. however." "Lord Glorfindel.

He was quite indignant when I was not the least surprised when he and his men appeared. not much of one." I said with a smile. and then wandered around the walkways and platforms that made up the above-ground part of Lothlórien. I'm quite sure that. "You and Haldir seemed to know each other quite well.392 - ." he said. "If you'll excuse me?" "Of course.. as I'm sure we have discovered by now. I have known him since he first became Marchwarden. can be quite boring even when they're comfortable.closer. and has been trying ever since to find out how I can always tell when he is near.full of his position when I first met him." Glorfindel said. "He could not develop or use the skill even if I told him. there would have been a rather possessive tinge to that gaze. and Glorfindel let out an amused laugh.. and I don't do boring." I commented to break the silence. pleased that Glorfindel had come up with a solution to my problem. but it was a comfortable silence." Glorfindel said with a shrug. and Glorfindel nodded. As it was. and no small amount of envy would have been heard in her voice. We slipped out of the hall without much notice. you're never going to tell him?" I said with a grin." I pulled back. I quickly took Glorfindel's arm and we two beat a hasty retreat ." Glorfindel said with what looked suspiciously like a smirk. "I can't dance. had she been human. "Haldir was a little. anyways. her eyes fixed on Glorfindel the entire time. "Yes. then turned to Lady Silimelumë and added. instead?" "That I can do. "That would be a slight problem." I said." she said politely. For quite awhile. and then went up on tip-toe and whispered in his ear. But silences. though. even when he purposely gathers those in the guard that can move the most silently to greet me. also grinning. "Oh. arching an eyebrow.Glorfindel seemed about as eager to get away from Lady Silimelumë as I. . "Perhaps you would like to join me for a walk. silence reined as we walked. "I sense a story. He soon overcame his indignation." "And let me guess.

"I sense their auras. and half in disagreement. it would be fun to drive him crazy just letting him know that I know and he doesn't!" I grinned then.hmm. "Remember when I told you that there were two different versions of the end of the Third Age that I knew about?" I said." I said dryly. and I nodded." he said. in that version." Glorfindel said dryly. "And most men have never seen Elves and are afraid of them. but she didn't have to. grinning up at him.. though with a funny twinge in his voice at the indirect reference to his death. you shall just go tell Haldir. "You just said there's no use in telling him.. I know. as well. "Where'd you learn to do that?" "Sometime between the Fall of Gondolin and my arrival in Rivendell." Glorfindel commented. feeling my eyes go wide. There was a pause. then?" I asked. and Glorfindel nodded. half at the sight of Glorfindel waggling a finger at me. Yeah. Haldir leads a troop of Elves to Helm's Deep to honour the old allegiances. At least as long as he doesn't go to Helm's Deep. waggling a finger in my direction. and then leaned close and whispered conspiratorially." Glorfindel said in surprise.393 - . "She just had to tell Asfaloth to run faster. and I snorted." Glorfindel twitched. and Glorfindel looked at me curiously. then." I said.. and he ends out dieing there. so why would I? Besides." I said with a shrug." Glorfindel said. my curiosity piqued. "Well..romanticized version? Thus. Built the romantic connection between her and Aragorn."Oh? What is this skill. in one of them. "Very well. and Glorfindel chuckled. "No. yes. "It was a rather. "Asfaloth? She rode Asfaloth?" he asked." "Arwen could not have dealt with the Ringwraiths." I frowned slightly. Arwen went to rescue Frodo instead of you. I could see Haldir would have trouble developing that skill. "Ah ah." "Ooo!" I said. "Ah. "And most fangirls were greatly distressed that she not only stole your part but stole your horse. ." "The old allegiances are long since dead and forgotten by most men.

In other words." I said." Glorfindel looked down at me in amusement. "Oh. "It is better than 'Glory'. and then I scowled at him. "As it did not seem I was going to have any choice in it. And Haldir. too. "'Hal'?" he asked. of course." Glorfindel commented blandly from beside me. but it got better. he was utterly confused." I finally said. turning to Glorfindel." Haldir replied." I grumped."Would this perhaps be why Kari took several decades to become friends with Arwen?" Glorfindel asked. "And here I thought you liked your nickname. his horror clear in his voice. "Why can't you just walk up to someone like a normal person?!" "Because it is my duty to be unseen when I approach someone. "On the borders. Glorfindel? Using modern slang? Far too amusing. or what. . I thought today. I yelped in surprise. as innocent as an Elf can be. and I nodded vigorously." I said with a pout. I do.394 - . then gave an innocent smile and added." I said. I think I shall call you 'Hal' for that. He looked as if he was quite sure whether to be amused. "And after meeting you. "It did. still grinning." Glorfindel said. everything's better after a nice snuggle. and I whacked him on the arm. "Kari absolutely detested that version of Arwen.what was the word you used? 'Sucked'?" I made a choking noise. then decided to have some more fun with Glorfindel and smiled innocently. picked that moment to suddenly drop down from the trees onto the platform in front of us. and then started laughing. I pondered this for a moment. "Silly Elf. or just take it all in turn.. I decided it best to live with it. "Did it now? And what caused this?" Glorfindel asked.. "Does everyone drop down from trees randomly around here?" I whined as Haldir smirked at me. flattered. Glorfindel's face was quite amusing. "You are in fine spirits this evening. and I nodded serenely." Haldir blinked at me.

literally jumped of the edge of the platform. then.." he said sadly. and then with a wave. "I believe that Lady Asira is the only lady who you have ever let hit you without retribution. I shall leave you two to your starlit walk. not when we finished speaking." Glorfindel commented. she suddenly got an odd look on her face and dashed off on you?" "Not exactly. "You seemed to be doing fairly well the time I saw. "Did you interrupt our perfectly nice walk just to insult me. scrunching up my nose.."Bah. and then Haldir arched an eyebrow at me. then." I said.stalk." Haldir said. I can't even beat Elladan. "That was a fluke. nodding sagely." Haldir said. tilting his head to one side thoughtfully. but she did have an odd expression for the last part of her conversation." Haldir said. "Very well then. "Now he beats me as quickly as you did. or was there another reason?" I asked. "It is a long story. actually." Haldir arched an eyebrow again. turning serious. not really. "It's because I'm special." I said.. and I heard Haldir chuckled.or at least. It is pity that stops him from retaliating. and Haldir sighed dramatically. "And here I thought I might have actually found someone who was a match for Lord Glorfindel in combat. but choose not to push the matter . "There was something.." "Ah.395 - . and the silence that his departure had left remained . There was silence." I muttered. "Care to explain?" "No. scowling at Haldir." he said with a grin in Glorfindel's direction. "I spoke with Alkarisil today about her Yuletide Feast -" "I know. No noise marked his passage. and thereby earned himself a Glorfindel Scowl. and she seemed to. Glorfindel." I muttered. "Heck no." I said with a beaming grin." he said cheerfully instead. "And let me guess." I interrupted." Glorfindel helpfully put in. "And confusing.

but there really didn't seem to be anything else to do. Glory. but myself. I cast a few suspicious glances at Glorfindel. impulsively. Then I started giggling. it took us a good while to get back to our flets. As soon as I had closed the door and had left enough time for Glorfindel to leave. then Glorfindel seemed to shake himself out of his thoughts. "Thanks for the walk. they were well hidden. and then I. and decided that Kari's decision to not forgive me was probably one of the better things to happen since I had left Gondor 6 months ago. and where he had even gotten the IDEA to make it sound scandalous. Maybe when the Fellowship showed up . making me realize just how far from the night-time habitations of Caras Galadhon Glorfindel and I had walked. but as I was currently trying to further this relationship.especially without Kari there to . I really didn't want to head back.or if there was. "Goodnight. I shot a glance at Glorfindel. Anyways. went up on tiptoe and gave Glorfindel a peck on the cheek before disappearing into my flet. I was wondering how Haldir could make such a simple thing as a walk sound so utterly scandalous. I didn't make any comment. he was now thoroughly disabused of such doubts. feeling somewhat rattled. and didn't stop for several minutes.I could snag Boromir's shield and really teach Haldir a lesson about interrupting starlit walks. "Cheeky fellow.. Then I glanced around and realized there literally was no one else around . I smiled to myself as I thought back over the evening. and he drew away. Rachel." Glorfindel said with a small smile as we finally reached my flet. If Glorfindel had had any doubts about my new disbelief in Mary-Sues.undisturbed for quite some time as Glorfindel and I simply stood there. We were probably among flets that were used only during the day.I was going to have to thwap him again. He seemed deep in thought. I jumped onto my bed and let out a woosh of air." I commented finally. though. "Perhaps it is time I escorted you back to your flet?" he suggested. wondering if he'd headed in this direction on purpose. There was a few more moments of silence.. Haldir had rather ruined the mood. frowning slightly at the spot on the platform that Haldir had jumped off of. I'd be darned if he took control of this out of my hands. I was barely holding onto my few remaining pieces of sanity as it was." was Glorfindel's response. and I nodded politely. I don't know what Glorfindel was thinking about." I said with a smile. I don't think I could have summoned the ability or courage to be so direct with Glorfindel otherwise .396 - . "Mm.

and then I'll post it and Haldir can stop sneaking into my FanFictions.. Stupid recipe somehow got messed up.. I love playing with Haldir's character.urge me on. though entirely unintentionally. as well. out of boredom.. Anyways. um. Haldir: NEVER! O. to expand on 'Consequences'. ----To be continued. I haven't posted anything yet. Oh well.especially if the result was what I hoped it would be.. because I'm not sure if I'll finish it.with questions about Rachel's ancestry!---(And what Haldir has to do with it!) -Authors Note:Ha. Even if she never did forgive me for running off. and am not likely to until I get a good majority (if not all of) it written. Thanks to all my reviewers. this time.*continues mumbling implications at the tray of rock-hard brownies for several minutes before finally remembering the Author's Note* Right. I'd still be thankful to her for pushing me to such lengths to try and get her to forgive me . And now she was doing it again..397 - .o Or maybe not. she was the one who always showed her emotions more... and was constantly trying to get me to show my emotions. that's actually it.. you're all great! I'd give you all some of the brownies I made the other day. See ya Wednesday! ~Crimson Starlight .. But I emphasized by the fact that I recently started. Short author's note.. but that would be more punishment than thanks. Out of the two of us.

Rachel: Fine. Glorfindel: *points to self* Balrog slayer.. Rachel: And what about me? CS: I deny any connection to you whatsoever..and teeth. shape or form.. the particular way in which the words are put together. why'd you do that? ... don't make me hurt you! Glorfindel: You couldn't hurt me if you wanted to..398 - . remember? Some fists. Rachel: I have fists. . *WHACK* CS: *to Rachel* Hey now.. Rachel: *gapes* Glorfindel: FINALLY the author developed some sense! Rachel: Hey. booted feet.and booted feet.. and teeth don't really worry me all that much. *leaves* Glorfindel: *smirks* Rachel: *reappears with Boromir's shield* *grins evilly* Glorfindel: Eep. or Kari. You can't even use a sword. Unless you're referring to the plot of the story.Next -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:CS: Not mine in any way.

