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CX600B502D/S 60 Ultra- Premium Carbon Fiber Professional Tripod with Ball Head

Description The Dolica CX600B502D/S is the ultimate 60 carbon fiber tripod combo for the photographer that wants the best. Its the only Dolica tripod that utilizes ultra-precise CNC machining to create 95% of the aluminum parts of the tripod. What CNC (computer numerical controlled) means for you is all the parts are created from a single block of aluminum from a CNC machine. This is advantageous from the traditional cast aluminum tripod because CNC parts have the tightest tolerances so the tripod is perfect specifications to the original that makes for very smooth operating tripod. Also since the CX600B502D/S tripod is made from single block of aluminum you have a much stronger tripod part for part since a single block of CNC aluminum is significantly stronger than cast aluminum it will last much longer to wear and tear. Also CNC tripods are capable of a protective anodized finish that also makes the tripod resistant rubbing, chipping, and peeling and allow for protective finish that will be beautiful for many years. The CX600B502D/S has many advanced features of for professional photographers on the go. The main leg composition of the tripod is the 8layer carbon fiber that is advantageous for its lightweight composition, resistance to vibration, and its overall strength. This premium carbon fiber material is has a low friction surface to the leg will effortlessly glide in and out when expanding and contracting the tripod legs. Besides its 8-layer carbon fiber construction and CNC aluminum composition is the ability for the tripod to fold into a compact 16.5 inches. By inverted the legs 180 degrees into the tripod, this enclosed the center column and ball head for a more compact design. The 2nd advanced feature is the ability for one tripod legs to detach into a 60 inch monopod by attaching the center column. This allows the tripod to become a 2-in-1 solution that makes it versatile when a monopod is needed. Other advanced tripod features included is a short throw legs locks that open and close the legs with a slight counterclock twist that means quick setup. Standard features included with our professional series tripod also include a counterweight hook for adding stability at the center column, reverse center column with by inverting the tripod legs, multi-angle leg locks for adapting leg angle to any elevation, and spiked metal foot kit to interchange with rubber feet on dirt and sand surfaces. The Dolica CX600B502D/S also includes an advanced ball head created with a CNC parts as well. This classic design ball head utilizes ultra-smooth pan and tilt for easy positioning. Easy to ready degree angle mark at the pan base makes for precise panorama shots as well. Independent pan and tilt knobs allow the photographer to maintain tilt angle independent of pan. Finally the CX600B502D/S has a 3 way bubble level system to ensure your shots are level horizontal and vertical. The quick release clamp is extra wide to accommodate most quick release plates from 38-42mm wide plates (measured from base of plate). Included with the CX600B502D/S is padded nylon carrying case and tool kit.
Address: 241 S. 3rd Ave. suite 3, La Puente, CA. 91746 Tel: 626-968-3366 Fax: 626-968-8457 Website:


FEATURES Tripod Ul t ra -p re mi u m C N C d es i g n ed tr i p od c o mp o ne nts for s tr eng t h a nd h igh es t s p ec i fic a ti o n tol e ra nc es 8-l ay er Ca rb on F ib er t ub es fo r tri pod l egs an d c e n te r c o lu mn hi g hes t q u ali ty c ar bon fi be r res is ti v e to v i br a ti on , l ig h twe ig h t, d ur ab le , an d s o ft to t he touc h An od iz e d s i lv er an d b l ac k fi nis h for ex tra pr o tec ti v e a nd we ar r es i s ta nc e T rans for m tri pod leg and c en ter c ol umn i n to 60 mono pod T rav el s iz e c ompac t 15.5 i nc hes when l egs fol ded inw ard

M axim um oper at in g height : 60" (cent er colum n extend ed), 5 0 (cent er colum n not exte nded) M inim um o per atin g h eig ht : 21 Detachable Monopod- M ax Height: 62 ; Min Height 25 Folded height: 16. 5" Net weight: 3 lbs Max operating load: 20 lbs Num ber of leg sections: 4 Base thread: 3/8" Quick release thread: 1/ 4" Panoramic angle: horizontal- 360 degrees and vert ical-90 degrees M aterial: CNC m achined alum inum alloy

Short throw leg locks for quick leg open and close Reversible cent er colum n f or low angle shots
Interc hange abl e s pi k e or r ubber fe et

Upgraded tripod leg foam comf ort grips

3 pos i ti on leg angl e a djus tm ent l oc k s T hread mo unt wi th s pri ng loaded c ounter wei gh t hook Integr ated 3 way bubbl e lev el

Independent pan and tilt knob for isolation tilt and pan position Ultr a sm oot h fluid pan and tilt m ovem ent Degree angle m arks on pan base for panorama shots Rem ovable ball head Quick release clam p compatible with m ost 38- 42m m wide quick release plat es (measur ed from base of plat e)

Warranty: 5 year

Address: 241 S. 3rd Ave. suite 3, La Puente, CA. 91746 Tel: 626-968-3366 Fax: 626-968-8457 Website: