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International School of Asia and the Pacific

Hospitality Industry Management

Alimannao Hills, Peñablanca, Cagayan
Telephone Number: (078) 844-1010



A Practicum Report

Ms. Diana C. Tungcul

HIM, Program Coordinator

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for

Local Practicum

Submitted by:
Michelle L. Ilo

Date Submitted:

22 February, 2009
Table of Contents

Title Page



I. Introduction

A) Lotus Garden Hotel

B) City Garden Suite

C) Ibarra’s Party Venues and Catering

II. Analysis, Recommendation, and Conclusion

A) SWOT Analysis

B) Recommendation

C) Conclusion

III. Work Experience


I had cast my burden to you and you lifted me up from the life
of hopeless.

You showed your faithfulness and mercy which inspires me to get

ahead of myself.

Thank You to the privilege of loving you.

You are more than enough in my life.

I love you Jesus.


I greatly dedicate this book to:

Ate Winnie Tuliao for an unlimited advice and inspirational


My friend Bong for the laughter;

My parents whom always been my platform to move on.


While the practice of renting space to travelers stretches

back to antiquity, what could be considered the modern concept
of a hotel derives from 1794, when the City Hotel opened in New
York City. While the practice of renting space was not new, the
City Hotel was purported to be the first building devoted
exclusively to hotel operations. For it’s time, the building
was quite large and possessed 73 rooms. Similar operations soon
appeared in such nearby cities as Baltimore, Boston
and Philadelphia.

Interestingly, New York City’s first skyscraper was a hotel -

the six story Adelphi Hotel.

Hotels took a distinct step up in style and class when the

Tremont House opened in Boston in 1829. This hotel was
considered by many to be the beginning of what was regarded as
first class service. With 170 rooms, the Tremont House was a
large facility. In addition, the hotel offered features which,
for the time, were amazing. Private single and double rooms
were available, which offered not only privacy, but also
security. In addition to water pitchers and a washing bowl,
free soap was provided in each room. The Tremont House offered
French cuisine and, reportedly, was the first hotel to have a
Bellboy.In 1908, the Buffalo Statler opened, marking the
beginning of the modern commercial hotel era. Many services now
considered standard were introduced by the Statler, including
such amenities as a light switch next to the door, private
bathe, ice water and a morning newspaper. The Statler set the
standard of the day by being clean, comfortable and affordable.
The Statler served as the pattern for hotel design and operation
for many years. In the 1920’s, hotel building entered a boom
phase and many famous hotels were opened, including the Waldorf
Astoria, New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania, and the Chicago Hilton
and Towers, which was originally named the
Stevens. Motels began to replace roadside cabins
as use of the automobile spread throughout society. Offering
clean rooms with adjacent parking, motels enjoyed great
popularity with the traveling public.
In the 1950’s and 1960’s, the practice of franchising appeared
within the industry. Franchising enabled entrepreneurs to
expand their operations without the use of substantial
capital. For much of their history, hotels were owned and
operated by individuals. However, as franchises and chains
began to appear, individually owned hotels found themselves
increasingly at a competitive disadvantage. By the 1960’s,
independent prospects began to improve as the result referral
organizations such as Quality Courts, Best Western, Master Host
and Best Eastern. From the 1980’s forward, mergers and
acquisitions became common within the industry, and rand become
hotly traded commodities. Recently, use of management companies
has entered the mainstream. As a result, many chains are more
involved in management than in ownership. These chains realize
a much more predictable and steady income stream than had
normally been yielded by ownership.
Lotus Garden Hotel Manila, Philippines

Formerly Royal Palm Hotel

Welcome to Lotus Garden Hotel, a haven of distinct splendor

Formerly the Royal Palm Hotel, Lotus Garden Hotel is ideally

located on Mabini corner Padre Faura streets, virtually linked
to many of the most noteworthy places in the Philippines'
capital and its next-door cities.

Lotus Garden Hotel lets you celebrate the country's rich

historical background from the Rizal Park (Luneta) to Intramuros
to Fort Santiago to the Malacañang Palace, the seat of
presidency in the Philippines.

A short travel then permits you to delight in various leisure

activities that cater to the senses. Lotus Garden Hotel is
minutes away from the exciting party atmosphere that is
Malate/Remedios Circle, the unique wine and dine experience that
is Baywalk (Roxas Boulevard), and some of the best bargain
shopping centers such as Quiapo, Divisoria, and the newly-opened
SM Mall of Asia to the south.

Finally, Lotus Garden Hotel also allows you to be within reach

from several tourism and business areas that the nation takes
pride in. A quick ride takes you to the World Trade, Cultural,
and International Convention Centers plus many of the
International Embassies populating the region.

Lotus Garden History

One may wind up as he listens with friends and family

members at Kiko’s Music and Wine Bar. Along with its cozy
ambience, wide choices of cocktail drinks, wines and beers are
available at the bar. Kiko’s Music and Wine Bar also offers
billiards facilities for billiards fanatics.

For Japanese food lovers, the Susi Bar offers authentic

Japanese cuisine like sashimi, shusi and masi among others.
However, some guests wish to fully experience the homey and posh
realm of the guestroom, where 24-hour room service is also
available. Lotus Garden Hotel’s success and glory in the
industry can also be attributed to the cleanliness of the
premises. Cleanliness is one of the major covenants that the
hotel upholds. Truly, the hotel had lived to its plight. Other
hotels in the metropolis either gone looking old or even closed
down and failed to succeed because of their failure to maintain
cleanliness. Cleanliness, being one major intent and objective
of the hotel, Lotus Garden Hotel is confident that generations
will pass – foreigners and local residence alike – shall enjoy
the services offered by the company. Furthermore, as part of its
strategic vision, its aim to further improve its hotel
computerization system and getting into the modern trends
information technology, Lotus Garden Hotel has recently acquired
a computer system called Fidelio. This is the computer program
widely used by deluxe or five-star hotels worldwide. Royal Palm
Hotel is now considered one of the few standard hotels in the
country that utilizes the Fidelio system. Accredited as a
standard class hotel under the Department of Tourism, Royal Palm
Hotel its people to be one of its best chattels – the human
asset. The norms and cultures exhibited in the company are based
and founded on integrity, positive attitude, service-
orientation, maturity, teamwork and the drive in striving for
excellence. These tenets create an amiable character that is
truly distinct which enables the company to achieve great
satisfaction from the guests’ end. This can be measured and
determined through the hotel’s track record of high rate of
returning guests and positive feedback and comments from the
guests. With its world class facilities and services, the hotel
truly lives up to its mission of providing quality service,
value for money and achieving the highest degree of satisfaction
among its guests and clients. Right in the heart of manila,
genteel service and utmost convenience awaits everyone at Lotus
Garden Hotel, your home away from home.
Lotus Garden Hotel - Manila, Philippines

Hotel Accommodations

Elevating "affordable" and "cheap" to greater heights.

