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Hello /x/, today we will learn how to do/summon/evoke goetia demons/goetic ritua ls.

There are many ways to learn how to do spirit evocation. But what happens after you evoke them? Most spirits have a ability to teach the practitioner an art or a skill. All the spells that I will teach are from the Goetic spellwork by S. Aldarnay, as it wa s the first book I was given by an old friend. I've reworded most of the spells for it to be easier for the willing practitione r. WARNING: If you are not an experienced in evocative magic, do learn basic banishing spell s in order to protect yourself from what you might encounter. I recommend the Le sser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram as it is easy and powerful. The LBRP works are a barrier around your body, unlike a salt circle where you ar e only limited to the size of the circle. Before asking for anything, may it be spells or charms, it's best to know the sp irit on a personal basis. Be friendly and respectful to them. After all, good re lations are better than a spirit hating you. During the initial evocations, it's best to set an offering as you are welcoming them as guests to your place of practice. They will reciprocrate as well. The n ext thing to do, is to set a shrine IF you wish for the spirit to work with you in the future. A small urn or box with what the spirit likes will work, however it's much bette r to ask what the spirit specifically wants. Spirits won't always help you without an offering or errand for you to perform. This is usually a simple meal. However it can also be very hard. In my experienc e, I have usually given liqour, tobacco and fresh fruits. There are certain offerings that all spirits enjoy receiving. >Water >Fresh Bread or Cakes >Incense >Light >Milk and Honey >Fresh Flowers >Tobacco >Specially Prepared Meals >Blood Never feel the pressure to meet an unrealistic demand, such as 100 heads of cows . It is wise to bargain, however what they require is usually the time and effort spent into an offering Most offerings are to be prepared in a white bundle. However it depends on what the spirits want. Each spirit has it's own appearance. Some can change their forms, some have a co nstant form. However, always ask the for it's name and sigil. Each spirit will look like where it originated from, following their traits. Her mes or Nyx will have Greek Traits. Thoth will bring a more Egyptian trait. First we will lean how to evoke Hipact. It's purpose is to bring someone to you. Hipact was supposedly able to bring anyone to you in an instant. However, in pra ctical use of this spirit, it is use to enable the arrival of people who you wan t to meet and ease their journey.

Do this ritual when the moon is full, preferably when it is a Wednesday. The appearance of this spirit is noted in S. Aldarnay's book as "Beatiful woman riding on an enormous toad. She was dressed in blue, and had a decidedly Egyptia n aesthetic". In my own experience, it appeared as a woman, without the toad. It had much eleg ance, but was very cautious with her words. The procedure: >A magnet >A piece of paper >A dip pen >Ink >Green ribbon or cord Take the piece of paper and draw Hipact's sigil. When it has dried, write the na me of the person you want to as many times as you can. Wrap it around the magnet and tie it with the green ribbon. Next up, evokin Caim/Camio. This spirit is particularly my favourite as it is very friendly and brother-like . It enjoys the company and will be pleasant to evoke. He is used for Water Divination. He has the power to teach men the secret voices of animals. This spell is best performed on a Wednesday, during the night. His appearance is ever changing. He always appears as an animal, however he can always be a different animal with each evocation. He is supposed to appear as a bird when you first meet him. Firstly, use a charged sigil of Caim and place it below a bowl of water. Drop sm all stones into it and count the ripples. Even numbered ripples means he is pres ent while odd numbers means he's absent. You will see him through the surface of the water and he will answer with images that will be shown in the water. Now, we will learn how to use Sirumel/Clisthert. It is used to blind the victim, literally or figuratively. It can make people blind to good/bad happenings in t heir lives. This spell is best pperformed on a Saturday night. The appearance of the spirit is similar to a harpy. It had a man's face and an e agles body in my own evocation. To perform this spell, you need the following. >Wax >Pins >A piece of paper with the victim's name >Sigil of Sirumel >Vodka >Black Hellebore >Eyebright >Black ink >A dark glass jar Make a ticture using the vodka, eyebright and black hellebore. Make an eyeball w

ith the wax, however you can use a real eyeball. Into the wax, place the paper with the victim's name. It symbolizes the eye of t he victim. Next fill up the jar with pins, then proceed with placing the eye in the jar. Pl ace the 3 items you have left on a shrine or any working place. Pronounce the spirit's name and call out to them. Make an offering to Sirumel wh en you feel that it is present. Place the jar in the middle and stare into the eye. While staring, say this "This is not an eye of wax (or animal), this is the eye of (your victim's name) Next, take the tincture and add a couple of drops of ink, to turn the whole mix black. Pour it over the eye saying, "May Sirumel blind thee, May Sirumel bring darkness over thee, May Sirumel obscu re your sight and cloud of vision". Now seal up the jar and say "You are blinded, Your eyes are darkened, Your sight is obscured and your vision clouded, By the grace of Sirumel" Make another small offering as a thank you for the spirit. You can bury the jar or keep it in a dark place. Make periodic offerings to the spirit whilst the spe ll is in effect. Sirumel can also be used in a reversed way, to shed light on a situation. Firstly, call on Sirumel. When it is present, burn a petition to the spirit. For example. "This letter is to help (the victim) open his/her eyes to the truth of (what it is that's clouding them). In return I shall give you a large offering of (whatev er you are willing to give). Do this spell in the morning or at a very bright place, on a Sunday.

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