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By: Narumon T.


Submitted to: Mrs. Jocelyn


My name is Narumon Thachaphat, this is my second portfolio in science class, this portfolio give me a lot of knowledge and information about the science and have some experiment to lets us feel to be a little scientist. In this portfolio have science worksheets on chapter 6, 7, and 8 and have some related topic and experiment about the chapter that we learn. Every worksheets and experiment help me increase my skills and ability to work on in my life and it help me practice my skills, it can demonstrates my skill that I had really improve my skills as a learner, and I think the skills that I strengths are Balance the chemical reaction, Molar Mass, Grams/Moles Calculations and Chemical Equations. And I think the skills that are weakness are Word Equation, Acids and Bases, and Naming Alkanes but I will try to understand it and improve. I like to thank you Maam joy to teach me and give me the knowledge in everything and thank you for giving me the chance in everything.

Table of Content

1. Balance the chemicals reaction 2. Molar Mass 3. Word Equation 4. Acids and Bases 5. Grams/Moles Calculations 6. Balancing Chemical Equation 7. Naming Alkanes 8. Home fire Safety 9. Periodic table 10.Straight-chain alkane names 11. Synthetic Polymers You use 12.The Molecules of Life 13.Example of common Solution 14.Experiment 1 15.Experiment 2

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Straight-chain alkane names

This is an alkane name that is very important to me because it gives a lot of information for me to look on or to study on and do the assignment, test, and quiz. I learn a lot from this alkane names and I understand well in the assignments when I looking in this alkane name.

Related Topic

Synthetic Polymers You Use

This is some of synthetic Polymers You Use, it is also important in our life, and it give as the properties and uses of the synthetic, and it give us the information to look and work on to the assignment and this give me the ideal starting materials for many common objects.

The Molecules of Life

This is the Molecules of Life, It is very important for me and everyone to know and understand it, this is a kind of molecules that exist in our body, these are all large organic molecules , they are built of smaller molecules that links in different patterns. I learn a lot from here, I had learned some kind of the molecule and I had understand it well.

Examples of Common Solution

This is some of the example of common solution, it teach me the solution that made from any combination of solids, liquid and gases. I had learned a lot of information from here, when I look at this, this teach me a very good lesson in this chapter.