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Our people are what make PwC the largest professional services rm in the world and in our region. Finding the right talent is one of our key priorities because this is what makes us different. That is why, every year we look for intelligent, enterprising and passionate people who will strive with our clients to achieve success. Once they join us, we go to extraordinary lengths to inspire and develop them to help realise this potential. As a rm we invest in our graduate hires to ensure that they have the right start to a great career and take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime. As a graduate hire, PwC is a place that will take you further in your career and development. You will start your career with enviable exposure and experiences that will shape your life for a long time to come. In addition to building your technical skills, we expose you to vast experiences that enhance your business skills including client relationship management, team work and leadership skills as well as helping you develop commercial acumen. Our work is diverse and challenging. We work with leading and upcoming organisations, often on their most important projects. Our clients include both public and private companies in every sector ranging from Government and Donor bodies, middle sized to the largest enterprises. Whichever area of the rm you chose to work in, you will experience the career of a lifetime. If you are curious about us look through the next few pages to nd out what you may be interested in and where your talent best ts. Joining us will be the best decision yet for your career. The network of friends, colleagues and contacts you gain from the start will stay with you throughout your life. Why not give your career the best start? I look forward to welcoming you to the rm.

Anne Eriksson Regional Senior Partner, East

2013 Graduate Recruitment

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Graduate Recruitment 2013

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2013 Graduate Recruitment

Who we are
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At PwC, youre exposed to our distinctive breadth and depth across our network youll build a unique perspective on the world. We constantly, quietly question ourselves, our work and our world, providing you with the opportunity to develop new ways of thinking, creating value for you, for PwC and for our clients.

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PwC helps organisations and individuals create the value theyre looking for. Were a network of rms in 158 countries with more than 180,000 people who are committed to delivering quality in assurance, tax and advisory services. Tell us what matters to you and nd out more by visiting us at
We are able to draw resources from other PwC rms whenever we need them. Yet we work locally, bringing appropriate local knowledge and experience to bear and using the breadth and depth of our resources to bring you a professional service, specically tailored to match your needs.

In Africa
In Africa, were the largest provider of professional services with PwC member rms in 31 countries and 8,400 people. Our rms may also offer services in an additional 26 countries in Africa. Combining global expertise with local know-how, our people can help you grow and manage change wherever you operate in Africa.

East Market Region

In the East Market Region, PwC rms in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia and Mauritius operate in a region that shares many common growth trends and proles. Many businesses like ours already operate regionally in economies that are growing rapidly. While businesses are exposed to risks, condence remains high. Similar to our clients, we are also exploring expanding our network into emerging African markets.

In Kenya
PwC Kenya has a long established practice serving government, donor and other international nancing communities, as well as the private sector through its ofces in Nairobi. Our local capability comprises 19 Partners and over 400 professionals who combine their in-depth understanding of local business, social, cultural and economic issues with deep functional and industry knowledge. This local expertise, combined with the collective geographic and functional knowledge of our global network, will ensure you benet from ideas that challenge conventional thinking and gain new perspectives.

2013 Graduate Recruitment


Meet the right people. Work on the best projects.

Transactions Strategy and execution involving deals, mergers, acquisitions, disposals, restructuring Business Recovery Services Viable solutions concerning turnaround, restructuring and exit plans Investigations Managing risks around fraud, abuse and errors Strategy & Operations Differentiated strategy and efcient processes that lower costs, increase cash ows and enhance customer satisfaction Technology Independent and objective analysis of IT solutions and project management We help organisations to work smarter and grow faster. We consult with our clients to build effective organisations, innovate and grow, reduce costs, manage risk and regulation and leverage talent. Our aim is to support you in designing, managing and executing lasting benecial change. We serve our clients around the following priority areas: People & Change Leveraging talent to achieve a competitive advantage Finance & Accounting Optimal nance functions improving their contribution to your business Governance, Risk & Compliance Resilient and performance-based risk assessment and strategy

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Dont just discover your strengths. Build on them.

