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Summer Training Project Report


‘‘Research of the Satisfaction Level of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance”
Submitted in the partial fulfillment of the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration Nov.-2011


Mr. Mushahid Raza
( Project Supervisor)

Submitted By: Farha Abbasi Enrollment No.-ODL/09/403/389 B.B.A Final Year


2011 The author hereby grants to JMIT permission to reproduce and to distribute publicly paper and electronic copies of the project report in whole or in part. BBA Final Year) SUBMITTED TO THE PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENT FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AT THE “JAMIA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY” November.“Research of the Satisfaction Level of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance” By Farha Abbasi (Student._____________________________________________________________________ JIMT November 2011 Certified By:-_______ ______________________________________________________________________ Mr. Signature of Student:. Mushahid Raza (Project Supervisor) .

I am grateful to my guide Mr. His timely advice and very illuminating discourses on the subject of this report and related areas made this report possible.Danish Khan who is a Market Executive in ICICI Prudential Life Insurance and guide Mr. who is faculty of JIMT (Jamia Institute of Management & Technology) who has been a constant source of inspiration for the intellectual stimulation and guidance. (Farha Abbasi) . My family has also play an important role in completion of this project. I also thank several others who contributed in their own way to make this project possible. Mushahid Raza sir.ACKNOWLEDGMENT A great many people are preparing their project but I would like to express my deep sense or gratitude to ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Limited.

knowledge is required for practical application. The report consists of all descriptions of what I have done during this period. It has provided me an excellent opportunity for my self-growth and development. They can be compared to the different side of the coin. It was a tough but a challenging part of my career and I have enjoyed every part of it. Through this summer training project I came to realize the difference between theoretical knowledge and practical. . The summer training at ICICI Prudential Life Insurance has prepared and made aware of exactly how organization functions and also how different it is from class room teaching. The summer training project that I have undergone at ICICI Pruential Life Insurance was the most memorable part of my program. I have given an assignment of marketing research.PREFACE Myself Farha Abbasi is the student of BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) final year in JIMT (Jamia Institute of Management and Technology). The training gave me an opportunity to continue both the above and use them as a synergy also use it them in the best advantageous way. I have been made to know exactly what is expected out of me. In the period of training I has undergone as part of my fulfillment of course I was well acquainted with the marketing system of Insurance sector. It has improved my knowledge and as well gave me the opportunity to face the corporate world. The summer training project has given me the opportunity to test my caliber and analyze myself. The topic of my research is “ Research of the satisfaction level of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance” in Rampur City. During my course.

The data collected was mainly by way of survey I did. I understood the satisfaction level of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance. My area of summer training and my company deals with basically in insurance sector. He earns not only for himself but supports the family. I have analyzed the data I has collected and there are some interesting findings which is discussed in the analysis section and accordingly recorded. to the human being. The data I have collected will be important as this will make business for the company. It is likely somebody will die before he is able to fulfill his family’s responsibilities in which case the family is in difficulties. Thus a human being is exposed to two types of risk – premature death and risk of living too long. It started with understanding the subject and was required of me. Sometime a person is not able to earn but lives for a long time. In the days when joint family system has collapsed this person can face hardship. in the way of filling up of questionnaire. . the risk of living too long. The job allotted to me was to go and meet the clients. A human being is a unique income generating assets. house etc. Insurance encompasses of many things from the car.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Through the project. The questionnaire was designed by the organization. My sample size was 100. in short the company wanted business. The main objective behind this was to determine their view about the insurance sector.

TABLE OF CONTENTS • Introduction • Research Objectives • Company Profile • Product Profile • Literature Review • Research Methodology • Data Analysis and Interpretations • Conclusion • Suggestions • Limitations o Bibliography o Appendices .