Looking for a cheap hotel in Manila makes you expect low

quality, a total lack of value, and poor accommodations.

NOT with Lotus Garden Hotel.

When seeking a cheap hotel in Manila for any type of visit, you
need not limit yourself to just having a bed to sleep in. We
understand that guests do not always want expensive extras but
also know that they consistently hunt for the best deals. Lotus
Garden Hotel - Manila boasts of cheap rates bundled with
unbeatable value. 80 guest rooms all exude a simple sense of
elegance but include basic amenities that are extremely
functional. All rooms have individually-controlled air-
conditioning, cable television with over 72 channels, a well-
stocked mini-bar, private bath with hot and cold shower, IDD/NDD
telephone system plus voicemail, and coffee/tea-making
facilities. The Deluxe Rooms extend the concept of ideal
affordability by offering a choice of 2 beds and a kitchenette.
These features make the Lotus Garden Hotel not only a cheap
hotel in Manila where you can stay on your business visit or
simply to cool down, but also makes it an ideal temporary home
for any group that requires one. So the next time you need a
hotel in Manila, thinking "cheap" or "affordable" is now a good
Lotus Garden Hotel

Mission statement

To operate a profitable and growing world-class standard

chain of hotels by providing quality facilities and personalized
services; thus giving our clients value for their money and the
highest degree of satisfaction.

Vision Statement

A well established and most preferred chain of standard Filipino

hotels known for its unique world class facilities and services
committed to the pursuit of excellence in satisfying the needs
of its clients.

Quality Policy

Lotus Garden Hotel is committed to provide level customer

satisfaction by offering guests value for money through
continuously-improved quality facilities and services rendered
by professional and friendly staff in accordance with hotel
industry standards.

In support of this commitment, it aims:

• To manage financial resources through cost efficiency and

revenue maximization thereby attaining maximum

• To maintain clean, safe and secured facilities and

• To deliver the warmth of Filipino Hospitality to guest
through excellent services and responsive feedback
• To select, develop and maintain competent human resources.
• To attain organization unity and effectiveness.
• To update facilities to achieve world-class standards.
• To maintain and continuously improve the Quality Management


Executive Vice-President

Room Types

Premium (Studio)

• Two (2) twin beds or one (1) king-sized bed

• Bedside lamps (2)
• Bedside rugs (2)
• Painting
• Bathroom with one bath and shower
• Kitchenette with stove, fridge, utensils
• Two seaters dining table with chairs

Lowest Rate At
United States Dollar (USD) 125

Superior Suite

• One (1) Bedroom Suite

• Double bed
• Wardrobe
• Night tables with lamps (2)
• Side tables
• Painting
• Bathroom shower
• Kitchenette, bar counter with two stools and utensils

Lowest Rate At
United States Dollar (USD) 180

Executive Suite

• Two (2) Bedroom Suite

• Double bed
• Queen-sized bed
• Closet space to each bedroom
• Bedside rugs (2)
• Living area with love seat
• Coffee table
• Center rug
• Four seater dining table with chairs
• Painting
• One bathroom with bath and shower
• Kitchenette has fridge, stove, utensils
• Patio, balcony with table and chairs

Lowest Rate At
United States Dollar (USD) 250

Deluxe Suite

• Two (2) Bedroom Suite

• Double bed
• Queen-sized bed
• Closet space in each room
• Bedside tables with lamps per room (2)
• Bedside rug to each bed
• Living area with sofa
• Wing chair with table
• Coffee table
• Centre rug
• Four seater dining table with chairs
• Two (2) Bathrooms with one (1) bath and one (1) shower
• Kitchenette has bar counter with two stools, fridge, stove,
• A patio, balcony with table and chairs

Lowest Rate At
United States Dollar (USD) 275

Lotus Garden Hotel Manila

Amenities & Services

Each of our rooms comes equipped with:

• Air-conditioning
• Wireless Internet Access
• Coffee / Tea maker
• Room safe
• Cable television
• Telephone
• Dresser
• Writing desk
• Arm chairs
• Standing lamp

Common Features to all Rooms:

• Individually-controlled air conditioning

• Queen-sized bed or two single/double
• Cable TV with over 72 channels
• Well-stocked Mini Bar
• Private bath with hot and cold shower
• IDD/NDD Telephone system w/ voicemail
• Kitchenette, Coffee/Tea making

Lotus Garden Hotel Manila

Cilantro Restaurant

For those searching for gastronomic delights, and extraordinary

culinary experience that you will never forget, Lotus Garden
Hotel can satisfy you with the following dining bistros that
will delight and satisfy your appetite.

Talyasi Restaurant provides you with delectable choice of

Filipino dishes that you will truly savor, Guest can experience
fine dining pleasure and while savoring appetizing dishes like
authentic Kare-kare, Pata Bawang, Talyasi’s Major specialties.
Cilantro Resto and Bar

Breakfast Menu

(Available from 6:00AM to 10:00AM)

American Breakfast ….. Php. 250.00

♣ Two fried eggs with Ham or Crispy Bacon served with bread,
butter and jam with coffee or tea, chilled orange juice or
sliced fresh fruit in season.

Filipino Breakfast ….. Php. 250.00

♣ Two fried eggs with Beef Tapa or Boneless Dagupan Bangus

(Milkfish) served with garlic fried rice and pickled
papaya with coffee or tea, chilled orange juice or sliced
fresh fruit in season.

Pancakes/Waffles (Served with butter and maple syrup)

Plain Pancakes (2pcs.) .....Php. 95.00

Plain Pancakes (2pcs.) with Ham or Crispy Bacon

.....Php. 210.00

Plain Waffle .....Php. 95.00

Plain Waffle with Ham or Crispy Bacon .....Php. 210.00

A LA CARTE (Served with garlic fried rice and pickled papaya)

Fried Eggs (2 pieces) .....Php. 65.00

Omelets .....Php. 75.00

Ham and Cheese Omelet .....Php. 130.00

Eggs Benedict .....Php. 140.00

Longganisa (Filipino Sausage) (2 pieces) .....Php. 175.00

Tocino (Cured Meat of Chicken or Pork) .....Php. 175.00

Beef Tapa (Cured and Fried Beef) .....Php. 210.00

Boneless Daing na Bangus (Marinated and Fried Milk Fish)

.....Php. 210.00

Corned Beef .....Php. 210.00

Bacon .....Php. 210.00


Coffee HOT - COLD

Decaf Php. 60.00

Brewed Php. 60.00

Espresso Php. 70.00

Flavored Selection Php. 80.00

Php. 90.00

- Café Latté, Cappuccino, Café Mocha, Caramel,

Macchiato, White Choco

Extra Flavors: Almond Rocca, Vanilla, Hazelnut . .