Our Assurance Service is not only valued for its compliance with professional standards, but also for its relevance to our clients businesses and the insight it provides to management. Our approach places particular emphasis on the link between the performance of your business and the nancial information you report to stakeholders. With our depth of experience, and our knowledge of all industry sectors, we are able to offer you a broad range of innovative, cost-effective solutions that respond to both global and local business issues. We serve our clients around the following priority areas: Financial statement audit Regulatory compliance & reporting Sarbanes-Oxley compliance IFRS reporting Assistance on capital markets transactions Financial accounting Independent risk, controls & systems process assurance Sustainability reporting Internal audit Risk assurance services (RAS)

2013 Graduate Recruitment


Grow your relationships. Grow your career.

PwC is the leading provider of tax services worldwide. We understand your business and economic environment and we combine this with specialist tax knowledge. We can help you navigate complexity to: Achieve business objectives by reducing tax risks and meeting your compliance obligations and Improve business and operating efciency through tax efciency and understand and manage the total tax contribution your business makes to governments. Our services include: International tax services Transfer pricing Mergers and acquisitions Indirect taxes (including VAT, Customs and Excise) Human Resource Services (including International Assignee Services) Tax Management and Accounting Services (including Corporate Tax Compliance, Accounting, Payroll and related services, as well as Tax Function Effectiveness)

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2013 Graduate Recruitment


Career path

Stay sharp. Get sharper.

I rst learnt of PwC while in my 3rd year at University during their annual recruitment drive. It is not necessarily focused on your academic credentials, but takes a holistic look at the candidate. What are your strengths and weaknesses? The interview sessions were more of discussions around my personality than the usual grilling sessions elsewhere. By the end of it all, whether one is recruited or not, there is a transformation. I felt more condent having gone through the process. I also learnt a lot about the business and this prepared me well for the subsequent assignments once I was on board. My experience has certainly been one of a lifetime, humbling yet thrilling at the same time. The greatest advantage working with PwC is the wealth of knowledge available. We work in teams of competent experts, who not only demand high quality work, but mentor and help you develop and realise your optimal potential. In a nutshell, these past six months have been exactly what I expected and what was promised to me during recruitment drive. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the rst step. Applying is that rst step. The key to making it through the recruitment process is to keep focused on the end goal. Each step is an opportunity to showcase your abilities and strengths. Build relationships with your interviewers and fellow applicants. Everyone you meet along the way has some value to add. Most importantly, do your research ( being knowledgeable of the business is a great plus) and be forthright about your abilities. That unique strength that you possess is exactly what PwC is looking for. Dennis Karaya, Advisory (University of Nairobi, Bachelor of Law (LLB)

I learnt about it from an advert in the daily newspaper, and from a few friends who had undergone the process in 2011. I thought it would be nice to venture and learn new things because the degree I was doing was already business related. The recruitment process rigorous, challenging yet exciting. I was anxious, going online every two hours to check my email, to see if they have responded, and when they did, it was joy all around. My experience since joining has been priceless , full of new diverse experiences. It is great to get to work with different people because at every new assignment, you make new acquaintances and learn how different organizations work. You get exposed to many industries and sectors. It is truly exciting. You get to develop your interpersonal skills, communication, time management, etc. Its a truly rewarding journey so far. My advise ; Be yourself. Know what you want to achieve, and go for it. Do not give up. You have to be exible and eager to learn, and to work with other people as a team. Strive to excel at what you do, and take feedback positively for your own improvement and learning. Be teachable! Valentine Njeri, Assurance (USIU), Bachelor of Science, International Business Administration)

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I learnt about PwC while still in college from my colleagues who talked highly about the Firm and its values and ever since then I developed an interest in joining the rm. Reading from the various publications on the PwC Kenya website made me realize that I wanted to join the rm The recruitment process is one the most challenging and intellectually fullling, right from the aptitude tests all the way up to the Partners interview. The interview process made me realize of the various strengths I never knew I possessed, after each stage that I passed my condence grew. I was battling it out with the best brains in the country which made me put more effort before and during the interviews. Working at PwC so far has helped me develop a lot more because of the interactions with people from diverse backgrounds. It is a journey of never ending experiences as each assignment has been different. Its a place where learning and personal growth never ends. My colleagues are my greatest source of support, you never get stuck there is always someone willing to assist you. For the interested applicants my advice would be: Be yourself and be condent, its through being yourself that your attributes will stand out and distinguish you from the rest of the pack. Be curious to learn and always inquire and read journals to keep up to date with what is happening around. Ken Mutai, Assurance (Bachelor of Science, Actuarial Science With IT)

