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Summer Training Report At

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited New Delhi
Submitted by: Shubham verma 2k9/EC/708 2nd year, Electronics & comm. Engg Delhi college of Engineering



Rajan Yadav Sr. Manager (GAX).ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I express my sincere thanks to the Management of COPORATE WING of BHEL. I hereby take this opportunity to put on records my sincere thanks to Ms. . New Delhi for giving me an opportunity to gain exposure on matter related to Project under the esteem guidance of Mr. Salonee Gupta under the light of whose able guidance I could complete this project in an effective and successful manner.

C. Monita.E BHEL-AN OVERVIEW .I am also indebted to Ms. which added dimensions and meaning to my project. With sincere thanks Shubham Verma ECE-2nd year D. for her valuable information and inputs.

Hyderabad & Tiruchirappalli that form the core of the diversified product range. together with technologies developed in its own R&D centres. Power. BHEL. manufacture. 1 Subsidiary and over 100 project sites spread all over India enables the Company to promptly serve its customers and provide them with suitable products. BHEL is one of the leading international companies in the field of power equipment manufacture. 4 Overseas Offices. today. It is one of its kinds in India that has been the market leader in its core business area. 8 Service Centres. The high level of quality & reliability of its products is due to the emphasis on design. BHEL was established more than 40 years ago. . The first plant of BHEL was set up at Bhopal in 1956. Industry. 15 Regional Offices.a dream that has been more than realized with a wellrecognized track record of performance. Oil & Gas and Defence. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited is the largest engineering and manufacturing enterprise in India in the energy-related/infrastructure sector. engineering and manufacturing to international standards by acquiring and adapting some of the best technologies from leading companies in the world. three major plants were set up at Haridwar. 4 Power Sector Regional Centres. has developed capabilities in design. systems and services that BHEL offers today. ushering in the indigenous Heavy Electrical Equipment industry in India . BHEL caters to the core sectors of the Indian Economy. Transportation. which signalled the dawn of the Heavy Electrical Industries in India. set up to bridge the gap between demand and supply of power generation. supply. The company has been earning profits continuously since 1971-72 and paying dividends since 1976-77. In the early sixties. Transmission. viz. The wide network of BHEL’s 15 Manufacturing Divisions. systems and services efficiently and at competitive prices. Thus.BHEL. Renewable Energy.

besides a large number of project sites spread all over India and abroad. The liberalisation of the power sector during 1991 had a significant impact on BHEL. efficiently and economically. renewable energy. BHEL has a wide spread network comprising 14 divisions. four power sectors regional centers. transportation. In recognition of its record of consistent profitability over the years the government of India had conferred on its ‘NAVRATNA’ status in 1997. industry. The company faced challenges of competing with international power equipments majors like Siemens. it is one of the leading public sector companies. together with technologies developed in its own R&D centers. With an export presence in more than 50 countries. for obtaining orders. 8 service centers. GE. ABB. power generation and transmission. An ISO 9000 certification has given the company international recognition for its commitment towards quality. defence etc. BHEL is truly India’s industrial ambassador to the world.erection and commissioning of power plant equipment for thermal. . Thus. which had been operating in a protected economy since inception. telecommunication. hydro and nuclear power stations. Its products have established an enviable reputation of high quality and reliability. etc. BHEL caters to the core sectors of the Indian economy viz. engineering and manufacturing to international standards by acquiring and adapting some of the best technologies from leading companies in the world. 18 regional offices. BHEL manufactures over 180 products under 30 major product groups. The quality and reliability of its products is due to the emphasis on design. enables BHEL to be close to its customers and cater to their specialized needs with total solution.

Petrochemicals. Fertilizer. The . Steel. • Supplied traction and AC/DC locos to power over 12.including Transmission.000 MVA transformer capacity and other equipment operating in Transmission & Distribution network up to 400 kV (AC & DC). This enables BHEL to have a strong customer orientation. BHEL has • Installed equipment for over 1.25.000 Motors with Drive Control System to Power projects.00. Captive and Industrial users • Supplied over 2. etc. Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001) and Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems (OHSAS 18001) and is also well on its journey towards Total Quality Management.for Utilities. Aluminum. Industry . Cement plants.000 MW of power generation.BHEL has acquired certifications to Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001).000kms Railway Network • Supplied over one million Valves to Power Plants and other Industries BHEL's operations are organized around three business sectors.and Overseas Business. Transportation and Renewable Energy . to be sensitive to his needs and respond quickly to the changes in the market BHEL's vision is to become a world-class engineering enterprise. namely Power. Refineries. committed to enhancing stakeholder value. • Supplied over 25.