I'm the exception to the rule .." I said with a shrug. really. "No one. I was not going to let him get away with it." Rúmil eyed me. when I finally met them around mid-afternoon..399 - . and neither of us seemed to mind the insults. We found each other amusing. but Haldir kept trying to hand me off to random Lothlórien ladies. However. it's fun. to be sure.I hadn't had the chance to get to know and bug Legolas while he and I had both been in Rivendell. whoever heard of an Elf that barely topped 5'6"?" I asked. Glorfindel seemed to enjoy my company when I was able to show up.. I would have settled for just knowing Haldir. as we insulted only each other. -45: NextI woke the next morning cheery and rested. "Well. I mean. "And besides. I usually sought out Haldir. or some other important Elf.on everything." Haldir piped up." he said. but by the Valar I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to drive Haldir insane. but that was pushed out of the way in lieu of the fact that he and I tended to end out trading insults in any conversation we engaged in. Galadriel. Which leads to questions about your parentage. "There have been a few Naugrim-loving Elves in the past. his conversation with Orophin finished.Erestor: *randomly appearing and peering down at Glorfindel* His nose is never going to look the same. "I dearly hope all Gondorian ladies are not as high-spirited as you. thereby leaving me without a verbal sparring partner. and spent the day alternately with Glorfindel and Haldir. and there was no real vehemence behind our words. "I assure you. so when Glorfindel became wrapped up in meetings with either Celeborn. I can't help it. but we both found it far too easy to insult the other. Rúmil and Orophin. during one of the lulls when Haldir had absorbed himself in a conversation with Orophin. Haldir's two brothers simply shook their heads in amusement and let us continue. however . Otherwise the Evenstar shall be in for quite a shock.. It was apparently a day off for the Marchwarden. He just leaves himself open for it. were positively shocked by how Haldir and I shot insults back and forth." Rúmil commented to me at one point. "You and Haldir bicker more than we three did when we were younger." .

"Now I know where my bad looks come from. then shook his head in amusement as he got the obviously implied insult.and Haldir had tagged along to .. So. having had no need to wear fancy dress. Glorfindel found us and informed me that he and I would be dining with the Lord and Lady of the Wood tonight. when he emerged. arching an eyebrow at me. and had had to change into the one truly formal dress I had brought with me. dark blue with gold accents. but a closer look showed a finer cut and slightly better quality of material... I amusedly wondered by what freak chance that had happened. Glorfindel. and I was surprised to note that it actually matched Glorfindel's distinctly golden-coloured formal wear. I let myself be led off back to my flet by Glorfindel to change into suitable clothing. or even Lothlórien) "Your mother. . or said something the other couldn't resist commenting on. We made small talk until we reached our flets. had opted for some of my tunics and trousers . which he had managed to eat with me . and then we separated without a word and disappeared into our flets to change. "I thought his nickname was 'Hal'?" "He questioned my parentage. but I doubted I would be able to do the same to find my flet. I smirked. Orophin and Dad'. seemed to have done nothing more than put on a fresher change of clothes. I had managed to get by during the day by asking random Elves where the person I sought was. and then let myself be led off to. having admitted that I had no clue where I was. "Which makes you what. "'Dad'?" Glorfindel asked once we were out of Haldir and his brother's earshot. with a farewell to 'Rúmil."Only in the past? Then who was that stunted one you disappeared with into the shadows last night?" I asked innocently. Glorfindel blinked.during the day. apparently unable to come up with a suitable response.though that might have just been to stop Haldir and me from squabbling .wherever we were having supper with Galadriel and Celeborn. my father?" I asked inquisitively.and so I had plenty to talk about. Rúmil turned out to be quite interested in Gondorian culture .which had turned out to be a favorite topic of Haldir's ." Haldir he knew to just let it lie.. (Nevermind that there were no dwarves currently anywhere near Caras Galadhon. Not to mention asking random elves if they could direct me to my flet was just a little too odd even for me. It was a deep.400 - . I." Haldir snorted in a very un-elf-like fashion. He had had a taste of Haldir and my's squabbling at lunch. Around suppertime. and the friendly conversations resumed for a short time before Haldir and I were either forced to speak to each other. but left it at that." I said with a shrug.

of course. while Rivendell was. the valley cause some one-story building's floors to be higher than the roof of that three-story building. I informed him that he was now 'Kel'. I felt a little left out for a while.which Galadriel claimed no one else from Rivendell would tell her about . I was pulled out of my imaginings by Celeborn. Of course.Caras Galadhon was about ten times as confusing as Rivendell. All in all. but it was all connected by sloping hallways and stairs. and exchanging inconsequential news. with all the official meetings and messages Glorfindel had been going to and giving and receiving.I say fairly because it was on an open patio.401 - . and far less confusing then Caras Galadhon. I smiled ruefully to myself. it was a surprisingly relaxing meal. They acted just like any married couple. Galadriel decided to be a little nosy and asking Glorfindel and I about our relationship. and several flets were within sight. Galadriel and Celeborn were already waiting for us when we arrived. due to the fact that it had several different stories of walkways and such to work through. once we finished eating. but then Glorfindel started in talking about some of the things Elladan and Elrohir had gotten up to . and I was obliged to recount some stories of Faramir and Boromir's escapades in Minas Tirith. but she did it. Glorfindel stopped in front of a door and knocked. Gondor would probably be in flaming ruins today. The fact that I helped the two boys in most of those escapades was completely forgotten. Covertly. and they were soon engaging Glorfindel in a conversation about Rivendell. They weren't quite within clear hearing range. in its highest building. perhaps sensing that any further protests would just cause . a grand total of three stories. and when Celeborn protested.and I spent a good while smiling in appreciation for the two twins. The two rulers exchanged combined amused and affronted glances. showing that Creepy Lady was not always Creepy. and I was tempted to whack her. and Mordor well on its way to becoming the Funny Farm of Middle-Earth. Apparently. much to my amusement. Oh sure. but definitely nothing meant to be kept secret would be discussed at dinner. But I remembered who she was and instead settled on giving her the nickname of 'Gally'. amazed that I now found Rivendell to be less confusing than someplace. but said no more on the subject. Glorfindel just shook his head when I informed Galadriel of her new nickname. Elvish architecture was just far to confusing in general. My smile grew wider when I imagined what could have happened if Elladan and Elrohir had showed up in Minas Tirith when Boromir and Faramir had been in their late teens. and we were soon admitted inside to find a fairly private dining hall . he hadn't had time to give Galadriel and Celeborn any simple news about their grandchildren or son-in-law. Finally. who wanted to know what I found so amusing.

and only a few had known me by that name when I had used it. I headed for my things. and politely excused myself on the grounds of wanting a walk." I got her to stay behind. then skipped over to the table and put the invitation down. I considered finding Haldir and driving him insane some more. Which I would be. I found it was a formal invitation of some kind .probably warning me to be on my best behavior. waggling my finger at him. once I had decided that.402 - . I spotted my flet. "There's no need. his lady friend would probably be severely weirded out and maybe even truly offended at Haldir and my's insults. Anyways.more trouble for all involved.. though.. It was a journal of sorts. but I wasn't about to take the chance. and when I picked it up. and I could almost see him rallying himself for a round of insults. but everybody needs a break from being driven or driving someone insane. I almost stepped on a piece of white paper. Kari was obviously saying something with that . When I entered my flet. I got bored with the talking.and a few moments later. Marchwarden. was an interesting touch. Of course. I could feel his confusion as I walked away. I wasn't about to poke my nose into HIS. And besides. the maiden could have just been a friend. So now I was wandering through Lothlórien again. I really hadn't expected it to be followed up with an official one now that Kari knew who I was. but I decided to let him be for the rest of today. however. My other eyebrow shot up to join the first one as I read the invitation . and smiled slightly. feeling immensely more cheerful at having been able to find my way back to my flet. Galadriel tried to follow. though I didn't often write about things that happened during . and I eventually realized that the flets around me were starting to look a little familiar ." I said. So. "Hiding around corners is a bad habit. Haldir looked down at me (I hate being short) in surprise. I hadn't gone by 'Elenlómë' in ages. I rounded a corner and just about ran into him as he walked along with some Elf-maiden on his least as much as they could . except for any plans I might concoct on Glorfindel. but with a. The addressing. Galadriel did get the hint and stopped poking into Glorfindel and my's affairs. Of course. I arched an eyebrow and cracked open the seal.though Haldir had already given an unofficial invitation to Kari's Yuletide feast. then I stepped around him and continued off down the walkway he and his lady friend had just come up. I made for it.addressed to 'Elenlómë'. Gally. I may enjoy trading insults with the Elf. and quickly found the one book I'd brought with me. Eventually. as I didn't want Haldir poking his nose into MY love life. I grinned mischievously. My walking continued.

obviously . and my last truly coherent thought was that I was falling asleep and really should get up and go to bed. "What's up?" . it was more of a doodle book. this would all be aside from driving Haldir crazy.. He was an Elf-lord in his own right. and I had an awful crick in my back. Tonight. But then I was lost in the world of dreams. my head was telling me that a knock on the door had woken me up.the day as I usually did. I didn't use it all that much . I though with a smirk.wonder of wonders . Perhaps Elrond had asked him to stay until Kari and I had settled our differences. arching an eyebrow. but it would feel weird to do so. I didn't plan on filling any of those pages. and making sure Glorfindel didn't return to Rivendell. Of course. however. I simply sat down and absently flicked through what I'd already written and drawn while thinking about how to spend my time in Lothlórien until the Fellowship arrived. I found . but at lunch.Glorfindel had originally been planning on going back to Rivendell within a week or so. due to certain antics of a certain female Elf. More than that. I could probably poke my head into some of the workshops or such things and see if maybe I could learn some sort of craft. and my mind took several moments to come into focus. avoiding Kari while making sure she saw me with Glorfindel. with occasional pieces of writing that popped into my head. my journal on the floor. Maybe jewellery making? Or maybe I'd get Haldir and Brothers to continue my sword-lessons and try and convince them to take me on border patrols. he had been talking about finding a messenger to return to Rivendell in his place. I'd need to do something. was only an inch or so thick. When it finally did.403 - . Glorfindel had decided to stay without orders from anyone. where such piddly things like sleeping on beds were of no concern. I realized I was still seated. In fact. but if I annoyed enough people. I might end out ordered to do it. I had a sneaking suspicion that I had help from Elrond on that last one. after all. though ." I commented.Glorfindel standing there. Or maybe. and I had started it back when Boromir had been born. I woke the next morning with a start.probably impossible. Opening it. I was still several dozen pages from the end.not only would I be bored just sitting in my flet or wandering around all day. "Now THIS is a nice start to a day. I continued thinking up random things I could do in Lothlórien (some of the absolutely outrageous). Soon I found myself skipping from subject to subject without much coherence. and I pushed myself up out of my chair and went over to the door. and eventually my thoughts fuzzed out.

which I assumed Glorfindel now occupied. "Far up. finding something comfortable to wear. Inwardly. a small smile twitching at the corner of his mouth. but the poor peredhil's going through enough. And it is high time you got out of bed. something I'd seen only rarely among humans. Glorfindel was indeed waiting there . arching an eyebrow. I smirked. if you wish to pass on the official tour -" Glorfindel said. There was the front sitting room. I instantly dismissed the dresses and quickly picked out a set of trousers and a tunic and through them on." I said with a sigh." Glorfindel nodded." I said." Glorfindel said. almost stepped on it coming in my door. I pulled my hair back and tied it in a single ponytail. "Did you receive this last night?" he asked. and suggests that maybe giving you a tour of Lothlórien would. and he nodded. his eyes determinedly fixed on my face as I stretched sleepily. and Glorfindel nodded. looking over at me as I entered. Though I need to change before I go. "Yes. due to the trees and all. if not stop you from getting lost. and then the bedroom. and. At least as far as I could tell from the amount of light and the way the shadows were falling. poking my head out the door. starting to turn away. where I now was." Glorfindel said innocently. . "Tour?" I asked. I was about to pick a nice green and black dress when my eyes suddenly found my custom-made trousers and tunics. after all. I couldn't actually SEE the sun.404 - .it WAS a two-roomed flet. "Really?" I asked. leaving the door open for Glorfindel to come in ." I said somewhat grouchily. indeed." Glorfindel quipped. a tour probably WOULD help. and I turned and went back into my flet. the sun was well up in the sky. and I grabbed his arm. "Well. frowning slightly as he folded the invitation up again so that 'Elenlómë' could be clearly seen. "I would say I was going to kill Elrond. "Apparently Lady Galadriel has heard of how easily you get lost.reading the invitation with both eyebrows raised as high as they could go. "Funny. and then returned to the front room." Glorfindel added. then at least introduce you to elves who you can later ask for directions."The sun. I discovered that yes. I don't remember having anything planned to get up FOR. "Yeah. "Well.

though . I know that since Rachel has an automatic translator.with Kari!---(And snooping into Haldir's love life!) -Random notes:'Naugrim' is an Elven word for 'Dwarf' . offering his arm. This ought to be fun. promise! And everybody give Celine Dion a big cheer. and then set the invitation down.and not a polite one. "I'm taking it as a warning to be good. Yep. thanks to all my reviewers. even if they're shorter. :P -Authors Note:Hee. reviews that are written either in all lowercase or with correct capitilization." Glorfindel nodded. "Shall we go?" he asked. so. You're all cool. I will pay much more attention to.He shot me a glance. and when I took it. and be far more grateful for. so deal.. and doesn't exactly inspire me to write. I may love reviews. these should appear as 'Dwarf' and 'Half-Elf' in the actual text. as I recall. 'Peredhil' means 'Half-Elf'... off for the grand tour of Lothlórien. but I wanted to put them in there in Elvish. And on that note. we strolled out of my flet together. ----To be continued. and the majority of you are strange and insane. but not THAT much. thank-you once again to all my reviewers. because listening to her greatest hits CD disolved the writers block I got after the last chapter. and I'll see you all again on Saturday! ~Crimson Starlight . The hot springs are going to be coming up soon! *evil grin* Either the next chapter or the one after that..that and caramel pop corn and raspberry iced tea. and I am the more reviews in all caps. *wince* It gives me a headache.. Please. and I shrugged.. I hope to see you all again for this chapter.405 - . And yes.

Apparently my . next in command to Aragorn! You promised. You did promise.technically . *ahem* *sings* Oooooh.. however. you know.406 - . were you expecting the disclaimer? Glorfindel: It does bear mentioning.. I work all night and I sleep all day. and even if you were drunk at the time. CS: *poke* Halbarad: *shakes head firmly* CS: Aw. you said you'd do it! Halbarad: Only because I was drunk. that Crimson Starlight owns nothing. giggling slightly as I remembered the look on the Captain's face once the water had finished falling. Glorfindel chuckled..) -46: Tour"So he.Tour -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:Halbarad: .on a tour of Lothlórien. arching an eyebrow at me. CS: *snickers and sits back to enjoy* (Rachel: What.. come on.dumped a bucket of water over the Captain's head. and I nodded. Glorfindel and I were still ... I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK..." Glorfindel said. you should stick to your word! Halbarad: *shakes head* Aragorn: *popping out of nowhere* She's right. Halbarad: *sighs* Fine. CS: So?! You're a Ranger of the North.

I know. of course.and Glorfindel had asked about Boromir and my weapons training. Since then. We had started going through the practice grounds . along with a nasty letter. but.little nickname giving the night before hadn't put Galadriel entirely off of snooping into my business. how willing the lads in the lower rings of the city were to do work in the palace . She then proclaimed that since Glorfindel knew Lothlórien fairly well. really. he could start the tour and she'd catch up and continue it later.when the briefly jealous glances of other Elf maidens wasn't making me smirk in satisfaction.407 - . Glorfindel had shown me to whole myriad of places.any work. heading west. To this day. before we had gotten a lunch at the kitchens and set out again. some alcohol. That. and leaving all his belongings.someplace I would have paid attention to even if Glorfindel hadn't been asking questions . though . somehow. and I had enough money stored up over the years I was always able to pay the lads something. unfortunately (note the sarcasm). a mischievous bar wench (not me). a maid arrived and announced that Lord Celeborn wished to talk to her. but the boys honestly wanted to do the work. That had been three or four hours ago. floppy hat. the thought of Glorfindel working as a tour guide in Disney World or someplace else back on Earth was making me struggle not to laugh. and even Denethor had had to closet himself in his office for half an hour when he'd finally heard the entire tale. because he started asking me questions.a tour personally.and the accompanying Glorfindel . Which was how we got onto our current topic. had given way to the topic of Faramir and Boromir's antics. Did I remember any of it? No. a dress. it had been quite humourous at the time. and given them chores. forbidden the boys to carry out anymore pranks. She had been prepared to give me . All in all. He had. It really wasn't my fault. Faramir and Boromir ended out only doing about an eighth of their chores. I think Glorfindel realized after the first hour or so that I wasn't paying attention. It involved a few pigs. It was amazing. . I only had to appear in the lower rings of the city wearing a dark purple cloak with a big. instead of just telling me stuff and letting me nod and make interested noises in all the right spots. which led to the retelling of the particular prank that had driven the then-Captain of the Gondorian Royal Guards to gallop out of Minas Tirith a week later. It sounds like we took horrible advantage of them. telling me what they were for and other such stuff. and I'd be accosted by several dozen boys wanting to go up to the palace. behind. and was topped off with a bucket of water. but as per usual when I was around.

I had noticed that. chuckled and shook . Glorfindel." Glorfindel declined politely. I arched an eyebrow and wondered if Elrohir even noticed the clothes were missing." "Oh?" Glorfindel asked with interest. I have a feeling it will result in you revealing something you should not. Glorfindel chuckled. "It's too bad I'll never be able to get all four of them together. "I am sure someone would let you use theirs. "Yes.turned towards us in interest." "Why not?" Glorfindel asked curiously. I took it that they rarely got someone new to compete with. "I am afraid I do not have my bow or arrows with me." "Damn straight. then pondered for a moment. or if he'd simply stopped caring when his wife stole his clothes. With the strangely eager looks on their faces. that Kari was practicing on the range . with Boromir's most recent revelations about archery practice." I replied with a small grin. "Do not answer. "Apparently the only reason Boromir's target ever got any holes in it was that Faramir occasionally yoinked one of Boromir's arrows and shot at his target. as he spotted who was practicing.including Kari's . "And I still suck worse than Boromir at it. however. I'm probably around the same as him. "Actually." I said." another elf commented. we wandered through a copse of trees and found ourselves at the archery range." I replied. "Lord Glorfindel! Care for a competition?" one of the other archers on the range had spotted Glorfindel.408 - . and now all heads . to my utter what looked like an identical match to a tunic and trousers I'd seen Elladan wearing not long ago. "Boromir and Faramir are sounding more and more like Elladan and Elrohir with every story you tell. "She has become quite good at archery. glancing down at me. While Glorfindel and I were still recovering from our mirth over the retelling of the tale." I said with an emphatic nod. We stopped walking as I discovered." he said." Glorfindel commented. then immediately held up a hand to stop me from answering.Anyways. and the nods of the other archers backed him up.

and I had to do a little hop-skip to stop myself from falling over." The archers looked disappointed. however. "Lothlórien has a HOT SPRING?!" I exclaimed gleefully.humid. as if I abruptly stopped. so I discreetly gave Glorfindel a little push. and Glorfindel looked back at me with amusement. I glanced curiously at Glorfindel. which I doubt she'd even heard. And a little hot. A short time later. I know better than to use another's bow and arrows in a competition." he said. "Perhaps some other time. Anyways. causing me to have to force myself to concentrate extremely hard to pay attention to his answer.they reminded me of baths back home. "So is there any place in Lothlórien you HAVEN'T shown me yet?" I asked once I felt the prickling between my shoulders that was Kari's gaze go away. That elf should not be allowed to smile unless all females within seeing range were sitting down already. She had been looking at me and Glorfindel intently throughout the short exchange. as I remembered where I'd come across that sort of humidity and heat before. "Yes. Then he gave me a mischievous grin before disappearing . and then led me away from Caras Galadhon and into the forest surrounding it." I said after a few moments. "I know. Glorfindel didn't seem to mind. he stopped and motioned for me to stay here. "I hope you know where you're going." Glorfindel explained with a small smile as I looked at him curiously. and with a squeal. but nodded and turned back to their archery ." he said. peering around and knowing I was thoroughly lost. There was that extra little smell. Her stare was making me uncomfortable. Glorfindel thought for a moment. but something telling me he wouldn't answer even if I did.his head." was his reply. until I suddenly realized that the air was getting rather . my eyes widening. I scampered after him as he continued walking." he said. though . wanting to ask him where we were going.409 - . But not quite. "No. "Someone may be IN the hot springs. directing him away from the archery grounds. We tramped through the forest for awhile in a comfortable silence.all except Kari. then suddenly smiled. shooting me another smile. "There are a few places. The humidity and heat were familiar.

I bet. "Hah! That would be the lady I saw him with last night. not the other way around." I said with an impish grin." I managed to respond. though. I didn't have long to wait. . "Oh? Who was this lady?" Glorfindel asked curiously." I said. then started cackling. "Lothlórien IS a natural place. I looked at him for a moment. "Most female elves in Lothlórien are. I shook my head with amusement ." he said." Glorfindel rolled his eyes. "At least compared to Minas Tirith." I said with a snigger. "Except for me. he was acting as if he was well and truly hooked.wrapped around my waist.but not quite . As it was. that normally. Glorfindel was just following nature's path. I skipped around the tree Glorfindel had disappeared into once. it left me temporarily without a working brain." he said. Well. "Did you lose your marbles into the hot springs?" I asked. so I suppose I could just let nature take it's course. despite the fact that when Glorfindel had sat down." he said. It occurred to me. so I stayed silent.410 - .hot springs? He was most definitely trying to turn the tables on me again. it was usually the male trying to attract the female." I added. then brushed it off and continued grinning. and gave me a smile that I KNOW would have caused my legs to give out if I had been standing up. "Except for you. then sat down to wait for him. forcing my mind to start working again.into the trees. "She was blonde. at least in Middle-Earth. You know how most of Haldir's and my conversations end up." he said. his arm had somehow ended up behind my back in a way that was almost . grinning like a madman. then. "Didn't stop to ask. as he arrived not long later. I grinned. I shrugged. peering at him. and Glorfindel nodded. then. Glorfindel looked at me in momentary confusion. "Apparently Haldir has found a lady friend since I was last here. "There are some other natural places in Lothlórien I could show you to if you wish. and Glorfindel came and sat down beside me.

"How did HE show that I was a natural with horses?" Glorfindel quirked an eyebrow upwards. A natural with horses." I replied. "Every once and awhile." I said." Glorfindel laughed. even if they have met them before?" he asked. "Indeed. "The only reason Angahonda let me ride him was because Asfaloth was injured not long ago. "So you have been to Rohan.I think I'd been around a total of four horses back on earth.. But now. even if they were the most troublesome horse in the entire pasture." Glorfindel announced. "No matter how one tries to hide it. "But the green was fading even when I first arrived. I would have taken that as a sure-fire sign that I was turning into a Mary-Sue.." "Oh. "It was. you ARE a natural with horses." "That shall have to be changed. I suppose. blinking in confusion. except in the carefully tended gardens of the wealthy." "Well. and Glorfindel nodded. then smiled ruefully." Glorfindel commented with a slight frown. Kept getting jobs in the kings stables. as Liltalen and Asfaloth have shown. . once. and two were an aunt's high-strung Thoroughbreds who my parents wouldn't let me all that close to. Now it lives up to its name as the White City. eh? Not long ago. "Can't imagine why. and Elrond let me use Angahonda until Asfaloth recovered.411 - ." I replied. one cannot fool the creatures of the earth about their Elven blood." I said absently. "Asfaloth?" I asked curiously. Hardly any green plants. and I nodded. "You think Elvish horses let just anyone ride them." Glorfindel it was just a skill I'd never realized I'd had. "The damned horses just walked over to me and obeyed me without a qualm."I had heard that Minas Tirith was a green city. and I nodded again. as well?" he asked." I said emphatically. "And Rohan needs to get back to being its cheery ol' self. Not like I'd had much chance to discover it ." he said.

"Yet Haldir did not even know her name.412 - . instead of being carried carefully as not to get his clothes wet . She did so I arched an eyebrow at him in a silent question. not engaging in. Haldir." he said. I shared a glance at Glorfindel. but thankfully his lady knew when to leave well enough alone. Haldir managed to catch hold of his clothes. then handed her the wet clothes to hold. and then suddenly I heard voices. and as one. Once they were out of sight.while his lady was fully dressed and seemed to be hoarding the rest of his clothes. making sure they didn't get her dress wet. "Indeed.or lack there of . just after they'd gone underneath our tree. his grin growing slowly.hence the wet clothes over his shoulder. and until they were well out of sight. she simply made a slightly disappointed face while he slipped them on. Wet clothes draped over Haldir's shoulder. it was to be noted.. coming from the direction of the hot springs. was wearing nothing but trousers and boots ." Glorfindel replied with amusement.he was grinning .There was a comfortable silence for a time. as they continued on off to Caras Galadhon.learning how to climb trees was not something I had done in the past 800 years . showed that they had just been swimming. "I shall have to ask her later. At least." I said. How interesting. Glorfindel and I stayed silent as Haldir and his lady friend walked underneath our tree. There was a brief scuffle when. like I had supposed. I had to have a little help from Glorfindel .. It was actually rather cute to watch. we both stood and hauled ourselves up into the tree. and once Haldir got his clothes." "Oh ho. Lady Valinlot was completely besotted with our dear Marchwarden. as well. . "The last time I was in Lothlórien. I am curious as to how it happened. Haldir occasionally made snatches for the bundle that she was holding in the hand farthest from him. I wonder how the change came about?" I asked curiously. and their wet hair. Glorfindel's seemed infinitely more amused than the simple encounter could account for . Glorfindel and I dropped down from the tree and shared amused glances.with him had never shown. It showed a nice side of Haldir that my relationship . There was a pause.but we both got up there in time for Haldir and the lady I had seen him with last night to stroll into view.other activities.

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and I nodded." I said thoughtfully after a moment's silence. "It's warm!" I exclaimed happily as I looked up at him. making a face." I replied. and leaving a scarf on your head when you go swimming just starts questions.and a few inches at the shallowest. Finally. I just shrugged and shot him an innocent smile..?" I asked. we broke through some bushes and I found myself confronted with several inter-connecting pools of steaming water. But he cheated and used Vilya. sitting down beside me . Glorfindel came over and looked down at me in amusement as I sighed. Probably the actual spring itself. "How deep do you think that pool is?" "No one has yet touched the bottom.-47: SpringsAs Glorfindel and I continued to walk along." Glorfindel said with a smirk. "Never had time to when I was in Rivendell. I let go of Glorfindel and scampered over to the nearest pool.. The water was clear. Except for that one that seemed to be the source of all the other pools judging from its dark colour. though." "So I've noticed." Glorfindel commented." I said. "To this day I will take any chance I can get to be warm. arching an eyebrow. After taking this all in. and the pools looked to be no more than five or six feet at their deepest points .. pulled off my boots. "Y'know." . "This is a story I want to hear. "Well.. I tended to get cold really quickly. "You seem to have a strong dislike of cooler temperatures. I sat down at the edge. the temperature and humidity seemed to even out. and then eyed the farthest. another hangover from being human. then frowned slightly and added. "Yeah.. the air got heavier and more humid. "I haven't gone swimming since I first came to Middle-Earth." Glorfindel replied. and dangled my feet in the water. making breathing more difficult. and I couldn't very well go swimming once I was out of Rivendell . "He. Elrond has.." "Really?" Glorfindel asked. when I could see it through the steam. it was quite deep.416 - ." Both my eyebrows shot up.cheated.though he declined to pull off his boots and put his feet in the water. deepest pool. and shortly after that.I had to have something to cover my ears.

until I get to Valinor. however."Oh. waving a hand through the air dismissively. but I'm here now. "You really should have stayed for longer." Glorfindel said. Rachel.417 - . "Or you could wait until a later date to attempt to find out the depth of the pool. Celebrían was quite worried when he finally surfaced. But then Elrond decided to find out. now. then abruptly shut it and paused for a moment. "I could." "You almost sound as if you don't WANT to see me all wet and panting. "So." Glorfindel said. regretfully." Glorfindel opened his mouth to respond to that. there was still nothing but dark blue water beneath me when I knew I needed to head up or I wouldn't make it back in time. we started talking about how deep that pool was. I can not remember why. and Glorfindel chuckled.shoved it into Glorfindel's hands. that I'll believe when I see it." Glorfindel said. I could always go swimming without them. "Why does people being soaked and Elrond not fit in my brain unless Elrond's the one being soaked?" I asked. And soaked all those waiting. a half-hour walk back to Caras Galadhon. obviously searching for a different response than the one he had been about to say. his face gaining a distinctly pink tinge. there is not much to tell. Despite how strongly I kicked." I blinked. and I like to liiiiive in the moment!" I replied cheerfully. "There is no way you will reach the bottom.and swam down with all my might. So. standing and following me. not wanting to ruin the leather ." I replied. It turned out I had . I did what was probably my best dive ever . I did a half-somersault and kicked upwards. max? I think I can survive that far with wet clothes. and then backed up and made a running jump into the pool. anyways (form-fitting trousers and all) ." "Hmm. and I laughed. He was underwater for a good twenty minutes. Then I quickly pulled off my belt. "And you will soak your clothes. and I came with them.this having been the first time I'd dove when in possession of Elvish grace . "It's what." he said finally. using Vilya's powers to keep himself from running out of air. "Elrond is much more fun when Celebrían's around. Glorfindel visibly was only keeping my tunic down. "On one of the few times when Elrond came to Lothlórien with Celebrían and Arwen." I jumped up at that and headed over to the pool. so he dove down. giving my nose a tweak. I'll try and find out for myself how deep that pool is. Of course." I said with a mischievous grin.

I gasped in large lungfulls of air. Maybe? Sorry. "And this does not bother you?" he asked. you just fried my brain. and I peered down into the pool as Glorfindel's words registered." I glanced at the hand. but the instant I broke the surface. nodded. arching an eyebrow." Glorfindel threw back his head and laughed. "I so want to steal Vilya. eh?" I said. I looked up on the bank to find a very pale-looking Glorfindel seemingly rooted to the spot. "You realize you were under there for more than five minutes?" Glorfindel said when he pulled away." I paused for a moment as I recalled that all the Elven rings lose their power when the One Ring is destroyed. Because the instant I was steady on my feet. "There are a lot of foolish things I've done in my life. "No. "Uhh. "Was a very foolish thing to do. When I recovered.. but I forced it aside and concentrated on kicking upwards. however. Momentary panic shot through me. I managed to hold in the urge to draw in a breath underwater.. "No. I grabbed his hand and let myself be pulled out. The sound made the gears in my brain start working again.for which I am eternally grateful.gone a lot farther down than I had thought ." I blinked. shrugging. "Over five minutes. "Definitely going to steal Vilya next time I see Elrond. "That -" he said firmly. "Come out of there.418 - ." I agreed. I arched an eyebrow at him. Maybe a dash to Rivendell and back before -" ." "Stupid. this was fun. His face took on an almost frightening combination of fear. concern and anger. that won't work. Shrugging. "Yes?" Glorfindel arched an eyebrow at me. and that seemed to shake Glorfindel out of his shock.the light coming from the surface was just a pinprick above me. resisting the urge to pull Glorfindel in instead . "Besides. and I carefully paddled my way to the opposite side of the pool from him." "Most foolish things are. then up at Glorfindel. and Glorfindel. Then he walked over to the side of the pool I was at and stuck his hand out to me. which was promptly followed up by being kissed quite soundly on the lips. too. cupping my face in his hands and looking at me intently. I still ran out of air before reaching the surface." I commented." Glorfindel said. pursing his lips." I replied calmly. Bah. I found myself pulled into a big bear hug. now recovered from his mirth.

and I looked over at him. I grinned. "Yeah?" "Stop talking and giving away the future.all of four feet below the surface . my dear Glorfindel. I crashed into the pool and sunk to the bottom . "Why can't I win against you?" I asked." I snorted. waiting until I was sure he was paying attention before I spoke again. I eyed him. "I have. was waiting there.419 - . to my eternal annoyance. hm?" I said innocently. a mite breathlessly. "Well maybe you should get warm then. I glanced behind Glorfindel and saw a pool." Glorfindel replied. and so was caught off guard when I pushed him over into the water again."Rachel?" Glorfindel interrupted.before coming spluttering to the surface. "Soft spot my arse. And yes." . and I realized he was half soaked from pulling me out of the pool." Glorfindel said. "Me too. thankyouverymuch. of the two methods already discovered of stopping me from talking about the future." Glorfindel muttered. When he came up. I like this one better. Glorfindel looked at me in momentary surprise. Anyways. is most definitely more than a 'soft spot'. the little bugger. Glorfindel. looking down at what I could see of the sopping-wet shoulder of my tunic." I commented. when the kiss finally ended. purposely reached out and grabbed my arm. Glorfindel shrugged." "Y'know. calmly crouching in the water so only his head was above. Glorfindel." I said. and Glorfindel's eyes barely had time to widen before I pushed him solidly into the pool. I hadn't noticed. "Maybe you have a soft spot for me and keep letting me win. spluttering. giving me a light kiss on the nose. once he lost his balance. "Now let's get back to Caras Galadhon." he said. Your clothes are wet. and it IS December. I saw his evil grin. and kissed me again to emphasize his point. I glared at him. "Y'know. "Whatever I have for you. and looking very amused. then I glanced up at Glorfindel. I know it was on purpose and not just an attempt to stop from falling in. pulling me in with him.

I certainly didn't expect to get led to hot springs. and we all know what that kiss did to my brain..with.right... "Only I was acting in random ways to try and get you to leave. "We're not in Rivendell." I quipped in reply. "Because it is next to the well-spring?" Glorfindel replied with a smile. I seem to recall another time not too long ago when you were acting just as random and we were in this same position.. Glorfindel's response was to kiss me again.. let alone yours..." Glorfindel .. "Why did the small pool have to be behind you?" I whined as I suddenly found myself pinned. And you ended out kissing me.. "Which means you should not be able to move fast enough to get away from me.fried it. ----To be continued.which was a grand total of four feet away. yes?" He tilted his head to one side.." I said arching an eyebrow." I muttered. "I miss Smarties.. you know that Rachel?" Glorfindel said after a moment.bluezone." "You know. when you set your mind to it.. yes . and then added randomly." There was a pause. "And afterwards you galloped out of Rivendell on my horse. grinning mischievously."You are always a surprise.." Glorfindel commented.420 - . "You kissed back. or get bear hugged when coming out of said hot springs.. "Mm. "So are you.Author's Note. and I kissed back eagerly.I have none? Oh wait.ooooh! Yummy!---(Can I help it if I'm easily distracted by mental pictures?) -Authors Note:Um. and I eeped before going as fast as I could to the other side of the pool. and I don't know where my horse is. yes I do! 'The Games of the Gods' has been archived at Kedi's window sill! (http://privat." Glorfindel said with a small smile.and just plain chocolate for that matter.... "Smarty pants." I said.