I learnt of the GR process through a friend, whom we studied together at Strathmore University. At rst, I was adamant to apply since I had not studied in Kenya, and I was not sure if they would consider me. However, my friend convinced me to attend the road show at KICC in 2011, where I learnt a lot about the Firm and the different services they offer and this enabled me to make a more informed choice. I later applied, and here I am. The recruitment process was robust, well thought out and very interactive. Both the managers and partners interviews were very interactive and what amazed me form both interviews was the relaxing environment. It was just like having a nice friendly chat, and from that time I knew that PwC is the place to be. Working with PwC is an experience that stays with you. I have learnt so much from the many assignments which though challenging, have proven to be fruitful and have greatly developed me. From the very beginning one is provided with all the necessary resources that will enable you not only to deliver on assignments but ourish and grow both personally and professionally. These include frequent trainings, online e-learns as well as guidance and support from senior and more experienced members of the teams. More so, working with different teams, also helped me appreciate and respect the different cultures and diversity that is within the rm. Not to mention, the different mix of assignments in assurance makes everyday worth looking forward to. You just have to be here to believe it! For you to excell you must be condent and believe in yourself. Always be consistent in what you say and do, and be able to express yourself well. Lastly, always remember it is our attitude at the beginning of a difcult task which, more than anything else, will affect our successful outcome. All the Best! Susan Omache, Assurance (Adventist University of the Philippines, Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting)

2013 Graduate Recruitment


The rst time I learnt about PwC was when I was in high school. It was always being mentioned as the place to work for the high achievers. This however did not rouse my curiosity then as I had never thought of pursuing a career in the corporate world. After completing my undergraduate studies, I saw an advert on the internet and a friend of mine convinced me to go for the road show at Bomas of Kenya. This is one of the decisions I will never regret in my life. I paid attention to what the speakers were saying and realised that my assumptions on what PwC was about were wrong. The application process was rigorous. It examined all aspects of personality and aptitude. All it took was to be myself when answering the personality questions and do my best when going for the manager and partner interviews. I did my homework, always visited the website and acquainted myself with current affairs. This gave me an edge over the other applicants and I got to join this great rm. My experience since then has been second to none. I was assigned a coach who taught me all I need to know on the job. I have travelled to do assignments, rubbed shoulders with the high and mighty, I have gained condence, and also learnt to take responsibility for all I do. I learn something every day, and to top it all, we still play hard!! What more could one ask for? PwC being a great rm means it does not compromise. It hires only the best. Be an all rounded individual, know your stuff, keep abreast with current affairs, answer interview questions with condence, be honest and relax; the managers and partners are there to listen to you. Wish you the best of luck and look forward to welcoming you to the rm! Lizzie Kilelu, Assurance (University of Nairobi, BSc Biomedical Technology)

I learnt about PwC from friends who had spoke highly about PwC but at rst I did not believe that so many good things could be said about any one rm. They encouraged me to attend the GR recruitment road show to get to learn more about the rm and I can say listening to each of the speakers talk extensively of the PwC Experience convinced me that this was the right place for me to be, a place where I could begin my professional career. What intrigued to me during the road show was how they spoke about the several lines of service that were in the rm and the opportunities that each of the lines of service provided. Working in teams is an added advantage as you get to share experiences, knowledge and also build on relationships both professionally and socially as well as the travelling involved for out of town assignments is an added plus. The actual recruitment process was quite extensive and each stage was more unique than the former from the online assessments to the face to face interviews. I really appreciated each of the stages as they open up your mind to see things from a wider and fresh perspective but all in all that is what PwC offers. Since I joined PwC no one day has been the same as the last, every day is unique with its own opportunities. In PwC ,there are so many dynamic minds put together in one rm, where each day comes with great learning points, where people are the most valuable asset and most important where work life balance is encouraged. PwC offers an opportunity for one to explore their mindset and utilize their capabilities to the maximum. Virginia Angwenyi, Assurance (Jomo Kenyatta University, Bachelor of Commerce)