Turnkey Contracts for Power Plants. O&M Services for familiar technologies. quality and responsiveness. These references encompass almost the entire range of BHEL products and services. substation projects. is one of the largest exporters of engineering products & services from India. BHEL's export range covers individual products to complete Power Stations. established its references in over 60 countries of the world.748 is striving to give shape to its aspirations and fulfill the expectations of the country to become a global player. Refurbishing & Overhauling. and rehabilitation projects. over the years. BHEL has established its references in more than 70 countries worldwide. HV/EHV Sub-stations. ranking among the major power plant equipment suppliers in the world. Hydro and Gas based turnkey power projects. EPC Contracts. Bhel on foreign grounds BHEL. specialized after-market services like Residual Life Assessment (RLA) studies and Retrofitting. ranging from the United States in the West to New Zealand in the Far East. Continuous training and retraining. Every employee is given an equal opportunity to develop himself and grow in his career. career planning. BHEL has. and supplies to manufacturers & EPC contractors. The company has commenced manufacture of large desalination plants to help augment the supply of drinking water to people. . The greatest strength of BHEL is its highly skilled and committed team of 46. Over the years. covering Thermal. a positive work culture and participative style of management have engendered development of a committed and motivated workforce setting new benchmarks in terms of productivity.

renowned Consulting Organizations and Inspection Agencies. Castings and Forgings etc. Kazakhstan. Malta. Azerbaijan. Nepal. Bhutan. Thailand.E. Malaysia. Taiwan and Substation projects & equipment in various countries. BHEL has successfully undertaken turnkey projects on its own and possesses the requisite flexibility to interface and complement international companies for large projects. NEW DELHI (NORTHERN REGION) . Valves and Oil field equipment. Iraq.besides a wide variety of products like: Transformers. and has also exhibited adaptability by manufacturing and supplying intermediate products to the design of other manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Libya. Switchgears. Egypt. BHEL has assimilated and updated/adopted the state-ofthe-art-technologies in the Power and Industrial equipment sectors acquired from world leaders. Insulators. IN INDIA # REGIONAL OFFICES (POWER SECTORS) 1. Malaysia. Libya. Electrostatic Precipitators. Heat Exchangers. Indonesia. The success in the area of rehabilitation and life extension of power projects has established BHEL as a reliable alternative to the OEMs for such power plants. Hydro power plants in New Zealand. Malaysia. Thermal Power Projects in Cyprus. Sri Lanka. Some of the major successes achieved by BHEL have been in Gas-based power projects in Oman. China. Compressors.L. Execution of these overseas projects has also provided BHEL the experience of working with world. Bangladesh.H. B. Saudi Arabia.



 FOSTER LEARNING. TRANSPORTATION. telecommunications and electronics. . CREATIVITY AND SPEED OF RESPONSE. INFRASTRUCTURE AND OTHER POTENTIAL AREAS. INDUSTRY.  LOYALTY AND PRIDE IN THE COMPANY. for application in the areas of electric power transportation.  RESPECT FOR DIGNITY AND POTENTAIL OF INDIVIDUALS. oil and gas exploration and industries. Utilize company's capabilities and resources to expand business into allied areas and other priority sectors of the economy like defence. VALUES  MEETING COMMITMENTS MADE TO EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL CUSTOMERS.  INTEGRITY AND FAIRNESS IN ALL MATTERS. systems and services in the field of conversion of energy. BUSINESS MISSION To maintain a leading position as suppliers of quality equipment.MISSION TO BE THE LEADING INDIAN ENGINEERING ENTERPRISE PROVIDING QUALITY PRODUCTS SYSTEM AND SERVICES IN THE FIELDS OF ENERGY.

primarily through improvements in operational efficiency. capacity utilization productivity and generate adequate internal resources to finance the company's growth. TECHNOLOGY: Achieve technological excellence in operations by development of indigenous technologies and efficient absorption and adaptations of imported technologies to suit business need and priorities and provide the competitive advantage to the company.BUSINESS OBJECTIVES GROWTH: To ensure a steady growth by enhancing the competitive edge of BHEL defence. performance and superior services. telecommunication and electronics in existing business. PEOPLE. . perceive his role and responsibilities and participate and contribute positively to the growth and success of the company. CUSTOMER FOCUS: To build a high degree of customer confidence by providing increased value for his money through international standards of product quality. PROFITABILITY: To provide a reasonable and adequate return on capital employed.To invest in human resources continuously and be alive to their needs. improve his capabilities.ORIENTATION: To enable each employee to achieve his potential. new areas and international operations so as to fulfill national expectations from BHEL.

This enables BHEL to have a strong customers orientation. electrostatic precipitators. to be sensitive to his needs and respond quickly to the changes in the market. which includes 14 power plants set up on turnkey basis. BHEL manufactures boilers auxiliaries. fans. The auxiliary products high value capital equipment like bowl and tube mills. TG sets and associate controls. Today BHEL supplied sets. gravimetric feeders. diesel and hydro business. nuclear gas. industry and international operations. mainly power. valves etc. pumps and heaters. customers and the country at large have from BHEL. BHEL has contracted so far around 240 thermal sets of various ratings. employees.IMAGE: To fulfill the expectations which stakeholders like government as owner. piping and station C & I up to 500 MW rating with technology and capability to go up to 1000 MW range. POWER SECTORS:Power is the core sector of BHEL and comprises of thermal. Nearly 85 . accounts for nearly 66 % of the total installed capacity in the country as against nil till 1969-70. CONTRIBUTION OF BHEL IN VARIOUS CORE SECTORS BUSINESS SECTORS:BHEL's operations are organized around three business sectors.

This has led to the development of several technologies in house. The power plant equipment manufactured by BHEL is based on contemporary technology comparable to the best in the world. diagnostics and life extension of plants. The Company has proven expertise in Plant Performance Improvement through renovation modernization and up rating of a variety of power plant equipment. Products manufactures includes: Power Transformers  Instrument transformer . With large-scale availability of natural gas and the sudden increase in demand. To make efficient use of the highash content coal available in India. besides specialized know-how of residual life assessment. BHEL supplies circulating fluidized bed combustion boilers to both thermal and combine-cycle power plants.% of World Bank tenders for thermal sets floated in India have been won by the company against international competition. BHEL began to manufacture gas turbines and now possesses two streams of gas turbine technology. hydro and nuclear power plant business. health. Power Generation:Power generation Sector comprises thermal. and is also internationally competitive. Co-generation and combined-cycle plants have been introduced to achieve higher plant efficiencies. The fluidized bed boiler that uses low graded high-ash abrasive Indian coal is an outcome of such an effort. gas. Power Transmission and Distribution (T&D) BHEL offers wide-ranging products and systems for T&D applications. It posses the technology and capability to produce thermal sets with super critical parameters up to 1000 MW unit rating and gas turbinegenerator sets of up to 240 MW unit rating. BHEL has adopted the technology to the needs of the country and local conditions.

 Dry type transformer  Series-and shunt reactors  Capacitor banks  Vacuum and SF6 circuit breakers  Gas insulated switchgear and insulator. turbine generators. gas turbines. health diagnostic and life extensions of plants. industrial boilers and auxiliaries. and control equipments. high speed industrial drive turbines. switch gears and heavy castings and forgings. The four power sectors regional centers at New Delhi. defence industrial process plants and other applications. . high voltage transformers. Chennai. electric motors. for which orders have been received. Nuclear steams generators. INDUSTRY SECTORS:BHEL is a major producer of large size thyristor devices. The products include centrifugal compressors. drives. waste heat recovery boilers. An entry has been made in aviation industry for which BHEL has set up facilities and is now producing two seater aircraft. sets and related equipment of 235 MW rating have been supplied to most of the nuclear power plants in India. Production of 500 MW nuclear sets. BHEL has developed expertise in renovation and maintenance of power plant equipment besides specialized know how of residual life assessment. Kolkata and Nagpur will play a major role in giving a thrust to this business and focus BHEL's efforts in this area. It has the capability to manufacture gas turbines up to 200 MW rating and custom built combined cycle power plants. Company in India with the capability to make simulators for power plants.

