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March 2009

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To Mr. . Arbie Laquian for teaching how to prepare the financial statement and spending his time even though he’s busy. knowledge.Acknowledgement Gratefully acknowledgement to the following persons who in one or another helping us in making this study a successful one. And above all to our Almighty God a million thanks for the strength. good health. Lorna Torres employee of Caloocan City Hall for giving us the time and allowing us to conduct a survey in their prospective area. wisdom and the guidance that enlightened our hearts and minds that this study would be possible. Christian Ortega owner of RAMPAGE CAFÉ and Ms. To Mr. To Mr. Arnold Policarpio our special project adviser who has been there to support us. They serve as guide and shared knowledge that this project was made possible. To our dear family who have been always there supporting and being understanding in giving the time for us to spend this project.

6 kilobytes per second. or industry into a common fund with the intention of dividing profits among themselves. property. Internet café was started with the opening of the first cyber café. and there were over 60 similar cafes over the world by the summer of 1995. It started with half a dozen HP computers. Cafe Cyberia got tremendous publicity and additional investments into the business from likes of Mick Jagger and Maurice Saatchi. The groups preferred to use partnership as a type of business organization. With the success of Cafe Cyberia. Type of Business Organization Since the composed of five (5) ladies each one of has agreed and decided to be partners.HISTORY Internet café business is indeed a very popular business. As the first Internet cafe. It was founded by Eva Pascoe. the Internet Cafe business got into a flying start. Partnership –is an organization where two or more person binds themselves to contribute money. in London (UK) September 1. 1994. “CYBERKADAHAN INTERNET CAFE” is name of a proposed business plan. It is one of the establishments made indispensable in an increasingly interconnected world. “CYBER” being related to computers and “KADAHAN” meaning a group of individual or people who are closely bonded. Café Cyberia. . connected to the Internet through dial-up modems that were able to transfer data at 9.

O O O The profit from the business flow directly to the business though the partners personal tax return. scanning.Benefits of partnership type of business we are establishing: O Partnership is relatively easy to establish. Equity maybe increased. . important decisions can be quickly. Managerial flexibility. With more than one owner. Like sole proprietorship are normally free of extensive Governmental scrutiny. The business usually benefit from partners who have complementary skills. and colored printing Proposed Location will be located at # 82 Samson Road Caloocan City. internet surfing or searching cd-burning. Limited government interference. Procedures and expenses are minimized.Debt vs. Two heads are better than one.making capability. the ability to raise funds. Partnerships tend to attract better employees because of the possibility of becoming a principal in the firm. Generally. Enhanced capital availability. however times should be invested in developing the partnership agreement. although not as fast in a sole proprietorship. in our case there’s no problem about it because we are mostly friends and we are devoted to make our business progress. Aside from computer rental that have reasonable hourly rates for internet gaming. Easy form. Better decision. our prospective customers are basically everybody—students doing their projects or research and gamers. funding sources are more likely to entertain financing request because of the broader capital base. Two or more people will be providing and searching for capital. Higher quality employees. In addition. O O O O O O Cyberkadahan Internet Café provides services that would give satisfaction to our customer.

property.333.00 Seven Hundred Thousand Pesos contributed by each partner as follows: NAME AMOUNT CONTRIBUTED Evelyn Macabodbod Php 233. labor. and industry. To help the students especially the neighboring Barangays to find a computer’s rental at affordable price. To be successful business partners. skill or service.000. To develop one’s skill to build up good relationship among customer. Industrial Partner – one who contributes industry.333. and O O O To earn profit.33 Maria Normita Cava Php 233.333. To give leisure and enjoyment.33 Jacquelyn Santos Php 233.This business starts with the capital of P 700.33 Angelica Aquino Industrial Katherine Trinidad Industrial TYPE OF PARTNERS Capitalist Industrial Capitalist Industrial Capitalist Industrial Capitalist Partner – one who contributes capital in money or property Capitalist Industrial Partner – one who contributes in money. O O . The objective of this proposed project is to acquire the prospective customers and to achieve the desired profit within the specific period of time.

what they want and need is mainly our concerns. Victory Mall. Site survey is primarily our main concern in this preparation. as our main objective while choosing this site. . and other government offices shall be strictly complied with. and schools. St. It’s abo ut 40 square meters. schools. Sacred Heart and Gomburza Elementary School and people just strolling along the way and or passengers of utility vehicle can easily see the Internet Café. hospitals. the PC’s is all well organized and arrange properly according to their rows for the convenience of our customer. the location is just along the highway. near to schools like Divine Mercy College. were our target customers are mainly students and nearby neighborhood especially those people whose relatives or loved ones are at abroad and find it very convenient communicating with them through chat and email. Gabriel Academy and Gomburza Elementary School. and schools such as Divine Mercy College. beside Asian Trust Bank. and Puregold. Each computer has their own games. Our Internet café will provide small private booths for quiet chatting compare to the standard elbow to elbow computer station. good music is well provided. Araneta Square. and it’s near to malls such as Ever Grand Central. so the prospec tive customer’s is almost everybody. On our site survey we find out that the site has less than 5 competitors and it’s a good sign of putting up the business. In accessibility. We agreed that the shop should be well ventilated (air condition) to make our customer comfortable. It’s an urbanized area were accessibility. and for that we are more capable of attracting customer’s because we will offer more affordable rental fee in 15 pesos per hour. the proposed location is a commercial place. In competency and study of niche/market. The two hundred (200) meter radius requirements as provided in the existing Zoning Code and other applicable rules and regulations wherein computer shops and other similar establishments and places of amusements should be put up or constructed at least two hundred (200) meters away from the church. Sacred Heart.SITE PREPARATION The business will be renting a space along hi-way near to malls. competency and we study niche/market. internet and surfing to be chosen by our customer. We choose the location. at #82 Samson Road at Caloocan City. It is the ideal place to establish an internet café because it is accessible to public because it’s along the highway and our target market is mostly students. Most of the Internet shop located in the area is inside the malls while the competitors outside is just minimal. We choose this site because we found out that competitors are minimal in the place.

List of Hardware Package PC’s 3 in 1 PSC Brand name Pentium 4 HP Officejet 2610 Print/Scan/Copy Amount Php.00 Php. PS2 mouse and processor.TECHNICAL ASPECT In technical aspect it identifies whether the services rendered could be the highest possible quality level with minimum cost.450. Scanner & Photocopier. and we will be installing Norton 360 version 3. Hardware and Software is our much focus aspects.00 Php.799.00 Php.800. Excel.00 with capacity for 20 computers and have a speed of 2 Mbps. Access. We offer other service to customers likes printing in black and white. We purchase equipment as packages in order to lessen our expense. photocopying. 19.00 Php. In Software. Desktop Publishing and installing the popular on line games such World of warcraft . and payphone.00.00 Php.500. In this aspect we will discuss the equipment and other computer application we use in the business.0 premium for our anti-virus and anti-spyware. 350.500. 3 in 1Printer. 720. Auto Jam. Battle Realms. DVD/CD burning. We did researching on how much the Hardware and software will cost us. Power point.799.00 Php. through net surfing.00 Computer application software OS MS Office 2007 Game software: Warcraft (dota) Counterstrikes Battle Realms Dance Audition Autojam Anti-virus and anti spy ware . 1. 1. 1. 14.00 Php.00 Amount Php.968. CounterStrike. scanners. 10.200.968. 19.The Internet connection is a package of Bayantel DSL connected (cables) with the speed of 2mbps amounting 9. keyboard. In Hardware our target number of PC is 15 (monitor-flatscreen. The internet connection we used is Package plan of DSL Bayantel amounting P9. webcam). Dance Audition. we will installing original Operating System of Ms Office Professional 2007 likes MS Word.

27. If we get a lot of text and e-mail we know we already have a market.(the customers will be given a card to be stamped every visit and if they got 25 stamped there every 2 hours is 20% discounted)  Contest for gamers (the winner will be free on their rental charge & to be held every Saturday from 3:00 to 5:00 pm only.50). a month before our opening and we will distribute the fliers. And another tarpaulin for the services with the size of 29” x 39” amounting of P157. with the cost of Php. on the small fliers that cost of Php.00 (500 pcs. promoting the opening of our Internet café also one month before the opening. We will put tarpaulin on the place itself where our shop is standing. And offer promo’s to attract customer like  Computer to rent for cheap  40 for every 3 hours  Membership.) We create some marketing strategies like. To let people know that there will be new Internet Shop on the vicinity.MARKETING ASPECT In marketing aspect. mailboxes or gate. For a free 1 hour introductory price! . promoting business will use different strategies and techniques to attract probable customers. 220. Tarpaulin size is 35” x 70”.50 while the second fliers is also 500 pcs. we will print a thousands little half or quarter page fliers printed with the total cost of Php 908.08 FLIERS “The latest and Greatest Internet Café” You can text or E-mail through this number 09067844261 556-22-33 MizzJellmitch@yahoo. the streamers amount is Php340.

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