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Curriculum Vitae

Objective. Seeking a position in an organization as a trainee where my current skills, efficiency and the ability to learn and adapt quickly to new surroundings and situations will act as a catalyst in achieving what my superiors expect of me Academic Profile 2008-2011: Pursuing GDIB + BBA (IVth SEM.) from JaganNath Institute of Management Sciences 10+2 (C.B.S.E): 64.2% (Commerce, Information practice) Hans Raj Model School, Delhi 10th (C.B.S.E): 60.4% Hans Raj Model School, Delhi Computer Proficiency  Sound knowledge of MS Office, MS Excel, Permanent Address: H No. 336 Deepali Pitampura Delhi-110034 PowerPoint, VB ,SQL, HTML, Photoshop, Tally, Corel  Proficient working with various operating systems  Ability to Assemble Computer And Handel Software Problem Competencies  To win trust of my peers & superiors through earnest Contact No: +919990303900 work, ethics & discipline.  Time management Personal Profile Father’s name : Mr. Anup Gogna Date of Birth Age Nationality : 30-April-1990 : 19yrs. : Indian  Name of the seminars: JIMS Opine 2K8 (11-Oct-08)  Topic: “Marketing: Emerging Horizons & its relevance in various sectors”.  Name of the seminars: JIMS Opine 2K9 (09-Oct-09)  Topic: “Managing Downturn-Converting Setback into Opportunity”.  Responsibility towards job, organization, colleagues & work. Seminars


Marital Status : Single

Table Tennis.30min  Name Of the Faculty: Mrs. Troubleshooting for computers.B) DECLARATION I hereby declare that the above details are true to the best of my knowledge and that I’ll do my best for the good of the organization. Oil Pastel & Sketches./09 Duration:1hr.Guest Lectures attended Languages Known : English./09 Duration:1hr. Rita Gangwani  Lecture Title: Body Language  Date: Nov.30min Additional Accomplishments  Certificate of merit:1st position in ‘VB Programming’ Held on 17th Oct 2006(Intra School)  Commendation certificate: ‘Webbing the Web’ held on 18th Oct 2006 (Inter School) Courses & Diplomas  C++ From NIIT  Tally. Hindi  Name of the Faculty: Mrs. Interests and Hobbies: Computers Software & Hardware.T)  Minor: International business(I. Corel From NIDT  CISE From InnoBuzz Area of Interest  Major: Information technology(I. Photoshop. Tina Wadhera  Lecture Title: Personality development  Date: Nov. Exploring Electrical equipments Date : __/__/2013 Place: Delhi (Abhishek Gogna) .