sugar. TRANSPORTATION:65 % of trains in Indian Railways are equipped with BHEL's traction and traction control equipment. fertilizer. These include: •Dry Type Transformers •SF6 Switch Gears •400 KW Transmission Equipment •High Voltage Direct Current System •Series and Shunt Compensation Systems In anticipation of the need for improved substations. The range of systems and . These include: •Broad Gauge 3900 HP AC / DC locomotives •Diesel Shunting Locomotives up to 2600 HP •5000 HP AC Loco with thyristor control •Battery Powered Road Vehicles and Locomotives Industries BHEL is a major contributor of equipment and systems to industries: cement.TRANSMISSION:A wide range of transmission products and systems are produced by BHEL to meet the needs of power transmission and distribution sector. refineries. petrochemicals. paper. metallurgical and other process industries. oil and gas. a 33 KV gas insulated sub station with micro processors base control and protection system has been done.

reactors. The company is a major producer of large size thyristor devices. chemical recovery boilers and process controls. waste heat recovery boilers gas turbines.2 MW industrial steam turbines. Cogeneration plants. DG power plants industrial steam turbines. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT:BHEL has a corporate R & D center supported by R & D groups at each of the manufacturing divisions. fluidized bed combustion boilers. The dedicated effort of BHEL's R & D engineers have produced several new products like automated storage retrieval system automated guide vehicles for material transportation etc. heat exchangers and electrostatic precipitators. This facility will enable evaluation of combustion. . BHEL is the only company in India with a capability to make simulators for power plants. Major R & D achievement include:  Design manufacture and supply of countries first 17. Establishment of Asia's largest fuel evaluation test facility at Tiruchi was high light of the year. fabric filters. industrial boilers and auxiliaries. defense and other applications. heat transfer and pollution parameters in boilers.equipments supplied includes: captive power plants. It also supplies digital distributed control systems for process industries and control and instrumentation systems for power plant and industrial applications.

" Human Resource Development Institute:BHEL has envisioned becoming "A World Class Engineering Enterprise committed to enhancing stakeholder value".760 Crores. Shah. Force behind realization of this vision and the source of our competitive advantage is the energy and ideas of our 44.  Development and application low cost ROBOTS for job loading/unloading. a corner-stone of BHEL learning infrastructure. along with Advanced Technical Education Center (ATEC) in Hyderabad and the Human Resource Development Center at the manufacturing Units.60 Crores on Research and Development.  Development of largest capacitor voltage transformers of 8800 PF 400 KV rating. Development of 4700 HP AC / DC loco for Indian Railways. "BHEL is spending Rs. through various organizational developmental efforts ensure that the prime resource of the organization – the Human Capital is “Always in a state of Readiness”. to meet the dynamic challenges posed by a fast changing environment.D. Earning from product which has been commercialized has gone up 26 % to Rs.K. According to ex.000 strong highly skilled and motivated people. . It is their constant endeavor to take the HRD activities to the strategic level of becoming active partner to the (organizational) pursuits of achieving the organizational goals. The Human Resource Development Institute situated in NOIDA. R.CMD Mr.

BAP.DIVISIONS OF BHEL There are 20 Divisions of BHEL. HEEP. SSTP & MHD. Ranipet 12. Hyderabad 15. HPBP. CFFP. ED. Jhansi 7. Tiruchi 4. Hyderabad 3. they are as follows: 1. New Delhi 19. Bangalore 10. Rudrapur 17. Tiruchi 5. IOD. EPD. Bangalore 11. Haridwar 2. COTT. Haridwar 6. Bangalore 9. Regional Operations Division ARP. New Delhi 16. Bhopal . BHEL. New Delhi 14. Varanasi 18. HERP. TPG. IS. Bhopal 8. HPEP. IP. ISG. CFP. Jagdishpur 13. BHEL.