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"Whatever are you two doing here?" Haldir asked. What a surprise." Glorfindel said pointedly from behind me. That has resulted. I would really drop this topic and leave. "Boots. in Rohirric Princes being tied naked to their horses and sent galloping through the streets of Edoras. casually picking up one of Glorfindel's sopping wet . Galadriel and Celeborn might discreetly be told about their Marchwarden's extreme lack of manners." Haldir turned slightly pink. she might get Very Pissed Off. ." I quipped in reply. "Oh. "And I wonder how long it will take for him to mysteriously lose that?" Haldir answered. "I am torn between liking how this day has turned out and wishing for the sake of my . and thus I lost my temper rather spectacularly when I heard of it. I'm sure. and when he set them up on the bank. "Because if you continue to bother her. On most that you had waited to jump into that pool. "Y'know." I replied. "Lord Glorfindel.and your ." I narrowed my eyes slightly as I remembered the prick who had decided that. if I were you. as I had figured." I replied boredly. Fully dressed and without his lady. "Alternatively. in the past." the smirking voice caused me to turn. so I pushed him away slightly and shot him a curious look. but he chose to start spreading the rumour the day after one of my favorite horses had died. his smirk still in place. "Less than you and Lady Valinlot were a short time ago. this time.for concern. since I was rejecting his REPEATED advances for some fun in the hay. "Hey Dad. this is simply not a very good time to bother Lady Asira. Haldir standing at the edge of the springs. is this a sore topic for the Gondorian lady?" Haldir asked innocently. I glanced over at Glorfindel. the normally stiff boots flopped over into limp piles of leather.and therefore very heavy boots and eyeing Haldir. Lady Asira." I said calmly. They made funny squelching noises as they let go of his feet. I wouldn't have cared.423 - . Glorfindel still has his tunic on. "No." he commented." Glorfindel replied sheepishly. "At least. and I found. and then hoisted himself up on the bank to pull his boots off. I had questionable preferences in romantic partners.

giving me a strange look. "Very well. came from deep in Glorfindel's throat. and broke our kiss only to kiss along his jawline.surprisingly quickly . I paused. slid off the bank and into the warm water of the pool. but I'm very much going to whack him with Boromir's shield when the Fellowship gets here in a couple of months. it was a matter of keeping his tunic down." Glorfindel wondered once Haldir was gone. At that point. and a warmth that had nothing to do with the hot springs started to spread through my body. almost like a growl. The kiss was quite enjoyable. gust of wind decided to blow across the hot springs. the fangirls were right.Haldir paled slightly from the double threat. and without a word. if small. "Er. and a wicked grin crossed my face as I wondered if Elven ears really were as sensitive as many of the fangirls back home believed.undid his belt (once again. pulling him closer and deepening the kiss." Haldir muttered. suspecting that Glorfindel was doing the same. and then licked it.424 - . pulled me into his lap and kissed me thoroughly. I sighed against his lips at the warmth. and I smiled innocently.. where he still sat on the bank from taking his boots off. I felt Glorfindel stiffen slightly as I . I think I need to be shut up again. wrapping his arms around my waist. and this time let my hands wander during the kiss. I found out firsthand as I felt a sudden nip at my ear. "The Fellowship is not planning on passing through here. experimentally. pulling myself out of the pool to sit beside Glorfindel. So." I said." Glorfindel said. There. and. A funny sound. not his trousers up) and tossed it up on .. and turned on his heel and left. They came into contact with Glorfindel's belt. stealing the warmth of the steam and sending shivers up and down my spine. avoiding Glorfindel's gaze. and I smiled as I remembered my wonderings about what Glorfindel would look like shirtless. a particularly cold. "I wonder what he came for. I kissed the tip of Glorfindel's ear. eventually ending up at his ear. Glorfindel smiled against my lips as he felt me shiver. "That I can do something about." Glorfindel said." I said. "I dunno. In fact. and I decided that yep. and my arms somehow managed to wind themselves around Glorfindel's neck without me even telling them to do so. I found my mouth engaged in kissing Glorfindel again.

425 - ." I commented. The moment of surprise and reaction to that from Glorfindel was enough from me to pull his tunic off entirely. Actually. glancing over Glorfindel's bare chest." I least.. and I put a finger to his lips before he could say anything else. which I then kissed. I decided that if his chest looked anything like what it felt like." Glorfindel said. And did I care? Hell no. across his bare chest. I am going to kill you!" I snarled. . "I'm not here by my own choice. "Yummy. believe me!" Haldir practically squeaked." I said softly in his ear." Glorfindel said. "Hard not to approve of you. "The same could be said of you. hm? Polite coughs or obvious branch breaking work wonders.the bank. I slowly worked Glorfindel's tunic upwards until it was bunched up under his arms.. "I rather thought it would not take long. because he did give a small start of surprise when I slid my hands up his tunic. and pulled my finger away and kissed Glorfindel before he could come up with a suitable response. pulling away slightly. "You could have held off on the comment then. hm?" I said innocently. "I'm glad you approve. scurrying backwards as I stalked towards him. "Rachel -" he said. smiling lazily and pulling me closer to him once again so he could trail kisses along my jawline and down my neck. pushing Glorfindel away and hauling myself out of the pool. I assume he forgot. then quickly broke away and gave a light nip at Glorfindel's ear. He pulled his attention away from where it had settled on alternately kissing and licking at my throat and kissed me on the lips once again. his voice rather reminiscent of right before our very first kiss. and I tossed it up on the bank." "Haldir. "I think your tunic needs to dry a little before we go back to Caras Galadhon. Anyways. it's rather funny how easily Glorfindel forgot the whole thing when I was kissing him. my brain was probably never going to work properly again.

can I PLEASE kill. "I do what my Lady commands. "No. and I smiled as Haldir let out several inventive curses." Haldir replied."Rachel. I decided then that I really forking wished I'd grabbed Kari's Polaroid camera on my dash out of the house back on Earth. then sighed and walked back over to me. and Haldir edged away from me warily. With an evil grin. "Very well." Haldir said smoothly. "That's the ONLY reason?" I asked dangerously. eyeing Glorfindel as he walked over to where his boot had landed and picked it up. I grabbed one of Glorfindel's boots and chucked it at Haldir's head." Glorfindel said with a sigh. Lord Glorfindel. kissing me quickly on the cheek before turning his attention back to Haldir. knowing smirk crept onto Haldir's face as I pulled myself out of Glorfindel's waist-encircling arms and walked back over to the pool sulkily. It connected with a satisfying thump. and inform you that a messenger has been found to go to Rivendell. now a mass of dead leaves. "Lady Galadriel told me to find you." Glorfindel's arm abruptly wrapped around my waist." I replied. then turned and left. and she said to find you NOW." A small. Then it occurred to me that it was quite likely I wouldn't have to preserve the . "What did you come here for. He looked at the boot. calm down. m'Lord. Lord Glorfindel. and bring you back with me. before shooting me a glare and stalking away. Haldir was eyeing me nervously as I gave him an evil glare. go tell Lady Galadriel I shall be along shortly. then down at the soggy boots that were now at my feet. "Then go barefoot.426 - . or at least maim. "I was to find you. I need to change first. either Galadriel. and you know that better than I. stopping me from closing anymore of the gap between Haldir and I. What I wouldn't have given to be able to preserve the sight of Glorfindel walking towards me in nothing but his trousers." "Glory. mournfully for a few moments. Haldir?" Glorfindel asked." Glorfindel replied. I glanced over at the Marchwarden's retreating back. rubbing the back of his head." Haldir replied. inform you. Haldir or Elrond?" I pleaded. "Now my boot is going to be covered in dead leaves and dirt. "Of course.

" "There might be." I replied with a grin. "I should have told Haldir to go get us both cloaks. I opened my mouth to insist I did. I did just that." "Y'know." Glorfindel said." I said. I really didn't. Glorfindel edged away from me slightly." he said." Glorfindel replied absently. I pulled on my boots. "Find your belt. "Of course. and went back to contemplating his tunic. if certain guards are at certain parts of their patrols." "In the case of me. for one. as I might be seeing it in real life rather often if I didn't screw things up." I said finally. arching an eyebrow at me. That thought made me grin as I happily skipped over to where my boots still were. at least. I could head back to Caras Galadhon and get a cloak for you. "How about going through the trees? Surely there's a way to get to your flet unseen. and when I put it on and turned back.which was as covered in leaves and dirt as his boot. "But I would prefer to walk into Caras Galadhon as I am than risk setting guard's tongues wagging at having seen me sneaking into Caras Galadhon as I am. I found . anyways. "Point. "That can be fixed. A loud 'BAH!' from Glorfindel brought my attention back to him. which Glorfindel had evidently dropped while I had been diving. I found it quickly. grinning evilly. I know it's dirty. "I am sure you are enjoying this. "Except the fact that my trousers are clean. and Glorfindel shot me a withering look.sight. you could almost just put your tunic on." he said. "And do you really WANT to find me a cloak?" Glorfindel asked. then frowned thoughtfully at his tunic." Glorfindel replied. and then wandered over to the well-spring to search for my belt. I couldn't help it. over by the first pool." "You would get lost. With a shrug. shrugging. I burst out laughing." I said defensively. but the excuse that you got pushed in a pool and then a pile of leaves would explain it all. and I turned to find him holding up with tunic . do not relish the thought of walking back to Caras Galadhon barefoot and bare-chested." I said.427 - . all my clothes are clean. then closed it again as I realized that no. "I can find my way to places when I want to. he wouldn't have returned. but I.

did indeed have a sense of humour!) -Authors Note:Happy birthday to me. then. at one point.. because I'm posting an extra chapter now! And yes. I'll still be updating on friday. I just figured I'd put an extra chapter in here in honour of the happy occasion of me turning 17! And Elijah wood turning 23.. I totally forgot when I posted on tuesday that my birthday was in one day. let's head back..Glorfindel now..." I replied with a grin.428 - . happy biiirthday to meeeee! Happy birthday to me. I walked over to him and slipped an arm around his waist. wearing his dirty tunic. Yep." Glorfindel sighed and nodded. *scampers off to do birthday-celebratory things* See y'all friday! ~Crimson Starlight . ----To be continued. Standing around here is not going to do much more than make you late to meet with Galadriel in CLEAN clothes. I could practically see the thought 'ew' running through his head.with Kari!---(And evidence that Elrond. "Maybe it'd give 'em some ideas. as suggested. though he had brushed the worst of the leaves and dirt off. "Knowing the way my day is going.. we will run into Celeborn or Galadriel on the way to my flet. Otherwise I would have made a note of it in that chapter! But now I'm sure you're all glad I didn't. and Glorfindel twitched. "Come on." Glorfindel said with a sigh as he picked up both of his boots. and I laughed. then put his own arm around my waist before we headed off for Caras Galadhon. happy birthday to me. but he's not important.

Artemia: And you didn't have one before? Elrond: Well.. She said something about wanting pictures of the results. but she had just seen 'Pirates of the Carribean'. shrugs* Fine then. so I figured it was her attempt at a joke..except for giving me extra relatives. As I recall. Artemia: You talk too much...when exactly did she say I was yours? Artemia: Before she left.. she said it was more along the lines of 'lending without permission'. That's one of the things we will have to fix. Which isn't necisarily a bad thing. Elrond: AH! Not the eyebrows! *runs* Artemia: *runs after.429 - . Now come! *heads off* Elrond: *stands there* Artemia: *looks back. but..Reconciliation -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:Elrond: Crimson Starlight does not own anything.. we can deal with your eyebrows here.. Elrond: . Artemia: But you're mine! CS said so! *eyes Elrond evilly* Elrond: Uh-hm.. Elrond: And you realize she technically has no legal authority to give me to you? Artemia: Well.I have a sudden dislike for all Authors. grinning evilly* .. normally they left me pretty much alone. she's off partying with Erestor over finding a fanfiction about him .