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2013 Graduate Recruitment


Work experience opportun

Go further

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What you can expect from us

We value our people, and we make sure youll have access to the best support network, to help you achieve your best. Having this in place means youll grow and develop, as your career progresss over time. Your development programmes been designed to build broad, deep, knowledge and understanding across six areas. Each will give you the support and condence to progress in your chosen career. Whichever business area start your career in, well help you develop the skills and knowledge you need, which youll be able to apply in your role across our business, and which will stay with you throughout your career.

of formal training and on the job coaching and mentoring. Within the rm, our people are committed to sharing knowledge and experiences with each other. Working in multidisciplinary teams, you will learn quickly from each other and gain exposure to a wide range of projects, clients and industries. In an environment of continuous rapid change you will have to evolve to keep pace. That is why at PwC, we put so much emphasis on learning and education.


Learning and Education

The rich career and professional development opportunities offered by PwC are major reasons why people join and stay with the rm. In addition to signicant training, development courses and programmes, you will learn from practical experience and coaching from those around you.

Your Development
From the moment you join us, you will see that our approach to self development is driven by you and is ongoing throughout your career. To begin with, you will embark on a comprehensive induction programme that will teach you everything you need to know about the rm, the business skills to make the transition from academic life and the technical skills required for your area of expertise. Throughout your progression with the rm, you will be supported in all areas of training that will enable you to develop your technical skills, industry skills, soft skills and IT skills. This will be through a blend

Self awareness Like everyone, youll have strengths and weaknesses. Through constructive feedback, coaching and formal learning, well help you understand what they are. This is so you can build and develop your strengths, and put measures in place to turn areas of weakness into strengths too. This will all help you develop, and build your skills and knowledge.

2013 Graduate Recruitment


Every day at PwC youll meet and collaborate with highly talented people from different backgrounds and cultures. At PwC we aim to interest, inspire, challenge and stimulate each other, learning from one another to maximise our potential personally and collectively.

Your Career Path The rich career and professional development opportunities offered by PwC are major reasons why people join, and stay with PwC. PwC is a place for bright, ambitious people, for those looking for rapid career advancement. PwC provides a supportive learning environment in which employees can achieve and make progress within the organisation. Meritocracy is more rmly entrenched here than in other organisations; promotion is not based on length of service, but on ability and competency. Do you crave this challenge? We will be glad to support you on the way up. Coaching Everyone is different, and well make sure you have the support, guidance and advice you need. Youll start having constructive and informative, one-to-one conversations about your development goals early. Youll have a buddy to help you settle in during your rst few weeks; and coach to boost your understanding of the rm and your longerterm opportunities. Good coaching takes time, commitments and honest face-to-face discussion. As one of us you will be trained and coached to become the professional you aspire to be and to ensure that your team and clients meet their goals. We are committed to a strong coaching culture, meaning that everyone regardless of their level or experience has someone they can learn from and who will take an

When I joined PwC, I had a coach whom I learnt so much from. I admired his coaching culture and skills especially the way he took an interest in my career growth and development. I hold him in high esteem for the way he assisted me in meeting my career objectives. Earning trust and respect from my coach was enormously rewarding. Because of this, I couldnt wait to reciprocate by coaching other people. Fast track two years, I got the opportunity to become a coach. It was rather interesting and confusing at rst. I suddenly got cold feet, not knowing how I would handle my rst session as a coach. Interesting enough, my rst experience with my coachee was quite relaxing, soothing and fullling. I suddenly realised that I had the opportunity to provide ownership for career development for my coachee, for them to take personal responsibility for their progression and assist in any matters that ensure maximum comfort within the organisation. My relationship with my coachees was also enhanced which earned me trust and respect. The whole experience is satisfying and pleasing. Today I am content and condent that I am able to advise on career progression and walk through the path with my coachees as they attain their objectives. As a new manager, I currently have three coachees and am working towards getting more so as to have the opportunity to assist more people in shaping their careers and in making the right decision. Maryam Kombo, Manager, Tax

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interest in their career development. Coaching relationships based on trust and respect can be enormously rewarding for both coaches and coachees. As a coachee in PwC, you have ownership over your career and can take personal responsibility for your career progression.

knowledge you need to pass your professional exams and complete your technical skills training.

