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Nottinghamshire County Council Social Services


Designation: Community Care Officer (Assessment and Commissioning) Community Care Officer (Reviewing) JE Grade 5 - SCP 24-28 NJC for Local Government Services Team Manager or designated Senior Team Member

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Date Issued: 03/04/13

Department/Corporate Responsibilities: To work to identify opportunities for improvements and the achievement and maintenance of high standards of quality and efficiency in the services provided by the Nottinghamshire County Council and the Social Services Department. To develop and improve personal skills through participation in, and contribution towards formal and informal staff development processes and training geared to meet the requirements of the post and the changing business requirements of the Department. To supervise and assist the efficient and cost effective use of resources and to participate in performance review systems for Departmental services and other measures allied to the supply, monitoring and effective utilisation of management information connected with the postholders field of work. To ensure confidentiality of information in respect of records maintained and tasks undertaken within County Council Policy and relevant legislation. This includes maintaining strict confidentiality in relation to personal information (including that of service users and other employees) which may become known to you in the course of your work or associated activities. To maintain effective working relationships and contribute to a working environment which is safe, considerate and supportive to all. Also, in accordance with relevant legislation, to take reasonable care of your health, safety and welfare, and that of other persons who may be affected by the performance of your duties. In carrying out the duties and responsibilities set out within the Job Description and in the context of developing working relationships with others, the potholder will be expected to demonstrate commitment to and comply with the specific requirements and the spirit of the County Council Equal Opportunities Policy. This principle applies equally to all aspects of the role.

General Description of Post Community Care Officers are members of assessment and commissioning teams, including Occupational Therapy, which respond to the care needs of adults on behalf of the Adult Social Care and Health Department. Working with service users and carers, they will formally assess and review individual needs and then instigate and coordinate a range of services to meet them. Community Care Officers will have a sound and reliable employment record. They will also possess significant and extensive understanding of social care or caring gained preferably from work in related services or through personal or voluntary experience. CCOs will be expected to organise and manage their workload independently with guidance and direction of their designated supervisor. CCOs will not be required to take on work that would be properly restricted to qualified staff, for example the lead role in Safeguarding or other complex cases - but they will be expected to undertake work which has a legal basis or involves risk management at the discretion and with direct oversight of line manager or supervisor. Key Duties and Responsibilities Post holders will be expected to have or to acquire (through training provided) skills in the use of information technology relevant to their roles. 1. To contribute to and maintain computer based records required by policy and good practice. 2. To acquire, maintain and apply current departmental policies to casework and work requirements. 3. To construct reports and use other documentation/recording as necessary and appropriate. 4. To liaise and negotiate with colleagues within and outside the Adult Social Care and Health Department in order to gather relevant information to carry out assessment and care planning activities. 5. To participate in team activities e.g. case discussion, review of team work. 6. To participate in regular supervision. 7. To contribute as appropriate to practice and service development. 8. To take up opportunities for relevant training (e.g. appropriate NVQ to Level 3, specific training to the role or working towards a degree level qualification). 9. To have regard at all time for the confidential nature of the work and not to discuss or disclose information to unauthorised parties. 10. Any other duties which may reasonably be regarded as within the nature of the duties and responsibilities/grade of the post as defined, subject to the provision that normal any changes of a permanent nature shall be incorporated into the job description in specific terms. Specific Duties of the CCO role: Undertaking community care assessments and initiating a full range of service requests, recognising the need to involve other more experienced staff as necessary. Maintaining a caseload which will include risk management work with the appropriate oversight and direction of the line manager/supervisor. Assisting other members of the team in carrying out their work, including appropriate Safeguarding tasks working to and with the lead qualified worker. Monitoring and review of ongoing service provision. Providing information to assist service users and carers. Flexible participation in other team duties as designated by the line supervisor or manager.

Nottinghamshire County Council Social Services



In all cases candidates are expected to demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to equality and diversity principles and practice. This requires them to describe what equality means, experience of dealing with such issues, and how equality and diversity considerations apply to this particular post. Since CCO posts carry an essential car user allowance, candidates are expected to hold a full driving licence unless exempt on the grounds of disability. Experience A sound and reliable employment record At least 2 years experience of care work gained through paid employment or extensive personal experience or voluntary work. Experience of working with individuals or groups in a care setting in an organised and purposeful way. Experience of independently managing and prioritising demands and tasks to meet objectives Experience of keeping detailed records and constructing reports or formal letters/submissions Experience of negotiating with representatives of major agencies or other recognised organisations to achieve objectives. Experience of operating as part of a team and assisting others in their work. Some experience of working with the public

Knowledge/Understanding of: The role of the County Council and specifically the Adult Social Care and Health Department. The objectives of independent living and care in the community and the people to whom these apply and how they could be applied in practice.

The meaning of risk as applied to individual vulnerable adults or older people and implications for professional practice. Relevant legislation (to be specified by the appointing manager) The type and purpose of the range of services that could be available to support vulnerable adults and their carers The roles of other related key organisations or agencies and the concept of partnership working. The meaning and importance of anti discriminatory practice and how it could apply in this post.

Skills/Abilities Effective verbal and written communication skills. Ability to initiate and sustain purposeful relationships with service users and carers ensuring that they are fully involved and that their views are heard and taken into account. Ability to understand and apply the professional boundaries of the role to achieve objectives with and on behalf of service users/carers. Ability to demonstrate a respectful regard for the rights and dignity of service users and carers whilst carrying out statutory and departmental duties. Ability to apply knowledge to undertake assessment activities, i.e. to be able to gather and organise information and evaluate it in order to produce a support or care plan. Ability to recognise and work with risk management in relation to vulnerable people knowing when to seek advice, direction and oversight from supervisor. Well developed interpersonal skills which can be applied to the initiation of purposeful relationships with other key professionals. Ability to work effectively with providers of care, housing, health and any other relevant services. Ability in planning, prioritising and coordinating work to manage a caseload on a day to day basis with a considerable degree of independence subject to regular oversight and direction from the supervisor or line manager. Ability to participate and contribute effectively to team working Ability to contribute towards planning and service developments where required. Keyboard skills and some aptitude in use of computer applications