Additional: Php. 22.00

Tea (Served in Teapot)

Ceylon, Green Tea, Chamomile Php. 70.00

Lemon, Strawberry, Green - Php. 60.00

Chocolate/Milk Php. 60.00

Php. 60.00

Fresh Juices

Calamansi Juice Php. 55.00

- Pineapple Juice Php. 90.00

Watermelon Juice (Seasonal) Php. 90.00

Melon Juice (Seasonal) Php. 90.00

Apple Juice Php. 110.00

Mango Juice Php. 110.00

Orange Juice Php. 170.00


Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Diet Sprite, Root beer,
Royal - Php. 60.00

Smoothies and Shake

Rootbeer Float - Php. 110.00

Tropical Smoothie (Pineapple and Banana) -

Php. 130.00

Fruit Smoothie - Php. 130.00

Health Drink (Ice Cream with Cucumber, Tomato, Carrot) -

Php. 140.00

Chocomalt - Php. 110.00

Creamy orange Frosty - Php.


Mocha Brownie - Php. 135.00

Choco Crunch (Cookies and Cream) - Php.

Milkshake – Strawberry, Banana, Ripe Mango, Avocado

Php. 165.00

Tonic Water - Php. 60.00

Soda Water - Php. 60.00

Battled Water - Php. 60.00

Wings Over Manila Sports Bar

Searching for a chance to relax with a cool glass of wine in
hand! Then this
is the best spot for you! With cozy ambiance and wide variety of
cocktails drinks, wines and various

Lotus Garden Hotel Manila

Facilities & Services

• Foreign Currency Exchange

• Laundry / Dry Cleaning
• Safe Deposit Box
• Massage Service
• 24-hour standby generator
• Room service
• 24-hour security service

Lotus Garden Hotel Manila

Meeting & Banquet Facilities

Having a special occasion?

Planning an important meeting?

Then avail of our excellent facilities for your meeting and

banquet needs!
Lotus Garden Hotel has three cozy function Rooms: Palmera,
Rapis-named after the historic palm tress in the Philippines.

Fast becoming the preferred venues for conferences and social

events that
will provide you with everything you will ever need food and the
actual set-up will prepared exactly the way you prefer it.

Lotus Garden Hotel Manila

Function Rooms

Choose the function room that will suit your requirements and
leave all the hassles to us. Whether you are planning for a
social or corporate event, our state-of-the-art audio-visual
equipment as well as the assistance of our banquet coordinators,
will surely make your event a success.

Function Room Theater Classroom Banquet

Palmera 114.25 60 60 60
We cater to corporate meetings, weddings, debut and other
corporate and social functions.

Lotus Garden Hotel Manila

Request for Proposal

For us to serve you best, please fill-out the proper information


Required fields are marked with asterisks ( * ).

General Information:






*Contact Phone Number:

*Fax Number:

*Email Address:

City Perks:

Industry Type:

Frequency of Meeting:

-Once a Year

-Twice a Year


-Every Two Months




Meeting Information:

Meeting Start: Month/Day/Year

Meeting Name: Month/Day/Year

Number of Attendees:

Number of Sleeping Rooms required:

Estimated Decision Date: Month/Day/Year

Amenities & Hotel Features Required:

-Audio-visual Equipment
-Public Address (Sound) System
-Business Center
-Video / Overhead Projection System
-Writing Materials
Set-up (Choices):

- Theater
- Classroom
- U-Shape
- Boardroom
- Banquet
Estimated Budget: Php

Meal Requirements:

- Breakfast
- AM Snack
- Lunch
- PM Snack
- Dinner
Meal Type:

- Buffet
- Set
Additional Request(s):
Lotus Garden Hotel Manila

Business Center

Our Business Center is fully equipped:

• Complete secretarial services

• DSL Internet access
• Facsimile and Photocopying services
• Travel desk
• Tours and Transport services
• Airline ticket re-confirmation
• Postal services
• Document and Parcel handling
• Visa extension and passporting

Lotus Garden Hotel Manila

Hotel Location

Approximately 11 km. away from the international airport, a few

minutes walk to the U.S. Embassy, Lotus Garden Hotel is ideally
located in the corner of A. Mabini and P. Faura Streets in the
heart of Manila. It is likewise a short ride to the Cultural
Center of the Philippines, Philippine International Convention
Center, Rizal Park, Malls, Golf courses and churches.

Lotus Garden Hotel Hotel Manila, Philippines

1227 A. Mabini corner Padre Faura Sts.
Manila, Philippines
Tourist Spots

• Rizal Park
• Fort Santiago
• Intramuros

Business and Cultural Venues: (CCP Complex)

• Philippines International Convention Center

• Cultural Center of the Philippines
• World Trade Center

Government Offices

• Department of Tourism
• Central Bank of the Phils
• Manila City Hall


• Medical Center Manila

• Medical Doctors Manila
• Philippine General Hospital


• US Embassy
• Embassy of Japan


• Malate Church
• Ermita Church

Lotus Garden Hotel Manila

Contact Information

Resident Manager
Telephone: (632) 522-1515
Fax: (632) 522-0768
Email Address:
Finance Department
Telephone: (632) 522-1515
Fax: (632) 522-0768
Email Address:

Sales and Marketing Department

Telephone: (632) 523-2575
Fax: (632) 522-0768
Email Address:

Front Office Manager

Front Office Manager
Telephone: (632) 522-1515
Fax: (632) 522-0768
Email Address:
City Garden Suites Manila, Philippines

“Outstanding 3-Star Hotel”

2005 20th National Consumers Excellence Awards

Among the Top Manila Hotels:

City Garden Suites

City Garden Hotels continues to lead as one of the most

preferred brands for Standard Class Manila hotels. City Garden
Suites - Manila, one of the 3 properties under the City Garden
brand, has emerged to be first-in-mind for hotels in the
Philippines' capital city. Not many Manila hotels offer classy
and elegant accommodations at amazingly affordable rates. Just
with the City Garden trademark, however, guests on a trip to
Manila can be confident of a pleasurable hotel stay in City
Garden Suites. Enjoy the City Garden Suites - Manila hotel's
excellent facilities, feel the genuine Filipino hospitality, and
experience the superb service that will make your Manila visit
feel like you stayed right at home. City Garden Suites - Manila
is not just an alternative residence against a list of other
Manila hotels; the affordable rates do not necessarily translate
to limited amenities and services. After a busy day at work or
touring Manila's sights and sounds, Guests can relax at the Cafe
Miranda Bar & Restaurant or simply tuck themselves in their
rooms and avail of high-quality room service. Groups are also
welcome! Guests who wish to conduct conferences, seminars, and
parties in Manila need not look for other hotels. The City
Garden Suites remain competitive among hotels in Manila with
their function rooms that can cater to any event. No other
Manila hotel can provide unbeatable value like the City Garden
Suites. Have a wonderful stay!
City Garden Suites Manila, Philippines
Hotel Accommodations

