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The real game changer though, remains the ongoing process of bringing Asian gold and treasure holdings

into play in the international financial system. Here some very nitty-gritty technical discussions are proceeding smoothly, if slowly.

The bottle-neck in bringing the Asian gold and treasure back into the global financial system, for the first time since President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, has been the question of who to put in charge and how to carry it out. There is concrete work going on to solve these issues but unfortunately, there is still a news embargo on the subject. However, the talks are highly detailed, involve well-known and not well-known players, smelters, warehouses of cash and other down-toearth logistical issues. The new governments in Japan, North Korea, South Korea and China, however, are supporting this process, which is supposed to lead to the creation of a meritocratic world economic planning agency. In the West, an exchange of hand-written memos has made it clear that the Freemasons, the gnostic illuminati and the eco-friendly branch of the Nazis, among others, also support the creation of such a meritocratic organization. Some of the major old world order bloodline groups are also tentatively supportive on the condition that traditional royal family perks remain in place. The White Dragon Society has proposed that well-known and liked non-Western political veterans be put in charge of the initial staff selection for the agency. Three names in particular have been mentioned: Lee Kuan Yew, Mahathir Mohamad and Nelson Mandela. None of these gentlemen have been contacted yet because the sherpas are still not finished with their work. Such an agency would in no way replace existing structures but would instead be something entirely new and additional to the old order power structures. The cabal, for its part, is still trying to threaten and terrorize the world in order to have its way. A recent report in the Jerusalem Post, wrongly attributed to the BBC, claimed that Iran had ordered the evacuation of 1.5 million people from the city of Ifshasan. This false report has been interpreted as a crude threat. Despite such bravado, the situation in the Middle East seems to be moving towards some kind of settlement. The mercenary army in Syria has announced it is no longer being funded. At the same time, two Kurdish families have been given control of vast oil fields in Northern Iraq with apparent Turkish agreement, according to MI6 and Turkish sources. The indications are that some sort of Sunni transnational alliance is emerging in the region and that the governments of Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are already on board. The situation in the United States is a bit harder to read right now. As mentioned at the top, the Obama regime, while having prevented World War 3, is still very clearly a fascist, cabal controlled entity. Judging from the fact that top Bush/Clinton crime family members (Hillary and George Sr.) have been holed up in hospitals, it appears the US side of the cabal is now under the control of George Soros, the Rockefellers, Zbigniew Brzezinski and that group. In other words, the Nazi neo-con group lost a lot of influence when they failed to get their man Romney into the White House. Clearly the way to liberate the United States and put an end to the fascist regime there remains removing cabal control of the process of monetary creation. This in turn hinges to some extent on the negotiations over Asian participation in that process. Some meetings this week might shed further light on how this process is advancing.

Another way to weaken cabal power is to attack the other big source (apart from central bank ownership) of their money: the international drug trade. This newsletter has attempted to put a number on the scale of this trade by multiplying UN estimates of drug production by the average retail price. This sheds some interesting light on the economics of drug wars. (fyi some weird formatting problem occurred in this word processor as soon as I started writing about drugs) Heroin production in Afghanistan runs at a bit under 10,000 tons per year, or about $500 billion dollars retail. Given the annual costs of the Afghan war being $122 billion, that means the occupation of Afghanistan, in business terms, yields an annual profit margin of about 400%. Throw in cocaine at about $82 billion a year, amphetamines at about $600 billion per year and Marijuana at $1.3 trillion per year and you can see this is a roughly $2.5 trillion a year business (four times the pentagon budget), mostly controlled by the CIA and its web of gangster affiliates. Discussion with CIA, triad, yakuza, North Korean and South American drug mafias reveal that they are all open to becoming legal, tax-paying businesses if drugs are legalized or decriminalized. This is especially easy to argue with hemp and marijuana because the overwhelming evidence, both medical and sociological, is that it should never have been made illegal in the first place. So, by returning the right to create money to governments and by decriminalizing drugs, it is possible to cut off most of the worlds terrorist financing. The pharmaceutical industry, another big cabal power spot, can also be co-opted by removing the taboo on life-prolonging, life-enhancing and pleasure-giving medicines. That would leave the cabal with just oil as its last big money generator. Fortunately, the oil people have already agreed to a phased-in introduction of new energy-technology and a transformation of their industry into a geo-engineering, materials and eco-system creating industry. In any case, we hope that during the coming week the high level information embargo will end and concrete good news will become available. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ rian here, from the American Kabuki Ground Crew. In light of the recent popularity of TOPPT all over the internet (Google currently produces 17,500 hits searching The One Peoples Public Trust) Id like to take some time to address a few things, in hopes of bringing some clarity to the many who have been asking questions as to the validity of The One Peoples Public Trust. First of all, its only natural to be skeptical of the claims that have been made over the last few days. I would be lying if I said that I understood all of it. Truth is, most of the legal framework is way over my head and every time I go to Heather to ask a question, each response only brings up many more questions, only to replace the one I originally posed. I too was skeptical when I first learned of everything they claimed to have done, especially as it pertained to the money aspect of this whole saga.

