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Our Shaykh

Hazrat Khwaja Muhammad Karamullah Naqshbandi Qadri

A Profile By: Tahrik Ansar-ul Muslimeen
Hazrat Khwajah Muhammad Karamullah Naqshbandi Qadri is the man of manifold personality. He is Spiritual Leader, Religious Scholar, Prolific Author, Research Scholar, Poet and founding leader of Tahrik Ansar-ul Muslimeen Pakistan (TAMP)_ an organization working for the betterment of Society in Religious, Spiritual, Moral, Educational & Social directions based on the true teachings of Islam. TAMP has several branches in all the provinces of Pakistan, more than 100 Religious Educational Schools, and 6 Religious & Spiritual Centers throughout the country. Beside it Hazrat is also Central Leader of Markazi Jamaat Ahl-e Sunnat Pakistan along with other Highly Reputed Pakistani Scholars & Shaykhs of different Sufi Orders of Pakistan, working for Religious, Educational & Political awareness among the Muslims & creating environment of tolerance among all the sects of Islam existed in Pakistan. Hazrat is one of the leading spiritual, literal and intellectual personalities of Pakistan. So far 40 to 50 thousand fortunate persons (including Scholars) have gotten Bayyath on his hands. Who are religiously, spiritually, morally and intellectually educated by him through monthly gatherings, Annual & Bi-Annual Spiritual & Educational Workshops held at all the TAMPs centers and through writing books. So far, He has written, compiled and edited nearly 150 Books in Sindhi, Urdu & Arabic Languages. His books are not only educating his followers but are also guiding Research Scholars, Teachers, Students and Preachers of Islam throughout the country. Hazrat was born on 25 October 1965 (CE) / Jumada Al-Akhira 29, 1385 AH at a village situated in Sind Province of Pakistan, and is the son of the great spiritualist of his time Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Illahy Bux Naqshbandi well known as Mahboob-e Illahy (Beloved of Allah) among his disciples & followers. His lineage meets with Companion of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Abu Ayub Ansari (May Allah be pleased with him) through forty personalities.

He was educated from the young age in both the Islamic and secular sciences simultaneously. He completed his Classical Islamic Studies at the eminent Scholars of his time and achieved a deep understanding of the classical sharia sciences and Arabic & Persian languages. He earned his Higher Secondary Certificate in 1983 in a college of Sind. He proved himself an intelligent & hard worker student in the college. He was very much interested in Medical Science and wanted to be a Doctor to serve the humanity. But His Father, a great saint of his time, Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Illahy Bux Naqshbandi watched through his inner light of heart that his this son would be nominated by Allah & its Messenger Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) to serve its best Deen Islam. Therefore He ordered his noble son to leave the further secular education & put his concentration to spiritual education as taught by Naqshbandi Shaykhs. Hence Hazrat turned over his concentration to spiritual education. He got Bayyath on the hands of his father Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Illahy Bux Ansari in Naqshbandi Order. In a short span of time, he completed his spiritual education under the supervision of his Shaykh. His Shaykh awarded him Ijazaha (Permission) of Naqshbandi Order and ordered him to spiritually guide the people. Along with this He made him his own successor. In 1990 AD after the death of his Shaykh Hazrat Khwajah Muhammad Karamullah became the head of his Khanqah (Spiritual Centre) & spiritual leader of hundreds of his disciples and continued the propagation of Naqshbandi Mujadidi Order. He founded the organization Tanzeem Sipah-e Rasul early in 1990s. Later its name was converted to Tahrik Ansarul Muslimeen (TAMP) in 2000 decade. He started his journey as a Prolific Author since 1990s. in short span of time He emerged as a High Profile Spiritual, Literal & Intellectual Personality, followed by thousands disciples & loved by many lacks Muslims of Pakistan. He was nominated as the member of Supreme Council of Jamaat Ahl-e Sunat Pakistan in 2003. Hazrats brief Religious, Spiritual, Literal, Social, & Intellectual contribution is being given below:


Hazrat has established six Religious & Spiritual Centers in different areas of the country, in which monthly Programs are being held in order to educate the masses according to true teachings of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) & Purify their souls & hearts. Bi-Annual & Annual Educational Workshops also being held to educate his disciples. These monthly & annual activities have been doing since 1990 AD. Besides arranging Programs at his Centers Hazrat used to go in remote areas of Pakistan to preach the Islam, by traveling thousands of Kilometers

where Hazrat used to address the small & large public gatherings, call the men & women to follow the path of Quran & Sunnah. As an unrivalled orator and speaker, he has delivered over 4000 lectures (in Sindhi, Urdu & Siraiki languages), on a wide range of subjects, which are available on cassette, CD, DVD formats as well as online. With these great efforts of Hazrat He changed the course of life of thousands persons. So far 40 to 50 thousand fortunate persons have gotten Bayath on his hand and became pious persons & adherent followers of Quran & Sunnah. A large number of people including Religious Scholars love to hear his speeches & get guidance from it.


He is a prolific author and researcher. He has authored around 300 books on a wide range of subjects, out of which 100 books are already published, and the rest of them are yet to be published. Beside it He translated, edited & compiled several books. Hazrat rejects the narrow concept of Islam confined only to worshiping Allah by Salaat or Nawafil. Instead of it Hazrat is trying to propagate the broader concept of Islam by declaring the Islam a complete code of life which guides humanity in every discipline of life. Hazrat is trying to present Islam in the light of modern scientific research so as it would be acceptable for Muslim youngsters studying in secular institutes. Hazrat is trying to eradicate sectarian hatred among the masses & Religious Scholars of Pakistan by continuous dialogue with the scholars of all the sects in friendly environment and by avoiding to declare any Muslim as KAFIR which is now common in Pakistan. Hazrat always strictly oppose this trend. Hazrat is trying to promote such concept of Tasawuf which fulfills the needs of modern age by focusing on KHALWAT DAR ANJUMAN (Solitude within Society) in order to mobilize his followers to play active role in daily social, educational, political life for the betterment of society.

Hazrat educated thousands people and changed the course of their lives. A large number of people who were indulged in criminal and immoral activities before hazrat sahbs company. But when they got Bayath on the hand of Hazrat they were completely changed and became pious persons & law abiding citizens.