The City Garden envisions an atmosphere for all its properties

that showcases Philippine culture in its authenticity; similar
to other exuberant hotels and resorts in the country. City
Garden Suites - Manila successfully provides its Guests with
what other Philippine hotels try to offer: a genuine Filipino
stay. Guests visiting the Philippine capital city of Manila -
whether on a strict budget or not - can expect amenities and
services well above the three stars that hotels are awarded
with. City Garden Suites - Manila boasts of unique additions in
its tastefully-appointed Guest rooms; an out-of-the-box strategy
which most Philippine hotels are not usually expected to intend
for their facilities. As an example: while all 92 well-appointed
rooms take care of the Guests' basic needs, City Garden Suites
equipped some with en-suite videoke. Other rooms include a
kitchenette, breakfast, a choice between hot & cold shower or a
bath tub, a mini bar, and best of all a veranda. As part of an
armada of Philippine hotels that entice foreigners to explore
the country, City Garden Suites - Manila lives up to the
steadily-increasing popularity of the City Garden brand. It is
due to this popularity and world-class guest rooms and services
that the Philippine Tourism Department (DOT) accredited the
property along with other hotels to boost the tourism industry.

Room Types


• Equipped with twin beds

• Cable television
• Shower with bathtub
• Hot & cold shower
• Mini-bar
• Breakfast is not included

Lowest Rate At
United States Dollar (USD) 55


• Equipped with twin beds

• Cable television
• Shower with bathtub
• Hot & cold shower
• Mini-bar
• Breakfast is not included

Lowest Rate At
United States Dollar (USD) 60


• Queen-sized bed
• Cable television
• Mini-bar
• Hot & cold shower
• Shower with bathtub
• Coffee / Tea maker
• Buffet breakfast is included

Lowest Rate At
United States Dollar (USD) 65


• Queen-sized bed
• Cable television
• Mini-bar
• Coffee / Tea maker
• Shower with bathtub
• Hot & cold shower
• Buffet breakfast is included

Lowest Rate At
United States Dollar (USD) 70


• Equipped with twin/queen beds

• Cable television
• Hot & cold shower or with bath tub
• Coffee / Tea maker
• Buffet breaksfast is included

Lowest Rate At
United States Dollar (USD) 75


• Equipped with twin/queen beds

• Hot & cold shower or with bath tub
• Cable television
• Coffee / Tea maker
• Buffet breaksfast is included

Lowest Rate At
United States Dollar (USD) 80


• Equipped with in- room videoke

• In-room elsafe
• Single or twin bed
• Coffee / Tea maker
• With buffet breakfast
• Hot & cold shower or with bath tub

Lowest Rate At
United States Dollar (USD) 85


• Equipped with in- room videoke

• In-room elsafe
• Single or twin bed
• Hot & cold shower or with bath tub
• Coffee / Tea maker
• With buffet breakfast

Lowest Rate At
United States Dollar (USD) 90


• Equipped with kitchenette

• In-room elsafe
• Cable television
• Mini-bar
• Hot & cold shower or with bath tub
• Rate includes buffet breakfast.

Lowest Rate At
United States Dollar (USD) 100


• Equipped with kitchenette

• In-room elsafe
• Cable television
• Mini-bar
• Hot & cold shower or with bath tub
• Rate includes buffet breakfast.

Lowest Rate At
United States Dollar (USD) 105


• Veranda facing bay area

• Cable television
• Complete cooking facilities
• Mini-bar
• In-room elsafe
• Hot & cold shower
• Rate includes buffet breakfast

Lowest Rate At
United States Dollar (USD) 160


• Veranda facing bay area

• Complete cooking facilities
• In-room elsafe
• Cable television
• Mini-bar
• Hot & cold shower
• Rate includes buffet breakfast

Lowest Rate At
United States Dollar (USD) 165


• Veranda
• Kitchenette & dining, in-room
• Safety deposit box
• Cable television
• Mini-bar
• Rate includes buffet breakfast
Lowest Rate At
United States Dollar (USD) 160


• Veranda
• Kitchenette & dining, in-room
• Safety deposit box
• Cable television
• Mini-bar
• Rate includes buffet breakfast

Lowest Rate At
United States Dollar (USD) 165
Terms and Conditions:

• All rates are subject to 12% government tax

• Weekly/ Monthly rates are available
• Corporate and Group Rates are negotiable.
• Children 12 years & below are free of charge when sharing
their parent’s room.
• Check-out time: 12:00 noon. Check-in time: 2:00 pm
• Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

City Garden Suites Manila, Philippines

Amenities & Services

Each of our rooms comes equipped with:

• Hotel-wide Wireless Internet access

• Telephone system with NDD/ IDD services
• Refrigerator with mini bar items
• Cable TV with 72 + channels
• In-room safety deposit box
• Pay Movie System
• Electronic door lock
• Automated wake-up calls
• Complimentary newspaper
• Bathtub/ hot & cold shower
• In-room coffee/ tea making facility
City Garden Suites Manila, Philippines
Cafe' Miranda
Café Miranda, the hotel’s coffee shop offers a variety of local
and international cuisine. It also offers buffet breakfast from
6:00 am to 10:00 am, the price of which is PHP 250.00. For
guests who wish to dine in yet want to feel the privacy and cozy
atmosphere of their room, they can avail of Room Service up to
12:00 midnight. On special occasions, a pianist provides
entertaining music at the restaurant.

City Garden Suites Manila, Philippines

The Lobby Bar

The Lobby bar offers wide selection of wines and spirits, beer
items, cocktail drinks, bar chows, and appetizers. The Sushi bar
on the other hand, offers selection of freshly made Japanese
items which are available in individual servings or value

City Garden Suites Manila, Philippines

Facilities & Services

• 92 well-appointed and fully air-conditioned guest rooms and

• Spacious lobby
• Function rooms for Banquet, Seminars, or Conferences
• Café Miranda Bar & Restaurant/ Room Service
• Sushi Bar
• Travel and Business Center
• Transfer in or out services
• Foreign Currency exchange
• Laundry, Pressing & Dry cleaning services
• Hotel-wide high-speed wireless internet access
• Safety deposit boxes
• Heat/ smoke detector system
• 24 hour security with CCTV system
• 24 hour standby generator

City Garden Suites Manila, Philippines

Meeting & Banquet Facilities

The hotel has three (3) elegant function rooms fully equipped
and complemented with state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities.
The function rooms - Lily, Lilac and Lavender were named after
some exotic flowers can accommodate up to a maximum of 200

City Garden Suites function rooms are ideal for wedding, debut,
kiddie party, birthday, christening, graduation, seminar,
conference, meeting, etc.

