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On wed 18 March 2009 12:30am tv1 aired a repeat program hosted

by Sayed Munawar titled 'Malay Economic Agenda' and the gist of

the program (which by the way could be considered as carrying a
very slight hint of sedition) was more or less about a certain
'unfairness' (ketidakadilan) 'suffered' by the Malays in the

To put it (all) in a nutshell, the program only served to exposed

the self-betrayal that had been perpetrated by the UMNO-led BN
ruling class against the country, the people and above all, the
time-honoured principles of universal justice, fairplay & civilised
human conduct.

There are so many many reasons why it is so, in fact, you would
need to write an entire volume just to cover all the ground that
has to be covered. The space here simply does not allow the man
in the street to fully understand why the actions of the UMNO-
led BN government have amounted to a betrayal of everything we
desired. But a few reasons here could be enough to make us stand
up and demand that the BN provide some explanations.

Most of all, the program (and other numerous similar programs), only
more than ever, served to continue stoking racial fires in Malaysia
and we therefore should not be surprised at all why the country is
still so polarised despite more than fifty years of independence.

1.The BN ruling class has never being able to explain why the
government agencies and bodies are so overwhelming staffed by
people from one particular community. Just check out agencies
like Customs, IRS, Immigration, JPJ and many many more. What do
you expect other communities to do when such doors are either
shut to them or made very difficult to pass through. Have the
other communities already evolved to the point where they could
now survive on just only fresh air and sunshine ?? Check out
the GLCs, too. Check out Proton, Petronas and others.

2.Why do the BN politicians try so much to avoid putting critically-

needed emphasis on the importance of ironclad self-discipline and
perseverance if one wants to succeed in life ? Take a look around.
The bribery culture, the deep-seated corruption, the money politics,
the spendthrift lifestyle, the tendency to indulge in boastfulness,
the overwhelmingly irresistible compulsion to partake in ostentatious
and lavish living, the pressing urge to always flaunt one's position,
rank or social standing, the persistent need or desire to display or
wear expensive clothes, jewellery, houses, cars, personal effects,
even designer brand shoes (!), the fondness for weddings, social
events and feasts that typically cost an arm and a leg, the wish
to obtain all the comforts of life as fast as possible and the
wish to start a family relatively early in life are just only some
of the reasons why one's journey to seek success in life often get
so easily sidetracked every now and then. Don't point the finger
of blame on others please.

3.It must be mentioned here that the path to success starts early in
life, if the BN should in any way be still unaware of it. Parents
have to always keep constant tabs on their children; what they need,
what they do, who they mix with and how they progress in their
daily life. Take a look around. Today, it is very common to see
young schoolchildren playing truant from school and hanging around
in shopping complexes, gaming arcades, cybercafes and loitering
along the side streets, lanes and playground or park in the local
neighbourhood. Some of the older ones even sport the obligatory
cigarette between their lips. Who do you think should take the
blame ? Definitely not the kids. They are the victims of the system
and the BN politicians. And what have the politicians done so far ?
Other than lamenting and moaning in Parliamnet about the rising
gangsterism among schoolchildren they have done virtually nothing.
Hypocrites. Many kids who are still in their early teens are already
very adept at stealing motorcycles and selling their parts.

4.The lack of trustworthiness in our society as a result of poor or

bad leadership on the part of the BN. Take a look around. The daily
news is full of stories about cheating cases, fraud cases, scam
activities, CBT cases and the like. The average citizen soon learns
that in Malaysia, one needs to take the 'short cut' if one wants to
succeed. People start forgetting that success comes from 99% honest
sweat and only 1% chance or 'short cut'. And the BN is always happy
that the people can be so foolish and so naive. Just add the usual
topping of brainwashing through the mass media and the BN's grip
on power is forever assured.

5.How is it that foreigners can 'take over' certain sectors in the

nation's economy is a topic that right now has the BN completely
stumped. It is a classic case of missing the woods because of the
trees. The BN has been so very busy 'rearranging' Malaysian society
that certain critical jobs or skills have passed into the hands of
foreigners. This is or was also reflected in the way the number of
universities and colleges got deliberately limited in number (a few
years back) just in order to maintain artificial ratios or the so-
called 'desired ratios'. Our own citizens got deliberately held back
and the end result was that outsiders benefitted. What delicious
irony. And who is to blame ?

The BN has truly betrayed the country and yet there is no feeling of
guilt whatsoever. Instead it dishes out, now and then, a program just
like this one hosted by Sayed Munawar to maintain a semblance of the
country still trundling blissfully along on its chosen path. And it
is people like Dr M and the father of failure, A. Bad', who are among
the most guilty of all those still harming the (Malay) economic agenda
in Malaysia. People who hold the reins of power are the people who
possess the ability to corrupt and putrefy, not the hapless or nameless
man in the street. We need a complete change or a makeover if our
society is to be ever have any hope at all. The present BN is simply
too maggoty to give us even half a chance. Never mind noble agendas.
I have faith that Sayed Munawar has it in his head to know all of it.
What the UMNO-led BN has done so far constitutes total self-betrayal.
Nothing more.

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