It seemed it was a Bring-Your-Own-Book least he got the disclaimer in before he ran off. and tied my still-damp hair back in one simple braid. the off in the direction I knew Galadriel and Celeborn's tree to be in.. no doubt. I glanced up at Glorfindel's flet. so I headed out intending to search for a library.430 - . "She probably heard about it the instant we stepped into Caras Galadhon. but Glorfindel just kept a blank face. 'EVERYBODY ELSE'. you do have to give Elrond credit . finding therein the answer to the conundrum 'A History of What Happened When You Were Dead by Lord Elrond Peredhil for Lord Glorfindel' .and it wasn't a journal.. He had. "Galadriel will have heard of this by the time I reach her.. looking around to be sure he had gone to see Galadriel by now. "See ya later!" Glorfindel smiled and nodded. *pokes Glorfindel* Glorfindel: *grumbles* I get no respect. I grinned and scampered up the walkway to Glorfindel's flet. In fact. Rachel: Yeah. I actually DID find one .damn shortness . I changed quickly. Then I went up on tip-toe ." I said. however. then caught my hand and gave it a quick kiss before we separated and went to our individual flets.and gave Glorfindel a peck on the cheek." Glorfindel commented as we reached our flets. Everybody else seems to forget it. rolling my eyes.. I frowned. looking for a book. but Glorfindel's. I paused. I made sure of that.. In fact.) -49: ReconciliationGlorfindel and I got some rather strange looks as we walked through Caras looked as if it was a specific compilation of history for the years that Glorfindel had been dead. though. and I alternately looked innocent or made faces at elves who stared.(Glorfindel: Well.most specifically for the years that Glorfindel had been dead. I poked my head in. so I entered and started poking around. on the platform that not only led to my flet. and then looked at the title page. it was history book . before searching around my room in hopes of finding a book to read.

still reading.I couldn't help it." I replied. I could always brush up on my Middle-Earth history.431 - . then came over and peered at the book upside down." Glorfindel said with a sigh. Elrond knew how to write history. "You know very well that Galadriel is needed. I absently stretched my legs out over his lap as I continued reading about the early Second Age. "But why in MY flet?" "Because. "How'd the talk with Galadriel and messenger go?" I asked after a moment. "Elrond knows how to write history." "It is a talent he has somehow developed. so stop making longing comments about wanting to kill her . if you'd just let me kill her -" Glorfindel whacked my leg. Glorfindel shook his head. and my shiftings while reading and then subsequent stretching of my legs over Glorfindel's lap had caused it to hike up to around my knees. after all." Glorfindel replied with a shrug...And so Glorfindel came back into his flet an hour or so later to find my curled up on one end of his couch. "'A History of What Happened When You Were Dead'.." Glorfindel said with a sigh. In the mean time." I replied. "What are you doing here. sitting down on the couch next to me. "Which book?" he asked.or Elrond or Haldir.the book was here. "At least making longing comments about doing it is better than actually . however. and then turned my attention back to the book. "Aside from the pointed comments Galadriel made about the state I arrived in in Caras Galadhon earlier this afternoon? Fine. I'll give him that. Apparently Elrond DID have a sense of humour. "You know. I burst out laughing. "Reading." Glorfindel said. distracted by my reading.. oblivious to the fact that I was wearing a dress. I'd have to apologize to Glorfindel later for doubting him. And I was too lazy to move?" I answered. that wasn't necessary!" I complained. thoroughly absorbed in the history book. Rachel?" Glorfindel asked in momentary confusion. "I can see that. I glanced up. "Ow.

"Don't mind me. "Lord Glorfindel." I commented." "Oh?" Glorfindel asked. I -" Kari stopped short upon seeing me in the room. did he?" Kari asked.attempting it. what?" I asked.432 - . "And Elrond's no longer on my list. "A lot of things haven't changed. But other things have. Kari let me take the lead. glancing up at her." Kari stated. "Mithrandir finally got a hold of you. I realized a few things recently. Rachel. "And why is that?" I held up the book by way of explanation." I said in my defense as we entered my flet. may I speak with you for a moment alone? Perhaps at your own flet?" Kari replied." I said with a shrug. "Righty-o then!" I said cheerily. then. "Elenlómë. her lips twitching in a . rolling her eyes. and only if you promise not to kill me. and hopped up off the couch. "Sorry. engaging Glorfindel in a conversation about something or another. well. I plunked the book in Glorfindel's lap. and then headed out. Further conversation." I answered. thanks to a stubborn. "Hmm. and Glorfindel chuckled. though I knew she knew where my flet was. I did. "I have no reason to. "Like your belief in Mary-Sues. and that was about it." Kari said as I sat in one of the chairs. I caught the word 'feast'. and then Kari did as suggested and ignored my presence. reading. Finding that I was rather disinclined to move my legs. however. There was a moment's hesitation. "The name's Rachel or Asira. unfortunately. was cut short at a knock on Glorfindel's door. but she shook her head and remained standing. "I get lost easily." Kari said. super-wise maia and a sexy elf-lord. motioning for Kari to take a chair. gave him a quick kiss. and looked extremely amused as we simply walked one flet over. and then turned back to the book. "Some things have not changed." I replied." I replied. pay attention when I felt Glorfindel and Kari both looking at me. Glorfindel just called out for whoever it was to come in.

When she looked up." Kari arched an eyebrow. in some ways." I added with a grin. I knew I could never convince you of the same." "I was going to add that if you did not. recalling Gandalf's stunt with Asfaloth stopping. what did you wish to talk to me about? Or did we just cover it?" "Mostly. . And not really WANTING to grow up. "Doesn't mean you have to like it. somewhat to herself. and if I'd stayed in Rivendell during that time. sighing." Kari said." I made a face. I am STILL incredibly surprised that it worked." Kari said with a smirk. "I thought it would be best for me to leave." I replied after only a moment's hesitation." she said. I don't anymore. "Now. and Glorfindel's been in Rivendell the majority of the time. "Hell. "It comes from living among humans and looking permanently like a twenty-year-old." I replied. it took me 800 years to get over this whole Mary-Sue thing. "Yes. I mean." I said with a rueful smile. it was probably the best course of action. you have not changed a bit. "Yeah. Gandalf and Glorfindel. and I knew that you would never stop following me if you thought I was alive. "I told you. "Nor grown up much." Kari nodded. she looked straight into my eyes with an intensity that scarily reminded me of Elrond. And the rumor around Lothlórien is that you come from Gondor. anyways?" she asked curiously. literally. "It was the only way I could think of that would get me out of Rivendell without anyone following me. but how did you run into them? Gandalf's been running all over the countryside. either." I replied. catching the un-said I think they shall replace Elrond on my list of Evil Beings To Be Killed. her confusion evident." Kari said cautiously. looking down at the floor and frowning for a moment. "Why?" There was no need to explain what she was asking about. "Wizards are evil. and quite honestly. "Yes.433 - ." Kari chuckled. I know. "What made you stop believing in Mary-Sues. "Which was why I added it. I probably would have been causing a helluva lot of trouble for you and Elrohir. And anyways. if you think about it. arching an eyebrow.

He looked up from where he was reading his history book from Elrond." she said. sounding wise." I said with an impish smile. "I think. Kari eyed me for a moment. where I got sense knocked into me. Though I can't recall ever teaching them anything their father would call USEFUL. Denethor wanted to send plain old messengers. and came out. Though I suppose I still had some belief in Mary-Sues until I realized on the way here that I was busy being afraid of an obsessed teenager's badly-grammared creation. "Makes sense. and we set off back to Glorfindel's flet. from Gondor. Kari shrugged. . that position allowed me to have the extreme pleasure of being the first person Boromir and Faramir told about their funky little dream." "Simply. tutor to the Lord Stewards sons. though voices could be heard inside."Ah." Kari nodded." she said. then?" I nodded happily. but if you insist. It was apparently some semi-private dining room. I am known there as Lady Asira. Well. Then a confused look flitted across her face. I got sent to Rivendell with Boromir. "Of course. in the exact same place I'd left him. because she entered without even knocking." she said. and then seemed to shake Rivendell. then stood. I then encouraged them to talk to Denethor. in my current incarnation. "He is not who I would pick for an interesting dinner partner.434 - . my eyes glinting dangerously." I said with a grin. "Glory. Elladan and Elrohir helped. coming?" I asked. and Kari chuckled. I am. With a smile.actually it was more of the other way around ." he said. and Kari arched an eyebrow and shook her head before heading off to wherever we were planning to have dinner. too. let alone a romantic one. and so he sent me along with Boromir . stretched slightly. I latched onto him. "Shall we go see if he wishes to come. poking my head into his flet. "It all makes sense now. or someplace Kari belonged. getting up from the chair and bouncing on the balls of my feet. I believe supper is to be soon. supper with Kari and friends. I told him to stop being stupid. Where Gandalf and Glorfindel found me and whacked some sense into me." I said. "Now. "Are you calling Glorfindel boring?" I asked. "Anyways." she said agreeably. "Of course not. Would you like to join me and some friends for it?" "If I can bring Glorfindel.

I give you all cyber-birthday-cake. Well. but my plot as I know it won't pick up again for awhile."Ah. and when I looked again . "Hello.. *nod* Only better.I uploaded that last chapter.*41* new reviews. didn't check FF. Why these changes? Well. as well. You'll see why later." I said. sighed in what seemed like agreement . It didn't take long before Kari let out an exasperated groan. Alkarisil -" the voice stopped when it saw who was behind Kari. "This is going to be a looooong meal. smiling evilly at Haldir. Just don't expect any large plot developments for awhile .the next few chapter are going to be like the first few fun ones that resulted in Elrohir and Kari being dyed purple...Thank you to each and every one of you who reviewed. remember how I said I'd decided to stick to Tolkien canon? That means: Elves sleeping together = bonding = marriage.. and then regaining their memories of their former life when they reach majority or so? For the sake of my amusement.. (Those who are . I've decided that the detail about Elves who return from the dead literally being reborn. whether you actually commented on the chapter or just said happy birthday.with a moving body of water!---(And Galadriel avoidance!) -Authors Note:O. seated beside Haldir at a table in the room we had entered. since I'd originally written Elladan as somewhat of a ladies-elf. I heard a low groan from Glorfindel.. Oh yes. Chapter 10 is the most. this is the chapter where my plot effectively gets put on hold for awhile.N for the rest of the day." he muttered.loved. Anyways. Dad.. Kari looked between the two curiously. and then Haldir and I started in on our usual form of conversation. And another revision notice! Chapter 7-10 have had anywhere from a few words to entire conversations changed in them. and Lady Valinlot.435 - .. I had to rewrite some parts of those chapters.apparently she'd heard about me. It's all good now. As a general note about the story....because they have Glorfindel. but'll be fun. I feel. I'm not following it. ----To be continued. though! As a side note as to Tolkien canon. Not to say this story is going to become boring or pointless. Therefore. maybe pointless. there's still going to be lots of fun with Rachel and Glorfindel in Lothlorien. going through childhood again..o Holy monkey in a bottle. And slightly frightened.

or really short ones. I doubt I could if I didn't know it was there.436 - . See y'all on Monday! ~Crimson Starlight .. I either write really long Author's Notes...scarily clever and intelligent might be able to match this fact up with a comment in an earlier Author's Note to find out what sort of amusement I'm talking about. um...but I doubt anyone will get it. I think that's it now. Whew.yeah.Ah well..) And...

it being in a strange language that probably only Glorfindel had a hope in hell of even recognizing.437 - .. The Noble Platypus: Nor the character of Glorfindel as he appears in this story. not even any time to write an incredibly amusing disclaimer. Plus. before we even began eating. our conversation . CS: Right. and no pressing need to be overly nice to me . she has always spoken her mind.. Kari has less patience that Glorfindel. And we couldn't get our dinner companions to pass along what we wanted to say. "And you brought a boring elf lord to supper.. actually. I gaped at her. still in English. after I thought of something absolutely wonderfully insulting to say to Haldir. "You're no fun. either. -50: InterludeUnfortunately for me. CS: Kinky. "He is not boring!" I protested." Kari retorted in the same language.or Haldir. Thus.had attracted the attention of the others at the table." I grumbled to Kari in English during one of the lulls in conversation while eating. Haldir and I were under orders from Kari not to talk to each other unless we had something nice to say. let alone understanding . .Interlude -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:CS: I own absolutely nothing. Because certain people have him locked in a cage... since Rachel managed to get in there with him.. By now. jerking her head at Glorfindel. The Noble Platypus: Not that he seems to mind. The Noble Platypus: Disturbing.

" "I am confused. inadvertently slipping back into Elvish. arching an eyebrow. "No. but I shook my head in response. and I narrowed my . "I'm just stating what I've seen. "What on Arda are you two talking about?" "Kari's picking up some things from you. though I knew she was right that Glorfindel was older."He is! Old. shooting a meaningful glance at Kari and me where we were currently engaged in a staring contest. wondering exactly how old Glorfindel actually was. Glorfindel broke it by poking me. Friendly bickering." Haldir said. Glorfindel made a choking noise as he realized that our conversation had been about him. it's of no consequence." "He can. and he arched an eyebrow down at me. "Around three thousand. have you?" I asked. and then jerked her head in Glorfindel's direction again." Kari said with a frown." Kari replied. "Well then you've never seen Glorfindel drunk. "As are the rest of us." Kari said with a shrug. "I'm not sure he CAN get drunk. but I closed it again. "He is old and boring. arching an eyebrow. once more speaking in Elvish." I replied dryly in English..438 - ." I said. He is not boring then. "Prove WHAT?" Haldir asked before we could continue. "Prove it. "He is older. "And how old is Elrohir?" I asked.." I finally settled on insisting. "And it's quite amusing. too." Kari said. "Explain to those of us that do not speak your language?" he asked." Kari answered. "Can't say I have." Kari said under her breath in English." I replied crisply." I opened my mouth to protest in some fashion. I looked up at him in annoyance. trust me. "He is not boring." Lady Valinlot commented.