I found myself asking questions like, under what authority do they have to implement the foreclosure of the FED, the BIS, the IMF, or any of these organizations who have successfully lied to and manipulated virtually every single person on the planet for so long? How is such a feat

even possible? IS it possible? And how could it be accomplished by a small group of people that very few have ever even heard of until recently? Maybe it was these questions that made me a good candidate to have the conversation with Heather, which weve put out for all to hear? Fact of the matter is that all of these questions, and many others, have been burning in my mind since day one of being introduced to all this. What Ive been falling back on is my FAITH that anything and everything IS possible; FAITH that stems from a background of BEing absolutely shocked and amazed by MIRACLES and SYNCHRONICITIES that Ive witnessed in my life, which have utterly convinced me that TRUTH is much much stranger than fiction. This FAITH combined with the fact that Ive found myself in a position where I totally and completely TRUST what Heather has shared with AK, KP, D and myself, has created an environment where Im completely open to the possibilities of what can and WILL come of all this. This TRUST is a hard thing to explain because its a feeling that comes from inside myself that is beyond any words I could possibly use to try to describe it. Its not every day that a person comes into your life so willing to share anything and everything about themselves, their background and situations they have experienced, in a SPIRIT of totally raw and unadulterated TRANSPARENCY. Sure, Ive had many people say that TRANSPARENCY is important to them, but to have someone BE this TRANSPARENCY day in and day out, in every moment and through every word, deed and action continuously, without exception, is a rare case. After DOing enough of my own personal research and vetting out processes, I have come to the point where I have seen enough and heard enough to know that I am dealing with a person who is more CONNECTED to SOURCE and her relationship with CREATOR than anyone I have ever met in my 31 years of living. I share this not because I want to convince anyone to feel the same way I DO. TRUST is a CHOICE that all people need to make independently. I cannot force someone to TRUST another, nor would I want to even if I could, for that would be a direct violation of anothers FREE WILL. My objective IS to share these thoughts with anyone willing to listen, in hopes to simply supply some perspective for the many I know who are actively searching for it. My advice is to go WITHIN. At a deeper level we ALL have the answers and the ability to find our own TRUTH. This is the place inside each of us where MIRACLES occur, we just have to BE open enough to SEE them when they DO. So, heres the kicker, THIS IS NOT ABOUT HEATHER, nor is it about The One Peoples Public Trust. THIS IS ABOUT THE PEOPLE. EVERYONE. ALL OF US. All Heather and her group have done is successfully created the foundation, within the legal structures, to flip the entire system onto its head, which gave the people back what has always been rightfully OURS. This begs the question, how could it be that easy? Before I share my thoughts on this, Id like to first point to an IM dialogue that took place between Heather and Lisa Harrison, which Ive copied and pasted below. Lisa is a LIGHTWORKER journalist from Australia who sent the following conversation between herself and a man by the name of Adnan Sakli... [Note: Adnan Sakli is a character something like Keenan. -AK] This dialogue will hopefully allow me to connect some dots for everyone below. Here it IS: (The only alterations I have made to this exchange is Ive corrected a few misspelled words to make the conversation easier to follow. It seems Mr. Sakli is not the best with spelling and grammar ). * Note: This whole conversation has much substance, but Ive bolded the parts Id like you to pay extra close attention to.