Special Function Packages

Kiddie Party Package

Complete Kiddie Party Package as low as Php 22,275 (50 pax)

Debut Package
Complete Debut package as low as Php 24,000 (50 pax)

Baptismal Package
Complete Baptismal Package as low as Php 26,000 (50 pax)

All Occasion Celebration Package

Ideal for any kind of celebration package as low as Php 27,500
(50 pax)

Wedding Package
Complete wedding package as low as Php 36,250 (50 pax)

For banquet inquiries and reservations, e-mail us at or call us at (632) 536-14-51 local

Function Room

Function Banq Cocktail Classroo Theate Boardroo Dimensio

Room uet s m r m n

7.85 x 78.50 sq
Lily 60 70 40 70 30
10m m

Lavander 60 70 40 70 30 7.85 x 78.50 sq

10m m

9.9 x 99.00sq.m
Lilac 72 90 60 80 40
10m .

Lotus 25.6 x 256.00sq.

200 230 140 220
Ballroom 10m m.

City Garden Suites Manila, Philippines

Business Center

The Business Center provides the convenience of an office with

the services of highly trained staff. Services offered are as

• Local Tours
• Local and International ticketing
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With more than ten solid years of banquet service expertise both
for corporate and social functions, City Garden Suites – your
“All Occasion Celebration Venue” will give you more choices…
more convenience… & more value for your money…

For banquet inquiries, our accommodating and expert Event

Specialist will assist you in handling a worry-free celebration
of your special occasion like:

• Wedding receptions
• Debut
• Kiddie party
• Baptismal
• All occasions

We also offer other amenities and services such as photo and

video coverage, giveaways, flower arrangements, bridal car
service, cakes, invitations, etc.

City Garden Hotel Suites, Philippines

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- Audio-visual Equipment
- Public Address (Sound) System
- Business Center
- Video / Overhead Projection System
- Writing Materials
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- Theater
- Classroom
- U-Shape
- Boardroom
- Banquet
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City Garden Suites Manila, Philippines

Hotel Location

Conveniently located within Manila’s commercial and business

establishments, the hotel is near the US Embassy, fifteen
minutes away from the World Trade Center, CCP Complex,
historical area of Intramuros, the entertainment district of
Malate and only fifteen minutes away from the domestic and
international airports.

City Garden Suites

1158 A. Mabini St.,
Ermita, Manila, Philippines
Telephone: (632) 536-1451
Facsimile: (632) 524-4844
Domestic Toll-Free: 1-800-1-888-6789


• Philippine International Convention Center (PICC)

• Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP)
• World Trade Center (WTC)
• Department of Tourism (DOT)
• U.S. Embassy
• Japanese Embassy
• Intramuros Golf course
• Malate Catholic Church

Tourists Spots

• Rizal Park
• Fort Santiago
• Intramuros
• Baywalk at Roxas Blvd.


City Garden Hotels – Standards Hotels, Leader of the Standards

Hotel in the country.


Lotus Garden Hotel – 1983 with 86 Guest Rooms plus 50 Guest

Rooms added

General Manager Mina Mediola

City Garden Suites, Manila – 1992 with 96 Guest Rooms plus 46

Guest Rooms added

General Manager Ellen B. Mendoza

City Garden Suites, Makati – 1997 with 23-Storey Level with 160
Guest Rooms

General Manger Johny Reyes

City Garden Hotels Training Center – 2007 T.E.S.D.A. Accredited


-the expressions of what we are and what we do

-they give directions and purposes to the ways we spend each day

-they express our character ^ produce our effectiveness or


Various Work Values

-we love to serve

-we are professional

-we are honest & sincere

-we are excellent & productive

-we are team players

-we are respectful

-we have sense of ownership & concern for the company

-we have are dignified & God fearing

Provide Customer Service

-an organization’s ability to supply its customer’s wants & needs

Excellent Customers Service

-ability of an organization to constantly

& consistently exceed the customer’s expectations.

“Every Customer expects and deserves good services.”

“Quality Service only happens when you care enough to do your



General Objective – Provide quality service and quality product

Main Tool – Rooms

Coverage – Rooms, Public Area, Linen and Laundry and Pest Control

General Responsibilities of the Housekeeping Department

1. To provide and maintain the clean, safe and comfortable
environment according to establishment standard.
2. Maintains all guestrooms and public areas on a high standard
of cleanliness.
3. Monitors and replenishes guestrooms amenities and mini bar
items as consumed by guests.
4. Coordinates with Maintenance Department on repairs necessary
and ensure prompt action.
5. Practice safety and sanitary measures according to
6. Coordinates and monitors pest control services.
7. Safe keeps and furnishes adequate supplies of linen (both
Housekeeping and Food and Beverage), uniform cleaning
supplies, etc to employees.
8. Assist Management in operating profitably by controlling cost.
9. Handles the recording, storing, and disposed of lost and
found items.
10.helps promote the business, by providing excellent,
personalized services to guests thus providing necessary
information regarding various activities in the hotel.