" I said. arms crossed and managing to look curious and annoyed at the same time. "That just proves he can over-react. and a quick look behind showed Lady Valinlot following. There was a pause after I finished as everyone at the table did a mental translation. and then back up at Glorfindel. Then Glorfindel stood up. There was a pause. then burst out laughing. what would you do if someone called you old and boring?" I asked. but not succeeding too well. as well.439 - ." came Haldir's response." Glorfindel answered. And even as we stopped. as if thinking. turning to Glorfindel. "Did you just throw my granddaughter-in-law in the river?" he asked. stunned silence. as Kari could just be heard indignantly ordering Glorfindel to put her down. "This I gotta see. picked Kari up out of her chair. and I arched an eyebrow challengingly at Kari. Lady Valinlot. where Kari was now calmly standing on the shore. obviously confident that I wouldn't tell Glorfindel. There was a short. "WHAT is going on here?" I eeped and whirled at the voice. wringing her hair out. Lady Valinlot was attempting to hold in her giggles. and found Celeborn standing behind me." I said. Haldir and I looked at each other.that went through Caras Galadhon. and Kari looked at me in shock. then nodded.eyes at her." Glorfindel replied smoothly. She shrugged.almost a river . Glorfindel paused for a moment. Celeborn looking in the river. "Glorfindel. and walked out of the flet." Kari shot up at me. "Why?" . "English Lesson 101. surprising even me. and proceeded to give him the meanings of the words Kari had just uttered. arching an eyebrow down at her. We managed to catch up to Glorfindel and Kari just as they reached one of the deeper streams . and then sighed. Glorfindel smirked down at Kari as she surfaced. Glorfindel dumped Kari in said river. Kari paused. and I shared a glance. standing up and dashing out the door. "And what would YOU do if someone called you old and boring?" I asked. spluttering and glaring. "Swimming lesson. Haldir. then smiled serenely. threw her over his shoulder. "Right behind you. "Nothing pleasant. then.

" Glorfindel commented once he had surfaced. and Glorfindel's eyes lit up with amusement. along with Haldir and Lady Valinlot. "I see. It only got worse when. "I already had a bath today!" I said. "What did you say now?" Glorfindel asked. We quickly stopped laughing and scurried backwards. Glorfindel and Celeborn glanced at each other. I probably would have made some attempt to protect Glorfindel (ha)." Haldir added quickly for him and Lady Valinlot.440 - . and then . Celeborn glared at him for a few moments. and then Lady Valinlot was the only dry one left. looking down at me with an arched . "He's not boring and old. headed for Glorfindel. then tossed him in the river." Celeborn said with an emphatic nod. and she smirked. seeing that no one else was able to come up with an alternate reason. glancing towards Celeborn." Kari said innocently from shore as Celeborn came to the surface. "I deserved that." Glorfindel replied. My eyes widened in worry. you did. he's evil!" I announced to Kari in English. however. "So did we. was incapacitated due to laughing so hard that I was crying. "A roll in the mud?" Haldir asked. as did Kari. "Lord Glorfindel -" Celeborn grated out. "That he wouldn't dump a member of Elrond's family in a river. "What?" Celeborn asked. "So nice of you to drop by. upon reaching Glorfindel. pulling himself to his feet and stalking out of the water. but I. All five of us glanced at each other. Before he got far. pulling himself out of the river. Glorfindel eyed the elf-lord warily.there was a new Celeborn-shaped hole in the river. and I snickered. Kari muttered something under her breath. "Yes." I supplied finally. grandfather. holding up my hands in self defense. then shook his head and turned to leave." Celeborn said with a frown. "And what did *I* have?" Glorfindel asked."I was endeavoring to prove her wrong about something. all silently agreeing that telling the truth wouldn't be nice. and then his eyes slid towards those of us laughing on the bank.

someone who effectively dampened the mood spoke from behind us." I commented as we headed back towards our supper. Of course. my tackle resulted with. spitting out some leaves that had managed to get into my mouth. "Celebrían had to get her funny side from someone.eyebrow. Galadriel looked back in puzzlement. but there was no telling what Celeborn's reaction would be if he found out Galadriel was the other one on that list. "You have replaced Elrond on the list of Evil Beings That I Wish I Could Kill But Will Never Be Able To. Celeborn isn't half bad." I shot back." Kari said with a shrug. me flat on my stomach. "We were in the middle of a supper. Glorfindel. even as Celeborn started to explain to Galadriel. Glorfindel sitting on my back. so there was no problem there. get off me. could say more. weren't we. "Y'know. smirking. "Well that was interesting. "This whole DAY has been interesting. then offered me a hand up. after a VERY short scuffle." she answered as Glorfindel helped Haldir out. Haldir already knew I would like to kill him. Haldir." I said. As it was. going over to Kari and helping her out of the river. We all glanced at each other. and Kari. . "So you're placing me in the same category as Haldir and -" I launched myself out of the water and tackled Glorfindel to stop him from uttering the other name. "Glorfindel. I don't know how things would have gone from there if we hadn't been interrupted. Lady Valinlot and I made tracks out of there. wet or dry. "Dammit. but it would probably have been very amusing." I nodded solemnly. and everyone but Kari and Glorfindel gave me creeped out looks. speaking in Elvish again. "Yes." Kari commented. "I said you're evil. "Then we'd best get back to it." I muttered. which would not be good with Celeborn here.441 - ." I replied promptly. Kari?" I said. why are you wet?" All six of us at the river slowly turned as one to the source of the voice. we were. before any of us." Glorfindel stood up obligingly. "Celeborn.

"But I think I am up for some acrobatics in a dress. tilting his head to one side. I shot him a curious look. we calmly walked in the direction of the tree our flets were in. Not that I minded the kiss. then grabbed my hand and pulled me after him as he took the stairs two at a time and went straight into his flet. she can find us whenever she wants. "It was my fault only the first time." Kari said." I commented as Glorfindel and I jogged along a tree branch." he announced suddenly. and covered in leaves. "And she is angry. concentrating too hard on not falling to think up a more coherent answer. all but Lady Valinlot still sopping wet. Glorfindel suddenly got very silent. We were still slightly damp. "Galadriel is coming. and everybody else nodded in agreement as we reached the dining hall we had been eating in." Glorfindel said over his shoulder. her face darkening. After getting over my surprise. Haldir followed. and just as we left. I mean." Glorfindel commented as we reached the tree our flets were in. Glorfindel and I went out another. and then quickly dashed down the nearest staircase to the forest floor. "This is kinda pointless. Just as we were starting to chat again. "Yes -" Glorfindel paused suddenly. I shot him a curious look. I kissed back quite eagerly."Celebrían had a funny side?" I asked.442 - ." I muttered. I saw Kari heading out another one. and instantly the mood dropped. but hopefully her anger will be cooled by then. the food was still there. sat down and finished it quickly." And she stood and slipped out the window. yes. aiming to get above a platform on another tree entirely. ignoring the strange looks elves we past gave us. Once inside. When Glorfindel pulled away. Surprise surprise. "I seem to keep getting wet and covered in leaves today. . I grunted in acceptance. "Yes. From there. I suddenly found myself being kissed quite passionately." We all looked at each other. "Had. We made it to the platform we had been aiming for. and we. "I do not know about you. "Stupid Orcs. but it was rather sudden. Recognizing the look on his face from when we had rode into Lothlórien." Lady Valinlot said softly. after all." I said as we headed up.

of the very sexy Lord Glorfindel of Rivendell." I said with a sigh when the kiss ended. and Glorfindel chuckled again as he headed into his bedroom. He probably reasoned that sleeping in his bed wasn't all that big a deal after the sleeping arrangements on the trip to Lothlórien. Before today. Glorfindel chuckled. and I snickered. kissing the top of my head. and picked me up..." he said innocently. I was somewhat surprised that he didn't make to take me to my flet. unexpectedly. And so I ended my most excellent day by falling asleep in the arms." Glorfindel said. they're not. "Lots of emotional moments will do that to someone."Galadriel was checking to see where we were and what we were doing. grinning. this has to be one of the best days I've had in a long time. I giggled. resting my head against Glorfindel's chest. and then pulled me close and kissed me again. anyways. "It seems all the activity today has tired you out. "I am glad. "But none of them are here now. and bed." I said." I said. letting my head fall back against his chest. anyways. "It so rocks that you can do that without any trouble." I lifted my head and smiled up at him. "No." Glorfindel said softly." I said. "Time for bed. ----To be continued. are they?" Glorfindel said." he said. "You know. "You deserve good days. then. I don't think either of us even noticed that we were still wearing damp clothes covered in leaves and dirt. "Indeed.443 - . some people would have argued with that. "And that's what I liked about today. Then I.with talking necks!---(And Fernando!) -Authors Note:." Glorfindel said." I smiled." I mumbled. "Guess we won't be hearing from her tonight. yawned. but I sure as heck didn't mind.

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As I left the bathing room.Now if only I knew what she said. and you'll get why I was chuckling to myself with a mental image of Glorfindel trying on some of my dresses. "Closer to breakfast or lunch?" "Breakfast. then yawned and stretched. . giving me a kiss on the forehead. back home." I noticed now that my clothes were dirty and wrinkled.Rachel: . sounds like it. where I changed quickly. I wondered how he had known it was a comfortable dress. I smiled. "How long have you been up?" I asked. and that Glorfindel had changed into a very comfortable-looking pair of loose breeches." Glorfindel replied with a smile. and was reminded of a movie I had seen once.. who was sitting up reading.446 - . as he had snagged one of my most comfortable dresses.. and pushed myself into an upright position. Queen of the Dessert'. you like the mornings. and my head was in his lap. making a face. I blinked. then unwrapped my arm from around Glorfindel's waist. rolled onto my side.. "Which there is some of on the bedside table. called 'The Adventures of Priscilla." I said with a withering look.. "Ugh. Glancing at the bedside table. I grabbed the clothes and disappeared into Glorfindel's bathing room." Glorfindel answered. I found that there was indeed a change of clothes there. it appeared. wrapping one arm up around Glorfindel's waist and using the other to take the book from his hands. "Since dawn. "Funny..Did I just get reamed out? Kari: Yep." I said. -51: VacationThe next day I woke to see a book floating above my head. and an equally loose tunic. "Morning. right. and it took me a few moments to realize that the book was actually being held by Glorfindel. Glorfindel. Rachel: Great. "What time is it?" I asked after a nice good-morning kiss. along with a tray containing some very yummy looking food. along with a change of clothes.. Suffice it to say that Hugo Weaving played a drag queen in it. had comfort in mind today." Glorfindel replied.