[1/6/2013 2:29:48 PM] Lisa M Harrison: I also imagine the name Adnan Sakli must be familiar to you? [1/6/2013 2:49:37 PM] Lisa M Harrison: Adnan is supposed to be the major shareholder and signatory for the corporate world [1/6/2013 3:42:56 PM] Lisa M Harrison: including the BIS [1/6/2013 3:44:49 PM] *** Lisa M Harrison sent Adnan.jpg *** [1/6/2013 3:50:41 PM] Jarrafusa: please stand by... [1/6/2013 3:51:20 PM] Lisa M Harrison: ok, standing by [1/6/2013 3:55:01 PM] *** Lisa M Harrison sent Adnan Titles Accounts.pdf *** [1/7/2013 12:55:10 PM] Lisa M Harrison: This is a conversation I had with Adnan Sakli this morning who as I said OWNS the BIS[8/01/13 7:40:49 AM] Lisa M Harrison: In regards to The One People's Public Trust, according to them they have used UCC filings to forseclose on the Corporate Fiction world, including BIS, Corp Governments, Banks etc [8/01/13 7:41:00 AM] Lisa M Harrison: [8/01/13 7:43:36 AM] ADNAN: With no legal right of authority [8/01/13 7:44:39 AM] ADNAN: Not worth anything unless done under the sanctity of all the nations and approval and only I have the right to transfer and rights under structured sate of oversight and law. [8/01/13 7:44:57 AM] ADNAN: everything else is false and BS [8/01/13 7:46:10 AM] Lisa M Harrison: if it is all BS, then the UCC is has no validity at all [8/01/13 7:46:46 AM] ADNAN: Not over sovereignty rights [8/01/13 7:47:54 AM] ADNAN: That can only be done under unilateral rights of each and every country being protected and secured not by a bunch of idiots that act as the savior of the positions [8/01/13 7:49:38 AM] ADNAN: If its not done properly then its a waste of time [8/01/13 7:49:57 AM] Lisa M Harrison: how does your authority in the corporate world have any jurisdiction over the living breathing man as all corporate authority is derived from the people and all corporate entities are trustees to the living beneficiaries? [8/01/13 7:50:21 AM] Lisa M Harrison: I don't understand the disconnect here? [8/01/13 7:51:52 AM] ADNAN: I own BIS and the Titles. First it has to been done under legal status with all of the countries not just a group that appoints itself, then they are the same shit as

before. [1/7/2013 12:59:20 PM] Lisa M Harrison: [8/01/13 7:57:08 AM] Lisa M Harrison: for the sake of humanity and our freedom, are you not in a perfect position to support what the One People's trust are trying to achieve? [8/01/13 7:58:16 AM] ADNAN: Yes but they are trying to organize from North America for the Indian lands to traffic the drugs for the Bush people from Mexico to Canada with no obstruction. [8/01/13 7:58:56 AM] ADNAN: As well as bypass the EPA of the oil operations and completely destroy the land . [8/01/13 7:59:14 AM] ADNAN: So the group you are talking about have no real motives . [8/01/13 8:02:20 AM] Lisa M Harrison: well I hope for humanity and the planets sake you are mistaken [8/01/13 8:04:45 AM] ADNAN: NO I AM NOT AND i AM IN THE PROCESS OF CLEANING THESE CROOKS SO THAT WE CAN SET UP THE UNILATERAL COMMISSION THAT WILL FORMULATE ALL OF THE NATIONS IN A UNIFIED WAY WITH THE STRUCTURES OF INTERNATIONAL LAW EXCEPTED AND WITH OVERSIGHT TO PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE AND THE ENIVROMENT AND CREATE REAL WORK THAT IS BASED UPON TRUE PRODUCTION AND A FARE WAGE FOR FARE WORK INTERNATIONALLY [8/01/13 8:04:55 AM] ADNAN: SORRY DOIN TEN THINGS AT THE SAME TIME [8/01/13 8:45:51 AM] ADNAN: Ok , Sorry I was with the authorities to lock up all of these crooks to clear the way to do what is actually legal and correct with the international agreement of all of the countries acting in a unified format that protects the interest of all of the people whether they are awake or not. We are cleaning up all the crooks and there are about a million people that have to be prosecuted and charged around the world and in the bank and government structures. That is being done now and those people you are talking about are crooks . [8/01/13 8:47:01 AM] ADNAN: I also need to comply the list for Australia as well since that is a major drug route for the pacific rim there and the government officials that are part of this criminal activities . [8/01/13 8:48:55 AM] Lisa M Harrison: adnan, people who are free and prosperous are not interested in numbing themselves with drugs, there will not be a customer base for these crooks once we are free [8/01/13 8:51:13 AM] Lisa M Harrison: when you say getting all the nations to agree and cooperate are you referring to the corporate states, as these are exactly what needs to be dissolved [8/01/13 8:53:37 AM] ADNAN: under a international agreement where each country has control of their sovereignty and not with a bunch of fat crooks [1/8/2013 1:35:08 PM] Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf: AND I RESPONDED QUICKLY WITH THIS: [1/8/2013 1:35:27 PM] Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf: [1:26:03 PM] Jarrafusa: Awesome!!! Tell him to post to the people his REGISTERED OWNERSHIP and DECLARATION OF FACTS, and DULY

