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Summer Training Report On

“A Market Survey of Reliance Data Card”
Submitted to

All India Council for Technical Education For the Partial fulfillment of Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) Session: 2010-2012 Department of Management Studies

Project Guide: External: Mr. Manoj Varshney Internal: Ms. Vidushi Bhatnagar Submitted by Surendra Kumar Roll No. 10121054 PGDM/3rd Semester Project Incharge: Ms. Vidushi Bhatnagar (Course Co-ordinator, PGDM)

Moradabad). I am also thankful to all faculty members. Director). Surendra Kumar . Moradabad) whose able guidelines helped me to prepare this report. SSIM.O. Moradabad).K.) for providing me an opportunity to work on this project. Vidushi Bhatnagar. Mr. At last. V. as without their blessings and support the project could not be completed.D. Satyaveer Singh Chauhan (Dy. Reliance Communication. A. Upadhyay (H.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The summer training gives as opportunity to form the real situation & make our self aware about the real world problem. Mr. Moradabad Branch) who has granted the permission to complete the training and supervised me and spared his/her valuable time for suggestions and help. Moradabad). Dr. Dr. Tyagi (Director. Librarian Sir and Computer Lab Staff who have encouraged and supported me. I would like to thank my family and ALMIGHTY GOD. SSIM. Manoj Varshney (Senior Sales Manager. Anuj K. Other than this I would like to thank my Internal guide Ms. Vidushi Bhatnagar (Course Coordinator PGDM. All because of their kind consideration and cooperation I could able to complete this report. SSIM.S. I extend my sincere gratitude to our most venerable Sir Mr. Malik (Vice-Chirman. SSIM. Project Incharge Ms. Devendra Malik (Chairman.K. I would also like to thank Mr.

.PREFACE As a part of my Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) programme I was asked to under go research training. I got an opportunity to undergo my summer training in the topic “ A Market Survey of Reliance Data Card” Research gives an ample opportunity to apply once academic knowledge in the field of substantiated by ones inactive and lesion capabilities. The basic purpose of this project report is to present the subject matter in simple language and easily understandable style to assist the reader to develop through understanding about the actually marketing strategies of the company. so as to give exposure to practical management.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Acknowledgement Preface Executive Summary Introduction Objectives of the study Scope & Importance Company Profile: Topic Detail: A Market Survey of Reliance Data Card Research Methodology Data Analysis & Interpretations Findings Conclusion Suggestions Limitations Bibliography Annexure: Questionnaire .