as it turned out. and he was near the spot where I had stopped reading yesterday. while we were on our way to the kitchens. but hey. hm?" I asked. and otherwise molesting my neck and lower jaw. licking. so absorbed he'd not even heard me chuckling . "Of course. After wards. we went in search of lunch. and planted a big kiss on my cheek before turning his attention back to the book. arching an eyebrow at Glorfindel as we entered the kitchens. Then he spent the entire time I was reading the page kissing. and after a very pleasant little makeout session. I pulled the book out of his hands long enough to sit in his lap. I'm sure if anyone had seen us they would have either given us a strange look or burst out laughing. I peered over Glorfindel's shoulder to see what he was reading. where we had a very leisurely lunch. and then went in search of food. We took the lunch back up to Glorfindel's flet. and then I scampered off to my flet and got changed into trousers and a tunic so Glorfindel .I dumped my dirty clothes on the floor by the door. and so we sat there reading together. me close behind. and flattered. Glorfindel bid the elf a barely polite good-day before neatly stepping around him and continuing on down to the kitchens. nuzzling. so there were no little squabbles over turning the page too fast or too slow. making it impossible for me to concentrate. I rolled my eyes and went back to reading. Well. I was only a slightly faster reader than Glorfindel.and ate breakfast. I meeped and turned it back. "Not my fault. when. and in the stunned silence. we ran into some Lothlórien elf who mentioned a meeting Glorfindel might want to attend. Since Glorfindel was a fair sight taller than me. "Busy for the entire day. The elf looked quite surprised. it was easier than me reading over his shoulder. We ended out stopping reading around noon. there was that page that Glorfindel had apparently read before and turned too quickly for me. Upon discovering it was the history Elrond had written for him. I was amused." Glorfindel said. and Glorfindel promptly announced that he was busy for the entire day." I complained when I finally finished the page and realized I couldn't remember a thing of what I'd just read. "I believe you were in the middle of sword lessons when we left Rivendell?" Glorfindel shot back blandly. And. and Glorfindel chuckled.447 - . then went back to the bed where Glorfindel was once again reading. "You're evil." Glorfindel mumbled against my neck. "So I suppose my neck just stuck itself in the way of your mouth and asked you to molest it?" I asked Glorfindel with amusement.

and I jumped up before going to fetch my sword. your rank gives you precedence." Haldir removed Fernando from my face. used without knowing that they already existed) a ton of moves while I was fighting Haldir." I replied. And I didn't need to hear the whispered. "Hmm. "Well." Haldir said after a moment. apparently. "Yes." Haldir said dryly. I don't mind a bit. "Oh no." I told Haldir before he could ask. "Ladies first. I know! I dub thee Fernando!" Haldir gave me a weird look. I pulled another stunt like that day I fought Elladan to a draw and invented (or rather.and I eventually found myself staring at the tip of Haldir's sword.. and somehow managed to finagle me into sparring him. and that I wouldn't dare throw HIM in the river. "Why did you throw Celeborn in the river. "Kari commented that Celeborn was technically part of Elrond's family.448 - ." I said with a small smile. and I yield. Which was." Glorfindel said with a shrug. she called me boring. Haldir showed up at one point. and I turned my own curious glance in Glorfindel's direction. "Oh. There was never a point where I even came CLOSE to 'wounding' him." "I figured that out last night. anyways?" Haldir asked Glorfindel after a moment." Haldir gave me another weird look as I sheathed my sword and came back over to where he and Glorfindel were standing. I'm insane.could show me exactly how horrible I was at fighting with a sword." Glorfindel said as if that excused it all. "She names them all. and Haldir and I looked at each other. is better than Elladan . "Oh. "And so it turned out to truly be an attempt to prove Kari wrong. and we all looked at each other in amusement. predictably. . as I had been wondering the same thing myself.or I wasn't as good as I had been then . amused comments of the others around the ring to know that Glorfindel was holding back. really REALLY bad. trying to think of a name. "Fernando?" Haldir asked in clear confusion.. "The tip of your sword. knowing without even saying anything that we were thinking the same thing." I said thoughtfully while I looked at the sword in my face. but Haldir. "And no." Glorfindel explained dryly.

"Even an identical one would probably have better manners.. well. and looked between us in surprise. Momentary truce to laugh at Glorfindel's expense: officially over. and Haldir decided to take the lead.. but your friendship with the Lady Alkarisil. then looked back at Glorfindel and nodded. For I do know you so wish to be first. and I burst into laughter. and Glorfindel sighed.then and now ." Haldir replied seriously. Now would you care to enlighten me as to what you were laughing about?" Glorfindel asked. if not better looks." I paused thoughtfully. I would not dream of stepping on your toes. "All better?" Glorfindel asked with an arched eyebrow when Haldir and I finally finished laughing. endeavoring to keep upright. I glanced at Haldir."Ah." I insisted. "Good. Shame you don't have a twin.relationship with the gentleman in question." "It would be hard to get much worse than you. as we laughed. "Utterly hilarious. when I managed to catch a look of him through my quickly watering eyes. and I took over. "Accomplishments and age dumping someone in a river for merely calling him boring -" Haldir and I looked at each other. "Hm." Haldir retorted. was looking at us in a mix of amusement and creeped-outedness. gave a little giggle. "I believe. Glorfindel was now looking between Haldir and me in utter confusion.. "Y'know. . Glorfindel. but stopped at my next words." I commented to Haldir. You clearly have the superior claim. "Shall we just say that we found . He made as if to give a joking bow." we finished in unison. crossing his arms and looking down at us with his best Elf-lord lord. and your. you do that unison thing quite nicely. wife of the grandson of my liege lord and lady. and Glorfindel's remark." Haldir protested. both at the absurdity of Haldir and my's argument. Haldir was quick to follow me into laughter. and soon we both hand a hand on the others shoulders.. at any rate.449 - . however. That proved to be my undoing. gives you a much stronger claim.the thought of someone with your -" Haldir paused. Glorfindel blinked. that we are currently in your liege lord and ladies realm. and therefore within the sphere of your command in your position as Marchwarden. "Oh no.

my dear Marchwarden." I returned. "Perhaps you are trying to earn his favour? Tell me. but I seem to have inherited a poor memory. "Actually. combined with your protestations that you were not involved with my poor genetics." I said. Maybe I got it from you?" I paused for a moment as if in thought. "Enough of this. no matter what you may protest. She seems to have very little respect for authority. and I believe we've already covered that it's your fault it's there in the first place."Well I got it all from you.450 - . and this time his annoyance was real. my voice suddenly sweet and sugary as a thought occurred to me." Glorfindel said. since Haldir's speaking first prevented me from defending myself against Glorfindel. With a faulty memory. so stop involving me in your poor genetics. as that sunk in. then at least doing the same damage to Haldir's reputation as he was doing to mine. but you more than anyone should know of the Naugrim blood in her veins that makes her so stubborn. Lord Glorfindel. "While this is less worrying than having you two as allies." Haldir scolded. that would make sense." "Do you REALLY want to make me make you stop this?" Glorfindel asked blandly. "I had nothing to do with your lineage. I decided to pursue the old jibe in the hopes of. "Must you always have the first word after Glory speaks?" I asked Haldir." Haldir replied promptly. his eyes widening. "Could you possibly have romantic designs on our dear Balrog-slayer?" Haldir looked at me. "Whatever you may do. but not long enough for Haldir to reply." Haldir said. "I would gladly. "Perhaps. "Did we not just go over leaving me out of your poor lineage?" Haldir asked. as well. Haldir and . I vaguely noticed that sudden silence emanated from all around us. if not making them realize it was a jest. my annoyance somewhat genuine. waggling a finger at me. "Yes. and a quick glance showed that all who had been near had apparently stopped in their tracks and were listening very intently while trying not to show it. I doubt very much it will hold back the Lady Asira. would you PLEASE stop with this nonsense?" Glorfindel asked with a sigh." I said smoothly. you might honestly not remember what unspeakable acts you got up to the last time you were within range of a Naugrim female. looking down his nose at me haughtily.

451 - . I decided with my last coherent thought. Rachel. low enough that I doubt even Haldir could discern what had been said. "That was not how I was expecting you to shut me up.." "I WILL shut you up. . "Therefore I have not shut you up yet. "Which goes to show that you do earn wisdom with age. "Well." he said.." I 'whispered' conspiratorially to Glorfindel." Glorfindel said blandly. in that case. and marched off in the opposite direction. "It's because we think too much alike. many different areas. "At least in some cases. "Moving you to a more. I growled. "Farewell.appropriate spot?" Any protests I might have to that were stopped as he then proceeded to shut me up quite effectively." I retorted." we said with a shrug. and refrain from doing it on the one day I have managed to finagle free of my duties for the past several years. Marchwarden!" Glorfindel said cheerily. Whatever complaints Kari had about Glorfindel being old. I was removed from Glorfindel shoulder and set on my feet again.. "No fair. I was merely -" At this point.. Then we turned back to Glorfindel. were completely squashed by the advantages of what all those years gave to him in the form of wisdom and knowledge . all in perfect unison." I said with amusement." Glorfindel growled in my ear. "Continue this trade of insults if you will. "Notice you are still talking?" Glorfindel said patiently. You intentionally let me think the wrong thing." I said. "Oh. to much laughter from the surrounding Elves .and Haldir. He just shook his head. then glanced back at Haldir and smiled sweetly. and we grinned. arching an eyebrow at Glorfindel. but leave me out of it. and abruptly found myself slung over Glorfindel's shoulder. leaning towards him. Glorfindel glanced between us in a mixture of annoyance and amazement. opened my mouth to say something. "Very well.I turned innocent faces to him. quite fair. smoothing our grins as we did so. I turned to Haldir. Lord Glorfindel." I many. "I am not saying anything further on this matter." Haldir and I looked at each other.

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.. and let me come back as long as I inform them of what's going on.? Where is everyone else? Rúmil: *points outside* Snow fight to celebrate the first day since last year with a single-digit temperature. But I see only you..who're you? Gil-Galad: High King of the Noldor Elves.. aren't you supposed to be dead? Gil-Galad: *mildly amused* Yes. Rúmil: Sooo.... Rúmil and Gil-Galad: *look at each other* .Discussing -THE GAMES OF THE GODS-Disclaimer:Rúmil: CS owns nothing at all! Gil-Galad: *appears* Except her strange sense of humour.453 - .... Rúmil: .. -52: Discussing. You? Rúmil: *blinks*......*ahem* uh.. Right. actually.Rúmil of Lothlórien..*watches for a moment* Did I just see Galadriel and Glorfindel dump a large bucket of snow over Elrohir? Rúmil: Um. but the Valar wanted to keep an eye on CS's disclaimers.. I think that was Elladan. Gil-Galad: I see. *run outside to join in the fun* Dustbunny under CS's computer desk: Well this was a boring disclaimer. Gil-Galad:'re a spy? Gil-Galad: *shrugs and grins* I could be a double agent. depending on the offer.

I wanted to talk over this whole relationship of ours before we did go that far. Which I also needed to figure out. Though I had a feeling Glorfindel might try to return the concern I had given his tunic at the hot springs.. arching an eyebrow. anyways. and several lifetimes spent as a barmaid had still not changed those morals. not Glorfindel. Elves are immortal . scratch that." I said. "Thinking?" Glorfindel asked unnecessarily.454 - . "Oh?" I asked. which led to the suggestion that we head back to our rooms. "Also happens sometimes. Things between Glorfindel and I had not gone quite that far yet." Glorfindel said. . though I wasn't sure and would have to ask Kari. happens sometimes. when I didn't have Glorfindel all to myself for a day. due to those morals and despite my behavior. "Yeah.. I was pretty sure that Elves didn't go that far without being married.and gave me a light kiss on the temple. shaking my head to clear it.and I was perfectly content to just restrict myself to kisses (and licks and nibbles) on commonly exposed bodyparts for now. I know exactly what my decision will be if that happens. And anyways. Which led the to the inevitable innocent question on my part about what me looking fiery had to do with anything. I had not been the loosest of girls back on earth in the first place.we were walking with our arms around each others waists . he simply smiled and replied that it was a tie between almost honestly wishing Haldir and I would stop. and I nodded. I would have to decide whether or not to complain about it when it happened. pulling me out of my thoughts. I held back a suggestion about the hot springs. "You are quiet. pulling me closer to him .preferably by talking to Kari. Because there's this little problem of me losing all coherent thought when Glorfindel's kissing me.intimate manner than had happened previously. When asked about the other half. anyways. however. since we were both still sweaty and dirty from our sparring and needed a bath and to change. and the fact that I 'looked quite fiery when bantering with Haldir'.It was a sheepish Glorfindel who later admitted that half of his haste in getting me out of there was fear that the Lady Galadriel would sense the disturba