Standards of Ideal Housekeeping





-guest comfort

-guest relation

-preventive maintenance


Cleaning Standard



-glass cleaning

-garbage disposal

-bathroom cleaning

-walls & ceiling cleaning

-grounds maintenance

Cleaning Supplies & Materials

-scouring pads


-dusting clothes

-polishing clothes

-hand brushes

-toilet bowl brush

-mop with handle


-soft broom


-trash bags

Cleaning Chemicals

-furniture polish

-meiotic acid

-all purpose cleaner

-glass cleaner

-air freshener


Maintenance of Public Areas


-Damp Mopping

-Dust Mopping

-Polishing of brass, stainless, furniture and fixtures


-Marble Crystallization

-Air Freshener and Deodorizing

-Dusting of furniture and fixtures

-Glass Cleaning

Standard cleaning procedure of check-out rooms

1. Place room bay’s cart in front of the door of the room for
2. Knock the door twice & identify self of staling
“housekeeping” or “room boy” 5-10 seconds.
3. Unlock the door using the duplicate key & gently open the
door. Leave the door wide open.
4. Record on the room boy’s report the actual time that you
start to clean.
5. Switch on necessary lights for cleaning. Draw the blinds or
curtains and open the windows to air-out. Turn off
unnecessary lights, Television and Air conditioner. Etc.
6. Check the condition of Television, radio, air conditioner,
telephone, refrigerator, hairdryer and bidet. Turn-on every
lights to check switches and busted lights. Check for broken
and missing items. Check the EL Safe. Report to maintenance
any findings and inform the housekeeping office for record.
7. Collect the garbage and empty bottles. Bring out soiled
dishes from the room then call the Food and Beverage for dish
8. Empty trashcan, dental glass and ashtrays. Wash and set aside
for drying. Pull out Air Condition Unit filters, wash and set
aside fro drying.
9. Pull out bedspread cover with bedspread cover and duvet cover.
10.Clean the bathroom from clockwise and top to bottom procedure
then store the bathroom amenities.
11.Clean window glass and frame including the air conditioner
12.Clean the veranda, if applicable
13.Sweep the floor. Move the furniture, bed and refrigerator.
Check if furniture felts installed are adequate.
14.Dust around the room using dump cloth in counter clockwise
motion. Clean mirrors and glass fixtures.
15.Make up the bed with duvet set up and bedcover set up.
16.Complete the guest supplies, compendium inserts and mini bar
17.Close windows. Arrange curtains/roman shades.
18.Make a final sweeping and wiping of floors using a damp cloth.
19.Check the over-all appearance of the room. Inform the
Executive Housekeeper or the Supervisor about the status of
the room for inspection.
20.Take a last look for final touches and spray air freshener.


General Objective – Provide good quality service & good quality
food to deliver to the customer

Main Tool – Menu

Coverage – Restaurant, Kitchen, Bar, Banquet and Room Service

No-No’s on Waiter/Food Attendant

1. Never play favoritism with the better tipping guests, giving

them more food, or constantly “dancing” around their table.
2. Never slight female guest even she might tip less.
3. Never argue with customers if they have unreasonable
requests. Such cases should be reported to the supervisor.
4. Do not keep guests waiting for their check.
5. Do not rush guests out of the dining area.
6. Never discuss business with guests.
7. If you happen to have found an article, it should be brought
immediately to the supervisor for the necessary action.
8. Never tell guests “we do not have that, sir/ma’am” if guests
asks for an item that is not on the menu, call in such cases
your supervisor.
9. Never urge the guest to eat faster by bringing the next
course before the other eaten up.
10.Do not be afraid to make suggestions. In practicing sales
talks, a waiter can become an expert.
11.Never serve any F&B in chipped glass/plate.
12.Never serve any F&B in oxidized silverware.
13.Do not accept food from the kitchen if it is arranged beyond
14.Never run within the dining area.
15.Never neglect customers who are in a hurry. Suggest them
16.Never freak into a customer conversation.
17.Never ask guests question while they have a full mouth.
18.Never correct guests if they mispronounce the name of the
food they wish to eat/order.
19.Never embarrass guest who can’t decide what they want. Make
20.Never clear the table of a guest who just went out to make a
phone call.
21.Never make the customer fell that he “must tip”.
22.Never stand around in groups in the dining area when
customers are already seated.
23.Do not give loud orders to co-workers and/or busboys.
24.Never argue with any co-worker, or even worse, the customers.
25.Avoid conversation with neighbors assigned in another area.
26.Do not write on guest’s table and on the menu.
27.Do not mop your face with the napkin.
28.Never use bad language.
29.Do not smoke in areas where it is not allowed.
30.When taking an order, notice which items are sold out or not
31.Avoid silverware from dropping. If dropped, do not wait
somebody else to come and pick it up.
32.Talk only when necessary for politeness.
33.If you spill something on a customer, apologize right away
and clean the dirt that has been made.
34.Do not hang at the back of the guest’s chair or step on any
portion of the chair. Stand erect or bend down to hear well.
35.Never disregard a customer seeking attention as if the guest
was not seen and noticed.

Basic rules that a Waiter/Food Attendant should remember:

1. Be sure what the guest wants and take note of their orders
including special instructions like in the case of a steak if
it is well done etc.
Special Instructions: Doneness

Rare – R

Medium Rare – MR

Medium – M

Medium Well – MW

Well Done – WD

2. Repeat the order and thank guest.

3. Give a service as perfect as possible.
4. Remember that hot food is served on hot plates, and cold food
on cold plates, and icy food on icy plates.
5. BE grateful for a small tip.
6. Develop cares interest for the job and plan a future career
you can be happy with.
7. Develop the skills to observe guest’s habits, preferences and
dislikes and learn to anticipate such habits.
8. Greet the guest by his name and the proper time of the day.
9. Check briefly the amount of the check before handling it to
the guests.
10.Ask a guest who seems to be waiting: “Would you care for a
drink Sir/Ma’am?”
11.A guest in a hurry must be given a speedy service.
12.A few friendly words may help a lonely guest enjoy his meal
13.Some guest cannot understand the menu so the waiter should
explain to them and possible show how it is being prepared.
14.If it is evident that the guest is budgeting, he will request
for the waiter’s suggestions on what to order that will
enable them to enjoy a fine meal at a modest cost.
15.If the guest is dieting, the waiter should be able to suggest
some dishes because guest’s welcome suggestions on food do
not have many calories.

Dining Sequence

1. Welcoming the guest

2. Escorting the guest
3. Seating the guest
4. Presenting the menu
5. Taking the order
6. Communication between kitchen and dining area
7. Picking up order from the kitchen
8. Serving the food
9. Presenting the guest’s bill
10.Receiving and accepting tips
11.Bidding goodbye to the guest


Proper Hand-washing Techniques

1. Use water as hot as the hands can comfortably stand.

2. Moisten hands, soap thoroughly and lather to elbow.
3. Scrub thoroughly, using brush for nails.
4. Rub hands together using friction for 20 seconds.
5. Rinse thoroughly under running water.
6. Dry hands using single service towel.

14 Cooking Method

1. Blanching -
2. Boiling -
3. Steaming -
4. Poaching -
5. Deep-Fat Frying -
6. Sautéing -
7. Grilling -
8. Boiling -
9. Gratinating -
10.Baking -
11.Roasting -
12.Blazing -
13.Glazing -
14.Casserole – way of slow cooking of meat

Food Poisoning


1. Bacterial Food Poisoning – caused by bacteria which have been

allowed to grow and multiply during in correct storage of the
2. Chemical Food Poisoning – during the growth, preparation
3. Vegetable & Animal Food Poisoning – mushrooms
4. Viral Food Poisoning – seafood

2 Dangerous Poisons



Food Spoilage

3 Categories:

a. Non-perishable – sugar, macaroni, dry beans, flour.

b. Semi-perishable – nuts, potatoes, onions.
c. Perishable – meat, poultry, eggs, shellfish, fish,
fruits, and vegetables.


Wedding Resources and Events Management Corporation – one of the
most prestigious and sought after events and catering provider
in the Metro namely; Ibarra’s Garden, Plaza Ibarra, Patio
Ibarra, Cilantro by Ibarra’s and Ibarra’s Portico del Sol and an
affiliate of City Garden Suites Manila and Makati & Lotus Garden
Hotel – Manila.

