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Discussion Topic
1. What is the purpose of Range Names, and why would you use it? Give two examples in a

professional setting where naming ranges would be the best choice.
2. The most effective method to get a message across is by using charts, but that is only if the correct

type of chart is used. How do you know which chart is the correct type? Explain by using two examples in a professional setting.

Your Participation
I expect 2 postings from you.   1 posting in response to one of my questions (must be two paragraphs long, between 150 and 200 words words). 1 posting in response to one of your group mates posting (No more than 5 lines, about 70 words), opposing or agreeing stating your reasons as to why.

Ans.1 A “Range Name” can be assigned to a cell or group of cells in Excel as it can make navigation, formula creation, selection or finding data much easier and helps to identify the content in that range faster. For naming the “Range Name” characters and numbers are accepted, except space, special characters and „cell reference‟. But Excel 2007 onwards using 3 alpha combination names are even restricted as they are used as „cell reference‟. We can usually create “Range Name” by 2 simple processes: a. A faster and a smarter way to assign “Range Name” to a selected cell or a group of cells is just by typing the desired name in the „Name Box‟ next to the Insert (formula) Function Bar.

A “Range Name” can be used to refer directly to an Excel formula through the option of Defined names section in the Formulas tab and keying in the formula directly in the last box at the bottom in the „New Name‟ small window known as „Refer To‟. 2. The second alternative to create a “Range Name” is through menu option by using the Defined names section in the Formulas tab and then selecting the „Define Name‟ button or drop down option.accountingweb. Retrieved on February 28. 2013 from www. Two examples of professional „Range Name‟ used are: 1.accountingweb. Excel will automatically prompt with a list of matching items including the appropriate range name and the correct „Range Name‟ can be selected with the help of the cursor or the . 2011) Excel Range Names. Excel 2007 onwards when a user start typing a „Range Name‟ as part of a formula. accountingweb.b. Bibliography AccountingWEB (July http://www.

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