Physical Assessment Check list Introduction:  Knock on Door R: Respects the Patient’s right to Privacy  Introduce yourself and

Explain the Procedure R: Reduces Patient Anxiety about the Procedure  Ask does the Patient need to use the restroom R: Addition pressure will be place on the bladder which may increase urinary urgency  Wash Hands R: Reduces the spread of microorganisms  Turn the lights R: adequate Lighting is needed to complete an accurate assessment  Ask patient for their name and check Id Bracelet Ask “Do you Know where you are?” and “Do you know what day it is or who is the President?” R: Make sure you are assessing the right patient and assess the level of consciousness  Raise Bed to appropriate height R: Demonstrates the use of good body mechanics and eliminates strain on the nurse’s back Head:  Palpate Scalp Verbalize: The scalp is free of lumps, abrasions, lesions, infestations and the hair is clean and evenly distributed  Palpate Temporal Pulses Verbalize: Temporal Pulses are bilaterally symmetrical +2

Eyes:  Turn off the Light  Perrla Test: Pupils are Equal Round Reacted to Light and Accommodation  Extraoccular Movements Verbalize: PERRLA Ears:  Palpate R: Check for Tenderness  Check with Pen-Light Skin: Nose: Mouth: Neck: Breath Sounds: Range of Motion Upper Extremities:

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