Their company has been in the banquet service industry for the
past 7 years with our pioneer branch Ibarra’s Garden and
Cilantro Resto-Bar in Manila, Patio Ibarra and Plaza Ibarra –
both in Quezon City and Ibarra’s Portico Del Sol in Kawit,

In 2005, Ibarra’s group has marked another feat in the culinary

arena having served an average of 54,000 meals per month.
Indeed, we are proud to affirm our capability as the leading
banquet service and catering provider.


Ibarra’s Garden:

Ibarra’s Garden, a classic antique house built in the 1920s

inspired with American Art Deco and a quaint garden converted
into an ideal place for social and corporate events. The
historic ambiance reflects the grandeur of wealth and beauty
during the olden period. Now, Ibarra’s Garden is the most sought
after venue in the Metropolis having been famed for its mouth-
watering approach to International Carte du jour.


Address: 525 Padre Faura St., Ermita, Manila, Philippines

Telephone Number (632) 522-9999; (632) 523-3788, (632) 524-7655

Patio Ibarra

Patio Ibarra has the ideal character of elegance and charm

suited as venue to observe any social gathering. Strategically
located at Quezon City, Patio Ibarra provides you the freedom to
choose from various affordable packages that suit your budget
without compromising excellent quality service.

Each cozy function room exudes an atmosphere of grandeur and

beauty, well equipped with modern audio-visual facilities.
Delectably appetizing dishes are complemented with warm service,
which make every celebration memorable.


Address No. 1498 Quezon Avenue., Barangay South Triangle Quezon

City, Philippines
Telephone Number (632) 374-8354 to 55; (632) 412-6393

Plaza Ibarra
Plaza Ibarra is elegantly designed with the combination of
rustic, old provincial yet refreshing Mediterranean themed
garden set up. The only reception venue in the Metropolis that
has a lighted winding stairs that highlights the grand entrance
of the celebrant.

The magnificent set up of the function room and the garden

imparts the feeling of calmness, joy, and excitement that is
simply incomparable.

Plaza Ibarra. The Ultimate Party Venue.


Address: No. 77 Timog Avenue Barangay South Triangle Quezon

City, Philippines
Telephone Number (632) 413-0706; (632) 920-0453

Cilantro by Ibarra’s
Cilantro is an elegant and ideal venue for both corporate and
social gatherings. Strategically located at the heart of the
metro (within the confines of Lotus Garden Hotel) – provides you
the freedom to choose from its cozy function rooms which exudes
an atmosphere of luxury and beauty.

Cilantro Resto Bar by Ibarra’s gives fine dining a new meaning

with a stylish dining area and sports bar combined and a wide
array of native and continental cuisines to choose from.


Address: Lotus Garden Hotel

1227 A. Mabini cor. Padre Faura Sts., Ermita, Manila, Philippines
Telephone Number (632) 522-6868; (632) 522-1515

Ibarra’s Portico del Sol

Imagine a place where the sun gently shines on all celebrations,
with lovely flowers and foliage, and with four different and
distinct yet beautiful venues to choose from.

Once known as Portico de Gracia, Ibarra’s has taken over and

given it a new name and heritage. ‘Portico’ is the Spanish word
for ‘port’ or ‘porch’, and it can be interpreted both as ‘Porch
of the Sun’ or ‘Port of the Sun,’ appropriate for a place
envisioned as a place for celebrating the beginning of a happy,
bright and sunny life.

Address: EPZA Diversion Road, Magdalo, Kawit, Cavite, Philippines
Telephone Number (046) 438-7593


Ibarra’s Party Venues and Catering

Address: SM Mall of Asia - South Parking, Bay Boulevard Pasay

City, Philippines
Telephone Number (632) 556-0390; (632) 556-0698


Address: SM CITY FAIRVIEW, Fairview Quezon City, Philippines

Telephone Number (632) 4183673
Email :


 Effective and efficient management

 International standard hotel
 Available function room for special occasion

 Excellent food for the guest

 Attentive and kind heartened employee
 Good ambiance
 Have WIFI internet
 Near shopping center, embassies, and restaurant
 Good personality and properly groomed employee
 Full buffet breakfast
 Well-appointed guest room and guest


 Absenteeism of employee
 No wide parking space
 Renovation of the physical appearance of City Garden Suite
 Limited employee to attend guests need in Lotus Garden
 Located in polluted area
 Additional expense for the laundry service
 Fail to maintain adequate supplies of the department from
time to time
 The location can easily affected by flood during rainy

 Opportunity for trainees for future job

 It generates employment for local community
 It increases income of government
 It provide support to industry


 Surrounded with immorality activities

 Strong competition among other establishments
 Affected by the inflation of price
 Cost of publication of establishment


Food and Beverage Department

When I first assigned here I got nervous for I still don’t

know what to do. Our schedule was afternoon shift so expected
that during that hour only few guest were going to eat at the
restaurant of hotel. The first two days of duty in dining, I had
learned how to set the table for breakfast and dinner on their
standard procedure. And then, we’re also blessed enough that
there was a birthday party in function room, so there, we served
a lot of guest. We served once, twice and more than what we are
expecting to. Those chances are helpful. We had attended once a
seminar for the dining employee about their operation.

Housekeeping Department

We’ve been given a one week schedule in this department. At

first, we’re not yet aware of the work so our trainer tells this
and that and so on. It’s quite tiresome to work in housekeeping
department but it was there where I enjoyed myself much because
I do the bed set-up more than once on my own and the room make-
up alone. I’ve known the materials and equipment needed for room
make-up and bed set-up. They taught us the easiest and fastest
way to set-up and the right and proper used of the cleaning
materials for the fist time in my life I’ve tried to use vacuum
cleaner (hehe). That was when they asked us to vacuum the “sofa”
and the foam of chairs. I experienced also listing down the
materials of housekeeping department for laundry purposes and
doing the inventory about stock food on the refrigerator.

A lot of foreigner guest are around the hotel. It’s so

challenging to have a conversation to them in an international
language. Sometimes we laughed at them when we saw stupid things
but being a professional someday, it must be like nothing fro us
and don’t give attention for that matters.