Mobility After two years, and regularly after that, youll be encouraged to broaden and deepen your knowledge even further. Youll look at, and build upon, what youve done to date and think about your next steps. You might consider exploring new opportunities; perhaps youll join a new team or tackle different responsibilities in the same team. But whatever that is, youll learn constantly, and enjoy a career thats stimulating, challenging and rewarding. After a few years in the rm you will have an opportunity to discuss secondment opportunities in Africa and other PwC territories. This will broaden your perspective even more.

Global Mobility was one of the factors that attracted me to a career at PwC. Barely two years into my career with the rm, and much sooner than I had expected, I was nominated for a secondment opportunity. Competition was tough as there were many other candidates from around the world. After being successful in a couple of interviews, I was offered an opportunity for secondment in PwC UK, based in the London ofce. Over the duration of my secondment, I primarily worked with a specialist tax team on a joint project between PwC and the World Bank/International Finance Corporation, which entailed a study of tax systems for 185 countries from around the world. The work I was engaged in was both challenging and exciting, and it was a great experience working with an international team on a high prole project with global acclaim. Socially, living in London was amazing, there was a lot of time to travel and explore Europe and also interact with people from all over the world as well as appreciate new cultures. The opportunity helped me gain a new perspective towards approaching issues, developed new skills and also expanded my networks. The Global Mobility programme that PwC has is second to none, and it differentiates the rm as an employer of choice for anyone starting out in their career. The experience and opportunities that PwC has accorded me are simply above and beyond what I had expected when I joined as a graduate, and I would highly encourage anyone seeking a rewarding career with a rm that is truly international to join PwC. Kenneth Njuguna, Tax

Professional Education In your rst two to three years youll focus on getting a good balance of business, personal and technical skills. For many, working towards a professional qualication will be part of your technical skills training. Your rst exam attempt will be fully funded by us. You may experience different methods of learning, as we appreciate that people like to learn using different techniques, and benet from the exibility this brings. Methods range from classroom courses and e-learning, all are designed to help you build the skills and

2013 Graduate Recruitment


I was placed at Den Haag ofce (The Hague). I had never been outside Africa so this was certainly my chance to work and experience life in one of the cities in the world best renown for hosting the International criminal court (ICC) and in one of the countries that I have always wanted to pay a visit if not to stay. From the time I arrived to the time my secondment period ended, the people at the Den Haag ofce made me feel right at home and I experienced, rst hand, the hospitality from the beautiful people of the beautiful Netherlands. I met some amazing people along my journey and have made memories that will last a life time. From a work and professional perspective, the secondment has also helped me develop my professional skills. The opportunity to work on much bigger programmes scattered all over the world and with clients in a different environment has given me a great amount of experience and practical understanding. Even if it takes a number of years in PwC before you are eligible to go on secondment, I would recommend you wait for this experience. Going on secondment teaches you things you cannot learn anywhere else. You may have to work hard and long hours but that it is more than compensated for by the experience. Everyones experience will be unique and its up to you to go and create the experience you want for yourself. Cosmas Mulumba, Public Sector Advisory

We understand working towards a professional qualication is a signicant commitment and requires self-discipline and motivation. This is why we make sure youll have opportunity to attend class and have access to a strong support network which will include - your staff manager, external tutors, buddies and your peers. All of them will be familiar with what youre going through, as theyve experienced it as well Feedback We pride ourselves on making sure our people continuously give and get, positive, constructive, focused feedback, and you will too. The aim is to help you learn from, and build on your experiences, and the experiences of others. It works both ways too.

Professional Certication program

What well expect from you Studying for a professional qualication while holding down a demanding full-time job is tough. Youll need to manage your time effectively when you start. This is vital in helping you make sure you get the best from your technical, business and personal effectiveness, skills training. Youll constantly be learning. During your induction especially, theres a lot of information youll need to take in - meeting new people, getting to know our business, and our culture are all just the start.