Mitsubishi 17. Electro Consult 10. Electrim 8. Block & Neatch 5. NEI Italy Switzerland USA USA China U.K. GEC Alsthom 13. Poland Russia Italy France Japan U. Fuji 12.20. USA Japan Russia Japan Japan U. Franco Tosi 11. LMZ 16. General Electric 14. Costain 7. Beehtel 4. .K. Power Group (Four Regions and PEM) MAJOR COMPETITORS OF BHEL 1. Ansaldo 2. CNMI & EC 6. Energostio 9. Hitachi 15. Asea Brown Boueri 3.K. Mitsui 18.

export order from EETC [May 10 2006] .BHEL secures Rs. Transportation.000 Crores Company by 201112 and a Rs. Raytheon 20. Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy. Sanghai Electric Co.It is the Only PSU among the 12 Indian Companies to have figured in “Forbes Asian Fabulous 50” list. is the recipient of 'Star PSU of the Year' Award in the year 2009-10 and Recipient of 'Recruitment & Staffing Industry Leader of the Year' and 'Most Innovative Recruiting and Staffing Program or Initiative' awards 2010 at the prestigious world HRD congress. RECENT ACHIEVEMENTS OF BHEL 1.45.000 Crores Company by 2016-17. Country’s premier engineering organization and Caters to core sectors of Indian economy viz Power Generation and Transmission.154 Crores.19. Rolls Royce 21. A MAHARATNA PSU with Financial turnover during the year 2009-10 was Rs.34. USA Germany China AWARDS AND ACCOLADES BHEL.BHEL to manufacture 800 mw thermal sets [Apr 14 2006] 3.Its Current Order Book in excess of Rs.It Plans to be a Rs.151 cr to turnover in 2005-06 [May 19 2006] 2.000 Crores. BHEL's R&D ops contribute Rs 1.1. 80 cr.90. BHEL. Industry.48.BHEL inks agreement with IIT Madras for new courses [Apr 25 2006] 4.

(UNI) MAJOR MILE STONES:1975 Job Redesign concept launched for FIRST time in India. Dhar said that at the Haridwar Plant. of India . Management Board and will ensure an increased output of the generating units by as much as twenty per cent. More than a hundred sets of different capacities supplied by BHEL.3 June 2006) 5. are commissioned at various power stations all over the country. 6. 1997 National Productivity Award for HEEP by the President of India. pelton and reversible hydro turbines along with matching generators and associated equipment. 1978 well documented Suggestion Scheme launched. Haridwar. Haridwar. one unit each of the above machines was renovated and updated by the BHEL resulting in a similar output increase for these machines. 1982 Launched Productivity Movement & Quality Circle. francis. The hydro sets are tailor-made to suit varying hydroelectric parameters. .BHEL net profit up 62 pc(the tribune. Earlier. excellent engineering and manufacturing facilities are available to supply kaplan. 1997 BHEL one of the 9 PSE’s declared “Navratna” by Govt. 1995 Adopted EFQM model of TQM for achieving Business Excellence. 1993 concept of ISO 9001 quality System. Workers’ participation in management yields savings at BHEL. Nov 16. Mr.

Accreditation of U stamp. 1999 Accreditation of Stamp from National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel AD-Merkblatt HPO Recertification by RWTUV for Gas Turbine Combustion Chambers INSAAN Award for Excellence in Suggestion for 9th consecutive year Launching of 5s concept PCRI recognized as Environmental Lab by Haryana State Board for Prevention and Control of Pollution Accreditation of ISO 14001-Enviornment management system 2000 CII Site Visit for CII-EXIM Business Excellence Award-2000 2001Top Management TQM Workshop at Rishikesh and HRDC 2001 .1998 Certificate of Merit by National Productivity Council for Outstanding Performance for 2nd consecutive year.

Turnover Index and Manufacturing Index JBE Workshop of Apex TQM Group at Theri to evolve Business policy 2003 Commendation for Strong Commitment to Excel in CII-EXIM Bank Award 2004 Commendation for Significant Achievement in CIIEXIM Bank Award.INSAAN Award for excellence in Suggestion for 11th consecutive year Launching of QTM & RCA at HEEP Haridwar by CMD 2002 Launching of delivery Index. 2005 Award given by Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India for "Excellent Work in the field of Management Accounting and Cost Concepts". . 2006 BHEL celebrated it’s 50 years in August 2006.

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