Kitchen Department

We had swapped from City Garden Suite to Lotus Garden Hotel

and our schedule for this time is for morning shift. At first
day of duty in Kitchen, we felt already the presence of laughter
and enjoyment. Chefs were so naughty and they don’t take the
work seriously. I mean while cooking they tend to be funny so
that everybody is happy and you won’t fell the tiredness. For
us, who are trainees, we’re only capable to be the assistant of
chef. We prepared food and ingredients needed for breakfast. We
stocked ready-to-used food in refrigerator and we even cooked
vegetable which used for garnish. How great it was to be with
funny chefs yet we’ve learned things which we could use in the
future. They shared not only tips in cooking but also its
procedure. If for garnish, we are allowed to make it because
they are just simple to follow and prepare. How many times that
I was assigned to cook for the food of employees The other way
for us to learn also was to take an insight of what the chef is
cooking. I’ve known how to make different types of omelet too.
Quite sometimes we’re washing used plates though it’s not part
of our duty. That was to show our willingness and gratefulness
to work in their establishments.
Food and Beverage Department

For the second time I was assigned in dinning area but now
for the morning shift. Well, too far compared to City Garden
Suite the enjoyment we’ve felt and the learning we had. Not
knowing, during morning, the restaurant is full of guest. You’ll
observed how busy each and everyone among the food attendants
and even the bartenders. Because of undying work to do, this
helps us to use our common sense and initiative towards the
works and the guests. It’s good to the heart you served them
gratefully and in return they will respect you too with
appreciate. They treated us not like a trainee at all. They gave
us the privilege to have our own way of working because as they
can see we are capable f the task unless if the guest has some
concern to settle and only our trainer could solve it. We
welcomed and greeted guest and say thank you to them with a
smile after eating and leaving the restaurant, we are obliged to
greet them and follow them for assistance. As usual, we refill
water goblet to guest or refill food and drinks in the buffet

Just after the breakfast, we fixed again all necessary

materials to be used for lunch. That’s how our work was at the
Bar Station, I tried there using the coffeemaker.
Sales and Marketing Department

Here, I only stayed for one day duty but at least I’ve
known to answer outgoing and incoming calls. We get important
information from the caller. Other work was I encoded important
details that should be input in the computer. I say nothing to
the attitude and behavior of employees because they are as good
as the employee we’ve already met at City Garden Suite.


Supposed to be we don’t have a duty here but because they

needed trainees we grabbed the opportunity to experience working
there. Just like at the restaurant of the hotel, we managed the
buffet table and we refilled water and juice into the glass of
the guest. Here in Ibarra’s Garden, they are more on catering.
We did the preparation or the set-up of the reception: the
arrangement of tables and chairs, silverwares, glasses, plates,
and the good appearance of the surroundings.


As we had our duty here, there was a fear a nervous at

first because we were oriented by the manager at the end. That
day was Regine Tolentino’s birthday. They said Plaza Ibarra is a
place for artist. It’s cool and enjoyable working in cold
station where pastries were what the product there. The chef is
full of naughtiness. As a trainee, we’re only permitted to put
garnishes on it. If the work is done we are helping our co-
trainees in cutting and chopping vegetables and ingredients. We
had prepared food for Regine’s birthday. The moment that the
party has started, we managed the buffet table. We served and
greeted every guest.

City Garden Suites provides a quality service that a guest

is expecting. Throughout the years of extending satisfaction to
guest, the establishment’s outside structure or appearance is in
need of renovation. The performance of employee should be
monitored from time to time because there are some of them who
are disobedient and this may affect the works of others. The
stocks of linen also must be adequate prepared for the next
users. Perhaps, there is insufficient stock of linen because of
delayed delivering for laundry linen. The management must
promote or conduct activities that will enhance more the
awareness of employees. Both City Garden Suite and Lotus Garden
Hotel are being affected by flood during rainy season so the
management must request in the government or community for the
improvement of drainage system. Dirty water along the road isn’t
safe to the health and can also discouraged guest from getting
there in the place. It’s one also of the caused of traffic and
accidents. The safety and security of guest must not only inside
the establishment but outside too upon entering or leaving. In
Lotus Garden Hotel, there are no enough food attendants that
attend to the guests’ needs. Especially during breakfast, they
do the shortcut way in performing the work just for the sake of
quick task. The management must consider also the at ease
feeling of guest on their car belongings for staying of how many
days in the hotel

City Garden Suite and Lotus Garden Hotel is both a suburban

location type hotel since it has no special attraction and is
surrounded with large company, headquarters or manufacturing
site. Both have the entire functional department: Rooms
Division, Food and Beverage, Accounting, Human Resource,
Engineering and Sales and Marketing and catering. Under the
Rooms Division, they have the Front Office which comprises of
front desk and uniform services; the Housekeeping which their
main task are to clean and prepare guest rooms and maintain the
cleanliness of hotel common areas; the reservation which is
responsible to book individual reservation; the night audit team
that reconciles the hotel’s daily financial transaction; lastly,
the Loss Prevention /Security Department which handles all
accidents and guest complaints. Under the Food and Beverage
Department, they have their Kitchen, Restaurant, Lounge/bar and
Room Service. Their target markets are a standard, extended
stay, and all suites. There are rooms which have stove and/or
microwave, dishes and kitchenware but all rooms have a mini-
refrigerator and there is a limited housekeeping service. They
also offer complimentary receptions and breakfasts for all

Aside from standard room, they have the Junior Suite,

Hospitality Suite which have a connecting room, and a
Presidential Suite with a garden outside. Reservations are made
through Central Reservation System, Direct Travel Agent, or
Direct Guest Contact. There is also a free WIFI Connection,
buffet at set times and transportation in/out on “Paid
Reservation”, the room status reconciliation which includes the
guests rooms’ state of occupancy, state of cleanliness, and
state of exception are being determined through “FIDELIO SYSTEM”
where the Housekeeping Department is using to automatically
shows the room status. They have the guest room make-up and in
every room they have provided for key control system as this to
ensure guest safety by changing the access to a guest room
between guests. Expect for in-room amenities, they provided for
added amenities. They have a value-added service which is the
safe deposit box. It is usually located inside the cabinet of
guest. In Restaurant, they have a 24-hours room service a day.
Their meal has a dress code and there is a happy hour for
employees. They have a function space as one of the revenue

Employees are well-trained a skilled but not all of them.

They are attentive and put effort for everything that brings
satisfaction and going beyond the expectation of guest. As I
observed, they give time in conducting seminars for employee.
Though they have a variety of duties and responsibilities exist
with in each department, they rely on each other. The ambiance
of hotel is romantic, classy and exotic. Both have an elegant
function rooms available for guest.

Ibarra’s Party Venues and Catering is one of a kind. It is

very suitable to any kind of occasions and gatherings. It has a
very well good surroundings and ambiance. The management are
very much concern of the guest service. They implement
empowerment to employee. They entail knowledge and understanding
which have something to do into a successful service. They
execute a customer service skill and maintain guest is well-
appreciated by the guest. Employees are highly skilled, trained
and disciplined. The operations are well-organized and planned.
The foods are being prepared by blessed chefs who truly are
delicious and great. They have the receiving area which
comprises the paperwork regarding the deals about the events. It
is usually located just before entering the reception area,
convenient enough for the guest to have information from
Ibarra’s Garden.