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Youll be on a steep learning curve. And even though youll have the support of other students and experienced tutors, youll need to make sure you get through your exams. For those of you taking a professional qualication, this can be demanding, so make sure you think about the points listed below: Dedicating your time to work and study - avoid taking holidays or days off when you rst join to allow yourself time to settle in, make friends and start your studies During studies - going to every class and/or completing every learning programme, being proactive and asking for help when you need it. This means we can spot early on if extra help and support are needed Putting in the study time - compared to university, its a different ball game. Youll need to do consolidation and revision outside normal course hours. Make sure you to nd the most productive places to revise - whether thats at home, in the ofce or in the library and/or on your own or with peers. Whatever works for you! This will all help to make sure you have the best opportunity of passing your exams rst time. Remember - a professional qualication opens up a world of possibilities. So putting the effort in during your initial training is well worth it. When all your hard work pays off, youll have plenty of time to enjoy yourself. But invest the time and effort now, and the extra knowledge, self-condence and personal credibility youll gain once youve completed your training will pay huge long-term dividends.

My 2 years secondment to the London ofce was a highlight of my career at PwC. It gave me the opportunity to interact with professionals from across the globe, both from within PwC and outside, with London being the worlds nancial services center. Interacting with professionals from diverse backgrounds has enabled me to appreciate diversity and have a wider world view. It has also signicantly improved both my personal and professional networks. It also provided an with an opportunity to travel around the UK and the world due to the inter connectivity with the other major cities of the world. The 2 years away from home was the best time to bond with my wife as we had all the free time to ourselves. She also enjoyed the shopping experiences in London and elsewhere as we toured around Europe. In summary, the secondment experience has signicantly positively impacted on both my personal and professional life. Moses Kangethe, Assurance

2013 Graduate Recruitment


Creating the right balance

With us, youll do more
Get the right balance; Flexible working options to support life choices. Value the right things. Achieving Work-life balance; Value your life outside of your work. wholeness is essential. Follow your passion and interests; Keep this alive. Love your life. Lifestyle choices; Make the right choices. Dont bow to peer pressures. Live your life. PwC Cares & your wellness. Your health and wellness matters. Take care of yourself.

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Our values

Make your mark

Our three key values are Teamwork, Leadership and Excellence Achieve excellence Delivering what we promise and adding value beyond what is expected. We achieve excellence through innovation, learning and agility. Develop teamwork The best solutions come from working together with colleagues and clients. Effective teamwork requires relationships, respect and sharing. Inspire leadership Leading with clients, leading with people and thought leadership. Leadership demands courage, vision and integrity.

2013 Graduate Recruitment


Graduate Recruitment 2013 The path thats right for you

Graduate Recruitment Road Show Our staff will be on the ground to speak to you on what it takes to join PwC. Online Assessment This gives an indication of your aptitude and competencies. Assess your competencies, strengths and your preferred ways of working and interacting with others. Manager Interviews Meet the managers and recruiters and get a chance to talk about your experiences and ask your questions. Partner Interviews If successful in the rst interview, we will invite you for this second one to meet more senior members of the PwC team to share your experiences and ask questions. Offer to Successful Candidates Successful candidates will get a chance to work at PwC. Pre-employment Checks Getting you ready to join PwC e.g. reference checks and pre-onboarding session with our staff.

24 PwC

Do your homework
Visit our website to research the business area you want to join. Your interviewer will expect you to explain your choice and outline your strengths

Apply online Having decided which part of PwC you want to work in you can apply online

Online assessments
This gives an indication of your aptitude and competencies. Assess your competencies, strengths and your preferred ways of working and interacting with others.

Managers interview
Well explore your understanding of our business and how carefully youve thought about your career choice, as well as how you work and communicate with others

Partner interviews
To meet Partners and senior members of the PwC team to share your experience and ask questions

Pre-employment checks
Getting you ready to join PwC

Offer to successful candidates

2013 Graduate Recruitment


Contact us
Human Capital PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited, PwC Tower, Chiromo/Waiyaki Way, Westlands P O Box 43963, 00100 Nairobi, Kenya. Tel: +254 (20) 285 5000 Fax: +254 (20) 285 5001 E-mail: Website: Follow us on Twitter:@PwCKenyaGR Like us on our Facebook page: PwC Kenya Graduate Recruitment

Throughout your journey working across the PwC network, your skills and inuence will grow. Youll be able to affect real change.

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2013 Graduate Recruitment


2013 PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited. All rights reserved. In this document, PwC refers to PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited which is a member rm of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited, each member rm of which is a separate legal entity.