VERIFIED AND SWORN DECLARATION OF FACTS REBUTTING EACH POINT in the people's DULY VERIFIED AND SWORN DECLARATION OF FACTS, with specificity and particularity...we look forward to receiving a copy too, for review and, if appropriate, DULY REGISTERED VERIFIED AND SWORN RESPONSE TO ANY SUCH REBUTTAL..seeing as how he purportedly OWNS the NOW lawfully and legally FORECLOSED "BIS", I am sure the people would love and appreciate seeing a purported former PRINCIPAL stand in transparency, responsibility, accountability, and liability...that is if he can get a word in edge-wise over the people yelling, "where is our MONEY!!!!" (chuckle) [1:33:07 PM] Jarrafusa: Lovingly standing by for his duly REGISTERED VERIFIED AND SWORN DOCUMENTATION OF STANDING, AUTHORITY, VALUE, AND REBUTTAL OF EVERY POINT WITH SPECIFICITY AND PARTICULARITY! (heart) [1:33:26 PM] Jarrafusa: Thank you, Lisa for BE'ing and DO'ing!!! Brian's commentary continues.... I read this for the first time today. The reason why I share this with you is because there are some comments in there that helped me to put this whole thing together in my mind, in order for it all to make sense. Dont get me wrong, theres still a lot thats over my head, but the one thing I was getting hung up on, became crystal clear. And it all stems from the question, how does the TOPPT have the authority to take down organizations like the BIS, and guys like Adnan Sakli? Here are the few statements that made this whole thing clear for me and maybe it will for you too: Adnan said, Not worth anything unless done under the sanctity of all the nations and approval and only I have the right to transfer and rights under structured sate of oversight and law. Followed by, That can only be done under unilateral rights of each and every country being protected and secured It is when Lisa gave this brilliantly written response that the fireworks went off in my head, how does your authority in the corporate world have any jurisdiction over the living breathing man as all corporate authority is derived from the people and all corporate entities are trustees to the living beneficiaries? I dont understand the disconnect here The fact that this man was so shaken he began to type in all caps to defend his position, says so much in itself. But, heres the main point: why would any motion to take down the systems that have enslaved us all, need to have the backing and support from the very systems that have enslaved us? One blog in particular, which I will not call out by name, wrote in a recent post 5 specific points, in an attempt to debunk TOPPT, and personally attack those putting out the information. I have NO INTENTION of defending or rebutting any of those statements made. My response comes in the form of one question, is it not possible that things are not as they appear and there is much more to the story than what we are being fed from our government and through the media? I will leave it at that. All Heather and TOPPT have done is used the highly complex legal system against those who created it to protect themselves. They hid the secret of bringing the whole house of cards down inside the cracks where they were convinced no one would ever look. Quite possibly, they never knew that the formula existed. But it does, and now its time for the whole house of cards to come crashing down. All the documentation has been properly and LEGALLY EXECUTED and FILED. The disconnect from the community who doubts this possiblity, lies in the lack of understanding that these protocols DO NOT need the backing of the old systems (aka the BAR, the Hague, the World Court, the United States Government Corporation, etc.) to confirm or deny their validity. They DO NOT nor have EVER held such authority. We THE PEOPLE have always been in control. We have just been led to believe otherwise. Well guess what? The gig is up. The work

has been DONE, and soon the lies will no longer be able to hide the TRUTH of what IS. We THE PEOPLE, NOW have the power to take back that which has always been rightfully OURS. At this point, the only thing that separates US from true FREEDOM is the AWARENESS that we are already FREE. In a short amount of time (in the twinkling of an eye, as Sheldan Nidle likes to say) some very key ANNOUNCEMENTS and DISCLOSURES are going to be made. When this happens, this whole story that many have chalked up as conspiracy theory, a fairy tale, too farfetched to be possible, will become our REALITY and our new way of LIFE. It is at this moment EVERYONE will have an opportunity to stand up and CREATE a NEW ERA of PEACE and PROSPERITY for ALL to IN-JOY. There are MANY ways up a mountain, but they ALL lead to the same point. How WE ultimately get there, whether it be through the efforts of TOPPT, or otherwise, IS not important. What IS important IS that WE THE PEOPLE, make it to the top, one way or the other. From my vantage point, in matters not how we get there, so long as the MISSION IS ACCOMPLISHED. In closing, I will say this, if even after reading this (which are simply my own thoughts) youre still not convinced, thats OK. Like I said before, Im not trying to convince anyone. In time the TRUTH will be known to ALL, and at this grand moment the most important thing for everyone to DO is put aside our differences of opinion, any ill will or resentment were holding onto, and join hands in CELEBRATION to help CO-CREATE our next chapter of human evolution. For it IS ultimately the TRUTH that WILL set US FREE. From the depths of my Heart and the Oneness of my Soul, I honor each and every ONE of YOU and wish YOU ALL an ABUNDANCE of PEACE, PROSPERITY, JOY, LOVE & LIGHT. THANK YOU for taking the time to read this. I truly LOVE YOU ALL. Brian